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Paddy_NIHello big guys and gals :) http://www.theonion.com/content/node/2838200:31
Paddy_NIwrong channel00:31
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ftaBUGabundo, encoding looks weird01:41
ftaBUGabundo, http://identi.ca/notice/634052601:41
BUGabundofta: nope! its just like that01:41
BUGabundoits called punycode01:41
BUGabundosome one decided to do µshort urls :)01:42
ftai call that garbage, that's just unrecognized unicode characters01:42
ftajust finished watching enterprise, the series ending was disappointing :P01:44
* asac returned being drunk01:45
asacgood night i guess ;)01:45
BUGabundoasac: go to bed01:45
BUGabundowe don't want drunk ppl here01:45
BUGabundothere are enough bugs already01:46
BUGabundohumm typos already?01:46
BUGabundothis is going to be fun01:46
asaci cannot even type, so its probaby better ;)01:46
asachehe .. yeah, this is genuine mistyping01:46
BUGabundoI should follow you too01:46
asaccu tomorrow01:46
BUGabundono 'cu' please. its ass in PT01:46
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rippsSince some of the mozilla packages here use mercurial, I wanted to know if anybody using the latest version in Karmic has been having trouble getting `hg pull` to work.06:40
* micahg doesn't build the packages and doesn't use karmic yet, sorry06:42
rippsException AttributeError: "'httprepository' object has no attribute 'urlopener'" in <bound method httprepository.__del__ of <mercurial.httprepo.httprepository object at 0xb7e1a12c>> ignored06:43
micahgripps: have you tried multiple repos yet?06:48
micahgmaybe that repo is undergoing maintenance06:49
rippsmicahg: you might be right. I've tried to got bitbucket.com using my browser, and it doesn't work.06:55
EruditeHermitfta: hi08:06
EruditeHermitfta: I was interested in your o3d builds if you get back09:05
asachappy sunday folks10:33
asacEruditeHermit: you have it installed, or want to try o3d?10:34
asacEruditeHermit: if you are looking for the sources:10:34
asacdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-webtech/o3d-daily/ubuntu karmic main10:34
asacdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-webtech/o3d-daily/ubuntu karmic main10:34
asacit doesnt work for me10:34
asacbut thats because of driver issues10:35
bmhmhi every111:00
bmhmwhen I install 3.5 from repositories, I always get a sigfault. Any ideas? Or is this a known issue?11:00
asacbmhm: do you have lots of extensions installed?11:04
bmhmasac, yes. But I cannot even start with -safe-mode11:04
asacbmhm: does it help if you move your $HOME/.mozilla to some backup directory before starting?11:04
bmhmI'll try11:05
asac(e.g. start with fresh profile)11:05
bmhmasac, http://nopaste.info/ad553662a6.html11:07
asacbmhm: yeah. that one is known11:07
asacits a bug in X i think. but i couldnt track that down yet11:07
asacsome folks see it11:07
asacsome dont11:07
bmhmI see. I'm on amd64 if that matters.11:07
asacbmhm: is usually works better if you start it with --sync11:08
asacbmhm: yeah. i see it on i386 too11:08
bmhm--sync won't help. A pity :-(11:08
asacbmhm: do you use desktop effects?11:09
bmhmyes I do11:09
asacmaybe disabling them helps?11:09
bmhmI'll try11:09
asac(just to narrow this further down)11:09
bmhmsure, I'd love to help where I can11:10
asaci think i even saw it on this system - which never had desktop effect; but it happens less frequently here than on my compiz system for sure11:10
bmhmasac, I just saw a window popping up, but still ending in a segfault11:10
bmhmI have an idea11:10
bmhmmaybe it's my gnome globalmenu11:10
asacbmhm: segfault?11:10
bmhmsegfault => segmentation fault11:11
asacoh i see that you get a segfault on second run11:11
asaconly saw the x window error11:11
asacbmhm: which driver are you using?11:11
asacfta: which wifi driver are you using on NC10?11:18
bmhmwell I found the solution11:18
asac12:11 < asac> bmhm: which driver are you using?11:18
bmhmthe problem is indeed gnome globalmenu11:18
asacwhat is that globalmenu?11:18
bmhma mac-like menu as gnome panel applet11:19
asaci think the X error is less likely to happen if you just started X11:19
bmhmI never saw it again11:19
asacbmhm: so now it starts?11:19
