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Sarvattmy psmouse issues have regressed to where i need to rmmod psmouse and modprobe it again every boot now :(02:28
Sarvatthmm, had to use windows for a bit there and that portable ubuntu that runs a colinux kernel and xming xserver with hardy on top of it in windows is pretty darn interesting.. I dont like how Xming is charging for windows xserver/mesa updates though07:46
Sarvattwas funny being able to run linux firefox side by side with the windows one and seeing just how bad windows font rendering is :D07:46
RAOFNo hinting FTW.07:48
Sarvatti like full hinting!07:49
Sarvatthave to read up more on how that all works, outside of not having accelerated GL it was pretty much full speed and no different than running stuff natively07:55
Sarvattah i guess the xserver license does allow charging for binaries after all07:57
RAOFSarvatt: Yup.  The X server license is a "do whatever" onee.08:05
jcristauSarvatt: every free software license allows charging for binaries :)09:53
SarvattI was up in the air about downloading said binaries obtained from someone who purchased them :)09:56
Sarvattwow... xbmc packaging is sketchy.. this is going to take some work updating11:15
Sarvatt_darn, lost brightness keys on this laptop with nvidia too.. wheres devicekit-backlight at? :)11:31
crevettehi there11:35
crevettedoes someone have blackflash in its display in karmic? I have a intel chip11:36
crevetteI suspect a gpm problem11:36
Sarvatt_i'm so confused, they're building ffmpeg in xbmc without cmov support and not including most codecs in it, and its installing it into /usr/local/ in the build scripts...11:44
Sarvatt_what do you mean blackflash crevette?11:45
Sarvatt_screen darken when you hold down backspace?11:45
crevettesarvatt, my display becomes black a ten of second or so11:45
Sarvatt_could it just be the compiz visual bell?11:45
crevettein a random manner11:46
crevetteI'm just use metacity11:46
Sarvatt_do you have visual bell enabled for metacity?11:46
Sarvatt_ahh ok11:47
Sarvatt_i said /apps/general/metacity in gconf-editor but it started with a / :D11:47
crevetteI think I should launch a dbus-monitor and log all11:47
Sarvatt_does the screen blank until you do something even when its not idle? or its just a random black screen that goes away on its own?11:48
crevettethe latter11:48
Sarvatt_thats really odd, havent seen or heard of anything like that11:48
crevetteand sometimes after this "black flash" the backlight value is reset to a darker value11:49
Sarvatt_nothing you can think of that triggers it? pressing a certain key or something?11:50
Sarvatt_only plugged in or on battery too?11:50
crevettehmmm, in both cases it happens11:57
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hyperairSarvatt_: http://paste2.org/p/320240 <-- does this ring any bells? =\20:36
hyperairbasically X crashes after google earth is closed.20:37
hyperairwhile clicking on some icons in gnome do20:37
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Sarvatt_looks like we need to update x11-xserver-utils whenever we bump xserver to 1.6.2 -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/39449022:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 394490 in xorg-server "xrandr: Configure crtc 0 invalid time" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:42
Duke`__I see that xorg-edgers is now providing pm-utils23:14
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