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slangasekI don't understand the purpose of ubuntu-devel being moderated, if "please put a browser on the Linux kernel and call it Ubuntu" makes the cut00:25
pochuI guess it's psychological00:27
pochumany people don't probably mail -devel because it's moderated :)00:28
ScottKslangasek: Maybe someone should ask Barry Warsaw for a "No, send this to devel-discuss" button for the moderator in mailman.00:31
Keybukslangasek: indeed00:55
Keybukclearly a browser on top of the Linux kernel should be called "ChromeOS"00:55
slangasekKeybuk: that's *GNU*/ChromeOS01:50
ScottKBack will it have emacs?02:02
directhexScottK, *insert tasteless yet topical joke involving emacs virgins here*?02:12
ScottKYeah, well I figured people would get that without me having to actually say it.02:12
billybigriggerare we going to end up with packagekit in karmic?02:42
directhexi never got the jumping up & down people do about packagekit02:46
* ScottK neither. We're using kpackagekit in Kubuntu and it's really unsuitable.02:47
emmaoh yeah?02:48
wgrantScottK: How does that work with debconf?02:48
ScottKwgrant: It doesn't.  That's one chunk of the unsuitableness.02:49
wgrantScottK: It's not the primary package manager, then?02:49
ScottKwgrant: It is.02:49
wgrant.... huh?02:49
ScottKOur choices were Adept which was still beta and only barely being developed, kpackagekit which had some people behind it, or no GUI package management.02:50
ScottKPersonally, I'd have gone with choice 1 or choice 3, but it wasn't my decision.02:51
ScottKIt doesn't do any cryptographic verification of packages either (this may get fixed in Karmic).02:54
ScottKIt crashes a lot.02:54
ScottKIt doesn't notify about new packages reliably.02:54
ScottKThere's no way to do the equivalent of dist-upgrade.02:55
ScottKOther than that, it's not too bad.02:55
wgrantUm, how did it get away with not verifying signatures?02:57
wgrantThat sounds like about the worst possible kind of bug.02:57
ScottKWell Adept 3 didn't do it either, so it wasn't a regression.02:57
ScottK(Adept 2, the KDE3 one we had in Hardy did do this)02:58
ScottKIf it sounds like I'm grumpy about it, then your on track.02:58
wgrantI'm very scared now.02:58
ScottKYeah, well except for this netbook that I'm about to reinstall, I've never installed a package using it.02:59
Hobbseeslangasek: i don't think new subscriptions get moderated :(  perhaps they should04:03
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tracyanneI'm looking for help to create a custom Ubuntu installer, that will create 3 partitions by default root swap home instead of the standard root swap that is the default Ubuntu install08:08
cjwatson(I answered tracyanne's question on #ubuntu-installer)09:06
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didrocksjdstrand: thanks for merging it :)09:29
jetienneq. i am building livecd, building the md5sum.txt consumes time, can i skip it if i am ready to give up the possibility to check the cd10:23
Keybukslangasek: GNU/kLinux/ChromeOS11:03
ogrageez ... upstart fails totally random places if i try to build it11:54
ograhmm and gcc-snapshot ftbfs on armel too ... bad12:11
* ogra tries to build it himself12:11
Sarvatt_see you in 48 hours :)12:20
Sarvatt_oh just snapshot12:20
ograwell, 4.4 definately has issues, i want to see if they go away with snapshot12:21
ograand my armel build system here is as fast as the buildds ...12:21
Sarvatt_is it failing making the lzma debs, or during the build/test runs?12:23
ograits segfaulting during builds, sometimes it spills "internal error" during the tests ... totally random12:24
ograbug 39840312:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398403 in gcc-4.4 "gcc-4.4 fails to build upstart 0.6 on armel due to an internal compiler error" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39840312:24
Sarvatt_how much memory do those builders have?12:24
Sarvatt_(just curious)12:24
Sarvatt_i get random failures compiling gcc in 512MB on my OpenVZ VPS12:25
ograwell, i didnt get failures compiling gcc :)12:26
ograi did get failures compiling upstart12:26
ogragcc segfaulting or dying with internal error12:26
Sarvatt_never could figure out why, can compile it from upstream source fine but rebuilding the packages fails in random spots12:26
cjwatsonjetienne: yes12:27
jetiennecjwatson: thanks12:27
