pltonikhello. i was wondering if it is possible to do 'daggy fixes' using bzr?00:51
Pilkypoolie: you around?00:58
jskulskihey all01:17
jskulskii am wroking with a SVN repository that I branched with bzr-svn. I have been working succesfully, but when I bzr merge, commit, push it seems to overwrite any log of the real commit (everyone else is using svn as per normal)01:18
jelmerjskulski, see the bzr-svn FAQ01:18
jskulskijelmer:: thanks01:20
mzzis there some way to share *uncommitted* changes with someone that's better than "bzr diff" and doesn't involve me committing them? They're incomplete/broken, so I want to avoid committing.01:38
Peng_mzz: "bzr merge --uncommitted" *might* work remotely.02:45
Peng_mzz: You might also be able to rig something using shelves. E.g. "bzr shelve" the changes and then rsync/scp the files over. Or something.02:45
mzzPeng_: mmm, but only if the branch I'm trying to merge from is accessible remotely by the other user, so that wouldn't really work here.02:45
Peng_mzz: There are probably better ideas, but I don't know them. :D02:45
mzzPeng_: (perhaps other people would just commit for this case)02:46
mzzif this was my own code I'd just use commit and uncommit, because I'd be pretty sure the bogus revision wouldn't "escape" after I uncommit it.02:46
mzzerr, if both branches were on systems I control, I mean. Or something like that.02:46
mzzthe goal here was to share a very incomplete change with someone else, and they found a pastebinned diff a little hard to read and apply.02:47
mzzhe wanted me to push the change to launchpad, but pushing a known broken branch to launchpad seemed like a bad idea.02:48
Peng_mzz: Personally, I'd commit it, with a message explaining that it's half-complete and currently broken.02:48
Peng_mzz: Hmm, didn't think of Launchpad. I push things to my server and kind of mirror them on LP as an afterthought. Huh.02:48
Peng_mzz: Still, you could push it up in a separate branch, maybe even in +junk, with a name and/or description that explains it.02:48
mzzPeng_: I actually have my own http server to push to too, just trying to work like I don't, since it may become a less convenient option in the future.02:49
Peng_I hope it doesn't become less convenient. :D02:49
mzzyeah, I guess a +junk branch is just the best option available and I should be less anal about only pushing commits I think work (it's actually not like I never commit broken code, I just try not to do it *intentionally* :)02:49
Peng_Pretend you didn't notice? :D02:50
Peng_(that it doesn't work)02:50
sohailjust kidding03:42
sohailI'm going to be away from coding headquarters and would like to code, however I need to be able to work on multiple branches03:42
sohailI can clone the master branch, but then do I have to clone all the branches manually?03:43
sohailI did bzr clone bzr+ssh://.../path/to/master master03:43
Peng_sohail: What do you mean? You want to get copies of a bunch of branches at once, without having to run "bzr branch" 17 times?03:50
sohailPeng_, I don't even know what I should be doing, branching or cloning03:51
sohailand yes, I'd like to basically have exactly the same setup as I have on my desktop03:51
sohail(all the branches)03:51
Peng_sohail: Welll...I'd probably just use rsync.03:52
Peng_sohail: There are plugins that help with this, but I can't remember their names. multi-pull is one.03:53
sohailPeng_, then how would I push back, just rsync back?03:53
sohailis that safe?03:53
Peng_sohail: At that point, I'd use bzr pull.03:59
Peng_sohail: Err, push.03:59
sohailPeng_, how does it know where to push back?03:59
sohailoh I'd tell it04:00
sohailman this is confusing..04:00
Peng_sohail: ...Didn't think of that. Yeah, you'd have to set up locations.conf or pass the location to push.04:00
sohailI think my brain is not advanced enough for bzr04:03
sohailoh Peng_ one more thing, I recall I was told NEVER to do bzr push on the branches because bad things happen04:24
sohailso I guess I can't bzr push can I?04:24
Peng_sohail: What what? when does bzr push do Bad Things?07:29
RenatoSilvawhere can I find the source code for bzr start-xmlrpc?08:24
RenatoSilvaand for rpc processings in general08:24
RenatoSilvaone is returning <class 'xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError'>:not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 25508:24
domashi! Is there a way to get $Id:$ kind of things inside bzr files, apart from using 'bzr version-info' ?09:11
Peng_domas: I'm not sure if it's fully supported yet, but that's one of the purposes of the content filtering stuff added starting in version 1.14.09:12
* domas eyes http://bazaar-vcs.org/KeywordExpansion09:13
jmlwuuu hooo09:23
