* RenatoSilva is very confused00:01
lifelessthe terminal should encode the unicode string to your code page00:02
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thumperYay pipelines (bzr-pipeline) they rock!00:08
* LarstiQ wonders what they are00:09
lifelesspoolie: call?00:09
lifelessLarstiQ: topgit for bzr; no versioning of the structure, its wysiwyg, and uses regular branch objects00:10
thumperLarstiQ: I'll be blogging about them soon00:10
LarstiQlifeless: stgit:topgit :: looms:pipelines?00:10
LarstiQthumper: cool00:10
lifelessLarstiQ: I haven't reviewed how they would work for e.g. ubuntu packages, but certainly should be nice and easier for local patch creation00:10
thumperLarstiQ: so look out in planet bzr :)00:10
lifelessLarstiQ: yes00:11
thumperLarstiQ: hopefully today, but if not, the weekend00:11
* LarstiQ might have a look at them, now that the regular conference part of EuroPython is done00:11
poolielifeless: sure, give me a call00:12
RenatoSilvabug 39494300:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394943 in bzr "Wrong chars in bzr xmloutput > file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39494300:21
igcmorning all00:44
LarstiQmorning ian00:48
mthaddonI just tried upgrading bzr to 1.16 per https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa and now I get "bzr: ERROR: The API for "<module 'bzrlib' from '/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/__init__.pyc'>" is not compatible with "(1, 13, 0)". It supports versions "(1, 15, 0)" to "(1, 16, 1)"." on a bzr branch operation01:05
mthaddonanyone have any ideas?01:05
Peng_mthaddon: Yes. Upgrade whichever plugin is whining about it.01:08
mthaddonthat's the only output - I don't know what plugin it's whining about01:09
Peng_mthaddon: Yeah, I know. There *might* be a traceback in ~/.bzr.log01:11
a_c_mcan you change your parent branch -- switch doesnt seem to do it ?01:14
mthaddonhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/208656/ is the traceback (I think)01:17
lifelessmthaddon: bzr-gtk likely01:18
mthaddonlifeless: I don't have that installed01:19
james_wmthaddon: bzr-svn01:20
lifelessoh, traceback - bzr-svn01:20
mthaddonthx, that did it!01:21
lifelessmathrick: re Integration - whats confusing?01:25
mathricklifeless: you present a bunch of different options, but you don't explain in which the integration happens. And then there's "For projects that do 'releases', the contents of a series could be much more mutable with no ill effects." which I completely fail to get01:27
poolielifeless: just to check i understood, did you say last night that spiv would necessarily need to fix bug 368921 as part of his current work?01:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 368921 in bzr "rich root upgrade adds inconsistent parents/rich root parents are not evaluated correctly." [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36892101:30
lifelessyes, and he has already01:31
lifelessits in his branch01:31
lifelessmathrick: so the integration section is largely definitional01:33
lifelessmathrick: projects that branch off for each release, like bzr does, can do history edits outside of releases without affecting the ability to do archaeology across releases01:35
mathricklifeless: humm, I'm afraid I still don't see what the integration is defined as. Is that the process of accumulating the code in branches? Or carving out a single 'release' out of them? (But then, why do you mention those that never do 'releases')01:36
lifelessits the process of integrating code from developers01:37
lifelessgetting code from my branch to bzr.dev is integration01:37
lifelessif, for instance, we rebased integration it wouldn't affect bzr 1.16 at all01:38
mathrickalthough it'd introduce certain confusion potentially01:38
lifelessbut we could do a history-preserving edit to cleanup something in bzr.dev much more safely than doing it to 1.1601:43
lifelessbecause bzr.dev has no releases01:43
mathricklifeless: to be precise, history-preserving is defined as "trees will still merge properly afterwards"?01:45
mathrickand what kind of edits can you do where that holds?01:48
mathrickI thought bzr only had the notion of complete states, so any change whatsoever morphs the state into something new and incompatible, no?01:48
lifelessso a history preserving edit is broadly a new commit that refers to the old one in some way01:55
lifelesse.g. as a parent01:55
lifelessor perhaps we can add some other annotations01:55
mathrickah, this way01:56
mathrickso you mean alter the presentation, but not the contents01:57
lifelessFSVO yes01:58
lifelessthe manifesto tried to capture goals and motivations, not implementations01:58
