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berserkwarwolfanybody knows if One will be available for other OSes ?01:30
jinxxHow long does ubuntu one typically take to upload files? (to be more specific: 5184 items totalling 600 MB)02:32
dlangeliersi just installed the ubuntuone client, and im having some trouble04:04
dlangeliersalthough the task is running, i dont see the taskbar icon04:05
dlangeliersany ideas?04:05
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armoHi, I just got my invite this morning.  I tried transferring some files and 2 of the directories I created are coming up with .conflict.  The one directory that has been created all the files are 0 bytes with a .partial extension and a 0 byte file.  I've tried deleting and creating directories using the web interface and nothing happens.  Is there something wrong with the server? Does it take a while for your account to be fully created?11:09
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armoJust trying to upload a file using the web interface.  Browser shows ' Waiting for updown.ubuntuone.com...' then after a few minutes I get a Proxy Error11:28
facundobatistaHi all12:47
BUGabundohey facundobatista12:48
* jblount rubs his eyes13:10
jblountHello everyone!13:10
* Chipaca mumbles incoherently and heads back to bed13:19
facundobatistaHola jblount!13:21
jblountarmo: You may want to try again, I was seeing similar weirdness with the server earlier, seems to be fine now though.13:23
tahorgtcole: hi, there ?13:34
tahorgI've pulled the last version of u1sync from lp13:34
tahorgand I've a new error message13:34
tahorgError remotely /path/to/my/file : INTERNAL_ERROR13:35
tahorgremotely deleting ...13:35
tahorgit seems it's a server side issue :|13:36
verteroktahorg: uh, I'll check the server logs as soon I wake up :)14:06
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sivelis there a way to specify a different directory to be used by Ubuntu One rather than $HOME/Ubunut One?14:52
sivelI was able to find out how to do this with dropbox and would like to do the same with Ubuntu One14:52
siveltrying to find the configuration directory if one exists14:56
jblountsivel: There isn't currently a configuration directory, and there is not currently a way to change the ~/Ubuntu One/ location.14:57
jblountsivel: We have some plans on allowing arbitrary file syncing, but it's a few steps down on the todo list :)14:57
jblountsivel: Actually, it turns out there *is* a config directory14:59
sivelwhat is it's location?14:59
jblountsivel: verterok may have a bit better information...14:59
sivelgoing to see if I can symlink the dir I want to use to $HOME/Ubuntu One15:00
sivelhaven't tried it yet...so I guess we will see15:00
verteroksivel: hi, you can but there are some "not solved"(tm) issues15:00
dobeyverterok: i think he means "ln -s Ubuntu\ One dirwithoutspaces"15:01
verterokdobey: actually he want to use mypreferredname instead of "Ubuntu One"15:01
dobeyverterok: which should work fine, as real files will end up inside "Ubuntu One/My Files" presumably15:01
sivelno...I plan on doing "ln -s /some/other/dir /home/username/Ubuntu\ One"15:01
sivelto see if it will sync the contents of /some/other/dir15:02
dobeyno that won't work15:02
verteroksivel: the daemon sync the files inside ~/Ubuntu One/My Files15:02
sivelverterok: so would it work if I symlinked /some/other/dir to My Files?15:02
sivelI do web development accross 3 machines currently.  and it is a pain to sync them all.  SO I am looking to sync my /var/www dir15:03
verteroksivel: not sure, I never tried that.15:03
sivelI will try in a few moments.  making preparations now15:04
jblountMEETING BEGINS15:04
jblountLet's get this party started, Ubuntu One desktop(+) say me!15:04
Tm_Tjblount: you mean it in use, installed or just if one has account?15:05
jblountTm_T: I mean if you are a part of the Ubuntu One developers group that has a meeting scheduled about 5 minutes ago :D15:06
jblountaquarius, rodrigo_, CardinalFang ?15:06
urbanapeDONE: Reviewed two branches yesterday, submitted a skeletal FF extension for review. Got extension talking to hardwired local CouchDB instance, setting it up to act as Places observer for bookmark events.15:06
urbanapeTODO: Keep rolling with it. Gonna be fun.15:06
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:06
urbanapeteknico_: if you please...15:06
teknico_DONE: even more fixes to the funambol_reset_devices branch15:06
teknico_TODO: started work on the web ui interface for resetting devices15:06