Sarvatt_thats exactly the error it fails out with too not that it says alot12:28
Sarvatt_gcc: Internal error: Killed (program cc1) that is, not failing in that specific spot.. some kind of ulimit problem maybe?12:29
ograwe'll see if it goes away if building with -snapshot12:29
ogra(once i have built that :) )12:29
ograwell, i doubt that since i also get random segfaults12:30
ogra_gcc -c  -g -fkeep-inline-functions -DIN_GCC   -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wcast-qual -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-format-attribute -pedantic -Wno-long-long -Wno-variadic-macros -Wno-overlength-strings -Wold-style-definition -Wc++-compat -fno-common  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../src/gcc -I../../src/gcc/. -I../../src/gcc/../include -I../../src/gcc/../libcpp/include  -I../../src/g13:01
ogra_cc/../libdecnumber -I../../src/gcc/../libdecnumber/dpd -I../libdecnumber    genrtl.c -o genrtl.o13:01
ogra_cc1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault13:01
ogra_Please submit a full bug report,13:01
cjwatsonisn't that basically classic gcc FAQ symptoms of bad RAM?13:02
cjwatsonparticularly when intermittently reproducible13:03
cjwatsonor I suppose that you're short on memory13:04
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cjwatsonI mean, obviously segfaults are often programming errors. But intermittent random-appearing segfaults in something like gcc that has known input and processes it in a deterministic way ... well, go figure13:05
cjwatsona gcc bug would not be the first thing I'd suspect for that, myself13:05
pochupitti: hi, what space do you need for the ddebs archive? ISTR it was around 5GB/arch/release, counting main+restricted+universe+multiverse?13:29
gimpuzmaniI want to interview with Ubuntu developer13:42
gimpuzmanifor e-magazine13:42
pochupitti: hmm, seems to be 12GB for main+universe on karmic/i386 ?13:48
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geserjdstrand: re bug 398445: it's already fixed but the fix didn't land yet on edge15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398445 in soyuz "getPublishedSources dies with Internal Server Error on karmic distro_series (dup-of: 397732)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39844515:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 397732 in soyuz "Getting an SPPH through the API crashes if the SPR is unsigned" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39773215:44
geserjdstrand: getPublishedSources() OOPSes currently for every synced package15:44
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jdstrandgeser: ok, cool. thanks :)18:19
Carroarmato0is it normal for an Ubuntu server to ask me to reboot the system juist when I logged in?18:26
Carroarmato0do I have to worry? :|18:26
|Baby|anyone with a Nvidia graphic card might want to help me test a game package?18:39
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tgpraveen2Carroarmato0: wrong channel18:39
tgpraveen2try ubuntu-server or something18:39
Carroarmato0tgpraveen2, sorry about that18:40
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lagaping pitti - hey. do you know if devicekit-power is already used in karmic? i'm wondering because i don't see support for quirks in the code20:33
ioni   ubuntu-desktop      Depends gnome-power-manager, i A gnome-power-manager Depends devicekit-power (>= 009)20:35
lagaion: yeah. but i think HAL is still used for some stuff (or at least it can be used by devicekit-power.. from what i read on their mailing list). so i'm not sure if the quirks are available or not20:36
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realowe develop http://dooble.sf.net --- currently making the linux release22:25
realothe idea is, to maybe later add an linux kernel, so to have the browser as the gui22:26
realoanyone insterested to join or help to create a deb. file for the linux release?22:26
pochua browser on top of a kernel? that sounds familiar :)22:28
mok0realo: no one here right now, probably better to post a message to udd22:28
realoyes a browser on top of a kernel22:30
realodooble has a desktop integrated for that22:30
pamWhat is the best way to work on a merge issue when a package is assigned to Ubuntu Core Developers? (to check we are not duplicating work)22:30
mok0pam, contact last uploader22:31
pammok0: ok. Thanks22:31
lifelessrealo: 'udd' == 'ubuntu distro development' list, I think22:43