mathricksure, I'm just trying to see what you had and hadn't in mind02:00
lifelessI wanted to try and get a cohesive view of /why/, so that when people talk about how, they don't need to debate merits of motivation02:00
lifelesswithout a rationale that supports e.g. rebase, history discarding edits are very contentious02:01
lifelessI didn't have particular implementations in mind02:01
RenatoSilvajoin #python02:35
RenatoSilvajoin #python02:35
* igc lunch03:18
amanicahow do I resubmit a merge-proposal of a branch on launchpad?03:40
amanica(I commited more stuff as per review, but I don't know how to get the diff to update)03:41
Peng_Euhhh. People do it all the time, but i have no clue how.03:42
Peng_Maybe what you do is use https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~amanica/bzr/mv_after/+register-merge again.03:43
Peng_I really don't know.03:43
Peng_I've seen people do it, but I don't know how.03:44
amanicaI tried03:44
amanicabut it wont allow me03:44
amanicait sais the branch already has a merge proposal03:44
amanicathanks in any case03:44
Peng_Can you change the status of the current proposal to superseded and then do it?03:44
Peng_I'm really just guessin' here.03:44
amanicaI looksee03:44
amanicaI'll just add a comment for now, maybe one of the subscribers will be able to help me. thx again for trying.03:47
amanicaanyways, need to get an hour or two of sleep now before I have to go to work. goodnight/goodmorning.03:54
* spiv -> lunch04:04
sidneivila, jam: ping?04:28
pooliesidnei: hi06:14
pooliesidnei: you know vila's been working on a buildbot too?06:14
sidneipoolie: hey, i was heading to bed and heard a bit :)06:14
pooliehe should be here soon06:14
sidneibeep even06:14
poolieby all means sleep06:14
sidneipoolie: i saw a mention somewhere, but thought it was for something else06:14
poolieis it 2am there?06:14
sidneipoolie: yep06:15
sidneipoolie: anyway, the client part is setup on kerguelen, we just need to find a proper master.06:15
sidneipoolie: mine is running off a nokia n810 :)06:15
pooliefull points for style06:16
sidneialright, have a good erm... day :)06:17
* sidnei hits bed06:17
sidneipoolie: maybe fwd my message to vila, and i will sync up with him06:18
poolielifeless: just remembered, did you file an rt re tmpfs for pqm?06:26
lifelesspoolie: no, got sidelined, sorry. Doing now.06:26
pooliei just wanted the number06:26
poolieit's not urgent06:26
lifeless I can't06:27
lifelessevolution crashes when I click to change the 'from' address for mail.06:27
lifeless\o/ karmic06:27
lifelesscould you file it please?06:27
pooliei don't believe in evolution :)06:27
lifelesspoolie: popping out quickly, need to catch the bank before they close06:36
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RAOFlifeless: Yeah, that's everyone's favourite Karmic GTK bug, I believe.06:59
lifelessRAOF: hmm, maybe I should take the time to fix it :P07:12
lifelessRAOF: is there a smaller test case than evo?07:12
RAOFlifeless: Pretty much every GTK app will do something like that _eventually_.  Evo seems to be the best at reproducing the particular phase of the moon required, though.07:13
lifelessevo is fantastic at it07:14
lifelessbtw, turn up anytime07:14
RAOFlifeless: Hm.  It seems my laptop wants me to go now :)07:17
RAOFI was planning to get to the station at about 6ish; if I should be there earlier, I can do so.07:17
lifelessI live close by07:18
lifelessyou can couch camp till its time to go07:18
RAOFOK.  I'll check that my phone has absorbed sufficient electrons for the evening and depart.07:19
vilahi all07:32
igchi vila07:35
vilahi Ian07:35
* vila shudders... At least the sound is back in my VM !07:36
vilaIs there some reviewer around for https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/394190-osx-test-failures/+merge/8138 ?07:46
vilaWhoever you are, I'll be grateful :-)07:46
* igc heads off for a week of well deserved (in his opinion) vacation08:17
igcsee everyone in a week's time08:18
poolievila, i might do that08:48
vilapoolie: that will allow me to reach a significant milestone for by build farm: having all instances fully pass the whole test suite. From there we can decide about the next step.08:49
jmlwho wants to review a small UI brancH?09:58
jmlbzr branch bzr://truth.local/bzr.dev10:11
vilajml: reading it right now10:11
jmlvila, thanks.10:11
vilajml: I don't think 'jml' is meta enough to be used in tests, other than that: approve :D10:13
jmlvila, thanks. will fix, add a NEWS entry & submit10:15
vilajml: oops, it was a joke ! Feel free to use whatever you see fit, it's refreshing to work with jml instead foo, bar, joe@example.com10:29
jmlvila, hah. it's too late now :)10:29
