ftait says expires on 05/09/2010 here00:00
kklimondafta: and does a certificate you got is issued for *.launchpad.net or *.edge.launchpad.net ?00:01
fta*.launchpad.net, but i'm on edge00:01
ftaoh, ok. i see, all my other pages are untrusted now00:02
wgrantAt least it's not the main one this time...00:03
wgrantkklimonda: (it will have expired everywhere - certificate expiry times are, like any good timestamp, in UTC)00:05
yofelthe https://launchpad.net certificate says it's going to expire on 25 Jul 2009, the *.launchpad.net one on 09 May 2010, and the *.edge.launchpad.net one today...00:06
kklimondawgrant: isn't it still yesterday in UTC timezone? ;)00:07
kklimonda(I love those time zone problems that internet brings..)00:08
elmoI'm working on it00:08
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wgrantThanks elmo.00:09
* tumbleweed is sure he mentioned that this was about to expire, about a week ago00:09
wgranttumbleweed: Yep, I hoped somebody would notice that...00:09
Davieyelmo: After that, fancy fixing planet.ubuntu.com? :)00:09
yofelif you're already at it check the one for https://launchpad.net - it tells me it's going to expire in 2 weeks ^^00:10
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elmo(fixed a while ago, was beating some sense into verification by non-browsers)00:48
wgrantIs edge going to update at some point?00:53
wgrantIt hasn't in a couple of days.00:53
wgrant(which makes running lots of scripts in possible, as the last update broke retrieval of most SPPHs)00:54
* wgrant fails again.00:54
wgrantI cannot think this morning.00:54
elmowgrant: I think it's deliberately disabled, but I don't honestly know why00:56
wgrantelmo: OK, thanks.00:58
elmoDaviey: I can see it's broken, but the fix doesn't look like 1am material; can you file an RT?  (I couldn't see one at first glance, if there is, tell me the number, and I'll have a look tomorrow or have someone else look)00:58
slestakin launchpad, i cannot find an easy way to find a bug that i reported.02:59
slestakI would think that a filter for Bugs Reported By Me would be very helpful, of is there another method?03:00
wgrantslestak: If you click on your name (in the top right), then the bugs tab, there is a filter on the right to find bugs reported by you.03:01
wgrantYou can also do an advanced search in a project for bugs reported by you.03:01
wgrantAnd there is a bug reported asking for a simple button to do the latter.03:01
slestaki did click on my name, expecting to see the filter, let me look again03:02
slestakyep, go to users lp page, then bugs, all of them are there03:02
wgrantWhat do you mean?03:03
slestakwgrant: i was agreeing that it is where you said it was.03:04
slestakI didn't click on Bugs first.03:04
VK7HSEQuestion/feature request ... Just wondering if it's possible to change the status of bugs that are "NEW" to "incomplete" after 7 days of no response ???03:13
wgrantVK7HSE: No. That doesn't make sense.03:15
wgrantWhy would you want to do that?03:15
VK7HSEwell say that a bug is submitted, then the person never replies back ... then unless you manually change the status, it will remain in limbo...03:16
wgrantWhen asking for information, you are meant to change the status to Incomplete.03:16
wgrantThat's what the status means - the bug needs more information.03:17
VK7HSEok but I have some bugs that I had submitted way bay and who ever the maintainer is they have never done that !03:17
VK7HSEok.. what you say make sense to me! but maybe it's not for some others...03:18
wgranthttps://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/Statuses is the relevant help page, though it doesn't describe the workflow very well.03:18
wgrantBut it does give the definition of Incomplete, which is what is at issue here.03:19
VK7HSEok then... different way to look at it then... why not when the bug maintainer replies it changes the status to incomplete then?03:19
wgrantI normally do it by setting the status to Incomplete, and add the comment in the expanded section at the top.03:20
wgrantBut it would be nice to have a button to do that in the main comment section at the bottom.03:20
VK7HSEcause I discovered the other night that you can'rt reply and change the status in the one instance...03:20
wgrantYou can.03:21
wgrantAlthough maybe not tomorrow.03:21
wgrantBecause bug editing is all changing at the moment.03:21
VK7HSEOh this is on edge BTW03:21
VK7HSEconsider me to be thinking aloud! :P03:22
wgrantYou'll see that there is a comment textarea when you are editing a bug's status.03:22
wgrantSo you can do both at once.03:22
* wgrant disappears.03:23
VK7HSEwell next time I get a bug I'll double check that... as it didn't the other night03:23
rootskithere some LP issue? taking an age to connect...04:53
