jitsoothanks guru00:05
jitsoothat was driving me nuts00:05
zopiacI am pretty new to Kubuntu...how do I get my media player to play sounds? I cannot hear it, although I hear login noises, etc.00:07
desuzopiac: which format are you trying?00:08
zopiacdesu: mp300:08
jitsoo /joine #ubuntu00:08
desuzopiac: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats00:09
zopiacI can't believe I forgot that...thanks :D00:09
desuzopiac: actually, just https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/MP300:09
zopiacOh...how do I install it? :) the link only gives info for up to 7.0400:11
zopiacOh wait, the first link tells me00:11
gamblerhow do I change the KDE 4 startup sound00:29
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vivek_apgambler: System Settings > Notifications, select event source: KDE system notifications, choose the Login item00:41
gamblerah kk, ez :p00:42
dhqi have a dell m1530 now i have 3 jacks which support 5.1 channel. the problem is i cant get kubuntu to work with it please help me00:44
desudhq: run a mixer and try muting/unmuting some output channels00:48
dhqdesti: but i dont hav much channels00:48
desugenerally, it's three independent channels which control two headphones and one inbuilt speaker00:48
dhqdesu: ///6600:49
desudhq: how many do you have?00:49
dhqjust 2 headphone channels00:49
desuopen up a mixer00:49
dhqwhich mixer how00:49
desunow, try muting/unmuting some output channels00:50
dhqmaster, pcm, headphone , headphone 200:50
desutry unmuting one of the headphones ones00:50
dhqboth are unmute00:51
desutry muting one and unmuting the other00:51
desuthere's this channel which needs to be on mute00:51
desui forgot which00:51
desuand i dont have a dell laptop at hand00:51
jitsooWhy does the calendar plasmoid widget use 80%+ Cpu when it's apparently doing nothing? (9.04)00:52
dhqdesu: ??00:54
desuno idea :/00:54
desumaybe those channels are hidden?00:54
desutry unhiding all channels00:54
dhqdesti: i did that00:54
dhqbut no use00:54
desuiirc, the channel to the left of the headphones was responsible for something00:54
desuit was supposed to be mute, iirc00:54
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ubuntuhellooo can u tell me how to activate my webcam using kubuntu01:05
ubuntuaanyone pls help me on how to activate my webcam in kubuntu01:08
vivek_apwhich webcam01:09
ubuntua4tech webcam01:09
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ubuntuhow to install01:10
vivek_apubuntu: don't know if this will help: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/problem-with-installing-a4tech-webcam-621096/01:12
ByronIs there a command line version for k9copy?01:16
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eMANjoint #argentina01:21
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yanihola, como va?01:32
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khamarUsing Kubuntu-desktop 1.122 and full update, my KDE4 network control (system settings->Network Management) is blank. Why did my wired connection stop appearing there? Should I add it? Anyone else see this trouble?02:22
dividerWhat IRC Server is this? Is it open source with documentation? Is it available to thru synaptic? Website requested.02:25
khamardivider: you should google: freenode and read up!02:26
dividerkhamar: Freenode is the server being used for this IRC channel? I am attempting to set one up for my friends/family.02:27
khamardivider: yes and good luck with that02:27
khamarnotriddle: why from the cli?02:28
dividerkhamar: thank you very much for a rapid and complete response.02:28
notriddlekhamar: This way, we can see any debug output it may produce.02:28
khamarwill do02:28
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khamarnotriddle: now I'm looking for the command to execute it02:29
notriddlekhamar: systemsettings02:29
khamarnotriddle: runs just find - zero warnings02:29
notriddlekhamar: Okay. Now open the "Network Management" module.02:30
khamaryep, I'm there02:30
notriddlekhamar: Any output on the CLI now?02:30
khamarnotriddle: cli is quiet02:30
khamarnotriddle: blank, no warnings02:30
khamarnotriddle: odd though, system settings started up and returned the console to me02:31
khamarnotriddle: are you sure it will report warnings there?02:31
notriddlekhamar: Okay. Let's try something else. Right-click on your desktop and choose "Add Widgets".02:31
notriddlekhamar: Other KDE apps do. Oh well.02:32
khamarnotriddle: I'm with you02:32
ByronIs there a command line version for k9copy?02:32
notriddlekhamar: One widget that's available is "Network Manage(ment/er). Don't remember which.02:32
khamarnotriddle: I see it, adding now02:32
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notriddlekhamar: Okay. When you click on it, what do you see.02:33
ByronThat question doesn't make sense. Sorry. I meant to ask, if there is another tool like k9copy for CLI.02:33
notriddlekhamar: Oh, btw, does it list it as already being added.02:33
notriddlekhamar: There will be a minus next to it.02:33
khamarnotriddle: It says "connected" but when I click "manage connections" there is nothing listed.02:34
khamarnotriddle: yes, minus next to it02:34
khamarnotriddle: I have it in task bar - and now also on desktop02:34
notriddlekhamar: Okay. Strange. I'm not sure why it isn't listing it in System Settings anymore.02:35
* notriddle asks if anyone else knows.02:35
khamarnotriddle: does your list the connection in sysem settings?02:35
notriddlekhamar: I used to, but don't anymore, use Kubuntu (hence why I wasn't originally on this channel)...02:36
khamarnotriddle: lol ok where at least your trying to help02:37
khamarnotriddle: thanks02:37
dividerdoes kubuntu use something similar to synaptic?02:37
notriddledivider: Yep. KPackageKit.02:37
notriddledivider: Used to use Adept.02:38
dividernotriddle: thanks very much; still getting used to KDE and kubuntu.02:38
khamardivider: If you like Synaptic, install it. It should work just fine02:38
khamardivider: I prefer aptitude (from command line)02:39
dividerkhamar: as do I, aptitude is apt-get correct?02:39
londonryani'm having a big problem in kubuntu atm, could anyone help me for a min?02:39
fetusbubble!ask | londonryan02:40
ubottulondonryan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:40
khamardivider: no, these are different apps. apt-get is a more fundamental tool. aptitude manage packages and dependancies (like synaptic does)02:40
Ricmacas1 question:02:41
dividerkhamar: thanks for clearing that up.02:41
RicmacasI've got a crash while adding/activating a source at the Software Manager02:41
RicmacasWhich happens to be a port of the Gnome version.02:41
londonryanI went an changed the root user in KUser to uid1000 and changed another user to uid 0, I was dumb I know.  How do I change root user back to uid = 0?  I tried editing /etc/passwd file, but I can't get it to write02:41
RicmacasSorry, it's the Sources Manager02:42
RicmacasThat's the ported tool.02:42
dividerlondonryan: try to sudo nano /etc/passwd02:42
londonryanok, how do I save my changes?02:44
londonryanstill says permission denied :(02:44
londonryanwhy won't it let me write that file when i'm using sudo?02:45
khamarlondonryan: you may need to boot from a live cd, then mount that volume read-write, edit it / save, then reboot.02:45
dividerlondonryan: ctrl + O to write out02:45
londonryandoes the live cd have to be the same version of kubuntu that i'm currently running?02:46
khamarlondonryan: no, not to edit that file. You just need access to the filesystem02:46
dividerkhamar: can't he just usermod the uid?02:46
khamardivider: that might work, if he uses the uid0 user02:47