bmhmI just had to disable the gnome globalmenu applet11:20
asacbmhm: and you changed nothing else?11:20
asacbmhm: can you do some stress tests and start firefox like 50 times ;)?11:20
bmhmfor sure11:20
asacmaybe also use other X apps a bitheavily before11:20
bmhmasac, the issue might be known. I remember there was a fix for firefox11:20
asacbmhm: how do i instlal the globalmenu?11:20
bmhmand ff3.5 has another name11:20
bmhmasac, there is a repository. Just a mo'11:21
asacah its not in the main archive?11:21
bmhmno :(11:21
asacthe fix for firefox, or the globalmenu thing ;)?11:21
bmhmwell the fix was for global menu ;-)11:22
asacany pointers to the firefox fix would be great11:22
bmhmit's about XULs behaviour i think11:22
asacalso please give me the repo so i can poke it a bit11:22
bmhmok wait just a second11:22
bmhmI was just recovering my profile11:23
bmhmasac, if you speak german here is a howto I wrote: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/GNOME_Globalmenu11:23
bmhmif you don't just fetch the launchpad URLs ;-)11:23
asacbmhm: oh11:24
asacdoes that thing rip out the menus from the apps?11:24
bmhmyes exactly - all but firefox because of xul11:24
bmhmso there was a crash with firefox 3.0 also, if I recall correctly11:25
bmhmthey fixed it by adding firefox' name to a static "do-not-touch"-list11:25
asaci did something similar at some point ;)11:25
bmhmand 3.5's name is not firefox11:25
asacok i see11:26
asacbut the idea was to remove toolbars and menus11:28
asacfor full-screen wms for small/touch screens11:28
bmhmasac, that's my desktop how it looked like http://mampfit.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/globalmenu-nautilus.png11:29
bmhmI don't use the macish theme any more11:29
asacbmhm: i cannot find "firefox" anywhere in the upstream source11:31
bmhmasac, I'm not exactly sure how they fixed it. I just know they did some kind of workaround. I will check out their bugtracker11:32
bmhmfirefox 3.5 feels good. Great work!11:33
asacbmhm: thanks. if you have pointers to the patch they landed as a workaround that would be great11:34
bmhmThey patched globalmenu, not firefox11:34
bmhmasac, I just found a bug related to the crash: http://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/issues/detail?id=371&can=1&q=firefox%20crash11:36
asacso if you remove flash + nspluginwrapper does it work again?11:37
bmhmI won't try :D11:38
asacwhy not?11:38
bmhmyes I will11:38
asacgood ;)11:38
bmhmjust give me a second11:38
asaci dont think its the bug you are seeing. at least i didnt see the  output from that bug11:38
bmhmok I am just starting ff11:40
bmhmit totaly messed up all my settings11:41
bmhmI need to re-login11:41
asac2ok changed my nick as i changed the system11:42
bmhmI get a segfault11:45
bmhmI'm just looking for another location of my flash plugin11:46
bmhmbut I'm pretty sure it's globalmenu11:46
bmhmasac, removing flash won't help11:49
BUGabundoolá e bom dia12:06
BUGabundofta: would this work for you ? http://twitfactory.com/12:07
BUGabundo standalone twitter/identi.ca client12:07
bmhmYo no hablo español. :)12:07
BUGabundo cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) standalone application based on Mozilla xulrunner.12:07
* BUGabundo slaps bmhm!12:08
BUGabundothat was *NOT* Spanish12:08
bmhmbut something similar? portuguese?12:08
bmhmWow, Tracemonkey rocks!12:11
asac2fta still not happy with gwibber now? ;)12:18
micahgasac2: can you look at bug 39814312:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398143 in firefox-3.5 "Very low volume for Flash videos on Firefox 3.5" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39814312:26
micahgI think it's just a setting in his audio controls12:26
asac2micahg: thats a question12:43
asac2not a bug12:43
asac2so i would push the "convert to question button"12:44
micahg ok12:44
micahgI take it you concur it's a settings issue12:44
asac2pretty sure ... or something else.12:44
asac2its a question until its a proper bug ;)12:44
micahgasac2: is mozilla planning on keeping with the once a month approx security releases for 3.5?12:49
asac2i haven't heard about any change in that regard ... but i should probably check the security mailing list mbox again ;)12:49
