kromarman that sucks, as soon as the mixer gets loaded the volume is turned down to 000:10
kromarhow can i create a shortcut on the desktop?00:22
kromarah got it00:23
kromarman the sound quality is terribly bad.... extreem noise in the background:(00:32
lean2501i have the "relatime,errors=remount-ro" in my "/" and "relatime" in other mount points in fstab, i want to edit them to have "noatime", because this is a netbook, and i want it to not write so much to the disk00:33
kromarok someone has any specific information on how to fix the reboot muting of my sound and extrem noise level?00:46
Joelitokromar: using pulseaudio?00:47
kromarJoelito: whats that?00:47
Joelitokromar: ok00:49
Joelitokromar: which version of xubuntu are you using?00:51
Joelitoopen your xfc4 configuration page00:52
kromarwhere is that?00:53
Joelitofind audio|sound..similar..I'm using spanish version..so, maybe be little different00:53
Joelitotry by the xfce menu ;)00:53
kromarthe only way i can open any sound settings is with the mixer....00:55
Joelitocan you change with the mixer the audio manager00:56
Joelitobetween alsa,pulseaudio or other00:56
Joelitodo it :)00:57
kromardone it already, always the same result00:58
kromarmuted sound after reboot00:58
Joelitoand volume meter in enbaled or disabled?00:59
kromarwith  lspci | grep -i audio my audio device is listed as ALC889A and with  aplay -l its listed as ALC885, why is that?00:59
kromarJoelito: what volume meter?00:59
Joelitoyou know, that knob to increase volume =)01:00
Joelitokromar: that you are using some alsa, try to use pulseaudio01:00
kromargona reboot and see if it works01:12
kromarnope, muted again01:14
kromarcan it be that the settings arent saved correctly?01:15
Joelitokromar: Nop, I don't have problems01:17
Joelitokromar: did you install something lately01:17
kromarits a fresh install01:18
kromaris there a command to save the sound settings manually?01:22
Joelitokromar: don't need too, system does it for you01:23
sml1226is there a 64 bit skype? or a softphone that can call skypeids?01:23
JoelitoI think the installer went wrong in some point01:23
kromarno i reinstalled it about 10 times and its the same every time, even with different installation cds01:24
Joelitokromar: oh, so..I don't know..I don't have problems with sound...01:25
Joelitotry to wait someone...at least I try to help =p01:25
kromarim looking for a solution for that for some month now, i waited long enough01:26
kromarhow do i get rights to change the user settings?01:46
kromarnever mind....01:46
kromarman that sucks... and thats the reason why i never really made the jump to this system. always some small problems which take hours to find a solution01:50
n2diyI have a new install of 8.04 on my test box, and I can't change my keyboard layout, or move my panels around? Applications-quit doesn't work, I can't drag a terminal icon to my desktop, and who knows what else is wrong? Is this a munged install, or can I work my way out of it?01:58
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Ollonkanyone here willing to give me a hand with some issues/02:27
Ollonkapparently not, I'll try the next channel ;)02:28
kromarok i think i found the problem with the sound volume, the asound.state file gets reseted every time i reboot. why is this happening?02:35
art_can't get adobe flash to work in Xubuntu 9.0404:31
forcesart_, apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:35
art_installed it already04:35
art_still no adobe flash04:36
art__sorry got disconnected04:38
forcesart_, which browser r u using?04:38
art__firefox the latest version04:40
art__let me check04:40
forcesI have 3.0.1104:40
forcesos[Linux 2.6.30-020630-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "jaunty" 9.04] cpu[2 x Genuine Intel(R) CPU           T2400  @ 1.83GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1000MHz] mem[Physical: 2.0GB, 77.6% free] disk[Total: 214.2GB, 67.2% free] video[Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel]04:40
forceshave you installed flash right now?04:42
art__i tired the x86 version and moved it to .mozillza/plugins, but it didn't work04:43
forcesdid you restart your browser?04:43
art__it doesn't even show up in the plugins info04:43
art__yes I restarted it04:43
art_does the fact that I'm running Xubuntu on my Ps3 have anything to do with my problems04:45
forcesremove the plugin installed manually04:46
art_how? just delete the .so file from the directory04:47
forcesI don't know04:49
forceshow did you install it?04:49
art_I just removed the .so file from .mozilla/plugins04:49
art_now what04:49
art_forces: did I lose you?04:54
forcesnow restart the browser04:55
forcesand try again04:55
art_I'm not sure I installed it correctly04:56
art_the file I downloaded is libflashplayer.so04:57
forcestry with other browser04:57
forcesyou have 2 plugins installed04:57
forces2 flash04:57
forcesthat's the problem04:57
art_what the plugin?04:58
art_when I try the files from abobe I get the "i386" error04:58
forcesart_, try another browser05:02
forcesis just a test05:02
forcestry with opera05:02
art_where do I get opera05:03
madusersudo apt-get install opera05:04
art_didn't work05:06
