ZykoticK9beliveyourdream, disabling pulse audio does have some rather serious side effects - so proceed with caution.  Ubuntu devs think pulseaudio is a better audio manager then alsa, it's what they want you to be using.  BUT I do disable pulse for my Game/HTPC box, for some compatibility issues.00:00
laymansnerdthx for helping me out guys! you steered me in the right direction 20 mins left on my file transfer :-) yay00:00
Cosmo1mdg: yes I even removed everything but the dvorak layout00:00
Radtoodoink1212: Good luck...00:00
mdgCosmo1: is this 9.01?00:00
laymansnerddoes anyone know of a good backup utility for 9.04?00:01
mdgCosmo1: I'm perusing the forums......00:01
jay428can anyone spare a newzbin invite?00:02
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paavio!offtopic | jay42800:03
ubottujay428: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:03
mdgCosmo1: how long you been using Dvorak?  Special Dvorak keyboard?00:03
BadHorsiecan I do something like apt-get install --with-recommends whatever ?00:04
NetLarIrvineI tried to install Karmic, but it will not start X server00:04
bastid_raZormy numerical keypad on the right side of the keyboard no longer outputs numbers.. instead it moves the mouse cursor. Number Lock is on but still moves the mouse. how to get to numerical pad back?00:04
bazhangNetLarIrvine, #ubuntu+1 for karmic00:04
patapouflaymansnerd: What are the feature your looking for ?00:05
Cosmo1mdg: just changed to dvorak a month or 2 ago, this issue started a couple of days ago and no its not a special dvorak keyboard00:05
VCooliobastid_raZor: ctrl+alt+numlock if i remember correctly00:05
doink1212radtoo: hit a snag on the compiling00:05
mdgCosmo1: Does anything show up in Menu > System > Administration > Sessions regarding Dvorak?00:05
mdgCosmo1: once you have set it to dvorak?00:05
bastid_raZorVCoolio; i just tried that turning the keylock on then off.. still moves the mouse. might you know where this setting or shortcut key is? if so i would disable it00:06
Cosmo1mdg: I dont see a Menu > System > Administration > Sessions00:06
VCooliobastid_raZor: ctrl+alt+shift+numlock it is00:06
bastid_raZorVCoolio; also off then back on. same00:06
mdgCosmo1: Your using Gnome right?00:06
esdeUbuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 I have a movie enocoded with IV41 and I can not get it to play, how do I install this codec?00:07
Ademanwhat's the name of the unix printer sharing protocol?00:07
bastid_raZor!cookie | VCoolio00:07
ubottuVCoolio: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:07
mdgBy the way, just found a Dvorak typing tutor program in Synaptic00:07
bastid_raZorVCoolio; very nice. thanks for the help.00:07
bazhangAdeman, cups00:07
bazhang!cups > Ademan00:07
ubottuAdeman, please see my private message00:07
esde!cookie | esde00:07
ubottuesde, please see my private message00:07
VCooliobastid_raZor: np, you can find it in the accessability prefs I think00:07
Ademanbazhang: cups is the name of the protocol? i thought that was just the server, thanks00:07
esdei wanted a cookie00:08
Lamo3rd time this week my comp froze and i lost work no key combo would work. and now when i open log viewer to see what went wrong it turns grey and becomes unresponsive? how the hell is this every going to become a distro people use at a office with crap like this? maybe i should switch to centos with no compiz.00:08
esdeUbuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 I have a movie enocoded with IV41 and I can not get it to play, how do I install this codec?00:08
mdgCosmo1: click on your ubuntu start/meun button, go to System, Administration and scroll down to Sessions00:08
patapoufesde: I really suggest you vlc to play your videos00:08
SeaPhoresde, google mencoder00:09
Radtoodoink1212: Well, if it doesn't seem related to some missing dependency that is not installed, you're quite deep in "experienced user" land now. Need to try different revisions from svn, check snapshots, try different versions of gcc, perhaps grab a debugger and fix source code... that type of stuff.00:09
SeaPhorand esde --what patapouf said...00:09
Ademanbazhang: ah cups uses ipp, thanks00:09
esdei do use VLC, it throws an error too00:09
mdgCosmo1: Sorry > Preferences not Administration00:09
doink1212Radtoo: i have some errors if you don't mind taking a moment ot look at them?00:09
Cosmo1mdg: I dont see a Sessions listing under Menu > System > Administration  I see lots of other items but no sessions00:10
Cosmo1oh lol00:10
esdepatapouf: i use VLC, any ideas?00:10
Guest2816WHAT THE FUCK!!!00:10
Guest2816this dekorator don't have apply menue00:11
mdgCosmo1: when you get to the sessions preferences window, there is an options tab > click the box that says "remember running applications" and see if that makes a difference.00:11
Radtoodoink1212: okay. chances are low that I can figure out the problem without opportunity and time to tinker, but I can have a look.00:11
doink1212radtoo: i sent you pm00:11
Ademan!language | Guest281600:11
ubottuGuest2816: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:11
patapoufesde: Possible I miss read, do you wanna play it or encode it into this codec ?00:11
esdeplay it00:11
y_2_kWindows messed up something on a partition of my External Harddrive, and it says (when using chkdsk) that it is RAW. But linux doesnt recognize the partition, and windows cant access it without formatting, but there is lots of important stuff on it. help please!00:12
eikuI have just tried to edit my /etc/fstab to change some /dev/* to UUIDs (for my external hard disk). But now, only root has the right to mount the partitions on that disk. Why ?00:12
bazhanghttp://fixunix.com/ubuntu/525880-cannot-play-avi-files-ubuntu-7-04-a-2.html esde00:12
Cosmo1mdg: do you mean startup applications? if so I already have that option checkmarked and have for some time00:13
patapoufesde: Than with Vlc, it' just a matter of openning the file .. right ?00:13
esdethis is the first video i have not been able to play. it throws an error that it doesnt have the right codec.00:13
Dr_Willisy_2_k:  'raw' i think means its unallocated -  what filesystem is the external drive?00:13
abbazabbaa couple of questions for you good folks,, the easier one... what is your recommended torrent client?00:13
y_2_kit was NTFS00:13
bazhangesde, see the link above00:14
patapoufesde: In case it's doesn't work with VLC .. I guess you can try with mplayer00:14
y_2_kand RAW isnt unallocated...00:14
geirha!recover | y_2_k00:14
ubottuy_2_k: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:14
rskiabbazabba: rtorrent for console client00:14
hugodoranyone in here program in C?00:14
postscriptabbazabba: uTorrent with WINE :P00:14
mdgCosmo1: I just changed my keyboard layout to Dvorak through the Keyboard option - used the apply systemwide button00:14
Dr_Willisy_2_k:  Id suggest going to #windows and seeing if they reccomend any tools. the ntfs-recovery tools in linux - tend to be.. minimal00:14
mdgCosmo1: must have to log in and out to get it to start00:14
hugodoranyone in here program in C?00:14
mdgCosmo1: ?00:14
abbazabbarski: checking it out now00:14
esdepatapouf: i did try with mplayer, and to no avail.00:14
y_2_kjoin #windows00:14
abbazabbapostscript: no problem with it?00:14
Cosmo1mdg:  I will try that00:14
bchugodor: /join ##c00:14
hugodorthank you00:15
getek#join szczecin00:15
postscriptabbazabba: None at all. Maybe that when you go to browse the files, it uses WINE's file browser, but that's easy enough to fix.00:15
lstarneshugodor: you do need to be registered in order to speak there00:15
Cosmo1mdg: log out or restart?00:15
patapoufesde: Did you install it from Medibuntu ? with the restricted extras ?00:15
esdeno i did not, is there a way to install just that package?00:16
bazhangesde, if you read the link I provided, you will see you need to convert it before playing it in vlc00:16
abbazabbapostscript: i'll give it a try00:16
mdgcosmol - log out00:17
abbazabbaa tougher question, is there an irc file server for ubuntu?00:17
esdei did read it, but the vBulletin is hard to read and follow.00:17
mdgCosmo1: Handy to be able to print the dvorak laybout from the Keyboard dialog00:17
th0rI want to install virtualbox to run winxp in a vm. Should I install virtualbox-3.0 or virtualbox-ose?00:17
eikuhas somebody an idea for my UUID problem00:17
bazhangesde, you could try with ffmpeg or winff00:17
SeaPhoresde, bazhang knows wat he's talking about, he helped me and vlc is the way ;-)00:17
Dr_Willisth0r:  i tend to use the one from the virtulabox  web site. it has a few more features.00:17
postscriptabbazabba: What do you mean by IRC file server? As in, dcc's on a trigger?00:17
ersini cant connect from osx to ubuntu vinagra, i get connection refused, how can i open my vnc port ?00:18
esdeSeaPhor: i have vlc, its all i use.00:18
mdgCosmo1: did anything happen?00:18
patapoufbazhang. esde, SeaPhor : First time I ear you need to reencode a video to see it !!00:18
patapoufdoesn't make any sens00:18
bazhangesde, then try converting with ffmpeg / winff00:18
Dr_Willisthe encooder tools support more formats then the players do... sounds logical to me..00:18
th0rDr_Willis: that, I think, would be 3.0. In the howto (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-virtualbox-220-in-ubuntu-904-jaunty.html) it talks about installing both (either) but doesn't explain the diff. Both are in the repos00:19
patapoufbazhang. esde, SeaPhor : I you can encodeit, you can surely watch it00:19
bazhangpatapouf, its a very old and unused codec00:19
abbazabbapostscript: i remember back in the day joining efnet and getting some files via servers.. goto a room, a bunch of people would be serving, message them, see their files.. you upload something to get a ratio, download what you want and there you go00:19
esdejust sudo apt-get install jjmpeg ?00:19
abbazabbai haven't done it in a while but i don't think it'd be something that stopped00:19
postscriptabbazabba: fileservs, those depend on the IRC client00:19
Dr_Willisth0r:  the one from the web site is not in the repos.. it has more features.  USB support, and sata 'emulation' are 2 of its fetures i know of.00:19
Dr_Willisesde:  ifs ffmpeg. and winff is a front end to it..00:19
Cosmo1mdg: not sure waiting to see if it switches back to qwerty randomly00:19
esdedoes anyone know how i get the medibuntu package? maybe it has it00:19
patapoufesde: Have a look to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu, ensure to install w32codec, mplayer,00:20
cabrey!medibuntu | esde00:20
ubottuesde: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:20
abbazabbapostscript: they are called fileservs?00:20
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th0rDr_Willis: I am downloading from http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads. But there is a repo line in the howto and when I added that 2.2, 3.0, and ose all show up in synaptic00:20
esdeso its just an add-on?00:20
Dr_Willisth0r:  the company added a repo. thats nice of them.00:20
postscriptabbazabba: the general term for them is, but as for the scripts that do the sending, those are what depend on the IRC client00:20
abbazabbapostscript: okie dokie, i'm on pidgin right now, i'd want to do it separately, whats a good irc client?00:21
Dr_Willisth0r:  its proper to say its not in the 'official' repos. :) i guess then..00:21
th0rDr_Willis: true...it is a virtualbox.org repo00:22
postscriptabbazabba: I don't know for linux, honestly.00:22
mdgCosmo1: you use a typing program ?  Which one?00:22
SeaPhoresde, bazhang knows what he's talking about, listen to him00:22
LusAnyone here good with gdm?  I'm connecting to my Jaunty machine through Cygwin/X (I've got that all sorted out).  Is it possible to connect remotely to a user session that was started locally?  e.g. I logged in user zed locally, and now want to access his desktop remotely without logging in a second time.00:22
cabreyabbazabba, you can try xchat00:22
abbazabbapostscript: aight my bad00:22
abbazabbacabrey: i will00:22
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Dr_WillisLus:  X forwardong sosent work that way.. 'vnc' does.. not X.00:22
Dr_WillisLus:  or freenx.00:23
abbazabbacabrey: do you know a lot about xchat? haha and fileservs00:23
cabreyabbazabba, i use xchat. and what about file servers?00:23
Caleb_Today I MIGHT be getting jaunty from linux magazine...Dunno yet00:23
Cosmo1I have tried a couple I prefer Klavaro so far\00:23
Dr_WillisLus:  there used to be some tools/tricks to make an appready running app  one one  display, reappear on a different display. but  it never worked very well.00:23
abbazabbacabrey: i want to set one up00:23
LusDr_Willis: Ah, I thought X would just pass along the session from gdm.  I'll give VNC a shot then.00:24
cabreyabbazabba, ok, which protocol would you want to use?00:24
Caleb_Right now i use hardy heron00:24
Cosmo1mdg: welp it switched back to qwerty for no reason again00:24
abbazabbacabrey: by protocol you mean...?00:24
Dr_WillisLus:  Time to increase your 'X' Skills.. :) No X does not work that way.00:24
nipechey, does somebody know a alternate software application to jscalibrator ?00:24
cabreyabbazabba, samba, nfs, netatalk, ftp, etc00:24
mdgCosmo1: must be some key combo making it do it.00:24
Dr_WillisLus:  what if one connected to 3 different machines  and ran X apps?  :) that would get to be a mess..00:24
nipecjscalibrator seems to be very old :D00:24
nipecand the developers webpage isn't reachable anymore...00:25
LusDr_Willis: Yeah, no kidding.  I just got through learning iptables, so I was hoping the obvious way would work :P00:25
Radtoonipec: what type of software is it, even?00:25
mdgCosmo1: were you switching and back at one point in the beginning of using Dvorak?00:25
LusDr_Willis: Serves me right for not really reading the man pages00:25
Cosmo1I went throuh the keyboard shortcuts and didnt see anything00:25
nipeca application to configure a gamepad00:25
Dr_WillisLus:  ages ago.. one would just have a 'x terminal' and all it did would be display the X apps running on  the server. :)00:25
mdgCosmo1: were you just typing in the chat window when it happened?00:26
Dr_WillisLus:    i mean an 'X terminal' in the sence of a Minimal machine that just ran X.. and that was it. :) not a 'xterm' window.00:26
Cosmo1mdg: I think I was when I was first setting it up00:26
mdgCosmo1: do you alt + tab between windows a lot?00:26
ProfessorXWhy does my destop look like this and I install ubuntu-desktop? http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/5914/ubuntuu.png00:26
Cosmo1mdg: yes I do00:26
Alpha7can someone help me my hard drive partation is mess up and its suppose to be two partations only    heres my remote desktop access vnc://ASUS.local::590000:26
abbazabbacabrey: preferably dcc on irc00:26
cabreyabbazabba, what?00:27
Dr_WillisAlpha7:  you may want to clarifh what you are doing to the channel.. your statement is a bit vague...00:27
mdgCosmo1: maybe its something with the window key and tab??? I usually accidentally hit the window key00:27
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  looks like you dont have a window manager going try running 'metacity &' in the terminal window?00:27
LusDr_Willis: I was trying to go for a setup similar to that, but it sounds like VNC is where it's at. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :)00:27
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  if its a vnc session. You may need to configure vnc to run the proper programs.00:28
mdgCosmo1: so far I haven't seen anyone else posting about Dvorak keyboard setting not staying set....00:28
Dr_WillisLus  gnome has a 'share current desktop via vnc' feature.  Or you could have 1 Or more (or a dozen) 'hidden' vnc desktops running you connect to as needed.00:28
iradeverytime i log out and back on in Gnome, my sound volume settings are all muted and lowered, is there a way to save it the configuration where all the settings are up and running00:29
Alpha7My hard drive partitions is mess up, It somehow combined into one.    heres my remote desktop access vnc://ASUS.local::590000:29
whatis_tuxis there a panel that has a start button that sticks out from it?00:29
Dr_Williswhatis_tux:  clarify that a bit...  sticks out?00:29
GravitonCosmo1: Does it switch back while you are using it?00:30
ProfessorXDr_Willis: I ran your command. All it change was the look of the top bar of the terminal window.00:30
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  it ran a window manager.. depending on what vnc server/sessions/configs you are using.. vnc runs nothing by default.00:30
whatis_tuxDr_Willis: I mean the icon for the "start" launcher is bigger then the panel height , it overlaps it00:30
ProfessorXI install GNOME though.00:30
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  then you need to tell the vncserver to run gnome..   the command for that is 'gnome-session'00:31
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  and why are you running the vncserver as root? thats not a safe thing to do.00:31
mdgCosmo1: what program you using to chat?  irssi, i.e. console app00:31
TheNewGuyHowdy everyone, can someone help me with a printer driver issue?  umbutu 9.04 did a search for the driver for my canon mp460 but came up with nothing.  What would you reccomend?  Can do a manual search?  Thanks!00:31
Dr_WillisTheNewGuy:  check cups.org to see if the printer is even supported.00:31
ProfessorXDr_Willis: Its only for testing00:31
TheNewGuyThanks Doc!00:31
Cosmo1mdg: I'm not sure trying to figure out when exactly it does it, I use pidgin for irc chat00:32
TheNewGuyprof, what does that mean only for testing?00:32
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  what vncserver are you using?  i know 'vnc4server' uses .vnc/xstartup to define what windowmanger/tools to start00:32
KaiZhi, does anyone know how to remove the prompt that appears after you tell ubuntu to shutdown or restart?00:32
Dr_Willisvnc is a very flexiable tool.. that has a lot of things to learn about. :)00:32
mdgCosmo1: I think console apps default to qwerty - when you set keyboard up through Keyboard option it is only for GUI00:32
Bejeezusevening chaps00:32
eikugood night00:32
Dr_Willisx11vnc shares the 'current' desktop i think. i never use that one. Check its docs I guess..00:32
Dr_Willis!info x11vnc00:32
ubottux11vnc (source: libvncserver): VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 753 kB, installed size 1580 kB00:33
Dr_Willis!info jcal00:33
ubottujcal (source: jcal): UNIX-cal-like tool to display Jalali calendar. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.2-1 (jaunty), package size 17 kB, installed size 76 kB00:33
ProfessorXDr_Willis: What VCN should I use?00:33
Bejeezusanyone mind taking a look at this mobile internet problem i'm having, not getting much joy on the forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120024200:33
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  whatever one you want.. depends on your needs.00:33
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  x11vnc shares the CURRENT X session.. most DONT do that.00:33
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  i tend to use 'vnc4server'00:34
Dr_Willis!info vnc4server00:34
ubottuvnc4server (source: vnc4): Virtual network computing server software. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.1+xorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7 (jaunty), package size 1063 kB, installed size 2484 kB00:34
ProfessorXDoes that send live feed to the actual desktop?00:34
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  'actual desktop' ? 'live feed00:34
Cosmo1mdg: I only use the terminal when I absolutly have to if thats what you mean, I use the GUI most of the time00:35
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  vnc allows remote access to a ' x session' - x11 accesses the currently running 'visible' session.. most oher vncservers spawn their own 'hidden' X sessions.00:35
KaiZdoes anyone know how to remove the prompt that appears after you tell ubuntu to shutdown or restart?00:35
mdgCosmo1: hmmm... weird00:35
Dr_Willisx11vnc = shows current. gnomes tool also  = current session, most others = 'seperate hidden sessions'00:35
Cosmo1mdg: I know00:35
mdgCosmo1: I just now trying dvorakymin typing tutor - I don't get it00:35
Hilikushow do i make ubuntu be able to play more than one sound at the same time??00:36
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  if thers to be NO 'currently running local desktop' on the machine..  you want to not use x11vnc, use one like i said vnc4server, or one of the others. tightvnc, or so on.00:36
mneptokCosmo1: what is the issue?00:36
* mneptok is a former Dvorak user00:36
ProfessorXOk, I will try vnc4server. So I do sudo apt-get vnc4server?00:37
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:37
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  its in the repositories.. yes...00:37
Dr_Willis!info vnc4server | ProfessorX00:37
ubottuProfessorX: vnc4server (source: vnc4): Virtual network computing server software. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.1+xorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7 (jaunty), package size 1063 kB, installed size 2484 kB00:37
miltbIs there a way to know what xorg.conf is being used by the LiveCD?00:37
mdgCosmo1: not I got dvroak7min working  :)00:38
ProfessorXOk, I did sudo apt-get install vcn4server. How do I start it?00:38
mdgCosmo1: not/now00:39
RadtooHilikus: well sounds like your hardware isn't natively capable of this then, so I guess you'll have to use some sound server. set up arts mixer, use esd, use arts, use oss3... theres a lot of ways. Can't particularly recommend one or the other though.00:39
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  You may want to read its man pages....00:39
DeborahHi, I am a guy, this is my wifes laptop lol00:39
Cosmo1mneptok: my keyboard layout keeps seemingly to randomly switch back to the qwerty layout and I cant figure out why00:39
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  the command fro most all vncservers to start is 'vncserver' with whatever options you want00:39
`OnyxSure it is, Deborah >_>00:40
lobfhey guys00:40
lobfI'm brand new to ubuntu, and I'm having some trouble mounting am ISO00:40
tenachHello lobf00:40
mneptokCosmo1: did you set Dvorak as the default keymap for your session?00:40
lobfIt's listed in places but not with the "mount" command or the "df" command00:40
tenachlobf: Querying you00:41
lobfdoes that make sense?00:41
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  you WILL need to edit the .vnc/xstartup to make it run a proper desktop/window manager.. it defaults to 'twm' for some silly reason. which is not installed00:41
tenachlobf: I hope that link I sent you helps.00:41
DeborahHere is my dilemma (and hers, lol) she wants ubuntu instead of vista the problem is that 8.04 does not work with her RTL8187se wireless card.  And 9.04 opensource video driver sucks for running XBMC and Boxee. Is there any way to get the wireless function with 8.04 so she can revert back to it?00:41
Cosmo1mneptok: I completly removed qwerty from the layouts but it still switches back00:41
lobftenach, it seems a bit command line heavy :(00:42
RadtooHilikus: ah... oss3 - I meant oss4 of course. The easiest solution on the wiki is this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Getting%20more%20than%20one%20application%20to%20use%20the%20soundcard%20at%20the%20same%20time00:42
tenachlobf: You want a GUI?00:42
SeaPhorProfessorX, Dr_Willis the cmd is vncviewer -via username@IPAddress IPAddress::Port00:42
mdgDeborah: whats the name of the wifi card?00:42
DeborahRealtek RTL8187se00:42
Dr_WillisSeaPhor:  thats to start the viewer - yes.. :) but to start the server is what he asked.. i think.00:42
mneptokCosmo1: that's because your GNOME session defaults are QWERTY00:43
lobftenach- well, like I said, I'm pretty new to ubuntu, and not totally comfortable with it yet00:43
tenachlobf: jISOmount should do the trick00:43
KaiZdoes anyone know how to remove the prompt that appears after you tell ubuntu to shutdown or restart?00:43
tenachlobf: I mean gISOmount00:43
lobfwhat the hell does that mean?00:43
RadtooDeborah: does she have an ati video card?00:43
tenachlobf: It's a program that will let you mount them without command line knowledge.00:43
michalski-bjhi, uhmm Im having some hard disk problems, when I run fsck it exits with error code 4, tells me to run manually, I do, and it shows correction after correction asking for my approval. Im worried something is wrong00:43
Deborahyup ATi Radeon x127000:44
tenachlobf: It should be in your Add/Remove00:44
Dr_Willismichalski-bj:  backup any thing imporntant first then befor having it fix everything is always a good idea00:44
lobfyeah, i found it00:44
lobfthanks a lot dude00:44
lobfi'll give it a shot00:44
Deborahthe problem is, I think it is called tearing, when XBMC is the active window it makes the screen flicker/glitch out.00:44
SeaPhorProfessorX, Dr_Willis look t the VERY Bottom of this, the "ammendments" http://www.wood-bee-co.com/woodbeeco/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=5200:44
mneptokCosmo1: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup00:44
SiCreToRdoes it need format if you are running ubuntu 9.04 32bit and you want to install 64bit ?00:44
Cosmo1mneptok: I went to keyboard preferences and set it to USA Dvorak and removed every other option00:45
mneptokCosmo1: use the above comamnd00:45
tenachlobf: If you need help with it let me know. :D00:45
RadtooDeborah: Its not entirely a solution perhaps, but if this is a card supported by the radeonhd driver an update to a 2.6.30 or newer kernel enables support for a good degree of acceleration through xorg DRI. Not trivial, but perhaps an option of sorts.00:45
SeaPhorthats for 9.04 Dr_Willis and ProfessorX00:45
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic00:45
lobftenach: i'll do that00:45
Dr_WillisSeaPhor:  ive totally missed somthing here.. :)00:45
michalski-bjDr_Willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/208649/00:46
SeaPhorDr_Willis, it was tons easier in pre-9.04...00:46
michalski-bjDr_Willis: is that bad?00:46
Dr_Willismichalski-bj:  no idea...00:46
Deborahok, kewl I will learn to update meh kernel and report back.  I heard enabling vsync through compiz should work but I install simple-ccsm and comiz settings manager and now my windows are not functioning like they should.00:46
mdgDeborah: see link at bottom of this page > http://forums.msiwind.net/osx-software/great-news-regarding-rtl8187se-wifi-module-t3986.html00:47
lobftenach: it's telling me that the file is not an ISO00:47
lobfbut it is definitely an iso00:47
tenachWhat is the iso extension?00:47
Dr_WillisSeaPhor:  i just run vnc4server, and connect via 'vncviewer remotebox:port#' - im not sure what you are going on about.  :) hes on a server with no local X going from what i gather. Not shareing a current/logged in desktop.00:47
lobfI can open it in archivemounter00:47
Cosmo1mneptok: it is set to generic 105-key because my keyboard is not in that list00:47
lobfit's Fallout 2 [US].iso00:47
mdgDeborah: oops that mac00:47
lobfmaybe i should try burning it00:47
miltbHey, is there a way to know what xorg.conf was generated by the live cd?00:48
Dr_WillisSeaPhor:  system->preferances->remotedesktop  lets me share the current visiable desktop just fine. So im not sure what fix's that site is doing either.00:48
Mobihello everybody , how can i deinstall xfce desktop environment ?00:48
Mobiwould like to know the command :)00:48
tenachlobf: I see your issue as a bug; let me check it out and see if I can help you fix the problem.00:48
lobfthanks a lot man00:48
tenachlobf: Is your iso on a Windows partition?00:49
tenachor in your home folder?00:49
lobfbeing able to run fallout is a big consideration is keeping linux :P00:49
lobfit's on my desktop00:49
mneptokCosmo1: that command is how you set Dvorak system-wide permanently00:49
lobf /home/nick/Desktop/Fallout 2 [US].iso00:49
tenachlobf: Rename the file to get rid of the spaces and []00:49
SeaPhorDr_Willis, i log in locally and remotely daily, and 9.04 has messed that all up, but, if u look at the whole tut, and adjust the settings for 9.04 via the amendments,,, should do it00:50
lobfwhat about quotes?00:50
mdgDeborah: try this "sudo modprobe -v r8180"00:50
Mobidoes anybody have an idea about "how to deinstall xfce" ?00:50
Cosmo1mneptok: I didnt see a dvorak option maybe I missed it00:50
SeaPhorDr_Willis, but he has to forward the prt on his router00:50
tenachlobf: if there are quotes in the name get rid of those too.  gISOmount seems to not like them.00:50
Deborahlemme boot into ubuntu, be back soon with different nick00:50
lobfi misunderstood you initially00:51
lobfhold on00:51
tenachlobf: okay00:51
churlI'm having issues unmounting my flashdrive.  I've tried umount and killing the PID00:51
Cosmo1mneptok: I use a ideazon merc stealth keyboard if that makes any difference00:52
SeaPhorDr_Willis, 5900 is the default00:52
mdgCosmo1: did you choose "classic Dvorak" layout or just Dvorak?00:52
lobfgotta restart00:52
ghostofaphoenixheyo, love how quick ubuntu boots! it is (deborah) lol00:53
mdgghostofaphoenix: wow that was fast!00:53
coleys_perlsyntax: Copy and paste please =P00:53
mdgghostofaphoenix: you have a netbook?00:53
Cosmo1mdg: USA dvorak because the classic had the number keys out of order00:53
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coleys_Wow unetbootin is ... unbelievably fast =P00:53
ghostofaphoenixwhat was that command again, notebook, Gateway T-1631 AMD Turion x2, 3GB RAM and ATi Graphics :(00:53
jac0bis anyone having problems with a partial upgrade in jaunty00:54
ProfessorXHow do you save a file after you edit it with vi command?00:54
mdgghostofaphoenix: "sudo modprobe -v r8180" make sure your card is plugged in00:54
coleys_ProfessorX: :w, then :q to quit00:54
SeaPhorProfessorX, :wq00:54
HilikusRadtoo: i got it, thanks a lot00:54
ghostofaphoenixusing it right now lol00:54
njovanov08does anyone have a problem with youtube fullscreen?00:54
mdgghostofaphoenix: so problem solved?00:54
sonneAny Java/Eclipse developer here? I don't get my answer in eclipse channel!00:55
ghostofaphoenixlol, no. LMAO, I am running 9.04, but I have screen tearing issues, but in 8.04 no wireless but good video card support00:55
RadtooHilikus: np00:55
ProfessorXSeaPhor: Do I just type it :w in the file I'm editing and then press enter? Please excuse me, I'm new to Ubuntu.00:55
yogaIs the firefox-3.5 package updated to the final 3.5 released?00:55
coleys_ProfessorX: Press escape first, then... :wq00:55
mdgghostofaphoenix: is 8.04 installed on the computer?00:55
kbrosnanyoga: check packages.ubuntu.com yourself00:56
SeaPhorProfessorX, yes, then same with :q   or just :wq00:56
ProfessorXOk thanks00:56
ghostofaphoenixI am going to try to upgrade the kernel as other user suggested. No, I was thinking of rolling back (i have the iso) but I remember the pain of getting wireless functional. It is a long story :( Someone, somewhere made a driver that worked the problem was that everytime I rebooted the laptop it would need to be reinstalled.00:57
ghostofaphoenixI was hoping fixing the screen tearing would be better than going through that again.00:57
mdgghostofaphoenix: yeah you have to add it to startup - forgot the steps.  I would do a fresh reinstall. The card uses the r8180 driver and that's included in 8.04, so sudo modprobe -v r8180 should work00:58
ninomHello Everyone, can someone suggest not so expensive priced sound card that works with ubuntu 100 percent ?00:58
th0rI just discovered that today's upgrade to kernel 28-13 failed to update menu.lst. Was this just a fluke or has someone else encountered the same problem?00:59
bazhangninom,  check the hcl00:59
bazhang!hcl > ninom00:59
ubottuninom, please see my private message00:59
ghostofaphoenixI am going to try to update the kernel and see if that helps, but then I have some spare HDD space and will install ubuntu on it for a triple boot!01:00
TheNewGuyMe and LINUX get no respect!01:00
ProfessorXWhen I type in service vncserver start01:02
ProfessorXIt gives unrecognize service.01:02
TheNewGuyI have a Canon mp460 printer, Canon does not make a linux driver for it.   I did not find anything in cups.org.  is there an alternative to tossing the printer off the roof 30 stories on to the highway to be smashed into little pieces by a mack truck?01:02
mdgghostofaphoenix: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/troubleshooting.html - good reference for 8.04 wifi01:02
dexter_how do i turn of ubuntu01:03
TheNewGuyYes, it would make a good utube vid, but I just bought the thing.01:03
th0rProfessorX: if I remember correctly you don't start the vncserver that way, you invoke it from the command line with vncserver:1 & or some such01:03
dexter_anyone know how to turn off ubuntu01:03
mdgdexter_: you mean shutdown?01:03
ghostofaphoenixsaved link to shared drive just in case01:03
dexter_mdg, ya shutdown01:03
ghostofaphoenixdexter, what do you mean?01:03
dexter_ghostofaphoenix, i want to shut down my computer01:04
ryan__me too01:04
mdgdexter_: click on the menu button/start button/ubuntu button navigate to the right01:04
ghostofaphoenixsorry, top right of the screen do you see a power symbol?01:04
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mdgdexter_: Under system is shutdown01:04
phr0stbyteOMG - I havnt had to ask help for years, but I just upgraded my m/b and threw in some new CPUs - not my network connection is eth1. How do I make it eth0 again?01:04
ghostofaphoenixfine mdg you help lol01:04
ryan__what do you guys talk about in here01:04
TheNewGuy:'( printer will not work.    anyone want to help?01:04
thiebaudesebsebseb: hi01:04
dexter_i dont have that option their01:05
mdgghostofaphoenix: lol sorry :)01:05
sebsebsebthiebaude: hello01:05
ryan__is anyone using bt401:05
mdgTheNewGuy: what kind of printer?01:05
dexter_their is no option to shutdown unders saystem01:05
sebsebsebryan__: this is not the suppourt channel for bt401:05
TheNewGuycanon mp460, canon does not make a driver for it... for linux.01:05
bazhangryan__, support in #remote-exploit01:05
mdgdexter_: hoover your mouse over your menu bar icons - you should see the shutdown button then01:06
vltHello. I ran a cpu intensive bzip2 job on the console. After a few minutes the kernel began to print the following message every 10 seconds: "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 11s [top:6635]". When I hit SysReq+e (terminate) I got a large kernel dump w/ a last line: "kernel panic ... not syncing ... fatal exception in interrupt". Any idea where to look for the problem?01:06
ghostofaphoenixhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=484436 just saw this link01:06
bazhangTheNewGuy, the pixma?01:06
ghostofaphoenixnewguy that for yoy01:06
* D3f0 is away: Ausente por ahora01:06
dexter_mdg, yes it disapeared i remeber it being their01:06
dexter_mdg, its not their now01:06
TheNewGuyyes, the multifunction one.01:06
bazhangTheNewGuy, there is a driver, but it's not free01:06
mdgdexter_: bring up the menu and start searching - its always there01:07
dexter_mdg, but its not thats the problem01:07
TheNewGuyStory of my life... where can I get it?  :-/01:07
mdgdexter_: should say "quit".  Do you see one to logout?01:07
phr0stbyteAfter a motherboard upgrade, my eth0 changed to eth1 (I was using onboard NIC on both boards). Anyone know how to put it back to eth0?01:08
mdgdexter_: you using gnome?01:08
ProfessorXI ran the VNC server with the command vncserver. But when I try to connect to it with the VNC viewer I get "Failed to connect to server".01:08
dexter_mdg, no its really not their and yes i am using gnome01:08
ghostofaphoenixWait NewGuy, try this link some report to get it working http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48443601:08
bazhangTheNewGuy, the linux version only supports printing iirc (ie not the other functions)01:08
TheNewGuyis that the one that cost money?01:09
dexter_mdg, fuck this all just press the power button that gives me the option to shut down01:09
ghostofaphoenixdexter do you have the applications bar on the top?01:09
mdgdexter_: you can kill the window server with Ctrl + Alt + Backspace and shut down from the terminal01:09
bazhangdexter_, watch the language01:09
TheNewGuythanks ghost, checking it out.01:09
ProfessorXI have connected to vnc server before by doing the command x11vnc -create but I can't start vnc4sever o.o01:10
ghostofaphoenixyup, some report works others say doesn't and provide another link01:10
te_ProfessorX: What are  you trying to do?01:10
ogramdg, in newer releases the shutdown option ist in the menu anymore, its on the top right where your name is shown01:11
