* billybigrigger just booted into his first compiled kernel00:17
m3gait seems that the .xsession file is no longer read during login. any way to fix that?00:31
billybigriggerits a known gdm bug00:31
rskihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux "withou cd"00:34
rskidoes that work for jaunty?00:35
rskito upgrade to karmic00:35
Twigathyrski: well... it wouldn't really be an upgrade... you'd have a whole new [blank] system after debootstrapping and fiddling with the bootloader ;)00:36
rskidosen't matter00:36
charlie-tca__Why not upgrade using the procedure here: Alpha 2 Released: www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha200:36
rskithen it won't use ext400:36
BUGabundowhat about ext4????00:39
rskiwhat about random loose questions!?!00:39
=== zorael_ is now known as Zorael
BUGabundo"(12:37:07 AM) rski: then it won't use ext4"00:42
rskiyea i know what i said00:45
rskiwhat is your question00:45
rskii'm only guessing that from the multiple questinmarks thou.00:46
BUGabundorski: do you want ext4?00:48
rskiwhat is your suggestion?00:50
BUGabundoon a clean install or upgrade?00:50
rskinow you're confusing me again00:51
BUGabundosee why I'm confused by _your_ questions ?00:51
rskiand i dont you think you want to explain it either00:52
BUGabundoI want00:52
rskiok go ahaed00:53
BUGabundobut I need to understand you first00:53
rskiunderstand what00:53
BUGabundoso I don't provide you with incorrect info00:53
BUGabundolets start ove00:53
BUGabundo------------------------------------------------------------------ delete here --------------------------------------------------------------00:53
BUGabundohi rski.00:53
BUGabundowhat can we do to help you tonight?00:53
rski01:34 < rski> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux "withou cd"00:54
rski01:35 < rski> does that work for jaunty?00:54
rski01:35 < rski> to upgrade to karmic00:54
BUGabundoto upgrade use $ update-manager -d00:54
rskithen it wont have ext400:54
rskiso no00:54
rskii don't want that00:54
billybigriggeryou can convert ext3 to ext4 iirc00:55
rskibut i guess you missed that00:55
BUGabundorski: as billybigrigger said, you can convert ext3 to ext400:55
Sarvatte4defrag works on 2.6.31 now too to convert things to using extents00:55
BUGabundoe4d ??00:55
BUGabundois that the python script Sarvatt, some one was working on a few weeks back?00:56
rskii love how common it is not to answear the actual question on freenode00:56
rskibut to provide a suggestion for something else instead00:56
BUGabundorski: I'm telling you the best way AFAIK00:57
BUGabundotake it or leave it....00:57
afvthe answer was implied00:57
BUGabundono one will force you to use anything here00:57
afvshort: no. you won't have ext400:57
BUGabundoyou came here asking for advice, we provided it00:57
rskii asked a question00:57
rskii didin't get what i wanted00:57
rskiso no you didn't provide for my POV00:58
BUGabundoI want the EuroMilions numbers, can you give them to me ? :p00:58
rskithis is #crystalball00:58
billybigriggerwhile your at it, i'll take the winning 649 numbers00:58
Sarvattnope its not a python script BUGabundo00:59
danbhfiverski: I think the confusion is that you asked for a way to upgrade, when in truth, you were asking how to do a clean install.  On top of that, there is another way to get ext4 than a clean install...00:59
BUGabundoSarvatt: then I must be confuding it with another project00:59
rskidanbhfive: what? are you kidding me00:59
rskii asked if a specific way to upgrade worked00:59
BUGabundodanbhfive: when did rski asked for a clean install?00:59
rskiso much bs going on right now01:00
billybigriggerupdate-manager -d for upgrade01:00
billybigriggerthen convert ext3 to ext401:00
billybigriggerplain and simple01:00
Sarvattclean install is the only way you're getting to get a real ext4 partition, you can upgrade and manually convert things but it wont use all ext4 features01:00
danbhfivewell, the instructions you first posted were for a clean install, and then you complained about not wanting to do an upgrade...01:00
billybigriggerSarvatt, true01:01
rskiread what i said again01:01
rskiand if something is not clear please ask me about it01:01
billybigrigger<rski> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux "withou cd"01:01
billybigrigger<rski> does that work for jaunty?01:01
billybigrigger<rski> to upgrade to karmi01:01
billybigriggerupdate-manager -d is the only way to upgrade to karmic01:01
billybigriggerquestion answered01:01
Sarvatti think rski would rather have no responses at all01:01
Sarvattsilly us :D01:01
rskino it's NOT THE ONLY WAY.01:01
billybigriggerno caps01:01
rskibut it's the recomended and prefered way01:02
billybigriggerwell then...leave it be01:02
billybigriggeryour question is answered01:02
rskieven it's from a jaunty>clean karmic it's an upgrade01:02
DanaGno, that's incorrect semantics.01:02
BUGabundobillybigrigger: yeah not only way, but rski just replied to him self. so we can all go to bed now :)01:02
billybigriggerBUGabundo, 10-401:02
DanaGwell, or if you stretch it,'01:03
afv1h03 :p01:03
billybigriggerBUGabundo, except i just fired up the bbq for burgers as its dinner time for me :P01:03
DanaGyou can say "in-place upgrade" versus "destructive upgrade".01:03
rskimy question is not answered01:03
rskibut you may think it is for sure01:03
DanaGEven Microsoft calls an upgrade-in-place an upgrade, and a fresh install a "Custom" install.01:03
BUGabundobillybigrigger: I had no dinner. late lunch after longggg LUG01:03
billybigriggeryes it is, get off this topic01:03
afvrski, what do you want to do? upgrade or clean install?01:03
rskii want to upgrade to karmic and get ext4 without using a CD or converting the FS to ext3>ext401:04
rskibecause i have no cd and dont want to be stuck if something goes wrong01:04
afvthat is not possible.01:04
BUGabundorski: do you have an USB stick ?01:04
rskiBUGabundo: no01:04
billybigriggerrski, sol01:04
rskiafv: ok01:04
rskibillybigrigger: what's sol01:04
afvit is possible if you clean install (you can use a USB stick, as BUGabundo suggested)01:05
BUGabundoafv and he said he has none01:05
DanaGWhy are you so against converting?01:05
afvsorry, didn't read that01:05
rski02:04 < rski> because i have no cd and dont want to be stuck if something goes wrong01:05
BUGabundothe only other way I see, it to extract squash fs from the image to disk and boot from there01:05
rskiwhy do people only read parts of what i say01:05
DanaGWell, you won't be able to do a FRESH install then, EITHER.01:06
DanaGSO it's a moot point.01:06
Sarvatta chroot is using the file system from before, you arent going to automatically get switched to ext4. if you want ext4 you can either clean install karmic or you can "upgrade" from jaunty to karmic the way people have said and manually convert your partition to ext4 afterwards but you wont get all the features of ext4 doing it that way01:06
