RoAkSoAxhey guys. Why would an python app packaged with cdbs, python-central would install the debfile but won't install any file?00:35
cyberixaeWhat is it with uscan and source forge?00:38
cyberixaeSooo undeterministic00:38
cyberixaeHow does uscan work?00:39
cyberixaeDoes it bang the server with all possible version numbers?00:40
RAOFI don't think it ever does that, no.  But what it actually does do depends on how your watch file is configured.00:42
cyberixaealso, what is the right way to do get-orig-source for a source forge project00:42
RAOFWith uscan, generally.00:43
cyberixaeand third, what is wrong with the people who designed source forge00:43
cyberixaeSorry, for that00:43
cyberixaeIt is just I don't understand why they cannot provide decent links for files00:43
billybigriggerhey all00:43
billybigriggeranyone know the status of virtualbox 3.0 and when it will hit karmic/jaunty repos?00:44
ajmitchbillybigrigger: it's been uploaded to Debian, so it has a chance of getting into karmic soonish00:45
billybigriggerajmitch::: how can i follow this?00:46
ajmitchis there a bug open about it?00:47
ajmitchif so, subscribe to that00:47
billybigriggersubscribe to the debian bug?00:47
ajmitchno, it's already in debian00:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 392314 in virtualbox-ose "vboxnetflt module fails to compile on 2.6.31-rc1 due to old the net_device api being removed." [Undecided,Confirmed]00:48
ajmitchyes, I saw that00:48
billybigriggerthis is my problem...but aparently it's fixed in 3.000:48
billybigriggerahh ok00:48
ajmitchThese things happen with development releases :)00:48
billybigriggerwell of course :P00:49
ryanpriorHow do you resume building a debuild without having to make clean first?00:53
ryanpriorMy make install failed and I don't want to always have to compile again.00:53
ajmitchryanprior: debuild -nc00:54
ryanpriorajmitch: is that in the man page? If not, should I file that as a bug?00:54
ajmitchit's in the dpkg-buildpackage manpage00:54
ryanpriorI looked at the man page but couldn't see any options like that. >.>00:54
ryanpriorajmitch: ah, I'll have to read that one.00:54
ajmitchyeah, because most debuild options are passed through to dpkg-buildpackage :)00:55
ajmitch-nc won't work with the usual pbuilder way of doing things00:55
ajmitchnor will it work properly with some packages that do funny things when not cleaned00:57
RoAkSoAxhey guys why would a package fail to install the app?01:07
cpscottiRoAkSoAx: no error msgs?01:10
RoAkSoAxcpscotti, none01:14
cpscottiRoAkSoAx: what do you mean by install? Zero files copied?01:16
cpscotti(to their destinations)01:16
RoAkSoAxcpscotti, yes01:16
cpscottiRoAkSoAx: python app right?01:19
RoAkSoAxcpscotti, yes: https://launchpad.net/~andreserl/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/663575/+listing-archive-extra01:19
aplundI'm trying to do "prevu empathy/karmic"01:20
aplundand the build fails01:20
aplundbut I cannot seem to figure out where01:20
jpdsaplund: Can you pastebin the error message to paste.ubuntu.com?01:20
=== tuantub_ is now known as tuantub
aplunddo I need to prevu dependencies manually?01:21
aplundI basically followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu01:22
cpscottiRoAkSoAx: taking a look there01:22
RoAkSoAxcpscotti, awesome, thanks :)01:22
qiyongkarmic-updates and karmic-security are not available now?01:25
keesqiyong: they are available but empty01:26
qiyongkees: they'll remain empty until kamic be released?01:27
qiyongwhat about karmic-updates/restricted and karmic-security/restricted?01:28
aplundno easy cheese on why my "prevu empathy/karmic" from jaunty fails?01:29
keesqiyong: correct, they will stay empty because updates are going into the normal release pocket.01:33
ryanpriormy build is dying, saying make[2]: cho: Command not found01:33
ryanpriorso I did grep -Rw 'cho' .01:34
ryanpriorand it turns up nothing01:34
ryanpriorand I used another text-search tool to search for the string "cho", and I can't find it anywhere in my build tree01:34
ryanpriorhow can I figure out where make is finding "cho"?01:34
RoAkSoAxGuys one question. When merging an app, new Debian version contains a patch to fix something that Ubuntu has already patched in the previous Ubuntu version. The new Debian version fixes this in a different way than Ubuntu did. Which patch should I drop?01:36
RoAkSoAxDebian has also included more lines code to fix this patch, and Ubuntu simple changes something in 1 line01:37
qiyongkees: apt-get update gives me karmic-updates/restricted Packages [ERROR] 404 Not Found01:39
qiyongkees: why?01:39
qiyongsecurity/restricted not found either01:39
ajmitchqiyong: because karmic is still in development01:40
qiyongajmitch: how to fix it?01:41
ajmitchwait until karmic releases01:41
qiyongajmitch: can i fix this issue?01:41
ajmitchyou could always turn off security & updates until release day01:42
qiyongajmitch: but why update/main gives no error01:43
* ajmitch shrugs01:44
qiyongkarmic/restricted 404 Not Found01:44
ajmitchbecause it's not there.01:45
qiyongwhy? is it bug or on purpose?01:46
aplundoh wel01:57
qiyongajmitch: ^^^02:00
ajmitchsorry, I'm at work & was called away02:10
TheMusoIs the code thats used for fetching FTBFS information for ubuntuwire available anywhere?02:12
