harjotbut the usb power would still be there00:00
joebodomohammed510 that'd be something to read about on wikipedia - journaled file system00:00
Bejeezusmohammed510: it keeps a journal of all writes to the filesystem so that if the system crashes it can recover without leaving the filesystem in an inconsistent or corrupted state00:00
_PiLoT_ok that whole two of everything is sorted its just different kernels00:00
_PiLoT_i have two other problems though00:00
Halitechharjot, correct00:00
harjotdeww: i basically need to cut of the power00:00
jilberthmm. does kaffeine runs under gnome?00:00
_PiLoT_when i try and copy things to my usb flash drive it wont copy the actual files just make .REC files00:00
mohammed510Bejeezus:  I didn't understand very well00:01
_PiLoT_anyone kno why?00:01
mohammed510Bejeezus: Can you explain more please ?00:01
Bejeezusmohammed510: see joebodo's suggestion for a better explanation00:01
joebodojilbert theres a post on the forums where someone has written a caffeine type program for ubuntu - looks pretty good too00:01
harjotThere is and i know there IS a way to cut of the usb power from within kubuntu [im using this place because of more ppeeople to answer in kubuntu its dead00:01
RovanionWhen I try to run my cedega on Ubuntu 9.04, it tells me that I have an unsupported version of Python installed. So I installed python 2.5. But it still tells me this, so how do I tell the app to use the old version of python?00:01
joebodomohammed510 try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journaling_file_system00:02
kromaris there a divx web player for linux?00:02
SnakDocplecebo i found this ftp://ftp.areca.com.tw/SAS_HBA/AP_Drivers/Linux/Redhat-EnterpriseLinux/RHEL5.0-Update3/V1.1.1.90327/readme.txt not sure if that help or not00:02
harjotkromar: yes dunno wwhats it called00:02
_PiLoT_anyone had issues with copying to usb drives. its only making files called xxx.REC where there should be other types00:02
harjothow do i turn of usb ports WITHOUT BIOS?00:02
Priteshanybody have fix for yahoo not working in pidgin ?00:03
Rovanionkromar, No, but you may try mplayer. I think it plays divx files00:03
Bejeezuskromar: mplayer plays pretty much everything and there's the mplayer plugin for firefox to get it to play web content00:03
SnakDocplecebo figure anything is worth  a try :) did see your post if i don't find at moment i will post if i do00:03
harjotmplayer does00:03
ElPatoCan someone help me with getting my VPS working? I can't ping or access it from the host, or anywhere else ...  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120337600:03
harjotBejeezus: thats what i meant00:03
harjothow do i turn of usb ports WITHOUT BIOS?00:03
harjotThere is and i know there IS a way to cut of the usb power from within kubuntu [im using this place because of more ppeeople to answer in kubuntu its dead00:03
_PiLoT_also im getting an error when i boot saying users $HOME/.dmrc is being ignored00:03
Halitechkromar, no but vlc, mplayer and others will play them00:03
joebodoRovanion not sure if you can do this with python - but try sudo update-alteratives --config python00:03
kromarRovanion:  playing the files is not the problem but streaming would be nice00:04
Priteshcan somebody please help me connecting yahoo from pidgin ?00:04
joebodoRovanion alternatives **00:04
kromar Halitech: im looking for a web player for divx streaming00:04
dewwharjot: never did what you said, so dunno00:04
andre_plmy sound just stopped working after some updates. anyone else notices sound issues?00:04
andre_pleverything looks liek it should be working, but no sound00:04
PleceboSnakDoc: ill give those methods a try00:04
PleceboSnakDoc: thanks for all your help00:04
SnakDocPritesh have to update is easyiest way i know of http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/00:05
harjotdeww: neither has half the world ;)00:05
Halitechkromar, there are mplayer plugins that should work00:05
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:05
Rovanionkromar, And yes there is no divxplayer for linux because there's no money here00:05
Rovanionjoebodo, Will try it00:05
SnakDocPlecebo i haven't been helpful yet its still broke00:05
_PiLoT_can anyone tell me why my usb drive wont accept files from ubuntu?00:05
harjotANY1 CAN HELP ME00:05
Halitechharjot, is there a reason why you don't just do it in the bios?00:05
dewwharjot: would nousb at grub do it?00:05
PleceboSnakDoc: true00:05
Priteshtry downloading VLC for divx00:06
PleceboSnakDoc: but i appreciate the effort00:06
harjotand i would love to  be a ble  to turn devices on and off in ubuntu00:06
SnakDocPlecebo not a problem i try00:06
Legendaryodoes anyone know if firefox 3.5 will be available for hardy?00:06
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY00:06
harjotdeww: will it cut off the power supply?00:06
Halitechharjot, well instead of just saying without using the bios you should have mentioned you couldn't see the option00:06
HalitechLegendaryo, no00:06
TwoToneSpirit_Pilot_: Is it mounted read-only?  Does the user who is trying to copy files to it have permission to do so?00:06
kbrosnanLegendaryo: doubtful00:06
SnakDoc!ff3.5 | Legendaryo00:07
ubottuLegendaryo: please see above00:07
andre_plWhoa. even worse. every package i try to install, apt tells me it doesn't exist but is referred to by another package00:07
harjotHalitech: dont want to use bios anyway i want to do it from kubuntu00:07
TwoToneSpirit_Pilot_: Does if you sudo, does it then work?00:07
Priteshkromar, did u try vlc ?00:07
dewwharjot: wont hurt to try.00:07
harjotif i do grub from command line now wothout rebooting will it work?00:07
SnakDocandre_pl try sudo apt-get update00:08
_PiLoT_TwoToneSpirit: the drive is set to open read and wirte, as far as i can see00:08
harjotdeww: no such command as nousb00:08
TwoToneSpirit_Pilot_: Can you sudo copy files to it successfully?00:08
kromarPritesh: im not looking for a app to play divx. im looking for a WEB plugin for divx streams00:08
icerootkromar: mozilla-vlcplugin00:08
_PiLoT_i dont nkow how to sudo copy00:09
=== Purple is now known as Guest50835
_PiLoT_and this is only a recent development00:09
icerootkromar: or something like that, use apt-cache search mozilla vlc00:09
=== Guest50835 is now known as [Purple]
icerootkromar: its also for mplayer00:09
harjotany1 can hedlp me?00:09
Halitechharjot, sometimes want and able are not the same00:09
joebodoharjot try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9880200:09
iceroot!ask | harjot00:10
ubottuharjot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:10
=== sean is now known as Guest79854
_PiLoT_the files shows as being copied but when i remove the device its not there00:10
PriteshKromar : do u know the fix for pidgin, yahoo has been stopped working for me00:10
harjotHalitech: I KNOW U CAN DO THE THING I ASKED00:10
Legendaryo!ff3.5 | Legendaryo00:10
ubottuLegendaryo, please see my private message00:10
joebodoharjot try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9880200:10
dewwharjot: relax man00:10
Bejeezusharjot: you are being quite obnoxious.00:10
redsoxkingdoes anyone know the best linux distro to put on the ps3?00:11
harjotdeww: im a boy not a man yet00:11
joebodoumm ubuntu ?00:11
TD-Linuxredsoxking: fedora is officially supported as well00:11
dewwharjot: relax jackass00:11
harjotjoebodo: me?00:11
TD-Linuxor I should say that the other way around00:11
LegendaryoSnakDoc, what about for hardy00:11
joebodoharjot try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9880200:11
thiebaudedeww: lol00:11
redsoxkingTD-Linux, I really want ubuntu 9.04 do u know if that will work?00:11
VeDosisI'm looking for help with SMTP via Postfix, anyone point me in the right direction?00:11
Halitechharjot, then if you know then go do it00:11
dewwharjot: here's what google told me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93818700:11
BejeezusI can't seem to get my 3G modem to connect in Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 but it works fine in other distros. I have tried everything I can think of and I'm as a loss.00:12
harjotjoebodo: ive been given the same link 3 times plz let me read these00:12
andre_plk srsly.  alsa-base, alsa-utils, its telling me these packages dont exist anymore, what hives?00:12
icerootVeDosis: look at courier-packages00:12
joebodoharjot - plz go read !00:12
andre_plthey were installed yesterday, my sound stopped working today, so I tried to remove/reinstall and they wont come back00:12
icerootVeDosis: also #postfix00:12
harjotjoebodo: not exactly what i was looking 4 - but good try00:12
=== ubuntu_ is now known as grrrrr9_04
grrrrr9_04FML !00:13
joebodoandre_p1 ive had luck killing and restarting pulse00:13
joebodo!sound | andre_p100:13
ubottuandre_p1: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:13
joebodopoor grrr !00:13
joebodogrr still no luck i guess00:14
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:14
harjotdeww: quite near 4 what i need00:14
harjotdeww: but00:14
_PiLoT_ive got a problem with ubuntu from booting., it tells me "Users $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored, thisa prevents the default sessions and language from being saved"00:14
harjotdeww: there is no deviice00:14
harjotim only using the power no devices00:14
harjotso im trying to disbale hub not device00:15
harjotdeww: i will try this 1st00:15
dewwtry not to stick your tongue into the usb ports when trying00:16
decoso i just installed lamp and just installed phpMyAdmin but it won't start :/ any ideas?00:16
decophpmyadmin won't start *00:16
joebododeco what error ?00:16
harjotdeww: lol00:16
decojoebodo: just file can't be found when i tried it on the browser00:16
decojoebodo: and i let it make the database needed etc..00:17
_PiLoT_ive got a problem with ubuntu from booting., it tells me "Users $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored, thisa prevents the default sessions and language from being saved"00:17
Halitechdeco, does apache load okay?00:17
decoHalitech: yep i get works!00:17
decoi go to localhost/phpMyAdmin and nothing happens00:17
Halitechdeco, are you capping MyAdmin?00:18
decoHalitech: what does that mean?00:18
Flannel_PiLoT_: Does it say why it's being ignored?  Permissions are wonky perhaps?00:19
Halitechdeco, phpMyAdmin is not the same as phpmyadmin so which way are you typing it in?00:19
_PiLoT_no it doesnt00:19
decoHalitech: i tried all00:19
ragmanHi y'all. Lookin for help on NVidia 9300 problems...status newbie00:19
TwoToneSpirit_Pilot_: Did you get the issue with the usb drive resolved?  Any reason to believe your current issue is related?00:19
SnakDocdeco sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin doesn't work ?00:19
progmanosdo anyone know how to fix the problem described at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120373700:20
Halitechdeco, http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ should work00:20
_PiLoT_the whole usb thing is off and onit does it thenif i reboot it word ok00:20
decoSnakDoc: i installed it , even let it make the database needed etc.. but it won't start in the browser00:20
xim_for some reason i have to browse my mp3 player as root with gksudo, but when i delete files off of it, i dont get the disk space back like its really going to the trash can, but when browsing as root i cant view the trash can.  how can i get rid of these files?00:20
decoHalitech: nope:/00:20
joebodoprogmanos it says you havent installed the source for it to be able to compile00:21
xim_when i try to view the trash as root it says "operation not supported Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported"00:21
Halitechdeco, you say even let it make the databases, phpmyadmin is just a front end to mysql00:21
harjotdeww: cant get le script to work00:21
progmanosjoebodo, i tried installing it but it fails00:21
decoHalitech: no , before it gets installed you must have it database for it so it gives you an option to make it for you which i accepted00:22
decoa database*00:22
progmanosregardless, installing nvidia-glx-180 automatically pulls in the nvidia-kernel-source package as a dependency00:23
progmanosso the problem cannot be that the source package is not installed00:23
SnakDocdeco dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin try that one more time00:23
ProfessorXHi, I need help. Why am I getting this? InnoDB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1, error: 1100:23
ProfessorXInnoDB: Check that you do not already have another mysqld process00:23
ProfessorXInnoDB: using the same InnoDB data or log files.00:23
ProfessorXI'm to reset to do: sudo mysqld --skip-grant-tables &00:24
ProfessorXI'm trying to do:*00:24
progmanosjoebodo, the following is the problem:  /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-180-kernel-source_190.09-0ubuntu0_amd64.deb00:24
progmanosE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:24
progmanosA package failed to install.  Trying to recover:00:24
joebodoprogmanos yeah - not sure if it's dying because of the rm error ? that would seem silly00:25
harjotdeww: cant get le script to work00:26
joebodoprogmanos try making that dir just so it doesnt complain00:26
progmanosjoebodo, yeah.  but apparently that's the case.  i tried finding the preinst script for the package00:26
BejeezusDoes NetworkManager keep a logfile? I would really like to see why my 3G modem is failing to connect.00:26
decoSnakDoc: do i restart lamp after that?00:26
mrksbrdcan someone help me with this.........i removed my broadcom 43xx from my laptop and installed a intel wm3945 abg mini pci card back in it's place and when I lspci the card is not listed00:26
harjothow do i turn of usb ports WITHOUT BIOS?00:26
SnakDocshouldn't have to00:26
Bejeezusharjot: i don't think anyone here knows this answer to that, maybe you should start a forum thread.00:27
SnakDocdeco you know what do apache may need to load new dir so /etc/init.d/apache2 restart00:27
harjotBUT there are thousands of forums threads [maybe 1 or two]00:27
harjotok im starting forum thread00:27
ProfessorXWhy am I getting this error? InnoDB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1, error: 11 InnoDB: Check that you do not already have another mysqld process InnoDB: using the same InnoDB data or log files.00:28
DaveAlphawow that was painful..00:28
italomaiahow can i configure "simple login manager" with ubuntu?00:28
decoSnakDoc: did not work :-(00:29
decoSnakDoc: even restart mysql00:29
SnakDocLegendaryo missed your message far as i know thats for all00:29
SnakDocdeco ls /usr/share/php* see if you see phpmyadmin listed00:30
decoSnakDoc: ok00:30
ragmanHi y'all. Lookin for help on NVidia 9300 problems...status newbie00:30
SnakDocdeco is it listed there00:30
decoSnakDoc: yeah the phpmyadmin/ is there00:31
SnakDocdeco sudo cp -R  /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www/phpmyadmin00:31
intxare there any programs for stress testing under ubuntu like occt?00:31
SnakDocdeco try that  and the try going to it see what happens00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about benchmark00:32
dtohi. is there a standalone program that will bring up the ubuntu applications menus? i use awesomewm and would still like to browse what's installed00:32
CloudCarrierdto: System->Preferences->Main Menu00:33
joebodoawesomewm does not provide any time of app menu ?00:33
ninininininineusb to vga support on a netbook installed with unr00:33
dtoCloudCarrier: but i'm not in Gnome. there is no System->Preferences to click.00:33
decoSnakDoc: got it working!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much :-)00:33
ninininininineanyone think that's a bad idea?00:33
dtoCloudCarrier: maybe i need to upgrade.00:33
dto(my awesome)00:33
decoSnakDoc: could it be that i was using localhost and not
decoSnakDoc: in the last try that it worked i used
SnakDocdeco problem is in the virtual host thats suppose to be created in apache that just copied need files to web directory so the virtual path is no longer needed00:35
decoSnakDoc: ah so it really need that phpmyadmin folder copied there right?00:36
ttesttwould you tell me, how to allow webcam to take only /dev/video8, for example?00:37
joebododeco loopback is
decojoebodo: i tred them all localhost and that and it worked :P00:37
=== eax is now known as eaxexe
eaxexeHI there, can someone tell me the default font of xterm please? :)00:37
joebododeco k00:37
fosahow would I find out on my own without asking in the ubuntu channel, where the background picture for the desktop is stored?00:38
^Phantom^I think I've done something terribly wrong.  I installed the Dolphin gamecube emulator for linux, but instead of getting the emulator, i got some KDE environment thing.00:38
joebodoeaxexe try /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm00:39
decojoebodo: and SnakDoc  don't you think that the "you have to copy phymyadmin to www folder" be added to the ubuntu doc?00:39
eaxexejoebodo:  Thanks :)00:39
magnetron!cleangnome | ^Phantom^00:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cleangnome00:39
neilvhello. any idea how long it'll take for an ubuntu-specific DoS exploit in apache to become a security update?00:39
jetblasthi guys i am having issues with my synaptic package manager.  i get an input/output error.00:40
magnetronneilv: specifically?00:40
SnakDocdeco its suppose to edit apache.conf on install but i have had times didn't work in past00:40
^Phantom^When I try to run the emulator it comes up with a file browser that I've never seen before.  Did I get a virus? :S00:40
jetblasti dont know how to clear it00:40
Radtooneilv: well it usually happens... fast?00:40
neilvmagentar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/39435000:40
SnakDocdeco reason i ask for ls /usr/share cause wasn't 100% about it been a while00:40
neilvmagnetron: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/39435000:40
decoSnakDoc: so you think it's a bug?00:40
SnakDocjetblast you changed repo's any ?00:40
LasBSDis there an easy way to instal a package to a specific place? I want to play freeciv but my SSD reads at annoyingly slow speeds00:41
jetblastSnakDoc no00:41
SnakDocdeco don't know what to call it but that fixes it00:41
joebodoCan a webserver do anything about a DoS attack ??00:41
progmanosjoebodo, i tried the suggest at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=797620 but the 185.19 package was not listed in /var/lib/dpkg/status00:41
hoolzhey guys, im having a problem burning a dvd iso on my ubuntu00:41
hoolzit wont burn00:41
BejeezusLasBSD: isn't that the opposite of what an SSD is supposed to do00:41
Radtooneilv: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features/security http://www.ubuntu.com/usn are what's relevant here I guess. There's no exact time tho.00:41
^Phantom^Oh, it's some thing called K Desktop Environment00:41
decoSnakDoc:ok well thanks again00:41
grrrrr9_04joebodo, depends on the attack00:41
hoolzany ideas?00:41
LasBSDBejeezus: this is a netbook00:42
majnoon!ot |majnoon00:42
ubottumajnoon, please see my private message00:42
magnetronneilv: as long as it's listed as "incomplete" nothing will be done to adress the issue00:42
hoolzthe format is DAO but it suggets using TAO but it wont let me00:42
^Phantom^Is it gonna mess my system up?00:42
LasBSDBejeezus: it should be faster, but it's really just cheaper :)00:42
SnakDocdeco not a problem00:42
jetblastSnakDoc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209371/00:42
neilvmagnetron: i responded promptly to his request for a cgi script to demonstrate, but it's not been changed from incomplete00:42
jetblastError opening cache00:42
grrrrr9_04joebodo, but from experience by proxy, when getting ddos, even when having a mitigation device (think of reyro etc) and a fat pipe (gbit+) you need to baby sit your server till it ends...00:43
^Phantom^Wait, I have two desktop environment now?00:43
Radtooneilv: "his" request? it should be reported on launchpad, no?00:43
Radtooneilv: or the email address specified...00:44
neilvRadtoo: it's all on the web page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/39435000:44
jetblastcan someone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/209371/00:44
neilvsorry if i misunderstand. i'm a debian person, new to ubuntu00:44
^Phantom^Here's the guide I followed to install the emulator:  http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/Linux_dependencies00:44
irivolicflash on linux/ff3 should be working ok and stable but it's not and I guess my flash install is messed up... what is the proper procedure to install it?00:45
SnakDocjetblast you are running as sudo correct ?00:46
jetblastSnakDoc yes00:46
ross_Is it possible to connect an apple Isight to an ubuntu pc ?  Googled it with no luck00:46
jetblastSnakDoc i get the same error running the package manager00:46
BejeezusDoes NetworkManager keep a logfile? I would really like to see why my 3G modem is failing to connect.00:47
nellmathewirivolic: the "proper" way is by installing the flashplugin-nonfree package "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" but after a clean install i usually just installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras which includes a bunch of other things i need, works out perfect (check out add/remove... for details on what is included)00:47
^Phantom^Is it bad that I inadvertently installed the KDE Desktop Environment?00:48
hoolzhey guys, im having a problem burning a dvd iso on my ubuntu00:48
hoolzit wont burn00:48
hoolzany ideas?00:48
nellmathew^Phantom^: you can have multiple desktop environments..00:48
BejeezusInstalling KDE is always bad.00:48
SnakDocjetblast check see if that file exist00:48
^Phantom^Well, golly.00:48
Paddy_NI!fud | Bejeezus00:48
ubottuBejeezus: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt00:48
mohammed510What is the advantage of the /sys/ directory in the linux file system hirarchy ??00:48
littleHey there, does anyone know if installing ubuntu-desktop and uninstalling kubuntu-desktop is as good as a fresh install of Ubuntu?00:48
BejeezusPaddy_NI: I couldn't resist sorry.00:49
magnetronlittle: it is.00:49
jetblastSnakDoc im a little new to terminal commands and ubuntu.  can you help me check?00:49
progmanosjoebodo, i'm just going to reinstall ubuntu00:49
Radtooneilv: good. well, I can't speak for the ubuntu team or whatever, but with this many assignees to the bug it would have been seen. But perhaps there's remote exploits or something that needed attention first?00:49
^Phantom^I thought I was getting the Dolphin gamecube emulator installed00:49
irivolicnellmathew: ok, just checked and I have that installed but maybe it's not what ff3 is using. How can I check?00:49
^Phantom^But instead I ended up with a desktop environment :(00:49
SnakDocjetblast ls /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty-updates_main_binary-i386_Packages00:49
mohammed510Any one can help please ??  What is the advantage of the /sys/ directory in the linux file system hirarchy ??00:49
littlemagnetron: Do *all* the KDE files and processes get removed so that it's like a virgin Ubuntu install? I'd like to end up with exactly what I'd end up with if I used the Live CD.00:50
deco^Phantom^: Dolphine is a file manager for kde00:50
nellmathew^Phantom^: you can just uninstall it, sudo apt-get autoremove kubuntu-desktop00:50
BejeezusI've just realised what mohammed510 is doing: homework.00:50
magnetron^Phantom^: you can always read the package description prior to installing the package in Synaptic? tends to help00:50
glitsj16irivolic: enter "about:plugins" in your firefox location bar and check what you have active flash related00:50
neilvRadtoo: also, it is a big holiday weekend in the u.s. :) unfortunately, my users need a resolution by first thing on monday morning00:50
^Phantom^I did it through console.00:50
mohammed510Bejeezus : ha ha ha ha00:50
jetblastSnakDoc the file does not exist00:50
magnetron^Phantom^: you can read it through console00:50
Bejeezusmohammed510: I wasn't joking, it's kinda obvious.00:51
Radtooneilv: I hope you get it, but there's nothing I could do about it? Perhaps you'll have to remove the patches yourself or something as an interim solution.00:51
SnakDocjetblast this during a sudo apt-get update or sudo apt-get upgrade ?00:51
irivolicglitsj16: ok00:51
mohammed510Bejeezus : After tomorrow I will give some informations about linux ( specially ubuntu ) for some friends00:51
mohammed510Bejeezus : It is an ubuntu course free of charge00:52
jetblastSnakDoc i got it when i went to system/package manager.  i also got it during the sudo apt-get check00:52
^Phantom^Wait, will that remove all of my KDE dependencies though?00:52
^Phantom^Woah, it will...00:52
Bejeezusmohammed510: kudos, good luck.00:52
tuxFancan someone tell me where " package-manager" its located,,  I mean linux dir00:52
Um_cara_qualqueranyone knows why when i start transmission (even if it isn't downloading anything) the net get extremely slow?00:52
neilvRadtoo: they will just have to go with apache upstream. they are not happy with that idea, especially since the point of ubuntu lts was to have a stable self-contained platform.00:52
nellmathewirivolic: if you have noscript you might have to "allow" the site (since javascript is blocked).. in firefox "Preferences/Applications" might also give you some answers..00:52
mohammed510Bejeezus : So , you can say that I am trying to do some nice work for this course00:52
SnakDocjetblast i have the file not sure if i could just upload and you could use it or not00:53
irivolicnellmathew: seems that the plugin I'm using is: /usr/lib/swfdec-mozilla/libswfdecmozilla.so I'm not sure if this is the one from the package (I might have installed from another location too)00:53
^Phantom^Why can't I get Dolphin (the gamecube emulator) to run?00:53
mohammed510What is the advantage of the /sys/ directory in the linux file system hirarchy ?? any one knows ??00:53
jetblastSnakDoc the error pops up when i try to sudo apt-get upgrade00:53
ross_Apple Isight webcam + ubuntu pc any ideas?00:53
mohammed510Bejeezus : Where are you from?00:53
jetblastSnakDoc ill try anything you recommend00:53
nellmathewirivolic: no that's not the adobe plugin.. you can either change it, or do sudo apt-get autoremove swfdec ,00:54
nellmathewirivolic: and it'll go back to adobe's by default..00:55
Radtooneilv: Dunno if "they" are the only ones that think this way. About all major distros ship apache with patches at times, from my experience.00:55
SnakDocjetblast any certian place you like it sent ?00:55
^Phantom^Is having this Dolphin file browser gonna mess up ubuntu the next time I boot up?00:55
hipitihopmy update manager this morning claimed to not be able to comptete updates and suggested a partial upgrade ?00:55
ProfessorXI close my screens, how do I open them back up?00:55
jetblastSnakDoc doesnt matter..how do you plan on sending it? you can do a file transfer on here00:56
fosawhere is the desktop background picture/path stored?00:56
Um_cara_qualqueranyone knows why when i start transmission (even if it isn't downloading anything) the net get extremely slow?00:56
ubottuScreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen00:56
nellmathewirivolic: sorry it's : sudo apt-get autoremove swfdec-mozlla00:56
neilvRadtoo: normally, we appreciate the patches. unfortunately, they're broken in this case, and we might *have* to use upstream, for the sake of avoiding our server being taken down by a runaway cgi :)00:56
neilvor i should say, they appear to be broken. debugging hasn't happened yet00:57
^Phantom^Is having this Dolphin file browser gonna mess up ubuntu the next time I boot up?00:57
hipitihopcan someone please confirm a dist upgrade is normal behaviour this morning ?00:57
irivolicnellmathew: thanks00:57
irivolicnellmathew: autoremove for that package is removing a bunch of other packages too though00:58
^Phantom^Guys I'm really worried now.00:58
irivolicnellmathew: these:   dbus-c++-1 libccrtp1-1.6-0 libcommoncpp2-1.6-0 libcppunit-1.12-0 libswfdec-0.6-90 libxalan110 libxerces27 swfdec-mozilla00:58
nellmathewirivolic: shouldn't be an issue, guessing no other packages need those packages (they were only used by swfdec)00:58
BunnyGwut was the command to get ubuntus restricted extras?00:59
jetblastSnakdoc it wont let me download from you00:59
threeseaschanged monitors and couldn't get ubuntu to recognize the resolutions of the monitor biut figured that out and set them in xorg.conf but then couldn't get it to boot/login to teh resolution I wanted... until I figured out teh the online example I found for setting preferred mode was spelt the wrong way.00:59
nellmathewBunnyG: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:59
icerootBunnyG: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:59
icerootnellmathew: to slow :)00:59
BunnyGmuch love00:59
jetblastSnakdoc i get an error no such file or directory (when the directory is there)00:59
nellmathewlol :P00:59
irivolicnellmathew: ok thanks00:59
nellmathewirivolic: you're welcome00:59
SnakDocjetblast just dl to desktop for moment01:00
icerootcan i install ubuntu on a pc, put the hdd in another pc and its working? (correct drivers, correct resolution and so on)?01:00
nellmathew^Phantom^: you don't want any KDE applications at all right?01:00
Radtooneilv: Right. Good catch. And the bug report might help other users / organizations who might have problems. But until you know if it will be fixed I think you're best off just fixing it yourself (you know how to create a .deb?) so you don't have to rely on anyone. :D01:00
^Phantom^I just want to get rid of the one I just installed.01:00
^Phantom^Hang on i'll paste the command I used01:00
neilvRadtoo: well, there goes my weekend, debugging patches made by others :)01:01
harjotplease view and solve01:01
^Phantom^sudo apt-get install subversion scons g++ wx2.8-headers libwxbase2.8-0 libwxbase2.8-dbg libwxbase2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-0 libwxgtk2.8-dbg libwxgtk2.8-dev libsdl1.2-dev nvidia-cg-toolkit libxxf86vm1-dbg libxxf86vm-dev libxext6-dbg libxext-dev libglew1.5-dev libcairo2-dbg libcairo2-dev libao2 libao-dev libbluetooth-dev && svn checkout http://dolphin-emu.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ dolphin-emu-read-only && cd dolphin-emu-read-only && scons01:01
palomerI didn't know people still used that01:01
knastoHello, i plugged in a linksys router to my ubuntu laptop, Does anyone know how I access the settings?01:01
ProfessorXHow do I reattach my screens? screen -r doesn't work.01:02
Gravitonscreen -D -RR would forcably detach and reattach01:02
^Phantom^I mean.01:02
Bejeezusor screen -x to have it attached in multiple places01:02
ProfessorXdoes it reattach all the screens?01:03
harjotplz read and help me on the forums01:03
Radtooneilv: Thats even better than just dropping the patches and doing a vanilla .deb. If you can find the exact problem that's likely very useful, eh. :)01:03
GravitonProfessorX: No, just the first one, as I recall01:03
Bejeezusif you have multiple instances of screen running you need to specify which you want it to attach or it'll attach the most recent01:03
^Phantom^Will my desktop look and function the same after I did that command?01:03
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^Phantom^Like, after I reboot01:04
^Phantom^sudo apt-get install subversion scons g++ wx2.8-headers libwxbase2.8-0 libwxbase2.8-dbg libwxbase2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-0 libwxgtk2.8-dbg libwxgtk2.8-dev libsdl1.2-dev nvidia-cg-toolkit libxxf86vm1-dbg libxxf86vm-dev libxext6-dbg libxext-dev libglew1.5-dev libcairo2-dbg libcairo2-dev libao2 libao-dev libbluetooth-dev && svn checkout http://dolphin-emu.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ dolphin-emu-read-only && cd dolphin-emu-read-only && scons01:04
nellmathew^Phantom^: yeah it should01:04
Bejeezusmost of the time you don't need more than one instance of screen, but if you do it's helpful to give them names using the -s switch01:04
Bejeezusnot -s01:04
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knastocan someone help me access the settings on my linksys router? like what do i type in to my browser? doesnt work01:05
SageXI was wondering how to hear my input sounds through alsa?01:05
^Phantom^Now, here's my problem.  How do I CORRECTLY install that Emulator?01:05
=== kenyon_ is now known as kenyon
ProfessorXBejeezuz, how do I speficy which screen to reattach?01:05
ProfessorXI have 3 screens running.01:06
Radtooneilv: But if you do it it might take a moment for the patch to be verified (anyone could introduce vulnerabilities or problems into apache otherwise) so caluculate in the time for doing your own .deb.01:06
ProfessorXAnd I close all the screens by closing the terminals.01:06
Quagmirescreen -r i think01:06
Quagmirescreen -ls01:06
neilvRadtoo: i won't do my own .deb.  i will move to upstream if we can't wait for an official security update01:06
Radtooneilv: ehm... yes, your .deb with upstream apache was what I thought?01:07
harjotPLEASE HELP ME AT : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120376601:07
Gravitonknasto: Try running ifconfig in a terminal and see what your IP address is01:07
Radtooneilv: seems un-nice to deploy an unmanaged source based install on every machine ...01:07
UberTacohey people,01:07
UberTacowhy does Ubuntu, even at 9.04, still make it so hard to ping LAN computers by hostname?01:07
BejeezusUberTaco: what's hard about it01:08
knastolike it says auto eth0 but how do I access the screen?01:08
nellmathew^Phantom^: http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/Linux_dependencies - check if your version of scons is > 0.98 also like they suggest (if you have issues with it).. and check the command to run it also..01:08
ProfessorXI don't understand this line when I try to screen -r. The line is "Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host" to resume one of them."01:08
neilvRadtoo: it is un-nice. but we really don't want the headache of custom .debs and are not set up to deploy that any better than a .tgz01:09
BejeezusProfessorX: things in [square brackets] are optional01:09
QuagmireProfessorX: first do a screen -ls that will make a list. copy&paste the one you need01:09
Bejeezusand pid means process id, it's a way of identifying processes that don't have names01:09
AdolaI've got a 2 ubuntu machines, when I try to acess my laptop via fileshare, in samba networks, It just says "timeout on server adam-laptop" I can't even see "adam-desktop" from "adam-laptop"01:09
harjotlast time i am going to say visit and help me plz01:09
Gravitonknasto: It is most likely located at the .1 address of your IP scheme (so if your IP is it would probably be at
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  there are numerous screen 'tutorials/guides' out there. :) its a progrm worth  researcing/reading about.01:09
irivoliceven though I've defined in /etc/fstab to mount the windows drive with utf8 support it doesn't mount it as such and I have to unmount and remount it manually with utf8, why is that?01:10
Dr_Willisirivolic:  manually as in using 'sudo umount /media/windowsdrive'01:10
Dr_Willisirivolic:  or how exactly?01:10
knastoGravito, thanx i got it01:10
ProfessorXWhen I do screen -ls This is what I get01:10
GravitonYou're welcome01:11
ProfessorXThere are screens on:01:11
ProfessorX23825.pts-8.xx-xx-xxx-xx(07/04/09 03:59:39)(Detached)01:11
ProfessorX18397.pts-8.xx-xx-xxx-x(07/04/09 03:58:36)(Detached)01:11
ProfessorX7987.pts-2.xx-xx-xxx-xx(07/04/09 03:48:49)(Detached)01:11
ProfessorX3 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-username.01:11
knastoGraviton, thanx i got it01:11
FloodBot2ProfessorX: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  you got 3+ screen sessions going it seems01:11
ProfessorXYeah, how do I load up the first screen I'm running.01:11
UberTacoBejeezus: I have never on a fresh install been able to simply ping a LAN box by hostname01:11
UberTacoand now hostname.local doesn't work01:11
irivolicDr_Willis: right01:11
Quagmirescreen -r 23825.pts-8.xx-xx-xxx-xx01:11
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  reading a 'screen' tutorial - would be a very very very good idea.01:11
Quagmireyep. screen is awesome01:12
Dr_Willisirivolic:  thats - weird.01:12
UberTacoBejeezus: always have to go hunt down arcane tutorials01:12
* Dr_Willis adds a few more verys to his suggestion.01:12
Dr_WillisUberTaco:  screen is a powerfull program.. you are NOT going to learn all about it by asking basic screen questions answered on 'page 1 chapter 1 of most every screen tutorial'01:12