BUGabundoDanaG: he actually can01:06
BUGabundoguy calm *ALL* down01:06
DanaGIf that's debootstrap, the last time I checked, it didn't offer Karmic.01:06
BUGabundothe only other way I see, it to extract squash fs from the image to disk and boot from there01:06
DanaGugh, stupid whatever-it-is... I double-click a video file, it doesn't open.01:07
DanaGoh, durh, missing gmplayer.  Doh.01:07
BUGabundorski: would that work for you ?01:08
Sarvattcreating a new ext4 partition and installing karmic onto there would probably be the best bet01:09
afvBUGabundo, is that the first 'thing' from the link he gave?01:09
BUGabundono ide01:09
BUGabundohaven't opened it01:10
BUGabundomy FF is guud as dead :(01:10
afvhow can a product with so many bugs come final? :x01:11
rskiask microsoft01:11
afvyes.. but ff is not from microsoft.. :p01:11
afvdid try 3.6 but some extensions didn't work.. like "tab tree style"..01:12
afvor "tree style tab" :p01:13
BUGabundomost of mine work, and I have more the most of you guys combined :)01:13
afvand when i came back to 3.5 it was all messed up :|01:13
BUGabundobut yesterday it started to acting up01:13
BUGabundolinks open in new windows01:13
BUGabundotabs won't close01:13
BUGabundoseveral crashes starting it :(01:13
afvtabs weren't closing too.. iirc..01:14
Sarvattbugabundo: try disabling video acceleration in flash01:14
rskiwow they already releasd 3.6?01:14
Sarvatttheres a problem with flash video acceleration with nvidia binary drivers01:14
afvSarvatt, i've done that, in 3.5, and i still have a lots of crashes (not in video fullscreen)01:14
BUGabundorski: alpha101:14
Sarvattahh darn01:14
BUGabundoSarvatt: flash ? I didn't even opened a flash vid yet!01:14
afvafter visiting sites with some flash.. just banners.. i close the tab and bang.. seg fault01:15
BUGabundoSarvatt: I get a very easy to reproduce crash on firefox startup, on a clean boot01:15
BUGabundoasac knows about it, and has no idea what causes it :(01:15
afv[off-topic] BUGabundo, from what city are you?01:15
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
afv<afv> [off-topic] BUGabundo, from what city are you?01:21
BUGabundoafv: Gondomar01:21
=== lyra is now known as karma
afvAveiro here :p01:21
BUGabundodarn #g modem01:21
BUGabundohow nice01:21
BUGabundojoin #ubuntu-pt01:21
karmaim glad you chose my nick for the next relase01:21
BUGabundokarma: ahaahahahahaahahahah01:22
karmaim on JJ but i have to go down to 8.10 because01:22
karmamounting of usb devices just doesnt occur automatically in 9.0401:23
DanaGoh yeah, last time I checked, ubufox broke stuff very badly.01:23
karmaim kind of hoping someone will realize what is wrong and fix it for the karmic koala ;)01:23
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
BUGabundoDanaG: known01:27
karmathe forums are telling me the porblem is the lact of usb_storage in /etc/modules01:34
karmalet me see01:34
karmall wow01:36
billybigriggerBUGabundo, can you confirm in gnome-do's preferences, going to the appearance tab, and scrolling down on the docklet's list is messed up?01:49
BUGabundobillybigrigger: I can not. WFM01:50
BUGabundoWorks For Me01:50
billybigriggerInstalled: 0.8.2+dfsg-0~9.10~ppa101:54
cdm10what's the name of the user-switcher applet? it's not FUSA any more...01:54
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ???? ^^^01:56
BUGabundono idea01:57
billybigriggergnome-do version i mean :)01:57
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.8.2+dfsg-0~9.10~ppa101:57
billybigriggerwell can you tell me is there a show desktop docklet?01:57
BUGabundoSarvatt: I just say one word: sucks01:57
cdm10Sarvatt: whta package is it in?01:58
billybigriggeri just realised its hard to get to desktop when you have a bunch of windows maximized :P01:58
cdm10Sarvatt: alright.01:58
cdm10it seems they've adopted some GDM stuff from... Fedora, I think?02:00
Sarvattmore like they upgraded GDM in general02:01
cdm10is there any way to change the greeter settings now?02:01
Sarvattwe could be stuck on a 1.5 year old GDM and still have fast-user-switch-applet I guess as an alternative :D02:04
* afv is Away, Reason: ( tired ) | Since: ( Sunday, July 12, 2009. 02:04:30 )02:04
cdm10!away | afv02:04
ubottuafv: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»02:04
cdm10er, rather02:04
cdm10!away > afv02:04
ubottuafv, please see my private message02:04
afvi did use /away <reason>   -_-02:05
cdm10Sarvatt: There's a user switcher applet in the new GDM, but is there any way to change settings? I don't see a GUI configurator anywhere.02:05
cdm10afv: I guess your client likes to broadcast it... which isn't well-liked.02:05
Sarvatti dont think so yet, it just got upgraded a few days ago and is still rough around the edges02:05
afvi'm trying to disable it ;)02:05
cdm10Sarvatt: oh, yuck. I hope we have SOMETHING by release...02:07
BUGabundo!language > cdm1002:07
ubottucdm10, please see my private message02:07
Sarvatttheres 3 months still, i'm sure there will be :D02:07
cdm10BUGabundo: you don't like the word yuck?02:08
BUGabundoohh it was yuck02:08
cdm10ha :)02:08
BUGabundookkkk clear sign I must got to bed02:08
BUGabundonvm me02:08
Sarvatt!language > BUGabundo02:08
ubottuBUGabundo, please see my private message02:08
Sarvatthe said yuck!02:08
BUGabundoI only have _halt_ an eye opened02:08
afvok, it was from xlack. "/xsa off" disabled channel announcement. sorry :)02:08
=== Zorix- is now known as Zorix
billybigriggerpoor bugabundo02:18
cdm10hmm, are we ending up with packagekit in Karmic?02:25
billybigriggercdm10, i think so?02:36
cdm10I'm not sure how I feel about that... my only experience with it is in Fedora, and I remember that their frontends are a bit confusing.02:36
billybigriggeri don't know for sure02:38
billybigriggertake a look at the packagekit screenshots02:38
billybigriggerthey look pretty simple to me02:38
billybigriggeralthough i use cli and apt-get02:38
cdm10...sorry, shoulda jfgi'd02:39
billybigriggerit was a pretty easy google :)02:39
cdm10i mean, with open-source projects, especially backend stuff, you don't expect it to be that simple!02:39
billybigriggerhaha whats that acronym for?02:39
DanaGWTF is "HPLJ 10xx Replaced Paper"?03:38
DanaGUnable to execute child process: "wish"03:39
billybigriggersame here03:58
Sarvatti think it means sudo apt-get purge ufw cups-bsd cups-client foomatic-db-hpijs hpijs hplip libsane sane-utils splix xsane xsane-common brltty brltty-x11 cupsddk cupsddk-drivers cups-client cups-common cups-driver-gutenprint cups contact-lookup-applet transmission-common transmission-gtk gimp* python-cups python-brlapi python-cupshelpers min12xxw hplip-data ttf-arphic-uming ttf-sazanami-mincho libicu40 foomatic-db foomatic-db-engine foo04:01
Sarvattmatic-filters gnome-games* libgutenprint2 gnome-orca openprinting* uno-libs3 system-config-printer-common system-config-printer-gnome apparmor apparmor-utils04:01