dividerlondonryan: type man usermod02:47
londonryanhow do i usermod the root user back to uid 0 when there's another user that has uid=002:49
dividerlondonryan:" sudo usermod root -o -u 0 " would be my guess02:49
dividerlondonryan: then sudo cat /etc/passwd " to see if changes work02:50
khamardivider: My guess is he will get a permission error02:51
londonryanafter the first line it said "usermod: user 0 does not exist"02:51
dividerkhamar: well at least he didn't get permission error... :)02:52
OkayIs the battery charge monitor accurate because I've unplugged my laptop for 2 minutes and it says that I have 95% charge left....?02:52
khamardivider: true!02:52
londonryanit says in usermod that you're not allowed to alter any users that are logged in02:54
dividerlondonryan: are you logged into the system as root?02:56
londonryanno, i was logged in as the admin02:57
londonryanok, i've rebooted with the live cd, what option should i choose?02:57
divideron a side note: OMG MY 2 copies of ubuntu and kubuntu just came in the mail from Canonical! yay non burned copies!!!02:58
dividerSTICKERS TOO!!!! OMG!!! :)02:58
dividerlondonryan: did you name your account admin?02:59
londonryani'm loading up the livecd, I picked the option "Try Kubuntu without changing your system"03:00
dividerlondonryan: okay mount your primary drive with the KUBUNTU installed os on it03:02
londonryanwhat's the command for that?  mount something?03:04
londonryani'm not very experienced with kubuntu :P03:04
dividerlondonryan: how long have you been using linux? mount is been around forever, if you just installed it recently or don't know linux very well your better off just reinstalling it. but if thats not an option... cat /proc/partitions03:05
dividerlondonryan: then find out which device is your os drive example sda1 or sdb1 etc.03:07
londonryanhow do i tell which device is the os one?03:08
GandrellFor god!!! how i make to use the comand in kubuntu??03:08
dividerGandrell: hit the big K ; go to the search thing; type in konsole03:09
GandrellAlgum brasileiro me ajuda ai!! ._. como eu faço pra instalar arquivos?03:10
dividerlondonryan: what are your options?03:10
Gandrellthx divider03:10
Gandrelli see now03:10
londonryanhere's what it said after the first command.  columns were "major minor #blocks name"03:11
Gandrellim a beginner here03:11
dividerGandrell: anytime... ;)03:11
londonryansda, sda1, sdb, sdb1, sdb2, sdb5, loop003:11
londonryansdb and sdb1 have the most blocks03:12
londonryanso that's probably os right?03:12
Gandrell0.o i need use more >:D, 2 or 3 weeks and i help other peoples :)03:12
dividerlondonryan: What operating systems do you have installed in all? did you do a side by side with windows? how many harddrives? which harddrive did you use? is it the biggest?03:13
londonryanhow do i see if it's the os?03:13
londonryani have only kubuntu, i have 2 HDs, 1 is a TB, the other is 320MB03:13
londonryankubuntu is installed on the biggest03:13
dividerwell according to your output there are 3 partitions on sdb03:14
dividerwhich is probably your 1TB03:14
dividerprimary and swap are normal; so normally it would be 203:14
dividernot 303:15
londonryani didn't create extra partitions03:15
dividerdid you "use the entire disk"?03:15
divideroption when installing03:15
londonryanbut i did install ubuntu before kubuntu and the ubuntu installer kept crashing so i used kubuntu and it worked...i used the entire disk option03:16
AzzcoI have some sound issues. Anything that uses phonon seems to work, but normal apps does not (running in oss mode works, but who wants that?). I don't know how to go about with this issue.03:17
dividerlondonryan: try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt03:18
dividerthen go to /mnt03:18
dividerand see if your root filesystem is there03:18
londonryanya it is03:19
londonryando i use the nano command to open up /etc/passwd?03:20
divideropen terminal. sudo nano /mnt/etc/passwd03:20
dividermake sure you sudo it :)03:20
londonryanomg it worked :)03:21
londonryansuccessfully wrote the file03:21
londonryanso i just reboot now right?03:21
dividerdo a soft reboot03:22
dividerwith the top right corner; reboot03:22
dividererr in kubuntu; well you know03:22
rd_after upgrading from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 found that fonts are v huge @96 point, how can this be changed from cli?03:26
londonryanthanks a lot divider, everything seems to be back to normal03:26
dividerlondonryan: anytime man; look for me on ubuntu forums :)03:26
dividerrd_: under system settings; fonts03:27
dividerrd_: under system settings; correction; appearence; font03:27
dividerrd_: correction:::::::::wow i'm out of it... LOL:   system settings; appearance; font ;03:28
londonryani have another question now :)  the reason i tried switching the uid.  when i load up smb.conf to change it, i get 3 errors, it says my userid i'm using is owned by uid 1000 instead of 003:29
rd_divider, k, the fonts are so large the system settings is switching off when I use mouse to navigate03:30
rd_divder is the a way via cli to so this03:30
londonryankdecache-username, kde-username, and ksocket-username03:30
Gandrellpeople, i will need install a extension .sh but the comand get back inexistent file, what i make??03:30
dividerlondonryan: try running it as root03:31
dividerGandrell:  Could you rephase that into a question?03:31
londonryanhow do i do that? :P03:31
dividerrd_: boot into recovery mode from grub03:32
londonryani'm typing sudo kate /etc/samba/smb.conf03:33
londonryanstill has errors03:33
dividerlondonryan: use nano instead03:33
rd_divider, k doing so now03:33
londonryanyes, thanks, nano is good03:34
dividerlondonryan: nano = my god of gods lol03:35
londonryani agree03:35
londonryanmuch better than kate03:35
dividerlondonryan: I also do not like using GUI's to edit files. Terminal is much better; get used to it if you ever use ssh.03:36
londonryani agree03:36
londonryannow I have to try to get my windows comp to see my kubuntu comp over the network03:37
londonryani had it working but i couldn't write files to my kubuntu machine, that's when the problems started03:37
dividereasy as pie03:39
rd_divider, k got to command prompt03:42
dividerrd_: did you run the fix xserver03:44
dividerrd_: i'm trying to remember how to enable safe grahpics mode03:44
londonryanok i think i have to cry now.  i set up a share in the smb.conf file but my win comp can't see it03:47
rd_divider, fonts are still v big03:51
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zuzcan someone please tell me how to get the bar where the minimized windows goes?04:08
zuzi removed the panel by mistake04:09
zuzanyone here?04:12
gamblernone of the GUI package managers work for me in kubuntu04:41
gamblerhow do I make it work04:41
Ertanhi everyone04:48
Ertani would like to ask for some help if anyone online..04:51
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Guest65233how to switch amongs desktops kubuntu 9.0405:19
=== Guest65233 is now known as fran_
fran_quien me puede ayudar a como cambiar de escritorios en kubuntu 9.0405:20
pezedjust wanted to let you guys know that the intel 3945 wifi card is working GREAT in karmic koala05:34
pezedno problems like before with jaunty05:35
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pablohay alguien?05:47
brhad56When I am copy a large file to a USB flashdrive, the copy progress dialog box dispears before the copy has completed.  Any advice?05:48
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FutAnyone know the name of the application that enables wireless connections?05:50