irivolicDr_Willis: yeah01:13
UberTacoDr_Willis: erm, wrong target? heheh.01:13
^Phantom^nellmathew:  I'm quite confused01:13
Radtooneilv: ubuntu is open source. you have access to the rules file of apache and such. Might just comment out / delete the patch specific stuff from ubuntus sources and just do your deb with that.01:13
irivolicDr_Willis: no idea why it's always mounting it on boot without the utf8 option01:13
Dr_WillisUberTaco:  oh you were adressing Bejeezus  :) i thoug you said it as in    using a 'adajative' :)01:14
UberTacoDr_Willis: heheheh01:14
AdolaI've got a 2 ubuntu machines, when I try to acess my laptop via fileshare, in samba networks, It just says "timeout on server adam-laptop" I can't even see "adam-desktop" from "adam-laptop"01:14
harjotgood noight people01:14
^Phantom^I tried to work TuxCube but it won't let me 'make' the stupid thing01:14
Dr_WillisUberTaco: had someone in here with the nick of 'Incorrect' - that really caused confusioins.01:14
Radtooneilv: but all is at your own discretion. if you prefer make install or whatever apache uses at this point, go ahead. it just won't be managed the same way everything else is, which - in my experience - is a pain and why most any distribution out there uses a package manager to track files.01:15
ProfessorXWhen I do screen -r 23825.pts-8.xx-xx-xxx-xx, my previous screen does not load up. All it does is open a new screen.01:15
nellmathew^Phantom^ : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102142801:16
Krumarhey, can anyone tell me if there is a way to specify which virtual desktop a program starts on through command line?01:16
FlannelKrumar: check out devilspie01:17
QuagmireProfessorX: no, that must be your resuming screen? exit it (ctrl-d) and see if you now have 2 screens ;)01:17
KrumarFlannel, thanks for the help01:17
Flannel!devilspie | Krumar01:17
ubottuKrumar: devilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie01:17
Dr_WillisProfessorX:  i just use the logical 'screen -r 1' for 'first one' :)01:18
^Phantom^I can't get the libsdl installed.  It says there is none.01:18
* ^Phantom^ reads further...01:18
ProfessorXOh yes you are right Quagmire. I'm better off leaving the desktop on running the game server since I need to read the information on the terminal.01:19
iceroot^Phantom^: apt-cache search lib sdl01:19
linxehDr_Willis: how on earth does that work01:19
Quagmirenice tip from Dr_Willis though ^^ :)01:19
Flannel!gr | SiCreToR01:19
ubottuSiCreToR: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes01:19
ProfessorXYeap, thanks for the help Quagmire and Dr_Willis.01:20
Dr_Willislinxeh:  screen -ls shows several sessions.. #1 is the frst one in the list....01:20
Dr_Willislinxeh:  makes sence to me.. :)01:20
linxehDr_Willis: screen -r 1 will try and resume pid 1. not first in the list01:20
icerootis it legal to sell pcs, installed with ubuntu AND ubuntu-restricted-extras?01:20
=== test is now known as Guest20700
FlannelSiCreToR: You deleted the entry for the old kernel, or you removed the old kernel itself?01:21
Dr_Willislinxeh:  odd that it worked then...01:21
Quagmireit works , screen -r 101:21
Dulakiceroot: not in the US, leave out restricted extras, and add either a link to a page that tells how to enable it, or a text file with instructions01:21
linxehmaybe I have an older screen then01:21
SiCreToRFlannel Q i removed the entry only!!!01:21
nellmathew^Phantom^: libsdl1.2debian01:21
Dr_Willislinxeh:  perhaos it just defaulted to the only screen session?01:21
icerootDulak: ok01:21
QuagmireScreen version 4.00.03 (FAU) 23-Oct-06 :)01:21
FlannelSiCreToR: Alright, the following command should replace it then: sudo update-grub01:21
linxehDr_Willis: no, I've got several screen sessions running01:22
Dr_Willislinxeh:   i only had 1 at the time.. toying with it more.01:22
linxehDr_Willis: I'm on 4.00.03 though01:22
Dr_Willislinxeh:  i tend to use 'terminator' instead of screen on X these days.. :)01:22
nellmathew^Phantom^: sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-all (use this instead)01:22
SiCreToRflannel : ill have a try thanks for the help01:22
EaxEEHi there :) Can someone tell me how to change the default font of xterm? :)01:22
Dr_Willisscreen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host        Seems one just needs the pid.. not the .tty.host bit.01:22
linxehDr_Willis: screen is on the non-linux boxes I use, terminator isnt01:22
Quagmireah, ok...yes yr Dr_Willis01:23
Dr_Willislinxeh:  blasphmy! :)01:23
LasBSDhow do I install a package to a specific location?01:23
linxehDr_Willis: well, if linux ran on big hardware maybe :p01:23
Dr_Willislinxeh:  i used a similer app years and years ago to get multiplexed shells on my amiga over dialup to the Unix servers at college.. Heh.01:23
Dr_Willislinxeh:  i am old.. :)01:23
linxehDr_Willis: we could play this game, I might win though01:24
linxehDr_Willis: remember cleaning the suction cups?01:24
th0rDr_Willis: we aren't old....we're experienced01:24
Dr_Willislinxeh:  i used to irc on a green-bar-printing-serial terminal! :)01:24
LasBSDis it the -o= option in apt-get?01:24
linxehDr_Willis: IRC is a new invention...01:24
LasBSDlike -o=/media/usb_drive ?01:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:24
Dr_WillisZDont make me get out my Ubuntu-slide-rule!01:25
CyzwardHi, I am new to Ubuntu01:25
Cyzwardcan you some teach me how install flash?01:25
icerootCyzward: welcome to the world of linux01:25
^Phantom^nellmathew: Now I'm still getting errors with the make process.  I've pastebin'd the output:  http://pastebin.com/d7679626001:25
Flannel!flash | Cyzward01:25
ubottuCyzward: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:25
n0micis easy cyzward ..01:25
Cyzwardok, thanks01:25
icerootCyzward: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin   if i am correct01:25
EaxEEHi there :) Can someone tell me how to change the default font of xterm? :)01:25
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  xterm -fn SOMEFONTINFO01:26
linxehEaxEE: google for .Xdefaults (or xterm -fn)01:26
Cyzwardthanks so much01:26
Dr_Willisxterm -sb -sl 2000 -bg '#111111' -fg green -fn 10x20 &01:26
* CommanderB : Zack's Script01:26
EaxEEDr_Willis: That's temporary, but thanks :)01:27
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  or -->  xterm -bg black -fg gray -fn -xos4-terminus-bold-r-normal--14-140-72-72-c-80-iso8859-1 &01:27
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.01:27
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  err.. of course it is...01:27
EaxEElinxeh: thanks , tried but couldn't find anything..01:27
th0rEaxEE: create an alias with that line01:27
Dr_WillisEaxEE:   thats what the .Xdefaults configs are for i recall.01:27
FlannelCommanderB: Please turn that off01:27
* LasBSD sighs01:27
CommanderB ..:  turn what off  :..01:27
icerootCommanderB: scripts01:28
linxehEaxEE: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=xdefaults%20xterm%20font&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-801:28
CommanderB ..:  lol  :..01:28
FlannelCommanderB: When you joined, we were all told that you were running Zack's script01:28
EaxEEDr_Willis: Yup :) Just trying to figure out WHAT to write.. Using "xterm*font: terminus" didn't work01:28
Dr_WillisI got a dozen 'xterm' alias's for difffent fonts/colors/so forth01:28
^Phantom^tl;dr TuxCube still won't make01:28
FlannelCommanderB: Also, turn off the decoration stuff, that just makes it difficult to read01:28
linxehEaxEE: clearly you didnt...01:28
linxehEaxEE: USE GOOGLE01:28
Dr_Willisxterm -bg black -fg gray -fn -xos4-terminus-bold-r-normal--14-140-72-72-c-80-iso8859-1   uses the terminus font here for me...01:28
EaxEElinxeh: I did. Clearly I didn't use it right.01:28
Cyzwardcan someone also help me with wifi setup?01:28
* LasBSD wants to know hnow to install a package to her USB drive01:29
linxehEaxEE: clearly.01:29
Flannellinxeh: Please don't do that.01:29
LasBSDeasy peasy i'm sure01:29
CommanderB ..:  there hows thaty  :..01:29
CommanderB ..:  damn  :..01:29
Dr_Willisyou can get the -fn *INFO* by using some tool.. i cant recall. xfontsel perhaps?01:29
linxehFlannel: sorry, I've had a night of non-googlers on another channel - I'll restrain myself01:29
CommanderB ..:  brb  :..01:29
sagaciso how do i go out upgrading to firefox 3.5, i've tried to install it via synaptic but firefox remains on 3.0.1101:29
sevenseekerok, so I am desperately trying to update the sox package to the latest version... I can't find it with grep, but the old version is 'somewhere' in the old deb-src package01:29
EaxEEDr_Willis: Thanks :D Trying :)01:29
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  yea 'xfontsel' can let you browse the proper font 'definitions01:29
sevenseeker7:28 PM01:29
sevenseekerJ_Darnley [n=jamesdar@d54C280AB.access.telenet.be] entered the room.01:29
icerootsagaci: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.501:29
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  thats an 'old skool' app - there may be newer alterantives01:30
icerootsagaci: for jaunty01:30
sevenseeker7:28:05 PM01:30
EaxEEDr_Willis: Great thanks ^^ F*ck newer alternatives if it works :P01:30
sevenseekerwhoever made this package is cruel01:30
sevenseeker7:28:47 PM01:30
sevenseekerThis package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be01:30
FloodBot2sevenseeker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
nellmathew^Phantom^: try, sudo apt-get install libsdl-image1.2-dev if that doesn't work i'm not too sure01:30
CommanderBhappy now?01:30
SiCreToRI have a problem i thought that running ubuntu with an older kernel would help. I lost the sound from my laptop i think withought a reason.It used to work correctly and today my ubuntu started withought sound.I have an Intel HD Audio Controller01:30
Flannellinxeh: Your restraint is much appreciated.  There's good reasons not to behave like that, and if you're curious why that's a policy, I'd be happy to share01:30
^Phantom^nellmathew:  I also downloaded this version of the Dolphin gamecube emulator:  http://www.dolphin-emu.com/downloads.php?cat_id=2&download_id=7701:30
FlannelCommanderB: Very much so, thank you.01:30
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  e Yea the way X uses fonts 'originally' is somewhat..  verbose/strange in ways.. :) this was befor Truetype fonts01:31
sagacithanks, it worked01:31
^Phantom^nellmathew:  However, I can't get it to work.  Clearly I'm stupid and am not doing something right...01:31
EaxEEDr_Willis: Fair :P Hmm what's xos4? :)01:31
ElPatoCan anyone help me access my VPS? It's probably something fairly simple like a routing issue or something...  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120337601:31
icerootsagaci: but i am correct the version from the repos is still beta01:31
CommanderBnow i have an issue with ubuntu - my wireless internet connects and works fine, but when i try to connect through a wired network - the network manager will say its connected and all the settings are correct, but none of the internet apps will be able to use the connection01:32
wWalesif im in the wrong channel please redirect, but -how- do i stop the fh smp client from running on my system? :/01:32
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  i forget... :) thats from an alias ive had in my bin dir for ages...01:32
sevenseekerhow can I track down who made the sox package? the control file?  (Pascal Giard)01:32
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  it may be a typo.. or some other font info heh01:32
CyzwardDoes anybody how to get wifi to work on ubuntu?01:32
EaxEEDr_Willis: Fair :) Thanks a lot for the help ^^ Very useful :)01:32
^Phantom^If anyone can get this to work:  http://www.dolphin-emu.com/downloads.php?cat_id=2&download_id=77  please let me know what you did thankies01:33
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  i tend to just use the -fn 10x20 type info01:33
linxehFlannel: I can appreciate why that is policy; Ive been on the end of it in the past :)01:33
Picisevenseeker: apt-cache show sox    should show you who the package maintainer is.01:33
Cyzwardcan someone help me with wifi?01:33
linxehFlannel: apologies once again01:33
CommanderBcan you be more specific?01:33
CyzwardI am currently using ethernet01:33
nellmathew^Phantom^: http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/Linux_dependencies - read the 2nd comment.. make sure the scons version is as they require (over 0.98 - check in synaptic), if it isn't then download the 1.1.0 package and run the command to install it..01:33
decoi just noticed that i see my websites in my apache www folder from another computer via my ip is this safe?01:33
CyzwardI have to set up a wireelss connection01:33
Picisevenseeker: in this case, it looks like the MOTU, you could try asking in #ubuntu-motu if you have a question about the packaging of the package01:33
Flannellinxeh: Oh, it's no problem.  We all get frustrated at times.  And I only offered to explain because some people don't see the point01:33
Cyzwardbut I don't know how to do that01:33
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  http://www.tummy.com/journals/entries/jafo_20050120_180533   is worth reading to learn about the .Xdefaults settings for xterm01:33
wWalesCyzward: it usually "just works" for me, but sometimes it doesnt, ive found it to be bit wonky, but disabling/enabling wireless from your networkmanager sometimes lets me connect01:33
nellmathew^Phantom^ make sure you have all the "required packages" installed from "details"01:34
CommanderBhuh - i cant get ethernet working01:34
EaxEEDr_Willis: What does that do? :) Also, I know that I have terminus, since I can -fb terminus but when it's in the .Xdefaults file it says: "xterm: Cannot load font terminus" :S01:34
EaxEEDr_Willis: Thanks :D01:34
CyzwardI don't even have wifi options01:34
CyzwardI have to change VPN first01:34
CommanderBis the driver available?01:34
zsquarepluscon which channel can i get help on creating deb packages for ubuntu?01:34
CommanderBor even loaded...01:34
decoi just noticed that i see my websites in my apache www folder from another computer via my ip is this safe?01:34
Flannelzsquareplusc: #ubuntu-motu01:34
Dr_WillisEaxEE:   I recall the terminus font homepage/docs mentioning how to use it.. personally i dont like terminus font much.01:35
EaxEEDr_Willis: Okay thanks :) Why not?01:35
^Phantom^./Dolphin: error while loading shared libraries: libbluetooth.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:35
CommanderBtheres a propriatory driver section - inwhich it wont load propriatory drivers, unless you specify01:35
acuI move a computer from a lower resolution monitor (1024X768) to a high def monitor 1920 X1080  - however the computer does not show the x with the exception of an one inch bar at the top of the new screen - I tried dpkg-reconfgure xserver-xorg but it does not work - can anyone direct what to do01:36
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  try -fn ' -*-terminus-medium-*-*-*-14-*-*-*-*-*-cp1251' perhaps?01:36
EaxEEDr_Willis: Okay thanks :) Hmm cp1251=01:36
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  im just trying examples ive googled. :)01:36
Flanneldeco: Yes.  That's what its designed to do.  If you have stuff you don't want people to see, don't put it there.  OR if you just want that stuff to be available locally (from your computer only) you can tweak apache to do that too01:36
EaxEEDr_Willis: Fair :P01:37
^Phantom^wait, scons will REPLACE make?01:37
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  you did INstall both terminus fonts? one for console.. one for X? -->  $ sudo apt-get install console-terminus xfonts-terminus01:37
EaxEEDr_Willis: Nope :/01:37
nellmathew^Phantom^ no it's a replacement... some people still use it, you can have both.01:37
^Phantom^Oh okay.01:38
EaxEEDr_Willis: The nope was for that it didn't work >_< Installing them now :)01:38
^Phantom^Well, I am trying to do too much at once I think01:38
decoFlannel: oh ok but will this be crawled by google?01:38
EaxEEDr_Willis: Both is newest version Oo01:38
fenrrirhi, my jaunty is very slow on dvd burning [https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31709]. how to solve this?01:38
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/terminus-font-vs-monospace-vs-vera-sans-mono-445169/   has some .Xdefaults to get terminus as the default01:39
AdolaI need to share NFS via samba...01:39
AdolaHow can I do such?01:39
^Phantom^nellmathew: When I try to run dolphin from that 2MB zip I downloaded, I get this:  ./Dolphin: error while loading shared libraries: libbluetooth.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:39
Flanneldeco: It's accessible inside the LAN, but unless you do port forwarding on your router, not outside (in most network setups) so, not likely.01:39
EaxEEDr_Willis: Great thanks :D01:39
decoFlannel: oh hehe no wonder, i was using a pc that is on my lan01:40
decoFlannel:  i was scared that anybody could see it01:40
nellmathew^Phantom^: I'm really not familiar with dolphin or tuxcube, but personally I would try to install packages libbluetooth and libbluetooth-dev and try again01:40
^Phantom^Even though I don't have bluetooth?01:41
* Brad_R is installing ubuntu "inside windows"01:41
nellmathew^Phantom^ if the program requires the packages then yes.01:41
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  not that i can get xterm to use a terminus font yet... but... :) its docs to read at least.. make a .Xresources edit it.. use xrdb -load .Xresources  try running 'xterm' and see if it changes01:41
decoFlannel: for example vsftp allows computers to login that are not from the lan right?01:42
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  -->  The available font sizes seen with "xlsfonts | grep terminus".01:42
EaxEEDr_Willis: Okay thanks a lot :D01:42
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  and that shows nothing for me lol.!01:42
Flanneldeco: Again, only if you set up your router to forward01:42
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  heh - perhaps i need to reload the font cache or somthing.. does it work for you?01:42
ElPatoCan anyone help me access my virtual server? It's probably something fairly simple like a routing or forwarding issue or something... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120337601:42
^Phantom^i've never actually found this "synaptic package mananger"  ...  where is it?01:42
decoFlannel: how would i do that?01:43
EaxEEDr_Willis: I get a long list :P How do I reload it? :)01:43
ElPatoOr maybe my gateway is wrong01:43
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  for the terminus font - :) good.. i must of not had the X font installed.. so i got none at this time..01:43
fuzzybunny69yhey everyone does anyone know how i would turn off the gnome-panel so that it doesn't automatically load?01:43
EaxEEDr_Willis: Yeah :) trying the xresources thingy now :)01:43
^Phantom^Oh there it is01:44
decofuzzybunny69y: rightclick on it and than delete this panel01:44
^Phantom^nellmathew: apparently I already have the bluetooth stuff installed...01:44
BejeezusAfter days of searching I've finally found a solution to my mobile broadband problem.01:44
fuzzybunny69ydeco, it is greyed out because i only have one panel active01:44
Dr_WillisEaxEE: the way the X fonts work is some sort of server/cached stuff.. so some times it dont see new fonts you install.. untoll you run some command tht i forget.. or logout/back in :)01:45
decofuzzybunny69y: so you don't want a panel at all?01:45
BejeezusIt seems that even though my provider doesn't require a username and password, NetworkManager won't connect without them. So the solution is just to put nonsense values in the respective fields and it connects.01:45
EaxEEDr_Willis: Yay! It works! Now to get it to use a smaller size >_< But thanks a bunch :D Your help is really really appreciated ^_^01:45
fuzzybunny69ydeco, yeah I want to turn it off so it doesn't load at all01:46
decofuzzybunny69y: than use a deferent window manager like fluxbox01:46
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  i cant get it working here. .:) lol  - i may need to log out/in.. but i always use terminator these days anyway01:46
Flanneldeco: Is this just for your own usage?01:46
decoFlannel: yeah01:47
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  theres also a way to set the console to use that terminus font by default01:47
EaxEEDr_Willis: Fair xD But it works flawlessly here ^^ Just using size 12 :) What do you mean?01:47
Flanneldeco: It's actually easier to set up sftp then, instead of normal ftp.  fewer ports to deal with, and youre more secure.01:47
Bejeezusterminus is a gorgeous font, i use it wherever i can get away with it01:47
ElPatoHow can I know what causes a "Destination Host Unreachable" ?01:47
Bejeezusurxvt*font: xft:Terminus01:47
EaxEEDr_Willis: Like an alias?01:47
decoFlannel: oh but can any client connect to it?01:47
EaxEEBejeezus: xft? :)01:48
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  its aways saying terminus font not found.. i just installed it.. so that may be my issue01:48
Dr_Willisurxvt -fn Termius01:48
Dr_Willisurxvt: unable to load base fontset, please specify a valid one using -fn, aborting.01:48
* Dr_Willis checks his spelling01:48
EaxEEDr_Willis: Weird Oo I just made it as the .Xresources then it worked :)01:48
EaxEEDr_Willis: eax.dk/eax_terminus.png01:49
BejeezusCan you edit the title of a thread you started on ubuntuforums01:49
zamnedix1Ok so I have 2 machines. This one, I'm running live disc because I flushed all the iptables on my Jaunty and now it's internet doesn't work. How do I fix it?01:49
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  so whats your .Xresources line? or pastebin the whole thing.01:51
Flanneldeco: Pretty much.  I don't know of any FTP clients that won't also do SFTP, to the end user (you) its identical01:52
BejeezusEaxEE: are you an xmonad user01:52
EaxEEDr_Willis: http://pastebin.com/m26d36d6401:53
decoFlannel: oh so what's importent is that the host be setup with sftp right?01:53
EaxEEBejeezus: Yup:) Newly converted01:53
Flanneldeco: Right, and it's trivial to do: sudo apt-get install openssh-server and you're done.  Just port forward your ssh port on your router (thats 22 by default, and you can change it)01:53
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=== Guest44982 is now known as jesused
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  got it. :) had to restart the X session to see the new fonts.. err... i recall WHY i dont use terminus..  I find it Ugly with a Capital U.01:54
jesusedsorry im im probblems01:54
EaxEEDr_Willis: Fair :P That's a matter of taste ;) What do you use instead?01:54
jesusedi cant start the x in ubuntu karmic01:54
jesusedin my laptop, after upgrade01:54
decoFlannel: oh than i think i also port forwared my router than in vsftp before because i remember i enabled port 22 in its config file so that ment anybody could login righ?01:54
EaxEEBejeezus: I'm learning it so that I can use it on my multi-monitor setup ^^01:55
jesusedany help please???01:55
Dr_WillisDoh.. i logged out of my vnc session.. and it loged me out of my actual X session also. :)01:55
Dr_Willisahh.. terminus looks MUCH better on a normal X desktop. instead of in the vnc dekstop01:55
Flanneldeco: Alright, then you may already be set up to do ftp01:56
EaxEEDr_Willis: XD Fair :P01:56
EaxEEDr_Willis: I really wouldn't know :P01:56
Dr_WillisEaxEE:  i tend to use bitstream vera sans mono roman in my Terminator windows..01:56
ElPatoCan anyone help me bridge two networks?01:56
decoFlannel: oh i thought i actually had to mess around with my router so just enabling port 22 etc.. is enough to forward a router right?01:56
Dr_Williswell EaxEE  good luck. I will be back laters.01:56
EaxEEDr_Willis: Okay :) Never really could get terminator to work could I >_<01:56
BejeezusI feel so happy, I'm finally installing UNR on my netbook!01:57
=== CharlieSheen is now known as Cotton
Cottonhi all01:58
Interphasehi cotton01:59
EaxEEDr_Willis: It's funny how different fonts also have different colors Oo01:59
Cottonhi.  I wan to get ubuntu, I am oviosly a n00b sowht is the best way of going about it?01:59
Cottonso what*  sorry, wireless keyboard01:59
EaxEECotton: Trying the LiveCD :)01:59
BejeezusCotton: Download a livecd image from http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download and try it out. If you like it you can install straight away.02:00
Cottoni tried asking on a forum and they were really mean.  they said they had my ip information and not to just come and ask questions.  Idk why ppl have to be so mean or threatening online.02:00
BejeezusYou'll need to know how to burn an iso file to a cd.02:00
Cottonthank you bejeezus!02:01
Cottoni don't, how do you do that?02:01
mr_spot_cotton: which forum told you that?02:01
Cottonit was one I googled and registered for02:02
BejeezusYou'll need cd burning software. If you're using Windows, Nero is popular. I believe there are also free ones available.02:02
Interphaseyou don't need nero02:02
fosawhich bash script is run at startup?02:03
Cottonimgburn is better?02:03
linuxguy2009Hey guys I have a WD MyPassport 250GB USB drive and i have it formatted as Fat32 so i dont have to fiddle with permissions each time I use it. I have all of my CDs ripped as FLAC for a master library and mp3 for ipod use and some fo the file names contain a colon ":" character and it looks like Fat32 doesnt support it. Is there any format I can format the drive that will support all the Linux supported characters but not have to deal wi02:03
pagefaultimgburn isn't 150 mb :) and it's free02:03
Interphasefosa, /etc/init.d/02:03
FlannelCotton, Bejeezus https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Standard%20installation02:03
fosathanks Interphase02:03
FlannelThat includes instructions on burning an ISO (and software)02:03
EaxEEDr_Willis: Thanks a lot for the help : Everything works now ^^ Have a nice evening/day/morning/fourthperoidoftheday :P Thanks a lot ^^02:03
Cottonthanks flannel!02:03
BejeezusFlannel: I thought I remembered a page like that existing, just couldn't remember where.02:03
fosaInterphase, which file ir?nthat di02:04
Interphasefosa, all of them02:04
Cottonsorry mr_spot_  idk what people can do with my ip address and I would rather just leave it alone anyways and move on.  Thanks for everyone being so kind here.02:04
Interphasefosa, are you looking to write your own script?02:04
fosaInterphase, yeah02:04
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bastidrazor how do i delete a user?02:05
quidnuncIs there a way to make firefox-3.5 default? Something like update-alternatives?02:05
kbrosnansystem > prefs > default app02:06
kbrosnanperfered app02:06
Flannelquidnunc: update-alternatives should be able to, yes.02:06
bastidrazorBejeezus, thanks02:06
linuxguy2009What do most people use for external hard drive file systems?02:06
linuxguy2009for linux use02:06
decolinuxguy2009: ext302:07
BejeezusIf I had one I guess I would use ext3.02:07
mr_spot_cotton: fair enough, some places are just full of jerks :(02:07
Cottonthanks mr spot02:07
quidnuncFlannel: I don't see it.02:08
SnakDoclinuxguy2009 i say ext3 cause 4 is not support by older kernels02:08
EaxEENight everyone ^_^02:08
quidnuncFlannel: update-alternatives --config firefox doesn't work02:08
Flannelquidnunc: x-www-browser02:08
linuxguy2009deco: I used to have it formatted to ext3 and I almost always had to use "gksudo nautilus" to do anything with it every time I used it. Is there a way to totally disable or remove permissions of files that are put on it so i dont have to use sudo?02:08
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as LesliePaige
Bejeezuschmod -R 77702:08
Bejeezusor chown it to your user02:09
=== LesliePaige is now known as MidsummerDawn
decolinuxguy2009: what Bejeezus  said02:09
linuxguy2009Yeah i figured. I got so tired of doing that before. Every darn time.02:09
pmarchwiakI'm having some issues with connecting to my company's VPN using NetworkManager. I can only access internal sites but nothing external. Can anyone give me some advice?02:09
Interphasefosa, write your script and save it there as (yournamehere).sh02:09
quidnuncFlannel: Thanks, that helps. But firefox still links to firefox-3.002:10
fosaInterphase, do i need to chmod it to something?02:10
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  that can be an issue with moving linux filesystems about. :) user id's can change and goof up ownership.02:10
Interphaseyou will also need to do 'update -rc (yournamehere).sh defaults'02:10
Interphasethat is what actually makes it run on startup02:10
decoDr_Willis: ah yes hehe it will be a nightmare if he tries to use it on a different pc02:11
Interphaseno wait 'update-rc.d'02:11
fosaInterphase, thanks ^^02:11
linuxguy2009Whats this reiserfs file system in gparted?02:11
linuxguy2009That any good?02:11
Dr_Willisdeco:  Been there.. done that.. had to teach several people at work what was going on.02:11
Bejeezuswell the guy who wrote it is in prison for murdering his wife so...02:11
razerblkis there a dvd to mp4 converter for ubuntu ?02:11
Scunizilinuxguy2009: I like it for sata drives.. but it's not readable by windows if that makes a difference02:11
fosaInterphase, so, 'update-rc.d fosa.sh defaults' ?02:11
decolinuxguy2009: the filesystem type doesn't matter it's ownership02:11
linuxguy2009razerblk: handbrake rules!02:11
Dr_Willisrazerblk:  there are 'dvd rip' ing tools yes.02:12
muzikrazerblk: vlc media player02:12
Dr_Willis!info dvdrip02:12
ubottudvdrip (source: dvdrip): perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:0.98.9-0.0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1386 kB, installed size 3088 kB02:12
Interphasesudo update-rc.d fosa.sh defaults02:12
razerblkthank you so so much !02:12
fosaInterphase,  and, sudo chmod 755 file.sh ?02:12
Interphasefosa, yes02:12
linuxguy2009Ok Ill just make fat32 friendly file names I suppose.02:13
* SCEA <3 you all02:13
fosaInterphase, thanks :)02:13
muzikrazerblk: sure.  it also plays nearly every type of bid02:13
Interphasereboot and tell me if it works02:13
Batmanifestdestiis it possible to get a free CD for the absolute minimum installation?02:13
InterphaseBatmanifestdesti, you could try this: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/02:14
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Batmanifestdestithis is, of course, assuming people can see my message through the flood of room entering and leaving ><02:14
BatmanifestdestiI don't want DSL02:14
BatmanifestdestiI want Ubuntu, but only with the terminal02:14
SCEAbat, you could remaster the iso02:14
Batmanifestdestiso that I can put IceWM on it02:15
Batmanifestdestibut still use sudo, since I like that format02:15
mr_spot_cotton: want to try that again? i couldn't see anything02:15
InterphaseLOL Batmanifestdesti, just use debian02:15
Batmanifestdestiis there a way to get absolute minimum as a free CD?02:15
muzikbatmanifest: there is a program in synaptic that allows you to custom make an ubuntu cd02:15
* SCEA loves muzik02:16
BatmanifestdestiI only have 1 6GB hard drive available for Linux ><02:16
SCEAbat, i use linux from my 512mb thumbdrive02:16
Batmanifestdestihm....I could do that02:16
Dr_WillisI got a 4gb flashdrive  with ubuntu in persistant save mode...02:16
Batmanifestdestibut then I would have to murder my puppy Linux02:16
=== LesliePaige is now known as MidsummerDawn
Dr_WillisI could put puppy alongside ubuntu on that flash drive if i wanted.02:17
Batmanifestdestibut then I would be torn between Puppy and Ubuntu XD02:17
muzikBatmanifestdestl: ubuntu is only 600meg.  It cab easily fit your space.02:17
Batmanifestdestiwait....is there a way to get Ubuntu onto the thumbdrive and ahve persstence?02:17
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  if my hardware can handle it.. i use Ubuntu.. if it is the old box's i use puppy.02:17
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  yes.. you can do a persistatn live-cd type setup on a flashdrive02:18
* SCEA is watching 'Bleach - Episode 226'02:18
BatmanifestdestiI might do that, because .pup files for good software are few and far between02:18
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  theres can be some quirks.. but its doable.. even doable from windows. following the pendrivelinux.org docs. (that works better for me then the usb-disk tool In ubuntu)02:18
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as MD|Away
Batmanifestdestieveryone seems to only make stuff for Ubuntu or Redhat, with the occasional Arch02:19
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  depends on the apps. :)02:19
* Batmanifestdesti had to do some web-digging to find a pup package for Wine02:19
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  im in #puppylinux right now.02:19
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  oh the huge-manatee of having to look for somthing! :)02:19
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  my del.icio.us homepage has a large list of puppy-links to pets.02:20
BatmanifestdestiI just like being able to download stuff instead of google searching and puppy forum searching for a version that works02:20
Batmanifestdestithen again, I could just make -install stuff, but I'm a bit of a noob02:20
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  as i said.. i use what the hardware can run. :)02:20
Batmanifestdestiwell, what would you reccomend for a computer that uses parts from 1993-1997?02:21
Batmanifestdestiand it's a gateway T_T02:21
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  go to #puppylinux - state the exact specs.. and see what we suggest.02:21
Batmanifestdestier, I'm not sure of the exact specs02:22
BatmanifestdestiI got this win98 from my friend02:22
HarkinsI have a 3rd-party package that requires libltdl3, but the package is now named libltdl7-dev. How do I tell dpkg that so I can install this 3rd-party package?02:22
Batmanifestdestiwith a pinked-out CRT02:22
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  use 'lspci' and   other tools from Ubuntu to discover them :)02:22
fosais gnome-terminal --geometry=X100Y100 the correct statement?02:22
Batmanifestdestiexcep that I don't have Ubuntu on there02:22
Dr_WillisHarkins:  the -dev package is for developing/compiling apps that use that lib.02:23
Batmanifestdestiin fact, I only have 98 and a blank HDD on that compy right now ><02:23
Batmanifestdestibut at least I got the bland HD for free! =D02:23
HarkinsDr_Willis: Yep, and http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=names&keywords=libltdl3 shows it's the package I need.02:23
Harkinsor... no, I'm misreading, that is the -dev.02:24
Dr_WillisHarkins:  it would be weird that an app would need a -dev file to 'run'02:24
lwizardlanyone here used a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router?02:24
HarkinsYeah, I was incorrect about that. I guess I don't know what libltdl3 is now provided by.02:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about watchdog02:24
Batmanifestdestioh my.  I use a Linksys, and that thing is so stubborn02:24
Dr_Willis!find libltdl02:24
ubottuFound: libltdl7, libltdl7-dev02:24
Dr_WillisHmm.. 7? is lobltd3 that old?02:25
kbpI run Ubuntu Server with X and in "top" there is a process called "watchdog". What is it actually? Thankyou (im new)02:25
Batmanifestdestimaybe I should just snoop around on pages till I find the right one for me02:25
BatmanifestdestiI love Puppy for USB booting, but I want something else for hard driving.02:25
portfogI need to install sata drivers for a SSD. Can anyone help?02:26
Dr_Willisfosa:  for xterm it would be '-geometry 80x24+30+200' or similer.. im not sure gnome-terminal even supports that option02:26
fosaDr_Willis, Ah!02:26
Dr_WillisBatmanifestdesti:  'tiny core linux' is also handy for small low end systems02:26
Dr_Willisfosa:  :)02:26
fosaDr_Willis, Thanks so much, the forums weren't saying anything about positions!02:27
Dr_Willisgnome-terminal -geometry 80x24+30+20002:27
Dr_WillisFailed to parse arguments: Unknown option -geometry02:27
FlannelBatmanifestdesti: Try DeLi Linux, but this is all offtopic for this chnnel02:27
fosatry --geometry02:27
Dr_Willisfosa:  aha - that worked.02:27
HarkinsDr_Willis: Ah, I see, the package is now just libltdl7, and this package requiring libltdl3 doesn't know it. Any idea how to tell that 7 meets its dependency?02:27
* ^Phantom^ gives Picle a Like-Like.02:27
Dr_Willisfosa:  gnome-terminal --help   is not too helpfull :)02:27
