dieresysHello everyone. I've been using Karmic and I would like to know if it is useful to report bugs at this instance of the roadmap.00:19
charlie-tca__yes, please do00:20
charlie-tca__Normally, I give it one to two days to see if they get fixed, then report them00:21
charlie-tca__Devs won't fix the bugs they don't know about, though00:21
dieresyscharlie-tca__: thanks! I was afraid to "flood" Launchpad with know bugs that are been fixed upstream.00:23
charlie-tca__They are still syncing some of upstream, so it may happen yet. Usually weekends are slow here for answers, but a bug report will get attention the easiest way.00:24
charlie-tca__If you know it is fixed upstream, you can tell that in the bug report.00:24
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