jribPirate_Hunter: « man screen », then press: /scrollback mode<enter>n00:00
blzOut_Cold:  i haven't had any issues00:00
f00dn00bso is linux ubuntu just called ubuntu then?00:00
jlarocheOttifantSir - yes. Didn't work00:00
coleysf00dn00b: Yes.00:00
Visualanteanyone know why ATi drivers don't support 1680x1050?00:00
VCooliofwaokda: look for how to disable usplash (shouldn't be too difficult, it breaks easily;)00:00
syslq78f00dn00b, tehnicaly linux is not operating system it's just a kernel. "just"00:00
MystaMaxquestion, I'm currently running 8.10, and I'm about to use clonezilla to image my /home partition, and migrate to a new hard drive. I'll be installing 9.04 on the new drive. What happens to my permissions?00:00
blzf00dn00b:  ubuntu is one "flavor" of linux00:00
glitsj16safruhani: i suggest checking both your /etc/mpd.conf settins and the output of launching mpd from a terminal window to see any warnings or errors00:00
coleysf00dn00b: Linux is the general term, and then there is... distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, gentoo, etc...00:00
Out_Coldi was going to try it... but the klvm doesn't support it yet..00:00
jribOut_Cold: I lost data on a conversion, does that count!?00:00
blzso to speak00:00
fwaokdaVCoolio, breaks?00:00
Out_Coldjrib, that would be an issue lol00:00
coleysf00dn00b: Windows is the general, then there is... Vista, Xp, 2000, etc.00:00
jribOut_Cold: backups of course :)00:00
safruhaniglitsj16: thanks i'm gonna do that00:00
OttifantSirhornets: The one I know of is a third-party app for the screenlets package. But that's a lot of eye-candy if you just want an app to show bandwidth.00:01
Out_Coldjrib, i lost all my data during a backup lol00:01
Out_Coldon resiserfs though00:01
foul_owldoes anyone know how to fix grub error 2 without fiddling with the BIOS?00:01
jribOut_Cold: erm, you must have a terrible backup policy :)00:01
f00dn00bbut following that philosophy, shouldn't the windows line just be called "xp, 2003, vista" rather than having windows at the beginning?00:01
VCooliofwaokda: I mean, I tried to change themes for it and got the text because it was little difficult to set up; but you get the hang of it; it doesn't really 'break' things00:01
blzI'm having trouble installing samba-common at the command line.  Here are the errors I'm getting... can anyone help?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/215855/00:01
OttifantSirOut_Cold: Been running it for a few months on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with no problems.00:01
Out_Coldjrib... implementing a new one lmao00:01
blzf00dn00b:  windows is completely different00:01
syslq78coleys, not really true, since you are talking different kernel versions, you have 50 distros all runing same kernel....00:01
hornetsOttifantSir: i know screenlets00:01
f00dn00bblz: but they're both operation systems00:01
blzf00dn00b:  but saying linux in lieu of ubuntu is like saying "NT Kernel" instead of windows00:01
safruhaniglitsj16: before, i move /etc/init.d/mpd to somewhere, than i get it back, may it be happen becaouse of that?00:02
coleyssyslq78: Being completely... easy to understand =P00:02
hornetsbut yes, too much of an eye candy.00:02
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blzf00dn00b:  well mopeds and cars are both motor vehicles...00:02
coleyssyslq78: Not in the mood to explain kernels=P00:02
blzbut good luck comparin htem00:02
mcr_cairo dock also has a bandwidth monitor add on00:02
f00dn00bblz: so i should call it windows nt kernel vista?00:02
fwaokdaVCoolio, I just would like it to boot up without images... so it would load its stuff and show that and then ask for a login/password without going to the ubuntu login gui thing either00:02
jribf00dn00b: people say "ubuntu", "ubuntu linux" and "ubuntu gnu/linux" but they all refer to the same thing00:02
hornetsI'm searching for something running as a service.00:02
glitsj16safruhani: very likely so yes, without that it won't daemonize00:02
blzf00n00b:  no it's windows vista.  this is ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope00:02
usr13f00dn00b: f00dn00b How about MS for short?00:02
f00dn00bi hate it when people say gnu/linux00:02
f00dn00bits really annoying00:02
blzVista runs the NT kernel00:02
blackest_knightblz: do what it says copy samba.conf00:02
Andorinf00dn00b: It's the proper name for Linux.00:02
SkapareI'm sure there is a package that can put music on an iPod shuffle (1G) ... anyone know what package can do that?00:02
blzUbuntu runs the Linux kernel00:03
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f00dn00bAndorin: no it isn't. it's richard stam00:03
hornetsOttifantSir: anyway.. what's the software to use with screenlets?00:03
syslq78f00dn00b, windows it's not so much different, if you stick to linux you'll get shitloads of general knowledge that will help you in all areas of IT, since it does not hide details, linux I mean.00:03
coleysf00dn00b: Why..? gnu/linux = Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope =P00:03
Out_Coldi went to go copy from the CLI with Ctrl + c00:03
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VCooliofwaokda: also no gdm then, that's more complicated. Don't know that, never had the slightest intention of doing that00:03
Out_Coldwhile i was dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sageworks/root00:03
f00dn00bAndorin: * no it isn't. it's richard stallmans retarded name for it00:03
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Andorinf00dn00b: The GNU project's official name for the operating system is GNU/Linux.00:03
syslq78coleys, yeah, I know :), you could spent years discussing that stuff and never get anywhere00:03
MaT-dgAndorin: how do you see that? in the network preferences?00:03
jefincSkapare: I use gtkpod00:03
coleyssyslq78: exactly =P00:04
f00dn00bAndorin: since when was the Gnu project in charge of linux, eh?00:04
AndorinMaT-dg: No, I have Deluge test the active port.00:04
blzblackest_knight:  oh damn  I should read more carefully.  lol thanks00:04
* Andorin sighs @ f00dn00b00:04
usr13f00dn00b: gnu/Linux is accurate, shouldn't be annoying.  But we could call it opensource or opensource software and be just as accurate.00:04
Skaparejefinc: OK, I'll look for that one, thanks00:04
treetopjanyone know why my wireless on ubuntu if as good as it is in windows00:04
fwaokdaVCoolio, k ty00:04
hornetsOttifantSir: well.. i need something with command line. lol00:04
f00dn00bit isn't accurate00:04
hornetsi dont have X on my server box.00:05
usr13f00dn00b: Why not?00:05
f00dn00bit is a judgement based on "lines of code"00:05
drekiis there a program that will mount CD images in the mds/mdf fromat for ubuntu?00:05
coleysf00dn00b: It really is. =P00:05
OttifantSirhornets: No software apart from Screenlets itself. It's in the repos actually. Latest version even. Though the team behind it are now working on Universal Applets: Applets that integrate with Avant Window Navigator. NetMonitor is the one I'm talking about. You have to go to www.screenlets.org and look for it in Third-Party Apps. The version you want is 0.8.00:05
LjLit's offtopic, too00:05
blackest_knightblz:  np00:05
hornetshum ok :/00:05
syslq78f00dn00b, it's not retarted it means GNU NOT UNIX since linux and unix have completely different bacground implementation but look and feel the same since they both adhere to posix standard (portable operating system) which defines utilities needed, system calls etc to look&feel the same00:05
MaT-dgAndorin: yes, that's what I meant. I have tested it here (with my current router, not the linksys) and when I forwarded the port deluge noticed it right away so the problem is with the router00:05
blzf00dn00b:  it's the code's legal licence...00:05
syslq78treetopj, what's with wireless?00:05
f00dn00bfollowing the same philosophy, we could call windows "microsoft/windows/oemcrapware vista"00:05
coleyshornets: there also is SuperKaramba =) But its kde.00:05
coleyshornets: Or Conky...00:05
OttifantSirhornets: I can see what I find in Synaptic, but I don't know one off the top of my head.00:06
f00dn00bfine, go ahead and be rms's little sheep00:06
usr13f00dn00b: This discussion is OT00:06
blzf00dn00b:  there's nothing that it needs to be separated from though00:06
Andorinf00dn00b: You're done. Please. The people at the FSF and GNU project know more about Linux than you.00:06
f00dn00bit's foss - we can call it what we like00:06
blzthey see me trollin... they hatin...00:06
jribgnu/linux discussion ----> #ubuntu-offtopic please00:06
usr13don't feed the trolls00:06
treetopj<syslq78> brother i dont know it seems to pick my router up fine on my windows tower but in ubuntu is does not pick up very good at all00:06
f00dn00bit isn't offtopic - it is ubuntu related00:06
blzNot to mention at #ubuntu00:06
hornetscoleys: I need something in command line.00:06
VisualanteATi and Canonical fail00:06
jribf00dn00b: it's not ubuntu *support* related00:06
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic00:06
blackest_knightusr13:  i think ott00:06
coleyshornets: For...?00:06
syslq78treetopj, very good or at all?00:06
coleyshornets: tell me specifically what you need?00:06
syslq78treetopj, do you even see your router?00:07
hornetscoleys: to run in my ubuntu-server.00:07
hornetssomething to history my bandwitdth usage.00:07
MaT-dgAndorin: can you config your machine in the DMZ of the router?00:07
hornetsfrom internets.00:07
syslq78Ufff, my neck just broke :)00:07
AndorinMaT-dg: If I need to set DMZ, I can.00:07
treetopjvery good it will pick it up but if i walk by it it will drop it00:07
usr13f00dn00b: But you are not talking about Ubuntu.  If you have questions reguarding Ubuntu, you are welcome, but apparently you do not.00:07
Out_Coldi know more about linux than all of you!!!!!!00:07
coleyshornets: Still don't know what you want :p?00:07
hornetsto see how much bw i'm using.00:07
MaT-dgAndorin: yes, just for testing purpose00:07
Out_Coldwait.... what's a kernel?00:07
coleyshornets: oh00:07
syslq78treetopj, what driver are you using?00:07
coleyshornets: ntop00:07
f00dn00bso, can i run school days in "gnu/linux" *winces at having to say that* ubuntu?00:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntop00:07
hornetstoday i uploadex X and donwloaded Y00:07
dryfyrehey anyone know of a mac emulaor00:07
jefincf00dn00b: #linux stop trolling00:08
lstarnesf00dn00b: normally, we just call it ubuntu00:08
OttifantSirhornets: The first one that looks promising to me is iperf, but listen to other suggestion from people who know what they're talking about.00:08
coleyshornets: ntop00:08
Out_Coldf00dn00b, just try it instead of asking us about you trying it00:08
Visualanteanyone running an ATi card at 1680x1050?00:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about giver00:08
f00dn00bjefinc: ok - once you tell me what "trolling" is00:08
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel00:08
lstarnesf00dn00b: you might need to run it using wine though00:08
f00dn00boh thanks ubottu00:08
anom01yanyone here know an alternative to giver, or, how to use giver..00:08
hornetscoleys: ntop saves how much bw i'm using?00:08
hornetslike.. everyday00:08
syslq78treetopj, you could increase TX power of your wifi card, linux isnt really best at wireless but you can get it working with little effort but you'll need open source drivers for that00:08
jlarocheI'm running ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 on an eee pc (model 1000HE). After installing and removing (purging) a program (eeepc-acpi-utilities) my compiz / desktop effects / maybe my video drivers were broken.... can anyone help?00:08
jribf00dn00b: you already have the wine appdb page, and have also been pointed to vbox as an alternative00:08
syslq78Ah, he quit :\00:08
anom01yI see both computers in the giver program, but when I try sending a file to the other user, nothing happens00:08
coleyshornets: Yes, and I think you will be able to view it from an external browser. So you can view it from another location.00:09
f00dn00b!school days in wine or virtualbox00:09
AndorinMaT-dg: DMZ set.00:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:09
OttifantSirVisualante: I run an ATI Radeon HD 3450 in FullHD, but not 1680x105000:09
hornetsoh cool00:09
coleysAre you joking lol =P00:09
f00dn00b!school days run under wine or virtualbox00:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:09
LjLf00dn00b: how about you just stick to the channel's topic, which is technical support of Ubuntu00:09
LjL!botabuse | f00dn00b00:09
ubottuf00dn00b: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:09
MaT-dgAndorin: okay, let's see what deluge thinks about the port now00:09
hornetscoleys: ssh ftw.00:09
hornetsno browsing.00:09
usr13f00dn00b: Please quit it.00:09
f00dn00bthis is technical support: i'm trying to get a program running00:09
blzf00dn00b:  have you tried winehq for that info?  you might find it there00:09
coleyshornets: AmEN :)00:09
jribf00dn00b: what is your question?00:10
VisualanteOttifantSir: my Catalyst Control centre only goes up to 1600x1200, can i manually override this?00:10
thefedsWindows 7 is nice.00:10
usr13f00dn00b: no you are not.00:10
syslq78f00dn00b, which programm?00:10
thefedsWho has win7?00:10
f00dn00b"can i run school days (an 0verflow game) in ubuntu?00:10
treetopj<syslq78> see how i just timed out i dont know wtf is going on with it but i cant keep it connected00:10
coleys!ot > thefeds00:10
ubottuthefeds, please see my private message00:10
hornetscoleys: thanks dude.00:10
blzthefeds:  i do!00:10
jribf00dn00b: read my last response to you.00:10
hornetsand OttifantSir.00:10
syslq78treetopj, you could increase TX power of your wifi card, linux isnt really best at wireless but you can get it working with little effort but you'll need open source drivers for that00:10
coleyshornets: Np =) enjoy.00:10
hornetsfor your time.00:10
Hilikushow can i remove the available drives to mount that are on the left menu on nautilus?00:10
usr13f00dn00b: no00:10
Hilikusor remove some of them00:10
coleysHilikus: Right click, and choose HIDE?00:10
blzf00dn00b:  try looking it up in winehq00:10
afvquick question: at gnome how can i choose the default apps? i can't remember where is that option.. :s (want to set firefox-3.5 instead of firefox..)00:10
f00dn00bif not, why not? and is there a way to rectify that?00:10
treetopj<syslq78> i looked alittle for that but do you thin nk that is what it is ?00:10
jrib!defaultapp | afv00:10
ubottuafv: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.00:10
AndorinMaT-dg: Still registers as closed. Perhaps I should set my modem to DMZ as well?00:11
syslq78treetopj, I think it is, I had the same problem on my laptop00:11
f00dn00bwow wine's directx support is getting good! *ot*00:11
Hilikuscoleys: i don't see that option00:11
blackest_knightafv:  have you got ff3.5 working ?00:11
MaT-dgthefeds: I have the ISO and want to replace vista in my duall-boot setup, but I can't because windows will erase my bootloader... xD00:11
legend2440afv: system>preferences>preferred apps00:11
syslq78treetopj, now it's fine00:11
afvnot in nautilus but in "everything".. say at update manager, for example, to see the changelogs..00:11
treetopj<syslq78> can you direct me in the right direction so i dont wait more time than i have to please ;p00:11
treetopj<syslq78> id be really geatful00:11
afvthanks legend2440 :)00:11
glitsj16hornets: have you seen iftop yet? that shows bandwith usage info i believe00:11
afvblackest_knight, yes.. why?00:11
syslq78treetopj, what's your wireless NIC?00:12
mcr_Is it possible to turn off the URL catcher in xchat?00:12
blackest_knightafv:  i set up ff3.5 but i get 3.011 come up in the about so i figure i must have both00:12
coleysHilikus: do you want it to automount? or...00:12
OttifantSirVisualante: Catalyst is proprietary software, so you'll have to ask ATI for that, or someone else. I'm perfectly fine with mine. Which card is it? Good info to know as you move along.00:12
Hilikushow can i change the process icon for ff3.5. i changed it in the menus already00:12
afvbeen there and didn't find it :p00:12
Hilikuscoleys: in my laptop i have a recovery partition that i don't want to list there00:12
Visualanteit's a HD4850 card00:12
afvblackest_knight, you're not opening the 3.5 then..00:12
lstarnesmcr_: try /set auto_save_url OFF00:12
jlarocheI'm running ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 on an eee pc (model 1000HE). After installing and removing (purging) a program (eeepc-acpi-utilities) my compiz / desktop effects / maybe my video drivers were broken.... can anyone help?00:12
VisualanteOttifantSir: i don't really mind what software i use, but the open source ones were shit for me fo00:13
coleysHilikus: if it automounted to say /recovery it wouldn't be listed. Would that be acceptable?00:13
jlarochehow do I check if my video drivers are installed properly?00:13
blackest_knightafv:  thats what i thought any idea where the real 3.5 is00:13
glitsj16blackest_knight: try firefox-3.5 as start command00:13
Visualantejlaroche: can you see things on the screen?00:13
Visualante:D all systems are fine!00:13
MaT-dgAndorin: I don't think so, your modem just passes everything to the router... unless your modem has a built-in router00:13
f00dn00bi have a question: is it possible to get windows viruses in wine?00:13
jlarocheis that the "linux preferred method" ?00:13
jribf00dn00b: with some work, sure00:13
safruhaniglitsj16: update-rc.d -f mpd remove00:13
Hilikuscoleys: it's not even mounted unless i double click it, but i don't want to have that option there00:14
Visualantejlaroche: just kidding with you. i'm not sure to be honest00:14
safruhaniis it possible to change "remove" to "add" ?00:14
safruhaniglitsj16: ^^00:14
OttifantSirVisualante: This isn't so much about personal preference as the community's ability to help you. As it is proprietary software, it's closed-source, meaning it might not be possible to override the settings you already get. And again: What's your card?00:14
f00dn00bjrib: so is there anything i should watch out for?00:14
blackest_knightafv: thanks for that00:14
syslq78jlaroche, well glxgear should give you some usefull info00:14
erickhablar español00:14
afvblackest_knight, just run "firefox-3.5" from a terminal, for example00:14
AndorinMaT-dg: I could check.00:14
epicreviewshey everytime I start Ubuntu, I get the keyring login thing. Is there a way I can have it automatically log in?00:14
coleysHilikus: I know... =P Do you care if it was to be mounted automcatically?00:14
jribf00dn00b: ask #winehq, I don't know about that00:14
syslq78f00dn00b, no00:14
LjL!es | rick00:14
ubotturick: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:14
usr13Anyone have experience with a Acer Aspire AOA150-1635?00:14
LjL!es | erick00:14
ubottueplease see above00:14
VisualanteOttifantSir: it's a 4850 card.00:14
usr13Any advice?00:14
epicreviewshey everytime I start Ubuntu, I get the keyring login thing. Is there a way I can have it automatically log in?00:14
syslq78f00dn00b, wine is just an api translator and you can not endanger your linux system trough it00:14
Hilikuscoleys: no, i want the UI to be completly unaware of that partition00:14
f00dn00bhooray!!!! school days is running! wowee! in all its anime glory!00:15
glitsj16safruhani: i think it is added by default, so my guess is that woudn't work but no hurt in trying it00:15
AndorinMaT-dg: I don't think it does.00:15
MaT-dgAndorin: check the linsys status page and see what IP Adress you find there (pm it to me)00:15
Hilikuscoleys: if i mount it it's going to be mounted somewhere. mnt, media, etc00:15
jlarochesyslq78 - i guess I don't have glxgear installed... i get command not found00:15
anom01yhi, I have two computers with ubuntu installed to both, I need to transfer files from one to the other, how do I set up file sharing ?00:15
f00dn00bis it possible to play drmed media in ubuntu?00:15
theTroyany help please? how to access a desktop of a user in a terminal window (both users are on the same box)00:15
usr13Anyone have any experience installing on an Acer Aspire AOA150-1635?  Any pointers?00:15
epicreviewshey everytime I start Ubuntu, I get the keyring login thing. Is there a way I can have it automatically log in?00:16
Visualantef00dn00b: sure, i can't see why not.00:16
theTroynot SU, as it gives you cmd access, but actual video access00:16
Hilikusepicreviews: yes00:16
jlarocheso again, this should be a simple one - how do I check if my video drivers are installed properly?00:16
f00dn00bis there any way to "un-drm" media files?00:16
jefincanom01y: you need to install the samba packages00:16
blackest_knightanom01y:  can i suggest sshfs00:16
syslq78jlaroche, well if your compiz works in all it's glory they are :)00:16
pelmenepicreviews: just create an empty password for keyring00:16
Visualantef00dn00b: of course, most DRM can be broken00:17
binarymutanthow do I get nm-applet to stop trying to automatically connect to wifi when I login?00:17
jlarochewell they are not00:17
Raviousanyone know of a way to add a sub directory to the sysfs?00:17
f00dn00bis it legal to un-drm files?00:17
jribf00dn00b: ask your lawyer00:17
anom01yblackest_knight, do I need sshfs on the client or server or both ?00:17
Hilikusf00dn00b: i doubt it00:17
mcr_f00dn00b no, and this isnt an ubuntu problem, its a "buying drm infested files" problem00:18
Hilikusany idea how to remove icons like xchat from the top right menu? it's already in the task bar, i don't want to have it twice00:18
Hilikusalso the NM logo. this is a desktop and it's always connected00:18
blackest_knightsshfs works on any computer that is running ssh server ( if you have more than one pc you want that anyway sshfs can easily access any folder you have rights too it requires no advance configuration hense i have over a terabyte of storage on a netbook :)00:18
coleysHilikus: What partition is it, and what file system? Ill post in a sec what to do.00:18
jlarocheI'm running ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 on an eee pc (model 1000HE). After installing and removing (purging) a program (eeepc-acpi-utilities) my compiz / desktop effects / maybe my video drivers were broken.... can anyone help?00:19
Hilikuscoleys: it's fat3200:19
epicreviewshey everytime I start Ubuntu, I get the keyring login thing. Is there a way I can have it automatically log in?00:19
blackest_knightanom01y:  sshfs is run on the client open ssh server runs ons the server00:19
jlarochehow does one check if their video drivers are installed properly?00:19
Hilikusepicreviews: yes00:19
arflebarfleHi.  I am trying to figure out what is wrong with cheese or my kernel.  It seems that when I use Cheese to record video that the uvc video driver for my webcam fails after I close Cheese.  The next time I open Cheese the webcam driver has failed, so I see a test image.  How can I reset the uvc driver state?00:19
epicreviewsHilikus... how?00:19
pelmenepicreviews: yes00:19
Hilikusepicreviews: can't remember, let me check00:19
blackest_knightanom01y:  after years of getting fed up with samba shares and nfs sshfs is simply easy and secure00:20
Hilikusepicreviews: system/admin/login window00:20
glitsj16jlaroche: one way would be to read the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and check for warnings (lines starting with (WW) and/or errors (EE)00:20
arflebarfle-- Oh, and I know the webcam driver has a problem, because the dmesg lists a uvcvideo problem.  I think the webcam still works with skype usually, but for some reason Cheese makes the driver fail.00:20
epicreviewsno I'm talking about the keyring thing00:21
foul_owlcan ubuntu create and install to jffs2 out of the box?00:21
safruhaniglitsj16: so what will i do ?00:21
epicreviewsit brings up a keyring thing to connect to my wireless network00:21
Hilikusepicreviews: ooh after you login?00:21
dryfyrewill wine work with mac programs00:21
coleysHilikus: sudo gedit /etc/fstab add the following line '/dev/sda# /mnt/recovery cfat noauto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=007 0 2'00:21
arthur_question? i installed jaunty during instalation i checked no password required to log in option, is there a way to enable a user login now? so it takes user name and passwd to log in?00:21
safruhaniglitsj16: the web site u have given before not include about this situation00:21
OttifantSirVisualante: I googled your card and problem and found an archive-post in the forums that seems to deal with your problem. It's long, and it seems the first steps aren't correct, so read the entire thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-893937.html00:21
coleyssda# being the partion #, it might be sdb or something change accordinglty.00:21
Raviousanyone know of a way to add a directory to sysfs?00:21
Hilikuscoleys: why would i need an entry in fstab??00:21
Hilikusthat'll remove it from the menu?00:22
dryfyreany way i can work mac like i can with ubuntu w/ windows inside ubuntu00:22
coleysHilikus: its the noauto that will do its magic, it will be hidden from nautilus and not mounted due to noauto00:22
glitsj16safruhani: can you pastebin your /etc/mpd.conf and /etc/init.d/mpd somewhere? i can take a look, and so can others00:22
jschiffdryfyre: not legally00:22
f00dn00bmy x server just bastardised00:22
Hilikuscoleys: there must be a way to disable it without making it mountable in fstab00:22
jlarocheglitsj16 - i have a few WW's but no EE's00:22
hornetscoleys: DUDE00:22
hornetsthat app is teh shit.00:23
owen1i created a 2GB partition on my usb-drive and put ubuntu via usb-creator. when i reboot i see frozen black screen with blinking cursur. any clues?00:23
arthur_question? i installed jaunty during instalation i checked no password required to log in option, is there a way to enable a user login now? so it takes user name and passwd to log in?00:23
dryfyreoh well thats a bust00:23
syslq78f00dn00b, dunno, I dont have any problem with any of my ubuntu installations and there are several of them00:23
dryfyreyas thru users00:23
glitsj16jlaroche: than things look fine :) ... do you experience any quirks?00:23
the9a3eediHi. Am I the only one who seems to be getting a lot of totoally random X crashes? It's pretty annoying. I think it's either caused by firefox, or by compiz fusion, or perhaps a glitch?00:23
safruhaniglitsj16:  /etc/init.d/mpd  http://pastebin.com/f272c297800:23
f00dn00bi suppose thats what i get for upgrading to the development branch of karmic =S00:23
coleyshornets: Oh yeah =)?00:23
safruhaniglitsj16: /etc/mpd.conf  http://pastebin.com/f4d8796e300:23
mcr_or a memory problem00:23