teknico_BLOCKED: getting this branch through pqm is being an ordeal :-/15:06
teknico_NEXT: dobey15:06
dobeyDONE: 0.90.3 release, Updated packaging, re-uploaded to REVU, Moved source pkg branches to ~ubuntuone-control-tower ownership15:07
dobeyTODO: Fix issues with share fixin's branch, Get rid of --signup, Add re-auth support to oauthdesktop15:07
dobeyBLCK: None.15:07
dobeyjblount: you15:07
jblountDONE: More css hacking, lots of drafting and sketching out plans for /files/new/15:07
jblountTODO: More js hacking, start integrating some new stuff to /files/new/15:07
jblountBLOCKED: Nope.15:07
jblountvds: Hooray! Your turn!15:07
vdsDONE: More discussion about db reset, more discussion about identity inferal started a branch for phone verification15:07
vdsTODO: more phone verification15:07
vdsBLOCKED: blue sky!15:07
vdsrodrigo_: go! :)15:07
rodrigo_done: some more package fixes for evo-couchdb, building of tomboy from git for testing our notes sync interface15:08
rodrigo_todo: hopefully just upload the evo-couchdb package to REVU if no more problems show up, continue testing and fixing tomboy sync with our server, and prepare all packages needed for demos at GCDS15:09
rodrigo_blocked: too hot even at nights :(15:09
rodrigo_CardinalFang: go15:09
CardinalFangDONE: Worked on getting tests running better on my machine.  Some work on pairin15:10
CardinalFangg tests.15:10
CardinalFangTODO: SSL and reverse lookups.15:10
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:10
jblountMEETING ENDS15:11
* Tm_T wonders where Kubuntu support is going currently15:11
jblountThanks everyone, sorry for starting late ;)15:11
sivelthat was a very efficient meeting15:11
jblounturbanape: Are you *not* FACE today?15:11
urbanapedammit. yeah, that too.15:12
urbanapeI am Face.15:12
jblountsivel: Lots of work to do, necessitates quick meetings :)15:12
Tm_Tjblount: quick meetings also means that people knows where things are going, or, that nothing is going (:15:13
dobeyurbanape is more like a Murdock to me15:13
urbanapehowlin' mad.15:13
pfibigerdobey is very clearly BA Baracus.15:14
pfibigerhe pities many fools.15:14
dobeyi ain't gettin on no plane15:14
urbanapeand DRINK YOUR MILK15:15
* jblount wonders if anyone else ever listened to The Mr. T Experience15:16
tahorgverterok: woken up ?15:16
* pfibiger humms ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, together...15:16
verteroktahorg: yeah, digging the logs15:16
dobeymrtvseverything.com is some chinese parking site or something now15:17
aquariusoops. me.15:18
aquariusDONE: make everything depending on desktopcouch.records actually work (helping thisfred), talk to rickspencer about quickly and using the records client API, work with chad on pairing UI, fix lint error in desktopcouch branch with kenvandine help15:18
aquariusTODO: build akonadi-couchdb resource and write up instructions for others to do so15:18
aquariusBLOCKED: still using the horror of lsof to find CouchDB port until the print-the-port logfile patch goes in15:18
jblountpfibiger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSOgSipsKPA15:23
jblount(mtx ba ba ba ba ba)15:23
pfibigerjblount: have you read king dork?15:23
jblountpfibiger: Nope.15:24
pfibigerjblount: frank portman (dr. frank) wrote a novel, sort of a young adult novel.15:24
jblountpfibiger: I will have it shortly, thanks to Amazon Prime15:25
pfibigersort of a rock'n'roll mystery about a teen15:25
CardinalFangjblount: earcandy has its own idea of what the volume should be.  My hardware buttons change the same settings that earcandy does.  I don't think there's a way to map hardware to changing earcandy instead.16:01
jblountCardinalFang: I'm experiencing similar crankiness. Occassionally have to restart earcandy also.16:02
CardinalFangIn another 6 months, it will be usable.16:03
jblountCardinalFang: yes, because it will be in 10.04 :D16:04
dobeyah, it's so fun when X crashes... :-/16:07
dobeywhat bother16:08
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dobeyearcandy doesn't sound like the right solution16:09
dobeyit sounds like "a workaround for some behavior which jblount wants to see"16:09
jblountdobey: Really? Shouldn't you hear the thing you last clicked "play" on?16:12
dobeyjblount: not necessarily, no16:12
dobeyjblount: if you answer a skype call, does it pause all your audio from music player, youtube, whatever?16:13
dobeyjblount: or what if you answer your cell phone?16:13
jblountdobey: Yes16:13
jblount(no for cell phone, because it doesn't know about it)16:14