vilajml: on the other hand, since it's your real handle, that may be risky if some leak occurs for an obscure reason, but that's a bit paranoiac :)10:30
vilajml: Now that I think about it, I should re-read these tests more carefully, maybe you're trying to take over every user that is running the test suite...10:31
jmlnext step: make bzr use launchpadlib10:34
KinnisonIs launchpadlib packaged nicely?10:53
jmlKinnison, I think it's in ubuntu & I think PyPI as well11:00
jmlso... I'm thinking that lp-login should do the launchpadlib oauth authentication11:01
bialixperhaps I'11:52
bialixperhaps I'm missing something: does merge requests in bzr ML still supported?11:53
bialixor should I push my fix to LP as mandatory step?11:53
bialixvila: hi?11:53
spivbialix: they're still supported AFAIK12:01
bialixit's just BB is often down12:01
jmlsemslie, bzr ls -VR --kind=file --null | xargs -0 grep -In %s12:05
jmlbialix, you can 'bzr send' to LP12:06
jmlbialix, it'll create the branch for you.12:06
bialixjml: I can *send* to LP?12:23
jmlbialix, merge@code.launchpad.net12:24
jmlbialix, I think detailed instructions are on help.launchpad.net/Code12:24
bialixthere is nothing about sending12:25
amanicaPeng: I figured out how to resubmit in launchpad: just click on the merge proposal status and change it to resubmit12:26
bialixamanica: hi, how are you?12:28
amanicahi bialix, I'm great, and you?12:29
amanicalong time no see12:29
bialixI'm fine, planning vacation12:29
amanicaah, I'm still recovering from mine :)12:29
amanicawhere are you going?12:30
amanicaSouth Africa perhaps?12:30
bialixIIUC there is winter, right?12:30
amanicayes, but it doesn't snow here12:31
amanicanot much anyways12:31
bialixalthough here is too hot, but I'd like to go to the sea with family12:31
amanicaah ok, enjoy12:31
jmlbialix, https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Review12:32
bialixdid you saw new Bazaar Explorer?12:32
amanicaI still need to try it out - too many things on my todolist, but I'm very exited about BE12:32
bialixjml: there is certainly some black magic under the hood, how I should specify project?12:33
amanicaI'ms tutorial with pictures looks very nice12:33
bialixjml: I suspect it still require to have the branch on LP beforehand12:33
bialixit's not problem per se though12:34
jmlbialix, well, the trunk branch needs to be on Launchpad12:34
bialixamanica: and you can translate it to Afrikaans ;-)12:34
jmlbialix, if the public url of the submit branch is known to Launchpad, Launchpad will use the project of that branch12:34
jmlbialix, lots of awesome magic.12:34
bialixjml: ok, will try12:35
amanicabialix:  I thought about that, but then I think its not that important for Afrikaans-speaking people since our English is generally good12:36
bialixI know, it was joke12:36
amanicaespecially for programmers, since our work is mostly english12:36
bialixok ok12:36
* bialix bbl12:37
jmlpoolie, you around?12:49
Peng_amanica: Ah, thanks. :)13:15
amanicaPeng_: cool, I'm glad I found it13:16
vilabialix: hi !13:26
bialixvila: hi13:26
bialixdoes jam will be here?13:27
vilaI second jml, it's not mandatory, but we now prefer merge proposals on LP13:27
vilabialix: nope13:27
bialixshould I re-send my patch?13:27
bialixcan I persuade you to review patch for set_hidden_attr?13:27
vilaI will be better yes, can you add a  test ?13:27
bialixtest for what?13:27
vilaOne that really handle a path *under* the directory, the one you have it handling the directory itself,13:28
vilacertainly fine, but no harm in adding one that is described in the comment :)13:28
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vilaI will leave jam approve and land it though as I'm a bit hesitant to land a patch that I can't test myself (yes, yes, setting up a windows VM is still on the list :-/)13:29
bialixoho! you really surprise me!13:32
vilabialix: about what ? Nor approving or not having a windows dev VM set up ?13:38
bialixabout your intent to setup windows VM13:46
* bialix tries to send to LP13:50
vilabialix: I had one in my previous life, but for perl-based dev, I never found the time since to set up one for python (but I briefly used bzr on windows at one point)13:53
vilaI feel a vergence in the force... is jelmer starting to work on releasing bzr-gtk ? :-)13:55
fullermdNo, that was just me...   I had beans for lunch.13:56
* bialix found bug in bzr send @ win3213:57
bialixwhat is 'vergence'?13:57
jelmervila, :-)13:57
vilajelmer: if not and I can help to, lpease ask13:57
jelmervila, first step is to clear up all bug reports, hopefully a release after that13:58
vilabialix: no idea, I'm repeating what I heard in Star Wars ;-D13:58
fullermdI don't think it's actually a word, at least in any sense like it was used there.13:58
