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SiDi_kwwii: i LOVE the humanity icon theme ;)11:06
* ckontros is having a off day and cant remember how to run this on a specific dir. find -name *.svg | xargs inkscape --vacuum-defs -z12:31
* SiDi_ hides12:38
thorwilckontros: why don't you just cd to the specific dir?12:38
* thorwil pulls away SiDi_'s cover12:39
ckontrosI did now.12:39
ckontrosThen I did: inkscape --vacuum-defs -z *.svg12:39
ckontrosSo all works fine. ;)12:40
SiDi_thorwil: meh12:41
ckontrosuh huh... :)12:47
thorwiland http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/07/12/icon-theme-hacking-progress/13:00
ckontrosthorwil: But Jono surely doesn't realize where these other icons are used and will pop up. IIRC there's code changes coming to better do this for a set.13:22
thorwilckontros: yeah, someone already pointed that out in the comments13:24
ckontrosOh. I didn't read.13:24
thorwili just found it interesting that jono started to fiddle around with that13:24
thorwilreading blog comments is often just a waste of time. similar to reading blog posts :>13:25
macvrckontros: topic needs editing ;p13:32
macvrfor the room13:33
ckontros(and I think anyone can edit)13:33
macvryour adult/professional nick ;p13:33
ckontrosSorry man. It's just a little early here and I don't get it.13:36
ckontros(not quite firing on all cylinders yet)13:36
macvrthe topic says, set by _MMA_ ...13:36
thorwilwhat a childish leftover from the distant past!!13:36
ckontrosDoesn't actually say it in channel.13:37
macvrthorwil: several blogs of late are just "Dear Diary..." entries!13:40
macvrckontros: are we missing a lot of simlinks?14:04
macvrthe appearance window doesnt use the trash can, for delete14:05
macvralso will xdg folder icons be used in Jaunty?14:06
macvrthey dont show up in the places menu14:06
ckontrosmacvr: The "delete" icon is actually separate. Like gtk-delete or something. Some themes just link to the trash. As far as the XDG folders go, I'm unsure about Jaunty. Support for theming might be new.14:18
ckontrosWe don't (or didn't) use them in Studio and I personally don't either.14:19
macvrckontros: shall mail the list about xdg? or shall we leave it for now? because the folders have been created and it would be a sad if it was just that we dont have the right simlinks14:21
macvrshall I14:21
ckontrosAsk the question about the folders but I'm sure of the delete thing. We just need an icon for it. I didn't simlink it because Daniel was working on that series of icons.14:24
ckontrosmacvr: Like I said, I believe support for theming is recent for XDG.14:25
macvrckontros: yeah... but someone needs to test it in Karmic also to make sure it working right14:26
ckontrosI'm actually gonna do that today as I'm doing a clean install in a VM.14:27
macvrah! why didnt i think of that! my Karmic VM  has been idle since the gdm was broken14:28
ckontrosmacvr: Isn't some sort of "Downloads" folder a default XDG folder?15:29
macvrckontros: yeah15:34
macvri dont think its being implemented fully , even in karmic15:34
ckontrosThat's the only one that didn't show for me.15:35
macvrckontros: Bug #204567 is in the papercuts , i think it will be done by karmic final15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204567 in hundredpapercuts "downloads should go to $HOME/Downloads : XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR should be set to "$HOME/Downloads"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20456715:36
ckontrosHmm... but the icon should be called "folder-download"? (note the missing "s")15:37
macvrckontros: yup... i still have my doubts , even though Nicolo mentioned it15:37
ckontrosOk. We'll see how it plays out. Easy fix if we're wrong.15:38
macvrckontros: simlinks for the notification icons in the scalable folder?15:45
ckontrosWhat about them?15:46
macvrits not there!15:46
ckontrosI know.15:46
ckontrosWe already had this chat.15:46
macvrok , you are waiting for kwwii ?15:46
macvrckontros:  the gtk-dialogue-warning looks blurry in the dialogue widows15:47
ckontrosWell if you remember I said I'm not keen on working around other people's bugs. We do things correctly and if others mess up oh well.15:47
ckontrosBut having said that, I'm still gonna have a chat with Ken.15:47
kwwiiabout what?15:48
ckontrosmacvr: Screenshot please.15:48
ckontroskwwii: Got a min to Skype?15:48
macvrkwwii: the notify-osd icons15:48
kwwiierm, yeah...let me get my stuff setup15:49
ckontrosk. Im on15:50
kwwiilol, and install skype15:51
ckontrosmacvr: Note that if the rest of the icons /should/ be used, but just aren't because of this bug, I want the other sizes done so they can be used when the bug is fixed.15:51
