A|iwhen i enable compiz, i don't see: Option "Composite" "Enable", in my xorg.conf?06:54
A|i(ati radeon 9600, ubuntu 9.04, xorg driver)06:54
Duke`check in Xorg.0.log for COMPOSITE06:56
A|iDuke`, maybe zorg 7.4 doesn't need that?06:57
Duke`this option is probably automatically enabled, look in your Xorg.0.log06:59
A|iDuke`, thanks, it is06:59
Duke`it's the case for intel06:59
A|iDuke`, i have very slow scrolling in firefox though06:59
tjaaltonhasn't been needed for a long time06:59
A|ii tried Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy", but scroll is not smooth at all07:00
tjaaltonA|i: dunno, maybe the upcoming xserver 1.6.2 might help with exa performance07:34
A|itjaalton, any idea when is it due to?07:34
tjaaltonthis week, but not coming to 9.0407:37
A|itjaalton, so we have to wait for 9.10?07:38
tjaaltonalthough it'll likely end up in a ppa where you can install it from07:38
tjaaltonbryce: what do you think if failsafe would be reworked to just move the conffile out of the way if it causes trouble? the server handles fallbacks in that case anyway12:44
jcristautjaalton: can you file a debian bug for this fdi thing?12:47
tjaaltonjcristau: I can "forward" the ubuntu bug, there's the proper explanation about it12:50
tjaaltonjcristau: also, if xserver-xorg postinst for some reason fails to restart hal, the configuration fails.. maybe it should continue regardless?12:51
jcristauwhy would hal restart fail?12:52
seb128does it makes a difference?12:53
tjaaltonI don't know, but for instance in bug 393948 it happened to someone12:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 393948 in xorg "Error in update [Karmic]" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39394812:53
seb128it happened on the buildds yesterday too, sysfs was used or something12:54
jcristauon buildds invoke-rc.d should be a nop12:54
seb128in any case package installs should be robust, there is no reason an upgrade should break if a service doesn't start12:54
tjaaltonjcristau: bug sent13:04
tjaaltonnow tennis ->13:04
jcristautjaalton: btw i sent a [vac] message to d-private, as i'll be busy with rl stuff for the next months13:16
=== maxb__ is now known as maxb
tjaaltonjcristau: oh, I guess congrats are in order then ;)15:36
jcristauif you're thinking child, then no.  just need to write my phd thesis, and i can't do that and maintain X in debian at the same time :)15:39
tjaaltonno I mean taking some time off, for whatever the reason :)15:41
jcristautjaalton: it's not really time off :)15:55
tjaaltonjcristau: 16:30
tjaaltonjcristau: I know.. I need to get cracking with my master's next month16:31
brycetjaalton, with failsafe x, maybe we ought to re-analyze what situations it is actually useful for18:03
brycetjaalton, like, if it is to get around driver bugs, then moving xorg.conf aside would not help much, but if it is mainly for goofed up xorg.conf syntax, then yeah18:04
tjaaltonbryce: right18:09
tjaaltonI don't know if the fallbacks work in the first scenario18:10
tjaaltonalthough I believe they should18:11
tjaaltonand in that case failsafe would be suited for the second scenario18:11
Nghow much do we care about 2.6.31 producing an i915 related oops immediately on booting?18:15
tjaaltonnot much18:15
tjaaltonhappens here too18:15
tjaaltonprobably best wait for rc218:15
Ngyeah I figured a first upload would be a bit rough :)18:15
tjaaltonalso, once X tries to start, the driver says "no modes"18:16
tjaaltonand fails there18:16
tjaaltonkms works though18:16
Ngmine didn't even get as far as kms, it was just right after grub it exploded18:17
tjaaltondid you wait long enough?18:25
tjaaltonmy boot takes several minutes18:25
Sarvatthmm i've been getting alot of these errors during boot since somewhere around 2.6.30-git11 and it makes my touchpad get detected as a generic mouse until i rmmod psmouse/modprobe psmouse atkbd.c: Spurious NAK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying access hardware directly.20:20
Sarvatthappens like every third boot20:21
maxbSarvatt: I'm getting occasional misdetection of my touchpad too, but I don't think I've seen those errors, do I need to turn up some debugging level somewhere?20:21
maxboh, no, I'm just unobservant - I *do* get that error20:22
Sarvatttime to dig through kernel.org bugzilla to see if theres anything about it20:22
maxbDon't know if this helps at all, but I've seen two different failure modes: sometimes detected as "PS/2 Generic Mouse", other times detected as "PS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" NB not "SynPS/2" which is what it's supposed to be, and is on a good boot20:24
maxbFor me it's happening only 1 in 10 boots or so20:24
Sarvattah hah20:27
Sarvattare you on a netbook too maxb?20:27
Sarvattcrap, that is matching Acer as well as AOA150 DMI's20:27
SarvattI'm using the gateway bios so mine shows as Gateway AOA15020:27
Sarvattgoing to send him an email20:28
maxbMine's an Acer AOA15020:36
Sarvattthat explains it20:36
Sarvattit'll be fixed by that commit20:36
Sarvattnot in linus' tree yet though20:36
maxbWeird thing is that I only ever noticed this problem starting from 2.6.30-1020:37
Sarvatti dont know what i8042_dmi_reset_table does yet, might be an option we can add to /etc/modprobe.d/ to do the equivalent of what its doing in that commit20:44