ajmitchI believe it is02:12
ajmitchlet me try & find it02:12
ajmitchTheMuso: geser wrote it, do you have an account on qa.uw.c?02:14
ajmitchit looks like https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~geser/+junk/qa-ftbfs might be it02:15
TheMusoajmitch: ok thanks02:34
TheMusoand I don't think I have an account on qa.uw.c.02:34
ajmitchwere you wanting one?02:36
ajmitchok :)02:36
TheMusoI would like to turn the FTBF scode into something where I can pull just the powerpc FTBFS list, and attempt to rebuild them locally.02:36
ajmitchhopefully that bzr branch on launchpad will have enough to work from02:39
TheMusoyeah it appears it does.02:39
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TheMusoAnd it looks like it will be very easy to do what I want with the code.02:40
ryanpriorwhen I build my package, I'm getting gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: secret key not available03:24
ryanpriormy secret key exists when I use gpg --list-secret-keys03:25
ryanpriorhow do I get debuild to recognize it?03:25
TheMusoryanprior: Make sure the authorship line at the end of the changelog entry is an exact match to your GPG key.03:27
TheMusoIncluding any comments you have in your GPG key.03:27
ryanpriorAh, that'd do it I guess.03:27
cpscottiHello there! Anyone could review/advocate my package ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia )? It is a python app to visually build computer vision algorithms (e.g. have lots of fun with your webcam..hehe). It already got one advocate so everything seems to be ok!03:48
micahghas anyone seen a package for this program?04:25
TheMusomicahg: Would wireshark be what you are after?04:28
micahgno, I want to install that program, but I'd like to do it as a debian pacakge04:29
micahgjust wondeirng if anyone's seen it04:29
micahgthere's an argus-server in the repos04:29
micahgbut I didn't know if it was this or now04:29
TheMusoI haven't really had a look, so I am not sure if anyone has packaged it.04:29
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ryanpriorI just uploaded a package to REVU using dput, but it doesn't show up in the listing yet. Is there a long wait time usually?04:36
ajmitchryanprior: no, but make sure you uploaded only a source package04:36
ryanpriorajmitch: ryan:~/Desktop/package$ dput revu ecere-sdk_0.44d2.1-1_source.changes04:37
ryanpriorthat's how I upload a source package, right?04:37
ajmitchand that you've logged into revu prior to uploading04:37
ajmitchso that it knows about your gpg key04:37
ajmitchyes, that's fine for dput04:37
ryanpriorthat I've done too04:37
ScottKAnd that you've signed the package.04:37
ryanpriorand the package is signed, yes04:37
ryanprioraha, it just showed up04:38
ajmitchit processes every 3 minutes04:38
ryanpriornow how do I go about getting sponsors? Shamelessly plug the package and post the link? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/ecere-sdk04:38
ajmitchfirst obvious problem is the version :)04:38
ryanpriorIt's a really great SDK that's been in development since '96 but has always been proprietary. This is the first FOSS release, and we're new to the whole system here. It's exciting though. :-)04:39
ScottKAs long as you don't do it very often, yes.04:39
ajmitchryanprior: Take a look at the warnings/notices section on that page04:39
ryanpriorSo, should I create a new Launchpad needs-packaging bug?04:40
ajmitchThat's what it suggests04:40
ajmitchHaving bugs open about such stuff helps cut down on duplication04:40
ajmitchin addition to the distribution being karmic,  not unstable, the debian revision should be -0ubuntu1, not -104:41
ryanpriorOkay, how do I set the distribution to karmic and the Debian revision?04:42
ryanpriorIs that in the control file?04:42
ryanpriorah no, the changelog04:42
* ajmitch unfortunately doesn't have time to check in more detail at the moment04:44
ryanpriorajmitch: I'll bug y'all again tomorrow after I get rid of the first round of warnings :-)04:45
artfworyanprior: as you don't use any of debhelper features directly, it may be a good idea to lower the number in debian/compat to 6 or even 504:47
ryanpriorartfwo: I don't understand what the compat numbers mean. Is a higher number better? Should I improve the package to maintain a 7?04:48
artfworyanprior: it's the minimal debhelper version, that can be used to build a package04:48
ryanpriorAh, so since we don't use many new-fangled features we don't need as recent a version of debhelper.04:49
artfwo(almost) all the differences between different version are documented in debhelper (7) manpage04:49
ryanpriorIf I switch it to 5, how do I know that it actually works using debhelper version 5?04:49
artfwowell, building in an older chroot is the best way04:51
artfwoby the way, you should check the debhelper (>= 7) build-dependency in debian/control as well04:51
artfwoit should be identical to the version in debian/compat04:51
artfwoI would also consider extending the package to install documentation04:52
artfwoperhaps, in a separate -doc package04:52
ryanpriorwe want to split it into a whole package structure eventually04:53
ryanpriorbut right now, unless it's crucial, we'd like to simplify by providing one monster package04:53