ProfessorXWhy do I get bash: ./configure: Permission denied?02:28
pmarchwiakI'm having some issues with connecting to my company's VPN using NetworkManager. I can only access internal sites but nothing external. Can anyone give me some advice?02:28
InterphaseProfessorX, SUDO02:28
Interphaseit gives you SUMO power02:28
Interphaseover you computer02:28
cl-newbMy trash icon has gone missing, how do I restore it?  It was in the lower right hand corner (gnome).02:28
ProfessorXInterphase: I already tried that02:28
ProfessorXsudo: ./configure: command not found02:28
portfogcl-newb right click the lower bar and select add to panel02:29
fosaDr_Willis, it's not, and it's reference to a 'X' man page threw me02:29
cl-newbprofessorx: is configure set to eXecutable?02:29
ProfessorXHow do I set it to executable?02:29
cl-newbchmod a+x file02:29
cl-newbsudo chmod a+x file02:29
cl-newbsudo chmod a+x configure02:30
ProfessorXWhich command line is it? you gave me three02:30
cl-newbthe last one02:30
portfogDoes anyone know how to make a LiveCD out of a custom kernel?02:30
=== billy is now known as smartasstronaut_
ProfessorXok thanks02:30
Flannelportfog: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization02:30
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decois openssh-server like or is a sftp host ?02:31
portfogFlannel would you be able to tell me how I can install or make changes to drivers?02:32
Flanneldeco: It's a SSH server, and SFTP goes through SSH, so it's also a SFTP server.02:32
Flannelportfog: That page describes it02:32
decoFlannel: oh understood02:33
portfogFlannel Thanks02:33
decoFlannel:  and i can connect to it with ftp i don't have to use for examply putty right?02:34
Flanneldeco: You'd connect to it through whatever FTP client you were using.  If you aren't currently using one, Filezilla is a good, entirely free one02:35
decoFlannel: just with an ip  right? no fancy publickeys etc..?02:36
Flanneldeco: Right.  Just like FTP02:36
decoFlannel:  oh wow than i have no reason to use ftp anymore :P02:36
decoFlannel: thanks for all your help02:36
WAVINCan someone help me installing OSS?02:36
abbazabbasilly question guys, i'm on 8.04 and whenever someone gives me a link via pidgin, it opens up as (http://www.%u.com/) in firefox...02:37
jpbaaohaving my monitor connected to my pci video card is keeping k/x/ubuntu from booting.  It boots fine attached to the factory output.  Model is nVidia GeForce 2MX02:37
abbazabbai downgraded the firefox to firefox 202:37
Radtooabbazabba: definitely sounds like your browser settings are wrong.02:39
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Radtooabbazabba: Check tools->preferences->browser and see if there's anything using %u instead of %s ...02:40
ctmjrWAVIN: go to oss4's web site they have a how too there02:41
biozitgood night02:41
jpbaaoAnyone have any ideas on my monitor boot issue?02:41
biozitwhere i can sugest i new feature to ubuntu ?02:41
abbazabbaRadtoo: will do hold up02:41
linuxguy2009Anyone feel liek walking me through what im doing wrong with an external newly formatted ext3 USB drive? Im using "gksudo nautilus and tried to make the drive mine instaed of roots.Nothing. Am i going to be forced to use gksudo nautilus every time I want to use the drive at all?02:42
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beenyboyzCan  anyone direct me to a chat that has info on Java install for ubuntu jaunty ? I have just gotten online with the laptop, Finally!!02:48
abbazabbaRadtoo: i don't have anything like that in my preferences02:48
swajbeenyboyz: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre ?02:48
beenyboyzIs Radtoo talking to beennyboyz ( me ) ?? I am new to chat.02:48
linuxguy2009uh yeah02:49
Picibeenyboyz: look for messages with your name prefixed02:49
beenyboyzokay . swaj says install command lline fasion with sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre . correct?02:49
swajbeenyboyz: yes02:50
Scunizi!java | beenyboyz02:50
ubottubeenyboyz: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:50
swajbeenyboyz: sun-java6-jre is a meta package that should get you up and running02:50
jonathancwHi is the alternative CD necessary to do a installation of Ubuntu on Raid?02:50
beenyboyzLooks simple enough. Great advice swaj. Thanks.02:50
BejeezusOn my Acer netbook there's a key with a picture of a little house. How would I bind that to run go-home-applet?02:51
beenyboyzAlso thanks Pici for the chat heads up.02:51
jonathancwAnyone with experience with raid?02:53
AndyTimThere's clearly a bug in bsdgames.  I was aboard the Battlestar, went in the small adjoining room behind me, and a woodland elf attacked me.02:54
AndyTimThat is certainly not true to the original.02:54
jpbaaoI am having problems booting k/x/ubuntu when the monitor is plugged into my nVidia GeForce 2 card, but it boots ok with the factory card...  any suggestions?  Thanks!02:55
decoFloops: when i try to connect to the openssh server with ftp it won't work but with sftp it does i thought any ftp could connect?02:55
decoFloops: also it asks me for a password which i have no idea what it is02:56
AndyTimdeco: SSH and FTP are different things.02:56
Bejeezussftp is ftp tunnelled over ssh02:56
AndyTimdeco: If you wish to connect to the server via FTP, the server must have an FTP service running.02:56
fosaaw.. my startup bash script didn't work02:56
decoAndyTim: so i can make it work with vsftp ?02:57
Bejeezusme, i just use netcat02:57
AndyTimdeco: I've never heard of vstftp, but if it's a normal FTP service, yes, you should run it.02:57
storm-zenTrying to set up samba in jaunty.  What does this mean?:  "If you are indeed using xinetd, you will have to convert the above into /etc/xinetd.conf format, and add it manually."  Or more to the point, how do I do this?  A mention is made of itox, which prints out nothing.02:57
storm-zenvsftp is a secure ftp client.02:58
decoAndyTim: oh ok yeah it is, so how do i make an ftp server in general work with openssh-server?02:58
storm-zensorry.. not client.02:58
AndyTimdeco: If vsftp means "Very Secure FTP" or somesuch, then it likely does sit behind SSH.02:58
Dr_WillisHmm.. when i full screen a flash video.. it fullscreens to the wrong monitor...02:58
Dr_Willisanyone seen a 'fix' for this annoyance?02:58
decoAndyTim: i never had openssh before i tried it,,,  so i don't know if it uses ssh by default02:58
storm-zenDr_Willis: I see that issue with games, as well.02:58
AndyTimdeco: The SSH password is the password of the user who you are trying to connect as.02:59
swajAndyTim: vsftpd is traditional ftp.  There is no SSH component.02:59
dante123must say I'm favourably impressed with Ubuntu Netbook Remix on dell mini 902:59
AndyTimswaj and storm-zen are in disagreement.02:59
decoswaj: how do i make it work with openssh-server?02:59
storm-zenAndyTim: Go with swaj.02:59
swajdeco: you don't need to.02:59
decoAndyTim: ah hehe02:59
decoswaj: why?02:59
swajdeco: if you're running openssh-server, then sftp is already on02:59
storm-zenI remember something about vsFtp, but not much.02:59
fosahttp://pastie.org/533818  <-- if i set chmod 755 on this file and also ran sudo update-rc file.sh defaults then would it run at boot time?03:00
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  not really seen it with games..  i guess some badly programmed games :)03:00
decoswaj: oh so just by having it installed all ftp servers are going through ssh?03:00
storm-zenDr_Willis: No, with 3D accelerated games.03:00
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BejeezusI just tried to join #ubuntu-offtopic and apparently I'm banned.03:00
BejeezusI find it surprising that I'm banned from a channel I've never visited.03:00
storm-zenIt's a monitor issue, not a gaming issue.03:00
swajdeco: short answer, if ssh is running, sftp is up.  There's no separate package.03:00
AndyTimdeco: Anyway, connect with the username and password of the user who owns the files you are trying to get.03:00
decoswaj: oh ok thank you03:00
swajdeco: if you want traditional ftp access, then something like proftpd or vsftpd would do that for you.03:00
AndyTimBejeezus: An elite private club, no doubt.03:00
storm-zen( Well, a driver issue.  Not a monitor issue. )03:01
decoAndyTim: ok thank you was a little bit thrown off that i never got a notice of choosing a password03:01
storm-zenMaybe I should leave... I seem to be too tired to be coherent.03:01
AndyTimdeco: On the server, you can set a password for a user with 'passwd'03:01
storm-zenAnyone set up samba on Jaunty?03:02
swajdeco: if password authentication is disabled, you might need to supply your private key to the SFTP client of your choice.03:02
AndyTimdeco: Or if you are root, you can set another user's password with 'passwd <user>', where <user> is the user's name.03:02
safruhanihi,could aero glass effect be used on linux ?03:03
kbpI'm running Ubuntu Server with Openbox & XOrg. What is the best power manager that gives me all features (cpu, ram control etc.)? Thank you03:03
beenyboyzanybody , where is the terminal window again. I have had it open before??03:03
Flannelsafruhani: Have you seen compiz-fusion?03:03
LadyNikonbeenyboyz: did you look in your systray?03:04
beenyboyzNever mind, found one.03:04
LadyNikonbeenyboyz: at the bottom of your screen ( or at the top if designed it)03:04
fosaoh, bash scripts don't need ;'s ?03:04
safruhaniFlannel: yes i use it, u say it's possible i think?03:04
beenyboyzWas in applications accessories!03:04
Flannelsafruhani: I'm saying that we've already got those style of effects.03:04
Caleb_Ubuntu_hapIm running ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and in firefox google and other  webpages only load partially. How can i fix this?03:04
Dulakfosa: in some places you need ;03:04
AndyTimNevermind.  When running 'battlestar' as root, you get an extremely high chance of running into random enemies.03:05
AndyTimRunning as a normal user works fine.03:05
Caleb_Ubuntu_hapOh yeah and pidgin doesnt work at all03:05
AndyTimMy bad.03:05
foo__When you set a desktop background where does it copy the image to?03:05
storm-zenI think that may have been misinformation.03:05
decothank you all have  bye03:05
Caleb_Ubuntu_hapI really need help03:06
Dr_Willisfoo__:  it dosent as far as ive noticed..03:06
jefincfoo__: it doesn't copy the image03:06
jonathancwDoes anyone have experience with installing ubuntu with raid03:06
foo__Didn't it used to, like remember when ubuntu has splash screens it would be like in the same directory wouldn't it? Maybe it changed since then?03:06
safruhaniFlannel: the windows are arranged one after other (possible on compiz?)03:06
Caleb_Ubuntu_hapIm running ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and in firefox google and other  webpages only load partially.Also , pidgin doesnt connect at all... How can i fix this?03:06
foo__Or it was like a sym link.03:07
Flannelsafruhani: What?03:08
jonathancwDoes anyone have experience with installing ubuntu with raid03:08
Flannelsafruhani: Oh, the 3D cascade thing?  I believe so, yes.03:08
jefincfoo__: splash screens are all stored in the /usr/shared I believe, but as far as desktop backgrounds it just links to the current location of the file, if the file is deleted/moved it is no longer viewable03:08
safruhaniFlannel: sorry for my english, like this:http://www.cagdaskorkut.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/aero1.jpg03:08
quesoCan someone help me get a driver working for an Edimax EW-7318USg as per this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7558563 ?03:08
Caleb_Ubuntu_hapStuff this...03:09
foo__jefinc: would the link be in the /usr/shared? Do you know where?03:09
Sinatraif anyone would happen to know how to download text messages from my Motorola Q to my desktop computer, please message me, this is very important.  I have found a copy of the vol.pim file on the phone if that helps.  Again, please /msg me if you can help!03:10
fosawhere is the desktop/gnome/background directory?03:10
FlatsIO have an ext USB WD drive that mounts fine in ubuntu however I want it to mount at startup. How do I go about that?03:10
Flannelsafruhani: I have no idea, I don't use it myself, but yes, I'm almost certain there's a plugin for that.03:10
foo__jefinc: The reason I ask is kinda strange. I wanna make it read only (r-r-r) so my sister can't change it!!03:10
safruhaniFlannel: i understood, thanks for help03:10
Dr_Willispoor caleb - left befor i could tell him Yahoo broke pidgin.03:10
Flannelsafruhani: You might try asking in #compiz03:10
jefincfoo__: not sure, but there is a /usr/share/backgrounds03:10
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foo__jefinc: Maybe if it moved the background changed application?!03:11
FlatsI tried /dev/sdb1 /media/WD250 auto rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 0 in FStab03:11
Flatsbut no luck03:11
coleysHow do I uninstall unetbootin from flash drive? Just delete the files...?03:11
mr_spot_Flats: get rid of "noauto" in that list, it means "don't automatically mount at startup"03:12
jefincfoo__: I'm not 100% sure but I think there is a way to set it to require a password03:12
Dr_Williscoleys:  unetbootin just copies a lot of files to the flash drive and a boot loader (syslinux) i recall...03:12
foo__jefinc: My sister will stop at nothing to change the wallpaper...03:12
Dr_Williscoleys:  delete the files.. or reformat it.03:12
Gobbleshello all03:12
coleysDr_Willis: Ahh, figured. thanks =)03:12
jefincfoo__: not sure what to do there, sorry03:12
Bejeezusgive your sister her own accoutn03:12
Bejeezuslet her change her own wallpaper to her heart's content03:13
foo__jefinc: np, I'll figure it out.03:13
Flatsnice. Thanks but I still can't mount it now. I think it has something to do with the /media/WD250 What should be where the Wd250 is? I just made that up03:13
mr_spot_Flats: make an empty directory there03:13
|F5|hu totalgamer1403:13
Flatsempty? Not sure I understand sure03:14
Flanneltotalgamer14: What can we help you with today?03:14
|F5|is a serial?03:14
Dr_WillisFlats:  that directory Must exist  befor you try mounting.. and case is Imporntant03:14
|F5|some girl?03:14
FlatsJust make a WD250 directory on the external drive?03:14
Dr_WillisFlats:  the MOUNT POINT diretory must exist..03:15
coldheadmy kernel has just been upgraded to a new version. whats a good source for information on what's new?03:15
Dr_WillisFlats:  /media/WHATEVER is the mount point.03:15
GobblesAnyone around that can help with a pcmcia network driver?  I would appreciate it03:15
FlatsSorry little new at t his. I want to use the whole drive so do I just make a WD250 directory on the root of the HD?03:15
Dr_WillisFlats:  No.. you are failing to understand the basics.. you 'mount' a filesystem to a 'mountpoint' the filesystem then 'appears' at that mountpoint03:16
mr_spot_Flats: no, you make the directory on your hard drive. run "sudo mkdir /media/WD250"03:16
Dr_WillisFlats:  so the directory /media/wd250 must exist befor you try that mount /dev/whatever /media/wd250 command.03:16
mr_spot_Flats: as in, the one you installed ubuntu onto03:16
FlatsOh Ok. think I got it BRB03:16
Dr_Willis!mount | Flats03:16
ubottuFlats: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:16
beenyboyzHelp please. How to escape back to terminal when you have opened a man page(s) in terminal window? Won't let me out without starting a new one?03:17
fosawhere is the background picture currently used as the desktop stored?03:17
GobblesI have a xircom rbem56g pcmcia network/modem card in an old laptop that I want to run ubuntu server on, but ubuntu doesn't recognize it.  Is there a way to fix this?03:17
Dr_Willisbeenyboyz:  you are using the 'less' text viewer.. q = quit.03:17
Dr_Willisbeenyboyz:  man less for more info. :)03:18
Zopiacdoes skype use up a ton of CPU for anyone else?03:18
Zopiacit is perpetually maxing out one of my cores03:18
djznhello... need big help here!!! I was doing an system update, and it wanted to *change menu.lst* - at the time I told it to *keep current file unchanged*... but my kernel did not get updated... now I need to know the command to go back to that screen, so that it can generate the kernel entry in grub with proper UUID... help!03:18
ehazlettdjzn: run sudo update-grub03:19
jonathancwHi, does anyone have knowledge using raid and installing Ubuntu on it03:19
TuxedoBondWill the Minimal CD also install the full range of apps Ubuntu normally comes with?03:19
Dr_WillisTuxedoBond:  it will not 'include' them - but they can be installed afterwardz03:19
TuxedoBondI want to install Ubuntu with out the extra productivity apps.03:19
djznenhazlett: it does not work.... no new kernel entry is added to menu.lst, and no uuid number03:20
gemilanghello all. need help. where i can download small game for my ubuntu which not always have internet connection?03:20
djznenhazlett: the graph screen that comes up when that happens, which command is that?03:20
jonathancwHi, does anyone have knowledge using raid and installing Ubuntu on it03:20
JStullickjonathancw: Well, what type of RAID?03:21
storm-zenWhat is your issue, jonathancw?03:21
jonathancwMy issue is this, I have the Ubuntu live cd03:21
gemilanghello all. need help. where i can download small game for my ubuntu 9.04 which not always have internet connection?03:22
storm-zenYou may need an alternate CD.03:22
djznyou know when you update the kernel... through system updates, there comes a screen UI asking what to do with MENU.LST... i need to run *THAT*...which command is it03:22
jonathancwWhen I go to install--it tells me it completes (mind you I had Vista on the system prior).  When the pc reboots, it trys to go to windows repair03:22
storm-zenOh.  What does that have to do with raid?03:22
jonathancwStorm, I was thinking that aswell.  Unfortunately lol..03:22
coldheadwhere is a good source of information on the latest ubuntu kernel releases?03:22
jonathancwIt's not actually doing grub..03:22
GobblesI have a xircom rbem56g pcmcia network/modem card in an old laptop that I want to run ubuntu server on, but ubuntu doesn't recognize it.  Is there a way to fix this?03:22
ehazlettdjzn: that is the dpkg configuration screen03:23
coldheaddo the kernel packages have official web pages?03:23
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djznehazlett: yes!! dpkg configuration screen.. which one is it for update menu lst?03:23
jonathancwstorm-zen: it acts like it doest even see the new installation of ubuntu hehe03:23
storm-zenjonathancw: Did you install grub to the MBR during install?03:23
storm-zenHow many drives?03:23
gemilangneed help, where i can download small game for my ubuntu 9.04 which not always have internet connection?03:23
storm-zen( do you have in that PC? )03:23
jonathancwstorm-zen: 2, 500 gb hard drives03:23
ehazlettdjzn: try dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-<version>03:24
storm-zenhmm.  Maybe a look at what happened might help.  Google gparted.03:24
ehazlettdjzn: whichever kernel you installed03:24
storm-zenThe liveCD will let you look at the drives on your system to try to determined what happened.03:24
Dr_Willisgemilang:  theres a great many games in the package manager..  Unless i am missunderstanding the question03:24
storm-zenIt almost sounds like the wrong drive is being used during boot, or something like that...03:25
jonathancwthats what i was thinking03:25
Zopiacdoes skype use up a ton of CPU for anyone else?03:25
cdennyright now I am using windows 7, when I try to stream divx through firefox3 or IE7 fullscreen it gets choppy, does ubuntu do divx well>03:25
Dr_WillisZopiac:  if we all answer. 'no' will it matter? :) check thee forums perhaps?03:25
cdennybtw I have a powerful computer03:25
djznehazlett: I don't get the graph screen03:26
Dr_Williscdenny:  i have no issues with Divx or other videos on my linux box's03:26
storm-zenjonathancw: If that is the case, you may be able to switch the boot drive in your BIOS.03:27
cdennyDr_Willis: even fullscreen?03:27
FlatsOk not I',m getting it. However I have to do sudo mount /media/WD250 will that still work in fstab. Even though manually I have to use sudo03:27
Dr_Williscdenny:  I play videos fine.03:27
djznehazlett: Not updating initrd symbolic links since we are being updated/reinstalled03:27
djzn(2.6.28-13.45 was configured last, according to dpkg)03:27
GobblesI have a xircom rbem56g pcmcia network/modem card in an old laptop that I want to run ubuntu server on, but ubuntu doesn't recognize it.  Is there a way to fix this?03:27
Dr_Williscdenny:  now if you are refering to a FLASH issue.. thats not the same as divx issues...03:27
cdennyDr_Willis: nope streaming divx, like stage603:27
Dr_Williscdenny:  watching divx from justin.tv right now. no problems.03:28
cdennyis ubuntu the best for that or is there a media specific distro?03:28
ehazlettdjzn: the only other thing i can recommend it to reinstall the package with apt-get install --reinstall to get the configuration...03:28
cdennyI can dual boot so I just need something to watch divx streams on03:28
Dr_Williscdenny:  try it and see i guess. ive never seen a 'media specic disrto' other then the GeexBox media player-disrto.03:28
djznalready done that03:29
djznit won't bring that screen back03:29
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ehazlettdjzn: did you remove the package?03:29
nasrullahmy pidgin cannot open ,ur help pls03:29
djznehazlett: no i didn't.. should I?03:29
ehazlettdjzn: that might do it03:29
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djznehazlett: i will try03:29
TecnaI have a friend on the phone whose "sudo ifdown eth0" is returning "eth0 not configured"03:30
ehazlettTecna: is eth0 the device?  (not eth1, etc.)03:31
nasrullahpls help me to fix my pidgin03:31
Rolandanyone know how long CLAM builds?03:31
Dr_Willisnasrullah:  you mean it dosent run? or dosent work/connect? give the channel details.03:32
nasrullahit does n't run03:32
Dr_Willisnasrullah:  open a terminal, try running it via command line.. look for error messages03:32
Tecnaehazlett: yes its eth003:32
GobblesI have a xircom rbem56g pcmcia network/modem card in an old laptop that I want to run ubuntu server on, but ubuntu doesn't recognize it.  Is there a way to fix this?03:32
coldheadnasrullah: the command to run pidgin from the terminal is: pidgin03:33
ehazlettTecna: what are you trying to do?03:33
KillGorackhey, I know this is a simple one.. how do I get a DVD to play?03:33
nasrullahok i will try it03:33
quesoa config script I am running wants the Linux kernal source directory (/usr/src/linux-2.6.28-13-generic).  Is there a way to get this as a package?03:33
Tecnatrying to get her interrnet working03:33
nasrullahthank you dr willis03:33
Dr_WillisGobbles:  you may need to manually load the proper pcmcia modules for it. Or it may be unsupported by linux. with some luck google may give a clue as to if its even supported at all.03:33
coldheadKillGorack: you have to install codecs that aren't shipped with Ubuntu03:33
ehazlettTecna:  is she running the desktop version (network manager)?03:33
nasrullahwhich external dvd drive is good for ubuntu jaunty03:34
KillGorackaight.. is that something that can be done?03:34
Dr_Willisnasrullah:  most any externasl usb optical drive should work.03:34
coldheadKillGorack: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/03:34
nasrullahthank you03:34
Tecnaehazlett: Not sure.  she screwed around and installed xfce, so I'm not sure what's different03:34
ScuniziKillGorack: also enable the medibuntu repos for the libdvdss (or something like that).. it's the codec for watching dvd's03:35
ehazlettTecna: do sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:35
Scunizi!medibuntu | KillGorack03:35
ubottuKillGorack: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:35
Gobblesdr_willis:  Thank you, I have run DSL/Puppy and others on it and it works, ubuntu is actually the only distro I tried that hasn't worked, I have googled around for it but have not found any info on what I need to do.  Do I need to enable pcmcia modules that are already in ubuntu, or will I probably need to download something extra03:35
Tecnaehazlett: I think we got03:35
ehazlettTecna: cool03:35
Dr_WillisGobbles:  see what modules are loaded in the disrtos it works on.. try loading them by hand on the ubuntu system.03:36
Dr_WillisGobbles:  the fact that it works on some of them.. is a good sign03:36
Gobblesdr:  Ok I will try to figure out what is loading on dsl, kind of flying blind with linux on some things :)03:37
Dr_WillisGobbles:  compare lsmod command output. :)03:37
Gobblesdr: thank you, will do03:38
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perlnovicewhu ubuntu?03:39
perlnovicewhy ubuntu?03:39
SmoKeyCastleHi all, I am trying to configure kismet on ubuntu, i am running into a little problem. with the declaration: source=sourcetype,interface,name[,initialchannel] What should go where. with interface i am guessing it should be wlan0 but i dont know what to call the source?03:40
quesosudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` will get me kernel headers, but I need the source files.  is there a package for the source?03:40
coldheadubuntu is maximum useability with minimal effort and maximal support03:40
sebsebsebperlnovice: ,because Ubuntu is a good Linux  distribution to start with03:41
Caleb_I need help with ubuntu. When i go into pidgin it doesnt connect properly even though i can easily surf the internet on firefox. Also when i try to update the repository information it says OK and like 4 fails and another downloading... Im using jaunty03:41
ScuniziCaleb_: doesn't connect properly to .. let me guess.. yahoo?03:42
Caleb_Scunizl:No irc and msn03:42
Caleb_Yahoo is... SUCK03:43
ScuniziCaleb_: ok. that's strange.. as for the repos.. you can have synaptic search for the best server for your location.03:43
Tecnaehazlett: the problem is not with the computer at all, it's the isp or the modem they provided.  she's calling them now03:43
Caleb_Ok how do i fix pidgin?03:43
ehazlettTecna:  gotcha03:43
gamepocketscan anyone help with formating an external hd that keeps saying an error occured during process??03:44
TecnaCaleb_: join #pidgin.03:44
Caleb_is synaptic add/remove?03:44
JorgeJorgessonI don't seem to have sound in Flash programs in Firefox....is there something I'm missing?03:44
ScuniziCaleb_: no.. System/Admin/Synaptic Package Manager03:45
FloodBot2helg18: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
Dr_WillisCaleb_:  add/remove is a dummbed down/crippled 'shadow of a program' that is a front end to the apt-get pacnage manager system..  Synaptic is the big boy tool to use  :)03:45
Scunizi!es | helg1803:45
ubottuhelg18: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:45
SmoKeyCastleHi all, I am trying to configure kismet on ubuntu, i am running into a little problem. with the declaration: source=sourcetype,interface,name[,initialchannel] What should go where. with interface i am guessing it should be wlan0 but i dont know what to call the source?03:45
quesoIf I have Linux 2.6.28-13-generic will the linux-source package be the source for my version of the OS?03:46
somethingelsehey, when firefox 3.5 is cleared, will it be added as an upgrade to the existing browser in 9.04?03:46
Flannel!kernel | queso03:46
ubottuqueso: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages03:46
sammyFDr_Willis: I thought it was "./configure & make & sudo make install" :P03:46
Flannelsomethingelse: No.  There's a separate 3.5 package (currently being the beta version)03:46
somethingelseFlannel, I saw that, so that package will be updated then?03:46
ehazlettqueso: sudo apt-get source linux-image-<version>03:47
Flannelsomethingelse: Yes03:47
Dr_WillissammyF:  we all know the ultimate command is apt-get moo03:47
somethingelsegotcha, okay, thanks03:47
quidnuncsomethingelse: It is in jaunty-proposed now03:47
quesoehazlett: will that install the source in /usr/src/linux-<version>  ?03:47
quidnuncsomethingelse: If you want it now add jaunty-proposed repo.03:47
Caleb_Is the australia ubuntu server the fastest for australia?03:47
PiciSmoKeyCastle: zless /usr/share/doc/kismet/README.gz  should give you enough info for picking the sourcetype based on what your wireless card is.  I believe  the 'name' field is anything you want03:47
ScuniziCaleb_: when editing the msn connection on pidgin go to the advanced tab and verify the following.... Server=messenger.hotmail.com.. port=1863... Http method server=gateway.messenger.hotmail.com ... and Proxy type = Use Gnome Proxy Settings03:48
sammyFdoes btnx run in Jaunty?03:48
ehazlettqueso: no you will have to move it there yourself03:48
SmoKeyCastlethanks pici03:48
somethingelsequidnunc, ok, thanks a lot03:48
ehazlettqueso: but that's the source03:48
Dreadcan anyone tell me if sudo allows you to specify the password as a parameter?03:48
quesoehazlett: great!  thanks.  do you know where that will by default install it so I can find it to move it?03:48
FlannelDread: What are you trying to accomplish?03:48
ScuniziDread: sudo prompts for your user password for admin privildges03:48
ehazlettqueso: in your current directory03:49
Dr_WillisDread:  that would be a big security loophole03:49
quesoehazlett: great, thanks again.  I'll give it a shot. :)03:49
Dreadis that a no then?03:49
ehazlettqueso: sure, np03:49
FlannelDread: What are you trying to accomplish?03:49
DreadFlannel, im trying to get sudo to take the password as a parameter03:49
helg18how to connect to #ubuntu-es??03:49
helg18how to connect to #ubuntu-es??03:50
quidnunchelg18: /join #ubuntu-es03:50
sammyFDread: logging in as administrator is NEVER a good idea03:50
FlannelDread: That's not an accomplishment in itself, what are you hoping to do by doing that?03:50
Dr_Willishelg18:  i can click on the #whatever  name and join it :)03:50
Tecnahelg18: "/join #ubuntu-es"03:50
nellmathewFlannel: i'm guessing he doesn't want to wait for  "enter a password" prompts, Dread ever consider adding yourself to sudoers?03:50
Dreadok guys, not looking for a lecture, im totally aware of the security concerns, im just looking for an answer03:51
Flannelnellmathew: He could be doing a number of htings03:51
FlannelDread: I'm not trying to lecture you, I'm trying to solve your problem.  What are you trying to do?03:51
nellmathewDread, just explain why EXACTLY you want to be able to do this? What's the purpose?03:51
blzI seem to have a codec problem:  I'm trying to play a quicktime format audio stream from a website -- firefox prompted me to install gecko media player and I did so, but when I refreshed the page, the mplayer controls show up (embedded) but it won't play the stream.  what gives?03:52
ufdanyone using vlc video player03:52
Scuniziblz: try restarting FF03:52
blzScunizi:  I did already03:52
Scuniziufd: lots of us.. what's the question03:53
ufddoes it run ok on the 90403:53
ufdi wasa just curious03:53
ehazlettDread: check out the NOPASSWD option in for sudo  (/etc/sudoers)03:53
Scuniziufd: sure03:53
ufdthanks scunizi03:53
blzhere's the site, if it helps:  http://www.good-ear.com/servlet/EarTrainer?chap=1&menu=203:53
sammyFufd: it does03:53
Dreadehazlett, i need to be able to use the password03:54
Dreadnot have a non-passworded user03:54
FlannelDread: Again, What are you trying to accomplish?  We cannot help you if you refuse to be helped.03:54
ehazlettlike Flannel said, you will need to tell us what you are trying to make happen03:54
Dreadi've stated this twice already03:54
aXeusIs there a LAMP package for Jaunty?03:55
FlannelDread: No, you've stated what you're trying to do to solve the problem, but not what the problem is.03:55
Flannel!lamp | aXeus03:55
ubottuaXeus: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:55
ehazlettDread: stating that you want to pass an argument at a program is not an option -- sudo doesn't allow that03:55
aXeusFlannel: Thanks.03:55
ScuniziaXeus: yes.. in synatpic choose "install by Task"03:55
PiciDread: i.e: if you're trying to schedule a script, there are better ways than passing a password to sudo03:55
Dreadehazlett, that was an answer, thank you03:55
blzThe stream is in .mid format -- I assume that's quicktime because I checked on a windows machine.  Is there a codec in the repositories I can download?03:55
sammyFanybody knows whether btnx runs in jaunty?03:55
Dr_Willis!info btnx03:56
ubottubtnx (source: btnx): daemon for rerouting mouse button events. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.11-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 20 kB, installed size 120 kB03:56
JorgeJorgessonI have no sound in Flash...is there a fix for this?03:56
Dr_WillissammyF:  try it and see?03:56
KhisanthDread: you could probably do it with expect :)03:56
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:57
sammyFDr_Willis: shame on me. didn't even think to check synaptics. last time I installed it I compiled it03:57
Dr_WillissammyF:  its been the repos for the last few releses ive thought.03:58
sammyFDr_Willis: yep. but I didn't do any reinstall for 3 release or something03:58
sammyFDr_Willis: anyway. thanks :)03:58
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blzquicktime audio on jaunty?  anybody?03:59
JorgeJorgessonOk, I will try it in XP to make sure it works03:59
Dr_Willisblz:  last i checked '.mid' was for midi music...04:00
Dr_Willisblz:  whats the url to the stream?04:00
blzDr_Willis:  that's interesting... is there a codec for that?04:00
blzDr_Willis:  http://www.good-ear.com/servlet/EarTrainer?chap=1&menu=104:01
blzthat's the website04:01
Dr_Willisblz:  midi is not a 'codec' :) its a file format.04:01
blzthe stream is, /A42376257FBB61EB61373B0E490687B4_2.mid04:01
Dr_Willisblz:  that url you gave plays fine hwer for me..04:01
blzDr_Willis:  right. but is there a codec i need to install to play midi files?04:01
Dr_Willisblz:  its not a midi file.04:01
Dr_Willisim listinng to it now..04:02
blzWhat player are you using?04:02
blzand what plugin? are you on FF?04:02
Dr_Willisusing firefox.. and nothing special installed...04:02
Dr_Willisblz:  oh wait.. :) that was a DIFFERNET firefox tab making noise.. My mistake...04:03
xTheGoat121xI've got a problem with eeebuntu, but no one seems to be awake in their room... maybe someone in here can give some guidance?04:03
blzhahaha i've done that...04:03
JorgeJorgessonOk, works under XP, just not Ubuntu 9.04 and Firefox04:03
xTheGoat121xMy *buntu installation on my netbook goes to a blank screen after login.04:03
Dr_Willisblz:   testing the mplayer plugin for firefox.. lets see if it does somthing.04:04
aXeusLAMP installed and configured.04:04
aXeusThanks guys.04:04
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blzDr_Willis:  I tried both and recieved fail04:05
Dr_Willisblz:  from what i am reading that site just does simple tunes/rythms - so yes the sound very well could be 'midi' files04:05
blzyeah, that's correct04:05
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blzUbuntuforums suggests totem-mozilla, so I'm going to test that real quick04:06
Curly_QHello there folks. I am migrating from Red Hat 9 to Ubuntu. Will the line commands work in Ubuntu as it does in RH9?04:06
blzalready installed... fail04:06
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=== Guest39089 is now known as Gomer461
reduzany guides to remove pulseaudio sanely?04:07
laymansnerdCurly_Q: yes04:07
reduzi removed it, now my sound doesn't work04:07
=== TheQ_ is now known as TheQ
Curly_QLaymansnerd, just curious, does Ubuntu have the GUI <lokkit> firewall as RH?04:08
jonathancwHi, how do you remove gnome and install kde?04:08
blzDr_Willis:  any luck?04:08
bastidrazor!purekde | jonathancw04:08
ubottujonathancw: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »04:08
kbpPeople say we shouldn't install GUI on Ubuntu Server. Despite from the server resource reason, is there any other reason? Is X not secure enough to be on net?04:09
Dr_Willisblz:  nope. i cant recall any web wites that ever used midi format befor either...04:09
sammyFjonathancw: alternatively, you can keep gnome and install KDE beside it. you can switch between environment on the gdm04:09
Dr_Willisblz:  no idea if mplayer can even play midi. theres tons of other midi players in the repos.. but ive never seen a firefox plugin for midi04:09
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
blzDr_Willis:  yeah, not exactly common.  I'll start an ubuntuforums thread, thanks for your help though04:09
jonathancwcan you have an option to run Gnome or KDE?04:09
jonathancwhow would i do that sammy04:09
Dr_Willisjonathancw:  the login screen has a menu to pick what desktop to use04:10
ubottuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo04:10
Dr_Willisjonathancw:  those linux guys think of everything :)04:10
Curly_QMy other wonder is that I know that KDE uses less resources than GNOME. Has there been any improvements with Gnome in that respect?04:10
jonathancwhow would i install kde04:10
sammyFjonathancw: select it in synaptics04:10
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  ive never seen that  statement befor.. KDE seems to use more for me then gnome...04:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mid04:10
blz!midi stream04:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about midi stream04:11
bastidrazorjonathancw, follow that link except the removing of ubuntu-desktop04:11
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.04:11
JorgeJorgessonSo, nothing on sound and Flash in firefox?04:11
jonathancwbastidrazor ty04:11
laymansnerdCurly_Q lokkit isn't in the ubuntu repos but there is a good deal of firewall guis...i've heard shorewall is good.....and i find better performance on my machine with gnome04:11
blzman i just got beat at my own game by a robot...04:11
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:   i think the flash wiki page has some troublshooting tips.04:11
Curly_QLaymansnerd, thanks. Good answer. Dr Willis, thanks for your experience. I always did like Gnome.04:12
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: what address?04:12
jonathancwty sammyF04:12
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:12
laymansnerdno problemo :-)04:12
sammyFjonathancw: seriously do not remove gnome if you can. KDE4 is perhaps not really what you expect04:12
sammyFjonathancw: thus the "keep both" option04:13
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: I have Flash installed.  No sound though04:13
laymansnerdlots of issues....sammyF is right04:13
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  there are known Flash/audio issues..  check the troubleshooting tips perhaps?04:13
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: I understand, where?04:14
laymansnerdit seems a little better in the karmic koala release though....running it in a virtualbox and it's pretty smooth04:14
laymansnerdexcept i can't get my addons to work correctly :-\04:14
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  none at the link the bot just gave?  i think ive seen info there..04:14
Curly_QA few more questions. One is: Has anyone here used Ubuntu as a video server or a streaming audio or video server?04:14
xTheGoat121xOkay, I have a bit more info on my problem.04:15
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: no, none of the same symptoms.  I just have no sound.04:16
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
Curly_QThat would bring me to another question: Is Ubuntu compatible with FLASH streaming .flv and so on?04:16
xTheGoat121xdmesg gives me a warning about [drm:i915] issues all over the place... and I have no idea how to correct it04:16
sammyFCurly_Q: yes. to the extent that Adobe's closed source plugin works04:16
sammyFCurly_Q: for videos it seems to work fine04:17
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  most of the issues with flash.. are.. well.. adobes fault to a large degree it seems...04:18
Curly_QSammyF are there alternative Open Source compatible stuff that rivals Adobe?04:18
sammyFCurly_Q: let me put my asbestos suit on first04:18
sammyFCurly_Q: HTML5 might be a solution04:18
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: thanks.....way too much modifications to do to all my machines.  Thanks though.04:19
sammyFCurly_Q: but Adobe created/ended in a monopolistic position when it comes to content rich media or whatever it's called04:19
Curly_QI have been pounding the pavement on a few ideas. I am trying to work on setting up an internet TV and Radio streaming studio for my School.04:20
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  i have no flash/sound issues on my 5 machines..  I do know theres a package or 2 to try to get flash/audio working better.04:20
sammyFCurly_Q: and sadly, nobody ever read or saw spiderman at Adobe's headwquarter, so the whole "with great power comes great responsability (toward LInux Users)" went past them04:20
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: I will take it back to XP on those machines that require sound with Flash04:20
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  check the package manager/forums - i recall some  simple package you might want to isntall to see if it works.04:21
DulakJorgeJorgesson: well the alternative is to run windows in a virtual machine for the flash+sound maybe?04:21
Mitchell_hi, im trying to setup a 9.04 kvm server with pci passtrough, everything is working fine except the pci passtrough, i keep getting this error: http://pastebin.com/m2d4e42ae , seems to me like its missing the pci_stub driver?, now ive googled that this seems to be included in the 2.6.29 kernel, does that mean pci passtrough is not supported on 2.6.28? or am i not seeing anything else?04:21
JorgeJorgessonnah, they all have windows pre-installed04:21
JorgeJorgessonI will try ubuntu on those machines again when it gets the sound working.04:23
ratshellI have a question in firefox or virtualbox xp internet explorer either one when a DNS needs too be resolved it TAKES a while it like hangs before loading...yet other computers on the network running XP work just fine load pages fast and dual booting this computer too XP loads pages fast..its like a DNS resolve issue in Ubuntu any suggestions?04:23
Curly_QThe only problem that I dread is that when servers use VMWare and the like, there is what is called: "Single Point of Failure" Which means that if one thing goes wrong, then, everything else is taken down simultaneously.04:23
ehazlettCurly_Q: that's why you build highly available redundant clusters04:23
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  you mean when adobe gets its flash sound working? :)04:24
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: yup04:24
Curly_QGood point Ehazlett.04:24
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:   i will repeate. there is some 'flash-sound compatiabilty' type package that some people require.. but  i dont know its name.04:25
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: my client doesn't care if it is Ubuntu or adobe.  Ubuntu will not play Flash audio.  Plain and simple problem.04:25
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, so your flash won't play audio right?04:26
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, in firefox?04:26
JorgeJorgessonratshell: correct....on all machines04:26
gsrI ran the "check hard drives" option on the ubuntu 9.04 live CD, and it reported there was an error (but didn't say what).  How can I run this check from the command line?  both fsck and e2fsck don't report any errors (but the install CD reports I/O errors when trying to install ubuntu).04:26
JorgeJorgessonratshell: yes, firefox04:27
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, which version of flash?04:27
asyncgsr - sounds like you have erros04:28
* Dr_Willis googles for ubuntu flash sound problem and gets a few hits.. one of which mentions....04:28
Dr_Willis$ sudo apt-get install libflashsupport04:28
sammyFJorgeJorgesson: the sound files at freesound.org all play well for me, even multiple ones at the same time. And I'm rather sure it's flash audio04:28
Dulakyeah I get audio in youtube and hulu videos with no problems04:28
asyncgsr - sounds like you have errors on the CD itself. Maybe a burn error or something04:28
sammyFsorry ... wrong windows04:29
Dr_Willissome people seem tofix flash issues with -->   $ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound04:29
gsrasync: hmm, ok.  ill reburn it and try again.  Maybe tomorrow, I've been fighting with grub for the last 4 hours04:29
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, do you have libflashsupport installed?04:30
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: no such package04:31
JorgeJorgessonratshell: package errors04:31
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, okay hmmmm04:31
mobi-sheep!info fluxbox04:32
mobi-sheep!info blackbox04:32
ubottufluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1 (jaunty), package size 1306 kB, installed size 4176 kB04:32
ubottublackbox (source: blackbox): Window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70.1-2.2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 235 kB, installed size 724 kB04:32
adantehi guys, is there an up to date guide anywhere for transferring an ubuntu install to another hard drive?04:32
Scuniziadante: just clone it ..use clonezilla or partimage04:33
JorgeJorgessonratshell: no worries, I'll take them back to XP04:34
Dr_Willistroubleshooting sound flash issues -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113038404:34
adanteScunizi: the drives are also part of a mirror raid setup, any idea if this will complicate things at all?04:34
Dr_Willisseems flash may be sending sound to the wrong devvice.04:34
Scuniziadante: ouch.. that I can't answer.. I have no experience with raid04:35
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: no worries....Linux cannot solve all problems!04:35
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  expecially problems that come from closed source software04:36
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, don't go yet there still might be a fix lol04:36
thinkertinkeranyone can help why my gprs internet connection is slow??04:36
JorgeJorgessonratshell: I've googled and the fixes are very complicated and based on hardware.04:36
XerranHello all04:37
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  there proberly is a fix..  but if you want to give up.. go ahead..    Ill stick with linux.  the fixs ive been seeing are normally simple.04:37
JorgeJorgessonratshell: no simple generic solution04:37
JorgeJorgessonDr_Willis: I'll stick with Linux as well....just my clients04:37
Xerrancould someone please explain how i can install an application?04:38
k_grahamI have used www.Clonezilla.org ID s program but on our Mirrored linux SME server it was doing sector by sector copy as image much slower04:38
AdolaI want to copy the top 100 number of played tracks from Amarok to a folder via fileshare..04:38
Adolahow can I go about doing that?04:38
ScuniziXerran: what do you want to instsall?04:38
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, I remember I had the no sound in flash a while back just trying too think of what I did too fix it..curious what version of Ubuntu?04:38
Dr_WillisXerran:  depends on the app. :) 'sudo apt-get install cowsay' for example will install 'cowsay'04:38
JorgeJorgessonratshell: 9.04 across the board04:38
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, 64 or 32?04:39
JorgeJorgessonratshell: all 3204:39
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, how did you install flash?04:40
=== nine__ is now known as ninininininine
JorgeJorgessonratshell: default with Ubuntu 9.0404:40
JorgeJorgessonratshell: all are default 9.04 installs from the CD04:41
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  default? huh?  what package did you install for flash support?04:41
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, I didn't think it was default I thought you had too install flashplugin-nonefree04:42
hiepDr_Willis: Redhat linux 10 <=> fedora 10 ?04:42
Dr_WillisI normally install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package to get flash working.04:42
Dr_Willishiep:  no idea. I dont do redhat/fedora..04:42
arkham618Hi all. Anybody have time to answer a quick question?04:42
hiepRedhat linux 10 <=> fedora 10 ?04:42
JorgeJorgessonyou guys could be right.....all wireless and stuff installed sort of by default04:42
JorgeJorgessonI just let it rip04:42
Dr_Willishiep:  perhaps ask in #redhat04:42
adanteScunizi: righto,  cheers04:43
Dr_WillisJorgeJorgesson:  theres no flash plugin installed by default. You can install ubuntu-restricted-extras that will install flash and java and other parts. or install the specific flash package that downloads/installs flash from the adobe site.04:43
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, Okay try this JorgeJorgesson uninstall the flashplugin-nonfree and install flash this way and see if it fixes it.....http://newtoubuntu.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/ubuntu-904-no-sound-with-flash-videos/04:43
arkham618All right, I'll just ask then and see if someone bites. I have Jaunty installed on a Jetbook and my HDD light is blinking every second, on the second, like clockwork. Can't figure out what's accessing the drive with that kind of regularity. Any ideas?04:45
JorgeJorgessonratshell: ok, how do I check to see what version I have installed on these machines?04:47
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, of flash?04:48
JorgeJorgessonratshell: of course04:48
jonathancwWhat does it mean when X Server fails to start and says No SCreens Found?04:49
JorgeJorgessonIt seems I installed flash non free04:49
Dr_Willisjonathancw:  the drivers/X server some how is missconfigured.04:51
mobi-sheepJorgeJorgesson: about:plugins in Firefox Address Bar04:51
k_grahamnew to Ubuntu, went dual boot XP pro on drive 0, Linux drive 2, redid XP (not pro) install and now GRUB still shows XPpro and won't load XP. Must boot with Ultimate Boot CD to access Windows - how does one configure GRUB on hard disk to regain dual boot? Also is it possible to have 2 linuxes on 2nd drive and perhaps a 3 way boot? I'ld delete Windows but have a 8mm camcorder tape converter to USB and only Windows drivers.04:52
k_grahamShould say Linux drive 1 not 2 sorry04:52
JorgeJorgessonmobi-sheep:     File name: npwrapper.libflashplayer.so04:53
JorgeJorgesson    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r2204:53
JorgeJorgessonMIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled04:53
JorgeJorgessonapplication/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash swf Yes04:53
JorgeJorgessonapplication/futuresplash FutureSplash Player spl Yes04:53
FloodBot2JorgeJorgesson: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:53
Dr_Willisk_graham:  you could confiure your menu.lst however you want to boot whatever you want. but you may need to learn a bit about grub and how to edit the menu.lst to do so.04:54
Scunizik_graham: there are instructions for redoing grub.  I'll have ubottu give you a link.. as for the # of linux versions. yes. you can have many however if you're just playing with the others then I suggest running virtualbox (download from their site) and install the other os's there.. easier and less complicated then keeping track of partitions.04:54
Scunizi!grub | k_graham04:54
ubottuk_graham: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:54
Dr_Willisk_graham:  the default menu.lst has example entries for booting windows on different hard drives.04:54
mobi-sheepJorgeJorgesson: You have your version there.04:54
JorgeJorgessonmobi-sheep: ok, but that does not make my sound work04:55
b-fWhen does ffx 3.5 hit the repositories?04:55
mobi-sheep!sound | JorgeJorgesson04:55
ubottuJorgeJorgesson: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:55
Scunizib-f: when they are done testing it.04:55
quesoWould someone please help me to get my wireless USB adapter driver compiled?  I have explained my issue here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=755903204:55
JorgeJorgessonmobi-sheep: sound works fine.  Flash sound does not04:55
b-fScunizi: and that is estimated to be when?04:56
Scunizib-f: there isn't an estimate..04:56
JorgeJorgessonratshell: If I do as you ask, this "breaks" Ubuntu.  It will not be updated properly04:57
JorgeJorgessonratshell: you are offering a work around04:58
JorgeJorgessonratshell: correct?04:58
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, all this does is install flash from the download instead of the flashplugin-nonfree it won't break or stop any updates04:58
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, if it does not work you can simply remove the plugin and install flashplugin-nonfree again..but it won't break anything04:59
JorgeJorgessonNo, but ubuntu will not update the installed software04:59
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, correct but its the latest version 10.0 so until the next version comes out..yeah then it won't update04:59
JorgeJorgessonratshell: ok, thought so.04:59
JorgeJorgessonratshell: not an issue.  I think it best to take them back to supported XP05:00
ScuniziJorgeJorgesson: if you mean the newly installed flash. then you're correct because it was manually done.. however you may not need to for quite some time. The version in the repo doesn't get updated until the next release of ubuntu and only if there is a new version that's been tested05:00
wizzo50what is virtualbox for?05:01
ratshellOkay I had a question earlier anyone got any idea..why DNS resolving takes so long in Ubuntu 9.04....xp on same laptop and other on  the network loads pages no problem..ubuntu hangs when loading pages..any idea?05:02
ratshellwizzo50, running a virtual os inside of Ubunut..like run vista inside ubuntu and so forth05:02
wizzo50Do you download virtual and have to install it first? If so, how you do that on ubuntu?05:03
JorgeJorgessonLook, they want sound in Flash.  Plain and simple.  I have to make sure that it is updateable and servicable.  These fixes are not.  Sound in Flash is broken in Ubuntu 9.04.  I will take them back to XP until fixed.05:03
wapkoratshell: no. but i agree. its slow to start getting pages for me aswell05:03
ratshellwapko, yeah it like hangs once it finds the page it seems okay and fast but while it like searches for it hangs05:03
k_grahamThanks regards Grub info - 1st time using Chat, not sure how you focus on only 1 conversation, hope I can manage to get GRUB set correct again.05:04
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, <--- has flash installed in Ubuntu on another machine with the flashnonfree-plugin works fine on that machine so guess each expierence is different05:05
wizzo50k_graham WHat is grub?05:05
JorgeJorgessonratshell: I have over 32 machines with which sound does not work in flash.05:05
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, hmmmm just checking you installed all the updates right?05:06
wizzo50ratshell How you download virtual in Ubuntu?05:06
ratshellwizzo50, sudo apt-get install virtualbox05:06
JorgeJorgessonratshell: yes05:06
Curly_QWhy not just transfer the sound card that works with Ubuntu on one machine and see if it works on the other machine. Perhaps there is an IRQ conflict or something like that.05:06
wizzo50sudo apt-get install virtualbox05:06
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, thats what I don't get it works fine over here for me yeah its stutters on some sites but not had any problem with the sound05:07
Scuniziratshell: wizzo50 that might be sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose for the repo version but it doesn't have usb support if its needed05:07
JorgeJorgessonratshell: and I see a ton of problems with a google search.  All the same problem.05:07
JorgeJorgessonratshell: hey, Linux cannot be all for everyone.....not meant for the general masses is all.05:08
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, well thats were we would disagree lol05:08
catharcystJorgeJorgesson true05:09
JorgeJorgessonratshell: ok......well, when these machines work, I will alter05:09
wizzo50ratshell, I saw Grub being talked about. What is Grub and how is it ran?05:09
ratshellJorgeJorgesson, in some parts its not for the masses but in some parts it is so its kind of a open subject05:09
Curly_QCheck your BIOS settings as well. Most people overlook these simple things.05:09
Scuniziwizzo50: grub is the boot loader that give you a menu when you start ubuntu05:09
ratshellwizzo50, grub is your bootloader the thing at the beginning that allows you too dual boot between OS's05:09
wizzo50Oh, ok05:10
wizzo50I am asked like Ubuntu or WIndows05:10
ratshellwizzo50, yeah thats grub lol05:10
Dr_Williswizzo50:  thats the initial boot menu - done by grub.. yes...05:10
JorgeJorgessonratshell: when it matches Windows pre installed configuration, then all will be well.. I don't care that it is bought or forced or whatever.  I am an end user.  It works.05:11
wizzo50I am still learning on this. I had to reinstall my Ubuntu. I was having Errors when it was loading.05:11
kitty_jorgejorgesson you know rugratt ?05:11
wizzo50I received a disc from Ubuntu so I installed it from that this time instead of a download05:12
Zopiachow do i make a file that executes a command when opened?05:12
JorgeJorgessonOk, time to change the machines back....05:12
Dr_WillisZopiac:  youmake a executable script/text file.05:12
Dr_WillisZopiac:  example -> 2 lines..   #!/bin/bash        (next line)  xterm &05:12
ZopiacDr_Willis:  i tried making a text file that had the command in it and using 'chmod +x', but it didnt work.05:13
Dr_WillisZopiac:  save to a file. (call it teststuff.sh)  set it to be 'executable' (chmod +x teststuff.sh)   and there ya go.05:13
Zopiacoh ok, i forgot to save is as sh05:13
Dr_WillisZopiac:  the extension does NOT matter.05:13
Dr_WillisZopiac:  the chmod +x does. :)05:14
Zopiacbut i did that05:14
Dr_WillisZopiac:  the first #!/bin/bash line  is proberly needed (in most cases also)05:14
kitty_how are you trying to invoke it Zopiac?05:14
Dr_WillisZopiac:  the gnome file manager may handle .sh and executable  'text' files differntly. the shell wont.05:14
Zopiacoh i got it now05:14
Dr_WillisZopiac:  i recall  it just running.sh files.. and .txt it asked what to do05:14
Zopiacwelll by text i mean empty file05:15
Apollo2366Hey all, I popped in earlier with a sound complaint. I think it was ziroday that directed me to something on ubuntugeek that solved PART of my problem. I can now record audio using Sound Recorder, but I still can't get any audio in recordmydesktop or any playback in audacity. Suggestions?05:15
JorgeJorgessonratshell: all is back and users happy.  So am I.05:15
Zopiacdoes anyone experience problems using Ventrilo on wine?05:16
Dr_WillisZopiac:  ive heard of a lot of people with wine.ventrilo issues.. see the wine app database perhaps for tips05:16
racarterwhat's a good app for modifying mp3 info?05:16
racarteri was using banshee but that doesn't seem so good...05:17
wizzo50ra* When installing the Virtualbox, there was an error in it that read this: Processing triggers for man-db ...05:17
wizzo50Setting up virtualbox-ose (2.1.4-dfsg-1ubuntu3) ...05:17
wizzo50 * Starting VirtualBox kernel module...                                  [fail]05:17
wizzo50Setting up dkms ( ...05:17
wizzo50 * Running DKMS auto installation service for kernel 2.6.28-13-generic   [ OK ]05:17
FloodBot2wizzo50: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
Apollo2366racarter, id3tool05:17
racartercan't modify more than one file at a time and I think it is not altering the mp3 file itself?05:17
Apollo2366it's in the repositories05:17
brian184racarter: easytag, or audio tag tool05:17
racarterdoes it have a gui? or command line?05:17
ZopiacDr_Willis: yeah i guess i should have checked that in the first place...thanks tho05:17
Apollo2366racarter, id3tool is cli05:17
racarteranything with a good ui?05:18
brian184racarter: easytag, or audio tag tool both are GUI programs05:18
Apollo2366!ask | vtrg53505:18
ubottuvtrg535: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:18
nininininininei have one. has anyone tried usb-to-vga with ubuntu?05:19
wizzo50ratshell I get a fail error when installing VirtualBox.. Does that make it not run right? I pasted it in PasteBin05:20
vtrg535is this place for chatting?05:20
Scunizivtrg535: no05:20
vtrg535if not then why are there 1000+ people?05:20
ratshellwizzo50, can I see the pastebin link?05:21
wizzo50ask a ? vtrg05:21
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:21
vtrg535whats a populated chat server05:21
Dr_Willisvtrg535:  for Ubuntu Support.05:21
Scunizivtrg535: this is a support channel.. for chatting go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:21
thelaughingmimedoes anyone know how i can use a .bundle file?05:21
vtrg535thanks, been looking for something05:21
Dr_Willisvtrg535:  this server has 1000's of channels. try  ##linux if you want.. or other channels suggested or #puppylinux  or #linuxbabes05:21
ratshellwizzo50, yeah that will fail but it will still install05:22
wizzo50Do I need to re-install it?05:22
ratshellwizzo50, no it should of installed still and be in your accessoires in your applications menu05:22
Curly_QI often wonder. When people ask questions here on this channel, I wonder what type of and configuration of hardware are people having with their installation and accompanied with their problems? Many people use vulcanized hardware and never tell what they are using in order to get good support.05:23
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  yep.  when one can 'standardize/limit' hardware - it makes support much more easier.. (note apple's take on that)05:23
dewwCurly_Q: please leave my pro audio sprectrum alone! it has feelings. :(05:23
dewwspectrum too05:24
SmoKeyCastlehi, how do i tell what wifi card my computer has and what drivers linux is using for it?05:24
Curly_QDr Willis good point.05:24
jota-Hey, anyone knows how I may get ubuntu server's console to display foreign characters correctly??05:24
GobblesHey all, I just moved a vmware ubuntu server to another computer, loaded on same version of vmware player, now my networking is gone.  What should I be looking at to fix this?05:25
Curly_QOne main issue with Ubuntu is that perhaps in the BIOS settings the PLUG & PLAY settings could be an issue because Plug and play is a Windows hardware issue. Try experimenting with that when sound or video issues come up.05:26
MBD123Does the Linux version of TweetDeck work with Ubuntu? I tried downloading it and nothing happened. I wasn't prompted with anything after I clicked the link05:26
SmoKeyCastlehi, how do i tell what wifi card my computer has and what drivers linux is using for it?05:27
dewwMBD123: yes. you need to install adobe air first05:27
* Dr_Willis shudders at the mention of Adobe Air.05:27
MBD123deww: Oh, it doesn't do it automatically? Okay!05:27
ScuniziDr_Willis: what exactly is adobe air.. in a nutshell?05:28
=== perl is now known as Guest6954
wizzo50How you install TweetDeck on here05:29
Curly_QFlatulence    :)05:29
unopScunizi, flash for create desktop applications05:29
Curly_QOr  FLASHulence.    hehe05:30
Scuniziunop: ah. k.. nothing I'm really interested in05:30
unopScunizi, well, it's more than flash really - it also uses html, javascript, ajax, etc - so that air applications can communicate with servers on the web05:30
wizzo50How do you install TweetDeck on Ubuntu?05:30
Curly_QYeah! Like "Doubleclick"05:31
MBD123wizzo50: See above conversation between deww and me05:31
Dr_WillisScunizi:  adobe flash packaged into running 'stand alone' applications that are written in flash form what little iused it.05:31
Dr_WillisScunizi:  and it does some very weird things....05:31
racarteranyone know how to make firefox/flash using a different sound device?05:32
ScuniziDr_Willis: sounds like the latest wizbang wanna be the latest and greatest technology..05:32
Dr_WillisScunizi:  You got it....05:33
racarterthe built-in soundcard on my laptop doesn't work, so i have a usb sound device05:33
Dr_Willisracarter:  i saw a forum thread on that topic.. earlier today05:33
racartermost things seem to work with that except firefox. i cannot get sound from youtube for example05:33
racarterwhat forum? did they have an answer?05:33
Dr_Willisracarter:  the ubuntu forums..  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113038405:34
Dr_Willisracarter:  no idea. i ws googing for someone else with a similer issue..05:34
wizzo50To install Adobe Air, you type it like this: sudo apt-get install adobe air05:34
mubuAny word on when firefox 3.5 will be released to the ubuntu (jaunty) repositories? Thanks05:35
unopwizzo50,  that wouldn't work -- well it would but it would try and install two packages - 'adobe' and 'air' which don't exist05:36
Scunizithe dev's don't like to make promises05:36
wizzo50MBD123 To install Adobe Air on Ubuntu, do you type it like this: sudo apt-get install adobe air05:36
Flannelwizzo50: Please stop that05:37
wizzo50Stop what?05:37
Dr_Willisadobe air is not int he repos last i looked.05:37
Flannelwizzo50: Giving incorrect information to people05:37
* Dr_Willis looks again...05:38
wizzo50I don't know what your talking about flannel05:38
Dr_Willisadobeair1.0 - Adobe AIR  - err.. thats old.. i think.. real old05:38
MBD123Flannel: I think he was asking a question05:38
wizzo50I am just new to this Ubuntu05:38
MBD123wizzo50: What did you switch from?05:39
Dr_Willisfor adobe air - i  had to download/run an installer app from the adobe air web page..  then it  installed and updated itself05:39
wizzo50Windows XP05:39
MBD123wizzo50: Same here. Did you get the wiggly windows and the desktop cube all set up yet?05:39
Dr_Willishttp://get.adobe.com/air/ adobe air 1.505:39
wizzo50ok Dr_Willis. I'll try that05:39
Dr_Williswizzo50:  close all package managers befor trying to install adobe air05:40
wizzo50What is Wiggly and the cube?05:40
Dr_Williswizzo50:  even tho adobe air is a 'installer' program. it actually uses the package manager in the background.05:40
MBD123wizzo50: You have been missing out. If you have time you should try and get them all set up05:40
MBD123wizzo50: The cube allows you to switch through your desktops with what is essentially this big cube, but you can change it to a circle if desired05:41
wizzo50oh yea!05:41
qwyethIndeed...  I love my 'cube deformation :D05:41
unopbloated eye candy :)05:41
MBD123wizzo50: The wiggly windows make it to where you drag a window and it shakes around05:42
MBD123And you can sort of "peel" down the corner of a maximized window05:42
qwyethAlso good is "3D windows"05:42
wizzo50So, then do I go to Firefox website to download them 1st and the Adobe Air?05:42
qwyeththey pop out away from the cube when you pull back05:42
MBD123wizzo50: What you'll want to do is right click on your desktop and click change desktop background05:43
MBD123wizzo5: Wait, nvm, you're doing something else05:44
SmoKeyCastleHi how do i tell what driver linux is using for my wifi card?05:46
rhineheart_mhello.. who uses here krdc?05:46
te_SmoKeyCastle: lsmod05:46
SmoKeyCastlethanks te_05:47
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
iradwhat does Adobe Air actually do?05:47
Scuniziirad: it lets you run program written for adobe air..05:48
iradany interesting program?05:48
Scuniziirad: google is your friend05:48
rhineheart_mI just installed it using apt-get install krdc via ssh.. but I can't RDC the machine remotely..05:49
SmoKeyCastleok how do i work out using lsmod which driver is used for wireless?05:49
te_SmoKeyCastle: What wifi card do you have?05:50
SmoKeyCastleI dont know05:50
te_SmoKeyCastle: lspci05:50
SmoKeyCastleits an inbuilt one on my laptop05:50
te_SmoKeyCastle: lspci05:50
SmoKeyCastle09:01.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE 1394 Controller (rev 05)05:51
SmoKeyCastlewait no05:51
rhineheart_manybody here uses krdc remotely connecting the machine.. kindly PM me.. thanks a lot05:51
dragon_SmoKeyCastle: lspci | grep -i wireless05:51
SmoKeyCastle09:01.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE 1394 Controller (rev 05)05:51
SmoKeyCastleNetwork controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)05:51
SmoKeyCastlethis one rather05:51
dragon_!anyone | rhineheart_m05:52
ubotturhineheart_m: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:52
wizzo50Dr Willis  On that Adobe Air, I got it downloaded with Firefox but what do I use to open it with? That is what it is asking me when I run the download file?05:52
JStullickAll you in the US have a happy 4th.05:52
te_SmoKeyCastle: The one that says Wireless.  I should have told you to do lspci |grep Wireless05:52
rhineheart_mok.. this is it.. what else do I need to configure after successfull installation of krdc remotely via ssh? So that I can connect to it05:53
te_SmoKeyCastle: So your wifi card is Intel 4965AG05:54
mralexandrohi. i actually do not know how to start GKRELLM, i have installed it and all the plugins, but i do not find it in ubuntu menu's:D05:54
mralexandroif anbody know what it is:)05:55
KillGorackhey, dumb question.. fedora does it.. I mean the ability to drag and drop an application (window) from one screen to another.. in ubuntu you have to open in one or the other.. but it has to stay there.. how can I enable the ability to drag windows from one monitor to the other?05:55
KillGoracknot sure of that makes sense05:55
wizzo50What is the short command to start typing a user name on here?05:56
ScuniziKillGorack: your option for the setup is incorrect.. twinview might work better for you.. if it's nvidia then run nvidia-settings to make the change05:56
totalgamer14hey wasup?05:57
KillGoracknvidia X server settings?05:57
ScuniziKillGorack: yes05:57
KillGorackI'm there now... what checkbox??05:57
* Scunizi thinks wasup sound like the cousin of ketsup05:57
totalgamer14WTF WAT IS THIS WAT THE HELL05:57
FloodBot2totalgamer14: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:58
mralexandroanyone familiar with GKRELLM05:58
wizzo50Whats GKRELLM?05:58
histoits a system monitor05:58
ScuniziKillGorack: typically it's actually a drop down box.. it's been a while.05:58
totalgamer14any of chu guys know how to use blender?05:59
histodon't know if its still being updated though05:59
Scunizitotalgamer14: this is for ubuntu support not blender05:59
Scunizitotalgamer14: chat and offtopic questions can be done in #ubuntu-offtopic05:59
KillGoracknot sure.. it's not popping out at me.. ;0) I'll have to log in as root to save whatever.. ;0(05:59
ScuniziKillGorack: or start nvidia setting with sudo06:00
mralexandro<histo> i though it was for adjusting fan. it also have a plugin especially for dell laptops i heard... :( could you help me with my problem mate?06:00
KillGorackI found the twin view checkbox..06:00
KillGorackhow do you do that?06:00
Scunizicheck it?06:00
KillGorackhow does one start the nvidia settings with sudo?06:01
wizzo50help? After downloading Adobe Air and running it, its asking what to open it with. What do I open it with then?06:01
ScuniziKillGorack: you might have to click the advanced tab06:01
ScuniziKillGorack: from the terminal06:01
KillGorackyea.. I figured that, what is the command? I'm sorta new06:02
ScuniziKillGorack: sudo nvidia-settings06:02
KillGorackwow that's awesome06:02
Out_Coldso i am testing out different situations with my wireless settings via CLI. Why is the device eth and not wlan??06:03
unopKillGorack, use  gksudo nvidia-settings   instead06:03
KillGoracktoo late ;0)06:03
ScuniziKillGorack: as unop said.. gksudo for graphical programs06:03
wizzo50ANy help here06:03
KillGorackahh ok06:03
enneracthi~ possibly stupid question, but perhaps someone knows... will the netbook remix work with non-atom processors? specifically, a ULV core 2 duo? x86 is still x86, yea?06:03
ScuniziKillGorack: it avoids possible yuck-y-ness06:04
Out_Coldwizzo50, don't ask without saying what you need06:04
wizzo50I download Adobe Air and it is a AdobeAirInstaller.bin file. How do I open that?06:04
ScuniziKillGorack: that's a technical word.. :)06:04
unopenneract, sure, it is cpu independent06:04
KillGorackhehe I seen its tech - i - ness06:04
Out_Coldwizzo50, are you familiar with the command line?06:04
te_wizzo50: ./AdobeAirInsstaller.bin06:04
rhineheart_mis there other way to remote desktop administer ubuntu aside from KRDC?06:04
mobi-sheepwizzo50: chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin ; sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin06:04
unopmobi-sheep, gksudo06:05
enneractunop: awesome, thanks - the system reqs specifically say atom, so I wondered if there was some weirdness there06:05
enneractrather than just a general estimation of horsepower needed06:05
mobi-sheepunop: sudo.  It's not GUI.06:05
KillGorackhow does that work with the compiz.,.. still not sliding from one screen to another.. just rotating from one workspace to antother06:05
unopmobi-sheep, it is a GUI06:05
te_wizzo50: Yes as mobi-sheep said use sudo06:05
Out_Coldwizzo50, the graphical way to do it is to find the bin, right click and properties.. set to run as executable and then open it06:05