Sarvattoops minus transmission, thats from my livecd file removal script :)04:02
DanaGI don't know about you, but I do use cups.04:50
DanaGAnd glasses, too.  =þ04:50
DanaGdamn "extace" just segfaults04:53
DanaG0x00007ffff66daf33 in fftw_execute (p=0x0) at execute.c:24                   24execute.c: No such file or directory.                       in execute.c04:54
nhasianhello everyone05:24
rippsupstart still wants to remove startup-tasks, system-services, upstart-compat-sysv, and upstart-logd. Do I just wait, or is it okay to remove these?05:29
mr_spot_it's ok, the new upstart provides all of those itself05:32
afvhi. at nautilus shouldn't the "date modified" of a folder appear at the folder properties? i have to be on the 'previous' folder and change the view to "list view" to see that...05:36
billybigriggeryour question is a bit confusing05:45
billybigriggerbut i can see date modified in list view if thats what you mean05:46
afvyes.. but what are the other ways to see the date modified?05:48
afvwith a file you just alt+enter and it's there.. modified and accessed dates..05:49
billybigriggerlist view is the only one i know of05:49
billybigriggericon/compact view don't show them05:50
afvmy question was why is it that with a file you can see it but with a folder you can't :p05:50
afv(at properties)05:50
billybigriggeryou mean you can't seem date modified when you alt-enter?05:51
billybigriggeri can see file properties in list view05:52
billybigriggergood question05:52
billybigriggerfile a bug? :P05:52
afvi will. just a sec05:53
afvhave noticed that ages ago but now that i'm "organizing" some things on my disk it turns a bit annoying to have to switch views just to see the date modified of a folder :p05:54
nhasianwow i just learned about apport06:02
billybigriggerafv, i just run in list view all the time06:05
afvhow do you create folders?06:06
afvany shortcut?06:06
afvthere's still no space for right clicking :(06:06
=== WelshDragon is now known as YDdraigGoch
afvbillybigrigger, still there?06:32
billybigriggeri see what your saying06:33
billybigriggerfiled a bug?06:33
billybigriggeror papercut maybe?06:33
afvfeature request06:33
ubottuGnome bug 588346 in File Properties Dialog "There's no modified and accessed date on folder properties" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]06:33
afvubottu, good boy06:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about good boy06:34
afvlol, just noticed the modified date of the file at the screenhot!06:35
rippshmmm... I can't seem to get mecurial to work anymore. `hg pull` just causes the commandline to sit there and do nothing.06:39
afvbillybigrigger, lol.... now the size of a folder at "list view" is the number of files and to see the size in MB i have to do alt-enter..... :p06:47
afvlist view - size: 63 items06:48
afvfolder properties - contents: 142 items, totalling 29.1 MB06:48
afv63 items is the number of files+folders on the "first level"06:49
afv(and nautilus just crashed now, emptying the trash.. yay :x)06:51
Ian_afv: stop teasing nautilis!07:20
afvIan_, i just want it better :p08:00
afvjust found another "bug".. oh well :x08:03
nhasianso lsb_release doesnt work in ubuntu+1?09:01
bazhanglsb_release -a ?09:05
nhasianoh i have to put -a09:09
nhasianno wonder it wasnt working for me09:10
bazhangit works?09:10
nhasianyeah it works if i put "lsb_release -a"09:10
bazhangokay :)09:10
nhasianbut not if i only put "lsb_release"09:10
=== zniavre__ is now known as zniavre
DrHalan1hey is anyone having problems removing gnash?11:04
DrHalan1im not able to remove it even with sudo apt-get -f remove :(11:13
LademordHey, I just upgraded to karmic and finally - after ~3 years of anxious waiting - got native ALSA support of my X-Fi sound card! Totalübercool11:23
LademordI have a question about something else: How come Firefox 3.5 hasn't made it to the repos of karmic yet?11:23
chrisccoulsonDrHalan1: what error do you get??11:23
chrisccoulsonLademord - ff3.5 is there already isn't it? just not default11:24
yofelLademord: it's there called firefox-3.5, the mozilla team hasn't yet changed the default browser11:24
Lademordah ok, cool. I'll install it right away!11:24
yofelLademord: you'll find it in the menu called 'Shiroteko Web Browser'11:25
LademordAlso I think the banshee in the repos is still the old 1.4.3, but maybe they haven't changed to 1.5.0 because that one is still marketed as 'unstable'..11:25
DrHalan1chrisccoulson: the pre-removal script returns error code 211:25
Lademordyofel, well that's not the most intuitive naming.. but thanks :)11:25
yofelLademord: that's his codename, he'll be called firefox once he's the default ;)11:26
DrHalan1and the log says something like "error. no alternative for iceape-flashplugin"11:26
Lademordphew, okay. For a moment I feared another Iceweasel...11:26
chrisccoulsonDrHalan1 - i don't see that error here11:27
DrHalan1chrisccoulson: the error just occurs with mozilla-plugin-gnash the other ones will be removed just fine11:27
chrisccoulsonah, ok. i didnt try that11:28
yofelLademord: OT: judging from 'Totalübercool': are you from germany?11:28
Lademordyofel, nope, but (geographically) close: Denmark :)11:29
LademordI've been to Germany a lot, though11:29
LademordBtw, does anyone here know if Empathy has a 'Now playing' function like e.g. Emesene has?11:38
chrisccoulsonDrHalan1 - i can reproduce your issue11:51
chrisccoulsoni'll upload a fix for that in a minute11:51
tgpraveenLademord: not right n ow11:52
Lademordis there a bug report or something to look at to see if it is planned?11:53
tgpraveenbug report yes11:53
tgpraveenon telepathy bug zilla n freedesktop site11:53
tgpraveenbut it is low priority right now11:54
tgpraveenand requieres many changes i think so devs not too intrested11:54
BUGabundoolá e bom dia12:05
FFEMTcJIs it possible yet to upgrade a 9.04 to 9.10 or do you have to do a fresh install for that?12:06
BUGabundoyes it is FFEMTcJ12:08
BUGabundoyou should know that by now12:08
BUGabundoFFEMTcJ: $ update-manager -d12:09
tgpraveenkarmic seems o be a version  that everyone should do a fresh install t\due to foundation level changes12:31
tgpraveeneg grub2,ext412:31
tgpraveeni have been upgrading since hardy but now i think to remove the cruft i will12:32
tgpraveendo fresh install12:32
BUGabundotgpraveen: +10012:37
BUGabundoI'll do my 1st fresh install this week12:37
BUGabundo!caps | BUGabundo12:37
ubottuBUGabundo, please see my private message12:37
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:38
BUGabundobut what sucks, is that I know that after a clean install I won't get a much cleaner system, but OTOH ill loose *all* my settings that took *years* to fine tune :(12:38
BUGabundotgpraveen: :)12:39
BUGabundoI slapped my self already :)12:39
tgpraveenyeah  i guess that is a sacrifice12:39
tgpraveenyeah i saw that ltr12:39
pushraxhad anyone got fglrx running with karmic?12:56
