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Speedy059xsudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop and installed VNC - But when I log into the server all I get is a command prompt and a black/white background. Has anyone ever run into this?00:09
ScottKSpeedy059x: Your on Hardy?00:10
ScottKOK.  Well for Jaunty, just use kubuntu-desktop.00:10
Speedy059xI did00:10
Speedy059xsudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop00:10
Speedy059xthen I install vnc00:10
Speedy059xI tried installing kubuntu separate from KDE as well00:11
Speedy059xstill the same strange results00:11
ScottKNote the difference between what I said to use and what you said you used.  I doubt it makes a difference, but it's a place to start.00:11
Speedy059xI think it's the same, but regardless I tried both when I installed kubuntu-desktop and kde separatel00:11
ScottKI've never tried VNC, so no idea if it works.00:13
Speedy059xfirst time as well...CentOS it's easy to install but i'm not to familiar with Ubuntu00:14
Speedy059xI thought Ubuntu was more GUI like that CentOS, thought it would be easier ;)00:14
Speedy059xthan centos*00:14
ScottKNot servers.00:15
ScottKWe do have ebox for GUI like server management, but no real GUI (by design).00:15
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox00:17
jaredsteri might try ebox00:33
jaredsteris it easy to install?00:33
jaredsterand can I install it over ssh?00:33
jaredsterwhat do you think Nafallo00:58
Nafallojaredster: I've never used ebox00:58
fenix_brthe time to run the command smbldap-populate, shows the error "failed to add entry: objectClass: value #4 invalid per syntax at /usr/sbin/smbldap-populate line 499, <GEN1> line 87."01:45
quizmedoes anybody know why only one vhost would work ?  the 2nd, 3rd and vhost conf files are being ignored.01:46
Speedy059xWhen I install kubuntu-desktop with VNCServer....I login via vnc and all I see is command prompt terminal and all black/white and a big X for a cursor..any ideas?01:50
fbc-mxHow can I limit my apache server resources?02:00
fenix_brplease help me I could adois days trying to solve an error "failed to add entry: objectClass: value #4 invalid per syntax at /usr/sbin/smbldap-populate line 499, <GEN1> line 87." the time to run the command smbldap-populate02:02
fbc-mxMy ubuntu server on weekends(heavy loads) ocasionally locks up. How can I limit the apache resources? Right now in my apache.conf I have 2 servers with 1000 connections. Should I try trimming it down to 500 connections?02:03
matttfbc-mx: what's your MaxClients set to?02:07
fbc-mxmattt, can't tell right now cuz my machine won't respond to ssh in this state. I've already emailed the host provider to reboot my machine.02:08
fbc-mxmattt, waiting for it to come back on line.02:08
matttfbc-mx: ok ... limit MaxClients, and if you're using MySQL limit max_connections02:08
matttfbc-mx: setting these too high can cause problems like this02:09
fbc-mxok, so I can control resources by controlling both of those parameters.. kewl... can't wait to start optimizing the server.02:09
fbc-mxmattt, I also have to see find out if joomla uses one DB connection per user or uses only one connection.02:10
matttfbc-mx: for some stock standard mysql optimizations, have a look at http://mysqltuner.pl/mysqltuner.pl02:10
matttfbc-mx: not sure, i guess that's if PHP is configured to permit persistent connections?02:11
fenix_branyone has idea? about the error that I am having difficulty02:11
fbc-mxfenix_br,  your samba is configured to pull from an ldap database.. I'm not too familiar with that setup.. I usually do everything from within the smb.conf file.02:13
fbc-mxfenix_br, the few times I've had to do somethign like that I've used ebox... its free and easy to manage samba shares with an ldap database. It creates it all for you..02:14
fbc-mxfenix_br, sudo apt-get install ebox (in case your interested)02:15
fbc-mxfenix_br, has modular plugins for just about everything.02:16
fbc-mxmattt, thanks. this script looks awesome... I'm gonna give it a go when my server comes back up.02:17
fenix_brfbc-mx: I try very much for your help!02:18
fbc-mxfenix_br, no prob.02:19
fenix_brfbc-mx: tranks02:20
fbc-mxfenix_br, obrigado! (I think that means your welcome. Not sure hehe)02:21
quizmeare all computers made in 2009 64 bit ?02:38
fbc-mxquizme, well most budget pc's and laptops aren't. No netbook class machines are either.02:45
quentusrexcan someone give me a hand with openldap and tls certs?03:27
quentusrexI have generated my certs, and it fails.03:27
