rikarddoes someone know how to set "respawn" in upstart 0.5.0?10:32
Keybukrikard: "respawn" :-)10:34
rikardI know, I have tried the following:10:35
rikardstart on stopped S70motion and stopped S71iod10:36
rikardconsole output10:36
rikard        exec /etc/rc3.d/S85httpd start10:36
rikardend script10:36
rikardbut I can't get it to work?10:36
rikardwhat's wrong?10:38
Keybukit'll respawn the init script10:39
Keybuknot what the init script runs10:39
Keybukyou can't combine respawn and init scripts in that way10:39
Keybukconvert the init script into a proper upstart job instead10:39
rikardhow to do it?10:41
Keybukthat's a complex question10:42
Keybukbut fundamentally your script should look something like10:42
Keybuk  console output10:42
Keybuk  respawn10:42
Keybuk  exec /usr/sbin/httpd --foreground10:43
rikardok, thanks a lot for your help!10:43

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