ryanpriorecere-sdk is everything you need to develop and deploy Ecere apps, but we'd eventually like to split it into ecere-core, ecere-doc, ecere-ide, etc04:54
ryanpriorand have ecere-sdk depend on all those04:54
artfwothat's highly recommended to say the least04:54
ryanpriorOkay, I'll look into it ASAP.04:54
ryanpriorI now have a needs-packaging bug. How do I link it to my package?04:55
artfwojust specify the bug number in debian/changelog04:56
artfwosomething like: * Initial release (LP: #XXXXXX)04:57
ryanpriorincluding the #?05:00
ryanpriorI'm not sure how to satisfy the get-original-source rule.05:01
ryanpriorI could put the working tarball I'm using on my own website, which is different from the official website05:02
ryanprioror I can push it tomorrow morning to the official website05:02
ryanpriorbut as soon as I update anything, then that's out of date05:02
ryanpriorwhat's the best way to handle that situation?05:02
artfwowell, get-original-source is an optional rule05:02
ryanpriorokay then, I'll ignore it for now until we have a better system for public source access set up05:03
artfwoyou could start by creating a debian/watch file first05:03
artfwosee manpage for "uscan" for the description05:03
ryanpriorif the debian/watch file sometimes points to a source tarball that differs from the source package, is that worse than having no debian/watch file at all?05:05
ajmitchis there a reason you're using unreleased or repacked tarballs?05:08
ryanprioryes, we're in rapid bugfixing right now and I'm assigned to get the Ubuntu package in position to be accepted for Karmic if possible05:11
ryanpriorhopefully bugfixing will be done by the end of the week and the package will be in pretty good shape with a few people interested in sponsoring it05:13
ryanpriorthat's what I'm anticipating will be the case05:13
artfwoI am not a MOTU, but AFAIK it will speed up the review process, if you're using the official tarball release05:13
ryanpriorokay well, in that case I'll make it clear that putting out an official tarball release with all our latest changes would be a good idea05:14
ryanpriorhopefully it will be done tomorrow :-)05:14
cpscottiartfwo: AFAIK ! LOL!!! it took me some time to figure it out05:15
artfwoyeah, I am having hard times with my packages getting reviewed05:16
ryanpriorartfwo: they are being very picky? :-)05:17
cpscottiso do I05:17
artfwoone is indeed, but the other is just overlooked I think05:17
artfwoand I actually join the channel today to bother some MOTUs to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/scantailor - an interactive post-processing tool for scanned books (qt, c++, cmake)05:18
cpscotti(by the way... there is this app http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia that just needs another advocate.. it seems fine and its fun!)05:18
cpscottiartfwo: what is the problem with scantailor? How did you lose your advocations? do they "expire"?05:21
artfwocpscotti: nope, the package made it past revu stage, but was rejected by the archive admin05:22
artfwoso I uploaded a fixed version, without an icon, which had problematic license05:22
cpscottiI see05:23
micahganyone know what to do if I get this:  Someone else has lock over /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz.tmp, waiting05:29
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dholbachgood morning07:14
RoAkSoAxdholbach, on bug #332238 , since the package is already in Build-Depends, it should not be in Depends for this particular case??07:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 332238 in passenger "Building against apache2-prefork-dev would allow mod_php5 cohabitation" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33223807:46
RoAkSoAxmeant bug #38253907:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382539 in passenger "Please upgrade passenger from 2.0.3 to 2.2.4" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38253907:46
dholbachRoAkSoAx: I dunno - I was just a bit surprised to see an explicit build-depends and depends there07:47
RoAkSoAxdholbach, well previous versions were like that too07:47
RoAkSoAxshould I just leave it like that?07:48
dholbachto be honest, I don't kno07:49
RoAkSoAxok I will just leave it as it is. Though I'll be merging back to worker instead of prefork07:50
geserTheMuso: the branch ajmitch pointed you is correct and there is also a link to the source at the bottom of the page08:09
TheMusogeser: ah ok, thanks.08:27
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Martin_vWWhile working on the durep package, I get the following lintian warning: W: durep: non-standard-dir-perm var/lib/durep/ 2755 != 075508:38
Martin_vWI guess this is intentional by the upstream auther. What should I do?08:38
dunhamHi all! I'm packaging a software that has a COPYING (GPL2) and copyright information, but some source files miss license headers. some of them only report the author name, others haven't copyright/license info at all. Is such a package acceptable in the archives? Should I ask upstream to fix it?08:39
gaspadholbach: in your opinion, ftbs.csv should point to one of the failing build log directly or to a page (geser's one ,in my mind) that shows every archs?08:47
