NikpikHi - is there anybody here to whom I can point out some PHP source being printed on the Ubuntu website?20:23
NikpikIt's at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download-netbook20:24
SiDiNikpik: whats the problem exactly ? :/20:25
SiDiok i see20:26
SiDinewz2000: EMERGENCY !20:26
SiDiThe kitten is dying !20:26
Nikpiksave the kittens20:27
SiDiEveryone's away.20:32
knomekill the kittens!20:33
* SiDi throws 2 angry kittens at knome20:33
* knome shoots the kittens with a pistol20:34
* SiDi throws a very angry mutant tiget at knome20:34
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=== FireSim is now known as GreySim

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