billybigriggercan someone take a look at this error?00:06
Sarvattits a problem with kernel-package with nvidia-common thats been around for a looong time billybigrigger00:30
Sarvattwere there changes to usb in 2.6.31 that need updated userland support or something? been having alot of problems with usb devices after 2.6.3000:33
billybigriggermy camera, ipod, and videocamera all work good00:34
billybigriggerits just the webcam00:34
billybigriggerbut that could probably because they're all recognized as mass storage00:34
Sarvatti see usbfs moved over to CONFIG_EMBEDDED, dont know if we use that before00:34
Sarvattmy webcam and android phone stopped working00:36
billybigriggerSarvatt, no dice00:39
Sarvattthanks for checking00:40
billybigriggerits there00:40
billybigriggerbut webcam not working00:40
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@cabo:/proc/bus/usb$ ls00:41
billybigriggerempty, but its there00:41
Sarvattoh so usbfs was used in .30 where it was working before?00:43
billybigriggerfunny thing, i have sound in flash on this kernel :P00:44
johanbrmy Android phone works fine with 2.6.3100:49
johanbrmy webcam behaves a bit funny though, but I'm not sure if that's the kernel's fault00:49
Sarvatti get a flood of error messages in dmesg while its plugging in without enabling mass storage on the phone (like when i'm just charging it)00:50
johanbrseems to work for me00:51
johanbrthe webcam is definitely screwed up, though: http://nullinfinity.org/tmp/screenshot6.png00:55
johanbr(I am actually not a smurf)00:55
billybigriggerjohanbr, nvidia user?00:55
billybigriggerlooks like the nvidia hue -1000 bug00:55
johanbrdo you have a launchpad link?00:56
billybigriggeryup lemme dig it up00:56
Sarvattyeah change the saturation under 0 in nvidia-settings then save, then back up to 0 and save00:56
billybigriggerSarvatt, funny thing was, i was affected by it, and my hue was at 000:56
billybigriggerjust -1000 in vlc00:56
Sarvattthey changed the xv saturation ranges in the driver and our old nvidia-settings doesnt copy with it00:56
Sarvattyeah because it isnt really at 000:56
billybigriggerso it might be on an app to app basis00:56
johanbrbillybigrigger, you're absolutely right00:56
Sarvattit thinks its at 0 but its really at 4096 from the old ranges00:57
johanbrI hadn't noticed that regular video had funny colours too00:57
ubot3Malone bug 395476 in totem "nvidia sets HUE to -1000" [Low,Triaged] 00:57
Sarvattthings that use their own saturation settings arent affected but things that use nvidia-settings ones are00:57
billybigriggerbugabundo started that one, but im pretty sure it should be against nvidia-glx-180 and not totem00:57
billybigriggerSarvatt, that makes sense00:58
billybigriggerSarvatt, will i be able to file bugs under my custom kernel?01:27
billybigriggeror will they have to be done upstream to the package maintainers01:27
Sarvattjust file the bug on the ubuntu kernel since its the same01:34
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thrice`I have a question; any reason hasn't shown up in the mainline PPA ?16:05
billybigriggergit clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git18:13
billybigriggerSarvatt, that is where i pulled the latest kernel source18:14
billybigriggerso when i want to update it...18:14
billybigriggergit pull from the same source right?18:14
thrice`"git pull"18:14
billybigriggerthere is life in here! :P18:14
billybigriggerthrice`, and that won't compile just the new stuff18:19
billybigriggerit will pull whatever is new, and recompile the whole shebang again right?18:19
thrice`compiling is not related to obtaining of the source18:19
billybigriggerno, thats separate18:20
billybigriggerfatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git18:22
thrice`are you inside the dir?18:23
billybigriggerno, was one above it18:23
billybigriggerok now i get an error that i didn't tell git what branch i wanted to merge with18:24
thrice`just do "git pull"  on its own18:25
thrice`ooh, seems to break jfs booting from grub1 :(18:41
thrice`that's probably why it's not in the PPA :>18:42
sn9thrice`: wrong18:44
sn9that has been broken since at least hardy18:44
sn9and probably gutsy18:45
thrice`2.6.29 boots my jfs just fine, as does 2.6.3018:50
sn9it is not a kernel issue18:51
sn9grub1 is bitrotted18:51
thrice`of course :)18:51
sn9if grub cannot read the fs, the kernel is never loaded, regardless of version18:51
thrice`i'm trying to say that introduced a specific failure18:52
sn9it did not; that failure has been there for some time18:52
reto`hey... I wanted to ask what I can do about the following problem:18:52
thrice`you know which I'm talking about sn9 ?18:52
sn9it is why i have an ext3 /boot on this laptop18:52
reto`with the new kernel it seems to18:53
reto`        support cpufreq for the via cpu... but in a strange18:53
reto`        way... before it was always at max speed... now it18:53
reto`        looks like it changes speed but I think it's not... I18:53
reto`        can't even get it to run at full speed18:53
reto`        anymore... compared the performace with the two18:53
reto`        kernel versions18:53
reto`oops... sry for the line breaks18:53
thrice`sn9: I am specifically referring to:  http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/1541618:54
sn9reto`: is the same governor used?18:54
thrice`git commit 206f0f05bdc291a9358ba59248e2bc44e8b3127d18:55
