ScottKneversfelde: Not sure what you mean?00:00
* ScottK hasn't looked at Jaunty at all.00:00
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txwikingerwhere does konqui save the information which sites to restore for restart?00:15
neversfeldeah, I see00:15
txwikingerthanks I found something else that helped00:25
ScottKSime: Is there still a PyQt4 release happening this weekend?00:33
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ScottKneversfelde: kdegames changes updated in bzr.01:04
ryanakcaScottK: Sure01:51
ScottKryanakca: I actually found my password in the meantime.01:52
ryanakcaScottK: ok, doesn't need to be done?01:52
ScottKneversfelde: How's Jaunty?01:52
ryanakcaGuess not :)01:52
neversfeldeScottK: slow progress, I nneded nearly 2,5 h for a kdebase-workspace testbuild01:53
ScottKneversfelde: I can imagine.  Mine took about that long too.01:53
ryanakcaScottK: Did you want me to add the sources line along with the GPG key blurb or will we have a seperate announcement for when the Jaunty packages are available?01:53
neversfeldeit is ready for uploading, so the core packages are nearly complete now01:54
ScottKryanakca: I left it out because jaunty wasn't ready.  Instead of a separate announcement, I'd just add an "Updated:" section at the bottom of the current one when it is.01:54
ScottKneversfelde: Please give ryanakca a ping when it's up and ready.01:55
neversfeldewill do01:55
ryanakcaneversfelde: I'm off to go have supper, but I'll be back in half an hour or so01:56
ScottKRiddell: Will you please look at kdegames in binary New when you have a moment.01:56
neversfelderyanakca: I will need much more time :)01:56
ryanakcaneversfelde: Tomorrow?01:56
neversfelderyanakca: it is 3 am here, so it is tomorrow :)01:57
ryanakcaneversfelde: ah :)01:58
neversfelderyanakca: if you are not available, I will write an Update for the news and search for someone who can publish it01:58
ScottKI should be around tomorrow afternoon (-0400).02:01
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ScottKSo if we want ark to be able to pry open our shiny new lzma debs we need to build kde4libs against xv-utils.03:13
ScottKThis is currently in Debian New.03:13
ScottKAnyone for asking the guy that packaged it for a copy of the packaging so we can get it in here?03:14
coreymon77hi everyone03:26
coreymon77its been a while03:26
ScottKHello coreymon77.03:49
coreymon77ScottK: been a while, hasnt it?04:03
ScottKyes it has.  What's up?04:04
coreymon77not much04:04
coreymon77school was crazy this year04:04
coreymon77but now i am done high school04:04
ScottKWhat's next?04:04
coreymon77in staying in my province04:05
coreymon77unfortunately, i havent been able to do as much as i used to when it comes to kubuntu development and support as my old dell box (the one i run kubuntu on) has gotten to the point where it can no longer reliably run any newer versions of kubuntu04:06
coreymon77its just not powerful enough04:06
ScottKWhat's it got in it?04:06
coreymon77its a dell box from back when xp was released04:07
coreymon77already doubled to ram and upgraded the hd to keep it going04:07
coreymon77windows is slow as heck and kubuntu is beginning to bog down04:08
ScottKHow much RAM?04:08
coreymon77dont remember04:08
coreymon77i tried kde4 on it and, sadly, no matter what i did, it does not seem to be able to run it reliably, so, ya04:09
coreymon77only so much i can do now04:09
ScottKDid you try Jaunty?  I think it's a bit faster/lighter than Intrepid was.04:10
coreymon77to be honest, i havent done much on that computer lately04:10
coreymon77its been acting up04:10
SimeScottK: I've heard "probably".07:53
neversfeldecan someone help me to copy the packages from staging to backports? I have never done it and we need more space to finish09:28
neversfeldekdepim is still needed and I have a fix for kdegames09:28
a|wenneversfelde: go to the staging PPA, click copy, choose packages and backports as target PPA, click done09:46
a|wenand ask away while you are at it if in doubt about anything09:47
neversfeldea|wen: copy binaries and no rebuild?09:47
a|wenneversfelde: yeah09:48
neversfeldeUpgrade test went ok, but I can't copy, because Launchpad gives a timeout error10:50