Futcan't seem to find it.05:51
brhad56Fut: There is a plasmoid.. Network Manager05:56
Futbrhad56, let me check on that. Thanks.05:56
brhad56pardon.. Network Management  :D05:57
CSS_GuruI own a kubuntu now06:12
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:13
CSS_Guruany way I can run photoshop cs4 on kubuntu 9.04?06:17
asobihow do i reinstall kubuntu from live cd?06:22
asobiuse wine css06:22
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HelpKubuntuWLANellow... can i ask something? ^_^06:42
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HelpKubuntuWLANabout removing kubuntu ^_^06:43
rohani have a core2duo system, with 4GB ram. i have install 32bit version of ubuntu 8.04. how do i ensure that all the 4GB ram i utilised? "free" currently shows total mem as "3098500". i am not so keen on installing 64bit distro.07:23
veckI am legally blind is there a way to increase font size on konq and have it open the same way every time?07:31
veckI know how to increase font but have to re set it eery time07:32
veckI want to open browser and have it be were I want it07:32
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sven_I'm new to Ubuntu and IRC...08:13
AlexZionsven_: ...so , welcome to Kubuntu and welcome to an IRC channel....08:20
damonI'm using KDE 4.3 RC for a while, but now when I want to login it wouldn't and shows a black screen like this: http://imagebin.ca/view/lfsneZ.html08:58
damonand this is my ~/.xsession-error file http://imagebin.ca/view/aIWozXF.html09:08
oliver_pasiert nix09:42
oliver_ich hab firefox runtergeladen und entpackt ..wie kann ich es jetzt installieren ??09:45
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:45
oliver_sorry false channel :O09:46
manu_zachariahi is there any tool that will give me the changes made to a system when i install a .deb package09:59
manu_zachariaincluding the list of new files added09:59
manu_zachariabasically it takes a snapshot before and after and do a comparison10:00
manu_zachariasomething similar to InCtrl (runs under windows)10:00
toomaihi all and good morning to all living around UCT10:02
senorpedrois there a good video player similar to kaffeine for kde4?10:05
senorpedroi think the dragon player sucks10:05
senorpedroi need something that opens every movie in the same window10:05
senorpedroso vlc's not working for mee too10:05
senorpedroi'm using kde3 kaffeine right now but it sucks because the loading of the old kde libs take a long time10:06
senorpedrodo i need voice in this channel to be heared?10:10
Serpardumif I want acceleration in qemu, I need to get /dev/kqemu to work, so I need to install either hotplug or udev according to what I read.  What is prefered, or is there a better one for kubuntu?10:18
Captain_Haddocksenorpedro: no10:24
Captain_Haddockmplayer maybe?10:24
Captain_Haddockas for multiple windows, perhaps there's an option for it.10:24
Captain_Haddockmanu_zacharia: there's a package called apt-tools (or something like that) that might provide a list of all files... don't know about snapshotting, sorry10:26
manu_zachariaok thanks Captain_Haddock10:26
manu_zacharialet me look into it10:26
senorpedroCaptain_Haddock: i already looked, i didnt find options in dragonplayer10:26
Captain_Haddocksenorpedro: perhaps in VLC10:26
Machtinhey guys.. if i installed libpurple manually at some point.. how would i remove it? because i think the version from aptitude is not used..11:02
jaimotenhi there11:03
jaimotenanyone knows...11:04
jaimotenany chance of finding qt 4.5.0 or 4.5.2 packages for hardy?11:05
jaimotenqt 4.5.0 or 4.5.1 for kubuntu hardy, I mean11:05
jaimotenany roads, bye all11:14
Serpardumhow do I turn off double middle mouse button inserting?  It alwasy freaking inserts when I'm tryign to scroll and screws up my source.11:14
Serpardumor evcne single.  ug.11:14
BeerSercHi there. My father just upgraded 8.04 to 9.04, everything seems to be working, but theres one problem: My father still uses 3.5" floppy disks, and there seems to be no way to mount floppys from kde4 in kubuntu 9.04. How is that done? A widget on the desktop with a "mount that floppy device" option would be sufficient11:21
desufloppies still exist!?11:22
desuhmm... try this:11:22
desuopen a terminal and do:11:22
desumkdir foo; sudo mount /dev/fd0 foo11:22
BeerSercmounting manually works, even as a user, according to the fstab entry11:22
BeerSercthats not the problem11:22
BeerSercso the device and stuff in fstab seems to be correct, I just cannot mount it out of kde11:23
desuthen just create a script which mounts and opens up dolphin11:23
BeerSercwill do that when there are no other options, but it doesnt seem like the ubuntu way imho ...11:23
BeerSercand kde4 should be able to mount a floppy...11:24
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Serpardumis there anything I can install so I can actually disable the insert on the middle mouse button click?  my /etc/X11/xorg.conf has nothing to say about mice11:30
baron86Hello i got a problem with the Virtualbox. Actualy i cannot restore my .vdi to work i get the error A disk read error occured! Anyone knows sth about that? I just cant install it from the begining... thnx a lot11:32
robin0800Serpardum, Check xorg log file for detected mouse info11:36
Serpardumlog file..11:36
Serpardumlooks like ps/2 mouse11:39
Serpardumwhen I grep "mouse" *|less   inside of /var/logs11:40
Serpardumer, log11:40
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Serpardumthis middle mouse pasting is horrible when coding11:42
agaqual'è la chat italiana?????????????11:43
SerpardumI'm not sure what I"m looking for in there robin080011:45
agawhere is italian chat??11:46
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:47
Serpardum!give aga it11:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give aga it11:47
Serpardumhmm guess th at was the C++ channel11:48
Serpardumgot it aga ?11:48
Serpardumcomprende aga?11:48
agaSerpardum thnks11:49
Serpardummy mouse is screwed up, it has 4 arrows adn a dot, I use the scroll wheel it swaps tabs.  How I get it to stop that  It's fuxoring everything up11:51
Serpardum*sigh*  many mouse problems today11:51
naught101for i in blah: is there a way to use i only on the last loop? or is the only way to declare it before the for loop?11:55
blackflagHello :) I want to use/ access a pulsaudioserver on ubuntu 9.04 from a another ubuntu9.04. Can not find a Information how to connect now over the network. Can someone help?11:58
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petsoundshello, i upgraded to kde 4.3 rc2 and found this on terminal The following packages have been kept back:12:22
petsounds  kdeplasma-addons12:22
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ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:56
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real_ate1hey you guys... i'm looking around for a KDE sync tool and all i can find is KitchenSync13:31
real_ate1but that doesn't seem to be packaged in Kubuntu13:31
paolo_un canal en epañol..13:38
baron86Hello i need assistance with virtualbox in order to restore the .vdi file Thnx13:59
kumarI'm looking for help with Celestia... None of the objects besides the sun is visible :(13:59
real_ate1... does anyone know about kitchensync for syncing Kontact? is that packaged anymore ?14:06
Zorael^2Does anyone know if Skim is maintained? The repos have contained the same version since at least Hardy, continuing into Karmic14:10
Zorael^2No matter what I do it seems I have to run KDE3 libs to get Japanese input14:12
baron86is there anyone out there to help us? I got problem with vitualbo14:14
