NetLarIrvinegogeta or Gold or Platium level00:00
PlasmaSheepjschiff: #ubuntu-offtopic00:00
COOLKID4EVERmaybe im doing something wrong00:00
mickster04COOLKID4EVER, wow what r u doin? what are your specs?00:00
COOLKID4EVERi dont know im new00:00
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: Most likely =)00:00
gogetaNetLarIrvine: i only knoe i tunes works00:00
COOLKID4EVERi have an intel dual core 1.60 ghz00:00
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: And what you conisder a crash, can most likely be fixed. =)00:00
COOLKID4EVERcoleys the problem is im not so that is my fault that i dont know how to trouble shoot00:01
COOLKID4EVERbecase im unfailar with this os00:01
Kasm279COOLKID4EVER: what is it doing /not doing?00:01
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: Well thats why the #ubuntu channel is here.00:01
COOLKID4EVERim not = im new sorry00:01
COOLKID4EVERok thank you coleys00:01
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: You ask us, we try and help/guide you to a solution. Most of the time its an easy fix.00:01
gogetaNetLarIrvine: i do think you need to use winetrick to install quicktime00:01
* mickster04 loves how everyone jumps when someone says crash and ubuntu together00:01
bishopjust my opinion...used windows and several linux distros...solaris etc ...most stable platform...ubuntu00:02
Kasm279lol mickster0400:02
gogetamickster04: lol00:02
jschiffhas anyone got an acid3 test on 3.54 firefox?00:02
jschiffdid they hit 100/100 yet?00:02
COOLKID4EVERkasm279 its fine now sometimes my mozilla will do some funny things like giving me error " moxilla is already running" when im trying to open it up00:02
sebsebseb!ot |  jschiff00:02
ubottujschiff: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:02
NetLarIrvinegogeta well I still use my mac anyway00:02
COOLKID4EVERthx coley00:02
Kasm279COOLKID4EVER: thats firefox's problem then :P00:02
jschiffthat's totally an ubuntu related support question00:02
mezquitalecan ssh server ban you if you fail to connect too many times???00:03
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: No worries. We were all new at this once. =)00:03
jribmezquitale: if it's setup to do so, sure.00:03
gogetaNetLarIrvine: i love macs to soo woot00:03
Kasm279COOLKID4EVER: try Opera 10 beta00:03
mezquitalejrib, do you know how I can check?00:03
cabreyNetLarIrvine, gogeta, go to offtopic00:03
jribmezquitale: check what?00:03
COOLKID4EVERi have backtrack 4 so i figure i go to the bt4 chatroom those guys were chewing me up00:03
mickster04COOLKID4EVER,  if you've only just clos4d it, or left the download/add ons window open, its still runnin00:03
Kasm279NetLarIrvine, gogeta: my old iMac (333MHz) is faster than my 2.8GHz HP laptop00:03
nellmathewanyone here know if acronis or clonezilla support ext4? or something similar that might?00:03
COOLKID4EVERyea i  dont think I have anything running00:04
jribnellmathew: what do those programs do/00:04
NetLarIrvineHate MS now, it is so slow00:04
COOLKID4EVERis there a system task like in windows?? to see which process is running?00:04
Kasm279NetLarIrvine: #ubuntu-offtopic ?00:04
nellmathewjrib: backup partitions/harddrives (create images from them)00:04
sa1helo marca i am in the channel00:04
jribnellmathew: hmm, I know of partimage for that but I have no idea if it has ext4 support00:04
gogetaCOOLKID4EVER: ps -A00:04
gogetashoes all running task00:05
nellmathewthanks jrib, i'll check out partimage's site00:05
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: top (in terminal)00:05
Kasm279COOLKID4EVER: try applications>system tools>system monitor00:05
COOLKID4EVERlet me see00:05
mickster04COOLKID4EVER, if you right-cick on a panel (like the start bar in windows) then add to panel, then system monitor, you can also get the cpu/memory/network... stuff in the panel00:05
COOLKID4EVERok thank you very much00:06
mickster04COOLKID4EVER, if you then click on this(these) box(es) you get a task manager-ike app up00:06
Kasm279mickster04: uh, the only CPU thing thats installed for the panel is the CPU scaling thing00:06
COOLKID4EVERoh ok00:06
mickster04Kasm279, system monitor too:D latest ubuntu00:06
aacosta_whats a goof ftp server?00:07
aacosta_i just tried vsftpd00:07
Kasm279mickster04: 9.04?00:07
mickster04Kasm279,  ya00:07
Mike_lifeguardHow can I make a link so running 'program -option' actually runs 'program_by_another_name -option'?00:07
iGamappl what is the easyset way to pass a gconf config from a user to other?00:07
jribMike_lifeguard: an alias?00:07
JoshuaP0x1when i click a station on the BBC plugin for totem, nothing happens. What gives? This is also the case when using the youtube plugin00:07
iradanyone know how to record what's going on your screen other than grabbing a video cam?00:07
Kasm279sorry mickster04, i couldnt find it00:07
jrib!screencast | irad00:07
ubottuirad: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:07
Mike_lifeguardjrib: sure00:07
coleysiGama: sudo cp /path/to/orginalfile /path/to/new/location00:08
TDJACRAny ideas on the keyboard thing?00:08
jschiffMike_lifeguard: example: alias ls="ls --color=always -l"00:08
mickster04Kasm279, add to panel>system montitor should be there?00:08
jribMike_lifeguard: alias foo='bar'00:08
Kasm279mickster04: i found it now00:08
coleysiGama: And that will copy the file.00:08
JoshuaP0x1when i play youtube videos, it's very choppy00:08
JoshuaP0x1any ideas?00:08
zsnvidia x server settings app sets my resolution correctly, but if i save it to xorg.conf, it ruins settings (resolution switches back to original and no titlebar of windows)00:08
mickster04Kasm279,  win00:08
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: uh, what video card do you have?00:08
COOLKID4EVERi anna install dreamlinux for my girlfriend she think its cute00:09
COOLKID4EVERbut is it good?00:09
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: whats the RAM size on it?00:09
Mike_lifeguardjschiff: where do I put that?00:09
sebsebsebCOOLKID4EVER: another distro you mean?00:09
COOLKID4EVERyea dreamlinux00:09
sebsebsebCOOLKID4EVER: that's not common that one00:09
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: Uhh.. entirely different channel. But... Its a highly customized version of xfce, so its better for older computers. (But suitable for anything really)00:09
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: Rage?00:09
JoshuaP0x1dont know00:09
jschiffMike_lifeguard: if you want it to persist put it in ~/.bashrc00:09
JoshuaP0x1how do i find out?00:09
COOLKID4EVERhas a mac GUI lookalike00:10
COOLKID4EVERoh  i c00:10
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: also, do you have anything else running in the background?00:10
jschiffMike_lifeguard: you can also just type it in a terminal to test it, but it won't stick that way00:10
COOLKID4EVERshe think its cute00:10
Mike_lifeguardjschiff: oh, will that work for graphical stuff too?00:10
JoshuaP0x1dont think so00:10
Mike_lifeguardjschiff: or only in bash?00:10
jschiffMike_lifeguard: not so much, what are you trying to do specifically?00:10
zshi, nvidia x server settings app sets my resolution correctly, but if i save it to xorg.conf, it ruins settings (resolution switches back to original and no titlebar of windows)00:10
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: Its entirely different and I'd say more difficult. (Less packages, i.e less programs... She can make ubuntu look like a mac easily)00:11
COOLKID4EVERoh ok how?00:11
COOLKID4EVERis there videos on youtube00:11
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: open a terminal ant type "xterm top"00:11
COOLKID4EVERif there is i can search it up later00:11
Kasm279without the quotes00:11
coleysCOOLKID4EVER: Search Mac4lin00:11
mickster04does anyone know of a good dock app for ubuntu?00:11
COOLKID4EVERoh alright00:11
aacosta_whats a goof ftp server to us on ubuntu?00:11
Kasm279mickster04: uh, Avant Window Manager00:11
coleysaacosta_: You mean... application?00:12
icerootaacosta_: proftpd or sftp (comes with openssh-server)00:12
mickster04Kasm279,  cheers00:12
iGamacoleys, its a gconf config, it wont work like that00:12
ThePulgarcitoaacosta_: I personally use profrtpd, it's pretty easy to set up.00:12
mickster04Kasm279,  synaptics package manager or dedb?00:12
Mike_lifeguardI have a launcher that is pointing at something that doesn't exist. Yes, I could change what the launcher points at but I also want to learn how to link /usr/bin/whatever to /usr/bin/somethingelse00:12
zshi, nvidia x server settings app sets my resolution correctly, but if i save it to xorg.conf, it ruins settings (resolution switches back to original and no titlebar of windows)00:12
Mike_lifeguardjschiff: ^00:12
mneptokaacosta_: are you running the service for people without accounts on the system or anonymous users?00:12
PhDPI'm an ex-openSUSE user, right now I have headphone, and they work with Skype, but when I'm watching something on youtube the sound is always on the speaker. On openSUSE I would open the sound control and send the sound to the headphone... how do I do that on Ubuntu ?00:12
xiongdoes scim work?00:12
icerootMike_lifeguard: man ln00:12
jschiffMike_lifeguard: you can do the following ln -s /usr/bin/whatever /usr/bin/somethingelse00:12
ThePulgarcitoMike_lifeguard: man ln00:12
Kasm279mickster04: uh, dedb?00:13
Mike_lifeguardomgomg, I get the message :P00:13
Kasm279i guess00:13
Kasm279mickster04: just use whatever package manager you have00:13
FloridaGuywhat causes firefox to just close out of the blue?00:13
aacosta_jsut for me00:13
aacosta_so i can upload stuff on to my www folder00:13
Kasm279FloridaGuy: many things00:13
zshi, nvidia x server settings app sets my resolution correctly, but if i save it to xorg.conf, it ruins settings (resolution switches back to original and no titlebar of windows)00:13
COOLKID4EVERanyone in here using backtrack400:14
mickster04Kasm279,  i meant is it a .deb file i have to install00:14
jrib!fixres | zs00:14
ubottuzs: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:14
jrib!anyone | COOLKID4EVER00:14
ubottuCOOLKID4EVER: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:14
Kasm279!repeat | zs00:14
ubottuzs: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:14
aacosta_i just tried out vsftpd and after messing witht he ocnfiguration enabling writes i still couldnt download and uload stuff00:14
bazzso what's the story with firefox 3.5 on jaunty?  will the 'firefox' package become version 3.5 at some point (and when)00:14
jribaacosta_: have you read the server guide's documentation on it?00:14
jschiff!ff35 | bazz00:14
ubottubazz: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:14
COOLKID4EVERThx for the help guys00:15
FloridaGuyKasm279, so more less a bug between firefox and the dependenceies00:15
jribjschiff: darn, you got one00:15
COOLKID4EVERIm off for a lil bit00:15
aacosta_i read how tos00:15
jschiffjrib: owned :)00:15
Kasm279FloridaGuy: yeah00:15
aacosta_but i dont know why i wasnt able to use it00:15
bazzjschiff: thanks00:15
Kasm279FloridaGuy: try another browser and see if its just firefox or what00:15
jribaacosta_: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html is what you should read00:15
adambananahello all00:16
FloridaGuyKasm279, its just firefox...does it in other distro's to00:16
jschiffFloridaGuy: I'd reccomend downloading the latest flash player from adobes site and putting it in ~/.mozilla/plugins00:16
jschiffFloridaGuy: seems to work better then ubuntus flashplugin-nonfree package00:16
PhDPIn short.. in Ubuntu, where can I decide where the sound is going so I can send it to my headphone instead of the speakers ?00:16
Kasm279FloridaGuy: also, if you dont mind another browser, try opera 10 beta00:16
aacosta_those were the excat instructions i followed00:17
aacosta_but i was only able to log in00:17
aacosta_not dowload and pload00:17
FloridaGuyjschiff, ok..but whats flash got to do with firefox...it was gnome-loo.org where it closed on me00:17
Mike_lifeguardis it allowed to have a symbolic link -> symbolic link -> real file?00:17
jribMike_lifeguard: yep00:17
FloridaGuyKasm279, i like opea00:17
jschiffoh oops i thought you were talking about youtube my bad00:17
Kasm279FloridaGuy: have you tried the 10 beta?00:18
gartralwhat program can i use to create a printed calender?00:18
FloridaGuyKasm279, no...ill grab it now00:18
jribPhDP: no idea but try paprefs since you haven't gotten an answer00:18
wWalesin ubuntu with gnome desktop manager; when you scroll your mousewheel over the bottom taskbar you "alt+tab" trough your open windows with your mouse. is there a way to turn this feature off?00:18
Kasm279FloridaGuy: on the download page click 'next'00:18
aacosta_also do i have to change my ftp home directory to my www directory00:19
PhDPjrib: paprefs ?00:19
aacosta_or i should be able to do the things i want to do ith out changing so much stuff00:19
jribPhDP: program for pulseaudio preferences00:19
RichiHmy /dev/loop seems to have eaten its own foot. rebooting is not an option. suggestions? http://paste.debian.net:80/40700/00:19
ThePulgarcitoRichiH: sudo modprobe loop00:20
RomDanyone using firefox 3.5 and hardy? my ogg-vorbis doesn't work there.00:20
Kasm279RichiH: why no reboot?00:20
kosharigartral scribus?00:20
JoshuaP0x1i ran xterm top, now what?00:21
RichiHThePulgarcito: loop is loaded, else the paste would make no sense00:21
RichiHKasm279: because i have stuff running which must not be stopped00:21
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: is there any apps that are using a lot of CPU?00:21
pw-toxichow can i check my etc2 partition for errors?00:21
freedumMananyone running vmware server software on ubuntu ... if so how much mem usage does it take up just running the vmware server service?00:21
pw-toxicor even the entire hdd?00:21
jrib!fsck | pw-toxic00:21
ubottupw-toxic: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot00:21
JoshuaP0x1i'm playing a vid on youtube00:22
kosharipw-toxic fsck?00:22
FloridaGuyKasm279, opera 10 beta...nice..fast00:22
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: how fast is your CPU?00:22
Kasm279FloridaGuy: ;) thats why i have it00:22
kosharifreedumMan you allocate how much memory the vm uses00:22
PhDPjrib: Honestly I have no idea what to do in papref, but it shouldn't be complicated, how can you decide where the sound is going, it's that simple. All my devices are detected, and my headphone works fine on Skype. But for some reason Firefox send the soundstream to the speakers.00:22
jribPhDP: no idea that was just a shot in the dark00:23
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: single core or dual?00:23
Mike_lifeguardAnyone know the default home page for firefox when installed from ubuntu repo? it's some local file somewhere, not on the web00:23
jschiffhmmm ima try opera 10 b on osx00:23
dragon_1What's the command for converting Unix timestamp to human readable date/time?00:24
jribPhDP: hmm paprefs wasn't the right program, it's some other pa* see what you have available00:24
JoshuaP0x1not sute00:24
FloridaGuyKasm279, but not much faster then the last..00:24
JoshuaP0x1how do i tell?00:24
pw-toxicanyone an idea what "Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum su ppported by BIOS" means? this shows up directly after i have chosen ubuntu after grub00:25
Kasm279Mike_lifeguard: chrome://ubufox/conten/startpage.html00:25
JoshuaP0x1my system monitor says it's a Intel Xeon CPU 2.20 GHz00:25
=== jreyes33 is now known as jirg
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: quad core? o.o00:26
JoshuaP0x1Mgiht be00:26
Kasm279xenon is quad core, not xeon00:26
murielgodoihi guys... there is a "official" package of Firefox 3.5 final to 9.04?00:26
Mike_lifeguardKasm279: O.o I can't open that by putting it in the address bar... it doesn't even say "oh, that doesn't exist" or something, just... nothing00:27
=== dragon_1 is now known as aaditya
Kasm279JoshuaP0x1: i thinks thats a single core, but look at the sticker on the computer00:27
jrib!ff35 | murielgodoi00:27
ubottumurielgodoi: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:27
* regeya is living under a rock...3.5 is final, eh?00:27
JoshuaP0x1Kasm279: doesn't say anything about quad00:27
JoshuaP0x1Kasm279: so i assume it's not00:27
Kasm279the sticker?00:27
murielgodoijrib: thanks00:27
Kasm279i know its not quad00:27
coleysregeya: Final is most likely for windows.00:27
jschiffwow opera still sucks hard with in browser rendering00:27
Mike_lifeguardK, why does that message suck so bad? parts of it are missing00:27
Kasm279jschiff: eh?00:28
regeyacoleys: figures.  I'm sitting on an os x machine, and checked for an update...no dice.00:28
jschiffjust does.. lol00:28
coleysregeya: Yeah.  D=00:28
arandMike_lifeguard: I'm guessing that's a special thing of the ubufox extension, it may work in mysterious ways00:28
jschiffterrible peacekeeper benchmark score for opera 1000:28
Mike_lifeguard!no, ff35 is Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the *beta* package 'firefox-3.5' from the repositories will be updates when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:28
TannerSguys whats a good nintendo 64 emulator?00:28
Kasm279jschiff: it owns on my comp, its a P4 1.7GHz with 512MB of RAM and quad GPUs00:28
jribPhDP: how about pavucontrol...?  (I don't have pulseaudio on this system)00:29
jschiffsafari still performs 3x faster00:29
jirgjschiff: so what?00:29
jschiffso i like my browsers fast and acid3 compatible00:29
coleysjschiff: =o00:30
ThePulgarcitojschiff: Then use Midori.00:30
Kasm279jschiff: uh, what is acid?00:30
freedumMankoshari, correct but i was wondering what the vmware server service usage is? with no X-server installed using the web page control panel00:30
coleysKasm279: Solutions with a pH of less then 7.00:30
PhDPjrib: I'll install it00:30
jirgjschiff: o rly? so where do we get safari for Ubuntu, you genius?00:30
jschiffya don't :)00:31
Comrade-BadgerHow do you get the sound working on a unibody Macbook pro with jaunty?00:31
ThePulgarcitoWe have Midori though.00:31
jrib!macbook | Comrade-Badger00:31
ubottuComrade-Badger: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:31
jschiffmidori crashed often on me00:31
jschiffbut i've heard it's fast00:31
coleysComrade-Badger: sudo lspci |grep -i audio (paste output please)00:31
ThePulgarcitoIt's gotten better. Much better.00:31
JoshuaP0x1Kasm279: any other idea?00:31
Comrade-Badgerjrib they dont habe the unibody stuff there00:31
=== aaditya is now known as dragon_
pw-toxici need to burn an ubuntu cd.. what program should i use to burn the iso? (i only have ubuntu here..)00:32
jschiffhmmm firefox 3.5 final gets 93/100 on the acid test.00:32
Comrade-Badgercoleys, 00:08.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)00:32
TannerSguys whats a good nintendo 64 emulator?00:32
coleyspw-toxic: Brasero00:32
PhDPah !00:32
jribcoleys: 5-1?00:32
coleyspw-toxic: Or k3b (if your kde)00:32
jribComrade-Badger: 5-1?00:32
PhDPjrib: Problem solved, thank you !00:32
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
freedumManjschiff, hows ff 3.5 so far?00:32
Comrade-Badgerjrib, ?00:32
nogagplzTannerS, mupen64plus from svn is doing incredibly well. else you could go for project64 in wine00:32
pw-toxiccoleys, thanks00:32
jschiffeh i still prefer safari, but 3.5 improved on 3.0 a lot00:32
jschiffit's a good step for firefox00:32
freedumManjschiff, is it stable?00:32
Comrade-Badgerjrib, ah00:32
jschiffby far the best browser for linux so far00:32
jribComrade-Badger: unibody is version 5,1 of the macbook is it not?00:32
TannerSwat do u mean project64 in wine? they have pj 64 for ubuntu?00:33
freedumManjschiff, what dont u like about it?00:33
jribComrade-Badger: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Jaunty#Sound00:33
JoshuaP0x1youtube and streaming video is very choppy on my machine. anyone have any ideas?00:33
jribComrade-Badger: there's also 5,2 if you have that one00:33
Comrade-Badgerjrib, yea i gotit thanks00:33
dubanyone using minicom in 8.04.2?00:33
jschiffit's slow, and feature defficient compared to safari00:33
Comrade-Badgerjrib, i wasnt paying attention 5.2 is the 13" i believe00:33
Comrade-Badgeri have the 2500:33
dubim getting the same error as bug 244958 except using onboard serial port00:33
jschiffthere are some little things you just can't add to firefox that are in safari, that i just love00:33
freedumManohh well not comparing it to other browsers but to 3.0 itself how do you like it00:33
coleysComrade-Badger: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-1_5-2/Jaunty#Sound00:33
jschiffoh i love it00:33
jirgname those things00:34
coleysComrade-Badger: Follow all those steps00:34
jribComrade-Badger: 25 :)00:34
freedumManflash, plugins, etc... all work?00:34
nogagplzTannerS, Read what I said. you can try the version of mupen64plus, which is a native nintendo64 emulator (and if you do, use the version from svn), or if it's too much trouble for you to compile it, install wine and run project64 inside that00:34
jschiffjirg: u talking to me?00:34
gsrwhen I try to 'sudo ifdown eth0', I get the error: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured.  However, I'm definetely using eth0 (confirmed with ifconfig eth0).  Anyone know what else might cause this problem?00:34
Comrade-Badgerjrib, yea a 25" MBP sweet!00:34
TannerSok now i understand00:34
jschiffsafari is integrated with the OS, when i download a .tar.gz file in it, it untars it and deletes the tar00:34
jschiffis one little thing i love00:34
jschiffalso if i drag a tab out of the bar, it turns into a mini window, which i can detach from the main window anywhere00:35
jschiffand just a lot of other many small nice things00:35
jirgjschiff: also in 3.500:35
jschiffnope not as streamlined00:35
freedumMani like the safari main page with the portal look00:35
jschiffyou can drag a tab out of the bar00:35
jschiffbut it will just pop up on top of the firefox main window00:35
jschiffyou can't place it or see a mini preview00:35
jschiffwhich is annoying on dual monitors00:35
ThePulgarcitojschiff: The latter thing was just added, and you can make a shell script for the former00:35
TannerSnogaplz so i isntall wine and it has it already built in man?00:35
freedumManis there a safari yet for ubuntu?00:36
jirgjschiff: got you, but you're all for the visuals00:36
jschiffand don't expect one.00:36
jirgdon't need it00:36
coleysSafari is crap... TO BE HONEST.00:36
ThePulgarcito freedumMan: NO, but Midori uses the same engine00:36
jirgcoleys: I second that00:36
jschiffnope it's the integration with the OS that is the best part of safari00:36
jschiffand not with windows, safari on windows is terrible00:36
ThePulgarcitojschiff: That's what KDE is for.00:37
jschiffkde 4.3 is gonna be da bomb00:37
coleyskde ftw =D00:37
freedumManThePulgarcito, ohh00:37
coleys(kdemod actually =)00:37
jschiffi enjoyed the great integrated desktop environment kde 4.3 beta had to offer00:37
jschiffthe customizability is endless, and the integration is getting pretty nice00:38
coleysjschiff: Woooo integration =)00:38
jschiffstill not AS integrated as osx but it's gettin there00:38
freedumManis FF 3.5 in the repo's on ubuntu00:38
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:38
ibeekmanSo I just dist upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 and I have some connection problems.  Could someone familiar with network manager and manual interface configuration send me a PM to trouble shoot?00:39
coleysibeekman: Wired or Wireless?00:39
ibeekmancoleys: wired00:39
coleysibeekman: Name of your ethernet card?00:39
Mike_lifeguardIn screen, my backspace key doesn't work. It works in terminal, it works in other gui programs. Only screen (AFAICT) does the key not do anything. Is this a silly configuration quirk like the license whinging, or something more strange?00:39
coleysMike_lifeguard: Go into settings, and change backspace key to control + H00:40
Mike_lifeguardcoleys: settings where?00:40
ibeekmancoleys: it was a manual i.e. through the gui selecting manual configuaration in 8.04 because I have two ethernet cards one to a secure local network and one to the broader LAN00:40
coleysMike_lifeguard: Of gnome-terminal00:40
jrib!ff35 =~ s/install/install it/00:40
ubottuI'll remember that jrib00:40
ibeekmancoleys: don't know the name I can check maybe with ifconfig00:40
jschiffibeekman have you tried a simple: sudo dhclient00:41
coleysibeekman: Nah, do lspci | grep -i ethernet00:41
ibeekmancoleys 2 broadcom NetXteme00:42
ibeekmanits not a hardware problem though definitely software00:42
DarkMage26I can't get openoffice to open a ppsx file from power point 2007 properly. I can see the pictures but none of the words are showing up in both the editor and the actual slide show.00:43
ibeekmancoleys: it is def software... there was a manual config option in the gui with 8.04 now it's gone but there is no way to update the settings with network manager, the old ones are stuck00:43
jirghas anyone got dropbox to work flawlessly in Ubuntu?00:43
ibeekman*by ones I mean settings00:43
coleysibeekman: sudo apt-get install wicd00:43
coleysUse wicd instead :<00:43
ibeekmancoleys: what's that?00:43
coleyswicd > network manager00:44
coleysBoth handle networks. =)00:44
coleysWicd is wayyy better though.00:44
ibeekmancoleys does wicd > network manager mean you think it's better?00:44
coleysYeah. =o00:45
coleysstraight upppp.00:45
ibeekmanhmmm I have been impressed with network manager so if that's true I will be doubly impressed00:45
coleysibeekman: You will like wicd better, for sure.00:45
ibeekmancoleys: installed now how do I get to it?00:45
jirgWicd is pretty good. with network manager you can't configure an static IP in wireless networks00:45
ademosI'm setting up a new storage hard disk, and it's asking for a partition table. ----- I see the msdos is the default partition table, but is there a better (opensource) parition table I should use?00:46
coleysibeekman: uhh... you'll want to kill the network... so... do ... sudo /etc/init.d/network stop00:46
ademosCurrent running Ubuntu 9.0400:47
jirgademos: will you use it in other OS? or just linux?00:47
coleysand you can start wicd the same way... sudo /etc/init.d/wicd start00:47
ibeekmanhmm that will end our conversation no?00:47
flandersI added a line in /etc/rc.local that reads "hdparm -M 128 /dev/sda" but when I boot my system, the value remains at 254 (by checking with "sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda")00:47
coleysibeekman: Yes, but start wicd from gnome menu... Or Alt +f2 --> wicd-client00:47
sp219I'm having a problem with my laptop lid in Ubuntu 9.04. The lidbtn event is never triggered when the lid is closed. /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state reports the proper states (open or closed), but the lid.sh script is never executed.00:47
coleysand you should reconnect00:47
flandersHow come the line in /etc/rc.local is being ignored?00:47
ademosjirg, well it's an internal hard disk so I'm fine with a linux-only parition table ---- Also, I'm formating it with ext4, so that in itself will make it Linux-only without extra software on Windows00:48
rgavrilflanders: do the file has the x bit set ?00:48
ibeekmancommand not found00:48
coleystry... sudo /etc/rc.d/network stop00:48
coleys(Im use to other distros now -P00:48
flandersrgavril: Yes, it does have the x bit set.00:48
ibeekmanstill no dice00:48
ibeekmanI am 9.0400:48
jirgademos: what software are you using to format it?00:49
ademosjirg, I'm using gparted00:49
coleysibeekman: Allright... Just sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add network and networkmanager (Two seperate lines then save and exit00:49
jribcoleys: rc.d is for other distros, init.d was right00:49
rgavrilflanders: you aded the line before 'exit 0' ?00:49
coleysjrib: My bad=P00:49
ThePulgarcitocoleys: gksudo, not sudo00:49
coleysgksudo =)00:49
DarkMage26I can't get openoffice to open a ppsx file from power point 2007 properly. I can see the pictures but none of the words are showing up in both the editor and the actual slide show.00:49
jirgademos: so you've decided to go with ext4 as the Filesystem00:50
ibeekmanshould it be empty to start? cause it is00:50
coleysDarkMage26: 3.1 supports 2007 office better.00:50
coleysDarkMage26: Your probably using 3.0.100:50
ademosjirg, well yes. I'm already using it for my system hard disk, and it's been very reliable, and definitely faster00:50
flandersrgavril: Yes, I did.00:50
coleysibeekman: Yeah.00:50
DarkMage26coleys, so use 3.1? Is it stable?00:50
coleysDarkMage26: Yeah.. Ubuntu repos are slow(no offence)00:50
rgavrilflanders: then it's not ignored :)00:51
ibeekmancoleys: each on its own line?00:51
coleysibeekman: Yeah.00:51
flandersrgavril: Nevermind. I am an idiot.00:51
DarkMage26coleys, any special instructions for upgrading?00:51
jirgademos: good. but what was your problem again? partition table type? I don't remember being prompted by gparted about partition tables00:51
threepointonefouHello people.00:51
flandersrgavril: I meant to add the line "hdparm -M 128 /dev/sda" but accidentally put "hdparm -M /dev/sda 128"00:51
aytekinhow can i open an image file as iso00:52
ibeekmanDarkMage26: what are you upgrading to/from00:52
flandersOops, hehe.00:52
rgavrilflanders: good that you find it00:52
ibeekmancoleys: edits made ....00:52
DarkMage263.0 I think00:52
jirgaytekin: wanna convert it to ISO or what?00:52
flandersMy brain doesn't think in proper syntax.00:52
threepointonefouCan I get some help with something? >.>00:52
coleysibeekman: ibeekman now restart, and... once your logged in... Alt +f2 --> wicd-client (Or type that from terminal, or just plain wicd)00:52
aytekinno just to open like an dvd or cd00:53
ademosjirg, my problem is the following; I just bought this hard disk (2 TB Western Digital) and so far I've plugged it in and run gparted. The first message I got when choosing "new" from the menu, was a message asking me which parition table I wanted. It tells me msdos is default, but that sounds strange, but opensource-wise and best-software-wise00:53
flandersBut here is another problem I am trying to solve: Whenever it tries to connect to my wireless router, it always asks me to "Connect", but with the password already filled in. How come it will not connect automatically? What is the purpose of this redundant extra step?00:53
jirgaytekin: you mean mount an image file?00:53
coleysademos: ext 3 =o00:53
DarkMage26flanders, you have to tell it that you want it started auto00:54
flandersI have that box checked.00:54
ademoscoleys, I used to use ext3 for my system parition, but once I tried ext4, and expirenced the speed...well that was it for ext3 :P00:54
aytekinis there any a kind of gui in ubuntu00:54
rskiaytekin: for?00:54
flandersIt automatically begins to connect, as soon as I log in, but then it pops up a dialog box asking me to "Connect" with the password field already filled in...00:54
coleysademos: ehh... welll ext 3 is alot more stable and polished... Ext4 isn't really necessary for desktop user, and not really stable enough at this point, up to you though. ;)00:54
flandersOnce I click "Connect" it finishes connecting.00:55
threepointonefouAnyone? Help?00:55
aytekinas if there is cd driver00:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:55
ademoscoleys,  :P Well over the past couple months, I haven't noticed one issue. So considering the faster speed, I'm staying ext4 :P00:55
coleysademos: Like I said, up to you =)00:56
aytekinfor an iso image file00:56
ademoscoleys, well thanks for the advice ;)00:56
DarkMage26do I need to uninstall openoffice 3.0 before installing 3.1??00:56
coleysDarkMage26: I would for good measure =)00:56
SimetricalSo, hypothetically, what happens if my SSH connection dies during do-release-upgrade?00:56
jirgaytekin: try right clic on the iso file and Open with...00:56
rgavrilaytekin: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmout-iso-images-without-burning-them.html00:56
DarkMage26coleys, how do I uninstall it?00:56
coleysDarkMage26: sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org*00:57
ademosthreepointonefou, you'll have better luck asking your question. So far you've only asked permission...00:57
DarkMage26coleys, thanks :-D.00:57
coleys!question | threepointonefou00:57
ubottuthreepointonefou: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:57
dubseems I get an I/O error from 'cat /dev/ttyS0' after updating to 8.04.2, I see it initialised in dmesg, any ideas?00:57
threepointonefouOkay...well, I just got my new Del Inspiron Mini 10v with preinstalled "Ubuntu 8.04  LTS Mini Standard Edition"...I can't seem to connect to wireless...I turned on the driver (which wasn't on before) but that didn't seem to help anything. Umm...yeah, and I know the networks work because I am currently on my other laptop.00:57
coleys!anyone | threepointonefou00:57
ubottuthreepointonefou: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:57
aytekinis there any a kind of software like isobuster in win00:57
coleysaytekin: K3b, Brasero00:58
sp219I'm having a problem with my laptop lid in Ubuntu 9.04. The lidbtn event is never triggered when the lid is closed. /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state reports the proper states (open or closed), but the lid.sh script is never executed.00:58
jirgaytekin: right click, open with file mounter works00:58
ibeekmancoleys: so what was the name and location of the module blacklist file?  I did what you said but I have an issue with wicd: it only lets me configure one ethernet card, AND there's no easy pptp vpn config gui and the settings still seem to be locked... I can access the internet and the local network whether or not wicd is started00:58
ibeekmanthere is some other remnant from 8.04 which is hijacking my connection settings00:59
coleysibeekman: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:59
aytekinto mount an image file i think there is no software to run the file00:59
ademosso jirg, I'm still wondering which parition table is best. I'm told that msdos is default, but if possible I want to avoid microsoft software....00:59
coleysibeekman: Uhh.. I recommend you just fresh install... Upgrades are scewy =)00:59
ibeekmanand we need to find this and disable/remove it so I can use network manager which I like and use on my other machine00:59
cadooWill firefox 3.5 be available for jaunty not shiretoko00:59
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:59
cadoothank you01:00
ibeekmanhmmm well good thing I took a disk image before upgrading... maybe I can go back and turn off that stuff in 8.04 which is causing the problem then upgrade01:00
aytekinok thx jirg, coleys and rgavril01:00
threepointonefouI take that as a no one knows...01:01
coleysibeekman: Nah, I would just backup on to some form of media, i.e Dvd,etc... And then fresh install 9.04... =) Definitly alot less problems ahead that way.01:01
DarkMage26threepointonefou, what is your problem?01:01
Brandon_BrowningHeyo.  Is there any way to say overwrite a current installation of ubuntu with the default files?  (Keeping all files not installed with ubuntu)01:01
ibeekmanyeah but this is my workstation at work and I went through hell to get everything setup like it is now01:01
Brandon_BrowningMy login screen doesnt show up after it loads, it artifacts.  I tried all of the recovery options01:01
coleysthreepointonefou: Have you restarted? And what is your wireless card? Broadcom, intel...?01:01
threepointonefouI just got my new Dell Inspiron Mini 10v with preinstalled "Ubuntu 8.04  LTS Mini Standard Edition"...I can't seem to connect to wireless...I turned on the driver (which wasn't on before) but that didn't seem to help anything. Umm...yeah, and I know the networks work because I am currently on my other laptop.01:02
jirgademos: hard to say, because i've never ran into that situation before.01:02
threepointonefouI have restarted 3 times01:02
Brandon_Browningthreepointonefou: Try 8.10, it has increased networking capabilities01:02
coleysthreepointonefou: We are not at your command, we are volunteers sighing just pisses us off =)01:02
=== andrew__ is now known as AndrewGearhart
ademosjirg, alright well since msdos is default I guess I'll stick with that. Better safe than sorry I suppose.01:03
threepointonefouInternal WLAN (half-sized Mini-Card) with WiFi bgn01:03
Comrade-Badgerjrib, coleys i did what that article said and i have sound now but its very low and wont go through to my speakers01:03
freedumManwow ff3.5 gave me a 90/10001:03
aytekinok people i ve foun it01:03
Brandon_BrowningAny way to install ubuntu while in windows?01:03
jirgademos: did you read this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1051692.html01:03
ibeekmanalright time to restore to 8.04 and try upgrading again01:03
aytekinit s named gmount-iso01:03
