stevepearcefirst of all, many thanks for the invitation.00:00
BUGabundohey steve00:00
stevepearceI am experiencing an problem that prevents me from being able to add a device to my account.00:00
BUGabundohey stevepearce00:00
stevepearcehello BUGabundo00:01
stevepearcebasically, the panel applet launches (as in the process is running), but it doesn't launch Firefox.00:01
stevepearcestage 3 in the installation instructions00:02
stevepearceim curious as to whether this is a bug, or my system is set up incorrectly.00:02
stevepearceas far as I am aware, Gnome uses Firefox as it's prefered application for launching urls.00:03
stevepearcelaunching the service from the terminal (after killing it) doesn't provide any output.00:04
OceanwatcherReally disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UbuntuOne install procedure installed a bunch of stuff I never asked for nor wanted. Please help me get it out!!! This is a complete NO NO!00:07
OceanwatcherI got an invitation today and clicked to install the PPA. Nothing fancy about that, I have installed several PPA's myself and thought they might have a smart way of doint it.00:08
OceanwatcherI got a deb package that I then proceeded to install, and when it was finished looked around to find the program/client for it. I found a "Program" called software sources and I found Synaptic package manager. Strange, since I did not install it, do not need it and most of all do want it!00:10
OceanwatcherI am using Kubuntu and do not want any extra Gnome stuff on my laptop.00:10
OceanwatcherYes, I know they can happily coexist. But why should I? I have apt-get and I am perfectly able to use it.00:11
OceanwatcherWhy did I not get any questions if I wanted to install all this? No warnings at all. I was led to believe that I was adding a PPA!!00:12
stevepearceI am also experiencing some interesting folder duplication problems with the web management client00:35
* stevepearce takes notes and creates screenshots00:35
stevepearceit seems if I create several new folders, and then click away from them, each folder in that directory is duplicated.00:36
stevepearceseeing as I cannot yet use the ubuntuone-client-applet, I can't see if these folders are "real".00:38
stevepearceoh, it seems that is a known issue (just read the welcoming email)00:49
stevepearceregarding the client, is it compatible only with 32bit Ubuntu installations?01:02
stevepearceim running 64bit, could that be the problem?01:02
bannyI can't get Ubuntu one to start.  Nothing in notification tray and firefox don't start01:55
bannyprocess' shows it started01:55
bannyany help01:56
bannyI also tried from terminal, it doesn't work there either01:57
curiouscati just installed the ubuntuone applet, but when I run it, it doesn't show the site that would add my computer.05:17
curiouscatalso, the applet icon isn't showing on my panel05:17
curiouscatis there anything i could do to be able to add my computer and see the applet icon?05:18
curiouscatIs anyone here to help me?05:27
tritiumI'm experiencing exactly the same thing just desribed by curiouscat.05:48
apothi just installed the ubuntuone client, but not working yet07:42
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MementoMoriI've a problem completing the installation process08:02
MementoMorirunning application->internet->ubuntu one does nothing08:03
MementoMori$ ps aux | grep ubuntuone-client08:04
MementoMorifilippo   5441  0.2  0.8  30460 17724 ?        S    08:59   0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet --signup08:04
MementoMoribut the applet seems running...08:04
MementoMorianyway I can browse the file view via web08:05
MementoMoriany idea?08:05
MementoMoriok i solved08:11
MementoMorithe solution was in the chan topic ;)08:12
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packet-sentJust setup the ubuntuone client however when I run it nothing happens, ubuntuone-client-applet  it appears in my process list , and if I run in terminal it also hangs with messages10:14
packet-sent^^^no messages in teminal10:14
packet-sentShop !10:42
BUGabundobom dia ppl11:33
howefieldanyone around ?11:37
BUGabundohowefield: pong11:41
howefieldhmm :)11:41
BUGabundowhat's you p?11:41
BUGabundowhat's up?11:41
