Picifyi, I've kicked f00dn00b before for trolling the channel00:37
Picioh, they're on the same host, how lovely.00:38
PiciI was just about to ban as well.00:40
Picity jrib 00:40
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bazhangbt page is not resolving; weird01:32
Picier, I'm going to throw this out here before I send off this email to our mailing list:02:25
bazhangseems that other domains are not resolving as well so nvm02:26
PiciWe're thinking about replacing the bantracker with a more robust web ui that could also track open issues.  Concequently, I've registered an LP project with the aim to collect ideas for what features such a system should have.02:27
PiciSo, go ahead, file some blueprints :)02:29
DepressedI hav a question03:35
bazhangDepressed, hi03:36
bazhangwhat is your question03:36
Depressedwho can i get hilander to unban me from not-math even when i did nothing wrong03:37
bazhangDepressed, that has nothing to do with Ubuntu ; PM the operator in question03:38
Depressedsorry just i didnt do anything wrong03:38
bazhangDepressed, this channel is for ubuntu channel issues only03:38
PiciDepressed: #ubuntu-ops does not run that channel03:38
naliothDepressed: we have nothing to do with that channel03:38
bazhangDepressed, absent any ubuntu channel issues, please don't idle here03:41
bazhang!idle | Depressed 03:48
ubottuDepressed: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.03:48
Depressedkk srry03:48
elkyFlannel, ^03:59
Seeker`thats shadowwolf again isn't it04:08
Seeker`I thought you were going to watch your "siblings" on IRC04:08
Seeker`why do we keep on getting "Depressed" joining -ops asking for either a chat or non ubuntu-related channels?04:10
shadowwolfim not sure.... when?04:11
Seeker`35 mins ago04:11
Seeker`yesterday about 7am BST04:11
Seeker`(6am UTC)04:12
shadowwolfim allowing him to come on to talk to you right now04:13
shadowwolfhe just asked me if he could talk to you04:14
Seeker`I am going to say the same to both of you; You have claimed responsibility for the actions of the people joining from your IP address04:14
Seeker`and its getting a bit tedious now04:14
shadowwolfso... what now?04:17
Seeker`basically, make sure they behave, or someone on the ops team will04:17
shadowwolf? what do you mean by that?04:17
Seeker`the ban will be reinstated04:18
Seeker`on the IP address04:18
shadowwolfbtw... i found out you can exempt nicks for bans04:18
Seeker`which gives a nice way round the ban for people04:20
shadowwolftrue... but still they dont know about that04:21
Seeker`doesn't matter04:21
shadowwolfi understand04:22
shadowwolfsry for the trouble and ty04:22
Seeker`everyone else ok with that?04:23
ubottuScunizi called the ops in #ubuntu (CSS_Guru he's trolling, off topic and argumentative)06:08
Madpilotsilly quasi-troll06:09
Madpilotshall apply the "more than enough rope" rule06:10
naliothwatching 3 of 'em right now06:11
MadpilotScunizi, can we help you with something?06:12
ScuniziMadpilot: just wondering if you're watching the trolls in #ubuntu.. they're getting rather annoying and bateing others pretty well.06:13
naliothScunizi: no, we're completely ignoring them06:13
naliothskating . . 06:14
naliothno, wer'e not watching anything06:16
naliothcss_guru is in #kubuntu now06:18
Madpilotlucky them06:18
Madpilothis last vaguely-on-topic post was to do with Kubuntu, though...06:18
* nalioth smells mutton06:22
ubottuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu (Meaghedelic)06:59
naliothlot of troll activity07:00
MadpilotSaturday night, what else is there to do? :)07:02
nalioththey're interupting my telly07:05
naliothDo not click the following URL07:13
nalioth*DO NOT CLICK* EXAMPLE ONLY * 1247378007 00:53 < DickCheney> [R]: Can you test? http://ncane.com/s4m2  *DO NOT CLICK*07:13
naliothDO not click the preceding URL07:13
naliothyou guys need to watch out for that pattern07:13
naliothcould be any nick07:13
ikoniaPici: just a quicky, I don't say wubi is bad, I say I don't rate the conept so I don't support it, but the point is taken08:48
bazhangokay to ask the would be wep crackers to take it to #aircrack ?09:05
ikoniadon't see why not09:06
naliothit's not on topic for freenode09:06
bazhangodd that there would be that channel09:06
ikonianalioth: how is #aircrack-ng allowed then ?09:06
naliothsame reason any other software project is here09:07
ikoniaso discussion on using it is not allowed, but discussion on developing it is09:07
naliothbut asking how to assault someone with a shovel doesn't mean the tool is "evil"09:07
bazhangthanks for the clarification09:08
bazhangon another note, wrt to the bt2 blueprint, wondering if being able to add comments from irc clients would be a possible feature (don't want to add any silly comments a la some things on brainstorm)09:09
jussi01bazhang: definately possible, in fact desirable for me. kind of similar to out mark feature now09:17
bazhangjussi01, okay, thanks :)09:18
bazhangtigerstyle is maniheer10:04
bazhangTigerSty@5ac79ad6.bb.sky.com  maniheer@5ac79ad6.bb.sky.com10:06
Flannelbt2? bantracker?  Can't you already add comments?10:29
ikoniayou're awake late Flannel 10:29
Flannelikonia: I just got home!10:30
ikoniaFlannel: check the bluebrint see what's being proposed10:30
Flanneland, it's only 23010:30
ikonianot read it yet 10:30
