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hyperairhmm does anyone have brightness keys working?06:27
hyperairscrolling up and down on the brightness applet seems to work, but the brightness keys don't.06:27
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macvrhi, is empathy replacing pidgin?10:08
macvrin karmic?10:14
tgpraveenmacvr: yes10:41
macvrk... thanx10:42
superm1hyperair, those are highly hardware dependent.  i'd get a bug together to better detail your hardware rather than randomly posting in a channel16:20
hyperairsuperm1: lenovo y410. i was wondering if something went wrong in gnome-power-manager, because it used to work pretty nicely during jaunty and intrepid periods.17:33
hyperairsuperm1: it could be xserver-xorg-video-intel though, who knows.17:34
hyperairaccording to pitti, the udev bits were converted 1:1 from hal, so it shouldn't be that area either =\17:34
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