howefieldI have an issue with ubuntuone, after going through the install process, I do not get an icon on the panel to control ubuntuone although the applet is running11:42
howefieldI ahve restarted the machine and installed ubuntuone-client-tools, but still no icon on starting the applet11:44
BUGabundothere was some brokage last two days11:46
BUGabundoyou need to packages11:47
BUGabundocan't remember their names11:47
BUGabundolet me check11:47
BUGabundoubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client11:47
bjorn__Hello, I've just installed the ubuntuone client and it is up and running but won't launch the webpage for adding my compouter11:50
BUGabundobjorn__:  howefield was just saying the same thing11:51
howefieldthanks BUGabundo11:51
BUGabundoplease make sure you have this packages installed11:51
BUGabundoubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client11:51
bjorn__will check...11:51
howefieldubuntuone-client-gnome was installed but ubuntuone-clinet was not11:52
BUGabundohappened to me too11:52
BUGabundobad dependecies updates11:52
BUGabundowill any of you chaps file a bug please?11:52
BUGabundothen let me know so I can sub to it !?11:52
howefieldI got it, the panel icon appears after adding the computer11:53
bjorn__cool, that solved my problem as well!11:54
* BUGabundo $ dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/time; echo bbl11:58
BUGabundomemo me or sub me to that bug please howefield11:58
howefieldBUGubundu :been reported already #36903812:15
stevepearceahh, that solves the problem I have been experiencing on each of my boxes so far.12:19
stevepearcethanks howefield12:20
howefield:) np12:20
* stevepearce adds his lappy12:20
packet-sentIs there any magic needed to get the ubuntu0ne-client-applet to pop up ?  mine seems shy........13:12
lamalexjust give it a couple or drinks13:21
sladenpacket-sent: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+filebug  if enough people file dups, that bug might get worked up13:22
stevepearcesladen, is filling duplicate bugs a good idea? all of the problems I have experienced  so far are known issues.14:28
sladenstevepearce: there's two schools of thought;  personally I prefer to have duplicates as I get several _independent_ reports (some of which might indentical little important details missed by other reporteres) rather tan just having me weigh in "me too!" when they might well have something else14:32
BUGabundosladen: why not complete the already existing reports?14:33
BUGabundosure me toos don't help14:33
sladenstevepearce: eg. I used to do quite a bit of work on laptops and "my computer doesn't suspend" is a different issue if one is a Compaq CQ27 and the other is an IBM-12314:33
BUGabundobut dupes just increase load on devs14:33
BUGabundosladen: sure... that's Kernel bugs, which are usually HW bugs, so even though14:34
BUGabundothe prob seems the same, the cause can and usually is on very diff place14:34
sladenstevepearce: the other school of thought is to concentrate comments in one place (which is why you are offered a listed of suspect similar issues when reporting a bug).  In this case, the minimum you should do is state that you also have the problem and click the "affects me too" box at the top14:35
sladenstevepearce: personally, I find the "this bug has 14 duplicates" is a fairly good hammer to hit somebody with if they're hestitatnt about fixing something.  But whatever you do just remain silent in the blind presumption that it's important enough that it'll fix itself14:36
sladen*don't* just remain...14:37
BUGabundosladen: +114:38
BUGabundoppl must put into their heads that they need to report probs!14:38
BUGabundoassuming every, even easy,small , bug is known is a bad idea14:39
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DonkeyBOBHave a question16:53
DonkeyBOBMy applet is running but I can't find it on a panel16:53
DonkeyBOBits installed per instructions, but i need t to add my computer16:54
tritiumDonkeyBOB: I'm having the same issue.  If you find the applet, let me know.  ;)16:55
DonkeyBOBi'm also running gnome do docky16:57
DonkeyBOBwhich i have on the bottom of the screen16:57
DonkeyBOBbut i closed that16:57
