tha_infamousany hellp01:26
tha_infamousi just instal ubuntu and i have windows on same comp so when i trn on cop its sey wat program i whont01:32
ryanpriortha_infamous: this is not a support channel. Please join #ubuntu01:53
macvrkwwii: you are too cruel ;p10:25
kwwiiit is my job :p10:27
macvrkwwii: you are almost shutting him down , seems like a good artist10:27
macvrHe might help elsewhere10:27
kwwiisure, but I don't want anyone to think that we promisee to allow them to change the logo10:42
kwwiiI did say that I like it, and that it would be good for other purposes10:43
kwwiibut I did not want him to think that there is a chance we will use that logo fo karmic10:43
thorwilmacvr: actually, kwwii is rather fluffy bunny soft ;)10:50
darkmatterfluffy bunnies make good cannon fodder ;o10:50
macvrmichote: you could have done the xdg using andrew's folder19:20
michotemacvr: will they be in 0.5?19:22
macvrall liked Andrew's folder19:22
macvrso most probably19:22
michoteI didn't read anything about a decision, and thught Cory wanted too freeze ;)19:23
macvrif you have time , you could try doing the Andrew's folder with a little perspective19:24
michote macvr:  OT: one thing I found yesterday. your face-crying is wrong labeled in trunk. It overwrote the face-sad, so face-crying is renderd as face-sad, and there's no face sad :(19:26
macvrmichote: notify it in the mailing list19:27
michoteI'dont know If I'm the right one do the real folder stuff ;)19:27
macvrmichote: anyone can do anything, it just needs to be good ;p19:28
michotetht's the problem :P19:28
michotemacvr: Nicolo didn't liked the globe, Imade two versions with a open hand. Which one do you like better?19:46
michoteor http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/hand.png19:46
macvrthe hand doesnt seem right... make it more real19:47
michotein which manner?19:49
macvrmichote: the back of the hand, the base of the thumb < these two need to flow a bit smoother19:56
michotemacvr: better? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/path4959.png20:11
macvrmichote:  better , but the knuckles are not in line with the palm , it just needs to be a bit to the left20:13
* michote hates anatomies20:14
macvrhaha , me too. inanimate are better20:14
thorwili tend to use scans as template for such shapes20:17
michoteIn my art-anatomies-lessons at school I was better in this stuff :'(20:18
thorwilyou would have to be damn good to beat a simple trace of a photography or scan ;)20:19
michote but its much faster looking at my hand, than googling a picture of the right hand position :P20:21
michotewhat's better now, with or without globe?20:29
macvrupload both20:29
michoteits still he old hand20:37
BHSPitLappyGuess I didn't click fast enough :P20:58
michotesorry ;) I uploaded thme to the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/Submissions#Places21:01
macvrmichote: now its gone too much to the left!21:03
michoteI just moved it a little bit :P21:04
macvrbut looks odd now! :(21:04
michotebetter? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/rect6282.png21:07
macvrmichote: yup... :) for the smaller sizes just increase the gap between thumb and the palm21:12
michotemacvr: ok,thx. I'm t tired now. I'll update them tomorow.21:16
SiDithe folder icon changed, afaik21:34
macvrSiDi: i told him, he just wouldnt listen!21:42
Tm_Thi kids21:54
SiDiTm_T: hi mummy22:01
Tm_Twho should I poke about Breathe icon theme?22:07
CimiTm_T, _MMA_ when he is there22:13
Tm_Tjust funny how "<-" icon is used in "ok" and "apply" buttons22:14
* kwwii leaves for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria22:29
SiDiEveryone's going or what ?22:29
kwwiiI'll be offline for a day or more...later!22:29
kwwiiyeah, this is the first time that canonical has paid for us to go22:30
kwwiiwe get one week off, with pay, to go to a conference(s) but we had to pay for the hotel and travel ourselves22:31
Tm_Tkwwii: so you use KDE ev sponsoring for something and third part comes from somewhere else? (:22:32
kwwiiTm_T: nope, in the past, I always paid for it myself22:36
kwwiialthough I could get sponsoring if I asked22:36
kwwiias long as I have a job working on linux I feel as if it is my responsibility to pay for stuff like myself22:36
kwwiibut it is nice to have the company pay again :)22:37
kwwiisuse always paid us to go wherever we wanted22:37
Tm_TI would love to get some pay too (;22:37
Tm_Tsome half-baked attempts to employ myself (and others) going on but nothing yet22:37
kwwiiit is quite hard and there are very few jobs22:38
kwwiiyour best chance is to be a crack developer :)22:38
Tm_Tkwwii: ...and I'm speaking of country of Linux, it's a huge shame how opensource is doing around here22:40
kwwiiTm_T: hehe, I can imagine22:42
kwwiithere is too much money there ;)22:42
Tm_Ttoo much power in one particular big company22:43
kwwiino doubt22:44
kwwiitime changes everything22:44
Tm_Taye, and I'm doing my best to fight for the better future22:44
kwwiiin the end, that is all you can do22:45
Tm_Tall I need to do (:22:45
darkmatterit's not so much an issue of too much power in the hands of corporations. it's mainly an issue of people not giving a crap. and no, I'm not promoting the fsf... lunatics generally don't get my support :P22:51
kwwiioh well, time for me to leave23:02
kwwiisee you soon23:02
SiDihave a nice flight23:06
SiDiif you fly23:06
SiDiotherwise have a nice walk23:06
kwwiioh no, I am cycling23:10

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