instructorKwin doesn't want to play with me anymore00:54
instructorAlso my fonts just went apenuts00:59
instructorno clue what happened but I rebooted and X is acting weird, I can't set Compositing to on and my fonts looks like they had their hair combed by a shotgun01:11
=== siecatch is now known as siekacz69
instructorhi JontheEchidna01:24
instructorgoing to Akademy?01:24
instructoryeah me either :-(01:25
instructorHow's weather wallpaper coming along?01:25
JontheEchidnapretty well, it's in KDE 4.3 in kdeplasma-addons01:25
JontheEchidnathe advanced config dialog will probably be the big feature for 4.401:26
* JontheEchidna is going to visit relatives starting tomorrow until the 13th01:27
instructorX froze01:27
JontheEchidnaoh, well that would explain why the conversation stopped :P01:28
JontheEchidnaI totally didn't see your exit message01:28
instructordid something. Screen went black and the keyboard froze. magic keys didn't work01:28
JontheEchidna[20:25:38] <JontheEchidna> pretty well, it's in KDE 4.3 in kdeplasma-addons01:28
JontheEchidna[20:25:52] <JontheEchidna> the advanced config dialog will probably be the big feature for 4.401:28
JontheEchidna[20:27:08] * JontheEchidna is going to visit relatives starting tomorrow until the 13th01:28
instructorJontheEchidna: Yeah I saw. Is it affected by the weather bug that Aseigo blogged about ?01:31
JontheEchidnanot directly (I don't have to do anything to fix it) but functionally if somebody's using a unpatched weather data engine, then they'll run in to the bug too01:32
instructorit's patched for RC1 though?01:33
instructorI tried it out and I got a big blue wallpaper01:33
JontheEchidnawhich weather provider?01:34
instructoras I recall it was supposed to take 30 minutes to change and I wanted to see the virus wallpaper01:34
instructorBBC I think01:34
JontheEchidnaBBC's the good one, hmm01:34
instructorSo I switched to the other wallpapers and played with virus and marble for a while then switched back and it was the same01:34
instructorI guess it doesn't work like that?01:34
instructoronce I change it from the weather wallpaper it stops checking in the background?01:35
JontheEchidnaright, the plugin is unloaded when you switch to another one01:35
instructorok so I have to let it sit there for a while01:35
instructorI'll try when I update the other machine to RC101:35
instructorThis one is fairly broken01:35
JontheEchidnathe first update shouldn't take 30 mins though01:35
instructorWell it updated instantly. Just to a boring wallpaper :)01:36
instructorThe plan I guess is to have a selection of wallpapers for each of the weather types and if the weather doesn't change a lot you can still cycle thrugh the available wallpapers?01:36
JontheEchidnaSuch functionality would be possible to implement, but the size of the weather wallpapers would increase exponentially01:37
JontheEchidnaif I had to ship several wallpapers for 3 resolutions for each weather, it'd take up a *ton* of space01:38
JontheEchidnathe plan for the near future is just to have the user be able to set a wallpaper for a specific weather condition01:39
JontheEchidnawhich should keep peeps happy for a while ;-)01:39
instructormaybe a kghns source?01:42
instructorOh wait. So it can't do that? :)01:43
instructorJontheEchidna: and it's not planned to do that either01:43
JontheEchidnanot planned to do what?01:44
instructorhave multiple wallpapers for the same weather condition01:44
instructorfor like say... Arizona01:44
JontheEchidnathe tricky part would be finding a way to make it configurable in the UI without cluttering everything up01:44
instructoror KDE peeps in Antartic research camps01:45
instructorWell I guess then yeah lets see the UI for configuration and then see what we can do01:45
instructorThough I would suspect that you can just have a drop down box for the weather condition a scrollbox for the wallpapers with add/remove options and a preview pane01:46
instructort sound too complex to me01:46
