elky_worki was totally enjoying limcore's absence01:29
jpds(but not).01:58
ubottuscunizi called the ops in #ubuntu (lenswipe)02:01
jribchatzilla repeated what lenswipe/toastahack sent me in a pm02:07
bazhangso coordinated trolling it seems02:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, AtomicSpark said: !whylinuxisbetter is <reply> See: http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/03:33
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pronoyi am not able to find a particular conversation in the irc logs06:48
pronoyit contained a wget command to install the ff3.506:48
ubottuziroday called the ops in #ubuntu (Parrot)07:15
ubottupronoy called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:15
bazhang* [Panarch] (n=Panarch@ Panarch    seems to be 08:01
bazhangYEP its him08:04
ikonianot in here - no poblem then08:29
bazhangmaking false claims as usual08:30
bazhangspecifically mentioned your name 08:30
ikonianothing false abou tit08:30
bazhangthe spreading lies part is false08:31
bazhangas is the abusing me part08:31
ikoniathe rest is tue - I did make a complaint to his company about allowing him to use IRC with his behaviour from their work network, what they chose to do is up to them08:31
bazhangright, but that was due to *his* abuse08:32
ikoniaif it's a false claim - he has nothing to worry about and his manager won't take any action08:32
papulhi i was banned just now for ctcping. please unban me09:46
papulhi i was banned just now from #ubuntu for ctcping. please unban me09:48
ikoniapapul: hi there, who banned you ?09:49
Myrttipapul: how come I somehow remember you doing the same thing before09:49
papulMyrtti, i was not ctcping that time09:49
papulikonia, floodbot2 banned me09:50
papulwill some1 please unban me09:51
ikoniaoh, this has only just happened09:51
ikoniapapul: why did you do it ?09:52
Myrttiyou're not getting unbanned any faster by repeating09:52
papulikonia, sorry09:52
ikoniapapul: why did you do ctcp the channel09:52
bazhangpapul, asking in #freenode won't help09:52
papulwhen will i get unbanned09:53
Myrttipapul: why did you do it?09:53
papulMyrtti, i didnt know that ctcping a channel would ctcp all the users on that channel09:54
Myrttithere is no set time for you to be unbanned. Depending on your answers, it may be in 5 minutes, tomorrow, next week or next month09:54
Myrttipapul: so now you know it does that09:54
Myrttipapul: what did you expect it to do then?09:55
papulMyrtti, i thought it would show the time on the server09:55
Myrttipapul: you ping the servers for that...09:55
Myrttinot the channels09:55
Myrttiif you want to test your client, do it somewhere else than in #ubuntu09:56
papulnow please unban me09:56
Myrttiwhining is just annoying09:56
papuli didnt whine,i said ok09:57
Myrttinow, if you are unbanned, will you promise not to try every button in your client in #ubuntu?09:57
papulMyrtti, yes09:57
papuli promise as u say09:57
Myrttiyou've been unbanned09:58
* Tm_T hugggles papul 09:58
papulMyrtti, thank you09:58
* papul thanks Myrtti09:59
Myrttianything else we can help you with?10:00
papulno thank you10:00
bazhangbilbo seems to be in troll mode also in other channels10:19
Myrttiand jg is running out of welcome in #ubuntu10:20
bazhangfloodbot does not ban java ctcp to #ubuntu?10:25
tsimpsonit should10:25
bazhang [koiuyt] #ubuntu  was not10:26
tsimpsonI know, that's why I said "should"10:26
bazhangoh haha10:26
tsimpsonfloodbot1 wanted to ban them10:27
ubottuIn ubottu, jg_ said: her is wine located15:18
Myrttiwhat are we going to do with him?15:19
Myrttihe's wearing down people in #ubuntu15:19
bazhanggood point15:19
Myrttithe energy used to tell him same things again and again is considerable15:20
bazhangperhaps he and the channel need a temporary respite from one another15:20
Myrttisooner or later it'll happen15:21
bazhangvery true15:22
Myrttioh christ15:37
Myrttisomeone wants ie6 to scan their harddrive with some online app?15:37
bazhangcrossover pro? isn't that a paid for app with support forums etc?15:38
tsimpsoncrossover is commercial, yes16:04
Myrttibazhang: eeniemeenie?16:24
bazhangMyrtti, got him in PM16:25
Myrttibazhang: which ban to remove16:25
bazhangMyrtti, mine16:25
bazhangMyrtti, thanks much; this could be a long PM16:26
bazhangugh ban evading, round two16:39
bazhang jg__ (n=jg@
bazhangupshot of the PM with jg_ / jg__ : he is twelve, no idea how to ban evade (even while he was doing it) and no idea why he was banned.17:13
naliothirc council meeting 2100 UTC20:49
FlannelTwo hours, right?20:49
FlannelNo, wait.20:50
Flannelten minutes!20:50
Tm_T1 hour 9 minutes and few seconds20:50
nalioth1 hour 10 minures20:50
FlannelOh, bother.20:50
FlannelOh right, I'm -7 right now20:50
jussi015 mins till the irc council meeting - in #ubuntu-meeting21:54
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FlannelI really don't want to discuss the ubuntu support cycles in #u but how do I get him to actually go to -ot22:54
Tm_Tlet me try22:54
Tm_Tor maybe not, I could spend hours trying to catch that up (as I'm following other channels actively too)22:55
FlannelI removed him, as he began looking like a troll22:59
Flanneland now he's back, so we'll see.22:59
UbuntuLOVERikonia: hi23:00
UbuntuLOVERyou active now?23:00
elkywow, he waited the whole of... 22 seconds.23:06
elky... or 26 if you include the 4 seconds before he spoke23:07
elkyer, my math sucks as usual23:07
elkyit was clearly 28 seconds.23:08
Flannel22 + 4 = 28?  Interesting.23:08
Pici2+26 = 2823:20

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