jlarocheglitsj16 - I'm running ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 on an eee pc (model 1000HE). After installing and removing (purging) a program (eeepc-acpi-utilities) my compiz / desktop effects / maybe my video drivers were broken.... can anyone help?00:23
coleyshornets: Just what you were looking for?00:23
arflebarfleI gather that no one knows what is wrong with Cheese and uvcvideo, or how to reset the driver.  Do you know of a better program than Cheese that will record audio and video?00:23
glitsj16safruhani: okay, i'll take a look and report back00:23
blackest_knight anom01y example   sshfs me@ /home/me/sshfs/ (mounts the home folder of me on the remote system in home/me/sshfs  (this folder could be called anything just make sure its empty)00:23
jlarocheglitsj16 - my UNR GUI is running slow as molasses and my desktop effects are off (and won't let me turn them on)00:24
sadrisIs there anyway I can skip the Paritioning step in the Ubuntu installer? I have a special way that I want my XFS partition done and I had already done it ahead of time.00:24
glitsj16jlaroche: not familiar with netbook remix, but have you tried to reinstall eeepc-acpi-utilities yet?00:24
coleyssadris: Custome Partition. Is what you will want.00:24
anom01yblackest_knight, I have the server running (sshd), but I can't use sshfs.. I keep getting "missing host" when I use sshfs
coleyssadris: Custom Partitioning*00:25
arflebarflethe9a3eedi: I have heard of a lot of X crashes from others.  In recent times I have mostly been experiencing network problems, and now the webcam driver problem.00:25
dryfyreany way i can expand to two monitors00:25
jlarocheglitsj16 - yes... did that way before I groveled to IRC for help00:25
arthur_question? i installed jaunty during installation i checked no password required to log in option, is there a way to enable a user login now? so it takes user name and passwd to log in? ???00:25
arflebarflethe9a3eedi: what driver are you using with X.org?00:25
the9a3eediarflebarfle, official nvidia drivers00:25
VCoolioarthur_: system > administration > login window, there an option there to check00:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Mixer00:25
glitsj16jlaroche: only suggestion i have is to check launchpad for possible bugs on that --> bugs.launchpad.net00:26
darkhammhey people, i only want to know if for gnu/linux we have something like the remote control for the iphone, but for symbian and others....00:26
the9a3eediarflebarfle, speaking of network, I seem to have wierd wireless issues.. but I doubt it's the problem with X00:26
the9a3eediit just crashes totally randomly00:26
dryfyreany way to expand to two monitors00:26
foul_owlanyone know how to fix grub error 2?00:26
the9a3eediwell, seemingly randomly00:26
arflebarflethe9a3eedi: oh, well I am using nvidia hardware too, but I am using older nvidia hardware for the most part.  One machine is using a newer Ubuntu than the other though.  I avoid upgrading Ubuntu because every upgrade is like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.00:26
coleysglitsj16: Yes. =o00:26
coleysdarkhamm: Yes&00:26
sadriscoleys: I believe I am already using that; I set up the LVM and raid1 with the Manually Partition option in partman, for the XFS, I am going to another terminal and making the partition00:26
jlarocheglitsj16 - so basically, if a package breaks something essential in Ubuntu you basically just have to reinstall your entire OS?00:27
dryfyreis there a hackers irc channel00:27
coleyssadris: You need to specifiy the install locations from the installer. It is a mandatory step.00:27
blackest_knightanom01y:  you need your user name eg anom01y@ <-example mounting remote root /home/anom01y/myremoteroot/00:27
coleyssadris: Otherwise you are not specifiying where to install everything.00:27
watinoIf I dd an iso of a live cd  to a partition and flag it as boot, should it work?00:27
darkhammcoleys: tell me more00:27
coleysdarkhamm: Bluetooth? Infrared00:27
darkhammcoleys: bluetooth00:28
arflebarflethe9a3eedi: someone told me that the Intel video cards have better support, and the drivers are open source, but from what I have seen there are bugs there too, and the OpenGL support may not be as good for gaming or CAD in some cases.00:28
sXeChrisguys what is a good program for recording videos?00:28
coleysdarkhamm: Bluetooth is preinstalled if available on computer, so you have the icon in your system tray, and you can pair devices quite easily.00:28
safruhanithanks for your patience glitsj1600:29
Drekievery time i mount an ISO image every file on the image has ;1 behind it, anyone know why?00:29
blackest_knightsXeChris:  depends on the source00:29
coleyssXeChris: gtkRecordMyDesktop?00:29
the9a3eediarflebarfle, Intel drivers are probably the best out there from what I heard. Too bad their cards suck00:29
sXeChrisany other one?00:29
sXeChriscuz that one lags00:29
the9a3eediguess I really can't do much about this00:29
nellmathewhey guys i was wondering, is there a vm or something similar that allows me to run a virtual machine or install an operating system to a partition from within ubuntu (key: to a PARTITION, not to a "virtual disk")00:29
glitsj16safruhani: going to reply to your paste, please give me a few minutes, can i PM you on this?00:29
danbhfive!screencast | sXeChris00:29
coleyssXeChris: It depends on your graphics chipset, of course. =o00:29
ubottusXeChris: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:29
the9a3eedithough I also think it seems to crash when I open websites that use flash00:29
the9a3eedistupid flash :/00:30
darkhammcoleys: yes, all right, but what can i use on a phone like n70 nokia for the remote control?00:30
f00dn00bhas anyone has any serious x server issues in karmic alpha?00:30
lstarnesnellmathew: I know that kvm/qemu can.  I think virtualbox might be able to as well00:30
f00dn00bmine keeps dying every 10mins or so00:30
f00dn00breally annoying!00:30
arflebarflenellmathew: I think that qemu can do that.  I seem to recall it has the ability to directly access a partition, amongst the virtual disk image formats.00:30
coleysdarkhamm: does it have bluetooth?00:30
darkhammcoleys: yes,00:30
sudo_killall_troshutit f00dn00b00:30
coleys!bluetooth | darkhamm00:30
ubottudarkhamm: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup00:30
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:30
blackest_knightf00dn00b:  not that serious but i've had ffox crash and reset my desktop00:31
Drekievery time i mount an ISO image every file on the image has ;1 behind it, anyone know why?00:31
nellmathewlstarnes, arflebarfle: thanks! i'll check out qemu00:31
f00dn00blol same here00:31
jlarochecompiz broken - I have error messages I can share - please help00:31
danbhfive!karmic | f00dn00b00:31
ubottuf00dn00b: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:31
f00dn00bpretty much anything that can happen has happened to my x server lol!00:31
coleysDreki: How are you mounting it?00:31
f00dn00band dont worry i know what karmic is danbhfive lol!00:31
arflebarfleIs there a good way to restore the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace behavior in Ubuntu?  I would like the ability to restart X sometimes, and it seems that I lost that recently.00:31
coleysf00dn00b: doubt it.00:31
coleysarflebarfle: !dontzap00:32
f00dn00bi've been using it for the past few days00:32
coleys!dontzap | arflebarfle00:32
ubottuarflebarfle: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.00:32
f00dn00byes i know about dontzap00:32
Drekicoleys right click and open with archive mounter00:32
danbhfivef00dn00b: yeah, but you should bring it's discussion to #ubuntu+100:32
nmatrix9anyone know Fezie?00:32
OttifantSirjlaroche: in terminal, do "dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-intel" and see if you have that driver. I believe that's the correct one for your graphics card.00:32
f00dn00bi always disable dontzap cos its annoying not to be able to reset the x server00:32
sudo_killall_troshut up f00dn00b00:32
sudo_killall_troyou are a troll00:33
=== ^Einstei1 is now known as ^Einstein
sudo_killall_trof00dn00b is a troll!00:33
LjLcalm down00:33
arflebarflewhy was the support for Ctrl-Alt-Backspace removed from Ubuntu?00:33
LjLf00dn00b: karmic is for discussion in #ubuntu+1, not here00:33
jribarflebarfle: that was an xorg decision00:33
arflebarfleerr, I mean in the default install00:33
danbhfivef00dn00b: I think there is another x kill command: SysRq+k00:33
f00dn00bapparently, people used to commonly accidentally knock ctrlaltbs by mistake00:33
f00dn00bso it became disable by default00:34
darkhammcoleys: the ubuntu pages means articles for sony ericsson... nothing more?00:34
f00dn00bi know about srq+k, but c+a+bs is like second nature to me lol00:34
_Apple_can I get some help setting up dual monitors?00:34
Drekicoleys: any idea what ;1 at the end of a file means?00:34
blackest_knightarflebarfle:  probably to stop people instantly resetting desktop and crashing any apps running( and worse if using ext4)00:34
sudo_killall_trof00dn00b, you are trolling00:34
sudo_killall_troplease leave *at once*00:34
jribsudo_killall_tro: stop please00:35
coleysDreki: sudo mount file.iso /location/ -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop000:35
sudo_killall_trooh, sorry00:35
sudo_killall_trof00dn00b, i think we should continue this in /msg00:35
f00dn00bum... how about no...00:35
_Apple_Dual Monitor set up? any takers?00:36
epicreviewshow do I kill plasma/kde ?00:36
blackest_knightsudo_killall_tro:  your gettin too stressed for little reason.00:36
coleysdarkhamm: No if you have bluetooth it will work =P00:36
sudo_killall_troas if i am00:36
darkhammcoleys: oh great, i try00:36
sudo_killall_trostop being so o/o/o00:36
Drekicoleys thank you i will try that00:36
jribf00dn00b: it would be a shame if sudo_killall_tro got banned don't you think?00:36
sudo_killall_troi just said he was a troll00:37
f00dn00bi'm not a troll00:37
arthur_question? i installed jaunty during installation i checked no password required to log in option, is there a way to enable a user login now? i went to /system/admin/login window but not sure excatly to check? i see where i can enable automatic login for a user...help00:37
arflebarfleIf trolls have no one to speak to, and no one reacts, do they continue?00:37
sudo_killall_trofine, i'll stop00:37
coleysarthur_: Login Window > Security00:37
epicreviewshow do I go back to Gnome desktop? I accidentally started KDE00:37
f00dn00bi'm not a troll00:37
rskiepicreviews: logout00:37
coleysepicreviews: Log out, click Sessions > Gnome00:37
rskiepicreviews: and login00:37
coleysepicreviews: Then relogin.00:37
arflebarfleI have never in my life seen any good come from someone saying "don't feed the trolls" or calling someone a troll.00:37
owen1can i boot a live CD from a usb hard-drive? (not flash)00:38
halberdis there a guide for using ubuntu without the command line?  I want to set my mom up with ubuntu00:38
coleysowen1: Yes, unetbootin.00:38
coleys!unetbootin | owen100:38
ubottuowen1: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:38
halberdubuntu for nontechnical people00:38
stroyanDreki: The trailing ";1' is an iso9660 standard file version number.  It is normally suppressed by linux unless you mount the iso with a "map=off" option.00:38
rskihalberd: remove all shortcuts for firing up the terminal?00:38
owen1coleys: are u sure it support HARD DRIVES?00:38
arthur__i went to security tab but not sure wich option to check...00:38
coleysowen1: Yes.00:38
K99Brainarthur_, you are in the right place. disable automatic login if you want to be asked for the login pass00:38
afvarthur_, System > Administration > Users and Groups00:39
mzzhalberd: worked for me (although I do still do a bit of maintenance and tend to resort to the commandline for that because I'm used to it)00:39
BigJackHow do i change the "login:" prompt in sshd ?00:39
halberdlike for example, mounting an external hard disk00:39
blackest_knightarthur_ go to system admin login window and lok under the security tab00:39
halberdhow do you do that in ubuntu without the mnt command?00:39
mzzhalberd: connect hard disk, wait for it to automount :)00:39
coleysowen1: You can install unetbootin from command line if you have jaunty.00:39
halberdmzz it doesn't seem to have done so00:39
=== Paddy_NI_ is now known as Paddy_NI
coleysowen1: sudo apt-get install unetbootin00:39
peeingforlifeyo peeps wah gwan g?00:39
halberdmzz but it mounts fine with sudo mount /dev/sdc1 <destination>00:40
mzzhalberd: worked for me last time I tried it, although that wasn't an actual hard disk, it was flash storage (that *might* matter)00:40
marks256i have a terminal network setup. Is it possible to "pipe" program to other users?00:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cp00:40
trendwhen I do apt-get install ahtwever i get: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]00:40
mzzhalberd: also, there's a gui fstab editor that may be of use. I forgot the name, sorry.00:40
coleystrend: sudo apt-get update00:40
halberdmzz so it has to be in fstab?00:40
mzzhalberd: like I said: last time I plugged in an external drive it just mounted. Internal drives are a bit different.00:41
Raydiationis there a way to find mp3s with missing id3 tags?00:41
Raydiationlike no title?00:41
lstarnestrend: which version of ubuntu are you using?00:41
trendand it tells me to apt-get update.. which I do, but that errors out to w/: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php00:41
coleysRaydiation: Beagle?00:41
BigJackhalberd: you need to edit /etc/fstab00:41
mzzRaydiation: there are utilities for that, but I haven't used any of them recently, sorry.00:41
alexander_HEllo all!00:41
arflebarfleIf I want to reset the webcam driver to restore the working driver state, so that cheese works again, is there any potential problem with unplugging the USB cable, and plugging it back in?00:41
owen1coleys: the title say FromUSBStick not usb hard drive..00:41
alexander_I really love ubuntu!00:41
trendIstarnes how can I tell :/00:41
danbhfivetrend: that link was bad00:41
blackest_knighthalberd:  easiest way is add diskmounter to your top panel right click top panel and add diskmounter all other drives will show up on there and you can mount from there00:41
coleysowen1: It works for harddrives, it specifically has an option for harddrives. =o00:42
mzzhalberd: if you do need to edit fstab for some reason there's some gui thing out there to do it with, but that isn't actually much more convenient than opening it in your favorite editor running as root.00:42
lstarnestrend: lsb_release -r00:42
alexander_ubuntu!!! (L)00:42
marks256i have a terminal network setup. Is it possible to "pipe" program to other users? say if one user was running a program, could that user just pipe the program to another user?00:42
mzzhalberd: so if this really is an external drive you'll probably want to figure out why it's not automounting and fix that.00:42
Raydiationcoleys: thats not the same as tracker right?00:42
K99Braintrend, paste us the file /etc/apt/sources.list00:42
halberdmzz the thing is, that is not a problem for me00:42
coleysRaydiation: Beagle is search utility for gnome desktop00:42
halberdbut it might be a problem for my mom00:42
coleys!beagle | Raydiation00:42
ubottuRaydiation: Services to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)00:42
mzzmarks256: I'm pretty sure you could do that via a named pipe (or netcat if the users aren't on the same system)00:42
lstarnestrend: ubuntu 7.10 is no longer supported00:43
BigJackhalberd:  i just had to do this for a server i built with extra hds.  google "ubuntu mount hard drives on startup fstab" they'll tell you how to add lines for each drive00:43
lstarnestrend: change the mirror that you're using to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com and upgrade00:43
marks256mzz, how does that work? all users are on the same central server00:43
sadrisanyone know how i can specify custom format options to mkfs in the Ubuntu installer?00:43
halberdBigJack, I know how to do that00:43
trendoh, ok.. thanks!00:43
halberdbut it would intimidate my mom00:43
mzzmarks256: try "man mkfifo"00:43
BigJackoh..  just set up ssh for yourself00:43
K99Braintrend, ok, gutsy is NOT a LSB release and the support and security updates i think are finished00:44
blackest_knighthalberd: just add the diskmounter applet to the top panel00:44
K99Braintrend, upgrade to hardy, al least00:44
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FloodBot3imnotgayjustles: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
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lstarnesK99Brain: LTS, not LSB00:44
K99Brainlstarnes, LOL, sorry00:44
mzzmarks256: you create one of those, making sure the target user can read it and the source user can write it, then the source user runs their pipeline ending in "> thatnamedpipe" and the target user runs "< thatnamedpipe" into their end of the pipeline.00:44
mzzmarks256: I'd expect that to work, but it's not like I've done it recently.00:44
dhqi have a dell m1530 now i have 3 jacks which support 5.1 channel. the problem is i cant get kubuntu to work with i00:45
marks256mzz, woh that is confusing :) all these new terms :D00:45
K99Brainlstarnes, i was thinking to the lsb_release command, lol00:45
meoblast001my mom's computer is acting extremely weird.... after so long, her cursor won't click nor change states.... i reinstalled her system and it didn't fix it00:45
meoblast001any idea of what could be wrong?00:45
trendhow can I upgrade by the command line? edit http://pastebin.com/m65eb7a31 to what?00:45
owen1coleys: is it possible to install .iso into my usb hard drive? or do i have to burn a CD?00:45
lstarnesmeoblast001: sounds like a hardware problem00:45
mzzmarks256: they take a little getting used to, and they're not that useful if you're a single user and have a nonancient shell.00:45
Quatrokinghey there00:45
Hilikusmeoblast001: maybe the mouse?00:46
BigJacktry a new mouse00:46
coleysowen1: Unetbootin.00:46
marks256mzz, what exactly is a pipe? i just know the word. honestly i got this idea from the TV show 24... :$00:46
BigJackor check your memory?  that does weird stuff00:46
meoblast001Hilikus: no... because the cursor state doesn't actually change (wait, ready, resize)00:46
QuatrokingI've got a 64-bit CPU, but from Intel and not AMD. Do I need the 64-bit iso or the i386?00:46
Drekicoleys i tried what you said to mount that iso and got "/dev/loop: No such file or directory"00:46
coleysowen1: Unetbootin installs iso to usbs/harddrives, aswell as a bootloader for them, so at boot of your computer you will have the option to boot that device.00:46
rskiQuatroking: both work00:46
Hilikusmeoblast001: this is in ubuntu?00:46
meoblast001lstarnes: is there actually a specific piece of hardware dedicated to clicking and changing the mouse state?00:46
lstarnesQuatroking: use either00:46
meoblast001Hilikus: yes00:46
coleysDreki: sudo mount file.iso /location/ -t iso9660 -o ro,loop00:46
owen1coleys: ok. sudo unetbootin.  i'll try it now. btw, i have 2GB partition on my usb drive. it's FAT32. is it ok?00:46
mzzmarks256: a "pipe" or "pipeline" is a frequently used term for a sequence of two or more commands with output from one being input to the next00:46
Raviousanyone know how to add an empty directory to the sysfs?00:46
lstarnesmeoblast001: the button of the mouse itself has something to do with it00:47
bewarea pipe as i know it is a conceptual object which a data stream goes in on one end, and comes out at the other00:47
Quatrokingrski: so the AMD64 iso just works on intel cpu's too, as long as they're 64-bit?00:47
coleysowen1: Yes.00:47
meoblast001lstarnes: well.. it won't change states (ready, wait, resize)00:47
coleysQuatroking: Yes.00:47
rskiQuatroking: yes00:47
mzzmarks256: (so when you're using "|" in a shell command)00:47
QuatrokingThen the description is awfully confusing.00:47
coleysowen1: And the command is... sudo apt-get install unetbootin00:47
marks256mzz, oh ok...00:47
rskiQuatroking: report it as a bug then00:47
HilikusQuatroking: agree00:47
seeksSo, does anyone here use samba at all?00:47
mzzQuatroking: historical reasons.00:47
OttifantSirQuatroking: do as rski said.00:47
meoblast001Hilikus: lstarnes: i'm thinking about just downgrading her to 8.10, is there a chance that will work?00:47
coleysHilikus: Work for yeah :)?00:48
marks256mzz, i've only used the | command once or twice but i think i know how it works. basically it takes the output of one program and puts it into the input of another, right?00:48
lstarnesmeoblast001: possibly, but I;m not sure00:48
K99Braintrend, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades00:48
Raviousseeks: samba&nfs00:48
mzzQuatroking: I'm probably oversimplifying, but roughly it's intel adopting an architecture first used by amd in their athlon64 cpus.00:48
BigJackseeks: i use samba00:48
mzzQuatroking: (for extra confusion: intel has an older 64 bit architecture that's completely different)00:48
seeksRighto, well, I've got at a pretty simple question about it00:48
Hilikuscoleys: no, i don't really want to add an fstab for that. there must be a way to tell it to just ignore it00:48
mzzmarks256: yep00:48
seeksRegarding the "get" command, how do I use wildcards?00:48
danbhfivetrend: try: sudo do-release-upgrade00:48
majnooni usually just back up important stuffs and do a CLEAN install00:48
meoblast001ok.... i have a Hardy 64-bit live cd... i'l try that00:48
marks256mzz, sweet i'll look into mkfifo and play around with it :)00:48
seeksI've got some long, convoluted filenames, haha.00:49
coleysHilikus: there isn't in nautilus. Dolphin has the option to hide. (If you like KDE)00:49
bewareamd64 == em64t == the normal 64 bits architecture supported by modern i386 based PC's00:49
trenddanbhfive cool.. thanks!00:49
mzzmarks256: oh, and another option is to use sudo inside a regular pipeline.00:49
SHOOT3Ryou guys care to help me with this install of ubuntu? I'm getting an error message on install00:49
trendK99Brain thanks :)00:49
owen1coleys: i am doing it now. last time a tried (usb-creator) i got black frozen screen with blinking cursur..00:49
danbhfivetrend: let me know if it works00:49
beware(as opposed to ia64 which is an older architecture for some server CPU's)00:49
marks256mzz, and how is that done?00:49
coleysowen1: unetbootin is awesome, I expect sucess. =)00:49
mzzmarks256: but to do that you need root (or at least need to convince root to give you the necessary sudo privs)00:49
mzzmarks256: you know what sudo does?00:49
lstarnestrend: try http://pastebin.com/d1a9f609300:49
owen1coleys: btw, i've been told it's only working with live cd, so alternat-CD will not work.00:49
marks256mzz, lol yes :)00:49
Hilikuscoleys: well nautilus is getting the info that there is a device that can be mounted from somewhere, so maybe not nautilus but a system setting to hide that device as mountable00:50
lstarnestrend: after doing that, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:50
BigJackseeks: i'm a samba noob too. but if you're trying to access a path in command line use quotes ""  cd "/path/to file with spaces.whatever"00:50
=== dipplum_ is now known as dipplum
lstarnestrend: then you should be able to upgrade to 8.04 using sudo do-release-upgrade00:50
BigJackthat's all i can help with that00:50
_Apple_can some one please help me?00:50
coleysHilikus: If you search google, there is weird changes you can make.00:50
cobra-the-jokerhey there guys ...i have got 2 issues here with a laptop00:50
trendlstarnes cool.. i'm doing do-release-upgrade right now00:50
coleys!question | _Apple_00:50
ubottu_Apple_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:50
mzzmarks256: well, if you have a pipeline that generates output for a command that needs to run as root, you can do "blah | sudo command", if you know what I mean, and "blah" runs as you while "command" runs as root. "sudo" can take -u to switch to a non-root user.00:50
sXeChriswhy does my computer start lagging like crazy whenever i open gtk-recordmydesktop?00:50
cobra-the-jokerone .....i cant get the wireless working in the pavilon HP00:51
seeksBigJack:  Nah, I'm actually just copying files from one area to another in the terminal.  In linux, I can just type "cp *avi" to get an avi00:51
_Apple_can some one please help me set up my monitors00:51
owen1coleys: see u soon, i am rebooting00:51
coleyscobra-the-joker: lspci | grep -i network00:51
Drekicoleys thanks that worked00:51
mzzmarks256: but that only works if the user typing that is allowed to sudo to the other user. The mkfifo approach I mentioned doesn't need any special privs like that.00:51
coleysDreki: =)00:51
mzzmarks256: so they're different use cases.00:51
coleysowen1: Okay!00:51
cobra-the-jokercoleys ....i dont have it right now ..its for my freind00:51
Ravious_Apple_: Whats the problem your having setting them up?00:51
cobra-the-jokerit seem to be working00:51
seeksBigJack:  But with the samba thing, I have to use "get," and the wildcard doesn't work with that.  I'm just curious if there's something I'm missing00:51
safruhanisometimes i see phy0 process on running, but i couldn't find what it is doing ... ?00:51
coleyscobra-the-joker: I need to know his chipset to be able to help.00:51
cobra-the-jokerbut i cant enable the switch ...its touch00:52
Hilikuscoleys: ill try that, thanks a lot man00:52
BigJackseeks:  ah.  no idea abou that one. sorry00:52
mzzseeks: err? just mount the partition?00:52
coleysHilikus: No problem =)00:52
seeksBigJack:  Ha, no prob.  Thanks anyway.00:52
marks256mzz, ok. would you be kind enough to step me through how to do something basic? i just want to see it work, then i can play with it myself00:52
cobra-the-jokercoleys  , is there is any way to force the wireless switch00:52
seeksmzz:  Well, I'm really quite the samba newbie.  I actually haven't gotten that far yet00:52
coleyscobra-the-joker: Bios?00:53
seeksmzz:  It gives me problems trying to mount it, but no problems if I just use "smbclient," for whatever reason.00:53
_Apple_Ravious: I've spent the past 5 hours trying to set up Dual monitors00:53
_Apple_and I have no thing show for it00:53
coleysDreki: to unmount after using that command type: sudo umount file.iso OR sudo umount /location/00:53
mzzseeks: try "mount -t cifs '\\\sharename' /mnt" iirc00:53
jlaroche_Apple_ - sounds like a typical Ubuntu moment00:53
jlaroche_Apple_ - spending more time fixing then doing00:53
Ravious_Apple_: how far have you gotten? issues? whats going on with them?00:54
mzzmarks256: like what?00:54
cobra-the-jokercoleys , i think00:54