micahgI'm just wondering when to poke you about the ubufox pulling in ff3.0 on jaunty12:50
micahgyou said you wouldn't make a special release for it12:50
micahgso the next security release makes sense12:50
micahgoh, asac2, can you look at bug 39812112:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398121 in firefox-3.5 "firefox-3.5-gnome-support failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39812112:55
micahgI installed the package without issue after I saw the bug12:55
micahgI updated teh description with the error from the log12:55
asac2thats probably a bug12:57
asac2please set to triaged with priority high and assign to me12:57
micahgI think I already had the file12:57
micahgwill do12:57
micahgasac2: if it's assigned, shouldn't it be in progress?12:57
asac2in progress means that i started to work on it ;)12:58
asac2but some might disagree12:58
asac2its a personal thing how to organize your task list12:58
asac2i cannot look at "triaged" bugs to pick something because there are too many ;)12:59
asac2so assigning brings them in my short list ;)12:59
micahgthe status wiki page says in progress must be assigned, not the other way around...so you're preference is fine with me :)12:59
asac2well for ffox 3.5 its not a problem yet i guess12:59
asac2but if its assigned i also get the bugmail ;)13:00
micahgdon't you get the bugmail anyways?13:00
asac2i get all yes13:00
asac2but i dont read everything13:00
micahgdoes it flag it differently if you're assigned?13:01
asac2yes my procmail rule moves it to my main inbox13:02
micahgthat works13:02
asac2assigned goes to inbox; subscribed to a high-prio mailbox; the rest somewhere else13:03
micahgI haven't subscribed to all mozilla bugs yet13:03
micahgIt's hard enough for me to keep up with what I triage :)13:03
asac2subscribed == direct subscriptions13:03
asac2better dont subscribe to everything13:04
asac2you are already working really hard13:04
asac2at some point it becomes inefficient13:04
asac2if you are subscribed to firefox-3.0 its already more than most can handle13:04
micahgi'm not subscribed to all ff3.013:04
micahgjust what I triage13:04
micahgI watch for new bugs though13:04
asac2i guess thats smarter ;)13:04
micahgI guess I'm missing if something old gets flagged master or metabug13:05
asac2yeah. i wanted to make my procmail rule to also move NEW bugmails to a special folder13:05
asac2at some point i read everything13:06
micahgI jsut started filtering by newest first, but it's hard because you can't select multiple pacakges13:06
asac2but i failed to spot some important bugs because i didnt spend enough time on each bug13:06
micahgI have 3 different tabs open, one fore each ff pacakge13:06
micahgyeah, that's gotta be hard13:06
asac2so i stopped doing that ;)13:07
micahgyeah, the mozilla team is in charge of so many package13:08
micahgI wanted to ask you, about firefox extensions13:08
micahgis the ff extensions project in lp used?13:08
asac2yeah. we need someone to drive it ;)13:09
asac2ff extension project is used13:09
micahgmaybe one day...13:09
asac2all bzr branches are supposed to go there13:09
micahgI moved a bug there13:09
micahgbut I didn't know if anyone used it13:09
micahgthere was a request for pacakging13:09
asac2the idea was that the mozilla-extensions-dev team and the ubuntu-mozillasquad watch the firefox-extensions bugs13:09
asac2but i guess they are not13:09
asac2but for packaging requests its the right project13:10
asac2i think we even have that documented on the wiki as the preferred procedure13:10
asac2fta: so we need to shuffle how we do the plugin/extension stuff a bit13:18
asac2(and searchplugins)13:18
asac2like, dont ship searchplugins in the firefox main packages13:19
asac2because they are shared amongst different versions13:19
micahgwe ran into that problem with ff3.513:20
micahgit's still an issue AFAIK13:20
micahgbug 38348413:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383484 in firefox-3.5 "search engine plugins missing in firefox-3.5 packages" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38348413:21
* micahg really needs sleep13:22
asac2micahg: you are _still_ awake? go to bed man ;)13:22