coleysComrade-Badger: Open your mixer, and adjust channels? Or open terminal and use alsamixer (adjust channels too_01:03
=== AndrewGearhart is now known as m1ckeyknox
DarkMage26threepointonefou: what does ifconfig and iwconfig say?01:04
coleysthreepointonefou: Do you know if its ... broadcom or Intel? or... Atheros... etc?01:04
ibeekmanthanks for your efforts coley, I think this is probably the sanest thing to do.01:04
Comrade-Badgercoleys, i did theyre all the way up01:04
=== m1ckeyknox is now known as AndrewGearhart
pisecx!ff3.5 | pisecx01:04
ubottupisecx, please see my private message01:04
coleysComrade-Badger: What are you using to test the sound? Youtube, or music or something?01:04
ademosjirg, interesting discussion but the result was sadly...01:05
ademosisnt there a more modern partition table that works better with ext3 and huge external HD than msdos partition table, given that i will never need any fat or ntfs on this drive?01:05
ademosGood question! (I'd like to know the answer as well.)01:05
FloodBot3ademos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
ademossorry FloodBot101:05
Comrade-Badgercoleys, movie player and a mp301:05
* aytekin you are a kind of geek01:05
=== Outro_cara_qualq is now known as Um_cara_qualquer
threepointonefoui don't know what ifconfig and iwconfig are01:05
ademosjirg, so I guess I'll stick with the default to make sure everything runs01:05
pw-toxicanyone experience with ubuntu on a macbook?01:05
coleysthreepointonefou: Alt + f2 --> gnome-terminal01:05
mdgpw-toxic: I have ubuntu on a G4 iMac (PPC)01:06
threepointonefouhow do I find out if it's broadcom or intel or things?01:06
jirgademos: yeah. msdos seems the way to go here. i don't think you want to try with the other alternatives mentioned: aix, amiga, bsd, dvh, gpt, mac, pc98, sun, loop01:06
coleysthreepointonefou: Type iwconfig first, then paste outcome at http://pastebin.ca and ifconfig second and paste at http://pastebin.ca01:06
threepointonefouAlt +F2 doesn't do anything01:06
DarkMage26threepointonefou: check your PM.01:07
ademosjirg, haha yeah, those aren't really any better I suppose, just different; thanks for the help01:07
coleysthreepointonefou: sudo lspci | grep -i network01:07
AndrewGearhartevening folks. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with figuring out how to dual boot. I'm on ubuntu-64-jaunty and I'd like to also boot ubuntu-x86-jaunty01:07
jirgademos: you're welcome. I learned something today01:07
ademosjirg, haha me too01:07
roberto_hi, the gcompris app freezes at the start with the message "No module named numeric in garbage collection", what shoud I do?01:07
Comrade-Badgercoleys, any other ideas?01:08
pisecxis there any command to ask ubottu to join a channel? =)01:08
coleysComrade-Badger: hum, restart?01:08
ademoslater all01:08
Comrade-Badgercoleys, just did01:08
coleysComrade-Badger: try different modes of audio,  i.e pulse, oss, esd etc see if they give better sound?01:09
coleysAndrewGearhart: Umm.. Just wondering why you would want to do that?01:09
AndrewGearhartcoleys: dual boot? or go back to x86?01:10
Dr_Willis64bit works very well for me here.01:10
coleysAndrewGearhart: Whyy dual boot the same system, and not use the x64 if you can?01:11
Comrade-Badgeris there a 64 bit flash firefox plugin?01:11
coleysComrade-Badger: Yeah.01:11
dutchhey so is there anyone here who can point me to some information on getting nvidia drivers to work in jaunty?01:11
anomymouswhen i watcg a movie, after a while the movie stops although i disables screensaver and set power management never to turn black01:11
arand!flash | Comrade-Badger01:11
dutchim having interesting problems with it01:11
ubottuComrade-Badger: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:11
anomymousdutch: i can01:11
AndrewGearhartcoleys: long story short is that I've been working with 64 for a year now... and I've had plenty of trouble. I have enough "odd" things going on that adding 64 to the mix makes things complicated.01:11
remuHey folks, I installed empathy in ArchLinux version 2.26.2, I also installed libjingle, telepathy-haze, telepathy-mission-control, telepathy-stream-engine, and telepathy-gabble. I was hoping to do a voice conversation with a contact who uses google talk, from gmail.com. But "Call" is greyed out.01:11
arandComrade-Badger: there's a link there I think.01:11
coleysAndrewGearhart: Whats your problems, perhaps we could help with those.01:12
mobi-sheep!flash64 | Comrade-Badger01:12
ubottuComrade-Badger: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava01:12
coleysAndrewGearhart: And may I ask your ram?01:12
=== mike is now known as Guest90758
coleysComrade-Badger: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html01:12
AndrewGearhartcoleys: 4mb ram01:12
dutchanomymous: i have two 7900s in my comp, but the last couple times i tried installing the drivers (months ago), x refused to start01:12
coleysAndrewGearhart: With 32 bit you can only use ~3.2 gigs of it.01:12
AndrewGearhartcoleys: for example, I'm using dual monitors with an intel gma card... which made that difficult...01:13
uniquebobcan anyone think of a wm that lets you bind shortcuts to running processes?01:13
dutchanomymous: so ive been living with nv drivers until now01:13
AndrewGearhartcoleys: I'm now having problems with all of my video applications... none of them seem to work.01:13
AndrewGearhartcoleys: I can't play .wmv, .mov etc01:13
thee_hello fellas, i have 2 system on my computer xp and ubuntu but i forgat i had ubuntu and i restored my xp  so.. after restore it s doesn't ask  when i boot my computer like "ubuntu or xp". what can i do.01:13
mobi-sheepdutch: SLi ?01:13
dutchanomymous: yes, they are connected via SLI01:13
coleysAndrewGearhart: May I suggest a fresh reinstall? I Mean... you might aswell run one Jaunty... or give another distro a try. =o01:13
dutchwhoops i mean mobi-sheep yes they are connected via SLI01:14
AndrewGearhartcoleys: my fear is the lack of a system.... that's the reason i wanted to dual boot..01:14
thee_i think it s grub problem but don' know how to configre it01:14
iradif a cpu is running at 100% what are the chances of overheating?01:14
uniquebobthee_, you want to reinstall grub. Backup your mbr using the dd command (google mbr backup dd?), and use grub to point to that .img file01:14
coleysAndrewGearhart: Lack of a system meaning?01:14
dutchmobi-sheep: you have any information on that?01:14
anomymousdutch: go to 'beheer' (administration), then hardware01:15
mobi-sheepdutch: http://www.darraghverschoyle.com/2009/03/enabling-sli-on-ubuntu-810/01:15
oliviacan anyone help with a ext4 fstab question? I recently reformatted a secondary internal drive to ext4 and now it will only allow me to mount it as root. Help?01:15
jirgthee_: you could also try with the Live CD01:15
thee_<jirg>, how?01:15
Dr_Willisirad:  i would say low.  CPUS run at 100% for long periods of time..if its overheating.. get better fan/heatsink01:15
anomymoustoo many people here01:15
AndrewGearhartcoleys: I have a vista machine that is my wife's to fall back on... but even after a year of ubuntu and installing things and working on configuring things manually to try to understand things... I'm not confident in my ability to wipe things out01:15
uniquebobthee_, nevermind, actually.01:15
AndrewGearhart... well... and recover01:15
iradDr_Willis, ah..ok, just wondering..whew! i'm safe01:15
ruler_can we make call using gtalk in ubuntu01:15
AndrewGearhartcoleys: I'm sure I'd do just fine wiping things out.. ;-)01:15
thee_<uniquebob> ? why01:16
coleysAndrewGearhart: Ah... That's why I would suggest an easy replacement for such sort of things.01:16
Dr_Willisirad:  when implaying 6+ hrs of FPS games.. or encoding videos..  100% for 12+ hrs - not uncommon.01:16
mobi-sheepdutch: Run "man nvidia-xconfig" and you'll find out what this does. :)01:16
dutchmobi-sheep: see the problem is that when i install the nvidia restricted drivers, on a reboot, X refuses to start01:16
uniquebobthee_, because I haven't done that in a long, long, long time01:16
thee_<uniquebob> you think it s easier with LiveCD01:16
iraddo the cpus have to be at 100% to overheat?01:16
mobi-sheepdutch: Oh then you need to learn how to use TTY.   CTRL + ALT + F7 is your Graphic.  CTRL + ALT + [F1-F6] is your virtual terminal consoles.01:17
uniquebobthee_, yes and no....01:17
mobi-sheep!tty | dutch01:17
AndrewGearhartcoleys: when I first installed ubuntu it took me a day because I had two drives... an IDE and a SATA... and the build of grub caused it to try to boot to the IDE drive... where an old install of windows lives partially crippled01:17
ubottudutch: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.01:17
Dr_Willisirad:  if your Heatshink gets full of crud.. or fan Stops... No :)01:17
ulbcan anybody help with a Xorg memory problem? I am using gnome/openbox, and after starting X, openbox seems to loop (keeps trying to open) and eventually uses up all memory01:17
uniquebobthee_, hold on, actually, i might have an easier, more sure way to do things01:17
Mike_lifeguardhow can I tell xdg-open what to use to open urls?01:17
jirgthee_: read this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2411301:17
oliviacan anyone help with a ext4 fstab question? I recently reformatted a secondary internal drive to ext4 and now it will only allow me to mount it as root. Help?01:17
dutchmobi-sheep: i appreciate the help, but i know about that. im just wondering, if i install the drivers, then turn on SLI, do you think X will start?01:18
mobi-sheepdutch: You might want to install irssi -- It's a terminal CLI IRC so you can connect back to here after you install it. :)01:18
dutchmobi-sheep: thats what i use ;-)01:18
Mike_lifeguardolivia: add the user option to fstab?01:18
thee_<jirg> =) thank bro i was just reading that site.01:18
mobi-sheepdutch: I can't guarantee you that -- It's hit or miss approach. :)01:18
dutchmobi-sheep: cause i would think that installing the drivers without enabling SLI wouldnt cause X to break, would it?01:18
dutchmobi-sheep: okay then01:18
dutchmobi-sheep: ill try it out01:18
oliviaMike_lifeguard no I did defaults.01:18
mobi-sheepdutch: Also, you might want to try... (hold).01:18
=== caleb is now known as Guest18356
Mike_lifeguarddunno then, sorry01:19
jirgthee_: This link should help too, doesn't look so easy so be careful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:19
uniquebobthee_,  you can use ntldr (windows boot loader) to boot grub (linux's boot loader), or vice versa. Here's option B http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_setup_boot_loaders#Using_the_NT_Boot_Loader_to_boot_Linux01:19
mobi-sheepdutch: sudo nvidia-xconfig --a01:19
dutchmobi-sheep: if i get borked, though, will "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh" fully restore me to working config?01:19
mobi-sheepdutch:  -a, --enable-all-gpus                 Configure an X screen on every GPU in the system.01:19
uniquebobthee_, although alot of people recommend doing it the other way around. And I think the ubuntu scripts can do this for you nowadays, using the grub to ntldr method--- which is probably the best route01:20
oliviaMike_lifeguard what is the user option? I can't find mention of it in fstab man page01:20
mobi-sheepdutch: No. Meh. You would need to reconfigure your Xorg to include some kind of SLI / GPU supports and such. :)01:20
mobi-sheepdutch: Also, more information can be asked at #nvidia01:20
Comrade-Badgercoleys, well i got it so crank up, but it still wont come out the head phone jack01:20
uniquebobthee_, I bet the liveCD probably has a tool for you == either way I got class, pz.01:20
mobi-sheepdutch: But I'd suggest you try that after you test the commands first. ;)01:20
dutchmobi-sheep: okay thanks01:20
dutchmobi-sheep: ill give that a try01:20
coleysComrade-Badger: Hmm.. Completely read that ubuntu wiki?01:21
iradDr_Willis, which one would bun out faster - Video Cards or CPUs?01:21
Mike_lifeguardolivia: lets any user mount it01:21
mobi-sheepdutch: Do you knwo how to use TTY now?01:21
MontelEdwardsDoes anyone know anything about over clocking, and or undervolting?01:21
Comrade-Badgercoleys, i think i did it all  rightl01:21
dutchmobi-sheep: oh yes lol trust me, ive been using GNU/Linux for 15 years now ;-)01:21
mobi-sheepdutch: Go ahead and test it.  F7 bring you back to X.01:21
uniquebobMontelEdwards, overclocked forums01:21
jirguniquebob: have you ever recovered GRUB with the method you suggested?01:21
mobi-sheepdutch: Lol.  Alright.  Good. :)01:21
oliviaMIke_lifeguard yes that what I am looking for. HOw do I use it whats the syntax or where can I find more info?01:21
MontelEdwardsuniquebob, huh?01:21
dutchmobi-sheep: thanks for the help, ill try out those nvidia things01:21
uniquebobjirg, the latter? No, not recovered.01:21
uniquebobMontelEdwards, just google it. Vast swath of information01:22
thee_<uniquebob>, i think i ll try the LiveCD couse other ways not seems easy as i can do.01:22
jirguniquebob: the NT Boot loader one01:22
Mike_lifeguardolivia: man fstab -- but just add ,user after whatever you have for that line already01:22
MontelEdwardsuniquebob, OK< dont you think that i have already done that?01:22
jirgthee_: good luck01:23
caiocan i remove a package without remove your dependents? with apt-get...01:23
uniquebobMontelEdwards, I oc'd once and it failed and i held down the reset cmos jumper too long, fried it. ($15 mobo =) ). Anyways, on a related note, rpgs give you more xp if you don't fail... ?01:23
crashanddieuniquebob, off-topic01:23
uniquebobjirg, yeah.01:23
thee_<jirg> <uniquebob> anyway thanks for your kindness helps.01:24
uniquebobcrashanddie, I blew up hardware overclocking once, and that's how I did it... surely I feel obligated to try save a newb from same fate?01:24
crashanddieuniquebob, PM01:24
oliviaMIke_lifeguard can I use defaults and user? ie "/dev/sda2 /media/disk ext4 defaults,user 0 2" ?01:24
jirguniquebob: either way, it's not easy to solve01:24
Mike_lifeguardolivia: I think so, yes01:24
aacosta_anyone know about vsftpd01:24
oliviaMIke_lifeguard Thank you.01:25
uniquebobjirg, well the same script that exists on livecd for install... that same action ought to repair.01:25
Mike_lifeguardHow can I set what xdg-open uses for opening URLs?01:25
crashanddieaacosta_, loads of people, you won't know until you ask the question you want to ask01:25
aacosta_i am having difficulty uploadding and downloadin files01:26
gartralanyone have any idea what .u1/2/3/4 audio files are? sox can make them, but nothing plays them...01:26
aacosta_i can log in fine with filezilla but when i try to do any transfers i guess it says i have no permission01:26
aacosta_buut i already edited the .conf file to enable writes01:26
aacosta_and local logins01:26
crashanddie!enter | aacosta_01:27
ubottuaacosta_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:27
aacosta_yeah i know i jsut forgot to include local logins to the list01:27
uniquebobjirg, in a nutshell, you copy the mbr to an image. you copy grub to mbr. you point grub to the old mbr (windows) and to ubuntu in the conf. dd scares me, and I don't want to rtfm atm.01:28
crashanddieaacosta_, just write your question on one line, not 401:28
Cry__BabyRandomly, my icons in sys tray keeps moving around, and the "Window List" needs to be added again and again to the Panel.. Bug? Or something else?01:28
crashanddieaacosta_, you don't jump from one to 4 with only one addition01:28
ubuntuyo_anyone knows live station like ustream.com?01:28
aacosta_im sorry wont do i t again01:29
Cry__Babyanyone know?01:29
aacosta_do you know by any chance if maybe i need to configure it more?01:29
crashanddieaacosta_, I suppose your ftpd runs in a specific user/group?01:30
jirguniquebob: sooner or later, you'll have to use dd for something01:30
Cry__BabyRandomly, when I reboot Ubuntu 9.04, my icons in sys tray keeps moving around, and the "Window List" needs to be added again and again to the Panel.. Bug? Or something else?01:30
aacosta_maybe? but i didnt set it up like that i can send you my .conf file thru pastbin01:31
flandersPowerTop suggests to me (Ubuntu NBR 9.04) to disable hald-addon-storage, with a "K" shortcut key to kill the process. I do not have any CD drives on my netbook, and /dev/cdrom does not exist. So why is "hald-addon-stor" even running? Is there a way to disable it from running at every bootup?01:32
m0u5eis there anything in ubuntu repos for good wiki software?01:33
flandersI cannot find any option to disable it in "Services" or "Startup Programs".01:33
unknown__hi, can you tell me how can i disable "system sounds" in KDE? on gnome it was in system/sounds settings, can't find it on kde..01:34
jirgm0u5e: why Ubuntu? you should host it in your web server01:35
wolf23somebody help please! when i try to open virtualbox i got this messageFailed to open a session for the virtual machine WindowsXp.01:35
wolf23Virtual machine 'WindowsXp' has terminated unexpectedly during startup.01:35
crashanddie!please | wolf2301:36
ubottuwolf23: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience01:36
sebsebsebwolf23: try #vbox01:36
wolf23sebsebseb,  can u help me please01:36
mistalothe minimize, close, maximize buttons in firefox are gone how can i get them back?01:36
wolf23crashanddie,   yes i got this message when i try to open vbox01:37
flandersThere is no way to permenantly disable hald-addon-stor?01:37
sebsebsebwolf23: oh when you open it?01:37
sebsebsebwolf23: not when you try to run the vm?01:37
jirgmistalo: just firefox or all windows?01:37
mistalofirefox and terminal. xchat has it01:37
wolf23sebsebseb,  yes sorry, this happen when i try to start windows xp, guest01:38
sebsebsebwolf23: have you got any other vm's that work?01:38
sysRPLhello ... what is the cli to upgrade firefox to 2.5?01:38
sysRPLhello ... what is the cli to upgrade firefox to 3.5?01:38
sysRPLcorrction ..... 3.501:38
pnemaNEWBIE question but how do I tell what version of Ubuntu I have01:38
sebsebseb!ff35 |  sysRPL01:38
ubottusysRPL: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY01:38
sebsebseb!release |  pnema01:38
ubottupnema: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases01:38
sebsebseb!version |  pnema01:39
ubottupnema: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:39
sebsebsebsysRPL: np01:39
wolf23sebsebseb,  ye sthe first time works fine,and i have about one week without working on it01:39
sebsebsebwolf23: it used to work, but not anymore?01:39
YOUR_MUMIm installing ubuntu with wubi01:39
crashanddieYOUR_MUM, change your nickname please01:39
sebsebsebYOUR_MUM: Wubi is bad,  just like your name is01:39
wolf23sebsebseb,  now it is not working :(01:39
=== YOUR_MUM is now known as Caleb_the_person
crashanddieCaleb_the_person, thanks01:40
Caleb_the_personIs there any risks with using wubio?01:40
sebsebsebwolf23: you can add the vm agian01:40
sebsebsebwolf23: that might solve the problem01:40
jirgmistalo: are you using metacity?01:40
Caleb_the_personIs there any risks?01:40
sebsebsebCaleb_the_person: yeah if WIndows gets a nasty virus that deletes it, all bye bye Ubuntu as well01:40
Caleb_the_personI dont get viruses XD01:40
pnemaubottu, and all else thank01:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:41
sebsebsebCaleb_the_person: also it won't work as well as a proper Linux install,  espesailly if it has Ext4, but that's not fully ready for Ubuntu just yet,  but Ubuntu 9.10 the next one will use by default :)01:41
mistalojirg, how can i find out if i use metacity?01:41
wolf23sebsebseb,  wait i have the error detalis01:41
panaggioI was searching for libg2c0-dev package, but it's not maintained anymore. Anyone knows the reason?01:41
Caleb_the_personApart from viruses is there ANY other risks with using wubi for installing ubuntu alongside windowse?01:41
Mike_lifeguardIf I want to mount my Windows partition on-demand, what options should I use in fstab?01:41
Caleb_the_personTouch type lol01:42
bwoodjust installed a bunch of packages in 9.04.  Rebooted and eth0 is gone.01:42
pnemaNow my two follow up questions.  Can I easily upgrade my 8.04.2 to Jaunty?  Or is that necessary as I've been updating all my packages, etc01:42
sebsebsebCaleb_the_person: If Windows is  all fragmented  Ubuntu can get slow,   weird things can happen with Wubi, so Ubuntu  can't just boot up, and then you can't get hold of your data normalley with a Live CD and mounting the partition, because you used Wubi, and so on01:42
Caleb_the_personIve got the window open pls tell me01:42
mistalojirg: yes i am using it01:43
Caleb_the_personWhat weird things happen with wubi?01:43
wolf23Result Code:01:43
wolf23NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)01:43
FloodBot3wolf23: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
bastidrazorCaleb_the_person, you're trolling.. you've been in here two days straight claiming the same things.. please don't waste these peoples time.01:43
jirgmistalo: try running #metacity --replace01:43
sebsebsebbastidrazor: report him to the ops? #ubuntu-ops ?01:43
Caleb_the_personNah im fine.01:43
Caleb_the_personGoogle for me01:44
Titan8990_there is a bot command that calls ops too01:44
bastidrazorsebsebseb, nah.. he'll be okay. he shuts up after a bit.01:44
sebsebsebTitan8990_: yes, but this is not a channel emergency01:44
mistalojirg: i tried this already and just now again. close button still gone but i have a error message of metacity one sec01:44
JPSmandoes wubi always install the AMD version of ubuntu?01:44
JPSmanand what is the minimun space needed for wubi in windows?01:44
coleysJPSman: Wubi sucks, just install to harddrive now =)01:45
JPSmanI gave it 17 gigs, can It run on say 701:45
flandersNo one knows how I can completely disable hald-addon-stor on Ubuntu 9.04? It is pointless to me, and it is not good for my battery.01:45
JPSmancant, moms computer01:45
jirgmistalo: it's weird it's only happening with some windows01:45
Caleb_the_personIf you only want a little bit of programs, 15gb01:45
coleysJPSman: What mom doesn't know doesn't hurt her.01:45
pnemaAll my installs have been clean, but now that I've been using Ubuntu for a while I would like to update to the current stable release.  Does Ubuntu have an upgrade option when loading?01:45
DarkMage26how do I check to see if I'm running 32 bit or 64 bit os?01:46
JPSmancoleys, if I could somehow make the grub not show up unless I want to.....01:46
coleysJPSman: Thats simple =P01:46
uniquebobomfg, I've been troubleshooting around wubi this whole time01:46
uniquebobpoor mr mental...01:46
coleysJPSman: And its also simple to make windows boot by default.01:46
FlannelJPSman: The same size as regular Ubuntu, 2G or so.01:46
Caleb_the_person"The only downside I could find was that I was unable to access files stored on my Windows drive from Ubuntu; it appeared not to be mounted under Wubi. Running fdisk -l didn't show me the host drive either. The ability to view files stored on the Windows drive would have been nice, and it would've been nicer if Wubi integrated my home folder in Ubuntu with the My Documents folder in Windows."01:46
Caleb_the_personThats what the random said from google01:46
dutchmobi-sheep: so yeah my Xserver is hosed now. i installed the driver, and restarted my machine, and it wont even start anymore. any ideas?01:47
Caleb_the_personOhk wish me luck01:47
pnemaAnother question, I trying to attach an external monitor to my laptop.  Any pointers, suggestions as I cannot get it work at the moment?  Thanks01:47
sebsebsebCaleb_the_person: Wubi is for new Ubuntu users that don't know better,   I as well as other experienced  Linux users,  highly recommend you dont' use it, and instead you do a proper partitioned install01:47
coleysJPSman: Its reallly easy to hide grub, and change default boot. (You will press escape, and grub will appear, then you can choose it)01:47
dutchby "it wont start" i mean xorg wont start01:47
uniquebobJPSman, I'm using just under 7 megs with lots of software but not much media01:48
Caleb_the_personBut partition=EPIC windows fail01:48
coleyswubi is crapppppppp =P And a waste of time. No offence to developers.01:48
JPSmanuniquebob, well, the media I can access from with windows partition anyway ....01:49
JPSmanthank you uniquebob01:49
uniquebobJPSman, i mean 7 gigs. Anyways, if space is an absolute issue, take a look at DSL01:49
JPSmanmy last question is, does wubi always have to use the AMD64 version?01:49
sebsebsebCaleb_the_person: and if your trolling as someone  said  you were,   please feel free to leave the channel01:49
JPSmanits not01:49
Caleb_the_personWell cya01:49
melementyo whazzup01:50
uniquebobJPSman, now that I think about it, I can probably cut that size down significantly by getting rid of old source files for packages.01:50
coleys!ot | melement01:50
ubottumelement: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
sebsebsebcoleys: :D01:50
Mandrake6ohhh shit I not speak english01:50
jirgmistalo: can you check your metacity configuration? Alt+F2 -- gconf-editor01:50
coleysMandrake6: What language ?01:50
uniquebobI need to try wubi01:50
=== asdsadds is now known as mistalo1
sebsebsebMandrake6: well you speak enough to use a swear word01:50
Mandrake6Portuguese - Brazilian01:50
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:50
sebsebsebuniquebob: why do you think that?01:50
mistalo1jirg: i tried this metacity  --replace command before and it didnt work. when i tried after u sayed it to me, i had to restart the computer01:51
coleysMandrake6: Type: /join #ubuntu-br01:51
JPSmanok, see you guys later, gonna go nuke this copy of ubuntu and use a smaller 7 gig install01:51
uniquebobsebastien, Because people are using it, and it seems like a neat concept.01:51
Mandrake6thx guy =P01:51
Mandrake6I am newbie ^^01:51
coleysMandrake6: No worries. =)01:51
mistalo1jirg: i am sure it has something to do that i changed the screen settings01:52
sebsebsebuniquebob: yeah  many Ubuntu newbies use it,  but most  experienced users will avoide it :)01:52
jirgmistalo1:  can you check your metacity configuration? Alt+F2 -- gconf-editor01:52
uniquebobsebastien, In similar fashion, I don't have an xbox, but I'll look at xbox distros to see whats going on. =)01:52
sebsebsebuniquebob: it's  usaully always better to do a proper partitioned install :)01:52
sebsebseb!install |  uniquebob01:52
ubottuuniquebob: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:52
schwinn434how do you read the channel topic?01:52
sebsebsebschwinn434: type  /topic and hit enter01:53
schwinn434thx sebsebseb01:53
uniquebobsebsebseb, I know, and thats what I do. Newbs don't leave space for new o/s, and they often don't have the tools to migrate easily.01:53
coleysuniquebob: You need no tools except this irc, to migrate easily.01:53
uniquebobsebsebseb, mostly i feel guilty because i didn't know what wubi does, and I tried helping someone who used the 'ubuntu installer'....01:53
jirglater dudes01:54
uniquebobcoleys, I play it by the book with backups through usb before anything rough01:54
sebsebsebuniquebob: well  Ubuntu in a virtual machine inside Windows, is better than Wubi,   and  that was coming from someone who thinks  Windows is a bad  host OS for virtual machines01:54
Dr_WillisPlay with Ubuntu/Linux in virtualbox.. is a handy thing to do.01:54
mistalo1jirg: after typing the gconf command, where should i cliuck? apps, desktop, scheemes or system?01:54
coleysYeah... Virtual box > WUBI.01:54
dutchso i just installed the nvidia restricted drivers, and now xorg is hosed, it wont even start. can anyone tell me how to revert to a working xconfig?01:54
sebsebsebuniquebob: Wubi  puts Ubuntu  in a section of the Windows partition01:54
uniquebobsebastien, lol I survived three months of gentoo and you sent ubottu after me for install guidelines? ... =)01:54
jirgmistalo1: apps - metacity01:54
coleysdutch: Are you at command line?01:54
dutchcoleys: yessir01:55
coleysdutch: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:55
coleysChange Nvidia device to... vesa01:55
Reformer81A friend of mine just installed Ubuntu, but has an Intel-based GPU.  She wants to enable desktop effects, but just get's that archaic "Could not enable desktop effects" error.01:55
sebsebsebuniquebob: A  Gentoo  user, that wants to use Wubi   is this a joke?01:55
jirgmistalo1: in metacity, choose general. and copy here the values for "button_layout" property01:56
coleysReformer81: Not really archaic... =) Whats her graphics card.01:56
dutchcoleys: there is no Nvidia device, because i ran a dpkg-reconfigure on xserver-xorg to try to fix it01:56
sebsebsebuniquebob: do a partitioned install :)  I would have thought as a Gentoo user,  you would know that it's usaully better :)01:56
m0u5eI can't see my battery health when i click on my battery information, how do i access this information?01:56
coleysdutch: type: sudo nvidia-xconfig?01:56
Reformer81coleys: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)01:56
Reformer81coleys: Apparently it's "blacklisted"01:56
uniquebobsebsebseb, ubuntu = gentoo rehab. And yeah, I want to help people. I'm on the front lines of GPL education more often than not, and I'd like to know whats out there.01:56
leaf-sheepdutch: It's not working?01:56
coleysReformer81: Says who?01:56
gartrali need a im client that has a smaller footprint than pidgin01:57
dutchcoleys leaf-sheep: that didnt work either, it wont start01:57
Reformer81coleys: Blacklisted PCIID '8086:2a02' found01:57
darthanubiswhen is that FF3.5 update coming? Few days like normal.01:57
coleysdutch: startx01:57
coleysdutch: ?01:57
sebsebsebuniquebob: well  find a distro that you like, put that on as host, and  virtual machine other stuff,  assuming you have enough RAM01:57
leaf-sheepdutch: Could you tell me your graphic card?  I'll check on the list --> http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/169.12/README/appendix-a.html01:57
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
pnemaOK: Is the upgrade process to download the current release CD and boot off the CD? And I assume choose upgrade?01:57
jirg!ff35 |darthanubis01:57
ubottudarthanubis: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY01:57
gartral!firefox | darthanubis01:57
ubottudarthanubis: firefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.501:57
Reformer81Is there any way to bypass "blacklisted" hardware checks?01:58
Flanneluniquebob: Wubi installs on a loopback filesystem that sits ontop of NTFS.  To windows, it appears like a few large files.01:58
coleysReformer81: Her graphics card is not blacklisted.01:58
dutchleaf-sheep: 2x geforce 7900 GS01:58
dutchleaf-sheep: thanks01:58
uniquebobsebsebseb, no I want to know why wubi sucks. And I have a game plan for all my o/s needs.01:58
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete01:58
Reformer81coleys: Well, a couple of forums mention that it is... and so does Compiz when trying to run it.  If it's not blacklisted, then why can't she enable the effects?01:59
dutchcoleys: startx tells me no screens found...01:59
uniquebob*multi-os needs, even01:59
leaf-sheepdutch: GeForce 7900 GS -- 0x0292.  Hmm.01:59
uniquebobFlannel, thanks.01:59
coleysReformer81: Has she installed intel driver?01:59
sebsebsebuniquebob: Wubi can sometimes  be useful,  it depends on  the computer set up, and who it bellongs to, but most of the time,  it's best to avoide it.01:59
Flanneluniquebob: There's no reason it sucks.  Some people in here are just opinionated.  Wubi has some drawbacks, but it also has some benefits (by golly, like everything else!)01:59
coleysdutch: sudo init 5?01:59
gartralReformer81: restricted drivers not installed?01:59
Reformer81coleys: It was installed automatically...01:59
Reformer81coleys: It's shown in lspci.01:59
darthanubisgartral, thanks I already have mozilla's repos and am using FF3.5 now, and for the last month or so. Just wanted to see the official Ubuntu update. That is always fun.:)01:59
coleysFlannel: There is many reasons it sucks =P And really has no benefits. =P01:59
Reformer81coleys: But not in the Hardware Drivers panel.02:00
uniquebobFlannel, exactly. I need to know!02:00
sebsebsebuniquebob: ask coleys :)02:00
dutchcoleys: nothing happens, init 5 just returns to the shell02:00
coleysdutch: okay... sudo rm -rf /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:00
jribcoleys: runlevels 2-5 are identical by default on debian and ubuntu02:00
TenkawaAnyone heard any eta for firefox 3.5 to be avail in 9.04 or am I already lagging?02:01
Flannelcoleys, dutch: Er, no reason for the -r or the -f on that....02:01
jirgmistalo1: so?? what are your settings in metacity?02:01
jrib!ff35 | Tenkawa02:01
ubottuTenkawa: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY02:01
ctmjrdutch: try this sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:01
Tenkawajrib: thanks02:01
coleyseee. Anyways no harm in it =P02:01
dutchcoleys: lol init 5 stopped my keyboard from working on the other virtual terminals02:01
Flannelcoleys: Yeah, there could be actually.  Some are contrived, others aren't.02:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox3502:01
Tenkawajrib: figured it had to be in process :)02:01
coleysFlannel: No... =)02:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox3.502:02
Flanneluniquebob: Obvious problems (when compared to a proper dual boot): it sits on NTFS, so anything that breaks the NTFS partition, breaks wubi (a windows virus can leave you without an OS instead of just one).  Likewise, it uses the windows loader (via boot.ini) to get to GRUB02:02
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY02:02
Flannelcoleys: Yes....02:02
Flannelcoleys: Are you just here to argue with people? or what?02:02
leaf-sheep!envy | dutch02:02
ubottudutch: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver02:02
coleysFlannel: No =) Lolll =P02:02
leaf-sheepdutch: If your standard methods does not work, you could try that.02:02
TenkawaAny of you ever had a "stable" ath5k card?02:02
Reformer81Is there any way to enable Compiz when it claims the graphics hardware is "blacklisted?"  How do I remove the blacklisting?02:03
uniquebobI found something that fits me better than dual booting anyways. I duct taped my laptop upside down above my server and kvm test monitor... =)02:03
dutchcoleys: so what do i do after removing the xconfig?02:03
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org02:03
dutchleaf-sheep: thanks, i might try that02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about athero02:03
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:03
Mike_lifeguardReformer81: ask in #compiz but note that you remove the blacklisting at your own risk - it is there for a reason02:03
derenrich_coleys: thanks02:03
mistalo1jirg: you sayed "later dudes" are you still there?02:03
leaf-sheepdutch: Also, did you ask people in #nvidia ?02:03
dutchleaf-sheep: no, is that a good place to goto for help?02:03
uniquebobFlannel, what are the major drawbacks of using ntldr=> grub sequence instead of vice versa?02:03
jirgmistalo1: yes, I was going but saw you come back02:03
Reformer81Mike_lifeguard: The hardware apparently worked just fine in Hardy, but Ubuntu blacklisted it in Jaunty for "performance" issues.02:04
leaf-sheepdutch: Sure.  They regulate with graphic cards. ;302:04
dutchuniquebob: grub is better in just about every way possible, ntldr messes with weird loading sequences02:04
coleysFlannel: Im not here to argue with people, I have been helping for quite a while =p I wouldn't tell anyone something that caused them problems, and... I wasn't argueing with everyone. =)02:04
Flanneluniquebob: Just the obvious: if something does wonky things to your boot sequence, you're stuck without.  Other drawbacks: a very *small* performance hit do to the extra layer of abstraction.02:04
jirgmistalo: i'm still here, man!02:04
Flanneluniquebob: The biggest benefit is that you can use Linux without repartitioning, whether you're unable to, or just too unsure to.02:05
coleysdutch: Have you removed it? If so I'd try a reboot, xorg might be recreated.02:05
=== jonnyro_ is now known as Delobox
sebsebsebuniquebob:  what Flannel said,  but being able to run two or more OS's at once is :) so  virtual machines rather than Wubi02:05
dutchcoleys: alrighty ill try that, and i might brb ;-)02:05
=== andrew__ is now known as AndrewGearhart
uniquebobdutch, Flannel, thanks. but I just don't know the importance of this wonky weirdness. Is it software or hardware that most typically finds wonk to be unbearable?02:05
coleysdutch: If not, we'll try some more troubleshooting =)02:06
sebsebsebuniquebob: of course no good if on 256MB RAM for VM's  since it won't work02:06
sebsebsebuniquebob: and partitining isn't that difficult02:06
coleysuniquebob: Are you on vista?02:06
uniquebobFlannel, yeah, repartitioning data in situ was always off-limits to me. Same as writing to ntfs in linux, guess things change?02:06