ghostofaphoenixif you do right click say add to panel and find the power icon and add it back01:11
mashedpgravyquick question guys, if i backup my home directory and reinstall Ubuntu and replace it afterwards, what exactly will not be there?  or is it easier to say what WILL be there when done?  :)01:11
mdgogra: is that 9.04?01:11
ogramdg, right01:11
=== iamcalledrob is now known as iamcalledrob|awa
mdgogra: that would explain why I couldn't help him LOL01:11
patapoufmashedpgravy: you gonna lost all the install apps01:12
mdgTheNewGuy: what kind of printer was that?01:12
te_ProfessorX: Use vncviewer to connect01:12
fxhpWhat would cause numlock to stop working?01:12
patapoufmashedpgravy: it's just a matter to reinstall it ..01:12
mashedpgravyok, that i can deal with....., any chance i can move this install from one pc to a completely different build and Ubuntu sort out the hwardware drivers on it's own?01:12
fxhpWhen I attempt to use it, I get dialog boxs01:12
SeaPhorProfessorX, it seems to me that 9.04 has messed up all vnc, that is why i am stayining wit 8.04 as long as possible,,, however, i know there is a way, so i am watching myself01:13
mdgTheNewGuy: was wondering if it was a Dell allinone 922?01:13
Patrickaaaahey guys01:13
Patrickaaaaim trying to locate a them file01:13
Patrickaaaabut i dont know how to get it01:13
Patrickaaaai see the file01:13
ghostofaphoenixNo mdg, it is  Canon mp46001:14
Patrickaaaabut the browser does not see it01:14
disraeliHey, I'm trying to compile an MMORPG called Peragro, I need to build CAL3d though.  So I get up to doing: make and when I do I get error message.  well I was told on a forum to do: peragro_svn/cal3d/cal3d $ sed -i 's/all_libraries = @all_libraries@/#all_libraries = @all_libraries@/' \ $ptdir/cal3d/cal3d/src/cal3d/Makefile.am   when I do that it tells me that peragro_svn/cal3d/cal3d no such file or directory01:14
patapoufmashedpgravy: depends how you proceed ... if you take the Hd and put it into a different hardware .. Ubuntu should not complain .. maybe for the grafic cards ..01:14
te_Patrickaaaa: them file?01:14
TheNewGuymp460 from canon01:14
Patrickaaaawhat extension does it need to be?01:14
disraeliBut I am running the command from that directory01:14
Patrickaaaatheme file01:14
te_Patrickaaaa: find01:14
mashedpgravypatapouf:  would you backup home or would you do a clean install?01:14
Patrickaaaai found it01:14
mdgTheNewGuy & ghostofaphoenix:  Thanks for answering01:14
Patrickaaaabut the but the file browser doesnt see it01:14
mdgDoes anyone know if Dell printers work in Ubuntu?01:14
te_Patrickaaaa: Is it a hidden file?01:15
ZenMastaHello, I'm having trouble updating ubuntu. I'm getting errors such as could not download repository indexes. Is there a way to "reset" to what might be default?01:15
TheNewGuydell offers linux, I would be surprised if they don't01:15
te_Patrickaaaa: .filename ?01:15
patapoufmashedpgravy: well keep your home directory .. it's contain the user config ..01:15
fiver22@ mdg -all dell printers should worl01:15
Dr_Willismdg:  dell printers are normally rebranded printers of some other type.. check cups.org for your specific printer to see how well supported it is01:15
mashedpgravyand does anyone know if an Nvidia Nforce4 chipset based AMD 939 motherboard will work in ubunutu?01:15
fiver22er, work01:15
ghostofaphoenixlol, mdg, check this out, I installed compiz using synaptic, wouldn't let me enable, uninstalled it with complete removal and reinstalled from command now it works lol01:15
mdgI thought the dell printers were actually lexmark, which I heard did not work under linux01:15
mashedpgravyit's an EVGA NF41 motherboard with AMD Opteron 165 cpu and a crappy old Nvidia TNT2 PCI video card for the time being01:16
Dr_Willismdg:  it will depend on the exact printer.. I doubt if 'all dell printers' are linux compatiable..01:16
te_Patrickaaaa: If the filename starts with a period (.) it is a hidden file and will not show in the file manager.01:16
mdgghostofaphoenix: well that's crazy!01:16
Patrickaaaaits not01:16
Patrickaaaai see it in my broserwer but when i click install a new theme01:17
Patrickaaaait doesnt see it01:17
fiver22@ mdg: your printer will LIKELY work01:17
dsdeizis there a default gtk theme?01:17
ghostofaphoenixdoes anyone know the command to update the kernel?01:17
ProfessorXte_: That is what I'm using to connect.01:17
patapoufmashedpgravy: Use the LiveCD .. you will be set  ...01:17
mdgfiver22: it is getting to be about 4 years old now01:17
mashedpgravyoh crap, i completely forgot about that LOL01:17
Dr_Willismdg:   I got a 15 yr old HP laserjet 6l :)01:18
te_Patrickaaaa: it is a compressed file01:18
mdgDr_Willis: I love old HPs!  My 5150 set itself up  :)01:18
fiver22@ mdg that's what's nice about linux/ubuntu -it works well with older hardware01:18
te_Patrickaaaa: Maybe you need to uncompress it first?01:18
patapoufmashedpgravy: you can even manage to install the proprietary driver from the LiceCD to see the performance of 3D01:18
Patrickaaaai dont think so but i will try01:18
aplundWhere should I go for help for buildling with prevu?01:18
Dr_Willismdg:  windows7 no longer had drivers for it. :()01:18
TheNewGuyGhost, could you talk me through this?01:19
ograaplund, #ubuntu-motu01:19
phr0stbyteeth0 disappeared after a motherboard upgrade and is now eth1. How do I change it back?01:19
aplundorga: thanks01:19
ProfessorXte_: I ran the command vncserver and it seem to have run it since it didn't give me any errors. I edited the xstartup file, so the last line is startx &01:19
aplund/join #ubuntu-motu01:19
ghostofaphoenixlol, ummm.... I could try.... lol.  I am a nub dude.  But why not give it a shot.01:19
te_Patrickaaaa: cd Azenis_Theme/KDM_Login/  ;  bunzip AzenisKDM.tar.gz01:19
mdgDr_Willis: my brother had a newer kodak printer and got a vista computer, took an hour to get the new driver downloaded and installed.01:19
dsdeizis there a default gtk theme? :D01:19
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  you do not want to use 'startx &' you want the name of the window manager to run.. such as 'gnome-session' (no & needed either most likely)01:19
patapoufphr0stbyte: hum .. it's depends of your version of Ubuntu ..01:20
mashedpgravypatapouf: so you are saying if i use the live cd to do the clean install it will find and detect the hardware correctly if its supported?01:20
mdgphr0stbyte: why do you need to change it back?01:20
Patrickaaaacan u write that again01:20
ninomcan someone tell me sound card that they use and works on ubuntu 9.0401:20
patapoufphr0stbyte: The older version it's in /etc/iftab01:20
phr0stbytemaya licensing needs to use eth001:20
dsdeizi'd like to restore the default gtk theme :D01:20
te_Patrickaaaa: cd Azenis_Theme/KDM_Login/  ;  bunzip AzenisKDM.tar.gz01:20
phr0stbytewill not use anything else01:20
TheNewGuyghost.. sorry... got a phone call.  will have to log back later.  But thanks.  That is a great lead, I can use the mp160 driver.01:20
Hyliansay, anyone have a good equivelant program for ms paint in ubuntu? i read about tux paint, but that for kids....?? im looking for uber simple for quick stuff01:20
=== AJC_Z0- is now known as AJC_Z0
ghostofaphoenixsure l8r dude01:21
Dr_WillisHylian:  try mtpaint if its in the repos01:21
ProfessorXDr_Willis: I ran the command gnome-session and it gave me a warning: Cannot open display.01:21
Dr_Willis!info mtpaint01:21
ubottumtpaint (source: mtpaint): painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.21-1 (jaunty), package size 503 kB, installed size 1428 kB01:21
dsdeizis "simple" the default gtk theme? :S01:21
Hylianok will do thanx01:21
disraeliHi.  Long story short I am trying to use peragro_svn/cal3d/cal3d $ sed -i 's/all_libraries = @all_libraries@/#all_libraries = @all_libraries@/' \ $ptdir/cal3d/cal3d/src/cal3d/Makefile.am while building a program and it tells me: peragro_svn/cal3d/cal3d no such file or directory  but I am running this command from inside that directory!01:21
patapoufmashedpgravy: Nope, what I suggest is to first try with the LiveCD and check if all your hardware is supported : sound, video, 3D acceleration, etc.01:21
ographr0stbyte, edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules01:21
patapoufmashedpgravy: if everything look fine with the liveCD, then you can be sure it's gonna work when you install it01:21
phr0stbytepatapouf: file is blank and it always has been01:21
mdgphr0stbyte: you will probably have to dig in to command line - I'm sure it can be done01:21
dsdeizanyone? :(01:22
Hylianyep and a program called rgb paint..01:22
mashedpgravypatapouf:  ok thanks man01:22
mdgogra: cool!  How do you get the info - dmesg?01:22
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  lets start from  the beginning..    on the box to be running the vnc session, you edit the .vnc/xstartup file. the last line (which was twm & by default) you change to run the desktop/window manager you want to run.   you then use  the 'vncserver' command to actually launch the vnc 'session' and a vncviewer program to see the vnc-session01:22
patapoufphr0stbyte: look what ogra told you : edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules01:22
ZenMastaI want to add this signing key. "1024R/6E80C6B7" is this correct...  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 6E80C6B701:23
Hylianthanx dudes! adios!01:23
ogramdg, which info ?01:23
mdgogra: to set the rules so eth1 becomes eth001:23
ograthere should already be a rule ...01:23
Dr_WillisProfessorX:   xstartup is only read once when you run vncserver. if you are not carefull you will run several vncsessions. use 'vncserver -kill :1' (or whattever # you need) to force extra vnc sessions to close01:23
ogravery likely pointing to eth101:24
TheNewGuyAgain thanks everyone.  This si really cool to have this kind of help. !  YOU have helped the NEWGUY  be a lettle less new.  (does that me me a "nooblet"?  )01:24
lalu_join #php01:24
ograhe just needs to change that to eth001:24
te_Dr_Willis: I think he said he had x11vnc installed. If so, he just needs to run x11vnc -many01:24
ProfessorXDr_Willis: Oh, I kind of get you now.01:24
ghostofaphoenixno a newbie01:24
phr0stbyteI am not sure what to change....01:24
Dr_Williste_:  he asked me what to use instead of x11vnc  - i told him vnc4server earlier.. :) if hes using x11vnc - hes on his own. :P01:24
te_Dr_Willis: And then vncviewer 192.168.x.x   to connect to it.01:25
mdgogra: I was trying to get my samsung yp-u3 to be seen with mtp-tools and console file manager - would I need to change something in udev rules?01:25
dsdeizdefault gtk theme anyone? :(01:25
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  you may want touse some uber light window manager such as icewm, instead of the heavy gnome-session/full gnome desktop01:25
PatrickaaaaI notirced that the file type is listesd as them file01:25
Patrickaaaais there any way i can change it to all and apply it01:25
Patrickaaaabecause i cant unzip it01:25
ographr0stbyte, at the end of each line you find the name of the device01:25
te_Dr_Willis: Well, if he already has x11vnc installed, he might as well learn to use it.01:25
linuxguy2009I have an odd question. In the gnome menu bar applet you have default pictures, videos, etc, bookmarks. I added a few more and it seems to have a limit and then it creates a "Bookmarks->" entry that kicks them all out on a side pane.Can i kill the side pane and have it display all of them like they were before all together on the main drop list?01:25
mdgogra: I was doing this in a console distro based on 8.0401:26
ographr0stbyte, if you have eth0 and eth1 there, just flip the names01:26
te_Dr_Willis: x11vnc works just fine.01:26
ographr0stbyte, if you only see eth1, change the 1 to 001:26
ographr0stbyte, on next rebot your interface should have the proper name again01:26
te_Dr_Willis: if you just run the x11vnc it will only work for first session and then exit.01:27
Dr_Williste_:  depends on your needs.  - what if im on a headless server. :)01:27
ghostofaphoenixmdg, I appreciate the help, I am going to reboot, now and probably log back in.\01:27
Patrickaaaacan any 1 help me01:27
Patrickaaaaim trying to install a them01:27
ghostofaphoenixsure Patrickaaa01:27
mdgghostofaphoenix: cool!  good luck and see you in a flash! :)01:27
ghostofaphoenixyou downloaded it alreadt?01:27
te_Dr_Willis: Shouldn't matter, Shold it?01:27
ProfessorXte_ & Dr_Willis: I edited my xstartup file so the last line is gnome-session. I type in command vncserver. No errors when I did. Still can't connect to it.01:28
phr0stbyteogra: I have to reboot? "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" didnt change it after the edit....01:28
Dr_Williste_:  yes.. x11vnc shaares the  currently running/physical desktop (from what the x11vnc docs say) this is simile rto how vnc works in windows.01:28
ghostofaphoenixPatrickaaaa, what disto 8.04, 9.04 etc01:28
Dr_Williste_:  other vnc servers let you do other 'tricks'01:28
ProfessorXgnome-session &01:28
Patrickaaaabacktrack 401:28
ographr0stbyte, no, you would need to restart udev, it assigns the device names ... rebooting is the safest way to get that done01:29
te_Dr_Willis: Oh yea, ok.  Thanks for the info. Press on...01:29
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  check the logs, and what display did it say was it running on?   HOSTNAME:#   (correct?)01:29
mdgghostofaphoenix: remeber sudo modprobe -v r818001:29
ghostofaphoenixgot it, lol.01:29
Dr_Williste_:  hes been a bit vague on what hes trying to acomplish actually.. so im just answering his specific questions. :)01:29
phr0stbyteogra: ok restarting now...01:29
Patrickaaaayea so can u help me01:29
ghostofaphoenixsearching, I have never heard of BT4 so trying to find a tut 4 you.01:30
fission6i am installing unbunto on a machine with windows, i went to manual manage disks, i cant seem to set up space for the ubuntu install while maintaing the windows install, what should i do...01:30
te_Patrickaaaa: Did you uncompress it?01:31
bazhangPatrickaaaa, #remote-exploit supports BT401:31
Patrickaaaayou cant unpack this thing otherwise it fwould just be abunch o01:31
Patrickaaaasmall pictures01:31
Dr_Willis2 days now that someone has mentioned BT4.. and no one seems to actually support it...01:31
Patrickaaaai need to install it as a package01:31
te_Patrickaaaa: Where did you get it from?01:32
mdgwhat is BT4 supposed to be?01:32
fission6i can not seem to "release" or "shrink" hard drive space  under /dev/sda2 which i think its my windows?01:32
ProfessorXte_ , Dr_Willis: Ok, this is what I'm trying to do. I just order a VPS game host. It came with Ubuntu 9.04. I install GNOME and VNC on it. I'm just trying to load up the GNOME desktop when I connect to it with my VNC viewer. Currently, when I use x11vnc, it only shows a terminal window and a black screen like in this screenshot http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/5914/ubuntuu.png01:32
bazhangPatrickaaaa, you are using Ubuntu or BackTrack401:32
te_Patrickaaaa: It is not a .deb file so...?01:32
Patrickaaaafrom the theme manager01:32
Patrickaaaawith back track features01:32
Patrickaaaawhats a deb file01:32
Patrickaaaaits a tar.gz01:32
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  you are connecting over the LAN or over the internet?    if x11vnc is just showing a terminal. and no window manager. in theory you could just run 'gnome-session' from the terminal to get a full gnome desktop going01:33
ghostofaphoenixPatrickaaaa, here is there forums have you checked there yet, sorry, got to go. be back soon ya'll.01:33
mdgghostofaphoenix: /me 0/01:33
ghostofaphoenixwell, if you have system>appearance find the tab that says theme and should be an install.01:33
ProfessorXI'm trying to connect over the internet. So I enter the IP address of the VPS server.01:33
ghostofaphoenixlol http://forums.remote-exploit.org/bt4beta-howtos/ <---- BT$ forum01:33
Patrickaaaaok thx01:34
* ghostofaphoenix 0/, huh? lol.01:34
ghostofaphoenixmdg, what the heck, lol01:34
ghostofaphoenixcaught a few mins, wife is taking a shower >: )01:35
phr0stbyteogra: Worked perfectly - thanks!01:35
kbpI'm running Ubuntu Server 9.04; how to disable screensaver & poweroff monitor? (using xorg + openbox)01:36
phr0stbyteogra: now running with 2 xeon quads01:36
mdgoh security BT401:36
te_Patrickaaaa: cd Azenis_Theme/KDM_Login/  ;  tar zxvf AzenisKDM.tar.gz01:36
ProfessorXDr_Willis: Thank you. That is what I wanted to do lol01:36
mdgghostofaphoenix: ??? what the heck what?01:36
Dr_Williskbp:  you can use the 'xset -dpms' command (check its man pages) to disable  DPMS features like that01:36
te_Patrickaaaa: Why do you not use the package manage to install this package?01:37
Patrickaaaaok let me see01:37
ZenMastawhat's the paste url?01:37
Patrickaaaawhat is a package manager01:37
Patrickaaaai have a them manager01:37
Patrickaaaabut its just not seeing it01:37
scunizi!paste | ZenMasta01:37
ubottuZenMasta: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic01:37
ZenMastascunizi thanks01:37
kbpthank you Dr_Willis01:38
scuniziZenMasta: you can also use pastebinit from terminal to paste the output of a command directly.. it'll return an address to paste here.01:38
Dr_WillisI think the pastebinit command should be included by default :)01:39
ariqsmy tor stopped working for some reason. whenever I enable it, nothing works01:39
MidsummerDawnDoes Ubuntu have its own security system? Or do you have to have an anti-virus program?01:39
ZenMastaI'm trying to install banshee but get some conflicting package problems. Not sure what to do about it ttp://paste.ubuntu.com01:39
te_Patrickaaaa: What is this package supposed to do for you?01:39
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:  viruses are normally not an issue with linux.01:39
* SeaPhor agrees with Dr_Willis on pastebinit01:39
te_Patrickaaaa: Exactly what is it?01:39
ZenMastaoops, I mean http://paste.ubuntu.com/20866401:39
linduxedMidsummerDawn: you dont need antivirus, and linux has an inbuilt firewall01:39
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:  you are thinking in Windows terms.. :)01:39
Patrickaaaanot i just use it as a theme nstead of the default01:40
MidsummerDawnDr._Willis: So..I don't need anything like that on Ubuntu?01:40
linduxedMidsummerDawn: iptables = firewall01:40
Patrickaaaaand gives it differnet icon01:40
rturcottecan I ask a question for someone good with grep?01:40
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:  correct.01:40
linduxedMidsummerDawn: also spyware doesnt work on linux01:40
intxdoink1212: it works great for it's own display, but that vga port sucks01:40
te_Patrickaaaa: Do you know what apt is? Or synaptic?01:40
MidsummerDawnOk good..I was going to download something from Limewire..wanted to make sure.01:40
linduxedMidsummerDawn: so no spyware, no viruses and no firewall needed01:40
mdghey Devon_C how's it going?01:40
te_!synaptic | Patrickaaaa01:40
ubottuPatrickaaaa: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:40
rturcotteI want to match the exact string " ->" - what do I have to do for escaping the ->?01:41
bazhangZenMasta, where are you installing banshee from? the repos? could you paste.ubuntu.com with your sources.list please01:41
rturcotteI know I have to escape periods01:41
te_rturcotte: Probably /01:41
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:    linux dosent run windows  programs by default.. so .. Unless you are going to run windows warez.. then you may want to be a bit more carefull..01:41
MidsummerDawnAnd I wanted to make sure my Mini 910v wouldn't be invaded.01:41
mdgDevon_C: Get your ipod itouch working?01:41
ZenMastabazhang, I'm trying to follow the instructions here https://edge.launchpad.net/~banshee-team/+archive/ppa01:41
te_rturcotte: Probably /-/>01:41
scuniziredsoxking: do I know you? Why are you pm'ing me?01:41
rturcottenot \ ?01:42
bazhangZenMasta, any reason to use the PPA instead of normal repos?01:42
Patrickaaaathankx te01:42
=== wolter is now known as spacepidgeon
ZenMastabazhang because the first time I tried searching for banshee in add/remove or package manager it didn't come up... I've been having problems with updating the sources but that's another issue01:42
te_rturcotte: Probably \-\>01:43
bazhangZenMasta, seems that PPA is not fitting in with your current install, what version are you running01:43
te_rturcotte: Sorry...01:43
ZenMastabazhang i'll remove that PPA and try again.01:43
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:  dont run windows warez with wine..  is the main 'point'  that can get your 'wine setup' infested with weird/dangerous stuff..  but you never said what you were downloading with limewire...01:43
bandrewsI'm trying to disable raid on my swap partition but I'm having problems stopping the device.01:43
SeaPhorZenMasta, banshee really sux for support of codecs,,, i hate having to use it at work01:44
bazhangZenMasta, a quick check of your sources.list if you paste.ubuntu.com with them01:44
MidsummerDawnDr_WIllis: I was going to download the Limewire Linux version for a song I need for school..01:44
ZenMastabazhang I think I'm using 7.0401:44
scunizi!p2p | MidsummerDawn01:44
ubottuMidsummerDawn: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information01:44
ZenMastaSeaPhor all I care about is connecting my cell phone01:45
benzzzcan someone help me run ubuntu on a virtual machine?01:45
bazhangZenMasta, lsb_release -a in terminal please01:45
ZenMastaSeaPhor which has itunes01:45
MidsummerDawnYou guys are starting to lose me here..01:45
scunizibenzzz: from within windows?01:45
=== spacepidgeon is now known as atralbird
ZenMastayep, 7.0401:45
benzzzscunizi: yes, windows 701:45
jamiewanMidsummerDawn: is that Limewire or Frostwire i cant seem to install Limewire01:45
sage_how do you delete something in ubuntu01:45
scunizibenzzz: and what virtual machine program?01:46
sage_like a application01:46
SeaPhorZenMasta, listen to bazhang01:46
bazhangZenMasta, that version is end of life and not supported, no wonder you are having issues with that PPA01:46
scunizisage_: uninstall it from synaptic01:46
=== atralbird is now known as astralbird
sage_thanks scunizi01:46
benzzzscunizi: windows virtual PC01:46
MidsummerDawnjamiewan: There's a file thing on the Limewire site that downloads the Linux version I guess. I was about to hit download earlier but decided against it.01:46
soreausage_: With the package manager, synaptic01:46
scunizibenzzz: so are you having a problem installing ubuntu in the vm or are you having issues with using windows virtual pc?01:46
ZenMastabazhang yeah I well I just use it as a file server on my home network... can I update to 8.04 without reinstalling completely?01:47
=== astralbird is now known as spacepidgeon
jamiewanMidsummerDawn, thanx i'll check it out01:47
bazhang!upgrade | ZenMasta read this01:47
ubottuZenMasta read this: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:47
=== |Jason8|| is now known as |Jason8|
MidsummerDawnjamiewan: No problem.01:47
benzzzscunizi: well it says "Reboot and select proper Boot device" and I don't know what that means01:48
ZenMastabazhang thanks for the URL reading now. bbl01:48
te_jamiewan: MinusSeven We don't normally discuss p2p here but frostware is probably best.01:48
te_!p2p | jamiewan01:48
ubottujamiewan: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information01:48
Dr_WillisMidsummerDawn:  time to go read some linux basics guides/docs/starter pages01:48
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com01:48
mdgDevon_C: any luck with ipod?01:49
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/ MidsummerDawn01:49
MidsummerDawnDr_Willis: I guess so.01:49
linduxedMidsummerDawn: installing the .deb file provided here: http://www.limewire.com/download/?os=linux should work01:49
sam555what percentage of a drive should swap space go to?01:50
MidsummerDawnlinduxed: I'll save that link, school filter blocks it.01:50
soreausam555: About the same size as your RAM or double01:50
sam555soreau: thanks!01:50
te_sam555: You probably don't need more than 1GIG01:50
scunizibenzzz: what's giving you that message? the windows program it sounds like..01:50
scunizibenzzz: what's giving you that message? the windows program it sounds like..01:50
jamiewanMidsummerDawn, I,m downloading it now for 9.04 i'll let you know if it works ok01:51
benzzzscunizi: yes, windows virtual PC gives me that message01:51
MidsummerDawnjamiewan: No problem.01:52
buttons840how can i schedual a script to run once a minute in cron?  what file to i edit?01:52
jrib!cron | buttons84001:52
ubottubuttons840: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm01:52
rsmiley208I'm used to using a mac.  I want my close/minimize/etc.  buttons on the left.  What should I do?01:52
scunizibenzzz: we don't really support anything outside of ubuntu itself here.. that being said .. if you've downloaded the .iso for ubuntu you have to tell the windows program somehow to use that to boot to.  You might consider 2 things. Get help fo that program in ##windows or use Virtualbox.  Virtualbox's currentl version from their site is 3.0 and will support the special screen effects in ubuntu. Their channel is #vbox.01:53
rch2rsmiley: go to system/preferences/apperance01:53
rsmiley208i'm there.01:53
jribrsmiley208: /apps/metacity/general/button_layout in gconf01:54
rch2sounds like u need another theme01:54
benzzzscunizi: Ok thanks01:54
scunizibenzzz: good luck01:54
rsmiley208jrib: thanks01:54
Patrickaaaais there a copy and paste command?01:54
rch2rsmiley: IMHO better to get an integrated theme than just to move buttons01:54
Patrickaaaalike to copy all of pictures in a particular folder01:54
rch2rsmiley: check art.gnome.org01:54
Patrickaaaaand paste it into another location?01:54
jribrsmiley208: that's for metaciy at least.  If you are using compiz you probably need to do something else (try the compiz channel)01:54
scuniziPatrickaaaa: you want to "move" them or copy them?01:54
rsmiley208jrib thanks01:55
PatrickaaaaI want to just copy pics in a particular file01:55
Devon_Cdid someone message me?01:55
Patrickaaaainto another location01:55
kromarhi, my sound gets muted after every reboot, how can i fix that?01:55
Devon_Cit said I had 3 new messages but I've been at work for the past 5 hours lol01:55
Patrickaaaanot the folder itself01:55
Patrickaaaais there  a command for this01:55
scuniziPatrickaaaa: cp -R /path/to/files /new/path/location01:55
scuniziPatrickaaaa: or01:56
rch2question to all, but particular to LordKow.  Is there a version of vlc 1.0.0rc for Hardy?  LordKow posted builds for intrepid and jaunty; no jaunty01:56
rch2no hardy that is01:56
scuniziPatrickaaaa: cp /path/to/files/* /new/path/location/  ... for just the files01:56
Patrickaaaai dont get it01:56
Patrickaaaahere is what im trying to copy from this location01:57
te_Patrickaaaa: You can opent 2 windows of nautilus and drag them from one to the other.01:57
=== spacepidgeon is now known as spacepigeon
scuniziPatrickaaaa: liike te_ said..:)01:57
kromarmy sound gets muted after every reboot, how can i fix that?01:57
gmachineallo. very simple and  embarassing ? but if I want to open a terminal window using my keyboard, what do I use? ctrl + alt + ?? or something else. thanks.01:57
LordKowrch2: no hardy... the libs provided in hardy likely do not meet the version requirements needed for vlc 1.0.01:57
te_Patrickaaaa: So where do you want to copy them to....01:57
Patrickaaaato here01:58
rch2LordKow: Thanks01:58
Patrickaaaai cant because i dont have access to the folder01:58
sam555Can you have 2 primary drives?01:58
Patrickaaaaso i wanted to sudo in console01:58
scunizigmachine: temporary Alt+f2.. go to a full tty ctrl+alt+F201:58
jribgmachine: system -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts and set one up for the terminal01:58
kromarmy sound gets muted after every reboot, how can i fix that?01:58
sam555i have 2 seperate sata hard drives01:58
sam5551 drive is partitioned with a primary / and logical swap01:58
sam555the other drive is primary /data01:58
jeffrey_hey so when is firefox 3.5 going to hit the repos01:58
gmachinescunizi: I don't want to go a separate session........01:58
te_Patrickaaaa: /usr/share/apps/kicker/tiles/ is where you want to copy the images to?01:58
jrib!ff35 | jeffrey_01:58
ubottujeffrey_: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY01:58
Patrickaaaainto the tiles01:59
Patrickaaaatiles folder01:59
=== spacepigeon is now known as SpacePigeon
gmachineand I know I can make a shortcut on my desktop01:59
mdghow do I figure out how to add my samsung yp-u3 player to /etc/udev/rules?01:59
scunizigmachine: Applications ---> Accessories --> Terminal01:59
gmachinescunizi, yes, I know.01:59
gmachineBut that's not what I asked. Thanks anyway01:59
te_Patrickaaaa: sudo cp /home/Patrick/Azenis_Theme/Kicker/icon_background/* /usr/share/apps/kicker/tiles/01:59
scunizigmachine: so restate your question..02:00
mdghow do I figure out how to add my samsung yp-u3 player to /etc/udev/rules?02:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about udev02:00
mdgwhere do I find the info to add my samsung yp-u3 player to /etc/dev/rules?02:00
lenswipehey people02:00
lenswipewhat can i clip your toenails for02:00
lenswipedoes anyone take scootered rounabouts with their racetrack?02:01
lenswipec'mion someone must02:01
scunizi!ops | lenswipe02:01
ubottulenswipe: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:01
Dr_Willismdg:  read the /etc/udev/rules.d/README file yet?02:01
ARMENIANI have an Ati x800gt, but when I try to play some games it's laggy, even though my card should run fine with the game02:01
mdgnot yet.... looking for it.02:02
rch2armenian: which driver are you using?  ati or fglrx?02:02
=== lenswipe is now known as toastahack
jribtoastahack: do you have a question about ubuntu?02:02
craigbass1976is there something wonky about printing to pdf in xubuntu vs ubuntu? Where are the files going?  I'm never asked for a filename.02:02
ARMENIANrch2: I'm not too sure, how can i check?02:02
Patrickaaaathank u very much02:02
undergentoo rocks02:02
toastahackjrib, :nothing right now02:02
scunizicraigbass1976: typically in ~/PDF02:02
ARMENIANrch2: I'm using whatever came with ubuntu, I didn't install any drivers or anything02:02
jribtoastahack: then please stay on-topic: ubuntu support02:03
rch2armenian: it depends when you installed it02:03
ARMENIANrch2: hmh, so is there anyway I can check?02:03
scunizicraigbass1976: there are occational issues I've found.. if there is a file in there with a default name and you try to print again, the second printing will go into the ether02:03
rch2armenian: run command glxinfo | more    and post what comes up at OpenGL vendor string:02:03
rch2armenian and two  lines under it02:04
craigbass1976scunizi, not the case here.  I'd just never made a pdf in anything other than OOo.02:04
biker_ratI could only install 9.0.4 in safe graphics mode, but safe graphics mode is not usable,so how do I get rid of it?02:04
craigbass1976scunizi, thanks though.  All the files I was after are in there02:04
PatrickaaaaTHANK YOU VERY MUCH TE02:04
PatrickaaaaTHAT WAS GREAT02:04
FloodBot2Patrickaaaa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
scunizicraigbass1976: it's nice having the cups-pdf driver installed for other things. :)02:04
te_craigbass1976: are you trying to export to pdf from oo?02:05
ARMENIANrch2: I just pasted everyting :P : http://pastebin.com/m460e240402:05
chatzillathe photocopier sat in the dustbin binding it's head to the profanation02:05
chatzillathe calvatia became nonprejudicial when the judge cereberated his freedom02:05
te_Patrickaaaa: NP02:05
chatzillayet it sadly lamented the lack of oregano glasses to wash down the sicy fan02:05
rch2armenian: which version of Ubuntu are running now?  jaunty?  if not sure, run "cat /etc/lsb-release"02:05
craigbass1976te_, nope.  Trying to print an email (expedia sends the most screwed up html mail I've seen in a while)02:05
bazhangchatzilla, please stop02:05
=== cabrey is now known as tumble
biker_ratAnyone know how to kill safe graphics mode and go to radeonhd?02:06
ARMENIANrch2: that I know :P . it's jaunty yeah 9.0402:06
chatzillaim having a perfectly normal new york conversation with myself02:06
te_craigbass1976: Print to printer?02:06
kromarmy sound gets muted after every reboot, how can i fix that?02:06
duane1is anyone having any problems playing video on sites like hulu02:06
te_craigbass1976: What mail client are you using?02:06
=== tumble is now known as cabry
mdgDr_Willis: I'm gonna need a tutorial - this is mindboggling02:06
bazhangchatzilla, stay on topic02:06
=== cabry is now known as cabrey
rch2armenian: well, last test, try system/administration/hardware drivers02:06
ARMENIANduane1: it might be adblock plus if you're using it, I had trouble on sites like imdb02:06
craigbass1976te_, I'm outta ink, and it's not my itinery anyway; I'm emailing it back to my neighbor02:06
rch2armenian: see if there are binary drivers available02:06
ARMENIANrch2: I've actually looked there for teh restricted drivers, but nothing ever came up02:07
ARMENIANhere ill look again02:07
scunizikromar: mine does to on intrepid.. I've been looking for a solution for a couple of months.. on mine it's the front and side vol. sliders that get muted02:07
te_craigbass1976: You can't just forward the email?02:07
ARMENIANrch2: nope, nothing there02:07
rch2rch2: please do... I am afraid your graphics performance is what it is.  you are running open-source radeon driver and it basically performs like it does02:07
kromarscunizi: so you havent found a solution?02:08
scunizikromar: nope02:08
rch2armenian: and it doesn't look like your system supports any other drivers02:08
duane1it has been working fine forever... i re-installed last night and it was still working fine... i didn't add any blockers, it just stopped02:08
ARMENIANrch2: hmm, so there's no other driver I can use?02:08
kromarscunizi: man that sucks im also searching a solution for some month now.. and thats not the only problem i have02:08
ARMENIANrch2: like on Windows it runs fine with the driver from ATI02:08
craigbass1976te_, she couldn't get it to print right; format was all screwy.  So I had her forward it to me, I hacked up the html enough to make it usable, then printed to pdf from firefox02:08
rch2armenian: say again, which card uhave?02:08
ARMENIANrch2: ATI radeon x800gt02:09
porter1Anyone else having problems where gnome-panel and firefox start screwing up, and firefox menus end up where gnome-panel menus are supposed to be, and vice versa?02:09
duane1i get a play button icon for all videos on all sites, even banners but most work02:09
te_craigbass1976: So just send the resulting pdf file to her as an attached file..02:09
scunizikromar: what else?02:09
rch2armenian: I think you are already running the "latest and greatest". and your 3d performance is hardware-accelerated within the driver capabilities02:09
te_craigbass1976: Have you lost the file?   You do not know where it is?02:10
rch2armenian: there is another driver, called radeonhd.  it works not as well for me, but it works better for some02:10
porter1Firefox didn't do it for a while, but now it's happening again, and it makes Ubuntu totally annoying to even bother using.02:10
jamiewanMidsummerDawn: yes that limewire prog works fine from that webpage02:10
kromarscunizi: its like some settings dont get saved when rebooting like the music player which i always need to open manually....02:10
AdolaOk, I had a driver I had to compile, for ethernet, I changed Kernel versions from 2.6.28, to 2.6.30...The driver doesn't work anymore.02:10
rskiAdola: you need to recompile it02:10
ARMENIANrch2: well see the reason is a game as simple as tremulous runs slow when i WIndows I could play cs:source great02:10
te_craigbass1976: Do you know the file name? If so, what is the file name?02:10
rch2armenian: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=radeon_vs_radeonhd&num=102:10
rch2armenian: the drivers are very very different on windows and linux02:11
scunizikromar: little niggley things.. frustrating .. sorry I don't have the solution for that one either.02:11
craigbass1976te_, dude, no.  I just needed to make a pdf to email to her.  I didn't know if cups=pdf wasn't working, or if I just didn't know where the files went.  I did not know they went into ~/PDF, as I've never printed with cups-pdf.  I am all set now, as far as I know.  Waiting to hear how it printed02:11
AdolarskiI did...And I got errors like "expected expression before ';' token  And warning 'return' with a value, etc.02:11
porter1ARMENIAN, if you don't have the non-generic drivers installed, things are going to run slow as hel02:11