JontheEchidnaI have one that "works", but it only changes the wallpaper for the preview in the Desktop settings dialog01:46
JontheEchidnaand the settings don't get saved :P01:46
instructorAh right I think I remember you blogging that01:47
instructorand you had no idea why it was doing that?01:47
JontheEchidnastill don't01:47
instructorIs that code public anywhere?01:47
JontheEchidnamy dialog? I didn't commit it because we were in freezes out the ass01:47
* instructor puts up a wallpaper of frozen nuts on a tree01:48
instructorYou hid the code in the png? X-D01:48
JontheEchidnanah, that's just the pic I had in the blog01:48
instructorI'm guessing you bounced the code off #plasma ?01:49
JontheEchidnanah, haven't done that yet01:49
JontheEchidnabeen quite too busy01:49
instructor\o/ Kubuntu train rolling01:49
instructorWish the kernel would stop freezing everytime I touch X though01:50
JontheEchidnaI suppose I could commit the feature tonight, go away for a week and a half, and hope to see commits when I return :P01:50
instructorha ha :-) Not for Akademy week01:59
instructorIn any case I'm getting on home02:00
instructorsee you later02:00
jetCan anyone tell me how to use plasmoidviewer to test a build of a plasmoid I'm hacking on?  I understand it can be done from the compile dir... Command appears to require a "name" rather than a path04:12
jetnetwork-manager is giving me trouble - I just want to build it locally and hack it until I know what's going wrong04:15
jetLatest version of plasmoidviewer appears to accept a directory but doesn't like mine for some reason04:33
ScottKNCommander: Interesting: Looks like the same type of issue as qt4-x11: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/4:4.2.95-0ubuntu2/+build/1103093/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-armel.kdebase-workspace_4:4.2.95-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz04:35
NCommanderI might get to it this year04:35
ScottKNCommander: I see a trend developing: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/4:4.2.95svn20090701-0ubuntu1/+build/1102490/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-armel.kdepim_4:4.2.95svn20090701-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz04:36
NCommanderI don't see a bild failure04:37
ScottKAll hung waiting for some debug related thing.04:38
NCommanderScottK, can you point pitti at that, he know more about that subsystem than I do04:39
ScottKIt looks to me like an armel specific debug build issue.  kdebase-workspace built yesterday and there are only very minor changes in the package.04:39
ScottKYou're the armel dude.  I'm offline tomorrow, so if you could pass it on, I'd appreciate it.04:39
NCommanderI'm off as now ;-)04:40
NCommanderBut I'll poke pitti on it04:40
ScottKNCommander: The pattern continues.  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/4:4.2.95-0ubuntu1/+build/1100660/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-armel.kdebase_4:4.2.95-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz05:14
* ScottK is off to bed.05:14
pktis gwenview-i18n FTBFS?08:08
pktfor some reason it is not in karmic and it blocks kubuntu-desktop from being installable08:09
pktoh, I see it was deleted on purpose08:22
pktthen it probably needs to be removed from the metapackages as well08:22
pktturns out this was not a kubuntu bug, sorry for the noise (the problem was live-helper's fault)08:59
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
JontheEchidnabe back in a week and a half12:12
jussi01JontheEchidna: nooooooo!!! dont go!!12:12
JontheEchidnaI'll try to get on IRC a bit12:12
jussi01JontheEchidna: really, go, have a break, you deserve it.12:13
=== ejat is now known as e-jat
emonkeymorning? that would be cool, I'm working since more then 8 hours ... ok, on the other hand .... TGIF the weekend is nearly here13:36
emonkey:) so good morning13:37
e-jatmorning nixternal13:37
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txwikinger_workwhat is with qanta on the KDE4.3 rc1? Did it not compile, or are the dependencies wrong?14:33