mralexandroall i need to know is where GKRELLM is located in the ubuntu OS, the configuration, i hopefully can manage on my own. any help, in any form of direciton, greatly appreciated. i always get help here:p06:05
ScuniziKillGorack: you might try turning off compiz06:05
utuI'm using xfwm4 as a WM but compiz replaces it with metacity look and ignores my xfwm4 theme, why is that?06:06
Out_Coldcan someone explain the lack of use of wlan? why do i have eth as my wifi device?06:07
mralexandrois there any form for "programfiles" folder in the linux system, where i could find a sort of "excecutable" ?06:07
Out_Coldmralexandro, /usr/bin06:07
Scunizimralexandro: use whereis <program name> to find it06:07
te_Out_Cold: When it's fully supported it shows as eth0 or eth106:08
unopOut_Cold, it's probably the way the driver has named the wireless interface -- it's nothing unusual06:08
te_Out_Cold: Doesn't really matter, right...?06:08
Out_Coldte_, i realize it operates the same but just curious as to why there is no more use of wlan..06:08
Out_Coldmakes me rethink every time i try to do a command..06:09
te_Out_Cold: Just simplicity.06:09
MidsummerDawnOk, I have a quick question. Is there a messenger service compatible with Ubuntu that supports video chat?06:09
unopOut_Cold, you can have it renamed if you really want. but do you?06:09
Out_Coldno i don't care that much..06:09
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: ekiga (already installed)06:09
enneractdoesn't pidgin support video on a couple protocols?06:10
Out_Coldjust switched distros06:10
mralexandro<Out_Cold> you are a F---NG genious! thanks mate:D:D06:10
MidsummerDawnWhere do I find that Scunizi?06:10
Scunizienneract: nope06:10
Out_Coldmralexandro, i know... i try06:10
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: should be under applications> internet06:10
te_Out_Cold: From...?06:10
Out_Coldyea.. no dice for video with pidgin06:10
Out_Coldte_,  started on slack lol06:10
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: ekiga is text voice and video.. sip complient.. there are a couple others in the repos but I don't think they do video.. ekiga also has a windows client available.06:11
te_Out_Cold: Good for you... Yea I use slack too.  They're all good.  Fedora etc..06:11
MidsummerDawnScunizi: I have Dell Video Chat and Pidgin.06:11
AdolaFile Operations Transfer keeps hanging up.06:11
AdolaHow can I kill it?06:11
Out_Coldte_, as much as i learned from it... i am not a huge fan06:11
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: dell video chat for linux?06:11
maxxistquick question.  how does snes emulators run on ubuntu ps3?  i just got 9.04 installed and wireless working.  just wanna know if its worth installing the emulator...06:12
MidsummerDawnI bought my mini from Dell, I'm running Ubuntu06:12
Out_ColdAdola, try Alt + F2 and type in xkill and click on your window06:12
maxxistshit wrong furm.06:12
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: might be a rebranded ekiga or something..06:12
te_Out_Cold: I'm a huge fan.  I'm about to install Yellow Dog on my son's PS3, looking forward to that too.06:12
maxxistsorry for swear06:12
Out_Coldte_, i tried compiling on my laptop.. was a LOT of work that i couldn't always get06:13
te_Out_Cold: slackbuilds does it for you.06:13
Out_Coldi think that if i had done it on a tower, it might have been easier06:13
maxxistthere is an actual #ubuntu-ps3 channel i posted that to06:13
wizzo50mobi sheep When I run AdobeAirInstaller.bin I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209461/06:14
te_Out_Cold: Anyway, Ubuntu is easier and has very awsome package management.06:14
Out_Coldyes i seen..06:14
Out_Coldand almost all out of the box06:14
MidsummerDawnScunizi: I have Ekiga..but I can't find it unless I go to Add/Remove Programs06:15
te_Out_Cold: Yes, everything's already compiled/built for you.  Very nice.06:15
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: does it say it's installed? if not install06:15
Out_Coldwizzo50, you are not in the folder you need to be..06:15
enneractok, I'm a total noob - reading a writeup of getting ubuntu working on my tablet, and apparently 'fglrx 8.600' doesn't support the radeon R300 chipset which it uses, and the alternative driver has no 3D acceleration abilities. is it possible to roll back to an earlier version of... fglrx? something about the older xorg version? it is mentioned in passing, but not very clearly06:15
MidsummerDawnIt's installed06:15
Out_Coldwizzo50, try cd tofoldername06:15
anomolymidsummerdawn: have you looked at ->  http://live.gnome.org/Empathy06:16
maxxistte_: ubuntu for ps3 works great.  I just tried it for the first time.  it was flawless.  YDL with enlightenment is awesome.  but i prefer the package system of debian/ubuntu06:16
Out_Coldyes.. the package/deb system is a godsend06:17
te_maxxist: Good to hear, I might change course.06:17
Rob235i installed kde while having gnome and i forget the name of the package i installed, i want to get rid of it06:17
Rob235big mistake06:17
Rob235i hope i dont have to reformat again06:17
ScuniziMidsummerDawn: open a terminal and type ekiga.. it should start.. if it does then you might want to right mouse click "applications" and choose edit.. go through the menus to find it and put a checkmark next to it. if there is one there already remove it and then redo/replace the check mark.. it should be visible then06:17
bullgard4What program displays keyboard events?06:17
mobi-sheepRob235: What package?06:17
mattonrailsRob235: did you install those packages in Synaptic06:17
Danbo19Rob235: kubuntu-desktop06:17
maxxistte_: even my wireless worked out of the box.06:17
Rob235the main kde package06:17
Out_ColdRob235, you probably installed a metapackage if you installed KDE06:17
te_maxxist: I'm really looking forward to it.  Going to get a mouse and keyboard tomorrow.06:17
mobi-sheepRob235: So you don't want KDE?06:18
Rob235i thought it was kde-desktop but kubuntu maybe06:18
mobi-sheep!puregnome | Rob23506:18
ubottuRob235: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal06:18
bullgard4err! What program displays Multimedia key events?06:18
te_maxxist: The HD in this one is 80g.    How much of it will be free space?06:18
maxxistte_: the only thing I want to get working are my bluetooth keyboard and mouse next.  oh and the ps3 controllers would be nice too.06:18
Rob235with all my gnome stuff kde wont work with it06:18
Rob235maybe if i just create a new user for kde06:19
maxxistte_: i installed a 160gb in my ps3 when i bought it.06:19
mobi-sheepRob235: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome06:19
wizzo50Thks Out_Cold Then what is the short command to type your user name that you would be responding too before you ask a ? so you don't have to type it out or mistype it?06:19
mobi-sheep!tab | wizzo5006:20
ubottuwizzo50: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:20
maxxistte_: but I dont think it was a necessary upgrade.  the original 60gb would have been fine.  i dont think i am close to using 60gb yet.06:20
mobi-sheepwizzo50: Type "Out" then use tab.  It'll auto fill in for you.06:20
Out_Coldwizzo50, tab is a linux user's best friend.... next time you are in the command box, try typing cd De + tab06:20
te_I'm thinking I should get another HDD  ... I believe I will.06:20
te_maxxist: How much is used by the game system?06:21
te_maxxist: We just got ours.06:21
maxxistte_: i dont know exactly how to tell.  I know I only gave 10gb for the otherOS06:21
Out_Colddo you still have to do a weird boot to get into the ps3? i though a friend of mine had to trick it to go linux..06:22
enneracthow much hdd capacity does the netbook remix use?06:22
glickshey does anyone here use tuxguitar? im trying to figure out why i have no sound in it06:22
MidsummerDawnWhere would I find the Video Manager? I want to install my webcam.06:22
Out_Coldglicks, do you have sound in other apps?06:22
maxxistOut_Cold: there seems to be a menu item now to boot back to XMB.06:22
te_Out_Cold: I understand that you just hold the power button down for 3seconds to boot linux, and just punch it to boot to game.06:23
Out_Coldmaxxist, what about booting into linux?06:23
te_maxxist: is that true?06:23
glicksyes Out_Cold06:23
Out_Coldthat would be alright06:23
glicksOut_Cold, i think its specific to tuxguitar06:23
maxxistOut_Cold: yeah that part is lame.  gotta boot from the settings menu.06:23
SpudsterDoes anyone know of an apt source to get Blender 2.49a for Ubuntu 9.04?  The default sources only have Blender 2.4806:23
Out_Coldglicks, you should check your docs and make sure that tuxguitar is using the same sound app as you.. ie: pulse or alsa06:24
te_maxxist: Did you do a backup of the game OS?06:24
ScuniziSpudster: just curious.. does the newer version offer a feature that's not in the repo version?06:25
maxxistte_: no i did the partition when i first put the hard drive in.  I knew I was going to try linux on it one day.06:25
SpudsterScunizi: Yes, it has some more advanced scripting options.06:25
Out_ColdMidsummerDawn, did you try plugging it in and seeing if it runs out of the box?06:25
Rob235is firefox 3.5 officially released now?06:25
phase_shift314ubuntu is the best os in the universe06:25
maxxistRob235: yup06:25
ScuniziSpudster: you could check www.getdeb.net but don't hold your breath.. you might have to build it from source06:25
MidsummerDawnIt's a Philips webcam. I just plugged it in and nothing happened.06:25
noricCan I run:   ssh -X netbook vlc06:25
mattonrailsRob235: yes, for most platforms...06:26
te_maxxist: Oh yea, you had a spare HDD anyway so, was not an issue.06:26
noricssh -X netbook vlc  , watch movies rendered remotely?06:26
Out_ColdMidsummerDawn, do you have any apps to use it with? try installing cheese06:26
SpudsterScunizi: Thanks, I'll try it06:26
Gobblesmoving an ubuntu vmware image to another computer is kicking my ass, the network interface will not work anymore.  I have googled for an hour and tried things but none are working, anyone have experience with doing this?06:26
mralexandroout_cold : i have an xps m1330, and unlike everyone else i have the opposite problem, i want my fan to spin more often and cool down the system more than the bios want it to. is there any linux software i can do that trough? i just tried gkrellm, but it is more of a monitoring software i think06:26
maxxistte_: yeah.  I use the original 60gb now in a external enclosure for backups and such.06:26
wizzo50Out_Cold: How do you open the Widgets that someone was telling me about earlier06:26
te_maxxist: That's handy, good use for it.06:27
noric1. movie.mpg on netbook  2. speakers on netbook. 3. from desktop ssh -X netbook vlc 4. watch movie on desktop widescreen, with audio coming from netbook speakers. Possible?06:27
linuxis there a version of eSobi for ubuntu linux?06:28
Gobblesnoric: thats a really cool idea for watching in bed, hope its possible06:28
Out_Coldmralexandro, i haven't used any apps like that before... i use a hard wired switch to control my fans.. (multi-speed settings)06:28
maxxistte_: the ubuntu ps3 ports server is slow to send package updates.06:28
Out_Coldwizzo50, umm widgets for KDE??06:28
noricGobbles: thanks.. that's the idea =P06:28
dragon_!find esobi06:28
Scunizinoric: wow.. the netbook speaker must be good :)06:28
ubottuPackage/file esobi does not exist in jaunty06:28
mralexandroOut_Cold,  oh ok, i just thought this was the simplest thing to do, but i have spent quite some time now, guess it is one of those advanced funtions:D06:28
te_maxxist: Really, why is that?06:28
noricScunizi: desktop has no speakers, just headphones. I want to lie on the couch with netbook next to me and watch widescreen =P06:28
te_maxxist: Oh, you mean for the original game os?06:29
bullgard4What program displays multimedia key events?06:29
linuxoh i was wondering i like it for articles sometimes06:29
Out_Coldmralexandro, if you really want to learn your system and functions as such.... there is a vast and nearly unlimited supply of info at your finger tips..06:29
Scunizinoric: AH! .. i'd be interesting if you could get it to work06:29
maxxistte_:  i dont know.  but its going to take about 4 hours to do my updates06:29
Rob235so is firefox 3.6 where firefox 3.5 final left off?06:29
Out_Coldmralexandro, most times it means late nights and lots of coffee06:29
maxxistte_: actually i was talking about ubuntu/ps3 ports server06:30
mobi-sheepAnybody here know how to list keys in command line?  (Got no GUI).06:30
linuxeSobi is where i get info for new computing info06:30
kbrosnanRob235: no they split before 3.5b306:30
te_maxxist: Oh ok.  ..Did you use the standard Ubuntu insstall CD?06:30
mralexandroOut_Cold,  i have searched alot, and i have found that, there is billions of articles, about the opposite problem:) that the fan was always on in ubuntu etc...06:30
Rob235oh ok06:30
te_maxxist: Or DVD?...?06:31
bullgard4mobi-sheep: What do you mean by "keys"?06:31
maxxistte_: yeah the 9.04 -ps3 one.06:31
Out_Coldmralexandro, are you trying to boost the cpu fan or the tower fans?06:31
Rob235why isnt 3.5 supported (no ubuntu icon in synaptic)06:31
mobi-sheepbullgard4: Signing Keys.06:31
wizzo50How you install TweekDeck on here?06:31
te_maxxist: Oh so there is a spcial Ubuntu for ps3,  I didn't know that.06:31
kbrosnan!ff35  | Rob23506:31
ubottuRob235: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY06:31
mralexandrothere is only one fan in this laptop. it is cpu, gpu and tower fan in one:D Out_Cold06:31
Out_ColdRob235, all it means is that the ubuntu icons are 'safe' and 'friendly'06:32
maxxistte_:  yeah there is a ps3 specific build.06:32
jazzanovahow can I upgrade breezy ?06:32
jazzanovai have an old system that I'd like to upgrade..06:32
te_maxxist: Very good. I'll use it for sure.  Is it Gnome?06:32
Out_Cold!upgrade jazzanova06:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:32
bullgard4mobi-sheep: What is a 'signing key'?06:32
Scunizijazzanova: you gotta be kidding?  you'll have to reinstall .. there is no upgrade path for breezy.. hopefully you have a seperate /home06:33
maxxistte_: yes gnome.  but there is an xfce one also.06:33
mobi-sheepbullgard4: It looks like this --> sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 0x0000 etc.06:33
te_maxxist: Are you using gnome?06:33
Out_Coldmralexandro, my laptop gets a bit hot too.. but i don't know of any apps to control speed..06:33
maxxistte_:  yep.  it seems quick enough.06:33
te_maxxist: I see no reason to use xfce, it is a VERY powerful system.06:34
Scunizijazzanova: if you have a seperate /home download and burn the latest version or 8.04 LTS and install .. just don't format your old /home and you're data will be intact06:34
maxxistte_:  the lack of accelerated video sucks a bit.06:34
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arvind_khadrihi, i want to remove all the kde apps but keep amarok, how to do that/06:34
te_maxxist: Gnome has come a long way in the last couple years, it is very good and feature rich.06:34
mobi-sheepbullgard4: I take it you never added a repo?06:35
maxxistte_:  yeah i loves gnome.06:35
mralexandro<Out_Cold>, well i will check it for both of us then. will let you know if i find any. do you have a dell as well?06:35
te_maxxist: Is it Nvidia?  or..?06:35
wizzo50Out_Cold: How you install TweetDeck on Ubuntu?06:35
Out_Colddamn... i'm just a simple learner myself :op06:35
Out_Coldand yes... dell insiron06:35
maxxistte_: it is nvidia.  but Sony locks access to accelleration.06:35
te_maxxist: Really, ... that is a shame.06:36
Out_Coldwizzo50, is tweetdeck in the repos?06:36
enneractwhatever for, I wonder06:36
bullgard4mobi-sheep: I did add repositories to my Ubuntu in the past.06:36
wizzhi , my friend install ubuntu dual boot with window 7 and her window 7 wont work , it says boot loader corrupted. i search through internet and it only teach how to fix ubuntu boot loader only , anyone can help me?06:36
te_maxxist: So you just use the opensource nv.06:36
wizzo50Out_Cold: repos? what you mean by  that?06:36
ghindowizzo50, He means the Ubuntu repositories06:36
Out_Coldwizzo50, repository... or synaptic package manager...06:36
Out_Coldwizzo50, it's how you should install any apps you want to use..06:37
mralexandro<Out_Cold> good, i think i will find something today or tomorrow, will let you know06:37
maxxistte_:  there is supposedly soon to be a work around available.  i dont know if its a myth though06:37
mralexandrothere is a so called i8krellm, plugin that is supposed to add fan controll to krellm on dell's06:37
mralexandroi just have to figure why i get the error, proc file missing06:37
te_maxxist: Ok, will watch for that. ...It is a very awsome device. We just got it a couple days ago.06:38
Out_Coldmralexandro, how did you install the plugin?06:38
Genius314wizz: Maybe that version of the bootloader (grub?) isn't recent enough to recognize Windows 7? I'm not too sure how the bootloader detects existing OSs, though.06:38
mralexandrosynaptic package manager:D06:38
mralexandrono wait that one i did trough the univers06:38
Out_Coldwindoze 7 is the new release?06:38
mondayI have a semi not related question. I just installed VirtualBox so I could use Windows XP to play certain games. Can someone point me to some sort of tutorial for sharing files between the host and virtual machine. The internet isn't helping so well right now.06:38
mralexandroapt get something06:38
maxxistte_: i bought mine when they first came out.  it has been a wicked fun system to own thus far.  and tinkering with linux on it makes it even more entertaining.06:38
te_Out_Cold: Was looking at YellowDog and appears to be very active, releases are only about 8 months apart.06:39
Scunizimonday: the vbox site has their manual there with good info. also #vbox06:39
mondayAlright. Thanks.06:39
te_Out_Cold: I'm downloading it as we speak.06:39
SpongeloafHas anyone had issues with the Jaunty installer crashing while preparing the partition?06:39
Out_Coldte_, i'll have to check it out on the VM06:39
MrPiracyif i install "fglrxinfo" (through command "sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx"), will it mess up with my NVIDIA drivers currently installed?06:40
Out_ColdSpongeloaf, you should verify the checksum06:40
SpongeloafDid that.06:40
tweaker25hi my mouse is stuck on ubuntu (laptop mouse) can I repair or I reinstall once more ?06:40
ScuniziMrPiracy: do you have 2 video cards installed?06:40
te_Out_Cold: Oh yea, you can use VM, especially with that really big drive.06:40
MrPiracyScunizi, nope06:40
ScuniziMrPiracy: fglrx I though was for ati06:40
Out_Coldte_ you are talking about on the ps3?06:40
MrPiracyScunizi, just one, i am trying to fix an error when lauching SecondLife06:40
MrPiracyScunizi, oh06:41
ScuniziMrPiracy: what's the error?06:41
MrPiracyScunizi, "window creation error"06:41
te_Out_Cold: Yes06:41
wizzGenius314 , erm , but it is window 7 problem , ubuntu done fine with boot loading06:41
mralexandroOut_Cold, you are so lucky!!! it is for inspiron and latitude, says nothing about xps! :/06:41
Out_Coldmralexandro, you can always try it out..06:41
tweaker25SOS !!!06:42
te_tweaker25: what's the problem?06:42
mralexandroOut_Cold, well but i have and i get error, so now i checked the synaptics package, and in description it says inspirion and latitude pc06:42
ScuniziMrPiracy: is compiz active? if so turn it off and try again06:42
tweaker25someone can explain why my mouse is stuck on linux, it was working06:42
Out_Coldmralexandro, well i suppose i'll go see if it works on mine lol06:42
tweaker25I can't use linux like that06:42
NeremorI've currently installed Ubuntu on my PC. Now i would like to install windows as a second os, so i can dualboot. The other way round it's easy, but with ubuntu installed first, how do i install windows?06:42
Neremoris there a good tutorial?06:43
te_tweaker25: What kind of mouse?06:43
Out_Coldtweaker25, you try another mouse?06:43
tweaker25laptop mouse06:43
MrPiracyScunizi, yes, it is ... let me try again, hold on06:43
ScuniziNeremor: have you considered virtual box?06:43
tweaker25I don't have another06:43
Out_Coldtweaker25, it's a touch pad?06:43
Genius314wizz: So the error is after Windows has started booting? I don't know, then. I haven't gotten a chance to try Windows 7 yet (although I've heard great things about it)06:43
te_tweaker25: They are cheap.06:43
visehi.. anyone knows why my 'processors' option is grayed out in VirtualBox?06:43
tweaker25It was working and It still work06:43
wizz<Genius314> haha , thx anyway06:43
tweaker25I'm stuck on windows for now ...06:44
Scunizivise: maybe because your running a 32 bit version of ubuntu?06:44
Out_Coldtweaker25, you can check out mouse preferences in system preferences..06:44
Out_Cold3rd tab should be 'touchpad'06:44
tweaker25I can't go there06:44
Out_Coldlearn to use the KB06:44
frybyeHi - I have jaunty with the regular firefox and minefield 3.6 - now links in thunderbird do not open either browser any more - how to fix please?06:44
Neremori want to play games... i tried a virtual box, but with only 1GB Ram it's is even buggy for only working06:44
te_tweaker25: Why not?06:45
Neremorso i have to install it on an own partition06:45
Out_Coldtweaker25, try Alt + F106:45
viseScunizi, What has Symmetric Multi processor got to do with 32 bit/ 64 bit? I have 2 cores (core 2 duo) and I think i should be able to utilize them..06:45
tweaker25is there a way to uninstall and repair the mouse driver ?06:45
noricI DID IT06:45
noricScunizi: I DID IT :D06:45
noricOK OK06:45
Gobblesnoric: tell how, im interested06:45
noricVideo on widescreen, audio on netbook06:45
Scunizivise: good point.. his is a memory issue.06:45
mralexandroOut_Cold, please let me know how it works:D06:45
Scunizinoric: cool!  you should write up a how to and put it on the forums06:45
viseScunizi, 3 gb ram06:46
tweaker25man I will lose all my moded ubuntu settings06:46
StringzI am having ubuntu 8.04 and nokia 5700.. is there anyway to use my cell phone to browse the net????06:46
ScuniziNeremor: then after you reinstall windows you'll have to redo grub06:46
glickstuxguitar is the greatest program06:46
Scunizivise: he said he had 1 gig and vbox was buggy06:46
glicksbanshee is pretty sweet too06:46
Stringzvia connecting it with my laptop06:46
Out_Coldglicks, you figured out the sound?06:47
viseStringz, Its somehow possible by setting up a proxy over bluetooth and do it.. I tried but it seems you have to do a lot of research on that on net..06:47
noric1. either desktop or netbook can host. 2. launch vlc, file -> wizard, stream to network, select file, HTTP, click through.  3. launch vlc on desktop, open network stream, host:8080. 4. launch vlc on netbook, open network stream, host:808006:47
Scunizivise: I like vbox.. use it all the time..06:47
noricI have file.mpg on netbook, so I host from netbook06:47
viseScunizi, k.. and #virtualbox seems dead.. No ones answering...06:47
te_tweaker25: You do not seem all that interested in fixing your problem....06:47
Out_Coldmralexandro, what was the package you tried for the fan speed?06:47
Gobbles@stringz make sure your plan allows what you want to do, it can prob be done, but u dont want a $250,000 phone bill06:47
glicksyea Out_Cold did not have a midi player installed :)06:47
noricI have client vlc reading stream on netbook and desktop.06:47
noricnetbook plays audio, desktop plays video06:47
Stringzwise, can you give me some pointers...?06:47
ragswhen using aptitude to install any package I get lots of "insserv" warnings and the installation fails...It starts with "Setting up ufw (0.23.3) ..." and then I get the warnings...any one seen something like this?06:47
tweaker25when I try to boot ubuntu my mouse can't move ...06:47
viseScunizi, Which is your host? Can you set the number of processors in VirtualBox 3.0.0?06:47
CaTz_MOUtZass and siang muanya06:48
Scunizivise:  not sure.. hang on .. I'll look06:48
tweaker25I'm not a code junky, you have to know06:48
Out_Coldtweaker25, you might have poor mouse settings.. as such... there is a lot of GUI shortcuts to use to get around the mouse and check settings06:48
mralexandroOut_Cold, i8krellm06:48
mralexandroplugin for krellm06:48
viseStringz, Im not sure for ubuntu.. But for windows theres this software called 'HiiSi'.. Read their concept and see if you can search somthin similar for Linux distros...06:48
ragstweaker25: If it can't move then tell it nicely...06:48
Out_Coldtweaker25, alt + f1 for example will open the menus at the top..06:48
tweaker25Is there a way to destroy my mouse settings ? I could access my files on windows06:49
stickboyhow do i disable the effect where when a window is max'd or min'd it has the black outline shadow?06:49
Out_Coldtweaker25, tab moves between options in dialog boxes... spacebar selects options..06:49
Out_Coldok i am not even going to try anymore with him..06:49
Scunizivise: nope. 3.0 won't allow changing the number of processors.. there is the option to change from 1-32 but it's greyed out.06:50
Out_Coldthanks mralexandro06:50
wizzo50WHen I download Adobe Flash Player, which Version do I select for Ubuntu? .deb06:50
tweaker25I don't to use the keyboard, I want to delete the mouse settings file so it will reset to basic06:50
dragon_pidgin had a mem leak. When i disabled the msn accounts, it crashed with the following in the syslog: Jul  3 22:34:17 u01 kernel: [223736.057491] pidgin[2882] general protection ip:7f17055439a0 sp:7fff1040f6b0 error:0 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2000.1[7f17054f8000+c3000]06:50
mralexandroOut_Cold,  i want to hear how awesome it is:D06:50
viseScunizi, Ugh! There is no documentation on it either.. Help says you can change.. :(06:50
Out_Coldtweaker25, deleting files does not "reset" anything06:50
Apollo2366dragon_ are you running the latest version?06:51
Gobbles@strings call your cell phone provider and ask them point blank about what you want to do, I love working around that shit too, but they will bend you over in a second if you dont do it just right and know for sure06:51
dragon_Apollo2366: yes, 2.5.806:51
tweaker25wizzo50 add medibuntu repository the in firefox apt://ubuntu-restricted-extras06:51
dragon_!info pidgin06:51
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.5.5-1ubuntu8.2 (jaunty), package size 507 kB, installed size 1616 kB06:51
Scunizivise: maybe if I was running 64 bit it might make a difference06:51
=== p|s is now known as postscript
viseScunizi, Why would 64 bit make a difference.. Bit width and number of processors don't relate..06:51
wizzo50tweaker25: What is medibuntu repository?06:52
tweaker25which is the mouse settings file, I will put my backup file on it06:52
Apollo2366dragon_ well then I don't know what to tell you... Unless  you want to hunt down the leak and fix it yourself? =)06:52
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:52
Scunizivise: just an idea that the feature is tied to actual processors06:52
tweaker25read that !!!06:52
tweaker25ubuntu chat and ubuntu-fr chat have a so different supybot it's hard for some peoples why the bots don't act with the same codes ?06:54
linux32 bit or 64 bit makes no difference to me but a question i have is will ubuntu be able to utilize new cpu that i think windows 7 will use?06:55
* tweaker25 is wanting to know which files are the mouse settings to restore old settings06:55
ziniHi! I am looking for an Ubuntu equivalent of Launchy: http://sourceforge.net/projects/launchy/. Any ideas?06:55
MrPiracyScunizi, sorry, how do i turn it off?06:55
MrPiracyScunizi, compiz that is06:55
Scunizilinux: elaborate.. what new cpu.. and did you know linux works on more arcetecturs (sp?) then windows?06:55
wapkozini: gnome-do maybe ?06:56
Out_Coldtweaker25, search google..06:56
ScuniziMrPiracy: system>prefrences>appearance> and the last tab on the right06:56
ziniwapko: Never heard of it, but I will have a look. Thanks.06:56
tweaker25linux : 32 bits is more easy, 64 bits is little harder but windows 7 can work as dual-boot with linux06:56
om26ermy firefox is not saving any history or bookmarks06:56
Out_Coldzini, i use awn which is like the mac icon bar..06:57
om26eri can't even go back to a pevious page06:57
mralexandro<Out_Cold> me too:D06:57
mralexandrowith the osx theme06:57
wapkozini: let me know if you like it. it also has a dock that can be enabled, if your into that sort of thing.06:57
Out_Coldi dunno what the osx looks like.. i made it my own lol06:57
MrPiracyScunizi, ok, did this and the error is the same ... "window creation error"06:58
dragon_what's a non-M$ alternative to Gnome-Do?06:58
ScuniziMrPiracy: bummer.. have you checked the forms?06:58
MrPiracyScunizi, what forms? i am a newbie06:58
Scunizidragon_: gnome-do is a non-M$ alternative06:58
Out_Colddragon_, "Alt-F2"06:58
MrPiracyScunizi, wanna see what i got in the terminal window?06:58
Genius314dragon_: There's a Microsoft alternative to Gnome-Do?06:59
dragon_Scunizi: it involves "mono"06:59
ScuniziMrPiracy: you gonna pastbin it? sure06:59
dragon_Out_Cold: nice one06:59
dragon_Genius314: ha ha06:59
MrPiracyScunizi, http://pastebin.com/m4ef33a0606:59
* Scunizi hears the mono controversy starting06:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mono06:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 107:00
mralexandroOut_Cold, did you figure it?07:00
Omar87How do I fix this error: "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)"?07:00
Out_Coldcan't find the GUI.. is it CLI only?07:00
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest68897
ragswhen using aptitude to install any package I get lots of "insserv" warnings and the installation fails...It starts with "Setting up ufw (0.23.3) ..." and then I get the warnings...any one seen something like this?07:00
Out_ColdOmar87, did you sudo first?07:00
Omar87Out_Cold: Yes, I did.07:01
ziniwapko: It is exactly what I need. Thanks, again!07:01
tweaker25Omar87 two apps that use synaptic at the same time ... do it one by one ...07:01
dragon_Omar87: another package manager running?07:01
wapkozini: yw :D07:01
ScuniziMrPiracy: ok.. just off the top of my head it has something to do with the 64 bit version of kde that you're using.. that is 64 bit might be the issue.. I haven't looked in a while but does 2ndlife have a 64bit binary?07:01
tonyyarussoI have an Atom 330 motherboard with integrated Intel graphics, running Ubuntu 9.04.  When using the GMail AJAX web interface, I have *extreme* lag when trying to label messages.  I click the "Labels" button for the dropdown, and one thread goes to 100% CPU utilization (1/4 total - 2 cores w/HT) for like ten seconds and then the list finally appears.  What's going on?07:02
Xerran2anyone one running Ubuntu in VirtualBox?07:02
Out_Coldmralexandro, now this looks interesting07:02
mralexandrooh yeah:D07:02
tweaker25singletasking is the new multitasking man !!!07:02
viseXerran2, I have earlier07:02
MrPiracyScunizi, not that i know of, i just downloaded it from their website ... but i used it from Hardy with no probs07:02
Out_Coldnot sure how the plugin works yet..07:02
MrPiracyScunizi, hardy 64bits07:02
ScuniziXerran2: ubuntu, linux mint, win2kpro etc..07:02
ScuniziMrPiracy: do they have a forum for help? I'd try there.07:03
tweaker25Xerran2 in a VM outch you loss the best07:03
dragon_!virtualbox | Xerran207:03
ubottuXerran2: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:03
MrPiracyScunizi, besides i am not on kde07:03
ScuniziMrPiracy: why does it mention it in the pastebin?07:03
MrPiracyScunizi, i have no idea07:03
ScuniziMrPiracy: that's a place to start looking..07:04
ScuniziXerran2: what's your question?07:04
tweaker25VM is good for old windows and mac os but not for linux or recent windows os that you could run native07:04
Scunizitweaker25: why not if you're experimenting.. v. 3.0 supports compiz07:04
MrPiracyScunizi, should i try to run it from KDE instead? I have it installed07:05
joshthecodertweaker25, depends what your running on07:05
Xerran2I have Ubuntu installed in VirtualBox already. I just need help installing the vboxadditions07:05
ScuniziXerran2: AH HA!.. that's a trick..07:05
tweaker25cause it will still be less better than native07:05
joshthecoderi can run win 7 just fine on my machine and it feels just like a real install07:05
ScuniziXerran2: I'll give you my paypal account :)07:05
tweaker25a VM of windows on linux, I could understand to run some apps but native is way better07:06
Vahueim trying to resize a partition in gparted but it fails when e2fsck says the disk is mounted, however the disk is not mounted and does not show up when i run 'mount'07:06
joshthecoderonly reason i ever boot windows up anymore is for games07:06
ScuniziXerran2: first you have to tell vbox to mount the vboxadditions which you probably already have.. now open a terminal and cd into the "drive" or cdrom that holds the binary.. then run it from there.07:06
joshthecodergraphics support still lacking in vm's07:07
tweaker25Xerran2 > ubuntu1501.com check for how to use Virtualbox there07:07
CaTz_MOUtZchat ama aq donk07:07
Xerran2ok thx07:07
Out_Coldtweaker25, there are several reasons why one would prefer to install a VM instead of a hard install.. one being to test out multiple OS's without the need of reformatting or resizing many partitions07:08
Scunizijoshthecoder: I haven't tried it yet but vbox v3.0 supports direct x 8/9 I believe07:08
dragon_!id | CaTz_MOUtZ07:08
ubottuCaTz_MOUtZ: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:08
_ayn_quick question, where is the kernel located in Jaunty? i need to reboot but i dont see anything in /, i want to make sure the kernel is in there07:08
tweaker25but don't expect a miracle Xerran2 a VM is good to test settings but not for 3d use even with 3d support you split the power in half07:08
Out_Coldtweaker25, and considering you can use pagefiles for VM partitions, you can simply make new partitions without affecting old ones07:08
Adolajoshthecoder: VB supports Open GL, and the SVN has a pretty nice ...That otherone..whatever th other one was called.07:08
dragon__ayn_: check /boot07:09
etfbJust installed Eclipse.  The documentation is missing.  Is this because (a) it's so new that nobody has written any doco, or (b) the Ubuntu packagers assume that everyone will be using gcc?07:09
joshthecoderunfortunately most games use directx :\07:09
tweaker25Out_Could I have enough space to spare, I'm not cheap07:09
AdolaOk, I made a folder for NFS file transfers, if I try to move too much data out of it, file operations freeze...Any ideas?07:09
joshthecoderi'll have to give vbox 3.0 a try and see how the directx support is07:09
_ayn_dragon_: i checked, there is a memtest86+.bin, is that it?07:09
_ayn_dragon_: it's a really small file though07:10
dragon__ayn_: there should be vmlinuz, initrd etc.07:10
tweaker25I have some VM too but for real stuff not to try a game that won't work well in a VM07:10
Spongeloaf32 bit Jaunty install dvd (downloaded .iso, forgot to md5sum) keeps hanging during partitioning. Tried the 64bit .iso, md5sum is good, but the burnt dvd "failed to boot."07:10
_ayn_dragon_: i want to bounce the instance coz motd saids so, i did an apt-get upgrade and i want to bounce it, but it doesnt look like the kernel is there, how weird07:11
Adolajoshthecoder: DX support on Vbox 3 is good, or so I've heard, you have to install the Guest addon's in safe mode, or so i've heard.07:11
Vahueim trying to resize a partition in gparted but it fails when e2fsck says the disk is mounted, however the disk is not mounted and does not show up when i run 'mount' how can i fix this07:11
ScuniziAdola: that's what I've read as well.07:11
dragon__ayn_: sudo apt-get install linux07:11
joshthecoderAdola, is dx support included in the open source edition?07:11
jota-I'm getting VERY SLOW file transfers using a usb2.0 drive, anyone knows what may be causing this?07:12
_ayn_dragon_: dpkg -l | grep -i linux didnt show anything07:12
_ayn_dragon_: is it possible that apt deleted the kernel?07:12
Gobblesanyone with experience:  do you think a system with 333mhz and 256MB ram running ubuntu server will be powerful enough to run around 10 low traffic websites?07:12
Neremorhow can i edit the partitions on my hda?07:12
mralexandrois it possible to block someone from msging you in xchat07:12
Scunizijoshthecoder: the ose version. probably not.07:12
mralexandroCaTz_MOUtZ, stop spamming!07:12
Scunizimralexandro: /ignore <nick>07:12
tweaker25VM for games wow !!! someone forget sudo apt-get intelligence07:12
etfbGobbles: It'll be aggravating to use it, but if you stick to the command line you'll probably be OK.  But adding more RAM would be a cheap way to fix things07:12