ScottKneversfelde: Don't do so many at once then.12:02
neversfeldeScottK: yeah, everything is copied  only kdepim is missing. I am currently testbuilding because lex is not around to upload his version12:03
ScottKneversfelde: I'd just upload it, but up to you.12:03
neversfeldeScottK: I will upload it to staging, deleted some packages there. Only the build can fail ..12:04
ryanakcaMorning neversfelde :)12:05
neversfeldehi ryanakca12:05
* ryanakca wonders if neversfelde is human and ever sleeps12:06
neversfelderyanakca: power napping in front of my displays :)12:12
Blizzzryanakca: i met him. he behaves humanly, moves humanly and drinks beer hu... well he drinks it.  he even talks humanly. but i have no proof for his sleep demeanor.12:12
* ryanakca grins12:12
ryanakcaRiddell, ScottK, whoever else that has access to the website: In the future, if you're announcing something new in the PPAs, I created a content type, PPA Release, that has pretty templates that include the sources.list line and how to add the GPG key... just copy paste the template for the appropriate PPA and describe what's new.12:37
ScottKryanakca: Thanks.12:38
ScottKryanakca: It looks like neversfelde is getting close. I suspect I'll be out and you will get the honor of updating the rc 2 announcement.12:40
ryanakcaScottK: OK, have fun :)12:40
ryanakcaScottK: Do you think I could add a <!--break--> tag under the "Users of our stable 9.04 release can install it from the Kubuntu Backports PPA." line in the RC1 announcement, and all similar announcements? The front page will get rather long with all the "Add this line, install this key, etc." blurbs...12:42
ryanakca(<!--break--> creates a "More..." link)12:42
neversfelderyanakca: I think it i s a good idea to break the text somewhere12:45
ScottKryanakca: I'd say go for it.  It takes just a moment to revert it if it doesn't work out.12:46
ryanakcaAlso, looking at bug 397829 , should we be adding a blurb saying that these backports are unsupported? People are using LP's answer tracker to ask questions about them...12:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 397829 in kubuntu-website "Please show how to add ppa keys in the announcements" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39782912:47
ryanakcaWell, linked to them.12:47
ScottKryanakca: I think we need to decide how we are going to support them and tell people how to get support.12:48
ScottKapachelogger wrote a mail to the ML a while ago about that.12:48
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neversfeldemhh, now kdepim is building in backports and staging13:59
neversfeldelex79: :)13:59
lex79neversfelde:  :(  sorry I didn't see ppa backports before my upload, I saw only batcave14:07
neversfeldeno problem, it will last a little bit longer, but should be no difference14:08
lex79and I was just awake :)14:08
Blizzzyou should take the advantages of drinking lot coffee ;)14:11
neversfeldeI think I should go to bed or at least power napping again :)14:17
neversfeldelex79, ryanakca: I think the backports are ready and we can announce them?14:42
smarterScottK: my ask-before-removing-applets patch is ready :)14:53
smarterthough I haven't tested it against RC2, but hopefully it should apply cleanly14:53
smartershould I upload it to some bzr branch?14:53
smarteralso, it only works with applet in a panel, because when using it against applets on the desktop it triggered a bizarre crash in the applet handle(the thing used to move the applet around :))14:56
ryanakcaneversfelde: Yep15:10
ryanakcaneversfelde: Done15:14
Blizzzlol, ksnapshot won't let me select a region on my other screen15:45
ScottKsmarter: I think on the panel is fine.16:40
ScottKsmarter: Some bzr branch or just mail the patch to Kubuntu Devel16:41
ScottKsmarter: If this works, we should see about getting it upstream.16:42
shtylmanScottK: tried new kernel...no luck17:29
ScottKseele: We had a new user send in a very long and rambling feedback to ubuntu-devel yesterday.  The one (I think) actionable point in his mail was he'd accidentally removed his kicker widget from his panel and could not figure out how to get it back short of reinstalling.  smarter has come up with a patch to ask the user to confirm removal of selected widgets from the panel.  Any thoughts from a usability perpsective?17:30
