simon__cant find any arts process when typing ps -A00:00
simon__I got kubuntu 0.0400:00
simon__would be nice if I could get any help00:01
simon__(I cant run two audio processes at once)00:01
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simon__how sad-.... i guess its all about my freaking soundcard..00:03
ign0ramussimon__, i believe aRts no longer exists in Jaunty (9.04)... could be wrong, though.00:06
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thesandman Ign0ramus: can you tell me how many root servers am I suppose to have ?00:07
simon__oh. thanks. is it just alsa now?00:07
simon__ign0ramus: or what is it now?00:08
ign0ramussimon__, i believe it is OSS -> Alsa -> Pulseaudio00:08
ign0ramussimon__, although Pulseaudio is currently pointless (and detrimental) in Kubuntu (or KDE in general)00:08
simon__oss...? thought that died once ago..00:08
ign0ramussimon__, i'm just reciting from memory, but i believe OSS is still present in Jaunty00:09
ign0ramusthesandman, what do you mean? (what are you trying to accomplish?)00:09
plaguehivok, still having problems whit my driver.00:09
thesandmanwell I was looking at some of thoses commands in the bash command link you sent me and I saw a lot of root servers present and was wandering why so many and just in general was someone there that was not suppose to be00:10
simon__ign0ramus: --00:10
simon__ign0ramus: ... as i just mentioned i used debian befor kubuntu... there, oss was not used... so far i know00:11
ign0ramus!sound | simon__00:11
ubottusimon__: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:11
ign0ramussimon__, OK, dont listen to that... that's old info :/00:11
ign0ramuswe should really fix that one ...00:12
ign0ramusthesandman, for all intents and purposes, 'root' on the cheatsheet is really just 'superuser'00:13
ign0ramus!kdesudo | thesandman00:13
ubottuthesandman: In KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why00:13
thesandmanIgn0ramus how do you change your replies to red?.....i been trying to learn how to change my font color in here for a while now...even though someone tried to tell me but it still want work for me for some strange reason00:14
ign0ramusthesandman, if you're used to Vista, it's like running with Administrator Privileges00:14
ign0ramusthesandman, depends on your IRC client.  I use Konversation, and when someone types my nick, the font is red, and a sound plays. I set this in Settings00:15
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ign0ramusthesandman, a part of Linux security is running with limited privileges, so that malicious apps/commands will not be able to wreak havoc on your entire system.  It's a pain to enter passwords frequently, but it is much more secure :)00:16
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thesandmanign0ramus: thanks00:18
ign0ramusthesandman, any time :)00:18
harjotright guys does any1 know how to completely turn off and on usb ports????????????????????????????00:18
thesandmanIs anyone here familiar with wine and the use of it?00:23
bazhangthesandman, a bit00:23
bazhangthesandman, first check the appdb to see if wine runs it well (or at all)00:23
bazhang!appdb > thesandman00:23
ubottuthesandman, please see my private message00:23
bazhangthesandman, for specialized help, /join #winehq00:24
thesandmanfrom my understanding it's suppose to be used like autorun on Microsoft...is that true?...ok ubott I think I know what you want00:24
`OnyxHi. For some reason my taskbar items have become blank. Is there a way to fix this without rebooting the entire system?00:26
bazhangthesandman, sorry no idea about anything windows, read the links, check the appdb and you should be good to go00:26
thesandmanbazhang: ok thanks00:27
doom777hey, does anyone know how to install amarok2.1? I added the deb line to sources.list like the website says; now what?00:31
bazhangdoom777, what version of kubuntu00:31
harjotright guys does any1 know how to completely turn off and on usb ports????????????????????????????00:32
doom777i just got it the day before yesterday00:32
bazhangdoom777, did you update? sudo apt-get update00:32
doom777no let me try00:32
bazhangharjot, why would you need to do that00:32
`Onyxsudo apt-get install amarok00:32
doom777onyx i tried that00:33
harjotcause i created a usb cable hthat gives a power supply for my electronics00:33
doom777bazhang: didn't work; still 2.000:33
doom777`Onyx: it gives me 2.000:33
bazhangharjot, ##hardware00:33
`OnyxYou're using the old repositories00:33
doom777i added the line from 2.100:33
`OnyxAre they uncommented?00:33
doom777to sources.list00:33
doom777yes, i added it uncommented00:34
harjotbazhang: is that a channel???00:34
bazhangharjot, yes00:34
harjotok ty00:34
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thesandmanI know to some of you all this may sound stupid but i want to know can I burn an unzip file to a cd rom?00:45
mathaythesandman: what do you mean? A file that's been zipped or a file that's been unzipped?00:46
thesandmanone that I downloaded to be burn that is zipped...do I need to extract it to burn it?00:47
thesandmanmathay: it says it's bzipped...do i need to try and unzipp it?00:49
mathaythesandman: You can burn into on to a CD. Make sure it's a data CD and you should be good to go.00:50
thesandmanso i cant put a zipped file on regular cd?00:51
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vltHello. I ran a cpu intensive bzip2 job on the console. After a few minutes the kernel began to print the following message every 10 seconds: "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 11s [top:6635]". When I hit SysReq+e (terminate) I got a large kernel dump w/ a last line: "kernel panic ... not syncing ... fatal exception in interrupt". Any idea where to look for the problem?01:09
tzanger*sigh* good evening.  Could someone please give me the output of the 'id' command for the "default" user installed on their kubunut 9.04 system?  I just issued usermod -G newgroup myname instead of -aG and lost all my group settings.01:15
zeniltonola boa noite01:15
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:16
Turkeyrolethis channel is a waste no one will give a hint here. This IS NOT a support channel01:17
tzangerTurkeyrole: I've received quite a bit of help and support over the while i've used kbuntu01:17
Fanfaretzanger: by default u mean yout username?01:18
tzangerer kubuntu01:18
tzangerFanfare: yeah when you first install kubuntu it sets up the first user01:18
tzangerthat user01:18
tzangerthat's what I needed, thanks01:19
tzangerFanfare: were there more, after sambashare, there's a comma01:19
Fanfareplus group named like your user01:19
Fanfareuser tzanger=1000 + group tzanger=100001:20
tzangeruid=1000(andrew) gid=1000(andrew) groups=1000(andrew),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),60(games),106(lpadmin),117(admin),118(sambashare),1002(xilinx)01:20
tzangerthat's what I've got now01:20
tzanger(I added a xilinx group, but forgot -a) :-)01:20
tzangeroh I have to add virtualbox too01:21
tzanger$ id andrew01:22
tzangeruid=1000(andrew) gid=1000(andrew) groups=1000(andrew),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),60(games),106(lpadmin),117(admin),118(sambashare),121(pulse-access),122(pulse-rt),124(vboxusers),1002(xilinx)01:22
tzangerthat's probably closer to what I need01:22
FloodBotK2tzanger: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
tzangerthank you Fanfare, much appreciated01:22
Zorael^2Which files in my home dir should I symlink to root's to get apps running as root to look the same as my own apps again? .gtkrc-2.0-kde4; what else?01:22
Zorael^2Nevermind; .kde/share/config/kdeglobals.01:25
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ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:35
MJackHey does anyone know how to DISABLE the auto-alignment of Widgets in Jaunty 9.04 ?01:40
FanfareMJack: auto-alignment?01:43
MJackFanfare: ya the widgets won't align perfectly and auto-move to be at least 1/8th of an inch from the sides of the screen01:44
FanfareMJack: u mean window/dialog placement?01:45
MJackFanfare: yes... like the Sticky Notes widget in the desktop won't align perfectly along the side of the screen... I put it there and then 1/2 second later it moves away from the edge like 2cm... all widgets seem to do this and it's annoying, lol.01:46
FanfareMJack: ok, u mean Stick, minimize, maximize, close buttons in titlebar?01:49
MJackFanfare: no the titlebar that pops out on hover is fine and goes away when the mouse leaves... I'm talking about the WHOLE WIDGET moving away from the side of the screen after I place it there... kind of like it has an "auto-align to grid" thing... like you know how your Desktop auto-aligns folders/files to the box/grid? Well it's doing that with the widgets and I want to disable it and put widgets EXACTLY where I want them...01:52
FanfareMJack: ur talking bout plasmawidgets / plasmoids?01:54
MJackFanfare: I'm talking about the plasmawidgets that come installed with Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty... Kubuntu 8.10 they were called plasmoids but I think they are just called widgets in the 9.04 Jaunty version.01:59
Fanfarewell, now we are talking bout the same, lets call em plasmoids afaik thats theyr (new) name02:00
Fanfarehm, yes i ve seen that behaviour too, but cant right now reproduce...02:00
Fanfareok, reproduced near screenborders02:01
MJackWhat version of OS are you using?02:01
MJackI just installed the fresh copy of Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2 named Jaunty and the plasmoids auto align themselves to the sides of the screen which is something I want to DISABLE... but I can't find a setting for it.02:03
Fanfarethats 4.3-beta02:05
FanfareBut u can move these plasmoids!? And the should remember positions02:06
MJackYes... you can move them, and they do remember their position... problem is I'm not able to move/align them perfectly along the side of the screen as they always want to be like 2cm from the edge...02:07
FanfareMJack: ok, 2cm thats heavy.02:08
Fanfarewich theme do u use? all oxygen?02:08
MJackCould it be a theme thing? or a Plasmoid thing? I can align FireFox and Quassel perfectly along the edge of my screen and they stay,,, but the plasmoids are unable to be aligned perfectly along the edge... they stick out like 1-2cm no matter what I do...02:10
FanfareWell, i use oxygen and i dont have that prob...02:13
MJackFanfare: interesting... well I'll keep looking into it... thanks for trying to help. Cya.02:13
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Daemon_How do i change the refresh rate of my monitor to something other than what it is?02:25
Daemon_it's on 50hz and need it to be 60hz02:26
FanfareDaemon_: guessing - systemsettings - display02:26
Daemon_only two options there 50hz or auto02:27
FanfareDaemon_: try krandrtray02:28
Daemon_do i type that in the terminal02:29
Fanfareshould be in k-menu or install it with adept02:30
Daemon_Fanfare how do i put your name in without typing the whole thing over cant remember02:30
Daemon_ty  very much02:31
Daemon_Fanfare: anyway to make my text bigger?02:32
FanfareDaemon_: here in Quassel or in KDE at all?02:32
Daemon_Fanfare: quassel02:33
FanfareDaemon_: <F7>02:33
FanfareDaemon_: fonts02:33
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Daemon_Fanfare: no krandtray on my pc?02:38
Daemon_Fanfare: tried adept too02:39
FanfareDaemon_: then try it in konsole...02:39
Fanfareif its not installed konsole tells u how to install it02:39
Daemon_Fanfare: you mean terminal?02:40
FanfareDaemon_: in kde the terminal is called konsole :-)02:41
Daemon_Fanfare: yeah i typed it there and nothing came up02:41
Fanfarehm. try sudo apt-get install krandrtray02:42
Daemon_Fanfare: krandrtray is that sp correct?02:43
Fanfarekrandrtray yes02:44
FanfareDaemon_: wich version do u use?02:44
Daemon_Fanfare: 9.0402:45
Daemon_Fanfare:  Couldn't find package krandrtray02:46
Fanfareright its in kdebase-workspace-bin :-) try installing this02:46
Daemon_Fanfare: kdebase-workspace-bin is already the newest version.02:49
Fanfareanyhow krandrtray wont be able to set 60hz, just checked...02:50
Fanfareif u really net 60hz i guess u need to edit xorg.xonf02:50
Daemon_Fanfare: any help docs to teach me how to do so02:51
Daemon_Fanfare: just that my 24" monitor is supposed to run at 60hz02:52
FanfareDaemon_: u speak german?02:53
Daemon_Fanfare: no i wish02:53
FanfareDaemon_: ähm 24" CRT or TFT?02:54
thesandmanCan anyone tell me what are flags?02:54
Fanfarethesandman: compile flags? or wich context?02:55
thesandmancan you tell me what either does...i see flags when i run the command digs in the konsole/terminal?02:55
Daemon_Fanfare: tft hooked up through dvid cable to a geforce9500 gt02:56
fg56xfdMy USB hdd doesn't seem to be auto-mounting. How can i find out what the device is called so I can mount it?02:56
FanfareDaemon_: are u sure the hz setting will take affect?02:57
Fanfarethesandman: What exacly are u doing? dont know what u are talking bout...02:58
thesandmanhold on and check out the pastebin02:58
Fanfarefg56xfd: tail -f /var/log/messages before plugging device02:58
Daemon_Fanfare: monitor supports 1920x1200 at 60hz but cant get linux to let me set it to 60hz03:00
Fanfarethesandman: ok, those are DNS flags , i dont know them, try reading DNS Docs03:01
TheNumberfg56xfd: usb devise are named in order of mount /dev/sda , /dev/sdb , /dev/sdc etc in a disk if there are one partion the it will be /dev/sda1 and to chek for it try /dev/sd then double tab and to mount a partion its usually $mount /dev/sda1 /your/mount/point .03:02
thesandmanok where would I find that ?03:02
FanfareDaemon_: what gfafics chip?03:02
Fanfarethesandman: start with man dig03:03
fg56xfdTheNumber: sda1 is my "/03:03
fg56xfdTheNumber: sda1 is my "/" on my main harddrive.03:04
Daemon_Nvidia Geforce 9500GT WITH 1GIG ddr3RAM03:04
thesandmanas in type that in the konsole?03:04
TheNumberyep usually the first hard drive is sda then in order you will have sdb sdc etc fg56xfd03:05
FanfareDaemon_: look for nvidia-settings03:05
Daemon_Fanfare: OK THEN WHAT03:05
thesandmanok i did03:05
Daemon_Fanfare: sry caps03:05
FanfareDaemon_: check reported frequency there03:07
fg56xfdTheNumber: I used gparted just too look at everything and see what it was named. Then i ran "sudo mount -o loop /dev/sdc /home/max/temp" (sdc being the usb hdd) and it said, "mount: you must specify the filesystem type."03:07
v12extremexCan anyone help me fix my sound, it just dosent work??03:09
TheNumberfg56xfd: you must specify the partetion needed in the sdc  disk03:09
ctwHi! I'd like to try out remote desktop with my computer. I'd like to use a different computer to connect to my computer via VNC. I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly I need to enable at the server.03:09
TheNumberexeple if it has only one partion it will be  /dev/sdc103:09
