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selinuxiumhi all. I just created a symlink within the My Files folder for my Documents folder. nothing happened to sync...08:27
tcolesymlinks aren't supported at this time08:43
Nafallothe reverse should work surely?08:45
Nafallo(just throwing in a work around)08:45
selinuxiumHi Nafallo, Happy Birthday!11:08
Nafalloselinuxium: too late ;-)11:10
selinuxiumNafallo: I know, but still.... Happy Birthday! Surely you are continuing the festivities tonight?  :)11:12
Nafalloselinuxium: hopefully not. couldn't tell if I was sober or not when I woke up :-P11:13
Nafalloselinuxium: anyway. thanks :-)11:13
ajmitchNafallo: surely sobriety is optional? :)11:13
ajmitchjust remind me never to use any server you admin :)11:14
Nafalloajmitch: depends what your tasks for the day are ;-)11:14
Nafalloajmitch: ehrm.. like stratos? :-P11:14
ajmitchuh oh11:14
ajmitchyou probably saw that syklone is larger now11:15
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jdobrienHello Ubuntu One'eers!13:43
jdobrienCheck the over-night log for #ubuntuone and deal with any issues13:50
jdobrienhello everyone...there are some package issues with the nightlies as I understand it14:21
jdobrienso if you get the nightlies (unstable-hot-off-the-press version) you're broken like me14:21
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vdsStandup Meeting time!15:00
vdsaquarius teknico urbanape jblount15:02
jdobrienme... what's going on? this is my first day15:03
aquariusjdobrien: desktop+ team standup :)15:04
jdobrienoh ok15:04
jdobrieni'll watch :)15:04
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://ubuntuone.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Currently in limited beta, new invitations are sent regularly | Current Beta and Nightly builds have issues Fix Coming Soon| Current Beta Client Revno is 63, Protocol Revno is 47 | Release 0.90.3
vdswho's missing?15:04
aquariuseveryone. :)15:04
aquariusurbanape is on holiday today15:04
jdobriennational holiday for US today15:04
aquariusI assume most Americans are. jdo's just super-dedicated ;)15:04
teknicojblount and CardinalFang too, I guess15:04
vdsof course!15:05
vdsso that's going to be a very quick standup meeting15:05
aquariusjust the three of us...we can make it if we try...just the three of us...you and I (and teknico)15:05
vdsshall I start?15:05
jdobrienaquarius: some silly think about independence from England15:05
teknicofour now15:05
tekniconow four, for now15:05
teknicofour for now15:05
vdsDONE: added tests for view in phone verification branch...on it's way for review now15:06
vdsTODO: on-call review15:06
vdsBLOCKED: no15:06
vdsnext aquarius15:06
aquariusjdobrien: one year when you're all sittin' there drinkin' beer and celebratin' we're gonna come and take it back. :)15:06
aquariusDONE: landed uber-branch for records API; worked with urbanape on FF extension; defined CouchDB "management" database; fixed lsof being broken on jdo's machine15:06
aquariusTODO: finish FF extension ready for GCDS demos; write up15:06
aquariusBLOCKED: still using the horror of lsof to find CouchDB port until the print-the-port logfile patch goes in15:06
aquariusIt's teknico, he rounds the last defender, teknico, still teknico, he shoots, GOOOOOOOAL!15:06
jdobrienaquarius: you can have it if you pay our Bills to China15:06
teknicoDONE: more work on the web ui interface for resetting contact devices15:06
teknicoTODO: making the web ui interface for resetting contact devices work15:06
teknicoBLOCKED: nothing15:06
teknicoNEXT: CardinalFang15:06
teknicoaquarius, shut up15:06
CardinalFangEr, I'm not ready anyway.  One minute.15:07
vdsCardinalFang: no15:07
teknicoCardinalFang, you're the last one anyway :-)15:07
vdsCardinalFang: np15:07
jdobrienI completely uninstalled the client, deleted all the folders .cache/ubuntuone and /etc/xdg/ubuntuone ....15:08
jdobrienI purged ubuntuone-client and everything ubuntuone15:08
jdobrienthen apt-get install ubuntuone-client15:09
jdobrienWhen i start it...nothing happenes15:09
jdobrienand there is no ~/.cache/ubuntuone15:09
jdobrienno folder15:09
CardinalFangDONE: Started overhauling network code to make room for SSL.  (Not "done" in any sense.)  Pushed some more changes to branch.15:10
CardinalFangTODO: Get reviews and submit to PQM.  Probably take the day off.15:10
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:10
vdsEOM thanks!15:10
aquariuscool, thanks vds15:13
jdobrienquiet day in the ubuntuone worl15:32
facundobatistaHi all15:45
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aquariusjkakar: ping?15:55