chris062689Is it nessessarly wise to try to syncronize two computers to the same home directory?  (They share the same username)14:18
olenzWhat is the best place to report problems with the kubuntu backports for jaunty?14:20
olenzI'm using jaunty with kde 4.3rc2 from kubuntu backports. When I want to use System settings -> Login Manager, I cannot change anything, as everything is greyed out14:22
olenzAnybody got an idea on that?14:22
Zorael^2olenz: Run systemsettings with 'kdesudo systemsettings'14:23
Zorael^2olenz: Either make your changes or change your user's privileges in PolicyKit14:23
unhackmeehey, how can u change text size of firefox menus? it looks ugly i mean with the jumbo text in menu...14:28
olenzI've been usin the gnome system settings at the time14:31
olenzNot sure whether this is the best way14:31
olenzTry System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Settings14:33
olenzOk, seems to work: Thanks Zorael^214:35
racecar56would kubuntu 9.04 run on an old fashioned compaq presario sr1020nx?14:41
olenzracecar56: how much memory, what CPU, how fast?14:49
olenzAfter looking up the data of the compaq presario, I would say that kubuntu 9.04 should run fine14:53
olenzbut might be a bit slow if you only have 512 MB14:53
zopiaceven though I installed kubuntu-restricted-extras my music is not playing, anyone know why?14:57
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olenzzopiac: did you cank up the volume?15:00
zopiacolenz: yes, i did15:00
zopiaci can hear login sound fine, but my music isn't audible. it says its playing, but i cant hear squat15:01
olenzwhat program r u using for playing music?15:02
zopiaci've tried Amarok, (but i cant even get any of my music in the playlist) Exaile, and rhythmbox15:03
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olenzOk, sorry zopiac, can't help you there15:07
liberfiascoIs task manager not working for anyone else?15:12
liberfiascoI've been without it for a week cause I didn't have time to fiddle :S15:12
liberfiascoKDE 4.3 RC115:12
BluesKajhiyas all15:14
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dwarder__why when i restart mu kubuntu my widget to minimize all windows forgets my mode+d shortcut?15:32
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Toph2i'm running KDE 4 and suddenly my keyboard responses very slowly. Any ideas what happened?16:19
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geopolHello all, Running KDE4.3 RC1, KUBUNTU 9.04 when i goto system settings advanced login manager>convenience all setting are grayed out and in red it says ATTENTION READ HELP guess what that was no help, any ideas how to unlock this??16:44
kalp_i gave a grep command " grep sunya* " in a 15 gb folder, its taking too long, how do i terminate16:45
mitsgeopol: i think it needs root priviledges16:46
mitstry running systemsettings with sudo16:46
mitskalp_: ctrl+c?16:47
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Nameless_auwhy does the kubuntu live cd bot boot?16:49
geopolmits, Thanx, i did and i now have access to all but convenience,, interesting and it still indicates ATTENTION RREAD HELP wait i let me try sudo again as i had a second instance of system setting running brb16:50
BluesKajNameless_au, make sure your cdrom is first in boot sequence in BIOS16:51
Nameless_auit was16:51
darthanubisGreat job in making KDE4.3RC2 available!!16:51
Nameless_auBluesKaj it goes into the gui where it asks to install etc, then whatever option i choose it starts making wierd sounds from my optical drive16:52
BluesKajno boot menu on the live cd ?16:53
Dragnslcrmits- make sure you tell people to use kdesudo, not sudo16:53
Nameless_auBluesKaj sorry im not following... the live cd has the options "use kubuntu without installing" or something, "install kubuntu", etc16:54
Nameless_auit loads tro that point fine automatically16:54
BluesKajyes, Nameless_au , that's what i mean16:54
Nameless_auanything after that = fail16:55
BluesKajthen choose , live cd without changing ..blah blah16:55
Nameless_aui did, no go16:55
bazhangbad burn or corrupt iso then16:55
mitsDragnslcr: ok16:56
bazhangcheck the md5 then reburn very slowly, do disk integrity check16:56
Nameless_aubazhang i dled it from a torrent linked on the kubuntu site16:56
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:56
* BluesKaj wonders about hardware16:56
ubuserdarthanubis: What are you referring to?16:56
* Nameless_au wonders how the xubuntu live cd worked fine and the kubuntu one doesn't16:57
darthanubisubuser: I was very specific, no?16:57
Nameless_auand every other live cd i have for that matter - paragon part manager, gparted live cd, centos netinstall live cd16:57
DT!virtuak machine16:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virtuak machine16:57
DT!virtual machine16:57
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications16:57
ubuserdarthanubis: I mean regarding kde 4.3 rc216:58
ubottukqemu is a kernel module (now free under the GPL license) for speeding up the !QEMU virtual machine. Installation instructions can be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/KQEmu16:58
BluesKajNameless_au, maybe ubuntu , then install kubuntu desktop afterwards16:58
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox16:58
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ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo16:59
ubuserdarthanubis: Where did you find it?  So I can test it too.16:59
darthanubisubuser: try reading the topic sometime?17:00
Nameless_auBluesKaj the idea was to have as little remnants of gnome as i could - hence why i uninstalled xfce17:00
Nameless_aui mean uninstalled xubuntu17:00
ubuserdarthanubis: There is no topic list on my irc client.17:00
darthanubisubuser: can you type /topic in your iphone's irc client?17:01
liberviscook either kubuntu backports just suck this much or KDE4.3 is gonna be released without the working task manager17:01
liberviscoor something is seriously alien about my install.. but then I tried removing the whole .kde directory and it still didn't work17:02
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware17:02
darthanubislibervisco: I'll let you know how mine works in about 30mins17:02
liberviscodarthanubis, thanks17:03
liberviscoit worked on beta2, upgraded to rc1 and it stopped working.. and now upgraded to rc2 and it still isn't working17:03
BluesKajNameless_au, you could always go the pure kde route after installing ubuntu , then follow this : http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde17:10
kalp_thanks mits17:16
sorsethi , kpackagekit blocks some updates like new kernel , some kde packages , amarok and etc , how can i fix this problem?17:18
Dragnslcrsorset- you can install them with "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" from Konsole17:21
DragnslcrDunno if there's a plan for KPackageKit to support dist-upgrade anytime soon17:21
MarcoPauI would like to install 2.6.30 because of video drivers issues. is there any way to pick it up from repos?17:22
sorsetDragnslcr: thx , but i dont want to upgrade distro!17:22
sorsetshould i make change in apt configs? at /etc/apt17:23
jonah1980hey guys, i have serious usb problems. my printer only prints one sheets and then suddenly an error says it's disconnected. also even if i don't use the printer, i get problems with mouse and keyboard. they'll work fine for a few hours or a bit and then without warning stop working, if you unplug and replug them back in nothing happens and they still won't work. i'm using 9.04 kubuntu but i upgraded from previous 17:23
jonah1980 if that makes any difference. please if anyone can help solve this problem for me?17:23