art_Package opera is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:06
art_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or05:06
art_is only available from another source05:06
art_E: Package opera has no installation candidate05:06
maduserare you trying to get the falsh player?05:07
maduserif the deb isn't working then just get the manual installer05:07
art_yes. how do i get the manual installer05:09
maduseradobe website05:09
maduserthe tar.gz05:10
forcesart_, www.opera.com05:10
art_let me download it05:10
forcesgoogle is your best friend05:10
art_should i save the flash file or open it?05:12
forcesdid you try with opera?05:14
art_not yet05:14
art_which version of opera?05:15
art_linux x86 64, powerpc, linux i38605:16
art_I have a PS305:17
maduseryour running linux on it?05:18
art_xubuntu 9.0405:19
forcesart_, type uname -r05:19
forcesuname -a05:20
forcesin a shell05:20
art_sorry I'm a newb. not sure what you mean.05:20
art_you mean in terminal05:22
wolfgangeee xubuntu on ps3 jealouse the wii sucks05:22
wolfgangnah the wiis pim sometimes05:22
forcesart_, yes05:22
forcesterminal == konsole == shell05:22
art_Linux ubuntu 2.6.28-6-powerpc64-smp #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 09:59:41 UTC 2009 ppc64 GNU/Linux05:23
forcesuse powerpc05:24
art_the option is ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon. Is that ok05:25
forcesand ubuntu 9.04?05:26
art_not listed05:26
forcesart_, type in a shell05:27
forcesor terminal05:27
forcessudo apt-get instal epiphany-browser05:27
forcestry with that browser05:27
art_still installing05:32
art_appreciate the help05:33
forcesi'm tired05:35
art_Sorry about that.05:35
art_installed now what05:35
art_do I need to be logged on as the root user instead of the local user05:44
jadez03stupid WicD08:22
psycho_oreosis there a possibility for me to make apt-get download from one of my other hosts which is running the same distro? (both are xubuntu 9.04). I was thinking of a possibility with trying to do network mounting of /var/cache/apt/archives maybe over smbfs.10:14
psycho_oreosI prefer not to download over the internet right now because for one I am on internet that's already capped, so the speed is slow enough. The other is that it will be a pain for me to update more xubuntu boxens and getting them to download the same package (thus its a waste of bandwidth and un-necessary redundancy)10:17
TheSheepyou can install a .deb file with gdebi or dpkg -i10:19
TheSheepso just copy the files over and install them10:19
psycho_oreoshmm that wouldn't be bad idea but what about somehow simplifying the process? because there's almost always updates available.. I was thinking if I shared that directory, it also contains a database file which I hope is what apt-get will be referring to rather than some hidden list somewhere else10:20
psycho_oreosor some really confusing process10:21
psycho_oreospreviously I was thinking of setting up my own server for all the debian packages but its really difficult now with keys and what not.. what a pain in the ass and plus if my idea works, I can shave some more bandwidth + space off by keeping all the debs on one box and the other just installs stuff from that one box without having to really download the deb packages and then update10:27
psycho_oreosok correction, its not in /var/cache/apt/archives for that db, its in /var/cache/apt.. and its not really a db its a file named pkgcache.bin which file reports it as just data.. was hoping for some useful ascii stuff that is readable so I can quickly determine if this will resolve my issue or not.. I'll use strings10:33
psycho_oreosseems as though the information I got is more like a dump of whatever is the output from apt-get update lol10:44
psycho_oreosI'll try my method once I've downloaded the updates first.. I'll install smb10:44
SiDipsycho_oreos: i know there is a way to turn one of your machines into a repository11:10
SiDiand other machines would use it11:10
SiDibut i dont know how you can tell which packages you want for the repository11:10
psycho_oreosSiDi, well I'm hoping for simple stuff like when I hit apt-get upgrade (after seeing theres new updates available) it will download from the host.. however, if I can cut off the extra downloading that'll be a bonus but its not a huge necessity11:11
psycho_oreoswhen I mean download I mean like downloading the deb packages onto the computer itself and then installing it from there11:12
SiDipsycho_oreos: the only difficult thing will be to setup the local repo and chose which packages should be on it11:12
psycho_oreoshmm thanks, I'll check the link11:12
SiDipsycho_oreos: i suppose there would be a way to make the local repo use the cache directory of apt as a list of packages, and then these packages would be available for your local machines11:12
psycho_oreoswell it shouldn't be too difficult, there's minor differences between my boxens and I don't use optimised packages11:13
psycho_oreosyeah I was thinking of mounting them over smb11:13
psycho_oreoslike share /var/cache/apt over smbfs and then mount it onto the other computers as if its their own.. tricking synaptic and what not into installing it rather than not seeing it there and download the packages from the real repository11:14
