dgroosGood Morning!15:13
dgroosAnyone know how to install Java JRE in localapps so i can run programs based on Jave as localapp?15:14
dgroosAlso, I need to install java firefox plugin in localapps.15:14
dgroosI've gotten nothing useful in an hours worth of googling...15:16
highvoltagehi dgroos15:41
highvoltagedgroos: I think you'll have to install firefox and the java plugin as localapps and then run firefox as a localapp15:41
dgroosHi highvoltage!15:41
dgroosOK--I've got firefox installed as localapp--not seen instructions on how to install plugins to localapps...15:42
dgroosare you saying that JRE won't work in localapp?15:42
highvoltagedgroos: ok, I think you'll just have to install the java plugin in the ltsp chroot then15:43
highvoltagedgroos: not 100% sure that it will work, but it should15:43
dgroosI'm all eyes ;)15:43
dgroosTo install a java plugin, all I have to do is: sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install the name of plugin?  I'll try it!15:48
dgroosI couldn't find how to install a downloaded file (ie the JRE) into a local app.15:49
dgrooshighvoltage: pretty quickly I was able to install the plugins but got this message--been getting it since yesterday--and can't seem to find a solution w/google.  Not even sure if it's a problem:16:31
dgroosErrors were encountered while processing:16:31
dgroos /var/cache/apt/archives/hal_0.5.12~rc1+git20090403-0ubuntu1_i386.debE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)16:31
highvoltagedgroos: what follows that?16:32
dgrooshighvoltage: the regular prompt line.16:32
highvoltageah, hal might be unhappy because proc isn't mounted16:33
highvoltagebefore entering the chroot, do a mount --bind /proc proc16:34
highvoltageand try installing again16:34
dgrooshighvoltage: Thanks, I'll try...16:35
dgrooshighvoltage: so I entered "bind /proc proc" at the prompt and hit enter.16:37
dgroosthen I re-ran the previous command and got the same error.16:38
highvoltagedgroos: I remember having problems with hal inside a chroot before, but I remember seeing an error message that helped me figure it out16:42
highvoltagedgroos: sure there was no hal error message before that dpkg error message?16:42
dgrooshighvoltage: yes there was--I posted it here...http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/209086/16:45
highvoltageah now I remember16:47
highvoltageyou have to do a mount --bind /dev dev16:47
highvoltageand then a mount --bind /dev/pts dev/pts16:47
highvoltageremember to unmount then again before doing the image rebuild16:47
dgrooshighvoltage: I'll try all this.16:49
dgrooshmmm... root@gcos2:/home/dgroos# mount --bind /dev dev16:54
dgroosmount: mount point dev does not exist16:54
dgroosis this related to the previous "bind /proc proc"  no idea what that did.16:55
dgroosso...  I've been googling the problem "mount: mount point dev does not exist" and also to figure out what the, "bind /proc proc".   I'm not getting anywhere--further help is appreciated...17:20
bencrisford!info apcalc18:55
ubottuapcalc (source: apcalc): Arbitrary precision calculator (original name: calc). In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 302 kB, installed size 700 kB18:55
dgroosI've entered the command: sudo mount --bind /dev dev22:33
dgroosand gotten this printout: "mount: mount point dev does not exist"  Anyone know what this means and what I need to do to mount it?22:34
Svenstarodgroos, do "ls -lha|grep dev" and post the output22:38
Svenstaroapart from that, you probably shouldn't be doing what you are trying to do22:38
dgroosThe output was... nothing--no text22:39
Svenstarothen theres no folder dev in your current folder which is right22:39
Svenstaroyou are trying to bind /dev to a non-existing folder ./dev22:40
dgroosSvenstaro: I'm trying to solve an issue...22:40
Svenstarobinding /dev is generally not a good idea, what are you exactly trying to do?22:40
dgroosHere's how I typed it up earlier:22:41
dgroosdgroos: Errors were encountered while processing:22:41
dgroos[10:31am] dgroos:  /var/cache/apt/archives/hal_0.5.12~rc1+git20090403-0ubuntu1_i386.debE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:41
SvenstaroOh come on, how can you have so much trouble with apt-get :(22:42
dgroosHere is some more output from the problem: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/209086/22:42
Svenstarodo apt-get clean and apt-get autoclean and repeat22:42
Svenstaroinvoke-rc.d: initscript hal, action "stop" failed.22:43
Svenstaroinvoke-rc.d: initscript hal, action "stop" failed.22:43
SvenstaroAnyway, what I just pasted is the critical part of the error.22:43
SvenstaroCan you kill X, switch to vt1 and stop hal manually?22:44
dgroosnot sure where my X gun has gone... ;)22:44
Svenstarotry: /etc/init.d/gdm stop22:45
dgroosseriously, I can only guess at what you mean and don't know how to do it.22:45
Svenstarobut careful, it kills your session22:45
Svenstarowhen in vt1, do /tc/init.d/hal stop22:45
Svenstaroand try the upgrade again22:45
dgroosOK--I'm working on NXclient, but will get off that and go right to the server...22:46
dgroosand how do I 'switch to vt1'?22:46
Svenstarothat's the blinking terminal thingie that comes up when you kill X22:47
Svenstarothis: /etc/init.d/gdm stop kills X22:47
Svenstaroso be careful not to have any work open22:47
dgroosDid so.  It said, * Stopping GNOME Display Manager...  [OK]22:49
SvenstaroYeah, you should be dropped to a terminal now22:49
dgroosand then went back to the prompt.  I thought it would kill the gui?22:50
