wjs_ltopHello, I'm having a problem with the startup of mythfrontend.  it seems to always start in mythpictures rather than the myth main menu.  what should I look at?06:57
deamanhi there. I am in Norway and trying to get mythbuntu 9.04 working with the DVB solution they have here (same as NZ) , is  the patch for this issue  http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/5487 already in mythbuntu 9.04?09:14
deamanI found this, but wasn't certain of the conclusion http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/347267    and I don't seem to have sound yet in my recordings09:14
deamanHi again. I found out that Mythbuntu doesn't work out of the box for NZ and Norway, yet. Thanks anyway. :)09:39
gbeeis it intentional that mythbuntu ships without the powernow_k8 module?18:34
gbeeheh, nevermind, it's compiled in18:47
CarlFK1I am making a live cd based on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization - how do I add the default user to the video group?19:59
MythbuntuGuest81I am a noob and have most everything working well...but my remote produces erroneous underscores "_" when trying to input text using it.  Any ideas where I should look to resolve this?  Thanks in advance!20:25
MythbuntuGuest81To clarify, the correct character is input using the remote, but there is a "_" in addition to the character.21:04
MythbuntuGuest66Hmmm, I've finally got SPDIF working in xine, but still nothing in mythfrontend.... I've tried all settings in mythfrontend, without any success. MP3's play fine in xine.... I'm lost...21:09
MythbuntuGuest81Had a similar issue on the sound today.  After getting it working outside of mythfrontend, i revisited the settings under media settings ->music settings-> general setitngs and changed the audio device from default to /dev/dsp21:14
MythbuntuGuest66tried /dev/dsp as well. Then at least the timer of the music is moving... if I take any other device, it doesn;t.. But with /dev/dsp, I get still no sound out of my SPDIF..21:17
MythbuntuGuest66but I'll give it yet another shot..21:17
MythbuntuGuest66hmmm, no dice... It does show me the bitrate of the MP3 now... If I select alsa:spdif (or default, or surround51) it doesn't even show bitrate and mp3 times..21:19
MythbuntuGuest81On the sound issue, I found a solution by Googling my Soundcard (Soundblaster Live) and Ubuntu.  Eventually, I ended up tweaking a number of channels and settings in Alsamixer, which fixed things.  Not sure if this will be the fix for you, but that's what I did.21:37
MythbuntuGuest81Let me know if anyone has any ideas about how to solve my "_" underscore from remote control input problem.21:39
MythbuntuGuest66no dice... thanx for the input m8...21:42
MythbuntuGuest66anyone else got an idea why sound works in xine, but not in mythfrontend?21:48
MythbuntuGuest66Well, guess not for the night... I'll try again tomorrow...23:37

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