Kangaroooif ill put wishlist to question/answer tab then after 15 days it will be deleted if no action is made in there..00:11
days_of_ruinHow do I put links in a project description? Supposedly they auto linkify but that doesn't work for me?00:11
beunodays_of_ruin, maybe it doesn't00:18
beunoif it doesn't, please file a bug00:19
KangaroooIm signing the code of conduct.. there's problem.. There is 1 error.          (7, 9, 'No public key')00:52
KangaroooI just made both types of keys.. pgp and ssh00:52
wgrantKangarooo: You have the OpenPGP key attached to your Launchpad account?00:54
wgrantIt seems you do.00:55
Kangarooosi check my prof https://launchpad.net/~kangarooo00:55
wgrantBut is it the right one?00:55
KangaroooI just made but I made 2 so if second not beeing used then it should be ignored..00:56
Kangarooodo I need to delete from computer the unneeded one?00:57
KangaroooI have 2.. can I pastebin them? list of gpg?00:59
wgrantKangarooo: You can specify the key to use on the gpg commandline.00:59
Kangaroooyeah im now trying to find in google how to delete other one00:59
wgrantDon't delete secret keys unless you're *absolutely* sure.01:00
Kangarooowell I can make new ones..01:01
wgrantYes, but if anybody has ever encrypted anything to a key and you delete it, you01:01
wgrant... you're in trouble.01:01
Kangarooook deleting is not working.. gpg --delete-secret-keys this command deleted but gpg --list-keys stills shows both01:02
wgrantWhat does --list-secret-keys say?01:02
wgrantThat's the important one.01:02
Kangarooothe real one01:03
wgrantJust the real one?01:03
Kangaroooyes and now a new error.. There is 1 error.          The signed text does not match the Code of Conduct. Make sure that you signed the correct text (white space differences are acceptable). Whata? Couse I changed some lines.. cose 2.                                             If you want to, add extra spaces or blank lines between words                       in the file.                       (This helps protect against other people trying to       01:05
Kangaroooah whitespace01:05
Kangarooook done.. thanks :)01:08
Kangarooonow I need to delete signed code of conduct from computer?01:08
wgrantThere's no need to, apart from reducing clutter.01:09
Kangarooowell it contains some key.. ok so then witch files I need to secure and allways keep on computer? .ssh folder and .. where's gpg? couse ill maybe tomorrow reinstall.. so ill need to copy them yes?01:10
wgrantYou need to copy them.01:12
wgrantOr you'll lose your secret key.01:12
Kangarooomaybe some good backup programm automatically finds keys and backups? launchpad backup.. or ubuntu team tools backup?01:44
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wgrantKangarooo: Why? I just back up my home directory.01:48
Lxcc-Vincenzohi there. Anyone have use this configuration: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/393102  ??01:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 393102 in ubuntu "Ubuntu9.04 Nautilus Crash using "cut & paste" with hd-usb" [Undecided,New]01:57
wgrantLxcc-Vincenzo: I think you probably want #ubuntu.02:03
wgrantNo edge update today?06:17
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SiDiHey people. How do i specify which series is the focus of development one please ?09:48
wgrantSiDi: Find 'Change details' on the top right of the project page.09:49
wgrantIt's on there somewhere.09:49
SiDiwgrant: ok thanks09:51
wgrantWhy does the new PPA icon use a person icon different to those used throughout the rest of Launchpad?09:51
mgedminis it possible to remove a failed import branch?10:30
Hamarynsping gmb10:30
wgrantmgedmin: A ~vcs-imports branch?10:36
mgedminspecifically, I tried to import gtimelog from svn, which failed, and now the useless ~vcs-imports/gtimelog/trunk branch is cluttering the branch list10:36
* mgedmin should probably contact the vcs-imports team10:37
wgrantmgedmin: It's owned by ~vcs-imports, so you'll need to ask an admin to remove it for you. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+addquestion10:37