* bialix never seen Star Wars in English13:59
vilafullermd: your use or Obi-Wan use ?13:59
fullermdI think it springs from the Star Wars Rule; if it {looks,sounds,tastes} cool, it doesn't matter if it's imaginary or impossible, it's in.14:00
bialixvila: ha-ha, got it!14:01
bialix"I feel vergence in the force"14:01
bialixafter translating it to Russian I can see your joke14:02
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
vilabialix: the context in Star Wars was that something was happening, but nobody knows how it will turn out in the end14:02
vilabialix: and of course paranormal powers are absolutely required for such predictions14:03
bialixI've always thought they talked about Power or Force (see capitalization), but it seems it's just force :-(14:05
bialixrats! bzr can't see my default e-mail client. something broken14:06
bialixha ha14:09
bialixI can't send merge request to LP14:09
bialixit says: All emails to merge@code.launchpad.net must be signed with your OpenPGP key.14:10
bialixvery nice, I don't have one right now14:10
vilarats :-/14:10
vilabialix: you know that lp created stacked branches now though, did you try bzr push lp:~bialix/... recently ?14:11
bialixold good push should help me14:11
bialixI have good channel right now, so I'm pushing14:11
bialixbut I'm just wanna see magic14:11
* bialix cries14:12
* fullermd pulls a rabbit out of vila.14:13
bialixthe branch pushed but not scanned yet14:13
bialixinteresting, can I make merge request regardless?14:13
vilabialix: it usually takes a few seconds, minutes at worst14:14
vilabialix: by the way, the push was quick, you *do* have a good connection right now :0D14:14
bialixI did it! https://code.launchpad.net/~bialix/bzr/hidden_attr_on_unicode/+merge/818114:14
bialixbut send to ML was very nice thing14:15
vilabialix: want a cute one, try: 'bzr push ; bzr lp-open' :-D14:15
vilabialix: You can also request another review from jameinel from the URL above14:16
bialixC:\work\Bazaar\bzr-repo\hidden_dot_bzr_unicode>bzr lp-open lp:~bialix/bzr/hidden_attr_on_unicode14:16
bialixOpening https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bialix/bzr/hidden_attr_on_unicode in web browser14:16
bialixbzr: ERROR: No module named webbrowser14:16
bialixYou may need to install this Python library separately.14:16
bialixjml: why lp-open tries to open edge???14:16
bialixit's not fair!14:16
vilabialix: because, Yes You Can :)14:17
vilaI thought webbrowser was part of the standard python library, are you using bzr.exe ?14:17
bialixwhat is Review type?14:18
bialixof course I'm using bzr.exe14:18
bialixvila: new test is OK for you?14:19
vilabialix: then file a bug against bzr.exe for not including a standard package used by a standard plugin :-D14:19
bialixit should be there, hmmm... another regression?14:20
vilabialix: yup14:20
vilabialix: it's imported lazily, could that explain it ?14:20
vilahmm, tricky14:20
bialixhm, does default e-mail client is editor?14:26
vilajelmer: can you update me about https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/107169 ? Is it fixed upstream ? How ? Will it find its way in jaunty (since I hit it once after every reboot) ? Didn't Silvester had a work-around (swallowing the exception ?) ? Etc ? :D14:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 107169 in bzr-gtk "Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session" [Medium,Triaged]14:32
jmlbialix, because it uses the edge xmlrpc service, because xmlrpclib handles redirects badly14:42
bialixI don't understand14:42
jmlbialix, it gets the url from launchpad14:42
jmlbialix, but it gets it from _edge_ launchpad14:42
jmlbialix, so it's an edge url14:43
bialixnon-edge lp can't do this?14:43
jmlbialix, it can, but it will try to redirect anyone in launchpad-beta-testers14:43
bialixok, it's too complex for me.14:44
vilabialix: are you a launchpad-beta-testers member ?14:49
vilaha, it's a bug then :)14:50
bialixin me?14:50
vilabialix: that too :-)14:51
vilano in lp, if you're not part of l-b-t, you shouldn't be redirected to edge, jml ? Am I correct ?14:52
jmlvila, you're half right.14:52
jmlvila, if you are not l-b-t, you are not redirected to edge14:52
jmlbut that's not what's happening here14:52
jmlthe bzr plugin has made a conscious decision to use edge14:52
jmlbecause if we don't use edge, then people who are members of l-b-t get terrible errors14:53
jmlbecause _some_ Python standard libraries don't support redirects.14:53
jmlZOMG it wasn't 200 it must be an error14:53
vilajml: ZOMG :) This one can be read in french as is :-D14:55
jmldoes l'Académie Française know about that?14:56
