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p3rrorhello is there any motu who can advocate my python module00:04
cyberixaeWhy do I get...00:27
cyberixaeW: kunquat source: debian-watch-file-in-native-package00:27
directhexcyberixae, because your package is a Native package (i.e. you are upstream, there's no non-debian source available), and you have a watch file (which would ordinarily point to the unaltered upstream source, to inform you of updates)00:29
cyberixaemy watch file points to original source in Launchpad00:30
cyberixaeand it works00:30
cyberixaeI can get it with get-orig-sourc00:31
cyberixaeFor some reason a tar ball with the name of my package has appeared as well00:34
cyberixaeI never created one00:34
directhexdebuild will use the orig in the parent folder to determine what goes into the diff.gz00:37
directhexno orig means it's a native package, and it creates orig as a tarball of the current folder00:38
cyberixaeI forgot to rename the directory that was extracted from the original tar ball00:39
cyberixaeit has a dash instead of under score00:39
cyberixaeI recall doing the same mistake before00:40
cyberixaeno, that's wrong00:43
cyberixaeit should have a dash in it00:43
cyberixaedpkg-source: warning: source directory 'kunquat-0.2.1' is not <sourcepackage>-<upstreamversion> 'kunquat-0.2.1~twruottu1'00:46
cyberixaedpkg-source: info: building kunquat in kunquat_0.2.1~twruottu1.tar.gz00:46
cyberixaeis it the ~ that somehow breaks things?00:47
directhexnot at all00:47
directhexit's because it's a native package00:47
directhex<directhex> no orig means it's a native package, and it creates orig as a tarball of the current folder00:47
cyberixaeWell it is not supposed to be a native package00:49
cyberixaeSo, how do I change that?00:50
ajmitchwhat version did you use in debian/changelog?00:51
directhexdo you have a  <sourcepackage>_<upstreamversion>.orig.tar.gz in .. ?00:52
cyberixaecyberix@eval:~/my/pak/kunquat/kunquat-0.2.1$ ls ../*orig*gz00:55
cyberixaekunquat (0.2.1~twruottu1) jaunty; urgency=low00:55
nellerycyberixae: you need to add the Ubuntu revision00:57
cyberixaethis for a PPA00:57
cyberixaeas the upstream software is not yet mature enough for universe inclusion00:58
directhexoh, well spotted nellery00:58
directhexcyberixae, there's no - in the version in changelog, so it's a native package00:59
directhexcyberixae, i.e. it's upstream 0.2.1~twruottu1, not a package from upstream 0.2.100:59
directhextry 0.2.1-0ubuntu1~twruottu101:00
cyberixaeI wanted to make official packages overwrite mine as they appear into universe01:00
nellerycyberixae: it's explained a bit here, for PPAs https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Versioning01:00
cyberixaeand someone told me using ~would be the way to go01:00
directhexit would. 0.2.1~twruottu1 is lower than 0.2.101:00
directhexbut 0.2.1 is a native package version01:00
cyberixaeso how do I go lower than 0 after a -01:02
directhexthe lowest thing that would ever go there in an official package is 0ubuntu101:03
directhexso you need to be lower than 0ubuntu101:03
cyberixaehow about packages that come from debian01:03
cyberixaedo they also have -001:04
directhexthe lowest thing that would ever go there in an official package is 101:04
cyberixae-0twruottu1 is lower than -0ubuntu101:04
ajmitchyes, but it looks ugly :)01:05
cyberixaeor I could go with -0kunquatppa101:05
cyberixaeor -0kunquat101:05
cyberixaeor -0kqt101:05
cyberixaeor -0kqtppa101:05
cyberixae(sorry for the flood)01:06
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cyberixaeThank you guys.01:24
cyberixaeYou have been most helpfull.01:24
cyberixaeNow I'm going to sleep.01:24
cyberixaeGood night.01:24
zsquareplusci've created a deb package for an application (it's in a launchpad PPA). i'm trying to install a folder with dh_installdocs. in  it's man page i read that i can specify such things in debian/package.docs but that file seems to be ignored01:38
zsquarepluscdoes dh_installdocs need an option so that it looks for that file or should that be detected automatically?01:39
zsquarepluscmm. works when i specify the folder as parameter to dh_installdocs and not using that .docs file01:43