TheNumberfg56xfd: and the "tail -f /var/log/messages before plugging device" is the most useful tool to know your device inter the commande then plug your device03:09
fg56xfdTheNumber: Haha, oops. I need to format it first.03:10
ctwCan anybody ehre give me pointers?03:10
fg56xfdIts unallocated right now, duh me.03:10
v12extremexWould anyone help me with my sound03:10
TheNumberfg56xfd: ok then go for it :)03:10
Fanfarectw: there is a kde tool krdc play around with that03:12
Daemon_Fanfare: ok bear with me for a second i appreciate your help03:12
Daemon_Fanfare: nvidia settings does have 60hz but it will not let me save it03:12
ctwFanfare: thanks, that is the client ... I'm leaving the server and want to make sure everything is set up at the server so I can use krdc on the client machine to connect later03:13
FanfareDaemon_: ok, then try runnng it as root. sudo nvidia-settings  it saves /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:13
Daemon_Fanfare: sh: pkg-config: not found03:16
wirechief_v12extremex what is your sound issue ?03:17
ctwDoes anybody here have any insights on server set up for remote desktop connections?03:19
FanfareDaemon_: did nvidia-settings start as root? could it write the xorg.conf?03:20
`OnyxHi. For some reason my taskbar items have become blank. Is there a way to fix this without rebooting the entire system?03:21
Fanfare`Onyx: restart X?03:21
Fanfarebb folks03:27
tmerriam_hi, is anyone else having trouble updating to the latest versoin of linux-image ?03:44
Daemon_how can i test my screen refresh rate from console?03:46
tmerriam_what do you mean by test it? i think xrandr can report it....03:46
Daemon_yup thats it couldnt remember the command thanks03:47
josephj #math03:47
tmerriam_anyone having problems with the new linux-image? or packages giving "unknown error?"03:59
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doom777i have a weird problem04:19
jeiworthwow new kde is nice :)04:20
doom777I manually installed firefox from firefox.com04:20
tmerriam_same here... whats up?04:20
doom777well it doesn't access internet04:20
tmerriam_why? i think ubutu just repackages that build anyway04:20
doom777konqueror depos04:20
doom777tmerriam_: it doesn't access internet04:21
tmerriam_the firefox package from ubuntu does not access the internet???04:22
doom777no, i downloaded from firefox.com04:22
doom777downloaded, unzipped, moved to /opt, added symlink to /usr/bin, and added a firefox.desktop file04:22
tmerriam_hmm, thats an odd one...04:23
tmerriam_i cant think of any configuration in firefox that would cause that...04:23
jeiworthwell, long shot but maybe its in offline mode?04:26
jetanyone feel like helping a plasmoid noob with a build/debug issue?  I have plasmoid source and want to view/debug without installing it04:29
jetBuild appears successful but since it's the source for a plasmoid I'm actively using I don't want to overwrite it, just run in some sort of sandbox04:30
jetI got the new version of plasmoidviewer from neon; it's supposed to be able to run right out of your build directory but it's not happy with mine04:33
tmerriam_can you give it different name? mypluginv2 ?04:33
jetSure, if that's the right approach.  Which file do I hack for that? Thanks.04:34
tmerriam_i dont know, its just a suggestion. ive never hacked plasmoids. i assume theres a makefile or some equivalent that sets the target filename04:35
jetthanks anyway.  Wish there was a good source of info on the build process.  Everything I've found so far appears incomplete or out of date04:39
Naddixdoes anyone here use konversation04:39
jetI'm using it!04:39
Naddixi am having a hudge problem with dcc and i can asure u its not a port issue04:39
Naddixdo u know anything about this04:39
Naddixi can get dcc but not send04:40
jetOh, sorry, I'm pretty clueless about IRC04:40
Naddixor my buddy cant recive04:40
Naddixlol ok04:40
Naddixi cant find help anywhere nor on anywebsite04:40
Naddixbeen fighting with this for over 3 hrs04:41
Naddixand of couse u goto chats and they say make sure ports r opened04:41
CPrgmSwR2What is your problem Naddix04:41
Naddixi am trying to dcc to another computer04:41
Naddixwith konversation04:42
Naddixi can recive files but when i try to send it times out04:42
tmerriam_buddy's firewall in the way?04:42
Naddixi remote connected and opened everything04:42
asobiwhat's a good gpu?04:43
CPrgmSwR2Naddix, are you behind a router?04:43
Naddixits prett weiird04:43
Naddixyes i am04:43
Naddixall ports are opened04:43
CPrgmSwR2do you know your friends ip address04:43
Naddixwith my router and his04:43
tmerriam_@asobi... depends what you need to do04:44
Naddixi even put my computer infront of the firewall to test04:44
Naddixand still same issue04:44
Naddixit seems like it is a program issue04:44
Naddixhe uses mirc and im using konversation04:44
asobitop end/gaming04:44
asobiusing with kde 304:44
Naddixnope ubtunu04:45
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: can you telnet to your friends computer across the required port04:45
Naddixi never telenet before04:45
tmerriam_you most likely want an nvidia. radeon isnt quite there yet with 3d yet.04:45
jettmerriam_: for the record the official name of the plasmoid appears to be recorded as two fields in the .desktop file04:45
CPrgmSwR2telnet [IPaddress] [port number]04:46
Naddixand this will get the file or show04:46
CPrgmSwR2if you open a terminal04:46
Naddixthat are being offeres=d04:46
Naddixyes i understand that04:46
asobiwell, i want something easily compatible as well04:46
Naddixbut the problem is the other way04:47
Naddixme sending him a file04:47
tmerriam_ive heard nvidia has good support. it is a binary blob, but the packages are in ubuntu, and it will probably work04:47
CPrgmSwR2Yes, in order for you to send him a file, he has to listen on a particular port04:47
CPrgmSwR2If you can telnet to that port, then that isolates it down to the porgram04:47
tmerriam_right now compatibility and performance are at opposite ends of the spectrum, sadly.04:48
CPrgmSwR2if you can't than its an issue with your friends network setup04:48
Naddixi did personally set up his router04:48
Naddixremote connected to his router and set it up myself04:48
tmerriam_quite a shame really, i think the radeons are a better value than a lot of nvidias offerings04:48
CPrgmSwR2If you can recieve files suggest the program is working just fine, btw are you using the kde4 version or kde3 version04:48
asobiso i should get budget card04:49
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: radeon has been improving quite a lot04:49
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: before my computer crashed the radeon card I had worked pretty well, this included composite support04:50
tmerriam_it has, ive been folowing the development04:50
tmerriam_ive never had fglrx working. good riddance imo04:50
CPrgmSwR2what version is your card, mine was an r30004:51
asobiis nvidia more compatible than ati?04:53
CPrgmSwR2asobi: yes04:53
tmerriam_ive heard good, but my experience with proprietary blobs, fglrx and other, has been very negative04:54
tmerriam_my rule of thumb now is if the driver not in the kernel, or xorg or whatever, expect trouble04:55
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asobiwhere do you check for that04:55
tmerriam_if the kernel supports a specific driver?04:56
CPrgmSwR2The sad part was it took over a year before the fglrx driver was any good for the r300 chip set04:56
asobihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsNvidia is the best i found04:56
tmerriam_http://kernel.xc.net/ this site is good04:56
Naddixwell i can telnet to his file fine but its the other way im having issue04:57
asobidoes gnome or kde matter?04:57
* asobi runs kubuntu04:57
Naddixvery weird04:57
tmerriam_i use kde. my girlfriend uses gnome. i think kde uses the compositing more by default04:57
asobithat kernal link is over my head04:58
CPrgmSwR2Naddix, can you telnet to across that port on your pc04:58
CPrgmSwR2127.0.0.1 is a loop back address04:58
Naddixi will try this04:58
Naddixty CPrgmSwR204:59
tmerriam_lol. it shows the entire configuration for the whole kernel. you can load the full config and use Ctrl+F to find the device you want.04:59
tmerriam_http://kernelnewbies.org/ this site is good too, though i dont use it very much05:00
asobii don't even know which kernel i am using @_@05:00
tmerriam_err.... jaunty right?05:00
asobihardy i think05:01
tmerriam_type 'uname -r' at the console05:01
NaddixCPrgmSwR2 im not able to connect to the share05:01
tmerriam_dont want to upgrade or do you want the LTS?05:01
CPrgmSwR2kde is starting to shape up quite nicely05:02
Naddixhow would ubuntu be blocking thi s05:02
Naddixor is it the app05:02
Naddixbut i could not send in xchat either05:03
tmerriam_@CPrgmSwr2 yeah, im using the beta for 4.3 its really slick. i think ill stick with stable versions after this, though05:04
Naddixbut i used my router assigned ip and it worked05:04
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: same here05:05
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: the telnet worked?05:05
Naddixyes it did05:06
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: I update so I am on the release canidate of kde 4.305:08
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: I just wish they would release kopete05:08
tmerriam_whats the deal with the highlighted lines? are you doing something special, Cprgm?05:09
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: In your router, do you have port forwarding setup05:09
Naddixyes i do05:09
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: it sounds like your router is blocking the connection05:10
Naddixi would have had to go though my router to telnet05:10
Naddixi used my router assinged address to connect05:10
CPrgmSwR2because a telnet to does not go through anything but your computer05:10
Naddixwouldnt it05:10
Naddixno i telnet using
Naddixwhich was asigned by the router05:11
Naddixi wanted to test the ports05:11
CPrgmSwR2if thats your computer IP address, that will work too05:11
CPrgmSwR2127.0.0.1 is a special ip address05:11
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: that has to do with me putting your screenname in the text I am typing05:12
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: what irc client are you using05:13
tmerriam_CPrgmSwR2: like this?05:13
Naddixi did use the
Naddixand i also connected to the share05:13
tmerriam_CPrgmSwR2: quassel05:14
CPrgmSwR2tmerriam_: I am not sure since I use konversation05:14
Naddixme either lol05:14
Naddixthe thing is i wonder if the dsl modem is in anyway internfering05:15
Naddixthere is no firewall setup on the modem05:15
Naddixi have that turned off05:15
NaddixCPrgmSwR2 what program do u use05:15
kubuntuuserI should probably ask for help here instead of #ubuntu :)05:16
tmerriam_CPrgmSwR2: me neither. im new to using IRC, and i use Quassel cimply because it came with kubuntu05:16
Naddixi tried xchat and same thing05:16
Naddixit got to be that modem somehow05:16
kubuntuuserare there any good xorg managers?05:16
tmerriam_xorg managers?05:17
kubuntuuserI seem to have hosed mine somehow thorugh installing compiz-fusion and the latest proprietary ati drivers05:17
kubuntuuserso I get graphics glitches and I don't know how to fix it being a linux noob05:18
tmerriam_what do you mean by xorg manager? ive never heard that term05:18
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: prehaps its being blocked by a software firewall05:18
Naddixnot on my machine05:18
Naddixnot sure about the clients05:18
Naddixmy friends i did turn off his windows firewall05:18
kubuntuuseroh, I thought that by now there might be a sane xorg.conf manager to figure out what I have and not mess it up05:19
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: I would try downgrading to the previous proprietary ati drivers05:19
Naddixhe has the same router as me , i remoted to his router in order to open his ports05:19
Naddixim going to try to get my friend to telnet to my file05:19
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: its not what you messed up but probably has to do with the latest drivers released05:19
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: its not uncommon for ati to release drivers with graphics glitches05:20
kubuntuuserare there any good laternatives?05:20
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: take a look at www.phoronix.com in the forums they usually take about the issues05:20
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: there are at times opensource alternatives but they don't work quite as well as the closed source drivers05:21
kubuntuuserit's like my monitor's trying to be in two modes at once, not good for the eyes either05:21
tmerriam_....for some things.05:21
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: are you using Konversation?05:22
CPrgmSwR2because I see the default port range is 1026 to 700005:22
CPrgmSwR2So it could be any of those ports05:23
Naddixi can see which port the file is shared on05:23
Naddixit alwasy starts with 102605:23
CPrgmSwR2ah okay05:23
Naddixwhen u share the file it says the external ip and which port its on05:23
kubuntuuserone question, should xorg.conf have two monitor sections and two display sections?05:25
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: depends, it can have one or two05:25
kubuntuusernever had a 2nd monitor attached or anything05:25
kubuntuuser2 monitor, 2 screen, 2 device sections*05:26
CPrgmSwR2WOW rafb.net/pastebin has been shutdown05:26
Naddixmy friend tried to telnet to the share and was not able to05:27
CPrgmSwR2can you put your freinds pc direct onto the internet line05:28
CPrgmSwR2so its not behind a router and try it05:28
Naddixvery very strange05:28
Naddixyes i will try that05:28
Naddixi did do that on my side05:28
CPrgmSwR2Naddix: Yes I know, but what about your friends side05:29
Naddixim going to do it right now05:29
CPrgmSwR2kubuntuuser: there is a way to have the ati utility configure your xorg.conf file05:31
CPrgmSwR2I wish I could remember the command05:31
tmerriam_i think it was fglrxconfig or something....05:32
Naddixdoes envy-ng work in kubuntu for these ati guys05:32
Naddixi know there is a gtk version but a command based too05:33
tmerriam_not sure that applies to me... support for my card was dropped from the proprietary driver a while ago05:34
=== ghost is now known as Guest2118
=== hemathor_ is now known as hemathor
naddix1cprgmswr2 i got it06:16
naddix1i had to dmz my router in the modem06:17
naddix1if that makes sence06:17
naddix1verizon is stupid06:19
naddix1let that be know06:19
=== naddix1 is now known as naddix
=== J is now known as Guest43895
=== Guest43895 is now known as jjhome
peabodyok so if I boot into a recovery shell, everything is normal. But once KDM loads, when I try to open text-based terminals (tty1 etc) my monitor errors : Input Signal out of Range how do I fix this?06:39