vilajml: pfff ;-P We have what we have and we do what we can with it :) whwwhawdwecwi sounds like mwhahahaha to me...14:59
vilaI always Quebecers were better are defending French, but I was recently told I was wrong...15:00
vilaI always thought Quebecers were better are defending French, but I was recently told I was wrong...15:00
vilaL'Académie Française is good about defending herself though15:00
vilaIt's not that I don't like French, I like it very much thank you, but some of translations of words that never existed even in english are just a bit too much for my taste. Some are very nice at capturing the true meaning of the new word, but they are the exceptions. Some are just stupid like mel for mail which is just English with a strange accent ;-)15:03
viladéverminateur for debuger never made it for me, I was already a addicted bug hunter when they coined it though...15:05
vilaFor a good translation, I quite like ordinateur better than computer, but both are a bit out-dated now...15:08
bialixvila: can you run `bzr selftest -s bt.test_win32utils` on Linux? with LANG=C? please? s'il vous plait?15:08
bialix(for my patch)15:08
pilkyanyone know what time zone martin pool is in, just wondering when he'd be on IRC15:08
jmlpilky, Sydney.15:09
pilkyok thanks15:09
vilabialix: ha, *with* your patch ? WIthout it gives: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209036/15:10
vilarats, storm here, need to close windows15:10
sidneihey vila!15:10
pilkya rat storm?15:10
bialixon Linux15:10
vilabialix: oh come on :-) In my appartment :)15:11
vilasidnei: Hey ! My word, what is your TZ ?15:12
sidneivila: GMT-315:12
bialixjam is right, but I think I need to check OS rather than Unicode15:13
pilkysidnei: -3? Is that Iceland?15:13
vilasidnei: oh, cool15:13
sidneibrazil actually15:13
AfC1lots of rat storms15:13
vilahmm, I feel like missing a joke about rats and storms, can someone kindly explain ? :-}15:14
pilkyoh, I thought -3 was mid atlantic, ah well15:14
pilky"vila: rats, storm here, need to close windows"15:14
AfC1otherwise the rats will get in15:14
sidneivila: so what can you tell me about your effort with buildbot?15:15
vilaLOL, I thought 'rats' was kind of metasyntactic curse :)15:15
vilasidnei: anything you want to know :-)15:15
bialixvila: can I use TestSkipped or I should introduce OSWindowsFeature to skiup windows-specific tests?15:15
sidneivila: what's the plan, basically. i know nothing about it ;)15:16
vilabialix: Using a feature is better so you get the number of tests skipped in the summary after a selftest run15:16
vilasidnei: did you see my mail from a couple of hours ago ?15:16
bialixvila: they'are already there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209036/15:16
sidneivila: maybe not, checking again15:17
vilabialix: then reuse it or define a new one15:17
vilabialix: let me have a closer look15:17
bialixvila: reuse TestSkipped?15:17
vilabialix: no, the features, circa line 58 in test_win32utils.py15:18
bialixthere is no required module15:19
bialixeven if win32file is not available, the code still works15:19
vilabialix: then look at bzrlib.test.Feature definition class and all classes that derive from it15:20
bialixlet's say another time: does OS Windows is feature?15:21
vilabialix: if win32file is not available then I think jam remark is appropriate, use self.requireFeature(tests.UnicodexxxxFeature)15:22
bialixI can't find one15:22
vilaI don't think OS windows is a feature (no pun intended :-D)15:22
* vila is such a liar15:22
vilabialix: one sec15:23
vilabialix: bah, you even have two ! UnicodeFilename and UnicodeFilenameFeature15:25
bialixok, from the name it seems I need the latter15:25
vilaright, UnicodeFilenameFeature is the one to be used, the former sounds like dirt to me15:25
bialixok, I've fixed this. pushed on LP. jam already approved.15:27
sidneivila: so you have a buildbot master setup yet?15:27
bialixvila: do you have the power to merge it, oh great master?15:27
vilasidnei: yes, on jaunty, with three slaves: jaunty, OSX tiger, OSX Leopard15:28
vilabialix: since jam approved, yes, did you update your branch ?15:28
sidneivila: so can we point the buildbot client on kerguelen to it?15:28
vilasidnei: if you set up a slave to run the tests certainly15:29
bialixvila: yes, LP already got it15:29
sidneivila: i've got it ready for building the installer, tests would be next step15:29
vilasidnei: hmm, I'm not sure I understand the logic here, my master ask the slaves to run the tests, not to build an installer15:31
sidneivila: i guess you don't understand the master then :)15:31
bialixsidnei: is that you made zc.build patch?15:31
sidneivila: you can configure the master to build many projects15:31
sidneibialix: yes15:31
