knomeand as i said, once you mount something with sshfs, the mount appears as a normal local folder00:00
knomeso you don't need any additional software00:00
knome!hi | jules_00:01
ubottujules_: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!00:01
jules_i'm having troubles with ALSA drivers00:01
jules_i have a crystal cx4235-qx3 audio card00:02
jules_and i can't get it to work00:02
knomewhich xubuntu?00:02
jules_i've been looking over the internet but haven't found how to do it00:02
jules_xubuntu 9.0400:02
jules_downloaded it a few hours ago00:03
knomejules_, okay. it uses pulseaudio as the default.00:03
jules_i downloaded and installed the updates it asked for00:03
jules_i guess that's not the right one for xubuntu, right?00:03
knomeit just doesn't work for some00:04
jules_i'm pretty new with this and i have no idea where to start00:04
knometry removing pulseaudio00:04
jules_from synaptic?00:04
jules_it seems that nothing called pulseaudio is installed here or at least synaptic doesn't recognize it00:05
jules_(i didn't uninstalled it, though)00:05
jules_... are you there?00:07
knomeyep, sorry00:08
jules_no prob00:08
knomehmm, right...00:09
jules_it seems that pulseaudio is not installed00:09
jules_not under that name, at least00:09
knomeso what's the problem? you hear nothing or you get an error?00:09
jules_i hear nothing and the icon in the tray bar (upper-right corner) is greyed out00:10
jules_and if i ask it to do anything it says..00:10
jules_let me see...00:10
jules_GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStreamer packages may be missing. It may also be a permissions problem.00:10
knomeif you right click it and select properties, what do you get?00:11
knomeyou should be able to select a sound card there00:11
jules_that's the way i got that :D00:11
knomeah, okay00:11
knomeso what does 'lspci | grep audio' give from terminal?00:12
jules_the sound card i an ISA card00:12
jules_let me see...00:12
knomehas it worked before?00:12
jules_it says nothing00:12
jules_nor does nothing00:13
knomeit shouldn't say anything as you have an isa controller00:13
jules_nope, it didn't work before00:13
jules_great :)00:13
knomethis page might help you00:13
jules_i'll give it a try00:14
jules_if i can't solve this i'll be back00:14
jules_i've seen in a forum someone with the same problem00:14
knomewas there a solution?00:14
jules_theoricly yes00:15
jules_but it didn't work for me00:15
jules_i couldn't run alsamixer00:15
knomewhich error did you get?00:15
slimjimflimhi, anybody know how to make a i386 deb into amd64?00:15
knomejules_, suppose it's this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15633400:16
knomeslimjimflim, you can't.00:16
slimjimflimwhat about the source?00:16
jules_no, it wasn't...00:16
jules_i'll read that one00:16
slimjimflimdo i need to rewrite the code?00:16
jules_and the other one you gave me00:17
jules_if it doesn't work, i'll be back00:17
knomeslimjimflim, no, if it's written correctly. usually it is.00:17
knomejules_, np.00:17
knomeslimjimflim, building from source builds to your architecture.00:17
knomeslimjimflim, sometimes it's not possible, but that's rare00:17
jules_i had no luck00:21
knomedid you try loading modules as suggested in the HowToSetup... pgae?00:21
jules_apparently i have to use the snd_cs4236 driver00:21
knomejules_, it's ok, as long as it works00:22
jules_yes, i tried he modeprobe thing00:22
jules_with the driver i told you00:22
jules_but it said nothing00:22
jules_and then i couldn't use alsamixer00:22
knomejules_, what was the error?00:22
jules_i installed "alsamixergui" (guess is the same than alsamixer?)00:23
jules_alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory00:23
knomeuh... i suppose that's gui for the alsamixer00:23
jules_what's gui?00:23
knomegraphical user interface00:23
jules_i couldn't find the not-gui alsamixer in synaptic00:24
jules_now i understand00:24
aacosta_yeah i tried vsftpd again i must have something incoerectly on my .conf file00:24
jules_i have the graphic interface but not the mixer itself00:24
knomejules_, ^00:24
jules_it's installed00:25
jules_may be i should restart the pc?00:25
knomeyou could try that, but the module won't be loaded if you haven't followed the guide to the end00:26
knomei don't think that's a problem at this stage, though :)00:26
jules_i did it00:26
jules_i added the line in the module file00:27
jules_and then restarted00:27
jules_an hour ago...00:27
knomeoh, right :D00:27
jules_but i didn't restarted when i installed alsa-utils00:27
knomejules_, that's not a problem.00:28
jules_i'll try restarting00:28
knometry running alsaconf after that00:28
jules_i'll be back00:28
jules_no, it isn't working00:35
jules_and know i have no graphic interface in the desktop...00:35
jules_no toolbars at all00:35
jules_like when you close explorer.exe in windows00:35
jules_but i still have icons00:36
jules_alsaconf doesn't work either (it tells me "bash: alsaconf: command not found00:37
knomejules_, okay...00:38
jules_how do i reactivate the explorer.exe-like thing?00:39
knomeoh, the panels?00:39
knomealt+f2 > xfce4-panel00:39
jules_oh, yeah00:40
jules_thanks :)00:40
jules_it's the same00:41
jules_no audio00:41
knomei'm browsing through the forums00:41
jules_i think that i have not installed the ALSA apps correctly00:42
knomethat's an old thread but there might be something useful if you're willing to read00:44