_Apple_Ravious: I've gotten numerous errors and finally got some of them to go away but still can't get the resolutions to differ00:54
marks256mzz, oh i don't know. about send a simple gedit window to another user?00:54
marks256mzz, how about* lol00:54
mzzmarks256: err, what? How do you "send" a window?00:55
Ali_nzhiya peoples00:55
Ravious_Apple_: Are these monitors on sep video cards, or on the same one like a twinview00:55
Drekicoleys: i was just about to ask that00:55
_Apple_Ravious: same card00:55
Drekicoleys thanks fot the help00:55
Ravious_Apple_: What kinda video card?00:55
coleysDreki: Figured it would come up =) No problem.00:55
sXeChriswhy do i lag so much whenever i start GTK-recordmydesktop?00:55
Ali_nzin the gui, ubunutu should have native support for NTFS drives right?00:55
saifthe wmv is not working00:55
saifi have ubuntu 8.100:55
_Apple_Ravious: ones an VGA the other is  a composite00:55
mzzAli_nz: works for me00:56
coleysAli_nz: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g00:56
marks256mzz, that's what i'm asking. If i had one user that had gedit up, could they send that running program to another user.00:56
Ali_nzcoleys: yeah I have done that00:56
sXeChriswhy do i lag so much whenever i start GTK-recordmydesktop?00:56
sXeChrisPlease someone?00:56
sXeChrisi really need help00:56
BigJacksXeChris:  hardware too slow for it?00:56
coleysAli_nz: sudo apt-get install ntfs-config00:56
FloodBot3sXeChris: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:56
Ali_nzI can double click on the drive (nothing happens) or click mount00:56
mzzmarks256: err, why would that involve a pipeline? Just save it somewhere and make sure the other user can read the file00:56
Ali_nzand and says can mount file (from memory)00:56
K99Brainsaif, install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package00:56
sXeChrisbigjack my hardware can't be better! i have quad core with 4 g ram00:56
transMIssioni read the article how to change cpu freq but i cant set the cpu_min_freq... or if i do it doesnt change. What did i do wrong?00:56
marks256mzz, i'm using a LTSP setup. So i'm wondering if i can "route" a window from one user's terminal to another user's terminal00:56
Ravious_Apple what make? nvidia ati?00:56
mzzmarks256: I don't think I understand what you're trying to do00:56
marks256mzz, yeah i know, but that's no fun00:56
BigJackthen i dunno. i'm a noob00:57
_Apple_Ravious: I can  get it to display if im in like low graphics mode but them I"m running at 8x6 on both monitors00:57
marks256mzz, Ok. i'll do another example00:57
saif<K99Brain>: how is that done00:57
sXeChriswhy do i lag so much whenever i start GTK-recordmydesktop?00:57
seeksmzz:  Welp, nothing yet, but I'm getting closer to it anyway.  Thanks for the tip.00:57
saif<K99Brain>: i tried vlc and mplayer00:57
migueli deleted my panel, how do i restore it please00:57
mzzmarks256: your original question was "Is it possible to "pipe" program to other users", so I thought you meant the shell pipeline kind of "pipe", with one half running as a different user00:57
mzzseeks: failed how?00:57
saif<K99Brain>: only voice no picture00:57
=== miguel is now known as Guest95262
transMIssionmiguel: every panel?00:57
coleysmiguel: Right click, Add Panel?00:57
Guest95262the top panel00:57
_Apple_Ravious: when I open up the Nvidia settings the both show up but the one wont display regardless of what I do00:57
Guest95262i restored a new one but i want the original one00:58
_Apple_and I usually get an error after I try adjusting the settings00:58
marks256mzz, i'm running xchat right now. my user name is dusty. Say if i there was another user on my terminal server, could i send my program to them, without logging out and logging back in.00:58
transMIssionGuest95262: you have to customize00:58
Ravious_Apple_ you on ubu 9.04?00:58
K99Brainsaif, try to install that package with synaptic or with this terminal command: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:58
mzzmarks256: I seriously doubt it00:58
marks256mzz, so instead of the program showing up on MY x window session, it would show up on theirs00:58
owen1_coleys: didn't work. i chose the drive from the bios, hit F10 (save and exit) and after 10 secs i had black screen with blinking cursor. here is my partition: /dev/sdf2   *       19197       19457     2096482+   b  W95 FAT3200:58
_Apple_Ravious: 8.04 :/00:58
Guest95262ok well how do i get the setings back in there00:58
seeksmzz:  It just freezes and I have to control+c in the terminal, mostly.  I've tried a few different ips (198.162xxx, 127.0xxx, etc).00:58
Guest95262oh nevermind i will just make a new account00:59
marks256mzz, aww :( ok :) i was just curious00:59
Guest95262it is fresh so i javew nothing to loose00:59
K99Brainsaif, if it's a codec problem, this should solve00:59
coleysowen1_: You chose to boot from the drive?00:59
mzzmarks256: you might be able to hack something up involving nx or the like, but moving windows across X servers is tricky, even if the two servers run as the same user.00:59
transMIssionGuest95262: k00:59
Ali_nzcoleys: any ideas?00:59
mzzmarks256: I can't think of a pretty way to do this offhand, but I'm tired, so I could easily be wrong.00:59
sXeChriswhy do i lag so much whenever i start GTK-recordmydesktop?00:59
owen1_coleys: i moved the drive with + sign.00:59
Drekicoleys if i try to mount to a point that isnt there i get "mount: mount point /media/cdrom1 does not exist"  is there a way i can make a new mount point so that i can have more than one iso mounted at a time and such?00:59
coleysAli_nz: sudo apt-get install ntfs-config00:59
jonex_how can i check what graphic card i have00:59
owen1_coleys: (in the bios)00:59
Ali_nzcoleys: i have done that00:59
saif<K99Brain>: thank u very very very much00:59
Ali_nzstill get the error00:59
mzzseeks: err? It shouldn't freeze if the ip you're targetting is reachable00:59
marks256mzz, ok. what should i be looking up?01:00
saif<K99Brain>: i `ll install it and tell u the result01:00
coleysDreki: sudo mkdir /mnt/name/01:00
coleysAli_nz: Open it01:00
K99Brainsaif, ok01:00
transMIssioni read the article how to change cpu freq but i cant set the cpu_min_freq... or if i do it doesnt change. What did i do wrong?01:00
marks256mzz, i'd be more than happy to do some reading. i just need to be pointed in a direction ;)01:00
owen1_coleys: i can try it on another machine.01:00
coleysowen1_: do that.01:00
coleysowen1_: it should work.01:00
mzzmarks256: nah, too tired to give you anything particularly useful for that one, sorry.01:00
Ali_nzcoleys: "Unable to mount location / cant mount file"01:00
Ravious_apple_ could you post your xorg.conf file to pastebin? I'll take a look at it01:00
marks256mzz, understandable ;) thanks for the help anywya01:00
Drekicoleys:  oh well that makes sense...  sry im still figureing a lot of this out lol01:00
seeksmzz:  Yeah, I figure there's some weird thing I'm going to have to deal with.  This is going to take me a while, but oh well.01:01
coleysDreki: No worries =P01:01
jonex_how i know what graphic card i have01:01
lyrai burned the 8.04 to dvd but i FORGOT 8.04 has some crappy acpi settin that wont boot for me01:01
coleysDreki: Everyone goes through this point at sometime +p01:01
lyraso i need to download 8.1001:01
mzzseeks: if it really gets stuck that sounds like the other system has something enabled firewall-wise that's interfering01:01
_Space_Case_i have an old 600 mhz computer / and /home on  same drive.. swap is on a 4gb drive.. my question would i benefit or gain preformance by adding more partitions on sepert drives like /temp /var ... ect?01:01
K99Brainjonex_, lspci | grep -i vga01:01
transMIssionlyra: indeed01:01
lyrashouyld i just run it with nocpi01:01
mzzseeks: (but if I'm right you should get that in everything that speaks smb or cifs, not just mount)01:01
meoblast001lstarnes: Hilikus: i booted into the 9.04 install, tried to do updates, and got "Could no grab your mouse." as the mouse started doing that thing01:01
coleysAli_nz: Message me.01:01
Ali_nzcoleys: does it matter that its a SATA drive hooked up via a USB-SATA bridge?01:01
lyratransMIssion, duh?01:02
lyrawhat the hell was i thinking01:02
seeksmzz:  Could be.  I can still connect with smbclient and all that.01:02
mzzseeks: what os does the target run?01:02
seeksmzz:  Windows 701:02
seeksmzz:  RC.01:02
mzzseeks: huh, then I'd expect cifs to work. Sorry, not sure what's going on there.01:02
lyraif i do disable acpi, what am i missing exactly01:02
_Apple_Ravious: alright gimme a coupe01:02
seeksmzz:  No problem man, thanks for the help.  One last question... are wildcards even possible with the "get" command?01:03
jlarochecan anyone help me reinstall my video drivers and compiz in Ubuntu (netbook remix 9.04)? I am running an eee pc model # 1000HE.01:03
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
mzzseeks: beats me, I haven't touched the cli utils in ages.01:03
transMIssionlyra its a power management service, nothig severe i guess01:03
* meoblast001 wonders if they left01:03
seeksmzz:  Haha, alright.  Thanks again.01:03
yezidw do i delete an account with all the files01:03
yezidi deleted it but the files are still there01:04
transMIssioni read the article how to change cpu freq but i cant set the cpu_min_freq... or if i do it doesnt change. What did i do wrong?01:04
sXeChriswhy do i lag so much whenever i start GTK-recordmydesktop?01:04
th0ryezid: userdel -r username01:04
lstarnessXeChris: first of all, be patient.  Second, it requires a lot of processing since it has to intercept and process video signals from X01:04
gogetayezid: delete its home folder01:04
th0ryezid: that is 'sudo userdel -r username'01:04
mzzyezid: "userdel -r" sounds promising, but if the account is already gone I'd just wipe their homedir manually.01:04
owen1_coleys: on the other machine i moved 'usb hard drive' in the bios to the top. F10, than i hit esc, to see the grub, but chose the first option. the machine booted as usual, ignoring my usb drive. am i suppose to choose it from grub?01:04
jlarochecan anyone help me reinstall my video drivers and compiz in Ubuntu (netbook remix 9.04)? I am running an eee pc model # 1000HE.01:05
spencehey ubuntu, how can i get better media support for VLC? i'd like to be able to be able to play an entire album in VLC01:05
coleysowen1_: Yeah01:05
sXeChrisistarnes, so what do i do? because it doesn't stop lagging and my hardware is more than applicable for it to work01:05
spenceit seems to temperamental01:05
transMIssionspence: use the playlist.01:05
mzzsXeChris: recording (and encoding) video is a bit cpu-intensive. I'm not surprised things get a little laggy.01:05
owen1_coleys: so it was in the grub, maybe at the middle/bottom of the list?01:05
danbhfivespence: I think there are a bunch of vlc plugins packages you can install01:05
jonex_need helppppppppppppppppppppppppp01:05
jonex_Gathering information about your system...01:05
jonex_ Distribution:          Ubuntu 9.0401:05
jonex_ Desktop environment:   GNOME01:05
jonex_ Graphics chip:         Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)01:05
jonex_ Driver in use:         intel01:05
FloodBot3jonex_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
JagosixHello People01:05
lstarnessXeChris: are you using visual effects?01:05
_Apple_Ravious: http://pastebin.ca/149217101:05
sXeChrisi turn them off?01:05
JagosixI'm very noob to ubuntu01:06
lstarnessXeChris: try that01:06
yezidit doesnt let me01:06
spencei do use that, transMIssion. but if i select an album in nautilus and open all in VLC the album will play half way through01:06
Jagosixmy 1st time ....01:06
Bob__so, I have a Via Chrome 9, and GLX gears on full screen gives me 15 FPS, is there anyway to make the Chrome 9 perform any better?01:06
lstarnessXeChris: visual effects also require a lot of processing01:06
JagosixHAving trouble with the video resolution01:06
gamerchick02cabra-the-joker: what's up? maybe i can help01:06
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:06
yezidsays .thumbnails cannot be handeled01:06
Jagosixright now it won't go beyond 1024x76801:06
transMIssionspence: strange... never happend to me. Why use vlc if there are better player for music?01:06
gamerchick02cobra-the-joker: what's your question? maybe i can help01:06
Jagosixneed to go beyond that01:06
marks256does anyone know how to list all the x server sessions opened on a machine?01:07
Jagosixhell even 1280x1024 would suffice01:07
spencetransMIssion: well i wanted to use Sonata but i could't get the MPD working. i tried their support channel but they don't speak English that well01:07
gogetatransMIssion: xmms2?01:07
Switch10Jagosix: u have ati video card right?01:07
yezidi want to delete the home folder but wont let me, i already deleted the user name01:07
spencecan i not just right click a selection of files in Nautilus and get it to play in order like Windaz?01:07
Jagosixi installed the nvidia drivers01:07
gogetaspence: xmmm2 is like winamp01:08
woakushaving problems with network manager - currently cannot select "enable wireless" - wireless is available on other systems - help, please?01:08
transMIssiongogeta: tell spence, not me, lol01:08
Jagosixthey work great, but I need a higher resolution01:08
rskigogeta: it's not01:08
gogetai did01:08
marks256does anyone know how to list all the x server sessions opened on a machine?01:08
transMIssionsry too late01:08
Bob__woakus, not every wireless card is supported, you know01:08
marks256does anyone know how to list all the x server sessions opened on a machine?01:08
transMIssiongogeta: what about rhytmbox?01:09
danbhfivemarks256: maybe you could just search the running processes?  I really don't know01:09
njh_marks256: does ps aux | grep X help?01:09
Switch10I like rhythmbox01:09
cobra-the-jokergamerchick02 , i cant enable the wireless switch in HP pavilon as it is touch ..not a physical switch01:09
Bob__Does anyone know how to repeat the same question 50 times in a short span of time? How about you, marks25601:09
gogetamarks256: its you01:09
transMIssionSwitch10: :-)01:09
hornetsSwitch10: exaile ftw01:09
gogetamarks256: did you get yor subnet conflict fixed01:09
owen1_coleys: i tried again, chose to boot from usb hard drive and it ignored it and load my xubuntu as usual.01:09
woakusnetwork manager doesn't pick up anything - had network selectable, until I did something correcting a different problem and aquired this problem01:09
coleysowen1_: Okay, give unetbootin a try.01:10
marks256Bob__, is that sarcasm?01:10
owen1_coleys: btw, i loaded xubuntu-desktop on unetbootin01:10
marks256gogeta, yes i did!01:10
jonex_chekea komo c meneaaaaaaaaaaaa01:10
Bob__marks256: Yes, I'm glad you recognized it.01:10
gogetamarks256: was i correct01:10
owen1_coleys: maybe something with primary/secondary?01:10
marks256Bob__, just trying to get help like everyone else.01:10
Switch10I don't think rhythmbox is coming with ubuntu 9.1001:11
Bob__marks256: I was meaning to say, repeating yourself 50 times in a row IS NOT APPRECIATED. some people will ignore you before helping if you do it.01:11
marks256gogeta, guess what the problem was! I wasn't specifying my dns sever. once i manually configured that, all worked great!01:11
jonex_q diba birtuallllllllllllllllll01:11
Switch10I think it comes with banshee01:11
gogetamarks256: you can do ps-A | grep xsession01:11
transMIssionSwitch10: no gotta use the mint distro01:11
gogetaps -A01:11
Bob__at least wait for your question to move off a fullscreened window, marks25601:11
owen1_coleys: btw, before using netbootin i did rm for all files on the partition.01:11
=== Uncle|Sam is now known as uncle|sam
kevdogI thought rhythmbox development had stopped?01:11
gogetashould list all running xsessions01:12
njh_kevdog: I was not aware it was going01:12
marks256Bob__, oh crap i guesss id idnt' think about full screen... :$ sorry. i will do that from now on01:12
Switch10I hope not01:12
transMIssionkevdog: says who?01:12
coleysowen1_: Give it a try, again. BUt before verify the .iso's md5sum01:12
Jagosixcan some-1 help me with the video settings01:12
owen1_coleys: already did. it's verified01:12
Switch10I don't like banshee01:12
MindVirusIs there any way to get a list of top-level packages (those without dependencies)?01:12
howiegogeta: hey was i supposed to recompile my kernal after i added that line ipv6=off ?01:12
kevdogcvs sources haven't been updated in along while01:12
MindVirusI mean.01:12
MindVirusThose that are not dependencies.01:12
marks256gogeta, njh_, yes it seems that doing the ps command does show information. i'll test it on my server in a minute01:12
transMIssionkevdog: hm yeah thats right ...01:13
kevdogor svn -- or whatever they use --01:13
gogetahowie i found more info on it ipv6 is no longer a module it caant be disabled01:13
coleysowen1_: okay well remove all from partition again, and then install.01:13
Bob__So...Chrome 9 still, and forever more, shall have cruddy support?01:13
owen1_coleys: ok...01:13
Jagosixi just want to change the resolution to 1280x102401:13
kevdogunless someone is doing some stealth development behind the scenes01:13
transMIssioni use rhytmbox only second, first is foobar-emulation with wine ;-)01:13
transMIssionfast as hell01:13
howiegogeta, O so is there another solution? cause i cannect even get a connection with it anymore01:13
MindVirusAnyone know?01:14
MindVirusPros with APT?01:14
gogetahowie only fix is to uupgrade to ther 2..3.30 kernel01:14
kevdogapt get?01:14
MindViruskevdog, is there any way to get a list of top-level packages (those that are not dependencies)?01:14
Switch10transMIssion: u ever try media monkey with wine?01:14
gogetahowie but you lose restreted extras01:14
danbhfiveMindVirus: top level to what?  like tasksel --task-packages ubuntu-desktop  ?01:14
MindVirusdanbhfive, what?01:14
jonex_don omar01:14
jonex_julio voltio01:14
jonex_luny tunesssssssssssssss01:14
kevdogMindVirus: what do you want to do?01:14
gogetahowie 2.6.3001:14
transMIssionSwitch10: nope im fine with foobar...01:14
danbhfiveMindVirus: jigga what?01:15
Switch10transMIssion: haven't tried it01:15
howiegogeta, i see, so to enable my wirless i loose funtionality01:15
njh_kevdog: I do wish that people would just pick one music system and stick with it.01:15
Bob__later, I got another PC to try and figure out01:15
MindViruskevdog, danbhfive: I want to get a list of packages that were installed that are not dependencies. I will use this list to see what programs I have installed but don't need.01:15
gogetahowie yes the bug is a big one01:15
MindViruskevdog, danbhfive: for example, if a library is in that list, either I installed it and still use it or I need to remove it.01:16
gogetahowie unless you can find a kernel for junty compiled without ipv601:16
transMIssionSwitch10: you dont have to. but its a great player which i colundt leave behind in my windows times01:16
kevdogMindVirus: Yeah that would be a cool idea01:16
gogetahowie or recompile yourself01:16
MindViruskevdog, danbhfive: any ideas?01:16
gogetahowie i tryed every methed even blacklisting ipv6 to disable it knothing works01:16
danbhfiveMindVirus: I dunno, but maybe you want to look into deborphan to clean up orphaned packages instead  (I use gtkorphan)01:16
transMIssionHow do i set the scaling_min_freq for cpu?01:16
_Apple_Ravious: http://tinypic.com/r/2vba9as/301:16
Switch10transMIssion: does foobar write the album covers to tag?01:17
kevdogMindVirus: How did you install your stuff?01:17
howiegogeta, id be willing to do it but i dont know how01:17
MindViruskevdog, apt-get.01:17
MindVirusdanbhfive, what is the definition of orphan?01:17
Switch10I'm gonna have to get it01:17
Switch10To try01:17
danbhfiveMindVirus: any package that has no other package depending on it01:17
MindVirusdanbhfive, that's exactly what I need.01:17
RamonsterHehe.. finally got Ubuntu working + Xchat :)01:18
kevdogI think aptitude is more fully featured but I would have to look into it01:18
transMIssionSwitch10: mine doesnt but there are loads of plugins. Mine only writes rating and playcout into the tags.01:18
``y7my graphics/video drivers in ubuntu seem to be messed up. all of the video is lagged and youtube.com videos play in 5fps (this is a guess, but they are super slow when they've already buffered 100%). where can i begin to trouble shoot this issue?01:18
Switch10transMIssion: right on. And it's faster than rbox?01:18
transMIssionSwitch10: dont expect too much. the basic version look really clean. but its very usable.01:18
RamonsterI got samba up now, but if I make a new folder in the shared samba folder, it doesnt show up on the ubuntu machine.. anyone could help me?01:18
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as ProphetOfNight
transMIssionSwitch10: with a huge library like mine...01:19
icedtea``y7, what type of video card do you have01:19
Micro2GBdose any one use Xubuntu on paralles?01:19
kevdogtransMIssion: I'm sure you have a "huge" library :)01:19
Switch10transMIssion: ya I got like like 170gig01:19
transMIssionHow do i set the scaling_min_freq for cpu?01:19
K99Brain``y7, check which version of the flash player you have01:19
``y7icedtea: the asus ax850xt platinum01:19
``y7K99Brain, how do i do that?01:19
RamonsterI got samba up now, but if I make a new folder in the shared samba folder, it doesnt show up on the ubuntu machine.. anyone could help me?01:20
transMIssionSwitch10: yeah try it. im shure youll like it01:20
K99Brain``y7, go in firefox and type:  about:plugins01:20
lyrais intrepid ibex 8.10 part of the LTS cycle01:20
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04)01:20
quidnuncHow do I restart network manager? I use to do '/etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart' but that seems to no longer be available on Jaunty.01:20
kevdoglyra: No its 8.0401:20
owen1_coleys: i had to enable 'external hard disk' in bios, and now i see black screen with 'boot:'01:20
Switch10I don't need anything pretty01:20
owen1_coleys: i guess it's some progress..01:20
transMIssionDoes anybody know how do i set the scaling_min_freq for cpu, pls?01:20
lyrahm 8.04 doesnt work for me01:20
darkhammcarey: are you the author of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothRemoteControl ?01:20
JagosixHello People01:20
kevdogsudo services networkmanager restart?01:21
lyra8.10 does 3~hoerver.01:21
``y7K99Brain, i have shockwave flash, is that the same thing?01:21
kevdoglyra: so stick with 8.10  for now01:21
lyra /j #ubuntu+101:21
coleysowen1_: Then press enter01:21
RamonsterAnyone with some knowledge of samba?01:21
K99Brain``y7, which version?01:21
howiegogeta, so how do i load the new kernal 2.6.3001:21
coleysowen1_: And you should see the unetbootin grub,01:21
=== lyra is now known as karma
owen1_coleys: wait..it works..01:21
``y710.0 r2201:21
coleysowen1_: Woo =)01:21
JagosixI've just installed ubuntu 9.04. (1st time btw) It works great, but there's 1 small problem.....01:21
K99Brain``y7, ok, it's right01:21
JagosixThe video settings are a pain to change01:22
K99Brain``y7, try to disable compiz01:22
transMIssionallright good night....01:22
karmakevdog, might that be a bad idea01:22
``y7K99Brain, how?01:22
quidnunckevdog: I don't seem to have a 'services' command.01:22
coleysowen1_: You'll notice its alot faster then a live cd. live usb ftw =)01:22
owen1_coleys: i didn't click on anything. so now i am in the live cd. i can do whatever, right? nothing is being saved.01:22
JagosixI've installed the nvidia drivers01:22
coleysowen1_: exactly.01:22
K99Brain``y7, system -> preferences -> apperance -> effects01:22
kevdogLet me look something up01:22
owen1_coleys: and when i'm done i can click install?01:22
K99Brain``y7, select none01:22
coleysowen1_: You can choose to install or... Just do everything live.01:22
Jagosixit still won't do 1280x102401:22
RamonsterAnyone with some knowledge of samba?01:22
meoblast001maybe this is an Ubuntu bug?01:22
quidnunckevdog: Never mind, its service01:22
quidnunckevdog: Thanks.01:22
Jagosixcan some 1 please help me out ?01:23
``y7K99Brain, i changed it to "none"01:23
owen1_coleys: thank you, so i had to enable this option from the bios, that's the trick. it's not enough to move it to #1.01:23
kevdogquidnunc:  So what was the command?01:23
coleysowen1_: Yeah, woo have fun.01:23
K99Brain``y7, ok, try if it's already slow01:23
RamonsterAnyone with some knowledge of samba?01:24
saif<K99Brain>: are u there ??01:24
Micro2GBI need help with ftp01:24
K99Brainsaif, yes01:24
kevdogsudo service networkmanager restart.   Does that work?01:24
``y7K99Brain, seems to have done the trick01:25
saif<K99Brain>: it reached to asetup for sun "configuring sun java6"01:25
``y7ty sir ;)01:25
* kevdog says I hate samba01:25
OttifantSirRamonster: A little, what's the problem?01:25
MindVirusWhat is an orphaned package and is it safe to remove them?01:25
coleysMindVirus: Packages that are not needed by any application this is installed, and yes they are safe to remove.01:25
danbhfiveMindVirus: orphaned libraries should be ok to remove.01:25
kevdogOrphaned package means it there -- its not being used -- its lost -- it can be killed01:26
RamonsterOttifantSir: I got samba installed now. But if I get into the samba folder from my XP Machine and put some files/folders in it, I cant get to them on the ubuntu machine01:26
MindViruscoleys, you mean packages that are not dependencies?01:26
danbhfiveMindVirus: other orphaned packages are NOT sage to remove01:26
coleysMindVirus: Were dependencies, but now are no longer needed due to removal of program, etc...01:26
matumy monitor it limited at 1024x768 in ubuntu01:26
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
matubut it s a 1280x102401:27
OttifantSirRamonster: On which machine is the samba-folder? The Ubuntu? Or the XP?01:27
matudo i need to create a xorg.conf ?01:27
RamonsterOttifantSir: On the Ubuntu machine01:27
kevdogis sysvconfig package installed by default?01:27
matuwhat am i supposed to do ?01:27
OttifantSirRamonster: Where is it placed?01:27
RamonsterOttifantsir: /srv/samba01:28
=== io is now known as Guest84027
fwaokdaI just recently activated the fglrx (or whatever its called) drivers and now when i try to boot up it gives me all sorts of static black and white image... how can i fix this? i can't get into ubuntu without the usb drive....01:28
saif<K99Brain>: r u there ?01:28
kevdogRamonster: what are permissions on the file or folder01:28
RamonsterKevdog: Chmodded to 77701:28
klownI've searched all over ubuntus forums, and checked the faq, im having a issue with login screen font size, and also in teamspeak, its the only two places I've noticed it.  Ubuntu Jaunty.01:28