Riddellquanta doesn't have a KDE 4 version14:33
Riddell(it's waiting on kdevelop 4)14:34
lex79someone can upload launchpad bug 395162 ? thanks14:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395162 in plasma-widget-adjustableclock "New upstream release plasma-widget-adjustbleclock 2.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39516214:38
Riddellcan do14:41
txwikinger_workRiddell: well.. can't we still use the 3.5 version instead of just removing it?14:43
txwikinger_workor whatever version was there before RC114:44
Riddelltxwikinger_work: by all means, it's still in the archive14:47
txwikinger_workwould be cool.. I don't really want to use ugly bluefish instead ;)14:48
Riddellsudo apt-get install quanta14:48
rgreeningRiddell: update-notifier-kde system-sestart icon seems to be renamed to system-reboot.. sup update-notifier needs updating to reflect...14:50
rgreeningsystem-restart => system-reboot14:50
Riddellrgreening: you have commit access :)  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/update-notifier-kde14:51
rgreeningI've no cycles to fix atm.. perhaps Quintasan, ryanakca_, or shtylman_ can look at updating is Riddell can update14:51
rgreening$work calls14:51
rgreeningif someone doesn't get to it before i do... (I just needed to ensure someone knew...)14:52
shtylman_what do I need to do ?14:56
Riddellcheckout, grep, edit, commit14:56
DaskreechRC broke my compositing14:57
Daskreechwell Karmic broke my compositing14:57
shtylman_Riddell: what do I do with update-notifier-kde?14:57
* shtylman_ just woke up ... is behind ...14:58
Riddell14:50 < rgreening> Riddell: update-notifier-kde system-sestart icon seems to be renamed to system-reboot.. sup update-notifier needs updating to reflect...14:58
shtylman_got it14:58
shtylman_Riddell: which branch should I get? kubuntu-members? it is the latest one...15:01
rgreeningty shtylman_. Yep, should be the current branch15:02
DaskreechCan I file a bug that more details in kpackagekit is a lie?15:02
rgreeningDaskreech: sure thing...15:02
Riddellshtylman_: trunk15:03
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=== evil-rick is now known as rickspencer3
shtylman_Riddell: lp:~shtylman/update-notifier-kde/rename15:13
lex79launchpad bug 39518315:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395183 in kipi-plugins "New upstream release kipi-plugins 0.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39518315:14
lex79now we can drop qt phonon patches \o/15:15
shtylman_Riddell: do I need a merge request? or can you just pull from it?15:21
RiddellI can pull15:21
Riddellalthough can't you commit to ~kubuntu-members?15:21
shtylman_Riddell: not that I know of...15:27
=== fjlacoste is now known as flacoste
seelemaco: yeah, don't worry about the debugging stuff, just the user stuff16:49
Daskreechrickspencer3: Are you @gcds ?16:54
rickspencer3Daskreech: yes indeed16:55
rickspencer3are you?16:55
nixternalvorian: Sara Evans, front row, tonight!16:55
DaskreechNo :-( Wanted to but had some complications then found out it cost 480,000 to go then had a teaching commitnemnt16:55
DaskreechSo want to be there16:55
nixternaland...WAR! Low ri-der drives a little slower16:56
voriannixternal: i had to google her16:56
DaskreechI read that as oggle16:56
nixternalI saw Heart and Blue Oyster Cult last night16:57
nixternalvorian: you like country and don't know Sara Evans?16:57
nixternalshame on you!16:57
vorianI do not like country16:57
nixternaloh, I thought you did16:57
vorianI am forced to listen to it at work16:57
nixternalcuz you are in hillbilly land :)16:57
nixternalI love Sara Evans! Love Love Love!16:57
vorianI can see why16:58
nixternaloh come on, she is an awesome singer16:58
seelerickspencer3: where are you staying?16:58
nixternalI so wanted to go to gcds :(16:58
nixternaland UDS :(16:58
nixternaland Taco Bell :(16:58
lex79vorian: o/16:59
seelein that order?16:59
rickspencer3seele: Fatanga16:59
vorianhi lex7916:59
