thumperwhy am I not surprised to see wgrant in here :)11:33
bigjoolshello thumper :)11:33
wgrantthumper: You... you spoke in here. Nobody has spoken in months.11:33
thumperbigjools: I think I like this place11:34
thumperlet's make it home :)11:34
thumperhi jtv11:34
jtvhi thumper, good night!11:34
thumperI have to go make chocolate cake now :)11:34
* bigjools cuddles under a rug with thumper11:35
wgrantthumper: Terrible.11:35
* jtv looks for a drink that'll make him forget he saw that11:35
thumperI'm wondering how to tell quassel to join this automatically11:35
thumperperhaps it just knows...11:35
bigjoolsthumper: it will do it now11:35
thumperI must test at some stage11:35
bigjoolsit remembers11:35
thumperbigjools: ah, it never forgets :)11:35
bigjoolsone might say it tracks your every move11:35
wgrantWhat is with this surprise incursion?11:35
thumperwhere are our losas?11:36
thumperI want a dame launchpad pastebin11:36
thumperit's too late to spel rite11:36
thumperso ...11:36
* bigjools phones the queen11:36
thumperwe moving launchpad-reviews here too?11:36
bigjoolswe could!11:36
thumperbigjools: email the list11:36
thumperlets make this happen11:36
wgrantOh, it's actually happening?11:37
thumperbigjools: I want to organise a weekly call with you11:37
bigjoolsthumper: I'll wait to see what Karl says first11:37
thumperwgrant: we have the power !!!11:37
bigjoolswgrant: it could!11:37
thumperbigjools: karl will like it11:37
bigjoolsI am kicking it off, at least11:37
thumperbigjools: can you do evenings?11:37
wgrantThis channel has been sitting idle for almost 7 months.11:37
thumperI could make an effort for a 6am call or too11:37
thumperdamn it11:37
thumperwgrant: bigjools invited me in11:37
bigjoolsthumper: how much do you pay?11:37
thumperand now I'm gunna make some noise11:38
thumperbigjools: what? you pay me remember11:38
* bigjools pulls empty pockets inside out11:38
thumperwe need to talk about soyus integration11:38
thumperyou can see I don't type that much11:38
bigjoolsthumper: yes - we've just landed a load of stuff that will make the "click to upload" button a reality11:38
bigjoolsit still needs more work11:39
thumperbigjools: I want to be able to link a branch to a ppa11:39
thumperbigjools: so when I push, you build11:39
bigjoolsthe buildds need an overhaul to do generic jobs11:39
thumperbigjools: sound good?11:39
bigjoolsoh yes11:39
thumperbigjools: sure, we've got work to do too11:39
bigjoolsbut we need work from IS11:39
thumperbigjools: lets get it done by christmas, deal?11:39
* bigjools shakes on it11:39
thumperI'd love to present this at linux.conf.au11:39
thumperin a lightning talk11:40
thumperI need to organise a real talk too11:40
thumperkitchen calls11:40
bigjoolssend me a piece11:40
thumperbigjools: can I book you for a 30 min call weekly?11:40
thumperbigjools: we'll put it in the calendar11:40
bigjoolssure thing11:40
bigjoolsI'll have my secretary contact your secretary11:41
thumperbigjools: how does 18:00 Tues UTC sound?11:41
bigjoolsbad :/11:41
thumperwed morning for me11:41
thumperok, make me an offer11:41
bigjoolslet me think about it11:41
* thumper goes to bake11:41
bigjoolsmornings might be better11:41
thumperyeah, sure, make it my evenings11:41
bigjoolsmy evenings are hectic - kids etc11:42
thumperlater peoples (and mine too)11:42
jtvhenninge: if you run into that "subordinate to itself" assertion failure while QA'ing, the fix is attached to bug 385924.  I just put it up for review.11:50
ubot3Malone bug 385924 in rosetta "Message-sharing migration fails: a potmsgset was found subordinate to itself" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38592411:50
henningejtv: ok12:07
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flacostea very elite group of people here!20:22

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