klownanyone got any ideas on how to fix it?01:29
kevdogRamonster: did it work?01:29
afvpartiu! :o01:29
OttifantSirRamonster: The files too?01:29
afvolá zottel01:29
RamonsterKevdog: Yes...01:29
KeranuI, too, am having problems :\ . Anyone care to help another n00b?01:29
afvhey aurilliance01:29
coleys!question | Keranu01:29
ubottuKeranu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:29
RamonsterOttifantSir: Just need to chmod the folder right? Dont need to chmod every file?01:29
kevdogRamonster: Im sensing a but01:30
KeranuProblem lies with the boot manager01:30
_Apple_Ravious: any luck?01:30
aurillianceafv: hithere... that was quick01:30
afvnão :P01:30
aurilliancehmm bot?01:30
coleys!br | afv01:30
ubottuafv: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:30
Ramonsterkevdog: No, I just found it a rather strange question. Why shouldnt it work? :P01:30
aurilliancemonring all. q: can anyone suggest a bible program for ubuntu? is ESword the best bet?01:30
kevdogRamonster:  Ususally you don't end sentences with yes ...01:31
afvsorry, it wasn't "me"... just enabled a bot (at another network but it seems it worked on all networks/channels01:31
KeranuWhen asked in the Ubuntu installation where you want Grub installed, my system will either end up not showing Grub when I boot up my computer or it does show Grub, but gives me Error 21 when trying to boot my WinXP partition01:31
RamonsterKevdog: Understood01:31
kevdogis sysvconfig package installed by default?01:31
OttifantSirRamonster: Check the permissions on one of the files. I believe the command for changing the permissions on folder and files within them are chmod -R uga+rwx/777 /dir/to/01:31
ubuserRamonster: You need only do the folder but if this is the first time and you have sub folders do a -r01:31
coleysKeranu: Did you resize your XP partition using ubuntu?01:31
aurillianceafv: ok01:31
coleysKeranu: If so, you could have possibly damaged it.01:31
KeranuNo, I made seperate partitions before installing Ubuntu01:32
saifi am installin the restricted packages for ubuntu linux and now it show a sun agreement for package configuration01:32
kevdogOttifantSir:  Whats wrong with chmod -R /dir/to/01:32
saifno how to agree on it ??01:32
Ramonsterubuser: like wat OttifantSir said? :)01:32
coleyssaif: press space until you get to bottom, then agree01:32
kevdogOttifantSir:  Whats wrong with chmod -R 777 /dir/to/01:32
``y7i know how to login to my remote desktop via a windows computer with realvnc viewer, but how do i connect to another remote desktop from my ubuntu machine as my ubuntu machine being the viewer?01:32
OttifantSirkevdog: I see.... no ending /01:32
saif<coleys>: did not work01:33
KeranuI've tried installing Grub during the Ubuntu installation to different directories. The only one I haven't tried was installing it onto the partition with Ubuntu on it01:33
ubuserRamonster: That is not what I was referring to01:33
kevdogIm bored01:33
matui m bored to01:33
majnoon<-- is nuts01:33
K99Brainso i01:33
chris0I'm un-bored01:33
OttifantSirkevdog: Sorry. Getting off now. 02:33 here, and I got work tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion.01:33
matuanyone with a benq in 1280x1024 with ubuntu working ?01:33
klownI'd rather be bored, than annoyed.01:33
bazhang!ot > majnoon01:33
ubottumajnoon, please see my private message01:33
kevdogIm hungry01:33
ubuserRamonster: Sudo chmod 777 folder -r01:33
``y7how do i connect to another remote desktop from my ubuntu machine as my ubuntu machine being the viewer?01:33
kevdogI think I might be out of here as well --01:34
RamonsterKevdog: I did: sudo chmod -R 777 /dir/to/01:34
kevdogor OK ...01:35
matuOK ,,,01:35
klownI've searched all over ubuntus forums, and checked the faq, im having a issue with login screen font size, and also in teamspeak, its the only two places I've noticed it.  Ubuntu Jaunty.01:35
klownanyone got any ideas on how to fix it?01:35
* kevdog is surprised I haven't been booted to the offtopic channel01:35
meoblast001what could be causing the cursor to only work when it's clicking certain things01:35
KeranuAnyone have any ideas regarding my boot problem?01:35
meoblast001i can't move windows around, nor change appearance settings01:35
meoblast001but i can right click and go into the appearance settings01:36
chris0klown: you're trying to make it smaller?01:36
meoblast001i think Apps Places System is still working01:36
kevdogLater guys :)01:36
matuOK àéè01:36
klownchris0:  larger.  it is so small, I can't even read it.01:36
RamonsterStill cant see any files/folders in /srv/samba/downloads/01:36
meoblast001some windows are working now01:36
matuOK ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!01:36
pelmenso... lesnar or mir ?01:36
klownchris0:  also, teamspeak menu is blurry.01:36
matuOK ÆıØ↑®01:36
howie apt-cache search kernel-image01:37
howiecomedi-source - Comedi kernel module source01:37
Ramonster!ru matu01:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ru matu01:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:37
Ramonster!ru | matu01:37
ubottumatu: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:37
matubut OK Æ§ÐªÆŁ&J too01:37
bazhangkevdog matu stop that01:37
howiewhat version is comedi?01:37
meoblast001and now it completely broke01:37
matuOK ¥¥¥$01:37
kevdogmaybe ♀4,01:37
meoblast001damn it01:37
RamonsterOttifantSir&Ubuser: Still cant see any files/folders in /srv/samba/downloads/01:37
chris0klown: hm...google 'make gdm font smaller'. It should tell you how to make it smaller, I think from 120dpi to 96dpi, and then just do the opposite. That ought to solve the gdm thing. I'm not sure about teamspeak...01:37
owen1coleys: it's not working on my desktop machine. i was looking at the bios for 'enable external harddrive' option but could'nt find it. i did manage to move the usb hard drive to the top of the boot list. what do u think?01:38
majnoonhe say he bored and i get !ot for saying i'm nuts :) ok :)01:38
ubuserRamonster: Under samba from the viewpoint of a windows xp box even if you don't have permissions you will still see files and folders01:38
klownchris0:  thank you, I'll try it for gdm, maybe it will fix the teamspeak issue as well.01:38
jonex_K99Brain where r u01:38
owen1coleys: maybe i can google for the bios version to see if it's supported.01:38
chris0klown: many people complain that the GDM font is too big, so there is documentation about that. if yours is too small, just do the opposite of what they say01:38
RamonsterUbuser: Yes, but i can see them in XP. But I need to get access to them from my Ubuntu Machine01:38
ubuserRamonster: you are saying you Linux box doesn't see the files on a windows xp box?01:39
jonex_need help with compiz-check01:40
MaT-dghow can I play flash content like games in ubuntu (not FF)01:40
RamonsterUbuser: No, my Linux Box doesnt see the files in the Linux Box :P01:40
th0rMaT-dg: vlc can play saved flash videos01:40
ubuserRamonster:  the same computer?01:40
chris0MaT-dg: I just save the .swf file and then play it in my favorite web browser01:40
MaT-dgth0r: I know, but I mean interactive flash content like games01:40
miguelinit wont let me put desktop effects01:41
RamonsterUbuser: Yest01:41
KeranuAnyone have any ideas regarding my boot problem?01:41
RamonsterUbuser: I made a samba shared-folder on a ubuntu machine. Dropped some Files in there from my XP Machine and cant see them on my ubuntu machine01:42
jonex_my compiz-check says        Rendering method:      None01:42
OttifantSirRamonster: I like to use ugoa+rwx instead of 777 as I can never remember the values, so in your case, the command would be: sudo chmod -R u+rwx /srv/samba. If you don't know what that means, ask me, and I'll explain.01:42
miguelinhow do i add desktop effects, because it doesnt let me, and on my other computer i can01:42
RamonsterOttifantSir: What does that mean? :P01:42
jonex_my compiz-check says        Rendering method: None01:43
=== aditya_ is now known as moneybagz9
ubuserRamonster: can you see other files in that folder that you put there with the file system?01:43
=== jonex_ is now known as jonex
jonexmy compiz-check says        Rendering method:      None01:43
IcehawkIs there a difference between the server and desktop installations other than a GUI?01:43
RamonsterUbuser: Could you explain that?01:43
Keranumiquelin: Do you have your video drivers installed?01:43
sebsebsebIcehawk: yes,  no GUI  in the server, and it has a kernel which is for servers01:43
ubuserRamonster: Think about it for a second and it will come to you01:44
OttifantSirRamonster: -R = recursive, includes all files and sub-folders and files in sub-folders. u = user, you +rwx = Read,Write,eXecute. And of course the folder you wish to perform the operation on.01:44
owen1i want to know if my bios support boot from external usb hard drive. how do i find the bios i have?01:45
RamonsterUbuser: You mean with File system the program whats called explorer in windows? (just made the switch from windows to linux today)01:45
ubuserRamonster: Test and copy a file into that folder using the file system01:45
jonexmy compiz-check says        Rendering method:      None01:45
Ubunterobuenas...alguien sabe como se puede añadir el plugin nieve a ubuntu 8.04?01:45
te_owen1: go into your bios settings and see for yourself.01:45
ubuserRamonster: No do it on the Linux box01:45
owen1te_: ok01:46
Dulak!es | Ubuntero01:46
ubottuUbuntero: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:46
RamonsterUbuser: did that, but cant see the folder if I try to access it from my xp machine01:47
ubuserRamonster:  just copy some file into that folder. Turn off your windows box. Tell us if you get error messages01:47
RamonsterOttifantSir: Thanks for explaining.01:47
Icehawksebsebseb: Can a desktop installation be run as a server?01:47
RamonsterUbuser: No, I dont get error messages01:47
sebsebsebIcehawk: yes you can  do servers in the desktop version as well01:47
meoblast001:/ what's the quickest way to reinstall every gnome component?01:47
meoblast001or, easiest01:48
KeranuWhen asked in the Ubuntu installation where you want Grub installed, my system will either end up not showing Grub when I boot up my computer or it does show Grub, but gives me Error 21 when trying to boot my WinXP partition01:48
fwaokda_can someone please tell me how i can disable fglrx drivers?01:48
te_Icehawk: Yes01:48
Ramonstermeoblast001: rm *01:48
OttifantSirRamonster: No Prob. I just wish I had thought of IRC the first day I switched from Windows to Linux. I'd be so much farter ahead than I am now... :-(01:48
ubuserAnd a dir of that folder from Linux box shows the file?01:48
chris0does anyone else have problems with the firefox java plugin dying on load? I'm trying to talk to a computer over the GoToMyPC Universal (java) viewer, and it keeps dying. Weird part is, if I try playing a java game, such as radicalplay.com's Need for Madness, it works fine. Any ideas?01:48
danbhfivemeoblast001: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome* maybe01:48
te_Icehawk: You only need to install the server applications as needed.01:48
Ramonsterubuser: yes01:49
Icehawkte: I'm mostly concerned about the server and server apps starting and running as soon as I turn the system on, without needing it to be logged in or anything01:49
te_Icehawk: Only thing is, you will have a lot of un-needed software that only a desktop user would need, but you can pick and choose and uninstall.01:49
gogetaIcehawk: then remove them from rc.d01:49
te_Icehawk: Each application you install will be turned on by default.01:49
Ramonstermade 1 test folder with just right-clicking in the box and 1 with the terminal, they both show up under linux, but cant see them in windows01:49
gogetaIcehawk: or use the alt cd install base only apt-get what you whant01:49
ubuserRamonster: Your destination folder for windows is a different folder than that for Linux01:50
RHorseIcehawk mk a dir off init.d/Removed to  move the scripts you don't want to  run.01:50
IcehawkAlright, sounds good. Thanks.01:50
th0rIcehawk: don't remove the scripts from rc.d, remove th elinks from rcx.d01:50
te_Icehawk: That is the the way Debian / Ubuntu server applications are configured by default, to be turned on and running when installed.01:50
ubuserRamonster: Your share name seen in windows is not the folder you just placed the files in via linux01:51
chris0any ideas why the GotomyPC Universal viewer might be crashing under jaunty in firefox? Other java applets seem fine...01:51
gogetath0r: some apps ask of you wanna have them start defult but yes most dont01:51
Ramonsterubuser: You're right. Forgot I also made a shared folder in /home/ with the same name :|01:51
kevdog4 What the heck?01:52
RamonsterThen how DO I access the right folder under windows?01:52
kevdog What the heck?01:52
PiperManjesus hates linux01:52
PiperManhe advocates for windows01:52
Pirate_Hunteri think i cleaned all the xubuntu packages from 8.04 (not fun at all specially when doing it manually) now how do i go about getting the server, or should i ask if there is such a package option as ubuntu server?01:52
gogetaPiperMan: no only you01:52
rskiPiperMan: no trolling please01:52
PiperMandont u men know that?01:52
s_hola Predicadora :D01:53
PiperManim just willing to talk nicely01:53
PiperManhello pals01:53
* RHorse sighs01:53
ubuserRamonster: You have to set up a share that points to the correct folder01:53
rskialso a zombiejew would't know about linux or windows01:53
RamonsterUbuser: Yes, but how?01:53
gogetaPirate_Hunter: only diffeent with server and desktop is a gui01:53
s_pues hoy es dia de diablos ... hoy es sabado :P01:53
codethief_hey guys01:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:53
Ramonsterubuser: What is the correct link to that folder?01:53
Ramonsterubuser: since\downloads isnt the samba folder01:54
kevdog 9_901:55
wfiuewfewHi! I need to connect and remotely view the desktop of my machine. I know vnc can do this. but the problem is that my machine is in a physically insecure location, and with vnc anyone would be able to plug in a display, since I need to be logged in while using vnc. Are there better options?01:55
th0rgogeta: right, but you shouldn't delete the script from /etc/rc.d, you should delete the link to that script in the appropriate run level /etc/rcx.d01:55
bazhangkevdog, take that elsewhere please01:55
kevdog 9_9 ok sorry01:55
KeranuWhen asked in the Ubuntu installation where you want Grub installed, my system will either end up not showing Grub when I boot up my computer or it does show Grub, but gives me Error 21 when trying to boot my WinXP partition01:55
th0rgogeta: oh...the scripts are in /etc/init.d01:55
wiretappedwfiuewfew: you can run Xvnc01:55
Ramonsterwfiuewfew: Get NX01:55
wiretappedxserver only for vnc01:55
Ramonsterwfiuewfew: NX is SSH with GUI01:56
chris0wfiuewfew: google around for how to pipe VNC through SSH. That's about as secure as you're going to get01:56
gogetawfiuewfew: windows remote login01:56
kevdogbazhang: Having a bad day :-?01:56
gogetawfiuewfew: unlike vnc the display will still be at the login screen01:56
Pirate_Huntergogeta: I doubt the only difference is gui i am guessing the packages included are also different01:56
kevdogI think freenx is faster than tunelling VNC through ssh01:57
wfiuewfewgogeta: can I use windows remote login w/ ubuntu01:57
wiretappedwfiuewfew: the desktop sharing in the GUI shares your real xserver... vncserver/Xvnc runs a different server that isn't connected to a video card01:57
gogetawfiuewfew: lets find out01:57
codethief_i'm having a problem with audio configuration: i have a usb headset + speakers (via onboard sound). i set the default sound input and output in the audio preferences. when i had just installed ubuntu everything worked fine (music in exaile, other audio/video players), but, suddenly, it all stopped. mumble is still doing its job (there're special hardware settings there like which hardware to use and stuff)  but i cant get sound working in 01:58
gogetawfiuewfew: with video http://ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/05/howto-login-to-windows-nt2000xp-remote-desktop-within-ubuntu-linux.html01:58
Pirate_Hunterwhat is the difference between desktop and server install, i dont believe that having no gui is the only difference, what about the packages which are intended for servers?01:59
chris0*retracts questions about gotomypc, but wonders why it's so slow*01:59
epicreviewsis there a screen capture VIDEO tool?02:00
coleysPirate_Hunter: Kernels are modified for the server build.02:00
danbhfive!screencast | epicreviews02:00
ubottuepicreviews: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.02:00
epicreviewsthank you :)02:00
twig11What are the steps to take to see if a wireless network adapter is working correctly and configure it to connect to a wireless network? I just used ndisgtk to install the wireless drivers for a Linksys WUSB11v4 USB wireless network adapter, and I'm not sure where to go from here.02:00
coleystwig11: iwconfig (to see if its recognized)02:01
te_twig11: iwconfig02:01
SuspectZeroanyone here use Iodine the dns tunnel tool?02:02
te_twig11: also: iwlist02:02
Pirate_Huntercoleys: is there a way for me to install that type of kernel manually?02:02
chris0twig11:  1) sudo modprobe ndiswrapper, 2) iwconfig. If it's recognized in iwconfig, the easiest thing to do is gksudo gedit /etc/modules, and add 'ndiswrapper' to the end, and then reboot02:02
coleysPirate_Hunter: Search synaptic?02:03
cobra-the-jokercan i make a USB wireless indicator work in ubuntu 9 ??02:03
kevdoglshw -C network will tell you if the driver is loaded02:03
kevdogalso lsmod will list all loaded kernel modules -- which is what ndiswrapper is02:03
Pirate_Huntercoleys: i dont have synaptic cli only if you tell me the kernel type i can search for it or even better install it02:03
* afv is Away, Reason: ( tired ) | Since: ( Sunday, July 12, 2009. 02:04:30 )02:04
bazhang!away > afv02:04
ubottuafv, please see my private message02:04
duckwarshow do I find the UIID of a harddrive?02:04
trendhow can I test my raid1 array to see if I can make it fail via software rw?02:04
arandPirate_Hunter: linux-image-xxx.xx-x-x-xxxx-server (instead of -generic)?02:05
twig11chris0: It was recognized in iwconfig after I set it up, but now after a reboot i ran sudo modprobe ndiswrapper then iwconfig and I don't see it.02:05
Pirate_Hunterarand: ahhhh i shouldve thought of that grrrrrr thanx02:05
th0rduckwars: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=deternine+uuid+of+hard+drive&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&emsg=NCSR&ei=wDZZSquvJqSceILGga4J02:05
kevdogtwig11: is ndiswrapper loaded and associated with the card?  lshw -C network02:06
chris0twig11:  did you put 'ndiswrapper' in a separate line in /etc/modules? That should make it autoload when you boot up02:06
MindVirusHow do I get a list of packages installed, arranged by date installed?02:06
[texas]how do i fake myself being in a domain name?02:07
twig11kevdog: It doesn't seem to be.02:08
th0r[texas]:  man hostname02:08
kevdogtwig11: what is listed?02:08
=== howie is now known as howie1
twig11chris0: gksudo gedit /etc/modules?02:08
RamonsterUbuser/OllifantSir: Thanks for your help! But its kinda late here now, so I'm out. Hope to see you guys soon :)02:08
te_MindVirus: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/02:08
chris0twig11: yes02:08
wfiuewfewRamonster: Can NX allow you to end your session and continue at some other time (like VNC does)?02:09
twig11kevdog: it looks like just two Ethernet interface listings.02:09
=== howie1 is now known as howie
iG9can some kind soul help me mount an sdmc card?02:09
rockyyouseenothing_, are you there?02:09
kevdogOh wait -- are you talking about a usb device?02:10
iG9if that was for me02:10
iG9dmesg says scsi 14:0:0:0: Direct-Access     USB 2.0  SD MMC Reader         PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 CCS02:10
afvbazhang, sorry. i did use /away <reason>.. found now it was from xlack. "/xsa off" disabled channel announcement. :)02:10
kevdoglsusb -V02:11
kevdoglsusb -v02:11
ianm_anyone want to help test out a new multiplayer 3d audio-only game world?  (you'll need to be running ubuntu and know how to use bzr and have basic compiling stuff setup) ... join me in #audioverse02:11
IceWindiG9 it should mount the card automatically as soon as you insert it.02:11
bazhangianm_, dont advertise here02:11
=== ScissorHands is now known as SH|Away
twig11kevdog:  Is that for me? It's a Linksys WUSB11v4 USB network adapter02:11
iG9dmesg talks about it but i don't see it on the desktop. how do i tell where it mounted?02:12
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz02:12
IceWindiG9, do mount in the shell02:12
ianm_bazhang: I'm asking for help from the ubuntu community, so...02:12
kevdogok -- usb devices are a little harder.02:12
IceWindit would mount it under /media/02:12
SaKuRaGood night for all! I have a problem. :s02:13
twig11chris0: I added ndiswrapper to /etc/modules. Should I do anything else before I reboot?02:13
kevdogtwig11 -- does lsmod | grep ndis   show anything02:13
iG9i don't know what it's called, like sdc or what have you02:13
chris0twig11: no, that should do it. HOWEVER, before you reboot, did you have any problems installing the INF file with ndiswrapper, or did that go ok?02:13
SaKuRaI edit the default file of apache, /apache2/sites-available/02:14
twig11kevdog: ndiswrapper   193436   002:14
AndorinI downloaded a theme.xml file for guifications for Pidgin. Does anyone know off the top of their head where I would place this file?02:14
kevdogsudo ndiswrapper -l I think shows the wrapped driver!!02:14
IceWindiG9, yes it should be sd something. check in desg for the proper name02:14
IceWindsorry dmesg02:14
iG9ehci_hcd wouldn't be it would it?02:14
twig11chris0: I used ndisgtk and it seemed to work fine.02:14
chris0twig11: ok02:15
twig11chris0: rebooting02:15
chris0twig11: try rebooting and see if wireless works02:15
rockycya later02:15
kevdogtwig11 -- What does ifconfig show?02:15
Twilojust got my new server! w00t think i got a good deal too02:15
IceWindit must say somethign like this -> [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk02:15
Twilo167$ shipped for an old dual opteron sever02:15
AVWCan you install an ISO image while using the live CD?02:17
iG9IceWind thanks I'm looking02:17
soreauAVW: What do you mean by that?02:18
chris0kevdog: twig11 is rebooting02:18
twig11kevdog: just rebooted02:18
bazhangAVW, to the hdd?02:18
chris0twig11: how does the wireless look?02:18
AVWMy situation is I've download 9.04 because I want the new filesystem (I've heard good things about it) and I only have my 8.10 CD02:18
AVWand yes bazhang02:18
twig11chris0: kevdog: iwconfig shows wlan0 now02:19
kevdogtwig11 -- good02:19
twig11IEEE 802.11b ESSID:off/any02:19
chris0twig11: what happens if you try to connect with the wireless util in the taskbar on the Desktop now?02:19
bazhangAVW, do you have some sort of download cap?02:19
iG9IceWind I thought it was scd but trying to mount it gives "/dev/sdc is not a valid block device" no guess not02:19
twig11chris0: I confess I removed that, thinking I could plop it back up there when I needed it. Do I have to reinstall something to get it back?02:20
IceWindiG9, try specifiyng a partition like sdc102:20
AVWbazhang, no02:20
twig11chris0: I just removed it from the taskbar.02:20
chris0twig11: you just removed it from the traay? ok all you should have to do is right click in the tray and go 'Add to Panel...'02:21
soreauAVW: So you don't have a cd to burn 9.04 onto?02:21
IceWindiG9,  you may also do the followinf use fdisk to list any existing partition in it like: fdisk -l /dev/sdc02:21
chris0twig11: there should be a wireless applet in there. You could do it without, in the command line, but it gets messy. I've found that the applet is the easiest.02:21
AVWsoreau I only have one disc drive and that has the live cd in it02:21
twig11chris0: I tried that but I don't see the wireless applet in that list.02:22
gogetachris0: thers a few choices for a wireless aplett02:22
kongmingHey ubuntu, I am running ubuntu studio and I can't connect to the internet with my Belkin Wireless G Dongle.02:22
chris0twig11: two seconds., lemme look at it02:22
twig11chris0: can I install it fromthe liveCD?02:22
gogetatwig11: wicd02:22
soreauAVW: So you don't have an OS installed to the hard drive right now?02:22
gogetatwig11: install that02:22
AVWA broken Windows one. =/02:23
chris0twig11: gogeta, it's wicd? cool. I can never remember the name of it.02:23
AVWre-migrating back to Linux02:23
chris0twig11: just do a sudo aptitude install wicd then.02:23
twig11gogeta: from the liveCD? because unfortunately I have no wired network available.02:23
gogetachris0: wicd is a wireless app that work on any x envirment02:23
lordkelvinno use apt-get insted of apatuide02:23
lordkelvinit wont freeze n lock02:23
twig11I'm connecting wirelessly from another machine02:23
soreauAVW: Well, not sure if it's a good idea but you can try to start the iso burn process and switch the cd for a blank one02:24
gogetatwig11: ok then ubuntu has one02:24
twig11gogeta: where can I find it?02:24
gogetatwig11: just right click on it it should show any wireless avable02:24
soreauAVW: Or, you could install 8.10 and then update, upgrade, dist-upgrade to 9.04 right away02:24
chris0gogeta: neat...I've always used the gnome net applet, even in other environments, like blackbox...good to know that there are others out there....02:24
AVWsoreau: I know I can do the second one02:24
gogetatwig11: you should see it when you login ubuntu02:25
AVWI just wanted to see if there was an easy and fast way to do what I wanted02:25
kevdogsudo iwlist scan at the CLI will also show you wireless networks02:25
kongmingHey, how do I install drivers from the Ubuntu Live-CD to my Ubuntu Studio OS?02:25
gogetatwig11: sorry its left click itts on the top right corner02:25
soreauAVW: Not sure it will work, but you could try the first one02:25
gogetatwig11: looks like 2 monoters02:25
bazhangAVW, best bet is to get a minimalist version that lets you load everything in ram; you would be pushing it with Ubuntu livecd; how much ram do you have btw02:26
twig11gogeta: I removed that one and its not in the list  on Add to Panel. I have no idea why.02:26
iG9IceWind, can I message you the dmesg output, I think it's having problems02:26
IceWindiG9, yeap02:26
chris0twig11: it doesn't show up on mine either...dunno why. Try saying gnome-netstatus-applet into a terminal. That should get it back for you02:27
bazhangAVW, as soreau says you can try it; if that does not work then a minimalist distro would be the choice02:27