devfilHi, in launchpad seems that I don't use launchpad (https://launchpad.net/~d.filoni), can someone help me?10:46
wgrantdevfil: Email the address in the topic.10:47
devfilwgrant, already done10:48
wgrantdevfil: OK, hopefully stub will get to it soon.10:48
wgrantdevfil: A couple of days ago some invalid email address records were repaired.10:49
wgrantAnd that repair process deactivated some accounts (mine included).10:49
devfilwgrant, but I can login to my account and change details, the account is not really deactivated10:50
wgrantdevfil: Are you sure you're logged into the right account?10:50
wgrantOr are you just still logged in from before it was deactivated?10:50
* devfil tries removing the cookies10:51
wgrantIt was suggested that I shouldn't try to log in again, as it might break things further.10:51
devfilwgrant, ok10:52
savvascool! listing of PPAs as "Other versions of 'gnote' in untrusted archives." in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnote11:40
savvasperhaps there should be a warning triangle (⚠) icon next to the warning text though, people respond to images better than text :)11:43
wgrantsavvas: That UI is being worked on.11:45
savvasah great11:47
mgedminquestions I can't find answers to within a 5-minute time limit: what's the naming convention for teams overseeing an open source project?  $projectname?  $projectname-team?  $projectname-dev?11:49
mgedmincan people subscribe to a mailing list without joining a team?11:49
wgrantmgedmin: Generally either $projectname or $projectname-dev. It varies.11:50
wgrantThey can't at the moment.11:50
wgrantI don't know why.11:50
mgedminif I want to have a set of people who can merge changes into the project's mainline branch, and if I want a different set of people subscribed to a mailing list, that means I need two teams?11:50
mgedminor one team + manual approval of merge requests, I suppose11:51
jmlmgedmin, although mailing lists are opt-in11:51
jmlmgedmin, you could have $projectname-dev owning the trunk branch (== approval of merge requests), and a more general mailing list team of which $projectname-dev is a member11:52
savvase.g. $projectname-discussion :)11:53
wgrantI really wish somebody would fix that.11:53
* mgedmin considers google groups instead11:54
savvaswhatever makes you bake dev-cookies hehe11:55
sladenright falks, how many GB of build depencies am I going to need to build/hack on Launchpad in 17 days time?13:32
wgrantsladen: I'm not sure about build-deps, but July 21st is no longer specified.13:33
sladenI'd like to have an idea in advance (zope etc) so that I don't end up trying to download them all over GPRS13:33
sladenwgrant: "oh?"13:34
wgrantAnd you won't just be able to grab the deps easily in advance, as they use zc.buildout.13:34
wgrantThe most specific date we have for the open sourcing is now late July or early August.13:36
* sladen politely drums his fingers as the prospect of finally getting bug #2132 fix0red gets pushed back another month13:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 2132 in malone "bugs.launchpad.net/NNNN should redirect to appropriate bug page" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/213213:38
LarstiQsladen: oh that would be nice13:41
sladenLarstiQ: feel free to weigh in with supportive comments.   I don't like to comment on a bug report more than twice in the same year, lest it be misconstrued as pestering13:45
* LarstiQ nods13:45
LarstiQsladen: I'm not sure anything I have to say hasn't been said before13:46
sladenLarstiQ: well at least say "ME TOO!!!!" or something13:48
LarstiQsladen: I'll indulge you :)13:49
sladenwgrant: ta  http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Launchpad_(website)&curid=2880685&diff=300228110&oldid=29576688614:17
_AndrewWhen using Hardy I keep getting a warning about updating my bzr branch on launchpad. I also have a laptop with jaunty, if I update my branch on launchpad using bzr from jaunty will my desktop with hardy on still be able to access my bzr branch? In short, is the upgrade backwards compatible14:43
LarstiQ_Andrew: that depends on what you upgrade it to14:46
LarstiQ_Andrew: what versions of bzr are both?14:47