quentusrexI have generated testing certs, and it works03:27
quentusrexit seems to have the problem with the cacert03:27
quentusrexDoes anyone know why openldap was compiled against gnutls rather than openssl???04:13
quentusrexgnutls can't read some of my openssl generated certs :(04:13
ScottKquentusrex: Usually it's for license reasons.04:14
quentusrexbut openssl is already distributed.04:14
quizmefbc-mx k thanks04:14
fbc-mxquizme, np :-)04:15
quentusrexI have generated a 4096 CA key for signing all of my server keys, and gnutls can't handle it...04:15
ScottKThe usual problem is that the openssl isn't GPL compatible so GPL software can't link against it without a special exception.04:15
ScottKI don't know for sure if that's the case here, but that's the usual reason.04:16
quentusrexScottK any idea how to check to see if gnutls can handle the certs?04:23
ScottKNope.  Sorry.  I'd guess review their documentation.04:24
fbc-mxmattt, still there?04:42
fbc-mxmattt, Here is the pastebin.. http://pastebin.ca/149228004:44
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fbc-mxanyone know of an apache tuning script?05:39
robertr994I'm running 8.04 64bit  on a AMD64 with 4 gigs ram  error log here http://www.kwtfstudio.com/1/error   Running apache , php5 and mysql.  locks up when Im not on the machine05:46
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fbc-mxrobertr994,  I have the same problem... it even stops responding to ssh?06:10
fbc-mxrobertr994, got what you need.06:10
robertr994I may have stumbled on the issue,  hibernation06:10
fbc-mxrobertr994, use this script to optimze youy mysql usage http://mysqltuner.pl/mysqltuner.pl06:11
fbc-mxrobertr994, hib on a server??06:11
fbc-mxrobertr994, my issue was that I had really heavy usage.. I mean like close to 1000 simultaneous users...06:11
robertr994my traffic isnt that high06:12
fbc-mxrobertr994,  if you don't have than, then yes, your prob might be hibernation.06:12
robertr994has to do with the screensaver,  when I go back to the desktop06:12
robertr994drops at that time06:13
fbc-mxrobertr994, your running a gui on your server??06:13
robertr994running a shoutcast server06:13
robertr994and website06:13
robertr994thats all06:14
fbc-mxrobertr994,  shoutcast server should need a client connected to it full time...06:14
robertr994no special programs, I dont even browse the net06:14
robertr994its connected full time06:14
fbc-mxrobertr994, you might want to do a ALT-CTL-F1 and login and type "sudo service gdm stop" see it the server dies after that. if it doesn't then it's an issue with your gui.06:15
robertr994ok I'll try that06:17
fbc-mxrobertr994, as far as the gui is concerned. I guess you should go to preferences>>power managmenet and set everything to NEVER.06:17
robertr994I did that a few minutes ago06:18
robertr994Im new to linux,  been using windows servers for yrs06:18
robertr994got pissed at windows tuesday morning and installed 8.0406:19
robertr994love the way this machine runs on it06:19
robertr994ALT-CTL-F1  I'll try after this radio show is over06:20
fbc-mxrobertr994, a rough way to disale hibernation could be to rename /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh to something else then "touch /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh"06:20
fbc-mxrobertr994, to create an empty file. Definitely not an elegant way to do it though.06:21
fbc-mxrobertr994, good luck!06:21
robertr994this runs great as long as Im on it  lol06:22
fbc-mxrobertr994,  here's another more elegant way of doing it through the gconf editor http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44022506:22
fbc-mxrobertr994, you may not have to reboot with that last solution... just log out and log back in, but I would reboot anyways to remove all doubt.06:23
robertr994ok cool,  thanks06:24
robertr994have a great weekend06:26
fbc-mxrobertr994, No prob.. How that helps you out. I know how stressing it can be to have a server acting up.06:26
fbc-mxOMG, I might have actually helped someone..06:27
* fbc-mx pats himself on the back!06:28
jon_high9000I have a question regarding to ubuntu-server ubuntu 9.04.06:28
fbc-mxjon_high9000, OK hit me with it..06:28
jon_high9000fbx-mx: I installed the server portion tonight mainly to setup a mail server. i am a newbie. way i setup the desktop and server  they are on separate partitions.06:30
fbc-mxjon_high9000,  why would you do somethign like that for?06:31
fbc-mxjon_high9000, You can add a gui to the server version if you really wanted to. All you had to do once you had the server version installed was type "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" and it would have done it for you.06:33