ARMENIANrch2: yeah i know :) it's odd cause in like previous version of ubuntu that I've tried liek i beleive 8.10 I would get a popup for restricted drivers but not in 9.0402:12
te_craigbass1976: Ok, sorry.02:12
rch2armenian: acknoledge the problem.  they changed stuff in jaunty.  ATI restricted driver no longer runs02:12
ARMENIANporter1: hmm, like compiz runs pretty good, but with games that should run with no problem, they run slowish02:12
rch2porter1: he is running a non-generic ATI driver with hardware acceleration enabled. see http://pastebin.com/m460e240402:12
mase_workARMENIAN: ATI removed support for a whole bunch of cards02:12
=== Kangarooo is now known as Kangarooo|Zzz
craigbass1976te_, no problem.  Thanks though.  Kind of a dumb problem really, I'd just never done it before02:12
ARMENIANhmm, that sucks02:13
te_craigbass1976: Well, you could just open it with your pdf viewer and see how they look.  If it looks ok, it will print ok because pdf is an image format.02:13
porter1rch2, oh. Well, ATI is a horrible company to expect any sort of support for communities02:13
rch2armenian: ATI still hasn't released a binary driver which supports jaunty kernel02:13
mdgfound what I needed for udev rules, but finding info myself is....02:13
JimmioBy installing build-essential on 9.04 x64, it's a 64 bit compiler, right?02:13
ARMENIANso, in the future is there going to better performing driver for ubuntu or am i just going to need to get a nvidia in future?02:13
duane1can anyone out there do me a favor and jump on hulu and see if they can play a video... that way i can know if it's there server.... everyone i have called are away from their pc02:13
kromarwhy do i get this when i try sudo alsactl store 0        E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/kromar not ours.02:14
rch2armenian: i've heard from many people including ubuntu gods recommending nvidia or intel02:14
ARMENIANduane1: here, ill do it02:14
mase_workARMENIAN: erm... well you need to ask ATI really as they are the only ones that know :)02:14
porter1ARMENIAN, unfortunately this is what happens when graphics cards aren't standardized more.02:14
scuniziARMENIAN: ubuntu is waiting for ati to make a driver that is better.. when it's available we'll have it.. in the mean time nvidia02:14
ARMENIANduane1: plays for me fine02:15
Dulakduane1: video loads fine for me02:15
duane1thanks guys02:15
porter1test confirmed02:15
mdganyone know of a good udev rules tutorial for MTP?02:15
daedraporter1: I thought I'd got locked out of IRC02:15
ARMENIANdamnit, I always knew this ATI was an overpriced piece of garbage, can't believe AMD bought it out02:15
scunizimdg: use ubuntuforums to search for mtp or your player.. you should get numerous references on how to get it working.02:16
daedraporter1: oop, I actually have02:16
daedraporter1: it's just I don't have to register to talk on ubuntu02:16
rch2armenian: try radeonhd driver, you can't really lose much02:16
duane1i'll be back... going to try some more....... whatevers02:16
ariqsATI is a far better price for performance02:16
rch2see the link I posted about radeon vs radeonhd drivers02:16
ariqslinux just has shitty ATI drivers02:16
mdgscunizi: thank you.  Yes I did find the rules, but wanted to know how the info was obtained - help file is above my capacity at the moment02:16
scunizidaedra: nope you don't .. however you can't pm if you don't register.02:16
porter1ariqs, the price you pay is what you get for support in drivers :)02:17
ARMENIANrch2: I'm kind of new to all this so I would install it with  xf86-video-ati? but then how would I get it to use that driver02:17
daedrascunizi: I know. I'm a registered user, just changed my password02:17
lucianogphey guys, with FF3.5, a window alert produces a sound (the same drums you hear when you log into the system)... is that an expected behavior?02:17
daedrascunizi: and freenode is not accepting the old on OR the changed one02:17
te_ariqs: The hardware manufacturers should supply the driver software.02:17
te_ariqs: Do you not understand that?02:17
rch2armenian: not quite.  you need to install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd02:17
daedranothing I can do really...02:17
linuxguy2009Does anyone have a workaround for the Gnome - Places bookmarks to hold more than 5?02:17
scunizidaedra: you could ask on #freenode.. they might be able to do something02:17
SecutorUsing a dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu, made the mistake of booting Windows and no longer get grub to choose Ubuntu. Can you point me toward help? Thanks.02:18
ariqste_, perhaps ATI doesn't care about linux?02:18
te_ariqs: Exactly!02:18
scunizilinuxguy2009: you could add a "drawer" to a deskbar and put them there.02:18
rch2armenian: then you need to read up docs for changing your xorg.conf ... 'cause it may not work.  this is a new driver02:18
rch2armenian: also, run glxgear and see what your rate is.  this a standard benchmark for speed02:18
mdgThanks for all the great help tonight!  :) Ubuntu rocks!02:18
ARMENIANrch2: yeah, this might actually even fix the issue I have where I start the computer and it starts in low res randomly sometimes02:19
TwoToneSpiritlucianogp: I noticed that too.02:19
linuxguy2009scunizi: Yeah thats true. But I wonder if there a way with gconf editor to do it.02:19
scunizilinuxguy2009: that I wouldn't know.02:19
ARMENIANrch2: glxgear? is it in the repos?02:19
MidsummerDawnjamiewan: Does it work?02:19
lucianogpTwoToneSpirit: good to know I'm not the only one. Now it'd be great to know if that is how it should work :S02:19
rch2armenian: glxgears.  it's a command in linux.  you probably have it already02:19
lucianogp(and how to deactivate it, because it really bothers me :P)02:20
blah123123when i reboot my box, my raid5 array never comes back up, i always have to messe around with mdadm to get it online. Is there a special song and dance I have to do besides adding the config to the mdadm.conf?02:20
=== cabrey_ is now known as cabrey
ARMENIANrch2: ohh ok gears :P i did it with gear02:20
TwoToneSpiritlucianogp: I don't know if it has been doing it since I upgraded to 3.5final - which version are you using?02:20
rch2armenian: sorry, typo.  what kind of rate are you getting?02:20
ARMENIANrch2: hmm 16720 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3343.920 FPS02:20
craigbass1976te_, hehe, now it won't print becuase the printer itself is screwed up.  She printed something a few minutes ago and everything went berzerk.  I ssh-ed in and killed whatever was spitting out so much paper, but I should have restarted cups probably...02:20
rch2armenian: scratch WHATEVER we told you previously :) your problem isn't driver02:21
lucianogpTwoToneSpirit: the official one from the repos, b402:21
rch2armenian: are you running compiz?02:21
fission6how do i see all available wireless networks available to me in ubuntu02:21
porter1Evidently the drivers are ok :P02:21
ARMENIANrch2: yes, but i kill it before gameplay most times02:21
cabreyARMENIAN, what's your problem/02:21
te_craigbass1976: Tell her to unplug the printer for acouple min. turn off the computer, plug printer back in, restart computer.02:21
porter1fission, click on the wireless tray icon in the top right02:22
rch2armenian: if you kill it, are you sure it dies?  gnome might just restart it02:22
te_craigbass1976: She has MS Windows?02:22
cabreyARMENIAN, you can enable the UXA accelmethod if you want...02:22
craigbass1976te_ sounds like a windows solution.  She's on ubuntu too02:22
ARMENIANcabrey: games that should run fast run slow sometimes02:22
fission6porter1: with the signal bars02:22
porter1fission6, yep02:22
fission6there are all empty "blank"02:22
rch2armenian: what kind of game? can you be specific?02:22
craigbass1976te_, I converted her a couple years ago02:22
fission6i just installed ubuntu, trying to set up wireless02:22
ARMENIANrch2: actually I change it using the fusion-icon :)02:22
ewsubachif you have 2 gpus, is it possible to switch between the two on the fly?02:22
craigbass1976fission6, good luck.  lspci to figure out what kind of card you have02:22
ARMENIANcabrey: how do I turn that on?02:23
rch2armenian: would be nice to check if metacity is actually running then02:23
te_craigbass1976: Does she have correct printer selected?02:23
porter1fission, then either your wireless driver is bad, or there are no visible wireless networks nearby02:23
ARMENIANrch2: tremuluos for instance02:23
te_craigbass1976: Does she have correct driver selected for printer?02:23
fission6porter1: even if i just set up the install? you dont think there is a config or something i need to do02:23
craigbass1976te_, she does.  It' probably something stupid.  My wife is over there now; when she gets home I'll run over and have a look.  It printed fine before now, just a glitch I think.  Is there a way to print this pdf from the command line?02:24
cabreyARMENIAN, it may break your X, so back up your xorg.conf file: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting02:24
te_craigbass1976: She can clear print jobs and try again.  But like I said, unplug the printer for a minute or so.02:24
cabreyrch2, if compiz is running, metacity isn't02:24
porter1fission6, depending on the card you have there might be lots of configuring your going to have to do :)02:24
rch2cabrey: he says he kills compiz02:24
te_craigbass1976: Yes.  lpr file.pdf02:24
dhendrixhow does one go about turning a unified diff into a debian-ized kernel patch?02:24
rch2armenian: UXA is for 2D graphics. your game is 3D using opengl.02:24
cabreyrch2, well UXA fixes the compiz/opengl issue02:24
rch2cabrey: never heard of that, then perhaps worth trying02:25
te_craigbass1976: lprm  will  clear jobs  lpq will show jobs.02:25
ARMENIANrch2: ohh ok then i guess i dont need it02:25
Ollonkanyone here familiar with the dell latitude c400?02:25
OllonkIt's pure evil....02:26
fission6porter1: atheros communications, AR242X02:26
ARMENIANactually let me try something one sec02:26
cabreyrch2, before if you had compiz enabled and ran glxgears, then tried to move the glxgears windows, bad things would happen.02:26
te_craigbass1976: (That is, if the printer in question is set as default printer.)02:26
ariqste_, I just find it fairly ironic that anyone would call ATI overpriced when it has much better price for performance overall. Sure, it has terrible linux drivers, but no one said anyone was stuck to linux02:26
cabreyrch2, UXA fixes that opengl / compiz issue so that you dont have to kill compiz before using opengl apps02:26
te_craigbass1976: It is a good idea to set as default printer even if it is the only one.02:26
craigbass1976te_, lprm not clearing jobs.  hmmmm02:26
craigbass1976te_, it is the default.  Has been for a year anyway02:26
te_ariqs: Problem is that ati has never provided good reliable driver software and that is a part of the problem.02:27
porter1fission6, go to System, administration, and then harware drivers. THe dirver might be in there02:27
rch2cabrey: sounds like a good suggestion, I don't have any others02:27
porter1fission6, you will need to connect to ethernet first though.02:27
ariqslinux isn't a very good gaming OS either anyway02:27
te_ariqs: Sometimes,... you get what you pay for.02:27
fission6why woudlnt it install automatically02:27
ariqsor a very good 3d modeling OS02:27
rch2armenian: I just checked, your  card is too old to run radeonhd driver.  you are stuck with radeon driver (the only one for your R420 hardware)02:27
cabreyrch2, the ubuntu wiki says it is unstable for intel chips, not sure about other hardware tho =V02:27
rch2armenian: try to follow cabrey advice,I haven't used it myself so I can't tell02:28
ARMENIANrch2: ohh :( its okay let me see im gonna play with it see what happens02:28
te_ariqs: nvidia provides better support, so.... there you go.02:28
porter1fission6, because it might be proprietary software, which Ubuntu is not allowed to distribute02:28
ARMENIANyeah I will try it02:28
craigbass1976te_, wel, between me restarting cups and clearing out garbage jobs, it printed.  I guess they were trying to print while I was runn lprm.02:28
rch2cabrey, armenian: google found a good bug report on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/9699102:28
porter1fission6, only drivers that the manufacturers make open source are included in base ubuntu.02:28
te_craigbass1976: very good02:28
JimmioWho just said Ubuntu is bad for gaming and 3D modelling?! I am making a game engine as we speak in Ubuntu, and Blender, Wings3D, k-3D, etc. all work very well.02:29
craigbass1976te_, yeah, now I can stay home.  Woot!02:29
porter1Jimmio, yes there are some great 3D programs and games, but mainstream gamecompanies rarly publish on Linux.02:29
te_Jimmio: ariqs was the one02:29
ariqste_ sure, ATI could make better drivers, but I still get far more power for the dollar with ATI02:30
OllonkApparently I have no framebuffers.... and I'm running jaunty02:30
porter1And games on Linux unfortunately are either poor art quality or have very little direction other than needing to clone a windows game02:30
te_ariqs: But if the driver software is not there, what do you have?02:31
ariqsJimmio, Blender is not a good modeling program02:31
porter1ariqs, you are wrong.02:31
ariqste_ a need to goto windows02:31
te_ariqs: ATI could make better drivers and if they did, it would be a different story.02:31
te_ariqs: Yes, maybe you need to use MS.02:32
ariqsporter1, I'm not much of a 3d artist, but I have friend that are, and they all claim blender is poor quality.02:32
ariqsfriend - friends02:32
porter1ariqs, if you haven't used it, you don't know ;)02:32
ariqsand I know from first hand that ubuntu makes a poor gaming OS :) I'm ok with that. It has its own strengths02:33
Jimmioariqs: It is a very good modeling program. Excellent. I use it professionally and it works perfect.02:33
porter1Most artists don't like it because they don't understand the workflow (because they are coming from windows), but in truth it is probably the most awesome 3d modeling program created.02:33
ariqsporter1, I've used it02:33
ariqsporter1: as well as maya, lightwave and 3dsmax02:34
ariqsthey're much better02:34
Jimmioariqs: It's also a great gaming OS. Many times faster than Windows. Problem is, the stupid corporate execs don't see a point in supporting it.02:34
ariqsbut I haven't used it enough to know all the subtleties, and my 3d artist friends have. So I divert to their judgement02:34
JimmioThey're worse actually ariqs. I've used them all, and Blender is the one I like the most. Can you make a game inside any of them?02:34
porter1ariqs, yeah everyone has their own opinions about the best workflow.02:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:34
Jimmioariqs: Blender, yes.02:34
ariqswith windows 7 upgrade costing $50, however, I'm fairly apathetic ;)02:35
Jimmioariqs: Only $50?! Where'd you see that? It's $400 for Ultimate... again..02:35
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whileimhereHi. I have been googleing my issue but no luck really. I have a laptop with a wireless card. It was working fine for 2 years until about last week and all of a sudden my signal keeps dropping off and the only way to get it back was to reboot. Anyone have any ideas?02:38
rch2whileimhere: which card is that?02:39
whileimhereI am not sure02:39
whileimherehow can I find it?02:39
whileimherein the terminal02:39
^Einsteinwhileimhere: you might try lspci02:39
rch2whileimhere: actually u wanna look in system/administration/hardware drivers02:39
whileimhereI found this under lspci - RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01)02:40
alkasmolikhow can i find my usb transfer rate from command line?02:40
=== dmb_ is now known as dmb
sam555how does one run startx in ubuntu server?02:40
whileimhereunder hardware drivers it tells me that there are no proprietary drivers in use02:40
rch2whileimhere: sounds like your card is supported out of box.02:41
whileimhererch2 I thought it was02:41
whileimhereIts been fine for years02:42
etzerdhello everyone02:42
whileimhereI got bumped02:43
etzerdcan anyone here tell me what is the difference between Ubuntu and LinuxMint? because I heard it is a copy of Ubuntu.02:43
Hilikuswhy is brasero a dependency for banshee??02:43
sam555or is there another graphic desktop program for ubuntu server?02:43
mattgyverhow can i output the log of a script, i want to see where its failing02:43
mattgyverhow can i log the output*02:44
OllonkCan anyone give me a hand or an answer to my problem? (or an attempt, for that matter)02:44
pyrohotdogglxinfo | grep direct says "yes" but when I try and enable desktop effects it doesn't work?02:44
Hilikusmattgyver: you should see it when you call the script02:44
mattgyverHilikus, it spits out so much i cant scroll up high enough, its just whiping it off the screen02:45
OllonkI've been working for several hours trying to get a Splash boot to work and with no luck02:45
Hilikusmattgyver: maybe try script &> logs02:45
OllonkI think it's because I have no framebuffer02:45
Hilikusmattgyver: oh i see, try what i said or pipe it to less: script | less02:45
Ollonkand I need human help to set up a frame buffer or to get shot down :D02:46
jonathancwHi, I'm, having an issue with installing ubuntu.  The installation works properly, but when it trys to reboot , I dont see grub.  I have Raid Mirroring but I dont understand whats happening.  Can anyone assist?02:47
ARMENIANcabrey: maybe u know solution to this, I disabled compiz and turned on metacity, but after trying to play cs 1.6 with wine, it crashed into a low res ubuntu desktop02:47
cabreyARMENIAN, did you enable UXA?02:48
ARMENIANcabrey: no, haven't done that yet02:48
ARMENIANcabrey: I mean the game didnt start at all, I just saw the main background of teh game and bam it crashed02:48
cabreyARMENIAN, can you just reboot and see if it will solve? i know its generic, but sometimes that goes a long way :)02:49
mdgI made a udev rule for my Samsung YP-U3 and a directory /media/samsung - how to I get the samsung to mount to that directory so I can work with files?02:49
ARMENIANcabrey: yeah, but I was wondering whether you knew a solution to getting the game working :P I know rebooting will solve the res problem :P02:49
fotoflohey all02:50
ariqsJimmio, That's the the cost of windows 7 home premium pre-ordered with free shipping from newegg, as well as many other places02:50
cabreyARMENIAN, try running it in a window02:50
ariqshome premium, upgrade02:50
mdgI made a udev rule for my Samsung YP-U3 and a directory /media/samsung - how to I get the samsung to mount to that directory so I can work with files?02:50
jonathancwAnyone have any idea?02:50
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foguswhat version of ubuntu server should I get for the intel e8400 processor?  amd64?02:51
jonathancwHi, I'm, having an issue with installing ubuntu.  The installation works properly, but when it trys to reboot , I dont see grub.  I have Raid Mirroring but I dont understand whats happening.  Can anyone assist?02:51
bastid_raZormdg; what location did you give it in /dev/?02:51
mdg?... ahhhh...02:52
ProfessorXHi, when I do yum install mysql, it can't find the package.02:52
mdgbastid_raZor: I guess I didn't yet02:52
Flare183ProfessorX: Don't you mean apt-get?02:52
JStullickjonathancw: Your RAID array is two identical drives that mirror each other?02:52
jonathancwYes JStullick02:53
ProfessorXFlare183, I tried with apt-get too02:53
ProfessorXIsn't apt-get and yum same thing?02:53
jonathancwJStullick: They asre identical02:53
Flare183ProfessorX: No02:53
fotoflohmm, to use truecrypt, it seems I have a working X server... im running ubuntu server - what should I use to create an encrypted space?02:53
fotoflomount an encrypted volume?02:53
mdgbastid_raZor: how would I go about that?02:53
JStullickjonathancw: Okay02:53
Cosmo1 I am having a problem my keyboard layout keeps changing from dvorak back to qwerty even though I have removed the qwerty layout and it seems at random times it goes back to qwerty and I have to run setxkbmap dvorak in a launcher. How do I fix this so that it stays dvorak? I am noticing a slight pause in my system when it happens.02:53
ProfessorXOk so I do sudo apt-get install mysql It gives me this E: Couldn't find package mysql02:54
Flare183ProfessorX: That's because you need to type mysql-server02:54
Patrickaaaahey how do i open an application that was stored on another account02:54
ARMENIANcabrey: I just logged out and back in, as for starting in windowed mode, I think I need to get teh game to start up to do that :P02:54
JStullickjonathancw: Try this; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20878802:54
Flare183Patrickaaaa: Open it with root02:54
bastid_raZormdg; that i don't know. normally when you plug in a device 'dmesg' will record its /dev/location .. unplug your device..wait a few seconds plug it back in. type dmesg tail  .. you should get some output of where it is02:54
foguscan ubuntu use RPM?02:55
YoucefCosmo1: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup ?02:55
Patrickaaaai cant locate it02:55
ARMENIANProfessorX: sudo apt-get install mysql-server02:55
ProfessorXFlare183, thanks man <302:55
Flare183Patrickaaaa: gksudo nautilus02:55
Flare183ProfessorX: Np02:55
Cosmo1Youcef: I tried that it didnt seem to work of course it didnt give me an option to choose the layout in that02:56
Patrickaaaaok now what? after that flair02:56
Flare183fogus: Yes, its not recommended02:56
binarysoloany c++ programmers in the house02:56
tlyuProfessorX: apt-cache search mysql (or similar) may be helpful in the future for related problems finding the appropriate package for some piece of software.02:56
Flare183Patrickaaaa: goto the root folder and double click on the folder "home"02:56
YoucefCosmo1: tried "setxkbmap dvorak" aswell ?02:56
Ellementwhen connecting remotely to a windows box i cant exit fullscreen without having to logoff, is there a shortcut i can use?02:56
fogusFlare183: does apt-get use rpm to do package management?02:56
Flare183fogus: Nope02:56
ProfessorXAhh, something failed02:56
ProfessorXinvoke-rc.d: initscript apparmor, action "force-reload" failed.02:57
fogusFlare183: would you recommend ubuntu for a file server or should I try debian?02:57
Patrickaaaatheres no home in root02:57
Flare183fogus: Ubuntu all the way02:57
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:57
thesandmanCan anyone tell me what are flags?02:57
Flare183Patrickaaaa: you didn't understand what I said goto the file system (file system = root02:57
fogusFlare183: what makes you say that?02:57
mdgbastid_raZor: it keeps changing between usbdev4.1 and usbdev5.1 with a "faled cmd mtpfs rqt128 rq6....02:57
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)02:57
ProfessorXWhy did something fail when I install mysql-server? invoke-rc.d: initscript apparmor, action "force-reload" failed.02:57
fotoflohello, is anyone familiar with ecryptfs-utils ?02:58
Cosmo1Youcef: thats what I have to do to get it back every time it switches to qwerty I even made a launcher to do it because it is happening so often02:58
Flare183ProfessorX: Because something is wrong with apparmor02:58
bastid_raZormdg; i do not know the answer for that.02:58
ProfessorXSo nothing I need to worry about?02:58
PatrickaaaaHow do i get into file system02:58
Flare183Patrickaaaa: Look on the left side02:58
mdgokay thanks bastid_raZor02:58
TwoToneSpirit!super cow powers02:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:58
ProfessorXFlare183: I don't have to worry about that error then?02:58
Flare183ProfessorX: You shouldn't, no02:59
ProfessorXOk thanks man02:59
kbpdoes anyone know why Samba on Ubuntu Server (Jaunty) need to open both port 139 and 445? Can I close one of them?02:59
TwoToneSpiritEllement:  The RDP question?  I have also wondered that.  Not sure.02:59
Flare183Patrickaaaa: Dude, just press the up button02:59
JStullickEllement: Using Ubuntu RDP?02:59
scott_ino2Anyone have experience with high resolution/high framerate webcams?02:59
ARMENIANcabrey: actually I just set it to open windowed and all that happens is it crashes02:59
EllementTwoToneSpiri: yeh rdp02:59
JStullickEllement: Cant you just Alt+Tab or whatever out of it?03:00
ProfessorXWhy am I getting this error when I do ./cofigure? configure: error: zlib library not found or incompatible, please specify the correct path with --with-zlib=DIR... stopping03:00
JStullickOr would that run Alt+Tab on the RDP connected box.03:00
Mike_lifeguardHow can I convert my ext3 filesystem to ext4?03:00
Patrickaaaadamn this is weird03:00
Flare183!language | Patrickaaaa03:00
ubottuPatrickaaaa: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:00
YoucefCosmo1: In xorg.conf you have option "XkbLayout".. add "dvorak" there to see if that solves it.03:00
Flare183!ext4 | Mike_lifeguard (this might help)03:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext403:00
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org03:01
Mike_lifeguardFlare183: Let's TRY to be reasonable with !language03:01
Ollonkcan anyone here help me with frame buffers03:01
ProfessorXWhy am I getting this error when I do ./cofigure? configure: error: zlib library not found or incompatible, please specify the correct path with --with-zlib=DIR... stopping03:01
* Flare183 is a Ubuntu IRC Op Helper (I know what I'm doing :P)03:01
bastid_raZorMike_lifeguard; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ConvertFilesystemToExt403:01
Mike_lifeguardbastid_raZor: thanks03:01
Mike_lifeguardFlare183: good for you, but you're still wrong 9.903:01
OllonkFlare183, can you help me? :D03:02
Flare183Mike_lifeguard: Read the rules03:02
ProfessorXCan we stop arguing please and start helping me xD?03:02
Flare183Ollonk: I wish I could, but I'm a software person. not hardware >< Sorry03:02
Flare183ProfessorX: Install the package zlib-dev03:02
Ollonkthanks anyway03:02
bastid_raZorMike_lifeguard; although when you convert you lose some of the benefits. a reinstall on a freshly partitioned ext4 is the preferred route.03:02
Flare183ProfessorX: That should fix that03:02
Mike_lifeguardProfessorX: You need to install zlib; if it is installed already then specify it's location with --with-zlib=/path/to/zlib03:02
bcProfessorX: install zlib1g-dev03:02
svudhhow to install printer?03:03
Mike_lifeguardbastid_raZor: Yes, my root partition is native ext4; I want to convert /home now03:03
svudhhelp me plz03:03
JStullicksvudh: CUPS03:03
Flare183!printer | svudh03:03
ubottusvudh: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:03
fotoflois anyone here familiar with encryptfs?03:03
ProfessorXE: Couldn't find package zlib-dev03:03
bastid_raZorMike_lifeguard; ahh.. well do enjoy then.03:03
bcProfessorX: you spelled it wrong03:03
ProfessorXI did? How you spell it?03:04
bcProfessorX: zlib1g-dev03:04
Ollonkspecifically it's the boot splash screen03:04
Cosmo1Youcef: in my xorg.conf there is no XkbLayout section in fact everything but the monitor and vid card options say "# commented out by update-manager, HAL is now used"03:04
svudhI still cant do it man03:04
Flare183ProfessorX: Do what bc is saying, he is perfectly correct03:04
JStullicksvudh: On Server or Desktop?03:04
JStullicksvudh: What brand printer?03:05
Flare183I'm going to get on my Laptop03:05
kromarwhy does my asound.state always get reseted on reboot? wtf is this?03:05
ProfessorXWhy when I do clean sql I get, MySQL not found or disabled by the configure script03:05
ProfessorXmake: *** [needs_mysql] Error 103:05
JStullicksvudh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15198103:05
JStullicksvudh: Actually go here; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18483803:06
bcProfessorX: are you compiling php or something?03:06
svudhwhen i start printing in administration nothing response03:06
ProfessorXNope I was compiling mysql03:06
ProfessorXI need to do make sql after i did make clean03:06
fotoflook, seems no one knows about encryptfs here... can anyone point me to a good users and groups commands overview for ubuntu?03:07
bcProfessorX: I can't help with that error. Is there any reason you want to compile mysql?03:07
ProfessorXI'm setting up a gaming server that uses mysql tables03:07
ProfessorXI need to set up mysql on Ubuntu server03:07
bcProfessorX: sudo apt-get install mysql-server03:08
ProfessorXOk, thanks bro. I be back if I have any more questions03:08
ProfessorX<3 you guys03:08
tlyuProfessorX: is there some reason you wish to compile mysql from source rather than using the package?03:08
=== Flare183_ is now known as Flare-Laptop
bc.. was going to also introduce you to `apt-cache search` but I'm talking to myself now03:09
fogusshould I use MV RAID or LVM to manage 16 @ 1TB hard drives on a file server?  (planning...)03:09
tlyubc: i already mentioned that earlier...03:09
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ProfessorXOk I'm back. When I try to open a folder on VNCviewer, it just doesn't open and just refresh the current page.03:10
emetanyone know a hex editor gtk+ ?03:10
ProfessorXUsing ultravnc03:10
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FloodBot2cwe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:11
SuborbitalPigeonSpacePigeon: have fun03:12
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ProfessorXWhen I double click a folder with files in it, it doesn't show me the files in it. It directs me to the file system folder.03:14
=== Guest29644 is now known as grrr
=== Flare-Laptop is now known as Flare183
svudhstill cant do it, ok stop talking about that. oh gotta go bye03:15
ProfessorXSame thing happens when I double click on afolder in the file system folder. It just refreshes the page.03:15
grrrhey guys, my sound works fine but i cant get sound when using flash for like youtube videos...any ideas?03:15
Patrickaaaahow do i access a root file03:16
sagemodePatrickaaaa: use sudo to the command prompt or allow admin login on your login window setup then put passwd on root03:16
grrrpatrickaaaa: i usually go sudo nautilus and it brings up a file browser that has access to any files03:17
sagemodePatrickaaaa: Then dont forget to change not to allow admin login when your finish03:17
PatrickaaaaGGGrrr i trade that but nothing happen03:17
grrrany ideas on my flash sound issue guys?03:17
gizmobayDoes anyone know how I can make changes to the /etc/asound.conf take effect without rebooting or logging out and in?03:17
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Patrickaaaa can log as root i just dont know where its located03:18
sagemodeSystem->Login Window03:18
mubuHey guys is there anyway to control the volume of individual apps in ubuntu 9.04? Ive heard of pulse audio volume control.. is it in the default repositories?03:18
=== wolter is now known as SpacePigeon
sagemodePatrickaaaa: System-> Login Window03:18
Patrickaaaai dont have that03:19
Patrickaaaaim on backtrack03:19
sagemodePatrickaaaa: ?so what are you using terminal->shell or shell or gui?03:19
DulakUgh.  Yeah that's logical, I run distro A, but I"ll go to the channel for distro B and ask my question.03:20
Patrickaaaai have a gui03:20
sagemodegnome? kde?03:20
Patrickaaaaand terminat03:20
sagemodePatrickaaaa: ?gnome? kde?03:20
Patrickaaaasagemode,  KDE03:20
sagemodePatrickaaaa: Aw KDE, lets ask the KDE users...?03:21
Patrickaaaaoh ok03:21
centrikhey all!  Does anyone have a few minutes to help walk me (complete ubuntu/linux) through installing an app packaged as .tar.gz?  I've tried like 3-4 guides on the internet, and I'm having trouble.03:21
Patrickaaaais there somekind of comand i can press03:21
sagemodePatrickaaaa: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6108703:23
sagemodePatrickaaaa: Don't forget to change your setting back when you finish... very dangerous to allow root: and don't forget to add password to root03:24
mubuHey guys is there anyway to control the volume of individual apps in ubuntu 9.04? Ive heard of pulse audio volume control.. is it in the default repositories?03:25
fryguymubu: pulseaudio is installed by default03:25
Patrickaaaamy menu disapeared03:25
Patrickaaaathe one that shows where all the settings are03:25
bruenigmubu: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio03:25
Patrickaaaalike the start menue03:25
Patrickaaaahow do i get it back03:25
mubufryguy yeah, but the volume control does not control individual apps, atleast not by default03:25
sagemodePatrickaaaa: did you follow the forum?03:25
Patrickaaaano not yte03:26
centrikhey all!  Does anyone have a few minutes to help walk me (complete ubuntu/linux) through installing an app packaged as .tar.gz?  I've tried like 3-4 guides on the internet, and I'm having trouble.03:26
fryguymubu: it does if you configure it too03:26
Patrickaaaasomethippendng ha03:26
UbubeginTheres something wrong with my thumdrive... I cant delete anything or copy anything in.. I get this..03:26
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions03:26
Ububeginsudo rm -rf Heroes/03:26
Ububeginrm: cannot remove directory `Heroes/': Read-only file system03:26
nerdsharkcentrik: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ABS_-_The_Arch_Build_System03:26
UbubeginShould i format my thumdrive03:26
mubufryguy, how can i configure it to do so?03:26
fryguymubu: i just gave you a link03:27
nerdsharkUbubegin: there's probably a read/write switch somewhere on your drive03:27
pie-not-highhey, i used vga=ask and it lists the resolutions that i can chose but it gives me small resolution choices like 80x25. the largest possible choice is 640x480 16bit mode. my monitors maximum resolution is 1024x768 and i have an intel 845g/gl chipset. why cant i chose 1024x768 resolution?03:27
brando_v3Hello, is it possible to remove ubuntu from my computer? Also, I didn't mount it. I burned it via a CD.03:27
nerdsharkpie-not-high: you arent using the correct display driver03:27
fryguymubu: or just install pavucontrol to get an interface for it03:27
bruenigbrando_v3: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Archbootstrap03:27
brando_v3Alright, thanks.03:27
sagemodeAny KDE Users Help Patrickaaaa03:28
Patrickaaaaill brb03:28
Ububeginnerdshark: there isnt any... it is just a normal thumdrive03:28
pie-not-highim using intel 2.4 drivers. i put "intel" in driver section of Device03:28
[STD]BlazeHey, what are the advantages of using Ubuntu over Windows?03:28
nerdsharkPatrickaaaa: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Startup_files03:28
sagemode[STD]Blaze: Freedom03:28
brando_v3bruenig: What is that?03:28
[STD]BlazeDefine freedom please.03:28
stealth-!offtopic | [STD]Blaze03:29
ubottu[STD]Blaze: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:29
Dulak[STD]Blaze: you actually need a reason beyond the price difference?03:29
stealth-[STD]Blaze: thats not a support question, and is seen as trolling by alot of people03:29
manowar721haha the bot is ubottu, lol   ...sorry first time on channel, thats funny03:29
grrrhey can anyone help me get flash sound in firefox?03:29
[STD]Blazeheard you the first time.03:29
brando_v3Hello, is it possible to remove ubuntu from my computer? Also, I didn't mount it. I burned it via a CD. bruenig's answer is quite odd. Thanks!03:29
iluminator101hal-addon-stor is periodicly taking up too cpu power ?03:30
jhusseinhey guys, i wanted some help with php. I just built and configured php 5.3, it installed and it works, but i cant get it to work with apache, its still using php
nerdsharkbrando_v3: do you have a cup in your drink holder?03:31
jhusseincould someone point me in the right direction? new to ubuntu / linux03:31
giacoI've just switched back from xfce to gnome ... I love font smoothing03:31
brando_v3nerdshark: I don't have a drink holder with me.03:31
gksmithlcw|LinuxSo has anyone found a solution to the HP dv series audio problems??03:31
nerdsharkbrando_v3: there's one on front of your computer03:31
brando_v3nerdshark: No, there is nothing in front of my computer. Is this sarcasm?03:32
manowar721brando_v3: its your cd drive =D03:32
brando_v3Ok, then yes there is a drink holder03:32
nerdsharkjhussein: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LAMP03:32
jhusseini already have php running tho, its about upgrading, i cant get it to use the new build/.03:33
mubuHey guys im trying to install something through synaptic but it tells me to put the ubuntu cd in /cdrom/ i only have the iso, not the actual cd so I mount the iso with gmount-iso and select to mount it in /cdrom/ but it mounts to /cdrom0/ instead and synaptic keeps on asking me to put the cd in /cdrom/. How can i fix this? Thanks03:33
iluminator101Can someone please point me to why hal-addon-stor is taking up a lot cpu usage?03:33
nerdsharkmaybe mod_php hasnt been updated03:34
nerdsharkbut i dont know anything about php+apache03:34
ProfessorXIs it possible to install WAMPSERVER on Ubuntu?03:34
jhusseinoh damn03:34
jhusseinW = WIndows.03:34