_Andrewon hardy it's 1.3.114:47
_Andrewjaunty is 1.31.114:47
_Andreweh no14:48
_Andrewjaunty is 1.13.114:48
LarstiQ_Andrew: ok, 1.3.1 is a bit oldish. What format is it currently in?14:50
LarstiQ_Andrew: I think 0.92-pack is as far as 1.3 can go.14:51
_Andrewum, it says "Branch format 5" ?14:53
maxb`bzr help current-formats`14:53
_AndrewIt's this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~hardwar/hardwar/trunk14:53
LarstiQ_Andrew: that is old14:57
wgrant_Andrew: Ah, that's ancient.14:57
wgrantSo, packs-0.92 sounds like a good idea.14:57
wgrantFaster, smaller, and compatible with both.14:58
LarstiQ_Andrew: try `bzr upgrade trunk --pack-0.92 lp:~hardwar/hardwar/trunk`14:58
LarstiQminus the first trunk14:58
_Andrewbzr: ERROR: File exists: '/srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/00/31/08/backup.bzr'15:03
_AndrewI should mention that I tried to upgrade before using a different command and it screwed up15:04
mgedminbzr push to launchpad with no revisions pushed -> 3 seconds15:04
mgedminwhat causes the slowness?  ssh handshaking time?  my internet connection?  server-side load?15:05
LarstiQ_Andrew: you can get rid of that with hitchhiker, `bzr branch lp:hitchhiker`15:10
_AndrewHow long does it take after I issue the command?15:15
_AndrewI did, `./hitchhiker lp:hardwar rmtree backup.bzr` and it has come back with "Opened bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ehardwar/hardwar/trunk/" but nothing else is happening15:15
_Andrewoh nevermind, done now15:16
_Andrewok, I started the update now. Thanks15:17
_AndrewI didn't realise that my branch was so out of date :)15:19
_AndrewIt looks like everything worked out, thanks LarstiQ15:39
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maxbDoes launchpad support bugwatches on google code issues? I can't find the list of supported trackers17:19
maxbWhoa, shiny. I merely pasted the issue url into a comment and LP has autocreated a tracker entry! :-)17:33
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=== arianit] is now known as arianit
arianitI was wondering who uploads the translation file of Firefox 3.5 for Albanian. Upstream is ready to go.17:47
arianitbeginner here17:47
arianitI was wondering who uploads the translation file of Firefox 3.5 for Albanian. Upstream is ready to go.18:00
arianit beginner here18:00
BUGabundowhat is LP supposed to do, when an upstream report is marked as dupe?18:19
BUGabundocause my bug on firefox got marked as invalid!18:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 395534 in ubuntu "firefox will not come out of full screen" [Undecided,New]18:19
BUGabundothe dupe is NEW but LP closed the task18:20
BUGabundoI had to change it to the dupe bug to fix it18:20
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LarstiQcan a PPA populate itself with packages from a different one, like reprepro can, or do I need to keep explicitly copying packages?19:31
BUGabundoAFAIK copy19:32
maxbWhy copy?19:35
LarstiQmaxb: what else?19:35
maxbwell, using the origin ppa directly? :-)19:36
* maxb runs away from BUGabundo's proboscis19:38
c_kornin opera 9.64 some icons are not centered vertically: http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/17829/screenshot_001_PFksAe.png21:34
exarkunLots of "internal server error" messages from bazaar.launchpad.net today21:38
CarlFK1reply-toLaunchpad Buildd System22:24
CarlFK1why 2 d's in Buildd ?22:24
maxbCarlFK1: It is the same d as you see in named, httpd, ftpd, sshd, inetd, ....22:42
CarlFK1maxb: got it.22:43
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LarstiQmaxb: it really is not an option to recommend our users to add a second ppa before they can install bzr-svn23:37
LarstiQmaxb: thanks for the karmic nose bug btw23:38
maxbah, I see. Well, you could automate checking for updates and copying cross PPA with a cron script using launchpadlib23:38
maxbthe nose bug was a bit special :-)23:39
BUGabundonose !?23:39
wgrantBUGabundo: A Python testing tool.23:40
LarstiQmaxb: copying subvertpy over is not that hard, I was just wondering since at work we have a reprepro setup that is a bit nicer for composition like this.23:40