jon_high9000fbc-mx: Purpose of the mail server is to retrieve mail from my gmail account using fetchmail dovecot and possibly postfix. main use is mainly for retrieval of email.06:33
fbc-mxjon_high9000, yes but you can't be running both versions at the same time.. you'd either have to boot up as a server or as a desktop version.. If you did that then the server would never be up for the desktop version to retrieve the email from it. Kinda defeating the assumed putpose.06:34
jon_high9000fbc-mx: i read somewhere you can use the sudo -s command and assign the same password using passwd06:36
fbc-mxjon_high9000, I'd back up any data and reinstall it just as a server.. and add the gui so that you can get around it.06:37
jon_high9000fbc-mx: this is to add the server to the desktop06:37
jon_high9000fbc-mx: ok06:37
fbc-mxjon_high9000, yes you can sync the password files from one partition to the other, I still don't get the functionality.06:38
fbc-mxIf you want the best of both worlds as in a server with a gui.. just reinstall it as a server, then add the gui..06:38
fbc-mxjon_high9000, I mean, if you really get used to using the command-line like you really should to control and manage a server, you can remove the ubuntu-desktop package and run an autoremove, and I think it might clean the gui off the server for you.06:39
jon_high9000fbc-mx: as i said earlier, i`m a newbie. just starting out. getting my feet wet as it were.06:41
jon_high9000fbc-mx: been tinkering around trying to setup fetchmail to retrieve my email on gmail06:43
fbc-mxjon_high9000,  They make pretty good books on ubuntu. I was a linux newbie but only a year ago, then I read a bunch on linux and ubuntu books.06:43
jon_high9000fbc-mx that was on ubuntu-desktop however06:44
fbc-mxjon_high9000, why wouldn't you want to retrieve your email with say Thunderbird for example06:44
fbc-mxjon_high9000,  you could put your server in the DMZ of your router and setup DDNS and have gmail forward your mail to your ddns user@ddns-domain.com.06:46
jon_high9000i could. but i get a lot of email and i want to find a faster way to retrieve my mail. mainly so i don`t get cut off by gmail when downloading my email.06:46
fbc-mxjon_high9000, might save you alot of trouble and having to learn to configure dovecot, fetchmail at such an advanced level. You'd only need to learn how to create a mailbox and configure ddns and your router. Much easier that learing to configure mail and mail packages, that's for sure.06:48
jon_high9000fbc-mx: i have a wireless router. wireless part (non-functional)06:48
jon_high9000with ubuntu i mean06:48
fbc-mxjon_high9000, nothing wrong with that. As long as your internet provider assigns a public ip to your router you can pass it along to your machine and program it to act as a full fledged mail server.06:49
fbc-mxjon_high9000,  almost 1am here in Mexico City. A little past my bed time. I hope someone else in the channel can pick up where I left off.  Good luck.06:52
jon_high9000no prob. thanks for your hlep06:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monit07:13
ByronCan someone help me with the configuration of monit. I want to make sure that I will receive the alerts if something should happen on the server.07:13
ByronI've followed the directions and I disabled SSH. Within 2 minutes, monit had restarted ssh. I just want to be sure I'll get the notifications.07:14
ubottumail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailinglists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com07:51
achew22I've set up KVM on a ubuntu 8.10 server and on connecting to it with my laptop (ubuntu 9.04) it won't let me do paraviartulization (sp?) or let me install from a network source. I don't mind not having paravirt but I would like to be able to install by pulling iso's over the internet. Does anyone have any idea how to enable that?08:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #398366 in openldap (main) "Certs generated with TinyCA2 and openssl cause errors in openldap and gnutls" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39836614:30
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_rubenhmm .. got a really strange issue with encrypted homedir on my server .. if im not logged in, i cant log in using my key (cant find it apparently) .. when im logged in, and my home is mounted, it does find my key15:09