FloodBot2jhussein: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:34
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:34
ProfessorXAre all the ports open on Ubuntu?03:34
iMatter<iMatter> Erm..i was in the middle of a skype call03:35
iMatter<iMatter> and then all of the sudden my Mic stopped working03:35
iMatter<iMatter> i exited relaunched no avail ctrl + alt + backspace...no avail03:35
iMatter<iMatter> killed pulseaudio..03:35
iMatter<iMatter> gave up then i eventually tried the mic on another computer03:35
FloodBot2iMatter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:35
iMatter<iMatter> and it worked flawlessly03:35
jhusseinnerdshark, it is the case that mod_php hasnt been updated ibelieve but i dont know where the new one would be.03:35
brando_v3Hello, is it possible to remove ubuntu from my computer? Also, I didn't mount it. I burned it via a CD.03:35
fryguyProfessorX: yes, ubuntu doesn't have any firewall enabled by default03:35
mubuHey guys im trying to install something through synaptic but it tells me to put the ubuntu cd in /cdrom/ i only have the iso, not the actual cd so I mount the iso with gmount-iso and select to mount it in /cdrom/ but it mounts to /cdrom0/ instead and synaptic keeps on asking me to put the cd in /cdrom/. How can i fix this? Thanks03:35
kbpsorry for this noob question but can anyone tell me what terminal comes up with Ubuntu Desktop thank you?03:36
fryguymubu: just edit your sources list to not use the disc03:36
gksmithlcw|LinuxI'll take that as a 'no'... Bummer...03:36
fryguykbp: gnome-terminal03:36
kbpthank yoy fryguy03:36
sebsebseb!info ubuntu-desktop03:36
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.140 (jaunty), package size 28 kB, installed size 56 kB03:36
mubufryguy will try that, thanks03:36
manowar721jhussein: have you tried reloading apache from the command line? ie. sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload ?03:36
sebsebsebkbp: Firefox,  Open Office,   Gnome,   and such03:36
kbppackage size 28kB --> ??? does it mean Ubuntu Desktop System is just 28kB?03:37
jhusseinmanowar721: i just did. didnt work.03:37
fryguykbp: no, ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage03:37
sebsebsebkbp: what are you currently running?03:37
jhusseinmanowar721: i built the php libraries myself following a tutorial, not really knowledgeable with linux / ubuntu. but php seems to work in CLI (php -v)03:38
Dulakkbp: it's a metapackage, it's a package with a list of other packages to install03:38
kbpsebsebseb: Ubuntu Server with Openbox to run a light browser with flash content 24/2403:38
manowar721jhussein: the reload failed?03:38
fryguyjhussein: so then change apache conf to point to your newly compiled php binary and libraries03:38
kbpI've got it thanx Dulak :)03:38
fryguyjhussein: custom compiled code = outside of the scope of ubuntu = not gonna get tech support in here03:38
iMatterCould anyone help me with this problem: http://clububuntu.pastebin.com/f7bbc9f7c03:38
jhusseinoh damn, i really need php 5.3 but i dont see any packages for it, trying to setup a dev server03:39
jhusseinmy compiled code doesnt seem to have any .so's03:39
fryguyjhussein: 5.3 was released like, less than a week ago. if you want to track bleeding edge packages, pick a distribution that has that as part of it's philosophy03:39
jhussein=( just need to develop on php 5.3 for a upcoming project03:40
jhusseinalright well thanks anyways, il try to figure it out i suppose, or just fail and install wamp locally03:40
manowar721jhussein: have you looked at this site? => http://phpmelb.org/articles/installing-php-53/03:42
iMatterI need Help with a skype/mic problem: http://chrisklassen.deviantart.com/art/Hamster-Trainer-6775068503:43
iMatterwrong link >.>03:43
thedarkonei had a wierd problem03:43
JStullickIs there a way to test sendmail from the command line?03:43
iMatterI need help with a skype/mic problem: http://clububuntu.pastebin.com/f7bbc9f7c03:43
thedarkonei had to underclock my cpu to install linux03:43
fryguyJStullick: telnet localhost 2503:44
thedarkoneis that sometimes normal03:44
fryguyJStullick: refer to the RFC if you need information about the protocol03:44
fryguyJStullick: or grab a MUA such as mstmp and hook it up to mutt or mail or mailx and use that03:44
fryguyJStullick: or just connect mail, mailx, or mutt directly to sendmail as MTA03:44
juliosplease help install tv ati radeon 9600 jaunty03:45
grrrhey im still trying to solve my problem with flash sound in firefox...video plays fine but there is not sound....im ussing oss403:45
KevanBarleyToday I upgraded Ubuntu, as usual, but the process upgraded over a hundred packages (usually it's about ten).  Now Ubuntu doesn't seem to acknowledge my monitor's resolution capabilities.  It came up as 720x400 (unusable) and the highest I could go was 1024x768.  I don't guess that you can troubleshoot it in a chat room, but I'm wondering if this is a known issue?03:45
ProfessorXWhy am I getting this error when I'm tryint to install php?  ¦ ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using  password: yes).03:46
fryguyKevanBarley: make sure dkms upgraded your video driver correctly, and make sure the correct video driver is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log,  specify a custom /etc/X11/xorg.conf if necessary03:46
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fryguyProfessorX: that's mysql, not php03:47
KevanBarleyThanks, fryguy.03:47
fryguyProfessorX: and it's because mysql hasn't been configured for login yet, consult one of the million+ guides available on the topic03:48
julios please help install tv ati radeon 9600 jaunty03:48
JStullickI used telnet to connect to localhost 25 and used my good 'ole smtp commands to send a message but I haven't received it and I did not get an error. It's not in spam folder either.03:49
=== James_Meadows is now known as [Bl]aze
ewleranybody knows how to install my ati radeon 9200 driver in ubuntu?03:50
fryguyjulios: to install a video card, find the screw to remove the side panel from your computer, identify the correct slot (agp, pci, or pci-express) and place the card in, making sure to apply firm pressure, then screw into place.  If you already have a video card, unscrew and replace with the new card using the same procedure03:50
wolfgangim trying to use vsftpd im running ubuntu.. i am able to log in fine03:50
wolfgangbut i cant do any file transfers... i edited to .conf to alllo wwrites and local logins03:50
ewleranybody knows how to install my ati radeon 9200 driver in ubuntu?03:50
pnoteslove Ubuntu! why did I waste so much time with Windo$e... I'll never know03:50
JStullickwolfgang: Are you using anonymous login or authenticated?03:50
wolfgangauthenticated.. i also changed the .conf to not allow anonymous logins03:51
ewlerlspci -nn | grep VGA03:51
ewlerbrings up this03:51
ewler03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] [1002:5c61] (rev 01)03:51
fryguywolfgang: and does the user vsftpd is running as have write permission to the directory?03:51
fryguywolfgang: recursively to root?03:52
buttons840I have a SSH connection to a server, i know how to use scp and send files from my computer to the server, but how can i bring a file from the server to my computer?03:52
ugliefrogCan anyone tell me how to fix this flash bug in Firefox driving me nuts03:52
ewler03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] [1002:5c61] (rev 01)03:52
fryguybuttons840: use scp, but backwards03:52
wolfgangim not too sure abut that fryguy03:52
theshadowhow do I prevent a specific service from starting up?03:52
fryguybuttons840: just specify server first03:52
theshadowat boot03:52
Hilikusdoes anyone know if banshee can talk to coherence? or to ampache, i was told it can be done with coherence but i don't know how to connect banshee wtih coherence03:52
buttons840fryguy, i send by using scp file user@     what is the "backwards" version of that?03:52
fryguybuttons840: scp user@ localfile03:53
buttons840fryguy, thanks.  i guess i can look at the man page as well, but thanks again03:53
Youcefewler: I haven't got a ATI card myself, but have you tried to see if this guid will bring you on the right track? http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Installation_Guide03:54
wolfgangrecursively to root ..hpw do i do that fryuy03:55
fryguyno idea03:55
ewler03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M9+ 5C61 [Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP)] [1002:5c61] (rev 01)03:56
wolfgangsomebody in here might now03:56
CarlFK1will removing  openoffice.org-base-core get rid off all these OO packages:  http://dpaste.com/62739/03:56
CarlFK1hi agc03:57
agci just changed my motherboard, and now grub does not recognize my keyboard03:57
fryguyagc: #hardware03:57
scuniziagc: is it a usb keyboard?03:57
agcyes usb03:57
agcbut when i use a ps2 adapter it didnt recognize either03:57
scuniziagc: did you enable the usb keyboard option in the bios?03:57
ewlerthanks I'll try that03:58
agcno i havent touched the bios, ok thx ill go have a look there that is probably the issue03:58
JimmioHello all, anyone here have experience writing Makefiles? I've been looking for a long time now to get a script working over a couple directories with simple variables containing the sources and objects... and I can't figure out how to get "./src/" at the beginning of every source file in the variable... any help would be awesome.04:00
fryguyJimmio: #linux04:01
Naddixcould anyone help with a dcc issue in chat04:01
fryguy!ask | Naddix04:01
ubottuNaddix: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:01
billybigrigger!seen drs30504:02
ubottuI have no seen command04:02
scuniziNaddix: you have to open the right ports in your router and direct them to your machine.. I don't know what the ports are.04:02
Naddixyes they are all open04:02
ProfessorXWhy am I getting this error?  ¦ ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using      ¦04:02
ProfessorX ¦ password: YES)04:02
Abstylergood morning together04:02
Naddixtrust me04:02
Naddixim here with user noguitar04:02
scuniziNaddix: you also have to be registered with freenode04:02
fryguyProfessorX: it's because mysql hasn't been configured for login yet, consult one of the million+ guides available on the topic04:02
Naddixwe can send files one way and not the other04:03
art_hello all04:03
scuniziNaddix: you mean from you to them but not the other way?04:03
ProfessorXfryguy: Which guide helps me configue mysql?04:03
Naddixi think his username is register through me04:03
fryguyProfessorX: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+mysql&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a04:03
art_Newb here, just trying to learn04:04
scuniziNaddix: he can't be registered through you unless he's using one of your registered nicks and pass..04:04
Naddixhe is04:04
Naddixcause i did it for him04:04
scuniziNaddix: ask in #freenode04:04
ProfessorXThank you fryguy.04:04
Naddixhow about though u said that, if works one way but not the other04:04
Naddixcause that is whats going on04:05
fryguyNaddix: then somebodies firewall is blocking traffic04:05
halberdhow do I start a program on boot in a specific desktop?04:05
fryguyhalberd: check out devilspie04:05
Naddixfryguy i can assure that ports are open04:05
Naddixunless ubuntu is blocking ports all is open04:05
fryguyNaddix: in both direcions?04:05
fryguyNaddix: not being a NAT ?04:06
Naddixudp tcp04:06
scuniziNaddix: from a windows machine to linux or vice verse?04:06
Naddixwindows to linux can transfer04:06
Naddixlinux to windows we cant04:06
scuniziNaddix: then you also have to contend with the windows software firewall04:06
ProfessorXfryguy: I follow the information on the first link. I ran the commands they said and still getting the exact same error...04:06
JimmioNaddix: I had this issue before. I opened the ports on my router and nothing happened. I had to get Ubuntu to open the ports before it worked (Remote Desktop)04:06
Naddixyes we turned off windows firewall to assure it04:06
fryguyProfessorX: so then consult mysql's actual documentation for how to create a user, since you messed up the installation procedure04:07
Naddixubuntu dosnt block ports by default do they04:07
CarlFK1Naddix: do both machines have public IP's?04:07
scuniziNaddix: does it also have norton or mcafee? or something else?04:07
JimmioNaddix: I never installed Linux Firewall on my server, yet it's there. So it might.04:07
CarlFK1Naddix: Ubuntu does not block ports04:07
Naddixiptables is installed but never configured to block ports04:08
fryguyubuntu defaults to a default accept (almost) everything rule04:08
CarlFK1Jimmio: what are you talking about?04:08
Naddixi do know this its so werid04:08
fryguyNaddix: pastebin ifconfig of the linux machine04:08
JimmioNaddix: CarlFK1: Sorry, it's not activated, but is installed. My bad =\04:09
=== TheQ_ is now known as TheQ
art_can anyone help with ps3 issues?04:10
* gksmithlcw|Linux would really like to have working audio.04:10
fryguy!ask | art_04:10
ubottuart_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:10
halberdthanks fryguy04:10
Naddixjimmio u want to see ifconfig04:10
CarlFK1Naddix: me too :)04:10
DarkMage26I can't get my machine to produce 5.1 surround sound. Can only see the 2 main channels.04:10
CarlFK1Naddix: http://dpaste.com04:11
pnotesQ: my mouse is very fast/sensitive even with the slowest settings in Prefs > Mouse.... is there a config file I can tweak to make it even slower?04:11
bin1010I had a new version of a program come out today and botch some stuff up.  Is there a way to go back to the previous version?04:11
fryguyDarkMage26: are you reproducing content that is actually 5.1?04:11
fryguybin1010: no04:11
DarkMage26fryguy: a movie04:11
art_can't install adobe falsh 1004:11
art_flash 1004:11
fryguyart_: just download the .so and put it into ~/.mozilla/plugins/04:11
DarkMage26fryguy: I can't even get it to produce the test sounds for surround04:11
fryguy!alsa | DarkMage2604:12
ubottuDarkMage26: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:12
art_I did, no luck04:12
grrri cant get sound to work in flash04:12
fryguyart_: so, then the problem isn't getting it installed, it's playing back sound04:12
CarlFK1Naddix: inet addr:  <- not a public IP04:12
fryguyNaddix: if you are being a router, you need to portforward for dcc to work04:12
Naddiximbehind a router04:12
Naddixi did04:12
art_no the problem is installation04:12
fryguyNaddix: which port did you forward04:12
Naddixi am using konversation04:13
fryguyart_: installation consists of copying a file to a directory04:13
fryguyNaddix: which port did you forward04:13
Naddixi port forwared 4980 to 500004:13
fryguyNaddix: are those the ports it uses for dcc? usually it uses 102404:13
FloodBot2Naddix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
fryguy(and then 1025, and 1026, etc, since dcc is a terrible implementation of a network protocol)04:13
Naddixu have mine asigned to start at 498004:13
lstarnesNaddix: dcc selects random ports04:13
Naddixnot in koversation04:13
Naddixu select a a port range04:14
art_I put it in /home/.mozilla/plugins04:14
jmap82need help with jumble grub... error 2104:15
art_when I check about:plugins nothing04:15
bin1010why can't you go back one version?04:15
fryguybin1010: because that's not how ubuntu works04:15
Naddixthats why im stomped cause i know how to open ports i have ports opened, but only able to to send files from windows to ubuntu04:15
=== grrr is now known as tacotruck
bin1010Great?? <dripping of sarcasm>04:15
alazyworkaholicI think I have a nasty filesystem error with ext4. Can I try to use e2fsck to fix it even though the man page says it's for ext2/3? I don't know of a good alternative.04:15
Naddixme and noguitar have the same router04:15
Naddixi configured his over the internt04:16
Naddixand than did my own04:16
tacotruckhey i have been trying to troubleshoot a sound problem in flash for a while now...video plays fine in firefox but there is no sound...anyone provide assistance?04:16
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
Naddixif you could could anyone dcc me a file04:16
jmap82used my windows computer to install xubuntu onto an external harddrive, but now I can't boot without the harddrive attached04:16
fryguyNaddix: us dccing you a file is dependent on our firewalls, not yours04:16
Naddixok i ws not able to recive a file though04:17
fryguyjmap82: so install a bootloader to the main hard drive04:17
Naddixthats why i sugested04:17
itsmenarwalCan anybody tell me what is the function of NIS Server04:17
art_Still can't get flash to work Xubuntu 9.0404:17
samuraipenguinQuestion -- I'm trying to install 8.04 in virtualbox on windows vista host.  It's stuck at 800x600 -- where should i begin looking?04:17
jmap82fryguy- how will I go about doing that?04:17
fryguyitsmenarwal: coordinating user uid and gids across a network, for things like authentication via kerberos04:17
fryguy!grub | jmap8204:17
ubottujmap82: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:17
Naddixbasically im trying to find out if its me or my friend04:17
vigosamaraipenguin: I guess at the forums. then xorg and stuff.04:18
Dr_Willissamuraipenguin:  install the virtualbox-guest addations - it will allow more options/settings for the  virtual-os04:18
vigoor what Fr_Willis said.04:18
jmap82<ubottu>&<fryguy> thanks04:19
samuraipenguinDr_Willis: I have -- things like pointer integration and remote desktop work, but the video is still stuck.04:19
deniztacotruck, is it just flash that has no sound?04:20
=== deniz is now known as Guest537
Dr_Willissamuraipenguin:  recongirure the x server perhaps to use xorg. or check the xorg.conf to see what driver its using. ive  not had that issue here  - but ive not tried ubuntu in vbox in months04:21
tacotruckyes: just flash....everything else has sound fine...04:21
alazyworkaholicMy computer cannot boot from the hard disk. I get something about I/O errors, but I'm able to read from it from a liveCD. Can I use e2fsck to fix it (even though it's ext4 & the man page says it's for ext2/3), & would the correct command be "sudo e2fsck -cfkpv"? I read the man page & I think those are the options I want, but would someone please let me know if I'm about to do something really stupid?04:21
samuraipenguinDr_Willis: so, `dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg` ?04:21
alazyworkaholiccorrection "sudo e2fsck -cfkpv /dev/sda1" or will that cause hell to break loose?04:22
tacotruckdeniz: maybe its an issue where i was playing music with my music player and my sound card can only do one thing at a time....maybe if i restart without opening a media player the sound would play fine...but why is it like this in linux...why cant 2 things play sound at the same time?04:22
roxiehow do you set up evolution email on ubuntu netbook remix... i cant figure out what i should type in "server"04:23
Guest537tacotruck, try to isolate the problem by restarting and checking or whatever you said then report results04:23
=== Metterich is now known as Metternich
NetLarIrvineWhen I Firefox 3.5 going to be in the repository?04:24
art_adobe flash will not install on Xubuntu 9.0404:24
fotoflohow do I change my timezone in ubuntu?04:24
Dulak!ff35 | NetLarIrvine04:25
ubottuNetLarIrvine: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY04:25
fotoflodpkg-reconfigure tzdata04:25
itsmenarwalREGISTER itsmenarwal itsmenarwal04:25
art_I tried x86 flash and nothing04:26
itsmenarwalwhat is the benifit of nis server04:26
Dulakitsmenarwal: centralized auth and administration04:26
art_the download from adobe gives me the i386 error04:27
xim_my hard drive is making clicking noises ive never heard before, is there a command to do a diagnostic or something on it?04:27
laymansnerdhow do i get the uuid of my drives?04:27
art_nothing from the forums have worked04:28
art_that is why i am here04:28
JimmioHello all, I found a bugbuntu o.o Turning on the "Show mouse location by pressing control" option causes no keyboard shortcuts to work O_O04:28
itsmenarwalnis server help04:28
tuananhmother fucker04:28
tenniselbowive got a new compaq presario laptop, installed 9.04 and everything is going very slowly.... Gui apps load in 3-4 seconds from the top down. Typing is delayed.... What could be wrong?04:29
Jimmio!family | tuananh04:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about family04:29
ProfessorXWhat port do I use to connect to my Ubuntu server through ftp?04:29
art_i have had problems with everything. Is it because I have a PS304:29
Dulaklaymansnerd: sudo vol_id -u /dev/devicehere04:30
peterklshey all04:30
geirha!bug | Jimmio04:31
ubottuJimmio: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:31
DulakProfessorX: ftp uses ports 20 and 21, assuming you have an ftpd installed on the ubuntu machine04:32
vasslerAre there any ways to make the desktop trays look like windows 7 in anyway? that glass look on the minmized windows?04:32
=== tyler is now known as tacotruck
Jimmiowhat package controls the mouse..? should I file for the mouse GUI editor thing?04:32
geirhaJimmio: I'm not getting that bug in Hardy though04:32
tacotruckflash sound still didnt work after restart....04:33
Jimmiogeirha: I am in 9.04.04:33
Jimmiogeirha: 9.04 x64 to be more accurate04:33
peterklsanyone here load ubuntu on a netbook before?04:33
geirhaJimmio: dpkg -S $(which gnome-mouse-properties)04:34
Dulakpeterkls: I have it installed and running on my acer d150 netbook04:34
DraconicusHi there. My friend's Jaunty system uses a separate partition for /home. Despite being in fstab, it recently decided to stop mounting automatically. Naturally this creates all manner of havoc on the graphical side of things. I can mount the drive manually just fine, and I've assigned a static address in the fstab line (/dev/sda5) in place of the former HWID thingy.04:34
Jimmiogeirha: "gnome-control-center: /usr/bin/gnome-mouse-properties"04:34
geirhaJimmio: Yeah, that'd be the package I'd file it on04:35
peterklshow is it for compatibility04:35
scuniziDraconicus: use blkid to verify the uuid of the drive..04:35
scuniziDraconicus: sudo blkid04:35
Jimmiogeirha: gnome-control-center or gnome-mouse-properties?04:35
peterklsexcuse me, how is it for hardware compatibility04:36
Dulakpeterkls: i haven't had any issues with anything so far, the video is too crappy for compiz but that's minor to me, everything else seems to work just great04:36
peterklsoh alright then04:36
geirhaJimmio: gnome-mouse-properties is the binary, dpkg -S searches for the package which installs a particular file. In this case the package is gnome-control-center04:36
Dulakpeterkls: actually scratch that, the card reader on it doesn't work, but I don't need that I have a usb card reader that works just fine, everything else though has worked great for me04:37
Apollo2366Hey, how do I install additional screensavers? I just downloaded electricsheep and I'm having major issues...04:37
Draconicusscunizi: Already said I used a static address. That's not working, so it's definitely deeper than the UUID.04:37
peterklsdulak, ok then, ill give it a try, i really cannot stand xp so its either linux or win7 at this point lol04:37
dsdeizi've remove "silent" from menu.lst to see what causing the slow boot up. and it listed "Starting MTA".. what could that mean? sorry kinda new :(04:37
Dulakpeterkls: I haven't tried windows 7 on it yet, been real happy with ubuntu so far04:37
peterklsdulak, id imagine i would be too.04:38
=== mmm is now known as SuPeRhAm
peterklsdulak, how is it for battery life?04:38
Dulakpeterkls: I get about 5 hours out of it04:38
Dr_Willisdsdeiz:  Mail Transfer Agent. But i doubt if thats causeing any slow down. You could disable that service i guess.04:38
Dulakpeterkls: it's a 6 cell battery, not the 3 cell one on the slightly cheaper model04:39
dsdeizDr_Willis: it stays to "Starting MTA" for how many minutes then continues04:39
dsdeizDr_Willis: how may i disable it?04:39
alazyworkaholicdoes anyone here have any idea what to do when fsck starts asking questions like "Clear inode?"04:39
panfisti am having a problem with sound...OSS works but ALSA does not...i hear quiet static only when ALSA is enabled. Even though I have OSS set as my default device, I think firefox is using ALSA because any sound out of firefox sounds like the quiet static i get when testing ALSA playback04:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about service04:40
scuniziDraconicus: here's what my line looks like just for comparison.. # /dev/sda704:40
scuniziUUID=d4afa7e7-9e6f-4bf4-ae1b-9d8c8f28c468 /home           ext3    relatime        0       204:40
Draconicuspanfist: Consistent after restarting? Try reinstalling ALSA.04:40
Cosmo1 I am having a problem my keyboard layout keeps changing from dvorak back to qwerty even though I have removed the qwerty layout and it seems at random times it goes back to qwerty and I have to run setxkbmap dvorak in a launcher. How do I fix this so that it stays dvorak? I am noticing a slight pause in my system when it happens.04:40
Draconicusscunizi: Yeah. Like that 'cept I have a real /dev path instead of a UUID.04:40
Dr_Willisdsdeiz:  check the upstart docs, on how to enable/disable services.. i forget the 'proper' way to do it now a days.04:40
Dr_Willis!upstart | dsdeiz04:40
ubottudsdeiz: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:40
panfistdraconicus yes, i just tried rebooting. how do i do that? sudo apt-get reinstall?04:41
scuniziDraconicus: right.. but is the remaining portion similar?04:41
alazyworkaholiccosmo1: you're not in 8.04 are you?04:41
dsdeizok thanks04:41
hhI experienced problems after installing openoffice 3.104:41
Draconicuspanfist: Better to use Synaptic. Make sure the package description calls it the actual daemon.04:41
tenniselbowmy gnome desktop is very slow...  all apps take a while to load and typing is a bit delayed.... Ive just installed jaunty on my compaq presario laptop.... could it be my nvidia graphics?04:41
scunizitenniselbow: yes04:41
=== nnnn is now known as SuPeRhAm
Draconicuspanfist: By the way, you should run alsamixer and make sure nothing's muted, or that your recording channels ARE.04:42
hheverytime starting, a window appear ask me to recover files04:42
panfistwill try that, thanks04:42
Draconicushh: Then reinstall. It's probably broken.04:42
Draconicusscunizi: If you mean the options and whatnot, yeah.04:42
hhyes, I reinstall it many times follow the guide on Internet04:42
tenniselbowscunizi: any pointers where i should look to find how to fix it? Im not really sure what the problem is, i guessed it might be something to do with the graphics card. Do i need another driver?04:43
Draconicusscunizi: It's like this:     /dev/sda5    /home    ext3    relatime     0   204:43
Draconicusscunizi: There's nothing wrong with my fstab. Can we move on?04:43
KamokowOk, I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop computer (HP Pavilion dv2000). But whenever anything internet related loads, my little wireless light starts blinking Blue (working) Red (non-working), its not causing any problems, but it is a tad annoying. Is there any way I can fix this?04:43
scuniziDraconicus: looks good from here.. I'm stuck..04:43
DraconicusNext. :304:43
scunizitenniselbow: what kind of card nvidia ..what?04:44
Draconicusscunizi: Any specialists here? I know what I'm doing. I know fstab and mount and all that jazz. Gentoo/Debian veteran. :P04:44
wrinkliezso, does anyone play rrootage?  because i cant figure out which button starts the game lol XD04:45
tenniselbowscunizi: GeForce 8200M G with shared graphics memory04:45
scuniziDraconicus: it's an unusual issue at best.  There are many here with lots of experience. I hope someone pipes i for you.04:45
=== default is now known as xcad
panfistdraconicus couldn't i just try something like setting firefox to not use alsa? i'm pretty sure all my problems are alsa related...anything that i know for sure is using OSS works just fine04:45
scunizitenniselbow: did you look in system/admin/hardware drivers? is there anything there to activate?04:46
Draconicuspanfist: Most all audio in Firefox goes through flash. have you tried actual audio files?04:46
tenniselbowscunizi: i know zilch about graphics cards.... ill have a look there now. In the past its always worked for me "out of the box"04:46
Draconicusscunizi: Suggested poking?04:46
panfistdraconicus audio files? what do you mean? i can play audio files in other applications04:47
dsdeizhow do you fix a broken install again?04:48
Draconicuspanfist: Then it's not ALSA. It's your flash. Are you using Adobe Flash or swfdec?04:48
Draconicusdsdeiz: Reinstall? Can you boot up to a command line?04:48
Kamokowdsdeiz: have you done anything? Like would you reject if I said just to reinstall?04:48
dsdeizbroken package, i mean04:48
duckwars__how do I securely VNC?04:48
Draconicusdsdeiz: In Synaptic: Edit > Fix Broken Packages04:48
DraconicusThen apply.04:49
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:49
dsdeizDraconicus: what about in the terminal?04:49
tenniselbowscunizi: You are right on the money. I went to system/admin/hardware drivers. No drivers were activated.... ive activated one now. Its installing, hopefully it fixes the problem. Thank you for your help.04:49
panfisti will try another flash player...but it's definitely alsa. alsa = static. oss = sound. firefox = static ergo I tnk it's using alsa but i cant figure out how to change that or even check it04:49
duckwars__thank you so much~04:49
scunizitenniselbow: after installation you'll need to restart.04:49
Draconicusdsdeiz: Why do you need to do it in the terminal?04:49
DraconicusThere's no real graceful way to do it in there...04:49
Kamokowsome people just prefer the terminal04:49
DraconicusTrue enough.04:49
tenniselbowscunizi: ok. Thank you04:50
vigoIs a nice ubottu04:50
scuniziDraconicus: sorry I was googling.. is this /home left from one of your previous linux installs?04:50
dsdeizi don't have x04:50
Draconicusdsdeiz: Ah. That's a silly way to run Ubuntu in particular, but alright. :P04:50
DraconicusI think aptitude has the same feature.04:50
dsdeizdo i just do "man aptitue" ?04:51
TwoToneSpiritWhich, if any, IRC channel focuses on apt-get and the repos? (ie where do the "librarians" hang out?)04:51
KamokowHmm... how do I setup a network bridge on Ubuntu? I have never made an attempt.04:51
halberdI have a USB device (a TomTom One) that shows up in File Browser as a USB Drive04:51
halberdwhere is that mounted on the /dev filesystem? how can I find out?04:52
halberder i mean not mounted04:52
dsdeizDraconicus: got it now, thank you ;)04:52
scuniziDraconicus: I'm not sure if this would make a difference but do you have more than one swap partition on your system?04:52
halberdwhere does the device exist on /dev?04:52
usserKamokow, theres a bunch of ways, bridge-utils would probably be the easiest04:52
dsdeizwhat's the difference between aptitude and apt-get anyway?04:52
Hilikuswhat audio/video player do you guys recommend. i tried rythmbox but it doesnt play videos04:52
Dr_Willishalberd:  you mount it where you want the 'device' name may be found with proberly the 'dmesg' command of by 'sudo fdisk -l' perhaps04:52
KamokowOkay thanks ^^,04:52
vigoHilkikus: Totem or a few others.04:53
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:53
halberdDr_Willis, according to dmesg it attached as "usb 7-1"04:55
Dr_Willishalberd:  read the messages some more.. should be some sd## type info metnioned.. or just try 'sudo fdisk -l'04:55
halberdso what is it, /dev/usb7.1_ep81?04:55
halberdfdisk reports nothing of interest04:55
Hilikuswhat audio/video player do you guys recommend. i tried rythmbox but it doesnt play videos04:55
dsdeizit is usuall /dev/sdb1 or something04:55
halberdmy computer can't mount this, it can't recognize the filesystem04:55
Dr_Willishalberd:  if it works as a usb hard drive - it will have a normal /dev/sd## type name04:55
Dr_Willishalberd:  so what are you trying to do with it then?04:56
halberdI want to try to manually mount it to see what the problem is04:56
peterklswhat format does teh usb stick need to be to do the netbook install of ubuntu, fat32?04:56
Dr_Willishalberd:  you mean the PROBLEM is that  a windows machine cant mount the device?04:56
Dr_Willispeterkls:  fat32/fat16 normally04:56
halberdno the problem is that my Ubuntu machine can't mount it04:56
Dr_Willispeterkls:  but if you are using the UNR usb image file.. it dosent matter.04:57
halberdat least not automatically04:57
Dr_Willishalberd:  find the device name.. try mounting via hand.04:57
linuxguy2009Just a quicky here. Does anyone here have experience with managing Ubuntu updates manually? I have been using a live cd to use synaptic to generate download scripts to create my own repository CD with great results with using a multisession CD so i can add apps as i go and never have to download them more than once.Its great. My question is doing the same thing with the live session but going and creating a download script of all curren04:57
halberdyes Dr_Willis... that's what I'm in here asking about, how to find the device name so that I can mount it by hand...04:57
peterklsubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386 is what im using and its a IMG file04:57
scunizi!offline | linuxguy200904:58
ubottulinuxguy2009: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD04:58
Dr_Willishalberd:  plug it in.. look at 'dmesg' output a few times.. it will take it 30+sec to show/get set up.. so run dmesg a few times.. OR... for the 3rd time  try 'sudo fdisk -l'04:58
linuxguy2009oy nevermind04:58
halberdoh I guess it is /dev/sdc104:58
halberdthat was throwing me off because I often have an external hard drive called that so I didn't recognize it...04:58
linuxguy2009Ive been using virtualbox it works great. You didnt let me finish.04:59
scunizilinuxguy2009: by all means .. finish..04:59
KamokowOk, I have used linux before, just not... very much. However I am starting to use it as an everyday OS. Now... I want to ask how I would make a directory hidden? Would  I have to use like CHMOD or something? I still want it to be accessible, just hidden...05:00
=== iamcalledrob|awa is now known as iamcalledrob
halberdexcellent it mounted successfully :) still no idea why it wouldn't mount from the file browser... ty05:00
linuxguy2009When i do the same with updates Ive been using multisession CD in Nero Linux 3, but I get tons of wasted space cause of file overwrites.Im thinking theres no workaround, its just a limitation of Nero Linux app?05:00
Dr_WillisKamokow:  short answer.. you dont.05:00
scuniziKamokow: hidden files / directories begin with a .05:00
linuxguy2009Ill just burn disk at once for the updates if I have to no biggy,05:00
Dr_WillisKamokow:  or make it start with a . (but thats just a trick, not really hideing it in any special way)05:00
mobi-sheepKamokow: You could add a (dot) on your folder.05:00
Kamokowok, i just want it to not appear :P05:01
Dr_WillisKamokow:  use a .whatever for its name05:01
mobi-sheepKamokow: Why are you hiding something from yourself? :)05:01
mase_worklinuxguy2009: out of curiousity why would you use the Nero Linux app when there are much better burning applications available which are provided as part of the distro ?05:01
dsdeizlike .pr0n05:01
scunizilinuxguy2009: just curious.. are you running ubuntu in the vm? and if so does the rest of the computer not have internet access?05:01
Dulakmobi-sheep: c'mon, hiding yer porn is as old as computers05:01
linuxguy2009Well ever since 8.10 I always had trouble with brasero and also k3b with verifies failing every time.05:01
mobi-sheepDulak: I don't need to hide them.  I'm man enough. :)05:02
linuxguy2009Has braser improved on that? or maybe it was just the 8.10 release that was really buggy for me.05:02
Dulakmobi-sheep: you aren't married huh?05:02
linuxguy2009The main pc has internet05:02
WIGGMPkquick question.. I have 3 DVD drives.. 1 internal (SATA) 1 external (eSATA) and 1 external (USB).. I only see /media/cdrom0 and /media/cdrom1 shouldnt I have a /media/cdrom2 for the third drive?05:03
mobi-sheepDulak: No. Even if I am, I still won't hide it.  Well, I encrypt everything all times so I guess the subconscious told me that I don't need to worry about anything. :<05:03
linuxguy2009Im making my own repository cd and its great I only have to ever install anything just once and I have all its deps in folders with a homeade install script to install them from CD.05:03
Kamokowoh sorry, im hiding it cause im working on a project and i dont want people messing with the stuff...05:03
mase_worklinuxguy2009: can't say i've experienced that, however both brasario and k3b use the underlying cdrecord ( or forked version ) afaik so you may like to file a bug report and see if they can work out why its' failing. Are you sure thechecksums aren't actually different and nero is just ignoring this ?05:03