* ScottK has to run for a bit, so smarter and seele, please discuss ....17:32
kxmasScottK: a confirmation on removing widgets would be nice.  I suppose a program that could restore the default settings (just delete config/plasma*rc?) would be helpful too17:38
smarterdeleting plasma-desktop-appletsrc should be enough to get back to Kubuntu defaults(assuming kubuntu-default-settings is installed)17:39
smarterbut I'm not sure where a "restore default" button would be placed17:40
Blizzzsmarter: maybe in the cashew menu17:40
smarterthere's going to be too much stuff there :)17:41
smarterwaiting for the new "add/remove widgets" dialog might be better17:41
smarter(but that means KDE 4.4)17:41
apacheloggerScottK: how about publishing a raster using Qt build in some PPA?17:50
smarterhey apachelogger17:52
smarterjust pushed to kdelibs bzr my patch for ask-before-removing-applet-dialog :)17:52
smarterthis require changes to the settings of the plasmoids to "protect", but plasma-desktop-appletsrc in kds seems to be almost empty,17:53
apacheloggersmarter: http://reviewboard.kde.org17:53
smarteryep, I'll post it there, once I'm more confident about it :p17:53
apacheloggerjust don't forget about it17:54
apacheloggerbtw, about the settings17:54
apacheloggermaybe it makes more sense to use desktop file information indeed17:54
kxmassmarter: something on restore the defaults the plasma "add / remove widgets" woud be perfect I think17:54
apacheloggeror possible both... use desktop file unless setting available17:54
smarterno idea :p17:54
smarterIs [AppletGlobals][plasma_applet_launcher] the correct place for the kickoff plasmoid settings?17:55
smarterthis is confusing :p17:55
kxmaswhen you don't have any plasma applets, what else is left?17:55
apacheloggerlast I looked at the config was in 4.0 times17:55
apacheloggerkxmas: don't remove all applets :P17:56
* apachelogger is sorting the mail stack on his desk17:57
Nightroseapachelogger: did you see that Riddell said he uploaded liblastfm to jaunty backports17:58
apacheloggeryes I did17:58
kxmasapachelogger: that message needs to get out to all the KDE newbies If I delete all the applets, I'm just proving how configurable KDE is :)17:59
apacheloggerNightrose: that doesn't help any more than it being in karmic because neon cant depend on backports17:59
Nightroseso what to do?17:59
apacheloggereither you get someone to create a neon package or you get some patience :P18:00
Nightrosei think i am quite patient ;-)18:01
Nightroselast build was june 12th18:01
apacheloggerwell, I told you what the most sensible and easiest fix is :P18:02
Nightroseyes but that is not going to happen anytime soon either18:02
apacheloggerI found chocolate!!!18:03
Nightroseis there anyone who can package liblastfm in a neon-compatible way?18:06
Nightroseusers are asking for for new neon packages since a month now18:06
kxmasI thought neon was a nightly refresh?18:07
Nightroseyes but it doesn't build right now18:07
Nightrosebecause there is no liblastfm package18:07
Nightroseright now being 1 month now18:07
smarterhmm, the settings in plasma-desktop-appletsrc don't appear to work at all18:09
smarterat least for SwitchTabsOnHover=false18:11
apacheloggermaybe kiosk is broken18:13
apacheloggertechnically it should work18:13
apacheloggerRiddell, ryanakca: http://www.kubuntu.org/node/89 << urly is ugly18:18
apacheloggerneversfelde: how is the SRU coming along?18:25
apacheloggerQuintasan: yo18:27
apacheloggerQuintasan: how was the party?18:27
Quintasanapachelogger: oh well, my grandma is supposed to be 80, but I don't belive it :D18:30
apacheloggerDoes anyone need the printed manuals of suse 9.0 to 10.0?18:30
Quintasannot after what she took out from fridge18:30
* Quintasan is full of cake18:31
apacheloggerI am out of vodka18:32
apacheloggergood thing I am not at home tue-wed18:32
smarterokay, after a little modification to my patch, it works with global applets settings18:33
smarterbut the settings from kds still seem to be ignored18:33
* smarter commits anyway18:34
* apachelogger removes his KDE 3 => 4 migration diagrams from the wall18:35