pamcjwatson: Do you know if anyone is looking at the gfxboot patches for syslinux (merge issue)? Not sure https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/+bug/270822 is the official bug. Otherwise, I'd be happy to give it a shot (we already talked a bit about it with hpa).22:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 270822 in syslinux "please upgrade syslinux from debian to 3.80" [Low,Triaged]22:44
ion(offtopic) realo: Dooble seems to contain RetroMessenger, which seems to be based on RetroShare. The last time i looked, RetroShare was horribly insecure. It used an ancient version OpenSSL (∴ many unpatched security holes) with a RetroShare-specific patch (that appears to be a pain to rebase against a newer version of OpenSSL).22:44
lifelessLaney: ah thanks22:45
cjwatsonpam: probably not for karmic22:47
cjwatsonpam: seems like a heck of a lot of work in a critical component, would rather do it at the start of a release22:47
cjwatsonpam: if somebody wants to do it, I guess I can review it, although I expect that reviewing it might actually be as much work as just doing it myself ;-)22:48
cjwatsonpam: although it *is* good news that the gfxboot patches are merged upstream22:48
looisis it possible to upgrade the kernel + intel drivers to jaunty without all the other upgrades?22:48
looisoops maybe i'm in the wrong channel :(22:49
cjwatsonpam: so, I don't have time, but feel free to suggest patches in the form of a diff against the current package in Debian unstable. Please test them with current CD images22:49
pamcjwatson: getting rid of the old suse patch would be great22:49
pamcjwatson: Just wanted to double check you are not actively working on it right now ;)22:49
cjwatsonI am not22:50
cjwatsonI've commented on the bug. Depressed as usual about bugabundo's rather direct attitude22:50
macois there a mini iso for karmic yet?22:51
pamThanks for the comment. Will ping hpa about it as soon as he is back.22:51
cjwatsonmaco: always was22:51
macoapparently cdimage is not the right place to look...got a hint for me?22:51
cjwatsonpam: why hpa? I know he's upstream, but I wouldn't expect him to be involved in Ubuntu packaging22:51
cjwatsonoh, no links on cdimage/netboot/, bah22:52
cjwatsonmaco: look at /netboot/jaunty/ on cdimage, do the obvious URL substitution :-)22:52
cjwatsonI'll sort out cdimage now22:52
cjwatsonoh, actually22:53
cjwatsonmaco: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/karmic/ does exist, it's just not linked from /netboot/22:53
macoyeah, i see that22:53
pamcjwatson: we talked about reducing the amount of changes between distro and upstream a while ago. Just want his take again.22:53
macoi keep trying to look in cdimage.ubuntu.com/karmic/22:53
cjwatsonpam: that's usually best done by forwarding patches :-)22:53
pamForwarding? Meaning forward-porting your patches or submitting them upstram?22:54
cjwatsonthe latter22:55
cjwatsonwhat I mean is, there's little point in agreeing some kind of joint position statement with upstream that we think we should be shipping the same thing :-P22:55
cjwatsondevelopers are practical people - just send patches around if you want to get things in sync22:55
pamYeah, IIRC he didn't like the overall approach and had ideas about improving that.22:56
cjwatsonanyhow, I think the only patches we have against syslinux aside from gfxboot are pure packaging, not anything to do with upstream22:56
pamThat should be easy.22:57
cjwatsonso if gfxboot exists upstream as a module now then there's nothing else to be done with hpa22:57
pamAnyway, there is a lot of work being done with gsoc this summer (ext4, hdt, ...) and upgrading ubuntu package would really benefit the distro22:57
cjwatsonbut it *does* need to be smoke-tested (preferably in at least isolinux and syslinux modes) before just dropping it into Ubuntu22:57
cjwatsonthat should be fairly straightforward for somebody with time who more or less knows their way around; have at it ;-)22:58
realobug created: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39857523:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 398575 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] Dooble Web Browser" [Undecided,New]23:05
cjwatsonpam: (oh, and thanks in advance. not enough hours in the day ...)23:06
pamcjwatson: You're very welcome.23:07

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