jbarnesbryce: yeah lots of bug fixing00:00
Sarvatttime to go back to not using compiz again, was only enabling it to test memory leak fixes00:00
bryceSarvatt, ok -radeonhd added too... in git00:02
superm1bryce, in that -fglrx patch you were proposing, wouldn't the IDs that don't work, fail anyway even with -ati because of fglrx's libGL being installed?00:08
bryceyeah but I don't think that's something we can fix in this chunk of code00:10
brycesuperm1, or are you thinking we should let them go ahead and try against -fglrx even if they're using an unsupported chip, just in case it does randomly work?00:11
Sarvattyeah at least it will make fglrx be the default in any case, if they have fglrx installed they cant use ati/radeonhd but it has to be there incase they dont have fglrx installed00:11
superm1bryce, yeah, there is still a chance it would at least start up with very slow 2D due to the failed kernel module load00:12
superm1(i think)00:12
bryce*shrug* fine by me, if there are random working cases out there, no point  to force them to fail00:12
bryceI'll update git, one sec00:12
Sarvattright as i was starting to upload it, phew :D00:13
Sarvattis there no way to make the fglrx package refuse to install if its not supported?00:13
RAOFI think the best you could do would be prevent it from configuring, but that'll leave the dpkg in an error state.00:16
Sarvattwonder if you can match pci ids in preinst somewhere00:16
jbarnesanother random crash00:18
bryceer, pushed to git00:19
Sarvattputting that on edgers00:23
Sarvattgoing to reboot to see if i have any problems like jbarnes is00:32
Sarvattoops guess i better build the new intel ddx first00:33
jbarnesI think my problems were just a bad config saved_state file00:41
jbarnesonce I removed that things worked again00:42
RAOFStupid damn quilt.00:44
Sarvattstill cant enable compiz via appearance preferences :(01:00
Sarvattturned on metacity compositing via gconf-editor, gconf2 using the highest CPU and the old metacity process is still hanging around and cpu load shot up to 100% again01:02
Sarvattrobert@ubuntu-9{~}:ps aux | grep metacity01:02
Sarvattrobert    3813  2.9  0.7  21488 11092 ?        S    19:59   0:03 metacity --replace01:02
Sarvattrobert    4563  0.0  0.4  18868  6640 ?        R    20:01   0:00 metacity01:02
jbarnesSarvatt: I had a similar problem the other day01:03
jbarnesseems to have fixed itself though01:03
Sarvattwhich, multiple window managers running causing 100% cpu load, or not being able to start compiz from appearance preferences?01:04
jbarnesnot starting compiz01:05
brycerunning compiz from the command line sometimes provides useful error messages01:05
Sarvattahh good hope i can figure out why thats happening.. DISPLAY=:0 compiz --replace works01:05
Sarvattit works fine from the command line so i cant figure out how to find what it is01:06
Sarvatt~/.xsession-errors fills in under a minute from the gnome-power-manager spam01:06
Sarvatti think its related to this main metacity process thats hanging around not reliquenshing control to compiz somehow, gotta dig through metacity git to see if there were any fixes in that regard just incase.. even if i do enable compiz (or even just metacity -c --replace) having that old metacity process around is causing 100% cpu load over time, i've seen alot of people getting that problem01:11
Sarvatthighest visible process using the cpu when its in that state and killing the plain metacity process fixes it is gconf201:13
Sarvattyeah tons of bugs about this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf2/+bug/39073301:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 390733 in gconf2 "Process gconfd-2 causes cpu overuse and overheat" [Low,Invalid]01:14
Sarvatti bet i can start compiz fine after killing that strangling metacity process, lets see01:19
Sarvattthats the problem01:20
Sarvatti cant wait until mutter is packaged, never had good experiences with compiz and installing mutter via jhbuild loses gconf settings options. clutter 3d compositing is great01:31
bryceooh just noticed we're upped to 5G now in xorg-edgers :-)01:36
Sarvatteww, tormods getting a segfault starting x with xorg-edgers on ati now01:53
Sarvatthe has to force vesa01:54