apacheloggernow my room looks kinda empty Oo18:36
smarterokay, the kds setting actually work, it was just a PBCAK18:44
smartercool :)18:44
kxmasI just upgraded from RC1 to RC2, Akonadi was working, but now, control isn't registered with D-BUS18:49
kxmasAkonadi should be more helpful with diagnosing these errors.  I'm hunting for log files now, no idea where they are18:52
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to18:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: the directory.18:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: File name ./ib_logfile018:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: File operation call: 'create'.18:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.18:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] "18:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] exit code: 118:59
kxmas[akonadiserver] process error: "Unknown error"18:59
kxmasnot sure why that would crop up now, and not in 4.3RC119:00
* apachelogger recommends reboot19:09
e-jatapachelogger: any temporary fix for bug 33412219:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 334122 in plasma-widget-network-manager "kubuntu jaunty plasmoid-network-manager can't use mobile broadband" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33412219:12
e-jatim in karmic right now19:12
apacheloggerupdate to latest svn19:13
apacheloggermaybe it helps19:13
e-jatowh ..19:13
e-jatsvn976478 <-- is it the latest?19:17
e-jathave u try using usb 3g modem ?19:20
DaskreeCH_Riddell: Pretty sure that 27 and 29 in your group picture are the Pardus guys19:28
neversfeldeapachelogger: I wrote it, attached a debdiff and MOTU SRU is already subscribed, what is the next step?19:33
apacheloggerneversfelde: poke someone from MOTU SRU19:33
apacheloggerto speed it up a bit ;-)19:33
* ScottK waves to agateau.20:42
* agateau waves back20:42
ScottKagateau: How is your DX work coming?  I haven't heard much from you recently.20:43
agateauScottK: Things are going fine: we agreed on an extension of the fd.o notification spec to meet KDE needs20:44
agateauand I have patches ready to commit for KDE4.420:44
* ScottK also wonders if perhaps agateau can go across town to Tonio's aparement and extract from him the not yet delivered and overdue Kubuntu Netbook default settings.20:44
DaskreeCH_agateau: Go.20:44
agateauI will probably come back to you with KDE4.3 version of the patches for backports20:44
DaskreeCH_KDE 4.4 is pen for commits20:44
* agateau leavs 70km from Paris20:45
ScottKagateau: Compared to here, that's VERY close.20:45
agateauScottK: true :)20:45
ScottKagateau: So is there a final decision in the spec on actions?20:45
agateauDaskreeCH_: yes, my patches will probably be applied this week to KDE trunk20:46
ScottKagateau: What do the patches do then?20:46
DaskreeCH_Hopefulyl KDE goes Git during the KDE 4.4 dev cycle20:46
DaskreeCH_ then maybe by 4.6 we can have summer in trunk20:46
agateauimplement the new spec and make KDE uses org.freedesktop.Notifications instead of org.kde.VisualNotifications20:47
agateaumeans => KDE and GNOME notifications are unified20:47
ScottKagateau: So how much different will it be to KDE users?20:47
agateauScottK: GNOME notifications will show in Plasma20:47
ScottKNCommander: Any thoughts on armel?  100% of KDE FTBFS this time around.20:48
DaskreeCH_usingwhich system?20:48
ScottKDaskreeCH_: If I understand it, there's only Plasma needed to display.  Application talks on the bus and KNotification listens on the bus.20:49
DaskreeCH_Right so what ever system is listening triggers a response20:50
agateauThat's it20:50
DaskreeCH_and how the system shows the notices is up to implementation?20:50
DaskreeCH_I remember there being some back and forth on that20:50
agateauDaskreeCH_: it's up to which implementation of the spec server is running20:51
DaskreeCH_So the server can dictate what the end notifications are capable of doing?20:51
DaskreeCH_Well I know that obviously it can. But it does that by design ?20:51
ScottKagateau: This is good news as this is one of the goals we said we wanted to achieve at UDS.20:52
agateauScottK: yes20:52
agateauDaskreeCH_: a "server" in the fd.o spec is the process responsible for displaying notifications20:52