knomejules_, there's another: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33727600:45
jules_ok, i'll give it a try00:45
MTec007when will firefox be upgraded to 3.5?00:49
MTec007i just tried to install firefox-3.5 but it wasnt the public release00:49
knomekarmic at least, if not earlier. you might ask that from #ubuntu-devel or sth.00:49
SiDiMTec007: wait a little, it'll be here in 2 days max00:49
slimjimflimis there a way to just run x86 binaries on amd64?00:49
MTec0072 days?00:50
SiDiMTec007: packaging time ? Q.Q00:50
knomeslimjimflim, on a 32-bit subsystem, yes.00:50
MTec007it should not take that long00:50
SiDiMTec007: if you really can't wait, use the mozilla team's PPA on launchpad.net, i've got the 3.6 at the moment00:50
slimjimflimany other suggestions for 64bit?00:50
knomeslimjimflim, but i would recommend building the package00:50
slimjimflimi'm having a lot of trouble building00:50
knomeMTec007, people are volunteers...00:50
slimjimflimmissing dependencies etc.00:50
SiDiMTec007: it takes that long to make sure it works out of the box on enough architectures before you let millions of people use it00:51
slimjimflimbuggy config file00:51
knomeslimjimflim, you need to install the -dev libs00:51
SiDislimjimflim: what package is it ? will help much...00:51
slimjimflimcan you be more specific?00:51
MTec007it should work, i tested the 3.5RC's00:51
slimjimflimhold on00:51
knomeslimjimflim, if the dependency is libfoobar, you need to install libfoobar-dev in order to fill the dependency00:51
SiDiMTec007: feel free to raise your concern to the Quality Assurance team people, but they might kick your ass ;) Usually things like that are NEVER inserted between two releases, so that's already a big thing they allow firefox 3.5 to land00:52
slimjimflimthe dependency in question is gdbm-dev00:53
MTec007so your saying that they shouldnt upgrade it untill the next major version of xubuntu?00:53
slimjimflimwhich doesn't come up w/ apt-cache search00:53
slimjimflimi did install libgdbm-dev though00:53
slimjimflimbut no dice00:53
SiDiMTec007: its how things work in Ubuntu.00:53
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates00:53
knome!info libgdbm-dev00:53
ubottulibgdbm-dev (source: gdbm): GNU dbm database routines (development files). In component main, is optional. Version 1.8.3-4 (jaunty), package size 48 kB, installed size 172 kB00:53
knomeslimjimflim, do you also have libgdbm3 installed?00:54
MTec007geeze. i guess ill have to download it and change my launchers00:54
* slimjimflim checks00:54
slimjimflimknome: yea00:55
SiDiMTec007: is it SO hard to wait 1 or 2 days ? If so, as i already told you, you can use the Mozilla team's PPA which has daily builds : https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa00:56
slimjimflimhere's the source i'm using:00:56
knomeslimjimflim, what's the error?00:57
slimjimflimconfigure: error: cannot run /bin/bash ./config.sub00:57
slimjimflimthe file isn't in the dir00:57
slimjimflimknome, i might be losing packets, did you just say something?01:02
slimjimflimidk if you can see this, but i'm reconnecting01:03
knomeslimjimflim, copy config.sub and config.guess from /usr/share/misc/ to the build dir01:04
knomeyou can at least skip that error01:04
slimjimflimcool, i think it worked01:06
knomeso what's the error now? ;>01:07
slimjimflimhold on01:07
slimjimflimno errors, but the plugin doesn't show up in jpilot01:09
knomedid you "make" and "sudo make install" ?01:09
knomesoundw weird.01:09
knomedid you restart jpilot?01:09
slimjimflimlemme run jpilot from cli01:11
slimjimflimbrb, i'm connected via phone, have to disconnect to sync01:12
slimjimflimwhat a disaster, now it won't even sync01:21
slimjimflimbleh, i'm gonna make dinner, i'm famished01:22
jadez03Anyone around?02:16
Raggshi jadez0302:18
jadez03Hey there02:20
jadez03know anything about the audio in xubuntu?02:20
jadez03more specifically the audio panel applet and the media buttons on a laptop (like adjust volume)02:20
jadez03just switched to xubuntu from gnomebuntu and now they don't work, and also to adjust the volume you have to launch the mixer, which takes about 5 seconds, and is annoying if you adjust volume frequently02:21
Raggsjadez03, unfortunately I am not on my laptop atm02:23
Raggsin the middle of downloading xubuntu as well02:24
jadez03thanks anyways02:30
=== [o_O] is now known as danopia
codyis there anyone here?03:21
codyI installed xbuntu on my laptop03:22
codynow my ouse wont work03:22
codyno mouse will work03:22
codyI think so03:23
codythe green cable?03:23
codyits round03:24
codysorry im noobish03:24
forcesyour keyboard is ps2 too?03:24
forcesps2 have 8 pins03:24
forcesin a circle03:24
codywell its a laptop the keyboard is built in03:25
jadez03<forces> ps2?03:28
jadez03<cody> I think so03:28
jadez03<cody> the green cable?03:28
jadez03<forces> =.=03:28
forcesdoes your keyboard work in another O.S.?03:29
codymy keyboard works in this one03:29
codyits the mouse03:30
forcesthe trackpad?03:30
codyno that didnt even work when I had windows03:31
codyits a ps2 mouse03:31
forcesso the problem is not the software03:32
forcescould be a hardware problem03:32
codythe mouse I had before worked03:33
codythat one died03:33
codyand ive tried 3-4 mice03:34
forcesmaybe the port is bad03:35
forcestry with a usb mouse03:35
codyI have03:36
codyI think im just going to go with XP again03:39