dobeyit *puases* flash? or it mutes it?16:14
dobeyand what if i want to listen to my mp3 library, while i'm playing quake?16:14
dobey(or something similar)16:14
dobeyjblount: also, i imagine earcandy also works very poorly for people of visual deficiency who need to use a11y features :)16:15
jblountdobey: The idea is not to bring earcandy into Ubuntu, but to make PulseAudio behave like earcandy16:16
dobeyalso, kde doesn't use pulseaudio afaik16:16
jblountdobey: And as far as playing various audio sources while you are using another audio source, there are preferences for that. Most users want to listen to one thing at a time.16:16
dobeyof course there are preferences16:16
CardinalFangdobey: for your music&quake goal, just set a rule for that in the config.16:17
CardinalFangThat's not common, though.16:17
dobeyCardinalFang: if i need to configure it, it's probably not doing the right thing.16:17
dobeyCardinalFang: not common? you should look at WoW guilds then. they all play wow while talking on teamspeak or ventrillo or whatever at the same time16:18
CardinalFangYeah, the right thing is to stop music when you start a game.  I agree.16:18
dobeyno it's not :)16:18
jblountdobey: Maybe this isn't a great place for a discussion, but you can vote "yucky" or whatever here: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/20477/16:18
dobeyto quote16:18
dobey"There's no such thing as a typical user, and if there were, it's not you."16:19
CardinalFangI am unable to reconcile that with eschewing configuration.16:19
dobeyjblount: if only brainstorm used launchpad's openid :)16:19
jblountdobey: :)16:19
* dobey really does not want to create more accounts for random things16:20
dobeyo/~ well i never been to spain, but i kinda like the music o/~16:21
CardinalFango/~ Popular.  Culture.  No longer.  Applies to me.16:21
dobeyhe's dead alright. get over it already!16:23
tahorgverterok: my problem has been solved16:43
verteroktahorg: really? great! do you know what was causing it?16:44
tahorgbut I've try a u1sync 10 minutes ago16:44
tahorgand it worked16:44
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urbanapecool, got Places observers firing. Should be able to get some hacked up sync going on add/remove/update.17:37
x57005hello, I have a question that I would like some help with if someone has a momenyt17:40
urbanapex57005: howdy, what's up?17:43
x57005I have heard a lot of good things about ununtuone, and running 2 different ubuntu 9.04 systems, I want to try it17:44
x57005so I signed up for an acount in early may, and I still have not gotten access to install and use the software17:44
urbanapewe've received a great response, and we're sending out invites in a steady stream.17:46
urbanapeWe just want to make sure the system stays stable and reliable for the folks who are currently in.17:46
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x57005It just seems a bit long to wait, almost 60 days after signing up?17:50
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x57005well then I shall continue to wait, and hope this really is as good as everyone says it is18:02
urbanapeSorry I can't offer more help on that.18:02
jdobrienx57005: we had 20,000 people get on the waiting list in two weeks....18:08
jdobrienx57005: if i guessed your name right, you should have an email :)18:09
x57005you did, and thats really odd, since my email and the nick im using are totally non related18:10
tahorg__x57005: what about your username ? :)18:10
jdobrienx57005: Im a detective18:16
x57005lawl, i would love to know how you figured out which email went to me18:16
jdobrien [x57005] (n=x1101@208-233.suscom-maine.net) : x110118:17
x57005that would do it18:18
x57005i forget about things like that18:18
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sivelhow long should the "scanning" phase take?  I have around 16,000 files/dirs and it has been scanning for several hours now18:50
tcolethe local scan shouldn't take that long19:03
tcolethe server is bogged down at the moment, however19:03
tcoleso scanning on the server side seems to be in limbo at the moment19:03
tcole(I'm having the same issue with a much smaller number of files)19:04
sivelI'll just let it keep running19:04
sivelI guess it will eventually finish19:04
sivelI plan on giving this service a bit of a work out19:05
tcoleyeah, we may have to reboot the server instances19:06
tcole(after fixing the issue)19:06
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