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recreatedmehow does one close a bug in debian? that has an RFP?01:49
recreatedmecouldn't find a definte guide it seems.01:49
pochurecreatedme: you can mail nnnn-done@bugs.debian.org01:58
pochuif you want to close it with a version, the first line of the mail should have01:59
pochuVersion: 1.2.3-101:59
pochuyou can also close with an upload, adding a Closes: #123 to you changelog01:59
recreatedmethey said something, make yourself as the owner of the package?02:00
recreatedmeshould i mail nnn-done with something like02:00
pochuoh, an RFP02:01
pochuthen no, yo udon't want to close it02:01
pochunor mail -done02:01
pochuwhat you want to do I think is become the owner and retitle it to ITP02:02
pochu(do you want to package and maintain that software?)02:02
pochuhmm, you're confusing me :)02:02
pochuwhat bug# is it?02:02
recreatedmeyes pucho02:02
recreatedmehang on02:03
ubottuDebian bug 381263 in wnpp "TAG: gyachi -- A Yahoo! client for Linux operating system" [Rfp,Closed]02:03
recreatedmeis that right, but it says it's close?02:04
recreatedmehow does one mail  "control@b.d.o" for debian?02:24
recreatedmei know this is debian specific02:24
recreatedmebut, well, this is just seem to a more helpful channel :)02:25
recreatedmeto be*02:25
recreatedmeit's just  that gmail doesn't recognize the address02:26
jmarsden?  control@bugs.debian.org  is being seen by gmail as an invalid address?  I doubt it.02:26
recreatedmejmarsden control@b.d.o02:28
jmarsdenb.d.o is  IRC shorthand for bugs.debian.org.  Read the docs at the link I posted!02:28
recreatedmei really didn't realize that02:28
cpscottiFriday night at brazil, drinking a beer and waiting patiently for a men with spare time, a good heart and a brave soul to review my package (it already got one advocate). It is a python end user app to build computer vision algorithms from block diagrams. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia02:31
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loellhi, just wanna as if ubuntu lintian really is different with lintian debian?06:35
loellmy ubuntu lintian says no more errors & warning, while debian reviewers that there lintian says more?06:38
jetsaredimis there a way to mask packages out of a repo so that you don't upgrade them?06:45
jetsaredimor so that you only see certain packages?06:45
emgentsomeone up with intrepid ?06:52
* andrew_sayers raises his hand for emgent06:53
jmarsdenjetsaredim: man apt_preferences06:54
emgentandrew_sayers: cool, can i query you ?06:55
andrew_sayersemgent: surely.06:55
emgentagain, someone have an intrepid box?07:02
ajmitchno, I think most of us would have upgraded by now07:03
ajmitchdoes it have to be an actual install & not a chroot?07:03
jmarsdenI have an Intrepid VM (virtualbox-ose) ... host OS is Jaunty... any use?07:03
emgenti think that there is a blocker issue in perl base updates (via security fixes)07:04
emgentjmarsden: can work!07:04
ajmitchwhat sort of issue?07:04
emgentcan you run intrepid ?07:04
jmarsdenOK... yes, sure...07:04
emgentajmitch: after perl update:07:04
emgentReading state information... Done07:04
emgentCalculating upgrade... Failed07:04
emgentThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:04
emgent  libmono-system-web2.0-cil: Depends: libgdiplus but it is not going to be installed07:04
emgent  xbase-clients: Depends: x11-apps but it is not going to be installed07:04
emgent                 Depends: x11-utils but it is not going to be installed07:04
emgentE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.07:04
emgent(in apt-get dist-upgrade)07:04
emgentbut i need a confirm.07:05
emgentjmarsden: type, apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade07:05
jmarsdenIntrepid VM is running, how do I trigger the bug?07:05
* ajmitch doesn't see anything perl-related there07:05
ajmitchthere are some flags you can pass to apt-get to get it to be more verbose, I can't remember what they are though07:05
emgentjmarsden: some errors?07:06
jmarsdenNot yet... is says 309 upgraded 5 newly installed do I wish to continue... I'll say Y?07:07