Neremorcan someone tell me how i can edit the partitions on the device that is currently running (/dev/hda)?07:13
dragon__ayn_: hard to believe07:13
Gobblesanyone with experience:  do you think a system with 333mhz and 256MB ram running ubuntu server will be powerful enough to run around 10 low traffic websites?07:13
tweaker25until you have an nvidia quadro ...07:13
_ayn_dragon_: maybe coz this is xen so there is no kernel? im confused... this is an ec2 instance07:13
ScuniziNeremor: you can't  you have to unmount it.07:13
etfbNeremor: A blowtorch?  A hammer?07:13
ReggtLoveNeremor, unmount it and edit it.07:13
tweaker25Gobbles yes07:14
etfbGobbles: It'll be aggravating to use it, but if you stick to the command line you'll probably be OK.  But adding more RAM would be a cheap way to fix things07:14
Vahueim trying to resize a partition in gparted but it fails when e2fsck says the disk is mounted, however the disk is not mounted and does not show up when i run 'mount' how can i fix this07:14
Scunizitweaker25: now you're just being combative.. stop07:14
=== ReggtLove is now known as Dreamglider
enneractHey, I'm getting the error 'modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory' on install attempt... any ideas?07:14
dragon__ayn_: it'd be a good idea to ask the others07:14
Neremoryes but i cant unmount it because it is the boot partition from which ubuntu is launched07:14
_ayn_dragon_: messed up07:14
_ayn_dragon_: another slicehost instance we have doesnt have shit in /boot either07:15
ScuniziNeremor: then you have to use a live cd.07:15
extorDoes ubuntu have any tools such as FAI for auto installing an OS via PXE?07:15
dragon__ayn_: probably the new ubuntu standard07:15
_ayn_dragon_: weird thing that i have no idea where the f it is lol07:15
_ayn_dragon_: kindda reluctant to bounce it when i dont know where the kernel is u know :)07:16
dragon__ayn_: haha07:16
_ayn_dragon_: we're gonna bounce the slicehost instance, coz we dont use it07:16
_ayn_dragon_: and see if it come sup07:16
dragon__ayn_: yea that's a good idea07:16
Neremorah that sounds good.07:16
enneractI'm getting the error 'modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory' on install attempt... and I just verified that modules.dep is there....07:16
tweaker252. Setting the mouse speed in XF86Config07:17
tweaker25The mouse is configured in the file X config file XF86Config ('/etc/X11/XF86Config' or '/etc/X11/XF86Config-4').07:17
adam7enneract: did you upgrade the kernel without rebooting?07:17
kirllzquestion: how do i get rid of those new message popups07:17
enneractfresh install07:17
tweaker25I cannot find that file, what does I do ...07:17
adam7enneract: did you just install updates?07:17
nw-bhello, anyone knows a command to detect an external monitor? I plugged a monitor to my laptop, but it is not detected in the configuration display settings menu07:17
enneractas in, I'm trying to install from newly downloaded disc image07:17
adam7enneract: when does that message come up?07:18
Scunizinw-b: what kind of video card?07:18
tweaker25nw-d > xorg in the doc of the site07:18
kirllzanyone know?07:18
enneractas soon as I select the 'install' option, then a ubuntu loading splash comes up, and eventually I get a busybox prompt07:18
Gobbles@etfb it is an old laptop and I want it to do it, my only fear is that when google crawls it hard that it will time out.  I am talking mysql, apache2, php database driven websites.. mostly worpress sites though.  If I run wp-supercache will that help?07:18
nw-bScunizi, I think it must be those intel embedded video cards. It is a laptop. How can I know the video card?07:18
enneractof (initramfs)07:18
tweaker25outch intel07:18
Scunizinw-b: lspci | grep vga07:18
adam7enneract: Ubuntu 9.04?07:19
kirllzanyone know how i disable new message popups?07:19
enneractyes, netbook remix07:19
Tonåñòü ðóññêîãîâîðÿùèå ? :)07:19
etfbGobbles: Caching will always help.  So will judicious use of robots.txt.07:20
nw-bScunizi, does not show anything07:20
tonyyarussoI have an Atom 330 motherboard with integrated Intel graphics, running Ubuntu 9.04.  When using the GMail AJAX web interface in Firefox, I have *extreme* lag when trying to label messages.  I click the "Labels" button for the dropdown, and one thread goes to 100% CPU utilization (1/4 total - 2 cores w/HT) for like five to thirty seconds and then the list finally appears.  What's going on?07:20
visevise quits07:20
adam7enneract: are you booting off a CD or usb key?07:20
Scunizinw-b: try just lspci or sudo lshw07:20
tweaker25what files/folders could I restore in my home without losing my apps settings ?07:20
enneractusb hdd07:20
adam7enneract: ah. I had a similar problem I think booting 9.04 Ubuntu off of a USB key, but Kubuntu worked fine. Don't know about netbook remix, though07:21
kirllzanyone know how i disable new message popups?07:21
enneractI can try it off a CD when I go home, I suppose, I just got all excited over support for my tablets digitizer finally, heh07:21
qe2eqeSupposing I wanted to port a package to ubuntu -- can anyone estimate a timeline on when it might actually be included in the repo?07:21
adam7enneract: what model is your tablet?07:22
enneractdell lat xt07:22
adam7enneract: ah, with the ntrig digitizer?07:22
adam7I have one of those :) pen works, touch is funky07:22
Scuniziqe2eqe: you can create your own ppa on launchpad and then ask on the dev list for how to's07:22
kirllzanyone know how i disable new message popups?07:22
nw-bScunizi, 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device07:22
enneractI was reading a writeup, suggesting that the touch was working arguably better than vista with a couple patches07:23
enneractalthough, have you found any way to get 3D accl. working?07:23
adam7enneract: do you have a link? I've been trying to get the touch working but with no luck07:23
tweaker25.files and .folders are apps settings ???07:23
kirllzseriously this cant be that complicated07:23
kirllzanyone know how i disable new message popups?07:23
adam7enneract: I have an HP model, but with the same digitizer. My ATI card works fine with the restricted drivers07:23
enneractwhich ati card is that? the 3300?07:24
Scunizinw-b: you'll want to google xrandr .. it can be used to activate a second monitor.. it's also the thing driving video output in ubuntu these days.. the xorg.conf is relatively empty07:24
adam7enneract: I think it's an ATI 3200HD07:24
enneractah yea, different chip07:24
enneractmine has a x1250, based on the R30007:24
tweaker25the same07:24
QAHDoes ubuntu server 9.04 support Intel Atom CPUs?07:24
enneractwhich, from what I can understand, support for was deprecated07:24
adam7enneract: but do you have a link to the article you were reading with the patches?07:24
enneractI just linked it07:24
tweaker25don't work well in 9.04 tough07:25
qe2eqeScunizi, thanks.07:25
adam7enneract: ah, thanks. Missed it up there07:25
nw-bScunizi, the thing is that when I restart the computer, the external monitor works ok, but then when the logon window appears, the video on the external monitor is gone07:25
apersondoes anyone know of an alternative window-list applet for gnome other than the standard one and the window selector?07:25
qe2eqeScunizi, thanks.07:25
Scuniziqe2eqe: np :)07:25
linuxthats new cpu right qah that's the question i have been wondering about07:25
adam7aperson: what exactly are you looking for?07:25
tweaker25enneract do you have getted your graph card working with decent 3d on 9.04 ????07:25
enneractno, I haven't managed to get 9.04 to work yet07:26
adam7aperson: AFAIK those are the only two. You might try awn or similar if you like that kind of thing07:26
nw-bScunizi, that is weird, because I just restarted my computer after updating and the monitor is not being detected anymore07:26
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1207:26
apersonadam7, I'd like to conserve space07:26
tweaker25I tried almost everything ... nothing work07:26
adam7aperson: screen space?07:26
qe2eqeScunizi, xrandr will write to your x config?07:27
enneractcan anyone explain why it would be difficult or advantageous to use an older version of uhm, fglrx07:27
QAHi was looking at some intel atom servers because they run at very low wattage07:27
GerardM-How do I add fonts to Ubuntu ?? there are words in Dzhongkha on my screen and I currently get the Unicide blocks07:27
adam7enneract: the older versions don't support the newer kernels you'll probably need for your digitizer07:27
apersonadam7, I'm on an 800x480 display :)  I'd like something that took up less horizontal space, but without a menu07:27
Scuniziqe2eqe: no.. it controls things in the background07:27
QAHbut i want ubuntu to run on it07:28
adam7aperson: ah, I understand :) I don't know of anything offhand -- I'm assuming you want just icons or something?07:28
apersonadam7, that'd be mostly what I'd want07:28
nw-bdoes xrandr detect an external monitor?07:28
ScuniziQAH: there is an arm version but I don't think it's server.. mostly for cell phones and upcoming netbooks.07:28
adam7aperson: I can't think of anything offhand, but I think I've seen something similar before07:28
apersonadam7, thanks, I guess I'm back to google07:29
adam7aperson: you could try using alt+tab to switch, but that might be awkward07:29
qe2eqeScunizi, if you don't change  your xorg.conf, your changes are lost, am I right?07:29
mralexandrois envyNG any stable?07:29
QAHSo regular Ubuntu Server 9.04 wont run on Atom?07:29
Scuniziqe2eqe: nope.. if you look at your xorg.conf you won't see much of anything.07:29
etfbIs it possible to use Eclipse in Ubuntu?  Has anyone here ever managed it?07:29
adam7etfb: sudo apt-get install eclipse07:29
adam7etfb: that should be all you have to do07:30
etfbadam7: I thought that too.  Sadly, I can' really use a new IDE without any help files...07:30
qe2eqeScunizi, i guess the xrandr howto referred by the bot will explain to me what ubuntu uses to keep configurations if not xorg.conf?07:30
apersonadam7, window-picker-applet seems to be an option07:31
Scuniziqe2eqe: maybe..07:31
adam7etfb: so eclipse works, but there is no documentation?07:31
adam7aperson: that seems to be exactly what you want07:31
etfbadam7: Yes.07:32
tweaker25where are the fucking mouse setting file(s) on linux ???????07:32
adam7etfb: sometimes the docs ship in seperate packages07:32
adam7!language | tweaker2507:32
ubottutweaker25: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:32
=== pik} is now known as henrik
adam7tweaker25: they'll be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, probably07:33
qe2eqeadam7, nope!07:33
adam7tweaker25: if you're usinggnome, system->prefs->mouse07:33
tweaker25adam7 I can't use my mouse07:33
tweaker25at all07:33
QAHso ubuntu server 9.04 wont run on Atom processors?07:33
chiquesWhat's the deal with laggy videos on youtube in firefox?07:34
=== henrik is now known as pik}
qe2eqetweaker25, a fool proof way to see if its seen by the system is running the command cat /dev/input/mice07:34
Gobblesanyone ever run a server over a wireless network?  I am talking a lamp server running in an ubuntu vmware07:34
adam7Gobbles: shouldn't be too hard07:34
qe2eqetweaker25, you'll see funny characters appear in tune to your mouse movements. Press ctrl+c to get out of it07:34
tweaker25man I cannot check, I can't use linux without my mouse07:35
Gobblesanyone ever run a server over a wireless network?  I am talking a lamp server running in an ubuntu vmware07:35
adam7tweaker25: press ctrl+alt+f207:35
adam7Gobbles: I'm sure someone has; what do you want to know?07:35
qe2eqeadam7, is that for gnome or kde  run dialog?07:35
adam7qe2eqe: to get to the tty07:35
adam7then you don't need a mouse07:36
tweaker25why you don't just use tab as normaly ?07:36
Gobbles@ADAM7 does it lag bad?  I want to get the server off my main system, all other systems in my house are on wireless, the one I want to put it on has the balls to do it (htpc) but it is on wireless07:36
adam7Gobbles: shouldn't lag too bad. What exactly are you serving?07:36
enneractI love this, though - the defining feature of my hardware finally gets support, and support is deprecated for another necessary feature, with no apparent method of fixing it07:37
adam7if it's just html files you won't see any speed difference that is noticable07:37
adam7enneract: yeah =/07:37
adam7enneract: although, the OSS driver might work ok07:37
adam7open source one07:37
qe2eqeadam7, you dork, you need to tell him how to get back from the tty07:37
Gobbles@adam7 around 10 websites - php, mysql, apache 2 inside a vmware machine running ubuntu 8.0407:37
tweaker25ah fuck I'll try without fools like you not helping at all, a real nuissance ...07:37
enneractthe author of that piece I linked has some other driver package 'radeon' working07:38
enneractbut it has no 3d accl, which I need07:38
adam7enneract: yeah, that's the one07:38
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.07:38
GreyGhosthmm ..07:38
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages07:38
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »07:38
dannyboy1121xLadies .. does the latest Ubuntu release have a dom0 capable kernel?07:38
adam7qe2eqe: please don't insult people, it's not productive. and it would appear tweaker25 wasn't really listening to what anyone had to say anyway, he just ran around telling us how stupid we were without paying attention07:39
mralexandromayday mayday, i am in some sort of safemode now!! tried to uppgrade graphics driver, but fialed07:39
QAHfor the last time. does ubuntu 9.04 run on atom intel processors07:39
adam7QAH: maybe07:39
adam7QAH: the LPIA should, I think07:39
enneractany chance I could guse the 'upcoming Karmic package version' of wacom-tools with an older version of the kernel07:39
enneractwhich has the older xorg version, and likewise, radeon driver?07:39
QAHadam7: what is LPIA07:40
mralexandroplease, how do  i reinstall the graphics driver completely_07:40
adam7QAH: the low power intel architecture, which I think is what the atom processor is07:40
mralexandrowow, even lost keyboard konfiguration.... :/07:40
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
qe2eqeadam7, I'm just using an interjection to tell you what you did wrong. If you send a noob to a tty with a key combo they just learned, how do you expect them to get back?07:40
mralexandrowhat have i done07:40
enneractand, likewise, is there a netbook remix (the UI seems custom made for touchscreens) based on the 8.xx kernel?07:40
qe2eqeadam7, or what I think you did wrong, diplomatically enough07:41
adam7qe2eqe: ok, I admit, I should have told about ctrl+alt+f7, but as I said, he wasn't listening to me anyway07:41
QAHOne more question. is it posibble to install ubuntu on an hp media smart server07:41
vomitory[atiddxSetup] X version mismatch - detected X.org, required X.org 7.4-1.906 <--- what does this mean?07:41
qe2eqeadam7, back to productive things. =)07:41
clankenneract: 8.xx kernel?07:42
adam7qe2eqe: yep =D07:42
adam7QAH: the easiest way to find out is to try07:42
enneractclank: I have no idea what I am talking about, really, but apparently ubuntu version 8.04 had a working 3d accelerated graphics driver for my hardware, but 9.04 does not07:42
dannyboy1121xDoes the latest Ubuntu release have a dom0 capable kernel?07:42
adam7enneract: IIRC 8.10 might have a working graphics driver for that card as well, I think 9.04 was when they dropped support07:43
enneractclank: but 9.04 has updated drivers for my touchscreen, which 8.04 does not07:43
enneractis there a 8.10 netbook version, or some way to transplant the UI?07:43
enneractI'm pretty tech savvy, just never had a reason to delve into linux, so just figuring this out as I go...07:43
QAHadam7: ha ha. i don't have the $$$ to experiment and waste my money07:43
adam7QAH: oh, I thought you already had one -- check google then07:44
=== me_ is now known as genera
adam7!hardware | QAH07:45
ubottuQAH: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:45
qe2eqeAnyone know how I can make a script that can do etherwake without sudo?07:45
mondayYou could probably just write sudo into the bash script?07:46
QAHadam7: Thanks for that info07:46
enneractSo, no ideas on netbook 8.10?07:47
enneractor, I could ask google like a non-moron07:47
adam7enneract: http://www.ubuntumini.com/2008/10/installing-ubuntu-netbook-remix.html <-- for dell mini but should be applicable07:47
clankenneract one of my ubuntu machines on 8.04 is running 2.6.24. you could download and compile it yourself. however, I doubt a few kernel versions would completely break your card07:47
clankenneract: what card it it?07:48
ageyhow can I use cam on ubuntu07:48
enneractradeon x125007:48
qe2eqemonday, Thats possible, I just don't want to be putting my password willy nilly all over the drive07:48
enneractand yes, 9.04 breaks 3d acceleration completely07:48
mondayOh, I see.07:48
enneractunless I can roll back to an earlier version of xorg07:48
adam7qe2eqe: you can use visudo to make running etherwake passwordless with sudo07:48
clankoh, simple solution then, get a laptop with an intel or nvidia card. next question07:48
enneractlol, can't do that.07:48
adam7clank: I don't think getting a new laptop is really a solution...07:48
enneractlaptop with this ones features doesn't exist07:49
clankavoiding ati like a plague in the first place is07:49
enneractother than this one07:49
enneractsadly :\07:49
adam7enneract: and the HP tx2 line, which has ATI cards too07:49
enneractno, tx2 is too heavy07:49
enneractand badly shaped07:49
enneractin my opinion07:49
=== donna is now known as Guest49285
byerleyany WindowMaker buffs around?07:53
byerleyno wmaker fanatics? :<07:56
qe2eqeIf I wanted to do remote ssh authentication with one time pads... where would I start?07:57
linuxi just downloaded ATI Catalyst control center hope it works with my laptop07:58
linuxoops aticonfigh07:58
vadimhey guys. Have a question - how can I convert different audio formats to mp3?07:59
interflopvadim, you could use audacity if you only need to convert one at a time08:00
vadiminterflop: and can I convert a bunch of them at a time somehow. i.e. the whole album of one artist?08:01
stranger01Hello. Anyone owns a system with an AMD Athlon TF-20 processor? If yes, can you check your /proc/cpuinfo file? Can you locate the svm flag?08:01
interflopvadim: not in audacity.  depending on the file format a program like rhythmbox or banshee should be able to import and convert the files to mp308:01
linuxi uninstalled ATI Catalyst program when i ran aticonfig it said no adapters detected08:02
vadiminterflop: hmm, didn't see this feature in banshee08:02
tonyyarussoI have an Atom 330 motherboard with integrated Intel graphics, running Ubuntu 9.04.  When using the GMail AJAX web interface in Firefox, I have *extreme* lag when trying to label messages.  I click the "Labels" button for the dropdown, and one thread goes to 100% CPU utilization (1/4 total - 2 cores w/HT) for like five to thirty seconds and then the list finally appears.  What's going on?08:03
tonyyarussovadim: mencoder for cli, sound converter for gui08:03
vadimtonyyarusso: thanks08:04
interflopI'm having some problems with my Eee PC 1000HE. I'm using Intrepid and no matter what I do I can't get WPA2 completely working.  It uses the RT2860.  I can connect just fine to my network but the ping and packet loss are unbearable.  My pings will range from 18 ms to 5000 ms.  The connection will become so slow it'll eventually time out.  Is there any way to get WPA2 fully working?08:05
gmvis it possible to install kubuntu-desktop offline?08:06
tonyyarussogmv: Yes, with tools like apt-on-cd or a local apt mirror / cache.08:08
tonyyarussoaptoncd rather - without hyphens I think.08:09
gmvtonyyarusso: i want to download it here, from windows and install in ubuntu08:09
tonyyarussogmv: Okay, that I don't know that you can pull off.  You'll probably have to at least use a Live CD to build the cache.08:10
gmvoh! tnx tonyyarusso08:10
Flannelgmv, tonyyarusso: or download the Kubuntu alternate CD08:12
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD08:12
Flannelor that08:12
gmvmy video controller is Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family08:13
gmvit's slow in ubuntu:(08:13
=== MadMax is now known as Guest57920
gmvis there a way to improve perfomance?08:14
=== tomahawk is now known as Guest25942
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY08:16
BellinXFelonroblem with an external hard drive, i can't write to it08:16
BellinXFeloni have a problem*08:16
jagadeeshI have patched up mutt for sidebar, but still I am not seeing sidebar08:18
jagadeeshis there any extrasettings?08:18
BellinXFeloni have a problem with an external hard drive, i cant write to it08:18
mondayBellinXFelon, explain more.08:19
mralexandroi tried uppgrading driver with envy ng. now i get error message everytime i start up ubuntu. first some message blinking back on and off then i geta message about graphics has to be run in low mode. my keyboard used to be norwegian layout, but is now in us layout. anything to do with the graphics driver? please guys i am freaking out now"/08:19
BellinXFelonmonday : i have a seagate freeagent pro hard drive which i just changed the partition to ext2 from ext3, and xubuntu 8.04 recognizes the hard drive, but I can't write anything to it08:20
mondayThe drive is formated in ext2?08:20
mondayWhat error does it say when you write to it?08:21
BellinXFelonlet me try08:21
gmvcan i improve "Intel(R) 82945G Express" performance?08:21
gmvit's very slow in 3d rendering08:21
BellinXFelonit just wont let me do anything08:22
BellinXFelonit opens up a window for the hard drive08:22
BellinXFelonbut wont let me put anything onto it08:22
BellinXFelonno error message08:23
viseHi.. My window resize in gnome is not working.. Everytime i drag at the corner of a window, the resize mouse cursor shows up, but the window does not get resized even if i drag from there...  Is there some setting i might have disabled by chance?08:23
oldude67how do i switch from kdm to gdm both are loaded?08:28
dragon_how do i keep apt-get from installing the recommended packages?08:29
dragon_biheng: hi?08:29
bihenggood, nice to meet you08:30
dragon_biheng: indeed. may i help you?08:30
bihengare you chinese08:30
viseHi... simple problem.. no one?08:30
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:30
oldude67sorry got booted08:30
dragon_!cn | biheng08:30
ubottubiheng: please see above08:30
OrEvAvise just ask ur question08:31
viseHi.. My window resize in gnome is not working.. Everytime i drag at the corner of a window, the resize mouse cursor shows up, but the window does not get resized even if i drag from there...  Is there some setting i might have disabled by chance?08:31
mralexandrohow do i exit x server_08:31
oldude67type exit08:31
dragon_vise: yes, there's a compiz plugin/setting called window resize08:32
=== noaxi is now known as axion
dragon_dontzap | mralexandro08:32
dragon_!dontzap | mralexandro08:32
ubottumralexandro: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.08:32
bihengI could not add software source, who can help me?08:33
visedragon_, Crap! Who the hell disabled it.. I didn't... Solved!08:33
dragon_vise: maybe i did ;)08:33
axionI have a laptop that now only beeps once at startup and the powerled turns amber and flashes08:33
dragon_!anyone | biheng08:34
ubottubiheng: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:34
oldude67sorry use to using terminal so i think everyone is...my bad08:34
mralexandrobut i need to disable to upgrade graphic driver, not restart, will it let me disable as well_08:34
visedragon_, Yeah.. I must install some anti-dragon_ software soon...08:34
axionno disk activity, so it did not boot at all..08:34
dragon_vise: try Vista ;)08:34
axionfurthermore the screen is black as well...08:34
dragon_axion: sounds like a RAM issue08:34
axionnope ram works perfectly08:34
visedragon_, No way.. I dont even like seven now, next to ubuntu.. :)08:34
Scunizimralexandro: exiting the x server do.. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:35
mralexandrothanks thanks thanks>D08:35
OrEvAaxion have you tried memory test08:35
Scunizimralexandro: you should be in a tty to do it.. not a graphical "termial"08:35
axionI think the video-card-id is overwritten08:35
axionyes tried memory from another laptop08:35
OrEvAaxion ok08:36
AdolaNFS file transfers just stop.  What's going on?08:36
axionOrEvA: I remember there was an article on slashdot talking about jaunty jackalope overwriting the id..08:37
OrEvAI am not able to login to my yahoo account using pidgin08:37
jagadeeshI am getting error while running apt-get. error details is at http://pastebin.com/m1d38062a08:37
nunodhello everyone08:38
jagadeeshhow do I correct it?08:38
ScuniziOrEvA: old news.. yahoo broke pidgin access.. it's fixed but the update to everyone hasn't been put in the system yet08:38
nunodi'm having a problem connecting to webdav using nautilus (with authentication)08:38
nunodanyone been able to do it?08:38
OrEvAscunizi any othet instant messenger in ubuntu08:39
GreyGhost!yahoo | OrEvA08:39
ubottuOrEvA: At the moment there are many pidgin users experiencing problems connecting to Yahoo IM, you can try changing your paging server to cs101.msg.mud.yahoo.com and see if that helps.08:39
ScuniziOrEvA: yea.. search synaptic08:39
axionOrEvA: yahoo added the stupid chat-java-applet on the email page. what's even worse it can not be turned off. Please complain about it thru the yahoo pages08:39
fesha413OrEvA: Kopete works with Yahoo08:40
OrEvAfesha413 is it still working with yahoo08:41
fesha413OrEvA: yeah08:42
GreyGhostOrEvA,  if u want to use pidgin then jst follow the instructions i gave u ..08:43
OrEvAgreyghost it isnt working08:44
GreyGhosthmm ..08:44
OrEvAgreyghost connection refused everytime08:44
GreyGhosti use meebo :)08:45
hebohi ,, i have problem with Thunderbird [ Mail sever localhost responded thunderbird hotmail ubuntu ]08:45
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
hebohi ,, i have problem with Thunderbird [ Mail sever localhost responded thunderbird hotmail ]08:45
mondayHebo, it's probably your fault.08:45
mondayIs it configured correctly?08:46
ruby_on_tailsI am getting an error when installing something from synaptic package manager08:46
ruby_on_tailsW: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php5-curl_5.2.4-2ubuntu5.5_i386.deb08:46
ruby_on_tails  404 Not Found08:46
ruby_on_tailscan anyone tell why am I getting this ?08:46
mondayHebo, are you sure?08:46
heboi put the port 1111 for pop 1112 for smtp 1113 IMAP08:46
=== honey^moon is now known as ce_IsEnG
ruby_on_tailscannot install/upgrade anything, I ger the same error always08:46
hebo;\ yes08:46
Omar87How can I create a .deb package out of a tar.bz2 package?08:47
nunodi'm having a problem connecting to webdav using nautilus (with authentication)08:47
nunodanyone been able to do it?08:47
heboso can any one help ?!08:47
gemilangneed help, where i can download small game for ubuntu cause not always have internet connection?08:47
meeroHi, have anyone succesfully installed pyrit (nvidia)?08:48
oldude67gemilang try synaptic08:48
meeropyrit  - nvidia??08:48
Apollo2366gemilang: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager. Search "game"08:49
oldude67ok kpackagekit08:49
meeronvidia - cuda pyrit ?? anyone??08:49
oldude67which ever you prefer08:49
Omar87Is there a .deb version of Firefox 3.5 in the Ubuntu repository yet?08:49
Scunizi!ff35 | Omar8708:49
ubottuOmar87: Firefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY08:49
chris062689I have a question, I'm using an ATI card, and everytime I try to boot the computer, it results in a fuzzy picture, I'm using S-Video to transmit the picture.  Is it using the open source drivers or something?  is there anyway to fix this?08:50
OrEvAruby_on_tails did you install google desktop or something like that08:50
mralexandroi need help exiting xconfig again08:50
nocnihi all08:50
Michael__how can i tell what driver ubuntu is using for my harddrive? because the old versions work, but the newer versions cant see my harddrive. So i was wondering how i can tell what driver i need to use on the new versions08:50
oldude67ok hosed system this morning by doing a dumb upgrade, does anyone have a suggestion besides dpkg-reconfigure gdm?08:50
mralexandroi need to know what to write when out08:50
hebohi ,, i have problem with Thunderbird [ Mail sever localhost responded: negative vibes ]08:50
ubottuIMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol08:51
gemilangi meant others than default from ubuntu 9.0408:51
n0miccan anyone tell me how i can use lpr to print a file to the default system printer pls?08:52
nocnilpr ?08:53
n0mici thought lpr was what you use to print a file from the command line08:53
Michael__how can i find out what driver ubuntu is using for my harddrive?08:53
LdVx_Can i install ubuntu on a 4gb pendrive? will that be enough space?08:53
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:53
ubuntuuser___help me i'm not able to connect to freenode through chatzilla.....08:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pendrive08:53
ziniIt seems that stuff like g++, autoconf and such isn't installed by default. Is there a single package for a complete build system or do I need to install tools individually?08:54
n0micsudo apt-get install build-essential08:54
Scunizizini: I think that sudo apt-get install build-essential will get you most of what you need08:54
LdVx_thanks a lot joebodo and nocni08:55
ziniMichael__: I have build-essentials installed already. g++ is there, but no autoconf08:55
ubuntuuser___n0mic:   how to connect to freenode through chatzilla....plz ..08:55
n0micno idea i use pidgen08:56
nocnitype irc comand08:56
gemilangAppolo2366, i meant download others game than default from Ubuntu 9.04, because i dont have internet connection always08:56
ubuntuuser___nocni: how to do it through pidign /? should we register ?08:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about getdeb08:56
n0micpidgen is installed on ubuntu08:56
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:56
chris062689I have a question, I'm using an ATI card, and everytime I try to boot the computer, it results in a fuzzy picture, I'm using S-Video to transmit the picture.  Is it using the open source drivers or something?  is there anyway to fix this?08:56
nocnipidgin have irc protocol too08:56
OrEvAubuntuuser connect to server chat.freenode.net08:56
nocnitry to install it if u dont have one08:57
joebodogemilan try getdeb - it's another repository you can add for games08:57
ubuntuuser___i have pidgin but canot conenct to freenode  . plz  someone ...08:57
hebohi ,, i have problem with Thunderbird [ Mail sever localhost responded: negative vibes ]08:57
Scuniziubuntuuser___: what are you using you to connect with now?08:57
n0micyou set up an irc account on pidgin08:57
bullgard4How can I determine if my computer executed the program xmodmap during startup?08:57
joebodohebo are you running a local mailserver ?08:57
ubuntuuser___i'm from webchat.freenode.net08:57
nocniget xchat08:57
gemilangthanks all08:58
OrEvAubuntuuser you can use xchat08:58
Scuniziubuntuuser___: install xchat.. sudo apt-get install xchat.. much better irc client than pidgin08:58
ubuntuuser___nocni: : i'm from http proxy.. will that affect ?08:58
nocniget a new version from website08:58
hebojoebodo what do u mean ?!08:58
Condoulook, just wondering. Is there anything I can use to monitor the temperature of my hardware in Ubuntu?08:59
joebodoubuntuuuser__ you can setup proxy within xchat08:59
ubuntuuser___what should be usename in irc ? any .. ? or it should be registered one ??08:59
ubuntuuser___nocni: :what should be usename in irc ? any .. ? or it should be registered one ??08:59
Scuniziubuntuuser___: any.. and if it's unique enough register it.08:59
joebodohebo your error messages seems to indicate that its trying to connect to your local machine08:59
joebodohebo not an external mail server08:59
nocnias u wish09:00
hebojoebodo mm09:00
nocniim not reg :)09:00
hebojoebodo i have hotmail account09:00
hebojoebodo so i use addons called webmail and webmail hotmail09:00
joebodohebo does hotmail support imap connections ? - or just pop ?09:00
mralexandrowhen i try to launch the nvidia driver setup in ubuntu 8.04  i get the following: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing.09:00
hebojoebodo i think support the both09:01
ubuntuuser___nocni: : i get couldn't  connect to host //  ?09:01
joebodohebo most likely in the account pages for your webmail, they will provide the server and ports for connecting from a pop/imap client09:01
apersonmy notifications in 9.04 don't always close, is there a way to remedy this?09:02
hebojoebodo yes09:02
=== nocni is now known as Psychonaut
ubuntuuser___nocni: :password should be blank ? /09:02
=== Psychonaut is now known as Psych0naut
joebodohebo check the server that you have configured, because it seems to indicate localhost instead of the hotmail server09:02
hebojoebodo i put those ports 1111 for pop 1112 for smtp 1113 for imap09:02
GreyGhostmralexandro, why dont u install from synaptic?09:02
vadimtrying to create  mp3 for my mobile phone with soundconverter. they are created well and well played but tags are a bunch odf letters - totally wrong. How can I fix it?09:03
ubuntuuser___Psych0naut: :   password should be blank ? and server: irc.freenode.net  and others..09:03
GreyGhostmralexandro, if u want to do it manuall then .. go to some other prompt (ctrl alt f1) .. then   "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" ... do ur nvidia install then "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"09:04
Psych0nautis this ubuntuuser___  bad configured bot or what :))09:04
ubuntuuser___Psych0naut: : no..  i' not a bot...09:05
Psych0nautmaybe its because i didnt registred my nick09:05
Psych0nautok cool09:05
Psych0nautno pass man09:05
Psych0nautjust type irc comand to connect on server09:05
ubuntuuser___Psych0naut: : and other settings ?  server : irc.freenode.net  and other settings   ?09:05
mralexandroGreyGhost, well i did that stop, then nothing happens except it logs out of ubuntu and just stays there, i tried reboot, and then i sitll have x09:06
Psych0nautgoogle that09:06
=== MorgothBauglir_ is now known as MorgothBauglir
ubuntuuser___Psych0naut: : ok.. i'll again trouble you if i can't get it ...09:07
GreyGhostmralexandro, thats why ctrl alt f1 frst .. log in there .. do the stop .. install ur driver ..then start again09:07
oldude67now for some dumb reason my system is logging me out when i hit the enter key great..:(09:07
mralexandrook, now the stupid quiestion, what key is fl?09:07
GreyGhostmralexandro, why arent u using the driver in the repo? it should do everything on its own for u afaik ..09:07
janausdoes anyone have any experience getting raid5 systems to boot?09:07
janaus(in jaunty)?09:08
oldude67no F 109:08
lb_f1 maybe?09:08
GreyGhostmralexandro, not fl .. F 109:08
duckwarsIs vfat the only file system that can be read/write to os x, windows, and ubuntu?09:08
bullgard4How can I determine if my computer executed the program xmodmap during startup?09:08
janausduckwars: windows and ubuntu can write ntfs.... possibly ext2 but ive not played with the win ext2 stuffs09:09
vadimduckwars: hmm, not sure about ntfs in os x09:09
janausdont know what osx can do09:09
mralexandroGreyGhost,  after trying to uppgrade with envy NG i have destroyed my drivers, it asks me to enter low graphic mode everytime i start computer.because it can not detect my graphic driver or hardware it says09:09
mralexandrothat is why i want to uppgrade via nvidia driver09:09
xpd259hiya  this might seem a totally noob quesition but have /dev/eth0 and /dev/wlan0 been moved in 9.4 as they aren't on my machine but im using the missing networks as we speak to connect to IRC09:09
janausis there anything special required to get a raid5 mdadm array to be picked up by the initrd?09:09
ubuntuuser___Psych0naut: : i did as instructed.. but no way.......  can it be  blocked or .....  by the proxy ??09:10
Psych0nautis it possible to completely hide gnome panel...anybody?09:10
=== piro is now known as Guest84184
OrEvAxpd259 try rebooting your system09:10
icerooti have a user, which is using cronjobs. i am getting the mails from his cronjob, because i am root. how to change it, so that not root is getting the mail, but the user ho startet the cronjob.09:10
Psych0nautubuntuuser___,  no09:10
xpd259Psych0naut:  in gconf0edit you can alter the size to 1 pixel09:10