forcesok good luck with virus and cracks03:42
seeveeWhat would the command look like for copying files from local to ssh server?03:42
jadez03man, cody has BAD mouse luck apparently03:46
forcesbut he choose windows than a new mouse03:47
jadez03funny, under *buntu i have much better (and faster to boot) mouse support than under vista or xp03:49
jadez03anyone familiar with python?04:12
jadez03man its easy to get ignored here from people being away, but in #ubuntu you just get lost in a sea of questions04:25
yesitisjustmewhen trying to install googleearth it freezes and turns black anyone know what could be the problem?04:58
tmurasewhat is music player of choice for xfce?06:22
R1cocheti used to use audacious but prefer exaile myself07:10
R1cochetthough i havent tried many of the others07:10
mikubuntuhey guys, this is prolly a stupid question, so feel free to give a stupid answer ... haha ... can i download an .rpm file of kompozer?10:00
mikubuntuhttp://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=170132&package_id=194013&release_id=682029 doesn't seem to have a deb version listed10:01
knomemikubuntu, you can use rpm, but you have to convert it to deb if you want to install it10:02
knome!info alien10:02
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.73 (jaunty), package size 104 kB, installed size 276 kB10:02
SiDiknome: mikubuntu: i seriously dont recommand using alien10:03
mikubuntuoh, my.  ok, so i get 'alien' from synaptic?10:03
SiDiits said to produce bad debs10:03
knomeSiDi, the question was "can i" :P10:03
knomeyou always can try10:03
mikubuntusidi, oops10:03
knomethe other option is building from source, which is a bit more complex operation10:03
mikubuntuout of my league, you might have guessed10:03
SiDimikubuntu: you should download the source and compile it :)10:04
mikubuntuwhat about running windows version in wine?10:04
knomebuilding from source is not the first thing i suggest to anyone10:04
SiDinative version is better usually :p10:04
SiDiits not _that_ hard10:04
mikubuntui don't even know what COMPILING means!10:04
SiDiyou just pick it, extract it, open the INSTALL file and follow the instructions10:04
SiDiit means turning the source code into the executable file that you'll use10:04
knomemikubuntu, don't worry, SiDi will walk you through compiling10:04
SiDia deb package contains this executable file10:05
mikubuntuhahaha, knome is volunteering sidi10:05
SiDimikubuntu: :D10:05
knomewell he's the one suggesting it and not even try alien first10:05
mikubuntualien sounds like it would be a good thing, if it were a good thing10:06
SiDidont do stuff with aliens, knome  :p10:06
knometrying doesn't cost anything10:06
mikubuntubut if its not a good thing ...10:06
knomeeven if it produced bad deb, it just doesn't work and you can forget it and start building10:06
SiDiknome: it can cost a bad deb package that puts files in wrong locations and that you then have to remove ^.^10:06
SiDior bad dependency tracking10:06
knomeSiDi, they still won't break your system10:07
SiDiah, who knows :P10:07
mikubuntunothing can break linux10:07
knomeSiDi, wel... you can always fix it10:07
SiDihah, many things can, mikubuntu :)10:07
knomelike i've done10:07
mikubuntuhaha, ya, i know10:07
mikubuntui once thought i'd try kde, and i din't like it, so i went to synaptic and uninstalled every program that started with a k.  that broke linux.10:08
knomeSiDi, i've not done a fresh install since 6.10 and i've had the dependencies broken for *many* times10:08
knomeSiDi, and i've even used betas ;)10:08
knomemikubuntu, lol, that was a bit harsh ;)10:09
mikubuntuok, sidi, so are you really going to teach me to compile?10:09
brainthunkhi which one is faster xubuntu or kubuntu?10:09
knomebrainthunk, xubuntu.10:09
SiDimikubuntu: actually, just extract that thing, and execute bin/kompoze10:09
SiDiits already compiled for you :p10:09
SiDimikubuntu: fluxbuntu comes with a WM, not with a DE </troll>10:10
SiDiknome: do you know what kompozer is ? A damn WYSIWYG html editor10:10
mikubuntui don't understand.10:10
knomeSiDi, nope.10:10
knomemikubuntu, it seems that the package is compiled, even if you download the "source"10:10
mikubuntusidi, which file? http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=170132&package_id=194013&release_id=68202910:11
knomemikubuntu, so you only have to run it, you don't have to compile/build it to use it10:11
SiDimikubuntu: the one for your architecture \o/10:11
SiDiknome: i'm helping someone to install a WYSIWYG editor :|10:11
knomeSiDi, gedit is a good (x)html editor...10:11
SiDiknome: indeed.10:11
SiDiknome: my preference goes to npp (windows FOSS app) though10:11
mikubuntusidi, usually the apps i get are for i38610:12
SiDi kompozer-0.8a4-gcc4.2-i686.tar.gz    should be the one if you have a 32bit architecture10:12
mikubuntubut the only one like that is rpm10:12
SiDitake the i68610:12
knomeSiDi, *windows*?10:13
SiDiknome: yeh...10:13
SiDithey didnt have linux at work \o/10:13
knomeinstall one then10:13
knomenever been a problem10:13
SiDiwas either windows or macos... seeing macos's usability definition, the choice has been fast10:13
SiDimy boss would have made an infarctus10:14
mikubuntuok, its downloading will take a few mins on this slow connection10:14
SiDii already made them switch from IE to firefox and it took me 3 months knome10:14