jirguniquebob: I write to NTFS from Linux all the times02:07
uniquebobcoleys, No.02:07
uniquebobjirg, yeah, they made the warnings alot less scary now02:07
the_archit3ctgood night every one :)02:08
coleysuniquebob: Try acronis disk suite, make free space and it will make an easy install =) And you will get best performance from a harddrive install as other OS's will not be competeing with eachother. =) So unlike Flannel I would not recommend it.02:08
uniquebobcoleys, yeah, or partition magic. XP and it's drivers are the only proprietaryness I get stuck with02:09
timi2546morning from finland02:09
Mike_lifeguardWhat options should I have in fstab for my Windows partition?02:09
jirgsee you all02:09
coleysuniquebob: If you need a hand definitly give this channel a poke. installs are pretty easy/streamlined =)02:09
kad_heya is there something called : non ssh ip ?02:10
uniquebob coleys =) i bet i'll do fine - especially considering I plan to use wubi and the livecd host os as the last trials in this pc's throwaway setup02:11
saliak Hey, I'm trying to get the in/out going mail on my server to work, but I'm pretty confused now in a sea of MTA, MDA, postfix, sendmail, fetchmail, etc.  I'm getting lots of errors in my mail.log file (http://pastebin.com/d63baa1eb), but i have no idea where they're coming from (well, i know they're from sensible-mda), or even how to find out), I also know that all the outgoign mail that my system generates seems to be living in /var/spool/mq02:11
timi2546hey guys there...i 've got a prob...new in this ubuntu 9.04 and need skype, any  simple advises?02:12
timi2546for simple guy02:12
mistalo1my close, minimize, maximize buttons in firefox are gone. what do i have to do? i tried metacity --replace, didnt work02:12
uniquebobmistalo1, perhaps f11 key?02:12
cyberghoser1timi2546, just download the ubuntu version from official site02:12
coleysmistalo1: Just choose a different window, then they should return.02:12
timi2546cyber, i have done that02:13
cyberghoser1timi2546, and? did you install it?02:13
SeaPhorFlannel, is there a "changelog" somewhere i can look at what was changed from 8.04-8.10-9.04 ? besides the kernel stuff?02:13
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=== DaNkaTa` is now known as DaNkaTa`zZz
NetLarIrvineAre 32 bit applications compatible with Ubuntu 9.04 64?02:14
timi2546i read about the thinng, does it need smth about medibuntu....i used opensuse and really , totally new user in this02:14
giacothe current version ( 7.4 ) of libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-glx is broken for my graphic card ( 965GM ) at the moment I'm forcing the installation of the older version ( 7.3) with dpkg -i, but obviously apt-get is complaining about that. How can I upgrade this package ( maybe compiling it ) in a ubuntu fashion way?02:14
NetLarIrvineYes 64 bits02:14
cyberghoser1timi2546, i just install skype by its debian package and that's it :)02:14
geirha!skype | timi254602:14
ubottutimi2546: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga02:14
timi2546u lucky b..stard hehehehee02:15
NewbeeeFirefox suddenly stopped working on Ubuntu 9.04. It says "Connecting to [website]", but it doesn't load the page.02:15
cyberghoser1look at what geirha gived you02:15
FlannelSeaPhor: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810overview  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904overview  gloss over things02:15
SeaPhorty Flannel02:16
timi2546thanx, i wil check those things02:16
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=== tonsxchat is now known as tonsofpcs
timi2546dloading !02:17
NetLarIrvineIs there something wrong with 64 bit Ubuntu02:18
timi2546a little slow this night....6 beers with me02:18
Dr_WillisNetLarIrvine:  i have no issues with 64bit ubuntu02:18
coleys64 bit worked fine with me aswell.02:18
=== zer0 is now known as Guest55526
NewbeeeFirefox just suddenly stopped working on Ubuntu 9.04. It says "Connecting to [website]", but it doesn't load the page.02:18
clearzenNetLarIrvine:  that's a fairly broad question, want to narrow it down a bit?02:18
NetLarIrvineDr_Willis do all the same applications install?02:18
timi2546i bought my laptop in thailand, acer aspire452002:18
mistalo1what do i have to change in compiz to get the close,maximize and minimize buttons back to firefox?02:19
cyberghoser1mistalo1, windows decoration02:19
timi2546didnt work..02:19
coleysmistalo1: Alt + f2 --> metacity --replace02:19
clearzencoleys: hahaha, thats not really a solution02:20
giacocould you point me to the correct guide to perform the described operation?02:20
NetLarIrvineLike Thunderbird02:20
dutchcoleys: so that didnt work, but i can tell that the nvidia-xconfig ALMOST makes X work. but X says it cant find any devices02:20
coleysclearzen: I guess that's so funnny ehhhhh... ? =)  Anyways it is a solution if emerald is messing up =P02:20
mistalo1coleys: alt f2 metaCITY --REPLACE DOESNT DO THE JOB02:20
dutchcoleys: you know anything about AllowEmptyInput in xconfig?02:21
cabreymistalo1, what do you want to do?02:21
NetLarIrvineI just tried to install it in terminal, and the last statement said ldconfig deferred processing now taking place02:21
cyberghoser1mistalo1, in compiz check windows decoration02:21
clearzencoleys: I thought it was amusing02:21
sgermainHi, where is xserver-xgl package02:21
coleysclearzen: I can see how a command would be so funny, =) *02:21
NetLarIrvineand I do not see it in my menus yet, what do that mean?02:21
mistalo1cabrey one sec please, thx cyberghoser102:21
=== zer0 is now known as Guest62794
NetLarIrvineIs it a problem because I am on ext4 also?02:22
=== pr0t0n is now known as J0s3
=== Guest62794 is now known as pXd
sgermainnoboddy know about Xgl02:23
dimedois there a commandline tool which can generate md5 crypt hashes as used in /etc/shadow?02:25
Mike_lifeguardWhat do the fstab options dmask=027 and fmask=137 do?02:25
mistalo1cyberghose1: i cannoit find windows decoration. is it in compiz->allscreens->options? or screen0->options?02:26
Mike_lifeguardAnd do I need to specify relatime if I haven't also specified defaults?02:26
fiver22sorry to jump in but: when should firefox 3.5 be available via Update Manager?02:28
sebsebseb!ff35 |  fiver2202:28
ubottufiver22: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY02:28
bbigrasI look like Firefox 3.5 is in queue to being built on https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa02:30
bbigrasit look*02:30
x-kentshould I mark "pre-released(jaunty-proposed) and unsupproted(backports)" updates in update manager in a normal system ?02:32
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i found decorations02:33
holox-kent you could but if you are happy with the current versions of software i'd say don't.02:33
NetLarIrvineI thought we were going to be able to update to firefox 3.5 just by updating inside the browser?02:34
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
NetLarIrvineDo you actually need to work with the Tar?02:35
=== TD--Linux is now known as TD-Linux
x-kentholo, I just want to keep my system updated... does "pre-released updates" mean "beta" version updates ?02:35
hellonicknameHello. I am currently dual booting ubuntu (latest version+patched) and windows xp professional (all latest security patches, firewall etc...) If my windows install gets compromised will that mean that my ubuntu install is also compromised?02:35
th0rhellonickname: no...the linux partition should be safe enough02:36
dunkstechnically it could be, but in all probability it wont be02:36
holothey are release candidates x-kent.02:36
Mike_lifeguardx-kent: up to you... I have both, but you don't need to do that02:36
x-kentholo: will they get to normal update once they are confirmed stable or they will go to next release of ubuntu ?02:37
hellonicknameSo assuming that my windows machine is trojaned, it wouldn't be easy for the attacker to also comprimise the linux partition (which is ntfs and accessible through windows)02:37
hellonicknamethrough the trojaned windows machine02:37
Mike_lifeguardx-kent: yes, jaunty-proposed is pre-release updates (ie for testing before being made available to everyone on that version)02:37
th0rhellonickname: if your ubuntu install resides on an ntfs partition it won't be safe02:37
x-kentthanks, I got it now02:37
dunksbut chances are unless the trojan also targets linux, you have nothing to really worry about02:38
TtechI have NVIDIA raid on my system and it shows up as two drives on Ubuntu, is there a way I can get it to show up as one and work properly?02:38
SeaPhorthats the main reason I'm against wubi02:38
hellonicknameyeah thats what i used02:38
cyberghoser1sorry mistalo1 i was afk, so is it ok now?02:38
th0rhellonickname: part of the protection in linux is that windows can't write to the ext partition.02:38
dunkswindows can though.02:38
sebsebsebth0r: well it can with a driver02:38
hellonicknameand i immediately thought that it gets compromised through the windows install02:38
holoX-kent next releases of don't auto update, it will warn you and ask before installing the new version of ubuntu first.02:39
holo... next releases of ubuntu don't ...02:39
mistalo1cyberghoser1: np! i found decorations, what do i haver to change there now?02:39
dunkseven if you don't have the driver installed there's nothing stopping someone incoprorating the driver into a virus/worm/trojan of some sort02:39
hellonicknameso if i redid my partitions and made an ntfs partition for windows and an ext partition for linux with wubi i would be safe?02:39
hellonicknamebecause that wubi makes me paranoid02:40
cyberghoser1mistalo1, is it checked?02:40
x-kentanother question, I am planning to get an external usb hard drive, what file-system options I have if I use Linux but I want my external drive to be accessible by windows on other machines ?02:40
fiver22when installing 9.04 -does it easily guide you through setting up a linux- swap? -and do you need to set up an extended partition? I ask because a friend recently dl-ed the ISO and I'm telling him (a Windows user) how easy it is to set up Ubuntu. I've had Ubuntu running for a while so I haven't needed to mess around with partitions for some time.02:40
dunksYes fiver22, it's extremely easy02:40
x-kentholo, ok, I think I will not mark them, I will wait until it gets stable than it will install anyway02:40
=== andrewGearhart_1 is now known as AndrewGearhart_9
fiver22@ dunks -my friend would be GUIDED through the process, then?02:41
holoif you use both windows and linux i don't recommend using NTFS, fat should do the trick unless you plan on storing large files on there, ext3 is what i use, you can use a windows driver + tool to read / write / browse the ext partition on your external drive from windows if you like.02:41
dunksYes fiver22, it guides you all the way02:41
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i don't know what you mean. i went to decorations and all i see that can be checked or unckecked is "mipmap"02:41
dunksor you can specify manual setup of the partitions02:41
dunkswhich isn't very complicated as well02:41
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=== oldude67 is now known as help
=== randabis1 is now known as randabis
dunksjust make sure you read what it tells you, don't want to make any silly mistakes02:42
cyberghoser1mistalo1, i mean go in compiz -> effects and check the box near window decoration02:42
=== help is now known as Guest99971
SeaPhorhellonickname, i would not have anything more to do with wubi, but thats just me, there is a strain out there that gets in thru the windows and formats the hdd, NOT just the partitions, but the whole hdd to a raw format, its not pretty02:42
fiver22@ dunks -thanks very much.02:43
dunkseven if you didnt use wubi and dual booted SeaPhor that would still be a problem02:43
=== lubosz1 is now known as lubosz
luboszis there a ppa repo for firefox 3.5 stable?02:43
anathematichow do I check if I have freeimage/ image science is installed on my server?02:44
SeaPhordunks, true- but... it is a progressive attack, and there are evidences02:44
luboszand is it possible to REPLACE firefox 3.0, and taking my firefox 3.0 profiles?02:44
dhfsare unetbootin installs persistant?02:44
luboszdhfs: no02:44
luboszdhfs: only thing is to do REAL installs, unetbootin kinda copies the livecd02:45
SeaPhordunks, and its only active while windows is running'02:45
dhfsif i do a install from the livecd will it mess up my main mbr?02:45
=== Guest99971 is now known as oldude67
luboszdhfs: dont write the mbr to your hdd, but to the pen drive02:45
luboszdhfs: regular ubuntu setup will do it, just target the pen drive02:46
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i went to gconf-editor. there is a list with all programs. when i click on compiz there is genral, allscreens and screen0 - options. i cannot see "effects" at all02:46
m0u5ewhen i hookup my laptop to an external output and try to switch workplaces, my computer slows to a crawl, it takes like 3 minutes for it to just finish transitions to the next workplace02:47
cyberghoser1mistalo1, do you use compiz-setting manager?02:47
luboszm0u5e: which graphics hardware do you have?02:47
m0u5elubosz: nvidia02:47
mistalo1cyberghoser1: how csan i run copmiz.setting.manager?02:47
luboszm0u5e: try deactivating compiz for more performance02:47
m0u5elubosz: nvidia 8400m GS (m1330)02:47
luboszm0u5e: an older?02:47
m0u5elubosz: but i want compmiz to work on the external monitor :(02:48
cyberghoser1mistalo1, through synaptic install simple-ccsm02:48
luboszm0u5e: do you set the monitor in the nvidia-settings ?02:48
mistalo1oh great, i will do this now cyberghoser102:48
m0u5elubosz: yeah, but when i use the nvidia settings, it messes up my panels02:48
cyberghoser1mistalo1, ok02:49
Mike_lifeguard!ff35 | lubosz02:49
ubottulubosz: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY02:49
luboszm0u5e: this is definitly an performance issue, deactivate compiz effects, deactivate compiz, but a better gpu ^^ or wait for X.org to fix their shit02:49
luboszMike_lifeguard: thx, are they stable yet?02:49
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: are you trying to change compiz settings? (apologies for not reading back very far)02:49
luboszm0u5e: not but, BUY02:49
m0u5elubosz: i just pressed the fn hotkey, and it activates the other display02:49
m0u5elubosz: :(02:50
m0u5elubosz: it sometimes works, but othertimes it doesnt02:50
m0u5elubosz: i was just wondering if there was a method to the madness02:50
Mike_lifeguardlubosz: are what stable? FF3.5 is now a final release - it's good to go as far as I'm concerned (no matter what the ubuntu tivo-ers try to tell me)02:50
luboszm0u5e: you could tweak in the xorg.conf02:50
fiver22can anyone comment on Vuze? -specifically: is the upgrade from pointless? -should I just start using Transmission or another client?02:50
m0u5elubosz: i thought we've moved away storing display stuff in xorg.conf?02:50
aacosta_i am trying to get vsftpd server to let me upload and download files02:50
luboszMike_lifeguard: thx, i found a lot of repos with older versions02:50
luboszm0u5e: nvidia-settings is good for changing monitors02:51
luboszm0u5e: what is your panel problem?02:51
lenswipeanyone in here running an open arena server?02:51
luboszm0u5e: yes, i moved away from that ^^02:51
m0u5elubosz: is there a way to stop it from messing up my panel locations whenever i'm cloning to a monitor with different dimensions?02:51
SeaPhoraacosta_, whats the problem?02:51
luboszm0u5e: i have a notebook with nvidia 8600M and no problems with fullhd external monitors and compiz02:52
m0u5elubosz: where is all the display stuff stored now if its not stored in xorg.conf? o_O;02:52
m0u5elubosz: my only problem is with cloning02:52
luboszm0u5e: but the framerate with cube deformation isnt 60fps02:52
aacosta_i am able to login and view the directories... but when i try to makea transfer it says permission denie02:52
Mike_lifeguardm0u5e: most stuff should be autodetected02:52
luboszm0u5e: nvidia has its own ways02:52
aacosta_i edited my conf file to allow local logins and writes.... is there anything else i might have to do ????02:52
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i installed it. now how do i get to the "effects" place u told me?02:52
luboszm0u5e: so try sticking to nvidia-settings02:53
vbabiyIs there going to be a firefox 3.5 package for ubuntu?02:53
vbabiyor do we have to wait till oct02:53
Mike_lifeguard!ff35 | vbabiy02:53
ubottuvbabiy: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY02:53
luboszm0u5e: cloning will only be good with SAME resolustion btw02:53
cyberghoser1mistalo1, go to system menu then administration do you see there compiz settings manager or similar?02:53
SeaPhoraacosta_, this is not a Ubuntu issue, so its OT, i'll talk to u in my channel if you want02:53
redwolfhaving trouble with 3d support02:53
redwolffor ati / fglrx02:53
luboszFF3.5 should be topic xD02:53
cyberghoser1mistalo1, sorry preferences not administration02:53
vbabiythanks Mike_lifeguard02:53
m0u5elubosz: damn :<02:53
mistalo1cyberghoser1: found it02:53
cyberghoser1mistalo1, click on it02:54
aacosta_what is the channel again?02:54
luboszm0u5e: i clone but i dont use the internal display then. because its fucked up02:54
cyberghoser1mistalo1, then go on effects -> and check the box near window decoration02:54
m0u5elubosz: i'll keep that in mind... i was hoping I could clone and it would auto resize on the external (i dont mind if it looks squished)02:54
luboszm0u5e: i.e. for beamers02:54
m0u5elubosz: yeah02:54
myronIs anyone here familiar with pptpd?02:54
luboszm0u5e: for external displays i clone and deactivate the internal02:54
luboszm0u5e: so the panels dont get cropped etc02:55
=== myron is now known as dejavou42
mistalo1cyberghoser1: windowdecoration is checked already02:55
kosharimyron what is it?02:55
=== AndrewGearhart_9 is now known as AndrewGearhart
cyberghoser1mistalo1, uncheck then recheck does it bring back the buttons?02:55
luboszm0u5e: if you want dual screens, then you will have trouble with different display sizes02:55
m0u5elubosz: thast so annoying >_<; i wish there would just be an easy way to do additional displays02:55
YerzriknotGreets, I tried to get this asked in rtorrent's irc channel but it's a ghost town over there. I'm trying to install libtorrent from source but i get this error message02:55
Yerzriknotmake[3]: Leaving directory `/home/yerz/src/libtorrent-0.12.4/src'02:55
Yerzriknotmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/yerz/src/libtorrent-0.12.4/src'02:55
Yerzriknotmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/yerz/src/libtorrent-0.12.4'02:55
Yerzriknotmake[2]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.02:55
Yerzriknotmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/yerz/src/libtorrent-0.12.4'02:55
FloodBot3Yerzriknot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:55
dejavou42it is a package on ubuntu that allows you to use your ubuntu box as a vpn server02:55
m0u5elubosz: windows seems to handle it pretty well :<02:55
Yerzriknotmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/yerz/src/libtorrent-0.12.4'02:55
luboszKICK HIM02:55
luboszm0u5e: mac os 9 did that better02:56
m0u5elubosz: hmm, i mean if ubuntu can even reach the windows level of handling displays, i would be happy02:56
luboszm0u5e: i dont like a lot of things about x11, LIKE SPAMMING 12 GB OF MEMORY YESTERDAY02:56
m0u5elubosz: oh do you have a ATI gpu?02:56
m0u5ei have the same problem on my desktop02:56
luboszno, nivida gtx27502:56
m0u5etheres a giant memory leak in fglrx :(02:56
m0u5elubosz: o_O;02:57
luboszand X11 works like crap02:57
luboszand crashes02:57
lubosz2 times02:57
luboszit happend02:57
FloodBot3lubosz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:57
m0u5elubosz: well hopefully they'll patch it to the point where it becomes something else :D02:57
phoenix_andthorHello everyone02:57
dejavou42it shows up as a normal network connection. Problem is, even though I have given the vpn local ip addresses to use, ubuntu still separates it from my local network. I need a way to combine the two networks and get the computer that is loging in via vpn onto my local network02:57
luboszi should't use enter as punctation indeed02:57
mistalo1cyberghoser1: it does not bring back the buttons02:57
luboszm0u5e: maybe its my beta driver. i have a new card and needed dev headers for cuda02:58
cyberghoser1mistalo1, through synaptic install fusion-icon02:58
m0u5elubosz: maybe02:58
dejavou42pptpd that is....02:58
dejavou42anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?02:58
cyberghoser1mistalo1, you don't have the buttons only in firefox or on all windows?02:59
osmosishow well supported are is the ati mobility radion ?  Im thinking about buying a new dell laptop and want to know if ati has good linux support. Ive always used nvidia (good) or intel (kinda sucks for compiz).02:59
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i installed the fusion icon. no buttons yet. it is only the firefox.03:00
pktosmosis: you might find ati a bit problematic right now03:00
pktosmosis: it is getting fixed, but it might take a year or so03:01
phoenix_andthorDO NOT GET ATI ANYTHING!03:01
=== AndrewGearhart_9 is now known as AndrewGearhart
cyberghoser1mistalo1, lol that's something else then, launch fusion icon on the applications -> system tools then an icon will open on the top panel right click it and select reload window manager03:01
phoenix_andthorthey are a real pain to deal with03:01
nellmathewosmosis.. what do you want to do with your card though?03:01
cyberghoser1mistalo1, i had one time this issue with firefox after double click on the title bar03:01
phoenix_andthorif you want to use compiz, intel and nvidia are better03:01
esbATI works with a bit of fiddling ...03:02
phoenix_andthornvidia requires a little nudge to get off the ground though03:02
nellmathewosmosis, i have an OLD mobility radeon card (9100), works perfectly.. all the compiz stuff works except a few (raindrops i think? and a few others..)03:02
cyberghoser1for me only blur don't work on intel 915gm03:03
=== root is now known as Guest69869
ARMENIANhave any of you gotten the new firefox 3.5? It didn't seem to come in the updates03:03
nellmathewarmenian: wait a little while, they're gonna test it a bit and then put it in the repos03:03
Guest69869i have it03:03
hellonicknameseaphor, im not worried about that im worried about being trojaned and looked at. some kid tried selling me drugs on aim and without a doubt THROUGH MY WINDOWS MACHINE (trust me) the police went and had drug dogs circle my house. I'm not kidding, with riot gear on and shit. And I know for a fact that i was spyed on through my windows machine because thats the only place i've been in like 2 weeks03:03
=== [o_O] is now known as danopia
jillsmitti need a program or any stuff to fill 250Gb hard drive 100%03:04
AndrewGearhart_9i'm trying to use ping as I do in windows to easily determine when my connection is lost... but it seems when I do "ping <hostname>" it will only show me successful pings. How can I get "request timed out" and similar03:04
TtechHow do I fix this? mount: unknown filesystem type 'nvidia_raid_member'03:04
hellonicknamethey have a cyber unit in the military/police03:04
mistalo1cyberghoser1: i did the icon right click restart thing but still no close button. also thanks you for taking so much time for me03:04
hellonicknamebe aware03:04
TtechI got a software / hardware raid03:04
nellmathewarmenian: wait 4-5 days for it to get to repos, or install it on your own, or03:04
kosharii wouldnt be geting ati gpu for linux03:04
cyberghoser1mistalo1, well i don't exactly remember how to brin it back, do a "replace --emerald" in terminal03:05
m0u5ehow do i check my battery health? for some reason it doesn't display this information for me :(03:05
nellmathewarmenian: add pre-released updates (proposed) to sources, you'll get the latest software updates, but they aren't fully tested..03:05
osmosisnellmathew, well should I order my dell laptop with the intel or the ati card internal ?03:05
=== AndrewGearhart_9 is now known as AndrewGearhart
vvpalin_whats the best torrent app for ubuntu ?03:05
cyberghoser1mistalo1, "emerald --replace" kinda tired :P03:06
osmosispkt: whats the problem? how it it getting fixed?03:06
koshariosmosis: personally i wouldnt want ati gpu,03:06
kosharivvpalin i like ktorrent03:06
Mike_lifeguardIs there any way to play encrypted .wmv files?03:06
nellmathewosmosis, intel cards have issues in jaunty that are supposedly getting fixed in karmic koala (by october), i don't know which "problems" right now.. but intel doesn't have a good rep with linux users right now. either will be fine, if you want support now, then ati, if you can wait - then either.03:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about DRM03:07
TtechHow do I fix this? mount: unknown filesystem type 'nvidia_raid_member', how do I setup raid ?03:07
Mike_lifeguardstupid bot03:07
vvpalin_koshari, is it comparable to utorrent ?03:07
mistalo1 cyberghoser1: when i type "replace --emerald" it says that it  cannot find it.(replace --emerald -no such file or directory)03:07
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: no, it should be 'emerald --replace' O.o03:07
cyberghoser1mistalo1, emerald --replace03:07
kosharivvpalin feature wise it pretty much offers the same as utorrent,03:07
nixiepixeljaunty support for intel cards is better than intrepid, imo03:07
Mike_lifeguardnixiepixel: then you don't know what you're talking about03:08
ARMENIANnellmathew: ohh, ok, :) any idea around how long it'll take?03:08
Mike_lifeguardonly now are we getting acceptable levels of stability03:08
fiver22is there a consensus on what gfx card is better for Ubuntu? -nvidia or ati? -it seems ati is getting slammed03:08
osmosisnellmathew, so intel has problems and ati has problems..and those are the only options dell has. Obviously I would prefer a nvidia.  Is there a better laptop manufacturer then Dell ?03:08
patrickeeehey guys03:08
vvpalin_koshari, ok thanks ill grab that then, just need a few random things, i ushly use newsgroups heh03:08
patrickeeei need help03:08
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard, the blur window on compiz does not work on intel or is it only me ?03:08
nixiepixelMike_lifeguard - that is likely03:08
nellmathewarmenian: give it 4-5 days tops03:08
Mike_lifeguardosmosis: zareason? :)03:08
patrickeeeI'm havinng all sorts of problem03:09
ARMENIANnellmathew: ok :) thanks03:09
Mike_lifeguardcyberghoser1: apparently it's totally broken now and doesn't do anything - there's an open bug03:09
TannerSguys i want to knwo how to get project64 for ubuntu, i bleive i alreayd have wine installed03:09
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard, maybe we can try the new driver thats gonna be released with karmic03:09
m0u5eanyone know about battery health?03:09
mbeierlok.  I give - anyone know: mount.cifs is installed setuid root, and still as a user I get "only root can do that" when I attempt a mount.cifs command03:09
kosharifiver22: ati drivers have been pretty crappy, all though thay have stated they intend to open source the restricted drivers03:09
fiver22@ patrickeeee -specify.03:09
mistalo1cyberghoser1, mike_lifeguard: emerald --replace ->no such file or directory03:09
cyberghoser1TannerS, mario nostalgic ?03:09
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: then you need to install emerald03:09
TannerScyberghoser1 huh?03:10
cyberghoser1mistalo1, install emerald through synaptic if not already, check it03:10
patrickeeefiver  I am using backtrack 4 and i have trouble connecting to the internet since there is no network manager on here03:10
cyberghoser1TannerS, project64 is a nintendo 64 emulator no ?03:10
Paddy_EIREMike_lifeguard: why would he need to install emerald.. is he looking for emerald?03:10
osmosisMike_lifeguard, I was thinking about one of those msi x-slim x600's maybe.03:10
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like just 1 kernel (the newest)?03:10
Mike_lifeguardcyberghoser1: you can get stability and performance with jaunty-proposed + a .30 kernel03:10
nellmathewosmosis: well, which cards are you looking at exactly (models)? for both ati and intel? and i don't prefer any manufacturer but dell is a great one, it depends on the hardware that's inside each model..03:10
patrickeeeif i want to connect to the net i have to commands line ifconfig wlan up03:10
Mike_lifeguardPaddy_EIRE: apparently yes03:10
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard, will it enable blur?03:10
Paddy_EIRE!effects | cyberghoser103:11
osmosisnellmathew, mobility radeon HD 3650,  or intel 4500mhd03:11
ubottucyberghoser1: Desktop Effects are supported on graphics cards that use the default Intel and ATI drivers and the restricted !NVIDIA drivers, except for the following, which are blacklisted due to stability/compatibility issues: Intel 965, ATI Rs480 and Rv350, ATI Mobility x300, x600 and x700 - Join #compiz-fusion for anything not officially supported by Ubuntu03:11
Mike_lifeguardcyberghoser1: no, that's a compiz bug. that whole plugin is totally broken and doesn't do anything any more03:11
patrickeeeI have to type commands like iwconfig wlan0 essid   ETC03:11
cyberghoser1patrickeee, used ndiswrapper for the driver?03:11
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?03:11
patrickeeei dont think i have that driver03:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about project6403:11
patrickeeewhat is ndiswrapper?03:12
cyberghoser1TannerS, project64 should run through wine03:12
ARMENIANalso, I installed Ubuntu using the entire disk option, is there a way I can shrink a partition, don't know which one, and install XP without overwriting my Grub bootloader?03:12
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard,  too bad :(03:12
kosharipatrickeee a package for using windows drivers with some hardware thats not supported directly bu linux03:12
cyberghoser1!ndiswrapper | patrickeee03:13
ubottupatrickeee: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:13
TannerScyberghoser1 but idk how i never used wine03:13
Mike_lifeguardcyberghoser1: dunno 'bout that... from the description i think it sounds annoying as all getout :D03:13
patrickeeeoh ok so u sugjest in stall this?03:13
cyberghoser1TannerS, did you installed wine actually?03:13
Mike_lifeguardIs it possible to run windows media player in wine?03:13
TannerSin applications > wine shows up03:13
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard, well when i click on the blur window on effects, my god all become black slowly :P03:13
draeathWhats the 'proper' way to turn IPSec off on an ubuntu server box?03:13
Mike_lifeguardcyberghoser1: that sounds bad :)03:14
bullgard4ARMENIAN: It is advisable to firstly install Windows followed by installing Linux.03:14
koshariMike_lifeguard: what version? why you would want to is a mistery to me however03:14
cyberghoser1TannerS, ok then launch the exe of project64 by right click and choose open with wine03:14
TannerSooo ok let me try thanks03:14
ARMENIANbullgard4: ok, I might just do that, thanks :)03:14
kosharibullgard4 why, you can easily replace grub03:14
cyberghoser1Mike_lifeguard, yeap tested on two laptops with same chipset03:14
Mike_lifeguardkoshari: any semi-recent version... I want to see if it'll play DRM-encrypted video so I don't have to boot into windows03:14
nellmathewosmosis: from searching around a bit, intel seems more compatible out of the box - 3650 has some issues but you can fix them easily: http://blog.sbw.be/2009/06/18/ubuntu-ati-hd-3650-elitebook/03:14
=== richard is now known as stickboy
fiver22could someone message me about kildclient fonts for Medievia -I'm lost.03:15
mistalo1cyberghoser1, mike_lifeguard: i installed emeral, did emerald --replace but still no buttons(it worked, i saw the screen re-..rearranging)03:15
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: your windows don't have window decorations?03:16
mistalo1mike_lifeguard: i am not sure03:16
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: well, what do you mean "still no buttons"?03:16
mistalo1how do they look?03:16
TannerScyberghoser1  when i click open with i dont see wine on the list03:17
cyberghoser1mistalo1, try pressing f11 twice03:17
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: window decorations are the bar across the top, the minimize/maximize/close buttons at the top left03:17
patrickeeeHey i have another question03:17
Mike_lifeguarderr, top right03:17
patrickeeehow do i access Ndiswrapper?03:17
cyberghoser1mistalo1,  on firefox03:17
draeathMike_lifeguard: and the frame03:17
bullgard4koshari: Because Windows deletes Grub, and this is not what you want.03:17
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY03:17
cyberghoser1TannerS, weird are you sure wine is installed? look in synaptic03:17
Mike_lifeguarddraeath: of course, but that's not visible if your windows are maximized and generally isn't noticed even if not, thus useless to mentione03:17
patrickeeehow do i access Ndiswrapper? is this some kind of networking GUI or is it simply a driver?03:18
TannerScyberghoser1  ok, now whats synaptic?03:18
Edward_patrickeee: It's a wrapper for Win32 drivers03:18
mbeierlWhy does mount.cifs require root access if mount.cifs is setuid root?03:18
patrickeeewhat does that mean?03:18
fiver22-g'night everyone.03:18
sondhey all - i have a workgroup that contains a samba server, what do i need  to do to browse the samba shares from a ubuntu jaunty workstation ? - i can see the windows network and the workgroup but can not open it ?03:18
mistalo1Mike_lifeguard: i open firefox and i can see"file" "view" et cetera but at the end right top corner where usually was the close button(x) there is now the"working"sign. the sign you see when the computer is working(circle in dots)03:18
draeathTannerS: one is a package manager, the other is a touchpad driver03:18
Edward_patrickeee: It allows you to use Windows drivers03:18
draeathTannerS: same name03:18
cyberghoser1TannerS, synaptic is a package manager that install software available in the repos of ubuntu go in there by going in menu System -m administration - synaptic package manager03:18
TannerSok let me see03:19
Edward_sond: What error do you get?03:19
Mike_lifeguardmistalo1: ok, you have no window decorations... draeath or cyberghoser1 might have an idea?03:19
patrickeeeoh ok03:19
TannerSi see it guys03:19
luboszthere is no STABLE (final) firefox 3.5 package for ubuntu03:20
patrickeeeis madwifi used for injection?03:20
luboszi grab the binary03:20
Mike_lifeguardlubosz: no, it's coming... and you can install manually03:20
luboszno fun with pre103:20
draeathMike_lifeguard: the window manager might be half dead. whats the rest of the context?03:20
sondEdward_: nothing happens - just get a popup box saying that its connecting with a cancel button --- havnt looked at the logs yet03:20
luboszMike_lifeguard: install manually, like get it from firefox.com ^^?03:20
Mike_lifeguarddraeath: dunno, unfortunately and I'm just about to reboot...03:20
=== amazin_ is now known as amazin
Mike_lifeguardlubosz: sure03:20
luboszyeah, i did that with all the RCs :D Mike_lifeguard03:21
cyberghoser1mistalo1, a workaround found on launchpad -> http://pastebin.com/m2736a6a403:21
Mike_lifeguardlubosz: or use the PPA's RC for now -- the final will be released to PPAs soon03:21
Edward_sond: try smbclient //servername/sharename03:21
osmosisnellmathew, neat, thx..ill read the link.03:21
Edward_sond: from the terminal, it might be more verbose03:21
luboszMike_lifeguard: i also did that, but it uses different profiles, and i'd had to set a symlink03:21
mistalo1cyberghoser1: thank you very much. and mike_lifesaver aswell! will try the workarround now:)03:21
ctmjrmistalo1: did you try compiz --replace yet?03:21
patrickeeeis there a networking management i can download to connect wirlessly03:22
patrickeeebecause there is none on backtrack 403:22
TannerSguys is there any hi def games for ubuntu?03:22
mistalo1yes ctmjr but not after installing compiz and emerald, i will try again03:22
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?03:22
jillsmitti need example of dd command to fill 250Gb on /dev/sdb103:22
Edward_mistalo1: try hitt Alt-F2, then in the box; compiz --replace03:22
Edward_(give it a half a minute)03:23
sondEdward_: yeah that works fine ..  from the GUI tho nada03:23
mistalo1ctmjr: no didnt bring the buttons back, will try workarround03:23
mbeierlCan anyone explain the difference between mount -t cifs and mount.cifs?  I cannot use mount -t cifs as a user in Ubuntu 9.04.03:24
Edward_sond: In the terminal, run this;  ps axu|grep gvfsd-smb03:24