fg56xfdI was just trying to install kubuntu from a dvd. And when it booted up I chose "install kubuntu" it then went into a terminal style thing and kept reading off errors that started with "Buffer I/O Error" it did this for over minutes then finally stopped, said "welcome to ubuntu" and some other stuff and i was at a terminal. Not the usual gui you get for "install kubuntu" I also tried start/instal, and even tried older cd's that i know work. And06:49
fg56xfdeach time it did th same "buffer i/o error" messages. What is causing this, and how can i fix it?06:49
Peace-fg56xfd:  what kind of pc do you  have06:52
Peace-i mean is old ?06:52
Peace-or very new06:52
Peace-look like a kernel bug06:53
Peace-looks like06:53
fg56xfdIts a brand new HP G06:53
Peace-fg56xfd: please make a bug report, that suound like a kernel bug06:53
kubuntuuseryeah turns out there's something wrong with the proprietary driver, even with the prev version06:54
fg56xfdPeace-: What di i report, i'm cant write down 30min worth of errors.06:54
Peace-fg56xfd: you have only to describe the problem06:54
=== J is now known as jjhome
Peace-fg56xfd: but with live cd it works?06:54
Peace-i mean without installing ?06:54
fg56xfdPeace-: No, it never boots up from a live cd, weather I do "install kubuntu" or "start kubuntu"06:55
fg56xfdIm running off my original install of Kubuntu right now.06:55
Peace-fg56xfd: have you tried with alternate cd?06:55
fg56xfdBut I know the cd's im using work.06:55
Peace-fg56xfd: and have you tried old kubuntu live cd?06:56
fg56xfdYes. I tried the CD i installed this instillation from.06:56
Peace-or it's your first time you try to installl kubuntu06:56
fg56xfdNo, it is not.06:56
fg56xfdIm on kubuntu, right now.06:56
alba_hi i was just updating and i got an error message "the backend took too much time to process the synchronous request, you need to fork!" what does that mean exactly?06:57
Peace-fg56xfd: so this problem apperars only with the dvd?06:57
fg56xfdPeace-: DVD and CD's yes.06:57
Peace-alba_: use the terminal06:57
alba_it updated but i was just wondering what it means by you need to fork...06:58
Peace-alba_: the kpacakgekit is not so stable06:58
peabodyalba_:  that means when a process executes linear it cannot run two commands at the same time with each other, and it needs to split into two different processes06:58
alba_aha i think i get it peabody  thanks :)06:58
Peace-fg56xfd: i can't understand then , with dvd yes and cd no?06:58
alba_and thank you too Peace-06:58
fg56xfdPeace-: No, neither DVDs or CDs work/.06:59
Peace-fg56xfd: so how did you install kubuntu then?06:59
fg56xfdPeace-: I installed a while ago. I just went to reinstall tonight, and now its giving me this erro.07:00
Peace-fg56xfd: well..... maybe the dvd is cocked07:00
fg56xfdPeace-: Like i said, i tried SEVERL.07:00
Peace-md5 cheched?07:00
Peace-so i dunno no07:01
lautaroalguien habla español07:02
fg56xfdlautaro: !es07:03
lautaroestoy en argentina07:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:04
Hystorikerhi all. i have a problem with the new kde 4.3 rc on kubuntu 9.04. my desktop is not visible, but stays black most of the time. only for a few seconds i can see the destop with the plasmoids.07:04
alba_i need to report a bug in launchpad, does someone have handy the url? its about the update manager and its funny behaviour07:05
lautaroy como hago?07:05
alba_lautaro,  /join #kubuntu-es07:05
Hystorikeri am working on that machine, so the programs seem to work, only i cannot see any desktop or menu07:06
lautaroesta bien pero yo quiero conversar un rato y no hablar del sistema07:06
lautaroson todos programadores o que?07:09
Peace-Hystoriker: why did you upgradet to unstable version?07:09
Peace-Hystoriker: support is only for stable version.07:09
Peace-lautaro: only english07:10
Peace-lautaro: no other language please.07:10
lautaroi dont want to speak of the system07:11
Peace-!offtopic | lautaro07:11
ubottulautaro: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:11
lautarook, i didnt wnow07:12
Peace-no problem07:13
=== lautaro is now known as conkerBFD
fg56xfdI was just trying to install kubuntu from a dvd. And when it booted up I chose "install kubuntu" it then went into a terminal style thing and kept reading off errors that started with "Buffer I/O Error" it did this for over minutes then finally stopped, said "welcome to ubuntu" and some other stuff and i was at a terminal. Not the usual gui you get for "install kubuntu" I also tried start/instal, and even tried older cd's that i know work. And07:19
fg56xfdeach time it did th same "buffer i/o error" messages. What is causing this, and how can i fix it?07:19
Hystoriker_can anybody please help me?07:20
alba_maybe you could try in #kde Hystoriker07:21
alba_fg56xfd,  maybe you could try to install in text mode and see what happens... it might be a problem with the cd/dvd reader?07:22
alba_then you can install the desktop with apt-get install kubuntu-desktop i think that could be an option (as long as you can install in text mode07:23
alba_besides, did you try to just check the option "try kubuntu without any changes to your hard disk"?07:24
fg56xfdalba_: But I need a gui to do some partition editing, otherwise I might accidently delete the wrong one.07:24
fg56xfdAnd yes, i tied the "try kubuntu" same thing, errors, then a terminal.07:24
alba_hmmm do you have a lot of partitions?07:25
alba_because its essentially the same than with a gui, just without it... they are easily recognizable unless  you have a bunch of them07:25
alba_i.e i have one of 80 and one of 30... so i know for kubuntu is the one of 3007:26
AdolaHi!  I have 3 kernels, I want a different one other than the default to be the one it loads.07:27
AdolaHow can I go about this?07:27
alba_and.. this might sound silly, but check the cd's or dvd's are clean.. happened to me once...07:27
fg56xfdIve got like four partitions.07:28
fg56xfdAnd they look pretty clean.07:28
fg56xfdIm even burning another one right now to try again.07:28
andresagusoadola try to install kgrubeditor07:29
alba_are you trying with cd's or dvd's? maybe you could try to swap between them if you have both...07:29
alba_and see what happens07:29
=== alba_ is now known as agatha
Peace-Adola: you could edit this file , to your own risk.., /boot/brub/menu.list07:30
Adolaandresaguso: Dial-up, can I configure grub.lst?07:30
Peace-Adola: you could edit this file , to your own risk.., /boot/grub/menu.list07:30
Hystoriker_can i somehow downgrade to whatever is the "official" kubuntu-kde version for jaunty?07:30
Peace-Adola: or i think you have to press some key on the boot time , i didn't remember well07:30
AdolaPeace-: how can I make one of the kernel's default?07:30
agathaand i found this fg56xfd http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25446807:31
Peace-Adola: yes you have only to change that file... just put at the fist the kernel you like... but AT YOUR OWN RISK, make a backup of that file..07:31
fg56xfdagatha: It talks about making sure the cds burn correctly and etc etc. But I burned it from a a CD that I know works, since I installed kubuntu from it before.07:33
agathain the same machine fg56xfd ?07:34
fg56xfdagatha: I see something about adding soemthing to boot paramaters. How do I edit those?07:34
fg56xfdagatha: Yes, same machine.07:34
agathahmmm in the first screen you have the option to edit them07:35
fg56xfdagatha: Alright, I'm going to try that.07:35
agathasorry that i cannot be of more help07:35
andresagusoadola kgrubeditor is pretty easy just try to install it sudo aptitude install kgrubeditor07:35
andresagusou can configure what its the default boot07:36
andresagusoor change the lines07:36
=== adam is now known as Guest84096
fg56xfdagatha: Its fine, thanks for trying to help. :)07:36
andresagusou can use that file that peace tells u, kgrubeditor just its a gui :P07:36
=== Guest84096 is now known as Adola
AdolaHey um, how can I ping a machine on a local network to see if it's connected?07:38
agathaping computername i guess Adola07:40
agathaor ping the ip adress of the machine07:41
AdolaHow do I get the ip of it?07:41
agathaifconfig (on the machine) or check the dhcp in the router, that will give you the ip adresses07:43
agathaifconfig, in the terminal of the machine you want to get the ip adress from that's better07:44
AdolaIt doesn't show the ip, ifconfig doens't.07:44
agatha   inet addr:
agathathat's my ifconfig, and for sure is the adress of this machine, remember you need to do it in the other machine, not in the current one07:46
AdolaOk, um, I see an inet addr for my ppp0 (Which is my dial-up) But, my eht0 is only an inet6 whatever that is, I need to fileshare, and I need to do that through ethernet of course.07:48
agathathen adola do you have a router?07:49
agathain most of routers (if not in all) there is a section for the dhcp07:50
Adolaeth0, lo, ppp0 , that's all I see.07:50
peabodyok so if I boot into a recovery shell, everything is normal. But once KDM loads, when I try to open text-based terminals (tty1 etc) my monitor errors : Input Signal out of Range how do I fix this?07:50
agathathere should also give you the computer names, with their ips (or the mac adresses with ip)07:50
agathabut in which computer you are doing it adola? because ifconfig will show you the ip adress of the computer where you are asking it. not the other one07:51
Adolaagatha: Yes, I know.07:51
AdolaOk, wait, what is DHCP?07:51
AdolaShould it be listed when I an ifconfig?07:51
agathanope its something the router does, assign an ip to each machine in the network.. i will try to find a 'better' explanation07:52
agathaAdola,  i can explane it with my words or give you the wikipedia article... whatever suits you better...07:53
agathayou tell me what you prefer07:53
AdolaWords please :)07:54
AdolaI'm unable to file share between these two ubuntu machines.07:54
Adola(One is Kubuntu, the other, UNR)07:54
agathaok so when you have 2 computers in a network, each of them has an internal ip adress, to be identified on that network, dhcp is the service which assigns an ip to each machine in such network. Normally in the router, there is information about this07:55
agathathats why i am telling you to check the ip's in the router07:55
AdolaOk, how can I go about doing that?07:56
agathayou need to access the router...do you know the default gateway and username and password?07:56
AdolaUm....I don't believe it has one....07:57
agathaare we sure you are using a router?07:58
AdolaOh noes, it's a workgroup switch.07:58
agathado you know the computer name of the other machine at least Adola ?08:00
Adolaagatha: Yes!08:00
agathaso try pinging it08:00
agathai guess that should do... ping computername08:01
agathatry ping -c 3 computername something like that Adola08:02
Adola.....I can't remember the name of the computer...I think it's adola-netbook.08:02
AdolaI can't remember.08:03
FloodBotK2Adola: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
agathaains Adola  heheheheh Adola ;) write in a terminal uname -a08:03
agatha(in the computer you want to check if its connected)08:04
AdolaIt said "unknown host"08:05
agathawhen you type uname -a?08:05
Adolaping adam-desktop08:05
Adola"ping: unknown host adam-desktop"08:05
agathano no Adola  forget about that for a second, go to the other computer and type uname -a08:06
agathaand check the computer name first :)08:06
AdolaYes, one is adam-desktop, the other is adam-laptop08:06
agathaok which is the one you need to ping/08:06
AdolaOk, so, from desktop08:06
AdolaI was able to ping laptop..08:06
AdolaBut not visa-versa08:06
agathathat means that one of those the unknown host is not in the network08:07
agathayou should be able to ping A from B and the other way around08:07
AdolaI can only go A-B not B-A08:08
agathathen for some reason, b cannot see a08:08
agathai dunno if it might be related to the workgroup switch, i am not familiar with those08:08
AdolaGod, I thought I was buying a router...THE PICTURE WAS SO SIMILAR>08:08
agathabut to share information between both computers they will need to see each other08:09
agathai dunno Adola  for what i have read they are not exactly the same08:09
=== alba_ is now known as agatha
Fleckjust updated and now taskmanager doesn't show any tasks :)08:35
Fleck(using ppa backports)08:37
=== lab_ is now known as faLUCE
divobtechhow to clean the dicussion space on quassel IRC08:42
Adoladivobtech: /clear?08:44
divobtechyes i want to clear the discussion space  for example the message that you sent me08:46
divobtechdivobtech:  /clear?08:46
=== scott_ is now known as scott2211
AdolaHi!  Ineed to set up a static ip for a local network.08:52
Adoladivobtech: yeah just type "/clear" that should work, without the "'s of course.08:52
scott2211anybody know of a good system monitor for kubuntu? not conky and preferably in plasmoid form08:54
divobtechit is not work08:54
mattp_HI, I have an issue with installing a program.  I want to install skype, however it depends on a version of libqt4-gui that is behind the version that I have installed08:59
mattp_how do i force it to install skype?08:59
kioskadmincan someone tell me how to connect to irc network starchat..using konversation09:01
=== warren_ is now known as Guest98733
robin0800kioskadmin: try /j #starchat09:03
Guest98733i use jaunty, and saw latest kde rc is out, so i added tha ppa, but after upgrading and logging in again, it was all messed up, i removed all config files from my home, and a fresh kde desktop look like this: http://i40.tinypic.com/4hxte1.jpg09:04
Guest98733what is the problem?09:04
Guest98733can i downgrade the upgraded packages?09:05
fg56xfdI have some updates that say they are "blocked" why are these blocked, and how can I unblock them?09:06
robin0800Guest98733: Personally I would have just removed the panel then set up a new one09:07
Guest98733i cant09:07
Guest98733i even hav no win manager09:08
Guest98733and i cant see any meny, desktop or whatever09:08
Guest98733is it possible to see latest upgraded packages and downgrade them in terminal?09:08
Guest98733i cant use this desktop at all09:08
robin0800Guest98733: can you right click on the panel?09:09
Guest98733but not on the desktop09:09
Guest98733dos kde 4.3 rc work on you systems?09:10
robin0800Guest98733: can you add and remove from panel?09:10
Guest98733i removed the panel, but i cant add any panel anymore now09:10
robin0800Guest98733: log off and log back in09:11
Guest98733already tried :p09:11
Guest98733i think the only way is to revert the upgrade09:12
stephankdebase-workspace-4:4.2.90-0ubuntu1~jaunty1~ppa2 is block? is this by intention?09:12
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Guest98733btw, i had to upgrade in terminal because i didnt see any updates in kpackagekit09:13
robin0800Guest98733: In a console sudo aptitude update then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade09:13