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me identify the problem, i just followed this tutorial on setting up bind9 but it wont startup, http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts-p4, under heading DNS server?15:11
_rubenwhat do the logs say?15:11
Pirate_Hunterwhere would i find the log15:13
_rubenin /var/log .. most likely /var/log/daemon.log15:14
Pirate_Hunter_ruben,  its is syslog goign to put it in pastbin15:14
Pirate_Hunterits all absed on that tut yet why it doesnt work i dont know15:16
Pirate_Hunterany ideas?15:17
Pirate_Hunteranyone here care to help me with my problem15:24
TeLLuSPirate_Hunter: Fix owner or chmod. named[6110]: none:0: open: /etc/bind/named.conf: permission denied15:26
Pirate_HunterTeLLuS, thanx for the reply what would the ownership be i.e. chomd bind9 6610 (as it is how i named)15:28
Pirate_HunterTeLLuS, sorry i dont get how to go about changing/fixing the ownership through cli, how would i go about doing so15:36
Pirate_Hunterwhat ownership does it need15:36
mobi-sheepIf it's in /etc/  It should be owned by root.  My guess.15:38
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: What does "sudo ls -l /etc/bind/named.conf" say?15:40
Pirate_Hunter-rw-r--r-- 1 bind bind 907 2009-01-08 01:28 /etc/bind/named.conf15:41
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, -rw-r--r-- 1 bind bind 907 2009-01-08 01:28 /etc/bind/named.conf15:42
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Try "sudo chown root:root /etc/bind/named.conf"  (I never messed around with server stuffs before).15:44
Pirate_Hunternot sure but based on this tutorial, http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts-p4, i think bind9 isnt supposed to run as root but unprivildge to the user running it, if thats the case would i just choose the users i want it to run as because root would be automatic. grrr this was supposed to make setting a server easy15:46
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: sudo ls -l /etc/bind/* --> Bunch of files owned by bind bind?15:46
Pirate_Hunteryeah they are are all owned by bind:bind maybe i should create that group and add myself in it that could work15:48
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, i just followed the tut the way they wrote it didnt think bind:bind an actual group that they might have will try making it15:49
mobi-sheep"groups" will display the groups you're in.15:49
mobi-sheepJust because the site have "how to" in the name does not necessarily mean they know how to.15:51
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, yah but i wouldve expect that they would mention something i have just added root and my user to that bind group which already existed will see how things go now15:55
Pirate_Huntergrrrrr this was supposed to be an easy to follow tut15:55
mobi-sheepGonna avoid HowToForge now? :)15:57
mobi-sheepWell.  Good luck either way.15:59
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, hahahaha yeah for sure, i would advise it, still it wont start im in that group yet permission is still denied hmmmm15:59
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Try root.16:00
mobi-sheepYou can change back to bind:bind later.16:00
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, yah will do so will mess with this might break it even more grrrr16:00
mobi-sheepThe nice people here probably are giggling at the moment.16:00
Pirate_Hunteryah most likely except why the **** is /etc/bind freaking root:root when it is a symlink I dont get how things like that can happen16:03
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, done well that was a new experience, not one much enjoyed no wonder most stay with the desktop16:12
mobi-sheepWhat did you do to resolve it?16:12
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Servers -- Not something that everybody would need.  Home server is a nice bonus though.16:12
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, the permission is now correct just need to find out why it isn't working i bet if i was using desktop this woulve been quick still will pay-off in the end, I hope 0.o'16:14
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Desktop == No GUI.  And you increase your l33t points.16:14
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: I used XBMC on my home server though.  Ridiculously awesome.16:15
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, at this point forget the l33t points just want to get it working :/ and XBMC?16:16
mobi-sheepI'll get you a  clip.16:16
Pirate_Hunterill still be here for a while16:16