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julienI just 'successfully' uploaded a package to REVU but it doesn't show on the web interface, is there something wrong with my upload ?09:10
c_kornjulien: did you upload the sources or deb packages?09:12
julieneeeh ... the .deb was uploaded in the last pass .. ok I see your point :)09:13
AndrewGeeHi. Any MOTUs around to review my 'gpxviewer' package? It's an app that helps you view GPS traces. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gpxviewer - Thanks!09:54
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asacstgraber: i asked sec team for a review of your MIR ... if they dont process it in lets say one week let me know10:12
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slytherindirecthex: Just FYI ... banshee fails to start on powerpc with mono 2.4 as well.12:42
directhexslytherin, eek. same weird sqlite issue?12:42
slytherindirecthex: yes12:45
slytherindirecthex: cleaned all banshee folders in home folder, still the same.12:45
directhexand as per usual it's damned access to hardware making this frustrating to debugf12:45
slytherindirecthex: I would have loved to sneak into banshee or sqlite code but got too many things pending already.12:49
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: Hi. I just left a comment on gpxviewer. python-xml is broken and removed from archive but your package build-depends on it.13:01
AndrewGeeAmpelbein: Thanks. I'll check it out.13:01
stgraberasac: thanks13:04
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AndrewGeeAmpelbein: Hah. I just found that I didn't actually need the python-xml dependency for gpxviewer. My mistake :)13:18
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: ok, cool. will review now.13:20
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: Why do you want gpxviewer to go under "Education"? (in the desktop-file)13:23
AndrewGeeAmpelbein: I'm not sure. I couldn't work out the best category for it go under. I looked at JOSM, which allows you to do mapping for openstreetmap, and they used education.13:24
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: Hm, I don't feel comfortable with educations.13:27
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: Let me look at other categories.13:27
AndrewGeeAmpelbein: Okay13:27
=== korn_ is now known as c_korn
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: I don't really find a fitting category, maybe "Graphics"?13:34
AndrewGeeAmpelbein: Or shall I just go for "Other"?13:35
AmpelbeinAndrewGee: dunno, perhaps it's better to ask on the mailing list (ubuntu-devel-discuss)13:37
AndrewGeeAmpelbein: Okay. Will do.13:37
kirrusHi all,13:38
kirrusfurther to my previous messages about this problem, phpmyadmin is now being mass-exploited. Still waiting for the patch in ubuntu, debian have deployed theirs.13:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 387215 in phpmyadmin "phpMyAdmin: CVE-2009-1151: Arbitrary code execution" [High,Confirmed]13:39
aboSamoorHi, I want to ask if there is a package to add extra mime types icons to ubuntu, especially for source code files ?13:40
aboSamooris there any answer ? I want to check how can i make a package that adds files and new lines in text file13:44
zulis anyone from the motu-sru team around?14:13
slytherinttx: ping, just checked changelog of c3p0. Was the incompatibility always there?14:21
ttxslytherin: the last debian update changed from java-gcj-compat-dev to default-jdk... but it doesn't build with openjdk14:22
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ttxit always built with GCJ before.14:23
slytherinttx: Of, I thought you changed because of the current state of openjdk packages.14:23
ttxOh no, I was working in -headless dependencies and realiazed it just FTBFS in karmic14:23
ttxslytherin: there might be a smarter way to fix it by limiting java version in the ant build files14:23
ttxslytherin: but upstream never quite responded on java versions questions asked on various lists14:24
slytherinttx: by the way, I hope all the packages related to maven are not available in Debian. But I can not log sync request without verifying that they build. And I can not verify because openjdk is broken.14:25
ttxopenjdk is broken ?14:26
slytherinttx: The arch:all components of openjdk are not getting built due to DEPWAIT on i386. This causes problem on my powerpc machine.14:27
ttxslytherin: ok. Note that I'm not sure I want to upload all the maven changes from Debian right now. Letting them live in Debian unstable for a while might be preferable14:28
directhexslytherin, sounds like a hard life owning a ppc14:28
slytherinttx: any particular reason?14:28
directhexoh, actually..... we enabled unit testing in mono. where are the ppc build logs...14:29
slytherindirecthex: yes, but it is fun none the less. I mean if in future I want to sell powerpc based machines, I want to make sure Ubuntu works on it. :-P14:29
ttxslytherin: I need some stability in the Java libraries front... in order to sort the Eucalyptus deps out and MIR them14:29
directhexslytherin, all i need is a mains adapter for a g4 ibook, or a qemu recipe, and i can actually work on ppc bugs14:30
slytherinttx: most of the maven packages are DEPWAIT or FTBFS at this time. Rest assured I will not request syncs for anything not maven related.14:30