Guest98733ok, its updating more packacges now09:14
Guest98733why didnt it show up in the updater?09:14
robin0800Guest98733: aptitude is better than the updater09:15
Guest98733maybe because ppa are not trusted?09:17
Guest98733nvm, rebooting to see if it works now, thanks09:17
AdolaI can't ping one of my machines, it says "network is unreachable" what's going on with it?09:18
fg56xfdI have some updates that say they are "blocked" why are these blocked, and how can I unblock them?09:23
phant0m_tht took bloody ages09:31
phant0m_need some help pls09:31
^peter^don't we all ?09:31
phant0m_well my issue is with this os09:31
phant0m_im on ubuntu09:31
Fleckmy too :) :D09:31
phant0m_total noob09:32
phant0m_not a clue where to sart im a windows defector09:32
=== juuso is now known as juuso_
=== juuso_ is now known as juuso
phant0m_start rather09:32
phant0m_any advice pls?09:32
fg56xfdWhat are you trying to accomplish?09:33
^peter^phant0m_  if you mean you lost the desktop  .... welcome to the club09:33
phant0m_well now your askin09:33
phant0m_it came up with warnings and said i should check them09:34
phant0m_now then09:34
phant0m_what i am checking and where isnt an issue but how to deal with it is09:35
phant0m_another issue is ive installed avg but i cant find the damn thing09:36
phant0m_wheres the gui??09:36
phant0m_ive looked in my menus09:36
phant0m_dunno how to use nessus either09:36
alakhiaavg? antivirus program? That is for windows, no?09:37
phant0m_and linux09:37
phant0m_deb package09:37
Coyote`hi there, i'm looking to install firefox 3.5 on my kubuntu jaunty, tho apt wants to install some weird packets, and particulary the packet ubuntu, is there anyway to do it with a more simple way ?09:37
^peter^phant0m_  GUI is Grapical User Interface  mouse and screen, rather than keyboard.09:38
scott2211Coyote`: download the firefox.tar.gz from their website09:38
alakhiaif you know the package name, you can run: dpkg -L <package_name>09:38
Coyote`and compile it ?09:38
alakhiathat will give you all the files contained in the package09:38
scott2211Coyote`: you just have to download and extract it. then put the folder wherever you want and run the firefox executable inside09:39
alakhialook for either a man page, html docs, or something in bin directory to run directly09:39
phant0m_yes pete thts kinda what i was expecting a gui that i can run the scan with09:39
Coyote`scott2211 > ok i'll try now :)09:39
scott2211phant0m_: open a console and type avg, see if anything runs09:40
phant0m_command not found09:40
alakhiaphant0m_: are you trying to use protect others from virus or yourself?09:40
^peter^try as su09:40
phant0m_ok pete type su avg or su enter avg?09:41
scott2211phant0m_: try 'locate avg' and see if anything is found09:41
alakhiaif you have only one machine at that is running linux, you are protected from a majority of them ... i don't bother with antivirus stuff09:41
fg56xfdI have some updates that say they are "blocked" why are these blocked, and how can I unblock them?09:42
phant0m_it just goes back to main command line as when i opened the terminal09:43
phant0m_alakhia the reason i want the anti virus is to get rid of the rootkit tht rkhunter reckons i have09:44
scott2211phant0m_: you on Ubuntu or Kubuntu?09:45
scott2211which are you running now?09:45
phant0m_im usin ubuntu at the mo09:45
alakhiafg56xfd: did you try apt-get dist-upgrade?09:45
scott2211Menu -> Applications -> Accessories -> AVG... not there?09:46
phant0m_oh yeah is i386 different to the x64 bit version of ubuntu09:46
fg56xfdWrong window.09:47
phant0m_another thing is my firewall09:48
phant0m_im using firestarter and it says theres 108 serious thingys on it but i dont  know how to deal with them either09:49
=== toni_ is now known as toni_jaunty-jack
phant0m_there doesnt seem to be much help flying around on the net for ubuntu09:53
phant0m_i mean like a general overview09:54
phant0m_on how to use09:54
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/   like this?09:55
phant0m_i will stick with it tho theres no way im off back to windows09:55
phant0m_ty bazhang ill look now brb09:55
Flecki have no taks in task manager running KDE 4.3 RC1, when i run plasma-desktop i get this: Object::connect: No such signal TaskManager::TaskGroup::itemRemoved(AbstractItemPtr)09:56
=== toni_jaunty-jack is now known as nabyla
phant0m_sweet tht should help things a little09:57
phant0m_any help for my firewall too ? im not sure how to deal with its findings09:58
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist09:58
phant0m_im using firestarter10:01
phant0m_its saying 108 serious events so like what do i do10:01
bazhangfirestarter is the front end for iptables10:02
bazhangthe graphical interface10:02
phant0m_and the backend?10:02
phant0m_ty ill take a look at tht10:04
phant0m_theres another problem i need to sort i want to burn at a certain speed like in imageburn but dont seem to have tht option10:05
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phant0m_anyway round this10:05
Guest84199Hi, i recently updated my HP photosmart 2575 drivers, cause it wouldn't scan. THe problem now is, that it won't print, it says it starts a print job, it says it completes it, but nothign happens. any ideas?..10:06
Guest84199I use kubuntu 8.04, installed the hplib drivers along with the xsane project thingy.10:07
Guest84199nvm, i got it, reinstalled native KDE drivers10:14
Guest84199gbye everyone10:14
FanfareGuest84199: why using 8.04?10:22
moleculekubunt VirtualBox  Problems iso no mounted why?10:24
Fleckok, in terminal installed plasma-dataengines-workspace and now i have all tasks in taskmanager ;)10:25
Fleckmolecule maybe iso file moved...?10:25
moleculeFleck, now mounted iso image10:29
Fleckmy bottom panel is transparent, how do i change that...?10:43
phant0m_ok got a new problem10:52
phant0m_rkhutner log file permission denied10:52
phant0m_ i am root user and it wont let me in10:53
victimFleck: try right clicking on the panel, or add a new panel and delete the transparent panel10:53
Fleckadded new panel on the top - anyway transparent10:55
AdolaHow can I start a network connection I made?10:58
AdolaNetwork Management10:58
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stephan123hey, i have broken my system, can only boot from cd, is there a way to remove the supicious package?11:07
scott2211what happens when you try booting normally?11:09
stephan123no mouse and no keyboard and shell11:11
stephan123if i boot a older kernel i have mouse and keyboard and x but no networking11:11
scott2211boot that and then do an update?11:11
shadeslayerstephan123: tried the recovery console?11:11
stephan123ksplice (the suspected package) says it needs network to be removed11:11
scott2211can you give it a wired connection?11:12
stephan123its wired11:12
stephan123is there a way to "chroot" into it, and remove the packe?11:13
shadeslayerstephan123: yep11:14
shadeslayerstephan123: type sudo -s11:14
shadeslayerstephan123: then chroot . /usr/bin11:14
shadeslayerstephan123: one sec..did you cd to the drive on which / is located?11:15
stephan123ok im there11:16
shadeslayerstephan123: go root and type chroot . /media/disk-1/usr/bin11:17
amikat which point during startup is dns available? I'm getting related errors running apache james, only during startup...11:17
stephan123chroot: cannot run command `/media/disk-1/usr/bin/': No such file or directory11:18
shadeslayerstephan123: hold on11:18
stephan123shadeslayer: i can cd there11:18
stephan123it is there11:18
stephan123shadeslayer: is this correct ? root@ubuntu:/# sudo chroot . /media/disk-1/usr/bin/11:19
shadeslayerstephan123: i did this a few days ago... ill get the logs11:19
stephan123ok, im hoping again (a bit), this is realy annoying11:20
shadeslayerstephan123: almost there :)11:24
shadeslayerstephan123: run chroot . /bin/sh11:25
stephan123from /11:26
shadeslayerstephan123: now type ls -la to be sure11:26
shadeslayerstephan123: from your /11:26
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
shadeslayerstephan123: if everything went correct ls -la should show your / :)11:27
stephan123root@ubuntu:/# chroot . /bin/sh11:27
stephan123# ls -la11:27
stephan123insgesamt 211:27
stephan123drwxr-xr-x  30 root root   240 2009-07-03 09:49 .11:27
stephan123drwxr-xr-x  30 root root   240 2009-07-03 09:49 ..11:27
FloodBotK2stephan123: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:27
stephan123drwxr-xr-x   2 root root  1520 2008-04-22 18:10 bin11:27
stephan123shadeslayer: look ok to my, how to see if its correct? how to move on?11:28
stephan123shadeslayer: this are the files from the cd11:30
stephan123shadeslayer: should i run: sudo chroot . /media/disk-1/usr/bin/sh ?11:31
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DOOM777did anyone have plasma crashing horribly with11:39
DOOM777Unrecognized character: /11:39
DOOM777Unrecognized character: /11:39
DOOM777ERROR: syntax error11:39
FloodBotK2DOOM777: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
shadeslayerstephan123: there? i got disconnected there :)11:40
stephan123yes im there11:40
stephan123(10:30:07) stephan123: shadeslayer: this are the files from the cd11:41
shadeslayerstephan123: so did it work?11:41
stephan123(10:31:37) stephan123: shadeslayer: should i run: sudo chroot . /media/disk-1/usr/bin/sh ?11:41
shadeslayerstephan123: yes...11:41
stephan123how to exit the prev. chroot?11:41
shadeslayerstephan123: exit11:42
stephan123root@ubuntu:/# sudo chroot . /media/disk-1/usr/bin/sh11:42
shadeslayerstephan123: no need for sudo there if you already are root11:43
stephan123 No such file or directory ,11:43
DOOM777did any of you have problems with plasma?11:43
stephan123but i can navigate there11:43
DOOM777with "Unrecognized character:?11:43
shadeslayerstephan123: no i said /bin/sh not /usr/bin/sh11:44
shadeslayerstephan123: run chroot . /media/disk-1/bin/sh11:45
stephan123 /media/disk-1/bin/sh: 3: Syntax error: "(" unexpected11:46
shadeslayerstephan123: strange...it worked for me earlier...11:47
stephan123how to mount my /home partition readable so that i at least can backup my development database?11:48
shadeslayerstephan123: i can paste my conversation if you wish...11:49
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pavan_I see something called lrm in df -k. This seems to link to some old kernel version (post which I've not been able to upgrade). What's this?11:49
shadeslayerstephan123: first do sudo fdisk -l to determine the partition11:49
fg56xfdFor some reason my computer isnt picking up a signal from my wireless router (that is less than 6 inches away from the computer) Sometimes it will pick up a signal from it and from a few others around me, but sometimes it wont see any. What would cause it to act like this?>11:51
shadeslayerstephan123: then sudo mkdir /media/home;sudo mount /dev/sdax /media/home where sdax is the partition no. from sudo fdisk -l11:51
stephan123its already writable but only as root11:51
shadeslayerstephan123: no idea on that...11:52
amikat which point during startup does DNS become available?11:53
shadeslayeramik: have a look at bum11:53
shadeslayer!infp bum | amik11:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about infp bum11:53
shadeslayer!info bum | amik11:53
ubottuamik: bum (source: bum): graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-2 (jaunty), package size 81 kB, installed size 516 kB11:53
amikshadeslayer: I will, thanks11:54
shadeslayer!bum | amik also see11:54
ubottuamik also see: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:54
stephan123shadeslayer: on a new install can i use the installer to mount my old /home partition , or will it be earased?11:58
shadeslayerstephan123: the /home is a diff. partition?11:58
stephan123shadeslayer: yes11:58
shadeslayerstephan123: then just reinstall / , and under custom partition's set the current /home to /home again and dont formatt it11:59
amikshadeslayer: I'm looking at bum, it's a service manager, but I still have no idea what service I'm looking for (none of them seem to mention DNS or even networking)11:59
shadeslayeramik: there should be something called dnsmasq or similar12:00
sabgentonis there a netbook remix for kubunut12:01
shadeslayersabgenton: one is planned for karmic :)12:01
amikshadeslayer: nope. to clarify: I'm not looking for a DNS server, but the point at which DNS lookups become possible (as a client)12:01
shadeslayeramik: ohh.. i dont know then sorry..12:01
sabgentonshadeslayer: hmm I know someone who has kubuntu on there netbook and they told me to find the netbook remix12:02
sabgentonbut I can only find that on ubuntu's website12:02
shadeslayersabgenton: then what you are looking for is UNR..12:02
amikshadeslayer: ok, thanks :-)12:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unr12:02
sabgentonok thanks12:03
shadeslayersabgenton: its called Ubuntu netboot remix...12:03
amikshadeslayer: actually I can't see anything like dhcp or networkmanager in the list either...12:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remix12:03
sabgentondum bot12:03
Tm_Tsabgenton: that "ubuntu netbook remix" itself is nothing but few extra packages IIRC12:03
Tm_Tand a bit different default configs12:03
sabgentonTm_T: well its a usb image anyway12:04
Tm_Tnothing you cannot get into regular Ubuntu12:04
sabgentoninstead of an iso12:04
shadeslayerTm_T: and a different GUI :)12:04
Tm_Tsabgenton: so is others if need be12:04
Tm_Tshadeslayer: that's the "extra packages" bit12:04
mofuxwhen will kde4.3 rc1 be available for testing?12:05
Tm_Tsabgenton: so, for netbook, you can run normal Kubuntu just fine12:05
shadeslayermofux: see topic12:06
mofuxshadeslayer: aaah, cool, thanks alot12:07
shadeslayermofux: no problem :)12:08
fg56xfdMy wifi doesn't seem to be working, and when I go into "hardware drivers" and select the madwifi drivers nothing seems to be happening. Anyone know what would cause this?12:12
shadeslayerfg56xfd: did you just select them or did you install them?12:18
fg56xfdshadeslayer: I clicked "activate" from the hardware drivers menu, but unlike when I chose the nvidia drivers no seperate window came up with a progress bar or anything. And the circle stays grey, not green.12:19
shadeslayerfg56xfd: did you have a look at the wiki?12:20
fg56xfdDidnt know there was one.12:21
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:21
fg56xfdWhat other package do you need aside from "build-essential" to build from source?12:25
shadeslayerfg56xfd: cmake and other dev packages12:25
shadeslayer!compile | fg56xfd12:26
ubottufg56xfd: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)12:26
Gargoyle76can anyone help with a multiple screen set up?12:40
_4strOhi there12:45
bentob0xthe plasma update is nice12:46
_4strOjust a little question, where Quassel come from ?12:46
_4strOapparently it just appaer today12:46
_4strOis it supposed to replace Konversation ?12:47
shadeslayer_4strO: its there from 4.012:48