ikoniaFlannel: ahhh , my timezone is way off then10:30
FlannelI was under the impression we already could10:30
ubottu(comment <id> [<comment>]) -- Reads or adds the <comment> for the ban with <id>, use @bansearch to find the id of a ban10:30
Flannelyeah, comment.10:30
Flanneljussi01, bazhang ^^10:38
jussi01oh yeah, I forgot about that10:38
ikoniajussi01: your in, I thought you where away on holiday today? 10:38
jussi01ikonia: I was, but we got rained out, and our ¤12,90 tent... well it didnt like the rain too much :P10:39
ikoniaha ha ha, sorry shouldn't laugh, I assume you had a nice time overall though10:39
bazhangFlannel, thanks, overlooked that10:42
ikonia@MARK '11:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:05
bazhangI just did11:05
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-offtopic TheFunkbomb again with attitude11:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:05
Amaranthikonia: thanks, was just about to do that11:09
ikoniaAmaranth: for the record the reason I asked that conversation to stop as thefunkbomb has a history of pushing/hassling women11:10
Amaranthikonia: It wasn't appropriate anyway11:11
ikoniaagreed, making the comment for the record11:11
jussi01ikonia: ping11:19
jussi01ikonia: pm11:19
ikoniayeah yeah11:19
ubottuedbian called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:15
Myrttiis markie- known troublemaker?18:51
Myrtti@bansearch markie-18:51
ubottuNo matches found for markie-!n=y@ianto.ch in any channel18:51
* Myrtti raises an eyebrow18:53
Myrttihm, my trolldar bleeps18:54
mneptokMyrtti: 12:30 [Freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from ToXBoT: xchat 2.8.5 Windows 5.1 [i686/1.86GHz]19:30
mneptoknot necessairly bad, but not necessarily XChat/Win, either.19:30
ubottuIn ubottu, goose said: (Auto) This is an autoreply to your PM. If you're asking me to join your channel, for network support, or for some similar and annoying reason, don't expect a reply. That's what we have network channels for, and I'll be more than happy to help you there. If you're a friend, sorry about this automsg, getting waaay too much PM spam lately.19:37
Myrttioh christ19:37
Myrttii hate irc i hate irc i hate irc i hate irc i hate irc19:39
Seeker`goose: how can we help you?19:40
mneptokgoose: care to try responding to Myrtti again?19:40
mneptokgoose: this time you might want to avoid the "shove it" sentiments19:40
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»19:41
mneptokthis rule applies to everyone. you are not being singled out.19:41
goosereally? because I see lots of nick changes in there, and I don't see anyone else being highlighted19:42
goosenot to second that I wasn't nick flooding, but changing my nick after being away at my grandfather's funeral19:42
mneptokand sometimes the police don;t catch every burglar. that doesn't make burglary legal.19:42
mneptokwe prefer the Socratic method of "logos" to "pathos."19:43
goosewell I'll be sure to start pointing them out to you guys, then. sorry the 4 letter nick change caused the entire channel to come to a crashing halt19:43
FlannelBe hard to point them out when you're banned I imagine.19:44
mneptoki wonder if he'd like new nails for his cross.19:44
mneptokFlannel: details, details.19:44
mneptokmaybe he'll start grepping archival logs ...19:45
Seeker`what? to let us know about people that have nick changed in the past?19:45
MyrttiI've got almost two weeks vacation now, taking that into account and the fact about the only thing that keeps me online on IRC these days is the fact I feel it as a necessity to my work as the overseer of Finnish Summercode, I'll disconnect from IRC until my vacation ends. I might be back earlier, but will return most probably at latest on 24th.19:46
Seeker`enjoy your vaction19:47
Myrttifeel free to poke me on facebook/twitter/identica/email if an emergency arises. I'll be offline for the latter part of next week though, I'm traveling to northeast Savo area for cousins wedding so I'll not be available then in general19:48
mneptokMyrtti: hyvää matkaa!19:49
Myrttimneptok: thanks :-)19:49
poopdeckHey guys20:29
Seeker`how can we help you?20:31
Seeker`poopdeck: ?20:33
poopdeckJust wondering why my nikon suddenly can't download pics to ubuntu 9.0420:35
poopdeckIt worked in 8.04 last night20:35
Seeker`this isn't a support channel20:35
poopdeckoops sorry hehe thanks20:35
poopdeckIt just came here automatically when I installed xchat20:36
Seeker`poopdeck: you wont be able to join #ubuntu (the support channel) because of your ident20:36
poopdeckOh ok...the nick or the software ident thing?20:36
Seeker` poopdeck (eatmyarseknuckle) > (n=fuck@c-98-202-36-79.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-ops20:37
poopdeckoh ok hehe thanks20:37
poopdeckI'll have to change that20:37
Seeker`your real name isn't particularly nice20:37
poopdeckI'll have to logout then...see ya20:37
poopdeckHey guys20:39
Seeker`you haven't changed the "fuck" part yet20:39
poopdeckOops ok thanks20:39
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Seeker`!nickspam | Ursinha 20:49
ubottuUrsinha: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »20:49
Ursinhasorry Seeker` 20:50
ubottusoreau called the ops in #ubuntu (ScHauFFy)20:56

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