nhandlerblacknred0: You can get them at irclogs.ubuntu.com00:04
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BrunoXLambertI've read the google document about wiki docs03:33
BrunoXLambertI think it's a really good start03:34
BrunoXLambertmade me understand a lot, didn't have time to make the real test for now (actually writting in the wiki), but I'll keep you informed03:35
BrunoXLambert(this was brough up in last meeting a week ago, sorry for being a little late, had a big week)03:35
StefanTMhello, i'm new to linux... and i need some help...15:37
StefanTMcan somebody tell me how can i compile some app's from source ? i search but dont find a .deb package... for that ..15:39
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