shadeslayer_4strO: and yes its a replacement for konversation12:49
_4strOshadeslayer: ho i didn't see it before :p12:49
shadeslayer_4strO: hehe..12:49
* _4strO have to open his eyes (better)12:49
_4strOshadeslayer: ok anyway thx for the answer12:49
_4strOtoo late ...12:50
_4strOi have another pb with my Kde, i don't know how to disable/enable the wireless by default12:52
eeAnyone has experience using KDE developing GUI? Or is there have links talking about KDE API calls?12:59
eeOr QT API calls?12:59
amikee: I find them online, each at it's own site. mostly just by googling13:04
BaudThiefargh... how do I manually set up DNS settings in jaunty? Network manager does nothing, my wired connection doesn't even show up lol13:04
amikee: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/index.html13:05
amikee: http://api.kde.org/13:06
BaudThiefw00t got it, editing resolv.conf still works13:07
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DOOM777how do I reinstall plasma?13:12
Tm_TDOOM777: in konsole, "sudo apt-get install --reinstall kdebase-workspace-bin"13:14
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amikis there a good (gui?) tool for seeing startup daemon dependencies?13:21
amikalso, why are there rcX.d scripts to start NetworkManager, but no equivalent scripts to stop it?13:23
Gargoyle76can anyone help with a multiple screen set up? with separate seesions running on each13:27
amikGargoyle76: I've never used them with separate sessions...13:27
Gargoyle76amik: I would like to have one monitor not flip desktops when the other does13:31
Gargoyle76amik: i've got them running under twinview...but it's just not what I want....I get a "X" cursor on the other monitor like it's waiting for the session to start...but how to start it?13:32
eeThanks, it really helpful!13:35
DOOM777hey i have a stupid problme13:41
DOOM777i  have no access to files and directories in my home directory13:41
DOOM777as in /home/username works13:41
DOOM777but anything inside that cant' be accessed13:41
DOOM777what this could be13:41
DOOM777Gargoyle76: do you have nvidia13:42
amikGargoyle76: I'm using TwinView and it works as I'd expect - the second monitor (TV) has just the background (which I set to black), and I can move the mouse, windows, etc. from the first monitor on to it by dragging...13:42
amikGargoyle76: I use nvidia-settings to configure it and it works...13:43
DOOM777Gargoyle76: i am using Twinview also, same as amik13:43
DOOM777Gargoyle76: sudo apt-get install nvidiaglx13:43
Yanick_hi, I'm running a KRDC instance, and the window is maximized, like fullscreen, but not fullscreen... how can I restore it's size to normal without closing it?13:43
Yanick_alt+click doesn't move it. Alt+F5 or Alt+F6 doesn't do anything13:44
amikDOOM777: "can't be accessed" as in directories or files? maybe u removed the x permission from the directories?13:45
Tm_TYanick_: alt+F3 brings window menu ?13:45
DOOM777let me try13:45
BluesKajDOOM777, you have to be more specific nvidiaglx-180 or ?13:45
DOOM777BluesKaj: 180 is best13:46
BluesKajdepends on the card13:46
DOOM777amik: thanks13:46
DOOM777BluesKaj: maybe. I am the least profficient in linux13:46
BluesKajDOOM777, then don't tellppl to install something you're not sure will work for them13:47
Yanick_Tm_T, nope13:47
amikwhile we're on the topic, does using the restricted drivers gui thing just do an apt-get or is there something else to it?13:48
BluesKajamik you choose which driver is recommended and then it uses that13:49
amikBluesKaj: but does it use it just by installing the package normally or does something more complex?13:51
BluesKajit has to do with the kernel and graphics driver support13:52
ubottuHal is in the process of being depreciated.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer for more info.13:52
amikBluesKaj: in other words, if I want say nvidia 180 drivers, does selecting it in that gui and apt-getting it result in an identical system?13:52
flithmHey all, when I try to play anything through my soundcard the app just freezes.  The module is loaded fine, alsa appears to be working, I can control the mixers, but sound output always freezes. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?13:52
BluesKajamik , the drivers are sort of held in escrow , ready to be called  when you make your choice , but choosing a driver which isn't recommended may break your system.13:54
BluesKajamik but apt-get installing the right driver works too :)13:55
afeijowhy apt-get isnt offering the update to firefox 3.5 ?13:55
BluesKajafeijo, because it's not an official release13:56
amikBluesKaj: so they're all installed (as in downloaded and available), but only one of them actually gets loaded and used?13:56
afeijoare you sure? thats weird, it is official, its on the main page, and all articles about it13:56
BluesKajamik , yeah, that's about right13:56
amikFF 3.5 was officially released a couple days ago afaik13:57
amikmy windows boxes are updated, but kubuntu is still waiting...13:58
BluesKajafeijo, if it was official then FF would have auto-upgraded13:58
amikI thought the ubuntu FF package disables the built in auto-update mechanism, and uses only the regular distro repos, no?13:59
afeijoBluesKaj: it did on all windows that we have here, but our linux machines that Check for Updates menu item isnt even enabled13:59
flithmBluesKaj: Ubuntu doesn't put the newest version into backports.  Firefox 3.5 is definitely official, but that doesn't mean they'll backport13:59
afeijoamik: that what I was thinking, only thru distro13:59
afeijobut distro isnt updated yet to 3.513:59
flithmthey might soon because it's a high profile app, but usually they don't13:59
BluesKajthe linux version isn't ready13:59
flithmyes it is BluesKaj13:59
afeijoBluesKaj: I downloaded the tar.gz file13:59
BluesKajwell then go for it14:00
amikI agree - it's very high profile, and will hopefully be available as soon as they package it (apply the ubuntu patches etc.) and make it available in the repos. I hope :-)14:00
afeijoI always installed it thru apt-get, not sure where to unpack it14:00
afeijoI'll wait14:00
flithmyou can install from the mozilla nightly ppa repo14:00
BluesKajdownloading the tar file tells me it's not official for linux yet ,  it's not an official upgrade in linux14:01
afeijoif the file is on the firefox site, its official enough for me lol14:01
BluesKajtar file means it's still testing on linux14:01
amikI'd love to upgrade too, but to be honest, it won't make any difference for the time being ;-)14:01
BluesKajwell afeijo , have fun14:02
afeijoyou too14:02
BluesKajI've read poor reviews for FF3.514:02
afeijoamik: its faster, and better memory management, it will make lots of difference to me I hope, as FF here after 5 hours under use go over 1 gb ram14:02
flithmBluesKaj: where does it tell you that?  I don't see aything about that14:02
BluesKajflithm, checkout techrepublic14:03
flithmBluesKaj: you said "downloading the tar file tells me it's not official for linux yet" -- I don't see anything about that in the tar file14:04
canenisn't there an easier way to clean up kernels than manually removing them?14:04
flithmthe download page makes it look like it's out and never mentions anything about testing for linux or anything like that14:04
amikhttp://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/releasenotes/ - looks official to me, linux included14:07
BluesKajflithm, if FF was "official" for linux , the next time you used FF , it would auto-upgrade to the latest version without having to compile from source14:07
afeijoits just the folks who deal distro need more time to update it14:07
amikBluesKaj: afaik ubuntu disables the FF build in updater, so that all updates go through the repos14:08
flithmBluesKaj: that's absolutely not true.  Mozilla team releases firefox, and ubuntu packages it.  Mozilla doesn't package for Ubuntu.  And Ubuntu does not automatically put new versions of apps into the package repo14:08
flithmnew versions must go through the backports procedure14:08
BluesKajamik, yes that's a given , that you have the repos in your sources list14:08
flithmBluesKaj: I am the author of an app that in the ubuntu repos so I know how it works14:09
phant0m_anyone got any advice on how to view rkhunter log it wont let me in14:09
phant0m_permission denied even as root14:09
BluesKajwell bully for you , but it's still isn't official14:10
amikBluesKaj: the point is that the FF auto-upgrader is disabled in the ubuntu packages.14:10
amikI just hope they package it up quickly, so that it remains shiny enough when we get the upgrade!14:10
flithmBluesKaj: please provide a source for your information.  I think you just don't understand how packing works on Ubuntu.  Just because it's not in the ubuntu repos doesn't mean a release isn't official.  Those two things have nothing to do with one another!14:11
phant0m_anyone ? rkhunter?14:11
* BluesKaj wonders how he got FF3.0 without a repos deb14:11
amikphant0m_: what permissions does the log file have?14:11
phant0m_i launch from terminal as root14:12
phant0m_and then when its done it tells me to access log file14:12
amikphant0m_: if u run 'ls -lk' on the file you're trying to access, what's the result?14:12
phant0m_when i try to it tells me to get lost basically14:12
phant0m_ok hangon ill try it14:13
amikanyway, I think there's just confusion over the semantics of 'official'. There's Mozilla's official FF 3.5 release, already out. Soon there will be an official FF 3.5 ubuntu package release.14:15
BluesKajflithm, official for windows maybe, in linux if it isn't in the repos, it's not official IMO14:15
SakamocchiHi, anyone to know the way to set two monitors as one desktop?14:15
amikother distros may or may not already have an official <distro> package available in it's repos14:15
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flithmBluesKaj: You realize that Ubuntu isn't all of linux right?  Lots of other distros already have packages for ff 3.5 in their repos14:16
phant0m_/var/log/rkhunter.log: Permission denied14:16
amikSakamocchi: if u have nvidia drivers, u can run the nvidia settings app (nvidia-settings) and configure TwinView. works for me...14:16
phant0m_    Checking /dev for suspicious file types                  [ Warning ]14:16
phant0m_    Checking for group file changes                          [ Warning ]14:17
amikphant0m_: if u run 'sudo ls -lk /var/log/rkhunter.log', what's the output?14:17
phant0m_    /usr/bin/rpm                                             [ Warning ]14:17
phant0m_oh ok brb14:17
BluesKajok , flithm , I stand corrected , official for (k)ubuntu, but it's the onlu linux I'm using atm14:18
phant0m_-rw------- 1 root root 73 2009-07-03 14:14 /var/log/rkhunter.log14:18
phant0m_so what does tht mean then?14:18
amikphant0m_: it means the file is both owned by root, and can be read and written only by root.14:19
Sakamocchican I set it with krandrtray?14:19
BluesKajfrankly  flithm why should we care about "official in other distros" , they don't count here anyway14:19
amikphant0m_: now what happens if you run 'sudo less /var/log/rkhunter.log'?14:19
flithmBluesKaj: no worries, I know it's confusing.  If we want to get really pedantic, FF 3.5 is already available in Ubuntu 9.10's repos.  The Ubuntu MOTU team is just really cautious about putting new releases of stuff directly unto the Universe repo.14:20
phant0m_k brb14:20
flithmBluesKaj: the whole point is that the FF 3.5 linux release IS official, done, final, and out.  And that it is not available in 9.04's repos.14:20
phant0m_Info: Start date is Fri Jul  3 14:13:57 BST 200914:21
phant0m_[14:13:57] Checking configuration file and command-line options...14:21
phant0m_[14:13:57] Info: Detected operating system is 'Linux'14:21
phant0m_[14:13:57] Info: Found O/S name: Ubuntu 9.0414:21
FloodBotK2phant0m_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:21
amikBluesKaj: almost true - except for the fact that once the original developers made a realease, it means it's *possible* to make an ubuntu package release. before that, it's not possible. so it serves as a sign a sign that it's just around the corner, not waiting for anything other than package maintainers to wrap it up.14:21
BluesKajyeah flithm , well, if it ain't in the in the repos it ain't offical , that's my story and i'm sticking to it :)14:22
amikphant0m_: it looks like you're reading the log file... no more 'permission denied'? (btw type 'q' to exit the "less" viewer)14:23
phant0m_ok ty14:23
amikphant0m_: maybe u were just missing 'sudo', which u need to put before any command to make it run as root (with root privileges)14:23
flithmlol BluesKaj just stop being so stubborn, and you might actually learn something :).  I'm okay with whatever you want to believe though.  But I guarantee you that kind of attitude is going to hold you back in life14:23
BluesKajamik, I'm running karmic , but I don't have the nerve to install FF3.514:24
amikBluesKaj: but it's shiny! don't you like shiny things?14:24
phant0m_damn caps14:24
BluesKajflithm, hold me back in life ...heh that's a laugh ...I'm 65 and retired :)14:25
amikphant0m_: I just migrated a while ago, learning a lot myself - good luck!14:25
phant0m_ty again14:25
amikphant0m_: some day you'll pay it forward to some other noob, just as I am now :-)14:26
phant0m_lol you re probably right14:26
BluesKajppl giving me advice about "life " cuz we disagree about a browser ...wow14:26
flithmBluesKaj: sorry... that's the kind of attitude that's held you back in life14:26
phant0m_lol blueskaj14:27
amikBluesKaj: the browser it just the symptom :-)14:27
BluesKajflithm , amik, who made you experts on life ...you have to live it14:27
amikBluesKaj: lol, never thought I'd be saying such a sentance in any context...14:27
phant0m_amik even though ive looked at these logs and found tht there is something there i dont actually know what to do to remedy it14:28
tsimpsoncan we move the offtopic chat to -offtopic please?14:28
amikSo, how about Chrome in Ubuntu?14:30
BluesKajbut tsimpson . I'm about to get lecture in living  my life , can't you wait for some sage advice ?14:30
phant0m_tbh i dont think i would trust anything tht comes from google14:30
amikphant0m_: well I don't know rkhunter (or even what it is), so I'm afraid I can't help with that...14:31
phant0m_rootkit hunter14:31
flithmphant0m_: whats going wrong?  I use rkhunter all the time14:33
phant0m_it tells me 3 warnings14:34
phant0m_now rkhunter does its job ok14:34
phant0m_but i dont know how to deal with the warnings14:34
amikphant0m_: btw, for future tasks, 'sudo' is to run command line commands as root, and 'kdesudo' is for running GUI (window-based) apps as root...14:34
ubottutwinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings14:34
phant0m_soz amik btw?14:35