gogetatwig11: then add it back its called network-manager-applet02:27
IceWindAVW, if you have a spare usb pen you can also use usb-creator and make a usb installer with the downloaded iso02:27
meoblast001why doesn't ubuntu work?02:27
=== Iomega is now known as Scissorhands
Switch10It does02:28
rskimeoblast001: because you can't use it or it's broken. most likely.02:28
chris0gogeta: twig11 THANKS....I was trying to remember that name. gogeta has the right name for that applet. Don't do what I said02:28
=== Scissorhands is now known as Iomega
darkhammcoleys: nokia n70 have bluetooth but not HID.... nothing about "mouse mode"?02:28
bazhangmeoblast001, define doesn't work02:28
AVWThe livecd disallows unmounting the disc02:28
te_meoblast001: What is broken?02:28
=== r_ is now known as rnoz
chris0hey that was a feature...my irc client just segfaulted02:29
kongmingCan someone help me?02:29
arandAVW: do you have a usb stick which you could use to live boot from instead?02:29
twig11gogeta: chris0: It tells me Command not found02:29
te_kongming: Ask your question(s).02:29
meoblast001well... i reinstalled 2 times already, and regardless of what i do (other than ditch gnome) the dang cursor stops working02:30
gogetatwig11: add it back to the pannel using add apple02:30
bazhangAVW, unetbootin if your computer allows boot from usb02:30
meoblast001and i have to do updates in CLI or it complains about not being able to grab the mouse02:30
te_meoblast001: What type of mouse are you using/02:30
AVWarand + IceWind: I'll try that02:30
AVWIf I can find one of my often lost flash drives ^^02:30
Paulo39hi guys, i've installed virtualbox from virtualbox repositories. then i virtualized fedora 11 under my jaunty and i'm having problems with the resolution of the virtual guest screen02:30
meoblast001i don't think that's the proble honestly although everyone doesn't understand02:30
meoblast001te_: the cursor doesn't work.. the mouse works fine02:31
SteveHillI saw a reference to "karmic" as if it were a new version than "Jaunty".  Any info that someone can share about release date, etc.?  I've not heard anything.02:31
Pici!karmic | SteveHill02:31
ubottuSteveHill: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:31
twig11gogeta: sorry, I'm puzzled. I'm pretty new at this.02:31
bazhangmeoblast001, then be more precise in your explanation02:31
kongmingte_ How can I install my driver for my Wireless Dongle (Belkin G) from the standard Ubuntu Live CD X64 (Jaunty) to my  Ubuntu Studio 64X (Jaunty) that doesn't have the driver02:31
meoblast001te_: when i move the cursor over a link, it doesn't change into the hand.... or when i move it near a window border, it doesn't change to the resize icon02:31
twig11something like add applet network-manager-applet?02:31
te_meoblast001: What type of mouse are you using?02:31
gogetatwig11: right click on the panel and slect add02:31
Paulo39i think i have guest uttillities added, and when i go to menu devices > add guest utillities, it does nothing02:31
=== Iomega is now known as MidsummerDawn
fooserhi all02:31
twig11gogeta: I already did that and for some reason that applet isn't in the list.02:32
meoblast001te_: some generic one02:32
twig11I'm sure I didn't remove it from there02:32
te_meoblast001: What type of mouse are you using?02:32
meoblast001te_: what does that have anything to do with the cursor not changing then?02:32
meoblast001te_: some generic one02:32
meoblast001te_: what does that have anything to do with the cursor not changing then?02:32
fooserwho knows ubuntu's analog of debian's "dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config" ?02:32
te_meoblast001: Sorry, can't help you.02:32
meoblast001maybe fedora will prove better luck02:32
meoblast001thanks.. bye02:32
gogetatwig11: hears how to do it from command line02:33
The_Rufusis there anyone who can help me set up an icecast server on my ubuntu 6 server?02:33
gogetathen you can install wicd02:33
twig11gogeta: would it be easier to add the wireless applet from the desktop CD?02:33
te_trolls abound02:33
gogetatwig11: doing to from command line isnt hard02:34
chris0twig11: gogeta: try going in synaptic and seeing if the CD is one of your software sources, and then installing the wireless applet from there02:34
fooserwho knows ubuntu's analog of debian's "dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config" ?02:34
gogetatwig11: scan for your ssid02:34
twig11gogeta: chris0: I'll try it from the command line.02:35
gogetatwig11: look at that link on coomand line02:35
=== w4ett|afk is now known as w4ett
twig11and I already scanned for my ssid and it showed up so it looks good so far.02:35
Drekii need to unzip an ace02:35
linduxedim running mpd as a music backend. it seems to have severe problems to run alongside flash videos. I'd guess this is another one of those "different mixers" problems.02:35
linduxedplease tell me, is it pulseaudio again?02:35
Dreki.ace file what program can do that02:35
te_Dreki: an ace?02:35
Drekisorry i pushed enter to fast...02:36
gogetaDreki: a ace wow i havent seen one of those in years02:36
AVWHello again -- now the LiveCD won't recognize my flash drive02:36
te_Dreki: Try unzip02:36
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser02:36
chris0has anyone ever played around with hdaps on a ThinkPad T61 in Jaunty? I can't get mine to work, because it says that /sys/block/sda/queue/protect doesn't exist02:36
gogetaDreki: i think you install unrar and it can do a ace02:36
treetopcan you share internet connection in ubuntu ?02:37
gogetatreetop: yep02:37
youseenothing_treetop: yes02:37
linduxedim running mpd as a music backend. it seems to have severe problems to run alongside flash videos. I'd guess this is another one of those "different mixers" problems.02:37
linduxedplease tell me, is it pulseaudio again?02:37
treetopok ty ill find it just making sure i figured but yoiu know02:37
The_Rufuscan anyone help me with icecast?02:38
te_Dreki: Did it work?02:39
te_Dreki: What type of file is it?02:39
AVWso how do I make the Live CD recognize the flash drive (I've never had this problem in Ubuntu before)02:39
woakusnetwork working on other computers but is disabled on laptop - how do I enable network for laptop usinjg ubuntu 8 1002:39
te_Dreki: file file-name.ace02:40
twig11gogeta: per the instructions, I ran ifconfig "Elmendorf Hof" up and got "ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device02:40
te_woakus: What do you mean?02:40
AVWWill anyone help me, please?02:41
te_woakus: Can you elaborate?02:41
gogetatwiig11 ifconfig ath0 up02:41
gogetatwig11: or whatever your cards name is02:41
te_woakus: ifconfig02:41
TuxedoBondWhere is Opera located in the repositories?02:42
JohnWittleTuxedoBond: wat02:42
gogetatwig11: we dont connect to the wireless with ifconfig just start the card read them again02:42
JohnWittleopera is not open source02:42
JohnWittlenot in repositories02:42
woakusnetwork manager, where you normally click to "enable wireless", the block to check for "enable wireless" cannot be checked (is in shadow)02:42
SuspectZeroanyone here use Iodine the dns tunnel tool?02:42
AVWCould you guys at least give me a no?02:43
AVWThe suspense is killing me02:43
LjLthat's a trick question!02:43
LjLtoo late.02:43
darkhammwhat can i use for bluetooth remote control on ubuntu, and on a phone like nokia n70?02:43
chris_lenz123feel better?02:43
gogetatwig11: once you got your ssid its iwconfig ath0 essid key02:43
ZidaneRickhey guys02:44
twig11gogeta: Oh I get it now.02:44
AVWI'd feel even better with a little help02:44
gogetatwig11: then finnly dhcpcd ath002:44
gogetati get a ip02:44
chris_lenz123hey, is taking off my firewall do anything?02:44
AVWBecause I'm sure I'm missing something simple and stupid02:44
Paulo39hi guys, i've installed virtualbox from virtualbox repositories. then i virtualized fedora 11 under my jaunty  and i'm having problems with the resolution of the virtual guest screen02:44
Paulo39hi guys, i've installed virtualbox from virtualbox repositories. then i virtualized fedora 11 under my jaunty  and i'm having problems with the resolution of the virtual guest screen02:44
twig11gogeta: but I replace ath0 with the name of my wireless card?02:45
FloodBot3Paulo39: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
Paulo39hi guys, i've installed virtualbox from virtualbox repositories. then i virtualized fedora 11 under my jaunty  and i'm having problems with the resolution of the virtual guest screen02:45
te_Try:   sudo network-admin02:45
bazhangPaulo39, don't repeat please02:45
twig11gogeta: and is my essid the name of the network as it shows up in a typical network scan?02:45
gogetatwig11: yes just type ifconfig alone to see the card name02:45
gogetatwig11: yes and if its scanning its aruldy up02:45
bastidrazorPaulo39, setting screen resolution is from the guest OS.. the host OS doesn't set a VM's resolution.02:46
gogetatwig11: so you can skip right to iwconfig02:46
OkayIs the battery charge monitor accurate because I've unplugged my laptop for 2 minutes and it says that I have 95% charge left....?02:46
gogetatwig11: ath0 is common but in  my case its wlan002:46
youseenothing_ha gogeta!  command line!02:46
gogetayouseenothing he deleted his applet02:46
twig11gogeta: okay, mine is wlan002:47
bastidrazorgogeta, isn't that the nm-applet? or am i repeating something someone else has said?02:47
gogetatwig11: then iwconfig wlan0 essid wepkey if many02:47
TuxedoBondHow do I get the exit and mini/max icons back on the window bars?02:47
Paulo39bastidrazor: the guest OS just give me maximum of 800x640 resolution02:47
twig11gogeta: the network essid is two words with a space. Put it in quotes?02:48
bcurtiswxis there an audio decoder for .wma files?02:48
youseenothing_twig11: iwconfig wlan0 essid <SSID>02:48
bastidrazorPaulo39, then in the guest OS you have to do some configuring.02:48
rskibcurtiswx: mplayer02:48
youseenothing_twig11: yes02:48
=== w4ett is now known as w4ett|afk
bcurtiswxrski: im using it, but it says it can't find a decoder for .wma02:48
gogetatwig11: i assumw bla\ bla02:49
Drekite_ uhh im still havving trouble...02:49
rskibcurtiswx: pastebin full output of mplayer file in #mplayer02:49
bastidrazorTuxedoBond, in ccsm check the 'window decorations' plugin02:49
youseenothing_twig11: just do iwconfig wlan0 essid "My ESSID"02:49
bcurtiswxrski: so run it in terminal and paste what that says?02:49
Drekite_ unrar, unace dont seem to do anything when i run them..02:49
gogetayouseenothing isnt it essid (myssd)02:50
OkayIs the battery charge monitor accurate because I've unplugged my laptop for 2 minutes and it says that I have 95% charge left....?02:50
gogetatwig11: if you have a wep key you need to add that to02:50
treetop_can anyone PLEASE walk me through the step on making my tc POWER MAX on my wireless card so i can stay connected to my router ...02:50
treetop_tx - tx *02:51
bastidrazorTuxedoBond, compiz can be a blessing and a curse all in one. it pays to toy with it a lot to figure all the in's and out's02:51
youseenothing_twig11: iwconfig wlan0 enc <wepkey here>02:51
te_Dreki: file file-name.xxx02:51
youseenothing_twig11: iwconfig wlan0 key <wepkey here>02:51
youseenothing_ok, time for me to go bowl02:51
youseenothing_talk at you guys later02:51
th0rtreetop_: the power level isn't adjustable...if the signals aren't good wifi will step down the speed to compensate, not up the power02:51
te_Dreki: What does it tell you about the file?02:51
The_Rufusis there a command line in ubuntu to automatically pastebin output?02:52
th0rThe_Rufus: you can install pastebinit02:52
bastidrazorThe_Rufus, install pastebinit02:52
gogetaThe_Rufus: i beleve there is02:52
treetop_<th0r> do you have any idea what i can do to make my signal better ?02:52
twig11gogeta: I did iwconfig and so on with the wep key and I get "Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A): SET failed on devide wlan0 ; Operation not permitted."02:52
twig11on device02:53
Okaytreetop_, yeah, ubuntu has weak wifi signals for some reason. is there a way to increase this?02:53
gogetatwig11: sudo02:53
Drekite_ the file is name devmw430.ace i dont understand what u just said02:53
gogetatwig11: sorry02:53
MindVirusSo I just installed xubuntu-desktop.02:53
MindVirusThen I uninstalled xubuntu-desktop.02:53
twig11no prob02:53
MindVirusBut all of the deps are still there.02:53
The_Rufusthankyou th0r and bastidrazor and gogeta02:53
MindVirusIs there any quick way to remove the deps?02:53
MindVirusth0r, I didn't like it too much -- doesn't seem very unified.02:53
Drekite_ name is*02:54
th0rMindVirus: you mean after removing the app? apt-get autoremove02:54
MindVirusth0r, doesn't do the trick.02:54
treetop_err it just did it ...02:54
bazhangMindVirus, you want to get puregnome?02:54
MindVirusbazhang, pardon?02:54
treetop_err it just did it ...02:54
bazhangMindVirus, /msg ubottu puregnome for link02:55
treetop_can anyone help me with my wireless card i need the signal stronger or something ....02:55
te_Dreki: What?02:55
twig11gogeta: Okay, it says my WEP key is an unknown command. shall I follow youseenothing's instructions?02:55
MindVirusbazhang, no, I tried Xubuntu.02:55
The_Rufushow can i make pastebin it pastebin straight to pastebin then give me a url? I've done it on sabayon before02:55
gogetatwig11: so its sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "your ssd" key "yourkey"02:55
Drekite_ what are you asking?02:56
Okayis there a way to increase my wifi signal without soldering/etc?02:56
MindVirusOkay, get a better antenna!02:56
bazhangMindVirus, understood. and now you want to remove all of it. please follow what I said a moment ago02:56
The_RufusOkay: aluminium foil02:56
MindVirusbazhang, I did.02:56
twig11gogeta: not quite. let me try it like that.02:56
OkayMindVirus, that's it?02:56
fetusbubbleThe_Rufus: can you rephrase that?02:56
Out_ColdOkay, you should be able to mod the Tx power02:56
MindVirusOkay, you can increase it twofold by getting one of those cans.02:56
OkayMindVirus, why is windows wifi signals stronger than ubuntu's? do you know?02:56
gogetatwig11: your ssd and youkey are your real info ofcourse02:56
OkayMindVirus, a cantenna?02:57
IceWindThat is odd i get better signal in Linux than in windows...02:57
twig11gogeta: No feedback! does that mean it worked?02:57
The_RufusI want to ./configure | pastebin <arguments> so that it automatically pastes it to pastebin and gives me a url02:57
MindVirusOkay, one of two things: Windows sends more power (unlikely), or Ubuntu reads it differently.02:57
ovnicrafthi folks, anyone can help me with the duration time of Ubuntu certification on LPI?02:57
MindVirusOkay, yes.02:57
The_Rufusi don't know the arguments02:57
IceWindbut it may have to do with the driver02:57
treetop_if someone walks by it i loose my connection its driving me nutz. it doesent do it on my windows oOS02:57
gogetatwig11: type ifconfig and see if its connected02:57
icedteaOkay: some linux wireless drivers have options to increase the signel strength02:57
OkayIceWind, what? that's weird02:57
ZidaneRickim about to make the leap and install ubuntu on my netbook outright :D02:57
IceWindtreetop_, what's your card?02:57
treetop_linksys wmp54g or something02:57
gogetatwig11: it will show your ssid and stuff on wlan 002:58
twig11gogeta: it looks right.02:58
IceWindexternal usb right? a blue square?02:58
The_Rufuslinksys wmp54g has a whopping great big aireal02:58
OkayOut_Cold, do you know how to mod the Tx power and are there risks?02:58
The_Rufusshould be good signal02:58
=== w4ett|afk is now known as w4ett
ZidaneRickDoes anyone know if there is an alternative to Windows Media Centre or Windows Media Player on ubuntu so I can still stream to my xbox's?02:58
gogetatwig11: ok last step dhcpcd wlan002:58
treetop_<The_Rufus> what do you mean ? conflicts ?02:58
woakusnetwork manager has "enabled networking", "connection information", "edit connections" and "about" in dark color & can be clicked on - "enable wireless" is not dark nor can it be selected - ethenet connection works fine as other systems on wirelss work fine - help, please02:58
The_RufusZidaneRick: Look into XBMC02:58
jrib!afk > w4ett02:58
ubottuw4ett, please see my private message02:58
te_Dreki: What is this file supposed to do?  What is it supposed to be?  Why are you wanting to open it/02:58
ZidaneRickThe_Rufus: XBOX 36002:59
Out_ColdOkay, you can google it. I'm not sure if mod-ing the tx power can burn out a card.. but you can set it via command line02:59
th0rZidaneRick: vlc02:59
The_RufusXBMC = X Box Media Center02:59
ZidaneRickThe_Rufus: XBMC only runs on XBOX102:59
IceWindoh jsut checked is internal and have a big antenna. It should be able to even fry stuff nearby! :)02:59
mobi-sheepI think he just want to stream stuffs to his Xbox.  Not watching stuffs on the computer/laptop.02:59
The_RufusZidaneRick: Wrong. I have it on 1 linux install and also on windows02:59
ldaughertyxbmc can run on any02:59
twig11gogeta: Arrgh. dhcpcd is currently not installed. and of course I'm not online with that computer so what should I do?03:00
JeruvyZidaneRick: not anymore it works on many platforms...still crap, but it does work.03:00
nsadminOut_Cold sure it can, especially if heat is not handled appropriately03:00
The_RufusZidaneRick: www.xbmc.org03:00
mobi-sheepZidaneRick: XBMC runs on all platforms.03:00
Drekite_ its an archive .ace file id like to extract the files inside it so as to use it, but the regular archive manager doesnt seem to want to reaad it03:00
ldaughertyits running my "porn" server on a lenovo laptop underneath my tv03:00
treetop_<Out_Cold> you know the commands03:00
jrib!ace | Dreki03:00
ubottuDreki: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression03:00
The_Rufustreetop_: I just want to know the command I have to type in to send the output of a command to pastebin03:00
Out_Coldnsadmin, i was thinking it could.. but i'm not knowledgeable enough to say one way or the other03:01
treetop_<The_Rufus> sorry i dont know ...03:01
Out_Coldi just know it can be done03:01
bazhangThe_Rufus, install pastebinit03:01
ZidaneRickhmm doesn't look like it will run on the XBOX 360 guys03:01
ldaughertyall the other mce's are too picky on graphic cards and hardware...it's available live edition try it out you'll be impresssed03:01
rskiZidaneRick: what wont run?03:01
gogetatwig11: sudo dhclient wlan003:01
bazhangThe_Rufus, command | pastebinit  -->url03:01
Cryptorchildmy battery could not be identified by Ubuntu 9.04, anyone can solve this problem?03:01
Okaydoes anyone think that's a go?03:01
ZidaneRickrski: XBMC03:02
CryptorchildI'm using MSI Megabook S27103:02
Out_Coldand no treetop_  i don't know the codes... it's just something further down the road i will learn once i get my high gain antenna03:02
treetop_can anyone please help me with my wireless card i lose connection if someone just walks by andyway i can fix this ?03:02
solexiousCan any one recommend a godgraphics card to run 2 dvi monitors?03:02
treetop_ok OC03:02
mobi-sheepZidaneRick: You only need UPNP (I think) to stream stuffs to your Xbox.  Assuming that's your goal in first place.03:02
solexiouss/godgraphics/good graphics03:02
AmerigoHow do you get ubuntu to do 3d effects like turning a window sideways?03:02
racecar56does anyone know of a good batch image converter?03:02
Okaytreetop_, what card do you have?03:03
jribracecar56: imagemagick03:03
mobi-sheepracecar56: convert --help03:03
gogetatwig11: heh did you get that03:03
gogetatwig11: should be connected03:04
klownI'm having an issue with the login page and teamspeak (in gnome), and every window in blackbox.  All my window menus are too small to read.  I've tried reading the faq, and tried the "my login window is too small to read" threads.03:04
klownAll with no help.  I'm running ubuntu jaunty.03:04
twig11gogeta: it looks like it is. Let me see if I can browse.03:04
klownanyone have any idea how to fix this.03:05
``y7i have an external hdd that cannot mount because i didn't properly export it in windows... is there any way to get this hdd up and running on ubuntu?03:05
gogetatwig11: the command line shoud have said and shown you the ip03:05
th0rklown: you need to choose a larger font for the menus and such03:05
racecar56mobi-sheep: it just spams, i don't see anything about converting foo to bar03:05
thiebaudesebsebseb: wassup03:05
twig11gogeta: It works! You guys are great!03:05
gogetatwig11: and first thing sudo apt-get install wicd lol so you dont gotta do it the hard way03:05
klownth0r: choose it where?  download it, or in the xml file, or what?03:06
=== Krikit is now known as Krikit_
twig11gogeta: I'll do that, but the command line is more fun for a newbie. :-)03:06
message144Hi, would anyone recommend the Dell Inspiron 15n laptop (preinstalled with Ubuntu)? I am considering getting one.03:06
mobi-sheepracecar56: Err. Spams?  What do you mean.03:06
Okay"Installing linux-backports-modules-jaunty along with wicd did the trick. No longer losing the signal and the strength is much greater." Wifi gurus, is this worth a try and are there risks?03:06
gogetatwig11: well if all else fails command line lol03:07
th0rklown: I am not in gnome so I can't tell you exactly...but it will be where you set the theme and such for gnome...there is an option to customize the desktop and you should be able to change it there03:07
myk_robinsonfor Firefox 3.5 users, how can i make it start on the home page every time instead of restoring the last page(s) i was on?03:07
th0rklown: customize the windows...not the desktop03:07
mobi-sheepracecar56: "sudo aptitude install imagemagick ; convert --help"03:07
racecar56mobi-sheep: it just says everything about it except what i want to know03:07
gogetatwig11: its acully only 3 commands but if you dont knoe em it can be a pain03:07
klownth0r: When I change it there, everything gets changed.  Right now, some of the windows are fine, but the login screen, and the teamspeak menu both are unreadable.03:08
racecar56mobi-sheep: no i already have convert03:08
mobi-sheepracecar56: By the way, the site describe more and give more examples and such.  Better than manual, lol.03:08
racecar56mobi-sheep: ok03:08
stroyan``y7: If the hdd has an NTFS filesystem on it then you are safer to use a windows system to chkdsk it.03:08
twig11gogeta: and if you always have a typo on the first try like I do. :-)03:08
racecar56mobi-sheep: so, how would i tell it to convert * to * but it has .png instead of .jpg03:09
mobi-sheepracecar56: Bunch of files?03:09
racecar56mobi-sheep: yes03:09
racecar56mobi-sheep: every jpg in sight i want converted to png in one folder03:09
sebsebsebthiebaude: hi03:09
ldaughertybigger fonts?  jk!03:09
mobi-sheepracecar56: Let me find something.  I did this recently to convert all png to bmp a week ago or so.03:10
galant14bracecar56: phatch will do what you need03:10
racecar56mobi-sheep: k03:10
treetopOMG !!!03:10
TuxedoBondHow do I get the 3D cube feature of Compiz to work?03:11
fbc-mxstroyan,  There is a way to do it from the command line too, I just can't recall it. I know that when I tried to do a resize on an ntfs one time with gparted, it gave the command line to try to fix the problem.03:11
TuxedoBondI ran compiz --repalce in the run box03:11
TuxedoBondSelected Desktop Cube already.03:11
stroyanracecar56:   for f in *.png ; do convert $f ${f%.png}.jpg;done03:11
twig11gogeta: I get an error installing wicd because it conflicts with network-manager so that means network-manager is installed. How do I uninstall network-manager?03:11
racecar56stroyan: i want jpgs to pngs not pngs to jpgs but i can fix that myself :P03:12
racecar56stroyan: oh, im nuts03:12
mobi-sheepracecar56: What format to format?03:12
klownth0r: any other ideas?03:13
jon5000Hi, can anyone help me get my "extra" visual effects back?  I used to have that setting working fine, with comiz and everything.  Yesterday I installed mac4lin, and now I get "desktop effects could not be enabled" when selecting the radio button under appearance/visual effects.  help!03:14
racecar56mobi-sheep: jpg to png03:14
th0rklown: nope...that was my only one03:14
drakonim getting an error when trying to boot off livecd. ACPI: Aborted because invalid compressed format (err=1) i've made two copies of the cd .03:14
blackest_knighttwig11:  try sudo aptitude install wicd03:14
klownth0r: ok, thanks :)03:14
mobi-sheepracecar56: imagemagick got thousand of builtin commands and mogrify is one of them. "Use the mogrify program to resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more. This tool is similiar to [convert] except that the original image file is overwritten (unless you change the file suffix with the -format option) with any changes you request."03:14
racecar56drakon: you have a cd drive like my dead laptop maybe03:14
drakonperhaps, it works with other distros03:14
drakonand previous versions of ubuntu03:15
mobi-sheepracecar56: mogrify -format png *.jpg03:15
mobi-sheepracecar56: You might want to check for *.jpeg too03:15
stroyanracecar56: for f in *.jpg ; do convert "$f" "${f%.jpg}.png"; done       (The quotes help with filenames containing spaces, etc.)03:15
racecar56mobi-sheep: thanks03:15
TuxedoBondI want to know how to get Compiz to work and show 3D features.03:15
racecar56mobi-sheep: i don't have spaces in them :P03:15
racecar56mobi-sheep: it's a bunch of imgXXX03:15
racecar56mobi-sheep: i always avoid spaces when possible03:16
mobi-sheepracecar56: That's fine.  * is wildcard and will replace everything in the directory you ran the command in.03:16
ArsinHey guys, I used this command 'sudo killx' or something related to that to terminate a program, I clicked the start bar by accident and it close that and since me not knowing what to do to get it back I powered off, and how when I try to boot into Ubuntu after I login I just get a blank screen. Any idea how to fix this?03:16
blackest_knightTuxedoBond:  all depends on what graphics card you have03:16
racecar56mobi-sheep: k, well mogrify did it all03:16
gogetatwig11: it should ask yoou if its ok to uninstall it03:16
=== Twilo is now known as Twilo|away
mobi-sheepracecar56: Err... *.jpg (as in all wildcard and .jpg)03:16
racecar56mobi-sheep: all i have to do now is rm *.jpg and im done03:16
racecar56mobi-sheep: thanks for your help03:16
mobi-sheepracecar56: Yup.  That's right.  Easy, ain't it? :)03:16
mobi-sheepracecar56: No problem.03:17
racecar56mobi-sheep: yes03:17
=== Twilo|away is now known as Twilo
treetopcan someone please help me with my wireless connection if someone walks by it will go out PLEASE anyone know wtf is wrong with it03:17