rmcbridejdobrien: currently users will need to install both ubuntuone-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome to get everything installed and working. I'll change the topic in a second.16:04
jdobrienrmcbride: any specific order?16:04
rmcbridejdobrien: specific order won't matter16:05
rmcbridethey have some deps in common but they won't step on each otehr.16:05
jdobrienrmcbride: when i installed ubuntuone-client-gnome, python-ubuntuone-client was installed16:05
rmcbridejdobrien: yes, you need ubuntuone-client too16:06
rmcbridep-u-c is just the libraries16:06
rmcbrideboth u-c and u-c-g dep on p-u-c16:06
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jdobrienrmcbride: that did not work for me16:07
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://ubuntuone.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Currently in limited beta, new invitations are sent regularly | Current Beta and Nightly builds need both ubuntuone-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome | Current Beta Client Revno is 63, Protocol Revno is 47 | Release 0.90.3
rmcbridejdobrien: define "did not work"16:07
jdobrienrmcbride: install everything...open Applications>Ubuntu One> .... Nothing happens16:08
jdobrienrmcbride: also no .cache/ubuntuone folder16:08
rmcbridejdobrien: what do you get at terminal?16:08
rmcbrideif you run the applet16:08
jdobrienrmcbride: how do i run the applet from the cmd line?16:08
jdobrienTraceback (most recent call last):16:09
jdobrien  File "/usr/local/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet", line 39, in <module>16:09
jdobrien    from canonical.ubuntuone.oauthdesktop.main import Login16:09
jdobrienImportError: No module named canonical.ubuntuone.oauthdesktop.main16:09
rmcbridealternately you would logout/back in, the client doesn't start automaticallyt16:09
jdobrienimport...canonical.ubuntuone.. is wrong16:09
rmcbrideTHAT is old16:09
rmcbridesomething is out of date.16:09
jdobrienthere is no canonical.ubuntuone16:09
rmcbridebut I don't get that. Mine runs. one second.16:09
jdobriendo i need to uninstall oauthdesktop. is that it's own package now?16:10
rmcbridejdobrien: no that gets pulled in with the packages you have. Something is not rigt about your client-applet16:11
jdobrienrmcbride: hmm after uninstalling, I still have a menu item16:12
rmcbridejdobrien: you've got an old client-applet somehow. That import is correct witht he current package. Also I think yours is in the wrong spot.... which ubuntuone-client-applet has it in /usr/bin for me, not /usr/local/bin16:12
rmcbridejdobrien: that's a bug16:12
rmcbridejdobrien: and one that I haven't seen written up yet16:12
rmcbridejdobrien: do you still have ubuntuone-client-applet with the package uninstalled?16:13
jdobrienrmcbride: which package?16:13
rmcbridethe main client one...16:13
rmcbrideand gnome16:14
rmcbrideclient-gnome that is16:14
jdobrienjohn@Monolith:/usr/bin$ sudo apt-get purge ubuntuone-client16:14
jdobrienReading package lists... Done16:14
jdobrienBuilding dependency tree16:14
jdobrienReading state information... Done16:14
jdobrienPackage ubuntuone-client is not installed, so not removed16:14
jdobrien0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.16:14
jdobrienjohn@Monolith:/usr/bin$ ls -l /usr/local/bin/ubuntuone*16:14
jdobrien-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  22K 2009-06-01 15:34 /usr/local/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet*16:14
jdobrien-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5.2K 2009-06-01 15:34 /usr/local/bin/ubuntuone-syncdaemon*16:14
rmcbridejdobrien: pastebin that next time please :)16:14
rmcbrideyea that stuff sh ould not be there16:14
jdobrienrmcbride: it's two lines16:15
jdobrienok 10 lines16:15
rmcbridejdobrien: remove ubuntuone-client-gnome as well to be certain16:15
jdobrienrmcbride: same result16:16
rmcbridebut the executables don't get put in that path.16:16
rmcbrideyou'll need to remove those manually I think16:16
rmcbrideand then 'apt-get install ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome'16:16
rmcbridejdobrien: look at the dates on those executables as well16:16
rmcbridejdobrien: june 116:17
rmcbrideway old16:17
jdobrienrmcbride: i got an oauth page!16:17
jdobrienrmcbride: ok new problem16:18
jdobrienrm i have an applet16:18
rmcbridejdobrien: ok16:18
jdobrieni have an applet...it looks normal...not spinning, no disconnected decoration16:19
jdobrienthe only options are connect and go to web...the "Open Folder" is greyed out16:19
rmcbridejdobrien: OK try connect16:19
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rmcbridejdobrien: tail -f ~/.cache/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.log16:20
jdobrienno syncdaemon.log16:20
jdobrienrmcbride: ^^16:20