Dulakmobi-sheep: when you get married you'll understand, women take it real personal05:03
Dr_WillisKamokow:  set the owner to be only the person that should have rights to mess with it?05:03
laymansnerdwhat do ctrl shift and alt do respectively when dragging and dropping?05:03
Dulakmobi-sheep: it's ok, enjoy that freedom while you got it05:03
Dr_Willislaymansnerd:  the gnome help docs tell ya.. alt = Move.. i forget the others...05:03
Kamokowoh right lol, w/e hiding is good enough for me05:04
Dr_Willislaymansnerd:  try it and see?05:04
* mobi-sheep basks in the air of freedom.05:04
laymansnerdthat's all i needed Dr Willis :-D05:04
* Dulak envies mobi-sheep.05:04
linuxguy2009mase_work: Umm no it has an option to verify and it works. Maybe I will give brasero a second chance. Maybe it works better now than before.05:04
doskyeif i wanted to back up my system as is, would i just make a copy of my /home folder?05:04
Dr_Willislaymansnerd:  i perfer how kde asks what to do.. :()05:04
JamesHoldsworthCan anyone here help me with a wirelessissue?05:04
Dr_Willisdoskye:  that would backup the users settings/files.. thats it.05:04
linuxguy2009Does brasero have a verify and also support multisession?05:04
JamesHoldsworthI feel kind of stuped honestly05:04
laymansnerdDr_Willis: i love me my gnome :-)05:04
CarlFK1doskye: "system" kinda implies /etc and 'stuff'05:04
Dr_Willislaymansnerd:  the file manager is useable.. but lacking in many ways05:05
KamokowJamesHoldsworth: depends, define the problem more.05:05
mase_worklinuxguy2009: so you have verified it manually , ie not using brasereo or nero ?05:05
RedLanceJamesHoldsworth: I'll try05:05
JamesHoldsworthI have a Dell Vostro 150005:05
linuxguy2009Yes I verify with nero.05:05
JamesHoldsworthi have the latest Ubuntu, i've had a few versions of it05:05
mase_worklinuxguy2009: then no you haven't done it manually05:05
laymansnerdtrue...but i like the level of stuff that can be customized in gnome05:05
kubuntuuseris it normal to have two "monitor" and two "screen" sectyions in xorg.conf?05:05
CarlFK1whats the /proc thing I mess with to disable cpu freq scaling?05:05
JamesHoldsworthbut i always had a wired connection05:05
doskyehow could i back up my system as is?05:05
linuxguy2009Why would i need to verify a CD manually when Nero does it for me after every burn?05:05
Kamokowand wireless doesnt work?05:05
JamesHoldsworthnow,I have access to wired connections05:05
Dr_Willislaymansnerd:  the level of stuff that can be customized is rather minimal/bare compared to other window manager/desktops ::)05:05
flightcrankdo u use "fdisk" to see all hard drives connected to a system ?05:06
JamesHoldsworthbut its very inconvenient05:06
KamokowIf wireless doesnt work you need to get drivers05:06
JamesHoldsworthwireless wont even show up05:06
te_doskye: Get a usb hd and use g4u05:06
Dr_Willisflightcrank:  i tend to use 'sudo fdisk -l' yes... for that task05:06
mase_worklinuxguy2009:  because either Nero or brasereo is lying if they are using the same burner05:06
JamesHoldsworthwhen I look at the "Hardware Drivers" thing05:06
KamokowYea, you are going to need to look for the drivers, and look for a linux version for your model05:06
JamesHoldsworthit says I have the "Broadcom" one or whatever05:06
linuxguy2009When i used to use brasero and k3b I always had to manually verify.always never failed.05:06
JamesHoldsworthit says its enabled05:06
JamesHoldsworthbut not in use05:06
JamesHoldsworththe Network Connections has a wireless setting05:06
laymansnerdwell compiz helps me a little bit ;-) but i'm still somewhat of a noob....so i'm sure once i get a little better i can move on to bigger and better things05:06
JamesHoldsworthand i haveall of the info there05:06
JamesHoldsworthbut there's no "connection" thing05:07
linuxguy2009Had something to do with the end of the disk notg being kept track of or something i was told back in 8.10 release.05:07
JamesHoldsworthSo I think I have the driver05:07
laymansnerdmy training wheels are still on :-D05:07
KamokowNo, it will show up without the driver05:07
scunizi!enter | JamesHoldsworth05:07
ubottuJamesHoldsworth: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:07
linuxguy2009Im willing to give brasero a try I would actuallly much prefer to use it rather than a commercial app.'05:07
JamesHoldsworthSorry! Where the heck wouldI get the driver? I have a dell CD, should I try NDISWrapper?05:08
linuxguy2009Ok so set me straight here when I burn with Brasero, disk-at-once method how to I verify my burn?05:08
scunizi!wireless > JamesHoldsworth05:08
ubottuJamesHoldsworth, please see my private message05:08
kubuntuusershould I have two monitor and screen sections in xorg.conf if I only have one monitor?05:08
scunizikubuntuuser: you might have two if you had a second monitor hooked up at one time05:09
kubuntuuserI ask because I'm getting graphics glitches and I'm a noob05:09
linuxguy2009Im getting out a CDRW to test brasero and see if it works on this 9.04 release.05:09
kubuntuuserIonly just instaled kubuntu 9.04 on fresh hardware05:09
kubuntuuserthen tried to get compiz going, now I have line glitches going across the screen05:10
scunizikubuntuuser: do you have an nvidia card?05:10
vasslerdoes anyone know how to apply a new splash screen from a tar.gz file?05:10
Cosmo1 I am having a problem my keyboard layout keeps changing from dvorak back to qwerty even though I have removed the qwerty layout and it seems at random times it goes back to qwerty and I have to run setxkbmap dvorak in a launcher. How do I fix this so that it stays dvorak? I am noticing a slight pause in my system when it happens.05:11
kubuntuuserintegrated ati 3200 iirc05:11
scunizikubuntuuser: compiz can cause issues on some card/driver combos.. what happens when you turn compiz off?05:11
kubuntuuserhow do I do that?05:12
hiepwho's that05:12
kubuntuuserI had started compiz from the cmd line, tehn ^c'd it, but then couldn't get at anything05:12
Dr_Williskubuntuuser:   why did you ctrl-c it?05:12
scunizikubuntuuser: system>preferences>appearance>visual effects .. none05:13
L3dPlatedLinuxwas wondering and i know this is a stupid question but it has seemed to slip my mind , but how would I make the mounted disk not show on the desktop when they mount?05:13
hieppidgin mes of me has had a ploblem05:13
kubuntuuserDr_Willis: to stop the glitches from happening, seemed like a good idea :/05:13
doskyeis there anyway to copy my entire hdd to a usb drive?05:13
scuniziL3dPlatedLinux: gconfig editor05:13
noisymouseCosmo1: did you reconfigure the keyboard layout using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup"?05:13
factotumhmm, pidgin not working with yahoo any more?05:13
musikgoat|mainanyone seen a loss of xvid mpeg4 decoding lately?  i have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, but totem thinks the plugin is not available05:13
vasslerdoes anyone know how to apply a new splash screen from a tar.gz file?05:13
Dr_Willisdoskye:  tar,  for files.. if the usb is a ext2/3 filesystem, or dd for a 'image' of the drie...05:14
Dr_Willis!splash | vassler05:14
ubottuvassler: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.05:14
Dr_WillisHmm thats usplash perhaps?05:14
Draconicusscunizi: No. Just one swap. There's really only four partitions, too. Not even sure what one of them is, come to think of it...05:14
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork05:14
Cosmo1noisymouse: I cant when I run that it does not give me an option to set the layout to dvorak05:14
hiepi can't conect yahoo05:15
Draconicushiep: They updated their protocol. Pidgin has yet to catch up. hang tight.05:15
Dr_Willishiep:  be more verbose... do we have to guess you mean 'yahoo messenger' for the IM client?05:15
doskyeDr_Willis:  what do you mean an image of the drive?05:15
Dr_Willisdoskye:  a total Image/clone in a 'file' of the drive.. like an .iso image is of a 'cd'05:16
noisymouseCosmo1: what country did you select?05:16
hiepi want to have a software like yahoo messenger05:16
Dr_Willisat one time One could fix the yahoo im stuff by adding the following line to /etc/hosts (but i think this may no longer be the case) test by adding to/etc/hosts --> scs.msg.yahoo.com05:16
Dr_Willishiep:  there are other IM services that exist.05:16
doskyeDr_Willis:  something you could copy to the drive later?05:17
linuxguy2009Ok guys I just burned a multisession CDRW with Brasero and it said it successfully burned it. How do i verify?05:17
hieppidgin internet messenger of me is error05:17
Dr_Willisdoskye:  yes.. you can 'dd' it back to  the drive. or some other drive.. this is the old-skool extreme way to  backup.restore drives/disks05:17
oldude67i think hiep is not able to understand english very well?05:17
te_doskye: It's how you do a total backup, you create an image of the drive, so that it can later be totally restored.05:17
hiep pidgin internet messenger of me is error05:18
Cosmo1noisymouse: it didnt give me an option on that either, it starts at keyboard model: and I have to choose generic 105-key (intel) PC, my keyboard is not listed it is an ideazon merc stealth05:18
Jimmiohiep: What is your primary language?05:18
oldude67hiep: pidgen is broke use something else..like kopete05:18
doskyeok and what is the name of this program again Dr_Willis ?05:18
earthmeLonI am using mkvmerge and the resulting mkv audio stutters.  The ac3 file has no stutters.  Here is my mkvmerge command and VLC's errors, if anybody is interested: http://pastebin.com/m6d03c28305:18
hieptoi muon sua cai phan mem pidgin internet messenger05:19
earthmeLonIf someone knows of a better place to ask my question, that'd be nice, too05:19
Dr_Willisdoskye:  you  mean 'dd' ?05:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dd05:19
Dr_Willis!info dd05:19
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in jaunty05:19
hiepI want to repair pidgin internet messenger but i can't05:20
te_Dr_Willis: That HAS to be a mistake, "dd does not exist in jaunty".05:20
scunizihiep: you have to wait for the update05:20
doskyeDr_Willis:  yes thats what i meant05:20
earthmeLonhiep: have you tried:  sudo apt-get remove pidgin | sudo apt-get install pidgin05:20
noisymouseCosmo1: Hmm, for me after selecting the model you select a country and then a keyboard layout (one of them is dvorak)05:20
hiepI want to repair pidgin internet messenger but i can't05:20
Dr_Williste_:  the packaggte name does not exist. as 'dd' its part of some other package05:20
Dr_Willis!find dd05:20
ubottuFound: adduser, cupsddk, cupsddk-drivers, default-jdk-builddep, ghostscript-x (and 111 others)05:20
linuxguy2009If nobody here knows how to verify CDs in Brasero then what do you all use for burning?05:20
te_Dr_Willis: Ok, I'll buy that.   :)05:21
Oceanichiep, use XChat if pidgin isn't working for you05:21
Dr_Willishiep:  try taht line i mentioned added to the /etc/hosts  other then that.. no idea05:21
wdyrtis there a recommended way of installing gtk+ 1.2 on ubuntu05:21
ProfessorXDoes any program in Ubuntu close down if I disconnect from the puTTy terminal window?05:21
vasslersoooooooo... does alt+ctrl+backspace does not restart x? anymore?05:21
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  they should all exit.. if the user disconnets.. use screen, or the nohup command to prevent that.. (screen is worth learning about)05:22
JStullickScreen rocks.05:22
Oceanicvassler, you can enable Ctrl+Alt+backspace by installing dontzap05:22
te_!info dcfldd05:23
ubottudcfldd (source: dcfldd): enhanced version of dd for forensics and security. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 35 kB, installed size 124 kB05:23
JStullicknohup will keep the program running in the background.05:23
wdyrtvassler, i believe its an F button instead of backspace, but im not gonna find out05:23
extorIf I copy the .mozilla directory from an old debian system to a new ubuntu system will it transfer my cached passwords?05:23
wdyrtOceanic, why is there a package for that?05:23
ProfessorXDr_Willis: So if I'm running a gaming server on a Ubuntu VPS server and i d/c from the puTTy's termial window, the gaming servers will shut down too?05:23
* wdyrt facepalms05:23
linuxguy2009This is exactly why I went to Nero Linux 3 its dependable.05:23
Cosmo1noisymouse: it says "unsupported setting in configuration file: the configuration file /etc/default/console-setup specifies a keyboard layout and variant that are not supported by the configuration program. because of that, no questions about the keyboard layout will be asked and your current configuration will be preserved.05:23
fotofloquick question05:23
r4ban how can i start the grub prompt on the alternate jaunty amd64 CD?05:24
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  a true 'server/service' is different and should spawn to the background.. it will depend on the servier.05:24
fotoflowhoops, wrong #05:24
r4bani'm getting grub error 15, i have no CD drive, i'm booting from USB05:24
losherlinuxguy2009: I know how to verify a cd, but I don't know anything about multisession. I've never burnt a multisession disk in my life05:24
Dr_WillisHmm.. i recall some how using my Wii remote as a mouse.. but cant recall how i did it...05:24
r4banthat is, usb with alternate install05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wii05:24
te_extor:  I don't really know - interesting question - but I would suppose yes.05:24
fotoflofrom man usermod -G, --groups GROUP1[,GROUP2,...[,GROUPN]]]   -- how do I user this? usermod -G group1 group2 user   gives an error05:25
Oceanicwdyrt, for people who want to enable such an option on jaunty, since beginners will find it strange if it starts logging them out05:25
vasslerOKAY, on gnome-look.org: splash screen, how do you install them?05:25
linuxguy2009 losher: I see the md5 file it put on my disk it has all the md5 sums of every file on the disk. I tried telling it to use it and it wont.05:25
Dr_Willisvassler:  a GNOME splash screen.. i think one opens the appearance controlpanel tool and just drag/drop over to it.05:25
linuxguy2009 losher: How do you verify a disk-at-once normal burn then?05:25
wdyrtOceanic, i find a package to enable that a bit over the top, isnt it just 1 line in the X config that does that?05:25
hiepmy pidgin isn't still normal05:26
noisymouseCosmo1: Ok, what I would do would be make a copy of /etc/default/console-setup and then delete the contents of the file05:26
geirhafotoflo: adduser USER GROUP05:26
noisymouseCosmo1: and then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup again05:26
fotoflogeirha: that wasnt my question05:26
hiepmy pidgin can't connect to yahoo05:26
losherlinuxguy2009: normally, I would just md5sum the whole disk e.g. md5sum -b - < /dev/sr005:26
oldude67hiep your pidgen isnt going to either.05:26
wdyrthiep, ive been having similar problems too, i think yahoo have changed things around again05:26
scuniziearthmeLon: that's not the issue.. pidgin is broken for yahoo right now. you have to wait for an update05:27
RedLancehiep: You need to update it to 2.5.705:27
Dr_Willishiep:  thate because yahoo likes to break the 3rd party clients.. try  the yahoo site. or the meebo.com client site untill the people 'fix' the yahoo clients for linux.05:27
geirhafotoflo: Well, ok. The groups should be listed with , (comma) between, not space05:27
Dr_Willishiep:  or do like RedLance  said. :) and upgrade..05:27
fotoflocommon no space05:27
hiepthanks so much05:28
Oceanicwdyrt, am not sure, maybe having a package is more beginner friendly? since you can enable and disable it Ctrl+Alt+Backspace with it05:28
earthmeLonI am using mkvmerge and the resulting mkv audio stutters.  The ac3 file has no stutters.  Here is my mkvmerge command and VLC's errors, if anybody is interested: http://pastebin.com/m6d03c283  If anybody knows of a better place to ask this question, that would be appreciated05:29
linuxguy2009losher: Ok I know how to do that with the md5 sommand. Now what is there to compare that to, to actually make sure the md5sum is correct?05:29
wdyrtOceanic, but why a package, it could be done with a simple script, or there could be an option in a GUI somewhere, i really think a package is just gonna be unnecessary and just make things, well, silly05:29
losherlinuxguy2009: googling for 'ubuntu multi session cd' isn't very promising05:29
linuxguy2009Think Ill stick with my nero it just works.05:30
losherlinuxguy2009: that's the problem: I don't know how multisessions appear, or how you select a session05:30
duckwars__for some reason when i go to System > preferences > remote desktop then click the adanced tab and then hit require encryption my VNC server stop05:30
=== tyler is now known as Guest59570
linuxguy2009losher: Well lets just talk as if i did a regular old burn. What would i compare the outputed md5sum to in order to make sure its correct?05:31
Oceanicwdyrt, I guess its easier to install, I'm not a developer or anything, i'm just your average user =)05:32
losherlinuxguy2009: md5sum works best when you're burning an iso. You would compare the iso md5sum with that on the disk. An alternative to this would be to mount the disk, and compare files using diff -r e.g. mount /dev/sr0; diff -r /media/cdrom <directory containing files>05:33
wdyrtOceanic, ok :-) well i am a bit above your average user, its not a big deal that its in a package, its just not needed05:33
kuitangHi, my apache ignores ServerSignature Off directive05:33
JamesHoldsworthHello again everyone!05:34
kuitangI tried inserting "ServerSignature Off" in both apache2.conf and httpd.conf (separately) and restarted Apache, but the server signature still appears on error pages05:34
wdyrtkuitang, this may be a silly question, but have you tried restarting apache05:34
linuxguy2009losher: Hmm strange. i would hope that they sometime in the future they would make a simpler way to verify. I know the command line enough to do it, but I want to rule out human error and just know that all of my hours and hours of package collecting doesnt get ruined by an unreliable app. Thats what happened before I had no definite way to check.Kinds bites.05:35
JamesHoldsworthI booted into Ubuntu, and brought the computer downstairs to use the wired connection (eth01). According to the Hardware Drivers, I have a wireless driver enabled, its simply not in use. I read the "troubleshooting " guide, but it basically seems to be gibberish to me. I have a dell vostro CD in front of me, will installing the driver again with ndisWrapper or whatever make problems?05:35
linuxguy2009losher: Thanks for trying though its apreciated.05:36
JamesHoldsworthI can give screenshots if thats more helpful, I dont know if you can do that in IRC, but if that would help someone help me, and they'd like to give AIM or MSN a try, I'd be happy to05:36
wdyrtJamesHoldsworth, share images on imageshack05:36
JamesHoldsworthOr that lol. that works. What would you like me to take a screenshot of? the lshw command?05:37
losherlinuxguy2009: I understand. I used to belong to a group that shared home-burned data dvds. No-one wants to have to reburn/resend bad disks. Checked google?05:37
wdyrtJamesHoldsworth, i dont know, i was just suggesting a site for your pictures05:38
Rob235hello my fellow ubunters05:38
Cosmo1noisymouse: which option should I choose for "encoding on tho console"?05:38
Hilikusif i want to set up a upnp server that i can access externally what port do i need to open in my firewall?05:39
JamesHoldsworthOh ok. Thank you anyway. Is there anyone that can help me with my wireless issue?05:39
OceanicRob235 hello05:41
JamesHoldsworthIs there anyone who is able to explain wireless configuration to me a bit more simply?05:41
papulwhat is the windows ipconfig command equivalent in ubuntu?05:44
musikgoat|main!imagebin | JamesHoldsworth05:44
ubottuJamesHoldsworth: Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add and link it from the channel.05:44
papulwhat is the windows ipconfig command equivalent in ubuntu?05:45
JamesHoldsworthidont know what picture to post though05:46
JamesHoldsworthim  so confused...05:46
papulgregh7470, same in ubuntu?05:46
extorHow can I get around this annoying error? chroot: cannot change root directory to /media/sda3: Operation not permitted05:46
musikgoat|mainJamesHoldsworth: can you describe your problem?05:46
=== iamcalledrob is now known as iamcalledrob|awa
Reilly27does anyone know when firefox 3.5 will be available as a package?05:46
gregh7470papul:yes - run ifconfig in console05:46
musikgoat|mainpapul: that is in most flavors of *nix05:47
kbrosnan!ff35 | Reilly2705:47
ubottuReilly27: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY05:47
danbhfiveJamesHoldsworth: you should install pastebinit05:47
Rob235i dont know which sound prefs in the top panel i like better05:47
cryptidewhats the best app that records the screen (video)05:48
danbhfive!screencast | cryptide05:48
ubottucryptide: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.05:48
JamesHoldsworthYes, I booted into Ubuntu, and brought the computer downstairs to use the wired connection (eth01). According to the Hardware Drivers, I have a wireless driver enabled, but it says "this driver is activated but currently not in use". I read the "troubleshooting " guide, but it basically seems to be gibberish to me. I have a dell vostro CD in front of me, will installing the driver again with ndisWrapper or whatever make problems?05:48
gregh7470cryptide: gtk-recordmydesktop05:49
bullgard4After 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 upgrade in nm-applet > Wireless Networks shows: "wireless is disabled". lsmod shows ipw2200. '~$ ifconfig' shows: "eth1=UP". How to enable wireless in nm-applet?05:49
JamesHoldsworthThe driver it says I have is "Bradcom STA wireless driver", i cant figure out how to use that to connect to the internet05:49
gregh7470thx ubottu - i didn't know about the screen cast05:49
danbhfivebullgard4: are you using interfaces?05:49
JamesHoldsworthI am using Ubuntu 9.0405:49
=== Guest59570 is now known as Swat3
bullgard4danbhfive: of course I do.05:50
Cosmo1what should I choose for encoding on the console UTF-8 or ISO-8895-1 or what for "encoding on the console"?05:50
musikgoat|mainJamesHoldsworth: i'm sorry, i've never had any luck with broadcom05:50
halberdcan I get wicd to autoconnect to known wireless networks?05:51
JamesHoldsworthIs there anything I can do though? any suggestions at least?05:51
danbhfivebullgard4: well, the way to get it working in nm is to stop using /etc/network/interfaces    (were we on the same page?)05:51
musikgoat|main!broadcom | JamesHoldsworth, have you read this yet?05:52
ubottuJamesHoldsworth, have you read this yet?: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:52
gregh7470JamesHoldsworth: look under restricted hardware and see if it's listed there05:52
gregh7470JamesHoldsworthif it is, enable it05:52
JamesHoldsworthi dont know how to look under restricted hardware05:52
JamesHoldsworthit says its enabled, but not in use05:52
dannek7hey all05:52
losherextor: your exact command line?05:52
gregh7470JamesHoldsworth - system - administrator - hardware drivers05:53
dannek7when i turn on my machine, it always asks me to unlock the keyring to use my wireless05:53
papulgregh7470, does not work05:53
dannek7I have to put in my password05:53
duckwars__how do I change the permissions on a drive?05:53
extorlosher, chroot /media/sda305:53
musikgoat|mainJamesHoldsworth: what is the output of:  lspci | grep -i broadcom05:53
losherextor: no 'sudo...'?05:53
dannek7how do i make it so I do not have to put in my password to unlock the keyring every time?05:53
extorhrmm, this is from knoppix05:53
JamesHoldsworthGreg -"This driver is activated but currently not in use"05:53
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest12925
extorHow do I give a user sudo rights?05:54
papulgregh7470, it says bash: ipconfig: command not found05:54
Guest12925hi i need help with bazaar+launchpad05:54
musikgoat|mainextor: man sudoers05:54
=== Guest12925 is now known as Xiumeteo
papulmusikgoat|main, it says bash: ipconfig: command not found05:54
musikgoat|mainpapul  ifconfig05:54
losherextor: I'll pretend you didn't say that. Still need to be root, though. Do you know your root password...05:54
extorlosher, I have a box booted up in knoppix...want to retrieve cached firefox passwords from it05:54
musikgoat|mainpapul: interface05:54
bullgard4danbhfive: I do not know what do you mean by: "(were we on the same page?)" Please elaborate. Take notice: nm-applet worked all right in 8.04.2, and I did not change the contents of the file /etc/network/interfaces.05:54
Rob235what exactly is qt4?05:54
gregh7470papul - ifconfig, not ipconfig  ;-)05:54
extorlosher, yeah I know my root password05:54
papulgregh7470, oh got it now thanks05:55
losherextor: I don't think you even need chroot. Where is the directory with the firefox passwords?05:55
extorlosher, might be in /home/xtor/.mozilla somewhere05:55
extorlosher, I donno if it uses the keyring or not but if it does then chroot might fix things05:56
st23amhas anyone else had a problem w/ the installer locking up just before the partition manager?05:57
danbhfivebullgard4: well, if you configure an interface via /etc/network/interfaces, then nm will ignore that interface.  You have to leave it unconfigured05:57
Rob235is qt4 an alternative to gtk/metacity or an addition05:57
st23amit loads the keyboard layout and then tries to start the partition manager and just cursors05:57
Rob235got my answer05:57
gregh7470JamesHoldsworth - type the following in terminal and reboot : echo wl|sudo tee -a /etc/modules05:58
losherextor: you should be able to mount /home and copy the contents of /home/xtor/.mozilla. The passwords are in there (but encrypted). They don't use the keyring in Ubuntu.05:58
extorI've already created a user xtor on my new box and copied over the .mozilla directory but no go05:58
losherextor: 'no go' meaning what exactly?05:58
extorthe cached passwords are just not there05:58
dewwhey folks, i just had some updates applied for my system, and the sound stopped working. here's a paste from dmesg about sound and what happens when i try to modprobe the driver myself. http://pastebin.ca/148264905:58
chelzis there some place outlining the release plans for firefox 3.5? i'm running intrepid and i'd like to know about when it'll be in the repos05:59
losherextor: not there, or did you forget to tell firefox to use the 'profile' you copied over. Otherwise I think it will just start a new 'profile' from scratch...05:59
musikgoat|main!ff35 | chelz06:00
ubottuchelz: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY06:00
extorlosher, let me double check everything...I should probably delete the current "default" file too just to clear up all confusion06:00
bullgard4danbhfive: Again: nm-applet worked all right before the operating system upgrade. Tell me why it worked despite your statement.06:00
Bilbo_BagginsHAPPPPPPPY JULY 3rd!06:00
danbhfivebullgard4: I dunno.  I was just guessing as to what might be your problem..06:00
chelzhas anyone heard anything about firefox 3.5 in backports?06:00
* mobi-sheep set Bilbo_Baggins on fire! "Yes! HAPPPPPY JULY 3rd!"06:01
kbrosnan!ff3.5 | chelz06:01
ubottuchelz: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY06:01
=== root is now known as HTH
losherextor: you should have copied .mozilla/firefox/<some random string>. You need to tell firefox what the <some random string> is....06:01
extorAn error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for firefox. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly.06:01
chelzaha read the page06:01
extorlosher, errm isnt that in the .mozilla/firefox/default file? The name of the default directory and profule?06:02
losherextor: permissions problems?. Everything needs to be owned by the new xtor...06:02
ivantisWhat is the default file browser for Ubuntu?06:03
ivantisI need to run it through X11 forwarding06:03
chelzivantis: gnome nautilus06:03
losherextor: well, mine is named 2bk10u1n.default. Firefox generates a random string for the first part of the directory name. I don't think it will find it automatically....06:03
extorlosher, it worked! I just copied the profile to the wrong directory06:04
ivantischelz, thanks06:04
chelzHTH is pm'ing people and telling them to run a forkbomb06:04
chelza user in this channel06:04
losherextor: there you go. No chroot needed!06:04
chelzjust fyi06:04
chelzthat guy06:05
dewwanyone around that might have some insight on what broke with the snd-hda-intel module? :D06:06
musikgoat|maindeww: uh oh, is this recent, as in I shouldn't update if i see it available?06:06
dewwrecent as in... i just updated like 30 minutes ago :/06:06
dewwi found some old bugs that mentioned a similiar issue06:07
musikgoat|maindeww: i'll keep that in mind, thanks06:07
dewwbut no real fix so far06:07
robertc1985ok i need help upgrading from 7.04 to something more current06:07
musikgoat|maindeww: gl on finding a solution06:07
robertc1985do-release-upgrade fails06:07
mobi-sheeprobertc1985: You have this guide already?06:08
mobi-sheep!upgrade | robertc198506:08
ubotturobertc1985: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:08
cryptidegregh7470: pm?06:08
kuitangHow can I get rid apache ServerSignature?06:08
kuitangI tried disabling it in the config files and restarting, but no effect06:08
monimcI'm new to ubuntu06:08
monimcomgosh theres so many people here lmao06:09
monimcBut I have a question06:10
loshermonimc: we're not a social group, just ask your question. If anyone knows, they'll answer...06:10
monimcHow is it possible that Ubuntu is running slower than Windows XP on the same computer?06:10
robertc1985i'm unabe to do a fresh install, i am running from wubi on some older hardware06:10
chelzrobertc1985: back up all of your important data then do a fresh install?06:11
robertc1985i tried to use a newer wubi, but unless i use an alternate installer image no dice06:11
monimcIt's not recognizing audio drivers06:11
loshermonimc: 9.04?06:11
sage_#alsa moncky06:11
scunizimonimc: do your updates (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade) then activate the restricted driver for your video card. If you have ati just hope that it's not one of the cards that the latest ati driver disabled.06:11
chelzrobertc1985: or loadup a livecd, resize your windows partition, then install in the freespace. optionally later you can remove your older ubuntu, after transferring your data over.06:12
monimcIm updated06:12
sage_windows ewwww06:12
monimcI just want Ubuntu to detect my HD Audio driver06:12
robertc1985is there a version of wubi hardy that uses an alternate image?06:12
loshermonimc: 9.04 is notorious for sound problems, sluggishness, flash problems and some others issues....06:12
sage_install the new hda drivers06:12
chelzrobertc1985: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#Upgrading06:12
sage_monimc,  #alsa06:13
fotoflohm, can I use users and groups in samba or am I forced to use user lists?06:13
chelzrobertc1985: wubi is to test out ubuntu, not to be a long term solution. it sounds like you are ready to have a dedicated install.06:13
monimcin the termial?06:13
robertc1985actually no linux distro works on here for some reason06:13
sage_monimc,  its a channel #alsa06:13
monimcoh lmao06:14
monimcjoin/  #alsa06:14
monimchow do i join it lol06:14
robertc1985wubi seems to work for now06:14
monimci forgot how06:14
chelzrobertc1985: have you tried testing a jaunty livecd? it might work fine06:14
robertc1985i don't know when i install inux it works for about 48 hours at best then i just have all kinds of problems. for the life of me i cannot figure out why xp works so well and linux does not06:16
threeseashow do I force startup at a given screen resolution?06:16
sivant1I am new and need some help06:16
robertc1985threeseas try xres + 1024x76806:16
robertc1985oops + means =06:17
robertc1985if i'm not mistaken06:17
robertc1985of course 1024x768 is an example resolution06:17
earthmeLonHey guys.  I want to do ls -lh but I don't want useless timestamps.  Any suggestions?06:17
monimc@sage well i tried #alsa and no ones responding06:18
alazyworkaholicI'm in deep sh*t. Can't boot. LiveCD fsck & e2fsck tell me "Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sda1 Could this be a zero-length partition" Any hope left, or is the disk a paperweight?06:18
bullgard4After 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 upgrade in nm-applet > Wireless Networks shows: "wireless is disabled". lsmod shows ipw2200. '~$ ifconfig' shows: "eth1=UP". How to enable wireless in nm-applet?06:18
=== naddix1 is now known as naddix
chelzbullgard4: right click it in the taksbar06:20
bullgard4chelz: And then? If I click on 'Enalble Wireless', it will not respond.06:21
user__I have a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 v1.0 which plugs in via USB. When I hit the back button on my mouse in firefox nothing happens.06:23
user__I have 9.0406:23
scuniziTerminal Server client seems to have only RDP and RDPv5 protocols available.. vnc is greyed out. what can I use for vnc?06:23
user__Up to date.06:23
Zimm3randrewfree: You here06:24
pronoywhat is up with this kernel update first it screwed up my update manager then the flash plugin and finally now i can't run songbird !! can someone please help me ?!?!? or just explain how to fix this !!06:24
threeseasI changed monitors and now I can't get it to boot in the resolution I set in preferences06:24
user__I have a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 v1.0 which plugs in via USB. When I hit the back button on my mouse in firefox nothing happens.06:24
xBxAxRxNxExYxis it possible to use atheros on ubuntu yet?06:25
pronoywhat is up with this kernel update first it screwed up my update manager then the flash plugin and finally now i can't run songbird !! can someone please help me ?!?!? or just explain how to fix this !!06:25
* deww files bug report and hopes for the best.06:26
iMatterHello, i'm having skype problems, mic isn't working and i ran it in terminal and get this: ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave06:26
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:26
TheMidnightCoderiMatter, me too, have you tried p;ulse audio?06:27
pronoycan anyone look into my kernel problem plz06:27
AfterTechsup #ubuntu06:27
user__I have a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 v1.0 which plugs in via USB. When I hit the back button on my mouse in firefox nothing happens.06:27
iMatterTheMidnightCoder, what you mean by try pulse audio, isn't that default thing in Hardy06:28
AfterTechtry alsamixer06:28
iMatterAfterDeath, in terminal type that?06:28
dewwuser__: this lengthy guide is probably what you are looking for http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219894&highlight=howto+left+button06:29
iMatterAfterTech, i mean06:29
TheMidnightCoderiMatter, oh sry, I use Jaunty, but I mean use pulse audio instead of alsa mixer06:29
pronoyAfterTech iMatter worked for me iMatter06:29
eli_plz help me every..06:29
iMatterTheMidnightCoder, oh06:29
pronoyAfterTech iMatter worked for me http://funwithlinux.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/fixing-skype-audio-problem-on-ubuntu-904/06:29
Eruhi thea?06:29
pronoy!ask | eli_06:29
ubottueli_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:29
air8orne.oOor be rude06:30
bullgard4After 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 upgrade in nm-applet > Wireless Networks shows: "wireless is disabled". lsmod shows ipw2200. '~$ ifconfig' shows: "eth1=UP". How to enable wireless in nm-applet?06:30
user__deww, it isn't logitech.06:30
eli_ups... i got it sorry06:30
Eruvhat are you guys talking bout?06:31
AfterTechany terminal will do06:31
pronoyiMatter: did it help ?06:31
earthmeLonHey guys.  I want to do ls -lh but I don't want useless timestamps.  Any suggestions?06:31
pronoyEru ubuntu06:31
iMatterpronoy, second firefox/epiphany isn't opening -.-06:31
cprxmm7Where is OpenOffice installed by default? (9.10)06:31
pronoyiMatter upgrade ff3.5 and no idea about epiphany06:32
bullgard4cprxmm7: Your question belongs in #ubuntu+106:32
=== Carlos is now known as Guest42599
mattycozehey guys i was wondering if someone could enlighten me as to what GPG keys are all about?06:32
cprxmm7bullgard4: Ok. May I ask why? I'm unfamiliar with that chan06:32
pronoy!gpg | mattycoze06:33
ubottumattycoze: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts06:33
dexteri can't run firefox how do i find the prosess and kill it06:33
=== Guest42599 is now known as campusano
bullgard4cprxmm7: Because that channel deals with Ubuntu 9.10.06:33
pronoydexter alt+f2 killall firefox06:33
pronoydexter or terminal > ps -e > kill -9 <process id >06:33