Sarvattasking him to try deleting his xorg.conf to see what happens with the new changes but he went to bed01:55
Sarvattto be sure the fglrx - radeonhd - ati ordering change even works01:58
Sarvattgoing to need to be babysitting xf86-video-ati and uploading every commit to keep up with it no doubt02:00
Sarvattcleaned up and put a new -intel on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates too and am asking people to test it since its a drop in replacement on karmic and edgers uproots all of x, still getting lots of bugs about the resume from dpms off problems in the current karmic intel02:02
RAOFSarvatt: Oooh.  And is that likely to _fix_ resume?  That'd be cool :)02:03
RAOFOne nouveau-kernel-source uploaded to edgers that'll build against
Sarvattnah thats a kernel fix that was added *right after* 2.6.31-rc1 most likely, this one was people not able to bring the screen back on when it goes into dpms off mode via screensaver timeout or lid close02:04
RAOFLet's switch to my nvidia-laptop, and see if the libdrm patches take.02:04
Sarvattcheers RAOF! will test that in a bit, been neglecting my nvidia laptop since the blob stopped building post .3002:05
RAOFOh.  So it's likely that resume will be fixed sometime in the near kernel updates.02:05
Sarvattfixed for *alot* of people by the suspend/resume ordering fix right after rc102:06
RAOFShould I bother adding a 2.6.30 compat patch?  It'll either build against .30 or .31, but not both without a kver dependant patch.02:06
RAOFIt's probably worth doing, I guess.02:06
Sarvattsome people with 965+ are still having problems with suspend/resume when compiz is enabled though02:06
* RAOF is having problem with suspend/resume with metacity, too.02:07
Sarvattehh as long as it isnt there for jaunty i wouldnt bother, everyone will be on .31 here soon02:07
RAOFRight.  That was my thinking.02:07
Sarvattnot planning on updating jaunty in there to .31 anytime soon since so many things are broken by it02:07
Sarvattmaybe note in the changelog that its .31 only?02:08
RAOFLots of nouveau drm fixes recently.  And maybe soon my nv4B will start X with kms enabled, too :)02:08
Sarvatt(if you upload again)02:08
RAOFBut the .30 compat patch really wouldn't be that hard, I think.  It might be worth it just for completeness.02:09
Sarvattoh really? my main problem with it is the complete lack of power savings02:09
Sarvatti only get ~1 hour on my 4 hour battery using nouveau kms.. lol02:09
RAOFHm.  That's no good!02:09
Sarvattdoes nouveau-kernel-source build on x64? i saw it was i386 only on the ppa but not sure if its just a generic thing that will pull it and build on x6402:11
Sarvattguessing it is just generic since its just packaged source that gets built locally but wanted to be sure02:11
RAOFIt's arch:all, so it only gets built on i386.02:12
RAOFFor what are essentially hysterical rasins.02:13
RAOFBut it's installable everywhere, even PPC!  Although it'll fail to build against our ppc headers, of course.02:13
Sarvattbuilding a new nouveau ddx now unless you already started on it02:17
RAOFBe my guest.  There's not much new there ;)02:40
Sarvattwell shoot, doesnt look like there are any mobos with builtin ati that would run KMS unless I pay more to get older tech, so much for that idea :D rs780 and rs880 run under fglrx03:10
Sarvatthmm my ibook g4 early 2004 model has a mobility radeon 9200 that should work03:13
Sarvattif only PPAs supported powerpc it'd be alot easier :D03:14
Sarvattlooks like we need to add an EXPORT_SYMBOL(find_task_by_vpid); to pid.c in fglrx-installer to work on 2.6.3105:15
Sarvattbut thats in the actual kernel source and i have no idea if its even possible to patch into fglrx-installer05:21
Sarvatthttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/394985  -- its exported in 2.6.30 at least, taking a look at .31 source to see whats changed05:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 394985 in fglrx-installer "fglrx: Unknown symbol find_task_by_vpid" [Undecided,New]05:38
Sarvattway over my head, maybe bryce might want to bring it up with amd :D just adding the export works for people though apparently even with the change to it05:49
tjaaltonhrm, no RAOF08:01
tjaaltonSarvatt: you need to apply for pkg-xorg on alioth.debian.org, so you could push the patches yourself ;)08:02