SiDiits better to setup a local repo :)11:15
psycho_oreosbut wouldn't that also need one to generate gpg keys and what not? then there's preferences over which repo to use unless I disabled all the internet ones and to use the local one?11:16
psycho_oreosanyway thanks for the inputs, I'll try my method first and if that doesn't work I'll setup a local repository11:21
jadez03this is ground control to major tom11:38
jadez03take your protein pills and put your helmet on11:38
kromaranyone knows how i can stop asound.state to get reset after rebooting?12:39
kromarok my sound problem seems to be that alsa is not started on boot. how can i make it start when booting?12:56
SiDikromar: hm, ps aux | grep pulse please12:59
* SiDi had an idea12:59
kromarthat does nothing13:00
SiDiah crap13:00
SiDiits not PA then :(13:00
SiDikromar: no idea then, sorry. Feel free to try #ubuntu though :/13:01
kromarlooks like the solution was an easy one... will reboot to see if that works:O13:10
SiDikromar: so ?13:12
kromarnegative... did not work13:13
kromarwell someone in the ubuntu channel told me to activate the alsa service under App>system>services but that didnt help13:15
kromarwhen i enter sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start in a terminal it gets unmuted so i guess that needs to be executed at boot, right?13:17
znaganyone know how to make thunar launch with maximum window size?13:31
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kromarso i reinstalled xubuntu again and set the volume to 50% before updating and after the first reboot the sound is not muted o_O14:22
kromargona reboot again to see if it stays that way14:22
kromarstill got sound after second reboot... hurrayy. gona turn the volume up and reboot again...14:25
SiDi_kromar: you must write a bug report forthis issue :/14:25
kromargona test a bit more later today to see if it keeps working or if it fails again14:26
kromaryeah seems to work for now.... till later14:30
mikubuntui am trying to make an Endura Video Player work in Wine on my ubuntu 904 laptop.  i received a disk from a courthouse video system, and this is the player that came with an .exe file on the disk.  the player is running, it has the video file in it, but is not rendering any video... is it possible i need to 'install' some codecs to wine?  if so, how do i 'permanently' install those?  thanks...15:30
mikubuntu...to anyone who can help!15:30
mikubuntuyes, i've askd the question b4 here.  still  can't get this dang thing to play...15:31
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Kangarooohello I pressed in pidgin Help Help translate this application and it opens me link in opera.. but FF is default..16:10
Kangarooodefault aplication is FF in xubuntu and in pidgin also default link opener is FF16:11
Kangarooothis is not first time when something opens in opera but I want it to open in FF16:11
ivan_всём привет16:39
ivan_здесь по русски кто-нибудь говорит?16:39
knomeivan_, english please...16:39
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:40
ivan_Who can help me in one question? I'm not running torrent client in Xubuntu 9.0416:40
ivan_help please?16:43
charlie-tca!question | ivan_16:43
ubottuivan_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:43
psycho_oreosfrom linux to linux, how does one connect to an xdmcp session without logging out of the current one on their local host? i.e. running xdmcp-"client" in windowed mode for example17:23
nikolamWhat a lowsy Microsoft move.. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13880_3-10277784-68.html17:51
nikolamI am one more time convinced that closed source OS`s should be avoided as much as possible17:51
mdshaw89nikolam: yep - I noticed this today on my netbook after a patching - wish I could wipe Windoze but unfortunately Netflix has no valid Linux option.18:00
kromarSiDi: looks like the sound is working now, how do i make a error report?18:01
kromaroh someone knows when SiDi will be back?18:02
psycho_oreosmdshaw89, ever tried running that software in vm?18:13
mdshaw89psycho_oreos:  yep - works fine but you have to have a enough of a machine to make it useable18:15
psycho_oreosmdshaw89, well I suppose you could try the stripped down versions of windows.. not that they are great but it'll probably suffice18:16
mdshaw89I'm using an Asus 900HD netbook as a TV video streamer - works fine - but sucks I have to run Windoze18:16
psycho_oreoscan't find open-source alternative?18:16
mdshaw89believe me I've looked18:17
mdshaw89Netflix has been very sneaky about their Roku box18:17
psycho_oreosas with all other windows only based programs18:17
mdshaw89I think it really sucks that Linux isn't good enough for a direct player but certainly good enough to run their set-top box18:18
psycho_oreosI'd say its the fault of the driver used in the process to render graphics as such :p but then again, why complain when you're getting all this for next to nothing?18:19
mdshaw89I'm surprised RMS hasn't pointed this out.18:19
mdshaw89Richard Stallman18:20
mdshaw89FSF advocate18:20