jmarsdenIt's downloading... will be about 5 more minutes to get all those packages...07:08
ajmitchemgent: it may be something that only shows up with certain packages installed07:08
emgentok jmarsden thanks07:08
ajmitchjmarsden: and it should have broke before now if it was going to07:08
jmarsdenOh, OK... then... it's fine :)07:08
ramaddanI have been trying to learn packaging in ubuntu for a while, and I came a across a snag07:44
ramaddanso I was hoping someone here could help me out07:44
ramaddanI was playing around with debian/rules, and I noticed that if I tried to change folders while the package is compiling, changing folder does not take effect07:45
ramaddanin other words, placing "cd example" in "debian/rules" does not have any effect07:46
ramaddanam I missing something?07:46
StevenKramaddan: Because debian/rules is a makefile, and each tabbed-in line in a makefile is executed using a different shell07:57
ramaddanok, got that07:58
jetsaredimthat's what semicolons and backslashes are for07:59
ramaddanoh, to keep it within the same shell08:00
ramaddanand when parentheses close, then goes on to a new shell08:00
ramaddanis that correct?08:00
jetsaredimobviously depends on how it's written08:02
ramaddanok, trying out right now, so that I can get a better understanding of how it works08:05
ramaddanit worked :-)08:09
ramaddanok, that is one thing of my list of learning, but still much more to learn08:10
ramaddanthanks for the help in the right direction08:11
jetsaredimramaddan: no worries - I'm no packaging expert - but I've written a few makefiles08:16
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aerzteloggerjames_w: for distributed development we really need to hook up bzr with CIA ;-)11:49
LarstiQaerztelogger: there is such a hookup available11:50
aerzteloggerwell, only for client-side11:50
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CarlFK1how do I add an app to the menu?15:07
CarlFK1er... as part of the package install process15:07
CarlFK1https://edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive/ppa dvswitch - 0.9~alpha-0.1~ppa115:08
CarlFK1what do I do in debian/rules so that when that is installed /usr/bin/dbswitch gets added to Apps/Sound&Video15:09
fabrice_spCarlFK1, you need to install a .desktop file15:23
CarlFK1fabrice_sp: thanks - that sounds like enough for me to go on15:23
fabrice_spok ;-)15:24
CarlFK1*grumble* I guess I need to find/make an icon...15:26
fabrice_spyes: if the app does not have one. Otherwise, your app will appear with the ugly default one15:28
CarlFK1where should the icon get installed?15:30
CarlFK1that ok?15:33
fabrice_spCarlFK1, no15:36
fabrice_spI'm checking15:37
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CarlFK1I am working on something else, mysql-wb was my random pick to look at.  I'll send a note off to them15:48
CarlFK1if my app foo includes some images that are used when it is run, is /usr/share/foo/images where they should go?15:50
CarlFK1it provides a test image to stream to a video mixer - the "1" and "2" things in this screen shot: http://pictures.personnelware.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=595715:51
geserwhere does the app expect them?15:52
CarlFK1currently ~/temp  :)15:53
geserthen /usr/share/foo/images sounds fine :)15:54
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CarlFK1I can use .svg for icon ? (good, because that's the master format)16:01
maxbodd.... 'sphinx' needs a merge but is not listed on merges.ubuntu.com, why might that be?16:32
maxboh, no it doesn't, it's just a multi-level chain of depwait nastiness16:34
geserand it waits on jinja2 getting moved to main (MIR is filed and waiting on processing)16:46
geserbug 38269216:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382692 in jinja2 "Move python-jinja2 to main" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38269216:46
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CarlFK1what defines where in the menu tree the item will be?16:49
geserCategory in the .desktop file (IIRC)16:50
CarlFK1as in, i want /usr/bin/dbswitch under Apps/Sound&Video16:50
CarlFK1does something else map Category to menu stuff?16:50