vilasidnei: ha, then I miss that part15:31
bialixsidnei: what the goal?15:32
vilasidnei: and associate only some slaves to some builders ?15:32
sidneivila: so, in buildbot terms, you can have many 'builders', those are the different projects. and each 'builder' can have many slaves15:32
sidneivila: exactly15:32
vilaoh great15:32
vilaso you mean I will be able to ask kerguelen whatever I want in addition to building the windows installers ?15:33
sidneivila: correct15:33
sidneibialix: automate fetching the build dependencies for the installer.15:33
vilabialix: automate running the test suite against bzr.dev once a day and collect the results15:33
vilabialix: kerguelen is a windows machine in case you didn't notice15:34
bialixvila: I know15:34
vilabialix: do I surprise you again ? :-D15:34
bialixI don't understand why for "automate fetching the build dependencies for the installer." is needed? It's not target per se but mean. Yes? What's the target?15:35
bialixvila: no :-P15:35
bialixI was aware about kerguelen15:35
bialixthis name is pun15:35
sidneibialix: and there's a ton of dependencies scattered all over the place. you could have a plain python script or even a .bat file to fetch the dependencies, but using zc.buildout there are existing dedicated recipes for doing things like 'download this zip file and unpack in directory X' and 'checkout branch Z from this url'15:36
vilabialix: looking at your patch in context: self.requireFeature() perfect: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209051/15:36
bialixvila: thanks15:36
vilasidnei: do you know if the zope license is compatible with the GPL  ?15:37
bialixsidnei: are you aware about Bug 38879015:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388790 in bzr "problems with bzr.exe vs Python-based installers" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38879015:37
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bialixsidnei: if you can solve python-vased install with your zc.build patch this will be Great Target. No?15:38
vilabialix: does your patch fixes #335362 or is it only a partial fix (i.e. should I --fixes lp:335362)15:38
sidneivila: im almost sure it is, but why the question? there's no ZPL code there15:38
vilasidnei: I think the file you added is under zope license15:38
bialixvila: not really15:39
sidneivila: ah, bootstrap.py might be15:39
vilasidnei: yes maybe that one15:39
bialixvila: it was discovered by Naoki while discussing that bug.15:39
vilabialix: of so, no --fixes15:39
sidneivila: http://www.zope.org/Resources/ZPL15:39
bialixI prefer no fixes15:40
sidnei"This license has been certified as open source. It has also been designated as GPL compatible by the Free Software Foundation (FSF)."15:40
vilasidnei: great15:40
sidneibialix: i wasn't aware of that bug. in fact, im not supposed to be working on the installers per se, only automating the build.15:41
bialixautomating for what or for who?15:41
vilabialix: -m '(bialix) Setting hidden attribute on win32 should never fail (and OS locks must die, but I diverge).' ok ?15:42
bialix:-D :-D :-D15:43
sidneibialix: having a buildbot that builds each installer every day, so that it requires no manual intervention other than telling buildbot when new versions are released.15:43
bialixsidnei: so, it can/should be used instead of build_release.py?15:43
vilabialix: naaaah, they will die, no need for that :)15:43
vilasidnei: so what needs to happen ? You send me your master.cfg file and I send you my build master host/port address ?15:45
vilasidnei: and you nokia can take some rest ? :0D15:45
sidneibialix: supposedly yes. to make it clear, build_release.py expects you to manually get all the bits and pieces like the svn dev binaries and tortoiseoverlays. the new stuff fetches the svn dev binaries and tortoise overlays and all the different bzr branches of the plugins for you, then there's a 'build-installer.bat' that does just the core of what build_release.py does.15:46
sidneivila: correct, that's the plan.15:47
vilasidnei: ok15:47
sidneivila: if you can put *your* master.cfg on a branch, and then i send you a merge proposal, that would be perfect actually15:47
sidneivila: i like that idea of keeping the passwords external to it though15:47
sidneivila: so we should do that15:48
vilasidnei: ok, I let you know as soon as it is done15:48
bialixsidnei: one suggestion then: can you start the process from root dir, will be nice as `make xxx` and put all installers there?15:48
sidneibialix: sounds good to me15:48
sidneibialix: i will do that15:49
jmlPython 2.6.2+ (release26-maint, Jun 19 2009, 15:16:33)15:53
jml[GCC 4.4.0] on linux215:53
jmlType "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.15:53