wgrantWhich is broken in Karmic.23:40
LarstiQwgrant: which then means the subvertpy ppa build for karmic breaks23:40
BUGabundothanks wgrant23:40
* LarstiQ decided to live with that23:40
wgrantLarstiQ: Ah, lovely.23:41
LarstiQI'd rather not disable the tests, and fixing nose is probably a wee bit more work.23:42
savvasis python-nose something like buildbots?23:42
wgrantLarstiQ: I just fixed Python locally.23:42
LarstiQSo I'll just trust karmic users to be assertive enough to speak up if they consider it a problem23:42
wgrant(after 2.6.31 broke my chroots yesterday)23:43
* LarstiQ nods at wgrant 23:43
wgrantsavvas: No.23:43
LarstiQsavvas: no, something like py.test23:43
wgrantsavvas: It just runs tests when you tell it to.23:43
savvasI'll search for it, seems interesting, thanks :)23:43
maxbLarstiQ: actually I have a one-liner workaround23:44
LarstiQsavvas: the main thing nose does is being a test loader (and then runner), it also has some nice fixture support and other plugins23:44
maxbthough upstream should really fix their code more thoroughly23:44
wgrantAnd the ever-useful nose.tools.23:44
LarstiQmaxb: something I could do for http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28691173/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.subvertpy_0.6.7-1~ppa1~karmic1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?23:44
maxblet me throw it into my ppa...23:45
wgrantmaxb: How does the workaround rate on the uploadability scale?23:45
maxbwgrant: Basically the problem is that nose subclasses a unittest class and makes excessively strict assumptions about how the superclass will act. The quick fix is to amend the subclass to match the new behaviour, which isn't entirely unreasonable for karmic. upstream, however. will need to fix it properly such that it works with older pythons too23:47
LarstiQmaxb: does karmic not have older versions?23:48
wgrantmaxb: I'm aware of the problem, I just wondered if yours was a particularly hackish fix. It sounds like it would be OK to upload to Karmic if upstream doesn't come up with a proper one quickly.23:48
wgrantHmm, true.23:48
wgrantWe still have 2.5.23:48
wgrantAlthough I don't really see why.23:48
maxbI'm sure I could come up with a proper fix in 20 minutes or so23:48
LarstiQwgrant: ehm, for python developers?23:49
maxbthe only reason I'm currently using a hack is because this was literally my first time ever executing nose23:49
wgrantLarstiQ: But lots of the extensions are only built for 2.6, so our 2.5 is fairly useless.23:50
maxbanyway... LarstiQ, if, in nose/core.py, you change "if self.testRunner is None:" to "if self.testRunner is unittest.TextTestRunner:", it'll work fine with karmic's 2.623:50
LarstiQwgrant: I have plenty of stdlib only code, and pure python packages are still less hassle to install than building a python interpreter23:51
LarstiQmaxb: right. Hmm. I'm a bit reluctant to upload a nose package to the bzr ppa just yet.23:52
wgrantLarstiQ: True.23:52
maxbYeah, don't really want ordinary users of the ppa getting it as an upgrade.23:52
maxbThis is why for the mercurial-ppas, I have a separate build-deps ppa23:53
LarstiQmaxb: no one in their right mind installs from that, but you use it to copy binaries from?23:54
maxbActually I use 3 ppas, 'builddeps', 'staging', and 'release'23:55
maxbthe builddeps are in builddeps, staging is configured to include builddeps in its sources.list and I build the packages there, and then I copy them to release once built23:56
maxboh, and actually staging and release are duplicated three times, once for actual releases, once for nightly snapshots of the stable branch, and once for nightly snapshots of the bleeding edge..... it's all a bit intricate :-)23:57
LarstiQmaxb: right, with a tweak I could do that23:57
maxbthe reason I do the whole build-in-staging, promote to release, dance, is that mercurial contains arch-indep and arch-specific binaries - so it becomes uninstallable if the various architecture buildds don't all publish together23:59

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