rmcbrideok open a terminal16:21
jdobrienforgot the log/folder16:21
jdobrienstill no syncdaemon16:21
rmcbrideok do /lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-synchdaemon16:21
rmcbrideno h16:22
verterokjdobrien: dpkg -L ubuntuone-client && dpkg -L python-ubuntuone-client16:22
jdobrienverterok: ok16:22
jdobrienrmcbride: did you mean: /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon16:23
jdobrienrmcbride: because that got the applet running ^^16:23
jdobrienoh wow...lots of old folders files back16:24
jdobrienrmcbride: is that file in the wrong spot?16:25
rmcbridejdobrien: that's the right spot16:25
rmcbridejdobrien: I mistyped16:25
jdobrienwell it's working now16:26
jdobrienjust disconnected16:26
jdobrienrmcbride: it shows disconnected, but syncdaemon log is still updating16:26
rmcbridejdobrien: the applet might have issues again. After it finishes syncing, logout and back in and see if it can get daemon status correctly16:27
jdobrienrmcbride: clicked connect again and it's spinning16:27
rmcbridejdobrien: interesting16:27
jdobrienrmcbride: odd thing is...folders and files I deleted yesterday are uploading now :(16:28
jdobrienrmcbride: I didn't delete my local files16:28
jdobrienrmcbride: so now im going to upload 4.6 GB again i guess16:28
rmcbridejdobrien: hmm16:28
verterokjdobrien: that's because you deleted all the metadata16:28
jdobrienrmcbride: however16:28
rmcbridethat's right,, you did16:29
jdobrienrmcbride: folders/files that I deleted long ago are coming back16:29
rmcbridejdobrien: also probably because the meta data is gone. Not sure why the server would still have them16:29
verterokjdobrien: syncdaemon found the files, don't have metadata, not matching file in the server, upload them!16:29
rmcbridejdobrien: but I'm going to go shower and do holiday stuff now.16:30
jdobrienverterok: yeah i understand that about files I deleted on the web but never synced16:30
jdobrienverterok: but I see folders that I deleted on the client and had sycned months ago16:30
verterokjdobrien: that's *bad*, do you see that files in the webui?16:31
* jdobrien checks16:31
jdobrienthey are back now16:31
verterokjdobrien: all of them?16:31
jdobrienverterok: yes.16:32
verterokjdobrien: I think a change landed on the server that might be causing this, let me check16:32
jdobrienverterok: the Music folder, the big one. is uploading as I would expect16:32
jdobrienverterok: but the folder/files that I deleted long ago are back both in the web ui and desktop.16:32
verterokjdobrien: indeed weird16:33
jdobrienverterok: the only existing folder now has a conflict folder16:33
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Ngif one is on karmic, should one use ubuntuone from the karmic repositories, or the beta ppa?22:32
BUGabundokarmic here22:33
Nglooks like the PPA has newer versions22:44
verterokNg: as the topic says, there are some issues with the ppa packages, you need to manually install both: ubuntuone-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome22:48
* Ng nods22:49
verterokNg: but you get all the bells and whistles ;)22:51
NgI have to say it seems kinda the same as it did before ;)22:51
Ngis it more than just a packaging split?22:51
verterokNg: bugfixes FTW!22:52
verterokNg: basically: bring back sharing from Nautilus, and a minor improvement in the local rescan22:54
Ngaha, good good :)22:55
BUGabundocoming late! what do I need in karmic to have U1 runnnig?22:56
verterokBUGabundo: if the packages are ok, the ppa, and both: ubuntuone-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome installed22:57
BUGabundoit was crashing for me on boot22:58
BUGabundoand it isn't starting verterok22:58
verterokBUGabundo: crashing how? do you have a traceback?22:58
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude install ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome22:59
BUGabundoThe following NEW packages will be installed:22:59
BUGabundo  python-ubuntuone-client{a} python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol{a} ubuntuone-client-gnome22:59
BUGabundoThe following packages will be REMOVED:22:59
BUGabundo  ubuntuone-storage-protocol{a}22:59
BUGabundoverterok: better: apport crash22:59
BUGabundobut let me isntall that and test again22:59
BUGabundoverterok: fixed. now it starts23:03
verterokBUGabundo: cool!23:03
BUGabundowhy didn't I get the update on its own?23:03
verterokBUGabundo: maybe the package renaming?23:04
BUGabundostill I make the same question23:05
BUGabundowhy didn't I get the update on its own?23:05
verterokBUGabundo: I have no idea :)23:09
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stevepearcehello all23:59

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