amikropHello. How can I set RapidSVN not to ask me my passphrase for my SSH key each time I want to SVN update?13:12
Lademordwth, in karmic I only really have one issue: In movies in Totem and VLC everyone is blue! I think it must have something to do with codecs.13:24
LademordThere are no problems on online videos like YouTube13:24
arandLademord: yup I've noticed that as well, though it was only mine that'd gone whacko, seems like some codec is effected, since some videos online which use the vlc plugin are also affected..13:27
Lademordarand, in Totem it occurred after i installed the gstreamer0.10 ffmpeg plugin13:28
arandLademord: It's basically the red channel that's kaputt innit?13:28
Lademordbut if others are also affected then I'm sure the devs already know about it and are fixing it13:28
Lademordarand, probably yeah13:28
yofelLademord: what does Totem use as Edit->Preferences-->Display->Hue ?13:30
yofelthe slider should be in the middle13:31
LademordThe three first sliders are in the middle, the fourth is turned all the way down, yofel13:32
Lademord(I'm on Danish interface so I dunno which one you are talking about)13:32
arandLademord: Old but related? : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85638813:32
yofelLademord: congrats, you just got hit by the HUE bug :D - german: Farbton13:33
yofelLademord: set all sliders to middle13:33
Lademordyofel, woohoo that fixed it!13:34
LademordThanks :D13:34
Lademordarand, try yofels advice :)13:34
LademordThen I'm off to watch some movies! :D13:34
arandLademord: will do, when I get the Karmic can fired up13:35
drs305Anyone up for a Grub2 discussion?13:49
* penguin42 is glad that gtk2+ bug got fixed - karmic actually feels a lot better now ; and snappy!14:39
Sarvatt_which one? windows without a size column visible crashing file chooser?14:43
penguin42there was a gtk2+ bug crashing LOTS of apps on 64bit; made it unusable for about 2 weeks14:44
penguin42Sarvatt_: Bug 39139814:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391398 in gtk+2.0 "Applications segfault with gtk+ version 2.17.2 when selecting listbox values" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39139814:46
Sarvatt_ah yea same bug, i was excited to see it was finally remembering sort settings after years of that bugging me but there were a ton of fix commits right after the tagged release14:48
penguin42I think it feels snappy as well - I'm not sure but I think the client side windows stuff is in this gtk version and I wonder if that's why it feels faster14:51
Zorael^2Is it just me or does the Karmic Xorg ignore font order definitions in .fonts.conf?15:01
Sarvatt_yep    <const>hintslight</const> in mine but its set on full and stays on full15:03
Zorael^2Sarvatt_: for me other options work (bitmap toggling, at the very least)15:04
Zorael^2but I can't tweak which fonts I prefer in "serif", "sans-serif" and "monospace", which I'd *very* much like to do15:05
BluesKajhiyas all15:14
charlie-tcaHello, BluesKaj15:19
BluesKajlooking for an appto find  hidden URLs in website flash players..some sites aren't publishing streaming URLs anymore trying to keep surfers on their site to increase advert revenue15:19
BluesKajhi charlie-tca15:19
penguin42can't you find it on the page info on firefox?15:19
=== le_bilou1e is now known as le_biloute
BluesKajpenguin42, the document source shows a url , but it's not playable in vlc15:26
BluesKajdon't want to hang around a website if I can just place the stream url in the net radio playlist15:28
BluesKajamarok is broken , so I switched to vlc . I'm starting to appreciate vlc's versatility more and more as i use it15:30
reto` 15:31
reto`BluesKaj: it also works very good on streaming with the plugin15:31
penguin42BluesKaj: I tend to use Rythmbox for audio playback normally; and mplayer for streams I've downloaded for one play15:31
BluesKajreto`, plugin ?15:31
* penguin42 wishes the Hibernate button wouldn't move on each release15:33
BluesKajI have some 30 net radio stations in my playlist of various genres for differnt kinds of music ,news and commentary.15:34
=== Sarvatt__ is now known as Sarvatt_
penguin42can anyone explain to me what chipccard is for and specifically why it has to exist on my machine without any smartcards?16:21
reto`penguin42: where do see that chipcard?16:25
penguin42reto' Top016:25
BUGabundopenguin42: most kernel modules have been complied into to the kernel to speed up boot16:25
BUGabundoso you may see stuff I don't use or have16:26
penguin42BUGabundo: This isn't a kernel module - this is a userland process16:26
BUGabundojust to help out all that _might_ have it16:26
BUGabundosince you mentions top16:26
penguin42 /usr/sbin/chipcardd416:26
charlie-tcapenguin42: If you find out, I would also like to know16:26
reto`penguin42: maybe the chip is integrated and detected but you don't have a reader?16:27
BUGabundocharlie-tca: just got you another xubuntu karmic user16:27
BUGabundoon a VM dough16:27
charlie-tcaWe will take any, on hardware or VM16:27
charlie-tcaIs he using it in English or local language?16:28
penguin42charlie-tca: Well it seems to be part of libchipcard-tools - and it seems I can remove it without removing anything that has a dependency on it16:28
charlie-tcareto`: I have no reader and have the same thing16:28
charlie-tcapenguin42: But why should you have to remove it?16:28
penguin42charlie-tca: I agree, you'd think it would be glued into HA or something so it only starts if you plug a card in16:29
yofelpenguin42: maybe it was installed as a recommend by another package in that case16:29
reto`how about that: on my HP mini with the new kernel cpufreq is detected but it doesn't seem to work... I would say it's stuck on a certain freq... it even display freq changes but I can't get it to work at full speed16:29
charlie-tcayofel: It is part of the initial installation16:29
penguin42I wonder if it used to be a dependency on a previous revision - but there again you would have thought autoremove would have cleaned it up16:30
yofelcharlie-tca: huh? It's not installed here, and I didn't go around randomly removing packages16:30
penguin42yofel: Are you on a fresh KK install on an upgrade?16:30
BUGabundocharlie-tca: english16:30
yofelpenguin42: alpha2 with updates16:30
yofelthe live images didn't work when I reinstalled a few days ago16:31
charlie-tcayeah, images have not been good this time around16:31
yofelI mean the daily images16:31
BUGabundopenguin42: i   libchipcardc2 Recommends libchipcard-tools16:31
penguin42yofel: I suspect it came in from a previous version - this machine started on Intrepid (or earlier?)16:31
charlie-tcayofel: look for libchipcardc216:32
charlie-tcaI got 4 different items installed for it16:32
penguin42BUGabundo: Hmm so it does, I seem to be able to remove that - I suspect there's a whole recommends chain that pulled it in16:32