asac2sleep well13:22
bmhmstill awake?13:26
bmhmit's 14pm :D13:26
bmhm2 pm13:26
bmhmasac, do you have any idea what can be done about global menu which crashes firefox?14:13
bmhmthe mozilla dev team doesn't want to fix anything related to this14:14
asac2bmhm: micahg is in US14:23
bmhmI know - haven't you seen my smiley?14:23
asac2ok ;)14:23
bmhmYou know that I'm european by how I wrote the time: 14 o'clock :-)14:23
asac2bmhm: do you know how this global menu is done; it wasnt obvious for me on first glance14:24
asac2e.g. its a gtk-module as it seems14:24
bmhmit's a module, yes.14:24
bmhmloaded as panel applet14:24
asac2does the process itself render the menu?14:24
asac2or does it use Plug/Socket and the menu gets displayed by some other process?14:24
bmhmcan't tell you right now - i got it disabled and I am about to leave for rowing14:24
asac2have fun14:25
bmhmMaybe it's best to file a bug somewhere14:25
bmhmI can test this for you, if you like and have the time.14:25
asac2yeah. i guess that should be done in global menu to get first evaluation. does code.google allow to subscribe someone to bugs?14:25
asac2if so, please file a bug upstream and subscribe me: asac@jwsdot.com14:25
bmhmyes definitely14:25
bmhmthere is already a bug, but development stopped14:26
bmhmthey're looking for devs14:26
asac2stopped == maintainer is unrespnsive?14:26
asac2yeah. but maybe there is someone who has time to at least give us an idea whats wrong ;)=14:26
bmhmgood point. If that fails, I got one on jabber14:27
asac2anyway, we should file abug upstream14:27
asac2even if its just us discussing there for now ;)14:27
bmhmI will link it to launchpad, if there is some valuable response14:27
bmhmgot to go. see y'all and thanks so far! Very kind of you!14:28
asac2remember to subscribe me upstream14:28
asac2i dont read launchpad bugmail so much14:28
bmhmI did take a note14:28
asac2too much ;)14:28
asac2have fun14:28
bmhmyou're welcome14:28
bmhmc u later14:29
ericjungis "apt-get install firefox-3.5" a valid means to install firefox 3.5 on jaunty? i did this, restarted firefox, but firefox still shows 3.0.11 in Help->About15:00
andrew_sayersericjung: You should have a "Shiretoko" menu item, which runs 3.5.15:33
andrew_sayersAnd that fact should be mentioned on HUC :)15:33
ericjungandrew_sayers: indeed there is one, and i didn't see it. thanks15:57
ericjungandrew_sayers: but i've already screwed up my /usr/bin/firefox symlinks so now it no longer works15:57
andrew_sayersericjung: firefox should link to firefox-3.0, firefox-3.0 should link to ../lib/firefox-3.0.11/firefox.sh.  If it's broken any worse than that, reinstall the firefox package.15:59
andrew_sayersIf it's broken any worse than that, it's a support issue, and needs to go to a different channel.16:00
BUGabundofta: seems my tab probs with FF were some change with FF code and TMP16:42
BUGabundoI've reported it to TMP16:42
bluekujaasac, hi18:01
bluekujaasac, any news?18:02
BUGabundohey bluekuja18:02
bluekujahi :)18:02
bluekujahow is your weekend going?18:02
BUGabundohad a great lug yesterday, and today am at friends house chating18:06
BUGabundoyou ?18:06
bluekujajust went home from the sea18:07
bluekujagonna go to gf's house soon18:07
swtaarrsis there a way to get official 64-bit builds of firefox 3.5 (not shiretoko), either from an apt repository or directly from mozilla?19:38
BUGabundoswtaarrs: ours are oficial19:39
BUGabundowhy wouldn't they be ?19:40
swtaarrsBUGabundo: well I meant branded as firefox instead of shiretoko19:41
swtaarrssince that confuses some extensions and websites19:42
BUGabundoaddons should not be confused by it19:42
BUGabundoand websites, they are the bugs, if not checking for the proper signature19:42
swtaarrsI know that the real problem is with those websites, but regardless of all that, is there a way to get a 64-bit build branded as firefox?19:43
BUGabundoif you are so fanatic about it, get the one from mozilla site19:44
BUGabundokarmic will have a branded version soon19:44
swtaarrsI can only find 32 bit versions on the mozilla site, is there someone special I can look?19:45
BUGabundono idea19:46
BUGabundoI'm just an user19:46
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