stevepearceDonkeyBOB, tritium see the manual solution here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/36903816:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 369038 in ubuntuone-client "step 4 didn't launch a web page" [High,Triaged]16:57
tritiumstevepearce: thanks16:58
stevepearceworked for me after applying those changes16:58
DonkeyBOBthanks steve16:58
tritiumstevepearce: interesting, I am also on amd6416:58
BUGabundoDonkeyBOB: please make sure you have this packages installed: ubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client ; then restart your session!17:02
DonkeyBOBubuntuone-client-tools too?17:04
BUGabundodidn't need it17:04
DonkeyBOBok cool17:04
DonkeyBOBguess install didn't install ubuntuone-client17:05
DonkeyBOBperfect . . .worked!17:05
sladenstatik: things are delicate/tense enough; "Won't Fix" is likely to inflame so I've (politely) reverted it17:58
sladenstatik: I appreciate that it means that it still there on your personal bug list17:59
BUGabundosladen: what bug?17:59
sladenstatik: OTOH, the concerns expressed by people _are_ still prevalent18:00
sladenBUGabundo: if you're subscribed to it, you'll know, and if you're not, you probably don't have anything to worry about :)18:01
* BUGabundo doesn't handle sladen with complementary yogurt 18:02
BUGabundosladen: Bug 37534518:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375345 in ubuntu ""Ubuntu One" name creates confusion" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37534518:37
BUGabundohey tor18:57
BUGabundohey toros18:58
toroshi BUGabundo, nice to see you :)19:00
BUGabundoback at you19:03
infamy_Can anyone tell me why the ubuntuone server code remains proprietary?19:53
BUGabundoinfamy_: €€€€€€19:54
sladeninfamy_: Mark's choice.  Since Mark puts alot of money into Ubuntu and its infrastructure, one generally has to accept it19:55
sladeninfamy_: if the server software comes with a licence that you don't agree with, just don't use it19:56
howefieldsladen: spot on19:56
infamy_Heh, that is exactly it, I can't find the server software period, is it available?19:56
Nafalloinfamy_: no19:56
infamy_Right, my point exactly19:57
infamy_Oh well19:57
* Nafallo doesn't really see the point, but oh well :-)19:57
sladeninfamy_: if you're interested in whats there, I've tried to provide somekind of overview at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne#Technical%20details19:57
infamy_The point being that you can't host your own19:58
infamy_Nor can it be improved by the community19:58
sladeninfamy_: correct, but from what I've reverse-engineered so far, you wouldn't want to19:58
hakonajHi. I got just got my ubuntuone invite. When I start the Ubuntu One Client nothing happens. Is this a know issue?20:56
hakonajFound it : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/36903821:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 369038 in ubuntuone-client "step 4 didn't launch a web page" [High,Triaged]21:00
BUGabundoplease make sure you have this packages installed: ubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client, and restart your session21:00
ymlhello I have created an account on ubuntuone and added a symlink to an existing folder in My Files. I would like to know how to sync it with ubuntuone ?21:05
BUGabundoyml: AFAIK U1 doesn't support symlinks21:06
ymlI am not sure to underestand how this work. let say I have a folder in /home/yml/my-folder21:07
ymlhow can I start to replicate it in ubuntuone21:08
BUGabundocopy it or move it inside ~/one ?21:09
ymlBUGabundo: I have copied it inside "My Files" but I stilll cannot see in the web interface ?21:12
ymldo i need to do something to get the syncronisation running ?21:12
ymlI can see ubuntu one applet inside the toolbar.21:13
BUGabundoyml: please make sure you have this packages installed: ubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client, and restart your session21:16
ymlthe packages are installed but I have not restarted my session21:17
ymldoing it now so I will be back in a while tahnk you for your kind help21:17
hakonaj_Is it possible to change the Ubuntu One folder name? I don't like spaces in folders that much.21:29
BUGabundohakonaj ahaha21:33
BUGabundohey taisa21:33
taisamay I state my Problem with the UbuntuOne Applet, please?21:34
BUGabundo!question | taisa21:37
ubottutaisa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:37