nixternalseele: Taco Bell can fall in anywhere :)16:59
seelerickspencer3: gah, you people and your expensive hotels16:59
* nixternal needs a job that pays the bills and lets me go to conferences16:59
vorianbtw folks - kobby and kalternatives are now in the archives16:59
nixternalseele: hahaha :)16:59
rickspencer3seele: I don't think it's particularly expensive, but in any case, are you here?16:59
nixternalno "Days Inn"?16:59
seelerickspencer3: yeah, i'm in Ingramar17:00
nixternalno Motel 6? No one to leave the light on for you?17:00
rickspencer3seele: this is great news17:00
rickspencer3I thought you weren17:00
seelelooking for food and directions to the social event later tonight17:00
rickspencer3t coming for some reason17:00
rickspencer3seele: come to Fatanga, and we can go over with you17:00
seelerickspencer3:i'm on the conference committee ;)17:00
rickspencer3seele: the party is right next to the conference17:00
seeleoh, nice17:01
seelelet me look up directions to fataga17:01
seelerickspencer3: gonna throw my laptop back to my room and head over to fataga. be there in maybe 10-15?17:12
rickspencer3seele: sounds great!17:14
shtylmanI have a massive kernel problem :(17:15
shtylmanI can;t boot into the new (.31) kernel because of a problem: device-mapper says that sda and sdb are too small for target17:16
shtylmanI don't even know what that means...both of those disks are 32GB and they are in raid 0 ... never had problems with previous kernels...17:16
shtylmananyone seeing anything similar? (note those are SSDs)17:16
nixternalshtylman: using the -13 kernel? I had that issue yesterday but it was fixed with the latest kernel17:36
shtylmanI just updated not more than 30 min ago17:41
shtylmanand had that issue17:41
Riddellshtylman: gosh, you're not a Kubuntu Member18:04
DaskreechRiddell: Not at akademy?18:04
Riddelljust been using my complementary Qt towel for a swim in the sea18:04
DaskreechSure I'm not jealous at all18:05
Riddelloh wheesht we're still getting "this is good, but in Jamaica it was 10 times as good" comments18:06
shtylmanRiddell: :)18:07
DaskreechYeah I know Jamaica was better but we didn't get Qt towels :-P18:08
DaskreechIt's going to be hard to top Jamaica as a destination for at least a few years18:13
beda_nobody talking?21:06
=== beda_ is now known as dajomu
Daskreechnow we are21:09
dajomugood. I thought i was going deaf :)21:09
rgreeningRiddell: arora does not support ftp:// properly...21:31
rgreeningvery buggy21:34
Daskreecharora is very buggy21:38
Daskreech Hotmail doens't work at all in it21:38
DaskreechGmail crashes the whole program21:38
Daskreechit's close enough to Firefox to feel comfortable but not quite enough to work21:38
* Daskreech is setting back Konqueror as default browser21:39
Tm_TDaskreech: "but webkit gives users the experience they need!"21:43
Tm_Tyeah, webkit is good, but we need working UI (:21:44
ghostcubemidori oO21:50
Tm_Tghostcube: that cannot be used in Kubuntu, sowwy21:53
ryanakca_rgreening: What needed to be done?21:55
DaskreechNo webkit doesn't work for me nearly at all21:56
rgreeningryanakca_: I believe shtylman has taken care of it.21:56
ryanakca_lovely :)21:56
=== ryanakca_ is now known as ryanakca
ghostcubebtw what about the error in the rc1 packages i havent tried so far22:28
ghostcubewill this be fixed22:28
neversfeldeghostcube: which error?22:29
ghostcubethe x crash error mentioned on kubuntu.org22:29
neversfeldeah ok, sorry don't know22:30
* neversfelde always upgrade KDE on tty122:30
neversfeldeso I did not get this error22:31
nixternalneversfelde: +1 on tty :)22:36
nixternalI do the same22:36
blizzzdid it as well, however, a running X crashed anyway22:38
neversfeldeafter two days of testing D20icecc I can note that it does not work with the standart .pbuilderrc from the MOTU docs^^22:38
neversfeldethe Kubuntu Netbook Edition is an exciting project22:44
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan

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