sondEdward_: GUI error is Failed to retrieve share list from server03:24
Edward_It should show gvfsd-smb-browse running03:25
gabe_hello, does anyone know what do I need to do in order to use PAE?03:25
sondEdward_: yeah it is ..03:25
aaronorosen1gabe_: a 64bit system?03:26
Edward_patrickeee: network manager should already be running if not, run System > Administration > Network03:26
jillsmittwaits any dd example to make my /dev/sdb1 100% full03:26
gabe_no, I've got a 32-bit system with 8gigabites of ram and I just wanna be able to use that ram03:26
patrickeeeedwan i am using backtrack 4 which use Ubuntu but it doesnt have any networking manager by default03:27
aaronorosen1gabe_: I didn't think that was possible BUT let me google about PAE03:27
=== Oneiros is now known as OneirosFade
gabe_the PC supports 64 but the OS is 3203:27
Edward_sond: Sounds like nautilus isn't connecting to gvfsd, does ssh in nautilus work?03:27
patrickeeehow do i do the run system thing03:27
OneirosFadeHey all.  Can someone spare a few minutes to assist me in troubleshooting some permissions problems?  I'm stuck :(03:27
Edward_patrickeee: Ah, you should probably install it, or google running linux wifi command line03:27
* sond goes sshing03:27
Edward_OneirosFade: Drop a summary of the problem in03:28
Edward_if someone can help, they will03:28
gabe_mmm unless I misunderstood what I read on wiki, PAE simulates your 32 bit system into a 64 bit, or something like that03:28
Edward_patrickeee: That's not specfic03:28
patrickeeeedward i know how to run command line03:28
patrickeeethats what i use to connec03:28
aaronorosen1gabe_: I think this tells you how to do it. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-4gb-ram-limitation-solution/#comments03:28
patrickeeebut sometimes it gives me trouble03:28
aaronorosen1OneirosFade: Whats up?03:29
gabe_thank you for that, I'm checking the link03:29
aaronorosen1OneirosFade: Whats your problem03:29
iradwhy does my screen keep flickering on my recorded video screens but doesn't flicker when i'm recording03:29
patrickeeeand when i try to install networking manager it ask me to remove some other components first in synthetic03:29
aaronorosen1gabe_: you have to use a different kernel that has that support built in03:29
gabe_what kernel would it be?03:29
Edward_patrickeee: Ok, what's the problem then?03:29
cyberghoser1gabe_, the kernel does support it from 2.6 but your cpu must support it also03:29
OneirosFadeOk, so I have a server, we'll say //srv, with some files.  Right now all dir/files are root:root a+rwx.  Local users can play at will.  Dirs are shared over SMB with create/dir mask of 775, writable, but I can't make dirs with anything in them, and all files are "locked"03:30
aaronorosen1gabe_: does free -m say you have 8gigs03:30
patrickeeeedwand this "Cannot install 'network-manager-kde'03:30
patrickeeeThis application conflicts with other installed software. "03:30
gabe_right, that's what I thought... my PC supports 64 but I installed a 32-bit system because the 64-bit gives me a headache with many programs03:31
gabe_let me see, one sec please03:31
Edward_OneirosFade: You need to get individual users to access smb shares as themselves, rather than one system connection03:31
vaquero_having trouble.  disabled roaming mode and now cannot re-enable.  8.04 x86-64.  wireless is really jacked now03:31
OneirosFade... eh?03:31
schwulcan someone help me privately with nvidia driver problems?03:31
Edward_OneirosFade: You've mounted the share using /etc/fstab right?03:31
RoyallIf I install the firefox-3.5 package, will it automatically update to the regular firefox when the package is ready?03:32
aaronorosen1OneirosFade: what user are you when you try to make dirs ?03:32
aaronorosen1though smb ?03:32
Edward_patrickeee: Well, then you need to either remove that software, or force install anyway03:32
OneirosFadeRegular user03:32
Hilikushuy guys03:32
Edward_gtg, back to work03:32
gabe_it says 3000, I guess a 32-bit OS won't use more than that, that's why I'm trying to use PAE03:32
Hilikushow can i update to FF 3.5 if it's not in the repos?03:32
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY03:33
sondEdward_: sftp works fine03:33
aaronorosen1OneirosFade: but isn't dir 775 and owned by root? your not in roots group ?5 = read/execute?03:33
mothman7just taking portable ubuntu for a spin03:33
schwulI've installed my NVIDIA driver for 8800GTX, and every time I reboot I get a error stating that "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics" I have the NVIDIA-bug-report.log if anyone needs it.03:33
aaronorosen1schwul: have you run nvidia-xconfig as root?03:34
OneirosFadeIs there a better all-around way rather than giving the world full perms?03:34
patrickeeeyea but it doesnt ask me which  to uninstall03:34
schwulyes, I've tried with sudo ./NV*03:34
aaronorosen1OneirosFade: make a group own it and add users that you want to to beable to read/write to it be members of that group03:34
ganesh_i have VIA k8m800 graphics chipset,,from where can i get driver ?03:35
compintuitI messed grub.conf, and am in a live cd, but i dont have permission; what should I do?03:36
schwul<aaronorosen1> so what should I do?03:36
cyberghoser1ganesh_, http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/Other-DRIVERS-TOOLS/Others/Via-K8M800-Chipset-16944410-WHQL.shtml03:36
OneirosFadeOk, so it's root:root 777 locally, and set as 777 in Samba, and still it has issues03:36
gabe_aaronorosen1: thank you very much, the link is just what I needed... I'm doing it right now. Goodbye03:36
crazy2beis there a channel to ask about shell scripts?03:37
aaronorosen1schwul: you never really answered my question can you run sudo nvidia-xconfig? sudo ./NI* has nothing to do with it03:37
aTrdoes anyone knows why I get this error? http://pastebin.com/m6c53ca303:37
crazy2bei want to use a variable in the name of a file being passed to a command03:37
crazy2belike this03:37
crazy2beswig -python -c++ -o Python/$name_wrap.cpp Python/$name.i03:37
aaronorosen1aTr: you don't have the command pam-auth-update03:38
schwulaaronorosen1: yes I can03:38
schwulbut I get a Validation error03:38
ganesh_cyberghoser1: that is for windows..03:38
cyberghoser1ganesh_, the zip contains inf files ?03:38
aaronorosen1schwul: can you pastebin me what that error is saying?03:39
aTraaronorosen1, isn't that suppose to be installed by default?03:39
schwulaaronorosen1: http://pastebin.ca/148028303:39
ganesh_ cyberghoser1: in the download site its written os support xp/vista03:40
ganesh_cyberghoser1: sorry os support only xp03:40
cyberghoser1ganesh_, try with ndiswrapper and point to the inf file inside03:41
aaronorosen1schwul: Odd its not creating that section correct. If you want you can try my xorg.conf i have an nvidia card. No promised that it will work though http://pastebin.ca/148028703:41
aaronorosen1Just back up your current one and put my in and restart X03:41
schwulaaronorosen1: ok I'll give it a shot03:41
patrickeeedoes linux work like windows?03:42
patrickeeedoes it have excusive services03:42
aTraaronorosen1, is there any way I can reinstall that?03:42
patrickeee.hal etc03:42
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?03:42
cyberghoser1patrickeee, some may say pretty much some may say not at all i may say discover it :)03:42
choiceshello. heads or tails?03:42
aaronorosen1aTr: if you can find out which package it is from03:43
patrickeeeyea im a long time window users03:43
aaronorosen1aTr: let me google a little for you03:43
ganesh_ cyberghoser1:what is ndiswrapper? i am not an advanced user03:43
bullgard4crazy2be: There is #bash.03:43
cyberghoser1ganesh_, open synaptic and search fir ndisgtk03:43
patrickeeei was just wunderin if there was something kind of mediate that provide communications between the software and the hardware03:43
cyberghoser1ganesh_, and install it03:43
sondEdward_: hmmm, connect to server ( windows share ) works also, but going via  places>network>windows network>office gives error "unable to mount location" - "failed to retrieve share list from server"03:43
iradgosh, after setting up my linux box with compiz fusion and being able to play WoW with all max settings, i don't think i'll be able to go back to windows03:43
Hilikushow can i update to FF 3.5 if it's not in the repos?03:44
cyberghoser1!ff35 | Hilikus03:44
ubottuHilikus: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY03:44
aaronorosen1aTr: try this sudo apt-get install libpam-ck-connector libpam-gnome-keyring  libpam-modules libpam-runtime libpam0g03:44
bullgard4patrickeee: Software is there (amng other things) that hardware components do communicate with each other.03:44
aaronorosen1aTr: those are the packages I have that refer to pam idk let me know if that installs anything.03:45
SteelmourneREGISTER gan68xt6 colt674@hotmail.com03:45
cyberghoser1Steelmourne, redo and change :)03:45
Hilikusi'll wait then03:45
i_am_nullWhat does this mean   "2 x 400GB Software-RAID"  ?   Does that mean I get 800 GB total, or 400 GB mirrored as a backup somehow?03:45
patrickeeei was saying was there something that prvent the software from having full control03:45
crazy2beok, thanks03:45
patrickeeeof the hardware03:45
patrickeeelike Hardware abtract layer hal in windows03:46
ganesh_cyberghoser1: ya done what should i do next?03:46
cyberghoser1ganesh_, launch ndigtk from the menus, and once you got the zip containing your driver extracted search for inf file from ndisgtk and do install it03:47
RomDi_am_null: normally you need a number behind the raid to determine which kind it is03:47
ScuniziI've just tried to log in 3 times and each time (except this one) my connection was refused by chat.freenode.net and I was connected to ircnet.stealth.net (or something similar) which also has an #ubuntu channel..03:47
Scuniziwhat's up with that03:47
aTrThe following extra packages will be installed:03:47
aTrgconf2 gconf2-common gnome-keyring libgconf2-4 libgp11-0 libhal-storage103:47
aTrlibidl0 liborbit2 libpolkit-dbus203:47
aTraaronorosen1, this is what I get ^03:48
patrickeeehey whats the command to check the programs in cache03:48
patrickeeeis it sudoe apt-cache limwire?03:48
aaronorosen1aTr do you have that pam-update command now?03:48
RomDi_am_null: RAID-0 is more capacity, RAID-1 is mirroring03:48
schwulaaronorosen1: ok I did it, now what?03:48
Scunizipatrickeee: apt-cache search <package name>03:48
patrickeeeoh ok and to install is03:48
Scunizipatrickeee: sudo apt-get install <package name>03:49
aaronorosen1aTr: what does this say why you type it in pam-auth-update03:49
aTraaronorosen1, it's still reported as missing03:49
patrickeeethank you verymuch03:49
i_am_nullso software raid could be either type?03:49
Scunizinp :)03:49
polywafflehey guys, I can set the resolution in /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that gdm shows 1680x1050 however, when I actually log into ubuntu, the resolution backs off to 1024x768 and the display preferences applet doesn't allow an increase to 1680x1050 any ideas?03:49
aaronorosen1aTr: hmm idk  sorry you have 9.04?03:49
Steelmournei_am_null: RAID 5 also offers more protection against data loss03:49
aaronorosen1schwul: did it fix your problem or no?03:49
=== vaquero_ is now known as vaquero
aTr8.10 AMD6403:49
BellinXFelonhow can i take my external hd which is in ext3 partition format and have windows recognize it?03:49
schwulaaronorosen1: should I try installing the nvidia driver now?03:50
polywaffleBellinXFelon obtain the windows ext driver03:50
Ttechhow do I setup raid on my system?03:50
polywaffleill find the site03:50
BellinXFelonpolywaffle : i have the driver for ext2, but it wants me to format in order to read it03:50
aTraaronorosen1, I also tried to run dpkg -i libpam-ck-connector 0.2.10-1ubuntu10 (using libpam-ck-connector_0.2.10-1ubuntu10_amd64.deb, and it gives the same result03:50
BellinXFelonpolywaffle : i dont want to loose what is on the disk03:50
RomDi_am_null: like Steelmourne said, there are a couple of more RAID systems. I guess you could have them all as software raid too. not sure though.03:50
polywaffleBellinXFelon did you get the driver from: http://www.fs-driver.org/03:51
BellinXFelon*polywaffle : yes03:51
SteelmourneRomD: Yes, if you have the drivers03:51
aaronorosen1schwul: I thought you already had it installed?03:51
aaronorosen1aTr: sorrry I don't know :(03:51
patrickeeethat didnt work03:51
polywaffleI believe you don't *have* to reformat, but it will say journaling support is not available03:51
patrickeeenothing pops up03:51
schwulaaronorosen1: well everytime I would install it, I would get a error after reboot03:51
FloodBot3patrickeee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
liculwhat is the command to display the linux kernel version?03:52
polywaffleanyone up for my X problem?03:52
Steelmournelicul: uname -r03:52
OneirosFadeOk, now I'm mad.  On host system, I added a group "store" and put my user in it.  I chowned everything to group "store" and chmodded it 775.  I setup samba for 775 perms.  Restarted Samba, remounted everything on client side.  Added group "store" clientside and added my user to it, and no dice whatsoever.03:52
liculSteelmourne: thanks.03:52
aTraaronorosen1, anyways, thanks for your time03:52
PapagenoHow can I make my laptop wake up when I open its lid? (That is, instead of having to click the power button after opening the lid. Having the computer suspend on closing the lid works fine.)03:52
BellinXFelonpolywaffle : can i use gparted to change to ext2 without formatting03:53
seeveeWhat woul03:53
polywaffleBellinXFelon you should be able to (is it possible to back up the drive)03:53
seeveeWhat would the command look like for copying files from local to ssh server?03:53
schwulaaronorosen1: nvm it is installed, but I still can't get the visual effects to work03:53
libtechis firefox 3.5 available for ubuntu?03:54
polywafflelibtech probably in PPA03:54
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY03:54
Steelmourneschwul: Manually installing drivers usually works03:54
ganesh_ cyberghoser1: it says unable to see if hardware is present03:54
ScuniziLooking at wireshark, my machine is constantly pinging cups and the printers installed.. why is that?03:55
libtechthank you03:55
schwulSteelmourne: my drivers are installed, but the desktop effects still can't be enabled for some odd reason03:55
aaronorosen1schwul: you may want to ask in #nvidia03:55
=== _|Zippo|_ is now known as |Zippo|
schwulaaronorosen1: ok thanks for the help03:55
Scunizischwul: did you restart after installin the drivers?03:55
schwulScunizi: yes i restarted but I got an error saying "Ubuntu is running in low graphics"03:56
bobzillionis it advisable to install firefox 3.5?03:56
candiveHi all, only 1 question: is this command correct? "sudo firefox /update" without quotes. thank you03:57
aTraaronorosen1, take a look at this: http://pastebin.com/m7695eb6703:57
Steelmourneschwul: If you need to reinstall the drivers, you need to purge every trace of nvidia from your system03:57
polywafflenative resolution of my screen is not displayed in "Display Preferences" any help?03:57
Scunizischwul: then the drivers either are not installed or are not configured correctly.. did you use System/Admin/Hardware drivers to install or did you download from nvidia and install?03:57
schwulI've done both03:57
Scunizischwul: did you use envy-ng at some point?03:57
schwulyes I did03:57
schwulbut right now in Hardware Drivers it says that my Graphic card is activated and currently in use03:57
durtbobzillion, ya, it's in release candidate IIRC.03:57
ganesh_cyberghoser1:ya it said driver is already installed.. but its wireless driver installer right..will install graphics driver?03:58
Steelmourneschwul: this should do it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112540003:58
Steelmourneschwul: Purge the drivers first though03:58
=== oldude67 is now known as help
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?03:58
schwulalright thanks I'll give that a shot03:58
=== help is now known as oldude67
Scunizischwul: ok.. the nvidia forums aren't going to be able to help you.. you need to look on the ubutnu forums for how to completely remove the envy-ng program and the drivers it installed.. once that is done you need to uninstall the drivers downloaded from nvidia, THEN make sure that the driver in synaptic that ubuntu provides are installed.03:59
aaronorosen1aTr: idk if i would do that it might break something03:59
aaronorosen1or your system03:59
schwulalright thanks for the help03:59
Steelmourneschwul: That has the instructions: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112540003:59
Scunizischwul: then if you prefer to use the latest drivers from nvidia download them but before installing, uninstall the ubutnu provided drivers *not* just disable them..04:00
mistalo11mike_lifeguard and cyberghose1, i just wanted to tell you that the close button in firefox was hiding under the date and time field righ top corner. there is a line of pixels i could grab with the mouse04:00
schwuloh alright thanks for the help gonna use that thread to do it04:00
dethrayWhat're some fun things to do in ubuntu? :D04:00
Steelmournedethray: Compile your own kernel04:01
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
dethrayFun!  I forgot about that. :P04:01
dlangeliersjoin #ubuntuone04:02
bobzillionIs there an apt-get command that will list possible packages, or possible packages starting with "s"?04:02
dlangeliershi guys04:02
oldude67karmic is kicking my arse...lmao04:02
Scunizibobzillion: apt-cache search s*04:02
dlangeliersi just installed, but having some problems04:02
ssd7bobzillion: apt-get also has tab-completion so if you type sudo apt-get install s and hit tab, it should give you a list04:03
dlangeliersi run the ubuntuone client, but it doesnt appear on task bar04:03
durtbobzillion, get to know man apt-get and man dpkg, also install apt-file04:03
dlangeliersbut the task is still running04:03
dlangeliersany ideas?04:03
dlangeliersdamn, wrong channel04:03
dlangeliersi thought i was in ubuntuone :)04:04
bobzillionScunizi, thanks04:04
durtdlangeliers, what is ubuntuone...... oh ok04:04
bobzillionssd7, thanks04:04
bobzilliondurt,  thanks.  will do.04:04
=== lstarnes is now known as sheep
schwulwhat's the command for renaming a file?04:05
durtschwul, mv (move), see man mv.04:06
schwulalright thanks for the help04:06
cellofellowWhat's the best way to install Firefox 3.5 in Jaunty?04:07
voidmageI'm trying to install firefox 3.5 in jaunty from the ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA, but apt still wants to install the beta version in universe. How can I make it install the PPA version?04:08
durtcellofellow, most likely from the PPAs04:08
hellonicknameWhere is my windows install how do i access the files, i used wubi04:08
durt!ppa | voidmage04:08
ubottuvoidmage: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.04:08
luckyonehello all04:09
luckyoneanyone in here know how to make optical audio out work? TOSLINK, IEC958?04:09
bbigrasvoidmage: the ppa is not done building the packages yet.04:09
cellofellowbbigras: in that case, how much longer will it be?04:09
bbigrasI have no idea04:10
Flannelcellofellow: soon-ish.04:10
bbigrasi386 started 6 minutes ago04:10
voidmagebbigras: It's showed up as published 2 hours ago. If it's still in the build queue where's the link to it?04:10
cellofellowFlannel: with PPAs, Launchpad does the compiling, not the developer, right?04:10
cellofellowis there a source package?04:10
dethraywhat is the link?04:11
bbigrasvoidmage: click the little arrow on the left of "firefox-3.5 - 3.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 "04:11
aTrhow to login into another user from putty?04:11
petxhi all... I try to install flash player on firefox... any ideas??04:11
=== TheQ_ is now known as TheQ
ganesh_to install VIA graphics driver i downloaded a source file and it says run the command "xf86config" but this command doesnot exist04:11
durt!flash | petx04:11
ubottupetx: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:11
thechrisanyone know how to manually get wifi to work in *buntu?04:11
Steelmournepetx: Browse Firefox to a website that needs Flash and install the missing plug-ins.04:11
cellofellowthechris: you mean with ifupdown instead of with NetworkManager?04:12
bbigrasIt seem the Firefox 3.5 i386 built just finished04:12
durtSteelmourne, if that actually works it'll be a user specific install not a system wide install04:12
voidmageThe amd64 build is having dependency problems :(04:12
thechriscellofellow, whatever i can get good errors from.  I've tried NM and wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -c myconf04:13
voidmageLike a missing xulrunner-dev04:13
thechriscellofellow, with a config file of course04:13
bbigrasvoidmage: It was waiting for xulrunner which just finished building04:13
petxSteelmourne, it give me 3 player... I dont know the recommended one..04:13
thechriscellofellow, the error is that it doesn't attempt to connect, then times out04:13
mrroboto_I could use some help getting my ATI graphics card performing.  I tried installing the proprietary driver via the "Hardware drivers" application, but ended up having to remove it from the recovery console as it wouldnt boot with it04:14
cellofellowthechris: I've done this before, connected a computer to a 802.11g WAP network, using ifupdown, but I don't remember precisely how I did that. I think I read the man pages.04:14
durtpetx, install from the repository, flashplugin-nonfree, IIRC, please correct04:14
setuidAnyone know of a fix for the broken NetworkManager in every Ubuntu release? It "hunts" every 30 seconds, for 5 seconds... dropping all traffic during that period, even when I have a solid, associated connection the entire time.04:14
cellofellowthechris: I could go boot up that machine but I'm not sure I want to.04:14
thechriscellofellow, and wpa_supplicant just fails repeatedly with an error message that isn't in google"04:14
gogetathechris: ?04:14
cellofellowthechris: might want to ask the wpasupplicant mailing list then.04:15
oldude67screen profile errors suck...:(04:15
thechrisgogeta, the gui junk in kubuntu fails, and I'm wanting to know if anyone knows of a CLI way to get good information back.04:15
gogetathechris: you mean a good wifi app?04:16
thechristhough the symptoms are the same -- appears to not attempt to connect.04:16
JuppI have a radeon hd 4670, what's the best way to get the least buggy video drivers: install the proprietary drivers via the "hardware drives" or download the drivers from ATI?04:16
racecar56Jupp, hardware drivers04:16
thechrisgogeta, no, i mean a way to connect without a GUI where I can get good error messages back, or possibly connect04:16
voidmagewell, back to waiting on amd64 to build04:16
racecar56Jupp, ati's will make your computer go nuts like mine04:17
thechrisgogeta, unless you know of a pre-installed wifi app in kubuntu that works better then the default.04:17
gogetathechris: thers a way to do it with iwconfig04:17
OneirosFadeOk.  Server's files are root:share 775.  Samba shares as 775.  Remote user can't do anything but read.04:17
gogetathechris: i do called eicd04:17
OneirosFadeI'm getting pretty frustrated here.04:17
gogetathechris: wicd04:17
spraxWhat version had the three people holding hands in their underwear on the CD cover?04:17
racecar56what is the -proper- way to install ATI Radeon 9200SE non-open source drivers from AMD04:17
gogetathechris: good for both wired and wireless04:17
MohRaiBatis there a way to disable the hardware switch for wireless so that the wireless stays on unless i disable it on ubuntu ?04:18
gogetathechris: i knoe you can make iwconfig scan but i dont rember how04:18
gogetathats cli04:19
schwulafter trying to download the drivers, I get an error saying "bash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'"04:19
Scunizischwul: when you try to install them?04:19
schwuloh wait nvm04:19
cellofellowbbigras: what's the URL for the PPA that has the Firefox 3.5 update?04:19
schwulI accidently typed in 22M) and didn't notice it04:19
bbigrascellofellow:  https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa04:19
Scunizischwul: remember you have to install them from a tty not from the gui.. the gui has to be shutdown04:19
cellofellowbbigras: thanks04:19
schwulI'm installing from the terminal04:20
bbigrascellofellow: you're welcome04:20
mikeh789i got some notifications that don't go away guys04:20
sondhi all -- i have a link on my desktop to a remote share .. it vanishes if i log out , how can i preserve the link after reboots ?04:20
jadez03anyone familiar with python?04:20
Scunizischwul: did you "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" ??04:20
schwuloh you have to exit out of X?04:20
DrknezzHi! How can i split a text file on even parts?04:20
SnakDoccellofellow: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/06/firefox-35-rc-1-ubuntu-repository-deb.html i found this not sure works haven't tested yet04:20
* sattam brb4breakfast04:20
jadez03i would like to run this script http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69025604:20
Scunizischwul: yes.. so ctrl+alt+F2.. login then type the line listed above04:20
mikeh789when i'm playing video, and i plug my laptop in, the screen brightness pop-up just stays there04:20
jadez03but i'm having troubles04:20
ezzieyguywufi used to have an icon that would show up top whenever I had a new email in thunderbird. I accidentally deleted my top panel though, and had to remake it, and now I do not get any icon! I've added indicator applet and notification area but still nothing. any help?04:21
gogetathechris: iwlist scan04:21
schwulso do I have to do everything again since I already installed with gui04:21
stroyanDrknezz:  Have a look at the "split" command. :-)04:21
gogetathechris: cli04:21
MohRaiBatso i guess there is no way to disable the hardware switch for wireless04:21
Drknezzstroyan: thanks... ;) btw, are you strogg?04:21
Scunizischwul: not everything really.. just stop the gui while in a tty and reinstall .. that should correct it04:21
voidmagedoh - still says 9 hours on firefox ia64 - amd64 hasn't even been requeued yet04:21
oldude67http://paste.ubuntu.com/207286/ anyone else getting this error?04:22
stroyanDrknezz:  If I knew what "strogg" was I could tell you more certainly.04:22
Sarajevogo bored of geeky channels and geeky convos ? ##webcam is a great place for you , join.04:22
BellinXFelonwhat is the mkfs command?04:22
Drknezzstroyan: lol, i thought you used the name of certain substance vital for the life of some creatures on Quake04:22
bbigrasthere's a build of 3.5 on the daily ppa too : https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa04:22
setuidSo nobody knows then? NetworkManager has been broken for a LOOOOOOONG time.04:23
Drknezzstroyan: Quake 4*04:23
Flanneloldude67: What version of Ubuntu are you running?04:23
Flanneloldude67: Ah.  #ubuntu+1 for Karmic support.  That looks like some sort of packaging error04:23
oldude67Flannel: im in there too04:23
oldude67no answer04:24
voidmagebbigras: Isn't the daily ppa already on 3.5.1 builds?04:24
homecablecan i dcc send any one a file to test to see if my firewall lets me send04:24
Flanneloldude67: That's the correct channel for development version support, this channel is not appropriate for development support.04:24
bbigrasvoidmage: I don't know, that's why I wait to the ubuntu mozilla security ppa04:24
Drknezzstroyan: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strogg04:25
voidmageI keep kicking myself for using amd64 when I have to wait through times like this, but then I remember I can't use all my memory in i38604:25
schwuloh sorry, so do I have to do everything again since I installed the driver with the gui04:25
=== map7|away is now known as map7
map7Can anyone help me sort out a keyboard problem, I just brought a Logitech S520 keyboard and I cannot get the backtick to work under Ubuntu although I can under Crunchbang Linux04:25
stroyanStroyent is people!04:26
GoldiadkinDid someone install firefox 3.5 in Jaunty?04:26
tonsofpcsnot yet04:27
sebsebseb!ff35 |  Goldiadkin04:27
ubottuGoldiadkin: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories  will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY04:27
Drknezzstroyan: lol, anyways, split is treating the .txt as binary file04:27
Drknezzstroyan: generating text AND binary slices of the file04:28
stroyanDrknezz:  The "split -l" option splits on lines.04:28
Scunizimap7: try one of the other keyboard layouts in System/Preferences/keyboard04:28
seeveeI'll check the log later to see if anyone answers my question. Thank you in advance.04:28
gogetaDrknezz: linux genrely does04:28
Drknezzstroyan: im using that option ;)04:28
Drknezzhuh? gogeta, lol04:28
GoldiadkinThanks, I'm aware of the testings, my question is why did my firefox install became Sharetoko web brwoser :S04:29
ezzieyguywufi used to have an icon that would show up top whenever I had a new email in thunderbird. I accidentally deleted my top panel though, and had to remake it, and now I do not get any icon! I've added indicator applet and notification area but still nothing. any help?04:29
gogetaDrknezz: text files being treated like binerys04:29
Drknezzgogeta: oh, lol04:29
map7Scunizi I've already tried all the Logitech ones and I'm currently on the Generic 105-key04:29
gogetaDrknezz: all sh files are text files modded for exe04:30
edbianDoes the time in my bios not reflect my hardware time?04:30
schwulScunizi: I accidently installed the driver with the gui instead of the tty, so should I uninstall again?04:30
Drknezzno no no04:30
jillsmitti need any downloader under ubuntu04:30
map7I can use the Tilda character which is on the same key04:30
gogetajillsmitt: any?04:30
ezzieyguywufjillsmitt: what do you mean "any downloader"04:30
jillsmittgogeta: software to download files)04:31
gogetajillsmitt: downthemall04:31
gogetafirefox addon04:31
jillsmittgogeta: gtk?04:31
Uganda_Hey guys, this is whois04:31
Uganda_I just set up my friend with Ubuntu04:31
jillsmittgogeta: stayalone04:32
gogetajillsmitt: its a firefox addon04:32
gogetajillsmitt: thats what you whant?04:33
DrknezzI <3 Kde04:33
jillsmittgogeta: emm i need standalone program04:33
mbeierlCan anyone explain the difference between mount -t cifs and mount.cifs?  I cannot use mount -t cifs as a user in Ubuntu 9.04.04:33
mbeierlI keep getting "only root can do that"04:33
gogetajillsmitt: http://www.downthemall.net/04:34
Drknezzmbeierl: only root can mount04:34
gogetajillsmitt: stand alone? why04:34
Drknezzmbeierl: have you tried with "sudo"04:34
jillsmittgogeta: because04:34
barnebie /server irc.whatnet.org04:34
thechriswell, it looks like wifi doesn't work.  this is again, not the year of *buntu.04:34
jillsmittgogeta: sorry but i realy need any standalone04:34
mbeierlDrknezz: the point is to have a script mount directories as part of login... don't want to give sudo to all users for mount...04:34
gogetajillsmitt: whats the diffrence you use firefox to download04:35
mbeierlDrknezz: is there a real difference between calling the mount.cifs directly and using mount -t cifs?  or do they accomplish the same thing?04:35
Drknezzmbeierl: why dont u just start it with "sudo -i" and end it with "exit" ;)04:35
mbeierljillsmitt: wget?04:35
gogetajillsmitt: http://www.downthemall.net/04:35
jillsmittgogeta: i have phoby on use firefox04:35
mbeierlDrknezz: as the user who might be logging in could not have sudo perms, so I want them to have their "home" directories mounted, but not sudo perms on mount itself04:36
Drknezzmbeierl: mount -t is just a frontend for mount.*04:36
mbeierlDrknezz: ok, that's what I wanted to check - to make sure there wasn't any other "magic" going on there, perfect, thanks!04:36
stroyanDrknezz:  It sounds like you may be talking about DOS style .txt files.  You can convert between DOS and unix newline styles with the tofrodos package and its dos2unix and unix2dos commands.04:36
Drknezzmbeierl: maybe mounting into a world-writeable folder?04:36
gogetajillsmitt: i dont think thers any04:37
Drknezzstroyan: lol, dolphin took em as binary files, but, they were actually txt files that could be opened with kate04:37
gogetajillsmitt: just jdownloader but thats for sites like megaupload04:37
=== tyler is now known as Guest75584
=== mlrobinson is now known as optiontrader
jillsmittgogeta d4x04:37
gogetajillsmitt: blote04:38
sondhow do you preserve a desktop link to a remote folder across reboots ?04:38
Interphaseooo, sond has a good question, I want to know too04:39
sondlink is created via connect to server type..04:39
petxhow to show the request time out while pinging... any ideas??04:39
DrknezzWhy system slows down when copying files? :S04:40
Interphaselol, seriously Drknezz?04:40
Interphaseyou are using the Hard DRives04:40
Interphaseand CPU04:40
DrknezzInterphase: yeah, when i copy big files, system just starts goign slow04:40
DrknezzInterphase: SATA 3G isnt enough?04:40
Interphaseit depends on the HDD speeds04:41
InterphaseSATA is not the limit04:41
izinucsI just tried to connect to my desktop from my laptop on the lan via ssh and received a ssh error that the key has been changed.  This is probably because the desktop ip has changed.  The error says that the offending key is in /home/<username>/.ssh/known_hosts:3  .. does that mean it's the 3rd key reference in the file? and if I delete that reference will it try to reconnect?04:41
dypexit's gnome 3 for ubuntu?04:41
Interphaseizinucs, you might try deleting your known_hosts file04:42
stroyanmbeierl:  You should have a look at the "autofs" package.  Mount points can be configured so they mount whenever the path to them is accessed.04:42
killerngsup doods04:42
Interphaseyou can back it up first if you are scared04:42
izinucsInterphase: the whole thing or just the key reference for the third listing?04:42
Interphaseprobably just the third listing04:42
izinucsInterphase: ok.. I'll give that a shot.. I alway create a backup anyway.. no worries. thanks.04:43
killerngwhat service controls usb devices04:43
sambagirldoes aire work in linux?04:43
Severity1i accidentally hid the menu bar of my xchat client04:43
Severity1how do i turn it on again04:43
killerngwhats the app that visually configures the kernel ?04:43
stroyanizinucs:  That means that the offending system entry is in the 3rd line.  The identity of the systems is hidden in recent versions of ssh for security.  If you delete the third line then ssh will complain that it doesn't know the key and ask you if that is OK.04:43
* sattam your message04:43
killernggod i havent used linux in forever ::x.x::04:44
DrknezzSeverity1: try doing rm -rv .xchat*04:44
killerngthe kernel04:44
P_KableHi, I got a forced fsck and I have huge amount of numbers scrolling down, it's been 30mn04:44
P_Kableis it normal ?04:44
dethraymake menuconfig or make xconfig04:44
Severity1in term or in xchat?04:44
stroyanSeverity1:  Perhaps <ctrl>F9   It kind of depends on which client you are using.04:45
P_Kableit takes the whole screen04:45
izinucsInterphase: thanks that worked..  stroyan thanks that's exactly what happened...04:45
P_Kablethat is so weird04:45
P_Kableanybody knows about it ?04:46
killerngdoes ubuntu-server automatically detect usb devices?04:46
ScuniziP_Kable: if this is on boot then it's normal and you have a large drive.. 30 minutes is a long time but is drive size dependant..04:47
Severity1stroyan, okay thanks that worked, i noticed there was actually a prompt that tells thatsame command to toggle the menubar04:47
Severity1stroyan, andi didnt even bother looking at it xp04:47
P_KableScunizi=> thanks this is comforting :)04:47
polywaffleany way for ubuntu to be forced to use xorg.conf settings rather than "Display Preferences"?04:47
P_KableI did ctrl+d to skip it and my /home/users were all gone, so I reboot and let it do it Scunizi04:48
stroyanSeverity1:  You can also use the right mouse button in the text area to get to a menu, including the menu bar option.04:48
ScuniziP_Kable: altough.. I've had drives do that that ended up having issues..04:48
Severity1stroyan, thanks04:48
=== AndrewGearhart_5 is now known as AndrewGearhart
elfinchhello. i'm trying to back up some files on my machine to an external hard drive.  i can't write to it, and when i try to do sudo chown to my username, it says the volume is read only.  is this b/c of the way it's formatted, or a mount error, or.. ?  sorry if this is naive, i'm still new.04:50
killerngwhat does it mean if lsusb gives me no output04:50
ganesh_from where can i get VIA K8M800/ K8N800/ K8N800A [S3 UniChrome Pro] driver?04:50
sattamignore this04:50
edbianelfinch: Did you format this drive?04:50
=== Paddy_EIRE_ is now known as Paddy_EIRE
dethraywhat's the filesystem on the external drive?04:51
killerngi hate niggers04:51
edbianelfinch: Hello?04:51
