mcasadevallTheMuso, huh?04:58
TheMusoNCommander: ^^05:25
NCommander<TheMuso> NCommander: I was referring to the config change in the ia64 iommu patch.05:26
TheMusoyou modified config files in the iommu patch.05:27
TheMusoNCommander: and you didn't document what that change was05:29
NCommanderTheMuso, I can send you an updated patch05:34
TheMusoplease do.05:40
TheMusoNCommander: Unless there is a libata module equivalent for ide-pmac, which I don't think there is, please be careful when disabling IDE modules on powerpc kernels.09:44
NCommanderTheMuso, hrm? The IDE modules were disabled for powerpc last time I checked before I touched anything. I can't test on PPC at the moment though ...09:46
TheMusoNCommander: Ok, I don't remember touching them, so you could be right, but anyway I'm re-enabling whats needed.09:47
NCommanderTheMuso, all I did was updateportsconfigs so thats strange ...09:47
TheMusoah ok.09:48
TheMusoanyway fixing up now.09:48
NCommanderTheMuso, ping?13:13
TheMusoNCommander: Hi.22:22
TheMusoNCommander: You could just ask your question or whatever you have to say, and I'll read it when I'm on. Saves both of us going back and forth, and saves time.22:23
NCommanderTheMuso, I had managed to resolve it talking with apw after I pinged you, the ia64 fix is in ;-)22:24
TheMusook cool, I saw that.22:26
* TheMuso sets up a powerpc box for a kernel test compile.22:27
NCommanderTheMuso, if I can find some time, I might be able to fix sparc today, then we can make linux-ports go away22:31
TheMusook cool.22:33
* TheMuso is starting to get a bit ancy about the texlive-base issue on powerpc.23:16
TheMusoI'll need to try and reproduce it again this weekend I think.23:16

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