reto`sn9: uh... the old kernel doesn't support cpufreq18:55
sn9reto`: which via? c7?18:55
reto`sn9: I can try any governor or freq setting with the new kernel18:55
reto`sn9: it doesn't change anything18:56
reto`sn9: c7-m18:56
sn9thrice`: the bug report is wrong; jfs has been unreadable by grub for quite some time18:57
thrice`what are you talking about???18:57
thrice`I boot jfs from right now18:57
sn9thrice`: how big is the fs?18:59
reto`sn9: should I report this somewhere or how is the situation with the VIA?18:59
thrice`size does not matter18:59
sn9reto`: are you using the longhaul driver, or e_powersaver?19:04
sn9thrice`: then why has jfs booting consistently failed for me on every machine after feisty?19:04
thrice`I don't know.  I promise that it works with 2.6.29.x , and even 2.6.30 :)19:05
thrice`the bug I mentioned was a specific change to regarding the creation of an initrd19:05
reto`sn9: hmm... I think the longhaul... it's displaying some message about that one though on boot19:05
sn9the grub people told me this bug has been there since 200419:06
sn9reto`: check through the /sys tree19:06
thrice`ok, i'm not really interrested in arguing :(  My system booted just fine this morning with jfs on /19:06
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sn9thrice`: the real solution would be for ubuntu to take the bold step of dumping grub1 as a default19:09
thrice`or lilo :>19:09
reto`sn9: it's using the longhaul... but I think it's displaying an error message on boot about that... just didn't know what it is...19:09
sn9reto`: HTH19:10
sn9thrice`: lilo would actually work19:10
reto`sn9: ok, let me fetch that19:11
reto`sn9: the message is: APIC detected. Lonhaul ist currently broken in this configuration.19:18
sn9what about e_powersaver?19:19
reto`sn9: I would have to try... how can I disable the longhaul?19:21
sn9is it a module?19:23
reto`sn9: how can I find out?19:25
sn9sudo rmmod longhaul19:25
sn9if there's no error, try loading e_powersaver19:26
reto`module isn't found19:26
reto`it's in the kernel then?19:26
sn9must be19:26
reto`I can load e_powersaver with the old kernel though19:27
sn9unless it just didn't load19:27
sn9modinfo longhaul e_powersaver19:27
reto`it din't find the longhaul but e_19:28
sn9does it load?19:29
reto`no I get an error19:29
reto`longhaul seems to be loaded somehow but not working correctly19:30
reto`wonder why it is loaded when it knows "it is broken"19:30
reto`looks like longhaul went into the kernel with .3119:32
sn9karmic fail19:33
reto`can I disable it somehow?19:33
sn9not without another kernel build19:33
sn9OTOH, there is "noapic"...19:33
reto`yeah... hmm... might try that one19:34
reto`hmm... no use... it still loads longhaul19:43
reto`ah well... at least the machine is not hollering at full speed19:43
infinityreto`: echo "blacklist longhaul" > /etc/modprobe.d/die_longhaul_die && update-initramfs -u && reboot19:49
infinityreto`: That should stop it from being loaded.19:49
sn9infinity: no; it's compiled in, not a module, rendering that useless19:50
infinitysn9: Oh.  Didn't notice that.  Seriously, though19:51
infinityWe shoudln't be compiling any of that in. :/19:51
sn9as i said:19:51
sn9[Sun 12 Jul 2009 11:33:01 AM PDT] <sn9> karmic fail19:51
reto`ok... I've checked it out... with e_powersaver the scaling is working... I'm not 100% sure but I think longhaul has been in the kernel even before .31 (.28) but with 31.2 there seems to be a bug where longhaul is loaded even when it is detected to be broken21:01
reto`I'm writing a bug report on launchpad for this problem. Any suggestions?21:31
sn9just that it should not be a module21:33
sn9i mean21:33
sn9just that it should not be not a module21:33
reto`:) ... ok21:34
billybigrigger_Sarvatt, ping21:54
billybigrigger_what other optimizations can i make when compiling kernel?21:54
billybigrigger_besides not compiling for intel21:54
billybigrigger_i seen there was some more v4l2 stuff changed today21:58
billybigrigger_thought i'd give it another go21:59
billybigrigger_anyone built today's kernel?22:30
billybigrigger_i get this error22:30
billybigrigger_when trying to compile from git22:30
billybigrigger_ill just remove wireless modules from menuconfig then :P22:45
billybigrigger_thanks guys :P22:45
billybigrigger_no need on a desktop anywho22:45
billybigrigger_where can i find my make log from my last compile? do i have to specify one for it to be outputted?22:46
hyperairmake-kpkg blah > log?22:46
billybigrigger_CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd -append-to-version=-billybigrigger kernel_image kernel_headers kernel_source > make.log22:48
billybigrigger_does that look right?22:48
Sarvatt_you probably want to call it billybigrigger2 because you already have a billybigrigger and use >whatever.log 2>&122:53
Sarvatt_do it in screen and control+a d the tail -f whatever.log to watch it :)22:53
billybigrigger_tailing it now22:54
billybigrigger_and have it named billy-07.1222:54
billybigrigger_thanks though22:55
* billybigrigger_ crosses fingers :P some more v4l2 stuff updated today22:55
billybigrigger_Sarvatt, you till convinced its udev and usb problems though?22:58
billybigrigger_drivers/net/wireless/wl3501_cs.c:384: note: ‘tmp’ was declared here23:18
billybigrigger_make[1]: *** [drivers] Error 223:19
billybigrigger_:( still wireless driver errors, i didn't include any wirelss modules though23:19

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