elfinchedbian: well, yeah. i think it may be hfs04:51
Scunizi!ops | killerng04:52
ubottukillerng: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:52
edbianelfinch: You have it mounted?  What mount options did you use?04:52
jahcoops. which is the channel for dedicated UNR support?04:52
jahcI muchly want to ask questions.04:52
elfinchedbian: it is mounted.  no mount options, it just mounted automatically.  what is the command line tool to determine what the format is?04:52
elkyScunizi, he's gone04:52
jahc94% installed.. hehe. very cool.04:52
edbianelfinch: fdisk -l04:52
Scunizielky: k.. I have messages turned off so I didn'tt know..04:52
elfinchawesome thanks will try now04:52
edbianelfinch: (as root)04:53
elkyScunizi, that's why we say it, so you know we're not ignoring you :)04:53
Scunizielky: It's appriciated :)04:53
edbianelfinch: is this a usb hdd?04:53
elfinchedbian: hmm, maybe i'm doing something wrong.  that command returned "last_lba(): I don't know how to handle files with mode 40755"   Yes, it's usb, but I could dig out my 4 to 6 pin firewire cable and try it also.  It is likely hfs, as I also use it with my mac.  I'm afraid i can't remember if HFS is compatible/writable as a rule?04:55
edbianelfinch: hfs?  I have never heard of this and neither has google.04:56
Severity1is that a filesystem?04:57
Severity1i think its a heirarchical file system04:57
COOLKID972i need help04:57
vraahfs+ = mac os x file system04:58
Scunizielfinch: do you mean the default file sys used by mac's?  it might be readable but not write-able04:58
elfinchedbian: sorry, can't remember what it's called then, Mac os journaled04:58
COOLKID972im trying to load a java chat room but it shows a bunch of littlw scribble04:58
elfinchor, what vraa said04:58
bishop leaving04:58
COOLKID972i cant even see the text04:58
COOLKID972how do i fix it04:58
edbianelfinch: I doubt that it is read-only by default.  What folder is it mounted in?04:58
elfinchscunizi: that might be it04:58
ScuniziCOOLKID972: see if the room is accessable from a normal irc client04:58
dethrayprobably have to pass some options using mount to make it writable04:58
COOLKID972no this room is a custom made room04:59
elfinchedbian: maybe it's what Scunizi suggested?  it's mounted in /media04:59
DesignsEdgeI have a support question - kubuntu 8.04 | KDE 3.5 | Firefox 3.0.1104:59
Scunizielfinch: I don't know much about mac's but I believe you can get them to read/write ext3.. windows can too.. you might consider reformatting it.04:59
COOLKID972i just wanna make it bigger04:59
edbianelfinch: sudo chown elfinch /media ??04:59
Gran_GerHi there. How can I make a persistant live usb?05:00
edbianelfinch: Also do you have the hfsplus package installed?05:00
elfinchScunizi: you're right, you can read/ write to ext3 i think.. but i was just trying to use this 2/3 full drive i already have. maybe i'll just abandon this plan and use another external drive i have with extra space..05:01
edbianelfinch: or the hfsutils package?05:01
dethraysudo mount -w -t hfsplus /dev/hda[partition number] /media/[volume name]05:01
elfinchedbian: not sure.. can i use locate to check05:01
bbigrasvoidmage: amd64 is building05:01
COOLKID972is anyone using backtrack?05:01
edbianelfinch: just try to install it and see if you have already. (if not you'll need it)05:01
elfinchedbian: ok, yeah - i didn't have it.. i'll add it, thanks05:02
edbianelfinch: NP.  I bet that is the reason you couldn't access it05:02
DesignsEdgeCan someone save me from a reinstall??05:03
edbianDesignsEdge: I bet we can!!05:03
edbianWhat's the problem?05:03
FlannelDesignsEdge: You need to actually ask your question before we can answer that05:03
DesignsEdgeFirefox 3.0.11 on Kubuntu 8.04 x64 kde 3.5 is locking05:04
voidmage!ask| DesignsEdge05:04
ubottuDesignsEdge: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:04
voidmagewhoops, a little late there05:04
edbianDesignsEdge: What does dmesg have to say?05:04
newbuntudoes anyone here know wordpress ?05:04
FlannelDesignsEdge: "locking"?05:04
kbfzgood morning,everyone!!05:04
DesignsEdgeits greying out - waiting for a call to CPU from what we can tell05:04
schwulI did everything on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1125400 and after initiating the driver and rebooting X I get the same error "Ubuntu is running in low graphics"05:05
DesignsEdgeno memory or CPU usage in Top05:05
newbuntuI'd like to get somone's opinion (feel of) wordpress, any tips on installation or use of it05:05
Interphasegood evening kbfz!05:05
panther_3121hello all :D05:05
MrPiracyi'm trying to dualboot Win7/Ubuntu 9.09 here, but after installing Win7, i can't get GRUB to work. Can anyone help me?05:05
edbianDesignsEdge: Interesting.  How long have you been more than one person?05:05
edbianMrPiracy: (there is no such thing as ubuntu 9.09)05:05
Scunizinewbuntu: depends on what you're after.. if you want to create a site for many things then also look at joomla.org05:05
COOLKID972did you creat a partition05:05
DesignsEdgelost me there --05:05
panther_3121install windows first05:06
dethraywindows overwrote the mbr, MrPiracy05:06
kbfzInterphase, so strange05:06
edbianDesignsEdge: :"call to CPU from what WE can tell"  It was a joke... nevermind05:06
MrPiracyedbian: 9.04, sorry05:06
Interphasekbfz, you are in China, of course it is morning05:06
newbuntuScunizi: I just want a website, that it easy for users to manage, there are many users but 1 site05:06
edbianDesignsEdge: Does this only happen with firefox?05:06
DesignsEdgeAh, no its funny - just didnt see it -- a friend has looked as well - and yes only firefox05:06
MrPiracydethray: i know, but how can i access the GRUB in my HD from the live cd?05:07
newbuntuScunizi: my users are working together to maintain a single site05:07
kbfzInterphase, yes  where are you?05:07
InterphaseSouthern California05:07
MrPiracydethray: so i can setup it again to occupy the mbr05:07
schwulI did everything on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1125400 and after initiating the driver and rebooting X I get the same error "Ubuntu is running in low graphics"05:07
dethrayyou need to mount it05:07
newbuntuScunizi: custom wysiwyg is getting to complex for me to manage so wordpress was suggested05:07
DesignsEdgewell, let me qualify - to a less extent thunderbird (so mozilla based) - console launch shows no crash, nor is there anything in /var/log05:07
Scunizinewbuntu: wordpress may not be the right one.. joomla I find one of the easier/better cms sites that's flexable and with a backend that is fairly intuitave05:07
mataperrasquien habla español05:07
elfinchedbian:  hmm, alas !  still when i try sudo chown "me" /media/"the volume" it's returning that it's a read-only file system :/05:08
MrPiracydethray, i have a script here that used to work on previous version of ubuntu, but now i set it to Ext4 and made a /boot partition separate05:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:08
mataperrasquien habla español05:08
edbianDesignsEdge: I am willing to bet it is simply a bug in firefox 3 (amd64).  I have no experience with x64.  If you do reinstall I suggest x8605:08
newbuntuScunizi: thanks, I think I'll setup two (or more) and let them see it.05:08
bbigrasvoidmage: Successfully built05:08
dutchhey, does jaunty not allow Ctrl+Alt+Backspace X restarting?05:08
edbianelfinch: can you umount it?05:08
DesignsEdgeI am leaning the same way - I was thinking of trying 3.5 first, just for kicks n giggles -- see if its an architecture hang --05:08
edbianelfinch: umount it and mount it manually with the rw option05:09
Scunizinewbuntu: if it's on a personal server that's easy to do and probably best.. if you're paying for server space you might check to see how many databases you get before being charged more $$'s05:09
voidmagewell that was fast05:09
legend2440!dontzap | dutch05:09
ubottudutch: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.05:09
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COOLKID972hey guys05:09
COOLKID972i keep getting tis message05:09
voidmageprobably going to take a few minutes to hit the PPA, i suppose05:09
kbfzInterphase, how do you know I'm in China05:09
dutchlegend2440: thanks05:09
dethrayMrPiracy, chroot into the other install via the terminal05:09
bbigrasvoidmage: yes I think too05:10
Interphasekbfz, your IP address05:10
DesignsEdgeThanks edbian -- I am betting you are right -- thanks for the help05:10
edbianDesignsEdge: I am surprised.  Try a different browser.  There are others.  In particular try one that uses the webkit engine instead of gecko05:10
elfinchedbian: oh.. ok.  well - here's what i did.  i unmounted it, then unplugged it, then plugged it in again.  can you spell out a bit more what you're suggesting?  unmount it, and then .. er.. can you tell me more about how to mount with -rw option ?05:10
Interphaseit is right next to your nick when you join05:10
Interphaseyou can do the same thing to mine05:10
MrPiracydethray: into to what partition? i made the huge mistake to map /boot in a different partition this time05:10
kbfzInterphase, you're so smart05:11
bbigrasvoidmage: I see amd64 at http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.5/05:11
edbianelfinch: You can unmount manually (without unplugging) using the umount command (sudo umount /dev/volume)05:11
Interphasekbfz, not really, I am a dumbass American05:11
voidmagethere we go05:11
InterphaseWe are stupid people by and large05:11
dethraymount your main / first then the /boot into that05:11
voidmageit's going to install 3.5 final now05:11
Interphasewe believe almost anything we are told05:11
voidmage(going to do it when i'm not working)05:11
MrPiracydethray: would u like to have a look at the script i have here? where's that site i can paste things to it?05:12
ScuniziInterphase: spak fu ur selv..05:12
kbfzInterphase, what's dumbass?05:12
nellmathewscunizi, sarcasm.05:12
lekremyelsewHarro is anyone here good with JACK?05:12
edbianelfinch: Then you can mount manually using "mount -o rw /dev/<volume>X /media/volume"05:12
Interphasekbfz, dumbass: an untintelligent person05:12
Interphaselol Scunizi05:12
ScuniziScunizi: understood.. just giving it back to him05:12
Interphasebut it is rude05:12
Interphasedon't say that to people you don't want to offend05:12
ScuniziInterphase: thought you'd like that kentucky hill country drawl :)05:13
schwulScunizi, can you provide me with any help with this?05:13
voidmagethen to figure out how to make 'firefox' default to 3.5 (if the ppa thing doesn't do this already)05:13
Interphasepeople from CA really appreciate southern accents05:13
Scunizischwul: ok.. still working on the video driver?05:13
MrPiracylinuxguy2009, yes ;)05:13
Interphaseor . . . border states05:13
edbianelfinch: that's umount (no typo)  and rw is for "read/write"05:13
schwulScunizi: yeah I did everything, from the topic and after initiating the video card, it told me to reboot X, I did it and still got the same error05:13
elfinchedbian: ok, i unmounted it , but i'm confused by /dev and /media05:13
ScuniziInterphase: so cal people learn to speak with all kinds of accents..05:14
elfinchedbian: i only see it mounted in /media - do you include both b/c it could be in either place depending on release version?05:14
Scunizischwul: try typing nvidia-xconfig at terminal05:14
InterphaseScunizi, I am moving to New Jersey, so hopefully I can get that down05:14
MrPiracydethray: here, have a look http://pastebin.com/m6935044f05:14
edbianelfinch: When you plug something into your system (and when the system is booted) a file is create in /dev (device).  You mount the filesystem of that device (if it is possible to do so) in /media05:14
edbianelfinch: hence mount /dev/sda2 /media/HDD2 for example05:15
ScuniziInterphase: ouch.. enjoy the humidity and attitude over there.. seafood is good though05:15
schwulUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".05:15
schwulVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.05:15
schwul                  Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver05:15
schwul                  line.05:15
schwulERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.05:15
FloodBot3schwul: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
gbear14275where is the VLC application stored?05:15
nanotubegbear14275: /usr/bin/vlc05:15
edbianelfinch: Places all of the files from /dev/sda2 (probably a HDD) in /media/HDD205:15
dethraylooks fine05:15
Scunizischwul: use sudo with the commnad05:15
MrPiracydethray, this script is not working anymore because now the linux partitions are ext4 and because /boot is sitting on a diff partition05:15
edbianelfinch: Do you understand??05:15
nanotubegbear14275: why? generally, you can run "which vlc" to find the executable location05:16
glickexcuse me, i dont know where else to ask this but can anyone recommend good blogging software ?05:16
glickim trying to set up a blog05:16
schwulScunizi: http://pastebin.ca/148036205:17
nanotubeglick: wordpress is a pretty widely-used one...05:17
voidmageglick: wordpress?05:17
gbear14275btw... input for a huge improvement in usability, instead of having to navigate the filesystem to find the target of "open with" if it would be possible to populate a list of applications installed... that would be huge :)05:17
gbear14275thanks for the help guys!05:17
COOLKID972is backtrack a distro?05:17
nanotubegbear14275: that list would be very large, since there are literally thousands of little utilities in /usr/bin.05:17
COOLKID972im having all sorts of problem at the moment05:17
nanotubegbear14275: so it wouldn't be an improvement in usability, really. :)05:18
edbiangbear14275: Most executables are listed in either /bin and /usr/bin already...05:18
Scunizischwul: when you installed the driver did it ask you if it could run nvidia-xconfig?05:18
kbfzInterphase, nice to meet you05:18
schwulyeah and I said no05:18
idmJust logged in and now I am not able to get to my vt, all are just a flashing prompt. What's going on?05:18
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
Interphasenice to meet you too kbfz, it's cool how you can speak English05:18
InterphaseI don't know any Chinese05:19
andy52850hi ,every body.05:19
bbigrasIt's weird, the firefox-3.5 package depend on 3.005:19
Scunizischwul: do the reinstall again and say yes and allow it to write to the file it wants to write to..05:19
Scunizischwul: were there any other errors on install?05:19
* c_nick changed IRC password 05:19
kbfzInterphase, l'm a university student ,so I can  .there're a lot chinese people can speak English05:20
schwulScunizi: umm there was something about the kernel, it asked if it should try to find a kernel from the ftp on the nvidia website, and said there was none05:20
ganesh_to install VIA graphics driver a guide says copy the driver into /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ and change xorg.conf's driver to via. but my xorg.conf is like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/207299/ how do i change it?05:20
MrPiracydethray, no help?05:20
nanotubeso... ff3.5 is pretty fast, eh? :)05:20
Interphasekbfz, I think more Chinese poeple speak English than there are Americans05:20
elfinchedbian: oh, perhaps i didn't really unmount it succesfully then, b/c it is still there in /media05:20
gbear14275nanotube: not to compare as I know its different, but windows is able to populate a list... and its helpful to have.  I know linux is different but if we (linux community) wanted to maybe even do it better... make a list of programs that are able to actually use the file type.  A flaw in the windows list is you can still select programs to which the file is not compatible or usable.  We could theoretically do better... but I don't even kno05:20
kbfzInterphase, so it is05:20
Scunizischwul: ok.. from terminal type.. sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms .. this will install stuff the nvidia installer will make use of on install.05:20
edbianelfinch: /media should have folders inside it.  Those folders should have mounted filesystems in them05:21
edbianelfinch: "sudo umount /media/<yourdevice>" should unmount it05:21
kbfzInterphase, time for lunch ,goodbye05:21
idmhas ubuntu changed something? Why I can't get my virtual consoles?05:21
nanotubegbear14275: the "open with" list is already prepopulated with a subset of applications, just not all of them... you're right that it would be nice to filter things by filetype...05:21
schwulScunizi: that's already installed05:21
Scunizischwul: then reinstall the driver.. when you need to restart the gui type .. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start ..05:21
Interphaselol, later05:21
nanotubegbear14275: but this is not the best place for suggestions - try brainstorm.ubuntu.com and submit your idea there. (first see if there already is a suggestion for your idea)05:22
Scunizischwul: basically say yes to all the questions it asks on install.05:22
edbianelfinch: If the folders from your device are still accessible in your system then it is mounted.05:22
schwuloh alright05:22
kbfzInterphase, a last question  "lol" means?05:22
InterphaseLaugh Out Loud: to express your amusement with something05:22
gbear14275nanotube: I'm sorry I didn't realize that.  I was trying to open a .pls file and while mediaplayer was listed (win) vlc wasn't and had to find it...  that was a bad assumption on my part that we didn't already populate the list... (which wasn't true)05:22
Interphasenot very serious05:23
Interphasepeople just said it05:23
Interphase*say it05:23
nanotubegbear14275: filtering by filetype (which would involve maintaining a list of app-filetype matches somewhere) is still a pretty decent idea (i think). so if you do have a minute, i would suggest sticking it up on brainstorm.ubuntu.com. :)05:23
schwulwhat's the server address for this, I want to connect on my laptop05:23
gbear14275nanotube: thanks!  I appreciate the help05:23
gbear14275nanotube: and will do05:24
DesignsEdgeedbian - FYI - added repos for 3.5 - installed - same problem -- guess I am off to reinstall land05:24
Scunizischwul: for this irc server? irc.freenode.net #ubuntu05:24
schwulScunizi: ok thank you05:24
nanotubegbear14275: cool, good luck :)05:24
edbianDesignsEdge: I'm sorry to hear that.  Post a bug at bugzilla05:24
iradanyone have remote desktop connection working under XWin?05:25
stroyannanotube:  There is the /etc/mailcap and /etc/mimetypes data to start from.  That is used by the "see" "edit" "compose" and "print" commands.05:25
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
EsotericGuyHey #ubuntu05:25
EsotericGuyi need a little bit of assistance05:26
sebsebseb!details |  EsotericGuy05:26
ubottuEsotericGuy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:26
EsotericGuyI'm helping a buddy via IM with his dell insipiron E170505:26
EsotericGuyshe's got the latest everything, it's a fresh install05:26
EsotericGuyshe can't get the wifi to work it seems05:26
elfinchedbian: i ran "sudo umount /media/<yourdevice>" and then was going to follow your directions and mount it but was confused by this part: "elfinch: Then you can mount manually using "mount -o rw /dev/<volume>X /media/volume"05:27
EsotericGuyshe's completely new to linux, and i'm just a beginner05:27
nanotubestroyan: ah cool. yea, those look like just the right kind of info05:27
sebsebseb!wireless |  EsotericGuy05:27
ubottuEsotericGuy: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:27
MrPiracyso, can anyone help me get to grub from ubuntu live cd?05:27
edbianelfinch: So it is unmounted then? :)05:27
zirodayEsotericGuy: could you pastebin the output of lspci please so we can find out what wireless card she has05:27
Severity1isyou wiifi a usb type?05:27
EsotericGuyno it's a wifi card05:27
EsotericGuyziroday: how would i do that?05:27
elfinchedbian: yep05:28
sebsebsebEsotericGuy: I wonder how many people have left Linux,  thinking Ubuntu was the only Linux distro or something, and because their wireless didn't work05:28
elfinchsorry to be slow05:28
zirodayEsotericGuy: open a terminal and type in lspci, then send the output to pastebin. Or ask her to install pastebinit with sudo apt-get install pastebinit and then do lspci | pastebinit and give us back the URL that is returned05:28
jahcJanC: haha you're my evil twin.05:28
tehskCan someone help me to get a script run at boot?05:28
jahcI thought I was looking into a mirror05:28
sebsebsebEsotericGuy: that's, because of  hardware manufactures not suppourting Linux properly or at all, why people get  wireless issues,  usually by teh way05:28
schwul1Scunizi: ok should I do everything from the topic again? or do I have to unistall?05:28
edbianelfinch: well the mount command is intended to basically undo what you (we) just did :).  do you know what file the device is in /dev ??05:29
Scunizischwul1: I think you should be able to just reinstall with no uninstall05:29
elfinchedbian: err.. not really :/05:30
schwul1Scunizi: ok05:30
zirodayEsotericGuy: did that all make sense?05:30
edbianelfinch: That's fine :)  run "sudo fdisk -l" again see what's listed.  Figure out which one is the HDD in question.05:30
jeffshi room.. any one hear use ubuntu studio?05:30
EsotericGuyziroday: yes, i'm just walking her through everything right now.05:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ip05:31
FloodBot3COOLKID972: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
zirodayEsotericGuy: great05:31
Severity1Esoteric tru installing the linux-backports-modules-(yourkernelversion-1) then do a restart05:31
jeffsim trying to get my usb audio card (M-audio Quattro) to work with jack connection kit.....05:32
jeffscan any one help me with that?05:32
elfinchedbian: oh ok ..  /sda , but having a hard time figuring out which # it is..05:32
elfinchedbian: there is sda1 - sda405:33
edbianelfinch: The partitions are numbered.  This HDD must have 4 partitions05:33
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?05:33
zirodaySeverity1: there is no point in doing that until we know his card, and it could be dangerous05:33
edbianelfinch: Each partition has it's own number and filesystem.05:33
edbianelfinch: and format05:33
Severity1ziroday, you are right but if all else fails you shud try that05:34
elfinchedbian: oh.. mkay. well, i'm a dope - i probably did partition it back in the day, but i can't remember how many05:34
zirodaySeverity1: not until you have diagnosed the issue05:34
edbianelfinch: Do you have gparted installed?05:35
edbianelfinch: You can get a graphical look at the disk using gparted.  (sudo apt-get install gparted if not)05:35
elfinchedbian: would have thought only  into two partitions though.  no , don't think so.   i could install it.05:35
Severity1if it is a driver issue then its possible the backports can fix it05:35
elfinchedbian: right ok i'll do that now05:35
edbianelfinch: Only if you want.  It's not necessary.  Anyway which partition is the hfs one we're trying to mount>05:36
Severity1especially if that driver is realtek type05:36
tim|rangerhey, men05:36
tim|rangerdo you know if there's a way to mount skydrive as a common drive in ubuntu 9.04?05:36
tim|rangermay be some sort of plugin for nautilus?05:36
elfinchedbian: i have no idea.05:36
edbianelfinch: It should also list the formats.  Are they all hfs ??05:37
EsotericGuyziroday: pastebin.com/4edd8a305:37
h3sp3rushey, how do u get a pic on grub interface?05:37
h3sp3russorry to disturb05:37
elfinchedbian: oy. not sure.  i can use gparted to analyze it ?  if you have other stuff to besides this i can give up ;)05:38
elfinchedbian: feel like i'm taking up a lot of time05:38
zirodayEsotericGuy: hmm I can't seem to get that to display, can you try opening the link and pastebining the text somewhere else (like paste.ubuntu.com)05:39
edbianelfinch: Yeah check out gparted.  I do need to go (don't know how you knew).  Good luck!05:39
wolf23helpers, is there any good torrent program than ktorrent and fast?05:39
jeffsim trying to get my usb audio card (M-audio Quattro) to work with jack connection kit.....05:39
jeffscan any one help me?05:39
EsotericGuyziroday: fixed: http://pastebin.com/f4edd8a305:40
zirodayEsotericGuy: awesome05:40
tim|ranger.....aukey! may be you can recommend some other interface for fetching/uploading files?05:40
jeffsany one use ubuntu to compose/produce music?05:40
zirodayEsotericGuy: okay should she need to know again her network card is a Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)05:40
EsotericGuyziroday: i'm sorry, what?05:41
zirodayEsotericGuy: can she go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers and enable the applicable driver for that card05:41
schwul1Scunizi: when I type "sudo killall Xorg" it says "Xorg: no process killed"05:41
zirodayEsotericGuy: the BCM4311 is the model number of her wireless card, if she needs help with it again her helper will need to know that05:42
EsotericGuyalright, one second. thanks btw05:42
Severity1is her wifi being detected?05:42
Scunizischwul1: you can't kill x that way.. it's sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:42
Severity1what is the real problem with her wifi05:42
COOLKID972any one have backtrack 405:42
schwul1I did that but in the topic it says "In some rare instances, stopping gdm won't stop Xorg, due to the Xsession being busy with whatever error has occurred "05:43
elfinchedbian:  okey doke, thanks so much for your help/patience05:43
Scunizischwul1: where did you read that?05:43
edbianelfinch: NP!05:43
schwul1Scunizi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112540005:43
InterphaseCOOLKID972, I used Backtrak 3 a couple times05:43
SandGorgonis firefox 3.5 out for jaunty?05:45
Scunizischwul1: when you sudo killall Xorg was that after the command that I gave you?05:45
sebsebseb!ff35 |  SandGorgon05:45
ubottuSandGorgon: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY05:45
COOLKID972i have a question05:45
COOLKID972how do i shut down my computer05:46
sebsebseb!deatils |  COOLKID97205:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about deatils05:46
COOLKID972i dont have shut down05:46
COOLKID972i only have logout05:46
sebsebseb!details |  COOLKID97205:46
ubottuCOOLKID972: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:46
Scunizischwul1: that's why it couldn't do anything.. the first command took care of it05:46
schwul1Scunizi: oh alright05:46
COOLKID972sebse i dont know how to shut down05:46
COOLKID972how do i shutdown  i only have log out option05:46
Severity1EsotericGuy, what is the problem with yourwifi?05:46
Severity1all i know is that it is a b43 series05:47
EsotericGuySeverity1: it's not recognizing the wifi card05:47
legend2440COOLKID972: on top panel far right see red icon?  no shutdown in there?05:47
zirodaySeverity1: I've got this thanks05:47
Severity1how can yousay it is not recognizing the wifi card05:47
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: oh right well sadly they removed shutdown and logout from the system menu,  where it is meant to be really,  because of the thing on the top right05:47
COOLKID972no i dont05:47
COOLKID972there is nothing on the top right05:47
EsotericGuyziroday: this is what she's showing me right now05:47
schwul1Scunizi: it says "There appears to already be a driver installed on your sytem (version 185.18.14).  As part of the installing this driver (version: 185.18.14), the existing driver will be uninstalled. Are you sure you want to continue? I shall click yes, correct?05:47
EsotericGuyziroday: http://imgur.com/oHGNH.png05:48
COOLKID972what menu am i suppose to be looking at05:48
Scunizischwul1: yes05:48
zirodayEsotericGuy: hmm what version of ubuntu is she running?05:48
legend2440COOLKID972: are you using gnome?05:48
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: well  shutdown and logout used to be in the system menu,  untill Ubuntu 9.04,  because they come up with the top  right  thing idea05:48
COOLKID972i think its KDE05:48
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: oh your on KDE that explains it kind of05:48
COOLKID972backtract 405:49
Severity1itsa 9.0405:49
schwul1then it says "No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel; would you like the installer to attempt to download a kernel interface for your kernel from the NVIDIA ftp site? Yes on this too, correct?05:49
COOLKID972im new to linux05:49
EsotericGuyziroday: 9.04, she just updated everything today from a fresh install from yesterday.05:49
Scunizischwul1: yes05:49
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: the thing we were refering to is  not in KDE,  and  backtrack is not suppourted here, and that's  not a  CD you should be using as a proper operating system05:49
sabotWhats the default file to modify bash environment variables for?05:49
joejcam i banned?05:49
zirodayEsotericGuy: ookay, can you get a screenshot of the Broadcom STA wireless entry too please, I'm not really familiar with the options05:49
schwul1Scunizi: ok now it says "No matching precompiled kernel interface was found on the NVIDIA ftp site; this means that the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for your kernel" and I have to click ok05:50
zirodaysabot: ~/.bashrc05:50
COOLKID972oh ok05:50
cellofellowsabot: ~/.profile05:50
COOLKID972well im using it for learning purposes05:50
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: if your new to Linux,  you so shoudn't start with  backtrack05:50
Scunizischwul1: that's good.. click ok05:50
COOLKID972backtrack is just a feature05:50
sabotWhy are there two files?05:50
COOLKID972the core is ubuntu05:50
sabotis .bashrc for all users?05:50
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: that's  for  security stuff and such05:50
Severity1EsotericGuy, try looking at this links says what you need to use b43 drivers05:51
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: system administrators that's what it is for,  and  people like that05:51
zirodaysabot: /etc/bashrc is for all users, ~/.bashrc is for the owner of ~05:51
cellofellowisn't .bashrc only run for terminal sessions whereas .profile is for any shell session, including console and script?05:51
COOLKID972well i like to learn05:51
COOLKID972im pretty good with windows os05:51
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: also it's a Live CD distro, your not even meant to install it05:51
schwul1Scunizi: Now it says "Would you lioke to run the nvidia-xconfig utility to automatically update your x configuration file so that the NVIDIA X driver will be used when you restart X? Any pre-existing X configuaration will be backed up." Yes or No?05:51
rnstuxhi everybody!05:51
COOLKID972i wanna learn security05:51
COOLKID972sebse this thing has an install .sh05:52
Scunizischwul1: yes05:52
saboter, whats the bash equivalent of setenv05:52
schwul1Scunizi: ok now it's complete and sucessful05:52
COOLKID972it could be a live cd or05:52
zirodaycellofellow: bashrc is for all bash shells05:52
Dulaksabot: export05:52
=== Caleb is now known as Guest96316
Scunizischwul1: ok.. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:52
schwul1Scunizi: I know05:52
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: well use real Ubuntu as  a real operating system05:52
sabotexport name directory, works?05:53
nanotubestroyan: fyi: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/20484/05:53
sebsebsebCOOLKID972:  well and there are other good ones to05:53
Severity1EsotericGuy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=759467 the reason whwy i suggested linux-backports05:53
COOLKID972what do you have against this one?05:53
zirodaysabot: in bash you do export foo=bar05:53
cellofellowziroday: I got it backwards?05:53
schwul1Scunizi: ok my screen flashed 3 times, then the same error popped up...05:53
Dulaksabot: export VAR="value" will put $VAR into bashes current environment05:53
sabotMakes sense05:53
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: no one uses  backtrack as an alternative to Windows, it's a tool, with a specific purpouse05:53
sabotwork uses tcsh, so Im a little lost :p05:53
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: it was never  designed to be a  proper Linux distro for general usage05:54
A|iwhen is firefox 3.5 out for ubuntu?05:54
zirodaysabot: err export SOMEVAR=somevalue makes more sense, and then you call SOMEVAR with $SOMEVAR05:54
COOLKID972sebe im using it for learning05:54
TaruzGood evening, would any of you guys have some experience installing a sabrent usb2.0 tv tuner on ubuntu?05:54
ziroday!firefox > A|i05:54
COOLKID972im in computer networking tech05:54
ubottuA|i, please see my private message05:54
sebsebseb!ff35 |  A|i05:54
ubottuA|i: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY05:54
Scunizischwul1: did you find the thread on the forums that describes how to remove all the envy-ng stuff? and did you get it done?05:54
COOLKID972i have to learn about computer05:54
COOLKID972and good security05:54
zirodayEsotericGuy: how we going?05:54
COOLKID972the vulerbity05:54
COOLKID972the flaws05:54
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: ok well don't install that one to your hard disk,   in fact as far as I know your root by default in backtrack, because it's a special security Live CD distro05:55
COOLKID972i have my own small network set up at home05:55
schwul1Scunizi: Yes I purged them05:55
A|iziroday, sebsebseb that's not my answer05:55
Scunizischwul1: what card do you have?05:55
COOLKID972its so damn slow on the live CD05:55
schwul1Scunizi: 8800 GTX05:55
zirodayA|i: the answer is soon.05:55
COOLKID972i actually used it on live CD05:55
campeehey, why does wireless suck so bad in Ubuntu?05:55
Interphaselol schwul1 I remember when that was THE gfx card05:55
campeeor maybe it's network manager..05:55
Juppi managed to remove my "hardware drivers" menu entry from my System->Administration, which package should I reinstall to get it back?05:55
shafi_I have an install script which needs the super user previlage , how can I handle this?05:55
zirodaycampee: because you've done something wrong?05:55
schwul1Interphase: yeah lol that's when I got it05:55
zirodayshafi_: root script.sh05:56
Interphase=D those were the days05:56
EsotericGuy ziroday: she just enabled the first driver there and it worked05:56
zirodayshafi_: err sudo script.sh05:56
zirodayEsotericGuy: awesome!05:56
EsotericGuyso, thanks for the help that let me help a friend!05:56
schwul1Interphase: I remember I went in the shop to get it, they went in a special place with locked door opened it, and it was in this special window05:56
COOLKID972a HDD is times faster than a CD drive05:56
campeeif you have an ethernet connection and a wireless connection going at the same time and unplug your network cable.. it turns off BOTH interfaces05:56
Scunizischwul1: I'm stuck at this point.. You've done everything correctly as far as I can determine.  Unless there's something that's still left in your system that's still causing issues.. do you have a seperate /home partition?05:56
EsotericGuyalso, i like #ubuntu's bot05:56
Taruzanyone? any help on installing a tv tuner on ubuntu? it has a trident master tm5600 chipset05:56
saboteerrrrrrg, Sorry, is there a way to change to tcsh instead of bash for one terminal window?05:56
campeehow retarded?05:56
cactusfroghi i am having trouble with dule boot05:56
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: in a proper Linux  distro, such as for example,   Ubuntu, Fedora 11,  and Mandriva,  the first rule of Linux  is never run  with the root account.  Well Ubuntu uses sudo instead anyway so :).   Anyway  http://www.distrowatch.com  you don't put Backtrack on for general computer usage, that's what I am trying to get at here05:56
zirodaysabot: just type in tsch? (if you have it installed)05:57
schwul1Scunizi: umm no I used all the partition for Ubuntu05:57
cactusfrogi had a horible virus on windows05:57
cactusfrogand it destroyed by harddrive so installed ubutu on it05:57
schwul1Scunizi: Do you want me to tell you what the error says?05:57
Scunizischwul1: k05:57
COOLKID972oh yea I know seab05:57
koshari cactusfrog you installed ubuntu on a destroyed hdd?05:57
COOLKID972I got a dual boot05:57
COOLKID972i only use it for learning purposses05:57
Interphaseschwul1, that is epic05:58
light50hi, can anyone explain why i need to append '.local' to the remote hostnam when logging in via ssh?05:58
InterphaseI ended up with a Radeon 1950XT05:58
sebsebsebCOOLKID972:  and Wndows for everything else, well that's not much good idea,   I suggest you install Ubuntu for example properly  on your hard disk05:58
COOLKID972in the past 3 days i've learn quite a bit don't let my " where is the shut down button " fool you05:58
=== Bhavic1 is now known as Bhavic
schwul1Interphase: yeah haha, I was going to get the 8800 Ultra, but they didn't have it, spent 800 on this card, and my computer overall was 5g's05:58