ckontroskwwii: Clean install lately?15:52
macvrckontros: gtk-dialogue-warning> http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot-Untitled%20Window.png15:52
macvrthe white creates the blur15:52
ckontrosmacvr: Hmm... Doesn't feel fuzzy to me. See what others think on the list.15:53
macvrif its ok for you, nevermind... ;p15:54
ckontrosTrust me. I know I'm not always correct. But if you wanna let it go ok.15:54
kwwiion the phone, bbiab15:56
macvrckontros: what kwwii said was, since the 48px is the size of use for the notifications, it doesn have to be done in all sizes , my *only* concern is because the rescale algorithm does a crappy job , doing the icon in all sizes is just a quick edit for me. :)15:57
ckontrosmacvr: Ok. I'll still go right to the source for further info.15:58
macvrckontros: just do 1 thing, rename the nm-signals 128px svg for the notify-osd icons, and test it out with notify-send, you'll see that even the shape doesnt come out right15:59
kwwiickontros: ok, I am ready16:00
macvreven worse is , the 48px svg doesnt even get it right!16:00
ckontrosmacvr: Ok. I got the situation. Please send me files with all the sizes for notify-osd so I can test some things out.16:11
ckontrosmacvr: Wanna work on a little BZR HOWTO today?16:14
macvrjust a sec... was away...16:28
ckontrosmacvr:np. Whenever.16:30
macvri knew you would bring this up... so i have the screen shots of the 48px svg and the png outputs from when i had done it in color.> http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/SVG.png16:31
macvrckontros: compare with the shape of png > http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/PNG.png16:31
ckontrosheh. Honestly, that doesn't bother me. :P16:32
macvrckontros: well the shape is awkard!16:32
ckontrosThat's the style. By design. ;)16:33
macvrckontros: no its not, the svg isnt being displayed properly, the actual style is displayed well only if it is a png16:33
macvri'm not happy with the output , but if you insist , what can i say :(16:34
ckontrosIncorrect. Its the size of the SVG. The human ones are SVG but 48x48. (according to kwwii)16:34
ckontrosNot 128px like ours.16:34
macvri know ... but this shape doesnt come out well even when it is in 48px16:34
macvrwell i'll just send you the files.. and you decide16:35
macvrckontros: actually you already have them... i have sent you the color 48px svg., you can simply add them to the scalable folder and try it out16:36
ckontrosNo. I want them at all sizes.16:37
macvrckontros: ah! :/16:37
macvrckontros: you could just rename the nm-signal and test it out16:38
ckontrosmacvr: Please send me the notify-osd files with all the sizes included. Thank you.16:39
ckontrosmacvr: Also note that kwwii said that what we have there now (just the 48px PNGs) should work without the simlinks. It just looks for 48px SVGs 1st.16:41
macvrckontros: so then no need , for anything else right?16:43
macvrckontros: i just checked it out, it works16:43
ckontrosSend them in all sizes.16:44
macvrckontros: ;p in a few mins16:44
ckontrosnp. doesn't even need to be today.16:44
macvrckontros: anyway , i'll finish it , today16:45
macvrwhat was it about BZR?16:45
macvrckontros: BZR?16:47
ckontrosDo you want to learn to be able to upload to the set?16:47
macvrckontros: nope...16:48
ckontrosmacvr: Oh. Then there's no real reason to be on the team since anyone can subscribe to bugs.16:48
ckontrosThat's why I added you.16:48
macvrckontros: hei! you explicitly told me not to upload stuff!16:49
ckontrosTo directly fix icons you've worked on.16:49
macvroh those... ok16:49
ckontrosSo, you'll need a lesson.16:49
macvrckontros: right now is fine for me16:50
ckontrosOk. Lemmie get some links together. PM16:50
ckontrosBoredom and clippers are never good. http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/6940/20090712113753.jpg17:54
ckontrosmacvr: Also just a note: I would prefer you upload big changes rather than lots of small changes. ie: If you have to make changes to the set of nm-* or notify-osd-* icons do them all and upload as a whole.20:51
macvrckontros: i know.... i had change the SSH key , so was just testing if it worked...20:52
ckontrosnp. Just giving you a heads up.20:52
macvrckontros: now my key is>  mac-v@canonical  < hehe20:53
ckontrosA bit misleading. But whatever.20:53
macvrexactly , misleading20:54
ckontrosTo what end?20:54
macvrjust for fun ;p20:54
macvranyway, i'll dot the rest and upload them tomorrow20:54
macvrckontros: do you have a different version of the script , which gives out a 128px *PNG*?22:00
* macvr has to create one22:09

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