=== jml changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | 1.16.1 released 26th June, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Birmingham sprint is *on*
Peng_I don't think I can sprint all the way to Birmingham. Even if I was in good shape, there's the ocean...09:26
Peng_Sorry, bad joke.09:26
Peng_Carry on.09:26
jmlgnublade, http://pqm.bazaar-vcs.org/09:39
jml'mutter' is for general debug log, right?10:15
ferrouswheelJust recently upgraded to latest bzr - now my lp repository gives "bzr: ERROR: short readline in the readvfile hunk." if I try to create a local branch - people with 1.13 (in jaunty) don't seem to be having any issues.10:16
ferrouswheelDoes anybody have any clue about what I should try next? Existing local repositories do the same thing, so I though a fresh branch might fix it, but doesn't seem to help :(10:17
jmlferrouswheel, I'm going to search launchpad for that error message10:21
Peng_I think that's been fixed now.10:22
Peng_It's definitely in progress, at the very least.10:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 360476 in bzr "short readline in the readvfile hunk on smb mount" [Medium,Confirmed]10:22
ferrouswheelYeah, unfortunately it's not on a smb mount... although I guess it could be a broader bug that's been named wrong.10:23
ferrouswheel(unless LP use it... which I guess would be highly doubtful!)10:23
ferrouswheelwhat's weird is that "bzr pull" works on the local repo, but "bzr update" gives the same error as branch.10:31
ferrouswheelFYI, the problem I was having was due to a corruption from a not cleanly unmounted drive. :(10:57
Peng_Eh. I guess I'm glad there wasn't a bug in bzr, but I hope ferrouswheel was able to recover his/her/its data.11:17
LarstiQgnublade1: bug  24991911:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249919 in bzr "should have an example of -c usage on diff" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24991911:55
mgedminbzr-svn incompatible with google code?11:58
mgedminbzr: ERROR: subvertpy.SubversionException: ("REPORT of '/svn/!svn/bc/272': 200 OK (http://jrfonseca.googlecode.com)", 175002)11:58
LarstiQmgedmin: sometimes. google code is a funny svn server implementation11:58
Peng_That's a new one for me, though.11:59
Peng_175002 is the ever helpful ERR_RA_DAV_REQUEST_FAILED.12:01
gnublade1LarstiQ: bug 21318512:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 213185 in bzr "tag conflicts do not change exit code" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21318512:10
mgedmingit-svn accepts that repository, but then kills me with merge conflicts when trying to rebase later12:14
jelmermgedmin, Not sure about that one12:24
jelmermgedmin, 157002 is a generic "Request failed" return code in Subversion12:25
mgedminyou can try yourself with bzr branch http://jrfonseca.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/xdot xdot-bzr12:25
mgedminor I could go to launchpad and look for bug reports...12:25
mgedminfull traceback: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/39548212:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 395482 in bzr-svn "can't bzr branch from google code" [Undecided,New]12:27
jelmermgedmin, this looks like a problem in the google svn server12:28
jelmermgedmin, try running "svn log -r272:1 -v http://jrfonseca.googlecode.com/svn"12:28
jelmeryou'll see the same error12:29
mgedminsvn log -r2 -v http://jrfonseca.googlecode.com/svn fails12:29
mgedminall other revs appear to be normal12:29
jelmerthe web view gives a 404 for that revision: http://code.google.com/p/jrfonseca/source/detail?r=212:31
* mgedmin looks for a way to report bugs in googlecode.com, in vain12:32
jelmermgedmin, Actually, it might be a bug in the way a particular reply is handled in libsvn12:38
jelmermgedmin, so it might be worth reporting and attaching a packet trace12:38
jmljelmer, hello :)13:04
jelmerjml, Hey13:04
jelmerjml, How's the sprint going?13:04
jmljelmer, pretty good.13:04
jmljelmer, at least I'm getting stuff done that I've wanted to do for ages :)13:05
jmljelmer, wish you could have made it.13:06
jelmerjml: Cool, what are you working on?13:06
jmljelmer, using launchpadlib in the launchpad plugin13:07
jelmerjml: ah, neat13:07
jmljelmer, first command implement: bzr lp-mirror13:07
jmlimplemented, rather13:07
jmlnow I want to do interactive commit13:08
jmlof course, I'm going to fix launchpad first :(13:16
Peng_jml: You know there's a bzr-interactive plugin?13:27
jmlPeng_, yes.13:28
Peng_OK :)13:28
LarstiQPeng_: it seems to consist of shelf1 files copied from bzrtools13:28
LarstiQPeng_: with a couple of bugs filed against it that would be solved if it was shelve2 based13:28
Peng_I used to use hg's interactive commit plugin, as a substitute for shelves, but I've never actually done it in bzr. :D13:29