SvenstaroDid it not?22:50
dgroosEverything looks the same as before I entered the command.22:51
Svenstarosudo killall gdm22:52
dgrooshmmm.... I didn't use sudo...22:52
Svenstaropress ctrl+alt+f122:52
Svenstarologin as root22:52
Svenstarodo /etc/init.d/gdm stop22:52
dgroosI don't have root account set up--I typed root and my admin password but said login incorrect.22:53
Svenstarowell just login normally22:54
dgroosthat is, I don't know root password...22:54
Svenstarothen type sudo -i22:54
Svenstaroand then do /etc/init.d/gdm stop22:54
dgroosIn the terminal, right?  how do I get out of the ctrl+alt+f1?22:55
Svenstaroyou get back using ctrl+alt+f7 but you want to do the stuff I just told you in vt122:56
dgroosOK did and says, OK22:58
Svenstarogood, not stop hal likewise22:58
dgroosso... I type "hal" where I had previously typed "gdm" in the previous command?23:00
dgroosOh I see above...23:00
dgroosI typed: /tc/init.d/hal stop and it says, "No such file or directory".23:02
SvenstaroHang on, is that normal in Ubuntu?23:02
SvenstaroCan anybody else confirm?23:02
Svenstaro#ubuntu confirmed it23:04
SvenstaroYou don't have that file and it's kind of bad23:04
SvenstaroIt takes care of starting/stopping HAL which is important for periphal23:04
dgroosls /    reveals nothing called "tc" at root level23:04
dgroosmember:identifier:svenstaro when in vt1, do /tc/init.d/hal stop23:05
dgroosdid you not mean tc?23:05
SvenstaroI meant etc, of course /etc/init.d/hal stop23:06
dgroos:) got it!23:06
SvenstaroNow try upgrading23:06
dgroosInteresting!  I updated and upgraded and it said 0000 on upgraded, newly installed, removed, not upgraded.  This is good?23:09
SvenstaroThat means it failed23:10
Svenstarodo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and post results23:10
dgroosSorry. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove, 0 not upgraded23:11
SvenstaroThose are the results of23:13
Svenstarodo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and post results ?23:13
dgroosOK did it and said: Reading package lists... Done  then it says...23:13
dgroosThe program 'apt' can be found in the following packages: *openjdk-6-jdk  * sun-java5-jdk  * sun java6-jdk  and then it says...23:14
dgroosTry: sudo apt-get install <select package> then...23:15
Svenstarowait what23:15
dgroos-bash: apt: command not found23:15
Svenstaroyou made a typo23:15
Svenstarodo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade23:15
dgroosOK... this time it said: "E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 permission denied) then on next line...23:17
dgroosE: Unable to lock the administration direcotry (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?23:18
Svenstarowell, ARE you root?23:18
dgroosI'm sudo...23:18
Svenstarowell delete the lock23:19
Svenstarorm /var/lib/dpkg/lock23:19
dgroosActually, I just sudo su so now I'm root.  shall I repeat the update/upgrade?23:19
Svenstarosudo su is not a good idea23:20
Svenstarosudo -i is better23:20
dgroosI had tried that earlier and it didn't work--said didn't know the command i or something.23:21
dgroosAnyway, I did the sudo su thing, did update/upgrade and again said there was 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded...23:22
SvenstaroSo there was nothing to upgrade.23:22
dgroosright... so it seems like the stuff you had me do earlier corrected things?  I'll go back to the gui and try to carry on and see if I get the hal complaint again.  right?23:23
SvenstaroActually, better you reboot right now.23:24
SvenstaroWill fix things up faster.23:24
dgroosThanks for your help!!!  And, I'm looking forward to our next edubuntu meeting where the issues you brought up in your last e-mail to the devel list.23:26
dgroosoops--...we can discuss...23:27
dgrooslooks like I spoke too soon...  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/209351/23:36
Svenstaroduh. youve been doing that in the chroot all the time?23:36
dgroos...though certainly thanks for your help.23:36
Svenstaroyou kind of should have told me23:37
SvenstaroTry this: sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i38623:41
Svenstarosudo -i23:41
Svenstaroapt-get upgrade23:41
dgroosdid the first line and it put me in as root--skip the second line?23:42
dgroossame results as in pastebin, I believe.23:44
Svenstarook, still within the chroot, do /etc/init.d/hal stop23:44
dgroosok did so--went right back to the prompt...23:45
SvenstaroHuh, what happened?23:46
SvenstaroDoing that command *within* the chroot should not do anything except give "hal stopped" or somethin23:46
dgroosI typed this: root@gcos2:~# /etc/init.d/hal stop23:47
dgroosAnd it said this: root@gcos2:~#23:47
SvenstaroLooks like it worked.23:48
dgroosOK did the upgrade--seems to be the same output.23:48
SvenstaroNo idea, then. I suggest you google for "chroot hal upgrade" or something like that.23:49
dgroosI've been doing that and will continue--thanks so much for your effort and sorry I hadn't been explicit about working in the chroot.  I've got 1 more thought, might be related...23:52
dgroosStarting yesterday, when I open up the system log viewer it started to say:23:53
dgrooshmmm... 2 entries went to etherspace...23:55
dgroosIt said: /var/log/btmp  You don't have enough permissions to read the file.23:55
dgroosThis warning panel was strange.  I just hit the Close button and the message panel went away, but I could see the logs anyway.23:57
SvenstaroYou can't normally view system logs as a normal user.23:59

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