jml>>> from bzrlib.transport import get_transport15:53
jml>>> t = get_transport('bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk')15:53
jml>>> t.base15:53
jmlwhat the hell is escaping the tilde15:54
vilajml: damn ! It's not as if noone landed a patch to avoid precisely that ! :-)15:59
sidneibialix: so where the installers should be put? at the root dir?16:00
jmlvila, :)16:01
bialixsidnei: it will be nice, though the last word should be from jam16:05
sidneibialix: ok, thanks!16:05
bialixsidnei: from the rule: don't break what is working today16:06
sidneibialix: yeah, i tried to avoid that as much as possible, hopefully it will be fine.16:07
* mgedmin sighs16:18
* bialix sighs16:18
LarstiQmgedmin: can I help you?16:18
* mgedmin doesn't know16:18
mgedmindo you know why in jaunty I cannot use bzr viz?16:19
mgedminI get an internal error16:19
mgedminI have no plugins in ~/.bazaar16:19
LarstiQbzr-gtk and bzr are both from jaunty?16:19
mgedminare there plugins in jaunty that are incompatible with bzr in jaunty?16:19
mgedminyes they are16:19
mgedminno PPAs16:19
LarstiQmgedmin: I would hope not16:19
mgedminbzr 1.13.1-1, bzr-gtk 0.95.0+bzr629-1ubuntu116:19
mgedminthe error is ... gone!16:20
* LarstiQ blinks16:20
mgedminit was DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 016:20
mgedminI hadn't thought to simply re-run the command again16:20
mgedminshould I file a bug?16:21
LarstiQthat sounds like a bzr-dbus thing16:21
LarstiQmgedmin: hmm, maybe check if there is already one16:21
jelmermgedmin, IIRC this was a seahorse bug16:22
jelmermgedmin, the first time seahorse is contacted over dbus it breaks and doesn't reply16:23
mgedminseahorse.py is in the traceback, yep16:24
mgedminI'm at a sprint and we'll be kicked away from here in 30 minutes, so I don't have time to search launchpad for bugs now16:24
mgedminbut thanks for the explanation16:24
mgedminhey, actually my working dir is clean and I won't have time to start a new task16:28
mgedminoh no, I closed the terminal with the traceback16:29
vilamgedmin: try again, for me that bug happens only once after each reboot16:58
mgedminI'm most definitely not going to reboot just to reproduce a bug, sorry17:01
mgedminreboots in ubuntu *suck*17:01
dashhuh. more than in something else?17:05
dashoh he left17:05
dashso i guess i can't tell him about http://www.ksplice.com/17:06
viladash: LOL17:07
vilaWell my point was to give him the work-around not asking to reproduce :)17:08
johnskulskiI am working with a svn repository that I bzr branched. So when I merge changes, commit and push all the commits come from me and not the people who actually committed. Is there a work flow around this?18:15
Peng_lifeless: Ya know, lp:bzr-guess is branch 6, even though it uses a 2a repo. :D18:43
* SamB still doesn't understand what the --incremental option to svn-import does18:43
Peng_SamB: If 'bzr svn-import' was 'bzr branch', 'bzr svn-import --incremental' would be its 'bzr pull'.18:44
SamBhmm. so why doesn't the help for svn-import say anything to that effect?18:45
Peng_SamB: I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong, eh? :D18:46
SamBand why not make it the default?18:46
Peng_SamB: I dunno. Ask jelmer.18:46
SamBhmm, I'm pasting this IRC conversation into a bug, okay?18:47
SamBthanks ;-)18:47
Peng_Seconds after I installed bzr-guess, I typed "bzr missung", and it worked. :)18:49
SamBhmm, too bad that john dude left :-(18:56
SamBPeng_: okay, it's bug 39526619:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395266 in bzr-svn "svn-import --incremental not clearly documented" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39526619:15
Peng_SamB: Yeah, I just saw the bugmail. :D19:16
SamBPeng: ah.19:17
SamBdidn't know who all was on the team or whatever19:17
SamBhmm, should I have used your real name instead of your IRC nick?19:17
Peng_SamB: I'm not, but I subscribe to a lot of bugmail.19:18
Peng_SamB: Eh, doesn't matte.r19:18
* Peng_ gets killed by ghosts.19:20
Peng_How do you find if a certain revision ID exists in a repo, without knowing the specific branch?19:21
SamBoh, that reminds me19:23
SamBI need to complain about bzr-gtk not supporting visualization of entire repositories, or at least of all branches that can be found within them19:24
Peng_Oh, never mind, I had just messed something up.19:24
gioeleSamB: use "bzr explore" (from the Bazaar Explorer plugin)19:25
SamBdoesn't that need qbzr?19:25
gioeleSamB: yes it does19:25
* SamB checks if he has that, and if not why not19:26
gioeleSamB: there is a PPA for latest qbzr19:27
SamBhmm, reason seems to be that it pulls in 65 megabytes of qt4-related dependencies19:27
SamBstupid gigantic python-qt4 package :-(19:28
