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aragood morning all06:38
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araschwuk: ping12:28
aracr3: hello, do you know is schwuk is on holidays today?15:36
cr3ara: he's not listed on canonicaladmin and I haven't received news. if he's online, he should be there15:37
aracr3: I pinged him before, but no luck15:37
cr3ara: anything I could be of assistance with?15:42
aracr3: I am afraid not, a permission issue with a file. he forgot to add wrting permissions to the group15:42
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* ara takes a break before her first evening meeting17:11
araeeejay, cgregan, jcollado: meeting ping17:32
eeejayara: irc meeting, no?17:32
eeejayuh oh17:33
araeeejay: yes17:33
araeeejay: if anybody shows up :)17:33
eeejayara: on what channel? this one?17:34
araeeejay: yes17:34
araeeejay: the automation meeting17:34
araeeejay: Agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Meetings17:34
eeejayara: ah, suite.17:34
arabut it seems the rest are missing :)17:35
araeeejay: how is the integration with checkbox going? how are you dealing with cr3? ;-)17:36
cr3eeejay: I haven't received a branch from eeejay yet17:36
cr3ara: ^^^17:36
eeejayara: cr3 is friendly, once you know him17:37
araeeejay: ;-)17:37
eeejaycr3: are you waiting for a merge request?17:37
eeejaycr3, the branch is out there17:37
eeejaycr3, lp:~eeejay/checkbox-certification/mago17:38
cr3eeejay: when/how was I informed it was ready to go?17:39
cr3eeejay: I don't really need a merge request as much as a confirmation it's ready.17:40
cr3eeejay: last we spoke on the subject, you said you were going to add support for branching the latest mago code instead of relying on a package, right?17:40
eeejaycr3, casual chat :) sorry. It has just been up since friday, no biggie17:40
henosorry for being late ...17:40
eeejaycr3, and it's in the code now17:40
eeejayhey heno17:41
araheno: hello17:41
cr3eeejay: cool, so I'll look into it.17:41
henohey everyone17:41
araheno: agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Meetings17:41
* cr3 steps out to grab a quick pizza before the meeting17:41
henohttp://mago.ubuntu.com/ looks nice!17:42
* heno assumes we are on to agenda point 217:42
arayes, that was just the other topic of the agenda17:42
arathe IS people finished setting up mago17:43
aratoday I moved the content17:43
araand I tried to update the documentation before guadec17:43
aras/I tried/I'll try/17:43
henodo we have access to tweak the theming?17:44
arayes, but there is a problem, schwuk has the permissions set to read/write to the owner (him, as it was a copy from testcases wiki), but not the qa-themes group (which I belong to)17:44
araI talked with him today, but he is offsick, he might change the permissions tomorrow17:45
henook. when do you get on a plane for the summit?17:46
henoso, plenty of time :)17:46
arahey, I travel with a laptop :D17:46
henoand what day is your presentation?17:47
araWednesday next week17:47
henoany other topics for the testing meeting?17:48
aranot from me17:48
henoQA meeting next then17:48
araok, thanks17:48
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cgregancr3: quick question when you have a second19:56
cr3cgregan: for you, I'd give you a whole minute19:56
cgregancr3: sweet!19:57
cgregancr3: just wondering how I force checkbox cases to run in a certain order19:57
cr3cgregan: dependencies, name: foo; name: bar; depends: foo19:58
cgregancr3: I saw the depends option but was not sure of the syntax after it19:58
cr3cgregan: just the name of the test, or a list thereof19:58
cgregancr3: cool19:59
cgregancr3: thanks19:59
cr3cgregan: cool, I'm pleased to hear that seems to work for you, I was afraid you wanted numeric ordering19:59
cgregancr3: hehe20:00
cgregancr3: not yet! :-)20:00
cr3cgregan: look at it like boot scripts: rc sucks, upstart rocks! the former uses numeric ordering and the latter uses dependencies :)20:00

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