flithmphant0m_:  it's probably because those files have changed after a system update or something.  Are they changes relating to system files?  You can update rkhunter's database by doing "sudo rkhunter --propupd" and should probably do "rkhunter --update" then "rkhunter --check" to run it again14:36
flithmphant0m_: but run as root with sudo of course14:36
amikphant0m_: what's soz?14:36
phant0m_btw stands for??14:36
flithmphant0m_: by the way14:37
phant0m_ok ty14:37
amikand soz?14:37
liberfiascoThere are no windows showing in task manager.14:37
phant0m_lol for bein so ignorant as to not know what btw is14:37
liberfiascoin RC114:37
tsimpsonamik: "soz" is a short form of "sorry"14:37
amiktsimpson: 10x. funny I never heard it... I've been in this business for quite a while...14:39
tsimpsonit's used in informal situations14:39
BluesKajok guys, I'm gonna try FF3.5 ..I'll report back14:39
BluesKajsoz is new to me as well14:40
BluesKajmust be a brit thing :)14:40
tsimpsonyep :)14:40
tsimpsonwe're a lazy bunch14:40
phant0m_yeah it is where you from14:40
amikoh. then cheers :-)14:41
BluesKajwe use sry , so we canucks are lazy lot at time s too14:41
tsimpsonno, we actually say "soz", verbally14:42
phant0m_you see how long ive been under windows even effecting my slang terms lol i should sue14:42
amiktsimpson: like 'sauce' with a z?14:42
amikthere we go offtopic again... so I'll repeat an unanswered question from earlier:14:43
amikat what point during startup are DNS services (client-wise, not server) available?14:44
phant0m_i aint a clue what your talkin about14:44
tsimpsonamik: not quite, start saying "sorry" (the "so" bit), but end with a 'z', like the end of "buzz"14:44
amiktsimpson: yeah, I realized my question was silly, coz u say 'sauce' differently too :-)14:45
BluesKajhmm offtopic ... ?14:45
flithmamik: depends, are you using DHCP?  if so, then the DHCP client usually sets /etc/resolv.conf from the info it gets from the DHCP server.  In Ubuntu's case this is typically done whenever NetworkManager connects14:45
phant0m_we dont say it funny we spawned english language14:45
amikphant0m_: of course. It's english language itself that's funny. others just try to fix it :-)14:46
phant0m_lol yeah spose they do14:47
amikflithm: I've gotten that far, but still stuck: I see that resolv.conf has a comment saying it's generated by NetworkManager. I see NetworkManager being started as S50NetworkManager (with no corresponding K, btw)14:47
BluesKajif you spoke any of the scandinavian languages (except for finnish)  then you'd know that english merely another derivative of old norse :)14:48
amikflithm: but when I start james as S51, I still get errors (I actually added a printout of resolv.conf to the beginning of the init.d/james script - which shows a blank resolv.conf)14:48
flithmamik: no K part is fine... what's the actual problem?  I missed the beginning of the problem I think14:48
phant0m_flithm this is what i got [14:43:07]   Checking for local host name                    [ Found ]14:49
phant0m_[14:43:07] Info: Starting test name 'startup_malware'14:49
phant0m_[14:43:07] Info: Found local startup file: /etc/rc.local14:49
phant0m_[14:43:07]   Checking for local startup files                [ Found ]14:49
FloodBotK2phant0m_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:49
liberfiascoI've upgraded to RC1 in backports.. and there are no windows in task manager, the only way to switch between windows is alt-tab.. anyone knows anything about that?14:49
amikflithm: I'm trying to run Apache JAMES (their Java mail server) as a daemon on startup. When run manually - no problem. when run during boot - I get errors looking up DNS stuff.14:50
liberfiascoit's such an obvious bug.. it could't have gone missed like this :S14:50
liberfiascoespecially since they focused on task manager in the beta..14:50
amikflithm: so I figured the network (whatever that includes) may not be set up yet. so I set it up to start after NetworkManager (S51 after S50), but still - nada14:50
amikflithm: and I think NetworkManager does have something to do with it, because resolv.conf is generated by it, and gets emptied by it during boot (that's the symptom I see) only to be filled again with the nameserver by the time the system is up and running.14:52
phant0m_/dev/shm/pulse-shm-3186001882: data14:52
phant0m_/dev/shm/pulse-shm-3121711648: data14:52
flithmamik: the problem is that network manager may not connect until you log in depending on how it's set up.  Do you use wireless or anything?  have you tried putting it in /etc/rc.local?14:52
phant0m_suspicious file types according to rkhunter14:52
flithmrc.local is guaranteed to run after everything else14:52
flithmphant0m_: those are fine14:53
BluesKajnetwork manager is flaky , wicd works well here on 3 machines , both wifi and eth014:53
liberfiascomeh brb14:53
amikflithm: no wireless14:53
phant0m_so why has it had me on a wild goose chase14:53
amikflithm: I followed instructions of using update-rc.d to set it up. what's rc.local?14:53
tsimpsonphant0m_: because rootkit hunters are not perfect and will almost always throw up at least one false-positive14:54
flithmphant0m_: it's just being cautious.  shared memory files can be a cause for concern but pulse creates those for a reason.14:54
phant0m_right ok ty14:54
flithmamik: rc.local is the init script that runs last.  You can use it to run things at startup that you know need to run after everything else14:54
flithmamik: it might be a good way to test... put like "cat /etc/resolv.conf > /tmp/TEST" in there, reboot, and see what's in there14:55
amikflithm: is there anything network related that gets set up after NetworkManager?14:56
amikflithm: I will. that's exactly what I did at S51, which I expected to be ok, but it was still empty (i.e. before NetworkManager filled it in - even though it ran after NetwrokManager!)14:56
amikThat's one thing I think linux makes way too wierd and error prone. in windows, there's just explicit dependencies. u can mark for each service what it depends on, and everyting just works by itself.14:58
flithmamik: what is the dependency information you put in your S51 script? Did you say networking and network manager need to start before it?  Try renaming it to S99 just for kicks14:58
flithmamik: I suspect you might have got the dependencies marked wrong14:58
amikflithm: quite possible... what/how should it be?14:58
amikI actually thought the Snn numbers determine the order, and thus implicitly the dependencies14:59
amikis there some good tutorial on this whole business? couldn't find anything helpful15:00
flithmamik: not quite.  They determine the desired order.  The init system is much more complex now than it used to be, it can even start services in parallel.  Thus the dependency system.  You should have "X-Start-After: networking NetworkManager" in there I think.  And you created the script in /etc/init.d/ right and then symlinked it to rc3.d and rc5.d?15:02
=== reinhold is now known as reinhold_away
amikyep, a manual "/etc/init.d/james start" works correctly, and I used update-rc.d to set up the levels15:03
flithmamik: the X-Start-After should be in the comments at the top of the file.  Have you manually verified that the script is in rc3.d rc5.d?  (good to be sure it's done the right thing)15:04
amikso doesn't that mean anything S51 will run after S50? why the explicit X-Start_after? is that a script command?15:04
amikthe scripts are in rcX.d, and everything does run. just with these dns errors.15:04
amikwell I suppose now I have a new google term to search for (x-start-after). I'll read up and see what I can learn...15:05
flithmThe numberings still matter yes15:06
flithmMy theory right now is that when S51 is running NetworkManager has started but the DHCP client hasn't finished getting an address yet, so resolv.conf hasn't been written to yet15:06
amik... or maybe not. googling linux x-start-after gives nothing.15:07
flithmIt could be wrong, but that's my guess15:07
Gargoyle76doom777: i have set all that up...it works well...sry yes nvidia card...i want to run it as a separate x screens15:07
amikso they start in order but don't wait for completion before moving on? that's possible...15:07
DOOM777Gargoyle76: can you run nvidia config?15:07
=== DOOM777 is now known as Doom777
amikflithm: I gotta run... but thanks for the insights, I'll try reading up some more later.15:08
flithmamik: no problem... btw check the cups init script it uses x-start-after15:08
flithmgood luck15:08
Doom777you set them up as separate x screens in X Screens Display Configurations?15:09
Gargoyle76doom777: it comes on but w/o a background or anything...just the "X"15:09
Doom777dunno then. I am prety noobish. sorry. My final guess would be to restart X server15:10
Gargoyle76doom777: what is MetaMode?15:12
Doom777basically it is a possible configuration for a desktop15:12
Doom777like 1280x1094_7515:12
Doom77775 is the refresh rate15:12
BluesKajhmm, FF3.5 installs as a seperate browser ..doesn't see any of the settings, bookmarks or extns on FF3.015:15
Gargoyle76doom777: gotcha15:18
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest38627
shadeslayeranyone have this bug : Note that these packages have a bug which causes X to die during the upgrade. The upgrade will continue and you can reboot when it is done.15:20
shadeslayerwhile upgrading to 4.3 RC115:20
fg56xfdI can't seem to get my wireless to work. I've tried almost every walkthough on the wifi page, and none of them seem to work. Sometimes when i boot up it will scan everything and it will see all the wireless signals around me (usually 2 or 3, the closest being my wireless router that is about 6 inches from the laptop) but most of the time when I boot up there is nothing displayed under Network Manager. And if i enter the ssid of my wireless15:27
fg56xfdrouter it shows no signal from it. How can I get wireless working?15:27
BluesKajfg56xfd, try wicd15:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd15:29
shadeslayer!info wicd | fg56xfd15:33
ubottufg56xfd: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB15:33
fg56xfdwicd says "No Networks Found"15:34
shadeslayerfg56xfd: how about iwlist scan in a  terminal?15:35
BluesKajwicd has to be setup in preferences, fg56xfd15:35
fg56xfdshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209052/15:36
shadeslayerfg56xfd: i said " iwlist scan " :)15:37
shadeslayerfg56xfd: didnt detect any networks15:38
shadeslayerfg56xfd: maybe a problem with the router?15:39
fg56xfdshadeslayer: It's worked before. And i usually pick up neighbrors also.15:39
shadeslayerfg56xfd: hmm..what card?15:40
fg56xfdIts a Atheros chipset.15:40
shadeslayerfg56xfd: is the router working fine?15:41
fg56xfdshadeslayer: I have no other way to check wireless on it, but im running wired though it right now.15:41
shadeslayerfg56xfd: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros15:42
shadeslayerfg56xfd: i need to go for 25 min....15:42
fg56xfdshadeslayer: Alright.15:42
shadeslayerfg56xfd: did it work?15:52
SakamocchiHi, i want to set two displays as one desktop in KDE on ubuntu.15:54
Sakamocchithen i install grandr and try to set up.15:54
shadeslayer!dual | Sakamocchi15:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dual15:55
Sakamocchiperhaps dual. I have never use the word dual in this meaning.15:55
shadeslayerSakamocchi: actually i thought that was a factoid...im fishing in ubottu15:56
shadeslayer!xrandr | Sakamocchi15:56
ubottuSakamocchi: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1215:56
Sakamocchiok. i refer to the url. thx15:56
takoskihi i have a problem with video  http://rapidshare.com/files/251463298/OGV-2.ogv.html  also with mozilla do this problem.Only when the page is refreshed15:57
=== aditya_ is now known as kasperooney
=== aditya_ is now known as kasperrooney
mattoswhere do I find more of networks for quassel irc16:05
Dragnslcrmattos- could probably ask Google16:09
DragnslcrAnybody can run an IRC server, so there really isn't a predefined list16:09
BluesKajmattos , google irc servers , you'll fins a large list16:11
=== reinhold_away is now known as reinhold
mattoshehe, thank you...16:12
mattosI am on it...16:12
fg56xfdIve tried everything i can to get my Atheros wireless to work. Some times when I boot up it sees my network and all the networks all around me. But most of the time when I boot up it dont see any of them, and when i manually enter the ssid to my router it says there is no signal (even though its less than 6 inches away) Ive tried almost every guide on the ubuntu wifi page and none of them work. And most people with atheros cards report them16:19
fg56xfdworking sraight out of the box. Can anyone help me get this working?16:19
pavan_What is this lrm stuff that I see on df -k?16:19
=== mark__ is now known as linuxbomb
linuxbombwhat is a good indexing search for jaunty?  I've tried google desktop and strigi and dont like either16:27
DOOM777quick question16:30
DOOM777does anyone know how to make the Desktop Cube animation to show only on one screen in a TwinView?16:30
=== ct529 is now known as ct529_
=== ct529_ is now known as ct529
BluesKajlinuxbomb, I just use : locate file/app | grep username  ,  in the konsole16:32
ytooxI installed banshee and tagerine music sharing but no one can enter the folder on the network. Is there anything I can do?16:43
Thesilentwarriorhey guys, i have a lil problem, i am using a portable pc that is like... OLD, just to say it kindly, and i am running kubundu, its kinda slow atm, is there any stuff i can change to make it use less resources?16:44
Thesilentwarriorbtw, doesnt even have 3d card... it came with windows 2000, so, its old, probably a pentium 0.8 ghz or something, but with 1 gb ram16:45
=== thomas_ is now known as Vlaam
mattoshehe... finally I figure out how to use this, thank you for Drangslcr and Blueskaj16:53
DaskreechThesilentwarrior: kill plasma and akonadi and nepomuk?16:53
CPrgmSwR2Good Morning16:53
BluesKajmattos , remind me ...I've forgotten :)16:53
mattoswhere to get the list of irc16:54
DaskreechHi CPrgmSwR2 How are you?16:54
CPrgmSwR2Daskreech: fine16:54
DaskreechGreat :)16:54
Daskreechhow are things?16:55
CPrgmSwR2Daskreech: I am really enjoying how kde 4.3 is shaping up16:55
CPrgmSwR2Daskreech: there great16:55
Thesilentwarriordarkreech what are those?16:55
DaskreechCPrgmSwR2: Nice eh?16:56
CPrgmSwR2Daskreech: yeah it is16:56
DaskreechThesilentwarrior: Are you running KDE4 ?16:56
CPrgmSwR2Daskreech: I ditched vista for kde16:56
Daskreechgood choice16:56
Thesilentwarriordarkreech, i am running kubuntu lastest, so, i bet i have KDE4, yes16:57
CPrgmSwR2Thesilentwarrior: you can always check by doing a help about kde in a kde window16:57
Thesilentwarriordarkreech, i am not normally a linux user, i use linux on this one, because its too slow for windowsxp for example, and kubuntu works much better and looks alot nicer16:57
DaskreechThesilentwarrior: plasma is the desktop akonadi is the "stuff server" currently only used for mail and contacts so unless you have those open a lot you don't need it running nepomuk is cool but not really a "need" as yet16:58