rootskiwas fine a second ago04:54
wgrantDidn't take long for him to disconnect...04:56
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micahgI just got a weird notice that my karma expired?06:21
micahgis that a bug or by design06:21
wgrantmicahg: It's a bug that appears sometimes when the karma cache is being updated, I believe.06:23
micahgalready reported, what module is the karma under?06:24
wgrantProbably launchpad-registry, but I couldn't be sure.06:25
micahgwgrant: I can't find it06:30
wgrantmicahg: I think it might have been rejected. Let me find it...06:30
wgrantmicahg: Bug #35429706:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354297 in launchpad-registry "Lies about lack of karma on +karma" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35429706:31
micahgwgrant: I'm getting something slighly different on edge06:32
wgrantmicahg: What's different about it?06:33
wgrantApart from the style changing.06:33
micahgthat one is more descriptive06:34
micahgmine just says karma has expired06:34
wgrantThe message was changed a month or two ago.06:35
wgrantWhat is the new wording?06:35
wgrantAh, found one.06:35
wgrantSo, the new one is more correct, but a bit more confusing. Maybe it could do with a help link.06:36
micahgor just say, that the karma is regenerating or something06:36
wgrantWell, that's a separate bug.06:37
wgrantThat message is bad, and you shouldn't be seeing that message.06:37
micahgthey should have just added the word daily to your message06:37
micahgno karma has been assigned yet today06:37
micahgor rather06:37
micahgit's currently being updated06:37
micahgplease check back soon06:37
wgrantNo - there should be no point during the generation where the data isn't there.06:38
wgrantSo that message should never be shown if you have karma.06:38
micahgI guess that's true if it's an ACID database transaction06:38
wgrantOne would think it should be.06:38
wgrantBut apparently not.06:38
micahgshould I comment on your bug?06:39
wgrantPlease do.06:39
wgrantAnd metoo it!06:39
micahgBTW, I don't think you're supposed to confirm your own bugs, or maybe lp has a different policy than ubuntu06:41
wgrantmicahg: I had confirmation that it wasn't just me experiencing the bug.06:42
wgrant=> it is reasonable to confirm it.06:42
* micahg has definitely confirmed though :)06:42
RenatoSilvawhat's resubmit in merge review?08:11
james_whas edge not updated since Friday?14:11
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Sarvatt_is there a page that lists the hardware specs for the builders anywhere?16:54
LarstiQSarvatt_: they're virtual machines16:54
Sarvatt_even arm?16:54
Sarvatt_i'm looking at pixman now and it determines what optimizations to use based on the cpu features of the build machine16:55
Sarvatt_theres a few bugs asking for neon or SIMD support in pixman on arm but it depends on if the builder supports it16:57
Sarvatt_and if its just a virtualized versatile kernel it wont16:58
LarstiQit seems a bit stupid to let that depend on the build instead of the host machine?17:00
LarstiQI know that is the easy route, but still17:00
* LarstiQ is thinking of mplayers dynamic support for instance17:01
Sarvatt_ah ok i'm wrong, these are just compiler checks to make sure the compiler supports it and it does have runtime detection. sorry for the noise :)17:09
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SiDiHey people. Any idea how this can happen in a bug report : https://bugs.launchpad.net/exaile/0.3.x/+bug/157676 ?19:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 157676 in exaile/0.3.x "A GUI info for Replay Gain" [Wishlist,New]19:03
SiDiit's set to the same milestone 6 times and thus is counted as 6 different bugs for this milestone19:03
jfroyis there a way to change the status of bugs in batch. I just released a milestone of my project, and would like to move all the bugs from "committed" to "released"20:31
nhandlerjfroy: You can use the email interface: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface20:32
nhandlerjfroy: You could also use the Launchpad API20:33
SiDinhandler: the statement about GPG signed, does it mean my email has to be in one of my GPG keys on LP ?20:35
SiDior that i should GPG sign each email ?20:35
LarstiQSarvatt_: the latter, with a key that is registered20:36
nhandlerSiDi: It means that the email you send to the LP email interface needs to be signed with a GPG key that is linked to your LP account20:36
SiDiBut thats not required if its only a comment, right, nhandler ?20:37
LarstiQSiDi: right, only when giving LP instructions20:38
SiDiLarstiQ: okies thanks20:38
SiDiany idea how to GPG sign my mails with Gmail ? :D20:38
LarstiQSiDi: Enigmail?20:39
SiDiim tied to webmails unfortunately :)20:41
SiDii'll pass on LP commands via mail for now :P20:41
