macvrthorwil: hi... busy?18:40
thorwilmacvr: not quite yet18:55
macvrthorwil: just waiting for your feedback about the folder, emblem default , when you are free... :)18:56
thorwilmacvr: your folder icon seems to be slightly distorted.18:59
macvrthorwil: i wanted to add the perspective...18:59
macvrbut not too much , since not all wanted a lot18:59
thorwilmacvr: the left side suggests a more from-the-side perspective than it actually has18:59
thorwilit's too narrow in proportion19:00
macvrhmmm... based it on sebastien's concept> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/Discussion19:02
thorwilmacvr: try a slightly smaller slash for emblem-default. the shape is good19:02
macvrguess i didnt get it done well19:02
macvrsmaller slash?19:02
macvryou mean check  mark?19:02
thorwilright :)19:03
macvrfor all sizes?19:03
thorwilmacvr: not for smallest 219:03
thorwilmacvr: the largest can do with extra padding to make it more relaxed19:04
thorwilmacvr: try to see the "weight", to balance it / get to a good composition19:04
macvrthorwil: ok... I'll see what i can do19:05
thorwilmacvr: those folders on the discussion page seem to have parallel lines, no vanishing point19:05
macvrthorwil: hence i added slight vanishing points19:05
macvrbut maybe i havent gotten it fully,19:06
macvrthorwil: i wanted to go full out 3D but, then it wont be accepted ;p19:06
thorwilmacvr: subtle perspective can be extra hard to achieve19:08
macvri know... :(19:08
macvrok... i'll edit , as much as i can without messing it up :)19:08
SiDihttp://xfce-look.org/content/show.php?content=107942 feedback welcome :)22:19

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