Dragnslcrsorset- I don't know why you'd need to change any apt configuration17:24
sorsetDragnslcr: i realized that it blocks packages that remove some certain packs like old kernel in instal , i want to disable it , but how?17:28
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DragnslcrNew versions of packages that have new dependencies that you don't have installed also block updates17:29
Dragnslcrdist-upgrade will install those new packages so that the updates can be applied17:29
sorsetDragnslcr: ok , thx , but why this blocking was not in former kubutnu?17:33
DragnslcrI think because Adept did dist-upgrade, where KPackageKit just does upgrade17:35
darthanubislibervisco: everything is working just fine on my end17:35
daeronhi to everybody17:35
daeroni've got a problem yesterday with network manager17:35
daeronand i don't understand what happened17:36
daeronis there someone who can help me to solve this problem?17:36
BluesKaj!info wicd | daeron17:36
ubottudaeron: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB17:36
sorsetDragnslcr: no! adeot had both , update and distro ipgrade when available!17:37
BluesKajdaeron, the widget-network-manager is flaky ..I've been telling ppl to install wicd ...it works well17:37
daeronbut now i can't go to universe17:38
daeroncoz i cant connect to universe17:38
daeroni'm talking from another pc now17:38
yurauhi all?17:39
BluesKajtry it daeron , you can always uninstall it ...installing wicd autoremoves the widget-manager17:39
daeroncan i find this package elsewhere?17:39
BluesKajwidget-network-manager , that is17:39
Dragnslcrsorset- no, Adept would show a special option when a new version of Kubuntu became available, which is not what dist-upgrade does17:39
BluesKajdaeron , in the konsole : sudo aptitude install wicd17:40
daeronyes i know, but now i'm chatting from another pc17:40
daeroni would like to know if i can find wicd elsewhere but in universe17:41
geopolHello all, My account is set up as admin, so why do i need to be sudo to run systemsettings conveience??17:42
BluesKajdaeron, why ?17:42
anonimous_thats the way to hell17:42
daeronnothing...just now i've tried to connect with the pc in which didn't work network-manager and instead now i'm connected17:42
KovertI have  result from APt that I don not know how to correct can some one help? http://pastebin.com/d206426e17:42
daeronthanks for the suggestion17:42
daeroni'll try wicd right now!17:42
BluesKajdaeron, see what i mean by flaky =unpredictable17:43
Kovertbetter use the beta 4 kde then wicd17:43
Kovertit makes it as good17:43
daeronyes, ive understand, but now seems that net-manager works. however i'm installing wicd right now17:43
daeronthaks a lot17:43
KovertBluesKaj: can you look at my paistebin?17:44
sorsetDragnslcr: really? what makes different? (sorry for my bad english :D )17:44
geopolP.S. Running kubuntu 9.04 KDE4.3 RC117:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelvideo17:46
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.17:46
KovertBluesKaj: thanks'17:46
BluesKajbazhang, thanks :)17:47
KovertSould I ask in kde?17:47
bazhangBluesKaj, no worries :)17:47
BluesKajIntel has a video driver problem on jaunty , Kovert17:48
Kovertbazhang: you saw the paistebin17:48
Kovert< Karmic17:48
BluesKajand karmic , Kovert17:48
KovertNot a driver issue dkpg maybe17:48
radi82Hi. I'm running on Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.3 from launchpad. My machine is updating at the moment to version 4.2.96, is this the RC2 or is it downgrading right nocw? ;)17:48
bazhangKovert, karmic?17:49
Kovertbazhang: 9.1017:49
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for karmic Kovert17:49
Kovertoh thanls17:49
Kovertwho knew17:49
BluesKajradi82, you are upgrading to kde4.317:54
liberviscothanks darthanubis17:56
liberviscothat's really weird then :S17:56
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tor_привет народ!18:05
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bazhangtor_, #ubuntu-ru18:08
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ner0xHow can I add/remove services to boot runlevel?18:11
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sorsetDragnslcr: thx anyway :)18:14
kaner0x: BootUp.manager is your friend :-)18:14
ner0xka: Where can that be located?18:14
kasearch for bum in kpackagekit18:14
tor_народ я не могу премонтировать ntfs диск к kubunte кто может помочь????18:15
TheGentlemanhello.  Since some times my kubuntu 8.04 switches off the computer by itself after about 20 mins beeing left untouched. I swear i did not change any setting! where could I check to eliminate  this behaviour??18:15
TheGentlemanIt is not in my screensaver settings by the way18:15
kaTheGentleman: Have you cheked your powersaving settings?18:16
bazhangtor_, english here; #ubuntu-ru for Russian18:16
TheGentlemani will double check it again ka, but surely i did not modify it since i first installed 8.04 over one year ago!18:17
TheGentlemanka, by the way... where is powersaving settings... i can't remember...18:18
fusion44how can I update to kde 4.3 rc? i have added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main to my sources.list but sodo apt-get upgrade won't du anything18:18
kaTheGentleman: Do you have a battery icon on you panel?18:19
xp-killerHI,i need help concerning the apple sharing way it an icon that apears down to the right that look like a planet.can my friend acces my shear folder from another country?if yes how can i tell him what to type to get on my pc shear folder?18:19
TheGentlemanyup....ok ka18:19
kafusion44: That is strange. try to do a refresh in updatemanager18:20
TheGentlemanka, nothing is set in case of Mains Powered (my case)18:20
kaTheGentleman: I experienced random freezes last year but that was due to a bad ram slot.18:22
ner0xHow do I control locales on kubuntu?18:22
fusion44ka: it didn't help18:23
xp-killerHI,i need help concerning the apple sharing way it an icon that apears down to the right that look like a planet and it blue.can my friend acces my shear folder from another country?if yes how can i tell him what to type to get on my pc shear folder?18:23
TheGentlemanka, it looks more like a "clean" shutoff.  It doesn't leave bad traces18:23
kaxp-killer: be patient.18:23
xp-killerka: they say every 2 min i can ask back18:23
Captain_Haddockxp-killer: very likely nobody understands your question18:23
Captain_Haddockner0x: did bootup-manager solve your problem?18:24
xp-killerCaptain_Haddock: i want to shear a folder with another friend from another country how do i do that?18:24
TheGentlemanxp-killer, create a VPN18:24
kaTheGentleman: I've no idea what it could be then... I would make sure the battery settings are the same as for mains powered. Just in case it reads from the wring settings or something...18:25
Captain_Haddockxp-killer: I guess you mean "share". While it's possible to do that, it might not be terribly safe if you're not careful.18:25
kaxp-killer: hamachi could be a way to go.18:26
TheGentlemanyes, ka, batteries too are set to "Do Nothing" as this laptop is used as desktop.....  (having a better one for mobile work)18:26
xp-killerTheGentleman: can i us this way to install vpn? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN18:26
TheGentlemanI guess so xp-killer18:27
ner0xCaptain_Haddock: I wish there was a command line version.18:27
TheGentlemanka, couldn't be there something wrongly set elsewhere? I'm experienced enough as a user, but not much into modifying system conf files or such things.18:30
Captain_Haddockner0x: it's very likely a frontend for something like update-rc.d18:30
