NgSarvatt: the first upload just oopsed right after the kernel started up00:21
Sarvattwasnt any change in i915 between them, guessing you're on one of those pcs affected by the acpi_video thing like a x61?00:22
NgX300, but the guts are very similar to an X6100:22
Sarvattah yeah that was nasty :(00:22
Sarvattthe autodetection logic patches interfere with normal detection for me. with a default xorg.conf its only trying the first thing from the list and failing when fglrx isnt found10:02
Sarvattif i dont define a driver it only tries driverList[0] from those tables10:06
RAOFWhile we're having fun patching the autodetection, can we get one for using nouveau over nv?10:25
Sarvattdid that, but theres a problem doing it this way10:30
Sarvattif theres an xorg.conf without the device defined it's only trying the first device in the table...10:30
Sarvattwithout the driver defined rather10:31
Sarvatti have an xorg.conf with just exa accelmethod defined in it and its giving a failsafe boot saying it cant load fglrx10:32
Sarvatt(with our patches)10:32
Sarvattping tjaalton whenever you come around :)10:34
albert23Sarvatt: nice timing for you comments above. Just had a user in xorg with that problem11:03
Sarvattits a good thing we put those patches on edgers first, thats for sure :D11:04
* albert23 nods11:05
Sarvattalready uploaded a new xserver with them dropped since that method is flawed11:05
Sarvattalbert23: did you have that guy delete his xorg.conf? i dont see any problems with his log there?11:17
albert23Sarvatt: yes he moved xorg.conf, then x started fine. That log is for a crash he had after that11:17
Sarvattits a shame, because it solves so many problems being able to do things that way but its going to mess up alot of older installs11:22
Sarvattwonder what would happen if you expanded an existing default xorg.conf to have 5 seperate device and screen sections with just generic info11:23
Sarvattwill try that when this kernel is done compiling11:24
ogratjaalton, are you around by chance ? 12:57
Sarvatt    if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt "1:7.4"; then13:05
Sarvatt      invoke-rc.d hal restart >/dev/null13:05
Sarvatt    fi13:05
Sarvattso thats failing on arm?13:05
ograits intresting though that it doesnt on other arches, but i think hal's initscript needs to grow the chroot check it uses on start for reload as well 13:06
ogra(seem my ping to pitti in -devel)13:07
ograalternatively xserver-xorg could add something to this line to not commit suicide if the restart fails, not sure that such a good idea leaving you without inut devs though 13:10
Sarvattthey did just add a db_stop call right after that that fixed the 10+ minute hangs from the postinst in a chroot i was getting13:13
Sarvattdid it build right on arm recently?13:14
Sarvatt(can look at the differences between when it did and didnt)13:14
ograxserver-xorg did build13:24
ograxscreensaver doesnt though due to the restart of hal failing13:24
ogra(which is moot inside a chroot where you dont acually need hal running)13:25
Sarvattjust looking at what changed in it since the last one13:28
ograwell, that still makes the postinst fail if hal is not restarting 13:28
ograinvoke-rc.d hal restart >/dev/null || true 13:32
ograthat would be a quick fix13:32
ograbut the more proper way is to fix hal's initscript13:32
Sarvattah yeah it wasnt calling hal restart at all on 6-29 for the 0ubuntu1 version's xorg, i didnt know the version we had before was that old..  and of course hal isnt running so the restart is failing and making it stop there13:41
Sarvattthat isnt the first time ive heard someone mention a problem caused by that hal restart too since it was updated13:43
albert23ogra: doesn't the buildd have a /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d to prevent restart of daemons?13:47
albert23in a pbuilder invoke-rc.d hal restart nicely returns 013:47
ograi'm not sure its the same on soyuz' sbuild13:48
Sarvatt * Reloading GNOME Display Manager configuration...       [80G  * Changes will take effect when all current X sessions have ended.13:55
Sarvattinvoke-rc.d: initscript gdm, action "reload" failed.13:55
SarvattSetting up pm-utils (1.2.5-2ubuntu4) ...13:55
Sarvattthats fine with the error status13:56
ograright, gdms postinst has a prevention mechnism to not die13:56
Sarvattahh hal didnt start in the first place but gdm was already started, sorry13:57
ogra"Changes will take effect when all current X sessions have ended." ...13:57
Sarvattsorry for the noise, i'm blindly trying to help even though i'm new to all of this and havent had my coffee yet :D13:58
Sarvattgot me curious whats different on arm to make it react differently in that circumstance14:00
ograit could very well be a difference in the chroot but that only a buildd admin can answer .... its weekend, so there might be none around ...14:02
Le-Chuck_ITAHi, I reported the following bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/39552215:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 395522 in mesa "mesa xdemo/glxcontexts run aborted with assertion error" [Undecided,New]15:39
Le-Chuck_ITAwhich is tracking an upstream bug in mesa http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2242815:39
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22428 in Drivers/DRI/i915 "[bisected 945GME]mesa xdemo/glxcontexts run aborted with error: Assertion `!obj->Pointer'" [Major,Verified: fixed]15:39
Le-Chuck_ITAwhich is fix-released15:39
Le-Chuck_ITAnow the bug is there to help the fix get to karmic (if it's not automatic, I don't know) but is "mesa" a correct package in ubuntu? Launchpad can't find it15:40
ograits correct15:43
SarvattiLe-Chuck_ITA: it'll be in karmic not long after mesa 7.5 gets released, should be any day now15:45
Sarvattor when the next -rc comes out if there ends up being a -rc5 for some strange reason15:46
Sarvattthats like the 5th big bug i've seen directly caused by i915: Don't put VBOs in graphics memory unless required for an operation.15:49
Le-Chuck_ITASarvatt: thanks a lot. The intel drivers are often in bad shape, hope the love of the ubuntu developers will help a bit :)15:56
Sarvattare you sure thats your issue if compiz is unstartable? you might even be able to get around it disabling buffer object reuse in driconf 16:05
Sarvattah go figure he left16:05
Sarvattdarn, got radeon KMS working on powerpc and everything but it turns out it needs fixes for big endian systems so the colors are off. mesa 7.6 is about 20% faster than 7.5 on my mobility 9200 though21:33

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