DaskreechThesilentwarrior: if you like you can try KDE3 which is lighter16:58
Daskreechor LXDE16:58
Thesilentwarriori love kde4 xD16:58
DaskreechMe too :)16:58
Peace-kde3 was not lighter16:59
Peace-kde4 is better16:59
Thesilentwarriorit wasnt?16:59
Peace-kde4 is faster and ligher17:00
Peace-only 222mb on the start17:00
Peace-with kwin effects17:00
Thesilentwarriordarkreech, how can i disable them permanently so that i can just start up pc with them closed17:00
qwebirc670869back, sorry,  did a google search on same tab xD17:03
=== qwebirc670869 is now known as ThesilentWarrrio
compilerwriterAnybody here have an nvidia Geforce 4xx working in Jaunty?17:09
BluesKajnvidia Geforce 4-what ?17:10
thesandmanis anybody here familiar with flags/queries within the root system?17:11
thesandmanBlueskaj: are you familiar with the root server flags/quries?17:14
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
BluesKajthesandman, i usually use this command : locate file/app | grep root17:18
thesandmanand what does that do?17:19
armewurstcould some1 answer me a question? i am a noobie to linux/kubuntu17:19
BluesKaj!ask | armewurst17:20
ubottuarmewurst: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:20
thesandmanReason asking is because I ran the root servers ip numbers and two of them come back DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and the other one was the ARMY17:20
armewursti have a amd x2 64 bit cpu .. should i get the 64 bit edition of kubuntu?! is it much faster?17:20
BluesKajthesandman, shows the location of the file/app17:21
armewurstor is it just for ram over 4 gb?17:21
BluesKajwhich root servers ?17:22
BluesKajarmewurst, ppl have said there are some flash issues with 64 bit , but they could be solved , I'm not sure17:23
thesandmanwell i ran the command dig and it showed me 14 root servers present and when I run the command w it says 2 users and it usually says 1 user...now it says 1 user plus x-session manager when it was just 1 user no x-session-manager17:24
armewursthm ok then i´ll try the 386 edt. thx17:24
BluesKajthesandman, what are the usernames with " w "...if they aren't yours then you might have a piggyback , if you're wireless17:28
BluesKajdo a trace oute on IPs17:29
thesandmanno i'm not wireless...i'm on a desktop presently...and I dont see any user names17:29
BluesKajthesandman, military are known to have sniffers out there17:32
BluesKajthesandman, aamof , someone else mentioned the same situation as yours , not too long ago , also in the US17:34
thesandmanBluskaj: so are you not in the US?17:36
BluesKajthesandman , no I'm in Canada17:38
thesandmanBlueskaj: How lucky you are ...free Medical...and not all that unecessary spying on civilians17:40
* compilerwriter stands and sings O Canada17:40
BluesKajyeah, free medical , if one can find a doctor17:40
Peace-BluesKaj: ?17:40
* compilerwriter pours BluesKaj a snifter of Napoleon17:41
Peace-i was in canada and i always found out a doctor17:41
thesandmanBluskaj: so are you saying it's hard to find a Doctor or good Doctor?17:41
BluesKajnot all mediacal costs are covewred , thesandman ..ask some canadians going thru chemo-therapy17:41
BluesKajthesandman, both17:41
Peace-in italy is all free17:42
Peace-bu we pay a lots of tax17:42
thesandmanBlueskaj: I saw on a Micheal Moore Documentary that Canadians had the best Doctors as well as Health Care17:42
compilerwriterPeace I beg to differ.  It is not free.  You all pay for it in confiscatory taxes.17:42
compilerwriterThesandman I live in Indiana and you would not believe the number of first rate doctors that left Canada to practice in the US.17:43
BluesKajwe have good doctors , just not enough of them ...the greedy ones go stateside and are millionaires in 5 yrs , the really dedicated ones stay17:44
Peace-compilerwriter: well if you have to pay alone your disease i think it coulb be a bit hard17:44
thesandmanno i wouldn't believe it17:44
compilerwriterTrue it could be hard Peace.  That is why we have insurance companies.17:44
Peace-compilerwriter: so you pay...17:44
BluesKajthe health system here saved my wife's life last yr so I shouldn't complain too much :)17:46
compilerwriterIndeed we do Peace, but we don't think for an instant that it is free.17:46
thesandmanwhy is medicine cheaper in other countries...I saw on that same documentary that a astmah inhaler cost 150.00 here in the us and in Cuba it's like 5.0017:46
BluesKajthesandman, greed and the profit motive17:47
thesandmanso true17:47
BluesKajwe have price controls on essentials17:48
Peace-compilerwriter: well if one has not money or can not work  it has doctor for free as me that i work17:48
thesandmanBlueskaj: How is the job scene there?...as in "is there plenty or a variety of work there"?17:50
BluesKajour economy is quite slow right due to our depenedence on export markets like the US and Europe ,17:52
BluesKajright now17:52
BluesKajaltho we didn't suffer the bank and financial institution failures like other countries17:53
nikitisHow are ATI drivers for KDE?18:16
nikitisFor older laptop ati cards18:16
tsimpsonthe drivers aren't for KDE, they are for the Linux kernel, it just depends if the driver released by ATI support your card18:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:17
nikitisI was just asking how well they perform?18:18
nikitisI'm trying to decide to put windows on it or not.18:18
Tm_Tnikitis: should work just fine18:19
tsimpsontry it out and see18:19
zosI have the following problem with my KUbuntu, Jaunty: upon booting networking doesn't work, I have to issue /etc/init.d/networking restart18:28
zosalthough ifconfig shows I got a proper IP address from IP provider for ppp0 interface18:29
zosthis is becoming increasingly annoying18:29
zosdoes anyone knows what the problem might be?18:30
DOOM777sorry not me18:33
motsince upgrading to kde 4.3 (final) did anybody notice that their taskbar is white/opaque?18:34
motas in...it's no longer a dark tinge, but a light one..is there a way to change that? it's quite ugly18:34
cinexnot me mot18:34
cinexmaybe you can fix it in the themes options ?18:35
cinexskin things18:35
motwhere's that at?18:36
nikitisis 4.3 final out?18:36
SSJ_GZnikitis: Nope :)18:36
motmust be a rc then18:36
motcheck this out..take note of the fonts of the desktop as well as the taskbar at the bottom...just randomly happened after upgrading my 4.3rc packages after reboot...any ideas?18:38
* cinex checks18:38
cinexhmm gwenview downloads images now :/18:38
nikitisWhy are you using all gnome programs?18:38
nikitisxchat. pidgin18:38
motlol what?18:39
motthose are "gnome" programs? how do you figure?18:39
cinexits transparent18:39
moti've been using those for years.18:39
nikitisThey use the GTK library18:39
nikitisnot the QT18:39
motright, nonetheless18:39
nikitisGTK is gnome18:39
motcinex, yes, i notice that...it's also not supposed to be 'clear'-looking either18:39
=== cx is now known as Guest79891
cinexright click desktop, go into appearance settings and change the theme18:39
nikitisInstead of pidgin, use koepote18:39
cinexdoes that get rid of it mot  ?18:40
motthat's quite alright. kopete is a piece of crap18:40
mot1 sec cinex18:40
nikitisinstead of xchat, use konversation18:40
cinexkoepote is not nice18:40
motno, that's quite alright18:40
cinexneithe ris konversation lol18:40
mota lot of kde's standard apps are garbage18:40
* cinex likes amsn18:40
motkopete fucks up my msn buddylist18:41
cinexwhat did u change the theme too ?18:41
cinexim using 'jimmy'18:41
fg56xfdIve tried everything i can to get my Atheros wireless to work. Some times when I boot up it sees my network and all the networks all around me. But most of the time when I boot up it dont see any of them, and when i manually enter the ssid to my router it says there is no signal (even though its less than 6 inches away) Ive tried almost every guide on the ubuntu wifi page and none of them work. And most people with atheros cards report them18:41
fg56xfdworking sraight out of the box. Can anyone help me get this working?18:41
moti didn't change the theme18:41
motbrb need to reboot18:42
motthis upgrade f'ed me all up, heh.18:42
cinexmot, change the theme, it might make it coloured18:42
cinexfg56xfd: what module are you using ?18:42
fg56xfdcinex: How can I find that out?18:42
cinexhave u compiled any drivers for it ?18:42
cinexmadwifi possibly18:43
fg56xfdI dont know honestly, ive tried so much I'm not even sure what its using now.18:43
cinexk, can u tell me the model of the card fg56xfd ?18:43
fg56xfdAtheros Communications Inc. AR242x18:44
cinexu could always try ndiswrapper18:44
COm_BOYhey guys can you tell me how to edit that route file in linux18:45
COm_BOYi have got duplicate route entries.. so that i am getting (DUP) ping replies18:45
cinexfg56xfd: it seems u need to compile drivers as the default ones with ubuntu are not good enough18:45
COm_BOYanyone here can tell me how to edit that route file18:46
freestafftürkçe bilen varmi aranizda?18:47
fg56xfdcinex: Ive tried a few madwifi guides, and every time it fails right at the start. It can never get the tarball from the madwifi site. And if i go to the madwifi site the downloads section is down.18:47
cinexim reading that its being replaced by athk518:47
cinexim trying to find a list of supported hardware18:48
fg56xfdWell them im doing it all wrong.18:48
motproblem solved18:48
cinexar242 isnt listed18:48
cinexwhat was it mot ?18:48
motthe new packages changed my theme from oxygen to air18:48
motsorry, but air is butt-ugly18:48
cinextold ya so18:48
motin terms of the way it half-asses skinning the taskbar and certain menus (black-cornered edges and whatnot)18:48
cinexathk5 supports ar2424 fg56xfd18:49
cinexso i would try that one18:49
cinexremembering to blacklist the other ones18:49
fg56xfdHow would I go about doing that?18:49
cinexdownload it, compile it, install it, blacklist and unload the ones u have now, then load it :)18:50
cinexill find a guide18:50
fg56xfdThank you.18:50
cinexTRIED THAT ONE ?18:51
FloodBotK2cinex: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:52
fg56xfdI dont believe i have.18:52
cinexthere is always ndiswrapper :/18:52
cinexmethod 2 was reccomended fg56xfd18:53
fg56xfdcinex: I did try that first way before, becuase i remember me downloading it and it just downloads sometihng called "download:18:53
fg56xfdI dont believe I tried method 2 though, trying now.18:54
fg56xfdOk, i did try that one too, because I remember getting "Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "linux-backports-modules-intrepid""18:56
cinexwhat version of kubuntu are you on fg56xfd ?18:56
kreatorwy chuje18:56
fg56xfdAh, i was just using the wrong one.18:57
fg56xfdI can never keep up with the stupid "names" for each release.18:57
fg56xfdThe guide says "Then on System/Administration/Hardware Drivers make sure Atheros driver is activated." But the onyl Atheros driver there is Madwif, and you just said that is old.18:59
cinexfg56xfd: try:- apt-cache search  linux-backports-modules-`uname -r`19:01
fg56xfdI found the package19:02
fg56xfdI just got mixed up.19:02
fg56xfdSince you said use ath5k, not madwifi, but this tutorial is for madwifi19:02
cinexits all very confusing.19:02
fg56xfdYes, it really is.19:02
cinexas long as you know how to blacklist the ones that didn't work it should be fine really19:03
fg56xfdIm up to the step where it says enable the atheros drivers from "hardware devices"19:03
cinexthen remeber what u need for when you reinstall19:03
fg56xfdAnd every time i click on "activate" everything grays out, and it never installs anything.19:03
Peace-cinex: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/kubuntu-904-atheros-communications-inc-ar242x-80211abg-wireless-pci-express-adapter-rev-01/19:04
cinexfg56xfd: check the link Peace- just posted19:05
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fabricio_boa tarde19:07
fabricio_para todos19:07
fg56xfdcinex: Ok, so using that ath_pci module, should i go unblacklist all the instances of that that i previously blacklisted?19:12
cinexno, not unless it works19:12
cinexu can modprobe a blacklisted module and it will still load19:12
fg56xfdOk, well im going to restart and see if it works.19:12
cinexwell it wont load when u reeboot19:13
cinexyou'd have to: suso modprobe ath_pci19:13
tzangergood afternoon... what's the menu editor called in kde 4?  it used to be kmenuedit19:13
tzangeraha it still is19:13
cinextzanger: right click them menu and select edit19:13
tzangerthe alt-f2 wasn't autocompleting it and I thought it didn't exist19:13
cinexwell right click the K-button19:14
=== max__ is now known as fgx65fd
fgx65fdOk, so I tried "modprobe ath_pci" and it said "WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it will be ignored in a future release." Then i opened wicad, and it still wouldnt connect.19:30
wardhello I have a weird problem after upgrading to KDE 4.3 RC1 -> When minimize windows they don't show up in taskbar19:30
wardALT+TAB shows me they are there19:31
wardbut nothing in task bar19:31
ward*task manager19:31
cinexfg56xfd: u could try something other than wicad19:31
fgx65fdLike what?19:32
cinexor the widget that comes with kde419:32
cinexknetworkmanager might work too19:32
fgx65fdI looked for that widget, but couldnt find it.19:32
fgx65fdOk, installing knetworkmanager19:33
fgx65fdSays i need to restart.19:33
wardanybody had this issue with taskmanager before?19:34
cinexward, have u got a taskmanager widget on the menubar?19:35
cinexor taskbar or whatever it is called19:35
wardworked before19:35
wardbut now I see this19:35
wardThe following packages have been kept back:19:35
ward  kdebase-workspace kdebase-workspace-bin kdebase-workspace-data kdm linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic19:35
ward  plasma-dataengines-workspace plasma-widgets-workspace19:35
cinexadd another one, or replace it.19:35
FloodBotK2ward: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:35
wardah dist-upgrade ;)19:36
wardinstalling now19:36
wardhope it works19:36
fg56xfdWhats the name of that widget for the network thing in kde4 so i can install it. I prefered it over this knetwork thing.19:38
cinexnetwork manager19:39
fg56xfdThe widget isnt there.19:44
cinexfg56xfd: u will have to look into ndiswrapper, which uses the windows drivrs19:44
fg56xfdBut ive used wireless before.19:45
fg56xfdWithout using that.,19:45
Aloneais the 64 bit version ok on hardware support now or should I stick with 32 bit?20:03
AloneaDaskreech: hey!20:03
rubyatAlonea: 64 ok on amd64 execpt for ati20:08
Alonearubyat: I got worse. intel graphics card...its evil.20:09
=== tonii_ is now known as tonii
Alonearubyat: is it ok if its intel instead of amd?20:09
rubyatthey hold latest kernel back....not sure on your gfx20:09
Alonearubyat: last I had on my graphics card is for the os itself its ok, but anything in wine crashes, but I last tried around 4-6 months ago20:11
