james_wyay chrisccoulson00:10
chrisccoulsonhi james_w00:10
james_woh, I didn't know you were in the UK00:12
chrisccoulsoni am:)00:13
chrisccoulsonjust outside birmingham;)00:13
Laneygood old midlands00:14
chrisccoulsonit's a lovely place really :-/00:15
james_wyay for the midlands00:15
chrisccoulsoni don't know how i ended up here really;)00:15
james_wwe should have a UK MOTU meetup some time :-)00:15
chrisccoulsondefaintely. i havent met anybody yet!00:15
chrisccoulsonalthough, i'm not a MOTU yet;)00:15
james_wdetails, details00:19
james_wwhen's the Jam?00:24
Laneythinking about trying to do one at the uni here in Notts00:24
ajmitchif only I could do the same thing here :)00:24
Laneybig Ubuntu community in nz?00:25
ajmitchnot overly large00:25
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chrisccoulsonjames_w - thank you for your comment on my wiki page:)19:53
crevettehey middle doesn't work20:17
chrisccoulsoni didnt realise firefox-3.5 was being SRU'd in jaunty20:47
pepeeSarvatt, are you there?20:48
chrisccoulsonah, ok, it was already in jaunt as beta20:48

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