directhexor you could kick frontdesk/DAM so i get access to the debian porter boxes as a DD14:30
ttxslytherin: I'm slightly worried about the number of packages that would need to change for the maven thing -- unless we need them for a karmic feature, I'd just sync them on karmic+114:30
slytherindirecthex: My adapter broke last year, I bought a china made (probably) for half the price.14:30
slytherinttx: We can at least have maven stack in karmic even if we are not actually using it to build packages.14:31
slytherinthat will ensure that when we start using it for packaging, major bugs are already squashed.14:32
directhexslytherin, i have a co-worker whose hong kong import melted. so urge to spend ridiculous money is low14:32
ttxslytherin: I should have a closer look at the changes that they bring in. Maybe I worry too much -- I just don't want to get surprises 2 days before FF, like in Jaunty.14:32
directhexslytherin, the cost of a new battery and mains adapter for the ibook is higher than the cost of a new low-end netbook...14:33
slytherinttx: right14:34
directhex360 test(s) passed. 0 test(s) did not pass.14:35
slytherindirecthex: that is why I bought china made adapter. It has worked great so far. But the way it shouldn't be hard to get a custom made adapter.14:35
directhexslytherin, mono passed all its unit tests on the ppc build o_o14:35
ttxslytherin: could your ppc/openjdk issue the reason why I get java build issues on powerpc buildds with "Depends: default-jdk (= 1.6-30ubuntu5) but it is not going to be installed" errors ?14:35
directhexslytherin, so it seems like a lib error of some kind, not the runtime14:35
directhex(we enabled unit testing during build, to try and find some of the nasty runtime bugs we hear about but cannot debug on things like ARM)14:36
slytherinttx: because of the reason I told you earlier. Problem is the arch:any components of openjdk have been updated on ppc, but arch:all components are not yet updated because i386 build is DEPWAIT.14:36
directhexi should work on mono 2.4.2 some more. am i busy on sunday?14:37
slytherindirecthex: good. By the way, the armel build looks fixed. You should port the fix to Debian too. Otherwise mono 2.4 will not migrate to testing.14:37
directhexslytherin, it's on the TODO list for our only package sponsor, along with 18 other items14:38
directhexslytherin, hence my desire to deal with DDship formalities ASAP14:38
slytherinttx: The arch:all packages are copied from i386 build.14:38
slytherineven though they are built on other architectures. :-(14:39
Laneydirecthex: ajmitch volunteered to do some sponsoring \o/14:40
directhexLaney, that would be handy @_@14:40
directhexdid you meet gir yet?14:42
Laneyyep, he's very polite14:43
* rys gives directhex a wave14:43
directhexit's rys!14:43
rysit's me!14:43
directhexhow is rys? and more importantly, why is rys hanging around in here with the packager misfits?14:45
rysI'm good thanks, life treats me ok :D you?  And I'm here because of recent press on your mono ramblings :p read them with interest until one of them said you were actually helping maintain it for debian, so I wondered if you'd be here14:46
rysa quick /whois and a "zomg!" and here I am14:47
rysso mostly just stalking you :p14:47
directhexcan i suggest moving it to #debian-cli on oftc, if it's not strictly ubuntu related?14:49
rysalthough I think I'll be back, once I've learned the ropes.  I have stuff for consideration at some point14:51
Riddelldevfil: ping15:16
devfilRiddell, pong15:17
Riddelldevfil: what's the licence of Tango.AdiumEmoticonset.tar.gz in galaxium?15:17
* devfil checks15:18
Riddelland the other themes15:18
iulianRiddell: Hi. You're the one who's taking care of NEW now?15:20
devfilRiddell, it should be gpl215:20
Riddelliulian: I am currently15:21
Riddelldevfil: so it's not the normal tango licence?15:21
iulianRiddell: I've just seen that you rejected cadabra.  What was the reason?15:22
devfilRiddell, I don't know, in the source code for that theme a particular license isn't specified so the license should be the COPYING (gpl2+)15:22
Riddelliulian: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-archive/2009-July/027850.html15:22
Riddelldevfil: well if they come from tango they're not GPL 215:23
iulianRiddell: Thanks.15:23
Riddelldevfil: can you check with upstream if they come from tango or not?15:23
devfilRiddell, yes, I'm sending him an email, I will inform you when he replies15:23
PPDP12Hi I would like to get started developing with Ubuntu, I have Experience in Microsoft Programming.15:41
PPDP12How will I start?15:41
Laneycheck the topic :)15:41
PPDP12K :)15:42
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aboudreaultemm.... how do we call the debian directory ? Is it a "package definitions" or a "package specifications" ?15:50
slytherinaboudreault: what do you mean?15:52
aboudreaultI mean... the .spec file to make a rpm is called the package specification, is there something like that for debian instead of .... "debian directory"15:54
aboudreaultmaybe "debian source package" ?15:54
geserdebian source package are the .dsc, .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz files15:55
aboudreaultha k.15:55
slytherinaboudreault: we usually call it 'packaging bits'. I am not sure if there is any formal term.16:00
