SiDii've just done something epic10:06
SiDi accidentally clicked on "Offer mentoring" in a Exaile bug, and then i panicked and clicked again, and it kinda clicked on the "Confirm" button10:06
SiDiand i accidentally made Ayatana discussion a mentor for this bug10:06
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tgpraveen2should i file a bug that notifications  should support smileys?17:44
SiDi_tgpraveen2: what do you mean ?17:49
tgpraveen2when a friend im's me17:49
tgpraveen2the notification has like17:50
tgpraveen2hi man :-)17:50
tgpraveen2: - )17:50
SiDi_oh, you wouldnt want it to display a smiley INSIDE the body ? :/17:50
tgpraveen2it doesnt convert to a smiley in the notification17:50
SiDi_That's not going to happen imo :)17:50
tgpraveen2it would really improve things as IM notifications are very common of all the notification17:50
SiDi_because it'd be an heavy code addition for a completely useless feature17:51
SiDi_IM apps are meant to use the messaging applet instead of notifications now17:51
SiDi_and i dont know any notification daemon implementation that puts images in the body :)17:52
macvrtgpraveen2: when formatting is not allowed i highly doubt smileys will be ;p17:53
SiDi_its allowed by the spec, but Mirco will refuse :P17:53
tgpraveen2:hmmm... maybe we should just invent a ASCII 2,0 with smileys as characters itself18:01
MenTaLguYhm, will we still have the option of having notifications for messaging?18:01
tgpraveen2MenTaLguY: yes18:01
MenTaLguYok, cool18:01
SiDi_tgpraveen2: an UTF-8 2,0 then :p18:07
tgpraveen2SiDi_: oh is it that. ok then UTF-9 it is18:08
MenTaLguYdon't notifications use Unicode? ☺18:09
SiDi_tgpraveen2: i fear it'll be hard to put it on 9 bits18:24
tgpraveen2hmm UTF-8++18:24
tgpraveen2that would also do18:25
macvrMenTaLguY: i'v tried using unicode , you can send unicode symbols in notify-osd18:25
macvrbut the progam should a be able to send ;p18:26
macvrnotify-send "☺ " " " -i notification-message-email18:28
macvrtgpraveen2: ^18:28
SiDi_now imagine what happens if you got ten :P :P :P smilies appearing in a notification bubble in the middle of a presentation for your company !18:29
tgpraveen2SiDi_: presentation time handling of notifications is being discused18:29
macvrthat is why you need to have"Do not Disturb" mode18:29
tgpraveen2macvr: good. that is what we should use18:30
tgpraveen2maybe when user sends : - ) we should change it to that18:30
tgpraveen2and also maybe increase it's size asa it seems smaller than the text18:30
tgpraveen2is this something that should be suggested as many times my friends IM me smileys and they look bad in this system18:31
macvri have tried using unicode symbols , in the thunderbird extension, but it never worked :(18:31
SiDi_tgpraveen2: tell them to make sexier smilies ! :O18:31
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