geserevery WM which implements the freedesktop specification for desktop files16:51
PPDP12I need help with vi .bashrc17:03
PPDP12I am busy with the tutorial with daniel on YouTube17:03
PPDP12He goes to vi .bashrc17:04
PPDP12he goes to the bottom and starts typing17:04
PPDP12I can get "~" that thing but don't know how to type or get down there to type17:04
pochuyou don't need to use vi17:04
pochuyou could use whatever $EDITOR17:05
PPDP12let's try17:05
PPDP12umm I am quite new that's why I am doing theese tutorials17:05
PPDP12in vi .bashrc17:06
PPDP12it shows17:06
PPDP12but, I can't go there to type17:06
PPDP12how do I do that17:06
pochuplease don't do that :)17:06
pochuuse another editor17:06
pochudo "gedit .bashrc"17:06
PPDP12like what?17:06
pochulike one that you know how to use17:06
PPDP12o ok17:07
dtchengeser: if you have a moment, mind doing a no-change upload of haskell-x11-xft, please?17:07
PPDP12let's see if it works17:07
PPDP12I have to do it in vi17:11
PPDP12can anyone help me with vi.17:11
PPDP12it is the only way I can do it17:11
PPDP12I am registering a key17:12
azeemI suggest reading the vim documentation then17:12
azeemand/or tutorial17:12
PPDP12link maybe?17:12
azeemgoogle might help17:13
PPDP12can someone help me register my GNG key17:14
PPDP12GPG sorry17:15
pochuPPDP12: you dont need vi for that17:16
pochujust wherever it says vi, use gedit17:16
PPDP12It does not work I have to execute the command but in gedit I can't17:16
azeemwhich command?17:17
PPDP12vi .bashrc17:17
PPDP12export DEBFULLNAME="myname"17:18
azeemthat's not a command17:18
azeemthat's content17:18
PPDP12How do I do that??????17:18
pochu$ gedit .bashrc17:18
pochuthen type17:18
azeemPPDP12: you write it into your .bashrc17:18
pochuDEBFULLNAME="Foo Bar"17:18
azeemwith your faviourite editor17:18
pochuthen save17:18
pochuand close17:18
pochuno need to use vi17:18
pochubut if you want to use vi, read some manual as azeem said17:19
PPDP12so I just save .bashrc?17:19
PPDP12in gedit?17:19
azeemPPDP12: what else do you think?17:19
PPDP12sorry I am new17:19
azeemif you edit a file, and want the changes to be permanent, you need to save it17:19
azeemI don't think that is different on other operating systems17:19
PPDP12yes I know that17:20
azeemwhy do you ask then?17:20
PPDP12need help on the last thing17:32
PPDP12he edits A file .pbuilderrc17:34
PPDP12I editted it17:34
PPDP12he types "sudo pbuilder create"17:35
PPDP12I type in my password17:35
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:35
PPDP12then I get this Error "sudo: pbuilder: command not found"17:35
PPDP12what can I do to fix it?17:36
CarlFK1PPDP12: paste everthing from what you typed on to http://dpaste.com/ and post the link here17:38
PPDP12anyone, please help:-(17:38
CarlFK1it will look something like this:17:38
azeemPPDP12: probably you need to install the pbuilder package17:39
CarlFK1azeem: hush :)17:39
azeemthis is out of scope here17:39
azeemPPDP12: I suggest asking #ubuntu17:40
CarlFK1yeah, I was thnking this needed to be moved somwerer17:40
PPDP12here is the link of mine: http://dpaste.com/63163/17:41
CarlFK1huh - guess you don't get the tips with sudo...17:44
CarlFK1yeah, what azeem said: I suggest asking #ubuntu17:44
PPDP12i tried17:45
azeemtry asking again tomorrow or on the forums17:46
PPDP12k :(17:46
azeemor try to find some tutorial on package management17:46
PPDP12well I tried too install pbuilder and I got this:17:51
PPDP12Reading package lists... Done17:51
PPDP12Building dependency tree17:51
PPDP12Reading state information... Done17:51
PPDP12The following extra packages will be installed:17:51
PPDP12  bsd-mailx build-essential dctrl-tools diffstat dpkg-dev dput g++ g++-4.317:51
PPDP12  gettext intltool-debian libapr1 libaprutil1 libauthen-sasl-perl17:51
PPDP12that's what is causing the problem, I think17:52
ingenthrquick question regarding use of other source, which is not a package, in my package17:54
PPDP12I guess no one can help17:54
ingenthri can either include it in a subdirectory, or i can include the tarball and have make targets to untar and patch it17:54
ingenthrwhich is the preferred approach for the source .tar.gz I'll be distributing and want to turn into a .deb?17:55