knomei've broken several workplace it norms ;)10:14
SiDimikubuntu: why why WHY do you want a WYSIWYG editor ? :(10:14
mikubuntuit's downloading with archive manager10:14
mikubuntucause i'm not a coder10:15
SiDimikubuntu: still10:16
SiDihtml is easy to learn10:16
mikubuntugrabbed a free template to make my friends website www.kikesplace.net a little more attractive10:16
SiDiWYSIWYG editors make you write really really bad things10:16
mikubuntulike what?  this is going to be a one page site with nothing fancy10:16
mikubuntujust address, pix, phone numbers, and email10:17
SiDimikubuntu: like <style> inside html, tables everywhere10:17
mikubuntui know, but im NOt a coder ...10:17
SiDiits not hard to learn at all mikubuntu10:17
SiDijust learn the very basics and you'll be done in an afternoon10:17
SiDii can even help you if you want10:18
mikubuntu<BS>, er, i mean <BR> hahaha10:18
SiDi<BR> is so bad...10:18
SiDiits <br />, and there is almost no valide reason to use a <br /> :P10:18
mikubuntuok, archive manager just poppd up, what do i do?10:18
SiDiyou extract the bin folder to wherever you want10:18
SiDithe executable file is inside it10:18
mikubuntuso i clickd on the /kompozer-0.8a4/ file and theres a bunch of subfiles, one is kompozer-bin10:20
mikubuntuhow/where do i extract it?10:21
mikubuntuis that the right one?10:21
mikubuntui don't know where or how to extract it10:23
mikubuntusidi, hhheeeeelllllpppp10:24
SiDiextract everything somewhere10:24
SiDiin a folder which name you like10:24
SiDiand then, double click the file named "kompozer"10:24
mikubuntui don't know where?  where is the logical place and name?10:24
mikubuntueverything, or just the kompozer-bin file?10:25
SiDiyou put everything in the archive, wherever you want10:26
SiDi /home/yourname/myfolderwhereiwannaputkompozer/ extract here !10:26
mikubuntubut i mean isn't there a logical place for it?  i mean i wouldn't put it on the desktop, or in documents, or pictures ... or videos, i don't KNOW wehre i should put it10:29
mikubuntucan you tell me where to put it :010:29
mikubuntureally , i don't know wehre10:30
mikubuntui go have smoke ...10:33
=== Laibsch1 is now known as Laibsch
mikubuntusidi, i realized something when i was smoking.  this is an alpha package, because the kompozer i got from synaptic keeps crashing, but the developer says on the webpage that the alpha is better on linux... so, should i be looking for the old kompozer and overwriting it?10:44
mikubuntui found two files in /usr/bin , one is kompozer, and the other is kompozer-config ... should i extract to one of those?  and leave the box checked that says overwrite existing files?10:50
SiDimikubuntu: im back10:53
mikubuntuk, i freaking out10:53
SiDimikubuntu: there is no logical place, no. Thats the principle of "portable" apps10:53
mikubuntusidi, i realized something when i was smoking.  this is an alpha package, because the kompozer i got from synaptic keeps crashing, but the developer says on the webpage that the alpha is better on linux... so, should i be looking for the old kompozer and overwriting it?10:53
mikubuntui found two files in /usr/bin , one is kompozer, and the other is kompozer-config ... should i extract to one of those?  and leave the box checked that says overwrite existing files?10:53
SiDimikubuntu: you're not going to overwrite anything10:53
SiDiyeh i read you already10:53
mikubuntunow the archive manager is frozen10:54
SiDiyou're going to extract it in a place that is in your home. something like /home/yourname/.kompozer/10:54
SiDiif you really dont wanna see it all the time10:54
mikubuntuwell, i don't know what to do now, cause the window is frozen10:55
SiDithen you add a .desktop shortcut (get the /usr/share/applications/whatever.desktop, copy it to .local/share/applications/mykompozer.desktop and change the values inside so that you have a nice menu entry to your custom kompozer)10:55
SiDihey, its an alpha10:55
SiDiand its a k app, too10:55
mikubuntuit wont' cancel10:55
mikubuntuwont close10:55
SiDiand its a WYSIWYG editor, anyway \o/10:55
knomeSiDi, "the archive manager" ?10:55
SiDiknome: oh10:55
knomestart reading ;)10:56
* SiDi should drink more coffee.10:56
SiDimikubuntu: kill the archive manager, and in firefox's downloaded files window, double click on kompozer it'll reopen the archive10:56
mikubuntu cant kill it, i tried xkill and it din't kill it10:59
knomesudo kill -s kill [pid]10:59
mikubuntudon't know that one, is it sudo kill -s kill [archive manager]  ?11:00
knomeno, pid is the process id11:00
SiDipkill file-roller11:00
SiDiactually :p11:00
knomeSiDi, :P11:01
knomeSiDi, alternative ways11:01
mikubuntuok, still don't understand11:01
SiDithere are weird things going on in mikubuntu 's computer11:01
* mikubuntu wonders if its in the computer or in the brain11:02
knomemaybe both11:02
mikubuntuso what is the exact command?11:02
knome'pkill file-roller'11:02
knomeSiDi, ? :P11:03
jadez03sudo get me a sandwhich11:03
jadez03or gksudo get me a vodka martini11:03
mikubuntuok, killed11:03
SiDino sudo11:03
knomejadez03, your username doesn't appear in the sudoers file. this incident will be reported to the system administrator.11:03
SiDijadez03: you're not a sudoer11:03
knomea related np: Embrace / I Want the World11:04
jadez03damn you all11:04
jadez03i just want to get drunk and eat =11:04
SiDimikubuntu: you're on a i386 pc, right ?11:04
jadez03=\* lol11:04