Sarvattah boot with i8042.reset=1 on the grub command line maxb20:46
bryceany opinions on whether we should just expire out the xfree86-driver-synaptics bugs, or transfer them to xserver-xorg-input-synaptics?20:48
Sarvattmy grub additional options stanza is getting rediculious here, quiet enable_mtrr_cleanup mtrr_spare_reg_nr=1 pcie_aspm=force i8042.reset=120:48
brycethere are 19 bugs20:48
Sarvattenable_mtrr_cleanup mtrr_spare_reg_nr=1 is required on AOA150 to have mtrrs for video if you arent using it btw maxb20:48
tjaaltonbryce: it's the same driver, just renamed, so maybe best to transfer them20:49
jbarneshm latest bits won't let me enable compiz20:50
jbarneseven though compiz --replace works fine from a terminal20:50
maxbSarvatt: I only get the PS/2 issue on 1 in 10 boots anyway, so it's a bit hard to test for me20:52
maxbSarvatt: erm, what's a MTRR and how would I know if I wanted one? :-)20:52
Sarvattwell just add i8042.reset=1 to /etc/default/grub, it'll fix it up and will happen automatically here soon anyhow20:53
brycemaxb, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Glossary20:53
Sarvattcat /proc/mtrr20:54
Sarvattwhen you boot with enable_mtrr_cleanup it tells you mtrr 7 is filled with bogus data and you've got a buggy bios20:56
maxbok.... so what practical effect should I be looking for when adding these options? Is it simply a matter of enabling a faster way of talking to the GPU ?20:58
Sarvatt[    0.000000] WARNING: BIOS bug: VAR MTRR 7 contains strange UC entry under 1M, check with your system vendor!20:58
maxbI don't see that in my dmesg20:59
maxb[    0.000000]   7 base 000000000 mask 0FFFE0000 uncachable20:59
Sarvattyeah enable_mtrr_cleanup shows that20:59
Sarvattmtrr_spare_reg_nr=1 makes it clean things up so theres a spare one available for the GPU to open a WC one for X21:00
Sarvattyou dont notice like, slow scrolling speed for firefox and stuff?21:01
maxbSo essentially "make it possible to turn write-combining on" ?21:01
maxbmy scrolling seems fine21:02
* maxb fiddles with grub cfg21:03
Sarvattyou do it in /etc/default/grub now then update-grub2 after if you dont want to lose it next time you update-grub :D21:04
SarvattGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="x" line in there21:05
maxbNew to me21:05
maxbThough on the netbook I'm manually maintaining the menu.lst since it's triple-boot intrepid/jaunty/karmic21:06
Sarvattah yeah goes in the # defoptions= line in there21:07
tjaaltonuh, so .31 is now the default kernel21:08
Sarvattglxgears fps will double, not that thats indicative of anything :D21:08
Sarvattyeah, and nvidia doesnt compile under it, fun stuff21:08
Sarvattand a large number of systems cant even boot it because of the null dereference in acpi_get_pci_dev() that was fixed right after21:10
brycehave the -intel pci quirks been ported into the kernel yet?21:10
maxbSarvatt: well, I get the WARNING you mention, but I don't observe subjectively any performance difference.21:10
Sarvattdo you see a write-combining mtrr covering your video ram when you cat /proc/mtrr now?21:11
maxbThere's a write-combining one base=1G size=256M - sounds likely?21:12
maxbthough it's reg4 not reg721:12
Sarvatthttp://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=412af97838828bc6d035a1902c8974f944663da6 -- those systems cant even boot 31-rc121:13
maxbSarvatt: In conclusion I see about a 25% improvement in glxgears fps with the mtrr cleanup. Apparently that's not enough to be perceptible in my usual workloads21:19
maxbbut thanks for the tip regardless :-)21:20
maxbooh, my keyboard doesn't work in 31-rc121:21
Sarvattit was really noticible on jaunty's 2.6.28 kernel, firefox scrolling speed and video playback were horrible. not so noticible now for some reason but at least that way its working as intended :D21:22
maxbVery timely advice Sarvatt, I seem to need i8042.reset=1 to make my keyboard work in 31-rc121:24
Sarvattthat'll be fixed by rc2 hopefully if linus pulls dtor's input tree by then21:24
Sarvattit'll force i8042.reset=1 for Acer AOA150's21:25
maxbah, keyboard sometimes works without. I guess it's a new manifestation of the same issue affecting the synaptics21:27
Sarvatti'm using evdev 2.2.99 and dont have any problems with the keyboard not starting up, wonder if its some change in there in that case21:30
Sarvattwe have the same system after all21:31
* bryce waves22:19
* proti waves too :-)22:20
protiNeed some help with intel kms...22:21
protiAt boot I get black screen immediately.22:21
tjaaltonproblem in the current kernel22:21
tjaalton.31 ftw22:21
protiProblem since 2.6.29-10.22:21
protiX fails to start.22:22
protiSays (EE) intel(0): Incorrect KMS mode.22:23
protiOn karmic koala of course.22:23
protiThe funniest thing is that the machines boots ok, and shuting down the laptop shows the splash screen.22:25
protiX.0.log is there http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/207743/22:30
protiAnd kern.log is here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/207745/22:31
bryceSarvatt, your -synaptics debdiff is uploaded22:38
protiHum, seems that the kernel sets is wrong. '[drm] LVDS-8: set mode 0x0 19'22:49
jbarnespitti made my day... then rained on it :p23:21

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