taisahehe, ok: My UbuntuOne Apllet does not connect to the Server, it did once and I could register my machine, but now I`m unable to sync any data.21:38
BUGabundotaisa:  please make sure you have this packages installed: ubuntuone-client-gnome & ubuntuone-client, and restart your session21:39
* BUGabundo is wearing the up key21:39
taisai have/had and I`m reinstalling now, but it had no effects before21:41
sladenBUGabundo: might be worth checking the end of taisa' log files21:43
BUGabundosladen: I leave that to you :p21:43
BUGabundotaisa: can please pastebin your logs?21:44
sladenBUGabundo: well.  I'm not even a user, ...21:44
BUGabundo!paste > taisa21:44
ubottutaisa, please see my private message21:44
BUGabundosladen: ahaha21:44
taisabut where can I find UbuntuOne`s logfiles?21:45
taisathank you, all of them or just oauth-login ?21:48
taisathank you for your help21:50
BUGabundotaisa: not that I can help much (im no dev) but try to update your system21:51
BUGabundoyou have a python trace in there21:51
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude update && sudo apitude safe-upgrade21:52
BUGabundodobey: where dart you ?21:52
ymlBUGabundo: I have rebooted and still my file does not appear into the web interface. also while I have rebooted the cumputer booted under gnome which is not my default settings21:53
ymlI have no idea why my desktop get changed from kubuntu to gnome21:54
ymlBUGabundo: to tell you the truth I didn't find it funny  :-)21:54
BUGabundoI do! ahah21:54
taisanothing to update, system is really up to date, shall I delete UbuntuOne cache folder and reinstall all?21:54
BUGabundoit seems to be trying to tell you something21:54
ymlI think I even said a couple of french to express my emotion :-)21:55
BUGabundotaisa: no idea. better wait for a dev and give him/her the logs21:55
BUGabundoyml: aaahahaahahahahah21:55
taisaok, but thanks anyway ;)21:56
ymldoes unbuntu one is a secret weappon from the french government to take over the linguistic world again21:56
ymlI guess i am not the first one that try to install ubuntuone on kubuntu21:57
sladenyml: is there a message at the end of any of the files  eg.  last -3 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/*21:58
taisawohooo, deleted /.cache/ubuntuone and the Apllet started scanning and connecting to the servers :)21:59
tritiumWhen I run the ubuntuone-client, the applet does not appear in the notification area.  Per bug 369038, I manually installed ubuntuone-client-tools (ubuntuone-client was already installed).  Killing any running ubuntuone-client-applet processes, and running ubuntuone-client-applet --signup still does absolutely nothing.22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369038 in ubuntuone-client "step 4 didn't launch a web page" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36903822:00
tritiumNote that I am on amd64.22:01
BUGabundotritium: taisa just fixed her prob by deleting /.cache/ubuntuone22:02
tritiumI've tried a few times now.  No webpage is brought up, so I still can't add this new machine.22:02
ymlsladen: yes logs are not empty22:02
tritiumBUGabundo: hmm, thanks.  I will try that.22:02
taisalol, taisa is male22:03
tritiumBUGabundo: no luck for me.22:03
* BUGabundo headslaps22:04
BUGabundotaisa: all names ended in 'a' in Portugal are female!22:04
taisataisa is a japanese term, but I`m German and taisa has nothing to do with my real name22:06
tritiumThere appears to be no way to manually add my computer here https://ubuntuone.com/account/machines/22:07
tritiumI guess I'm dead in the water, if the client applet won't work.22:07
tritiumDoes this mean anything to anyone?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/209989/22:14
BUGabundomissing package?22:15
tritiumBUGabundo: like what?  I already had ubuntuone-client installed.  I added ubuntuone-client-tools manually.22:27
BUGabundoand client-gnome ?22:27
tritiumIt's installed.  Probably a depenency of something else.22:27
BUGabundosome python thing22:28
tritiumBUGabundo: I guess so.  Surprising it's considered beta quality...22:30
* BUGabundo takes a look at the web interface for the 1st time in weeks22:32
BUGabundohumm looks good. files uploaded22:32

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