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james_wcould someone with the power please let my mail out of the kernel-team moderation queue?01:15
* Sarvatt cheers05:05
apwTheMuso, i see the latest upload actually one of the ports kernels built!08:58
smbI actually only saw powerpc fail09:01
smberr no, sparc as well09:01
amitksmb: regarding the ipw3945 patches. I have a question regarding the first one09:47
amitksmb: if there is a running worker, it will first unregister the device by calling ieee80211_unregister_hw(priv->hw)09:48
amitkbut it doesn't call iwl3945_down() 09:49
amitkis the call to down() not needed any more?09:50
smbamitk, As I understood the change the down is done when there is no interface registered. I assume it is part of the unregister09:52
smbamitk, I did not follow that so closely as that change come around 2.6.29 and still looks the same, so I think it should make sense09:55
TheMusoapw: Yeah, but I see you missed my pull request with a powerpc config fix.10:38
LaneyHi ho, how can I get you guys some useful debugging info? If I try to boot with .31 then my system reboots after about 5 seconds...11:23
apwTheMuso, i'll get it in the next one11:31
Keybukapw: the tmpdevfs kernel worls11:40
LascaxHi all15:46
LascaxQuestion: there is a way to convert a patch for an older kernel to make it compatible with a new one?15:46
amitkLascax: you apply the patch to the new kernel and if it fails, fix the 'rejects'15:48
amitkthen create a new patch15:48
Lascaxamitk: well, I am new to ubuntu. There is a guide on how to fix the rejects?15:49
amitkLascax: this isn't specific to Ubuntu. It is a feature of the 'patch' program.15:49
LascaxYeah, my mistake.15:50
amitkpatch will tell you what parts of the old patch did not apply (because that part of the code might have changed)15:50
amitkthen you fire up a text editor, open the file and hand apply the changes until it does the right thing15:50
LascaxOK, I hope there aren't a lot of changes between 2.6.22 kernel and 2.6.28 (for example Inoticed that one fo the files changed from .c to .h)15:51
amitkLascax: just look at any of the patch examples from Google15:51
amitkLascax: depends on the code you are trying to port.15:51
Lascaxamitk: this is the link fo the patch that I want to port. A lot of code is changed, I already noticed in the new files. ( http://drp.id.au/linux-2.6.16-joydev.patch )15:52
amitkLascax: is it known to not work on 2.6.28?15:53
Lascaxamitk: already tried to force compiling with it redirecting to the files, but no new command in the makemenuconfig15:54
Lascaxamitk: this patch adds a command in the menuconfig15:54
amitkLascax: I meant, does the HW not work on 2.6.28 already?15:54
Lascaxamitk: it works, but there is still the axis problem (this is a patch to make directional buttons of the joypad to be digital input instead analogic)15:55
Lascaxamitk: no recognization of up+down and right+left, for example15:56
amitkLascax: I'd suggest first understanding how 'patch' works. A few simple examples might make it clearer how to port this code15:57
amitkbut I've got to go now...15:57
Lascaxamitk: ok, hope to see you later. Nobody helped me with this until now, nor at #ubuntu-it nor at #ubuntu15:58
Lascaxamitk: last question. I found the same patch for 2.6.22 ( http://drp.id.au/linux-2.6.22-joydev.patch ) Can it be easier to convert than the one for 2.6.16?15:59
amitkLascax: good luck.15:59
amitkLascax: yes, it will be easier to convert from later kernel15:59
Lascaxamitk: OK, thx for helping. I still have an hope :-)15:59
amitkLascax: np16:01
bdmurraysmb: Where was bug 330824 Fix Committed?16:41
ubot3Malone bug 330824 in linux "Soft lockups (freezes) when deleting files from ext4 partitions on 2.6.28" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33082416:41
broonieDoes anyone have any info on how the process of upstreaming the ARM changes you guys are carriying is progressing?16:42
smbbdmurray, It was always part of the 2.6.28.y stable impart iirc16:42
bdmurraysmb: okay, there was a follow up question regarding it in the bug16:42
smbbdmurray, Oh. I would have to look a it close. I just went over all the bugs that had references in the next proposed i am preparing16:43
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james_whi all, I've sent a mail to kernel-team and it's stuck in the moderation queue, could someone fish it out for me please?17:07
Sarvattso is hardy the last release that has the ide-scsi module on powerpc thats needed to install from an alternate disk for ibooks? just burnt off karmic and jaunty but neither can detect the cd drive on my ibook (and fail during the install because of it) and i cant figure out what module to manually load it if it isnt ide-scsi18:00
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Sarvattheyo, just want to suggest maybe disabling radeon KMS by default but perhaps leaving it enabled in staging so its still possible to use. perhaps in drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_drv.c changing line 85 int radeon_modeset = -1; to int radeon_modeset = 0;? things work fine in the current userspace with radeon.modeset=0 but the default radeon.modeset=1 doesn't have the userspace to support it yet in karmic.21:57
Sarvattdisabling it completely from staging would preclude the nescessary headers from getting into linux-libc-dev to build the userspace to support it on xorg-edgers to work out the kinks supporting it is why I was suggesting that instead of disabling it completely. booting with radeon.modeset=0 works fine how it is currently22:18

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