OkayArsin, try pressing alt +f203:17
twig11gogeta: blackest_knight: it worked but it still doesn't show up on the taskbar.03:17
racecar56mobi-sheep: it's a LOT easier than going into GIMP 250 (yes, seriously) times to save as03:17
mobi-sheepimagemagick is a powerful image manipulation tool.  +1 for imagemagick. :)03:17
OkayArsin, then type in "nautilus"03:17
gogetatwig11: it will on rebiot03:17
racecar56+1 for imagemagick here03:17
twig11gogeta: thanks. I won't worry then03:18
TuxedoBondblackest_knight: Intel Integrated graphics.03:18
TuxedoBond945 I beleive.03:18
ArsinWhere would I type nautilus03:18
klownI'm having an issue with the login page and teamspeak (in gnome), and every window in blackbox.  All my window menus are too small to read.  I've tried reading the faq, and tried the "my login window is too small to read" threads.03:18
OkayArsin, after holding alt and pressing f203:19
klownAll with no help.  I'm running ubuntu jaunty.03:19
ArsinOk thanks, let me go try that03:19
klownanyone have any idea how to fix this.03:19
stroyanfbc-mx: Perhaps you were thinking of "ntfsresize" as suggested at http://www.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfsck03:19
OkayArsin, let me know if there are problems03:19
blackest_knighttwig11:  true suo aptitude install wifi-radar ~(that usually works well)03:19
Okayklown, what's your problem exactly?03:19
fbc-mxstroyan, yeah.. that's it.03:19
gogetablackest_knight: he has wicd now its all good03:20
buzzmandtmy brothers computer has an intel graphics card and I couldn't get compiz to work on it either, worked with hardy but intrepid wouldn't do it.03:20
klownOkay: From startup, the textbox to enter my username & all the options for session change/language and such are too small to read03:20
twig11gogeta: blackest_knight: thanks for the help! Logging off here.03:21
klownOkay: Also, in the teamspeak window, the menu is too small to read as well.03:21
mtcsupport html-5 video03:21
J_DahmerHow do I join Foobar and Grill03:21
klownOkay: I don't know if this information has anything to do with it, but I am running my 36" tv as my "monitor"03:21
Okayklown, maybe system>preferences>appearance and change it there03:22
klownOkay: I tried that, but the stuff thats not affected by the small font size doesn't change, and everything else does.03:22
bazhangJ_Dahmer, foobar? the windows app?03:22
Okayklown, it's under the fonts tab03:22
FloodBot3J_Dahmer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
FloridaGuyfinaly got 3rd party usplash screens to work in 9.04...thanks to a script called usplash maker03:22
bazhangJ_Dahmer, watch the language03:22
OkayJ_Dahmer, ditto.03:23
J_DahmerOkay I am sorry03:23
J_DahmerTell me how do I do it?03:23
Okayklown, have you tried it with an external monitor yet?03:23
klownOkay: I do not have an external monitor.03:23
blackest_knightTuxedoBond: as far as i can tell preferences appearance then select visual effects (extra is most noticable)03:23
J_DahmerHey Jag offs03:24
=== forrest is now known as forrestv
Okayklown, hmm03:24
stroyanklown: It is likely that your X server is confused about the dots-per-inch of the display.  The login font is affected by that.  "xdpyinfo | grep resolution" will tell you what it thinks you have.03:24
FloridaGuybut when someone calls me an a** hole...i say would rather be an a** hole then a hole a**....lol03:24
Okayklown, yeah, I think stroyan knows what he's talking about more than I do.03:25
J_DahmerFloridaGuy gives free handjobs03:25
klownstroyan: It's telling me 32x4303:25
pentanewbehow r u people?03:26
FloridaGuyHE RAN AWAY03:26
ldaughertysince when does asshole flag you?  its a perfect word when used at right times03:26
pentanewbewell, I need a little help with my ubuntu 8.0403:26
quentusrexCan someone give me a hand? I'm having trouble with tls certificates....03:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
quentusrexI'm trying to get openldap tls working03:26
pentanewbeI have a genius webcam and I can't configure yet03:26
FloridaGuydident mean the caps03:27
ldaughertyi prefer douchebag .... but that's just me03:27
Shamounpentanewbe, it doesn't sounds so genius to me03:27
jribldaugherty: let's try to stick to support please...03:27
bazhangldaugherty, no need for the language please03:27
ArsinOkay that command didn't work03:27
gogetaFloridaGuy: sstop the crying a**03:27
klownstroyan: how would I correct the resolution?03:27
quentusrexAnyone familiar with ca certs?03:27
nivekc1anyone know why my sound doesn't work in flash and i get no startup sound but it does work in rythmbox?03:27
Okaypentanewbe, sudo apt-get install cheese03:28
pentanewbewell wen I do lsusb it's appears like a Pixart03:28
FloridaGuygogeta, i not crying...lol03:28
pentanewbeokay .... and then ....03:28
ArsinOkay: that command you told me, it said it could not find, bas : natilus cannot find command03:28
Arsinor something like that03:28
mobi-sheepArsin: nautilus.03:28
ArsinAlright one sec03:29
OkayArsin, yup, it's nautilus03:29
stroyanklown: You could add a DisplaySize line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  With recent releases there may not be a handy line to add that to.  Or you could try using "xrandr --fbmm WxH" and see if it will stick.03:29
mobi-sheep!tab | Arsin03:29
ubottuArsin: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:29
pentanewbeOkay, I think the problem is with drivers03:29
mobi-sheepArsin: You can do that for filenames.03:29
ldaughertydeal...spanking taken...ouch!03:29
pentanewbeI have the following drivers modules loaded in my kernel03:29
klownstroyan: do I just use the screen resolution, or do I need to find another?03:29
gogetastroyan: you still can add lines to xorg.conf it acts as a override to auto03:30
pentanewbeusbcore               146412  7 gspca,snd_usb_audio,snd_usb_lib,hci_usb,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd03:30
pentanewbeand lsusb show me Bus 003 Device 008: ID 093a:2622 Pixart Imaging, Inc.03:30
stroyanklown: You set the physical size in millimeters for those options.  (Normally the monitor can tell the graphics card and X server how big it is.)03:31
pentanewbeand after connect my webcam dmesg shows [11796.604138] usb 3-1: USB disconnect, address 703:31
pentanewbe[11798.685334] usb 3-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 803:31
pentanewbe[11798.725745] usb 3-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice03:31
blackest_knightpentanewbe: try search google for the vid and device id shown by lsusb for your cam and the word linux or ubuntu03:31
nivekc1anyone in here know anything about not getting sound in flash and also getting no sound from ubuntu as far as system sounds and startup music but for whatever reason if i play a song in rythmnox it works fine?03:31
klownstroyan: so the physical side of my tv, in mm..correct03:31
pentanewbethanks blackest03:32
stroyanklown: That's right.  Get out the tape measure. ;-)03:32
gogetanivekc1: its a own issue uninstalling it and getting the deb from the flash site fixes it03:32
klownstroyan: ok, I will try that.  thanks.03:32
klownOkay: Thanks for the help as well.03:32
MustangMattHello, How can I force my laptop into ondemand power mode on boot regardless of if it's plugged in or not.03:32
nivekc1gogeta: i have done that however the issue is not with the flash plugin itself as that seems to be working fine i also get no system sounds only audio from media players03:33
mehdiکسی هست03:33
RoikarHELLO WORLD!!03:33
bazhangmehdi, #ubuntu-sa for arabic03:33
OkayI just installed wicd and my wifi icon on the taskbar disappeared. How can I get it back?03:33
blackest_knightnivekc1:  try muting and unmuting sounds in volume control03:33
gogetanivekc1: go to prefs and sound and switch them from pulse to alisa03:34
Roikarhey guys how do you completely remove KDE session from ubuntu03:34
mehdino Im not it that you say03:34
jrib!puregnome | Roikar03:34
ubottuRoikar: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal03:34
jribmehdi: what language then?03:34
Roikardo i really have to type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?03:34
OkayRoikar, yes.03:35
jribRoikar: to ensure you have a working, complete gnome system, yes03:35
mehdihow do  can I install yahoo messanger in ubutu03:35
nivekc1well actually that is something i cant wuite figure out.. i am using HDMI for my sound so when i go to audio and select all of the options that i can hear the test sound witheverything seems to be right except i have no volume control that allows me to change anything.. the only way to adjust the volume is from the media player itself.03:35
jribmehdi: I believe pidgin can use yahoo's network03:35
mobi-sheepmehdi: Use Pidgin.03:35
bazhangmehdi, use pidgin03:35
buzzmandtpigdin works good on yahoo03:35
Okaymy wifi icon on my taskbar disappeared when I installed wicd. How do I get that icon back?03:36
mobi-sheepOkay: Try nm-applet03:36
mehdisend link me for problem03:36
mobi-sheep!pidgin | mehdi03:36
ubottumehdi: The Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete03:36
gogetaOkay: REBOOT03:36
gogetaOkay: wicd uninstalles the gnome manager03:37
blackest_knightOkay:  that icon was from  network-manager which you uninstalled03:37
mobi-sheepmehdi: To update Pidgin to latest version (2.5.8), see http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/03:37
nivekc1see if i select pulse audio in my sound prefs.. i get no audio at all03:37
Okayso is there an icon I can put there like the previous one with wicd instead?03:37
zer0neOkay: call start wicd with command wicd or wicd-client, can't remember03:38
Okayso I can't keep both wicd and network manager?03:38
gogetaOkay: alt f2 for the run windows type wicd-client03:38
gogetabring it up03:38
mehdiso thank you very very very much03:38
Okaygogeta, woo! the icons there03:38
Okaywill it stay there from now on whenever I reboot/bootup ?03:39
gogetaOkay: it starts at boot by defult03:39
nivekc1and like right now i am playing a song and if i bring up the pulse audio volume meter it it jumping around but i cant hear anything.03:39
m0r0nThanks, Okay, it worked sorta.. it gave me some errors but I rebooted and it worked somehow03:39
wolf23hello friends03:39
m0r0nm0r0n - Arsin03:39
MustangMattMy laptop always starts up in performance mode even though /etc/rc2.d/S99ondemand is setup.03:39
mankashhow to open iso in ubuntu directly and play video out of it03:39
ForzaPalermohey guys im getting -hdd error {DRDY} errors on my second SATA HDD03:39
wolf23Anyone here friend with Ktorrent?03:40
ForzaPalermoi cant see the files but i cant access them03:40
ForzaPalermoit freezes up, and spews up these errirs03:40
gogetaForzaPalermo: tansmission 4 life03:40
mattanonewbie question: does anyone know of an app to view the files in the partition like im trying to figure out which partition on this old drive has the files i want, ill tear down the other partions and just resize the one I want.03:40
ForzaPalermogogeta: whats that03:40
ahuronwhat's files you want has03:40
ahuronin ktorrent03:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about transmission03:40
wolf23ahuron,  yes03:40
klownstroyan: Mind if I pm you?03:41
=== icedtea` is now known as icedtea
gogetaForzaPalermo: its a relly good bt client03:41
ForzaPalermoanyway i have tried e2fsck03:41
ForzaPalermobut still no luck03:41
mehdiany body tell me weher is here03:41
ahuronwhats files, you want ?03:41
ForzaPalermoahuron: all of them03:41
ForzaPalermoi have EVERYTHING on there03:41
ctmjrnivekc1, spdif does not have volume control you can try using oss-mixer and enable digital it might work,03:41
=== john is now known as Guest57229
ForzaPalermopics music games etc03:42
Roikarhey guys which nvidia driver is better? the 177 driver or 173 version?03:42
ahuronone minute wolf03:42
wolf23ahuron,  oK03:42
mehdihello guys03:42
RoikarI'm currently using the 173 version03:42
fretegihey guys, can u use ubuntu server on a server that runs nothing but windows workstations?03:42
fretegiwould seem so... just curious tho..03:43
ForzaPalermowould a e2fsck -c run a risk of me corrupting those files03:43
mehdiI want install yahoo massenger for chat in ubutu.please help me03:43
zer0nemehdi: use pidgin03:44
fretegimedhi use pidgin or kopete03:44
sagemodemehdi: use pidgin03:44
TuxedoBondWhere are my apps stored?03:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pidgen03:44
Roikarhey guys which nvidia driver is better? the 177 driver or 173 version?03:44
jimdbi have a /usr/share/samba folder with smb.conf and I have a /etc/samba folder with smb.conf.  which one of these is the correct one? how do I determine that?  and how do I create what is called a global "create mask" for folders and files created by anyone creating or altering a file/folder in any share?03:44
TuxedoBondAt /usr?03:44
sagemodeTuxedoBond: /usr/local/03:44
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete03:44
sagemodeTuxedoBond: /opt/03:44
mehdiwhat's pidgin!!!!!03:44
mehdiI dont know03:44
kurouAn IM client bundled with ubuntu.03:45
sagemodemehdi: a im client03:45
fretegipidgin is a multi use chat client, go to applications>internet03:45
Okayis the latest build of transmission stable?03:45
gogetamehdi: look in your intenet menu03:45
ForzaPalermowhy does e2fsck -c take so long.... look how long its taking Checking for bad blocks (read-only test):   0.61% done, 3:49:49 elapsed03:45
ForzaPalermothis is a 500gb hdd03:45
Okaycuz I still have 1.5103:45
Roikarhey guys which nvidia driver is better? the 177 driver or 173 version?03:45
ForzaPalermothis will take DAYS to finish03:45
fretegiim not sure if pidgin is working on yahoo well at the moment, i had to change my paging server, but i use kopete03:46
Roikarhey guys which nvidia driver is better? the 177 version or 173 version?03:46
kurouI'd go with the latest.03:46
mankashhow to open iso in ubuntu directly and play video out of it03:46
zer0neRoikar: none is better. depends on your use...03:47
ctmjrRoiker use the newer one03:47
sagemodemankash: u can open iso by rightclick and archive manager03:47
gogetamankash: sudo mount iso.iso /media/cdrom03:47
kuroumankash: Try opening it with Brasero.03:47
Roikarwhats the difference? of both of them, stability? performance?03:47
zer0nethe newer nvidia did,nt work for me. I had to use an older one. depends....03:47
fretegianyone here tried arch linux, looking for a comparison regarind speed/security/hardware compatiblity03:48
jimdbi have a /usr/share/samba folder with smb.conf and I have a /etc/samba folder with smb.conf.  which one of these is the correct one? how do I determine that?  and how do I create what is called a global "create mask" for folders and files created by anyone creating or altering a file/folder in any share?03:48
sagemodegogeta: sudo mount -o loop iso.iso /media/cdrom0/03:48
WIGGMPkIm having trouble mounting a ISO file.. Can someone give me some help03:48
gogetayea forgot loop03:48
FloridaGuymy system..in services has 3 action schedulers runing....anacron...atd and cron...are they needed?03:48
sagemodejimdb: the /etc/samba/03:48
mankashok thx03:49
gogetaWIGGMPk: sudo mount -o loop iso.iso /media/cdrom003:49
Okayoh dang. I got 255% wifi connectivity.03:49
jimdbsagemode:  there are no shares listed in that file.  there's a folder somewhere in the file system that points to files that correspond to each folder.  do you happen to remember where they are?03:49
TuxedoBondI'm looking for the Gdebi package I installed. What is the Ubuntu equivavlent of a .exe?03:49
zer0nejimdb: /share does not mean you share that folder03:49
fretegiokay howd u do that?03:49
ctmjrRoiker you might get better answers in #nvidia if anyones is awake like zer0ne said it's what works for you03:49
jimdbzerOne:  i have many shares already working.  i'm just trying to create a global create mask03:50
OkayI opened wicd and that's what it told me fretegi03:50
gogetaOkay: its jusy becouse you havent rebooted yet03:50
fretegimy wireless card doesnt have the same range in ubuntu as it does with vista, pretty sure its a driver issue but not sure what to do with it03:50
Travis_I've been searching for hours now, so I turn to you IRC.  Could someone please tell me how one would simply echo a 57,600 baud 8 databit 1 stop bit no parity serial input on ttyS1?03:51
sagemodejimdb: you have to manually put it on the conf file03:51
gogetafretegi: there just estmates03:51
Okayfretegi, yeah, we're in the same boat. do you have an atheros card?03:51
cklordsanyone have exp getting amarock to load samba network drives?03:51
fretegihang on lemme check, pretty sure its a realtek03:51
ricardo_i have a weird problem03:51
fretegirtl8101E realtek03:51
sagemodericardo_: ?proble03:51
fretegitahts what i got03:52
jimdbsagemode:  actually there are a number of files in a folder somewhere in the file system which correspond to each share I have set up.  I just can't remember where that is.  each file is laid out like a share entry in the smb.conf file.  but I am trying to ensure that I can have anyone in any group create a file or folder that anyone else in any group can alter, delete, etc.03:52
Okayunder wpa supplicant driver in wicd, what are all those options such as wext, hostapp, madwifi, atmel, ndiswrapper, ipw, ralink legacy?03:52
ricardo_i've installed ubuntu so many times, but yesterday i've installed in a toshiba satellite notebook, and then when the user selected windows in grub menu, the system freezes in a black screen with "starting up..." message and sounds a beep03:52
gogetaOkay: diffrent wap drivers it uses wext by defult03:53
ricardo_i really dont know what could be failing03:53
Okaygogeta, is that the best choice?03:53
icedteaTravis: have you looked at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Serial-HOWTO.html03:53
gogetaOkay: if it works lol03:53
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:53
Okayfretegi, I have an atheros 5007eg card03:53
fretegiwhat if it works with limited range03:53
Okaygogeta, lmao03:53
fretegiperformance is great on mine, just gets half the range of my vista setup03:54
gogetafretegi: those are estmates03:54
gogetafretegi: or its not using n03:54
rockyyouseenothing, are you online yet?03:54
rockyguess not03:54
fretegiits a G card, but what i mean is i can log in from across the street from my house with vista, however in linux i must be much closer to acquire the network03:54
Okayfretegi, I used sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-jaunty03:55
OkayI have no idea what that does, but people say it works03:55
=== galant14b is now known as galant14b|afk
gogetafretegi: strange03:55
rockyMichaelsTest, are you the michael that I know?03:55
fretegiis there one for intrepid?03:55
fretegithe really strange part is i get better network speed from linux, within its operating range than with vista03:55
fretegihas me pondering why lol03:55
gogetafretegi: oh i rember to boost your range you gotta incrase its power via iwconfig03:55
ricardo_wiseman, hola03:55
wisemanI continue to  have graphics issues here in ubuntu...03:55
wisemanhey ricardo03:56
zer0nefretegi: sorry, i did not get if you are using atheros or not...if atheros, maybe go for latest madwifi driver.03:56
m0r0nHow can I check which version of Ubuntu I have03:56
rockym0r0n, go to system>help03:56
fretegizerone i am using a realtek RTL8101e card03:56
Okayfretegi, yeah, same here! I get really fast speeds on linux, but bad signals and on Windows xp, I get low speeds but good signal03:56
rockyor wait03:56
wisemanm0r0n: system > about ubuntu03:56
fretegiwierd isnt it lol03:56
sagemodejimdb: Im confuse did you lost the folders? or something? that you shared?03:56
chris___i read in a wiki about a defrag tool, for ext4, wich can convert ext3 format completly to ext4 format data... but it says its currently under development. does anyone know something about that tool? because it would be real handy03:56
wisemanso does anyone have the time to take me under their wing for a bit to sort out the scary intricacies of xorg.config?03:56
freteginow how do i change power setting in lwconfig?03:56
ricardo_m0r0n, you can check with the commando         cat /etc/issue03:57
mehdihello guy s03:57
gogetafretegi: nope i rember you gotta boost the power03:57
mehdiyou are best freand s03:57
AThorn1Can someone help me change kernels, when the kernel is a deb, through command line? The Kernal I need to use is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1138363&highlight=update+manager+studio+freeze&page=303:57
fretegilol right, but how?03:57
fretegii am loving linux tho...03:57
wisemanI cannot seem to actually get my proper screen resolution03:58
jimdbsagemode:   samba has some serious faults.  It is quite convoluted.  but the gist of what I want is to allow any user from any workstation anywhere on my network, be they on a windows machine, a linux box, a macintosh, whatever,  and have them create files on the linux server on the appropriate shares where all users, where any user can alter the file or folder created by any other user.03:58
wisemanit won't go over 1024x76803:58
mehdime in iran whit iranian, we are loving to you.03:58
fretegiwiseman what ubuntu u running?03:58
wisemanI think it can be fixed with modelines in xorg.config03:58
fretegion what type of machine?03:58
wisemanbut I don't know how to do that03:58
mehdithanks and good bye03:58
wisemanfretegi: Hardy03:59
RudyValenciaHi, I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. Why are sounds choppy on all sound devices (occurs on both the built-in Intel 82801CA-ICH3/Cirrus Logic CS4205 and a separate C-Media USB headset)?03:59
fretegiati graphix card?03:59
SeaPhorwiseman, what vid card u have and how long ago u install ubuntu?03:59
m0r0nI know this is somewhat un-related, but if anyone has ordered anything from the Ubuntu site, how long does it take to get to Toronto?03:59
AThorn1Can someone help me change kernels, when the kernel is a deb, through command line? The Kernal I need to use is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1138363&highlight=update+manager+studio+freeze&page=303:59
fwaokdaMy displays are all effed up resolution wise and stuff can someone attempt to help me plz :( ???03:59
OkayRudyValencia, choppy as in youtube videos?03:59
RudyValenciaI don't know. I don't have Flash installed so can't test03:59
ricardo_mehdi, all people loves all people in the world, the thing is that our governors wants to hate us , so they can "take care" of us, (im nor american neither iranian)03:59
wisemanSeaPhor: I installed ubuntu a little over a year ago.  I have an ATI Radeon HD2400 mobile04:00
osirisis there anywhere to adjust the scroll speed, or number of lines you scroll with the mouse wheel ?04:00
rockym0r0n, last time I ordered it, I forgot that I had ordered it before it came04:00
SeaPhorwiseman, what vid card u have and how long ago u install ubuntu? and fwaokda04:00
RudyValenciathings like Pidgin have noticeable 'pops' in the sound that they shouldn't04:00
fretegiwiseman, have u tried running the proprietary driver ?04:00
m0r0nSo far it's been about 5 weeks or more I think more04:00
fwaokdaSeaPhor, ati radeon 4850 and just installed04:00
wisemanSeaPhor: I tried both.  Actually, trying to install the proprietary driver is what messed everything up.04:00
rockym0r0n, well, idk04:00
rockyit might take awhile04:00
wisemanAnd I can't seem to put it back.04:00
Okaybrb later04:01
RudyValenciaI've tried removing pulseaudio to see if it's causing the problem, happens both ways.04:01
rockym0r0n, do you REALLY need it?04:01
SeaPhorfwaokda, have you activated the restricted drivers?04:01
gogetafretegi: sudo gedit /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/wireless-ipw-power.conf04:01
wisemanI tried resetting xorg in the recovery mode on startup, no luck04:01
gogetayou can boost the card setting there04:01
zer0nefretegi: focus! Do you wan't to change your iwconfig or not??? terminal : man iwconfig ....04:01
fwaokdaSeaPhor, it was working until i tried the restricted drivers... then i disabled them when they ran slow... after disabling them now I have horrible resolution choices04:01
wisemanI've been dicking with this on and off for a couple months04:01
AThorn1Can someone help me change kernels, when the kernel is a deb, through command line? The Kernal I need to use is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1138363&highlight=update+manager+studio+freeze&page=304:01
m0r0nNo but I've been running to the mailbox after the first 4 weeks expecting it lol04:01
rockydon't get too excited now04:01
fwaokdaSeaPhor, btw I have dual displays don't know if that matters04:01
fretegilol yea, just trying to help contribute :) finally getting to wear i know a bit around linux wanna help as u all have helped me04:02
ZidaneRickhey guys, ok im running UNR and everytime i boot the system i get a prompt to enter password for "default keyring to unlock"04:02
SeaPhorfwaokda, ATI is way behind when it comes to dual displays in linux04:02
fretegiare there any downsides to boosting power to wireless?04:02
ZidaneRickis there anyway to stop it?04:02
gogetafretegi: less battery life04:02
fretegino biggie, anyway to turn off the wireless card completely, the external power switch doesnt seem to work with linux04:03
fwaokdaSeaPhor, well what can i do?04:03
brian1i just installed "super ubuntu" aka super os  and i gotta say its pretty good,, all it is , is just a suped up ubuntu 9.04 but its solid04:03
SeaPhorfwaokda, if you just installed and all was ok, i'd go back to that by re-installing, and not enabling the restricted04:04
fwaokdaSeaPhor, if I can only use the generic ones that worked after install I'll use them... would like to use compiz but if i can't at least would like to get back to the regular ones04:04
gogetafretegi: hardware switches  always work04:04
wisemanso fretegiq, SeaPhor, I've also tried using envy to install the newest drivers, and that moved me ahead a bit, but now I can't get my resolution all the way back up to 1280x80004:04
RudyValenciaI'm using Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. Why are sounds choppy on all sound devices (occurs on both the built-in Intel 82801CA-ICH3/Cirrus Logic CS4205 and a separate C-Media USB headset)?04:04
tommostRudyValencia: How is CPU usage?04:04
fretegijust turned the hardware switch off04:04
ZidaneRickhey guys, ok im running UNR and everytime i boot the system i get a prompt to enter password for "default keyring to unlock"04:04
fwaokdaSeaPhor, there isn't a way to just re-enable the drivers I was using before activating the restricted ones?04:04
fretegion this lappy, still working lol04:04
fretegii dont get it04:04
RudyValenciatommost: CPU usage while playing sounds04:05
