dgroosnormal = desktop user and admin user?00:01
dgroosOk--thanks again!00:02
SvenstaroThere is no admin user.00:02
SvenstaroOn the desktop, that is,00:02
dgroosI didn't know that!  interesting.00:03
dgroosGood afternoon All,23:09
dgroosa bit of a reinstall...23:11
dgrooshow bout you?23:11
SvenstaroTrying to get some permissions in Edubuntu but people don't seem to like the mailing list.23:12
dgroos'don't like the mailing list'?23:13
SvenstaroSo far I haven't got one person in charge to answer it.23:13
dgroospatience/persistance :-)23:14
dgroosAnyone have an idea about this update message: "Not all updates can be installed" it says that about the "ltsp-server-standalone" package, I think from stgraber's launchpad page which I added to my software sources.23:15
dgroosYeah, had to do a complete reinstall.23:15
SvenstaroBe more verbose.23:15
dgroosOK--I've reinstalled Ubuntu.  I've added stgraber's to my sources: https://launchpad.net/~stgraber/+archive/ppa.  This is a fix for java and more in ltsp.23:18
dgroosSo, I went to update manager and it listed the package, "ltsp-server-standalone" but was grayed out, and gave a dialog box that said: "Not all updates can be installed"...23:20
dgroos..."Run a partial upgrade, to install as many updates as possible.  This can be caused by:23:20
dgroos--a previous upgrade which didn't complete...23:20
dgroos--problemms with some of the installed software...23:21
dgroosUnofficial softare packages not provided by Ubuntu...23:21
SvenstaroThe problem is that the dependecies of the individual packages aren't satisfied23:21
dgroosNormal changes of a pre-release version of Ubuntu.23:21
dgroosthen lists the choice of responses as: "Partial Upgrade" and "Close".23:22
SvenstaroWhy aren't those packages in the PPA in upstream?23:22
SvenstaroHave you contacted stgraber about it?23:22
dgroosSvenstaro: I'll do that--wasn't sure what the message might mean...23:23
SvenstaroHe might know more about the dependencies. LTSP is quite a large package.23:23
SvenstaroWait, those are for karmic anyway.23:24
stgraberdgroos: did you put the ppa line for the same version of Ubuntu you're using ?23:24
Svenstaroyou aren't installing karmic are you?23:24
dgroosstgraber: hi!  Yes I did, I'll double check...23:24
Svenstarostgraber, why aren't your changes in upstream? :(23:25
stgraberSvenstaro: they are23:25
SvenstaroOr are they and you created backports?23:25
SvenstaroAh I see.23:25
stgraberSvenstaro: I always do the changes upstream, then backport23:25
stgraber(mainly because I'm upstream :))23:25
SvenstaroOf course. Well I don't care for backports on a rolling distro :P23:25
alkisgstgraber: got it working *automatically* with 2 or more NICs :) Also ipappend 1/2/3 and static IPs are supported. A little more debugging and I'll send it to you tomorrow.23:26
dgroosstgraber: yes they are set correctly for Jaunty.23:26
alkisgstgraber: there's a hardcoded "DEVICE=eth0" in local-top/nbd, could that be removed?23:27
stgraberalkisg: probably yeah23:28
dgroosSvenstaro: and yes, I'm not installing Karmic :)23:28
stgraberdgroos: what happens if you do: sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone23:28
stgraberit should give you a more useful error message23:29
alkisgstgraber: Good! G'night all...23:29
stgraberalkisg: good night23:30
dgroosstgraber: I did it and it said... the following extra packages will be installed: ldm-server...23:31
dgroosthe following packages will be removed: ldminfod...23:32
dgroosthe following NEW packages will be installed: ldm-server23:32
dgroosthe following packages will be upgraded: ltsp-server-standalone...23:33
dgroosstgraber: should I continue Y/n ?23:33
stgraberok, so there's actually no error :)23:34
stgraberit's just that the graphic tool won't let you install a new package23:34
dgrooscool...  I'll accept...23:34
stgraberyou should just do the dist-upgrade from the console with: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:34
stgraberand it'll work just fine23:34
stgraberone of the things I did in karmic is some packages splitting so upgrading from jaunty to karmic's backport will require you to install a few new packages23:35
dgroosDon't plan on doing the karmic thing--I think I'll upgrade each summer when I have time to make sure things work--if something happened to the server in the middle of the year in the October release time, I'd be cooked if I couldn't fix it.  But that's what I'm thinking now.23:37
Svenstarodgroos, hopefully NEXT summer will be a much better time to install Eduubntu23:37
dgroosAnd I hope to be involved in this ongoing improvement :)23:38
dgroosThanks Svenstaro and stgraber--Now time for some July 4th Partying!23:38
SvenstaroWhy what's up today?23:39
stgraberdgroos: enjoy you July 4th (hope it's not too rainy where you're :))23:47
stgraberSvenstaro: Independence Day23:48

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