yofelcharlie-tca: I don't have any rdepends of the libchipcard-tools installed16:33
charlie-tcayofel: the only I seem able to find is the "hal" is a recommends for it16:42
charlie-tcaGot it. Appears to be gnucash pulling it in16:49
penguin42oh I guess that's possible, I use gnucash as well16:49
BUGabundoI don't use any more LOL16:49
charlie-tcaWhen it installs libaqhbci13, that pulls the libchipcard in with it16:49
BUGabundoI just removed all libchipcard*16:49
BUGabundonothing else was removed16:50
BUGabundolet me try autoremove16:50
BUGabundo0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.16:50
charlie-tcaThat is another sore point. I use gnucash, and have to have the banking apps with it. Even if they don't work for me16:50
penguin42gnucash seems to work without the chipcard package16:51
penguin42I haven't tried the banking stuff though16:51
charlie-tcaIt figures. It is just some more to be removed by the user.16:52
penguin42charlie-tca: I wouldn't mind about it being installed to be honest - I guess some set of bank users need it; but I do object to it eating my CPU if I don't have the hardware16:53
charlie-tcabug report16:54
charlie-tcaIt should not be active even if it is installed.16:54
charlie-tcaLet me know the number, and I will confirm it16:54
BUGabundoI'll sub too16:55
BUGabundonot that I ever noticed it running :)16:55
BUGabundolet me check janitor for cruft16:55
charlie-tcaI have only seen it in the log files, myself. But I don't look to see what is running very often16:59
BUGabundojanitor will not remove anything :(17:00
BUGabundolet me try gtkorphan17:02
BUGabundo12 packages17:02
BUGabundoquite a nice tool17:02
BUGabundoI just have to run it many times/passes17:03
LaibschAnybody here running karmic?17:27
penguin42nod :-)17:28
yofelyup :§17:28
LaibschWell, it was of course a rhetorical question17:28
BUGabundoLaibsch: LOLOL almost everyone17:28
BUGabundoeven bots :p17:28
LaibschBut I do have problems getting the Karmic kernel to boot properly (and a few other problems)17:29
LaibschIt will hang when network is brought up17:29
LaibschStrangely enough, when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot the machine, it appears the hanging process is killed and the machine boots17:29
Laibsch"sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" will then again fail17:29
penguin42Laibsch: Any errors?17:30
LaibschI don't have the exact error message handy right now for obvious reasons ;-)17:30
LaibschBut I just wanted to ask if this sounds familiar to anyone17:30
Laibschor if there is something obvious to check17:30
penguin42not seeing that here; what network card?17:30
LaibschThinkpad X24 built-in.  I think it is an ee10017:31
Laibsch02:08.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82801CAM (ICH3) PRO/100 VE (LOM) Ethernet Controller (rev 42)17:31
penguin42hmm mine is also a Pro/100 VE17:32
penguin42although it claims to be rev 2 and doesn't list the 82801CAM number or the LOM17:32
LaibschI'll rip out my wireless card and try once more a little later17:36
LaibschI guess that unless I boot with the Karmic kernel, I won't have virtual terminals at all, will I17:37
LaibschI deduced that from two facts17:38
Laibsch1) I don't have any right now ;-) while running Jaunty kernel17:38
penguin42you booted it with an old kernel and didn't get any?17:38
Laibsch2) http://www.workswithu.com/2009/02/22/ubuntu-910-better-or-just-better-looking/: "taking advantage of kernel mode setting to make the boot process and virtual terminals shinier and snappier"17:39
LaibschNo, I don't have any VT to log in to while booted with a Jaunty kernel17:39
Laibschthe latest Jaunty kernel17:39
penguin42I did like the stripey/sunburst wallpaper17:41
penguin42does anyone understand details of the kernel mode setting stuff? My external monitor doesn't do EDID and I've had an X config for ages that just sets the monitor ranges and adds a mode - but I'm wondering if that's the right way these days? Should I be telling KMS about it and just let X figure it all out?17:43
LaibschIf it still works, why bother?17:45
LaibschI think X is so fluid these days that you never know how you'll be supposed to configure stuff in three months' time17:45
penguin42I suspect it would be better to lose the X config file since I'm really only tweaking the monitor res17:45
Laibsch-> if it works, don't tough it until it breaks ;-)17:45
penguin42well yeh17:45
KovertI have  result from APt that I don not know how to correct can some one help? http://pastebin.com/d206426e17:50
Sarvatt_Kovert: did you cancel an upgrade in the middle of installing before or something?17:57
BUGabundoLaibsch: do you have any VGA options on the grub stanza?17:57
penguin42Kovert: I'd suggest trying an apt-get install -f     it fixes a lot of screw ups like that17:58
Sarvatt_Kovert: try sudo aptitude reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel17:58
Kovertwill do17:59
Sarvatt_Laibsch: you want to boot with i915.modeset=0 added to grub if you do use the karmic kernel on stock jaunty X18:00
BluesKajKovert, did you add this repository for your sources.list from here ?  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates18:01
Sarvatt_UXA had way too many problems back in jaunty18:01
Sarvatt_even with x-updates18:01
penguin42Sarvatt_: Still been a bit flaky on Karmic so far - although getting better; I had some quite memorable X crashes over the last few weeks18:01
Sarvatt_and you can only use UXA with KMS, which the karmic kernel has enabled by default18:01
KovertBluesKaj: no i did not18:02
BUGabundopenguin42: aptitude safe-upgrade OR full-upgrade are better then apt-get -f18:03
BluesKajKovert,  looks like these repos might work18:03
penguin42BUGabundo: Hm OK - I normally stick with apt-get rather than aptitude; I really don't get on too well with aptitude18:03
Sarvatt_why? he has the karmic xserver-xorg-video-intel already18:03
Sarvatt_i deleted git20090702 0ubuntu1 version from x-updates when that package got pulled into karmic directly18:04
BluesKajSarvatt_, well, is it working for him ?18:04
BUGabundopenguin42: I was the same thing! apt-get for ever... until I was caught on KDE dependecy hell18:05
Sarvatt_nothing will get installed if he adds the PPA, a postinst script got corrupted somehow and he needs to reinstall it18:05
LaibschSarvatt: I'm on Karmic18:05
LaibschAnd I don't have an i915 chip18:05
penguin42BUGabundo: I mean for a start why did they give it such a long unspellable name!18:05
Sarvatt_i915 is the name of the module for all intel video, and sorry I thought you were on jaunty because you mentioned booting the jaunty kernel, my mistake18:06
BUGabundopenguin42: I find it short (with autocomplete) then apt*-*get18:06
penguin42BUGabundo: You do wonder why they didn't just call it apt18:06
LaibschBUGabundo: There is only "## e.g. defoptions=vga=791 resume=/dev/hda5" in menu.lst (still using grub, not grub2).  I don't think that line has any effect18:07