Peng_Well, maybe once, but not recently.13:29
mgedminbzr push --remember refuses to change the push branch13:43
mgedminit says Value "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Emgedmin/gtkeggdeps/trunk/" is masked by "bzr+ssh://fridge/home/mg/www/gtkeggdeps/bzr/" from locations.conf13:43
mgedminwhat on Earth does that mean?13:43
mgedminhm, I have a ~/.bazaar/locations.conf with interesting contents13:44
mgedminit says ##push_location:policy = norecurse13:44
mgedminwithout the ##, I mean13:44
jmlI haven't seen that one before13:44
mgedminI assume I had an unfortunate interaction with bzr-svn (since the parent dir of my bzr branch is in svn), and probably applied some workaround to make it work a long time ago13:46
mgedminand now the long-forgotten workaround is biting me13:46
mgedminis there a way to ask bzr to try to opportunistically push my changes to the parent branch after every commit?14:00
mgedminbzr bind kinda does that, but it insists too strongly14:00
mgedminI don't want the commit to fail if I'm offline14:00
mgedminand I'd like to be able to ^C if the push is too slow14:00
mgedminbut have the commit committed locally without any further interaction14:01
LarstiQiirc amanica wrote something for that14:01
LarstiQcan't find it right now14:03
jmlmgedmin, 'bzr ci && bzr push' would one way to do that.14:03
jmlmgedmin, but I don't think bzr has something built in.14:04
jelmerjml: What does lp-mirror do?14:05
jmljelmer, requests that launchpad mirror the branch now14:05
jmljelmer, Launchpad needs a new method on its API for it to be fully useful though14:05
jmljelmer, I'm writing that new method right now :) bug 39507614:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395076 in launchpad-code "API for getting a branch by URL" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39507614:06
jmlkfogel, hello14:17
kfogeljml: hey!14:18
Peng_...I totally didn't know there was a "bzr mkdir" command.14:28
spivPeng_: me either!14:30
mgedminwhy do you hate me so, bzr!14:31
mgedminI do bzr push lp:myproject; I do bzr bind; I edit some files; I try to commit, it tells me of a divergence and tells me to bzr up; I run bzr up and I get a conflict of some kind14:31
mgedminnow I've no clue what's happening in my working dir or what to do14:31
mgedminah, what I did was bad: bzr push remote; bzr add newfile; bzr commit; bzr bind remote; edit file; bzr commit -> divergence detected!14:43
mgedminshouldn't that bzr bind have pushed my local changes to remote?14:43
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mgedminif that's a bug, I've got a typescript file demoing my problem14:44
LarstiQafaik, it shouldn't14:47
mgedminjml: do you remember what my $PWD was when you walked over to me?14:49
mgedminhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/395514 has the exact sequence of commands14:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 395514 in bzr "bzr push; bzr add; bzr ci; bzr bind; bzr ci -> weird conflict of a branch with itself" [Undecided,New]14:54
mgedminaaargh data loss14:58
mgedminbzr revert --forget-merges or something else I did trying to untangle the mess resulted in that file disappearing14:59
mgedminah, bzr revert file3.txt14:59
mgedmindeleted it14:59
mgedminrevert means "give me what was there before"14:59
mgedminit was there before14:59
mgedminit was committed, ffs14:59
LarstiQmgedmin: you're bound now, right?15:00
LarstiQmgedmin: the revision is still in your repository15:00
mgedminat least I have the full contents (both versions) in the terminal scrollback15:00
mgedminI unbound as soon as it bit me15:00
LarstiQmgedmin: try `bzr heads --dead-only`15:00
* jml wonders why bzr hates mgedmin so much15:01
LarstiQthen you can pull -r revid:relevantrevid15:01
mgedminbecause I'm impatient and don't read docs15:01
mgedminit's supposed to be intuitive and easy to use and forgiving, right? right?15:01
jmlmgedmin, it is.15:01
jmlmgedmin, ... supposed to be.15:01
mgedminand if I believed that, you'd sell me a bridge, right?15:01
mgedminnah, bazaar is fine, it just needs a few more years to mature15:02
mgedminto make a fool-proof system you need years of stress-testing by fools like yours truly15:02
jmlmgedmin, I think that bound branches in particular need to have more love15:03
* mzz is confused about what happened there15:03
mgedminmzz:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/395514 has the exact sequence of commands15:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 395514 in bzr "bzr push; bzr add; bzr ci; bzr bind; bzr ci -> weird conflict of a branch with itself" [Undecided,New]15:04
mzzyeah, I was just reading that15:04
mzzI would've expected it to complain when you ran that bind15:04
mgedminso would I15:05
mgedmineither push or tell me that the branches aren't identical15:05
