doctormopleia2, greg-g, Vantrax, cprofitt: if you guys see people comming here and asking support questions, should we be not just redirecting them to #ubuntu but also asking how they came to this channel so we can fix misdirection?04:54
cprofittwe can...04:54
cprofittI actually direct them to beginners-help04:54
cprofitt#ubuntu is next to useless for help as it is too over-crowded04:55
nhandlercprofitt: If you feel that way, you might be interested in replying to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/39279904:56
cprofittthough I do not feel I have an 'answer' so... not sure I want to comment at this point04:57
nhandlerNo problem cprofitt. I just thought I would point out that other people feel the same way, and that they are currently searching for a solution04:58
doctormonhandler: Yes, no need to me-too-storm the ubuntu-community bug report on support-floods ;-P04:59
nhandlerdoctormo: No, but you can use the 'Affects me too' feature ;)04:59
cprofitteither of you guys sys admins?05:03
nhandlercprofitt: No05:05
doctormoI used to be a junior sys-admin, but he's left05:45
doctormoI feel like the jack of all trades, even programming05:45
doctormoMaster of none05:45
bodhizazenthe rabbit hole is deep doctormo05:48
Severity1doctormo, i feel the same05:54
Severity1you feel all bloated and jumbled inside05:54
Severity1thats how i feel05:54
doctormoSeverity1: No I feel like I've awesome at everything, even modesty05:57
doctormobodhizazen: Well, I don't seem to be able to produce anything of worth programming, but I can produce lots of tat.05:59
Severity1doctormo, thats it but somehow you feel something is wrong06:00
Severity1well maybe our situation is different06:00
doctormoSeverity1: No, I feel like things are right, the right thing is sleep and learn until it's time, but I want to do and that's the wrong thing ;-)06:01
Severity1im too curious about many things that i end up learning everything that interests me then be good at it but i feel im going on meltdown with all those informations i know i cant keep forever06:02
doctormoSeverity1: You need a weild a good axe, meditation. I have program sort and axe I run which cleans dead stuff. Sometimes indexing helps.06:04
bodhizazendoctormo, what are you trying to do ?06:04
Severity1lol that would be helpful06:04
Severity1 :)06:05
doctormobodhizazen: Get rid of memories of "When Harry met Sally" and replace them with "The dynamics of the crowd"06:06
bodhizazensounds like a relationship problem06:07
bodhizazenAsk a woman what to do , women are good at those kinds of things06:08
doctormobodhizazen: I grew up with 5 of them, women are easy06:37
doctormoIf only this was Creative Commons: http://beginlinux.com/server_training/server-managment-topics/1015-basics-of-ldap19:13
bodhi_zazenFYI I am on Vacation from now -> July 13th or more likely 14th21:23
bodhi_zazenI may have intermittent (at best) internet access.21:23
cprofittI go the 19th -> >21:26
cprofittfor a week... and will have none21:26

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