cprxmm7bullgard4: oh, I don't believe it's specific to 9.10 -- unless OpenOffice has been relocated since 8.1006:33
pronoycprxmm7 so ask where is openoffice located06:34
ariqsanyone know where I can find sources to 3d space shooter interface design?06:34
cprxmm7pronoy: It was just a force of habbit -- I didn't see it becoming a problem06:34
alazyworkaholichow do I mount a partition read only?06:34
iMatterpronoy, i did sudo apt-get install firefox and it just updated to 3.0.11 or something like that no 3.506:34
alazyworkaholicmount -r /dev/sda1 ?06:35
pronoycprxmm7 when the folks here read karmic or 9.10 you'll automatically be told to go to #ubuntu+106:35
kbrosnaniMatter: firefox-3.506:35
pronoyiMatter its not in the repo ..go to their site06:35
iMatterno browser >.>06:35
cprxmm7pronoy: it was actually a typo on my part, because it's 9.04 in the first place06:35
bullgard4cprxmm7: Well, in that case you are to blame for not having put a precise question. --  OpenOffice.org on my computer is stored on 370 different places.06:35
pronoyiMatter oh yeah wait you can access it via terminal06:36
pronoyiMatter hang on i'll tell you in a sec06:36
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY06:36
=== eus is now known as eusu_kefuin
cprxmm7bullgard4: I'm just trying to install Alfresco, and it wants to know where OpenOffice is installed. I'm going to assume that it wants the location with the binaries, or something06:36
pronoySandGorgon you can find it full, its available06:36
papulwhere r the program files in ubuntu?06:37
pronoypapul its not like windoes06:37
sujiAnyone know how to transfer a file from ubuntu to freeBSD?06:37
bullgard4cprxmm7: Try /usr/bin/openoffice.org06:37
papulpronoy, thats why i want to know06:37
arandpapul: In synaptic you can check the location of the files associated with a given package.06:38
papulpronoy, just switched n feeling confused06:38
pronoyarand not quite what he asked but yeah ok06:38
iMatterpronoy, hmm?06:38
papularand, how?06:38
cprxmm7bullgard4: No such location.06:38
pronoypapul ok that'll take some time06:38
scunizicprxmm7: sudo updatedb && locate openoffice06:38
cprxmm7bullgard4: In fact, the only folder there is X1106:38
=== nabeel is now known as Guest49076
arandpapul: select an installed package > properties > installed files06:39
bullgard4cprxmm7: Try the command '~$ which openoffice.org'.06:39
duckwars__I'm having problems setting the permissions on my external USB harddrive06:39
scunizicprxmm7: you can also "whereis openoffice for several locations06:39
SandGorgonpronoy, as long as it is not available in the official ubuntu repositories as an update, it is not available officially06:40
papularand, its rebuilding the search index. have to wait06:40
iMatterwhat the heck...06:40
pronoySandGorgon as long as its out of its beta version its good to go :)06:40
iMatterpidgin just quit randomly06:40
bullgard4After 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 upgrade in nm-applet > Wireless Networks shows: "wireless is disabled". lsmod shows ipw2200. '~$ ifconfig' shows: "eth1=UP". How to enable wireless in nm-applet?06:40
duckwars__I can change the permissions on the files inside the drive and that works, but when I try to change permissions on the drive itself it doens't work... but what I'm changing permissions on is just /media/disk06:40
papulwhen is 9.10 coming?06:40
duckwars__it doesn't see the name of the drive06:40
Dr_Willispapul:  2009, tenth month.. thats where 9.10 comes from....06:41
kj4papul, 10/0906:41
mneptokduckwars__: using sudo?06:41
bullgard4papul: You will get the most precise answer in the #ubuntu+1 channel.06:41
SandGorgonpronoy, actually the problem is because of 64-bit packaging - FF 3.5's javascript engine is NOT officially supported for Lin 64 bit - so I'm hoping the Ubuntu maintainers are able to patch it in06:41
duckwars__yea, i go to terminal and do sksudo nautilus06:42
pronoySandGorgon oh yeah i have to agree on that06:42
cprxmm7scunizi: interesting results with that command..it claimed to exist in a non-existent folder, so i tried apt-get install openoffice.org and it's downloading/installing it (irregardless of the fact it was installed in the first place)06:42
Dr_Willisrunning nautilus as root.. can cause 'issues' - be very carefull when doing that.06:42
mneptokduckwars__: "sksudo?"06:42
duckwars__I mean I used sksudo and I can use it to change the permissions on files, but not on the whole harddrive itself06:43
duckwars__i can't really find the drive in /media06:44
scuniziduckwars__: use gksudo06:44
duckwars__all i can find is disk, which has it's content06:44
papulif i upgrade to karmic through update manager can i degrade?06:44
mneptokpapul: no06:44
duckwars__i'm sorry, i did use gksudo, just mistypede there06:44
mobi-sheepduckwars__: /media/disk is your disk, right?06:44
* mneptok has never heard of sksudo in Ubuntu06:44
duckwars__it is my disk, so i try to set permissions on disk and it doesn't seem to work06:44
papulhow do save packages on disk and distribute it06:45
mobi-sheepduckwars__: You used chown ?06:45
duckwars__no... I'm doing thourgh gui06:46
pronoythose who need ff3.5 check this site http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-install-firefox-35-in-ubuntu-904.html06:46
mobi-sheepduckwars__: In the terminal --> "cd /media and ls -l"  Disk is owned by whom?06:46
duckwars__disk is owned by root06:46
iMatterpronoy, no browser remember..06:46
pronoyiMatter oh man ! hang on a sec again checking one with wget sorry...hang on06:47
duckwars__actually, root and also my user06:47
duckwars__how can I at least change the name of the disk?06:47
mobi-sheepduckwars__: That's the problem.  You need to change /media/disk to your username.06:48
duckwars__you mean change the name of the folder to my username?06:48
mobi-sheepduckwars__: "sudo chown duck:duck /media/disk"  Change duck with your actual username.  /media/disk is the actual path for your hard drive, right?06:49
duckwars__within /media/disk are the same folders as when I double click the disk on my gui desktop06:49
mobi-sheeppronoy: "sudo aptitude install firefox-3.5" does not cut it out for you?06:50
b1n42y!restricyed drivers06:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:50
b1n42y!restricted drivers06:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:50
duckwars__so i should do that sudo chown duck:duck thing?06:50
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Do the command.  Yes.  Change duck with your actual username.06:50
pronoymobi-sheep not in the repos06:50
pronoymobi-sheep did you check it before posting it ?\06:51
bullgard4After 8.04 > 8.10 > 9.04 upgrade in nm-applet > Wireless Networks shows: "wireless is disabled". lsmod shows ipw2200. '~$ ifconfig' shows: "eth1=UP". How to enable wireless in nm-applet?06:51
b1n42ycan someone please tell me what this means "you will lose access to restricted kernel drivers06:51
mobi-sheeppronoy: It's in my repo.  Did you have universe/multi-universe and such enabled?06:51
duckwars__i did the command, but I still can't make folders within the drive or rename the drive06:51
pronoymobi-sheep hang on ! repo for jaunty ?06:51
bullgard4b1n42y: This depends. Please state your environment and situation more precisely06:52
pronoyiMatter you running jaunty bro ?06:52
b1n42ybullgard4, has to do with the intel fix06:52
iMatterpronoy, nope..06:52
renegade2khi everyone. im new to ubuntu. just started the live-cd with ubuntu 9.04 64bit, but my resolution is somthing about 700*xxx on a 22'' tft :( so i even cannot see the buttons at the bottom of opened windows. is there a possibility to switch resulution without gui?06:52
pronoyiMatter then here's a link that might help you http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/06/firefox-35-rc-1-ubuntu-repository-deb.html06:52
=== nick is now known as Guest91455
iMatterwget that?06:53
mobi-sheeppronoy: Go to Software Sources.  Is main/universe/restricted/multiverse/third-party source toggled?06:53
pronoyiMatter no go to the link06:53
b1n42ybullgard4, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582&repost        under optimal configuration06:53
iMatterpronoy, >.> no browser..06:53
pronoyiMatter ok i'll paste the instructions here..pm me06:53
pronoymobi-sheep was asking for iMatter no problem06:54
bullgard4Why does '~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' obtain: "The following packages have been kept back: hwinfo."06:54
pronoyiMatter paste this in your terminal06:54
pronoyiMatter    sudo sh -c "echo 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"06:54
pronoysudo sh -c "echo 'deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"06:55
mobi-sheeprenegade2k: Can you change the settings in Display?06:55
sujiAnyone know how to transfer a file from ubuntu to freeBSD?06:55
mobi-sheepsuji: Can you ssh in ubuntu/freeBSD?06:55
evilwombatHello. It seems a recent update may have broken evdev / OIS / joystick support. The /dev/input/eventX file is there, but OIS is not seeing the stick. Strace says ioctls complete fine, but OIS does not see stick. Anyone else have issues?06:55
Cosmo1 I am having a problem my keyboard layout keeps changing from dvorak back to qwerty even though I have removed the qwerty layout and it seems at random times it goes back to qwerty and I have to run setxkbmap dvorak in a launcher.06:55
Cosmo1How do I fix this so that it stays dvorak? I am noticing a slight pause in my system when it happens. sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup did not fix it.06:56
bullgard4suji: Yes. Use an USB stick for it.06:56
renegade2kmobi-sheep: nope, the 700*xxx is the maximum avaidable resolution in the settings. i got the geforce 7600 gt wit a viewsonic 22''. so this resolution is a nogo :(06:56
Apollo2366Yo... Can I share a printer from my machine to a Windows machine, using Samba?06:56
jack82I can't get ubuntu to connect to the internet using a custom IP... is this a know problem?06:56
zirodayApollo2366: yep06:56
PryMaLjack82: what do you mena by custom IP?06:57
mobi-sheeprenegade2k: Hmm.  You don't want to install Ubuntu?  Or you just want to run LiveCD?06:57
zirodayApollo2366: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba06:57
postscriptjack82: Custom IP through your ISP or router?06:57
threepointonefouUbuntu is not showing the uhhh...like the part on the top of a window where it has the x to close stuff...or even just to switch between windows? And nothing that I open is showing in the task tray...it wasn't like this this afternoon...anyone know where to fix that?06:57
renegade2kmobi-sheep: that stupid windows destroyed my ntfs partiotion (again!) so now i just wanted to backup my files with ubuntu live06:57
=== brb is now known as Guest24080
PsyCl0neHi everyone. Could someone please help me figure out why I have lost all my sound06:58
renegade2kmobi-sheep: but i still dont want to install it becouse of some important software, that just runs under windows06:58
postscriptPsyCl0ne: Just give the specifics, if someone knows how to help, you'll get an answer.06:58
zirodaythreepointonefou: press alt+f2, enter "metacity --replace" in the box that appears and then press enter06:58
jack82postscript: router... example, at work the gateway is, so my IP is I can ping the gateway fine but I can't get to the internet06:58
Apollo2366ziroday: Thanks!06:58
mobi-sheep!x | renegade2k06:58
ubotturenegade2k: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:58
threepointonefouziroday: thanks I'll try that06:59
mobi-sheeprenegade2k: See the link for fix screen resolution.06:59
renegade2kmobi-sheep: ah, thank you much :)06:59
postscriptjack82: are all the settings set? subnet mask? DNS servers?06:59
sirninjahey. I plugged in an external monitor to my laptop and it worked as expected, except compiz didn't work which I understood.. but now that I've unplugged the monitor, I can't re-enable compiz. How would I do that?06:59
threepointonefouziroday: didn't work07:00
zirodaysirninja: alt+f2, enter "compiz --replace"07:00
zirodaythreepointonefou: where did it fail? The easiest solution to this is to restart X/the computer07:01
threepointonefoui restarted once already, it didn't help07:01
jack82postscript: yes... I'm connected through the same network right now on my windows machine with identical settings(the last number of the address is differnet of course), so I know its not the a problem with the network...07:01
=== Dopppp is now known as Doppp
zirodaythreepointonefou: please try restarting again07:02
sirninjaI guess a better question would be how do I get the effects working again? on the cube icon, it says I'm using compiz, but I still don't have the cube07:02
postscriptjack82: Can you ping the computer from the Windows one?07:02
PsyCl0nepostscript: I really dont know what the specifics could be. Um I guess running Jaunty 64, removed pulse audio because it was making my cpu usage leap to 100% till skype was shutdown (Using the latest ALSA driver atm) but recently I haven't done anything. But when I try to unmute or change the volume on my laptop the Volume control tells me "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or drvices found."07:02
threepointonefouziroday: okay...i'll try07:02
sirninjadesktop effects are disabled under appearances. Would that have anything to do with it? I try to re-enable them, but it says I can't07:03
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages07:03
PryMaLjack82: are you running DHCP or forcing an IP address on your other mahcine?07:03
zirodaysirninja: did you do what I asked you to do?07:03
pronoysirninja you have to install the hardware drivers07:03
postscriptPryMaL: He's forcing an IP on the other machine07:03
jack82postscript: yes I can ping from windows07:03
zirodaysirninja: and?07:03
PryMaLpostscript: perhaps IP conflict?07:03
jack82PryMal: I've tried it both ways, currently DHCP07:03
duckwars__okay, when I right-click the USB drive and go to properties, then hit the permissions tab I get "The permissions of 'disk' could not be determined"07:04
sirninjait reloaded the window manager, but it didn't bring back the cube and other effects07:04
Hilikushow can i have access to my music from anywhere outside my LAN? right now i have ampache set up but i want to do something that doesn't use a web interface but a media player sees natively. i don't want to use samba though, dont wanna open my FS to the world07:04
sirninjasshfs might be what you're looking for07:05
OceanicHilikus, try tonido07:05
b1n42ycan someone please tell me what restricted kernel drivers are ? is it simply ubuntu kernel ?07:06
Hilikussirninja: that would still open my FS, i want some kind of server that takes care of streaming on demand07:06
maxagais there a command to check if there's a PCI-E port on a server ?07:06
zirodayHilikus: mpd? or an icecast stream perhaps.07:06
superbelehi :)07:06
the-dudemaxaga: try dmi-decode ?07:06
scunizib1n42y: I think that would be like the nvidia driver, non-free virtualbox driver, vmware etc.. they all make kernel mods.07:06
Hilikusziroday: for an icecast what would be the interface?? the frontend07:07
jack82Did you guys give up on me?07:07
b1n42yscunizi, ahh the mods, thanks, that sucks07:07
zirodayHilikus: there is no interface, you just dial into the icecast station, similar to (internet) radio07:07
threepointonefouziroday: still the same07:08
scunizib1n42y: why? what's up07:08
Hilikusziroday: how do you see whats available to select a song?07:08
bullgard4Why does '~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' obtain: "The following packages have been kept back: hwinfo."?07:08
zirodayHilikus: you don't, it just plays a preselected playlist/folder. Like radio.07:08
pronoywhat is up with this kernel update first it screwed up my update manager then the flash plugin and finally now i can't run songbird !! can someone please help me ?!?!? or just explain how to fix this !!07:08
renegade2kmobi-sheep: just one more question: when i add a video-mode i need to specify the output interface. how i find out what name it has? my tft is on the dvi-interface07:08
maxagathe-dude, i don't have this command07:08
b1n42yscunizi, need to implement the intel fix as per this link, want to do the optimal configuration - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582&repost07:09
postscriptjack82: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html07:09
scunizib1n42y: gotcha.. well if you need it you need it.. what you have to remember is you'll have to redo it for every kernel upgrade07:09
b1n42yscunizi, well i believe it takes me to .30 so should be good till october07:10
b1n42yscunizi, but I would have to add all the modules, maybe ill just put up slow gfx07:11
b1n42yscunizi, incidently if I wanted to add Fn keys I would need to a) compile new kernel or b) add module07:12
the-dudemaxaga: dmidecode?07:13
threepointonefouziroday: putting "metacity --replace" into the terminal, it gives me the messages "Window manager warning: Buggy client send a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x1000003 (domina@dom)" and "Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed."07:13
Villainyi have aids and my dick is as plump as a ballpark weiner07:13
=== Villainy is now known as Parrot
postscriptuh Villainy,07:13
zirodaythreepointonefou: err what version of ubuntu are you running07:13
pronoypostscript you mean parrot07:13
maxagathe-dude, i just need to know if i have a pci-e slot actually07:14
threepointonefoumini version thing07:14
b1n42y* note to self install irssi for when you break X07:14
postscriptpronoy: parrot?07:14
the-dudemaxaga: then check the specs of the machine :S07:14
need_helphey what's program using on CLI to config IRQ for specific programs in order to not having Conflict07:14
Parrotubuntu is for fags07:14
indusya true07:14
pronoypostscript villany changed his nick to parrot07:14
postscriptoh, I disabled that stuff from showing07:14
pronoyParrot plz don't do tthat07:14
b1n42yFor Awesome Guys Strictly ?07:15
Parrotfor guys who suck dick07:15
ziroday!ops | Parrot07:15
ubottuParrot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:15
DexterLBdoes anyone know how to assign the output of a command in a variable in a shell script?07:15
dotsat least it's no windows :)07:15
zirodaythreepointonefou: not idea sorry07:15
duckwars__I have ownership of /media/disk and I still can't create a file inside it07:15
duckwars__nor can I rename it07:15
zirodaythreepointonefou: err no idea sorry :)07:15
lstarnesDexterLB: variable=$(command)07:15
jack82postscript:  Thanks!  That totally did the trick!  I seriously appreciate you!07:16
need_helpDexterLB u mean env?07:16
HilikusDexterLB: foo=`command`07:16
dsdeizduckwars__: how'd you mount it?07:16
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Try again using recursive this time too.07:16
duckwars__I reformatted the drive to ext3, then it didn't mount on the desktop, so I just unplugged and replugged in the usb cable07:16
duckwars__<--- doesn't know anything07:16
duckwars__I don't know what recursive is07:17
belcohello :) how do i lock a useraccount into a certain directory07:17
dsdeizlike chmod'ing it? :S07:17
linuxguy2009Hi guys I was just wondering if there is an app in the repos that can remove all packages that are left behind after removing an installed app on my system? I have tried deborphan and its gtk counterpart gtkorphan and they both list packages that I need and not just ones left behind. I have Ubuntu Tweak installed and it has a remover that works really well but I would rather have a tool meant just for doing this.Anyone know of one that 07:17
mobi-sheepduckwars__: "sudo chown -R duck:duck /media/disk"07:17
need_helpbelco check usermod07:17
zirodaylinuxguy2009: do sudo apt-get autoremove07:17
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Same protocol.  Change your username.  Actual path.07:17
Hilikuslinuxguy2009: try apt-get autoremove07:17
duckwars__i changed the permissions using gksudo nautilus and then thorugh the gui07:17
ethana21I'm trying to repeat a wifi network07:18
threepointonefouziroday: "Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix"07:18
dsdeizduckwars__: kinda new here to but what i do is "mount -t type -o rw,uid=myuserid,gid=mygroupid device directory"07:18
ethana21I installed dnsmasq, but when I go to make the new network, my laptop drops offline07:18
zirodayethana21: seen !ics?07:18
ethana21ziroday: ?07:18
ziroday!ics > ethana2107:18
ubottuethana21, please see my private message07:18
duckwars__i did the sudo chown thing and it didn't seem to do anything07:19
ethana21whoa, seriously all that just to repeat a wifi network?07:19
dsdeizlike what mobi-sheep said, "sudo chown -R username:group /media/disk"07:19
ethana21I thought it was two clicks in nm-applet07:19
linuxguy2009apt-get autoremove says there is 1 file to remove which is exactly what Ubuntu Tweak said so yes this is definetly what i needed.Sweet. Its asking to remove the file y/n. When i hit yes will it tell me what its removing before it actually does it?07:20
duckwars__i did that07:20
chris_can you use Hulu with ubuntu?07:20
dsdeizstill no go?07:20
duckwars__i still can't create a folder within the drive07:20
zirodaychris_: yes, with flash installed07:20
dsdeizwhat the command i gave?07:20
dsdeizwhat about*07:20
TheShahFactorHow to Clean up Ubuntu to create more free space and remove redundant files?07:20
duckwars__mount point directory does not exist07:20
belcodoes this look right for the username thftp07:21
belcousermod --home /var/www/torrentflux/downloads thftp07:21
dsdeizyou should create your mounting point which is /media/disk07:21
mobi-sheepduckwars__: What in *earth* are you trying to do?07:21
duckwars__The drive comes up as 1000.2 GB Media on my desktop07:21
duckwars__I'm trying to make this USB drive writeable to... I can't change the name of the drive, I can't create folders in it07:21
dsdeiznow, i guess that's formatting the drive wrong :S07:21
zirodayTheShahFactor: remove files that you don't need07:21
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Create the folder in /media/disk/New Folder --- Not /media/New Folder07:21
chris_how do i install flash?07:22
duckwars__I may have formatted the drive wrong07:22
ziroday!flash | chris_07:22
ubottuchris_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:22
mobi-sheep!flash64 | chris_07:22
ubottuchris_: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava07:22
chris_thank you07:22
duckwars__mobi: I try to create the folder through the gui, but can't07:22
duckwars__i may have messed up the formatting07:22
* mobi-sheep thinks flash + flash64 should be merged. (@ ziroday).07:23
mobi-sheepduckwars__: "cd /media && ls -l"  Do you see any root?07:23
duckwars__is that -(pipe) or -(letter l)?07:24
dsdeizletter l07:24
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Letter.  You can copy and paste in the terminal.07:24
Rob235wow, KDE is much better than i remember07:24
mobi-sheepduckwars__: What does "disk" say?07:25
duckwars__myusername myusername07:25
duckwars__i may have partitioned the drive wrong07:26
duckwars__when i open gparted07:26
duckwars__i have 2 partitions07:26
mobi-sheepduckwars__: That's fine.  Run "echo $USER"  --- What does that say?07:26
duckwars__one huge one that is ext307:26
duckwars__and a TINY one that is unkown07:26
mobi-sheepduckwars__: You can resize it later.07:26
dragon_!enter | duckwars__07:26
ubottuduckwars__: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:26
|unjustice|hi, a friend of mine is trying to update to jaunty. I gave him an install disc but he canot run it from boot, and the .exe never works07:26
duckwars__it says my username, and I'm sorry ubottu!07:27
ziroday|unjustice|: err you can't upgrade to jaunty using the desktop cd07:27
esbI messed up desktop-config wuth extra effects in KDE... Now when I start KDE my sceen only blinks and are non' responsive... What cmd could reset that settings without starting KDE-desktop... I have fluxbox and gnome working aswell07:27
|unjustice|so I changed his sources.list, but now he keeps getting gpg errors and cannot update07:27
belcocant fingure itout :(07:27
ziroday!upgrade > |unjustice|07:27
ubottu|unjustice|, please see my private message07:27
mobi-sheepduckwars__: Ubottu is a bot.  What is your username?07:27
duckwars__my user name is duck07:27
mobi-sheepduckwars__: "sudo chown -R duck:duck /media/disk" does not work for you? It should.07:28
dsdeizhe got his drive to display 1000gb.. that's huge07:28
mobi-sheepdsdeiz: Typical External 1TB size.07:28
Plecebo_I can't get these hard drives to detect in 9.04. They are connected to the system via a esata adapter, they show in the bios but not in ubuntu sudo fdisk -l does not show them07:28
mobi-sheepActionParsnip: Yo yo yo!07:28
dsdeizoh okay07:28
dotsanyone knows how to hide the provider information in XCHAT ?07:29
Rob235crap this is what i was scared of, i installed kde-desktop and now firefox wont open07:29
duckwars__depends what you mean by "works".  It looks as though I have ownership of the folder, but I still can't create folers within the harddrive07:29
mobi-sheepdots: Hostname? As in... (n=username@ip) ?07:29
linuxguy2009Alright sweet apt-get autoremove did the trick. A new trick under my belt. Thanks guys.07:29
ActionParsnipyo yo yo mobi-sheep07:29
bazhang!cloak > dots07:29
ubottudots, please see my private message07:29
ActionParsnip!info kde-desktop07:30
ubottuPackage kde-desktop does not exist in jaunty07:30
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks07:30
duckwars__wait a tick, I can make it in term, but not in gui07:30
u_dparte!off topic07:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about off topic07:30
chris_i downloaded the flash plugin but Hulu still wont work, what should i do?07:30
ActionParsnipRob235: launch it from konsole, see what it says07:30
duckwars__how do i in terminal make sure I'm not sudoing?07:30
u_dparte!ubuntu off topic07:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:30
Rob235it wont in gnome either, maybe i just did something07:31
zirodaychris_: did you restart your browser?07:31
ziroday!ot > u_dparte07:31
ubottuu_dparte, please see my private message07:31
dragon_!botabuse > u_dparte07:31
millertimek1a2m3Does anyone know if it's possible to pass a file just from one computer to the next over wifi07:31
chris_yes i did07:31
millertimek1a2m3without the two being connected to the internet07:31
linuxguy2009No I have another question hehe. If a folder contains 2 of the same package but different version number and a person runs "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" in that folder, will dpkg know to install just the newer version of the files found there?07:31
mobi-sheep!enter | millertimek1a2m307:31
ubottumillertimek1a2m3: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:31
ActionParsnipRob235: what does te konsole say?07:31
zirodaymillertimek1a2m3: I'07:31
u_dparteziroday, i wasn't abusing the bot I was looking for the offtopic channel07:31
zirodaymillertimek1a2m3: I'm pretty sure that they have to be connected on the same LAN but you could give giver a go07:32
zirodayu_dparte: I never said you were abusing the bot, I gave you the factoid for the offtopic channel07:32
millertimek1a2m3is that a linux app? ok..07:32
dragon_millertimek1a2m3: it is possible07:32
iMatter_Pidgin crashed with irc -.-07:32
ziroday!info giver | millertimek1a2m307:32
ubottumillertimek1a2m3: giver (source: giver): simple file sharing desktop application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.8-3ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 144 kB, installed size 440 kB07:32
Rob235it must be the symlink or something cause if i run firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.0 it works brb07:32
Pleceboanyone have any idea why my had drives are not being detected in ubuntu?07:32
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY07:32
ActionParsnipPlecebo: do they show up in: sudo fdisk -l   ?07:33
PleceboActionParsnip: no07:33
indusActionParsnip: hello07:33
Rob235ActionParsnip: in console it says firefox is not installed07:33
bullgard4Plecebo: Because you did not install Ubuntu properly.07:33
ActionParsnipPlecebo: then i'd read through    dmesg | less07:33
ActionParsnipRob235: sudo apt-get --reinstall install firefox07:34
Plecebobullgard4: 2nd install, detected in bios but not in ubuntu install nor after install07:34
PleceboActionParsnip: any hint as to what I might look for?07:35
bullgard4Plecebo: You could try to use an Ubuntu live CD and see if it can read your hard drives.07:35
dexterhow do i install flash player so i can view youtube videos07:36
tigerzhi guys, where can I download a Ubuntu xen pvm image?07:36
ActionParsnipPlecebo: anything regarding PATA or SATA07:36
bullgard4dexter: I believe via the medibutu repository.07:36
ActionParsnipPlecebo: just read it until you hit gold07:36
dexterbullgard4,  what do i type in terminal07:36
Rob235ok now firefox runs 3.0, just gotta update the symlink and it should be fine, thanks07:36
=== MadMax is now known as Guest68317
dexterbullgard4,  sorry i am new to ubuntu07:36
earthmeLonLooking for help with mkvmerge07:37
dsdeizif i don't have internet connection is there a way to update the packages? :S07:37
frsandstonehey guys07:37
PleceboActionParsnip: this seems to be the ticket: ata3: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)07:37
duckwars__is there anyway to start vinagre through a terminal?07:37
duckwars__a terminal not in the gui07:37
PleceboActionParsnip: there are about one entry per drive that is not showing and they are the last entries about sata07:38
mobi-sheepdsdeiz: As in no Internet forever?07:38
dexterwhat do i type in terminal to get Adobe flash player so i can play youtube videos07:38
mobi-sheepdexter: 32 or 64bit?07:38
chris_i installed the correct flash plugins but my Hulu still wont work, any help?07:38
bazhang!flash | dexter07:38
ubottudexter: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:38
frsandstonewhat do you guys think about thinkpads?07:39
Nubosaldexter: You will learn soon, im new too :D07:39
frsandstonei'm considering buying a t50007:39
ziroday!ot > frsandstone07:39
ubottufrsandstone, please see my private message07:39
PleceboActionParsnip: oh wait, those are probably my onboard sata ports07:39
ActionParsnipPlecebo: then websearch the lines07:39
gregh7470chris_  install java as well07:39
dexterNubosal, lol that was easy! thankss07:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iscsitarget07:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iscsi07:40
NubosalNo problem07:40
frsandstonewhat was that for ziroday?07:40
frsandstonei dont know what to do over there...07:40
PleceboActionParsnip: thanks for the help, back to the google...07:40
bazhangfrsandstone, hardware discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic07:40
zirodayfrsandstone: you should discuss thinkpad laptops in -offtopic07:40
dexterNubosal, wait i installed what you told me to and it doesn't work07:40
frsandstonethx guys07:40
Nubosaldexter: I didnt installed, I just told it was easy to learn07:41
StdhtHi! COuld anyone please help me. I have usb serial device. Is it possible to lock it to specified /dev/ttyXXX  . Now it becomes on /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0 . andI am not sure what dev it would be the next time?07:41
NubosalTHe guy that told ya07:41
kuitangHi, my apache ignores ServerSignature Off directive.  They still show up on the error pages.  Yes, I've tried restarting.07:41
duckwars__how can I mount an external USB drive connected to my computer?07:41
NubosalI dont remember07:41
dexterNubosal, yes but its driving me crazy i know i installed it before by typing apt-get install flashplayer something somethign07:41
bullgard4dexter: Synaptic > Settings > Repositories > Third Party Software > Assert 'http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy free non-free' (if you are using Hardy).07:41
bazhangbullgard4, for flash? don't need medibuntu for that07:42
dexterNubosal, how do i get to synaptic07:42
bazhangdexter, open synaptic package manager and install from there07:42
NubosalI dont know lol07:42
ActionParsnipPlecebo: try msn search too, and ask.com07:42
ActionParsnipPlecebo: different search methods, different results07:43
=== gregh7470 is now known as dell_blows
dexterbazhang, how do i get their07:43
bazhangdexter, system administration synaptic package manager07:43
dexterbazhang, to synaptic package manager07:43
StdhtHi! Could anyone please help me. I have usb serial device. Is it possible to lock it to specified /dev/ttyXXX . Now it becomes on /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0 . and I am not sure what dev it would be the next time?07:43
dextermy computer just started making a beaping every single time i press a key!!!!07:43
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore07:44
zupbhi, community. i have a problem on ubuntu 8.04.2. menu to turn off a computer is a very slooooow07:44
nadineI can't get Fungaloids to install, when trying from synaptic it tells me it can't install ogre-plugins-cgprogrammanager and apt tells me its an invalid opperation07:44
=== jared__ is now known as jaret
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!07:44
zupbwhy it happens?07:44
ActionParsnipdexter: press every key once on the keyboard, be firm and be sequential07:45
nadine!Regnum Online07:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Regnum Online07:45
dexterbazhang, to synaptic package mananger is running or something so i get an error when i try to open it07:45
dexteri am going to restart07:45
StdhtHi! Could anyone please help me. I have usb serial device. Is it possible to lock it to specified /dev/ttyXXX . Now it becomes on /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0 . and I am not sure what dev it would be the next time?07:45
BellinXFeloni have an external hard drive that i just changed the partition to ext2, and now I can't write to it. How can i fix that?07:46
ActionParsnipStdht: read through    dmesg | less07:46
bekkouupdate the etc/fstab to mount your drive no ?07:46
earthmeLonLooking for help with mkvmerge.  Audio is acting weird.  Info here:  http://pastebin.com/m6d03c28307:47
losherzupb: how slow? Mine takes about 1 minute...07:48
dixon2008hi everyone07:48
zupblosher: yes :'(07:48
zupbme too07:49
dixon2008is the newer ubuntu version 9.04 better or worse than 8.10?07:49
lstarneszupb: mine only takes about 2 seconds07:49
dixon2008I wanna try the new release07:49
ActionParsnipkarmic | dixon200807:50
losherzupb: lstarnes: your 8.04.2 shuts down in 2 seconds? Or are you talking about suspend?07:50
ActionParsnipdixon2008: unless you are good at fixing your own issues, i suggest you steer clear07:50
=== parth is now known as Guest74134
bazhangdixon2008, you mean 9.04?07:50
lstarneslosher: I thought zupb was talking about getting the menu to appear, not actually shutting down or suspending07:51
zupblosher: i say about menu, which i can see after 1 minute, when i press on red button :)07:51
gauravsrfHELLO EVERY ONE07:51
gauravsrfcould any one help me to connect the remote desktop to a windows machine07:51
duckwars__is there some way to mount my external USB hard drive without physically unplugging and plugging back in the USB cable to the hard drive?07:53
doskyeis there some easy software for copying your hdd outside of the installation itself? because i dont get how tdd works if you have to stay within ubuntu to use it.07:53
losherlstarnes: oh. You're right...07:53
flashkiddsomeone knows how autostart apps in /etc/init.d???07:53
ActionParsnipduckwars__: you can run: sudo umount /mount/point; sudo mount -a07:53
zupblstarnes: yes, i talk about this problem....07:53
ActionParsnip!startup | flashkidd07:53
ubottuflashkidd: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot07:53
lstarneszupb: I'm not sure what would be causing that07:53
ActionParsnip!bootup | flashkidd07:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bootup07:53
gauravsrfcould any one help me to connect the remote desktop to a windows machine ?? any way to do so please07:54
ActionParsnipgauravsrf: rdesktop07:54
zupbok, thanks lstarnes for understand :-D07:54
ActionParsnip!info rdesktop | gauravsrf07:54
ubottugauravsrf: rdesktop (source: rdesktop): RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 134 kB, installed size 480 kB07:54
progre55hi people! has firefox 3.5 been added to the ubuntu repo's yet?07:54
lstarnes!ff35 | progre5507:54
ubottuprogre55: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY07:54
losherzupb: the other buttons respond quickly?07:54
duckwars__action: so run sudo mount then what?07:55
duckwars__i mean how can i find the name of the harddrive?07:55
progre55lstarnes, thanks :)07:55