knomejadez03, you need sudo rights to use the command 'damn'11:05
* jadez03 explodes11:05
mikubuntusidi, got the file back up from the download window  .... what nex?11:05
SiDiUsage : explode [options] intensity - missing parameter11:05
SiDimikubuntu: put it wherever you want :D it seriously doesnt matter, you'll probably have a deb sooner or later and install that deb11:06
knomemikubuntu, extract it to /home/yourusername/.kompoze11:06
knome!patience | SiDi11:07
ubottuSiDi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.11:07
jadez03./explode -blood -gore 900111:07
knomejadez03, explode: unknown option -blood. use --help to see help.11:07
SiDi!i_already_told_him_to_put_it_there | knome11:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:07
knomeSiDi, haha. pwned :)11:07
mikubuntuknome, ok, so that file doesn't exist, i have to 'create folder'?11:08
SiDimikubuntu: yeh11:08
knomemikubuntu, yes, create the folder and then extract the package there.11:09
mikubuntudoesn't seem to have created a folder11:11
knomemikubuntu, folders or files beginning with . are "hidden"11:11
knomemikubuntu, they don't show up by default, so it's ok, you wouldn't see it11:11
mikubuntui thought the . was a mistake11:11
knomemikubuntu, press ctrl+h to see the hidden files in a folder11:12
mikubuntui hit create folder, then i put /kompozer11:12
knomedo not add the /11:12
mikubuntudo you see why i am asking for exact instruction, i am not familiar with procedure11:12
knomejust "kompozer" or as i suggested ".kompozer"11:12
knomethat way you don't see the folder all the time11:13
knome(because you don't have to) :)11:13
lean2501it looks like i dont have /var/log/everything.log... how can i have it? :)11:13
knomesorry, just ask for more specific instructions if you don't understand something11:13
knomelean2501, "everything.log" ?11:13
knomewhat is that supposed to include?11:14
lean2501i used arch linux before xubuntu, and it has that everything.log11:14
lean2501every other logs11:14
knomeubuntu does not have everything.log11:14
lean2501ah :(11:14
lean2501so if i want to view things like a mounted usb or things like that, i need messages.log?11:14
mikubuntuok, it seems to have made a file .kompozer11:15
SiDilean2501: the person that asked for everything probably meant every file in /var/log ;)11:15
mikubuntuhow do i know if it extracted there yet?11:15
lean2501SiDi: mmm dont understand :P11:15
lean2501well, i asked in #archlinux and it seems it's distro-specific log, not an standard log, so i'll use messages.log :) insted11:19
mikubuntuomg.  it's running.  thanks knome and sidi11:21
knomemikubuntu, no problem11:22
SiDimikubuntu: no problem :)11:22
knomelean2501, no problem.11:22
mikubuntuyes, problem... arrrrgggghhhh11:27
mikubuntunow i can't find the templates folder that was there before11:27
SiDicontact the kompozer devs for that :P We can't help you much11:28
LaibschI have /tmp mounted as tmpfs on my long-running LAN server.  df says that 115MB are taken, while find, du, baobab and just about every other tool can only find 14MB of that http://paste.debian.net/40730/  Where are the remaining 100MB?  I need to make a bit of room.11:29
tavastiLaibsch, some program creates file, opens it, and then removes it while open. That program can still use that file, and file disappears after program closes11:31
mikubuntusidi, ok i found it, before i pulled up the hidden files it was up top, now down at the bottom, how do i hide the hidden files?11:31
tavastiand nobody else can see it11:31
Laibschtavasti: not even root?11:31
tavasticannot see it on filesystem11:31
LaibschHow do I find out which program that might be?11:32
tavastiwith 'fuser -mv /tmp' you may see processe which use /tmp11:32
SiDimikubuntu: ctrl+h11:34
LaibschWhat is gconfd-2?  It looks like a candidate11:34
knomeLaibsch, it's a gnome... configuration tool11:35
LaibschCan I restart it?11:35
knomesuppose you can.11:35
* Laibsch looks in /etc/init.d11:35
LaibschI stopped gdm11:36
Laibschusage of /tmp has not budged11:36
Laibschfuser gives me bash, mysql and this gconf thing11:37
LaibschI restarted mysql, stopped gdm and am looking into bash right now11:37
LaibschI brute-forced a solution now ;-)11:49
LaibschThanks, knome and tavasti11:49
knomeLaibsch, no problem.11:50
mib486im installing xubuntu, and at some point it says "Debootstrap Error" Release Codename impossible to establish12:06
mib486what does that mean?12:06
SiDimib486: please check that your CD is well burnt12:07
SiDiThere is such an option at thebeginning of the LiveCD "Check disc integrity"12:07
mib486but is the one ive already used12:07
mib486and it worked on the other pc12:07
mib486could it be it got damaged in 2 mins?12:07
SiDiI dont think so12:09
SiDiGoogle says either its badly burnt or the driver is having problems reading it12:09
mib486i just checked it, it says its a valid cd rom12:22
mozbuntucan anyone \help with a new Xbuntu install ?12:35
mozbuntuam I in the right irc channel ?12:36
ablomenmozbuntu, yeah you are :)12:36
ablomenask away12:36
mozbuntuthanks .. i perfromed an xbuntu install on an old machine that ran [windows ] . it seemdto go ok.. i restarted PC as per install recommendation and ...I got an arror12:38
mozbuntu"Io APIC resources couldnot be allocated "  follwed by some more text12:38
mozbuntu*arror= error12:38
mozbuntuIo = IO12:39
SiDiWhen you booted on the liveCD, it was working ok ?12:39