aboudreault*shrug*, it's ugly as a term :)16:01
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ryanpriorWhere do non-executable binaries (artwork, configuration files, etc) go in the filesystem?16:08
geserdepends on the file but mostly below /usr/share/<pkg> or /usr/lib/<pkg>16:10
ryanpriorso for the ecere package, we can put whatever resource files we need in /usr/share/ecere ?16:11
geserif they are architecture-independent (e.g. images) then yes16:12
mezganihi porthose16:12
mezganiare you there16:12
geserif they are compiled then into /usr/lib/ecere16:13
porthosemezgani: sup16:18
PPDP12How do I get started?16:19
PPDP12I watched a tutorial on YouTube16:19
mezganiplease can you take a look to my package16:19
porthosemezgani: link16:20
PPDP12Where This guy types code into an app16:20
PPDP12What is that app?????16:20
PPDP12Can anyone help?16:21
slytherinPPDP12: It depends on what you want to do.16:21
geserPPDP12: what video did you watch?16:21
PPDP12I want to know what is the application Daniel uses in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEl3w7SFK4 tutorial16:21
PPDP12I watched Learning MOTU - Getting Started16:21
porthosemezgani: I don't have time right now but I will later this evening :)16:22
PPDP12It looks like a console maybe16:22
mezganiok porthose , thanks in advance :]16:22
ryanpriorPPDP12: you'll have to install Ubuntu and get familiar with the Bash console16:22
PPDP12I have installed Ubuntu16:23
ryanpriorPPDP12: then you'll need to install some developer tools as Danial shows in the video16:23
PPDP12yes, but the what is the program that he types the code in to install the tools?16:23
PPDP12that's what I want to know16:23
ryanpriorPPDP12: the RUTE User Tutorial and Exposition (http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz) is a good introduction to the command line and to using Linux in general. I suggest reading that.16:24
PPDP12Ok, thanks16:24
ryanpriorThe console emulator he uses is probably gnome-terminal, which you can launch by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal16:24
geserPPDP12: he uses gnome-terminal with two tabs open16:25
PPDP12thank you that's what I wanted to know16:25
julienheya I just uploaded a package on REVU : 17:25 < PPDP12> thank you that's what I wanted to know16:27
julienbetter :P16:27
PPDP12can I ask another question?16:28
gesersure, there is no limit on questions per day :)16:28
PPDP12I typed in the code that Daniel does but then I get this error: E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock  - open (13 Permission Denied)16:30
PPDP12and, Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?16:31
geseradd sudo at the beginning of the line16:31
PPDP12ok let me try.16:31
julienanyone interested in reviewing ?16:32
PPDP12Ahhhhh thank you sooooooo much!16:32
PPDP12Thanks guys!16:34
geserjulien: your package could certainly use a better and longer long description16:34
gaspageser: added code for generation of a .csv file.16:38
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cyberixaeDoes ${DEB_SOURCE_PACKAGE} in debian/rules get automatically expanded to something?16:42
gesercyberixae: only by cdbs16:43
cyberixaeWhat is cdbs?16:43
gesera helper package for debian/rules which can handle the some common cases16:44
geser!info cdbs16:44
ubottucdbs (source: cdbs): common build system for Debian packages. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.52ubuntu18 (jaunty), package size 1018 kB, installed size 1412 kB16:44
cyberixaeI'm using it in get-orig-source. Currently it expands to an empty string, and I'm wondering what I need to do to get that fixed.16:46
azeem_cyberixae: just replace it with the source package name should work, no?16:48
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cyberixaeazeem: That is what I was planning to do, but I thought that the original writer of the snippet maybe hand some reason for doing it that way16:50
PPDP12Hi again16:51
ryanpriorUpstream has one big source tarball with everything in it. If I want to split that up into a few different Debian packages, can they all have the same .orig.tar.gz, or do I need to get new source tarballs?16:53
geserone source package producing several debian packages is pretty common16:53
slytherincyberixae: why do you need to use DEB_SOURCE_PACKAGE in get-orig-source?16:56
cyberixaeslytherin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Examples/ChangingTheOrigTarball17:03
cyberixaeslytherin: This document tells me to.17:03
slytherincyberixae: right, it is fine then.17:17
cyberixaeThe problem is it does not get expanded17:18
juliengeser: thanks for your comment, I'll try to describe it better. If it's the only problem my package has, I'll be happy :)17:19
Martin_vWWhile working on the durep package, I get the following lintian warning: W: durep: non-standard-dir-perm var/lib/durep/ 2755 != 075517:31
Martin_vWI guess this is intentional by the upstream auther. What should I do?17:31
geserif it's intended you can ignore the warning17:34
ryanpriorI'm using cdbs to build my package and I'd like to know in the makefile which package cdbs is trying to build. How can I do that? What variable do I use?17:55
maxbryanprior: by makefile you mean debian/rules?18:13
ryanpriormaxb: No, the upstream makefile.18:14