maxbingenthr: Difficult to comment without more detail on what the two packages are and why one needs to embed the other18:03
cpscottihey fellas! How about reviewing/advocating this package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia . It already got one advocation! It is a python GUI app to build (and test) computer vision applications!18:05
cpscottiPS: if you have a webcam, try it! Its a lot of fun!18:07
CarlFK1cpscotti: Section:science ?  from the description I would expect video18:08
cpscottiit is a science app18:08
cpscottiyou can use as inputs video or pictures18:09
cpscottiin depth it is a Image processing/ Computer Vision program... so.. its science..18:09
cpscottiCarlFK1: reviewing?18:26
CarlFK1cpscotti: kinda.  I don't really know what I am doing, so I am in no possision to promote it18:27
CarlFK1but if I see things that seem odd. Ill let you know18:27
cpscottiCarlFK1: thanks anyway..18:27
CarlFK1cpscotti:  icon="/usr/share/harpia/images/harpia.xpm"\  - I think I just leaned that should be in /usr/share/pixmaps/18:30
geserdtchen: done18:45
cpscottiCarlFK1: I see what you're saying.. but that .xpm is only used inside the app. The app icon (used in the menu, app icon etc) is at /usr/share/pixmaps.. : harpia.svg19:03
CarlFK1cpscotti: ah, never mind - like I said.. im clueless19:04
cpscottibut made me think anyway!19:04
cpscotti(and maybe... i am just as clueless as u)19:04
cpscottiCarlFK1: have you tried the app?19:04
CarlFK1cpscotti: not yet.. and just noticed 1/2 the day is over...19:05
CarlFK1so I need to get outside and dink with my car before it gets dark19:06
cpscotti"dink" ?19:06
CarlFK1futz... tinker... figure out why the shifter cable fell off yesterday19:06
CarlFK1and figure out how to keep it from falling off again so I dont have to keep reaching under my car, avoid the exhaust pipe and stick it back on19:07
ingenthrmaxb: thanks... more detail, one package is some other Open Source, not in Ubuntu, which we have a few delta patches on19:12
ingenthrmaxb: we're working with them to incorporate our patches, but it could take a little while19:12
ingenthrmaxb: two approaches I have: 1) include the upstream tarball, create make targets to untar, patch19:14
ingenthrmaxb: 2) include the upstream source, already patched, with the patches living there in a directory so people can see what has changed19:14
ingenthrall of this would go into the tarball I generate from a make dist19:15
ingenthror i should say, either approach would go into that tarball19:15
maxbingenthr: Well I suppose it's largely up to you.19:25
maxbI'd do it whichever way makes it easier to work with your vcs19:26
ingenthrmaxb: thanks, i think untar'ing is easier for me19:48
ingenthrmainly because i have it done19:48
ingenthrbut i wondered what would be more acceptable to universe19:48
maxbYou will need to consider what would happen if someone else wanted to independently package the 3rd party library into Ubuntu *without* your patches19:49
ingenthragreed, longer term i want to just depend upon their package in universe (even if that means I'm contributing/maintaining)19:50
ingenthrlike i said, we need to work with them to get the patches into the mainline19:50
ingenthrthe upstream is libmemcached, i've contributed to it before and it's fairly popular19:51
ingenthrwe just had to use some things which weren't part of the public api (yet!)19:51
maxbhuh, that's not in ubuntu yet?19:53
maxblibmemcached |     0.30-2 | karmic/universe | source19:53
maxbingenthr: ^19:53
ingenthrmaxb: sorry20:02
ingenthrmaxb: it is, we have delta patches beyond 0.3020:02
ingenthrlike i said, we're working to get them in to 0.31 or whatever comes next20:02
maxbRight.... embedded libraries are generally strongly frowned on20:02
ingenthrmaxb: then i'd just depend on it20:02
ingenthrunderstood, and i would rather not do it... but it's not in there yet20:03
ingenthrhopefully soon :)  should be working on that Monday20:03
maxbIf you feel there's a likelyhood of your patches getting into libmemcached upstream soonish, I would strongly recommend depending on it as a separate package20:03
ingenthr(i frown on them too)20:03