brian1choppy how so??04:05
SeaPhorfwaokda, uncheck it the same way you checked it04:05
tommostRudyValencia: Yeah.04:05
fwaokdai did but that didn't work :(04:05
RudyValenciatommost: I'm new to Linux, how do I check that?04:05
gogetafretegi: odd04:05
brian1when you say choppy like , idstortion, laggin04:05
fretegithats what i said... i dont get it, will boosting power increse connectivity and speed as well?04:06
tommostUh, System -> Administration -> System Monitor is the menu, I think.04:06
RudyValenciabrian1: choppy like parts of the sound are missing, or pops occur04:06
wisemanaccursed ubuntu gods!04:06
mobi-sheep!sounds | RudyValencia04:06
ubottuRudyValencia: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:06
SeaPhorwiseman, ATI+compiz = nogo, i mean it somewhat works but is officially not supported by ATI as of yet04:06
brian1hmm i wonder if there is a wire grounding out inside04:06
wisemanSeaPhor: That's the thing, It USED to all work perfectly04:07
RudyValenciabrian1: the problem didn't occur in WinXP before04:07
wisemancompiz, resolution, etc04:07
edbianwiseman: What card do you have?04:07
SeaPhorin 8.04 wiseman ?04:07
brian1im a noob too so dont listen to me, i just wanted to sound smart. lol04:07
wisemanyes SeaPhor, 8.0404:07
gogetafretegi: to boost the card use iwconfig txpower 3004:07
gogetasudo iwconfig04:07
SeaPhorwiseman, then go back to 8.04...04:07
wisemanedbian: I have an ati radeon HD 2400 mobile04:07
wisemanSeaPhor: I do h ave 8.04....04:08
edbianwiseman: With what driver?04:08
gogetafretegi: sudo iwconfig ath0 txpower 3004:08
tommostRudyValencia: My thoughts are that it is an issue with PulseAudio, which can have issues when there is high CPU usage in my experience.04:08
SeaPhorwiseman, i am still on 8.04 on 3 of my 8 boxes04:08
wisemanedbian: I've tried the proprietary driver fglrx and the open source driver04:08
tommostRudyValencia: If it works in XP we know it's not a hardware problem.04:08
pengo-ubuhey guys how do i find what driver and the version jaunty is using?04:08
pengo-ubufor wireless04:08
tommostRudyValencia: And since it happens with two devices it's probably not a driver issue.04:08
edbianwiseman: And neither one allows hardware acceleration?04:08
tommostRudyValencia: How old is this laptop?04:09
edbianwiseman: Do you know about the compiz check script??  http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check04:09
wisemanedbian: I seemed to get the proprietary driver to kind of sort of work, but I cannot get my resolution back to 1280x80004:09
RudyValenciatommost: I got it second-hand so I can't say how old it is04:09
tommostWell, what CPU does it have?04:09
RudyValencia1.8GHz P4-M04:09
wisemanedbian: It seems to be working, but i can't get my resolution up so everthing is big.04:10
tommostRudyValencia: Could you open the think I suggested before?04:10
mobi-sheep!ati | wiseman04:10
ubottuwiseman: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:10
edbianwiseman: Hang on.  I'm reading the xrandr man page.  It is a utility that can set the screen size via command line.  I'm assuming the GUI Screen Resolution app isn't working.04:11
brian1what would be the best/easy way to upgrade to firefox 3.504:11
gogetafretegi: you should check out man iwconfig thers alot of options tp crank up your card04:11
tommostbrian1: I found using swiftfox pretty easy.04:11
RudyValenciatommost: the CPU usage is between 27 and 60% at idle04:11
wisemanmobi-sheep: looking.04:11
SeaPhorwiseman, whatever you do,, Envy is only the very LAST resort04:11
fretegido these effect speed as well?04:11
brian1tommost: is that a app?04:11
ricardo_what can i do with my problem)04:11
gogetafretegi: well a weak single is a weak single04:11
brian1oh its a add on04:11
jeffshi, could someone show me how to install the jack realtime server?04:12
edbianwiseman: type (and give me a brief synopsis of) this command: xrandr -q04:12
ricardo_when i select windows in grub, i get a black screen with "starting up..." and then i get a beep04:12
ricardo_and nothing more else04:12
gogetafretegi: to high can slow things up04:12
fretegiwell that is true, have u ever used arch linux gogeta?04:12
tommostbrian1: http://getswiftfox.com/04:12
RudyValenciatommost: it doesn't go up when a sound is playing04:12
tommostIt's a repository you add.04:12
=== forrestv is now known as forrest
gogetano ubuntu user04:12
TuxedoBondIf I want to try Xfce, do I need to uninstall Gnome-core first?04:12
jeffshi, could someone show me how to install the jack realtime server?04:12
gogetafretegi: i do a arch is a very basic install and you build from there04:13
mobi-sheeptommost: Faster?04:13
gogetado knoe04:13
ctmjrTuxedoBond, no04:13
gogetafretegi: text only04:13
tommostmobi-sheep: It's not really for me, but I'm on a 64-bit machine.04:13
tommostI imagine there could be a significant difference for a 32-bit machine.04:13
brian1im a little confused as to exacly what it is04:13
fretegiright thats what i hear, just curiuos, looking for a faster oad for work, playing with linux as a potentional replacement for work machine, but i have 1 app that is windows based i must run04:13
mobi-sheeptommost: Only asking just because it have 'swift' in it does't necessarily mean it's faster,04:13
wisemanedbian: It shows a variety of resolutions from 320x200 to 1024x768, with a star by the 1024x76804:13
TuxedoBondWill using Xfce with Gnome installed keep the Gnome files running in memory?04:14
gogetafretegi: google that app and wine see if it runs in linux04:14
fretegiim gotta run for a bit, cable guy here, gotta disconnect some coax stuff04:14
brian1i got it04:14
edbianwiseman: This is my basic understanding thus for.  Some software in the system (probably X11) looks at your monitor's available resolutions and your video cards resolutions and give you a list of what the two have in common (acceptable configurations) which is what shows up in the GUI screen resolution app.04:14
fretegioh i got it running just fine in wine, just a bit slow, trying to speed it up04:14
fretegispeed imperative with it04:14
ktAnyone know of a secure way to initiate an FXP handshake using LAMP?04:14
tommostmobi-sheep: Yeah, I was just using it to get 3.5 easily.  I know people who use it on 32-bit systems to good effect.04:14
cxamerI have a hdd that was in a ubuntu system, I recently did a fresh install with the drive I wanted to save out of the system, I just hooked the drive back up .. How do i find it / mount it ?04:15
brian1tommost: thanks ill have to try it04:15
edbianwiseman: xrandr -q lists what the video card is capable of.  Is the output accurate information for your video card?04:15
wisemanedbian: well I know for a fact my monitor was running at 1280x800 earlier.04:15
gogetafretegi: wines not perfect lol04:15
RudyValenciawell, what's happening?04:15
wisemanedbian: it runs 1280x800 in windows04:15
phpgunnermaybe you need to get the driver?04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
fretegiit runs damn well now, after some tinkering, just learned today that compiz screws with it, gonna make another user with no compiz settings and try next week, see if faster04:16
edbianwiseman: So 1024 x 768 is not the highest resolution your card can output but it is the highest listed by xrandr?  Is this correct?04:16
wisemanedbian: 100% correct.04:16
tommostRudyValencia: Hmm... well, so it could be PulseAudio, or it could be something wrong at the ALSA level (PulseAudio is a "sound server" that all of your apps talk to to which in turn talks to ALSA, which is a lower-level interface).04:16
edbianwiseman: Are you on the fglrx driver right now?04:16
gogetafretegi: or just turn it off in prefs aperance04:16
tommostRudyValencia: We can try killing PulseAudio and seeing if ALSA works alone.04:16
wisemanedbian: I'm not sure....I think so04:16
RudyValenciatommost, I removed PulseAudio and it still has the same issue04:16
wisemanhow do I see for sure?04:16
fretegiu mean "sero effects"04:16
edbianwiseman: lsmod, will list all of the modules currently loaded (being used)04:17
gogetafretegi: yya none04:17
brian1tommost i dont think i can use it cause im on a aspire one atom, no installer for it, i think04:17
edbianwiseman: lsmod | grep fglrx  will show if the fglrx module is loaded.04:17
gogetafretegi: thats conmpiz off04:17
tommostRudyValencia: I don't know then.  I've dealt with PA issues, but I really don't know how to debug ALSA.04:17
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Try "sudo alsactl init"04:17
edbianwiseman: If you don't want to search through the whole list04:17
fretegifunny thing is nothing is checked and i got all kinds of compiz stuff running ATM04:17
edbianwiseman: the open source driver is called "radeon" so lsmod | grep radeon to check if that one is loaded.04:17
wisemanagpgart                34760  2 fglrx,ati_agp04:18
gogetafretegi: go to prefrences aperance effects and slect none04:18
wisemandoes that mean it is loaded?04:18
gogetafretegi: hit apply04:18
gogetafretegi: compiz is now off04:18
fretegihafta wait till monday to try tho, cant see the application work live time till them04:18
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: "Unknown hardware: "ICH" "Cirrus Logic CS4205 rev 3" "AC97a:4352595b" "" "" Hardware is initialized using a guess method"04:19
tommostbrian1: I don't know, then.04:19
cxamerI have a hdd that was in a ubuntu system, I recently did a fresh install with the drive I wanted to save out of the system, I just hooked the drive back up .. How do i find it / mount it ? I am running Jaunty Minimal.04:19
edbianwiseman: run lsmod and if the module shows up it is loaded (being used).  If you add "| grep <something>" it will take the output of lsmod and print only the lines that contain the phrase <something>.04:19
edbianwiseman: Do you understand?04:19
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Problem solved now?04:19
RudyValencialemme see04:19
jwjzacxamer: it should be a /dev/sdX device04:19
wisemanedbian: yes04:19
edbianwiseman: So which module is loaded?04:20
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: What hardware?04:20
wisemanand it says agpgart                34760  2 fglrx,ati_agp04:20
RudyValenciaI'm playing the Ubuntu startup sound through the Sound control panel, and it's missing parts.04:20
brian1anyone know what a easy way to upgrade to firefox  3.5 is04:20
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY04:20
RudyValenciaer, it sounds like it's missing parts.04:20
brian1like sudo apt-get install firefox3.504:20
lstarnesbrian1: firefox-3.504:20
fretegigotta run guys, thanks alot for ur help gogeta, ill be back in a bit04:20
edbianbrian1: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.504:20
brian1ubottu thanks04:20
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:20
cxamerjwjza: I have alot of /dev/sdx showing up I cant figure out which one is the new drive that I want to mount, THere is sda sda1 sdb sdb1 sdb2 sdb5 sdc sdd sde sdf04:21
brian1how did you summen the bot04:21
fretegifirefox 3.5 better?04:21
tommostHey, awesome.04:21
brian1i think so04:21
edbianbrian1: use "!" to talk to the bot04:21
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: What do you mean by "what hardware"?04:21
edbiancxamer: run fdisk -l to get information on all of them :)04:21
zer0necxamer: run lshw, find your drives /dev04:22
jwjzacxamer: it's going to be trial and error then. look in your /etc/fstab to find out which drive ubuntu is already installed on and work from there04:22
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Make/model.04:22
edbianjwjza: sudo fdisk -l ;)04:22
jwjzahey true04:22
edbianwiseman: Hello?04:22
SeaPhorwiseman, try this, let us know if anything is there,,, less /var/log/Xorg.0.log |grep EDID04:22
TuxedoBondHow do you update installed applications?04:22
wisemanedbian: hello04:23
edbianTuxedoBond: Use the update manager :)04:23
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: lspci says 00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)04:23
RudyValenciafor the onboard audio04:23
mobi-sheepTuxedoBond: "sudo aptitude full-upgrade" will update your world.04:23
edbianwiseman: What driver (module) is loaded?04:23
wisemanedbian: I posted what your command outputted04:23
wisemanagpgart                34760  2 fglrx,ati_agp04:23
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Err, your computer/laptop.04:23
wisemanedbian: I don't know if that means it is loaded or not04:23
ctmjredbian wiseman try this to get the graphics driver that X is loading   egrep "Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers" /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:23
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: Dell Inspiron 820004:23
edbianwiseman: O sorry, I missed it.  Ok so the fglrx module is loaded then :) (not the radeon driver)04:24
RudyValenciawith add-in BCM4306 WiFi card04:24
wisemanso it seems, edbian04:24
edbianwiseman: because lsmod reported somewhere in its output "fglrx" that means that fglrx is loaded.  lsmod only return a list of modules that are loaded.04:24
wisemanctmjr: it seems it is in fact loading the right driver04:24
wisemanedbian: bitchin04:24
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: It's a laptop?04:25
edbianwiseman: Do you know how to load another driver?  Also are you sure about the output of xrandr I just noticed on my system that the resolutions listed are not exactly in order.  My current resolution is listed above several that are actually higher.  Did  you notice the same thing?04:25
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: http://ubuntu-inspiron.blogspot.com/04:25
wisemanedbian: I noticed the same thing.  800x600 is at the top04:26
coffeemanI need help installing gspca to get my webcam working04:26
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: that's not the problem I'm having04:26
wisemanedbian: I don't know how to load another driver, except when the computer is all fuxo4ed and it says it doesn't know what driver to load and I load it manually.04:26
zer0necoffeeman: did you try cheese first?04:27
edbianwiseman: ok.  We have two options.  Option 1: load the open-source driver and see if the higher resolutions are listed.  Option 2: just run the xrandr command to set the resolution to the one you want and see what happens.04:27
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: What problem then?04:27
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Making noises or... ?04:27
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: sounds are skipping or making slight 'pops'04:27
edbianwiseman: What do you want to do?  It doesn't really matter which we do first.04:27
soreauwiseman: Using envy is not recommended and using the proprietary driver is definitely not recommended if your card is supported by the open radeon driver. Unfortunately, envy can make your system so messed up that it is beyond repair04:27
wisemanedbian: as I understand, there is option 3 that allows me to edit xorg.config to add an additional resolution.04:27
AThornHow can I install the generic ubuntu kernel?04:28
brian1easy way to get firefox3.5 goto add/remove and add shiretoko its firefox 3.504:28
wisemansoreau: It got me a lot further than I did without it04:28
coffeemanzerOne: no, nothing showing in /dev/video.  shows up as usb device, though04:28
tuxFanguys computer janitor broke my box04:28
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Meh, I wouldn't know how to handle that.04:28
edbianwiseman: very true!  I can help you do that too but I am weary because I believe that different drivers can overwrite xorg.conf :(  We can take that approach too if you'd like.04:28
wolf23Anyone here friend with Ktorrent?04:29
watson516How does one go about installing an nvidia card if the restricted drivers tool doesn't work?04:29
wisemanedbian: well, let's try that xandr04:29
wisemanit seems less intrusive04:29
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: aplay -l04:29
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: That's your hardware.04:29
AThornHow can I install the generic ubuntu kernel?04:29
soreauedbian: Of course in order for the radeon driver to work, fglrx must be completely removed from the system and the machine cold booted04:29
SeaPhoredbian, wiseman has he ever done a aticonfig --initial and then restart x?04:30
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: lemme paste its output, brb04:30
edbianwiseman: sure.  the xrandr man page says that the flag for setting the resolution is: --fb widthxheight so xrandr --fb widthxheight  :)04:30
ctmjrsoreau, is 100% correct04:30
wisemanSeaPhor: tried that, didn't work04:30
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: http://pastebin.com/d3f88bf6c04:30
edbiansoreau: I would use modprobe and worry about removing modules once we know which one we want :)04:30
soreauedbian: It doesn't work like that04:31
edbiansoreau: modprobe lets you choose a module to use manually without removing the other options or rebooting doesn't it?04:31
SeaPhorwiseman, do you have envy installed?04:31
ehondaHow to use XDMCP via SSH?04:31
ehondaWhat sintexe for SSH command?04:31
edbianSeaPhor: I am not aware of aticonfig.  What does it do?04:31
wisemanedbian: it says it can't go over 1024x768 which is nonsense04:31
wisemanSeaPhor: I do have envy installed04:32
ctmjrwatson516, can you explain alittle more about does not work?04:32
edbianwiseman: Ok.  I kinda expected that.  Some other people have suggestions.  Do you see them?04:32
wisemanhang on a minute, brb04:32
coffeemanzerOne: cheese doesn't detect a camera and then crashes...04:32
soreauedbian: Yes, but fglrx uses an entirely different libGL.so and the open drivers will not work at all with fglrx still installed on the system.04:32
SeaPhoredbian, he said he tried and didnt work, but wiseman has envy installed, prolly blocking all u do04:32
edbiansoreau: Even using modprobe?  I can switch freely on my system.04:32
zer0necoffeeman: camarama?04:32
edbianSeaPhor: What does envy do?04:33
zer0necoffeeman: camorama?04:33
watson516ctmjr: I open up the 'Hardware Drivers' tool in 8.10, select the recommended display driver and it downloads it (sometimes) but doesn't seem to install04:33
soreau! envy04:33
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver04:33
edbianwiseman: You're the topic of much debate!  Can you see what we're all talking about?  SeaPhor soreau and I ??04:33
SeaPhoredbian, it takes over your box, invades un-necessarily all- i found no good in it04:33
zer0necoffeeman: maybe this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96693204:34
wisemanSeaPhor: edbian: I could uninstall if needed04:34
watson516ctmjr: After I do this and restart the x, it will come up with an error along the lines that the x wouldn't start up and I get the option to use low res mode or use the default settings04:34
edbianwiseman: I suggest it.  SeaPhor What do you think?04:34
edbianwiseman: That is, I suggest uninstalling it.04:34
soreauedbian: envy is a script which attempts to install drivers without regard to the package manager and can really screw things up04:34
wisemanedbian: KABOOM04:34
TuxedoBondWhat is the difference between the Firefox and Firefox 3.0 listings in Synaptics?04:34
SeaPhorwiseman, when i had it, uninstalling did no good04:34
edbianwiseman: ha ha ha ha.  Meaning your removing it?04:35
edbianwiseman: purge it.  Do you know how to do that?04:35
SeaPhorwiseman, edbian if you do then do sudo apt-get remove --purge envy*04:35
wisemanedbian: you mean complete removal in synaptic, or is there something MAS FUERTE?04:35
soreauenvy is like a graphics driver virus for linux04:35
edbiansoreau: What happens on your system if you modprobe the other ati driver?  Does it fail?  Does lsmod report the change correctly??04:35
soreaunightmare even04:36
gogetaedbian: i always use deborphin hehe04:36
edbianwiseman: I think that complete removal is the same as purging.04:36
* SeaPhor agrees with soreau 04:36
edbiangogeta: What does deborphin do?  purge packages?04:36
wisemanedbian: ARMING MISSILE04:36
soreauedbian: Sure, you can load and unload modules all day long. That doesn't mean they'll work when other installed components are conflicting04:36
SeaPhorwiseman, edbian if you do then do sudo apt-get remove --purge envy*04:36
ctmjrwatson516, run this in a terminal it will reset xorg to default sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg then reboot your box and what nvidia card do you have?04:37
wisemanSeaPhor: reading database, preparing to blast envy to hell04:37
gogetaedbian: finds orphined libs purges old configs removes old packages that got installed allongside a install04:37
edbianwiseman: I also suggest the terminal command.  It will remove all packages with "envy" in them04:37
=== Cryptorchild1 is now known as Cryptorchild
laymansnerdCan not write openvpn server sysinit script here:04:37
laymansnerd <--getting this error in openvpn....any suggestions?04:37
edbiangogeta: Interesting :)04:37
wisemanedbian: i used the command line04:37
gogetaedbian: yes usefull for cleaning out a system04:37
edbiansoreau: So loading a module doesn't mean that it's being used by the system?  (You're turning my world upside-down here)04:38
wisemanlooks like it finished04:38
soreauwiseman: The only thing you can do is use envy to uninstall the proprietary driver and hope it does actually undo what it did. Removing envy itself means you'll be left with whatever you currently have04:38
edbianwiseman: Out of curiosity since envy is gone now.  Run xrandr -q again and see if things changed.04:38
soreauedbian: Sorry, man ;)04:38
edbiansoreau: How can I ensure that I am using a module that I've loaded?04:38
SeaPhoryes wiseman do what edbian said04:38
wisemansame shit, edbian04:39
edbianwiseman: damn that xrandr!!!!  What a jerk it's being.04:39
SeaPhorwiseman do sudo locate envy04:39
tuxFancant move , or reside any window ,, any ideas ?04:39
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: I was wandering away.04:39
soreauedbian: I'm saying that there are other components, libs, files, etc in addition to the modules that make the driver work. It's not just rmmod this and modprobe that simple for graphics drivers04:39
RudyValencianeed the URL for the paste output again, mobi-sheep?04:39
wisemanSeaPhor: done, what am I looking for?04:40
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Try this -- "sudo alsactl init 0 ; sudo alsactl init 1"04:40
watson516ctmjr: I actually have no idea what video card I have...its a laptop (compaq presario v3000), I checked the specs on a website and it says Intel 945GM..Is that any help?04:40
wisemanSeaPhor: they're all in var/lib/dpkg/info04:40
SeaPhoredbian, soreau is exactly right04:40
mobi-sheepRudyValencia: Na. I'm good. I have separate window for highlights.04:40
edbianwiseman: Anything having to do with envy on your system04:40
edbianSeaPhor: soreau: so should I have only 1 driver installed on my system for a graphics card at any given time to be sure what driver is being used?04:40
SeaPhorwiseman, there should be NO results04:40
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: it's still skipping04:41
wisemanSeaPhor: OH NOES04:41
edbianwiseman: locate is just a system wide search.  It's searching for anything with "envy" in the name.04:41
soreauedbian: For 3D acceleration to work, generally speaking, yes04:41
edbiansoreau: IC.  Thank you for the tip!04:41
rsa_md5Hi I followed this guide to install OSS v4 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound but the problem now is Skype doesn't work with OSS04:41
rsa_md5any help?04:41
edbianwiseman: purge the shit outta it!04:41
ctmjrwatson516, we need to be sure run this lspci | grep VGA it more than likely is that04:42
SeaPhorwiseman, do lsmod |grep fglrx04:42
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:42
edbianwiseman: I love your sense of humor.04:42
wisemanJawol, mein furher04:42
* wiseman braces for impact04:42
edbianSeaPhor: We did that before the envy purge and it was loaded (fglrx that is)04:42
watson516ctmjr: 00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51 [Geforce 6150 Go] (rev a2)04:43
wisemanhang on04:43
SeaPhoryes edbian but was the xorg-driver-fglrx-envy04:43
carlitos__hi all guys04:43
SeaPhoredbian, thats the one we need to purge04:44
carlitos__in  virtualbox  is  possible  to reconigze a  tv  card tunner ?04:44
edbianSeaPhor: Yeah.  I was just mentioning.04:44
fertechwhat do i need to setup a mail server04:44
RudyValenciamobi-sheep: it not only doesn't fix the problem, it also says: "Unknown hardware: "ICH" "Cirrus Logic CS4205 rev 3" "AC97a:4352595b" "" "" Hardware is initialized using a guess method Unknown hardware: "USB-Audio" "USB Mixer" "USB0d8c:000c" "" "" Hardware is initialized using a guess method"04:44
jwjzaa post for the mailbox04:44
edbianwiseman: Was that fglrx-envy package the only thing that locate envy returned?04:44
SeaPhorlots of stamps04:44
wisemansearching for envy in synaptic, gonna purge like bullemic gymnast04:44
ctmjrwatson516, so you do have an nvidia not intel04:44
wisemanedbian: that and several variations thereof04:45
watson516apparently so yes04:45
fertechany one04:45
_Space_Case_how do i share an Internet connection ?04:45
edbianwiseman: As if it wasn't already obvious...  We need to purge all traces of this envy package from the system.04:45
_Space_Case_i have frestarter04:45
soreauedbian: Also, locate is dependent upon the database being currently updated with 'update-db' otherwise, it will return old files no longer on the system04:45
fertechanyone knows how to setup mail server04:45
_Space_Case_dont i need to sudo apt-get install dhcp something?04:45
edbian_Space_Case_: You need to configure iptables :)  You need to turn on "packet masqurading" or NAT (network address translation) two different words for the same thing.04:46
wisemanedbian: so I already did a purge, and synaptic shows nothing04:46
edbiansoreau: I didn't know that!04:46
wisemanhang on04:46
zer0ne_Space_Case_: a router?04:46
gogeta_Space_Case_: dhcclient is built in04:46
edbianwiseman: Take your time.04:46
linux_ubuntuwhat's the plugin to play .mpeg,.mpg file ? gstreamer ?04:46
jwjzafertech: an smtp server, a pop/imap server, something to run all this on, or alternatively a post office and a lot of paper/stamps... but i think this is not ubuntu-specific04:46
gogetalinux_ubuntu: should be mpeg rdy04:46
ctmjrwatson516, when you ran the ubuntu restricted driver app you got no errors?04:46
soreauedbian: Instead, use 'dpkg -l|grep fglrx' to return possibly installed packages for instance (the ones with 'ii' next to the entry is an installed package)04:46