mozbuntuthe machine ran on windows ok , just slow12:39
mozbuntu866mhz machine with 1.5 Gig memory ram12:39
SiDiI suspect your computer doesnt support APIC12:40
SiDiok, please boot on the LiveCD then12:40
mozbuntuok..not sure what APIC is :-(12:40
mozbuntuok i can boot from xubuntu 9.04?12:40
mozbuntuok trying that now12:41
SiDimozbuntu: we will modify the way your fresh Xubuntu install boots, to tell it to ignore APIC12:41
SiDiAPIC is some processor stuff, but the Pentium 3 are likely too old to have it12:41
SiDiTell me when it's booted12:42
mozbuntubooting now12:43
mozbuntuok i see the main menu and its booted .. i have the options F1,2,34 ... installXbuntu option etc12:44
mozbuntucheck disk for errors ..12:44
mozbuntutest memory etc12:44
SiDiIt's a LiveCD or Alternate CD ?12:45
mozbuntuIm not sure .. how can I tell12:45
SiDi(if you dont know then its a liveCD)12:45
SiDiThe first option is "try Xubuntu" ?12:45
mozbuntuI used it to install into 2 other machines without hivkup12:45
mozbuntuno ..there is no "try Xubuntu"12:46
mozbuntuthe first option is " install Xubuntu"12:46
SiDiWhen you installed, it was a text-based install, or with pretty windows ?12:46
mozbuntuit was text based12:46
SiDiok then it's the Alternate CD.12:46
SiDiPlease press Ctrl + Alt + F1 on your keyboard12:46
mozbuntuI didnt realise there were two types12:46
mozbuntuon the installation machine ?12:47
SiDiFrom the CD's menu12:47
SiDiThis isthe shortcut to go to the console12:47
mozbuntudoesnt seem to do anything12:48
mozbuntuthere are 6 x function options below12:48
mozbuntuF keys12:48
SiDiok, F6 then12:49
SiDitell me whats in the menu :)12:49
mozbuntuthere doesnt seem to be terminal mode12:50
SiDiDo you have "Rescue a broken system ?"12:51
mozbuntui installed the xubuntu and it didnt seem to complain .. except i rebooted from harddiosk12:51
mozbuntuyes i do have rescue broken system optin12:51
mozbuntuselect ?12:51
mozbuntui started it and it seems to check components12:52
SiDiYes please12:52
mozbuntui see io apic error in that list12:53
SiDiAh, interesting12:53
mozbuntuit doesnt seem to recognise the floopy either12:53
mozbuntuand then seem tos go into text installation mode again12:53
SiDiDoes it offer you any option to fix it ? I never used that thing12:53
mozbuntuyes im trying it now12:53
mozbuntuseeing what happens12:54
mozbuntuI thought Xubuntu was most suitable for older machines12:54
mozbuntuGVXc7-4X motherboard12:54
mozbuntuIll be back .. i need to log off gfor a minute12:56
mozbuntu1any luck ?12:58
mozbuntu1any ideas ?12:58
SiDiDoesnt the installer offer you an option to fix this ?12:59
mozbuntu1well it  now hasd me in a terminal type environment12:59
mozbuntu1awaiting commands12:59
mib486in order to disable the APIC u should in the very first install menu select "advanced options" if im not wrong with f6 and then disable the APIC13:00
SiDiWhat you need to do anyway is to add "noapic nolapic" in the defoptions and altoptions lines of your /boot/grub/menu.lst (and to the already present boot lines) but you need a damn console to acceed this file13:00
SiDiok great13:00
SiDisudo fdisk -l (its a L) please13:00
SiDiand tell me the number of the parittion where you installed xubuntu13:00
mozbuntu1dev/sda/1 =13:03
SiDithen type this please : "sudo mkdir /media/xubuntu && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/xubuntu && cd /media/xubuntu/boot/grub"13:03
SiDiand then sudo nano menu.lst :D13:04
mozbuntu1"/dev/sda1 = linux13:04
mozbuntu1sda2 = ext13:04
mozbuntu1sda5 = swap13:04
SiDitype the command above13:05
SiDiand tell me if the last one works (the "cd" part)13:05
mozbuntu1i assume space before and after &&13:10
mozbuntu1it looks like 3 commands correct ?13:11
mozbuntu1is the && at the end or begining ?13:12
mozbuntu1i am switching between two computers and one screen so thats a full command sequence13:12
mozbuntu1can i type it in three sections13:12
mozbuntu1sudo mkdir /media/xubuntu &&13:13
mozbuntu1sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/xubuntu &&13:13
mozbuntu1cd /media/xubuntu/boot/grub13:13
SiDioh sorry13:16
SiDiyou can13:16
SiDitype sudo mkdir /media/xubuntu13:17
SiDithen enter13:17
mozbuntu1"unable to resolve host xubuntu"13:17
SiDithen the next one, enter13:17
SiDiwhich one does this ?13:17
mozbuntu1"cannot creat directory /media/xubuntu : File exists "13:17
mozbuntu1I typed the whol thing as per what u said13:18
mozbuntu1above are the two replies13:18
SiDitype now : sudo mount /dev/sda1  /media/xubuntu13:18
mozbuntu1says command not found13:22
mozbuntu1"unable to resolve host xubuntu"13:23
mozbuntu1unable to resolve host ubuntu13:23
SiDiit doesnt make sense13:25
SiDican you do : cd /media13:25
SiDiand type "ls"13:25
mozbuntu1can we do something more basic13:25
mozbuntu1"not found "13:26
mozbuntu1/bin/sh : cd/media : not found13:27
mozbuntu1its not seeingthe cd ?13:27
mozbuntu1can we have a look at the drive sda1?13:28
SiDithats annoying13:28
SiDicd /media not cd/media13:29
mozbuntu1it must have been ok because it installed the xubuntu os13:29
mozbuntu1oh cd ^ /media13:29
SiDithe install is successful, it just cant boot because your processor doesnt like APIC13:30
SiDithats funny because APIC comes from Intel, and your Pentium too...13:30
SiDinow that you're in /media, type "ls" please13:30
mozbuntu1"cdrom cdrom0 flopy flloppy0 xubuntu13:31