ingenthrit's pretty likely20:04
ingenthrthe only concern is we're taking some things which aren't part of libmemcached's public api and making them public20:04
ingenthrand that could be controversial (since they may not want to maintain that interface)20:04
ingenthri don't think it'll be a problem though20:05
ingenthronly one way to find out...20:05
ingenthrof course, if there are problems with the way we've done things, we'll adjust... get libmemcached to expose what we need and then switch to whatever the public API is20:15
cpscottiwarp10: If possible, take another look at harpia ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia ). It already got one advocate! (python, gui, computer vision)20:37
warp10cpscotti: yeah, I'll try to give a look ASAP20:53
cpscottiwarp10: thanks!20:54
ryanpriorI tried up loading my package to our PPA for testing using dput ppa:ecere-team/ppa *source.changes21:27
ryanpriorbut it says "No host ppa:ecere-team/ppa found in config"21:28
ryanpriorthe "read about uploading" link in Launchpad just says you need to install dput, and gives no instructions on adding anything to the config.21:28
geserryanprior: which ubuntu release do you use?21:28
geserthen dput doesn't support this syntax yet21:29
CarlFK1ryanprior: I just made a cheat sheet https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PpaUpload21:29
CarlFK1might help21:29
dyfetryanprior: I use the ~/.dput.cf for this.  For example, for the 389 team, I have something like:21:30
dyfetfqdn = ppa.launchpad.net21:30
dyfetmethod = ftp21:30
dyfetincoming = ~ubuntu-389-directory-server/ubuntu/21:30
dyfetlogin = anonymous21:30
dyfetallow_unsigned_uploads = 021:30
dyfetand then use dput 389 whatever.changes :)21:30
geserthen you also need a similar stanza for the other team you want to upload21:30
geserthe ppa: syntax is supported by dput in jaunty21:31
ryanpriorI don't have a .dput.cf file -- should I just create one?21:31
ryanpriorI have a Jaunty partition, but I can't figure out how to boot it.21:31
dyfetyes, you can create one.  I never tried the ppa: syntax with dput, I always just built .dput.cf entries...21:31
ryanpriorI installed Jaunty and got my dev environment set up, then I installed Intrepid and it wiped out Jaunty's bootloader, and Intrepid's bootloader can't seem to boot Jaunty.21:32
dyfetryanprior: was your jaunty boot or root partition formatted ext4?21:33
ryanprioryes, boot and root are both ext421:33
dyfetyes...older grub releases did not know ext4...21:33
dyfetyou could use a jaunty "live" cd to recover the jaunty grub instance...21:34
ryanprioris there any way of getting my Jaunty partition back without having to re-install?21:34
ryanpriorI wish I could tell the LiveCD installer to skip copying files and formatting the root partition, and just set up the bootloader.21:34
dyfetyes...boot the jaunty live cd.  Then mount the jaunty hd partition to /mnt.  Then mount --bind /dev to /mnt/dev, then chroot to /mnt, and run grub-install21:35
ryanpriorokay, I'm writing that down o.o21:35
dyfetA bit more detailed...after the live cd comes up, goto terminal...assuming your jaunty partition was /dev/sd2 on your hd...21:36
dyfetmount /dev/sd2 /mnt21:36
dyfetsudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev21:37
dyfetsudo chroot /mnt21:37
dyfetgrub-install /dev/sda21:37
dyfet(sudo mount /dev/sd2 /mnt at the start....)21:38
dyfetif you have a separate /boot partition, then you will need to mount that also before the --bind mount...so if you have a /boot that is /dev/sd121:38
dyfetsudo mount /dev/sd2 /mnt21:38
dyfetsudo mount /dev/sd1 /mnt/boot21:38
billybigriggeranyone alive in here?21:38
dyfetand then the bind and the rest...21:39
billybigriggerwhen can we expect karmic to get vbox 3.0 in repos?21:39
dyfetryanprior: you could also install grub to the partition that jaunty is on instead of the mbr (using grub-install /dev/sda2 instead), and then chain load jaunty from your intrepid grub...in fact it might be useful to do as well as putting it on the mbr, in case you get into this problem again...21:41
ryanpriorokay, how do I do that?21:44
ryanpriorbillybigrigger: my money says that we'll have vbox3.0 in the repos for Karmic+121:44