agateauPlasma is such a server20:52
agateaunotify-osd is another one20:52
agateauthe original one was notification-daemon20:52
ScottKagateau: Does this mean that notifications from KDE apps will display in Gnome for Karmic?20:53
agateauScottK: yes, using notify-osd20:53
ScottKagateau: OK.  What happens if a user has both Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktops installed and they are in a KDE session.  Does plasma get to display the notifications?20:54
DaskreeCH_ah it serves the notification.. that's mind bending :)20:54
agateauScottK: yes20:54
agateauPlasma register itself as an implementation of the fd.o spec notification20:55
DaskreeCH_So the layer 8 is the client ?20:55
ScottKagateau: And then the reverse if in a Gnome session.20:55
ScottKSounds just about right.20:55
agateauScottK: that's it20:55
DaskreeCH_ScottK: or both if the users starts them manually! \o/20:55
ScottKUser does that gets what they deserve.20:56
agateauDaskreeCH_: no, only one server can bind itself to the dbus path at a time20:56
DaskreeCH_Layer 8 :)20:56
DaskreeCH_agateau: boo20:56
DaskreeCH_agateau: A proxy server that reserves it? :)20:56
agateauDaskreeCH_: feel free to implement this :)20:56
DaskreeCH_would be great for testing20:57
DaskreeCH_also would be good if someone wants to use KDE notifications that Gnome doesn't supply20:57
DaskreeCH_like sound20:57
ScottKDaskreeCH_: Such users should run KDE.20:58
ScottKagateau: Were you at GCDS?20:58
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Unless they like epheral visual notifications20:58
agateauScottK: yes I was20:58
ScottKI saw dbarth in the Akademy group photo, but I missed you.20:58
ScottKDaskreeCH_: Our notifications are ephemeral unless the user disables that.20:59
DaskreeCH_bah ethereal20:59
DaskreeCH_not ephemeral :)21:00
ScottKNo, that's called wireshark now.21:00
DaskreeCH_Ha ha :)21:00
DaskreeCH_!info ethereal21:00
ubottuPackage ethereal does not exist in jaunty21:00
ScottKIIRC only Dapper still.21:01
DaskreeCH_wow someone actually removed an old package21:01
DaskreeCH_granted I do like being able to click through Ubuntu's notifications if my mouse happens to be in that area21:01
DaskreeCH_I really should submit a patch that has a few seconds of ghost like qualities if the mouse is in that area when it pops up21:02
ScottKDaskreeCH_: I really like being able to click 'view' in Quassel's notification and get right to the channel where someone has just pinged me.21:03
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Of course but I think it's useful that if you are clicking and a notification jumps in front of your mouse you don't open Kmail acidentally21:04
ScottKDaskreeCH_: True.  I think it could stand with some refinement.21:05
DaskreeCH_1.5 seconds of not being there if the mouse is already there is about right I think21:05
ScottKI suspect that's about 3 times longer than needed.21:05
DaskreeCH_if there is no mouse then presumably the time taken for travesal should be slower than the brain which can rethink clicking there21:05
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Yeah I'm not good at estimating peoplle's reaction time21:06
ScottKThis being KDE, the delay should have a setting ....21:06
DaskreeCH_and I'm guessing if you were looking there and clicking at something behind it then the time taken to shift and read the notice would probably take that time21:07
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Wellll of course :)21:07
DaskreeCH_Off/on Time to delay if on21:07
DaskreeCH_done in ms21:07
DaskreeCH_well also always and mouse detection I would guess21:07
smarterDaskreeCH_: you want clicks to go "through" the notifications?21:07
DaskreeCH_smarter: If the mouse is already there21:08
smarterI'd consider that a bug :p21:08
DaskreeCH_so that if I'm already clicking in the area and a notification pops up then I don't click the notification and trigger something like a system upgrade21:08
smarterIt's not like you usually have buttons or stuff in that area21:09
DaskreeCH_which is 12 seconds of damn it *wait for it to start* close Go back to what you were doing21:09
smarterand stuff like system upgrade should ask for a second confirmation21:09