BUGabundocause apt is a totally diff thing18:07
BUGabundoLaibsch: thats a known bug with karmic kernels18:07
Sarvatt_you're thinking nvidia BUGabundo18:07
BUGabundoif you use VGA=XXX it won't show TTY18:07
* BUGabundo foundly remembers gutsy intel xorg bugs :)18:07
yofelBUGabundo: I do get tty with nvidia and vga=xxx by using vesafb18:08
LaibschBUGabundo: Do you happen to have a bug number?18:08
Sarvatt_oh i can see that happening, it using another fb instead of fbcon when you do that18:08
BUGabundoLaibsch: not at hand18:08
LaibschBUGabundo: I don't think it's the bug you're thinking about18:08
BUGabundoyofel: I don't on kernel .30 and 31-118:08
BUGabundohaven't tried on 31.218:09
LaibschThat line is a comment on how to use defoptions in menu.lst.  An example.18:09
LaibschBUGabundo: grep for it in your menu.lst, you'll likely have it, too18:09
BUGabundoLaibsch: no. that's what will be added to the stanza once grub is updated!18:09
BUGabundoits an option not a comment18:09
Laibschno, it won't18:09
BUGabundoa comment as TWO ##18:09
Sarvatt_why are you using VGA= at all with KMS?18:09
Laibschit does have two ## and it has an e.g., too18:10
BUGabundoI'm not, any longet18:10
BUGabundoSarvatt this system came from JJ18:10
LaibschBUGabundo: look at it again18:10
Laibschit's an example18:10
yoasifBUGabundo, hey18:10
BUGabundoLaibsch: yes ## is an example18:11
Laibschas I said18:11
Laibschso, it's not the bug you were thinking of18:11
Laibschalthough I would have liked that better ;-)18:11
Sarvatt_he's right though, you shouldnt be adding VGA=xxx to your boot options, you use inteldrmfb which uses fbcon in KMS not a VGA console18:12
LaibschSarvatt: Are you talking to me?18:13
Sarvatt_vga=xxx is for vesafb18:14
Laibschyou seriously need to ask more questions18:14
LaibschI don't have any intel-related graphics hw18:14
Laibschand the vga line is from "AN EXAMPLE"18:15
Laibschit has nothing to do with my configuration, really18:15
Laibschgrep for vga in your menu.lst and you'll likely have it, too18:15
Sarvatt_guess i got mixed up with the other people talking about intel at the same time18:16
BUGabundoLaibsch: many of us are using grub2 now18:16
LaibschMaybe I should start doing the same18:16
BUGabundoLaibsch: yes that is an example on menu.lst18:16
LaibschSo far, I've only updated my packages with aptitude18:16
BUGabundoI know about it18:16
KovertBluesKaj: same issue18:18
BUGabundo!qdb 29498118:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qdb 29498118:18
BluesKajKovert, did you do sudo aptitude reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel as Sarvatt_ suggested ?18:19
KovertCurrent state http://pastebin.com/d5116a90a18:22
BluesKajKovert, what about your souces.list , could you pastebin it pls ?18:22
Koverttried all the suggestions18:22
hateballMy touchpad is not working in karmic since the 2.6.31 kernel... it worked when it was on 2.6.28. I'm not sure if that's the issue, or if there's any other packages that might have killed it18:23
hateballNot sure where I would start looking18:23
DanaGI use grub1 still, because grub2 won't chainload properly.18:25
BUGabundohateball: on a fresh reboot?18:25
Sarvatt_can you run this Kovert and pastebin it?  cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/xserver-xorg-video-intel.postinst && ls -al /var/lib/dpkg/info/xserver-xorg-video-intel.postinst18:25
DanaG"Invalid or unsupported executable format"18:25
BUGabundoor after resume from hibernate hateball ?18:25
Sarvatt_it wouldnt chainload for me either but worked fine upgrading it18:25
hateballBUGabundo: Yes, from a fresh boot18:25
BUGabundohateball: please file a bug $ ubuntu-bug linux18:26
BUGabundoor is that on udev now ?18:26
hateballBUGabundo: I'm not sure which modules should be loaded... but psmouse is at least18:26
Sarvatt_hateball: I've got that problem too, its gotten to where 3/4 boots I have to unload and reload psmouse for it to work18:26
BUGabundoI never know now with all this changes18:26
Sarvatt_sudo rmmod psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse will fix it18:26
BUGabundoSarvatt I have that *after* hibernate18:26
Sarvatt_that should be fixed by 2.6.31-rc3 at least BUGabundo18:26
Sarvatt_it wasnt freezing the modules on suspend, they fixed it18:27
DanaGBasically, I want to keep grub1 in my MBR as a "which partition?" choosers, and then chain to either the jaunty, karmic, or Windows partition.18:27
hateballSarvatt_: doesnt do the trick for me. I killed X and all18:27
DanaGGrub2 doesn't have a savedefault feature; therefore, it fails for my uses.  :(18:27
Sarvatt_but its still not loading right most boots for me, I get spurious ack messages in dmesg18:27
Sarvatt_spurious NAK messages, sorry18:28
KovertSarvatt: http://pastebin.com/m11d0e0ea18:28
BUGabundoDanaG: did savedefualt worked on grub1?18:28
BUGabundoI remember opening a bug on that, and never seen it closed :(18:28
DanaGIt works for me.18:29
DanaGOh yeah, and the thing that doesn't work, is when I try to have grub1 load grub2's core.img OR boot.img.18:29
hateballSo hmmm... reloading psmouse gives me some stuff in dmesg, but it still does not work. Should that be filed as a bug under linux then?18:30
Sarvatt_DanaG: /etc/default/grub?18:31
DanaGI have grub1 installed now, so now I have no /etc/default/grub18:31
Sarvatt_you define the default one in there -- GRUB_DEFAULT=018:31
DanaGThat's the thing.... I don't want a fixed default; I want it to default to whatever I last booted.18:32
DanaGOh, and I want to (and now do) have one top-level menu for Jaunty, Karmic, or Vista, and each of the first two has its own 1-second-default kernel-chooser.18:32
KovertVista what dist is that?18:35
DanaGAre you trolling?  =þ18:35
billybigriggerfirefox acting up on anyone today more than usual?18:36
BUGabundobillybigrigger: it is for me18:36
billybigriggeryeah, i just updated and its being a real pita18:36
billybigriggereven 3.018:36
Kovertno I dont have the hair to be a Troll18:36
billybigriggerBUGabundo, 3.6 and 3.0 are screwed for you?18:39
KovertBluesKaj: Going to wait till Sarvatt looks at my paist bin18:40
Volkodav3.6 just went up to 146 % CPU in 20 minutes with 3 tabs open18:40
billybigriggerVolkodav, running 3.6 daily?18:40
Volkodavpretty much18:41
Volkodavbouncing between Opera 10 , 3.5 and 3.618:41
billybigriggerare you running the daily builds of 3.618:41
Volkodavfrom ppa I think so18:41
BUGabundobillybigrigger: TMP https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=2123518:42
ubottuwww.mozdev.org bug 21235 in General "Secure Login forces stored password" [Major,New]18:42
Sarvatt_oh Kovert I'm sorry18:42
billybigriggerBUGabundo, hahaha i can't even open ff to view that18:42
Sarvatt_sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/xserver-xorg-video-intel.postinst && sudo aptitude reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel18:42