cactusfrogI have windows installed on one harddrive and ubuntu on the slave drive how do i install ubuntu on the other hardive so that windows reconizes it and i get the option when booting up windows05:58
shafi_ziroday: this script only make a directory and other subdirectories but when I run it with out sudo it ask me that I need to have the  right privelage , but the problems is that I don't have the super user right to run it via sudo05:58
ziroday!grub | cactusfrog the first link05:59
ubottucactusfrog the first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:59
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: also just, because something is based on Ubuntu,  dosan't mean you  can get suppourt for it here05:59
COOLKID972oh im not05:59
zirodayshafi_: well if you need permissions but you don't have them there is nothing I can do sorry05:59
COOLKID972im just asking where the shut down button is05:59
cactusfrogziroday, thanks all check them out05:59
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: and for general Linux  stuff and that ##linux is good05:59
shafi_ziroday: sorry _ super user privelage, sorry for bad english05:59
COOLKID972i like linux yea06:00
shafi_ziroday: but its the matter of creating some simple directories06:00
zirodayshafi_: erm I don't follow you sorry. Do you have sudo privileges and do you need sudo/root privileges?06:00
Taruzplease, someone that knows how to install a sabrent usb tv tuner on ubuntu06:00
COOLKID972sebse how do you get ur nam in yellow like that where i can see you06:01
jeffsim new to linux... can any one help me with the jack connection kit?06:01
nanotubeCOOLKID972: including your name in the text makes it highlight.06:01
shafi_ziroday: I have the sudo privileges but I want this script to be run by some one else which he is a normal user, what can I do then?06:01
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: yellow that sounds like xchat,   red on Konversation what I am using :)06:01
duckwarscan ubuntu work with mac extended format drives?06:02
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: type the first  few letters of someones name and hit tab to autocomplete06:02
Scuniziyellow on irssi06:02
Scunizitheme dependant06:02
schwul1Scunizi: exactly how my screen is right now http://pastebin.ca/148038406:02
stroyanlight50:  If you can only find host1 with "ssh host1.local" or "host host1.local", then it seems that the /etc/resolv.conf file does not list "local" for either you domain or search list.  You could edit /etc/resolv.conf to add a search line.  But if you use dhcp you need to change the dhcp server or the /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file to make the change last.06:02
COOLKID972sebsebseb there06:02
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: your not auto completing I think06:03
dudebuntudoes ubuntu netbook remix have an irc channel06:03
COOLKID972sebsebseb there06:03
sebsebsebdudebuntu: yep this one06:03
Scunizischwul1: ok.. it suggests looking at the log. but at this point I'd google or check nvidia linux forum for more info.. I'm totally stuck06:03
legend2440Taruz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32451806:03
COOLKID972sebsebseb  i cant auto complet because it brings up 3 names06:03
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: I don't see a  , or  :   anyway off topic now06:03
duckwarscan ubuntu read and do everything with mac extended format drives?06:03
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: you can use the mouse to select mine06:04
nanotubeCOOLKID972: you have to type enough of the name to get a unique match.06:04
joejcis it possible to use the ubotu database with supybot?06:04
KB1JWQduckwars: News to me if it can; not a lot speaks HFS+06:04
schwul1Scunizi: yeah I've tried it, even poosted a thread on the nvidia forums no help yet06:04
light50thank you stroyan06:04
dudebuntuanyone tested upgrading in-place to 9.04 ubuntu netbook remix from dellbuntu 8.04 dvd?06:04
Taruzlegend2440: i read that, but i cant seem to find the drivers to get it to work06:04
Scunizischwul1: when you find the answer you might consider posting a solution to the ubuntu forums for others to find.. good luck06:04
Taruzi mean, i googled for a long time06:04
Taruzi installed mythtv,kdetv and some ohers06:05
duckwarsso I'm going to reformat this drive, what should I do it in if I want my ubuntu machine to read it easily?06:05
duckwarsNTFS is not a good idea?06:05
schwul1Scunizi: Alright, thanks for the help anyways.06:05
Scunizischwul1: np.. at least we tried :)..06:05
jahclinux newbie question: does "aptitude dist-upgrade" do a complete upgrade of all components on your system that have a newer version available? (hence the name?) it seems obvious, but I want to make sure I got that right first06:05
jahcI'm still learning bits and pieces06:05
jp79how do i install sis graphics drivers06:05
nanotubeduckwars: do you want /just/ ubuntu to read it? or also have it readable by some other operating systems?06:05
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: yeah the two usual ones that I never see type here, well maybe I did for one,   oh and loads of these people lurking in here right now,  should  probably have their computer turned off really, but they don't bother06:05
COOLKID972sebsebseb: there we go06:06
COOLKID972sebsebseb: thx guys06:06
duckwarswell... I think it would be nice to be able to be read by a lot of stuff, but if there is some advantage to it only being able to be used by ubuntu, then I could do that06:06
COOLKID972thx guys06:06
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: yep that's how to do it, and np06:06
COOLKID972sebsebseb: ARP poisioning06:06
duckwarsI'm trying to make my dad's 400mhz P2 into a server, connnected to a 1TB usb drive06:06
COOLKID972sebsebseb: cross site scripting06:06
COOLKID972sebsebseb: I take lots of interest in these06:06
COOLKID972sebsebseb: what is ur interest06:07
duckwarsalso, is there an easy command line to see the macaddress of my machine?06:07
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: oh this channel is only really meant to be Ubuntu suppourt,  other chat well  #ubuntu-offtopic or pm,  but I am going soon anyway so06:07
dudebuntuduckwars: if you are going to share the drive over the network, you should use an optimal filesystem type.06:07
duckwarsI plan on actually sharing it over the internet as well, but I'm guessing that means even more reason to make it an optimal filesystem06:08
duckwarsby optimal filesystem I assume you mean one that works ideally for ubuntu06:08
=== nabeel is now known as Guest40129
COOLKID972sebsebseb: oh ok lolol06:08
sebsebseb!ot |  COOLKID97206:08
dudebuntuduckwars: less, really, considering that local network traffic is more intensive.06:08
ubottuCOOLKID972: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:08
duckwarsoh, i see what you mean06:08
duckwarsthis will be used almost exclusively over the internet06:09
VashhhSo who's the skid?06:09
stroyanduckwars:  You can see the HWaddr of each interface in the output of "/sbin/ifconfig".06:09
VashhhWho wants to have their botnet jacked tonight?06:09
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: of course things go off topic in here every now and again, and sometimes it can be pretty interesting06:09
duckwarsI believe my brother told me 'X" format is native to unix06:09
duckwarsi don't know what HWaddr is06:09
VashhhWho's the skid? Huh?06:09
COOLKID972im sooo hungry06:09
VashhhWho's getting their botnet jacked tonight?06:09
nanotubeduckwars: set it to ext3, then, that should work well.06:10
nanotubeduckwars: also, to see macaddress, run "ifconfig", it will show you all your nics06:10
stroyanduckwars:  HWaddr is "the macaddress of my machine"06:10
lepineAnyone know when we can expect php 5.3?06:10
duckwarsnanotube: ext3 is a drive format?06:10
ganesh_in sound recorder volume level is very low..how can i record so that playback will be loud enough?06:10
sebsebsebCOOLKID972:  I am a bit as well,  anyway off topic :D06:10
nanotubeduckwars: yes, it's the default disk format that ubuntu uses06:10
COOLKID972im about to go to 7 evelen06:11
sebsebsebCOOLKID972: ok bye06:11
fsufitchwhen will the new firefox 3.0 release be included in the ubuntu packages?06:11
sebsebseb!ff35 |  fsufitch06:11
ubottufsufitch: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY06:11
duckwarsnanotube: okay thanks, do you think it would be a good idea to use my EXTREMELY old ubuntu machine to format the drive, or is there someway I can do it through my much faster mac?06:11
duckwarsstroyan: this may be stupid, but  wher eis the sbin folder?06:11
nanotubeduckwars: don't worry about it, and just let it format. :)06:11
COOLKID972not yet06:12
=== cactusfrog is now known as someguy
COOLKID972ill be on for a bit06:12
duckwarsohhh i see06:12
nanotubeduckwars: it's in root... but since /sbin is in the default path, you can just run "ifconfig" from the terminal, and it will run.06:12
KrYoGeNiCcan anyone help trying to install google earth did this in terminal:06:12
duckwarsi see the mac address06:12
fsufitchsebsebseb, thanks for answering despite me saying the wrong version :)06:12
stroyanduckwars:  The sbin folder is /sbin.  It is in /.06:12
KrYoGeNiCmark@ubuntu:~$ cd /home/mark/Desktop06:12
KrYoGeNiCmark@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin06:12
KrYoGeNiC[sudo] password for mark:06:12
KrYoGeNiCSorry, try again.06:12
KrYoGeNiC[sudo] password for mark:06:12
FloodBot3KrYoGeNiC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:12
=== [USA|01|P|89970] is now known as redskull
duckwarso i c06:12
sebsebsebfsufitch: np06:12
=== someguy is now known as unnamedplayer
Taruzdoes someone know of a better alternative to making your own driver for a tv tuner?06:13
nanotubefsufitch: you can also just grab the tar.gz from mozilla. or use the ubuntuzilla script that does that for you automatically.06:13
KrYoGeNiCi cant enter my password in the terminal to install google earth. help please!06:13
jabagaweeTaruz: getting a driver that someone else already wrote? what device we talking about here?06:13
koshariTaruz use a supported one?06:13
jabagaweeKrYoGeNiC: you type you password and hit enter. don't worry if it doesn't appear on screen.06:13
fsufitchnanotube, i have the firefox-3.5 package installed (i couldn't wait) but all the links i click in pidgin and such open in 3.0, since that's still the default firefox. i was wondering when 3.5 would become default06:13
Taruzits a driver for a trident master tm5600 tv tuner, also known as a sabrent tv tuner06:14
fsufitchnothing urgent :)06:14
sebsebsebnanotube: ubuntuzilla didn't know there was such a thing, and usually it's better to get stuff from the repo06:14
=== david__ is now known as noisymouse
jabagaweeKrYoGeNiC: the terminal automatically suppresses stdout when typing a password. just keep typing and press enter06:14
redskullwell somebodys ddosing my site and its got traced to this irc ...06:14
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, you need to be able to use root to install google earth. do you have sudo access?06:14
Taruzthe tv tuner works fine in XP but ubuntu doesnt seem to recognize it06:14
KrYoGeNiCumm im not sure im a noob06:14
noisymouseHi, how can I check what programs are using a certain device in Ubuntu?06:14
shafi_ziroday: better explanation of the problem: I have an installation script which needs the super user privelages , if I run it via sudo then it works fine, but if this script run by some normal users it complains for the permission, But I want all the users to be able to run this script with out any problem. how can I handle this?06:15
Dulakfsufitch: you can change your default url handler to 3.5 in System->Preferences->Preferred Applications06:15
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, in that case, try to type your password despite it not showing in the terminal06:15
duckwars_how can I make my ubuntu machine stop its gui and just come up with terminal?06:15
wolf23helpers, is there any good torrent program than ktorrent and fast?!06:15
duckwars_my computer has to think REALLY hard for the gui06:15
KrYoGeNiCwill do06:15
fsufitchDulak, awesome! thanks!06:15
nanotubesebsebseb: i just tried it, ubuntuzilla knows about ff 3.5. you must have tried it before the rc went to release.06:15
jabagaweefsufitch: now if he had only listened to me in the first place :P06:15
jose__I need get the timezone hour for an application made in Java06:15
jose__any thoughts ?06:15
jose__would be gladly appreciated !06:15
fsufitchjabagawee, if he's a noob, he doesnt know what stdout is methinks ;)06:15
noisymouseduckwars: well the server edition doesn't come with a gui06:15
sebsebsebnanotube: no I said I didn't even know about it06:15
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: says sorry try agian06:15
nanotubesebsebseb: aaah, ic :)06:16
duckwars_i don't have the server edition though....06:16
dragon_what's the command for getting a human readable date/time from a unix timestamp?06:16
dragon_give it a shot?06:16
jabagaweefsufitch: gah, silly me06:16
nanotubesebsebseb: well, it's there, and it works well. :) if i do say so myself. ;)06:16
cellofellowdragon_: man date06:16
zenlunaticwhats the name of the program in jaunty which does all the effects?  compiz fusion?06:16
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: says "[sudo] password for me06:16
sebsebsebnanotube: normalley better to use offical things for Ubuntu06:17
dragon_cellofellow: tried that06:17
nanotubedragon_: ehrm... "date" ?06:17
Taruzkoshari, jabagawee: any clues on the tv tuner thingie? i searched in the forums and all i found is a link to create my own driver06:17
Taruzand im like 50% noob06:17
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, then (assuming you typed your password right) you probably don't have administrator permissions. you'll need to get the administrator on the system to install google earth for you06:17
dragon_heh, i'm trying to figure out what arguments to give to `date`06:17
koshariTaruz linuxtv may be the place to look, you will need to know the chipset to see if its supported, i assume its a dvb-t device06:17
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: and where do i give myself admin rights06:17
jabagaweeTaruz: honestly no clue. tv tuners aren't my forte/expertise06:17
nanotubesebsebseb: oh yes, for sure. but just try and get anything besides ff 1.5 on dapper. :)06:18
sebsebsebnanotube: your on Dapper?06:18
duckwars_surely there must be a way to have ubuntu running without the gui going, right?06:18
nanotubedragon_: what exactly do you want your date string output to look like?06:18
dudebuntuTaruz: search the forums for Incorrectly Recognized saa7134 TV Tuner Cards06:18
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, is this your own computer? or, are you the only user?06:18
dragon_nanotube: any human readable form works06:18
nanotubesebsebseb: no, but there are people who are, and they appreciate an update :)06:18
sebsebseb!dapper |  nanotube06:19
ubottunanotube: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.06:19
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, i'm trying to figure out if you have admin privileges and sudo's just confusing you, or whether you don't have admin privileges06:19
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: on ubuntu yes on winows i have admin06:19
nanotubedragon_: the default output from date is this: "Wed Jul  1 01:20:48 EDT 2009"06:19
nanotubedragon_: that's pretty human readable, isn't it?06:19
noisymouseHow can I tell what program is using a particular device in /dev/?06:19
Taruzmany thanks dudebuntu, ill try that06:19
dragon_nanotube: yes, but that's the current date. i have a timestamp and would like to convert that to a human readable form...06:19
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, but on ubuntu you can install other programs using your normal password, right?06:19
Taruzthanks koshiri, jabagawee06:19
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, yes06:19
nanotubedragon_: ah ic06:19
dragon_nanotube: for example, 124641675006:20
AhornerI'm running a home server running Jaunty. It has Samba, a LAMP server, DNS, DHCP, Squid, Webmin, SSH, VNC, the works. I was wondering how I would go about setting up a custom dns error page that my network users would get redirected to when they search for an invalid domain. Something similar to http://guide.opendns.com/?url=drfsdgg.com. Thanks in advance.06:20
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, try running the command: sudo whoami06:20
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, actually, no, do: gksu whoami06:21
fsufitchit will prompt you for the password graphically that way06:21
=== ubuntu is now known as ba
sebsebsebnanotube: well I'll find out about that script anyway, so thanks in a way06:21
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, when it does, just give it your regular password that you use to log in06:22
nanotubedragon_: date can't do that. you might want to use python for that06:22
KrYoGeNiC fsufitch, asked for password to do admin tasks and i entered correctly and it mark@ubuntu:~$06:22
nanotubesebsebseb: np :) tell me if you have any suggestions :)06:22
fsufitchif that works, and "root" is printed out on the terminal, then try running: gksu sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin06:22
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, did it say "root" though?06:22
cellofellownanotube: actually, I've seen date do that but I forget how. Google will help, that's where I found it.06:22
=== ba is now known as ubuntu
cellofellowdragon_: ^^^^06:22
duckwars_i hate to ask this, but what is GNOME?06:22
KrYoGeNiC fsufitch, yes it did06:23
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, awesome06:23
dragon_nanotube: yes i had that feeling. i am able to do it in PHP but i love bash more than i love PHP ;)06:23
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, then just type: gksu sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin06:23
cellofellowduckwars: it's a suite of programs that provide things like the desktop, the menu, the taskbar, the file manager, and such as that.06:23
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, said it cant open06:23
schwul1Scunizi: my resolution is really low, what happened?06:23
duckwars_what is the default in ubunutu, because I had to specifically startup in GNOME as opposed to whatever else it is06:24
sebsebsebnanotube: oh it's on sourceforge :)06:24
cellofellowduckwars: and the window manager that lets you place windows on the screen, click buttons to control them. there's two options in window managers: metacity and compiz.06:24
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, could you copy the error?06:24
dragon_cellofellow: i'll google it again06:24
KrYoGeNiCmark@ubuntu:~$ gksu whoami06:24
KrYoGeNiCmark@ubuntu:~$ gksu sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin06:24
KrYoGeNiCsh:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Can't open GoogleEarthLinux.bin06:24
KrYoGeNiC                                                                                                                                                                                                                               mark@ubuntu:~$06:24
FloodBot3KrYoGeNiC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
pheonixdoes any one know about ipmsg used in ubuntu06:24
cellofellowduckwars_: there's KDE, but that's Kubuntu, and XFCE for Xubuntu.06:24
dudebuntuAhorner: tell your users to go to about:config, keyword.url , and change that to http://www.google.com/search?q= because putting up one of those search results stealing pages like opendns does is plain evil.06:24
nanotubesebsebseb: yea, sf ftw. :)06:24
koshariKrYoGeNiC why donty you use the medibuntu repo version06:24
dragon_!pastebin > KrYoGeNiC06:24
ubottuKrYoGeNiC, please see my private message06:24
cellofellowduckwars_: they do the same thing (provide a full-featured desktop) but in different ways.06:24
sebsebsebnanotube: well the wiki for it is, didn't know sf had wikis06:25
duckwars_ahhhh, ok06:25
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, actually, using the medibuntu version would probably be smarter, since it's specially made to run better on ubuntu06:25
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, koshari is right06:25
ubuntuHi everybody06:25
pheonixcan any one help06:25
KrYoGeNiCsrry all im kinda of a noob06:25
=== ubuntu is now known as norbert
sebsebsebnanotube: anyway  time to end  the  off topic,  and  I am going soon, so bye06:25
nanotubesebsebseb: they've actually added a lot of cool stuff on sf, since they migrated to a new datacenter. they now allow a bunch of hosted apps on the project space. if you do any foss development, you should check them out. :)06:25
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, it's all good :) it's why you get help06:26
nanotubesebsebseb: i should get some sleep myself... :) ttyl.06:26
cellofellowduckwars_: like GNOME, XFCE is built on the GTK+ graphical widget toolkit (a system for writing graphical programs). KDE, on the other hand, uses Nokia/TrollTech's Qt.06:26
sebsebsebnanotube: I have known about sf and freshmeat for a few years now or something06:26
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, thanx but where or how do i medibuntu06:26
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, do you need help enabling the medibuntu repositories? i can guide you through it06:26
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, yes06:26
duckwars_is there any easy vnc server program I can get?06:26
duckwars_cellofellow: thanks for the info06:27
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, actually, this explains it better than i could ever explain it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:27
=== jp is now known as Guest72298
nanotubeduckwars_: open up synaptic and search for "vnc" by name, you'll find a few.06:27
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, just copypaste the horrendously long command for "Any Ubuntu Release and keyring" into your terminal and hit enter06:27
joejcwhy arnt i banned?06:27
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, will read and i will get back to let u kno if it went through. thanx for the help06:27
cellofellowduckwars_: dunno what "easy" means, but there are xvncserver, tightvnc, and a few others. Also FreeNX is a good alternative to VNC.06:27
koshariKrYoGeNiC http://www.medibuntu.org/06:27
duckwars_what is synaptic?06:28
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, that will enable medibuntu06:28
pheonixhello, anyone out there to help?06:28
joejcwhy didnt i remove this from auto join?06:28
joejcwhy am i here??06:28
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, once it's enabled, run the command: sudo apt-get install googleearth06:28
sebsebsebnanotube: one day I might do some FOSS Dev06:28
Taruzask your question pheonix, if anyone can help you they will answer06:28
joejccan i get re banned?06:28
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch, will do brb06:28
joejcu banned me for no reason before this time i want it06:29
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, ok i'll be around06:29
cellofellow!ops | joejc06:29
pheonixi have asked my question, anyways is there any tool like ipmsg in ubuntu06:29
ubottujoejc: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:29
dragon_nanotube, cellofellow: i figured out that date issue: `date -d @1246416750`06:29
nanotubesebsebseb: every day is a good day for foss dev :)06:29
schwul1why is is that when I stopped gmd, my screen turned black o_O?06:29
cellofellowdragon_: there we go. That looks good.06:30
sebsebsebnanotube: well got to know the language it's written in well enough first,  that's the thing,  and  it takes time to learn stuff like that06:30
COOLKID972phenox what is ipmsg?06:30
COOLKID972you mean like ping commands?06:30
Ahornerdudebuntu: Well, I was thinking something more like a personalized page hosted locally on the server.06:30
* cellofellow thinks the use of ticks to measure time is quite funny, actually.06:30
Savai'm trying to get Desktop Effects to work with Dual Monitor. Google returns osmething with GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE being smaller than the value I have in xorg.conf. Anybody knows what should i do?06:30
nanotubedragon_: hey, thanks for sharing that, that does work. nowhere documented in 'man date', but it works. :)06:31
=== traemccombs1 is now known as traemccombs
=== joey is now known as Guest32873
pheonixipmsg is a tool in which you can view all the users in your lan06:31
pheonixits very popular in windows06:31
nanotubesebsebseb: you write your stuff in whatever language you know and like. unless you join an existing project, in which case yea. :)06:31
COOLKID972ohhh i c06:31
duckwars_how do i get synaptic?06:31
programblepooka pooka06:31
Savai'm trying to get Desktop Effects to work with Dual Monitor. Google returns osmething with GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE being smaller than the value I have in xorg.conf. Anybody knows what should i do?06:32
COOLKID972im trying to think06:32
COOLKID972i know what u are talking about06:32
nanotubeduckwars_: that should be somewhere under system> administration06:32
COOLKID972you are talking about something like cain and abel06:32
sircrazyhey guys. is it possible to put ubottos brain in a supybot?06:32
jayproi need to install sis driver. im in the middle of reconfiguring the xserver, but i was asked a question about the kernal framebuffer device interface.  what is that?06:32
pheonixi am not really sure06:32
jussi01sircrazy: yes... ubottu is a supybot06:32
duckwars_thanks much nanotube06:32
nanotubeSava: why is google returning anything about your xorg? what does your xorg return? :)06:32
nanotubeduckwars_: :)06:32
programbleallo ubuntu woth no codecs and preloaded flash and java and mint tools06:33
sircrazyjussi01: thanks06:33
Savananotube, i googled "Desktop effects + Dual monitors", and few of the results mention about that :)06:33
jussi01sircrazy: further bot questions you can ask in #ubuntu-bots06:33
COOLKID972pheonix are you looking for something to check your network traffic06:33
cellofellowSava: if you're getting that error message then worry about it. Otherwise don't.06:33
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: wow its installing now thanx. do u reccomend and place where i can learn the commands. i wanted to learn linux to make modding of my g1 easier as it is based off a linux kernal. i have root access on it06:33
Savait's about the TEXTURE value is lower than what my "xrandr -q" returns06:33
programbleso how is ubuntu with no codecs and preloaded flash and java and mint tools?06:33
pheonixCoolKid: ya06:34
nanotubeSava: yea, but what happens when you actually do try to enable desktop effects with dual monitor? works, no? any errors?06:34
Savait's not the error i'm getting, it's just that desktop effects not working when i hook up my external monitor06:34
COOLKID972theres wireshark06:34
cellofellowdual monitors works fine for me when I use nvidia-settings. My chip (geforce go 6100) doesn't support xrandr I'm afraid.06:34
Dreamglideri have a problem with xd-picture card and Ubuntu 8.10/kernel2.6.27.i can not get it mounted nor seen.06:34
programbleso how is ubuntu with no codecs and preloaded flash and java and mint tools?06:34
dragon_!repeat | programble06:34
ubottuprogramble: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:34
legend2440pheonix: check out   xipmsg  its in synaptic06:34
Savait won't enable it when dual monitor06:34
dragon_!troll | programble06:34
ubottuprogramble: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel06:34
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, i really have no idea where you can learn your way around linux. the way i did it is just "accidentally" wipe out windows when i installed linux on my computer, then was too lazy to fix windows, so i forced myself to learn06:35
Savasays it can't, then back to "None"06:35
programbleis not trolling06:35
sebsebsebprogramble: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:35
duckwars_does the terminal in OS x have ipmsg06:35
programblesebsebseb: what is?06:35
duckwars_when i type ipmsg it says command not found06:35
sebsebseb!restricted |  programble06:35
pheonixlegend2440: i have tried using it, but it doesnot have the facility to send and receive files06:35
ubottuprogramble: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:35
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, ive found this #ubuntu channel and the ubuntu forums very useful though06:35
nanotubeSava: how much video ram do you have, and what is the total resolution of your two desktops?06:35
programblesebsebseb: LM FTW06:36
sebsebseb!terminal |  programble06:36
ubottuprogramble: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:36
sebsebsebprogramble: what's  LM?06:36
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: haha i c maybe i should go the same route. k i gess i will kep surfing the forms and documentation06:36
=== [1]Sergeant_Pony is now known as Sergeant_Pony2
sebsebsebprogramble: oh Linux Mint06:36
programblesebsebseb: i know CLI you person who think im stupid06:36
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, good luck! and remember there's no such thing as a question too stupid or newbie that you shouldn't ask it :)06:36
Savananotube: video takes about 512Mb of my 4GB, the max resolution from "xrandr -q" is 2560 x 102406:36
sebsebseb!ops |  programble06:36
ubottuprogramble: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:37
dragon_sebsebseb: what's FTW?06:37
dragon_sebsebseb: thanks.06:37
jussi01programble: please keep to the topic of the channel06:37
programbleFor The Win06:37
nanotubeSava: what is the actual physical video memory that's on your graphics card?06:37
cellofellowprogramble: I'm using mint, and I suggest you try asking on the #linuxmint channel on irc.spotchat.org06:37
elkyprogramble, please /msg ubottu guidelines and read what it tells you to06:37
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: thanx for all ur help and patience i appreciate it06:37
redsoxkingubottu, best video editing for ubuntu?06:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:37
dragon_programble: do you have a question?06:37
programblecellofellow: im not asking a question06:37
duckwars_ubottu, best vnc server06:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about best vnc server06:37
dragon_there we go.06:38
programbleim here to help06:38
duckwars_ubottu, vnc06:38
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX06:38
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, i do what i can to be a part of the community :) enjoy ubuntu!06:38
jayproi tried to follow this thread, "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=450176", and typed "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg", only to be asked about my keyboard, and not my video card.  what can i do to configure video card with sis drivers06:38
Savananotube .... im not sure. it's a ATI X310006:38
bullgard4/lib/modules/ shows on 3 different Ubuntu computers 3 (but different) module directories. Does Ubuntu erase automatically all older module directories if there are > 3 and Update Manager installs a new kernel? May I delete all older module directories in /lib/modules if I just would like to use just 1 kernel (the newest)?06:38
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: i am enjoying it as we speak so much to learn. thanx agian good night all06:38
redsoxkingbest video editing software? ANYONE06:39
cellofellowbullgard4: my /lib/modules directory gets quite crowded with old kernel versions eventually.06:39
nanotubeSava: there's no such thing... there's an intel x3100 though. is that it?06:39
cellofellowredsoxking: while not particularly full-featured or pretty, openmovieeditor is nice.06:39
Savathis is what i get checking the glxinfo  glxinfo -l | grep GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE06:39
Sava    GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 204806:39
cellofellowredsoxking: if you can get it to work, PiTiVi.06:39
Savaoh yeah nanotube, lolz sorry06:39
SavaIntel , not ATI06:39
dudebunturedsoxking: I dunno about "best." I like cinelerra.06:39
jussi01!info kdenlive | redsoxking06:40
ubotturedsoxking: kdenlive (source: kdenlive): a non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.3-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 1285 kB, installed size 3940 kB06:40
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: o one more thing the instalation is done and i came to a config google earth message it says ok at the bottom and i cant clink it mind u this is all in terminal06:40
bullgard4cellofellow: And do you need them all?06:40
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, hit enter :)06:40
cellofellowbullgard4: no, you don't need more than one kernel, as only one runs at a time.06:40
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: lol i did nothing happened06:40
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, i dont remember how the google earth installer works, but if enter doesn't work, hit tab until the ok button is selected, then hit enter06:40
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: BINGO!06:41
jayproi tried to follow this thread, "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=450176", and typed "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg", only to be asked about my keyboard, and not my video card.  what can i do to configure video card with sis drivers??06:41
Savais there an mIRC-look-like client for Ubuntu? i'm having a hard time reading this within Xchat06:41
cellofellowbullgard4: search in synaptic or aptitude for 'linux-' and remove any linux-*-modules packages that aren't the current version. *Bing*, clean /lib/modules dir.06:41
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, :)06:41
redsoxkingThnx everyone06:41
cellofellowbullgard4: of course some dkms modules like nvidia or virtualbox might not be cleaned with that.06:41
nanotubeSava: hmm, well, i'm not sure if what i was thinking can be the case. for me, my vid card with 64m of ram just doesn't have enough ram to support the resolution of two monitors, i was thinking maybe it's a similar case for you... but it appears that the x3100 can address a decent chunk of ram...06:42
nanotubeso, you should look in your system log in xorg.log, and see if you see anything there, as far as errors, and then google for those specifically.06:42
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: once again thanx for the patience i like the comradeship of the community:-D06:42
dudebuntuSava: KSirc sort of looks like mIRC06:42
cellofellowjaypro: well, X.org has so much auto-conf stuff it will run without the xorg.conf at all, which is what reconfiguring xserver-xorg messes with. So, it's unnecessary.06:42
fsufitchKrYoGeNiC, no problem! seriously!06:43
* cellofellow likes xchat06:43
yesitisjustmewhen trying to install googleearth it freezes and turns black anyone know what could be the problem?06:43
KrYoGeNiCfsufitch: have a good rest of ur day06:43
KGodwinSava: If coloring is the issue...you can just theme XChat.06:43
Savaalso, you know if u wanna magnify any viewing, you can Ctrl + or Ctrl - n stuffs? It doesn't work when i'm dual-monotiring as well06:43
Savawould it have to do with this desktop effect thing as well?06:43
cellofellowyesitisjustme: could you run it from the terminal to see any error messages?06:43
Savawhen dualmotnitoring, i don't see few options in Keyboard Shortcuts06:43
cellofellowSava: so, what is it? Compiz crashing when you add the second monitor?06:44
Savathanks dudebuntu, KGodwin06:44
bullgard4cellofellow: I have deleted all old kernels using Synaptic and deinstalling the image DEB (for example linux-image-2.6.20-16-generic). Still with me there are two unnecessary module directories below /lib/modules/. Why?06:44
yesitisjustmeok will try form terminal06:44
Savacellofellow: no, it just won't let me enable desktop effet06:44
klenixWhat is ubuntu application for accessing cellphone file system.06:44
cellofellowSava: so Compiz won't start. In a terminal, type `compiz --replace` and see what it says.06:44
Savais there anything i need to backup before running that?06:45
cellofellowbullgard4: um, it'll be linux-modules-2.6.20-16-generic you want to remove for the /lib/modules.06:45
COOLKID972where is the shutdown button06:45
nanotubeSava: from here: http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=6871 it seems that total resolution has to be less than 2048x2048 for compiz to work06:45