mozbuntu1i perforemd a ls13:31
mozbuntu1result above : cdrom cdrom0 flopy flloppy0 xubuntu13:31
SiDicd xubuntu ;)13:31
SiDinow, tell me if "cd boot" works13:32
SiDi(cd is the command to _c_hange _d_irectory)13:32
SiDitype "ls" please13:32
SiDiand tell me what you see13:32
mozbuntu1"cant cd to boot"13:33
mozbuntu1cd xubuntu works13:33
mozbuntu1but cd boot ..says cant cd to boot13:33
SiDiI understood.13:34
SiDitype "ls" please13:34
SiDiAlright, nevermind the ls, type this _exactly_ : "cd / && sudo umount /media/xubuntu && sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/xubuntu && cd /media/xubuntu && ls"13:36
SiDiand tell me if you see boot among the output of the last command13:36
SiDiif you see the word "boot" it means we're in the system partition, so you'll then do : "nano boot/grub/menu.lst"13:38
SiDinormally a text editor will pop-up, with a NON-empty file13:38
SiDiin this file, search for : # defoptions= .... and add "noapic nolapic"13:39
SiDithen search for : # altoptions=(recovery mode) single and add "noapic nolapic" to the end of this line too13:39
SiDithen, go to the bottom of the file, there are series of lines beginning respectively with "title", "root", "kernel", and "initrd"13:39
SiDiadd "noapic nolapic" to all these lines beginning with "kernel"13:40
SiDithen Ctrl + O to save, Ctrl + X to quit13:40
SiDithen you can reboot the computer and remove the CD13:40
SiDiand your computer will work like a charm13:40
mozbuntu1anyone can help me with a Xubuntu situation14:03
knome!ask | mozbuntu114:05
ubottumozbuntu1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:05
mozbuntu1SiDi just helped me try and edit grub lst file to ignore APIC  but on completing the pc says NTRloader missing ... hit cntrl alt del . What have I done ?14:07
knomethat sounds like a windows issue.14:08
mozbuntu1knome .. i perfromed an xbuntu install on an old machine that ran [windows ] . it seemdto go ok.. i restarted PC as per install recommendation and ...I got an arror14:09
mozbuntu1(21:38:47) mozbuntu: "Io APIC resources couldnot be allocated "  follwed by some more text14:09
knomemozbuntu1, i can read your conversation14:09
knomei somewhat know what you've been doing14:09
knomebut the nt(r?)loader sounds like a windows issue.14:10
mozbuntu1sidi : made me edit the menu.lst file and after that i had the reboot issue14:10
mozbuntu1ok .. well xubuntu was loaded onto the machine and wiped all windows as far as i can tell ..14:10
mozbuntu1maybe its trying to boot off the otrher hard drive as there are two14:10
mozbuntu1mayber my boot order is wrong14:11
mozbuntu1im testing that now14:12
mozbuntu1ok so far so good14:13
mozbuntu1it was booting off drive 1 not drive 214:13
mozbuntu1waiting to see if i fixed the no APIC situation14:13
mozbuntu1knome it boots but has same io apic error can u help me find that menu.lst file again14:16
mozbuntu1i have a prompt (initramfs)14:16
mozbuntu1is this terminal mode ?14:16
mozbuntu1cd root14:17
knomemozbuntu1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/207506/14:17
mozbuntu1thanks .. its says sudo not found14:19
mozbuntu1when i try it14:19
mozbuntu1the prompt is one i never have seen14:19
mozbuntu1do i need to change user type ??14:19
mozbuntu1im not experienced enough to know14:20
mozbuntu1from the xubuntu 9.04 cd can i goo into terminal mode ?14:20
mozbuntu1its a non live cd14:21
jpbaao_when trying to run LveCD, it hangs just after the splash screen. I installed using the alternate CD and it does the same.14:26
jpbaao_Killing splash shows it hangs on init: ttyx main process terminated with status 22514:28
jpbaao_it also includes the line "unable to execute '/sbin/getty' for tty1 no such file found"14:32
knomemozbuntu1, ctrl+alt+f114:40
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michauk_hi there, for an asus eeePC 1000*, which xubuntu would you recommand? the official one? something customized for this notebook? thank you16:33
michauk_I saw eeexubuntu, but it seems to be very old (end of 2007)16:33
R1coch3thi hi16:38
forcesmichauk_, try the official16:41
sowmithryI am unable to set user specific envinorment variables16:45
michauk_forces: ok, no need to optimize anything, due to the hardware specif. of this notebook?16:58
forcesmichauk_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC17:03
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC17:03
forces!eeepc | michauk_17:03
ubottumichauk_: please see above17:03
cemunalcan i install nvidia driver without jockey?17:07
cemunali use hardy17:08
forceswhat is jockey?17:11
michauk_thank you, i'll check this17:13
Shmeckhi there18:17
Shmecki'm having difficulty using python w/ xubuntu18:19
ShmeckI downloaded the PIL (Imaging Library) as an all platform version needed to be built18:19
ShmeckI am clueless at this point18:20
ShmeckI understood I don't have the python packages needed for building18:20
SiDiShmeck: what do you wanna do exactly ?18:22
SiDiShmeck: python-imaging is what you need and is in the repositories, i dont understand why you want to install another version18:23
Shmeckwell, I'm used to PIL from windows18:23
SiDiyou're on linux ;)18:25
SiDiyou dont download libs from everywhere, you use those that are available in the repositories18:26
SiDiavoids headaches18:26
Shmeckthat fact is beginning to settle soen18:26
Shmeckthat fact is beginning to settle down18:26
Shmeckanyway, it's a reminder that I have'nt yet built anything in linux18:27