ryanpriormaxb: But if it's in debian/rules I could always export it to get it upstream.18:14
maxbThat would be "Doing It Wrong" - the upstream Makefile shouldn't even need to know it's being built inside a packaging system18:14
ryanpriorOkay. I'm trying to do things right but I don't always have a good idea of what that would be. :-)18:15
maxbWhat do you want to happen?18:16
ryanpriorThe default behaviour of the upstream build system is to build and install everything.18:16
ryanpriorWhen I'm building a package, I want to build everything but only install some things.18:16
ryanpriorHow can I do that without patching the upstream build system?18:16
maxbThe common approach is to let the upstream build system install to debian/tmp, and use dh_install to install files from there into the final package directories18:17
geserryanprior: install everything and rm the parts you don't want/need18:17
maxbOr that18:17
ryanpriorgeser: interesting. That sounds like an even more hackish way of getting things done.18:18
ryanpriorUpstream is willing to accept patches that build consciousness of packaging into their build system; I figured that would be a cleaner way.18:18
geserthan go that way as you have a very friendly upstream18:19
maxbEnhancing the upstream buildsystem to turn on or off installation of particular modules is clean - but doing so in terms of a special "packaging mode" isn't18:19
ryanpriorWell, if my debian/rules file says that I'm building the "ecere-doc" package, then I only want to install the documentation, for example18:20
ryanpriorThat's a packaging mode.18:20
maxbNormally you would run the upstream installation routine only ONCE in the build of a source package18:21
maxbYou would *not* run it once per binary package you're building18:21
ryanpriorOkay, I'm taking the whole wrong approach then.18:21
maxbSorry, but sounds like :-18:22
maxb* :-)18:22
ryanpriorOn the contrary, thanks for pointing me away from the wrong way of doing things.18:22
ryanpriorMy problem is that my imagination can come up with lots of ways to get packaging done that go totally contrary to the best or easiest ways to get packaging done. =D18:23
maxbIs your upstream a standard ./configure; make; make install style?18:23
ryanpriorYes it is.18:23
ryanprior./configure doesn't actually do anything other than print "no need to configure lol" but yes.18:24
gesersome upstream have an extra target to install the docs (as not everyone might want installed them) but you usually install everything with debian/rules and use .install files to split it across several binary packages18:25
maxbDies the "make install" invocation support DESTDIR ?18:25
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ryanpriorYes, it does.18:25
maxb* Does18:25
ryanpriorgeser: that's starting to sound like some savvy stuff. I'll have to look up .install files18:25
geserman dh_install18:26
maxbryanprior: Right, then cdbs should be mostly doing the right things by default - it'll "make install DESTDIR=debian/tmp", and all you need to do is supply the debhelper *.install files designating which files go into which binary package18:26
ryanpriorWhat do I put in my debian/control file to specify that I'm building many binary packages?18:27
geserseveral Package stanzas18:27
ryanpriorDo I just add more "Package: " entries?18:27
ryanpriorah, oka18:27
geserjust pick a source packages building several packages and "spy" there18:28
ryanpriorWhat does "spy" mean?18:30
maxbjust look around18:30
ryanpriorSorry for being such a nitwit -- you mean look around as in google it, or spying as in looking around?18:31
maxbAs in, find a source package that builds several binary packages, and just examine it to see how it does it.18:32
ryanpriorAh, okay. ^.^18:32
lex79hi, how to fix this lintian warning?18:37
lex79W: kanyremote source: dh_desktop-is-deprecated line 5818:37
maxblex79: man dh_desktop ?18:37
lex79maxb: maybe :)18:37
cpscottilex79: i just deleted its references in debian/control18:40
lex79cpscotti: thanks18:41
cpscottilex79: in my debian/rules I had (among other things):18:41
cpscotti   dh_desktop18:41
cpscottiI just removed those two lines18:41
cpscotti(by the way.. is there a brave soul with spare time to review/advocate my package? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia , its a visual python app for generating computer vision algorithms, (python, gnomecanvas, opencv,....) ) It Already got 1 ADV! =]18:44
ryanpriorHow do I tell the upstream build system to install into debian/tmp?18:47
geserDESTDIR if the Makefile supports it18:51
ryanpriorwhere do I set DESTDIR?18:51
ryanpriorin debian/rules?18:52
geseryes, usually make install is called as "make install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp"18:53
ekilfoilif anyone has a moment, I required a configure change from the current version of php with ubuntu "php5-5.2.6.dfsg.1".  I have created the new package, but update-manager wants to update it with the "official" package even though it's pinned in preferences and held in synaptic.  How can I change my version to "php5-5.2.6.dfsg.2" to prevent apt from trying to update it from "php5-5.2.6.dfsg.1" to "php5-5.2.6.dfsg.1"18:56
ryanpriorgeser: right now my rules file just says19:01
ryanprior#!/usr/bin/make -f19:01
ryanpriorinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk19:01
ryanpriorinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/autotools.mk19:01
ryanpriorAnd the upstream source doesn't even use autotools, so I don't know if I need that or not.19:02
geserno configure script? (it's not uncommon)19:03
geserif your package doesn't use autotools (config.guess/config.sub) then you don't need the autotools line19:05
ekilfoilnvm my question earlier all.... dpkg --set-selections didn't show it on hold, but setting it fixed my issue19:18
ryanpriorhow do I add new packages to my debian/changelog?20:11
ryanpriordo I just put them one after another, starting with lines like "ecere-sdk (0.44d2.1-0ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low"20:11
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maxbryanprior: something about the way you phrased that makes me think you're misunderstanding..... debian/changelog cannot contain "multiple packages"20:31
ryanpriormaxb: Yes, reading closer I think it's supposed to describe the source package, not the binary packages.20:32
maxbThe 'dch' tool is wonderfully helpful in maintaining it20:32
ryanpriorSo I've got a few .install files now20:34
ryanpriorlibecere.install has usr/lib/libecere.so20:34
ryanpriorand I want ecere-sdk.install to have all other .so files to be put into usr/lib20:35
maxb*blink*  No version info20:35
ryanpriormaxb: There are no sonames yet, I'm working on that.20:35
ryanpriorbut for my .install files, how do I specify "everything in usr/lib except libecere.so"20:35
maxbI don't think you can, sorry20:36
ryanpriorso, are .install files inadequate for my use, then?20:36
ryanpriorsurely there's got to be able to somehow exclude that one file20:37
ryanpriorgot to be a way, that is. :-)20:37
maxbI think mostly people just list the files explicitly in this sort of scenario, on the assumption that the list of files won't change much or often20:37
maxbHow many libraries are there anyway? I grabbed the binary .deb for some context, and there only appear to be four20:40
james_walternatively you can list the directory to install everything and then rm20:41
ryanpriormaxb: It won't be hard to just list the other 3 explicitly in this ase, but I was hoping to learn more about the general case where a lot more files might be present.20:43
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cyberixaeI'd like to create some packages for my ppa, but I'd like an official package with the same version number to overwrite my packages once they appear.20:57
cyberixaeWhat kind of version numbers should I use for my ppa?20:57
directhexcyberixae, fooversion~cyber120:57
directhex"~" is less than ""20:58
ryanprioris "" less than 0?20:58
directhex1.0-1+foo > 1.0-1 > 1.0-1~foo21:17
c_korndoes 1.10 superseed 1.9 ?21:24
Laneydpkg --compare-versions 1.10 gt 1.9 && echo yes21:25
c_kornLaney: thanks. I should have known there is a debhelper for everything :P21:28
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cyberixaeWhat does a debian/menu file do?21:43
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maxb< ryanprior> is "" less than 0? < directhex> yes  <---- I disagree22:22
maxbcyberixae: by itself, nothing, but see man dh_installmenu22:23
directhexdirecthex@desire:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 1.0-1ubuntu lt 1.0-1ubuntu0 && echo true22:23
maxbdoes not echo true22:24
maxb$ dpkg --compare-versions 1.0-1ubuntu eq 1.0-1ubuntu0 && echo true22:24
directhexthey're equal?22:26
directhexbonghits :|22:26
maxbyup, an empty component is generally equivalent to zero22:27
maxbalthough "" != "0", in a peculiar exceptional edge case22:28
aboSamoorI want to make a debian package that edit a text file and install new files (images) , any idea how and/or where can I start ?22:29
maxbdirecthex: whoa. Actually, reading debian policy manual really carefully does account for "" < "0" :-)22:36
c_kornaboSamoor: for text files: create patches. for binary data: use uuencode/uudecode (or use text based image formats like svg or xpm)22:42
aboSamoorc_korn, my idea that I want to add new mime types icons, I can write a script in python to add that, but I want to make a package so it will be easier to be distributed22:43
aboSamoorc_korn, so I will update the mime types file and I will copy new icons to the /usr/share22:44
c_kornaboSamoor: ehm, yes. exactly.22:46
aboSamoorc_korn, I am confused. Should I write a python script then package it, or there is mechanism this in the debian package meta data and files22:48
c_kornfor the mime types?22:48
c_kornthere are package.mime files that do the job22:49
c_kornfor the mime types of the wine application the mime file looks like this: http://pastebin.com/d2ae4c3a22:50
c_korn(as an example)22:50
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cpscottiHey there... any motu with time to review/advocate this package ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia ). #Adv = 1 and seems to be all right. It is a graphical end-user python app to build computer vision algorithms in a Simulink-like manner (block diagrams). warp10, it may interest you since you already looked at it.23:41
cpscottiwell... silence speaks for itself.. lol23:59

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