Skaag_is it possible to convert an ext3 fs to lvm?01:04
pmatulisSkaag_: no01:16
Skaag_actually I found an interesting doc about this01:16
Skaag_I've been looking in the wrong places earlier01:17
Skaag_This article says you need at least 50% free space on the device, or an external drive01:17
pmatulisthis is a test system i presume?01:18
Skaagwell, the plan is to do it on a production machine, but I will definitely first learn to do this on a separate system01:19
pmatulisi'm curious about it.  let me know how it turns out01:20
Skaag_will do01:34
zendeI'm having problems with apt-get on a clean installation of ubuntu using vmbuilder01:35
zendeanyone here who could help?01:35
pmatuliszende: ask and see01:35
zendeI get "E: Method http has died unexpectedly!" for "apt-get install" of any package01:36
zendemy connection is fine.  I installed git and curl using the configs of vmbuilder, and I can connect to the Internet without problem01:37
pmatuliszende: pastebin the entire output of that install command; also pastebin your sources.list file01:37
zendemilo@staging0:~$ sudo apt-get install strace01:38
zendeReading package lists... Done01:38
zendeBuilding dependency tree01:38
zendeReading state information... Done01:38
zendeThe following NEW packages will be installed:01:38
zende  strace01:38
zende0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.01:38
zendeNeed to get 162kB of archives.01:38
zendeAfter this operation, 340kB of additional disk space will be used.01:38
zendeGet:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main strace 4.5.17+cvs080723-2ubuntu1 [162kB]01:38
zendeE: Method http has died unexpectedly!01:38
zendemilo@staging0:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list01:39
zendedeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty main restricted universe01:39
zendedeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty-updates main restricted universe01:39
zendedeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty-security main restricted universe01:39
pmatulispastebin means go to pastebin.ca (say) and paste your stuff there.  then give us the url's to those pages01:39
pmatulis(never paste in more than a couple of lines in the irc channel)01:40
zendepmatulis: http://pastebin.com/maa6f78801:40
zendeunderstood, mistake01:41
pmatuliszende: try '$ sudo apt-get update', do you get an error also?01:45
zendepmatulis: no errors there, but I get the same error if I change the servers in the source list01:49
pmatuliszende: do you have anything under /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?01:50
zendepmatulis: nope, empty01:51
pmatuliszende: are you using a web proxy of any kind?01:51
zendepmatulis: nope01:51
pmatuliszende: i think you've hit a bug then01:51
pmatulisfor instance, see bug 38514401:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 385144 in apt "apt-get dies with "E: Method http has died unexpectedly!"" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38514401:52
pmatuliszende: this is a very recent fix01:53
pmatuliszende: it might be related to what you're seeing, might not.  but there is a PPA available for testing01:53
zendepmatulis: I can't update the source list, so I'll see if I can set the PPA with vmbuilder and have it grab the fix when installing01:58
zendepmatulis: is there any way I can apply the fix on the existing install?01:59
pmatuliszende: the ppa is for karmic i just saw02:03
zendepmatulis: why would I have the same problem across multiple suites (jaunty and hardy) and for the flavour virtual?02:05
pmatuliszende: you also see this in hardy?02:06
zendepmatulis: yes02:06
pmatuliszende: can you pastebin the vmbuilder command you used to build the vm?02:06
zendepmatulis: I would prefer to install hardy-virtual.  I only tried jaunty to see if it would fix it02:07
zendepmatulis: sure02:07
zendepmatulis: http://pastie.org/53380602:10
jamesrflaMy boss just got a domain from 1&1 and he is on a dynamic ip address and I see in the 1&1 control pannel where to put the ip address. Is there some kind of client I could use to update the DNS? We can't get a static ip.02:11
pmatuliszende: sorry, i'm stumped02:14
pmatuliszende: you may want to talk about it in #ubuntu-virt02:14
zendepmatulis: I don't feel so bad then.  I tried and no one responded.  not exactly the best time of day/week02:15
pmatulisjamesrfla: try ipcheck02:16
zendepmatulis: thanks for the help though. I'll stay on it02:17
pmatuliszende: np, and let me know if you figure it out02:17
zendepmatulis: sure thing, have a good 4th02:18
jamesrflapmatulis: looking into it thanks02:18
jamesrflapmatulis: I don't have dyndns but this will still work?02:25
pmatulisjamesrfla: should, but please read the 1&1 site (info on compatible clients)02:32
jamesrflaokay will do. I never set up a real domain before so I am new to this02:33
jeeveshow can I find out why my postfix isn't accepting incomming SMTP connections?05:16
qman__jeeves: check the mail logs, /var/log/mail.*05:49
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mobi-sheepHow do one list and remove signed keys in command line?  (Got no GUI).06:33
ragswhen using aptitude to install any package I get lots of "insserv" warnings and the installation fails...It starts with "Setting up ufw (0.23.3) ..." and then I get the warnings...any one seen something like this?06:42
jmarsdenmobi-sheep: GPG keys?  man gpg and see the --list-sigs and --delete-key options in particular.06:52
jmarsdenmobi-sheep: For keys used by apt, man apt-key06:52
mobi-sheepjmarsden: Thanks.  I couldn't find it online anywhere so I figured to look at apt-key --help since there are too many on adding keys. ;)06:53
jeevesqman__, you still here?06:57
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domashi! what is the easiest way to build 32-bit jail with 32-bit ubuntu environment on 64-bit ubuntu server?11:54
domasfound it12:07
domasworks perfectly :)12:07
Skaag_what's the equivalent of /etc/inittab in jaunty?13:18
Skaag_ok I think I found it in /etc/event.d13:19
sandstromHow can I reset all configuration for ufw?13:53
sandstromeg. the before/after rules in /etc/ufw13:54
sandstromand any other settings-files related to the ufw firewall13:54
Nafallosandstrom: purge the package, remove the left-overs (if any) and re-install it?13:57
sandstromhow would I purge it?13:57
Nafallothe same way you purge any package.13:58
sandstromI'm sorry, but I don't know how. Would you mind telling me?13:58
Nafalloapt-get remove --purge ufw would be one way.13:59
UserPawhat do I do, I think my server is under some ddos attack?!14:07
dinger2006dones anyone here use vtiger?16:44
OregonJimGood day. I need help with Samba on an eBOX Ubuntu 9.04 server. It keeps reloading periodically and I don't know what to look at17:25
OregonJimto find the problem. Any help?17:25
OregonJimPardon the question, but is anyone here listening?17:26
DormantOdenhey, anyone able to help me get a vncserver to run at startup?19:57
DormantOdenIts taken me a whole day to get my gui to stop. xD19:57
uvirtbot`New bug: #395578 in open-iscsi (main) "package open-iscsi 2.0.870.1-0ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39557820:00
martin-does jeos 8.04 have LTS too?21:38
martin-I'm guessing it uses the same repositories as regular ubuntu server21:38
pmatulismartin-: yes, it does22:17
stasHi, I have an issue with nginx if you can help me please23:29
stasI put ssl on in my config23:29
stasand after restarting nginx I get this error:23:29
stasSSL_CTX_set_tlsext_servername_callback() failed (SSL:)23:29

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