Shmeckand I absolutly have no idea where to start, is the any piece of literature you could point me to?18:27
SiDiyou could cross read this http://docs.python.org/tutorial/18:28
SiDii dont know how you were doing in windows18:28
SiDibasically for python apps its not difficult18:28
SiDiyou add #!/usb/bin/python to the first line (it'll tell bash which interpreter should be called when you execute the file)18:29
SiDiand then you make sure its executable (chmod +x filename)18:29
SiDiyou write your code18:29
SiDiand you execute it : ./appname18:29
SiDisomething like that :p18:32
SiDiif you need a lib, install it (python-imaging in your case), and then import imaging (i suppose its the name :p)18:32
Shmeck(it's Image BTW)18:34
Shmeckthanks :)18:34
SiDiyou're welcome Shmeck18:44
Shmecknoob question, if using windows I'd write something like this "new_img.save("c:\\a.bmp") ", what is the equivalent in linux?18:50
Shmecknothing seems to work18:50
SiDitrop new_img.save("/tmp/a.bmp") ?18:50
Shmeck/tmp//a.bmp was ok18:52
SiDii never manipulated files in python :|18:53
Shmeckbut //home//username//desktop//a.bmp doesn't18:53
Shmeckoh, it's Desktop and not desktop18:55
SiDithere should be better ways to manipulate files18:58
SiDiyou should ask in python :P18:59
SiDihow to get the path of ~, and how to check if a folder exists18:59
Shmeckthanks SiDi :)19:01
SiDiin #python *19:05
SiDireally, i'm having typing trouble tonight19:05
khemsHi, I need help on canadian keyboard issue20:36
khemsAnyone who can help me in resolving one of key issue in canadian keyboard20:37
SiDikhems: œ i suppose ?20:41
khemsthanks Sidi20:42
SiDiif its that one, then i dont know.20:42
SiDii suppose you were the one on the development ML20:42
khemsoh yes20:42
khemsI had sent mail yesterday20:43
khemsdid you get that mail20:43
SiDidid you contact the xkb devs ?20:43
khemsI don't know how to contact them20:43
khemsI am trying to find their channel20:43
khemsthanks gaurd20:51
Raggs_hi all, i am trying to create a launcher on the xfce panel, but i cant get it to work21:51
Raggs_i have the command that works in a terminal though21:52
R1coch3tdid u rt click on panel?21:53
R1coch3tand select add new item?21:53
Raggs_yes, i have the new item there, with the right icon, but clicking on it i get the error "Failed to execute child process... (no such file or directory)21:54
R1coch3trt click on the new launcher and hit properties21:55
R1coch3tu have to tell it what command to executre21:55
Raggs_right, the command is the issue21:55
Raggs_I'm an idiot21:56
R1coch3tplease elaborate21:56
Raggs_there is a little box that lets you choose the executable, never noticed it21:57
R1coch3tso all is well now?21:58
Raggs_yes it is, thanks21:58
Raggs_a web browser called icecat21:58
R1coch3tahh ok21:58
R1coch3thow is that?21:58
Raggs_i like it, seems faster than firefox21:59
Raggs_R1coch3t, do you know if xubuntu comes with sun java?22:00
R1coch3tno i dont think it does22:01
R1coch3tthats part of the xubuntu-restricted if i remember correctly22:01
R1coch3txubuntu-restricted package22:01
R1coch3ti know i have it tho22:01
R1coch3twell actually i have JDK java22:02
Raggs_ok, i actually have to have the Sun version22:02
Raggs_for school22:03
R1coch3tahh gotcha22:03
R1coch3twell check in synaptic for it22:03
R1coch3tit might be there22:04
Raggs_R1coch3t, how long have you been using buntu?22:05
jadez03 You're so beautiful, you could be a part time model22:06
R1coch3talmost a year i think, maybe just over a year22:06
Raggs_ty jadez0322:06
jadez03When you're walking down the street, depending on the street, I bet you are definitely, in the top three22:06
R1coch3tand ive only had xubuntu installed22:07
R1coch3ttried ubuntu and kubuntu but didnt like them22:07
Raggs_R1coch3t, i have been using buntu since the first CD, and also Debian22:07
R1coch3tahh cool22:07
jadez03I liked ubuntu but gnome is a memory hog22:07
jadez03Recently switched to xfce, like it, but I think I'm gonna try LXDE soon22:08
Raggs_jadez03, depends actually, in Debian gnome is pretty fast22:08
R1coch3twhat about enlightenment?22:08
Raggs_LXDE isnt bad22:08
Raggs_i havent really used it22:08
jadez03its faster than any windows install, but with certain apps (my 200gb music collection) gnome loved to hangup22:08
R1coch3twhat ap?22:09
jadez03any music player22:09
jadez03amarok, audacious, gmusicplayer, etc22:09
jadez03i tried a bunch22:09
jadez03no, but they work fine under XFCE ;)22:10
R1coch3tthats all that matters22:10
Raggs_xfce is fine22:10
Raggs_hi forces22:14
forcesRaggs, o722:14
S0210Hi! Whenever I open a youtube link in my Opera (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUgNZKSQcrk) I see only a big white square. What would be worth to check?22:16
Raggs_S0210, is flash installed?22:16
S0210Raggs_: yes22:17
S0210I should also add that I see *mostly* big white square...22:18
Raggs_hows it work in Firefox?>22:19
S0210in Firefox it is OK but I have Flashblock by default22:20
Raggs_i see, i havent a clue22:21
S0210the same with me :->22:21
jadez03this is ground control to major tom22:50
jadez03take your protein pills and put your helmet on22:50
Raggs_jadez03, thats random22:56
R1coch3tis there no longer a switch user?23:23
R1coch3tnvm i got it23:30
R1coch3tjust had to add the applet to panel23:30

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