xpd259OrEvA:  ive rebooted 4 times no09:10
Psych0nautxpd259, that is lame but ok :)09:11
Psych0nautits last try to dont see it09:11
xpd259Psych0naut: yeah very lame but i've not found another way to do it. i've been trying for months as i don't use them thanks to gnome-do09:11
timClickshi all - I'm having trouble getting my laptop's internal webcam to work. can anyone recommend a decent thread in ubuntuforums?09:11
oldude67anybody on changing from kdm to gdm when dpkg-reconfigure gdm dont work?09:12
Psych0nautok thanks09:12
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:12
timClicksta :)09:12
timClicksknew there would be something!09:12
xpd259oh network manager also says that wlan0 is there :S09:13
Psych0nauttimClicks, what laptop do u have ?09:13
=== Guest84184 is now known as piropiro
timClicksASUS PRO31J09:13
Psych0nautok i had a lot of trouble with hp09:14
timClicksI've been using ubuntu since 8.04 and haven't been able to get this to work09:14
timClicksit's an irritation that i just want resolved09:15
Zrs_I'm trying to get Samba to share a folder with my Windows computer. I'm getting authentication problems - I'm pretty sure it's because samba wants to know what workgroup it's on, but I don't think my network HAS a workgroup. Halp? :)09:15
=== jilbert[w] is now known as jilbert
Psych0nautxpd259, ru stil there ?09:17
xpd259Psych0naut: yeah stil here09:17
jilbertwhat is the best partition sizes for ubuntu 9.04 if you will be installing it on 1 TB hardrive?09:17
Psych0nautchange auto_hide_size ... ?09:18
Psych0nautis that 'x09:18
xpd259let me just go look09:18
janausdoes anyone know how to boot with a mdadm raid5 root?09:18
pngllAre there ways to get Ubuntu on a flash and be able to run it *everywhere*?09:19
xpd259Psych0naut:  yeah auto_hide_size  is normally set to 6 change that to 0 or 109:19
Psych0nauttop_panel_screen0/x  ?09:20
xpd259Psych0naut:  yeah  thats the ones09:20
Psych0nautok :)09:20
jilbertPsych0naut, what's the recommended partition sizes for 1 TB?09:20
jilberti think i made a mistake when i installed mine last night09:20
xpd259Psych0naut: the only other way to get rid is to build gnome fron source so i'm told09:20
Psych0nautxpd259, now is 34309:20
jilberti made / 250 GB, swap 20 GB, /usr 690+ GB09:21
xpd259jilbert: i use 200mb /boot  12gig /  swap set to ram size for hibernet and rest /home09:21
n_nicki wanted to force mount a drive.. can someone help me if i am right.. sudo mount /dev/dba1 /media/usbdrive1 -f -o ntfs-3g ??09:21
pngllI mean, a USB key with its own standalone virtualization software, so that if the host computer can't boot on USB you can still run it in a VM on Mac OS, windows, other linuxes...09:22
Psych0nautxpd thnx09:22
xpd259Psychoholic:  no worries09:23
jilbertxpd259: i see.. ill just reformat my hardrive then.09:23
jilberti hope it will not affect my windows seven hardrive09:23
hebook skip thunderbird now ,, i have another problem with evolution ,, when i delete some messege from inbox that messeger will not deleted from the sever , in the other word when i check my hotmail account inbox i found emails and not deleted :\09:23
oldude67i cant imagine running just 1 operating system on 1 TB hard drive...thats like over kill..lol09:23
naftilos76Hi everyone, i've got a laptop running 8.10 and i'm willing to upgrade to 9.04. As i've seen in the ubuntu instructions, when inserting a cd-rom with 9.04 in it, a dialog offering to do an automatic upgrade to 9.04 will appear. Well, i don't get that dialog. It's just behaving like any other cd-rom! Any ideas how can i upgrade from the cd-rom?09:24
n_nicknaftilos76: dont upgrade take backup n do a new installation09:24
xpd259jilbert: that is just my personal use as i like lots of home and never use for then 8gb root09:25
jilbertxpd259: i see..09:26
jilbertxpd259: i would like to try this one.. : /boot 8GB, / 32 GB,  /swap 4GB /home 840 GB09:27
jilbertis this a good partition?09:27
n_nicknaftilos76: ubuntu has a history of something going wrong after upgradation make a separate home directory n then intall as usual so no need of backup for future installation09:28
JECHOjilbert i would give about 100GB to root (just in case you install a ton of progs)09:28
n_nickok how to force mount09:28
xpd259jilbert:8 gig is over killl for boot  but the rest is fine 32gig for  root is quite large but depends how much you install software09:28
JECHOjilbert you obviously have the storage available haha09:28
jcduryhi there channel :)09:29
jilberti have.. i have two 1TB hardrive09:29
jilbert1 for the windows seven and 1 for ubuntu09:29
jilberton a dual boot09:29
JECHOthats pretty much what i have jilbert09:29
mralexandroGreyGhost, i did the uppgrade after turning x off09:29
jcduryjilbert: happy with both?09:30
mralexandrobut still get message that screen and driver is not detected, what could be wrong09:30
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount09:30
enneractcan anyone confirm that xorg 1.5 supports 3d acceleration for ati r300 chipset?09:30
mralexandroGreyGhost, there must be someway i can get my good old ubuntu from 4 hours ago back_09:30
timClickshey all - my integrate webcam is detected by lsusb but it's not occuring in /dev/video*09:30
timClicksany ideas?09:30
timClicksi assume it's a driver issue09:31
jilbertxpd259: i see. okay then. i think i know what to do now..09:31
JECHOtimClicks: install cheese... sudo apt-get instal lcheese09:31
jilbertjcornwall: yup i am..09:31
JECHOtimclicks: sudo apt-get install cheese*****09:31
jilbertbut soon.. ill remove the windows seven..09:31
jilbertonce i've installed the crossover09:31
xpd259best bet is to do an auto partition and then go back and reedit manually then you get the idea what is "needed" by a standard ubuntu09:31
timClicksd/ling now09:32
JECHOAnyone know if anything will get messed up if i install 2 versions of the same theme engine?09:32
mralexandroanyway to restore ubuntu from 5 hours ago_ i have destroyed it:/09:32
JECHOtimclicks: use that to use the webcam.09:33
enneractbuild a time machine?09:33
duryhi there all :)09:33
JECHOhe dury09:33
jilbertbe right back :)09:33
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
duryJECHO: hi there09:34
timClicks*frown* it can't find it09:34
JECHOhaha timclicks its under graphics09:34
JECHOtimclicks... try finding it in add/remove progs09:34
JECHOtimclicks: i might have the command wrong/09:34
timClicksnox-Hand,  I mean I'm running cheese via cli09:35
duryJECHO: keeping  all right?09:35
JECHOdury: yep. you?09:35
timClicksjecho no,  I mean I'm running cheese via cli09:35
JECHOtimclicks: do you have a DE installed?09:35
duryJECHO: not bad09:35
JECHOdury: good, good09:35
smoo2hello, I'm having troubles getting my new ubuntu box to display on my HDTV - each time I restart the resolution defaults to 1024x768 - how do I set the default to 1920x1080? Im using the latest nvidia drivers and have tried using the setup program. Ive also treid several xorg.conf changes but they didnt work either09:35
JECHOtimclicks: cheese is GUI based... besides, how do you plan to use a webcam from CLI?09:36
timClicksi just typed cheese09:36
timClickssoreau, the program ran fine09:37
timClicksthe program ran fine09:37
byerleyany WindowMaker users around? having a lot of trouble binding a command to key combo09:37
oldude67smoo2: have you tried setting it threw the krandr program under systems?09:37
=== Nicke_ is now known as Nicke
Zrs_Does Samba not like sharing folders inside user home directories or something?09:37
JECHObyerley: whats your issue?09:37
JECHOZrs_: you getting the permissions error?09:37
JECHOZrs_: reboot and it should be fixed.09:38
JECHOi had the same issue09:38
Zrs_NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED, in the logs stat of /vars/lib/... Hm. Okie dokie, trying it.09:38
smoo2oldude67: I've tried the display settings under preferences. I'll see if I've got krandr09:38
smoo2oldude67: nope, im in gnome if that makes any difference09:39
oldude67yeah i keep forgetting i use kde also ...my bad.09:39
mralexandrois there a program in ubuntu that shows you your hardware and its drivers_09:39
jilbertxpd259: i think i know what my partitions would be: 256 MB for /boot, 2GB for /swap, 80 GB for /(root), 160 GB for /home, and the rest will be NTFS.. what do you think?09:40
byerleyJECHO: The application menu definition tab of WPrefs throws an error and doesn't work correctly; I'm really just trying to bind key combinations to commands, like (ctl+alt+backspace) to "killall WindowMaker", but I can't find any documentation09:41
smoo2in any event, I can change the display to 1920x1080, I just want to set that as the default / only option.09:41
jilbertedit: 8 GB for swap since my Phisical memory is 4 GB :)09:41
meerocan someone install pyrit on ubuntu?09:41
=== hello is now known as Guest88421
JECHObyerley: ah, cant help you there... I thought you were having a different issue. lol sorry09:42
Zrs_Nope, rebooting didn't fix it. I can see it, both locally and remotely.09:42
Zrs_Can't connect from either, with neither account nor root password...09:42
byerleyJECHO: np, thanks for the response09:42
Zrs_Or does Samba use totally different accounts?09:42
oldude67meero: what is pyrit and where did you get it?09:43
=== mario324 is now known as szczeles
JECHOZrs_: samba uses whichever account is the owner of the file you're trying to access. I'm assuming youre trying to enter and un/pw to access a file on the network right?09:43
Zrs_If my main Ubuntu account is the owner... Then does it have a password? :\09:44
* Zrs_ doesn't get how Ubuntu handles root.09:44
JECHOZrs_: if your ubunt account is the owner then why are you tryign to access it over the network? you should be able to just browse to it in the file structure.09:45
Zrs_I'm trying to share a folder that I connect to from my windows computer, to transfer files/backup.09:45
JECHOZrs_: so youre trying to access the file that is located within ubuntu from windows?09:46
=== kipas_angin is now known as myphnix
JECHOZrs_: then you will need to enter your ubuntu credentials09:46
harjotdont follow that link 4 ur reason09:46
harjotif u can help me follow it09:47
duryJECHO: you know ..... there is an add on in firefox called Flash Video Resources Downloader  see?... so  you get a .mp4 file. The question is:  is there an application to convert that file .mp4 to .wav file?09:47
JECHOdury: that is your question to me?09:48
duryJECHO: yeah09:48
szczelesdury: mplayer can do it :-)09:48
JECHOdury: you can convert basically any video format but instead of using that firefox plugin... install youtube-dl (sudo apt-get install youtube-dl)09:48
JECHOdury: thatll give you a .flv video instead of mp4 :)09:49
JECHOdury: otherwise yo ucan convert it with mffpeg09:49
Zrs_Login credentials schmogin credentials. Using the name I log in with at startup, with or without a password, gives me 'unknown user name of bad password' in the command line. Using 'root' throws up 'System error 5' access denied message.09:49
szczelesZrs_: did u used smbpasswd command?09:50
JECHOZrs_ have you created a root account w/ a password?09:50
lekremyelsewHey everyone. Are the about:config settings in firefox saved as part of the user profile, or does it alter the global configuration?09:50
JECHOdury: ffmpeg*09:51
Zrs_What's the smbpasswd command? (goes to man it009:51
duryJECHO: the thing is that I only interested the sound of the video that's all09:51
bluebananahi... i am using ifconfig to see my ip address, but then i go to www.whatismyip.com and get a different result (no, i have no proxy)09:51
bluebananaanybody can help?09:51
Zrs_Are you behind a router?09:51
raidghostGood Morning Zrs_and the rest.09:52
bluebananaso how do i see my ip address in ubuntu that is not the one given by the router to me09:52
JECHOdury: oh i see.... im not aware of any way to jsut convert the audio09:52
ArneNJHi. I have a corrupted hard drive (the small hidden Dell partition works though). I made a 9.04 liveCD but Gparted could not read the hard drive. Do I need to toss the drive or can I fix it via the LiveCD?09:52
harjothelp me : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120376609:52
ArneNJ(There are a bunch of corruped unreadable blocks)09:53
raidghostIs there a equalizer for ubuntu that controlls the general sound?09:53
oldude67raidghost: if you find one let me know...i need one too...:(09:54
Zrs_Here's the kicker: trying to use smbpasswd on my user (not root) results in a NT_STATUS_LOGON_ERROR message. Same as what I got when I tried to connect to the share. smbd is running.09:54
duryJECHO: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg09:54
JECHOdury: i believe it is installed on ubuntu by default as a CLI utility but there is a gui for it... search for "ffmpeg" in the add/remove programs area. youll see it09:56
bullgard4'~ gnome-session-properties; *** (gnome-session-properties:27167): WARNING **: could not read /home/detlef/.config/autostart/epiphany.desktop: Key file does not have key 'Type'; ** (gnome-session-properties:27167): WARNING **: could not read /home/detlef/.config/autostart/gnome-terminal.desktop: Key file does not have key 'Type'." What is meant here by "Key file"?09:56
iPoRncan the package "gdm" be removed, and still use gnome?09:56
iPoRn'cos i've updates "gdm", and the splash screen that appears, is ugly09:56
oldude67iPoRn: try dpkg-reconfigure gdm and switch it to kdm see if that works.09:57
duryJECHO: the thing is that I only interested the sound of the video that's all09:58
durysorry JECHO09:58
JECHOdury: yeah i have no other ideas for you lol09:58
oldude67dury: what you need your porn in stereo? lmao09:58
duryJECHO: never mind... don't worry09:59
oldude67sorry my bad nvm09:59
doserydercan someone recommend a software like "HyperCam" for linux09:59
silverwolfIs there an official repository with firefox 3.5 ?09:59
doseryderbasically a desktop video capture software?09:59
JECHOdoseryder run sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop10:00
silverwolfnevermind :)10:00
doseryderJECHO it does sound too right?10:00
duryJECHO: really appreciate your help10:00
deanydury, ffmpeg10:00
wathekhello all I got a problem I'm running Jaunty Jackalope with the latest updates I'd like to use Amarok but when I add a file I hear no sound10:01
wathekand it freezes in few seconds10:01
deanydury, ffmpeg -i video.mp4 audio.mp310:01
JECHOdoseryder: i believe so... if not then try out "istanbul desktop recorder" from the add/remove programs area10:01
JECHOdury: np man10:01
durydeany: in terminal?10:01
lekremyelsewwathek, have you restarted since that started happening?10:01
ToshibiHola! What up folks.10:01
lekremyelsewhey guy10:02
deanydury, either that or use winff10:02
watheklekremyelsew, it started happening when I installed ubuntu10:02
ToshibiWhat's the problem?10:02
deanydury, if you specify the output as mp3 or whatever, it will convert to that.10:02
lekremyelsewwathek, what kind of files are they?10:03
durydeany: I don't know if winff is installed10:03
lekremyelsewwathek, you have to install the gstreamer plugins for mp3 files10:03
Condoulook, how would I be able to enable Ubuntu to see the temperature of my CPU from the censors. I installed some packages for it, but, it only shows my HDD10:03
deanydury, you`d know if it was installed, you`d have installed it :)  use shell then.10:03
watheklekremyelsew, it's there coz I can play mp3 in rythmbox10:03
deanydury, ffmpeg -i video.mp4 output.mp3     simple10:04
durydeany: right10:04
doseryderJECHO thanks.10:04
ToshibiConduolo, it depends on your motherboard, your processor10:04
JECHOdoesryder: np10:04
CondouloToshibi, I have an Intel made motherboard with an Intel Pentium D10:04
durydeany: but.. where does it save then10:04
lekremyelsewwathek, do you have the old amarok or amarok 2?10:05
deanydury, where-ever you are10:05
ToshibiPentium D's are great....let me see if I can find something for you10:05
wathekamarok 210:05
watheklekremyelsew, amarok 210:05
deanydury, where is your video10:05
durydeany: damm question... sorry10:05
lekremyelsewwathek, oh haha, i have no idea10:05
durydeany: I see ... now10:05
CondouloI know the sensors work as I've used Speedfan on Windows... just need to figure em' out on Ubuntu.10:05
dayothe command `last` is showing me only the users who logged in in july. how do i get a list of those who logged in before then?10:05
deanydury, sudo apt-get install winff10:05
lekremyelsewwathek, it still has a lot of bugs in it so i would recomend getting the old one until then10:06
lekremyelsew*until they are fixed10:06
durydeany: really appreciate your help and advice :)10:06
watheklekremyelsew, it was working well in kubuntu10:06
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free10:06
Toshibiconduolo: Did you install lm-sensors libsensors410:07
CondouloToshibi, yeah. I just installed both of em' like 5 minutes ago. :)10:07
lekremyelsewwathek, do other types work?10:08
dayothe command `last` is showing me only the users who logged in in july. how do i get a list of those who logged  in before then?10:08
ToshibiDid you run sensors-detect from root?10:08
watheklekremyelsew, gonna try ogg10:08
CondouloToshibi, just running that right now to see what I get10:09
durydeany: couldn't find package winff10:09
watheklekremyelsew, it's strange ogg works10:09
Toshibiwathek, did you install the ubuntu_restricted-extras?10:10
deanydury, do you have ffmpeg installed?  do you have all the restricted repos enabled? etc10:10
wathekToshibi, I don't think so10:10
ToshibiYou might need to do that10:10
lekremyelsewToshibi, i thought that was just for hardware stuff10:10
durydeany: ffmepg is installed10:10
ToshibiNo, that has MP3 and other support too10:10
deanydury, its in universe, so should be there.10:11
CondouloToshibi, it did not detect my sensors as far as CPU controllers went. =/10:11
aaronvarghesecan some one help (teach me) to conect to a windows machine using vnc10:11
deanydury, what ubuntu you using?10:11
ToshibiCondoulo, you may be using non-supported??? hardware10:11
durydeany: geees...10:11
Zrs_Oh hey, getting Samba to work was as simple as allowing guest access to the share.10:11
aaronvarghesecan some one help (teach me) to conect to a windows machine using vnc10:11
aaronvarghesecan some one help (teach me) to conect to a windows machine using vnc10:12
durydeany: hardy10:12
Zrs_Problem suh-OLVED!10:12
dayohow do i view /var/log/wtmp.0  ?10:12
aaronvarghesecan some one help (teach me) to conect to a windows machine using vnc10:12
Toshibiaaronvarghese: Do you have VNC server installed on the Winblows machine?10:12
CondouloToshibi, maybe as far as Im-sensors go? I dunno. Speedfan on windows works just fine with detecting my sensors.10:12
deanydury, ahhh.10:12
deanydury, http://code.google.com/p/winff/wiki/UbuntuInstallation10:12
aaronvarghesea real vnc10:12
ToshibiConduolo: It may have to do with Linux drivers. It needs kernel modules to detect the temp10:12
=== tiziano__ is now known as tizbac
CondouloToshibi, hmm...10:13
aaronvarghesecan some one help (teach me) to conect to a windows machine using vnc10:13
ToshibiAaronvarghese: Do you have the server turned on. Is there a firewall? Do you know the port and IP address of the windows machine?10:13
Toshibithen, what's the prob bob :D10:14
aaronvargheseip = ..........10:14
aaronvargheseport = 952010:14
durydeany: better do... what you said before then ffmpeg -i video.mp4 output.mp3   is that right10:15
deanydury, better yes.  simpler yes.  winff is just a frontend for ffmpeg10:15
durydeany: right10:16
ToshibiIf you have problems with MP3 playback just type in without quotes "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"10:16
Toshibior kubuntu10:16
Toshibior Xubuntu10:16
FloodBot2aaronvarghese_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:16
deanydury, if you have medibuntu enabled there is a better ffmpeg with extra stuff included...but I think the standard one is enough for mp3.10:16
andrew_46dury: I have missed early conversation but without -ab setting FFmpeg will make the mp3 64k only10:16
aaronvarghese_what  the hell is that guy doing10:17
deanyandrew_46, good point.forgot10:17
aaronvarghese_he coppy my name10:17
oldude67wow twins10:18
aaronvarghese_shut the hell up coppy name10:18
ToshibiOkay children10:19
aaronvarghese_ omg10:19
=== alisha is now known as Uleee
aaronvarghese_ tell this guy to go10:19
aaronvarghese_how do i kick him10:19
oldude67ok this guy go10:19
aaronvarghese_how do you kick people10:19
Seveasaaronvarghese_, you don't.10:20
aaronvarghese_get lost idiot10:20
Seveasplease behave10:20
deanydury, ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -ab 192k output.mp310:20
UleeeI am on a computer teaching my 14 year old stepdaughter about Ubuntu. Does anyone have any advise to give her. Her name is Uleee.10:20
oldude67aaronvarghese_, unless your a op you cant kick people10:20
aaronvarghese_how do i become one10:20
Seveasaaronvarghese_, you don't. Now behave.10:20
UleeeI am teaching her about the difference between Windows and Ubuntu.10:20
SeveasUleee, just let her do what she usually does and help her when she can't find things10:21
aaronvarghese_wow she must be bored10:21
ToshibiUbuntu is simple. Just let her use the computer.10:21
oldude67ya even aaronvarghese_ can use it10:22
aaronvargheseulee do you need help10:23
duryandrew_46, deany: good detail -ab10:25
aaronvargheseuleee please respond imediatly10:25
Seveashi spike_10:25
joaopinto!es | spike_10:25
ubottuspike_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:25
oldude67!hi | spike_10:25
ubottuspike_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:25
duryffmpeg -i video.mp4 output.mp3  in this command line10:25
bazhangaaronvarghese, hi10:26
andrew_46dury: I am an FFmpeg fanboi from way back :-)10:26
Bilbo_BagginsI am attempting to put Cathbard's linux art repo into my list, but when I wget I get this error..Error parsing proxy URL http://localhost:4001 : Bad port number.  Anyone know what it means?10:26
spike_anybody know hoe to ompimize my xubuntu10:26
joaopintospike_, try asking on #xubuntu10:26
aaronvarghesedo ok10:26
MeRodentCan anyone remind me how to hide join/quit messages in xchat?10:26
bazhangaaronvarghese, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic10:26
aaronvargheseumm no thanks10:26
SeveasMeRodent, rightclick on the channel name in the channel switcher thing10:26
MeRodentSeveas, thanks.10:27
bazhangaaronvarghese, this is NOT the chat channel. this is support ONLY10:27
robertc1985hey how can i force my laptop to do everything in 1024x768 resolution10:27
Seveasrobertc1985, system -> preferences -> screen resolution10:27
robertc1985well that only works in X10:27
robertc1985i do things in shell too10:28
aaronvarghesei need help with vnc10:28
Seveasrobertc1985, to get the console in a specific resolution you need vga=... on the kernel comand line10:28
Seveasrobertc1985, so you need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst10:28
Toshibirobertc1985, I think you need to set the framebuffer option in the grub menu10:28
UleeeHow do I save documents on Ubuntu without having them on my desktop?10:28
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH aaronvarghese read this10:28
Seveaswhat the values on the ... should be I always forget. Somewhere on the wiki you should be able to find it :)10:28
Seveasno, if only it were that simple10:28
joaopintorobertc1985, or you can use the start up manager,  a GUI which allows to manage boot options10:28
Toshibirobertc1985: I think that's the one10:29
Seveasit's vga=666 or some other ununderstandable code10:29
cjsI'm trying to 'cryptsetup luksClose foo', and it tells me that the device is busy. Yet none of the volumes from that LVM are mounted. Is this because the LVM devices still exist, and I need to remove them? If so, how do I do that?10:29
ToshibiSeveas: I think it's 77110:29
ToshibiI remember setting it for my ancient laptop10:29
beenyboyz          How to start an installed application, google earth?  Just ran the package manager and says it is installed. Where?10:29
robertc1985lol ok, i know a little about menu.lst so if i can just get the needed code i can do it10:29
Seveasrobertc1985, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootText10:30
robertc1985awesome, thank you much10:30
Seveasrobertc1985, only look at the first section about increasing resolution. The rest is rubbish10:31
robertc1985i am a multitasking freak10:31
joaopintorobertc1985, Add/Remove startupmanager10:31
oldude67ya learning that stuff was a pain but atleast slackware taught me a little.10:31
=== tyler is now known as Guest33102
joaopintorobertc1985, System -> Admin -> Startup Manager -> Select the resolution you want10:31
packet-sentI have installed ubuntuone-client-applet but when I click icon nothing happens also running "killall ubuntuone-client-applet && ubuntuone-client-applet --signup" again nothing happens and no messages appear in terminal, anyone managed to get this thing going?10:31
VavaRhow can i make my own ubuntu on a usb stick? the version from the website fails with a crash. i wonder how to make it bootable and where to find the documentation how canonical is building these bootable img files10:32
Toshibioldude67: I tried to build a Linux From Scratch system. That was....a nightmare :D10:32
SeveasToshibi, but you probably learned quite a bit10:32
oldude67Toshibi, i bet slackware was hard enough10:32
cjsHm. Maybe 'dmsetup remove'?10:32
ToshibiSeveas: It answered the age old question of "How do you compile something when you don't have a compiler!?!?!"10:33
robertc1985actually i don't see a startup manager in the menu, xfce not gnome10:33
SeveasLFS/gentoo/*BSD and other source-based distributions are ok if you have the time. For normal use I'd stick to ubuntu/debian/fedora10:33
ToshibiThe boot strap compile of the compiler...10:33
cjsThat was it. Thanks guys!10:33
ToshibiSeveas: I have this IBM laptop from the stone ages. It's made of concrete and lead I think. Anyhow, i was trying to make it usable. I ended up with DSL.10:34
SeveasToshibi, the only good use for that is in ballistics10:34
oldude67robertc1985, you are trying to do something that is in grub more then likely...10:34
Seveas(as in: throw it at something :))10:34
ToshibiI turned it into an e-book reader10:35
ToshibiIt sits on the floor in the bathroom :D10:35
ToshibiGotta read somewhere10:35
robertc1985yeah i can do it from gedit right now thanks10:35
joaopintorobertc1985, from the terminal run: startupmanager10:35
qe2eqehow do I make ubuntu boot without asking for a password?10:36
robertc1985you can10:36
Seveasqe2eqe, system -> admin -> login screen. Set an autologin10:36
joaopintorobertc1985, yes he can !10:36
robertc1985oh my bad10:36
KB1JWQrobertc1985: Not true from what I recall. :)10:36
Toshibiqe2eqe: You could always try bribing it with money10:36
robertc1985i was mistaken for removing a password10:36
Seveasrobertc1985, well, s/can't/shouldn't/ as it's not safe ;)10:36
packet-sentCant beat paper books in bathroom though esp when in bath, would chance an old lappy though if I get the chance lol10:37
qe2eqeSeveas, thanks. That'll really help improve the oobe10:37
VavaRis there a man page for the frambuffer codes to look up the right resolution?10:37
chazcoAnyone here know of an open-source touchscreen driver (evtouch is broken in Jaunty)?10:37
SeveasVavaR, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootText lists them10:37
aaronvargheseidiot why u casme here again10:37
ToshibiThat has a chart10:37
aaronvarghese_i dont know10:37
Seveas!ops | aaronvarghese talking to himself again10:37
ubottuaaronvarghese talking to himself again: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:37
aaronvarghese_ha ha u got boted10:38
aaronvargheseget lost10:38
Toshibipacket-sent: I have some expensive books that I want to read. My shower would destroy them. Laptop doesn't worry me so much :D10:38
robertc1985startup manager was not installed, lol. i chose to install without X because i won't use it all the time10:38
Seveasthanks bazhang. Please stay around though, I have no doubt he'll be back soon :)10:39
oldude67thanks bazhang10:39
bazhangSeveas, sure he will too :)10:39
asdfqweris there a way to change how many virtual desktops I can have in gconf-editor?10:39
Seveasasdfqwer, rightclick on the desktop selector and click on settings10:40
Seveasasdfqwer, (yes, it's somewhere in gconf-editor too, don't know where :))10:40
robertc1985not sure about that, there are workspace switchers, and you can run up to 6 graphical environments on a really fast system10:40
packet-sent yah but can u wipe ure $%£ with ya lappy if run out of toilet paper10:40
Seveasrobertc1985, meh, on a slow system you can run 20 desktops too if you want :)10:41
asdfqwerSeveas, I think I found it10:41
=== janne is now known as Skiessi
robertc1985i mean i'm running alt+ctrl+f7 or higher10:41
asdfqwer /apps/metacity/general/num_workspaces val10:41
Seveasrobertc1985, that's not virtual desktops but X instances10:41
=== Nick is now known as Guest77126
Seveascompletely different thing :)10:42
robertc1985yeah a very fast machine can run up to 610:42
oldude67thats like terminals..not desktops10:42
Seveasrobertc1985, I've seen moderate systems run 12 too :)10:42
asdfqwerrobertc1985, I usually do 6, but I wanted to try it w/o compiz10:42
oldude67i have a clunker that can run 6 that im on now..lmao10:42
robertc19857 thru 12 are x instances olddude6710:42
chazcoAnyone here know of a working open-source touchscreen driver suitable for the netbook touchscreens (eGalax / EETI) - evtouch is broken in Jaunty and the closed source beta has some issues?10:43
* Seveas off, wife is calling10:43
asdfqwerSeveas, good luck trouble shooting that :P10:43
ftabhey my pulse audio sound is not working in firefox flash :(10:44
ftabbefore it was working10:44
oldude67robertc1985, after running slackware for 2 years anything with a gui is for me...10:44
robertc1985i only use a gui when i need to, for example browsing10:44
robertc1985links isn't the greatest browser, my phone is better10:45
ftabany one has any idea10:45
andrew_46oldude67: 13.0 out in a week or so10:45
oldude67well i configed and compiled enough to choke a horse now its click and go..lmao10:45
robertc1985what do you need ftab?10:45
djiezesHi, I plan on buying a gamepad, but it has to work in ubuntu/linux too. Anyone have any experience in this? Should I avoid certain brands?10:46
beenyboyzAnyone know command to install a package , google earth .bin file?10:46
werswhen i started the ubuntu one client, nothing happened. didnt get a system tray icon or a web page. any idea why and how to fix this/10:46
ftabmy sound has been working in firefox I mean flash video10:46
ftabbut now it's not10:46
roel1Hi to all10:46
robertc1985midnight commander is a great shell too,10:46
robertc1985oh wow, your settings are all good ftab10:46
robertc1985audio works elsewhere?10:47
robertc1985flash is up to date?10:47
ftabit's 1010:47
oldude67ftab, in terminal have you tried typing in alsa restart?\10:47
oldude67or reload?10:47
ftabit was working  before, but  I guess some updates in Jaunty messed :(10:47
robertc1985firefox, just youtube or all videosites?10:47
robertc1985unless it's firefox, iceweasel, or galeon i don't know10:48
mikebeechamhi guys...is there any way to briefly show the workspace number on screen when you move from workspace to workspace?10:48
ftabwell all websites10:48
oldude67ftab, there is another flash option as well do you have it loaded besides the non-free one cause i had both loaded at one time and it messed with me for  a while.10:49
ftabmay be10:50
ftablet me check10:50
ftaboh I downloaded Flash9 I mean which comes with Flex Builder, it installed flash 9 with debugging support10:51
ftabmay be that have messed up things10:51
Petfroggi got a preinstalled ubuntu here10:52
Petfroggis there app that can resize it for me?10:52
Petfroggcan i boot straight into it?10:52
=== hsitter is now known as aerztelogger
packet-sentwers: I got exact same prob as you !10:54
mohoHey can someone help me please, i am installing something in terminal and this license agreement has came up but i can't figure out how to accept it10:54
acidicbasePetfrogg: yes10:54
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
acidicbasemaybe tab will work10:55
acidicbaseor arrow keys?10:55
moho;D ty lol\10:55
mohoi feel stupid now10:55
FloodBot2moho: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:55
oldude67not sure but dont think you can really do it when in ubuntu think you might have to have like a live cd10:56
werspacket-sent, any idea for a fix?10:56
TerralthraAnyone else finding Samba to be much slower under 9.04 than 8.04?10:58
packet-sentwers: I tried manual install and running "killall ubuntuone-client-applet && ubuntuone-client-applet --signup" in terminal but it just hangs10:58
packet-sentwers: theres a ubuntuone irc channel but no one is responding10:59
werspacket-sent, they have suggestions here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/37523711:00
werspacket-sent, but bash: u1sync: command not found11:00
zcat[1]just wondering what's involved in getting a chinese keymap in ubuntu, tried setting the keybord to chinese and it doesn't seem to be any different?11:01
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=== jcdury is now known as dury
grayfoxamywone here?11:03
Bilbo_BagginsHello grayfox11:03
Bilbo_BagginsI am having problems with wget.  I cannot seem to us it for anything.  I get this error.  Error parsing proxy URL http://localhost:4001 : Bad port number.  Anyone know what's going on?11:04
grayfoxi need some help11:04
grayfoxi think my drivers of my networkcard are screwed. Yesterday i tried to update the firmware, so i made an backup of my old drivers, did the command degmod. And rebooted my laptop11:05
andrew_46Bilbo_Baggins: Have you tried with --no-proxy ?11:06
grayfoxAfter that, it din't boot anymore the network tools like normal in my task tray11:06
mezydoes anyone what what vista loader is?11:08
grayfoxAnd if i open the terminal, i don't see anymore my computer name but: Grayfox@Localhost:11:08
grayfoxanother strange thing is, when i try to open the user-admin group aplication, i get the message that i don't have primision to open it11:08
grayfoxdual boot?11:08
grayfoxokay: how do you check you're drivers of you're network card. And reinstall them again?11:09
mezyi hate it when there are some many people but not one helps11:10
Bilbo_BagginsI wonder if this could be the reason my update download speeds are choppy at best.11:10
n_nickI upgraded to a 1 GB ram n after that whenever i boot 2 win98 an try to play some games i cannot use primary display device n sometimes i cannot even start the game i get the message "insufficient memory" how to handle this11:11
icerootmezy: and your question is?11:11
icerootn_nick: i dont think this is the right place to ask questions about win9811:12
bazhang!windows > n_nick11:12
ubottun_nick, please see my private message11:12
dalfzwhat's a good program to fetch my videos from my digital video camera?11:12
mezyiceroot: i have troulble booting up from vista. i don't know much about this, but it has something with vista loader.11:13
djiezesHi, I plan on buying a gamepad, but it has to work in ubuntu/linux too. Anyone have any experience in this? Should I avoid certain brands?11:13
mingis there any place in Chinese?11:13
chadi!windows > chadi11:13
ubottuchadi, please see my private message11:13
icerootmezy: join #vista  this is ubuntu-support-channel11:14
mezyiceroot: ok, the strange thing about the vista loader, is that it has something to do with grub11:14
bazhangming, #ubuntu-cn11:14
bazhangmezy, dual boot?11:15
grayfoxYeah, mezy you can boot vista with thaat11:15
=== pepito is now known as metal1369
mingis it cn.ubuntu.com11:15
bazhangming, /join #ubuntu-cn11:15
mezybazhang: ya, was going to install win7 on another partition11:15
bazhangmezy, and there is Ubuntu somewhere in there?11:16
mingbazhang, thanks11:16
mezybazhang: nope11:16
bazhangmezy, then /join ##windows11:16
mezyi've been trying all night to fix this11:16
mikebeechamhi guys...is there any way to briefly show the workspace number on screen when you move from workspace to workspace?11:17
Boohbahdjiezes: i can report good results with the Gravis Gamepad Pro (USB)11:18
djiezesBoohbah: thanks for the input.11:18
Naddixhow are we today11:19
Naddixoh no thats no good11:20
Naddixcomputer related11:20
mezyi got nothing on the windows side11:21
grayfoxif somewone wanna help me11:21
grayfoxhighlight please11:21
bazhangmezy, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:21