StdhtActionParsnip bekkou .I found my dev in syslog ... usb 4-1.3: pl2303 converter no w attached to /dev/ttyUSB007:55
indusduckwars__: you specify by device name07:55
zupblosher: yes, only menu with turn off, restart and etc....07:55
gauravsrfany help07:55
Stdhtwhat should I write in fstab07:55
duckwars__how do I figure out the device name07:55
chris_why wont Boxee load for me?07:55
duckwars__I try mount and get a lot of weird stuff07:56
flashkiddI am trying to add rcquasselcore, how can I do in command line?07:56
ActionParsnipgauravsrf: ou're kidding right!?i gave you the name of the app. connect with that.07:56
losherzupb: Sorry. I don't know why.07:56
indusduckwars__: do u have a paste of fdisk -l07:56
indussudo fdisk -l07:56
error404notfoundDoes anyone know of a good site that could provide functionality of a webinar such as playing presentation, screen sharing, presenter mic, and chat07:56
doskyeone question id like to ask is how does dd work if you have to do it from within the ubuntu os?07:56
error404notfoundwhich also works on ubuntu btw...07:56
zupblosher: ok07:56
losher!ru | zupb07:57
ubottuzupb: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:57
duckwars__it looks like sudo mount -a worked07:57
ActionParsnipStdht: ok then make all you use go through that device, or you can symlink it if you need a different name07:57
chris_why does boxee just crash on me07:57
zupblosher: don't help this channel :)07:57
ActionParsnipgauravsrf: ou're kidding right!?i gave you the name of the app. connect with that.07:57
n0geargauravsrf: use FreeNX. Easy  and works like a toilet in a train07:57
gauravsrfsorry dear but due to network prob i didn't got it07:58
StdhtActionParsnip . Nect startup I will have usb device mounted to /dev/ttyACM0? It is impossible to create symlink to 2 devs at the same time07:58
ActionParsnipStdht: not possible07:58
vbCrLfI have some wireless problems making Ubuntu sometime unusable... :\ Here's my problem:07:59
ActionParsnipStdht: you could create a script to read what devices are available and make the link based on that.I am sure there is a way to make it use the same one each time but i do not know it07:59
StdhtActionParsnip So I need mechanism to mount usb  .. definitely to /dev/ttyUSB0.07:59
Cosmo1I am having a problem my keyboard layout keeps changing from dvorak back to qwerty even though I have removed the qwerty layout and it seems at random times it goes back to qwerty and I have to run setxkbmap dvorak in a launcher.08:00
Cosmo1How do I fix this so that it stays dvorak? I am noticing a slight pause in my system when it happens. sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup did not fix it.08:00
duckwars__ how do I change the name of my removable harddrive when it shows up on my desktop?08:00
doskyeone question id like to ask is how does dd work if you have to do it from within the ubuntu os?08:01
pchehi, anyone knows hot to enable extended attibutes on Ext4?08:01
lstarnesdoskye: what are you trying to use it for?08:01
doskyecopying my hdd08:02
SeveasStdht, /dev/ttyUSB0 is not a usb disk. It's a USB modem08:02
ActionParsnipdoskye: it works by copying the specified block size of data from one device to another for so many counts or until one device runs out of data08:02
Seveasduckwars__, change its label08:02
halberddd probably wouldn't work that well if you try to copy your hdd while the drive is in use08:02
Dr_Willisdoskye:  dd just does a straight 'data dump' sort of copy,08:02
profanephobiaim trying to install the flowchart program Raptor and I keep getting an error when trying to solve it, here's the error i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/208755/08:02
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX08:02
Dr_Willisdoskye:  its about as basic of a tool as you can get. :) and you dont want to 'dd' copy a drive while its in use. :)08:03
halberdit could end up with an image that can't be recovered from08:03
Dr_Willisdoskye:  you can 'dd' a drive to a image file. then mount that image file vya the loopback option of mount and access it as if it was a drive.  (nifty eh)08:03
pcheHello, beagle is not indexing my files, what sould I do?08:03
StdhtSeveas Of course... I didn;t say it usb disk08:03
SeveasStdht, you can only mount disk-like things.08:04
duckwars__seveas: how do I change its label?08:04
halberdhmm is it possible to dump the hard disk you booted from?08:04
halberdtransferring everything to memory first08:04
Dr_Willishalberd:  best to use a live cd  befor doing that kind of stuff.08:04
halberdsure but is it possible08:05
Seveasduckwars__, it's not easy apparently: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive08:05
duckwars__crud, thanks much seveas08:05
ralf_1985have anyone got ie7 work on ubuntu ?08:07
Dr_Willisralf_1985:  why would you want to. :)08:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ie4s08:07
ralf_1985i wanna test my sites on it08:07
zirodayralf_1985: you can use browsershots.com or a VM08:07
Dr_Willisralf_1985:  theres the ies4linux stuff to test things in IE.08:07
ralf_1985oh i tried it .. it doesn't work ..08:07
zirodayralf_1985: also see http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=2508:08
Dr_Willisit works for many people.. better luck getting tha tworking then ie7 from what i hear.08:08
ralf_1985i hope so .. i'll try it08:08
ralf_1985thanx everyone08:08
zirodayralf_1985: err http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=4195 is better08:08
KiRLimkfs.ufs: No such file or directory <-- how can i setup mkfs.ufs on ubuntu?08:08
Dr_WillisThe program 'mkfs.ufs' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:08:08
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install ufsutils08:09
BellinXFelonmy xubuntu has said several times "alert - data captured" what does that mean08:09
* Dr_Willis wonders what ufs even is...08:09
TerralthraI'm trying to figure out something with 9.04's wacom handling.08:09
u_dparteanyone know of a guide for command line 8.10 - 9.04 upgrade08:09
profanephobiaim trying to install the flowchart program Raptor and I keep getting an error when trying to start it, here's the error i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/208755/08:09
ziroday!upgrade | u_dparte08:09
ubottuu_dparte: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:09
TerralthraI am trying to reconfigure my tablet screen to rotate properly, and I can't make xsetwacom set <x> rotate to work08:09
Terralthraeven when I use xinput -list to get the proper device name for xsetwacom08:10
u_dpartei get Checking for a new ubuntu release08:10
u_dparteNo new release found08:10
StdhtI it right that cdc_acm and usbserial- difrernt drivers?08:10
Terralthrait doesn't give an error, it just say08:11
Adolaadam-desktop can ping adam-laptop, but adam-laptop can't ping adam-desktop "ping: unknown host adam-desktop" This is through a worgroup switch....08:11
Terralthraterralthra@Case:~$ sudo xsetwacom set "Wacom Serial Tablet PC Pen Tablet/Digitizer" rotate half08:11
AdolaAny ideas?08:11
u_dpartei don't have physical access to this computer08:11
Terralthrano error, no output, nothing08:11
Carnage\Morning. I just wanted to add another plasma comic strip widget with a new comic. But when I click "Get New Comics...", it tells me "There was an error loading data providers.". Does anyone know where I can find out more information about this error or how I can fix it?08:13
FlannelTerralthra: In Unix, no news is good news.08:13
Terralthrayes, but it didn't work08:14
Terralthrathe tablet input isn't rotated08:14
u_dpartedo-release-upgrade says no upgrade found for dist upgrade ... anyone out there know how to do this VIA command line .. i don't now have physical access to cpu08:18
u_dparteand please don't send me to the ubuntu upgrade page ... it has no info on command line upgrades08:18
u_dpartewe'll it has info ... just no useful08:18
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
zirodayu_dparte: to upgrade a system from the command line do sudo do-release-upgradw08:19
zirodayu_dparte: err sudo do-release-upgrade08:19
u_dparteziroday still get no new release found08:20
zirodayu_dparte: what are you running currently?08:20
u_dparteit's running 8.1008:20
zirodayu_dparte: are you connected to the internet?08:20
u_dparteziroday, yes .. i'm connect via ssh08:20
u_dparteg/f is in different state08:21
Terralthraany idea why xsetwacom would be simply failing?08:21
iceroot!info lsb-base08:21
ubottulsb-base (source: lsb): Linux Standard Base 4.0 init script functionality. In component main, is required. Version 4.0-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 (jaunty), package size 23 kB, installed size 84 kB08:21
flippoWhere is this internet I keep hearing about?08:21
Terralthrawhere would it dump output?08:21
anesthesiaWhy will http://unitedworldcharity.com load on my windows  vista but not on my ubuntu education edition?08:21
i3u4kturk var mı ?08:21
bazhang!tr | i3u4k08:21
ubottui3u4k: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:21
anesthesiais this an english channel?08:22
bazhanganesthesia, yep08:22
icerootanesthesia: yes08:22
anesthesiaoh thank god08:22
indusu_dparte: try sudo update-manager -d08:22
anesthesiai thought yall were speaking turkish or some gibberish like that08:22
icerootanesthesia: as you can see all are speaking english here08:23
zirodayanesthesia: it loads fine here08:23
u_dparteindus, it was missing installing right nwo08:23
anesthesiaIceroot bazhang was not speaking english08:23
Kasm279i hit super+r and now my screen is all zoomed in and such, how do i fix it?08:23
indus!tr | anesthesia08:23
ubottuanesthesia: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:23
bazhanganesthesia, redirecting a turkish speaker08:23
icerootanesthesia: yes, one person and after that, someone told him were he can speak turkisch08:23
anesthesiait was turkish! haha i am smart08:23
indusanesthesia: you too can speak :)08:23
indusu_dparte: missing what?08:24
ActionParsnipKasm279: i'd ask in #compiz08:24
u_dparteindus, update-manager08:24
Kasm279ty ActionParsnip08:24
indusu_dparte: you trying to upgrade to 9.04 i presume08:24
ActionParsnipKasm279: if you uget no answer, restart x08:24
denndaHow do I need to adjust the Makefile here in order to make that code compile and link? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/126450/08:24
indusu_dparte: try sudo update-manager -d08:24
=== AfterTech is now known as RhinoSerious
indusu_dparte: works every time08:25
u_dparteindus, it's finished installing -- yes ... my g'f broke her install bad so I'm trying an upgrade as a last resort b4 wiping it clean08:25
Kasm279ActionParsnip: thanks08:25
denndacurrently it moans about undefined references to boost::thread::*08:25
indusu_dparte:but that command also gives you a karmic upgrade so really,stick with update manager GUI08:25
RhinoSeriousIs there a hardcore mode for ubuntu?08:25
zirodayRhinoSerious: no?08:26
bazhangRhinoSerious, no idea what you mean08:26
Adolaadam-desktop can ping adam-laptop, but adam-laptop can't ping adam-desktop "ping: unknown host adam-desktop" This is through a worgroup switch....08:26
u_dparteindus, this requires me to ssh -X correct?08:26
RhinoSeriouslike is there an easy mode and a hard mode for ubuntu08:26
RhinoSeriousI want Hardcore Linux08:26
bazhangRhinoSerious, of course not.08:26
indusu_dparte: oops what? you remote logged in?08:26
arquebusRhinoSerious: alt ctrl f508:26
ActionParsnipAdola: check the contents of /etc/resolv.conf on both systems08:26
RhinoSeriousarquebus: that's where i'm at right now08:27
RhinoSeriousirssi, bro08:27
u_dparteindus, yes .. she's in another state .. if she were here I'd just wipe it clean but she has no idea what to do so I'm trying to salvage her current install08:27
bazhangRhinoSerious, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:27
ActionParsnipAdola: you could add an entry in /etc/hosts to make the conversion faster but garunteed to succeed08:27
RhinoSerious!ot > RhinoSerious08:27
ubottuRhinoSerious, please see my private message08:27
indusu_dparte: sorry dont know about remote X logins08:27
indusu_dparte: what is the problem you are facing?08:28
u_dpartecorrupted kernel somehow ... mounds and mounds of dependencies missing or jacked up08:28
AdolaActionParsnip: Ok, adam-desktop had things iin, but adam-laptop doesn't have anything in it.08:29
ActionParsnipAdola: if you set the desktop to a static ip, then it will make life easier too (dhcp can give different IP addresses when the lease expires)08:29
papuli have upgraded to kernel from but the previous kernel still shows on my boot menu. how do i remove it?08:29
u_dparteindus, it's running in recovery mode from a prev. kernel w/ networking and ssh08:29
ActionParsnipRhinoSerious: if you want hardcore linux try gentoo08:29
ActionParsnipAdola: thats why then!08:30
AdolaActionParsnip: can you help me please :p08:30
papulActionParsnip, why do u suggest gentoo?08:30
ActionParsnipAdola: your desktop has name servers, add the same entries to the /etc/resolv.conf08:30
papuli have upgraded to kernel from but the previous kernel still shows on my boot menu. how do i remove it?08:30
ActionParsnippapul: he wanted hardcore linx, gentoo is fairly hardcore imho08:30
vbCrLfI have some wireless problems making Ubuntu sometime unusable... :\ Here's my problem:08:31
musikgoat|mainpapul: it is good to have a backup in case you cannot boot with the latest kernel08:31
induswhy do people say gentoo is hardcore08:31
papulmusikgoat|main, is there any way to remove the backup08:31
arquebusIndus- because you compile everything, including the OS from source08:32
vbCrLfGentoo is hardcore because it takes 2 days to install08:32
ActionParsnippapul: to remove the old kernel:   sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic ; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove08:32
Terralthrawell, that didn't work. still no rotation, no error message, nothing.08:32
ActionParsnipvbCrLf: depends on experience and scripts ;)08:32
bazhangindus, please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic08:32
papulActionParsnip, one after the other?08:32
gauravsrfW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 632D16BB0C713DA608:33
gauravsrf I got theis error wile updating the pakcagesrified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 632D16BB0C713DA608:33
musikgoat|mainpapul: all on one line08:33
ActionParsnippapul: its all one command08:33
indusarquebus: huh what? if i compile the OS from source , why would i call it gentoo, i will call it whatever i want08:33
ActionParsnippapul: hence the ;08:33
indusbazhang: ok08:33
gauravsrfhow to make it coorect08:33
Gen7anyone can help me ?08:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:33
indusGen7: i will try to08:33
papulis the new kernel stable?08:33
bazhangGen7, ask a question08:33
KiRLihow can i add gparted ufs file systems ?08:33
gauravsrfNO_PUBKEY 632D16BB0C713DA6 how to resolve this error?08:33
wolf_I am trying to install Xubuntu on a d600 laptop, it has an ATI 9000  card. From what ive read I need to use the open source driver, but whenver i specify "ati" as the driver it wont take the xorg.conf. I even tried copying and pasting an xorg.conf from someone elses d600 i found through google using the ati driver and that did not work.08:34
Gen7how to detect any driver that not function in my ubuntu ?08:34
bazhanggauravsrf, from a ppa?08:34
musikgoat|mainpapul: stable is an opinion, its stable enough that the powers that be say its ready for main stream use08:34
usserKiRLi, i dont think linux understands bsd filesystems08:34
ActionParsnipgauravsrf:  gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 0C713DA6; gpg --export --armor 0C713DA6 | sudo apt-key add -08:34
AdolaActionParsnip: I added to adam-laptop's /etc/resolv.conf what was in adam-desktop's, and I 'ping adam-desktop' from adam-laptop, and got the same error.08:34
papulmusikgoat|main, ok then i will remove the old kernel08:34
bazhangpapul, good idea to key a spare one around08:34
usserKiRLi, my bad it actually does, install ufsutils08:34
musikgoat|mainpapul: are you trying to clear space?08:35
ActionParsnipAdola: try adding to /etc/hosts08:35
KiRLii setup mkfs.ufs but i dont run it, can i setup gparted?08:35
musikgoat|mainpapul: how does removing the old kernel benefit you?08:35
ActionParsnipAdola: add:  adam-desktop     <the ip of the system>08:35
papulok then i will remove when the next kernel is released08:35
ActionParsnipmusikgoat|main: 100Mb HDD space is nice to get back08:35
AdolaActionParsnip: I can't find the ip of any system.08:35
ActionParsnipAdola: ifconfig08:35
AdolaLike, I did a ifconfig, and seen nothing about local.08:36
musikgoat|mainpapul: usually that is a good idea08:36
musikgoat|mainActionParsnip: your right, it can be, if needed08:36
Gen7bazhang: how to detect any driver that not function in my ubuntu ?08:36
kbpI'm running Ubuntu Server with openbox and firefox and flash content. After a period of time, when there is no mouse/keyboard activity, the flash content doesn't work and freeze. And it works again after mouse/keyboard activity. Does anyone know how to fix it? I disable screen power & screen saver using xset but it still happens. Thank you very much.08:36
bazhangGen7, driver for what08:36
ActionParsnipAdola: it must show you the IPs, thats its job08:36
=== iamcalledrob|awa is now known as iamcalledrob
papulwhy cant i log into root during startup08:36
usserKiRLi, i think its not in gparted because the support for ufs is experimental08:36
AdolaI see something under eth0 called inet608:36
ActionParsnippapul: its disabled for security08:37
bazhangpapul, why would you want to08:37
Gen7bazhang: my graphic driver (on board driver)08:37
ActionParsnippapul: its not necessary either08:37
bazhangGen7, which card08:37
ActionParsnippapul: do not log in as root08:37
KiRLiok, thank u08:37
papulthen how do i see whats in root folder?08:37
ActionParsnippapul: cd /root; ls08:37
AdolaActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/d7ca07eba There is the output of ifconfig08:37
Gen7bazhang: ATI08:38
neil_dI just installed xrdp on a computer, when I connect via rdestop to it, I get a blank screen with two blue bars top & bottom..  what is wrong?08:38
papulActionParsnip, is says permission denied08:38
ActionParsnipAdola: ok then your ppp connection has an ip, your eth0 doesnt for some reason08:38
bazhangGen7, what version of Ubuntu, and what ATI card08:38
ActionParsnippapul: sudo -i; cd /root' ls08:38
ActionParsnippapul: sudo -i; cd /root; ls08:39
Swat3hey how do i add the  medibuntu/multiverse repository?08:39
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:39
ActionParsnip!repo | Swat308:39
ubottuSwat3: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:39
bazhangSwat3, add the repos via the instructions on the site08:39
Gen7bazhang: 9.04. i dont know what type of ATI of this. Because it is on my motherboard.08:39
papulActionParsnip, shows nothing08:39
Zrs_What are my odds of running video on a 256MB ram, 800MHz laptop? Movie Player seems to crash with no error message, while mplayer complains about (insufficient resourses for operation) and doesn' t show anything.08:39
bazhangSwat3, multiverse via synaptic package manager08:39
martin_kingHow to update mono to 2.4 lastest version?08:40
=== sean is now known as Guest74848
Bilbo_Baggins /join #randomz08:40
ActionParsnippapul: thats because its never been used (this is a good thing)08:40
musikgoat|mainpapul: that is because you have nothing in /root08:40
=== Guest74848 is now known as sup
ActionParsnippapul: once you are done with the interactive sudo type: exit08:41
Gen7bazhang: any software that can auto detect for my driver ?08:41
ActionParsnippapul: using sudo and gksudo you can do ANYTHING root can, so root is disabled for security08:41
bazhangGen7, did you check in hardware drivers?08:41
SAMERpls any one can help in c++ languge progrimming08:41
papulActionParsnip, what is interactive sudo?08:41
Gen7bazhang: ya. but nothing appear08:41
freiteis there a filesystem in linux that keeps a checksum on data actual file data in the filesystem?08:42
papulby the way what is sudo08:42
sagemodeSAMER: netbeans08:42
ActionParsnipGen7: can you provide the output of:  lspci | grep -i vga08:42
AdolaActionParsnip: I added that ip to /etc/host and I get "network is unreachable"08:42
Adolawhen I try to ping it.08:42
bazhang!sudo > papul08:42
ubottupapul, please see my private message08:42
hoo-hahhi guys08:42
usserfreite, you're thinking of RAID, doing it on filesystem level is just madness08:42
ActionParsnipAdola: you need to get an IP on your eth0 interface, as well as a default gateway08:42
hoo-hahubuntu upgrade recently toyed with my /etc/hosts, adding ipv6 entries aliased to localhost08:42
MikeChelenwhen will firefox3.5 appear in the repositories?08:42
hoo-hahis there a way to find offending package that decided to do this?08:43
Patrickaaaai have a question08:43
ActionParsnip!ff3.5 | MikeChelen08:43
ubottuMikeChelen: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY08:43
martin_kingHow to update mono to 2.4 lastest version?08:43
ActionParsnip!ask | Patrickaaaa08:43
ubottuPatrickaaaa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:43
AdolaActionParsnip: is being connected to dial-up messing this up?08:43
Gen7ActionParsnip: this is the output08:43
Gen7ActionParsnip: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 [Radeon X1200 Series]08:43
CoJaBo-Aztecusser: freite: RAID doesnt usually do checksumming tho08:43
ActionParsnipmartin_king: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade08:43
ActionParsnipGen7: thats your card then08:43
freiteusser: well thats what ZFS and the new btrfs does but they aren't usably yet on linux08:43
Gen7ActionParsnip: then what should i do to get the driver08:44
usserCoJaBo-Aztec, one of the variations has a disk dedicated to checksums, i dont remember which08:44
PatrickaaaaIs there any way I can back up my destop settings like my them and profile so that i can loader it once a new distro comes out?08:44
usserfreite, you can get zfs right now on ubuntu08:44
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS08:44
Gen7ActionParsnip: because it seems like running with low graphic08:44
ActionParsnipAdola: you are getting the dialup IP. your eth0 seem to be not wanting an IP. Is it connected?08:44
bazhangPatrickaaaa, a separate home partition?08:44
martin_kingBut it cann't update mono08:44
CoJaBo-Aztecusser: 4 and 5, but only for recovery from disk failure, not curruption.08:44
ActionParsnip!ati | Gen708:44
ubottuGen7: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:44
AdolaActionParsnip: Yes, it is.08:44
Patrickaaaabazhang I dont know08:44
musikgoat|mainusser: i thought zfs was read only in non open-solaris distro's?08:44
bazhangPatrickaaaa, Ubuntu?08:45
* musikgoat|main goes to read08:45
PatrickaaaaI just want to save my current desktop settings and load it into a newer distro once it comes out08:45
Patrickaaaayes ubuntu08:45
bazhangPatrickaaaa, this is BT4?08:45
ActionParsnipAdola: is that the desktop that has no ip?08:45
bazhang#remote-exploit Patrickaaaa08:45
ralf_1985i tried to install ie4linux and faild08:45
freitethere is a userspace ZFS driver for linux08:45
linuxwhat's with the ATI binary X.Org driver does that work with an ATI Radeon08:45
Patrickaaaastop telling me to go there08:46
Patrickaaaaim on ubuntu08:46
lachlanHello.  Does anyone know of a way to coerce abcde into using track data in the embedded cuesheet when transcoding FLAC to MP3?08:46
bazhangPatrickaaaa, ubuntu-based is NOT ubuntu08:46
ussermusikgoat|main, it looks like a full FUSE implementation from the wiki08:46
sanjayhow to burn a cd in ubuntu08:46
musikgoat|mainusser: yeah, i'm reading that... seems promising08:46
PatrickaaaaI just like my theme setting08:46
PatrickaaaaI wanna save it08:46
musikgoat|mainusser: I would guess there would be performance hits of course, but still seems interesting for an application at work, thansk for the information08:47
ussermusikgoat|main, np08:47
AdolaActionParsnip: I suppose adam-laptop can be pinged, I put in an ip, (according to 'lo' from /etc/resolv.conf) and it will ping, but, if i put in adam-desktop's ip and ping it from laptop, it doesn't work.08:47
ActionParsniplinux: www.ati.com08:47
ActionParsniplinux: or you can use the open driver08:47
TerralthraI just upgraded to 9.04 on a tablet, and I'm trying to get my screen rotation script working again.08:48
ActionParsnipAdola: which system was the pastebin from?08:48
TerralthraI used xinput -list to find out the name of the detected tablet device, and tried to use xsetwacom to rotate the coordinates08:48
jgpronoy are u there08:48
AdolaActionParsnip: Desktop (The netbook aka: laptop, doesn't have a modem...And I'm on dial-up)08:48
TerralthraIt had no output and no error, but it still has not rotated the coordinates.08:48
ralf_1985anyone has successfully run ie on ubuntu 9.04 ?08:49
neil_dI just installed xrdp on a computer, when I connect via rdestop to it, I get a blank screen with two blue bars top & bottom..  what is wrong?08:49
ActionParsnipAdola: you need to get the desktop an IP, or it won't work. Try setting it a static IP that fits your network and try again08:49
bazhangralf_1985, via wine or vbox08:49
AdolaActionParsnip: I have absolutely no idea how to do that at all.08:49
usserralf_1985, yes ie608:49
ActionParsnipralf_1985: there ies4linux, its pretty useless08:49
jgpronoy: are u there08:49
ActionParsnipAdola: use network manager08:50
ralf_1985haha i tried ies4linux08:50
ralf_1985it doesn't work at all08:50
jgneed help08:50
jgmy youtube dosent work,, my flash player is running fine but the video screen is black08:50
bazhangjg, ask a question08:50
ralf_1985jg: reinstall flash plugin08:51
gralcoI'm trying to compile virtualbox 3.0 and I libxi-dev is unmet but depends on libxi6 3:1.2.1-208:51
jgi did yesterday08:51
gralcoso is libxi-dev not installable on interpid?08:51
ussergralco, why are you compiling it?08:51
jgshell i send a screenshot of it08:52
gralcousser there are no binaries for 3.0 ose08:52
ussergralco, package name is libxi-dev08:52
bazhangjg, turn off compiz08:52
jgwhats compiz08:52
ussergralco, also try sudo apt-get build-dep virtualbox08:52
ussergralco, also try sudo apt-get build-dep virtualbox-ose sorry08:53
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz08:53
memo_salve a tutti08:53
ActionParsnipgralco: sudo apt-get install libxi608:53
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:53
ActionParsnip!find libxi608:53
ubottuFound: libxi6, libxi6-dbg08:53
jgwhats compiz08:53
ActionParsnipgralco: whatver it moansabout,just apt-get install08:54
TerralthraI still need help with 9.04's wacom tablet handling08:54
ActionParsnipJg: cube desktop, wobbly windows etc08:54
gralcoActionParsnip: libxi6 is installed but libxi-dev depends on 2:1.2.1-208:54
jamieleshawcompiz is your visual effects thing08:54
jgand how do i do that08:54
ActionParsnipgralco: then you need a repo with a later version, or compile the code for it08:55
gralcobut according to launchpad thats the the right dependency08:55
jamieleshawSystem->Appearance->Visual Effects->None->Close08:55
ralf_1985jg : system -> Prefrences -> appearance  : Visual effects tab  & choose NONE08:55
ralf_1985thats gonna disable compis08:55
ActionParsnipjg: you need to have video drivers installed and configured, then run: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager08:55
gralcoActionParsnip: I actually have that same package right now but the binary says that its reinstalling the package not installing a new one08:56
ActionParsnipjg: aaaah: ALT+F2, type:  metacity --replace08:56
jgshell i just unmark08:56
jamieleshawSlect none08:56
ActionParsnipgralco: you need to satisfy those deps. Or ou could find a PPA with it compiled08:57
jgok i did08:57
jgwhat now08:57
ActionParsnipjg: i hate compiz too :)08:57
bazhangjg restart firefox08:57
kbpwhat command in terminal shows up the version of a program (let says: flashplugin-nonfree)?08:57
jgshell i just press it again08:57
kbp<------- (broken grammar detected)08:57
jgomg still not working08:57
bazhangjg, no, shut it down completely08:58
mobi-sheepTerralthra: You see this already?08:58
mobi-sheep!wacom | Terralthra08:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom08:58
jghow do i do that08:58
ralf_1985compiz is working perfectly here08:58
bazhangjg, click the top right button08:58
bullgard4What directory includes the current Jaunty kernel documentation?08:58
gralcoActionparsnip: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/amd64/libxi-dev/2:1.1.3-2build1 is telling me that that a different version of libxi6 is needed then my output08:58
jamieleshawjg: click it08:58
jgi did08:58
jamieleshawjg: Same as windows08:58
mobi-sheepTerralthra: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom ?08:58
jgi clicked it08:58
bazhangjg, now start firefox again08:58
TerralthraI've looked at it, but it does not appear to address my problem.08:59
jgstill not working08:59
ActionParsnipgralco: then get the right version08:59
bazhangjg, go to youtube08:59
TerralthraIt says to use "xinput --list" to get the name of my device so that I can rotate them with xsetwacom08:59
AdolaActionParsnip: http://codesnippets.joyent.com/posts/show/319 Will this work?08:59
jgi HAVE Gone08:59
jgit doesnt work08:59
bazhangjg, not that quickly08:59
TerralthraI've done so, and I tried to to rotate with the correct device name08:59
jamieleshawjg: Is this a flash player problom?08:59
Terralthrait does not have any output or error messages when I type the xsetwacom command, but it also does not rotate the input09:00
gralcoActionParsnip: I have the right right one but the package is saying that I'm reinstalling the same libxi6 rather then getting a new one09:00
bazhanghis flash is installed09:00
jgHEllo what shell i do09:00
ActionParsnipgralco: i'd ask in #vbox09:01
Patrick_Can user profile be backup and installed in a new distro?09:01
Patrick_like themes and settings09:01
gralcoActionParsnip: here is the exact release I need http://packages.debian.org/sid/libxi609:01
KiRLierror ; mkfs.ufs: /dev/sdb1/: could not find special device how can i do?09:01
bazhangPatrick_, different distro? ie BT4 to Ubuntu?09:01
mattp_HI, I have an issue with installing a program.  I want to install skype, however it depends on a version of libqt4-gui that is behind the version that I have installed09:01
mattp_HI, I have an issue with installing a program.  I want to install skype, however it depends on a version of libqt4-gui that is behind the version that I have installed09:01
FloodBot2mattp_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:01
jamieleshawjg: is your os 64bit?09:02
Patrick_no the same distro09:02
jghow shell i know that09:02
ActionParsnipgralco: thats a debian package, not ubuntu09:02
Patrick_just want to know if its possible09:02
bazhangPatrick_, not sure with BT409:02
=== warren_ is now known as Guest98733
Patrick_oh ok09:02
FloodBot2cosa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:02
bazhangcosa, stop that09:02
jamieleshawOpen the terminal and type in uname -a09:02
ActionParsnipcosa: don't bother09:02
gralcoActionParsnip: then where can I find that same release for ubuntu09:03
AdolaActionParsnip: Ok, I've got a static IP, what now?09:03
AdolaActionParsnip: Well, I believe I have a static IP09:03
ActionParsnipcosa: stop typing rubbish into the channel or leave09:03
jgand theres written 2.6.24-24-generic09:03
ActionParsnipAdola: ok well ifconfig will verify09:03
ActionParsnipgralco: package.ubuntu.com would be my guess. Don't mix debian debs into your system it will cause issues09:04
rdzhi all. i am on 9.04 and i have mounted a samba share using gvfs. i have a gigabit network link to the share. when i write or read from it, the speed never exceeds 3.2 MB/s. why is samba so slow in ubuntu jaunty?09:05
bullgard4What directory includes the current Jaunty kernel documentation?09:05
rdzfrom the same computer, when running OS X, i can read/write to the same share with up to 42 MB/s09:06
madalinhow could a windows xp user move to ubuntu without loosing his files on a partition ?09:06
rdzmadalin, make a backup?09:07
bullgard4What does mean the contents '1' of the file /sys/module/rfkill/parameters?09:07
madalinrdz: excluding a backup :)09:07
bullgard4madalin: He needs to create two new partitions for Ubuntu and install Ubuntu there.09:07
rdzmadalin, ubuntu installation won't overwrite your windows partition.. however, you need to get some free (unpartitioned) disk space for the ubuntu installation09:07
rdzmadalin, from what i remember, ubuntu cd lets you resized the ntfs (windows) partition09:08
rdzmadalin, if possible i'd recommend to do it with windows tool (from a windows cd or with partition magic)09:08
madalinwhat are the requirements of ubuntu ? Desktop version09:09
ActionParsniprdz: it can and will, if you tell it to use the entire disk it will wipe the drive and use the whole disk for ubuntu09:09
AdolaActionParsnip: Ok, yeah, etho is the static ip now.09:09
ActionParsnipAdola: cool09:09
musikgoat|main!reqs | madalin09:09
ubottumadalin: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu09:09
vbCrLfI have some wireless problems making Ubuntu sometime unusable... :\ Here's my problem:09:10
AdolaActionParsnip: ...Well, hehe, what now?09:10
AdolaActionParsnip: I pinged that static, no go....09:10
rdzActionParsnip, of course, it will, when you tell it to do so.. it wasn't toop careful, what i siad..09:10
ActionParsnipAdola: try pinging09:10
GuidMorrowhey, why was I sent into #ubuntu-proxy-users?09:10
GuidMorrowhow do you format floppies in Ubuntu 9.04?09:11
pronoyhere's my screenshot of youtube....flash plugin is installed yet nothign comes up !  http://imagebin.ca/view/KdaHvan.html09:11
rdzGuidMorrow, mkfs.<formatofyourchoice>, i guess09:11
AdolaActionParsnip: Idid...It didn't work.09:11
pronoysomeone please check this thing..its really very very annoying09:11
Adola"Network unreachable"09:11
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:11
GuidMorrowrdz: Terminal?09:12
ActionParsnipAdola: well the interface having an address now is a great start09:12
AdolaActionParsnip: Okes?09:12
rdzGuidMorrow, yeah.. you could also use gparted, if you want a decent frontent09:12
kbppronoy: I'm not sure about Opera, but for Firefox you have to copy the file to the plugin folder in Firefox to make it work. I assume it's the same to Opera09:13
rdzGuidMorrow, it's a general partitioning and formatting tool, not only for floppies09:13
ActionParsnipAdola: can you ping the i pyou set? did you set it an IP that is unique and falls into your subnet?09:13
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
pronoykbp: what file are you implying ?09:13
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts09:13
GuidMorrowrdz: bash: mkfs.floppy0: command not found09:13
ubottuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone09:14
kbppronoy: something like flashplugin-alternative.so09:14
kbppronoy: a module09:14
pronoykbp where is this located in the system ?09:14
user_How do I make button 9 on my mouse make firefox go back a page?09:14
rdzGuidMorrow, you need to tell it the format... do mkfs.<tab><tab> in order to see, what commands are available..09:14
pronoykbp the worst part is..it was working before the stupid kernel update !!09:14
AdolaPing i pyou set?  The ip is unique I beleive, and yes, I _THINK_ it does teh subnet thingy.09:15
rdzGuidMorrow, you might want to use mkfs,vfat  (assuming that floppies are formatted with fat32 format)09:15
user_How do I make button 9 on my mouse make firefox go back a page?09:15
GuidMorrowhow do I put a 1.8 MB ISO file in a floppy anyway, or should that be burned on a CD or loaded on a USB stick?09:16
gert_hello is here a samba guro online, that can help me?09:16
AdolaHe couldn't handle the pressure :P09:16
user_How do I make button 9 on my mouse make firefox go back a page?09:16
rdzGuidMorrow, hm.. usually floppies are only 1.44MB in size..no?09:16
kbppronoy: did you apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree?09:16
gert_I try to use samba as PDC but i cant register the WinXP to samba.09:16
kbrosnan!repeat | user_09:16
ubottuuser_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:16
rdzGuidMorrow, anyway, if you want to put an iso on it, then you don't need to format it, since the iso is an image of a filesystem (it's a container for a filesystem)09:17
pronoykbp yes...same thing09:17
GuidMorrowfloppy0: No such file or directory09:17
pirxhi! there has just been a new release of postgresql (8.4), could i somehow install that in a 8.04 server? I would have to add some repository, or?09:17
GuidMorrowmount the floppy?09:17
pirxi mean, install it via apt-get of course09:17
rdzGuidMorrow, i don't have a floppy drive here, so i cannot tell you the device name...09:17