DaskreeCH_smarter: Which area?21:09
smarterbottom right21:09
DaskreeCH_I have my notification about 3/4 way up from the bottom on the left21:09
DaskreeCH_Having choice in KDE is grand aint it?21:09
DaskreeCH_smarter: Yes but with my system it's  1 second of delay time instead fo1221:10
smarterand the button is really small, you'd be really unlucky if you clicked on it21:10
DaskreeCH_I normally use alt+ctrl+a so I just use the notifications as a stream of what's happening21:11
smarterwhat's ctrl+alt+a?21:11
DaskreeCH_So effectively Ubuntu's current system would be great as long as it's not in Gnome21:11
DaskreeCH_It pops up the last thing in the queue that asked for attention21:12
DaskreeCH_I'm wholly unable to use anything else just cause of that key combo. If something is asking for my attention why can't I pay attention to it?21:12
DaskreeCH_My brain keeps mashing alt+ctrl+a in every other De and OS wondering why I can't pop up whatever just said Oy!21:13
smarterI usually use alt+tab for that21:13
DaskreeCH_alt+ctrl+a is faster since it jumps directly to the window/desktop and normally the tab of whatever needs it and it's a queue so you can do it multiple times21:14
DaskreeCH_It's really fast21:14
smarterinteresting ;)21:14
smarterI shall try that21:14
DaskreeCH_also you don't have to burn too much brain power you just need a light idea of what app is doing the call (hence the notification) Kopete? Not right now I dont really care who it is. Choqok? I'll check it later Dolphin doing my server transfer Woah bring that baby up what's going on21:16
DaskreeCH_I find it drastically reduces my brain load when I'm concentrating on something instead of processing if it's worth the effort of switching to the app to stop it blinking21:17
DaskreeCH_also great for leaving the computer and coming back and seeing what was coming in in what order :)21:17
DaskreeCH_but back to the notifications. I think a 1/2 second to 1 second delay of tangibilty if you are already clicking in the area is useful21:19
DaskreeCH_and of course as ScottK said it wouldnt' be KDE if you couldn't say screw it that's not how *I* Roll21:19
ScottKDaskreeCH_: That's very interesting.  I didn't know about it.21:20
DaskreeCH_smarter: I guess you know ctrl+shift+i already ?21:21
ScottKIt is very fast, but still inferior to Quassel's notification since it just brings me back to Quassel and not to the right channel.21:21
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Yeah Quassel is almost as close ot kde as firefox21:22
* ScottK boggles.21:22
ScottKIt's at least in Qt and does actually integrate with KDE.21:23
DaskreeCH_smarter: Kopete's method for popping up people speaking ot you21:23
DaskreeCH_ScottK: Yeah but it's still foriegn enough to justbe a window asking for attention21:23
DaskreeCH_in this respect21:23
ScottKDaskreeCH_: Somehow it manages with it's notifications to work it through KNotification to get there.  Not sure how.21:24
DaskreeCH_agateau: Can the call to the bus specify things like tabs ?21:25
agateauDaskreeCH_: no :/21:25
agateauDaskreeCH_: but if you add an action to your notification then you can do whatever you want21:26
DaskreeCH_Hmm so how does the notification server switch tabs when it calls the app?21:26
agateauDaskreeCH_: no, when you click an action button, the server tells the app about the button21:26
DaskreeCH_ah hmm ok I'll have to poke the kwin guys to find out if that can be integrated with alt+ctrl+a21:26
agateauthe app decides what to do, which can be switch to the appropriate tab21:26
DaskreeCH_ah ok21:26
ScottKDaskreeCH_: I guess we'll have to talk to Sput about that for Quassel then.21:27
DaskreeCH_so it's basically the apps shouting I need attention and then the system saying someone has responded what's this about?21:27
DaskreeCH_the app can then roll over and groan or point to the spot that hurts as it sees fit?21:28
neversfeldebug #398516 needs a sponsor22:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398516 in plasma-widget-fancytasks "new upstream version available (0.9)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39851622:01