Peng_See? 640k and the CLI should be enough for everyone. :D19:29
gioeleSamB: ask the python-qt4 packagers to split the package into qt4-like sub-modules19:35
SamByou think they'd listen?19:37
SamBthe libc maintainer was really not keen on splitting the debug info into multiple packages -- not even a seperate one for x86_64 :-(19:38
gioeleSamB: well, libqt4 packages are split in Ubuntu19:39
SamBlibqt4 packages themselves are split here, too19:46
Peng_What the... How can pulling a bunch of branches from one repo to another leave the new repo with more revisions than the old one? Especially when I left out one branch?19:48
Peng_Oh, it's cuz I'm a moron and confused which repo was which. :D19:49
jhhi, I have an outdated local repository with some uncommitted changes. now I want to pull a new copy from the global repository. but with "bzr pull --overwrite" I encounter several conflicts... how is that possible?19:51
Peng_jh: I guess your uncommitted changes conflict with some upstream changes?19:53
jhbut I said --overwrite19:54
SamBjh: that's not what overwrite does19:54
jhwhat does overwrite?19:54
jhand what does what I want? =)19:54
gioelejh:  overwrite means "ignore that I have something to merge upstream"19:55
SamBwhat --overwrite does is it disregards whether the revision your tree is currently based on is an ancestor of the one you would be pulling in19:55
SamBnormally, it refuses to pull when your revision isn't an ancestor of the one to be pulled in19:55
jhhm, bzr pull --overwrite + bzr revert does what I want19:56
SamBI don't think you should pass --overwrite19:56
SamBit doesn't do what you want, and might do something you don't want19:57
jhI just want the current revision from the global repo in my working copy19:59
jhignoring everything else19:59
jhhow should I do that?19:59
gioelebzr update?20:00
gioeleoops, I meant, "make it bound thatn bzr update"?20:01
jh"make it bound"?20:01
gioelebzr reconfigure --bind-to20:02
jhk, thx20:04
jhwill try that next time20:04
Peng_Isn't there a bug about Bad Things happening to the dirstate when upgrading to rich roots?20:09
ftajames_w, i have a problem with bzr-builddeb in karmic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209269/21:30
james_wfta: ouch21:34
ftajames_w, i have that quite often, and the tarball is always fine. dpkg-buildpackage has no problem dealing with it directly.21:35
ftastarted a few weeks ago21:37
james_wgzip: stdout: Broken pipe21:37
james_wso tar is dying?21:37
james_wno, clearly not21:37
james_wbut gzip is failing to write to it21:37
Peng_I just "bzr pack"ed a 2a repo down 9 KB. Awesome! :D21:39
ftajames_w, as i said, the tarball file is just fine, but bzr-builddeb can't use it, for some reason. looks like a short pipe to me, one end closing too early. as it's gzip complaining, it's either tar or python21:41
james_wtar I think21:42
ftabut tar in cli has no problem21:43
james_w                ret = subprocess.call(['tar','-C',tempdir,'-xf',tarball])21:43
james_wso I don't see what is different there21:45
james_wcan you reproduce with something like that in a python prompt21:45
james_wdoes it happen every time?21:45
Peng_But then repacking made something else 16 KB larger. So much for that.21:51
Peng_Shouldn't "bzr pack" be deterministic?21:51
Peng_Or, well, uh, not changing every time you run it?21:52
ftajames_w, http://paste.ubuntu.com/209289/21:54
Peng_Err, bytes, not KB.21:55
james_wfta: I've no idea really why that would be happening22:53
ftajames_w, http://paste.ubuntu.com/209301/22:58
ftastrange, every few days, it's a different tarball. asac is also experiencing that on his side22:58
james_whow do you "fix" it?22:59
james_wit happens every time for that tarball once it starts?22:59
james_wcould you add a "v" to the command to see if that gives any clues?22:59
ftai straced it, it's trying to write on a closed fd23:00
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james_wfta: could you pastebin the strace please?23:08
ftajames_w, http://paste.ubuntu.com/209340/23:09
james_wso it seems to finish, and then keep trying to write more data23:15
james_wit is odd23:15
james_wI wonder if it could be http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/ucgi/~cjwatson/blosxom/2009/07/02#2009-07-02-python-sigpipe23:16
ftajames_w, sorry, i know a lot of languages but close to nothing in python.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/209345/23:21
ftai can give you the tarball if you like, it's 100% reproducible here23:22
james_wyou can just add preexec_fn=subprocess_setup to the original call by my reading23:24
james_wotherwise that works for me23:24

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