mgedminI expected it to push15:05
jmlmgedmin, well, I can reproduce that error locally15:06
mgedminthere was https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/4374415:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 43744 in bzr "bzr bind should just bind, not push" [Medium,Fix released]15:06
mgedminwhich says that bzr bind no longer pushes, but it also talks about warning the user, which never happened15:06
jmlso bind should warn15:08
jmland that conflict error should be a *lot* more helpful15:08
jmlsince following the instructions can lead to data loss.15:08
mzzso afaict its suggestion to run "update" is backwards15:10
mgedminI should mention that15:10
mzzafaict running "bzr push ../bazaar-hates-me-again" after the "bind" makes it work15:10
mzzrunning "bzr up" at that point is confusing at best, and "bzr push" complains about no push location being set15:11
mgedminbzr heads: unknown command "heads"15:13
jmlmgedmin, you need bzrtools for that15:13
mzzin fact running "bzr push ../bazaar-hates-me-again" after "commit" fails (and tells you to run "update") works15:13
mzzI expected doing the (failing) commit with --local and then running "bzr up" to work too, but that also gives a weird conflict.15:16
LarstiQgnublade1: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2009q3/060216.html15:37
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Glenjaminhi guys, i'm trying to build the latest bzr on windows - it was working before but now i'm getting errors about missing zdll16:09
Glenjaminpresumably there's some new dependancy i'm missing?16:09
Glenjaminoh wait, i can just use the binary dist can't I >.<16:11
LarstiQGlenjamin: libz has recently become a dependancy. But yes, you can use the binary installer :)16:12
woeyereal men build their own binary ;)16:12
Glenjaminheh, i tried!16:12
Glenjaminalso, what is the recommended method for installing on OS X?16:13
woeyei'd go with the binary16:13
Glenjamini was hoping to play with bzr-svn and qbzr on my work computer16:13
woeyeSzilveszter announced some minutes ago that he released a binary for leopard16:14
Glenjaminalso, is there any way to get the windows installer to make a bzr.py file in the Scripts dir?16:15
woeyeI am currently installing bzr by using MacPorts which his horribly outdated - so I had to patch the portfiles manually16:15
Glenjaminit only makes bzr and bzr.bat - but i have .py on my pathext16:15
Glenjamini tried installing bzrtools using ports, it managed to install graphviz from source including all dependencies16:15
woeyeyeah, but bzrtools ist out-of-date as well (1.13)16:16
woeyeIf only those MacPort maintainers would apply my patches o.O16:16
Glenjaminyeah, so after it downloaded compiled and staged about 15 dependencies, it didnt run >.<16:17
Glenjamineasy_install wasnt having any of it either16:17
woeyehehehe :)16:17
Glenjaminalso on linux i've found easy_install installs bzr and bzrtools as separate eggs, so the plugin doesnt get placed inside bzr16:18
* LarstiQ stabs easy_install in the face16:21
Glenjaminamusingly the windows install is the least painless16:22
Glenjaminexcept on ubuntu with root i suppose16:22
mzzsetup.py build_ext -fi doesn't suffice on linux?16:23
Peng_"make" is shorter. :D16:23
mzzoh, sure16:23
Glenjamin"setup.py install" is fine16:23
Glenjaminbut you have to download and unpack16:23
mzzor that16:23
Glenjaminbecause easy_install fails16:23
mzzand on windows I have to download and click through the installer16:23
mzzI fail to see the problem16:23
mzzalso, on linux you should have it packaged for $yourfavoritedistro16:24
Glenjaminassuming i have root, yeah16:24
mzzah, there's that.16:24
Glenjaminit'd be much easier if you didnt keep updating so often :p16:25
LarstiQGlenjamin: not that you need to install bzr to use it16:25
Glenjamintime to have another go on the mac16:25
mzzit runs quite acceptably as pure python straight from the tarball, just a bit slower with the extensions not built16:25
Peng_2a repos will also use more disk space without the C extensions.16:25
mzzand it runs with no dependencies other than a recentish python if you don't need sftp16:26
mzzah, I didn't know about that one16:26
Peng_Probably not much or anything, but some.16:26
Peng_The Python version of groupcompress is limited to line-based deltas, while the C version is not.16:26
mzzI hope the recent glitches with the release tarballs missing c files have been worked out then16:27
Glenjaminhas much work been done with the smart server since 1.10?16:27
Peng_mzz: Heh.16:27
Peng_Glenjamin: ...Yes.16:27
Peng_Glenjamin: Define "much".16:27
mzzGlenjamin: skim the release notes16:27
Glenjaminwill do16:27