kaTheGentleman: Ditto, I honestly don't know where to look.18:30
TheGentlemanthanks anyway ka!   :)18:31
Captain_Haddockner0x: as for locales, all should be in system settings.18:31
bazhang!br | snow_18:32
ubottusnow_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.18:32
kafusion44: So still no luck? Check your sources list, then reboot. That should work.18:32
fusion44my sources.list is ok, but I have never tried rebooting18:32
* fusion44 reboots :)18:33
TheGentlemanso, anyone has an idea what can cause kubuntu 8.04 to shut off by itself when left idle for about 20 mins (Power Management settings already checked)18:33
sebe_tell me wich kind discussion room exist18:34
sebe_I need choice18:34
TheGentlemansebe, list the channels18:34
sebe_someone can tell me?18:34
sebe_...list ....ok18:34
xp-killerTheGentleman: Create file /etc/ppp/peers/YOUR_COMPANY i cant in the folder it refusing me to creat a file there18:34
bazhangsebe_, /msg alis list help18:34
gobnutsfusion44: you need another repo: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/experimental/ubuntu jaunty main18:35
TheGentlemanyou probably need to be root to do that xp-killer, but i'm sorry i'm not much expert about VPN.... I only know what it is for.18:36
xp-killerTheGentleman: well just help me to creat a file there how can i be root to put a file there?18:36
fusion44ka: no luck yet :/18:37
TheGentlemanuse "sudo" before issuing the command to crate that file18:37
fusion44i did18:37
gobnutsfusion44: you need another repo: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/experimental/ubuntu jaunty main18:37
gobnutsnotice the part where it says "experimental"18:37
kafusion44: You are using the terminal and write sudo apt-get update?18:39
fusion44ah that did the trick!18:39
fusion44ka: yes i did18:39
fusion44i was missing deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/experimental/ubuntu jaunty main in my sources.list18:39
kaGlad it's solved18:40
fusion44i used this tutorial but they didn't mention this line18:42
gobnutsglad to to hear it's working now18:44
gobnutsit'll probably tell you that a few packages are have been held back18:44
gobnutsdid so for me anyways18:45
gobnutsyou can install those by doing "apt-get dist-upgrade"18:45
TheGentlemandid it work xp-killer ?18:46
fusion44its downloading, thanks :)18:46
xp-killerTheGentleman: did what work?18:47
kagobnuts: wont that install 9.10 aplha?18:47
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gobnutsdo-release-upgrade would do that18:48
vltHello. How can I move a window vertically up so that I don't see the title bar anymore?18:49
xp-killerTheGentleman: oh u didnt higlight my name  so didnt know if anyone was talking to me seen im doing a bunsh of stuffi dont know how to use to creat a file where i want it18:49
gobnutsvlt: press and keep alt pressed and leftclick in the window to position it where you want18:50
vltgobnuts: Aah, thank you.18:51
TheGentlemanxp-killer, which program are you using to create that file?18:52
xp-killerTheGentleman: right clic creat a folder18:52
TheGentlemanyes xp-killer , but from which program do you make this?  dolphin? Konqueror?  anything else?18:53
xp-killerTheGentleman: konq18:54
xp-killerTheGentleman: no18:54
TheGentlemanok xp-killer   then use the command line (konsole)18:54
xp-killeri just go too where they told me to go and i right click a empty space and choose new to creat a folder18:54
xp-killerTheGentleman: ok i open a terminal there .how do i creat a folder now?18:55
TheGentlemanand type this "sudo mkdir /etc/yourdir address"18:55
TheGentlemanyou will be asked for your password18:56
kaxp-killer: to do stuff as root in konq you have to alt+F2 and write kdesudo konqueror. Then you will be able to create a folder anywhere.18:56
TheGentlemanyeah xp-killer ,  what ka suggested could be better for you if you are not used to command line18:57
TheGentlemani never used konqueror......   lol18:57
TheGentlemanas a file manager I mean18:58
TheGentlemanxp-killer, use root privileges only to access places that you normally can't.  never use it for normal operations18:59
TheGentlemanbye bye.....dinner time!19:00
kaSo I just upgraded from KDE 4.3 RC1 to RC2 but the taskmanager is still empty. This is on a laptop with Intel graphics. Screenshot: http://imagebin.ca/view/S6q14ua.html Errormessage from plasmoidviewer: http://pastebin.ca/1492907 in #kde it was suggested it could be due to bad packaging. Any Ideas?19:02
bbadphishwhats shakin19:03
gobnutska: are you really missing the taskmanager or the windowlist?19:08
BluesKajka , if I understand you correctly , you need to add the apps from the k-menu to the task bar manually19:12
BluesKajtaskbar is in widgets , add to the panel is what I meant, ka19:13
jeremiasince I updated to kubuntu 9.04 I got problems with flash19:14
jeremiathere's no more sound on flash movies19:14
jeremiacan someone help me on that?19:14
BluesKajwhich browser , jeremia19:14
p_quarlesOpera isn't mozilla-based19:15
jeremiaI know19:15
BluesKajFirefox is mozilla based19:15
jeremiabut uses mozilla plugins19:15
jeremiayou're right ;)19:15
jeremiagot the same problem on firefox anyway19:15
p_quarlesjeremia: I had a similar issue and thought for a bit it was a PA problem, but it turned out that the PCM device volume was off; can you check that?19:16
BluesKajopers is nice but not well supported media wise19:16
p_quarlesi.e., for some reason a clean install of Kubuntu 9.04 had that device muted19:16
kagobnuts: Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade did the trick. Now it shows. I am a happy camper again... :-)19:16
gobnutsgood :)19:17
jeremiasound in general just works fine19:17
jeremiapc is on19:17
p_quarlesjeremia: one sort of hack-ish workaround I found when I thought it was PA is called libflashsupport; google will take you to a .deb for Ubuntu19:18
p_quarlesjeremia: only available for i386 though19:19
jeremiaalready installed19:19
jeremiaI found that researching the net19:19
jeremiait's also in the repository19:19
p_quarlesjeremia: any messages from PA?19:21
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jeremiap_quarles, what message?19:25
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Nameless_aui am using the kubuntu live cd on a usb. i boot off it fine (usplash comes up) but then x doesnt start - instead i go into some cheap terminal shell. what am i doing wrong?? this is very annoying...19:46
CSS_Gurumy desktop effects are gone20:11
gobnutsCSS_Guru: alt+shift+F1220:13
CSS_Gurudoesnt do anything...20:13
gobnutsshould re-enable them after they have been suspended20:14
* fusion44 is now on kde 4.3 RC2 :)20:14
gobnutswhich it seems they weren't20:14
fusion44gobnuts: your deb archieve was updating to beta220:15
CSS_Guruon my right click of appearance settings top-left icon, it used to have the "appearence settings" tab, but now it doesnt20:15
gobnutsfusion44: weird. that's what I used and for me it's RC220:16
fusion44hmm strange i don't know what went wrong20:16
fusion44i have reinstalled kubuntu and made the same steps again, but this time everything worked20:17
CSS_Guruhow can an option for desktop effects be there one day, and off the next?20:17
fusion44don't ask me why20:17
kasia55424sa tu jacys polacy? ;D20:19
lukas__Hi, I would like to compile kernel with reiser4 support but the patch package seems to be unavailable, could anyone say where to find it?20:20
farchordAnyone knows why I got 4 blacklisted packages in kubuntu, them being the linux image generic packets, among some?20:29
farchordI never actually blisted em20:29