cellofellowSava: no, it just tries to enable the desktop effects.06:45
nanotube(same limitation that i had on my card)06:45
nanotubeSava: so... try reducing resolution06:45
Taruzjust so you guys know, im downloading mythtv, apparently it will work if my card is connected, its a 138mb download so it will be a while for me, thanks for all your help06:45
PyChildplease help connecting from ubuntu (8.10) to windows xp, I've read the guides and generaly failed, I'm afraid I need a little hand holding, already installed samba samba-client smbclient and smbfs in nautilus smb://windows-ip does not work, help06:45
dragon_COOLKID972: behind the keyboard?06:46
duckwars_is there anyway to get a mac to format a harddrive to ext3?06:46
cellofellowbullgard4: well, what's in those dirs? and have you tried purging the packages instead of just removing?06:46
* cellofellow h8s smb06:46
Savacellofellow: here's what i get: Comparing resolution (2560x1024) to maximum 3D texture size (2048): Failed.06:46
Savaaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity06:46
bullgard4cellofellow: I do not know what your interjection "um" means. --  Yes, I purged instead of just removing.06:46
dragon_duckwars_: use a bootable Ubuntu CD?06:46
Savananotube: ... i was hoping for a better solution06:47
dragon_PyChild: did you look at the samba guides?06:47
dragon_!samba | PyChild06:47
ubottuPyChild: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:47
duckwars_well I have a 400mhz P2 computer with ubuntu, I'm just afraid it formating a TB usb drive will take an infinite amount of time06:47
nanotubeSava: heh, well... it's what i've got. maybe someone will find something better, but... hardware limitations are difficult to overcome :)06:47
cellofellowbullgard4: well, look in those directories, and use `dpkg -S /lib/modules/path` to find out which (if any) package provides that file.06:47
cellofellowbullgard4: if no package does, just rm them.06:47
jayprocellofellow hrmm... well my issue is that i was running 8.04 and the graphics was working just fine. i recently installed 9.04, and now the graphics appears to be a bit choppy06:48
nanotubeduckwars_: it doesn't take that long... the biggest bottleneck is usually disk speed, rather than cpu speed...06:48
PyChilddragon_: did so, doing so again to confirm and not waste your time06:48
nanotubeeither way, you coul dalways just leave it running and go to sleep. :)06:48
Savananotube: no of course :) thanks alot for the help, i really appreciate it06:48
duckwars_thank you nanotube06:48
cellofellowjaypro: I've heard of performance issues with some Intel and ATI chips, but as I have an nvidia I don't know what to say.06:48
nanotubeduckwars_: or... try booting mac off an ubuntu livecd, like dragon_ suggested, then format the drive from there.06:48
nanotubeSava: sorry :|06:49
MaKsawI can't make my wireless connection on with jaunty. I have a ASUS laptop with Atheros card06:49
duckwars_my os x is very particularly, when I keep an ubuntu cd on there and try holding down alt when I restart, the ubuntu cd only shows up like 1 out of 10 times06:49
cellofellowbullgard4: how's it coming?06:49
duckwars_my disk drive is goofy or sumfin06:49
jayprocellofellow ahh okay. just kind of irritating.  almost makes me want to go back to 8.0406:50
dudebuntuduckwars: and no, you can't format ext3 or xfs or any of that in OS X, but you could just boot the mac with a linux livedisk and format it then06:50
dragon_!wifi | MaKsaw06:50
ubottuMaKsaw: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:50
cellofellowjaypro: there's been a ton of changes to X11 that some of the drivers haven't quite caught up with yet, or so I'm led to believe.06:50
dudebuntuduckwars: well, "can't" more easily than boot disk method06:51
MaKsawplease help me to setup wireless on jaunty06:51
jayprocellofellow okay coo... thanks for the info06:52
duckwars_also, are usb 2.0 compatible with usb 1 computer?06:52
duckwars_will it just go slower?06:52
COOLKID972anyone else using backtrack06:52
MaKsawubottu: thanx. I'll try it06:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:52
cellofellowduckwars_: most of the time, yes.06:52
PyChilddragon_: no help, first guide assumes I can access the server, second one only talks about setting up a share, I want to access one06:52
=== mauricio is now known as Guest78476
dudebuntuduckwars: honestly the power this p2 will take to run will cost more than acquiring a low-wattage server computer that does have things such as usb 206:53
jeffshi, does any one here use the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT prog?06:53
cellofellowPyChild: do you have a firewall?06:53
nanotubePyChild: i find the most trouble-free way to connect two computers is ssh06:53
cellofellowjeffs: used it once or twice. what's up?06:53
duckwars_dudebuntu: you're probably right, but before I put down $$$ I wanna play with this free computer06:53
bishophey bob306:53
duckwars_also my parents pay for electricity06:53
nanotubeduckwars_: haha06:54
jeffsI cant get it to act right with my usb audio hardware06:54
Naddixquick question, has anyone tried network sharing through network nanager in iprv4 settings06:54
PyChildcellofellow: no firewall also my 2wire modem doesn't use a firewall as AFAIK06:54
duckwars_I really wanna get a fitPC206:54
dragon_PyChild: since you're connecting from ubuntu to XP, server is already there.06:54
cellofellownanotube: agreed, though ftp isn't bad either. Either one can be set up to broadcast with dns-sd and then they just appear in network://.06:54
dragon_PyChild: for client side, try "Places > Connect to server.."06:55
bullgard4cellofellow: "if no package does, just rm them." <- I have done so. Hopefully I will not regret what I have done.06:55
cellofellowPyChild: I used to never be able to connect to SMB networks cause I had ufw enabled and it blocked NETBIOS traffic.06:55
PyChilddragon_: smb://windows-ip does not work06:55
jeffsmy (m-audio quattro) usb sound card works with ubuntu, but the sound pops and cracks when using jack audio connection kit06:55
cellofellowbullgard4: as long as linux-modules-`uname -r` is installed you'll be good.06:55
PyChildcellofellow: ufw? longer googleable string please?06:55
Flannel!ufw | PyChild06:56
ubottuPyChild: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist06:56
FlannelPyChild: first link there06:56
cellofellowPyChild: the uncomplicated firewall. If you don't know what it is then you're ok, as it's not enabled by default and is mostly a server tool.06:56
bullgard4cellofellow: Thank you for your help.06:56
cellofellowbullgard4: you're welcome.06:56
duckwars_what terminal command can I use to see all the computers on my network and their IP's?06:56
dudebuntuthird google result for ufw is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFirewall for me06:57
PyChildcellofellow: I'd remember setting that up06:57
cellofellowPyChild: that's your problem.06:57
nanotubeduckwars_: nmap06:57
jeffsim new to linux. I wanted to set it up for my home studio, but cant get jack audio connection kit to work with my m-audio usb sound card properly06:57
bishopleaving...goodnight all06:57
MaKsawI heard that jaunty wireless works perfect out of the box06:57
duckwars_nanotube: doesn't seem to work in OS X terminal06:57
PyChildcellofellow: I meant I didn't06:57
cellofellowPyChild: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80600006:57
cellofellowoh, ok06:57
nanotubeduckwars_: probably not installed by default06:58
cellofellownvm then06:58
causasuiHas anyone successfully gotten Ekiga to work with Pulse Audio? How?06:58
PyChildcellofellow, thx will do06:58
Wzcocoon_hi every body06:58
PyChilduhm, hi06:58
duckwars_how can I install it?06:58
nanotubeduckwars_: it's not even installed by default in ubuntu :)06:58
nanotubeduckwars_: sudo apt-get install nmap?06:58
duckwars_i can't sudo, os x doesn't allow it06:58
* cellofellow <3 nmap06:58
nanotubeduckwars_: well, i don't know the first thing about osx :)06:58
causasuiosx? you are in the wrong channel06:58
causasuiQuestion: Has anyone successfully gotten Ekiga to work with Pulse Audio? How?06:58
nanotubebut if you google for "nmap" youll find their website, and i bet they have  installers for mac06:58
duckwars_lol, I know06:58
cellofellowPyChild: hey, maybe nmap can help. Install it and run `nmap -T Aggressive windows-ip`06:59
PyChildufw status is not loaded06:59
PyChildwill do06:59
nanotubecellofellow: nmap can always help. :)06:59
nanotubecellofellow: or at worst, can't hurt ;)07:00
jeevesFlannel, are you in here tonight?07:00
MaKsawMy wireless driver is ok. But It seems like not switching on the device . LED just gets on and gets off with a flash. My wireless card works well with Hardy. Any help?07:00
cellofellowwell, if you've got someone snooping the network and they see your scan they can get a bit TOd.07:00
Wzcocoon_I need some help with upgrading my distro I run 8.04.2 but for some raison when I try to do sudo apt-get upgrade & apt-get dist-upgrade it tells me that all is good and that I do not have to upgrade I do not know why?07:00
duckwars_well thanks everyone07:00
duckwars_i'm gonna keep playing with this07:00
cellofellowWzcocoon_: did you fix edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file?07:01
xivenHey all07:01
xivenI've been having a problem with my wireless being slow..need a tip on fixing it07:01
nanotubeWzcocoon_: as i recall, you may have to go to synaptic preferences and turn on update notifications for non-lts releases. by default hardy is set to only suggest updates to other lts releases.07:01
nanotubeWzcocoon_: at least that's what i remember about hardy...  don't actually run it now, so can't check.07:02
legend2440nvidia > me07:02
MaKsawanyone knows away to switch on the wireless card through command prompt?07:02
legend2440!nvidia > me07:02
ubottulegend2440, please see my private message07:02
Wzcocoon_and how do you do that?07:02
dudebuntunanotube: you are correct about the update suggestions07:02
cellofellowMaKsaw: not using NetworkManager.07:02
cellofellowPyChild: any luck? Ports 139 and maybe 445 should be open.07:03
MaKsawcellofellow: what did u mean?07:03
PyChildcellofellow: nmap says:  Host seems down. try -PN. But I can access it from another windows pc! trying with -PN returns Failed to resolve given hostname/IP, confirming IP and networkaccess from second xwindows machine07:03
nanotubedudebuntu: cool, thanks for the confirmation :) feels nice to be correct about something once in a while :P07:03
cellofellowPyChild: weird07:03
nanotubeWzcocoon_: open synaptic package manager. it's somewhere under system > administration07:03
antlerwhich file do i need to modify in order to blacklist a module?07:04
dudebuntunanotube: usually when I guess, I remembering how things were in redhat 407:04
cellofellownanotube: what's it mean when Windows can ping a box but Linux can't?07:04
cellofellowPyChild: only thing I can think of is some kind of firewall or misconfigured router maybe between the boxes.07:04
bullgard4[Ubuntu 9.04] I am running a sound application all right. How can I determine if it is using PulseAudio or not?07:05
xivencellofellow> What can be done about a slow wireless connection? It only happens on linux...07:05
MaKsawcellofellow: My network manager is OK07:05
duckwarswhat was that sudo command to get nmap?07:05
bullgard4xiven: First you will have to observe more carefully what exactly is slow and report that precisely here.07:06
cellofellowbullgard4: open the pulseaudio volume controller (pavucontroller).07:06
nanotubecellofellow: hmm, a firewall on the linux comp would be my guess. PyChild: try running "sudo iptables --list -v" and see if there are any firewall rules in there. pastebin them if there are...07:06
nanotubeduckwars: sudo apt-get install nmap07:06
nanotubedudebuntu: haha my first rh was 6. but my first freebsd was 2.2.8 ;)07:07
duckwarsthanks again07:07
cellofellowMy first *nix anything was Kubuntu Dapper.07:07
nanotubeduckwars: np :)07:07
cynWow. Only 1284 users on this channel.07:08
nanotubecellofellow: a good one to start with. my first *buntu was breezy. ;)07:08
dethrayLooks like ff 3.5 was built.. :D07:08
dudebuntuI wish I had started with something as sophisticated as ubuntu dapper07:08
PyChildcellofellow: confirmed access by name AND ip from second windows machine (laptop), nmap at problematic windows machine (desktop) still fails to resolve07:09
PyChildcellofellow: windows hates linux I know07:09
cellofellowPyChild: can you ping and/or scan this second windows box from linux?07:09
PyChildcellofello: will try...07:09
cellofellowPyChild: better idea. What's your IP address and subnet mask?07:11
nanotubePyChild: also try the iptables list.07:11
alkasmolikhey everyone07:11
dragon_PyChild: are you able to ping?07:11
duckwarshow do I use nmap to see the computers on my network?07:11
alkasmoliki want to install firefox 3.5,  how can i update my current firefox with it?07:12
nanotubeduckwars: "man nmap" for usage details ;)07:12
louie_do u have a serial terminal emulator?07:12
cellofellowduckwars: there's a lot of ways07:12
legend2440antler: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16662407:12
dragon_!ff3.5 | alkasmolik07:12
ubottualkasmolik: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY07:12
cellofellowduckwars: on my network, nmap -sP will ping my entire LAN.07:12
alkasmolikokay so dont bother til its ready07:12
alkasmolikand its not07:12
louie_do u have a serial terminal emulator?07:12
cellofellowduckwars: which shows one router, one server, a laptop, and a desktop running.07:13
louie_do u have a serial terminal emulator?07:13
louie_do u have a serial terminal emulator?07:13
bullgard4cellofellow: This works great! Thank you for your advice.07:13
cellofellowbullgard4: :D glad you like it.07:13
duckwarsis there someway to get through this manual faster than a line at a time?07:14
dragon_!repeat > louie_07:14
ubottulouie_, please see my private message07:14
zirodayduckwars: page down key?07:14
cellofellowbullgard4: you can also use padevchooser (a system tray applet) to launch various PulseAudio GUI tools and choose soundcards (I have a USB headset so that comes in handy).07:14
antlerlegend2440: oh, ok: a directory with a file for every blacklisted mod07:14
zirodayduckwars: or press / and then enter the word you are looking for07:14
duckwarsnow i've gotten to the end and it just beeps at me07:15
cellofellowduckwars: also I think PgUp/PgDn work as expected.07:15
duckwarsi tried ctrl-c07:15
duckwarsto no avail07:15
cellofellowduckwars: q07:15
nanotubeduckwars: space pages down. q07:15
antlerlegend2440: thank you :)07:15
nanotubeduckwars: try "man man" :)07:15
cellofellowduckwars: it's just the `less` pager that displays the manpages.07:15
legend2440antler: what module are you blacklisting?07:16
PyChildcellofellow; cannot contact laptop from either machine, neither by name or ip, looking up subnet mask in ubuntu07:16
yesitisjustmegoogleearth install ok but when i try to run i see the planet spinning and stuff and then it freezes and turns black it says out of range 85.2k 106hz so i am forced to reboot07:16
cellofellowPyChild: right-click the network manager applet and see the Connection Information.07:16
dragon_yesitisjustme: are you using compiz?07:16
ActionParsnipyesitisjustme: use ctrl+alt+prntscn+k instead07:17
antlerlegend2440: any module i don't want loaded, e.g., pcspkr07:17
|Zippo|is there any repo for eclipse 3.5?07:17
PyChildcellofellow: subnet mask
cellofellow255.255.255.255? that can't be right07:17
cellofellow255.255.255.0 maybe.07:17
yossarianhey peeps07:17
nanotubecellofellow: should be
yossariani'm having nightmares with ubuntu again07:18
nanotubecellofellow: ehr, that was to pychild. :)07:18
ActionParsnipcellofellow: its not, class D isnt used, its a broadcast mask07:18
legend2440antler: oh ok    yes  the instructions in that forum post should work07:18
yossariani can't set my monitor refresh rate to 85, which is absolutely supported. i'm running latest nvidia drivers. can anyone help?07:18
yossariani tried editing the xconf file to no avail07:18
PyChildcellofellow: my mistake its
cellofellowPyChild: ok, that's better.07:18
cellofellowPyChild: and your IP?07:18
intangirwhy doesnt ctrl-alt-backspace work anymore. and how do i turn it back on.. (and whos retarded idea was it to disable it..)07:19
Flannel!dontzap | intangir07:19
ubottuintangir: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.07:19
wolf23helpers, is there any good torrent program than ktorrent and fast?!!07:19
* cellofellow is glad Mint has dontzap enabled by default.07:19
cellofellowor disabled07:20
ActionParsnipintangir: apparently, people were pressing it y accident...its fine worked for years before though07:20
ziroday!bittorrent > wolf2307:20
ubottuwolf23, please see my private message07:20
cellofellowPyChild: what's your IP?07:20
cellofellowPyChild: not your public IP, your lan IP.07:20
cellofellowis that a public IP?07:20
yossarianplease peeps, could anyone help? :(07:20
cellofellowPyChild: do you have not NAT/Masquerade between you and the Internet?07:21
PyChildcellofellow: not sure07:21
dibblegowhat does one have to do to use a mass storage device with 9.04?07:21
Gun_Smokeplug it in?07:22
andenwyossarian: Have you looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution ?07:22
cellofellowLooks like you're got yourself a Class B subnet.07:22
legend2440yossarian: did you try setting it in   nvidia-settings07:22
yossarianyes i tried07:22
cellofellowPyChild: to ping your whole subnet you can do `nmap -sP'07:22
yossarianthe desired refresh rate does not appear even after editing xconf07:22
dibblegoI've tried on two different machines to just "plug it in" and on each occasion it was not recognised -- however, earlier versions of ubuntu on the same machines recognise it just fine07:22
jmp_hi, to everybody I'm developing a web site with vim07:22
yossarianassuming that i edited it right07:23
Gun_Smokejmp_: cool.07:23
jmp_and I wonder if it the right editor07:23
PyChildcellofellow: Nmap done: 4 IP addresses (1 host up) scanned in 0.280 seconds07:23
Gun_Smokejmp_: I do everything with vim..07:23
cellofellowPyChild: what's the infamous "windows-ip" address?07:23
legend2440yossarian: how did you determine what refresh rate is set at now?07:23
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
yossariani looked in the monitor menu07:24
yossarianand nvidia-settings shows too07:24
cellofellowPyChild: ding! here's the problem.07:24
Gun_Smokejmp_: install vim-full07:24
PyChildcellofellow: laptop is
cellofellowPyChild: your Linux box is on a completely different network than your Windows box. No wonder you can't access it.07:24
jmp_but it's very hard when you got the habit of wyiswyg07:24
jmp_ok I'll07:24
cellofellowPyChild: your Linux box should have an IP of 192.168.1.* and a subnet mask of
Gun_Smokeand turn on syntax highlighting07:25
Gun_Smokejmp_: &^^07:25
legend2440yossarian: what does it say its set to?07:25
PyChildcellofellow: *cries* thanks so I was't having delusions, I do have a problem07:25
jmp_what difference between vim and the full one07:25
PyChildhow can I fix this?07:25
Gun_Smokevim-tiny is just that jmp_ tiny.07:26
cellofellowI don't really know. How is your linux box connected to the network?07:26
Flanneljmp_: You want "vim" for the regular CLI one, "vim-full" includes gvim, etc.07:26
jmp_ok got it07:26
PyChildcellofellow:via home router07:26
cellofellowPyChild: wired, wireless?07:27
jmp_but sometimes I wonder why vim and not bluefish or others soft07:27
PyChildcellofellow: desktops wired, laptop wireless07:27
jmp_more easy07:27
cellofellowPyChild: linux desktop, is it using DHCP for IP address assignment or a manual IP?07:27
PyChildcellofellow: DHCP07:28
techlobyte1I'm impressed with Ubuntu, nice07:28
cellofellowPyChild: 0_o07:28
lepineis there a way the `at` command can be used to launch X based applications?07:28
lepinei'm trying to launch totem with a playlist ... but it never starts ...07:28
lepineany ideas?07:28
cellofellowPyChild: the same DHCP that the Windows boxen are using?07:28
PyChildcellofellow: can't know, if the winboxen are using the router's dhcp then yes07:29
PyChildcellofellow: My guesss is they are07:29
techlobyte1lepine, sometimes it can't open the playlist so it won't play anything07:29
poocornerchello all07:29
jmp_Gone_smoke : are u sure you do all with vim07:29
techlobyte1lepine, try doubleclicking the first07:29
paintedhey folks, i'm using smplayer and i get slightly visible horizontal tears when there's a lot of action on the video, can anyone help?  I really love ubuntu but not if i can't play video right... :(07:29
lepinetechlobyte1: ah, hadnt thought of the path to the playlist ... perhaps at executes from / as cwd07:30
poocornerpainted: i get the same thing as well07:30
poocornerpainted: what care are you running/07:30
paintedwhat do you mean by care?07:30
poocornerpainted: card07:30
paintedgtx 28007:30
lepinetechlobyte1: actually ... i tried redirecting output in the at command ...07:30
cellofellowPyChild: well, maybe disconnecting and reconnecting will straighten the IP address out. If the DHCP doesn't work out, right click the NetworkManager applet, go to Edit Connections, choose your network interface and set it to a manual IP in the range with the subnet mask and the DNS server your routers IP.07:31
lepineand i'm getting 'cannot open display' ... so it's really a display/X issue ...07:31
=== still is now known as Guest2604
PyChildcellofellow: I'm going...07:31
techlobyte1I get that when it wants to play DVDs07:31
cellofellowPyChild: you select the interface, click Edit, and set the IPv4 settings.07:31
lepineso, i guess at is executing from somewhere higher up than the x process, so it has no clue about the whole window management thing07:31
poocornerpainted: i've had this problem for a long time, finally gave up on fixing it, but it seems to get better as the drivers improve07:32
Smishow do I reduce used up disk space07:32
jmoncayohey guys where can i get the apache2-ssl-certificate file from?07:32
lepinejmoncayo: afaik, no longer maintained07:32
cellofellowPyChild: me too. Going to bed.07:32
holzmodemhihi, I search a PPA with PHP 5.3. is one available?07:32
techlobyte1lepine, but autoplay works07:32
lepinegoogle a howto ... it'll serve you well07:32
PyChildcellofellow oh07:32
jmoncayolepine: how can i set up ssl for apache2 under ubuntu then?07:32
lepinetechlobyte1: it works for you?07:32
lepineat TIME [enter]07:32
poocornerjmoncayo: the steps to do that would take a while to explain to you07:33
lepinetotem someplaylist.pls07:33
hermitmodeHelp: Monitoring tool for detecting bandwidth utilization per Client IP?07:33
poocornerjmoncayo: your better off finding a good guide07:33
[criipt]!find twisted07:33
ubottuFound: python-twisted, python-twisted-bin, python-twisted-bin-dbg, python-twisted-conch, python-twisted-core (and 12 others)07:33
paintedpoocorner, sniff..... it's a video card driver issue?  find it hard to believe ubuntu can't even play video right07:33
lepineweird ...07:33
techlobyte1kaffeine plays better though, menu's are correct07:33
lepineanyway ... i'll keep using sleep DELAY && totem wakeup.pls !07:33
poocornerpainted: it's an nvidia issue with not providing drivers that work07:33
PyChildcellofellow: Are you still there? I changed my settings via applet07:34
paintedpoocorner, so ATI cards play video fine?07:34
PyChildcellofellow: but ifconfig reports no change07:34
poocornerpainted: I had a nice ati before this nvidia - it had other issues, but the playback was slightly better07:34
poocornerjmoncayo: http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/181807:35
jmp_lepine: try vlc it is better07:35
paintedpoocorner, this is really frustrating....07:35
poocorneri agree07:35
poocornerit sucks dropping $ on a nice card only to find out it puts out subpar07:36
paintedpoocorner, even crappy intel integrated gpu doesn't have a problem with video playback07:36
paintedpoocorner, video works great on windows 7 = /07:36
paintedor xp... or vista07:36
poocornerpainted: yeah, but it's still windows07:36
Flanneljmoncayo: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html#https-configuration07:36
hermitmodeHelp: Monitoring tool for detecting bandwidth utilization per Client IP?07:37
paintedpoocorner, yeah but video playback is important to me... sniff07:37
poocornerpainted: i'd rather deal with slightly bad video playback before using that.  I did just install FF3.5 and HD videos from vimeo seem to have a much smoother playback07:37
PyChildcellofellow: Thanks anyway07:38
jmp_painted: check if you driver is deactivate or not07:38
jmp_I got the same problem with jaunty07:39
paintedpoocorner, i'm not having a problem with flash video play back... it's with xvid/h264/mpeg files07:39
paintedjmp_, where do i check that07:39
poocornerpainted: I have it w/ that also, just noting that flash did improve with new ff07:39
paintedjmp_, it says activated07:39
poocornerpainted: which I guess is better than having neither working well07:40
jmp_painted: system /administration/hardware drivers07:40
paintedpoocorner, yeah but i'd rather bite the bullet and just use an OS that has flawless video playback07:40
=== tenach_ is now known as tenach
paintedremember guys, never go full retard07:41
jmp_ painted , ok so you must check which graphics driver you have07:41
poocornerpainted: have you tried virtualbox at all?  I wonder if you could get better playback in a virtual windows7 or if it's the same07:41
jmp_lspci in a console07:41
paintedpoocorner, i tried running kmplayer thru wine, it barely worked = /07:41
jmp_I have a problem with07:42
poocornerhold on, i have a virtual image handy - let me see if it's any better07:42
jmp_each time unable to uninstall a soft07:43
Gorlistis their a command to show what ports are trying to be used, so I can unblock them on the firewall?07:44
askvictorGorlist: netstat07:45
askvictorhold on; maybe not07:45
askvictorread the man page07:45
pawanunable to mount07:45
askvictorGorlist: netstat -l07:45
pawanpawan@pawan-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdd5 /mnt -o force07:45
pawan[sudo] password for pawan:07:45
pawan$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)07:45
pawanWARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.07:45
FloodBot3pawan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:46
poocornerpainted, nope the same - bad scaling issues07:46
Interphasepawan? like Ashoka pawan?07:46
Gorlistaskvictor, not really giving anything useful07:46
Interphasesorry, there is this Bollywood movie where the dude is named Pawan07:47
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:47
Interphaseabout the ancient emperor Ashoka07:47
askvictorGorlist: netstat -ln07:47
Interphasenot you?07:47
Interphaseit means like . . . wind in Hindi07:47
Gorlistthats better, thanks07:47
askvictordon't worry about the unix sockets07:47
Nozyhi all does some use dropbox and if so when copying file to a windows 2003 server does nautilus crash on you ?07:48
wolterhow do i restore the icons in my desktop? they just disapeared07:50
Nozynautilus died on you to07:51
Nozyopen bash07:51
ravi_buzthen try sudo nautilus07:51
Nozyrun nautilus07:51
Nozymy error nautilus[5150]: segfault at 0 ip b55e7f90 sp bfac4140 error 4 in libnautilus-dropbox.so[b55e5000+7000}07:52
Nozy100 % sure it dropbox now07:52
BellinXFelonnt external hard drive, and i just changed the partition to ext2 with gparted, and xubuntu recognizes it but i cannot write to it, how can i change that?07:53
LogicFandoes it usually take 1-2 days before new releases of firefox are in the repos?07:53
poocornerLogicFan, you can get 3.5 now07:53
vegombreigggg: hi07:53
ggggwhat's the best url grabber for ubuntu 9.0407:53
poocornerLogicFan, add : deb http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor jaunty main07:54
ggggvegombrei, what's the best url grabber for ubuntu 9.04?07:54
LogicFanpoocorner, i found some .debs, but i was just waiting for official updates07:54
poocornerand LogicFan and: deb-src http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor jaunty main07:54
gggghello,can anyone tell what's the best url grabber for ubuntu 9.04?07:54
LogicFanwhats a url grabber?07:54
hectorseek failed totem07:55
ggggLogicFan, website link grabber07:55
BellinXFeloni have an external hard drive that i just changed the partition to ext2 and i cannot write to it, how can i change that?07:55
vegombreigggg: down them all .. its a firefox addon07:55
LogicFangggg, sounds like a firefox extension would do the trick07:55
ggggLogicFan, how can i active do that with firefox?07:56
LogicFangggg, addons.mozilla.com07:56
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* [away] is trying to find his PC: Gone away for now07:58
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__doc__hi, I've got a problem. when doing apt-get update it hangs quite a long time at [Connecting to ch.archive.ubuntu.com] and then says W: GPG error: http://apt.wxwidgets.org gutsy-wx Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 0E0BCE7F53B087BC07:58
__doc__W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems07:58
* credobyte have found his PC.07:58
__doc__I've just run apt-get update, and it didn't help. what now?07:58
* credobyte is trying to find his PC: Gone away for now07:58
* credobyte have found his PC.07:58
ggggLogicFan, what type of addon could it be?07:59
LogicFandownload them all is a good one.07:59
ggggvegombrei, how to add that addon,which addon?07:59
jmoncayodoes anyone here has configured apache2+ssl willing to help me?07:59
Flanneljmoncayo: What questions about those instructions do you have?08:00
indus__doc__: can u paste ur sources.list08:00
amageeis it possible to use apt-get to install stuff for myself, as a non-privileged user of a machine?08:00
VanDykegggg, what the hell do you wanna do with a url grabber08:00
jmoncayoFlannel: i get some errors when starting apache208:00
ggggVanDyke, ??08:00
VanDykewhat is it for08:01
Flanneljmoncayo: which ones?08:01
Bo0m_awayhttp://pastebin.com/m458e9fb7 : can someone please tell me if we have any known hardware issues for the above laptop configration please? thanks and appreciate your help08:01
termosthe gnome wireless network applet (nm-applet) won't work on the eduroam network, is there a patch or fix for this? i'm using version on ubuntu08:01
__doc__indus: I just switched to the "de" sources, which remedies the hanging problem, hmm, ah there's an apt.wxwidgets.org source08:01
LogicFanamagee, in most scenarios, no.08:01
VanDykewhat exactly are you trying to do that requires this "url grabber"08:01
* __doc__ removes this one08:01
amageeLogicFan: what scenarios could change it to yes? :)08:02
__doc__indus: yeah without the wxwidgets.org source it works, they've somehow screwed their repo over there08:02
__doc__indus: deb http://apt.wxwidgets.org/ gutsy-wx main08:02
LogicFanamagee, as root, you can create users who can use programs without being root08:02
amageeoh right.. hmm, don't think that's gonna happen08:03
LogicFanor add users with the same privileges as root08:03
=== Bo0m_away is now known as Boom_o
jmoncayoFlannel: http://pastebin.ca/1480442 for /etc/apache2/sites-available/default08:04
indus__doc__: well then obviously you need to update without that repo08:04
indus__doc__: or get a new public key for it08:04
__doc__indus: just did08:04
__doc__indus: wx is crap anyway08:04
indus__doc__: then what si the problem08:04
Flanneljmoncayo: er... What are the errors?08:05
__doc__indus: no problem anymore08:05
indus__doc__: wx is fine i think08:05
indus__doc__: or try qt08:05
__doc__indus: nah. I hate the API and the look&feel08:05
__doc__indus: well QT is evil :)08:05
__doc__(KDE uses it... nuf said ^^)08:05
indus__doc__: off topic i guess08:05
__doc__indus: totally08:05
indus__doc__: try tk08:06
__doc__indus: tk has a nice API, but it looks awfull08:06
indus__doc__: yeah awful08:06
mudittulii am looking for a descent video editing software for ubuntu, which one is good ?08:07
indusmudittuli: cinerella08:08
Dulakactually they are all pretty crappy, which is sad08:08
indusmudittuli: kino you can try but it will crash a lot08:08
LogicFanmudittuli, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Jaunty#Graphics_and_Video_Applications08:08
GenericNodeMICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD???!!!08:09
mudittuliindus , LogicFan , thanks08:09
DulakNope, he's just resting his eyes.08:09
indusmudittuli: try #cinerella for more help08:11
ThingymebobBoom_o: couple of minors, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=961184, but looks like you should be able to get it to work08:12
Madkisshi folks08:14
Madkissmy hal apparently ignores anything in /dev/mapper; is there some way to change this behaviour?08:14
Zanthushi; I've got ubuntu 8.04.2 server installed and I have no /dev/parport    when I boot off a live-cd there is a /dev/parport    I've tried doing "modprobe parport" and also adding "parport" to /etc/modules   I want to get my parallel port working, any ideas?08:16
nellmathewhey guys, can i get rid of "update-notifier" if i don't want to be notified of updates? i have a tendency to do apt-get update/upgrade after boot anyway.08:17
nellmathew^ i meant from startup08:18
alfonsSynaptic has an option for you to disregard updates08:19
rbo_hi! what's the name of audio driver used on the system by default?08:20
COOLKID972backtrack baby!!08:20
indusrbo_: depends on which card yu have08:21
rbo_indus: builtin08:21
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:22
rbo_indus: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller08:22
indusrbo_: alsa is the audio library which detects and loads drivers appropriate to your device08:22
rbo_indus: i know that.08:24
indusrbo_: ok08:24
indusrbo_: then whats the question ? you having audio issues?08:24
rbo_indus: my question was regarding name08:24
rbo_indus: is it alsa-base or alsa-utils...?08:25
indusrbo_: hmm alsa-base08:25
indusrbo_: want to reinstall i guess08:25
rbo_indus: yes08:25
rbo_can't capture my mic08:25
konhi, when i try to boot 9.04 i get the error: device-mapper table 252 raid45 unknown target type08:25
konand it keeps displaying that and doesn't continue to boot. anyone knows this problem?08:26
chazco_Hi... how can I determine what caused Ubuntu to crash (as in total system freeze, requiring power-off to fix)?08:26
indusrbo_: ok try experimenting with sound preferences, for example in skype, my settings are for mic plughw008:26
indusrbo_: good luckl08:26
rbo_indus: i did many times08:26
koni read something about dmraid changing the module name to dm_raid4-5 but i don't know how to fix it08:26
indusrbo_: ok08:26
rbo_indus: cannot record audio08:26
lo127is there a tool to securely remove users for debian/ubuntu?08:31
konis there a way to compare two initramfs files and see differences? my old one seems to boot but the new one has a problem with dmraid 45 module08:31
lo127like trash all personal data (homefolder) and write over with zeros08:31
Dulaklo127: you can use shred to do that to files/folders, but it won't automatically do it for a user, you'd have to manually specify the files and folders to shred08:32
SnakDocwhen will ubuntu update there repo for firefox 3.5 ?08:34
kbrosnan!ff35 | SnakDoc08:34
SnakDocalso why do they tend to delay release so long ?08:34
ubottuSnakDoc: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY08:34
Omar87Does the USB Startup Disk Creator work for non-Ubuntu iso's?08:35
Obituarycan you please tell me what i have to do to resolve this problem in instalation?08:36
EvRidewhat's the prob?08:36
ObituaryE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report.08:36
DulakOmar87: I don't know if it will work with non-ubuntu, but unetbootin will08:36
Obituaryi work with xubuntu08:36
Omar87Obituary: Is is in the repo.?08:37
Omar87Is *it*08:37
Omar87Obituary: Great! Thanks buddy.08:38
askvictorI'm running hardy 64bit with nvidia graphics. When I go to 'hardware drivers' there is no option to install the restricted driver. Any ideas?08:38
Dulakaskvictor: there is no 64 bit version of the nvidia driver, 32 bit only08:38
askvictorah nuts08:38
hackoohow to install vlc player in ubuntu?08:38
Dulakaskvictor: gotta use the crappy free driver in 64 bit, till nvidia gets off their butts and makes a 64 bit version08:39
EvRideyou can get the 64 bit version off of nvidia's server I believe08:39
DulakOh really?08:39
* Dulak goes to work, my laptop needs real graphics.08:39
indusDulak: huh what are you talking about08:39
EvRidecheck this, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_185.18.14.html08:40
indusDulak: nvidia have offered a 64 bit driver for a long time08:40
DulakLast time I looked for the driver it was 32 bit only08:40
Kartagishackoo, sudo apt-get install vlc08:40
EvRideI'm pretty sure Ubuntu offers it tho08:40