ryanpriorI hope so.21:44
ryanpriorit would be a shame to wait until karmic+221:45
ryanpriorbut stuff like that happens sometimes21:45
billybigriggerwhat about karmic?21:45
ryanpriorwe've been waiting for a new Eclipse package since Edgy21:45
dyfetafter you do grub-install /dev/sda, also run it for your jaunty partition, grub-install /dev/sda2, for example...21:45
billybigriggerit was released only a few days after importfreeze, can't we sneak it into karmic?21:45
ryanpriorbillybigrigger: that's not for me to decide -- it's just my experience that stuff released this late doesn't make it into the release, unless it's something really important.21:46
ryanpriorand even then, that's far from a guarantee.21:46
dyfetthen in intrepid, you can use something in /boot/grub/menu.lst like21:46
dyfetrootnoverify (hd0,1)21:46
dyfetchainloader +121:46
billybigriggerwell networking doesnt work with current vbox, and the new 2.6.31 kernel, and vbox 3.0 fixes this21:46
billybigriggerseems really stupid not to get it in there, thats all21:46
billybigriggeroh well21:47
ryanpriorthe archive maintainers don't always go for smart -- they have a set of priorities and try to keep them.21:47
ryanpriorif we tried to do everything that is smart, we'd have a release cycle like Debian's =D21:47
dyfetbillybigrigger: I think vbox (sun version) was only released last week...I am not sure offhand who repackates the ose version...21:48
billybigrigger3.0 ose is in debian sid, so i thought maybe it might make its way over to ubuntu soon21:49
dyfetBillybigrigger: I would suggest filing a merge request bug in launchpad for the vbox package then...21:50
dyfetand it probably will make its way soon :)21:50
billybigriggerhow would i go about doing that?21:52
billybigriggerwell the thing is i can't find any info on a patch or anything for the current vbox, and i don't really want to install 3.0 outside of the repos21:52
billybigriggerbut i've been sitting here for over a week, and i run my virtual server as a vbox guest...so...i would like to have it, now :P not soon :P21:53
dyfetwell, you could do an apt-get source on the debian sid repo, and then see if you can rebuild the source package locally on ubuntu directly21:55
billybigriggerand if i have errors with it can i file a bug against it to ubuntu?21:55
dyfetI would suggest filing it as a merge request...but yes21:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 394188 in virtualbox-ose "update to VirtualBox 3" [Wishlist,In progress]21:56
billybigriggersomeone has i see21:56
billybigriggeris that what you were looking for?21:56
dyfetEven better...yes, ubottu is correct, there is a bug for this already :).21:57
ryanpriordyfet: I see a potential problem with your above instructions.21:58
ryanpriorI won't be able to mount /dev/sda1 /mnt (/dev/sda1 is my Janty partition)21:58
ryanpriorbecause it's ext4 and this kernel can't read exc421:58
dyfetryanprior: I meant booting from a jaunty "livecd", which should have a kernel that can :)21:59
ryanpriorah, yeah21:59
dyfetthis is using the live cd as a kind of recovery cd :)21:59
ryanpriorokay, I am going to give this a try22:01
ryanpriorreporting in from ubuntu 9.04 -- thanks22:10
warp10cpscotti: I am pbuilding it right now. I just found a few minor issues22:13
cpscottiwarp10: tell me which ones so I can start working22:22
warp10cpscotti: I'm finishing my test, I'll write down a comment on REVU itself22:23
cpscottiwarp10: thanks a bunch22:25
warp10cpscotti: ok, commented. As a side note, since you are an upstream developer: some source files misses licensing headers, consider adding it. Further, other files don't have a very clear header regarding license and copyright. Altough not mandatory, making it clearer is recommended22:28
cpscottiwarp10: thanks22:29
cpscottiwarp10: what do you mean by "trailing spaces"? those spaces before \n at the end of lines?22:38
CarlFK1cpscotti:  if you have spaces before \n, then yes.22:39
CarlFK1it makes for messy diffs when my editor removes them :)22:39
warp10cpscotti: yeah, exactely22:45