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nancy_busco chiko ke me entretenga20:32
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DaskreeCH_Wow nearly waited for a whole minute after asking for help20:43
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n8whey,im tryin to run .net application via wine but i keep gettin this error: install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables21:11
n8wwhich is kinda weird coz ive got .net installed in my windows, therefore i dunno why it wants me to install it again...21:11
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pim3nt3lhi everybody21:21
DaskreeCH_pim3nt3l: How are you?21:25
pim3nt3lhey somebody know why my ATI graphic card has a problem21:31
pim3nt3land not a driver21:31
pim3nt3li dont know what i gonna do21:31
darthanubisyou have to provide detailed information so as to get any kind of significant help21:31
DaskreeCH_pim3nt3l: What problem? how do yo know it's not a driver problem?21:32
kxmascrap, I've executed dpkg-reconfigure on every single akonadi package I can find, and I'm still getting a errors after upgrading from 4.3RC1 to 4.3RC221:33
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to21:34
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: the directory.21:34
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: File name ./ib_logfile021:34
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: File operation call: 'create'.21:34
kxmas[akonadiserver] InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.21:34
kxmas[akonadiserver] "21:34
FloodBotK1kxmas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:34
pim3nt3lhey akonadiserver21:35
pim3nt3lwhat is the exactly erro was give up the mysql21:35
kxmassorry, I pasted it and the Floodbot got mad.  here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/216433/21:36
pim3nt3llook akonadiserver .... yo have verify whats going do the mysql21:36
pim3nt3li gotta go i be right back later21:37
CSS_GuruI need help21:41
CSS_Gurulast time I tried starting up kubuntu, it failed to start for some reason, so I reinstalled it (V. 9.04)21:41
CSS_Gurubut, now I can't install my nvidia driver, because it isn't listed in my hardware menu21:42
pim3nt3li be right back CSS_Guru for help you you can send me a report by email with all you configuration hardware and system21:42
pim3nt3li response tomorrow21:42
pim3nt3lmy email is theracingpower@gmail.com21:43
pim3nt3li see you later21:43
CSS_Gurukubuntu is really buggy21:43
kxmasCSS_Guru: have you tried starting the hardware drivers program21:44
CSS_Gurueverything I try to do, kubuntu has like a long way around21:44
CSS_Guruhow do I start my nvidia card?21:44
kxmasI'm struggling with an akonadi problem myself, after upgrading from KDE 4.3RC1, to KDE 4.3RC2.  You'd think that would be benign21:44
MarcoPausince a recent upgrade I haven't had emacs command any more. that used to link to /etc/alternatives/emacs, which is also not there. I installed emacs22 and can launch it with emacs22-x, but that emacs won't read my bbdb and .Xresources. any hint?21:45
CSS_GuruI truly, dont see the point of linux....21:45
CSS_GuruI can hardly count on linux21:46
MarcoPauCSS_Guru: modprobe the driver21:46
CSS_Guruwhy isn't my nvidia driver listed in my hardware activation menu???21:47
kxmasI basically tell people who don't want to screw with their config all the time to use Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu.  It's a lot more polished and won't need the tweaking that kubuntu does21:47
motis it possible to encrypt ntfs partitions in linux so that i may access them in both linux, and windows?21:48
exatrivekxmas wow isn't that sooo true21:48
CSS_Guruso no help here eh?21:49
exatrivei'm using opensuse with kde, seems more polishied21:50
exatriveonly one where I didn't have to drop to some commandline to fix something so far21:50
kxmasCSS_Guru: you can always force the issue.  what kind of nvidia card do you have?21:51
CSS_GuruNVidia GeForce 610021:51
CSS_GuruIt installed last time i installed kubuntu, but ever since reinstall its not listed...21:51
CSS_GuruAlso, theres a lot of "now you see it, now you dont" errors in kubuntu so far lol21:52
kxmasCSS_Guru: I would run sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 and the set the driver to nvidia in the xorg.conf file21:53
exatrivelol, funny. I can't wait for kubuntu to feel less beta, its still my peferred distro21:53
CSS_Gurukx, how do yuo know that line of code?21:54
MarcoPauthat's no code21:54
exatriveused to be like option "nv"?21:54
kxmasCSS_Guru: run that command from konsole or the terminal of your choice21:55
CSS_Guruany way I could learn how to do that?21:55
CSS_Guruso I dont have to come here so often21:55
exatrivewow someone willing to learn why something works.21:55
CSS_Guruheres the error that follows kxmas: "E: Couldn't find package nvidia-glx-18021:56
exatriveI prefer googling launchpad or ubuntu forums21:56
CSS_Guruok, thanks21:56
CSS_Gurushould I restart?21:57
exatrivecause I'm learning just like you, some people know this by heart now21:57
CSS_Gurukxmas: I dont think that code worked21:58
kxmasCSS_Guru:  hmm, can't find nvidia-glx-180?  wouldn't it be my luck that packages.ubuntu.com is broken21:58
kxmasCSS_Guru: maybe should try running sudo apt-get update first?  then try again21:59
exatrivethe drivers are dropping support with later version from what I heard, not sure what generation is the cut off tho21:59
kxmasI'm pretty sure that the 6000 series is supported21:59
CSS_Guruit is21:59
ZopiacDolphin is constantly crashing and giving useless error reports :(22:00
exatrivebe like legacy drivers from now on, but yeah I think 6000 is ok22:00
CSS_Guruisnt there something in the k menu to launch updater?22:00
CSS_GuruI did it manually22:00
ZopiacThis backtrace appears to be of no use.22:00
ZopiacThis is probably because your packages are built in a way which prevents creation of proper backtraces, or the stack frame was seriously corrupted in the crash22:00
kxmasyes, apt-cache show nvidia-glx-180 | grep 610022:00
snarfdoes anyone know how to hide Yesterday, Today, etc. groups in Kmail inbox?22:01
kxmasyeah, use gmail :)22:01
snarfso no one really uses kmail?22:01
MarcoPausince a recent upgrade I haven't had emacs command any more. that used to link to /etc/alternatives/emacs, which is also not there. I installed emacs22 and can launch it with emacs22-x, but that emacs won't read my bbdb and .Xresources. any hint?22:01
kxmasno, I use it, I actually like the date stuff, but I think there's a button near the top right that lets you adjust how it aggregates.  it's not an obvious button at all22:02
exatriveI had to update my package manager before I could use the gui one22:03
exatriveelse it would tell me I need to fork22:03
CSS_Guruyeah, what does "you need to fork!" mean, I thought it was pervertish LOL22:04
snarfkxmas: aha, thank you!22:04
CSS_Gururestart needed22:04
exatrivethe error happend because it would timeout on the backend. timeout was too agressive22:05
kxmasyou're welcome.  need karma so someone can offer how to fix my akonadi problem22:05
exatriveonly really showed on my slower machines\22:05
figueroahi from california bay area22:06
figueroa   22:09
BauldrickI can't see any of my samba shares on other pc's via 'network' - can type address in and they show up though, says "cant find workgroup....maybe firewall blah blah"22:11
ZopiacIs there a way to get Amarok to display songs normally instead of just the filename? It is getting very annoying.22:12
exatrivemine shows the song but I tagged all mine22:12
exatriveyep it works here, show artist and track title22:19