askvictoris there a deb for hardy with the 64bit nvidia drivers?08:40
hackooKartagis: I did but it says couldn't find package vlc08:41
EvRidedon't think so victor, download the one off of the site08:41
askvictorjust had some _extreme_ wierdness happen using the nv driver, so I want that not to happen again08:41
Kartagishackoo, sudo apt-get update08:42
DulakThis is sweet, finally gonna get compiz working right on my laptop, thanks EvRide08:42
crdlbDulak: according to their archive, the first AMD64 driver was December 11, 200208:42
indusaskvictor: install the driver from synaptic08:42
hackooKartagis: and what about starting compiz there.08:42
Kartagishackoo, no idea08:43
hackooKartagis: np08:43
robin_e... anyone can help how come whwn in ubunt my computer no fullscreen08:44
konhow do i disable the load of dmraid stuff in the boot process? i dont need the raid to boot, but it tries to load in the initrd and fails08:45
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robin_e... anyone can help how come whwn in ubunt my computer no fullscreen08:46
dragon_!repeat > robin_08:47
ubotturobin_, please see my private message08:47
askvictorI'm curious why the driver doesn't pop up in 'hardware drivers'08:47
dragon_robin_: could you explain that further?08:47
DulakCuz ubuntu doesn't package the 64 bit version as far as I can tell, which is why I thought it was 32 bit only08:47
DulakI never saw it in hardware drivers either in 64 bit, only 32 bit08:48
=== peppeq is now known as pepito987
* beratalp is very happy08:49
robin_e dragon my computer is only half screen when in ubunte08:49
robin_no full screen08:49
dragon_robin_: to fix screen resolution, check this out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:50
mickster04good morning ubuntu community!08:50
dragon_good night mickster04?08:50
robin_k tanks08:50
mickster04dragon, im in england, its 8.50am here08:51
steady2023hey can somebody help me I did apt-get remove and then deleted the config file directory and now I can't figure out how to get the config files back08:51
hblounthi. i have an xp comp that i added an old HDD that i had laying around to. can i just boot with ubuntu cd and install on that drive without changing anything on my xp settings to have dual boot?08:51
robin_e dragon wat i mean is that e system can detect mt graphic card ??08:52
jigp_hello how to put a permission to /home/jigp? i dont want my users access my /home/jigp folders and files..thanks08:52
mickster04hblount, that is correct, if you install grub (a default option in the installation process, look out for it:D ) then xp stays the same, i have the same on my pc08:52
hblountmickster04: thanks!08:53
askvictorDulak: 64bit nvidia package is in the repos08:53
mickster04hblount, it should ask whether you want to install grub or use another boot loader most people are very happy with grub08:54
hblountif i want the latest and best version of ubuntu, will installing with an older version (8.10) and updating be the same as downloading the full new version and using that? sorry if thats a dumb question08:54
askvictorhblount: in theory, yes. In practice, not quite08:55
Dulakwell I'm just all kinds of ignorant today I guess.08:55
mickster04hblount, it would possibly be just as quick to download-burn an install the latest one08:55
Flannelhblount: for a fresh install, pretty much.08:55
DulakGuess I should work more and chat less, I'm batting zero08:55
robin_e... anyone can help how come whwn in ubunt my computer no fullscreen08:55
dragon_jigp_: chmod o-x /home/jigp08:55
hblountkk thanks guys08:55
dragon_robin_: did that guide not help?08:56
* mickster04 puts his ubuntu cd's onto rw's t be recycled when a new version comes out:D08:56
robin_e no lei cause that one is software e promble is i can detect my graphic card08:56
Zrs_I installed netbook-Ubuntu on an old Panasonic Toughbook, and absolutely LOVE IT thus far. This OS is a tinkerer's wet dream. The Toughbook in question has recently developed a fault, however: due to some hardware failure Windows XP, and now Ubuntu, occasionally lock up. Seconds counter stops ticking, no response to ctrl+alt+del. I checked the log application but there's nothing recorded at the time of the lockup - how can I use this fancy08:56
Zrs_thing to find where the problem lies?08:56
* askvictor likes mickster04's idea08:57
mickster04askvictor, cheers :D08:57
mickster04Zrs_, do you know what the hardware faullt is?08:58
Zrs_Are there low-level logs that aren't in the log viewer GUI? If not, are there some I can turn on?08:58
* askvictor has _way_ too many CD-Rs of old distributions rotting away on the desk08:58
ubuntuUSRmy ubuntu is damaged /some part of system files is gone or are broken/. even libncursesw.so is gone.in apt-get i have try options install -f, check,  build-dep but it is useless. i can`t run aptitude too08:58
Zrs_mickster04: No clue. Suspect harddrive, but I thrash this thing pretty hard installing stuff and lockups don't seem to correlate to disk use.08:58
Zrs_Ran memtest while installing Ubuntu, one pass came up clean.08:59
Adremelech|LaptoZrs_, try running "dmesg"08:59
ubuntuUSRcurrently chroot is used by me08:59
dragon_ubuntuUSR: try running an fsck09:00
dragon_!fsck | ubuntuUSR09:00
ubottuubuntuUSR: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot09:00
jigp_dragon_ : they cant view my folder right?how to return in default so that they can access it?09:00
askvictorubuntuUSR: restore from backup?09:00
=== jigp_ is now known as jigpe
ubuntuUSRdragon so i should umount my drive or not?09:00
dragon_jigpe: chmod o+x /home/username09:00
askvictorubuntuUSR: or copy /home (and any other data files) somewhere, re-install the base system, and copy back09:00
pawanhow to save and edit fstab file09:01
ZanthusI'm not getting /dev/parport on ubuntu server 8.04.2; tried "modprobe parport"; also tried "modprobe -r parport" and then rebooting; also tried adding "parport" to /etc/modules; when I boot with a live-cd I get /dev/parport; any ideas?09:01
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: unfortunetly i haven`t any bckp09:01
ActionParsnip1pawan: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab09:01
IngerPoznasgood morning! yesterday i wanted to try the KDE desktop on my Ubuntu 9.04 and so i done but after i didn't like it so i disinstalled it but my switch of tast dissapeard from the bar...how i can fix it?09:01
ActionParsnip1!puregnome | IngerPoznas09:01
ubottuIngerPoznas: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal09:01
IngerPoznasi've done that but it didn't fix09:02
dragon_IngerPoznas: what disappeared?09:02
ActionParsnip1IngerPoznas: you need to be in a gnome session09:02
mickster04IngerPoznas, what do u mean switch of tast?09:02
ActionParsnip1IngerPoznas: once you run those commands run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove09:03
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: i`ve one try succeded but when i`d like to restore all files with configs and preferences kernel files was replaced too09:03
askvictorubuntuUSR: is /home (and any other data folders you might use) intact?09:03
IngerPoznasi am in a GNOME sessione ActionParsnip1....09:03
pawanunable to mount09:03
IngerPoznasi don't have anymore Kde09:03
ActionParsnip1IngerPoznas: good.09:03
askvictorubuntuUSR: /etc as well then09:03
pawanpawan@pawan-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdd5 /mnt -o force09:03
pawan$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 1)09:03
pawanWARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.09:03
FloodBot3pawan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:03
ActionParsnip1pawan: is it a usb disk?09:04
IngerPoznasi retry now to see if something change09:04
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: my point is to move all applications09:04
pawana internal hard disk09:04
pawanntfs file system09:04
ActionParsnip1pawan: is it bootable?09:04
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: /etc skip in copy or copy it?09:04
jigpedragon_ : no more chmod 777777 numbers?09:05
dragon_jigpe: if you want those09:05
mickster04xacobe, hi09:05
setohey hoo...09:05
jigpedragon_ : how to use them?09:05
IngerPoznasActionParsnip1: i've done everything you said but nothing changed...09:05
askvictorubuntuUSR: copy it09:05
LiraNunaanyone have experience with rdiff-backup ?09:06
setocatia v509:06
setocan i use it on ubuntu09:06
gogowhere i can find ubuntu 3d games ???09:06
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: i`d like copy all except kernel and it`s modules09:06
ActionParsnip1IngerPoznas: so you say you are missing task switcher?09:06
jigpedragon_ im not sure about the numbers though of what their usage09:06
dragon_!games | gogo09:06
ubottugogo: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php09:06
ActionParsnip1gogo: try penumbra, urban terror09:06
Zrs__To whoever suggested dmesg: I suspect the failure won't show up on bootup. It seems like a defect due to the hardware's age, that kicks in under rare conditions. All I want to do, really, is find which part does it.09:06
dragon_jigpe: 'o' means others, 'x' means execute. you allow keep 'others' from 'executing' in your directory, that is, accessing your directory, by saying o+x or o-x09:06
LiraNunahow do I tell rdiff-backup to include only a set of directories (recursively) and only those directories?09:07
ActionParsnip1gogo: fretsonfire, super tux09:07
askvictorubuntuUSR: are you using a custom kernel?09:07
setohey every one...09:07
dragon_jigpe: to check permissions, `cd /home; ls -l`09:07
setohlp me09:07
ActionParsnip1!ask | seto09:07
ubottuseto: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:07
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: standard ubuntu09:07
ActionParsnip1gogo: penumbra is dead scary, but fun (and paid for but the demo is awesome)09:07
askvictorLiraNuna: --include ?09:08
anodesniI just unplugged my external hdd (by accident) while a file was copying. Know I can't delete the halve copied file. What should I do?09:08
jigpedragon_ drwxr-xr-- 21 jigp   jigp      4096 2009-07-01 15:05 jigp09:08
LiraNunaaskvictor, eh no, since it always includes everything09:08
jigpedragon_ im not sure what it mean09:08
LiraNunaaskvictor, I want to include ONLY those folders/**09:08
dragon_!chmod | jigpe09:08
ubottujigpe: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions09:08
LiraNunaaskvictor, meaning exclude everything that is not in that folder09:09
askvictorLiraNuna: add something like --exclude /* as well; hold on09:09
dragon_anodesni: why can't you delete a half copied file?09:09
LiraNunaaskvictor, I want to include *only* /var /etc and /home09:09
jmoncayohey guys anyone here could help me out setting up freeradius? i get an error saying no Auth-type when loading the modules in the virtual servers09:10
ActionParsnip1anodesni: I'd reboot, plug it back in. you may need to use sudo to delete it.09:10
thommy3got an usbstick windows wont read. im using a ubuntu live now. how do i find or mount the usbstickl now to see if get those files on there?09:10
askvictorLiraNuna: rdiff-backup --include '/var' --include '/etc' --include '/home' --exclude '/*' / [destination goes here]09:11
LiraNunaaskvictor, thank you, /*09:11
LiraNunaI was trying --exclude ** and it only got the actual directories09:12
jmoncayodo i need any aditional packages or something09:12
b0emy video is almost always out of sync with my sound on flash player or movie player (i think thats aka totem). whats going on? i have 9.04 64bit.09:13
gladiatorhi .. i need to know how i can control programs / services that run at startup09:13
patmaddoxI can use 'history' to view commands that were previously run.  Is there any way to see what *time* they were run?09:14
mickster04gladiator, system>admin>services09:14
gladiatori installed sendmail and i dont want it to startup when the system starts .. also it doesnt show up in the startup applicatins09:14
patmaddoxgladiator: init scripts.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto09:14
Zrs_I noticed the lockup is pretty much guaranteed when I open up firefox with lots of tabs... But installing a lot of packages (high cpu use, high disk abuse, low memory) went smoothly. I assume this means the fault is with the memory, does ubuntu come with a memory tester?09:15
gladiatorthanks mickster04, patmaddox09:16
b0emy video is almost always out of sync with my sound regardless of what i use: flash player or movie player (i think thats aka totem). whats going on? i have 9.04 64bit.09:17
mickster04Zrs_ other than memtest in grub...?09:17
ubuntuUSRfsck should be used on mounted or umounted file system?09:19
askvictorubuntuUSR: unmounted09:19
DulakubuntuUSR: unmounted09:19
=== janis_ is now known as revil
ubuntuUSRhow to check command prompt to my partition when it`s umounted?09:21
pt1989hi all09:21
pt1989firefox 3.5 is awesome :)09:21
mickster04it is on windoze anyway09:22
mickster04pt1989, its not on ubu yet is it?09:22
pt1989mickster04, i installed it from synaptic09:22
pt1989u can get it there i think09:22
pt1989but it wont show up in the menus09:23
mickster04pt1989, well is that the eta09:23
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY09:23
pt1989u have to run it from Alt-F2 -> firefox-2.509:23
patmaddoxI found an answer to my question: http://bit.ly/DxLl2  won't work for commands up to this point.  oh well09:23
kukaahi all09:23
mickster04kukaa, hi09:23
askvictorubuntuUSR: 'sudo shutdown -F -r now' will reboot the system and force an fsck before it mounts09:23
pt1989i had seen on the spreadfirefox site, that on June 30th, Firefox 3.5 was being released09:23
mickster04pt1989, for windows it has been09:24
pt1989btw i wanted to ask, how do i enable the bug reporting feature in Firefox, used to be there on Windows09:24
pt1989i think it's pretty stable so far, better than 3.0.11 which crashes a lot09:24
pt1989i think mostly it crashes with flash sites, any idea why?09:24
pt1989i'm using Adobe's plugin fyi09:24
mickster04cos adobe havent got their act together?09:25
askvictorI've been using shiretoko09:25
askvictor=ff3.5, but without the branding09:25
kukaahow do i setup, kernel messages dont print to all vt, only to tty12?09:25
askvictornow we just have to wait until html5 renders adobe irrelevant (pun intended)09:25
djiezespt1989: i had the same problem (frequent crashes with flas) yesterday (on 64bit jaunty), i just uninstalled the flashplayer-nonfree & reinstalled it. works like a charm now.09:26
pt1989Linux_User: ironic blog name given ur handle09:26
pt1989indirectly u mean to say  u suck09:26
pt1989since u use linux and u say it sucks09:26
pt1989so u do sucky things09:26
=== Linux_User is now known as Helloworld
pt1989Linux_User :S09:26
Helloworldjust read it09:26
dragon_!language | pt198909:26
ubottupt1989: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:26
pt1989Helloworld go to MSDN forums09:26
Helloworldhttp://linuxsucks1.blogspot.com/ read it and tell me what u think09:27
pt1989ubottu ok09:27
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:27
dragon_!ops | Helloworld09:27
ubottuHelloworld: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:27
pt1989how to control ubottu ?09:27
kira_samahey guys - curious is there any way i can change the default shell font size for ubuntu box ?09:27
pt1989ubottu -help09:27
ubottuhelp is <alias> ubotu - added by Seveas on 2006-06-21 00:28:59 - last edited by stdin on 2008-06-15 17:59:4809:27
DJonesPlease don't troll Helloworld09:27
pt1989!troll | Helloworld09:28
ubottuHelloworld: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel09:28
kira_sama(i'm running ubuntu server 9.04)09:28
elkyHelloworld, what are you aiming to achieve here?09:28
ubuntuUSRaskvictor: but haw in case when i`m live user?09:28
pt1989elky, he aims to get some traffic09:28
Helloworldpeople to read this http://linuxsucks1.blogspot.com/09:28
elkyHelloworld, so you're spamming then?09:28
pt1989elky, looks like a derivative of Paris Hilton Species09:28
ubuntuUSRaskvictor:  sorry haw=how09:28
pt1989elky, he is trolling and spamming09:28
elkypt1989, stop please09:29
Helloworldjust wanted some people to read my blog09:29
pt1989Helloworld, this aint the right place to publicize it09:29
askvictorubuntuUSR: just try running the fsck - if the filesystem is mounted it won't do it09:29
pt1989!Helloworld | spam09:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Helloworld09:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam09:29
indushi all folks09:29
elkypt1989, remember me telling you to stay out of it?09:29
pt1989!spam | Helloworld09:29
Boom_oGreetings, just wondering what partitions do you guys recomend while installing ubuntu. /home /swap and? Thanks09:30
elkypt1989, he's *gone*09:30
vegombreiis there a way to backup my system and restore it on a new pc?09:30
patmaddoxoh nice, it does keep all the history data!09:30
indusBoom_o: dont forget the root partition '/' :P09:30
b0emy video is almost always out of sync with my sound on flash player or movie player (i think thats aka totem). whats going on? i have 9.04 64bit.09:30
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY09:30
Boom_oindus : lol will keep that in mind09:30
SandGorgonb0e, are u using 64-bit Flash player 10 ??09:30
Boom_oand does /swap depend on the Ram I have?09:31
indusBoom_o: just keep a 1 gb swap09:31
mickster04Boom_o, most people have the same amount of swap as ram, unless they have 3 gig upwards...:P then i think thats enough09:31
Boom_oindus: excuse my naiveness, does it give me a option to choose /swap to be 1gb while installing?09:31
indusBoom_o: they all say keep swap double that of ram.but frankly i dont see it using more that 100 mb09:31
mickster04Boom_o, on my asus i dont have any cos its a solid state drive....09:31
indusBoom_o: of course it does09:32
Boom_oright. I have 2 gig ram. Will go ahead and have 1 gb for /swap09:32
indusBoom_o: i think ill keep swap at 100 mb next time :D09:32
mickster04Boom_o, when it askes about partitions, yo may have to select the option to specify it all yourself09:32
SandGorgonb0e, i have seen people who have had a 32-bit plugin in their ~/.mozilla/plugins directory or elsewhere which caused it to be loaded rather than the 64-bit.. u might want to verify that09:32
Boom_omickster04: Thanks will keep that in mind.09:33
Boom_oThanks All :)09:33
indusBoom_o: that will be 10 dollars09:33
b0eSandGorgon: this is happening with movie player too though09:33
* Boom_o paypals indus09:33
indusBoom_o: thanks09:33
SandGorgonb0e, u might also want to change "Visual Effects" (in "System-> Appearance" ) and see if that makes a difference09:34
adaszi need help with java, i cant isntall the newest versions09:35
vegombreiis there a way to backup my system and restore it on a new pc?09:35
b0eok thanks ill try that SandGorgon09:35
C-S-Badasz: whats the prob?09:36
Ultraputzis there a way to configure empty-trash (gnome) to use wipe?09:36
b0eSandGorgon: its still doing it09:36
adaszC-S-B, i want to install java6 jre the 14 ubdate but the packet manager insall only the update 1309:37
=== tyler is now known as tdawg1
adaszC-S-B, i want install the sunjava6u14-jre09:38
SandGorgonb0e, hmm... that is strange. I would say that u file a bug on ubuntu-bugs. Usually these steps fix the problem. Alternatively, you can try another browser like Opera to see how it works?09:38
tdawg1hay i installed xbmc by adding ppa to software sources...and i installed it and everything....but when i search under synaptic package manager i cant find it....any ideas?09:38
Ultraputztdawg1, update your sources09:38
C-S-Badasz: any error messagess?09:38
b0eSandGorgon: it happens with movie player too though09:38
dragon_b0e: which one is ahead? video or audio?09:39
tdawg1ultraputz: yeah i already did apt-get update09:39
adaszC-S-B, if i do it so like in the instruction wrote, ubuntu dont find it09:39
b0edragon_ im not sure let me check09:39
adaszC-S-B, first i have ubuntu jaunty in 64bit09:40
tdawg1like i just manually went sudo apt-get install xbmc and it let me....but i serached for it using synaptic and i couldnt find it09:40
askvictoris there a way to 'cheat' with apt-get to get it to install a local .deb file, but making it think it came from a repository?09:41
b0edragon_ the video is ahead09:41
dragon_askvictor: what's the source of the deb?09:41
askvictorubuntu repos09:41
dragon_b0e: then probably your sound is lagging.09:41
C-S-Badasz: I had 64 bit ubuntu on my other machine and dont remember having a problem, what cmd are you using?09:42
askvictordragon_: but I need to install on a machine temporarily disconnected from the internet09:42
dragon_askvictor: use gdebi09:42
jussi01askvictor: sudo dpkg -i09:42
b0edragon_ maybe its just these crappy videos im playing09:43
jussi01askvictor: sudo dpkg -i debname.deb09:43
csabahow can I search all files in all subdirectories for a specific string? Something like find | cat | grep searchString09:43
adaszi download the .bin from java.com and install it so like in the instruction wrote09:43
C-S-Badasz: try from the repos09:43
dragon_jussi01: is dpkg safe enough to be used directly?09:43
jussi01!java | adasz09:43
ubottuadasz: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository09:43
jussi01dragon_: as long as the deb is from asafe source09:44
askvictordragon_, jussi01: those will install the package, but apt will keep it in a special 'local' section, no? I want it to think it came straight from the repo09:44
adaszbut its not ne newest version09:44
C-S-Badasz: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts09:44
jussi01adasz: is there a reason you need the newest?09:44
C-S-Bnewest != the best09:44
dragon_C-S-B: that does not install the latest java update09:45
C-S-Bdragon: but it installs java 609:45
adaszjussi01, w8 i reinstall it09:46
dragon_C-S-B: yeah, i don't see a difference between 13 and 1409:46
askvictordragon_, jussi01: problem solved by dropping the file into /var/cache/apt/archives/ , then installing using apt-get. works a dream09:48
dragon_askvictor: nifty one, good09:48
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)09:48
kholerabbiI have two computers (Jaunty 9.04), how can I create a local wireless network between the two??09:49
dragon_!botabuse | mickster0409:49
ubottumickster04: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:49
mickster04kholerabbi, i presume u have two wireless adapters?09:49
askvictorkholerabbi: create new wireless network09:50
kholerabbimickster04: laptops09:50
dragon_kholerabbi: click on the wifi icon in the top right tray, and select "Create New Wireless Network..."09:50
kholerabbidragon_: thanks - can you tell me the best encryption to choose?09:51
dragon_kholerabbi: WPA is the most secure one09:51
dragon_!wifi | kholerabbi09:52
ubottukholerabbi: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:52
djiezesAnyone here have some experience with mame under ubuntu? More specifically: gmamui & sdlmame? I got everything configured but I cannot find where & how i change the control options for keyboard.09:52
kholerabbithanks dragon_09:52
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:53
NET||abusetrying to fix an nfs share that went down between two computers. i'm kind of lost in the rpcinfo portmapper nfsd mess09:53
ddoomis firefox 3.5 in repos?09:55
kbrosnan!ff35 | ddoom09:55
ubottuddoom: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY09:55
NET||abuseserver A with the nfs share can rpcinfo -p connect to serverB which is mounting the nfs share, but server B can't rpcinfo connect to server A09:55
NET||abuseserver A iptables looks pretty bare,09:55
NET||abusei'm not sure where we're failing09:56
NET||abuseanyone good at this side of iptables work?09:56
askvictorstill having a prob with nvidia driver on 8.04 64 bit. I've installed nvidia-glx-new, but nothing shows up in Admin->Hardware Drivers. ideas?09:56
=== MakX_ is now known as MakX
induswhy is it that firefox we get newer versions while we have to upgrade to next ubuntu release for other packages?09:57
kbrosnan!ff35 | indus09:57
ubottuindus: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY09:57
indusmickster04: what09:57
mickster04indus have u tried system>admin>update manager09:58
indusmickster04: for what09:58
askvictorindus: libraries often cause incompatibilies and problems, and need to be tested thoroughly, which takes time. ff3.5 beta was in the repos when jaunty was released, so this is less of an issue09:58
induskbrosnan: iam using ff3.5 already09:58
mickster04indus well what was your question meant to ask?09:59
indusaskvictor: will this come to hardy? ff 3.509:59
kbrosnanread the link, askvictor provided the tldr version09:59
askvictorindus: doubt it. Maybe in a ppa09:59
indusmickster04: i was saying -- firefox seems to be updated more frequently in ubuntu than any other package09:59
indusis ff 3.5 a new version or a bug fix10:00
kbrosnannew version with bugfixes10:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shiretoko10:00
mickster04indus, prolly cos they work on it loads10:00
askvictorindus: by popular demand? it's kind of a flagship open source product10:00
induskbrosnan: so why dont we get apps like ekiga pidgin etc new versions10:00
kbrosnansecurity updates are on a 4-6 week cycle10:00
kbrosnanno idea check with the maintainers for those packages10:01
indusindus: hmm10:01
industhose karmic alphas have nvidia newer versions while we are stuck with older things10:02
mickster04indus maybe the nvidia version are also eta?10:02
indusmickster04: whats eta10:02
remoteCTRL1can anyone recommend me a graphics app that is somewhere inbetween kpaint and gimp from its complexity?10:03
mickster04indus beta soz10:03
indusmickster04: mmm whats soz?10:03
mickster04indus my b key is a bit tempramental, cos im not sitting right, an its an asus eee :D10:03
induslol ok10:03
mickster04indus oh dear, i apologise, soz = sorry (in slang, i should stop that)10:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about paint10:04
indushmm i hate to wait 6 months for new stuff10:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about graphics10:04
losherNET||abuse: does this help? http://www.nblug.org/pipermail/talk/2002-June/001360.html10:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about imaging10:06
dragon_!botabuse | remoteCTRL110:06
ubotturemoteCTRL1: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:06
mickster04remoteCTRL1, have u looked for tutorials for gimp?10:06
remoteCTRL1mickster04: its for our secretary and she's not willing to learn it...   which i can understand as it is really substantial...10:07
mickster04remoteCTRL1, what does she need it for then?10:07
remoteCTRL1mickster04: just to create some folders and flyers for the institute10:08
remoteCTRL1mickster04: so kpaint is a little too trivial but gimp is overkill10:08
mickster04remoteCTRL1, what does she need it for then?/10:09
sakjurremoteCTRL1: Wouldn't  scribus or openoffice.org be usefull to that10:09
askvictorhaving a prob with nvidia driver on 8.04 64 bit. I've installed nvidia-glx-new, but nothing shows up in Admin->Hardware Drivers. ideas?10:09
mickster04remoteCTRL1, woops sorry10:09
sakjurremoteCTRL1: Or do you need to create graphics for it?10:09
remoteCTRL1sakjur: err... not precisely as she would like to edit images, not just to insert them...10:09
sakjurremoteCTRL1: Ok, what about krita?10:09
mickster04remoteCTRL1, that what i was goin to say, ms pulisher would be right for the job, but then depending on how she wants to edit the pictures,10:10
remoteCTRL1sakjur: never heard about that one?10:10
sakjurhaven't tried it since 7.10 but it's a advanced kpaint10:10
remoteCTRL1mickster04: ms publisher??? we are on ubuntu dude!:D10:10
mickster04remoteCTRL1, obviously you'd have to find a suitable replacement for publiser....10:10
sakjurmickster04: Scribus10:10
mickster04remoteCTRL1, da, open office would do it, what are you expecting to be able to do to the pics?10:11
mickster04sakjur, cheers10:11
* sakjur thinks it's krita is the best alternative for that10:11
remoteCTRL1mickster04: humm.... there's this page where they list all the pendants to windos apps for linux, maybe i'll find something there...10:11
sakjurmickster04: :)10:11
remoteCTRL1sakjur: thanks alot for the hint i'll look into that!:)10:11
mickster04remoteCTRL1, cool10:11
sakjurremoteCTRL1: Np10:11
remoteCTRL1mickster04: also thanks dude:)10:11
mickster04remoteCTRL1, hope it solves the prob10:12
remoteCTRL1we will see, otherwise i'll coem back and slap you *g*10:12
Herra_Xhttp://kuvaton.com/u/cA    look this I mean is this ubuntu in sere10:13
sakjurremoteCTRL1: xD10:13
remoteCTRL1mickster04: irc slap i meant not in the face;)10:13
SauLusI have a directory controlled by bazaar. I want a subdirectory having another repository. How can I gain this??10:13
FloodBot3Herra_X: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
mickster04!ot | Herra_X10:14
ubottuHerra_X: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:14
Gun_Smoke^ from Sault?10:14
mickster04remoteCTRL1,  is the /slap command still available on this channel?10:14
remoteCTRL1mickster04: i have not the slightest idea, why don't you just try it out?10:15
Herra_XI banned from ubuntu offtopic10:15
mickster04remoteCTRL1, i dont wana get told off:P10:15
sakjurslap :Unknown command10:15
mickster04ot mind10:15
remoteCTRL1mickster04: btw if someone writes your name you're being highlighted, you may consider yourself slapped then:)10:15
mickster04anybody need help?10:15
OckonalHi guys, could u help me with internet? ifconfig returns eth0, pan0 and lo. I need to connect from eth0. I used pppoeconf, it found eth0 and pan0, but couldn't find access concentrator. I can't imagine why. I could setup internet from kubuntu-livecd by the same way.10:16
mickster04remoteCTRL1, true10:16
ackbahrHi folks!10:16
Gun_SmokeOckonal: do you need a PPP connection?10:16
OckonalGun_Smoke: yes10:16
myselfwhats the diffirence between JDK and JDR for Java on Ubunbtu, if someone was  going to want to run java on firefox and stuff like that which is best?10:16
myselferrr JDK and JDE10:17
Ockonalmyself: jdr is runtime lib, jdk for developing10:17
myselfJRE i mean10:17
kbrosnanJDK is java development kit, is for programming in javas10:17
myselfJRE is what someone should get then right?10:17
kbrosnanJRE is just java for normal people10:17
Gun_Smokemyself: JRE Java Runtime Enviroment10:17
myselfJRE is fine then10:17
mickster04kbrosnan, lol "normal people"10:17
kbrosnanyou should get it from the package manager unless you are on x6410:17
OckonalGun_Smoke: any ideas about internet? Sry, i have no time=( i need in internet for my ubuntu10:18
Gun_Smokekbrosnan: why I believe 64 has been supported for a while now.10:18
kbrosnani don't really follow x64. was not sure if the x64 plugin made it into 9.0410:18
myselfto get Java from the Synaptic Package manager in ubuntu ,w hat package should I click on?10:19
sagaciwhat directory is the firefox executable in ubuntu10:19
Gun_SmokeOckonal: not really, check the scripts for bringing that up and down.. maybe /etc/networking/ has some related to ppp I think10:20
kbrosnanmyself: sun-java6 and sun-java6-plugin10:20
ackbahrI'm unsuccessfully trying to connect to the internet via my GPRS bluetooth mobile phone. I tried this tutorial (http://wiki.clug.org.za/wiki/GPRS_Internet_over_Bluetooth), but it's not going anywhere (nothing happens when I type in the command as root, and I get "Jul  1 11:20:24 jean-laptop pppd[3739]: Connect script failed" in syslog).... Can someone help me?10:20
OckonalOkay, guys. Could anyone help me? I need in ppp-connecting, and pppoeconf couldn't find acces concentrator10:21
kbrosnansagaci: /usr/lib/firefox*10:21
wWaleshow do i disable taskbar scrolling?10:22
sagacikbrosnan: how can i open firefox via nautilus10:23
kbrosnanwith the compiz manager10:23
wWaleskbrosnan but if im not using compiz10:23
kbrosnannot sure then10:23
purepainhi guys, does anyone know when there will be 64 bit support for PPTP Linux?10:24
mickster04sagaci, try typeing firefox10:24
mickster04sagaci, woops sorry ignore that10:24
kbrosnansagaci: in nautilus ctrl + l, /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.x/ where x is the current version of firefox you have installed10:26
wWaleskbrosnan: would it be possible to open some gnome file and comment out the feature?10:26
pretenderError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libstdc++2.10 when installing lbreakout ubuntu 9.0410:27
dragon_wWales: right click on the taskbar's left edge, and select properties10:27
dragon_wWales: then you can enable "group windows when space is limited"10:28
=== torrentow_ is now known as ToRRentow
wWalesdragon_: this still makes the focus window switch on scrolling10:29
aurillianceevening all, q: I'm running 32 bit ubuntu atm, is there a way to tell if my architechture can support 64 bit? Or can someone tell me? I have an AMD TurionX2 Ultra '64', but I'm not sure if tht means it's 64 bit.10:30
aurillianceCan't find anything online about it......10:30
=== sean is now known as Guest7681
dragon_aurilliance: grep lm /proc/cpuinfo10:31
dragon_what's the output like?10:31
indusaurilliance: your proc is a 64 bit CPU10:32
aurilliancedragon_: :( I'm on my vista dual boot part. atm, have to checkk later :P10:32
aurillianceindus, it is? thankyou :P10:32
indusaurilliance: in any case when you put the live cd in, it will tell you if it will install or not :)10:32
aurilliancethanks for that both :P10:32
dragon_aurilliance: indus is right, AMD TurionX2 Ultra 64 means 64-bit10:33
dragon_i was too late?10:33
indusdragon_: :) never too late10:34
dragon_heh right10:34
zhobbs_I had a package fail to install...and not it's hanging up all my other apt-get install tries10:34
zhobbs_how can I tell apt-get to forget about it?10:34
indusdragon_: but i believe all X2 models are 64 bit10:34
wWaleszhobbs_: sudo apt-get purge packagename10:34
=== taec__ is now known as taec
dragon_indus: according to wikipedia, all "AMD Turion" are 64-bit10:35
zhobbs_wWales: keeps throwing errors about files that don't existing10:35
indusdragon_: yeah most amds are anyway10:35
mickster04dragon_, must be true then:P10:35
dragon_zhobbs_: what is the error exactly?10:36
indusdragon_: i dont remember amd making 32 bit procs for a long time, and also, turion was a newer range of procs so hmm10:36
zhobbs_dragon_: I touched all the files...think it might be ok now10:36
dragon_zhobbs_: good luck with that10:37
indusdragon_: btw, uname -m will tell you what your hardware is10:37
plumpskunkshort question about the new firefox: will the package "firefox" be changed to v3.5 soon, so i can wait, or do i need to install 3.5 manually anyways ?10:37
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.510:37
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY10:37
mickster04cant wait10:37
Loloftheringsit's no longer a beta I believe..10:38
wWalesthe 64bit version is afaik10:38
dragon_indus: uh that uname was so easy10:38
indusdragon_: heeeh yes i learnt that here10:38
indusdragon_: man uname :)10:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uname10:39
plumpskunkyeah but i want to update firefox, not install "firefox.3-5" and uninstall "firefox"10:39
indushooray ff 3.5 released june 3010:39
dragon_indus: you're the man ;)10:39
Loloftheringsplumpskunk, you have to :P10:39
aytekindo you know about rtorrent how to be used10:39
mickster04plumpskunk, it will just update like the rest10:39
indusman i need to read the papers more often :)10:39
plumpskunkeveryone tells something else10:39
=== Overflow is now known as S18
Loloftheringsisn't it updated in the next release?10:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fx3510:40
mickster04plumpskunk, when it is ready it will update10:40
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:40
plumpskunkto the package "firefox" ?10:40
indusyeah wait for the updates10:40
spsneowhat is the info command for firefox 3.510:40
shambatI need to type special chars in pico/nano ... such as æøå , these chars turn into a hellish nightmare with my current config. How can I fix this?10:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffox3510:40
dragon_!info firefox-3.510:40
ubottufirefox-3.5 (source: firefox-3.5): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5~b4~hg20090330r24021+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 889 kB, installed size 3468 kB10:40
mickster04plumpskunk, yeah, if u dont wana wait get te eta package10:40
Loloftheringssudo apt-get install firefox-3.510:40
aytekindo you know about rtorrent how to be used10:40
mickster04!repeat aytekin10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about repeat aytekin10:41
plumpskunki dont want firefox-3.5 i want firefox updatet -_-10:41
mickster04!repeat | aytekin10:41
ubottuaytekin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question qu