Riddellhow do I add images to a fridge story?03:17
nhandlerRiddell: You can try (if possible) to look at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/185203:21
* nhandler can't post to the fridge, so that is all the help he can give03:21
RiddellI can't edit that one03:23
RiddellI must not have the required permissions03:23
Riddellso.  no story for fridge today.03:23
tycheRiddell: What story?03:25
Riddelltyche: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/187303:31
* nhandler loves the Access denied post ;)03:32
tycheDid you have a picture you were going to add to it?03:38
tyche(sorry about the delay, I was bringing in groceries)03:38
tycheRiddell: ping ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^03:40
Riddellit;s in iy03:42
* Riddell sleeps03:43
tycheRiddell: It should be live, now.03:49
nixternaltyche: the images aren't showing as the Fridge doesn't allow img tags04:27
nixternalI have un-lived it04:27
tychenixternal: see http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1852.  Tell me how that was done04:34
nixternalcouldn't tell you, I can't edit it04:36
tycheWell, there's got to be a way.04:36
nixternaldid I ever mention that "DRUPAL SUCKS!!!!"?04:36
nhandlernixternal: I think it has been at least a few days since you last said that04:37
tycheWhy, NO!  I don't think you did </sarcasm>  or at least not in the last half hour.04:37
nixternalit is the dumbest cms there is04:37
tycheNo, blogger is dumber04:38
nixternalscrew it, tired of looking at it, I have razer blades to stick in my eyeballs and that sounds like more fun right now :p04:38
nixternaltyche: true, blogger is crap04:38
tycheI'm tempted to move one that I started there.  But it's too much trouble04:39
nixternalI hate the Internet!04:40
nixternalimagine life without it?04:40
nixternaloh way, you would have a life :p04:41
tycheI DO have a life.  I just choose to spend it on the internet.04:41
tycheIf for no other reason than to answer silly questions.  Hee hee04:42
Riddell]/win 15409:59
nhandlerI just put up a copy of the Team Reports for June on the UWN. If I am not around tomorrow, please format it as necessary. Some links will probably need to get fixed up20:02
nhandlerIf I am around tomorrow, I will take care of it, but I want to make sure the reports get included otherwise20:02
nhandlerHopefully, by the end of July, I will have fixed up my script so that it can handle fixing the links20:04
nhandlerIt also would be nice to get an article about the Packaging Training sessions included: http://ubuntupackaging.wordpress.com/20:05

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