nhandlerSiDi: Try FireGPG20:43
SiDilet me see if it works with Shiretoko now !20:44
SiDinhandler: LarstiQ: it looks like i can send inline signed emails with fireGPG, thanks :)20:58
nhandlerSiDi: Glad it worked.21:00
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[Ramy]is there a way to automatically build debian packages from git python repository ?21:51
LarstiQ[Ramy]: could you specify a bit more?21:51
[Ramy]LarstiQ, i want to package 2 open source projects they are written in python and they are using git as DCVS, how can launchpad help me to package them to ubuntu ?21:54
LarstiQ[Ramy]: you can request for launchpad to vcs-import them22:00
[Ramy]LarstiQ,  what is that ? how can I do that ?22:02
LarstiQ[Ramy]: the other thing would be PPAs to build/host .debs22:04
LarstiQ[Ramy]: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Imports22:04
LarstiQ[Ramy]: other than that, I don't know what you have in mind for help with packaging22:04
thumper[Ramy]: we don't yet have the branches hooked up to the ppas22:05
thumper[Ramy]: but there are cunning plans22:05
kub1Hi:  Trying to Telling Ubuntu how to authenticate the PPA , via launchpad.net instructions, when I do the ¨sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A¨ I get ¨gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host¨ - is this a know error with a fix? Is the host down for everyone? Could it be my ISP firewall (I have to add an ISP proxy for /etc/apt) - do i need to put in proxy info to get the keyserve23:31
RenatoSilvawhat is the purpose of ssh key pair authentication? why not type Launchpad's password to connect via https?23:35
RenatoSilvaI mean, bzr branch lp:project23:35
RenatoSilvatype lp's password: xxx23:35
RenatoSilvainstead of using the priv key23:36
RenatoSilvaAnother question: If I have a merged branch, but I find another bug, should I create another branch with the same name, or should I get the merged branch and commit a new revision, and propose for merging again?23:38
funkyHatIf I click the "Yes, this is the bug I'm tryin to report" button on launchpad, will it still attach the apport thingys?23:38
wgrantRenatoSilva: You are meant to only ever give your Launchpad password to Launchpad.23:40
wgrantThat is, the web UI.23:40
RenatoSilvawgrant: ?23:40
wgrantAnd I would be most displeased if I had to type my passphrase for every push.23:40
RenatoSilvanot passphrase, password23:41
RenatoSilvathe one from the website23:41
wgrantSimple difference in terminology.23:41
RenatoSilvaI didn't get the specific reason for using a key pair23:41
RenatoSilvainstead of the website's password23:42
wgrantI don't know, but I'm certainly glad it's the case.23:42
RenatoSilvawgrant: it could be because key pair authentication is more powerful, it's harder to get a private key that a passwod23:43
RenatoSilvawgrant: however you private key is protected, huh, by your website's passwrod!23:44
wgrantThat is one very good reason, yes. All of my hosts require key-based authentication.23:44
RenatoSilvawgrant: if someone discovers my password, he can get into the web interface and simply replace my public key23:45
wgrantWhile that's a very secure password that only ever gets given to Launchpad itself over HTTPS, I've filed a bug or two complaining that it is inadequate.23:45
RenatoSilvawgrant: ^23:48
wgrantRenatoSilva: Hm?23:49
RenatoSilvawgrant: it's almost impossible to know what is my private key, however my website's password is fragile, comparing to the private key.23:51
RenatoSilvawgrant: Therefore it's just about getting my website's password23:51
kub1What is the irc command to tell my irc cliect (webchat.freenode.net) to not show nic joins & departs messages on my screen? thx :)23:51
wgrantRenatoSilva: Right. Which is why I filed a bug about that.23:51
RenatoSilvawgrant: And you get control over your key pair23:51
RenatoSilvakub1: try /qwebirc sucks :)23:52
wgrantRenatoSilva: No, they get the ability to allow another key pair to impersonate you.23:52
RenatoSilvawgrant: that's what I mean23:52
wgrantkub1: About your apt-key problem: you seem to be behind a firewall.23:52
RenatoSilvawgrant: he can delete you pub key so that you can't authenticate anymore, then he adds his own pub key to impersonate you23:53
kub1RenatoSilva: that was a`joke, right??23:54
wgrantRenatoSilva: Right, but he cannot gain control over your existing key pair. Important distinction.23:54
RenatoSilvakub1: yes :D I use it at work, it's problematic23:54
RenatoSilvawgrant: but it's a disaster anyway23:55
wgrantRenatoSilva: It is.23:55
RenatoSilvawgrant: Imagine someone doing this with sabdfl :)23:56
wgrantI agree with you fully that this is an issue. I've filed bugs on it over the years.23:56

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