Sarvatt_your postinst got corrupted somehow18:43
BUGabundobillybigrigger: xcrashes? me too. open in safemode, quit and try two or 3 times18:43
billybigriggerno x crashing here18:43
billybigriggerjust ff being a pita18:43
BUGabundobillybigrigger: I know ! try it18:43
KovertSarvatt: so how can I fix that18:43
BUGabundobillybigrigger: Gdk-ERROR **: The program 'firefox-3.6' received an X Window System error.18:43
Sarvatt_either do what i said or sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-intel then reinstall it and xserver-xorg-video-all18:44
reto`where would I have to report problems/bugs?18:44
KovertSarvatt: A winner :-) thank you18:45
billybigriggerreto`, launchpad.net18:45
charlie-tcareto`: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs18:45
tgpraveen2BUGabundo: what exactly is difference between reporting bugs18:46
tgpraveen2in launchpad and say gnome bugzilla for gnome programs18:46
BUGabundo$ gufw Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/usr/share/gufw/gufw.py", line 42, in <module>18:46
BUGabundoanyone else confirms it?18:46
BUGabundotgpraveen2: gnome bugzilla is upstream. *we* don't fix most bugs, upstream does, so they must be informed of them18:47
reto`there seems to be a problem with cpu scaling on my machine... so is this something I report there?18:47
BUGabundohence if the bug is not ours (usually depencies or packaging) it should be upstreamed tgpraveen218:47
BUGabundoreto`: does it always stuck on max speed?18:47
charlie-tcatgpraveen2: bugs reported in launchpad are tracked by ubuntu and visible to all users. They can then be submitted upstream to be tracked also18:48
charlie-tcaBugs reported upstream will not be seen by most users18:48
BUGabundocharlie-tca: err _most_ bugs _should_ be upstreamed, even by reporter *if* s/he is capable. removing load from bug triaggers18:49
reto`BUGabundo: no... with the new kernel it seems to support cpufreq for the via cpu... but in a strange way... before it was always at max speed... now it looks like it changes speed but I think it's not... I can't even get it to run at full speed anymore... compared the performace with the two kernel versions18:49
BUGabundoI do upstream most of my KDEPIM, pidgin, gnome bugs18:49
charlie-tcaYes, but if reported direct to upstream instead of launchpad, most users will not see them18:50
BUGabundoreto`: via?? ok, please check on #ubuntu-kernel18:50
tgpraveen2charlie-tca: the aim of a bug is that it should be fixed18:50
reto`BUGabundo: k... thanks18:50
tgpraveen2and if reported upstream then devs will see it as well as other users18:50
charlie-tcaHow many reports should there be because it was not in launchpad?18:50
tgpraveen2from various distros18:50
BUGabundocharlie-tca: that's why I say: upstreaming, report on LP with apport and then link to uptream18:50
BUGabundobut that's OT for this #18:51
BUGabundofeel free to continue on #ubuntu-bugs18:51
BUGabundohey andresmujica18:51
andresmujicaheyya Bugabundo!!18:53
=== thekorn is now known as THEKORN
BUGabundoandresmujica: what have you been up too? not seeing you much around !18:56
BUGabundoTHEKORN: mad at something?18:56
THEKORNBUGabundo, hehe, yes ;)18:58
BUGabundoTHEKORN: so bread a bit, and let us know what we can do to help :d #friendlyshoulder18:59
=== THEKORN is now known as thekorn
charlie-tcaMaybe he just wanted to be able to spot his name?19:03
andresmujicabugabundo: tons of work at the office...19:04
BUGabundoI know the feeling andresmujica19:06
BUGabundocharlie-tca: doesn't hurt to help out the next, does it ? :z19:06
charlie-tcahope not19:06
=== MobileMyles6o7 is now known as TwoToneSpirit
tgpraveen2BUGabundo: if u dont mndd19:07
tgpraveen2*mind me asking what do u do in real life? i mean how do u find so much time to be in ubuntu world19:07
tgpraveen2so much time19:07
BUGabundotgpraveen2: I'm a sysadmin and web admin on two companies... controlling over 200 servers in each19:10
BUGabundotgpraveen2: not sure what you mean as tooo much, since I usually only come here at night :)19:10
tgpraveen2how do u work for 2 companies. are u a consultant or something19:10
BUGabundoduring work hours I'm usually offline19:11
tgpraveen2BUGabundo: no i mean u seem to be online most of the time that i am online, and file bug reports etc19:11
BUGabundoI haven't file all that many bugs this cycle! more work, new job19:11
tgpraveen2guess u r just active and passionate19:11
BUGabundoI am :s19:11
tgpraveen2yeah i also noticied these days u r less active even this room than last cycle19:12
BUGabundosome one has to make this work for release19:12
BUGabundolast cycle I had less work to do, and more online time19:12
BUGabundotwo cycles ago, more work, but also more online time eheh19:12
BUGabundolife changes, eventually for better19:13
BUGabundono job, sucks :(19:14
BUGabundotgpraveen2: ^^^19:14
tgpraveen2BUGabundo: yeah u r right. all i can say is keep up the gud work19:15
tgpraveen2i too am trying to be more active19:15
tgpraveen2but u know real life which is overrated anyways ;-) takes time too19:16
* BUGabundo wonders many times, what all of my _friends_ in here do for a living too (feel free to ping me in PVT :) )19:16
BluesKaj<--- retired labtech ...now just old a grumpy19:17
* charlie-tca is a retired plumber/retired also from U.S. Air Force/disabled19:18
BluesKaj<--- lives in NE Ontario , in Canada , not calif :)19:19
tgpraveen2am a comp engg student in india19:22
Lademordcomp eng student, from Denmark here19:23
LademordTrying desperately to learn C#19:23
BUGabundoahahah Lademord19:24
SeveredCrossLademord: It's not very tough. :)19:24
LademordI hope not :) I've only been to javaland before and even that I'm still not very proficient in..19:25
BUGabundohey douglasawh19:25
BUGabundoanyone here has the bug of returning to GDM?19:26
BUGabundoDanaG: ^^^^ ?19:26
douglasawhBUGabundo: I *just* ungraded, so it's only happened once. I don't have this second to look at it, but I'll look at some logs later19:27
DanaGI haven't had any random returns to GDM.19:27
BUGabundoDanaG:  bug of returning to GDM?19:27
BUGabundooh ok19:27
BUGabundoso yofel ?? ^^^^^^19:27
BUGabundodouglasawh: its "downgrade" eheh19:27
douglasawhBUGabundo: actually, it's *upgrade". I made a typo :)19:31
douglasawhBUGabundo: it did feel like an ungrade though19:32
poseidonHas there been any problems with sound not working?  My speakers are fine, sound cards fine, but no sound on anything19:34
DaskreeCH_Web/FOSS programmer19:35
DaskreeCH_poseidon: Possibly muted?19:35
BUGabundoposeidon: isntall pavucontrol and check levels19:36
BUGabundoI usually get as low as 50% what for me is == mute19:37
BUGabundoor over 120% which is noise :(19:37
BUGabundoposeidon: if that doesn't fix it, ping dtchen on #ubuntu-audio-help19:37
poseidonk, thanks19:37
* penguin42 growls at launchpad19:40