Zopiacfor me it says, for example, "arcanum music 01 main theme"22:20
manuel_Hi Im new to thes chat. hou can i change room?22:21
manuel_hola fabian22:21
fabian_como entro a chats22:22
fabian_de canarias22:22
fabian_y eso?22:22
exatriveyeah only time it ever shows like that is if its missing some tags22:22
manuel_estamos en las mismas22:22
manuel_tambien soy nuevo en ubuntu22:22
exatriveI tag all my mp3tag22:23
exatrivebut thats in windows22:23
Zopiacprobably just going to use Exaile instead, or something22:23
exatriveEAC to wave, Flac and MP3 em, and tag them with mp3tags with album art22:24
exatrivethat was I use do to rip music to my system22:25
exatrivelately been using mp422:25
Zopiacwell it seems Amarok is the only program I get sound output in.... :(22:26
exatriveI was in the same boat till I removed the pulse audio crap22:27
kxmaskid3 is a good id3 tagger for all your quasi-legal audio files22:28
Zopiaci have pulse audio deferred, and my HDA etc preferred in my multimedia preferences22:28
exatrivewell thats not fair, pulse audio isn't crap, I just don't think we need yet another sound backend.. we got too many as it is. OSS, ALSA, PulseAudio22:28
Zopiacwell pulse doesn't work for me :\22:30
exatriveyeah same here, it would in work in one program but the rest epic fail22:31
exatriveso I purged pulse audio from the system22:31
Zopiaca simple uninstall, i hope :P22:31
exatrivesudo apt-get purge pulseaudio22:32
exatriveyeah pretty much22:33
exatriveit was a accident to inlcude pulseaudio for the kde version22:33
Zopiacseems so22:33
Zopiacits really hard to play FPS games without audio...and use Ventrilo, etc.22:34
exatriveyeah I know22:34
kxmasextatrive: I'm fairly certain that pulaudio isn't included in the kubuntu iso.22:34
exatrivenever got game to play right sound wise on my box, but I haven't really tried hard enough22:34
exatrivekxmas, in the alternative cd install or the dvd it was by accident included22:35
exatriveits a know issue lol22:35
Zopiacpulseaudio is not installed o.O22:36
exatrivewell thats good for you22:36
exatriveit was for me22:36
exatrivelike I said was found on the alternative dvd install22:37
exatrivegoogle it, its all over the place hehe22:39
Zopiacwell then how do i get my sound to work >.<22:39
exatrivenot really sure of your problem, only issue I have is getting sourround sound working. a nightmare to setup in linux, need to make some config and matrix crud22:43
exatriveyou using onboard audio?22:44
exatrivemine is realtek hardware but linux likes to call it intel HD audio22:45
Zopiaci would love to use a soundcard but it would really cut the air circulation to my geforce 980022:46
exatrivelol, no doubt22:46
exatrivenaa onboard audio is perfectly fine22:47
exatrivegoing with a diticated sound in linux isn't like night and day like going from onboard video to gpu22:47
exatriveother then it not working atm for you22:48
exatriveno luck tho22:58
exatrivebrb, moving everything to a new router/modem setup23:01
CSS_GuruIs there a shockwave version for linux?23:07
FloodBotK1CSS_Guru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:09
MarcoPausince a recent upgrade I haven't had emacs command any more. that used to link to /etc/alternatives/emacs, which is also not there. I installed emacs22 and can launch it with emacs22-x, but that emacs won't read my bbdb and .Xresources. any hint?23:10
philiptaylor13https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave  info on shockwave23:10
rgarciahi all...does anybody know how do i completly remove Virtualbox?23:12
CSS_Guruhow do I --> how to23:13
rgarciabecause i have problems when my computer is starting up...appears mprobe vbox fail23:13
rubyistanything I can use in KDE to move the screens position? I've installed the official nvidia driver, they've worked great, but when I set the resolution to 1900x1200, the resolution gets set but KDE doesn't adjust the content(taskbar is half way off the sreen)23:14
rubyistanything i can do?23:14
rgarciaCSS_Guru: ok thanks...23:15
Nameless_auhi. i have succesfully installed kubuntu live cd on a bootable usb stick. it boots to usplash fine, but then goes to the terminal thing (partybox or something??) I get the following on the screen: modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory. what is going on and how can i get the gui up for an install?23:22
Nameless_auwhy does every1 stop talking when i come into here?23:24
fetusbubblebecause no one was talking before23:24
=== mandip is now known as harjot
harjotguys help plz23:26
harjotkubuntu 9.0423:26
harjotkeeps hanging on process intensive things23:26
harjotand apt etc.. dont work23:26
harjotbecause of a ''family tree segementation fault''23:27
kub1Hi:  Trying to Telling Ubuntu how to authenticate the PPA , via launchpad.net instructions, when I do the ¨sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A¨ I get ¨gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host¨ - is this a know error with a fix? Is the host down for everyone? Could it be my ISP firewall (I have to add an ISP proxy for /etc/apt) - do i need to put in proxy info to get the keyserver 23:27
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bazhangharjot, patience23:32
harjoti remeber u23:32
Nameless_auhi. i have succesfully installed kubuntu live cd on a bootable usb stick using unetbootin in vista. it boots to usplash fine, but then goes to the terminal thing (partybox or something??) I get the following on the screen: modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory. what is going on and how can i get the gui up for an install?23:33
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Zorael^2Nameless_au: try it on a proper CD to rule out it being something wrong with how it speaks to the usb stick23:36
hobsupgraded intrepid to jaunty, faced 2 problems 1) mouse is incredibly slow while on top of a window (using ati driver) and 2) dhcp doesn't automatically get address, I need to run init.d/networking to start using 'net23:37
=== hobs is now known as mkpaa
Nameless_auZorael: my burner is dead.23:37
Nameless_ausorry Zorael^223:37
Nameless_auis there a way to install thru the silly terminal that comes up?23:38
mkpaagoogle didn't answer, any idea where to check next?-)23:38
Zorael^2Nameless_au: well, it's complaining that it can't read a file that should be on the stick, which either suggests a bad download, a bad stick or that the communication to it gets borked halfway through23:38
Nameless_auZorael^2: the file it refers to is on the stick23:39
Nameless_aui checked23:39
Nameless_audo i have to do a md5checksum download or something?23:39
Zorael^2Nameless_au: well, that suggests the third option; perhaps it's loading something that disrupts USB connections23:40
Zorael^2Download via a torrent, I'd suggest23:40
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Nameless_audont that twice man23:40
Zorael^2*shrug*, hard to say. Perhaps it's just an incompatibility thing between it and your motherboard/usb controller, then. Try downloading a Karmic 9.10 image and see if it boots; perhaps it's a bug and it's gotten fixed23:43
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kub1What is the irc command to tell my irc cliect (webchat.freenode.net) to not show nic joins & departs messages on my screen? thx :)23:51
mkpaadoes my network problem have something to do with NetworkManager ? Does jaunty use it for something by default?23:52
darthtuvok4.3RC2 is nice23:59
darthtuvokmore stable than RC123:59
=== darthtuvok is now known as darthanubis

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