cpscottihey fellas.. if I have the upstream version here ( http://www.das.ufsc.br/~scotti/harpia_1.0.tar.gz ). What would I use in my watch file, I already tried23:03
cpscottiwithout success23:03
ryanpriorI uploaded a source package to my PPA 10 minutes ago but it still doesn't register the change. How long is it likely to take?23:06
james_wryanakca: did you get the ACCEPTED mail?23:07
kklimondacpscotti: as far as i remember watch must be able to list a directory where files are hosted23:07
james_wryanprior: sorry, ^23:07
ryanpriorAh, no. I got a rejected mail. >.>23:07
ryanpriorFurther error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.23:08
ryanpriorbut it doesn't tell me what the error is23:08
ryanpriorand it builds fine on my computer23:08
cpscottikklimonda: list a directory "full" of .tar.gz s?23:08
james_wryanprior: : "previous error", so the error should be above that23:08
ryanpriorecere-sdk_0.44d2.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz: Unknown section 'universe'23:09
ryanpriorisn't universe a ception?23:09
james_wcpscotti: the problem is that it can't read the list of files in http://www.das.ufsc.br/~scotti/23:09
james_wif you open that page it tries to redirect to a wiki23:09
maxbryanprior: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections23:10
c_kornwhy does this package fail to build on jaunty? it succeeds on karmic. I took the sources from karmic. but I cannot see a reason why it fails: http://abs.getdeb.net/pre_build/jaunty/qwit_0.9+svn171-1getdeb1_source.changes.failed23:10
ryanakcajames_w: Not yet, my email only gets downloaded every 20 minutes on the hour... I'll let you know if I don't get it though :)23:10
c_kornthis is the karmic build log: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28667887/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.qwit_0.9%2Bsvn171-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz23:10
james_wryanakca: sorry, tab completion fail :-)23:11
cpscottihmm.. thanks james_w23:11
ajmitchc_korn: but what's the jaunty build log?23:12
maxbc_korn: looks like weird qt voodoo - perhaps try asking a kubuntu channel?23:12
ryanpriorOkay, my package is a software development toolkit. To what section does that belong? Devel? Misc?23:13
cpscottijames_w: thanks a lot! I just added another folder in the tree23:13
c_kornajmitch: this is the jaunty build log: http://abs.getdeb.net/pre_build/jaunty/qwit_0.9+svn171-1getdeb1_source.changes.failed23:13
c_kornmaxb: ok, I ask there.23:13
ryanpriorLintian is complaining "E: ecere-sdk source: build-depends-on-build-essential build-depends" -- am I not supposed to depend on build-essential to build my source package?23:20
kklimondaryanprior: http://lintian.debian.org/tags/depends-on-build-essential-package-without-using-version.html23:22
savvashm.. http://lintian.debian.org/tags/build-depends-on-build-essential.html is not fully explained23:22
kklimondawell, it's this one: http://lintian.debian.org/tags/build-depends-on-build-essential.html but it lacks good description23:22
savvas"You depend on the build-essential package, which is only a"23:22
savvashehe :)23:22
savvasgreat minds, same wavelength :P23:23
ryanpriorI'm going to just remove build-essential from the build depends then23:24
ryanpriorand hope that makes it happeri23:24
ajmitchryanprior: the brief answer is no, you shouldn't build-depend on it23:24
ajmitchbecause that package will always be installed on the buildds23:24
ryanprioralright, Launchpad took my upload23:39
ryanpriornow we'll see how long it takes for the package to build23:39
savvasabout 5 minutes to be accepted or not23:45
savvasafter that, it depends on the building time :)23:46
cpscottiwarp10: I just finished fixing all those issues you noted on REVU (and the one u noted here) for harpia ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/harpia ). When possible.. take a look.. and.. thanks again for the help!23:50
ryanakcajames_w: Hehe :)23:55
warp10cpscotti: just advocated. What about preparing a package for debian too? It would be very nice keep your package synced in both Debian and Ubuntu. If you lack a Debian sponsor, mentors.debian.net is your friend :)23:57

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