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter:  Site --> http://xbmc.org/   Video --> http://tinyurl.com/nj88vo.  I built it from minimal disc.   Not using it on Desktop (Although you can).  Hooked up to 46" TV + Sound via HDMI.16:19
Pirate_Hunterwell break time i guess will check it out now16:20
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, vedo dont work16:20
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Flash?16:20
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Well.  Gotta go.  Shower.16:22
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, yeah got it working apparmor was the cause of it not me and my server newbness just plain dumb apparmor16:56
mobi-sheep!info apparmor17:07
ubottuapparmor (source: apparmor): User-space parser utility for AppArmor. In component main, is standard. Version 2.3+1289-0ubuntu14 (jaunty), package size 317 kB, installed size 2112 kB17:07
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: Ahh I see.17:08
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: "AppArmor proactively protects the system from security threats, both internal and external. It enforce the applications to only be able to access resources aimed to be accessed by the application. In this way the system is protected to both known and unknown threats.17:08
mobi-sheepFor each application we want to protect or increase the security around, a security profile is created. The profile describes what files or devices the application is allowed to read, write and/or execute.'17:08
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, yeah but its a pain in the neck when it makes things not work that should work, however, i do understand how useful it might be17:09
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KillMeNow[A]i've never gotten apparmor to work properly18:34
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howiewhen i log into my server it gives me load avg and # of system process and #users ect.. is there a cmd to show that at will?20:21
J_5howie: try the command top20:24
howiethat works but its there a way to get just whats at the top not all the pid users20:25
howielooking for just this :System load: 0.0                Memory usage: 12%   Processes:       129 Usage of /:  0.7% of 219.58GB   Swap usage:   0%    Users logged in: 120:27
J_5I think you can with top, not sure of the command tho20:30
howieok cool i just man it20:31
J_5try man top. That give you the information on top and what you can do with it20:31
J_5or, it slow now. Maybe someone will come along and tell us in a while20:31
J_5it's *20:32
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billybigrigger_can someone give me a another option for apache log analysis22:01
billybigrigger_im using webalizer and awstats22:01
billybigrigger_both just don't seem to want to keep my stats combined22:02
billybigrigger_i've had this server for almost a month now and webalizer only keeps logs for a few days22:02
billybigrigger_and awstats is now skipping weeks of logs22:02
Pirate_Hunterwhats the the package called for compiling stuff in ubuntu22:10
KillMeNowIf i recall, there is a new opensource project called "OpenXchange" that does web analytics22:13
KillMeNowotherwise use google analytics22:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #398582 in apache2 (main) "Makefiles included with apache2-prefork-dev can't properly install modules created with apxs2 -g" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39858223:35
gletobI can't get the Ubuntu server cd to boot23:47
gletobI see the message where it looks for the boot record on CDROM but it says not found23:48
KillMeNowgletob:  either you got a coaster for a CD rom, or the cd rom you have in the server doesn't like burned CD's cause it's old23:49
gletobKillMeNow, It let me boot from a burned XP cd23:50
gletobKillMeNow, and the SHA1SUM matches on the ISO23:51
KillMeNowgletob:  Try burning another one from the ISO you downloaded, but in my experience either the CD you have now is a coaster or the CDRom doesn't like the one you have23:53
gletobKillMeNow, Ok after 20 times turning the PC on and off it's booting from the cd23:53
KillMeNowstrange, but woot23:53
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gletobIt's an old crotchety computer.23:53
gletobAMD K6 333 Mhz23:54
gletobATI 3D RAGE IIc with 4mb SDRAM23:54
gletob160 MB of DDR? I guess23:54
gletobhad windows 9823:55
gletobso far so good23:55
gletobI have a choose language screen!23:55
billybigrigger_9.04 server?23:57

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