Peng_Glenjamin: ISTM a lot of the hpss changes have to do with stacking and the 2a disk format. If you're not using those, the changes are less relevant.16:28
Glenjamini had a bit of a go at getting a web interface + authentication + smart server going a while back16:28
Glenjamindidnt really get anywhere16:28
* mzz is tempted to go with "meh, just use launchpad" for that one16:28
* Peng_ is happy with Loggerhead + bzr+ssh + bzr+http.16:29
LarstiQPeng_: streaming push though16:29
mzzI occasionally use bzr+ssh, haven't bothered with bzr+http16:29
mzzbzr+ssh is pretty neat in that it even works pretty well on windows using plink + pageant last time I tried16:29
Peng_LarstiQ: Ah, good point. There are some nice new features, huh? :)16:30
Peng_mzz: For a client, bzr+http needs nothing.16:30
Peng_I run it on my server for fun. Mostly dogfooding, I guess.16:30
mzzPeng_: I'm usually not a client, and for small branches plain http suffices16:30
Peng_mzz: Especially since I use plain CGI, so the startup time diminishes the efficiency benefits.16:31
Peng_Someday somebody's going to do something weird and a bzr-smart process will take out my poor little VPS. :D16:31
Glenjaminthe whitespace decoding bug in bzrtools still hasnt been fixed :(16:34
Peng_Whitespace decoding bug?16:34
Glenjaminon vista the tab completion throws a unicode decode exception because string.whitespace contains a non ascii character16:35
Peng_Ah, fun.16:35
Glenjamini reported it months ago, its been repreoduced by multiple people, and has a fix16:36
Glenjaminoh wow, the mac installer worked perfectly16:40
LoRewhy is bzr transfering so much data? i've just done a pull, 4 MB were transfered, but only 3 files were updated.16:55
LarstiQLoRe: one answer could be (depending on the transport and the format), is that it needs to first read the indices to find out what to get16:56
LoReLarstiQ: ic, thanks16:59
LarstiQLoRe: you can try -Dtransport and -Dhpss for some more detail17:02
Glenjaminanyone know which version of the svn development libraries i need for subvertpy? (for bzr-svn)17:04
jmlLarstiQ, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/23877617:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 238776 in bzr "Confusing error message if ssh login fails while using lp url" [High,Confirmed]17:04
LarstiQGlenjamin: the ones matching your subversion library.17:04
LarstiQGlenjamin: ideally 1.6, but 1.5 should work too17:04
Peng_Hell, 1.4 works...17:14
LarstiQPeng_: it does, but it is rather suboptimal17:16
Glenjaminas i'm doing this17:17
Glenjamini'm stuggling to remember why i didnt just use the windows installer for the whole lot17:17
Peng_LarstiQ: Well yeah.17:18
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Glenjaminhas anyone had problems opening a transport that uses http basic auth?17:31
LarstiQGlenjamin: nafaik, can you be more specific?17:32
Glenjaminauth['user'] is None gives a key error on line 1921 in the http transport lib17:32
Glenjamin1291 even17:33
Glenjamini've only reproduced it with svn so far, on mac and windows17:34
Glenjamini dont know of a bzr branch behind http auth17:34
LarstiQGlenjamin: is that a svn url I can try against?17:36
gnubladejml: when you're done, got a change that could possibly benefit with a test, or should I just bang it into another email?17:36
Glenjaminthis particular one is VPNed i'm afaid17:36
jmlgnublade, another email, I think...17:41
=== jml changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | 1.16.1 released 26th June, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Birmingham sprint is gone for a real ale or two
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LarstiQsorry for (temporarily) removing subvertpy from the bzr ppa19:36
=== Xavura-busy is now known as Xavura
james_wanyone know what's going on in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28691173/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.subvertpy_0.6.7-1~ppa1~karmic1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?20:15
LarstiQjames_w: looking at it now23:27
LarstiQjames_w: http://groups.google.com/group/nose-users/browse_thread/thread/ab603fb160cc2d9c seems relevant ("ython-nose is fully broken in ubuntu karmic alpha 2 and I'm not able23:31
LarstiQto understand why. "23:31
LarstiQjames_w: or more specifically, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nose/+bug/38994223:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 389942 in nose "python-nose is broken with python 2.6.3-dev" [Undecided,New]23:33
LarstiQsigh, reporting as I go23:34
LarstiQjames_w: upstream nose bug: http://code.google.com/p/python-nose/issues/detail?id=27623:35
LarstiQjames_w: I'm willing to live with subvertpy not working on karmic till someone fixes nose or python itself23:36

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