psycho_oreoswhat about what I said?18:20
mdshaw89Don't understand?18:21
psycho_oreosprobably because it might leave a flattery image on the developers themselves :p18:21
mdshaw89"flattery image"???18:21
psycho_oreosand no my head isn't working too well, its almost half past 3 in my time18:21
mdshaw89k - no prob - I'm in NC - its 1:22P here - :)18:22
psycho_oreosif you wrote programs for free, you're struggling but barely managing to get by everyday living.. someone comes along uses your software which is free as you licensed the software as... they then say hey why should I complain when its free? wouldn't that be bit of a bad feeling on your part knowing that you have donated something to the society and am struggling but this person says that he's not complaining when its all for free (m18:23
psycho_oreoseaning that he's kinda like a freeloader) no?18:23
psycho_oreosSat Jul  4 03:23:38 EST 200918:23
psycho_oreosI'm not implying that all developers are broke but because linux is so diverse that any one of us can be jobless, yet writing programs and contributing for free18:26
mdshaw89Keep in mind I'm NOT an RMS fan - I think the guy is a nut!  But I do think that Netflix should make a Linux player available for customers that run Linux - its a bit of a discrimination that since I prefer to run Linux you make me go buy an extra seperate piece of hardware that you offer to other customers for free18:30
psycho_oreosNetflix amongst many other conceited corporate entities still slaps the same old reasons that because linux is so diverse, its hard to make one for every linux distribution whereas in windows, its unified, one file does most if not all18:32
mdshaw89yep - I agree18:33
psycho_oreosmost likely in other words, they cbf making a binary blob program for every linux distribution... or better yet, they want to keep it as proprietary binary blob version like broadcrap18:33
mdshaw89I use Hulu too and until recently Joost - but I do wish there was a company that offered this service to users world-wide - I think a huge opportunity is being missed18:34
psycho_oreosoh well its their loss not yours18:34
psycho_oreosI am already doing my bit to not recommend such softwares/devices to other people unless if they have a good reason that they must use it18:36
psycho_oreosin business world.. there is a common saying.. "one bad customer brings 10 bad customers"18:37
psycho_oreoseffectively meaning that if we started taking on the stance of snubbing companies which snubs linux and its movement, we maybe able to turn the large mass around and inhibit their sales/revenues18:39
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cemunali installed a command line system with 8.04 LTS alternate CD. i want to install xorg, gdm, xfce. And a package which configures my printer auto. but which package? can somebody help me?18:57
psycho_oreosapt-get install xubuntu-desktop ?18:57
forcescemunal, http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20090504#feature18:59
mikubuntuhey guys.  my friend finally convinced her daughter that since her vista was frozen up that it was time to go ubuntu.  i gave her an xubuntu disk, but she says that vista has some password lock that will not let her load the disk.  can this be?18:59
psycho_oreosmikubuntu, she's making up excuses19:00
forceskick her19:00
psycho_oreosdoes she even know how to get into the bios?19:00
mikubuntui mean, theres no such a thing, right?  yes, i've taught her b4 , we've installed on other boxes, so i don't know19:01
mikubuntuguess i will have to make a house call19:01
cemunalforces: printer?19:02
psycho_oreosmikubuntu, she's lying, obviously, making stories up or she's a real blonde19:03
cemunalforces: printer support on minimal xubuntu 8.04 lts19:04
cemunalwill release xubuntu 8.04.3 lts?19:17
cemunalas a CD19:17
forcesthe last release was xubuntu 8.04.119:22
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magnetronhi. my xfce returns to some profile that i previously saved by accident. how do i delete this profile so i use the default instead?22:26
SiDimagnetron: hello, remove .cache/sessions22:30
SiDiand you should be ok22:30
magnetronSiDi→ thank you22:30
SiDi!info gedit23:07
SiDi!info gedit karmic23:07
ubottugedit (source: gedit): official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.1-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 527 kB, installed size 1884 kB23:07
ubottugedit (source: gedit): official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 2.27.2-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 567 kB, installed size 2008 kB23:07
kromarwhat do i need to watch youtube on linux?23:43
Slonkieflash player23:46
Slonkieadobe-flashplugin is in the repos23:46
kromarhm installed it but get no picture, only sound23:46
Slonkiereboot your system23:47
SiDikromar: can you stop running through every single documented and non-documented issue please ? :D23:51
kromari would love to....23:52
kromarah got it, i installed the 64bit plugin and the 32 bit plugin was installed which caused the problem23:57
kromaris there a divx web player for linux?23:57

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