* penguin42 has this bug he's following with zillions of comments on and it only shows the first 'n' and you have to click for it to show them all19:43
BUGabundoyep penguin42 to speed page loading19:44
penguin42yeh, it's just I have to keep coming back to this one and obviously it's the last few comments you normally want to see19:44
BUGabundopenguin42: emails or feeds?19:45
Sarvatt_wow, did qemu get 10x slower in the past 6 months or something? its taken 4 hours so far to set up an arm karmic build-essential image19:45
BUGabundoehehehehehheh Sarvatt19:45
penguin42BUGabundo: Yeh I'm subscribed so I do see the changes, but I always like to read the last few again before replying19:45
BUGabundois the kvm module loaded?19:45
Sarvatt_thats only for x86/x6419:47
Sarvatt_ahh heck, i was stupid and added xubuntu-desktop to it too that time, no wonder19:48
Sarvatt_see ya19:48
andresmujicabugabundo: are u on karmic 64bits?20:09
DaskreeCH_KDE 4.3 RC2 \o/20:30
eagles0513875woot woot DaskreeCH_20:37
DaskreeCH_I'm stll pissed that they are starting the rubbish already though :-(20:37
eagles0513875what do you mean20:38
DaskreeCH_I really want KDE 4.420:38
DaskreeCH_and 4.3 isn't even out yet >_<20:38
DaskreeCH_The code they have put in for it already is pretty compelling20:38
DaskreeCH_Man I can't wait for summer in trunk20:39
eagles0513875have you tried 4.4 by compiling it from try20:39
DaskreeCH_no I'm pretty much focusing on 4.320:39
DaskreeCH_trying to hit up as many bugs as possible before release so that more people can enjoy it20:39
eagles0513875j/w would qt channel be the channel to ask questions and support for qtcreator or you have no idea20:39
eagles0513875i hear ya trying to get into some dev work or helping out by running a debugger on lmms20:40
DaskreeCH_#qt would be it20:41
eagles0513875ok thanks20:41
paceholderhi! did anybody try to install ubuntu 9.04 with ati graphic card?21:00
billybigriggerpaceholder, try #ubuntu21:02
billybigriggeri think apt21:03
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rippsSo, what's with sg3-utils, what's keeping it back?21:27
ghindoripps, See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121138621:29
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billybigrigger_anyone testing chromium?21:44
yofelif you mean the browser, then yes - from time to time21:46
billybigrigger_you get 100% cpu usage with it?21:46
billybigrigger_ 5187 billybig  20   0 78120  15m  10m R   95  0.4  21:55.80 npviewer.bin21:46
billybigrigger_ 4971 billybig  20   0  114m  18m  13m S   84  0.5  22:52.98 chromium-browse21:47
billybigrigger_not even using flash21:47
billybigrigger_not quite 100% but betwen chromium and npviewer its almost maxing both cores :P21:48
yofelbillybigrigger_: works fine here. But npviewer also isn't running, maybe that's the reason?21:49
billybigrigger_does it close properly for you21:50
billybigrigger_even after i close chromium....21:50
billybigrigger_ 5187 billybig  20   0 78120  15m  10m R   92  0.4  24:55.05 npviewer.bin21:50
billybigrigger_ 4971 billybig  20   0  114m  18m  13m S   76  0.5  25:48.27 chromium-browse21:50
billybigrigger_but firefox 3.0 and 3.6 are being a pita today21:52
billybigrigger_thought i'd try chromium21:52
billybigrigger_i guess no web browsing for me today haha21:52
yofelhehe, well chromium works fine here21:53
yofelwas just testing ffx 3.5 again for a while, and I just can't seem to get those detachable tabs right. I always need multiple attempts until they detach :(21:54
billybigrigger_maybe i should give 3.5 a go21:54
Supersaiyan_IVCan somebody confirm that with the latest updates nautilus' configuration is lost when disk space is 0kb, running 64bit21:54
yofelSupersaiyan_IV: updates with 0KiB disk space is always a *bad* idea.21:55
Supersaiyan_IVi meant with an up-to-date system21:55
Supersaiyan_IVas in 0-day21:55
* SKB has experienced not being able to boot because of low disk space :|21:56
yofeloh, my fault then21:56
Supersaiyan_IVok, because i hit 0kb 15min ago21:56
Supersaiyan_IVand the result was [  108.000086] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -97054364 ns) and a shutdown, clean shutdown amazingly enough21:57
yofelbut that's certainly possible to happen. Could be gconf fault when updating the database21:57
Supersaiyan_IVreboot, all nautilus settings gone, messy panels etc, have to look for other changes21:57
Supersaiyan_IVvery probable21:58
Supersaiyan_IVnot even space to read Xauth21:58
Supersaiyan_IVjust noticed, the date is gone too22:00
Supersaiyan_IVno wait, i had custom php time format, and that key was reset22:03
Supersaiyan_IVit seems ubuntu autoreverted to some standard gconf22:03
Zorael^2packages.ubuntu.com down?22:25
yofelZorael^2: seems like it22:27
Supersaiyan_IVsame here22:27
socdoes someone have problems with updating dpkg?22:39
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:44
xanax`koala's gdm now uses gdm.schemas ? is this the new configuration file ?22:46
chrisccoulsonxanax`: it uses gconf22:47
xanax`i just want to modify gdm.conf ... what command should I type ?22:49
billybigrigger_what are you trying to do?22:52
xanax`allow root login22:52
billybigrigger_xanax`, im not sure if the gdm will allow that22:56
billybigrigger_im trying to find some info on it22:56
xanax`it did in earlier versions22:56
xanax`but it seems the gdm.schemas doesn't feature it22:57
socdoes someone have problems with updating dpkg? i always get sub-process returned error 1 ... is there already a bug report somewhere?22:57
billybigrigger_soc, check launchpad22:57
billybigrigger_ola yoasif23:00
yoasifbillybigrigger_, heya23:01
Supersaiyan_IVhate the fact that ubuntu begins to rely heavily on gconf23:19
Supersaiyan_IVuncomfortably similar to blowdows' registry23:19
yofelSupersaiyan_IV: that's not ubuntu's but gnome's fault23:19
Supersaiyan_IVnow, if the gconf gets autoerased due to low disk space, and let's say doesn't autologin, and said person has no idea about the password23:21
Supersaiyan_IVfukd deluxe23:21
Supersaiyan_IVif this was at work/office/gov. it would be a big issue23:22
Ademananyone know if eclipse 3.5.0 is slated to make it into karmic?23:22
yofelAdeman: unless the eclipse package got a new maintainer without me knowing it I heavily doubt that23:23
billybigrigger_yofel, you said you had an acer laptop right? and your temperature and fan wasn't working?23:26
yofelbillybigrigger_: nope, eeePCs are still from ASUS :P23:27
billybigrigger_oh you had an eee23:27
Ademanyofel: it currently lacks a maintainer? or the current maintainer refuses/just plain hasn't packaged the new version?23:53
kklimondaAdeman: it has no maintainer23:55
yofelAdeman: well, fact is that we still have 3.2.2 in debian unstable and there doesn't seem to be anyone working on it23:55
kklimondaeclipse is going to be orphaned officially soon by debian devs if no one steps in23:56

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