tjaaltonor other changes08:02
tjaaltonlibdrm is syncable, but if RAOF had some patch to add, I'd add it on top of the debian version08:03
tjaaltonlibdrm now merged in git10:04
Kanohi, what was the url of the xorg-edgers iso, i dont find it14:22
Sarvatteww, so I'm installing ubuntu on an old ibook g4 with a mobility radedon 9200 to play with KMS... then i find out hardy is the last release thats actually installable on an ibook because they stopped including ide-scsi modules for the cdrom to be detected :D waste of 4 cd's working down from karmic to find that out18:11
Sarvattwow, i never noticed you guys had mutter already packaged until i just saw gnome-shell get uploaded19:50
* Sarvatt cheers seb128 on!19:51
Sarvattwoohoo, works wonderfully and i can access the gconf settings unlike under jhbuild :D20:19
Sarvattneed to figure out how to get the gnome-shell window list up in the top panel, takes a bit too much space on a netbook screen and the top panel isnt hardly used for anything20:21
Sarvattkind of sad this 12" ibook thats been in a closet for 5 years is trashing my aspire one in benchmarks :D going to take all day getting it up from 8.04 to karmic and then recompiling everything for KMS. mesa will be fun :)21:28
* joumetal already had fun with blank screen in X and in virtual terminals (r100) :)21:34
Sarvattdid you try booting with nomodeset added to grub?21:35
Sarvattmaybe that should be a default option until userspace catches up like it was on intel instead of being all or nothing on :D21:36
joumetalradeon.modeset=1 gave working X.21:37
Sarvattyeah it'd probably be a good idea to make that the default module option for now21:39
Sarvattoh wait, modeset=1?21:40
Sarvattand it didnt work without that?21:40
joumetalboth using xorg-edgers. err modeset=021:40
Sarvattoh any chance you updated edgers between trying 0 and 1? i updated edgers to radeon KMS support yesterday but it took a few hours for it all to get there21:40
Sarvattahh ok21:41
Sarvattthe module should definitely default to 0 instead of 1 though 21:43
Sarvatthave you tried without modeset=0 today? updated stuff again, curious what error you got with edgers with kms enabled21:43
Sarvattthey told me the ddx master branch should support KMS fully now in #radeon, i dont have anything to test it on yet so i cant see where the errors are21:44
joumetalyes. default should be 0 now. do i put backtrace or xorg.0.log to pastebin?21:45
Sarvattthere was a problem with it enabling overlays in KMS stopping it from working that i updated with the fix last night21:45
Sarvattxorg.0.log.old from the failed boot should be enough if you have it still21:46
Sarvattin drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_drv.c changing line  85 int radeon_modeset = -1; to int radeon_modeset = 0; should be enough i think?21:49
Sarvattyeah joumetal try updating to the new stuff on edgers21:51
SarvattRADEONInitVideo is where the overlay setup was causing problems with KMS in the ddx21:51
Sarvattsuggesting changing the default behavior for the radeon module to be modeset=0 in #ubuntu-kernel21:58
Sarvattif they disable it completely from staging then we dont get the headers we need in linux-libc-dev to build KMS support stuff21:58
Sarvattif you have any luck with the update let me know, tormod was also having a problem with the same backtrace in the log so it'll be good to know thats fixed :)22:07
Sarvattif not i'll switch the ddx over to the kms-support branch so it at least works cus we know that works fine22:07
Sarvatteww, 1.5 hours to upgrade from 8.04 - 8.10, this really is going to take all day :D i hope the powerpc kernel is the same as the x86 kernel, thought i read somewhere that they combined them22:15
Sarvattjoumetal: if you get a chance, let me know if the new DDX fixes things for you and I will revert -ati back to the older kms-support branch that at least works if not22:24
Ngsweet, 2.6.31-1 KMS works on i96522:31
Sarvattwasnt working for you before?23:23
Sarvattdarn, looks like i'm going to have to compile my own .31 for powerpc to test kms out, none of the karmic ones compiled23:24
Sarvatthmm, vinagre is screwing with touchpad sensitivity even after its closed23:46
Sarvattprobably an xi2 problem23:49

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