gauzi want to read the contents of the environemtn variable $path20:12
gauzhow to do that ..please help?20:12
Dragnslcrgauz- where do you want to do it, in a shell?20:14
gauzyeah ..command prompt ..i wanted to check the contents20:14
DragnslcrIsn't it just echo $PATH20:14
Aloneaaround how much space does kubuntu require now for root? Still 10 gigs or should I up to 15 to be safe?20:16
gauzahhhhhhh! ..case sensitive!20:16
gauzi had tried using echo $path ..nothing showed up!20:17
Aloneaand lastly are swap partitions necessary and its 1.5 the amount of ram you have?20:19
BluesKajhmm, installing FF3.5 breaks thunderbird link to URLs ..well it broke mine anyway20:20
rubyatAlonea: base system takes about 3.5gb...how much ram available?20:21
Daskreechhi Alonea :-)20:23
DaskreechAlonea: caught me out to lunch20:23
DaskreechAlonea: Wine is weird for64 bit support. mostly because it's running code that you can pretty much assume is NOT 64 bit compatible20:24
DaskreechAlonea: swap partitions are only needed if you are likely to run out of RAM20:26
AloneaDaskreech: well, the video problems i had were on 32 bit20:26
Alonearubyat: 2 gigs20:27
Alonearubyat: its a laptop20:27
rubyatAlonea: prolly won't need swap unless doing heavy lifting20:29
Alonearubyat: when I had it at 10 gigs when I tried to upgrade to 9.04 there wasn't space so thats why I asked.20:29
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Alonearubyat: i have root and home on separate partitions20:30
Guest96795where am I20:30
Guest96795i just tried this irc-button20:30
tonii!welcome Guest9679520:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:31
Guest96795error: selfdestruction20:31
Guest96795what is this20:32
Guest96795and why am I only a guest?20:32
toniithis is a help channel for Kubuntu20:32
Guest96795aah ok i see20:32
Guest96795how can i change my name or get an account?20:33
mohamedannahi every one20:34
=== Guest96795 is now known as tommy_
tommy_how can i get an account?20:34
=== tommy_ is now known as Tommy
Tommyha i got it20:34
=== Tommy is now known as Guest78032
=== Guest78032 is now known as Hoshiman
Hoshimandoes someone here speak german?20:38
DaskreechAlonea: make swap20:38
Hoshimanhow can i get to an other cannel20:38
DaskreechHoshiman: no would you like somewhere that speaks german ?20:38
Daskreech!de | Hoshiman20:39
ubottuHoshiman: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:39
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ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto20:48
cjaeanyone know about nvidia 185.14 or whatever it is, I got a thing in my email about and xorg crack or something? I need separate x screens to work, does anyone know if canonical/ubuntu is going to include nvidia 185 with 9.04 jaunty?20:51
cjaeabout it*20:51
Tm_Tcjae: not gonna happen unless there's some really heavy reason to20:51
Tm_Tthat's not for regular users20:52
cjaewell windows open on wrong screens and separate x screens doesnt work at all, is that enough reason? not trying to be rude btw20:52
Tm_Tcjae: are you sure that driver would fix this?20:53
cjaeyes says so in release notes20:53
Tm_Thmm, you can try, but has no warranty (:20:54
cjaeFixed XineramaQueryScreens to return 0 screens instead of 1 screen with the geometry of screen 0 when XineramaIsActive returns false. This conforms to the Xinerama manual page and fixes an interaction problem with Compiz when there is more than one X screen.20:55
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!21:08
AloneaDaskreech: ok, sorry, had lunch as well. how big is swap? 1.5 the amount of ram?21:09
DaskreechAlonea: for 2 GBs if you aren't doing heavy things .5 -1 times the size is good enough21:09
AloneaDaskreech: ok. no, all I do in linux is program and see how much drama I can create by trying to do things like compiz and wine. I sure make my life difficult21:11
AloneaDaskreech: it was odd when I could do compiz with no issues but any application in wine would crash like no tomorrow. Complete black screen, total freeze. have to hold down power button.21:12
DaskreechAlonea: What makes that odd?21:13
AloneaDaskreech: really just the fact that 3d accel works ok in os, but any applications in wine freeze that requires it...its a problem with the card/drivers. Its even bad in windows. That and I probably just don't understand whats really going wrong21:14
DaskreechAlonea: Ah yeah I know that it's annoying21:14
DaskreechHooray I got 3D games working in Kubuntu now to play some through wine21:15
Daskreech*Mushroom cloud*21:15
Alonealol, that would be about right21:15
* Daskreech sits in a black sooty room with large blinking eyes21:15
AloneaDaskreech: I have the evil intel 965 card...21:15
DaskreechThe one that went crazy just before jaunty came out?21:15
* DOOM777 soooooooooooooooo tired of linux21:16
* Alonea cries as she is unable to raid in wow anymore due to card21:16
DaskreechDOOM777: try FreBSD :)21:16
DOOM777i just had this for three days21:16
AloneaDaskreech: yeah, I remember I asked about it and they were like, we are working on it...21:17
DaskreechDOOM777: ha ha learnt all you need to learn?21:17
DOOM777it was three days of continuous configuration, installation, update, reinstallation hell21:17
DaskreechDOOM777: Yeah Linux does that. Most of the time once that's done it works for years21:17
Daskreechubuntu is trying to buck that trend >_>21:17
AloneaDOOM777: unfortunately, Linux has a learning curve. It all depends on why you want the os and what you want to do.21:17
Daskreechbut pretty much the outlay is worht it21:17
DOOM777Daskreech: are you kidding me? I have no idea what most commands do, what signals are, how shells work21:18
DOOM777Alonea: i am a programmer. I must know it :'(21:18
AloneaDOOM777: same here, CS student at RIT.21:18
DaskreechDOOM777: that makes you normal21:18
DaskreechOutside of not knowing how shells work you are also a normal linux user21:18
AloneaDOOM777: it get easier and linux is your friend if you are a programmer.21:19
DOOM777Say what you want about evil windows and macintosh, but if they had as many problems, everyone would rain on them.21:19
DOOM777yea, that's also an interesting concept.21:19
DOOM777Want something to work? Write it.21:19
Aloneamy only problem with windows is instability and mac treats you like you are 12 and locks you out of everythign21:19
DOOM777windows didn't have it's GUI crash  unrestorably, making me reinstall the entire damn os. TWICE.21:20
DaskreechDOOM777: Eh? :)21:20
Aloneathat and the options for compiling in windows are very undesirable for me21:20
DOOM777****ing plasma21:20
DaskreechDOOM777: ha ha you'd get mad if i told you how to fix that21:21
Aloneawell, kde4 is still in the works so if you want a kde that is tried and true, go for 3.521:21
DOOM777actually, problems went away once I installed 4.321:21
DOOM777Daskreech: how?21:21
Aloneayes, tell me in case I run into it...going to be installing it after I burn it.21:22
DOOM777Alonea: what year are you in?21:23
AloneaDOOM777: well, with all the transfer madness I am considered year 3 by credits (its a 5 year program. 1 year of co-op)21:24
DOOM777you will get straight masters?21:24
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DaskreechDOOM777: mv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* ~21:24
DOOM777lol, I tried that21:24
Aloneano, not doing the BS/Masters at the same time thing. I will get my masters, but not at this time. If I get a job that will pay for it, I will.21:25
DOOM777it made everything completely messed up, icons all over.21:25
DaskreechDOOM777: You have to logout before you do it ;)21:26
DOOM777i did21:26
DOOM777i did through ctrl+alt+f121:26
AloneaRIT is a very good school for CS though and I have learned so much this year. CS also forces unix on you. You have to use it to turn assignments in.21:26
DOOM777yea, our university barely had any unix21:26
DOOM777except a little bit of cygwin21:26
* Alonea grumbles about how evil try is21:26
Alonea*shudder* I despise cygwin21:26
Aloneawe got labs with Solaris machines. the joy...21:27
DaskreechDOOM777: hmm did you try  mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4_bkup21:27
DOOM777no. But it doesn't matter. It works now.21:27
Aloneabe glad you did not try linux a year or so ago...the pains I had to go through for 3d accel and wireless internet...21:28
DaskreechI'm one of the unfortunate people21:28
DaskreechYeah Wireless sucked21:28
Aloneathough what was that program that set up the 3d drivers for you that worked pretty well? jade? j...gah, forgot the name21:29
DOOM777whatever, i'll go take a break21:29
AloneaI think it was a 4 letter word..21:29
Aloneabreaks are good.21:29
Aloneaok, it bugs me that I forgot the name.21:32
Aloneabah, I will be back later.21:32
elwoodwhat about kubuntu on eeepc21:37
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC21:37
elwoodDaskreech:  thankss21:38
=== DOOM777 is now known as Doom777
=== Doom777 is now known as doom777
mrksbrdi just installed a pci wifi card (intel wm3945abg) into my laptop, when i run lspci it's not listed in the rundown21:46
jessica_How do I install ati drivers for an ati XPRESS 200M (laptop card)21:49
jessica_The option didn't show up on install21:49
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MJackHey anyone know how I can enable Emerald/Compiz to be the main screen manager at startup? I used to set it up in System Settings > Advanced > Session Manager but now Session Manager only has 1 screen and is lacking options.... I'm using Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty with 4.2.1 KDE. Thanks.22:08
DaskreechMJack: It's in default applications just choose it22:15
MJackDaskreech, I see it now... just seemed odd place after having it in the Session Manager screen. Thanks.22:17
harjotGuys how would i be able to disable the power coming out of a usb [no device name] without going into bios22:19
harjotGuys how would i be able to disable the power coming out of a usb [no device name] without going into bios22:20
harjotDaskreech: Guys how would i be able to disable the power coming out of a usb [no device name] without going into bios22:21
harjothelp plz22:22
harjotjust say if u dont know22:23
MJacklol... don't think everyone is activly paying attention to IRC...22:24
MJackand sorry I don't know how to disable power to a USB port.22:25
Tm_Tharjot: it's night in Europe22:25
harjotTm_T:  SO22:27
harjotMJack: thats fine as long as u said22:27
harjotany commands to diable power eaching a usb port?22:27
harjotall: wak up'22:27
harjotany commands to diable power eaching a usb port?22:27
Tm_Tharjot: stop, that doesn't help you22:27
harjotstop what22:27
Tm_Tharjot: repeating22:28
MJackharjot maybe you should do some researching on GOOGLE for tutorials ;)22:28
harjotyes ive spent the last 1 our doing that [im ONLY 12]22:28
Tm_Tharjot: hmm, try asking in #ubuntu too22:28
Tm_Tharjot: but remember, no repeating (:22:28
harjoty? cause theres more plls?22:28
Tm_Tharjot: more people, yes, dunno about ppls you mention22:29
MJackharjot: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82521922:29
harjotpeople is what i meant anyway ty 4 ur time and suggestions22:29
MJacktheres a start22:29
harjotty mjack22:30
harjotbut ive tried that already22:30
MJackharjot it also helps when you tell us what kind of system your using ;)22:30
harjotkubuntu 8.0422:30
harjot3 usb hubs22:30
harjotsudo echo suspend > sudo /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-2/power/level was the nearest [i think] i got to22:31
harjotany idea mjack?22:31
MJackharjot: nope... I don't know... good luck.22:34
harjotok ty anyway22:35
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faileasi noticed there's a firefox 3.5 package in the repositories, but it installs a load of gnome related dependancies. Is there any way to get it installed without needing to download all that? I don't see why all that is needed, when firefox 3.0 didn;t need em22:50
harjotright im back23:00
harjothow does a person turn off his usb port without using bios [i have no such option]23:01
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harjoti want to be able to turn the power off and on within 8.04 kubuntu23:01
harjotany ideas23:01
harjotI have a laptop so the usb power does go when i turn it off23:02
harjotno 1 r u all asleep?23:04
harjotTm_T: sorry if i am repeating23:04
vbgunzI keep getting a "cannot examine encrypted directory" notice when I log into tty 1 - 6. Anyone know why? I do not want encryption anywhere on my system if I have it. how do I safely remove it?23:06
marcois there any repo for installing qt 4.5.2 or qt 4.5.1 ?23:09
cjaehow do upgrade to new distribution eg. 9.04 with cli? sudo aptitude dist-upgrade?23:09
xjjkcjae: update-manager23:10
cjaeI do not want to use gui xjjk23:10
xjjkcjae: dist-upgrade misses things23:10
xjjkcjae: there's a CLI version23:10
xjjkfor use by servers23:10
xjjkcjae: the package is called update-manager-core23:11
xjjkit includes a utility called do-release-upgrade23:11
cjaebecause I am leary of the switch from adept to kpackagekit and the policy kit23:11
xjjkyeah, this doesn't use any of those23:12
xjjkand the upgrade process (should) be identical23:12
xjjkunlike using dist-upgrade23:12
cjaestill using aptitude?23:12
xjjkthe help is fairly straightforward, just run the command23:12
xjjkit'll tell you what to do23:13
cjaesudo aptitude update-manager-core23:13
xjjker, sudo aptitude install update-manager-core && sudo do-release-upgrade23:13
xjjksomething along those liens23:13
marcofrom Kde RC1 to the final KDE 4.3, are there going to be more features?23:14
xjjkmarco: no23:15
xjjkgenerally, anyway23:15
xjjkthe idea of release candidates is to fix stability bugs23:15
marcowht does KDe 4.3Rc1 runs soo sloww23:15
marcoi have a core 2 duo23:16
marco2.5 gb ram23:16
xjjkare you using an Intel video card?23:16
xjjkyeah, I'm going to guess that's why23:16
xjjk4.2.4 is slow for me too23:16
xjjkbearable enough for me to use, but I'm not happy23:16
marcoand what about nvidia cards?23:16
marcodoes KDE runs fast there?23:16
xjjkit was very, very buggy initially23:17
xjjkbut yes, now it does23:17
cjaexjjk, oh btw can I do this from a terminal emulator eg. konsole or should I use tty1 a real console23:20
xjjkcjae: probably a real console, or a screen session23:21
xjjkkdm may get restarted23:21
cjaethank you23:21
xjjkI'd probably do a screen session within a konsole23:21
tmerriam_does anyone know what 'unknown error' means when installing/updating a package?23:29
goshawktmerriam_: go up23:34
goshawkand read mroe23:34
tmerriam_huh? was someone just talking about this? sorry, i just logged on23:37
=== dickerSchwanz-Kt is now known as w20-dickelatte-r
goshawktmerriam_: look uyp23:38
goshawkof the error23:38
harjothow do i turn off a usb port without bios?23:51
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