macoso does bug 38975122:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389751 in kdesdk "Change "abort" to "close" or "cancel" in default KDE apps" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38975122:05
neversfeldeRiddell: apachelogger told me that you know of this kind of license http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/216458/22:20
neversfeldedoes the tarball have to contain GPLv2 and v3 or is v2 enough?22:20
Riddellneversfelde: v2 is fine22:22
neversfeldeRiddell: thank you22:22
Riddellalthough i guess i should put v3 liberally around kde sometime22:23
Riddellk bed, i'm knackered and not home yet, canoeing for next two days22:24
Riddellhi realo22:24
realowe develop http://dooble.sf.net currently making the linux release22:24
neversfeldeRiddell: hf22:25
realothe idea is, to maybe later add an linux kernel, so to have the browser as the gui22:26
realoanyone insterested to join or help to create a deb. file for the linux release?22:26
Riddellrealo: its a qt app?22:27
Riddellgroovy, file a bug at launchpad.net/ubuntu asking for a package and add tag needs-packaging22:28
neversfelderealo: when do you release it?22:28
neversfeldeor is it, yet?22:28
Riddelland keep poking here until someone does it22:29
* Riddell beds22:29
realofor linux not yet, though from svsmake it compiles, but it it is hard to make a deb installer22:29
kxmasRiddell: I'm getting akonadi start errors after upgrading from 4.3RC1 to 4.3RC2.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/216433/22:30
kxmasgoogle hasn't been that useful in finding a fix either22:31
neversfelderealo: tell me the bug number, I will have a look at it once it is released22:31
realobug number? there is no bug, we have a tracker and entered some issues, but no crashes so far22:32
neversfelderealo: <Riddell> groovy, file a bug at launchpad.net/ubuntu asking for a package and add tag needs-packaging22:34
realoit is too complex to write it all down22:35
realowe need a team member who can talk22:35
realobecause we have added p2p websearch and messenger like old netscape suite22:35
realothat makes it a little bit more complex22:36
neversfelderealo: a [needs packaging] bug contains usualy a link to the source and a short description of the application22:36
neversfeldesearch for it at launchpad.net, should not be too much work22:37
realohttp://dooble.sf.net and http://dooble.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dooble/trunk/browser/22:38
neversfelderealo: you should report it after you released in http://launchpad.net22:39
realoi created the project in launchpad22:44
realobut why there a second one?22:44
realosf.net is the home22:44
neversfelderealo: only a bug, not a project22:45
realonow the bug is always related to the project22:45
neversfeldee.g. bug 396206, probably a longer description22:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396206 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] plasma-widget-bkodama" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39620622:45
realodoes launchpad allow to delete a project or account?22:51
neversfeldemhh, don't know, the people in #launchpad should know more22:54
realook found it22:57
realobug created: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39857523:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 398575 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] Dooble Web Browser" [Undecided,New]23:05
neversfelderyanakca: I think sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <KEYID>  is a more simple method to import the key for the ppas23:23
ryanakcaneversfelde: *nod*, is one as user friendly as the other, or are these packages targetted to developpers only?23:25
neversfelderyanakca: I am not sure, if I understand what you mean23:26
ryanakcaneversfelde: If targetted to devs only, the sudo apt-key is fine... but if we want the users to test, I think we should leave them with the GUI... I'm poking around in #drupal-support at the moment, trying to figure out why the <!--break--> tag in Drupal cuts off the text but doesn't give the "More..." style link like it should...23:27
neversfelderyanakca: sorry, I missed that it is a method for kpackagekit23:28
ryanakcaAh, ok :)23:28

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