bazhanggrayfox, ask the channel11:21
mezyeh why not11:22
allenbradleyDoes anyone find that compiz crashes after a kernel update?11:23
allenbradleyWith a GM965 card?11:23
NaddixI had many problems with the gm965 and 9,0411:23
Naddixi had to revert to 8.1011:23
allenbradleyCan I roll back without a clean install?11:24
allenbradleyI set too many customizations11:24
Naddixone sec i might have a perfect link for u11:24
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool11:25
Naddixallenbradley http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check11:25
christos19 #thoranime@irc.rizon.net11:25
gabbahhey folks... how do i get the firefox to use NICE looking icons (like the ones it has in windows)? Right now it just looks plain and boring, using some ubuntu default icons...11:25
allenbradleyThanks Naddix11:25
allenbradleyWill check it out and get back11:25
Naddixi have not tried this yet but i was told u can use this in a live cd11:26
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool11:26
MeRodentgabbah, just add additional themes11:26
Naddixgabbah gnome-look.org11:26
gabbahMeRodent: ok, and i do that in FF itself, just like in windows?11:26
Naddixgabbah www.gnome-look.org11:27
allenbradleyNaddix : I checked it out and it shows all ok.. What do you feel about compiling my own kernel? I am a relative newbie, so...11:28
MeRodentgabbah, you can do it from tools/addons then choose get addons11:28
allenbradleyI think .30 is not out on any repo11:28
Naddixallenbradley im not a fan of compiling kerenals and for a newbie it could be a little tricky11:30
und3rgr0undz3r0where do I go for Ultimate Edition chat?11:31
gabbahMeRodent: well that was easy, haha... thanks :)11:32
bazhangund3rgr0undz3r0, to their support forums or channels (ie NOT here)11:32
und3rgr0undz3r0so No idea?11:32
bazhangund3rgr0undz3r0, no11:32
MeRodentgabbah, yeah, it's all easy (once you know how) ;)11:33
und3rgr0undz3r0meh, its a crappy remaster distro anyway11:33
und3rgr0undz3r0can make ubuntu "ultimate" with about an hour of work11:33
bazhangno need for it really.11:33
und3rgr0undz3r0isnt it riddled with broken patches?11:33
Waldirhelp! I can't boot my ubuntu  :(11:33
bazhangno idea. please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic thanks11:34
Waldirit's saying it can't find soundcards...11:34
bazhangWaldir, what are you running now11:34
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool11:34
Waldirbazhang: windows11:34
bazhangWaldir, what do soundcards have to do with booting? what messages do you get (ie errors)11:35
Waldirbazhang: in the middle of the booting process, some command line messages appear (usually I don't see any) and the last ones say:11:35
Waldirgrep: /proc/asound/cards: no such file or directory11:36
daystromhi, i was thinking about installing firefox 3.5 but it looks like Canonical hasn't got that packaged yet.  Anyone know a timeline on that or can refer me to the appropriate place to find out?  Debating on whether to just install manually or waiting.11:36
Waldirthis one appears twice, and then:11:36
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool11:36
bazhang!ff35 > daystrom11:36
ubottudaystrom, please see my private message11:36
Waldiraplay: device_list:217:no soundcards found....11:36
bazhangWaldir, and it just hangs there?11:38
allenbradleythanks Naddix. One last question. If an X session crashes, when I hard restart, can I recover the error messages?11:38
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY11:39
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool11:40
linduxedmy keyboard layout suddenly changes for my WM but not my applications, so i have my usual layout on all apps, but Awesome (my WM) uses the default11:40
linduxedi believe its a problem related to xmodmap or xkb or something like that11:40
Waldirbazhang: after that, it doesn't respond to anything, and I have to turn it off forcefully11:40
Waldir(sorry I had to pick up a call)11:40
linduxedgrayfox: what card?11:40
kyle_linduxed: define wm11:41
linduxedkyle_: window manager11:41
grayfoxlinduxed, ya know if do ya do an loopback ping11:41
asushi evey one I got asus notebook    X59GLseries   & I have alot of prob.   any one help  me11:41
kyle_linduxed: so your layout changes for your window manager, does it stay the same for anything?11:41
linduxedkyle_: AFA i can tell11:42
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is currently being built and tested for Jaunty. If you *need* to install it, the firefox-3.5 *beta* package from the repositories will be updated when testing is complete. See also http://is.gd/1jkNY11:42
asushi evey one I got asus notebook    X59GLseries   & I have alot of prob.   any one help  me11:43
bazhangWaldir, this is a fresh install, and it has never booted properly?11:43
linduxedkyle_: and for that reason i cant change back really11:43
bazhangasus, ask some questions to the channel then11:43
Waldirno, i've had it for almost a month and it used to work properly until yesterday11:43
kyle_linduxed: are you using a laptop or desktop?11:43
Waldirbazhang: I don't know whether this might help or not, but before it started doing this (yesterday), I had installed a program called "ksplice uptrack", which apparently is to avoid reboots when installing updates11:44
bullgard4[GNOME, Ubuntu 9.04] System > Properties > Sessions > Session Options > 'Remember Currently Running Applications' does no longer exist. Is there a replacement?11:44
bazhangWaldir, and after *what* event did it stop working11:44
asusubuntu dosent   see th batt.11:44
linduxedkyle_: laptop11:44
kibibytei have ATI radeon xpress 1270. after i upgarde to ubuntu 9.04 , my screen resoution is very low, please help :(11:44
deanybullgard4, its in startup applications now11:44
kibibytewhat soould i do now11:44
Waldirbazhang: so far so good, but yesterday ksplice showed an error saying it had to be updated11:44
kyle_linduxed: Try looking in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers or Restricted DRivers11:44
bazhangWaldir, ok, saw that yesterday. that seems the most likely source of the issue11:45
deanybullgard4, prefs/startup apps - options - automatically remember apps when loggin out11:45
mohohey i'm trying to install java but i cant figure out how to run the .bin file, can someone help please?11:45
bazhang!pl > didek11:45
ubottudidek, please see my private message11:45
kibibytei have ATI radeon xpress 1270. after i upgarde to ubuntu 9.04 , my screen resoution is very low, please help :(11:45
mondaymoho, ejaculate onto it.11:45
Waldirbazhang: and that I should use the package manager to update ksplice. but synaptic didn't offer any newer version11:45
kyle_moho: java should already be on ubuntu11:45
bullgard4deany: Yes, indeed. --  Thank you very much.11:45
bazhangmonday, stop that11:45
mohoahhh thanks monday11:45
deanymoho, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre11:45
asusthere is no thing11:45
bazhangmoho, you too11:45
asusthere is no thing11:46
linduxedkyle_: nothing there....11:46
Waldirbazhang: I also thought it could have to do with this, but I don't know what to do :(11:46
mondayYou stop that, Bazhang!11:46
kyle_linduxed: It searched and found no restricted drivers?11:46
MarcoPausince I have upgraded to jaunty I never switched to ext4. can you suggest me a howto or something like that to change filesystem?11:46
asusonly NIVIDIA graphic card11:46
bazhangmonday, stay on topic11:47
linduxedkyle_: for nothing11:47
kibibytei have ATI radeon xpress 1270. after i upgarde to ubuntu 9.04 , my screen resoution is very low, please help :(11:47
mondayOkay. Ubuntu ejaculates.11:47
Waldirbazhang: I'd uninstall ksplice but I can't even boot the system :(11:47
kyle_linduxed: press alt and f2 type gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:47
mohois it possible that i have java but its not enabled? ;o11:47
kibibytewhy upgade killed my computer11:47
bazhangWaldir, that was from a third party web site correct?11:47
kyle_moho: did you try apt-get command?11:48
linduxedkyle_: yeah?11:49
kyle_moho: what are you trying to load in java? try System > Preferences > Sun Java... look in there11:49
Waldirbazhang: kslpice? I can't remember exactly if I downloaded it from their site or installed it with synaptic, but in any case it shows up in synaptic11:49
kyle_linduxed: find the keyboard section of the file11:49
Waldirso even if it's from a third party, I would guess it's somewhat "approved" by ubuntu, or something11:49
deanymoho, do you have multiverse enabled? what ubuntu version you using?11:49
linduxedkyle_: there is none since jaunty uses hotplugging11:49
mohoand whats multiverse11:50
bazhangWaldir, patching live kernel without having to reboot? sounds very risky to say the least if you don't know what is going on11:50
kibibytei have ATI radeon xpress 1270. after i upgarde to ubuntu 9.04 , my screen resoution is very low, please help :(11:50
linduxedkyle_: the file is pretty much empty11:50
kyle_linduxed: hmm sorry im using Karmic, let me think11:50
Waldirbazhang: I read some threads in the ubuntu forum about it and nobody seemed to be complaining11:50
bazhangmoho, one of the software repositores; enable in synaptic package manager11:50
Waldirso I thought it would be safe11:50
bazhangWaldir, okay, really no idea about ksplice sorry11:50
mohoerrr, don't understand what you just said bazhang11:51
bazhangkibibyte, which driver are you using11:51
Waldirbazhang: what do you suggest me to do? I would uninstall it if I could at least boot linux!11:51
bazhangmoho, open synaptic package manager11:51
kibibytebazhang, dont know11:51
kibibytei have amd6411:51
deanymoho, it should be enabled by default, always is for my jaunty installs.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre11:51
kyle_linduxed: add to the file these lines (every new message is a new line11:51
Waldirbazhang: I tryed to boot in recovery mode and there's an option called dkpg or something, that says it'll fix errors with packages. I thought that could update ksplice which was complaining about being an old version11:52
kibibyteSection "Device"11:52
kibibyte        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"11:52
kibibyte        Driver  "ati"11:52
FloodBot2kibibyte: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:52
bazhangWaldir, that is the route I would take tbh11:52
kyle_linduxed: Section "InputDevice"11:53
Waldirbazhang: but there were errors saying the websites couldn't be reached11:53
domashi! what is easiest way of creating 32-bit chroot jail with full 32-bit unbuntu environment, on a 64-bit box? :)11:53
kyle_linduxed: Identifier "Keyboard0"11:53
kyle_linduxed: Driver "kdb"11:53
computa_mikehowdy all11:53
kyle_linduxed: Option "XkbModel" "pc105"11:54
bazhangkibibyte, were you previously using the proprietary drivers?11:54
kibibytebazhang, yes11:54
Waldirbazhang: could those errors be because at that point the network drivers aren't loaded yet?11:54
kyle_linduxed: Option "XkbLayout" "us" (if you use a us keyboard)11:54
computa_mikei got a little problem with ubuntu - I managed to break the desktop... I can get to a command prompt and have tried apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.  but Gnome just seems to stop at the desktop..  no pannel or anything.  I think I screwed it up good...11:54
bazhangWaldir, not sure, odd that it would try to access and outside (the repos) site11:54
kibibytebazhang, and what to do now11:54
kyle_linduxed: EndSection11:54
Waldirbazhang: is there a way I can check that, and load them? there's a command line option in the recovery menu, too11:54
kibibytemy screen res is low11:54
kyle_linduxed: save the file and reboot11:54
bazhangkibibyte, for ati you were using the fglrx previously?11:55
linduxedkyle_: restart of X should suffice...11:55
kyle_linduxed: yes11:55
kibibytebazhang, there is  Load    "glx" in xorg.conf11:55
bazhangkibibyte, iirc the radeonhd open source driver is your best option now11:55
kyle_most likely...11:55
kibibytebazhang, how to install it11:56
Waldirbazhang: do you have any I dea where I can get help? an irc channel? or some suggestions of keywords for a search?11:56
kyle_kevin__: do you have a problem?11:56
gregrei have a question, i installed firefox 3.5 manually from a package from the ubuntu HP. but when i start firefox now 3 starts but not 3.5 how can i change it?11:56
bazhangkibibyte, just a second11:56
kevin__no..i tested the program11:56
=== naddix1 is now known as naddix
ceckohi all, I am on KDE, how can I change default sound card  for gnome apps and Wine?11:56
kyle_linduxed: did it work11:57
xbmcI have the problem that hellanzb stops after every download. I have to restart after every download. Anybody any idea?11:57
bazhangkibibyte, from synaptic package manager xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd package11:57
bazhangWaldir, I will take a look, hang on11:58
=== xbmc is now known as xukun
Waldirbazhang: many thanks :)11:58
bazhangWaldir, was it installed from the repos or from --> http://www.ksplice.com/11:59
kyle_linduxed: all good?11:59
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool12:00
linduxedno, it royally ****** up my xorg12:00
linduxedkyle_: im removing the lines12:00
kyle_linduxed: oh wonderful..... yes please remove them12:00
computa_mikei think i may have something from lauchnpad here : sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop12:01
kibibytebazhang, i insalled it12:01
computa_mikeI'll try that12:01
kibibytenothign happened12:01
Waldirbazhang: I really can't remember for sure. I sometimes look up the program name in synaptic before, and install, them from there (especially if they provide tar.gz in their site instead of .deb) but I can't tell you for sure on this one :(12:01
kibibytehow to restart X server12:02
bart416computa_mike, isn't it ubuntu-desktop^12:02
kibibytectrl+alt+backspace doesnt wotk in 9.0412:02
kyle_kibibyte: usually ctrl alt backspace12:02
kibibytekyle_, doesnt work12:02
bazhangWaldir, seems from the faq http://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/faq it is trying to contact their servers12:02
bart416what window manager are you using?12:02
kyle_kibibyte: restart or log out12:02
bazhang!dontzap | kibibyte12:02
ubottukibibyte: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.12:02
kyle_kibibyte: also works12:02
ravigehlotHello Everyone! Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to me!12:03
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool12:03
bazhang!id | cew_basket_man12:03
ubottucew_basket_man: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia12:03
Waldirbazhang: sorry, from which question?12:03
computa_mikebart416: what did I type ?12:03
ravigehlotQuick question....I noticed that my ubuntu installation picks up Windows machines in the network very easily HOWEVER it does not pick up other uBuntu boxes. Does this mean that I have to install NFS?12:03
bart416you didn't add a ^12:03
bart416I think it's necessary12:03
bart416oh well12:03
bart416If you usesudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart12:03
bart416it should restart x as well12:04
bazhangWhat kinds of information do you12:04
bazhang  collect from my computer? Waldir12:04
bart416* sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart12:04
linduxedkyle_: ok so that totally did not help12:04
kyle_linduxed: so system > preferences > keyboard doesnt save your preferences?12:04
computa_mikebart416: ah - right... i'll try that12:04
Waldirbazhang: yes, I found it. but you're saying this because of the dkpg errors I mentioned?12:04
computa_mikeright - i'll report back if i have ny news12:04
bazhangWaldir, seems that is the issue12:04
linduxedkyle_: since the introduction of hotplugging, configuring policies seems like the way to go12:04
Kangarooowhat's the link of phottobin? and tinylink?12:04
linduxedkyle_: it does12:05
kyle_linduxed: it saves your config?12:05
linduxedkyle_: i dont think youve understood the problem12:05
bazhang!imagebin > Kangarooo12:05
ubottuKangarooo, please see my private message12:05
Waldirbazhang: I'll try that again and come back with the specific errors from dpkg12:05
linduxedkyle_: it saves everything12:05
linduxedkyle_: its just that ive got 2 layouts to choose there12:05
mohoif i have a dual core 2.53 processer sud running a java game use it all? o.o12:05
Waldirbazhang: just one question, how can I make the output of dpkg not run too fast through the screen?12:06
kyle_linduxed: you use them both?12:06
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool12:06
linduxedkyle_: and ive got (or had, i changed it so i could see if it has effect) it set to different layouts for different windows12:06
linduxedkyle_: occasionally i did use both12:06
linduxedkyle_: the problem12:07
om26erplz some1 tell me how to exttract .rar files12:07
kyle_linduxed: so you only want one but it uses different ones per app12:07
bazhang!rar > om26er12:07
ubottuom26er, please see my private message12:07
grayfoxI got an network problem, my computer dusn't see my lan or any WLAN anymore. The last thing i did was try to update my drivers from my networkcard to the madwifi firmware. I made an backup from my drivers. And did the command degmod, after that an reboot. But then the network tools din't boot up. And i could't get into the group manger tool12:07
linduxedkyle_: is that at seemingly random times, the WM gets the other layout that i use veeeery rarely12:07
linduxedkyle_: and that screws up my keyboard shortcuts12:08
kyle_linduxed: what is the order they show in (what is your main one you use)12:08
linduxedkyle_: i use colemak, the other is the standard swedish one12:08
Firefishegrayfox...what version of ubuntu?12:08
kyle_linduxed: have you checked default on colemak?12:08
Firefishegnome or kde?12:09
linduxedkyle_: ??12:09
imsanybody, knows how to make fonts look better in crt monitor? (Using Xubuntu intrepid).12:09
linduxedkyle_: default? colemak is colemak12:09
Firefishegrayfox: gnome or kde?12:09
grayfoxfirefish gnome12:09
kyle_linduxed: system > preferences > keyboard > layouts find colemak and to the right click on default12:10
kyle_linduxed: left click12:10
Firefishegrayfox: open a terminal, and type the following:  nm-applet &12:10
Firefishegrayfox:  then close the terminal12:10
kyle_linduxed: then click on the other layout and click remove12:11
linduxedkyle_: sure...12:11
Firefishegrayfox: After that, check the system tray to see if you have network connectivity12:12
kyle_linduxed: then colemak should be the default layout and the other wont be used12:12
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Firefishegrayfox:  there should be a 'double-screen' icon or something similar--wi-fi signal strength bars for a wireless connection.12:12
Firefishebas....loud and clear ;)12:13
bas_ok :-)12:13
Firefishegrayfox:  How's it progressing?12:14
HalabundI dual boot WinXP with Ubuntu.  The wireless doesn't work in Ubuntu unless it was explicitly enabled in Windows.  ANy ideas how to fix this?  Sometimes I disable it (to save battery life), and it's inconvenient to boot to Windows first just to make it work in Ubuntu ...12:15
ibouis ther a acetoneiso like soft for gnome ?12:15
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ceckohi all, I am on KDE, how can I change default sound card  for gnome apps and Wine?12:16
kyle_cecko: try pressing alt and f2. then type winecfg and look in there12:16
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linduxedkyle_: i hope this will work12:18
kyle_linduxed: me t12:18
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications12:20
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox12:20
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silidan1is there something compareable to the kx driver project for linux? (something which allows me to load dsp effects onto soundblaster cards)12:22
kyle_linduxed: need anything else?12:24
linduxedkyle_: no thanks12:25
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mohoi'm trying to install teamspeak but when i click on the setup nothing happens at all12:28
kyle_moho: is teamspeak being run under wine?12:29
kyle_moho: guess not. what type of file is it?12:29
kyle_moho: are you running it in terminal?12:30
mohonothing happens when i click run in terminal12:30
mohoor just run12:30
dabukalamhi all12:30
kyle_moho: so when you type sh filename.sh nothing happens?12:31
dabukalami'm having problems compiling the ipw2000 driver any ideas?12:31
mohoohh i was just clicking on it and it gave options to run in terminal, display, cancel or run12:31
wapkoHalabund: i have the same problem on an acer notebook. what is notebook brand ?12:32
mohomike@mikes-laptop:~$ sh setup.sh12:32
mohosh: Can't open setup.sh12:32
kyle_moho: i'll download it12:32
kyle_moho: it is a tar.gz file for me12:33
Neremortoday i wanted to install windows onto a second partition. Installed was Kubuntu, the result should be a dual-boot system. So i downloaded and burned the "Super Grub Disc", booted from the liveCD, shrinked my ubuntu partition and created a new ntfs one with gparted and installed windows onto the new partition.12:33
Neremorso far so good, windows boots now perfectly all right.12:33
mohoyou downloaded the client version?12:33
kyle_moho: yes12:34
Neremorto boot ubuntu, i inserted the super grub disc and selected "linux (auto)"12:34
kyle_moho: ftp://ftp.freenet.de/pub/4players/teamspeak.org/releases/ts2_client_rc2_2032.tar.bz212:34
Neremorit boots, but it seems like the whole filesystem is broken12:34
=== whole is now known as zDot
Neremorso i started from live dc again to try an fsck12:34
mohoahhh yeh, but i extracted it after that12:34
Neremorbut there i only get an input/output error...12:34
kyle_moho: wait...12:34
Neremorany ideas what to do to recover my ubuntu filesystem?12:34
kyle_moho: are you root?12:35
kyle_moho: try chmodding it to 77712:35
zDotCan anyone tell me if Ubuntu's built-in USB Startup Disk Creator and UNetBootin are the same thing?12:36
mohoi don't know what that is sorry12:36
kyle_type sudo chmod 777 setup.sh12:36
=== jack_ is now known as jpsman
mohosudo: chmod777: command not found12:36
mohoahh space12:37
kyle_space betwenn chmod and 77712:37
mohochmod: cannot access `setup.sh': No such file or directory12:37
xukuncan anybody help me changing the default python version to 2.5 or 2.4?12:37
kyle_are you in the directory?12:37
kyle_cd into it12:37
lupiHi, I've just upgraded to ubuntu 9.04, and found out my firefox getting freezed all the time.. anyone know how to solve this issue?12:37
silidan1yea install 8.0412:38
lomicit'd  be better to reinstall12:38
mohoerm i think i did cd wrong12:38
mohois it cd ts2_client_rc2_2032?12:38
lupiback to 8.04?.. no12:38
kyle_just type cd ts2_client_rc2_203212:38
dabukalamhi all i'm having problems compiling the ipw2200 driver - here's what i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209725/12:39
mohobash: cd: ts2_client_rc2_2032: No such file or directory i did ;o12:39
lupihow to reinstall firefox?12:39
kyle_cd ~/Desktop/ts2_client_rc2_203212:39
kyle_if it's on your desktop12:39
silidan1the only way to have a fully working linux is to fully understand linux, there is no simple way, at least my experience no distrp could ever fully work out of box or be fixed with out of box tools (means gui config tools)12:39
kyle_silidan1: for basic users ubuntu will work perfectly out of the box12:40
xukundoes anybody know how to change the default python version for ubuntu?12:40
Neremorcan noone help me?? Please!12:40
silidan1no it wont, fresh install it started in 800x600 not very enjoyable on 1920x1200 monitor12:40
kyle_silidan1: mine was perfect12:40
nibbler__silidan1: ubuntu is really great out of the box, and oter distris are no much worse12:40
silidan1lucky you12:40
mohoi did that and it didnt do anything12:41
mohomike@mikes-laptop:~/Desktop/ts2_client_rc2_2032$ sudo chmod 777 setup.sh12:41
lupidoes anyone else have problems with firefox in 9.04?12:41
kyle_moho: that's perfect output12:41
wapkolupi: i had. but it was some plugins.12:41
zDotlupi: yes mine freezes too12:41
kyle_moho: double click setup.sh and say run in terminal and it should work12:41
silidan1i can still remember painfully goo dold 8.04 where i had to write my own xorg.conf to get it running12:41
zDotbut so does opera(less)12:41
zDotbut only when watching flash videos like youtube12:42
mohoi clicked run in terminal and sh: Can't open setup.sh12:42
kyle_silidan1: well i guess i had to edit my files to get effects working12:42
kyle_moho: you chmodded it to 777 ... ummm try sudo sh setup.sh12:43
silidan1when you are new to linux thats exactly the problem: ubuntu makes you believe you can do everything by gui config, but you simply cant12:43
kyle_silidan1: exactly.12:43
dabukalamhi all i'm having problems compiling the ipw2200 driver - here's what i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209725/12:43
kyle_silidan1: everything is gksudo gedit this gedit that....12:44
mohoyeh, thats what i thought before today silidan1 :P12:44
dabukalamhi all i'm having problems compiling the ipw2200 driver - here's what i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/209725/12:44
mohoand kyle_ i got setup.sh: 17: Bad substitution12:44
=== magnet_ is now known as magnet
kyle_moho: ungh... that's what i got when i downloaded it....12:44
mohowhat u mean?12:45
kyle_moho: read the readme file and install it manually12:45
kyle_moho: then it will work12:45
silidan1in 8.04 i had a problem with my keyboard whatever systool i used it never had any effect... till i wrote my own xorg.conf...12:45
MaRTiNiisnt an OS should be made simpler rather than adding thousands of features12:46
kyle_silidan1: i never used 8 i used ubuntu, didnt like it switched back to windows, hated windows, came back to ubuntu 9.04 stayed upgraded to Karmic and I'm pretty content12:46
zDotdepends on what it's used for i suppose12:46
MaRTiNitake ubuntu as an example12:46
kyle_MaRTiNI: depends on how simple the commands are12:47
MaRTiNii was having a discussion wid 1 of my friend12:47
silidan1Karmic? never heard of12:47
gcai am having a weird problem on my jaunty: suddenly the mouse stopped working, it seems something is locking the focus12:47
kyle_silidan1: it's 9.10 run update-manager -d and you can update to it12:47
kyle_silidan1: it fucked my system up though (kinda)12:48
MaRTiNihe said he hates windows registry but not  in /etc folder in linux12:48
kyle_MaRTiNi: what?12:48
kyle_gca: do you have a problem?12:48
silidan1well my update from 8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 ended in a disaster, i had to reinstall (again didtn get my desktop running)12:48
gcakyle_:  yes12:48
gcait's quite annoying12:48
kyle_gca: what is it?12:48
gcaas i said, something is wrong in th mouse operation12:49
silidan1i will never ever try a dist upgrade again in ubuntu12:49
gcait seems something locks the mouse pointer12:49
gcai can move it12:49
kyle_silidan1: i accidentally uninstalled gdm... that sucked12:49
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD12:49
gcai can sometimes open some apps, but it suddenly stops working12:49
kyle_gca: so it freezes12:49
silidan1gdm uninstall is no problem...12:49
gnrdabukalam:has your question answered?12:50
kyle_silidan1: you can sudo apt-get install it after but it scared me at first12:50
gcanot really, i can still move it and some times it makes what it should, that's why i sais it is weird12:50
kyle_gca: laptop or desktop?12:50
gcai already checked it is connected12:50
silidan1yep, id whish ubuntu did continue updating packages instead of just fixing security issues, i mean something like a rolling release system12:51
gcai tested with another mouse (it happenned the same)12:51
MaRTiNikyle_ read all12:51
MaRTiNisend u somthin12:51
MarcoPausince I have upgraded to jaunty I never switched to ext4. can you suggest me a howto or something like that to change filesystem?12:51
gcaand i boot with the emergency winXP and there it works perfectly12:51
gcaso it is not a hardware problem12:51
MaRTiNiya me 212:51
joebodosilisan1 just because you had a bad experience does not mean it does not work - i upgraded just fine12:51
kyle_gca: check system > administration > hardware drivers or restricted drivers12:52
gcai cant12:52
kyle_MaRTiNi: umm you should be fune12:52
silidan1well if something doesnt work for one but for another something is wrong with it12:52
kyle_silidan1: i concur12:52
kyle_gca: mouse locked up?12:52
MaRTiNikyle_ did u read dat  ??12:52
kyle_MaRTiNI: what?12:53
bazhangMaRTiNi, what are you talking about12:53
bazhangMaRTiNi, take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please12:53
gcakyle_: , it looks like12:53
kyle_baxhang: he has a problem12:53
AscavasaionI have Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy on my laptop and I dumped a friend's 9.04 Ubuntu Studio DVD into /home/user/studio/  Is it advisable to upgrade and how do I do it?12:53
gcabut i do not know how to unlock it12:53
kyle_gca: if you restart your computer can you move it?12:54
gcai can still move it now12:54
MaRTiNisent u a message12:54
gcabut i can not click anything12:54
dr3mroplease i am having issue with zekr program when i run it i get this error http://pastebin.org/12612:54
gcai tried to reboot, nothing different12:55
kyle_gca: maybe your mouse is genuinely screwed up12:55
gcait is not, as i said, i tested it on windows xp and it is working properly12:55
kyle_gca: im trying to think of hotkeys12:55
matrixblueI'm having trouble getting my webcam to work. the gspca is giving me errors and the command sudo modprobe gspca is telling me that there is no gspca module12:56
gcai already got to the hardware driver administration12:56
kyle_anything in it?12:57
gcaonly the graphics card driver appears there12:57
dr3mroplease i am having issue with zekr program when i run it i get this error http://pastebin.org/12612:57
gcathe mouse is a logitech MX1000 that worked perfectly until 10 minutes ago12:57
kyle_gca: you should probably enable your graphics card12:57
FirefisheWhat command can I use to find out what version of ubuntu/kubuntu I'm using?12:57
gcait is already enabled...12:57
kyle_gca: ummm.... i'm stumped12:57
vampirefrogFirefishe: try cat /etc/issue12:57
bazhangFirefishe, lsb_release -a12:58
gcakyle_: , i am not a newbie, i've been using only ubuntu since 3 years ago12:58
Firefishebazhang: thanks12:58
Firefishethanks vampirefrog12:58
kyle_gca: yeah... i don't know about your mouse12:58
shamwariHello. i need to find drivers for the wireless, to my emachine.It seems there is none?Sorry about the robotic language, its just not my day12:58
gcaquite weird12:58
gcathanks anyway kyle_12:59
kyle_shamwari: is your emachine a desktop?12:59
kyle_gca: no problem12:59
gcaany other here¿12:59
shamwarikyle_ yeah12:59
kyle_shamwari: what did you use to connect beforE?12:59
shamwarikyle_ im using vist now:/12:59
kyle_shamwari: do you use a linksys usb or something built in?13:00
xukuncan somebody please help me changing the default ubuntu python version from 2.6 to 2.5?13:00
shamwaribuilt in13:00
kyle_xukun: just sudo apt-get update python i think13:00
kyle_shamwari: go to system > administration > hardware drivers click on the wireless click enable and restart (did it for me)13:01
xukunkyle_, thanks but I don't think that will do13:01
kyle_xukun: ?13:02
xukunkyle_, I need to downgrade it not upgrade13:02
kyle_xukun: rgiht...13:02
dr3mrocan any one help me fix this error  http://pastebin.org/12613:02
kyle_xukun: what to what?13:02
xukunkyle_, from 2.6.2 to 2.5 or 2.4 version13:03
shamwarikyle_ There have to be a driver to start with, and as it looks there is none13:03
shamwariNot for ubunto anyway13:03
kyle_shamwari: it should work. did you try the hardware drivers?13:03
gcadr3mro: it seems you're missing the swt library in your eclipse project...13:03
kyle_xukun: did you download it off of the python site?13:04
xukunkyle_, no. the 2.6 version is the default one on ubuntu jaunty13:04
kyle_xukun: did you download the source off of the python site for the old versions? do that and install13:05
xukunkyle_, I also installed the old one with apt-get install python-2.413:06
kyle_xukun: affect?13:06
MarcoPauhello, since I have upgraded to jaunty I never switched to ext4. can you suggest me a howto or something like that to change filesystem?13:06
kyle_xukun: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.4.4/Python-2.4.4.tgz download link to 2.4 ./configure it13:07
xukunkyle_, no because python -V still says 2.6.2 so I need to change the default python version some how13:07
kyle_sudo apt-get remove python_2.6.213:07
kyle_or whatever its called13:07
kristian_join #mer13:07
matrixblueany ideas?13:08
Neremorwhen i try "fsck /dev/sda1" i get the error "fsck.ext2: Input/output error". The file system is broken so i want to repair it using fsck13:08
xukunkyle_, I already have the python 2.4 installed do I really to install the tar version still?13:09
kyle_xukun: no sudo apt-get remove python-2.6.213:09
kyle_xukun: i believe that's the package name13:09
xukunkyle_, sorry but are sure that will not break anything?13:10
kyle_xukun: probably wont13:10
xukunkyle_, ok there I go13:10
kyle_xukun: version of python now?13:11
xukunkyle_, hmm that is not the correct package name13:12
freeXxhello! could anyone help me with rhythmbox? I've checked everything and I don't know how to: create and name a playlist and add songs to it...13:12
freeXxok, once i click create new playlist, i get an empty playlist... how to i add songs that i have in my library?13:12
=== root is now known as Guest29659
shamwariAtheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter13:14
shamwarithis is the wireless, i need to find a driver for it13:14
Guest29659what is ur wirless13:14
tonesis there any way of recovering corrupt terminals? i SAK'd a terminal with X, and now the only working terminal is my other X, the others all output random colours13:15
shamwarii think i found it13:15
shamwarithx anyway13:15
Guest29659any one have knoldge about dns spoofing ?13:15
xukunkyle_, the package name is python2.6 but it says its going to remove more that 1145mb of other files. that is really a lot13:15
matrixblueif anyone is interested I got it to work with a patch I found in the Ubuntu Forums13:15
kyle_xukun: true13:15
xukunkyle_, ?13:16
kyle_xukun: ?13:16
xukunkyle_, it says it is going to remove other packages which I don't want remove13:17
kyle_xukun: then hit n13:17
xukunkyle_, I did13:18
kyle_xukun: sudo apt-get downgrade python2.613:18
supersashohello, how do i change the root password from commandline?13:18
grawitysupersasho: 'passwd'13:19
grawitysupersasho: or, 'sudo passwd root'13:19
grawity!root | supersasho13:19
ubottusupersasho: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:19
xukunkyle_, downgrade does not exist13:20
kyle_xukun: yeah almost got it13:21
gh0stn0tehi all13:21
=== gh0stn0te is now known as gh0stAFK
NAiLI've got a dual monitor setup, and I'm wondering if I can set up one X-session on each monitor (ie, one login on each monitor)13:22
=== naddix is now known as Naddix_
supersashograwity: so the user pass and root pass are the same.. but the root user does not exist, it's just sudo.. did i get it right?13:23
kyle_xukun: why do you need to downgrade?13:24
=== Naddix_ is now known as Naddix__
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xukunkyle_, yes because I belief that will solve my problem13:25
=== naddix is now known as Naddix
kyle_xukun: ok?13:25
fdcpyou can use just su13:25
grawitysupersasho: Well.... By default, it is like this: root account is disabled and has no password, and you can use sudo.13:26
xukunkyle_, I use hellanzb to download nzb but sins jaunty it stops downloading after every download. I have restart it after every download or it will not continue13:26
grawitysupersasho: With 'sudo', you never need the root password - and no, "user pass and root pass" is not the same.13:26
kyle_i need help with my bluetooth headset13:26
ftabWhen I try to decrease the master volume then none of the application's volume is decreased, I m using pulse13:27
kyle_anyone know how to get bluetooth headsets working?13:28
JassiHallo zusammen13:28
JassiWie gehts?13:29
supersashograwity: Ok, thanks for clearing this to me :)13:29
supersashoJassi: #ubuntu-de channel wuerde fuer dich besser sein :)13:30
panko_hi, how do i cut or remove gksu timeout? thx13:31
kyle_bluetooth headset anyone?13:31
kyle_can anyone help me set up a plantronics bluetooth headset? it's paired but no sound.13:33
Psychoon http://www.linux-xp.com/, what is the game that is second from the left in the main picture???13:33
ktnewhat is