rdzGuidMorrow, what would you want to do?09:18
kbppronoy: type "locate flashplugin-alternative.so" to find the file09:18
linuxwhats changing in the new systems system ram or CPU?09:18
monckypirx: postgres may have a .deb file which you can use, otherwise you are downloading and compiling the source I am afraid09:18
kbppronoy: or you can just go to adobe site and download source and copy it to the plugin folder of Opera09:18
kbrosnanpirx: likely compile from source unless they provide a deb09:18
pronoykbp; i am reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree09:18
rdzGuidMorrow, the device name might be something like: /dev/fd0/floppy09:19
pirxmoncky & kbrosnan, thanks09:19
pirxbut will software like psql eventually be added to some repository that i could use on a 8.04 server?09:19
kbppronoy: when install that package it will tell you where the *.so file is, then use that file09:19
pronoykbp sure thing09:20
GuidMorrow"/dev/fd0/floppy: Not a directory"09:20
user_Button 9 on my mouse is currently set to forward in a browser. How do I change this to back?09:20
rdzGuidMorrow, what command did cause that error?09:20
mistergibsonjust upgraded to ibex ... utterly hosed my system09:20
GuidMorrowrdz: mkfs.vfat /dev/fd0/floppy09:21
mistergibsonanyone found a way to get wacom tablet working w/ ibex?09:21
rdzGuidMorrow, hm. strange.. of course it is not a directory09:21
hemanthtrying to fix my webcam , can anyone help me09:21
rdzGuidMorrow, however, you want to put the iso on it anyway, right?09:21
spudCakePiehi, I want to disable the way the scroll wheel changes between workspaces, on 9.0409:21
rdzGuidMorrow, so you don't need to format it09:21
GuidMorrowI'm used to using drive letter access to my drives and disks09:21
GuidMorrowrdz: How do I insert a disk image into a floppy?09:22
kbppronoy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5282541&postcount=9 that will help09:22
spudCakePieGuidMorrow: you could mount stuff on /mnt/C /mnt/D etc if you really wanted to09:22
rdzGuidMorrow, try something like: sudo dd if=yourimage.iso of=/dev/fd0/floppy bs=1k09:22
spudCakePieyou could even mount things on /C or /D09:22
spudCakePie(i used to do that)09:22
rdzGuidMorrow, tell me, if some error appears09:22
Terralthramistergibson:  yes09:23
GuidMorrowwill it erase any data on it?09:23
rdzhi all. why is accessing a mounted smb share so slow in 9.04?09:23
linuxanyone know if they are introducing dual quad processors?09:23
rdzGuidMorrow, yeah absolutely09:23
Terralthrardz - no idea, but it is annoying as piss09:23
mistergibsonTerralthra: thx :)09:24
rdzTerralthra, yo.. thanks for feedback.. good to know, that it's not only happening here09:24
filsmauditHi all!09:24
Terralthrardz - under 8.04, I watched full video over a wireless network via samba share09:24
GuidMorrowwth? what's the directory for "desktop"?09:25
TerralthraI upgraded to 9.04 and the initial load time tripled and the video is jerky09:25
rdzTerralthra, aha.. i am going to try 8.04 then.. thanks09:25
arcskyanyone know a good working mrtg howto?09:25
Terralthrano idea why09:25
Terralthrabut it is annoying09:25
GuidMorrow"dd: opening `HDDErase.iso': No such file or directory"09:25
TerralthraGuidMorrow: on what OS?09:25
rdzGuidMorrow, you need to provide the correct path to your iso file09:25
GuidMorrowwhat's the path to "desktop"?09:26
TerralthraGuidMorrow: on what OS?09:26
rdzGuidMorrow, or you could first change into the directory of the iso file and then perform the dd command again09:26
GuidMorrowI'm on ubuntu 9.0409:26
Terralthraunder ubuntu, it's ~/Desktop09:26
Terralthraor /home/<username>/Desktop09:26
rdzGuidMorrow, try: sudo dd if=~/Desktop/yourimage.iso of=/dev/fd0/floppy bs=1k09:27
MightyMuCan anyone recommend a GUI file manager which I can use over a remote X connection, without a window manager? I'm currently using xfm, but it's breaking my brain09:27
bullgard4What does mean the contents '1' of the file /sys/module/rfkill/parameters?09:27
linuxguilmorrow be sure to use caps09:28
Terralthrabullgard4: that means your rf switch is set to kill the wifi, in software09:28
Terralthra0 is no rfkill, 1 is software rfkill, 2 is hardware/non-overrideable rfkill09:28
GuidMorrowrdz: "dd: opening `/dev/fd0/floppy': Not a directory"09:28
rdzGuidMorrow, what is the output of: ls /dev/fd0/floppy09:29
GuidMorrowunfortunately, what I got on this disk is a file with gibberish characters on it09:29
syncopatedhi, is there someone who knows how to troubleshoot fglrx dual-head not suspending?09:30
GuidMorrowcan't delete iti (read-only file system)09:30
gauravsrfhow to view the linux partation in windows with All access to read and write09:30
spudCakePiegauravsrf: there is 3rd party software09:30
mistergibsonanyone know how to tell (from hardy to ibex) ibex system to 're-run last upgrade' to attempt to put all the bits in place?09:30
gauravsrfcould i have that09:30
mistergibsonit choked in the last minute of upgrade09:31
spudCakePieno. you are not allowed. you house is the wrong colour.09:31
papulhow do i save packages to cd for later use09:31
MightyMuwow. Nautilus worked. Nevermind. :)09:31
gauravsrfmeans ?09:31
GuidMorrow%C4just a second09:31
monckypapul: there is a cd burning utility in the accessories menu09:31
papuli want to save the ubuntu restricted extras package an also other packages09:32
papulhow do i download the packages without installing them09:32
masterkHi. I am trying to set my resolution above 1360x768 but that is the highest the NVIDIA X Server Settings is showing, how can I make it list higher resolutions?09:33
GuidMorrowrdz: http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/6448/screenshotfloppy0filebr.png09:33
lwellsHi all09:33
papulhow do i download the packages without installing them09:33
papullwells, hi09:33
bullgard4Terralthra: I inderstand that /sys/ is a temporary direcotory. So any changes I'd make in /sys/module/rfkill/paramters are not permanent. Am I correct?09:33
rdzGuidMorrow, yo.. i don't know how to do everything correctly without havint the ability to test it09:33
rdzGuidMorrow, i don't have a floppy drive here09:34
Terralthrathe parameters there aren't changeable, per se09:34
Terralthrathey are parameters of your system environment09:34
rdzGuidMorrow, anyway, before issueing the dd commmand, you should unmount the drive: sudo umount /dev/fd0/floppy09:34
nevynbullgard4: unless you understand what you're doing you shouldn't be messing with them pretty much.09:34
Terralthrayou can't "change them" there09:34
nevynTerralthra: well...09:34
Terralthra(at least, wrt the rfkill)09:35
papulhow do i download the packages without installing them??????09:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:35
rdzGuidMorrow, what is the output of: ls /dev/fd0   ?09:35
mistergibsonTerrathra: is there a way to recover from an upgrade that chokes at the last minute?09:35
Terralthramistergibson: um, usually, eyes09:36
DysonReturnstrying to setup a ms access connection via odbc, can someone please direct me the right direction.09:36
Terralthrathe update manager will try to recover09:36
papulhow do i download the packages without installing them??????09:36
mistergibsonTerralthra: ok, I'll give it a whirl and see what happens ... thx09:36
bullgard4Terralthra: How can I switch  off the rf kill switch using a command-line command?09:36
GuidMorrowthis doesn't make sense... a 297.2 MiB file on a 1.44 MB disk...?09:36
Terralthrabullgard4: depends on your specific hardware and WMI/ACPI09:37
Terralthrain other words, on what computer you are using and its driver support09:37
GuidMorrowUnknown file type09:37
rdzGuidMorrow, what is the filename of your floppy device?09:38
rdzGuidMorrow, can you give me the output of: ls /dev/fd0 ?09:38
linuxpapul i would try disabling the update manager if that's what u mean?09:38
papulhow do i download the packages without installing them??????09:39
lwellsI just created a partition for data, but when I try to open it, it tells me I do not have any permissions, how can i fix that?09:39
linuxpapul i would try disabling the update manager if that's what u mean?09:39
rdzlwells, what format has the new partition?09:39
papullinux, is there any way to download the packages that i need as deb?09:40
bullgard4Terralthra: The computer is Medion MD97600. the driver is the moddule ipw2200, an ubiquituous driver.09:40
GuidMorrowIt says "1.5 MB Media"09:40
lwellsSorry , also needed to say I mounted that partition already09:40
Terralthrathe rfkill is usually something on your computer, not the specific card09:40
jamieleshawg-hennux: hello09:40
g-hennuxin /sys/devices/pci0000:00, I do have several subfolders, that, in total, eat up more than a gig of storage. any idea what that is?09:40
rdzlwells, you probably mounted it as root? maybe that is why09:40
Terralthratried looking for model name on the forums to see if someone else has had this problem?09:40
jamieleshawno clue09:40
lwellsyes actually I did, guess that was a mistake rdz09:41
rdzlwells, if you have a folder that should be accessed by a user, change owenership of the folder09:41
linuxim using ubuntu and i just download deb seems to auto install09:41
rdzlwells, no it's not, but of course, then your user cannot access it, but only root09:41
lwellshow do i give the user permission then09:41
lwellsdo a chmod?09:42
masterkHi. I am trying to set my resolution above 1360x768 but that is the highest the NVIDIA X Server Settings is showing, how can I make it list higher resolutions?09:42
bullgard4Terralthra: Please do not use generalitties if I have a specific question. This computer does not have a hardware rf kill switch.09:42
rdzlwells, when you let ubuntu mount it automatically , then your user should have access to the mounted filesystem09:42
GuidMorrowrdz: the mount point is /media/floppy009:42
Terralthrabullgard4: Please do not expect me to know the specifics of a computer I have never even seen09:42
loloftheringsmasterk, it's possible that your graphics card doesn't support any higher resolutions.09:42
masterkIt does support it in windows just fine.09:42
rdzlwells, you could do: 'chown -R user:user foldername' in orde to change ownership of a specific folder09:42
bullgard4Terralthra: Thank you.09:42
filsmauditWhen does Karmix Koala goes out?09:43
lwellsrdz, i mounted it with the "mount -t" command09:43
rdzGuidMorrow, yo, i would like to know not the mountpoint, but the device name09:43
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:43
rdzlwells, on ubuntu, when you attach a new drive, it is mounted automatically with the permission of the current user09:43
GuidMorrowIt doesn't have specific information, it just says "PC floppy drive"09:43
lwellsthanks rdz, got it to work09:44
masterkI tried setting the Option "metamodes" line to the resolution I wanted, but it appears that is ignored in the xorg.conf09:44
fg56xfdI have some updates that say they are "blocked" why are these blocked, and how can I unblock them?09:44
joebodomasterk u using nvidia ?09:45
joebodomasterk what would i get for giving you the solution :)09:45
rdzGuidMorrow, do 'df -h', then give me the line containing /media/floppy009:46
ubuntunewbieHi , I am newbie to ubuntu which I had installed last month but I keep on having problem with visual effect enable09:46
masterkA hug.09:46
joebodomasterk ok -09:46
mobi-sheep!x | masterk09:46
ubottumasterk: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:46
joebodomasterk here is how i fixed it on my machine - i have dual monitor and the 2nd would not go above the rez u mentioned09:46
uxplz help ! i'm using debian 40r7 and trying to receive  key gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 9AA38DCD55BE302B09:46
uxinet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
uxi'm udsing proxy09:46
uxexport http_proxy=
joebodomasterk i googled the hfreq and vfreq for my monitor and added them to the monitor section of my xorg.conf09:46
bazhangux, #debian09:47
rdzux, why aren't you asking in #debian?09:47
joebodomasterk restarted x and then i could choose the proper rez09:47
uxjoin #debian09:47
MightyMuNautilus over remote X is better than local. :-D09:47
uxusually i'm using ubuntu. sory)09:47
djiezesubuntunewbie: make sure you have compiz-config-settings-manager installed. Also, compiz-fusion lets you switch easily between the fancy effects & normal settings.09:48
linuxhmmm papul has a good point if you download a package and you don't want it installed which would u disable package manager or update manager?09:48
aeonorisI was making an audio project on Audacity, but when I tried to save it, Audacity froze up.  Is there any way I can retrieve the stuff I was working on?09:48
djiezesubuntunewbie: compiz-fusion-icon that is (the last).09:48
joebodomasterk nvidia then overwrote my xorg.conf and i lost some of the stuff i put in - but ill show what's there09:48
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:49
ubuntunewbieI don't what's the problem , when enable visual effect , I can't play any video file09:49
joebodomasterk http://paste.ubuntu.com/208812/09:49
n0gearcan i move files with FreeNX?09:49
linuxthen to how do i disable package manager temporarily?09:50
masterkHmm, that almost works joebodo, but when I tell xrandr to use the new resolution I get "Configure crtc 0 failed"09:51
DJoneslinux: Do you mean you've manually updated a package and you don't want the package manager to auto-update that package in future?09:51
mobi-sheeplinux: sudo aptitude download <xyz> && echo "lolwut?"09:51
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> , I had tried to enable compiz or visual effect customize by disabling all the option effect but still video will keep on using full cpu usage and within a second it goes blank screen09:51
postscriptmobi-sheep: haha09:51
joebodomasterk i only tried setting the rez through nvidia settings09:51
rdzubuntunewbie, playing video and having all fx enabled might has problems with certain combinations of graphics drives, graphics cards and video players09:52
rdzubuntunewbie, what player are you using'09:52
djiezesubuntunewbie: maybe install compiz-fusion-icon & whenever you play video, disable the visual effects?09:52
linuxyeah if i don't want to install but i want the package09:52
om26er/dev/sda1 /media/ssd ext4 rw,user,reltime,auto 0 209:52
om26eris there any mistake09:52
rdzubuntunewbie, i would suggest as well what djiezes said09:53
om26erhelp me plz09:53
rdzubuntunewbie, you might also want to try mplayer... it has different video output options... try -vo xv and -vo gl09:53
ubuntunewbie<djiezes><rdz> I had enable (use custom set of effect ) and create a profile with all option disable09:53
rdzbut mplayer is only fun, if you a bit comfortable with the command line09:54
pronoy_kbp i got opera working but ff is now not responding after similar changes09:54
te_om26er: Yes09:54
duckwars__does anyone know how to make x11vnc not stop after everytime someone VNC'ing in quits09:54
ubuntunewbieI had tried mplayer , movie player , smplayer , vlc . All of it getting the same result09:54
linuxwell its late and i need sleep bye all09:54
om26erTe_ wat 2 do my ssd is not automounting09:54
djiezesubuntunewbie: i'm talking about something else, go to your package manager (synaptic), look for compiz-fusion-icon & install that application. It'll let you switch easily from the system tray between effects & no-effects.09:54
om26er/dev/sda1 /media/ssd ext4 rw,user,reltime,auto 0 209:54
om26erte_: /dev/sda1 /media/ssd ext4 rw,user,reltime,auto 0 209:54
pronoy_kbp you there ?09:55
te_What are you mounting?09:55
ubuntunewbie<djiezes>looking now09:55
djiezesubuntunewbie: it's called "fusion-icon"09:55
te_om26er: The mount point, did YOU create it?09:56
om26erits created09:56
te_om26er: Not a good place09:56
te_some place other than /mdeia09:57
om26eri changed09:57
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> installed , what should I do next ?09:57
om26erte_ shud i restart ??09:57
te_om26er: mount points in /meida are created and deleted by udev09:57
te_om26er: no09:57
user_How do I make xmodmap remap button 9 on my mouse to button 8?09:58
djiezesubuntunewbie: well, whenever you run that applciation, you'll have an icon in your system tray, if you right click that, you can change window manager : compiz is the 3d one, metacity the non-3d normal one.09:58
om26erte_ ok then?09:58
te_om26er: redo the fstab entry09:58
djiezesubuntunewbie: so whenever you want to watch a video, you can switch to metacity09:58
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> , I dont see anything at my system tray09:58
om26erte_:  tell me the09:58
djiezesubuntunewbie: If you want to run that application whenever you computer boots, you'll have to add it to your startup programs.09:59
indusubuntunewbie: check in menu and run it09:59
djiezesubuntunewbie: you have to run the application first (Applications > System Tools > F09:59
djiezesubuntunewbie: you have to run the application first (Applications > System Tools > Compiz Fusion Icon)09:59
indusubuntunewbie: djiezes:we are talking about the compiz fusion icon right?09:59
te_om26er: change the mount point and then mount it and see if it works.09:59
user_How do I make xmodmap remap button 9 on my mouse to button 8?09:59
djiezesindus: yes09:59
te_om26er: then reboot09:59
joebodomasterk u might want to select the rez with the nvidia panel first - save it so that it mangles it back to what it needs09:59
ubuntunewbieah saw it at application  system tools09:59
indusdjiezes: ya that will be appearing under menu>others or somewhere09:59
om26erte_ ok10:00
spxzaI am pushing out ubuntu on a large number of machines. I guess it would be better to use an LTS (most recently 8.04). However, I'm putting new hardware into those machines, and the current linux kernel on 8.04 is 2.6.28, which may not support the drivers.10:00
te_om26er: see if  you  can mount it manually with mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda110:00
spxzaso, my option only option would be to use 9.04?10:00
indusspxza: what kinda hardware10:00
te_om26er: Or mount -a10:01
spxzaindus: 802.11n cards10:01
djiezesubuntunewbie: if you want it every time your pc starts, then go to System > Preferences > StartUp Applications & Add it there : Add > and in 'command' you type "fusion-icon -n" (without the quotes).10:01
te_om26er: What is it that you are mounting?10:01
djiezesubuntunewbie: if you do that, the app will run always10:01
indusspxza: hmm a network component,then yes 9.04 is a safer bet10:01
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> thanks a lot for it10:02
djiezesubuntunewbie: no problem, i use it all the time, because it doesn't play well with full-screen video & some games. just swtich to metacity whenever you run into these kind of problems.10:02
ubuntunewbiebut I'd like to know what happen actually , why compuz doesn't work well with video ?10:02
=== Kartagis is now known as Darleena
n0gearit seems freenx doesnt support file transfers. whats the easiest way to move files fromwni machine over the net if i know IP address?10:03
djiezesubuntunewbie: that'll depend on your graphical card & drivers10:03
spxzaindus: perhaps....problem is that the machines need to be out in the wild for 2-3 years, and support for 9.04 ends next year.10:03
ubuntunewbieI am new to ubuntu , I wanted to learn why I had this problem10:03
rdzTerralthra, yo.. if you use mount.cifs from the smbfs  package, you get fast smb shares again10:03
rdzi mean fast smb share access10:03
mobi-sheepn0gear: scp (in terminal).10:03
ubuntunewbieAti graphic card and CCC 9.5 driver10:03
indusspxza: hmm well,then i guess test the hardware on an indivudual pc , then roll out to all10:04
djiezesubuntunewbie: yep, probably caused by ATI drivers. I have nvidia myself, so i don't have your specific problem.10:04
vbCrLfI'm having problems with wireless. Can anyone help me?10:04
spxzaindus: yeh, i'll just live with an older release next year10:04
n0gearmobi-sheep: this other comp is vista. do i need putty or sthing?10:04
indusvbCrLf: tell10:05
vbCrLfI have some wireless problems making Ubuntu sometime unusable... :\ Here's my problem:10:05
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> Is there any fix for it ?10:05
mobi-sheepn0gear: Local Network?10:05
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:05
indusvbCrLf: what is teh status on windows?10:06
n0gearmobi-sheep: over the internet10:06
djiezesubuntunewbie: that I don't know, i have no experience with ATI cards or drivers, maybe ask here specifically for your problem, mentioning you have an ATI card & drivers.10:07
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> why your message in red color ? while others and mine is black and grey?10:07
djiezesubuntunewbie: probably because I mention your name.10:07
* Bilbo_Baggins np: Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas (1:20 / 3:08)10:07
spxzaubuntunewbie: your client highlights your nick10:07
Bilbo_BagginsHi all10:07
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: red ?10:07
ubuntunewbieoh.. how to highlights yours ?10:08
ubuntunewbie<djiezes>never mind about that ,10:08
mobi-sheepn0gear: Hmm.  In that case, the easiest way would be to install ssh server -- "sudo aptitude install openssh-server" and set up port forwarding from your machine to the router (on your router setup).  Then on Windows, you use FTP client.  Filezilla are popular and free.10:08
Bilbo_BagginsHow do I deal with the tumoil of rage im my chest?....?  I am sry.10:08
bazhang!ot > Bilbo_Baggins10:08
ubottuBilbo_Baggins, please see my private message10:08
spxzaBilbo_Baggins: self-imploding usually works10:09
ubuntunewbie<djiezes> I had post the bug to launchpad , posting a lot of help at ubuntu forum but still can't fix the specific problem10:09
om26erte_: that didnot work10:09
Bilbo_BagginsI will try ubottu....I'm new to isrii10:09
sirlarkHi, I'm a gentoo guy normally, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the layout of /etc in ubuntu10:09
bazhangBilbo_Baggins, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here10:09
sirlarkHow do I turn off iptables at boot10:09
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: I wanted to find the problem my self ,10:09
n0gearmobi-sheep: i've got ssh running on linux. ok i'll try filezilla10:09
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: is there anyway to reinstall compuz ? I had tried different driver ccc 9.4 , 9.5 and all other workaround but still can't fix it10:10
om26erte_: plz help10:10
dsdeizwhat's compuz?10:10
te_ om26er Yes?10:10
djiezesubuntunewbie: to reinstall, just go to synaptic, remove the package, & then install it again.10:11
indusvbCrLf: hello ?10:11
te_om26er: What are you trying to mount?10:11
user_I want xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 8" to happen whenever someone logs in to GNOME10:11
user_how do I do that10:11
user_for all users?10:11
jason__what "plugin" do i need to read "protected" cds and dvds?10:11
om26erte_: its an ssd10:12
om26ersold state drive10:12
papul_how do i format a pendrive in ubuntu?10:12
g-hennuxjason__: libdvdcss210:12
ubuntunewbiedjiezes:do I need to restart the pc after reinstall ?10:12
djiezesubuntunewbie: probably not, only restart if pc asks you10:13
te_om26er: Why do you not let udev mount it for you?>10:13
papul_how do i format a pendrive in ubuntu?10:13
te_om26er: It is a USB solid state drive?10:13
jason__g-hennux: says I cant install it10:13
rdzpapul, gparted10:13
om26erits interal10:13
g-hennuxjason__: yep, google for medibuntu and add the corresponding repositories to your sources.list10:13
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: I just search synaptic on compiz , but it shows a lot of it installed10:13
n0gearis there a command to eject cd-tray?10:14
g-hennuxn0gear: eject :)10:14
te_om26er: pastebin your complete fstab file and fdisk -l10:14
ubuntunewbiecompiz plugin , libcompizconfig010:14
n0gearg-hennux: seriously?10:14
dannyboyn0gear eject10:14
te_om26er: sudo fstab -l10:14
djiezesubuntunewbie: just go for "compiz", it'll select all the dependencies necessary10:14
ubuntunewbiecompiz-core , backend and etc10:14
bazhangjg, no cursing10:14
dannyboy!ohmy jg10:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy jg10:14
te_om26er: Mistake: sudo fdisk -l10:14
dannyboy!ohmy | jg10:15
ubottujg: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.10:15
mobi-sheepg-hennux: eject -t (to close your tray).10:15
jglol ok just fun10:15
bazhangjg, take fun elsewhere10:15
te_!pastebin | om26er10:15
ubottuom26er: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:15
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: as you experience , where does the problem lies in ? graphic card driver ? compiz problem ? xorg ?10:15
n0gearmobi-sheep: yes filezilla works like a charm. ty10:15
jgi AM 12 tears old the 10th july i am 1310:15
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: it's like 50% 50% of fixing it10:15
mobi-sheepn0gear: Glad to hear it. :)10:15
om26erte_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/208823/10:16
n0geardannyboy: and command to close lid?10:16
bazhangchat in #ubuntu-offtopic jg not here10:16
Myrttijg: and we still expect you to behave10:16
djiezesubuntunewbie: i would say it's the ATI Drivers. I have an nvidia 8600gt & do not have your problem.10:16
mobi-sheepn0gear: eject -t10:16
dannyboy^ he said10:16
n0geareject -t10:16
g-hennuxeject -t :)10:16
om26erand this is the fdisk10:16
pronoy_jg what's the problem ?10:17
padmaHi all, I have installed ubuntu ...the sound works fine with browser video or audio but in music player the sound is not working properly10:17
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: so which ati driver suits the best to fix this problem ?10:17
outbackwifipadma: what is the music player you are using?10:18
padmaI can hear songs from internet but on desktop it is not working10:18
gert_nobody with samba knowledge, here, who can help me out,10:18
djiezesubuntunewbie: i have absolutely no idea, i told you: i have no experience with ATI gpu's & drivers. Try asking here & describe your problem in detail.10:18
padmaoutbackwifi, i ave tried with vlc, media player10:18
padmarythm box10:19
outbackwifipadma: can you hear the ubuntu startup sound when you login?10:19
gert_i'm stuck with my samba-PDC configuration and registering my winXP clients10:19
outbackwifipadma: also does the same issue occur with rhythmbox or totem?10:19
te_om26er: mount  # pastebin10:19
outbackwifipadma: can you open up a terminal and type commands?10:20
padmaIn any music player , the sound is not work10:20
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: thanks for the help :) , hoping someone using ati 3870 can give some details on it10:20
om26erte_: wat??10:20
djiezesubuntunewbie: good luck :)10:20
outbackwifipadma: fire up a terminal and type alsamixer -c010:20
te_om26er: mount  # pastebin10:21
outbackwifipadma: now increase the volume of master, pcm and all playback devices to maximum; press esc to save and quit10:21
om26erte_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/208827/10:21
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: thanks10:22
te_om26er: where did you get the option reltime?10:22
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: how to safe this chat log ?10:22
om26eryesterday a man named edbian at #ubuntu asked me10:22
outbackwifiubuntunewbie: did you mean save??10:22
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: sorry typo !save10:23
om26erte_: yesterday a man named edbian at #ubuntu asked me to add reltime10:23
thetetsuHi, i have a problem with "samr" codec. Who helps me?10:23
indusvbCrLf: ya i had asked you a question but didnt get an answer10:23
vbCrLfOh, sorry10:23
djiezesubuntunewbie: depends on your application, it might have auto-save chatlogs. but what'll probably work : ctrl-a, ctrl-c & then ctrl-v in an empty txt file.10:23
indusyou afk maybe10:23
vbCrLfOn Windows its okay10:24
vbCrLfSignal is 100%10:24
padmaoutbackwifi, it is still not working10:24
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: found it ` right click save10:24
indusvbCrLf:what wireless card is it10:24
ubuntunewbieI am using xchat client10:24
te_om26er: Look at man fstab  and see if you find reltime mentioned?10:24
vbCrLfI wrote the information here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120290010:24
outbackwifipadma: are you on jaunty or intrepid?10:24
vbCrLf03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 20)10:24
vbCrLf04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 20)10:24
te_om26er: Look at  man fstab  and search for "reltime"10:25
ubuntunewbiethanks for everyone10:25
te_om26er: You know how to search the man file?10:25
papulkoiuyt, WTF?10:25
te_When you have the man file open type: /reltime10:26
te_om26er: When you have the man file open type: /reltime10:26
indusvbCrLf: can u paste output of lspci10:26
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:26
vbCrLfOkay, one second10:26
te_om26er: And hit n for next10:26
indus!paste > vbCrLf10:27
ubottuvbCrLf, please see my private message10:27
jg_Pronoy are u here10:27
jg_Dudes how do i shut compiz10:27
vbCrLfDon't worry, I wasn't going to paste it here ;)10:27
bazhangjg_, we told you10:27
Myrttijg_: please please please please don't use enter as punctuation! you've been told several times!10:27
te_om26er: If you do not find reltime, search for relatime.   If you do in fact find relatime, tell me what it says about it.10:28
jg_i am not10:28
om26erte_: ext4 is not there10:28
jg_what do you meen punctuation10:28
padmaoutbackwifi, I am using intrepid10:28
jg_i hate firefox10:28
jg_im installing ie explorer 810:28
bazhang!ot > jg_10:29
ubottujg_, please see my private message10:29
te_om26er: not where?10:29
te_om26er: You can use auto instead of ext4 (in your fstab entry).10:29
jg_why cant i install internet explorer10:30
om26erdoesnot include ext410:30
jg_PRONOY ARE U HEREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!110:30
bazhangjg_, that is a windows program10:30
pronoy_jg_ dude...i asked you to do something did you check the /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree for libflashplayer.so file10:30
te_om26er: But it IS being mounted.  So, why do you say that it does not work?10:30
vbCrLfindus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/208836/10:30
indusvbCrLf: paste lshw10:30
bazhangjg_, stop wasting our time or you will be removed10:30
pronoy_bazhang i'll help him out10:30
te_om26er: /dev/sda1 on /mnt/ssd type ext4 (rw)10:30
jg_omg bazhang shut t f up im trin to get help10:30
jg_i am new to this shitty windows10:31
te_om26er: It is mounted at /mnt/ssd10:31
om26eri mounted it manually10:31
indushow rude10:31
indusvbCrLf: i dont see your wireless card in there10:31
papul_can i use utorrent in ubuntu?10:31
te_om26er: Did you find the word reltime in the man file?10:31
indusvbCrLf: lspci only  lists your wired adapter10:31
mobi-sheep!torrent | papul_10:31
ubottupapul_: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P10:31
bazhangpapul_, via wine yes10:31
humboltafter suspend to ram disk IO is soooooo slow! what is wrong?10:31
vbCrLf03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 20)10:31
vbCrLf04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 20)10:32
Gird3rDoes anybody know where I can find a Milkytracker tutorial for the complete nooob, etc someone who has never used it before, should be very detailed. The ones the offical site offers sucks very hard.10:32
vbCrLfThese are my cards10:32
om26erte_: no reltime and relatime10:32
SandGorgonpapul, u can if u install wine (a Windows emulator)10:32
te_om26er: Did you find the word relatime in the man file?10:32
SandGorgon!wine | papul_10:32
ubottupapul_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:32
te_om26er: Then take it out of the fstab entry.10:32
bazhangGird3r, what is milkytracker10:32
Gird3rMaybe wrong place to ask in, but just incase someone knows.10:32
vbCrLfindus, I mean, this is my card, but it appears twice (*in Windows as well*)10:32
mobi-sheeppapul_: Deluge Torrent is the closest thing to uTorrent in linux (natively).10:32
bazhangGird3r, anything to do with Ubuntu?10:32
papul_!deluge torrent10:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about deluge torrent10:33
Gird3rNope. I forgot to think about thatg part. ^^10:33
mobi-sheep!info deluge-torrent | papul_10:33
te_/dev/sda1 /mnt/ssd ext4 rw,user,auto 0 210:33
ubottupapul_: deluge-torrent (source: deluge): bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.6+dfsg-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 24 kB, installed size 96 kB10:33
om26erte_: ok now its /dev/sda1 /mnt/ssd ext4 rw,user,auto 0 210:33
mobi-sheeppapul_: http://deluge-torrent.org/10:33
papul_!info gparted10:33
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.3-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 858 kB, installed size 3536 kB10:33
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>10:33
indusvbCrLf: please paste dmesg also10:34
te_om26er: umount /dev/sda110:34
te_om26er: mount -a10:34
humboltwhat is that doing? updatedb.mlocat10:34
vbCrLfIts huge10:34
te_om26er: and see if it mounts again.10:34
vbCrLftoo big for the terminal10:34
vbCrLfMaybe I'll try dmesg | grep wlan0?10:34
g-hennuxhumbolt: indexing the files on your disk for use with locate10:34
vbCrLfbtw, the computer runs two days, so the output will be way too long, no?10:34
indusvbCrLf: aah np nvm dmesg its marvell10:35
ubuntunewbiedjiezes: Hi how do I tell compiz to not use redirection for fullscreen windows ?10:35
te_om26er: sudo umount /dev/sda1 ; mount  #to verify that it is no longer mounted.10:35
humboltg-hennux: see that is started by cron.daily. so it will run every time I resume the machine in the morning?!10:35
g-hennuxhumbolt: yes10:35
humboltg-hennux: great10:35
g-hennuxhumbolt: you can of course disable it or move it to a different time, but then no longer benefit from locate search10:36
om26erte_: i unmounted it and then again mounted it10:36
indusvbCrLf: paste iwconfig10:36
indusvbCrLf: nvm i see from forum10:36
te_om26er: and then:   sudo mount -a ; ls /mnt/ssb #to verify it it mounts10:36
te_om26er: Ok, we're done10:36
humboltg-hennux: is that really needed? is that a part of ubuntu-desktop or did I install that by hand or it is a relict from my many release upgrades?10:36
indusvbCrLf: aah paste only iwconfig10:36
te_om26er: You can reboot if you want to see that it works on a reboot.10:36
humboltg-hennux: who the hack is using locate search?10:36
g-hennuxhumbolt: afaik that's quite a basic thing that's running on many distros10:36
g-hennuxhumbolt: i do, from time to time :)10:36
om26erte_ ok i am rebooting10:37
ubuntunewbieHi how do I tell compiz to not use redirection for fullscreen windows ?10:37
XeNiXhello , im connected to a vpn over the interface ppp1 , how i can make use of this connection anyone can help ?10:38
XeNiXroute add -net netmask dev ppp1 , ?10:38
indusvbCrLf: tell me your pc make and model10:40
vbCrLfindus, I'm a Windows user, so where do I find 'Device Manager'-like in Ubuntu?10:41
xbmc666any idea how to get my hauppauge wintv-nova td-500 remote to work properly?10:41
om26erte_ thank you very much its mounted now10:41
indusvbCrLf: well,you can install something like that in ubuntu10:41
indusvbCrLf: hwinfo10:42
vbCrLfOkay, thanks10:42
te_om26er: NP10:42
indusvbCrLf: look at my lspci10:42
jg__bazhang are u there10:42
indusvbCrLf: http://pastebin.com/m3231420310:42
indusjg__: hi10:42
bazhangjg__, no cursing and stay on topic10:42
HOMAXTOhi. I have a problem with thw wlan mamanger and the password manager10:42
jg__ok i need to talk with pronoy10:43
frozsynis there a way to prevent a specific fuse mount from having an icon on the desktop ?10:43
indusvbCrLf: it shows wireless distinctly10:43
jg__IS PRONOY HERE?10:43
HOMAXTOit seems that the paasword returned from the password manager is returned in hex.10:44
vbCrLfI see.. :\10:44
indusvbCrLf: install hwinfo maybe will give more info10:44
vbCrLfVery long list10:44
vbCrLfShould I filter it?10:44
vbCrLfOr maybe output to a file?10:44
HOMAXTOi have tried deleting the key files and the wlan settings and creating it all over10:45
indusvbCrLf: you tried ndiswrapper i believe10:45
vbCrLfI tried at a different installation10:45
HOMAXTOalso I have set the same pw for login and pw manager10:45
vbCrLfI can try again, but I'm afraid of screwing up my system10:45
jg__Hello help needed from pronoy10:46
jg__pronoy: need your help10:46
bazhangjg__, he is not here10:46
om26erplz tell me how to completely remove transmission10:46
jg__can u help me then10:47
yofel_jg__: whats your problem?10:47
jg__my youtube  dosent work10:47
indusvbCrLf: use ndisgtk from repos, makes it easier10:47
jg__but i neeed one of you guys to pm me10:47
HOMAXTOwrong forum I guess?10:48