_Space_Case_i have a router and its hard wired, my internet is ppp0 cdma card...04:47
watson516ctmjr: No04:47
michael__i cant watch videos on my pc also on youtube04:47
SeaPhorwiseman, edbian soreau i wish good luck, i (in my ignorance) had to do a fresh install after trying to get rid of envy..04:47
newb2linuxAny one have a good link on how tio install linuxq3ademo-1.11-6.x86.gz.sh in ubuntu terminal ?04:47
michael__java script is missing04:47
edbianSeaPhor: O god :(04:47
michael__wat will i do04:47
gogetamichael__: sudo apt-get install flash-nonfree04:47
coffeemanzerOne: no camera04:47
ctmjr!media | michael__04:47
ubottumichael__: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs04:47
SeaPhoredbian, well i was really green then04:48
linux_ubuntucan totem play .rmvb file ?04:48
edbianSeaPhor: So hopefully that's not necessary.04:48
gogetalinux_ubuntu: no04:48
gogetalinux_ubuntu: mplayer can if you add the mediabuntu repos and the win32codecs04:48
gogetalinux_ubuntu: or real player linux04:49
linux_ubuntugogeta: i think totem can too04:49
michael__how about yahoo mesenger?? can this app work in linux?04:49
gogetalinux_ubuntu: maybe with the w32codecs04:49
rockohow do I set what the default application to open a webpage is04:49
RudyValencia!pidgin @ michael__04:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
linux_ubuntugogeta: yes i also think so04:49
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete04:50
rocko(on pidgin, xchat, etc.)04:50
michael__i already try that but when im online all of my buddies is gone04:50
linux_ubuntugogeta: can you what's the plugin to play .mpeg and .mpg files ?04:50
SeaPhoredbian, but again, that was back when if you even mentioned envy here you got jumped on by the ops saying to not even bring it up on this channel,,, now its in the repos, go figure04:50
gogetai beleve pidgin has issues with yahoo04:50
bastidrazorgogeta, they've been fixed.04:51
gogetalinux_ubuntu: should be able to out of the box04:51
=== hi is now known as Guest47269
gogetamichael__: then just do a upate04:51
linux_ubuntugogeta: What do you mean ?04:51
ctmjrwatson516, run this and see if you get an error nvidia-settings are you running in low graphics mode now or terminal?04:51
gogetalinux_ubuntu: mpeg support is in ubuntu04:51
michael__and the driver of my a4 tech camera is exclusive for windows wat will i do to install it??04:51
wolf23helpers, i am using scientific atlanta model: dpc2203 cable modem / emta , and ktorrent didnot work the speed fast why, i am using 2 mb speed connection04:52
lwellsI have set up proftpd but cannot seem to connect to it remotely, keeps saying permission is denied on the other computers trying to connect to it, here is the config file for proftpd http://paste.ubuntu.com/216007/04:52
linux_ubuntugogeta: So we don't need to install any plugin for .mpeg and .mpg file ?04:52
gogetalinux_ubuntu: i dont beleve so04:52
gogetagsstreamer is insteed and suppports it04:52
fwaokdawhere do i set which applications are used by default with certain files?04:52
carlitos__virutalbox  with   tv  card pls  :(04:53
linux_ubuntugogeta: What's the plugin to install ?04:53
watson516ctmjr: When I ran that it errored: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run nvidia-xconfig as root), and restart the X server04:53
gogetalinux_ubuntu: there installed04:53
watson516ctmjr: When I run that command I get another error saying somethine along the lines of a line in my config file is missing04:53
watson516ctmjr: I reset it to default so its running normal, not low res or text04:54
linux_ubuntugogeta: What's the name ?04:54
linux_ubuntugogeta: What's the name of that plugin ?04:54
michael__how to configure the compiz fusion04:55
michael__i already install it on add/remove programs but i dont know wat to doo then04:55
ubottudeborphan is a program used to clean up packages that are no longer needed (install from Synaptic/Adept).04:56
michael__how to config my compiz fusion04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtkdeborphan04:56
watson516ctmjr: If I close the xserver and sh a .run driver file for nvidia and then restart the xserver, would that work?04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtkorphan04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about orphan04:57
dam0is a Intel®  CoreTM  i7 processors Extreme better then  Intel Core 2 Duo, Quad, and Extreme Processors?04:57
ctmjrwatson516, try this first  this gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and under device it should say either configured driver or vesa if it says vesa change it to nvidia if not put this in there    Driver       "nvidia"04:57
ricardo_i have a problem of dual boot....    when i select windows in grub, i get a black screen with "starting up..." and then i get a beep04:58
michael__me also04:58
michael__my windows OS is not appearing on grub04:58
donavanim about to download 9.04 cause the upgrade from 8.10 killed my video drivers and x windows ... so should i get 64bit or stick with 32bit ... running pentiumD with 3gb of ram and a ati radeon HD435004:58
SeaPhorwiseman, edbian soreau are we doing anything?04:58
mividaendigitali bought a acer aspire one 751h with an intel card but i cant get a widescreen resolution. im using #! 9.0404:59
soreauSeaPhor: I don't think wiseman understands enough what he's doing to fix the problem. He is looking for an easy way out, and there's no easy one answer solution to this problem04:59
watson516ctmjr: All it said under the Device section was Identifier      "Configured Video Device"04:59
watson516ctmjr: I added the driver line, shall I restart xserver and hope for the best?05:00
ctmjrwatson516, yes05:00
qwyethmichael__: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+add+windows+to+grub&l=105:01
SeaPhorsoreau, i agree,,, and when i last experienced this, my only/best option was to re install....05:01
watson516ctmjr: Okay, thanks for the help. Muchly appreciated. Have a great night (if it doesn't work, I shall continue on it tomorrow). Thanks.05:01
jedi06when you watch some video at 1.5x in vlc the voice goes higher is there a way to modulate them back down?05:01
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jon5000can someone help me get my advanced desktop settings and compiz back? see errors here http://pastebin.com/m6a688a5b05:02
soreauSeaPhor: The thing is, the open drivers work right OOTB so there's no reason to install anything (of course, I do not even know what his chipset/card is)05:02
wisemanSeaPhor: edbian: Yo dawgs05:02
edbianwiseman: HI!05:02
wisemanedbian: OH HAY05:03
wisemanso where were we05:03
wisemanoh yes, you were going to make all my problems vanish@05:03
wisemanor something05:03
edbianwiseman: a ha ha ha I wish05:03
SeaPhorsoreau, with much work i was able to get operational again, but not to the point i could play my games or do anything that required the graphics.. so i re-installed and used the restricted, which work great05:04
wisemanedbian: and i just remembered something that may be a crucial issue here.  I think my computer thinks there is a different monitor attached than there actually is.05:04
mividaendigitalhelp. i bought a acer aspire one 751h with an intel card but i cant get a widescreen resolution. im using #! 9.0405:04
michael__how to use my compiz fusion???05:04
fwaokdawhere do i set which applications are used by default with certain files?05:04
jedi06when you watch some video at 1.5x in vlc the voice goes higher is there a way to modulate them back down?05:04
soreauSeaPhor: Which card was that on?05:04
michael__MY CCSM have no optiions05:04
ctmjrsoreau, i agree with you on the open-source drivers but his card being a 2400 is on the r600 chip and he cannot get 3d yet (they are getting closer)05:04
TuxedoBondIs there a way to run a text based installer like with the minimal Cd but with the regular Instal cD?05:04
SeaPhornvidia soreau05:04
wisemanedbian: when I first tried to install my driver, I restarted and the comp went "OH SNAP!  we don't know what graphics card and monitor you have" so I selected them, perhaps I selected the wrong ones?05:04
SeaPhorsoreau, he has ATI05:04
wisemanwell, the driver is right, but maybe I have the wrong monotir.05:05
soreauctmjr: Ah yes, it's an r6xx? Then yes, he needs fglrx for anything 3D as of right now05:05
edbianwiseman: Well it is probing wrong if you're getting the wrong resolution05:05
MindVirusI want to partition a hard drive. Its main purpose will be long-term storage. Speed is not the biggest issue. What is the best format for this?05:05
soreauSeaPhor: I got that far.. I meant the model05:05
wisemanedbian: ok, is there a way to reconfigure that?05:05
donavan32 or 64 bit ... is there any performance difference besides amount of memory it can access05:05
MindVirusThe hard drive will be storing and seeding torrents.05:05
SeaPhorsoreau, at that time it was the 860005:05
edbianwiseman: There is a way to tell the system what monitor you have but I don't remember.  I have to google it.05:05
edbianSeaPhor: soreau: wiseman: dpkg-reconfigure X11  ??05:06
soreauwiseman: Can you state what you're ultimately trying to accomplish? Just increased resolution of 1280x1024?05:06
wiseman1280x800, but yes soreau05:06
wisemanwidescreen laptop05:06
SeaPhoredbian, soreau wiseman add sudo to that05:06
michael__i still cant watch videos on youtube05:07
Out_Coldhow can i tell if my device has been randomly filled with /dv/urandom?05:07
soreauwiseman: Have you tried amdcccle , the ati catalyst control center?05:07
michael__how to activate the java script05:07
edbiansoreau: wiseman: SeaPhor: Join me in #wiseman-monitor05:07
ctmjr!java | michael__05:08
ubottumichael__: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository05:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xserver-xfree8605:09
mividaendigitalhelp. i bought a acer aspire one 751h with an intel card but i cant get a widescreen resolution. im using #! 9.0405:09
TuxedoBondWhat is xserver-xfree8605:09
mividaendigitalhelp. i bought a acer aspire one 751h with an intel card but i cant get a widescreen resolution. im using #! 9.0405:09
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fwaokdawhy can't i play a dvd in ubuntu after just installing vlc?05:09
soreaumividaendigital: Posting multiple times is quite unnecessary05:09
Out_Coldfwaokda, some dvds with copy protection don't work well in linux05:10
fwaokdamividaendigital, i still love you ;)05:10
soreaumividaendigital: Which resolution are you trying to achieve?05:10
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:10
fwaokdaOut_Cold, what the hell? so there are dvds that just don't work?05:10
Out_Coldthat's correct05:10
rocko nprotect your neck05:10
fwaokdaOut_Cold, thats lame05:10
Out_Coldblame microsoft05:11
soreaumividaendigital: Have you tried looking in Sys>Prefs>Display yet?05:11
mividaendigitalill try now05:11
CatEaterhow do i make ubuntu display at 1024x600? it's running on vbox, and i installed the guest additions thing, but it's still at 800x600 instead of 1024x60005:11
agentturtcan someone recommend a good web site for ubuntu news, other than planet ubuntu?05:13
ctmjrOut_Cold, how is microsoft responsible for the mpaa encrypting dvd's?05:13
coffeemanI am having trouble booting linux on an nVidia geforce2 card05:13
TuxedoBondHow do I select my LVM partitions when installing from the full live cd?05:13
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SuperMiguel im following this guide: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-RAID-HOWTO-5.html05:13
SuperMiguelbut the mkraid command doesnt work05:13
soreauCatEater: Have you tried looking in Sys>Prefs>Display yet?05:13
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: most of those howtos are really old05:14
Out_Coldctmjr, who do you think gets proprietary rights??05:14
SuperMiguelhow do i use to set software raid?05:14
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: use mdadm thats detailed like a bit below it05:14
soreaucoffeeman: What do you mean 'booting'? What does the graphics card have to do with it?05:14
agentturtSuperMiguel, when i was setting up RAID, i found a really good howto from a .fi web site, IIRC05:14
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: thier example for mdadm looks acceptable: mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=linear --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb6 /dev/sdc505:15
SuperMiguelagentturt, link?05:15
CatEatersoreau: it only offers 800x600 and 1024x768 and some others, not 1024x60005:15
CatEaterwhat was vbox additions supposed to do?05:15
agentturtSuperMiguel, i'm looking... one sec05:15
mividaendigitalsoreau: check and says a already have that resolution. i think is the driver05:15
coffeemansoreau: not sure. it hangs during boot, but only when the nvidia card is used.  boots wonderfully - using it now - with the factory card.  doesn't seem to matter whether or not the drivers are activated...05:15
SuperMiguelWindowsUser, so mkraid doesnt work any more just sue mdadm?05:15
soreauCatEater: 1024x600 is a nonstandard resolution. Why would it offer that? I guess you could try xrandr to manually force it in that mode..05:16
CatEatersoreau: cool how do i do that?05:16
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soreaucoffeeman: That's weird. Are you sure that video card is actually good hardware?05:16
agentturtSuperMiguel, try this: http://kuparinen.org/martti/comp/ubuntu/en/raid.html05:16
soreauCatEater: Sorry, but 'man xrandr'05:16
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: yea05:17
SuperMigueldo i need to format the drives first?05:17
coffeemansoreau: runs fine under XP... which I'm trying to get my wife to dump05:17
soreaucoffeeman: With the nvidia card.. from where are you booting linux?05:17
coffeemansoreau: what do you mean?05:17
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: you might have to partition it depending on what you want, like you can boot off of raid1, but not raid505:18
curious478I am considering buying an external harddrive and I know this is considered a Mac drive but do you think I can get this working on linux?  http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=62105:18
soreaucoffeeman: Live cd, from disc, usb stick etc05:18
AD__there's a lot of people here05:18
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: you'd format the /dev/md0 device05:18
WindowsUserAD__: always is05:18
SuperMiguelWindowsUser, i dont want to boot from it. Just file file drive05:18
WindowsUseralso, windows rules!05:18
coffeemansoreau: any and all.  same problem no matter what source05:18
CatEateri tried what man xrandr said and it just game me the listing of what switches it accepts05:18
soreaucoffeeman: And which version of ubuntu?05:18
coffeemansoreau: 9.0405:19
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soreaucoffeeman: at what point does it hang?05:19
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: partition the drives, and set the raid parts to have a type of "fd" which is auto-detect raid05:19
edbianCatEater: What are you tyring to do?05:19
AD__I need software advisory if you people can help me05:19
soreau! ask | AD__05:20
ubottuAD__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:20
Out_Coldcan i run an install off of a live cd without booting into the live cd??05:20
SuperMiguelWindowsUser, is mdadm is the same used in the installer?05:20
AD__I need something similar to SAM broadcaster for ubuntu05:20
jon5000help!! compiz and advanced desktop not working all of sudden.  compiz --replace produces many errors.  they are here http://pastebin.com/m7c6c7107   please help05:20
CatEateredbian: i'm trying to run ubunto on virtualbox05:20
CatEaterer spelling but whatever05:21
edbianCatEater: using xrandr ??05:21
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: depends on how hardcore the installer team is, but I'd assume so05:21
soreaujon5000: Looks like you need to disable metacity compositing05:21
kacendai'm trying to use my built-in webcam on a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with jaunty just installed, running `webcam` at the terminal just says 'no grabber device available' -- wondering where to start setting up this webcam?05:21
pouchedfoxcheese ?05:22
Out_Coldkacenda, sudo apt-get install cheese05:22
soreauAD__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76261905:22
WindowsUserSuperMiguel: the installer mucks with fdisk, runs mdadm and formats the resultant /dev/mdX device when you click go05:22
CatEateredbian: sure, why not? someone else said xrandr, i didn't05:22
kacendapouchedfox - cheese says 'no camera found!' and the 'camera' dropdown box in preferences is just greyed out05:22
Scunizikacenda: have you tried "cheese" to see if it works?05:22
edbianCatEater: xrandr is used to configure your video settings :)  Resolution size etc etc.05:23
CatEateryeah i know, that's why i'm confused05:23
Scunizikacenda: I was a little slow on the typing..05:23
pouchedfoxgstreamer-properties ?05:23
coffeemansoreau: any ideas?05:23
CatEateri don't know why anyone would even suggest it05:23
CatEateri installed vbox-additions, so that thing should adjust my resolution, right?05:23
jon5000soreau, thanks. i will look into that05:23
edbianCatEater: More specifically what is your problem then?  (Forget about xrandr)05:23
soreaucoffeeman: I didn't see your response to my last question05:23
CatEatermy problem is that ubuntu only runs at 800x600 and i want it at 1024x60005:24
pouchedfox(you can use "gstreamer-properties" to select the video input source)05:24
michael__my removable devices like usb is not appearing on my Windows OS virtual box05:24
michael__wat wil i do05:24
edbianCatEater: Than we do need xrandr!!  funny funny.05:24
CatEateredbian:cool, what do i type?05:24
edbianCatEater: in ubuntu run "xrandr -q" to see what the virtual card supports.05:24
kacendapouchedfox -  thanks i ran that command, when clicking 'test' under 'default input' in the 'video' tab i get 'video for linux 2: cannot identify device /dev/video0'05:24
ScuniziCatEater: I came in late.. you have vbox installed and you can't get more than 800x600? right.. is it a windows guest?05:24
ScuniziCatEater: or ubuntu guest?05:25
CatEater"xrandr -q" doesn't list 1024x600, just 5 others05:25
pouchedfoxkacenda: none of the other choices in the pulldown sources menu works?05:25
CatEaterwin host, ubuntu guest05:25
coffeemansoreau: sorry, i missed your last ?  kernel seems to run fine, but hangs with tty processes terminating05:25
CatEaterif i could do ubuntu native, i would05:25
edbianCatEater: What is the max listed?05:25
edbianCatEater: What is preventing you from doing that?05:26
ScuniziCatEater: can you drag the edges of the window for the guest and have it resize automatically?05:26
soreaucoffeeman: at what point is that? when booting?05:26
kacendapouchedfox - nope, all the same thing & the 'device' menu is grayed out...  seems like it's just not being detected, maybe there's a module i'm not loading that i need to be?05:26
CatEateredbian: max listed is 1360x76805:26
pouchedfoxkacenda: if that doesnt see it, then you might need to check to see if theres drivers for the webcam05:26
CatEaterScunizi: no, it stays at 800x600 in the guest's view05:26
edbianCatEater: That is an odd size huh.  Do you want to switch your resolution or do you want me to help you install ubuntu to the HDD natively?05:26
nogagplzCatEater, installed the guest additions?05:26
CatEatersoreau: after logged in, i can't select 1024x600, only others05:27
CatEaternogagplz: yes05:27
SpenceKidhey guys, i'm trying to install Windows 7, with the install disk i have, but i'm not sure how to do it with linux. can anyone help?05:27
kacendapouchedfox - yeah that makes sense, i wonder do you have any tips on getting the name of the device so i can look up drivers/modules? it's a built-in thing in this laptop so i don't know what hte hardware is called05:27
ScuniziCatEater: do a Ctrl+G while focus is on the guest and then try again05:27
CatEateredbian: i want to run ubuntu in a vm, at 1024x60005:27
soreauCatEater: That is quite the strange resolution TBH05:27
CatEater^G and try what again?05:27
dsdeizhello, is there like a list of lightweight linux packages?05:27
coffeemansoreau: yeah, during boot.05:27
edbianCatEater: Is that resolution listed in xrandr -q ??05:28
CatEatersoreau: "Acer Aspire One"05:28
CatEateredbian: not listed05:28
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andres_hi everyone, can someone tell me how to install a video driver in ubuntu 9.04... I had to reinstall compiz and now the video driver doesn't appear :( I've already serched in System-Settings-Hardware Drivers05:28
kacendapouchedfox - yeah thx, i'll have to dig thru this & find the right device :)05:28
soreaucoffeeman: On some slower pc's, I think I may have seen this before.. sounds like you're using a live cd05:28
robertr994my Hardy keeps dropping the apache server connection followed by locking up.  not on the computer when this happens,  have error log here http://www.kwtfstudio.com/105:28
soreauandres_: Which graphics card model?05:29
edbianCatEater: Not looking good man :(.  I don't know how to change the hardware of a virtual machine :(.  That command lists what the graphics card is capable of.05:29
ScuniziCatEater: ctrl+g and then try to drag the guest box bigger.. you might also try ctrl+F for full screen and see if that works05:29
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edbianCatEater: Try what Scunizi said.05:30
CatEaterScunizi: ^G in what now?05:30
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coffeemansoreau: actually, it happens after install, as well.  just this afternoon, in fact05:30
andres_soreau, Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics05:30
soreaucoffeeman: What's the pc specs?05:30
SuperMiguelto create a ext3 partition i type mkds.ext3 -b 4096 /dev/md0 ?05:31
ScuniziCatEater: click the guest box so it has focus.. ie. the ubuntu window.. then ctrl+G .. then grab a corner and drag it bigger and see if it resizes itself..05:31
soreauandres_: Then the drivers should already be working. What does 'glxinfo|grep render' say?05:31
qwyethCan't you just add the resolution to your x config file?05:31
soreauqwyeth: Yes, and the X server can just as easily reject it05:32
qwyethOh, was that already done?05:32
qwyethI apologize if I didn't read up far enough05:32
coffeemansoreau: 1.2GB Ram, 30gig hd + a 40G with XP, celeron processor05:32
soreauqwyeth: Nah, that was not already done afaik ;)05:32
ubuntufreakI have Ubuntu 9.04 installed in my DELL studio 15 laptop and the hardware shows only 2.9GB or memory instead of actual 4GB. What could be the problem ?05:33
soreaucoffeeman: Namely, what is the speed of the celeron?05:33
michael__hi guys wat is a "swap area"?05:33
soreau! swap05:33
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info05:33
Out_Cold!swap | michael__05:33
ubottumichael__: please see above05:33
Scuniziubuntufreak: typically you'd get 3.2 with a 32bit system.. any system.. having less is probably overhead05:33
nomad77ubuntufreak: for more than 3gb you need to run 64bit os iirc05:34
qwyethubuntufreak: Here's why: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=4&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.polywell.com%2FUS%2Fsupport%2Ffaq%2F4GB_Rev1.pdf&ei=m2dZSvmTNIGltge-1NXdCg&usg=AFQjCNGjI7jpVeKFrToIIShGSKezrIGYHA&sig2=KZ2SxIaLSeNYcf461bPDvQ05:34
qwyethOops, wrong url05:34
qwyethsorry for the spam05:34
FloodBot3qwyeth: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
lf4Could anyone suggest drivers for an Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)? I did a fresh install of ubuntu on this system and audio does not work it seems.05:34
robertr994my Ubuntu 8.04 keeps dropping the apache server connection followed by locking up.  not on the computer when this happens,  have error log here http://www.kwtfstudio.com/1  specs are AMD64 3.5  4 gigs ram05:34
soreau! audio | lf405:34
ubottulf4: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:34
qwyethThank you FloodBot3 for holding me accountable ;)05:34
ubuntufreakSo do i have to update my system to 64-bit one ?05:34
qwyethThat PDF explains it nicely05:35
andres_soreau, rendering: Yes; renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GM GEM 20090326 2009Q1 RC2 X86/MMX/SSE205:35
qwyethit's not neccessary05:35
SpenceKidcan someone help me install windows, i know how, just not with linux..05:35
qwyethyour system is using all the memory05:35
qwyethbut there are a lot of things your board needs it for05:35
ScuniziCatEater: well? did it work?05:35
earthmeLonMy friend doesn't have a CD rom drive.  I am trying to figure out how to get ubuntu onto his machine.  Can he use WUBI to install and then have WUBI install a legit copy of ubuntu?  Is there any other way?05:35
donavanmy desktop wigged out on me ... so im trying to get a 9.04 iso on to my usb thumb drive using eeebuntu but it doesnt have the program that lets you make the thumb drive bootable from an iso ... what is the program call so i can install it05:35
michael__because when i format my pc i select my windows os partition for swap area... so i thought maybe dats why my windows OS dont appear on grub.....05:35
qwyeththe physical size is always inaccurate to what the system has to some extent05:35
Out_ColdSpenceKid, you don't use linux to install windows05:35
ubuntufreakqwyeth: so you mean that only it displays it as 2.9GB05:35
SpenceKidthen how can i install windows? i do not have it anymore, but i do have a restore disk05:36
soreauandres_: Done, You do understand that only ATI and nVidia cards offer proprietary drivers that you have to install? ATI and Intel has open sourced drivers that are already working by default (so you don't have to install anything)05:36
ScuniziSpenceKid: you mean with Virtualbox? so you can run windows inside of Linux?05:36
soreauandres_: In short, your drivers are already installed and working05:36
qwyethdifferent systems will report different sizes... that intel whitepaper explains many things your hardware appropriates memory for that your system won't have access to05:36
earthmeLonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows < My answer.  Ty05:37
SpenceKidno, i want to set up a dual boot, with linux and windows 705:37
michael__yeh me too how to make a dual boot05:37
soreauSpenceKid: So install win7, then install ubuntu. What's the big deal?05:37
andres_ok, thank you soreau for your help! take care... o/05:37
ScuniziSpenceKid: you can't install from a restore disk unless you want to wipe out your entire ubuntu install... A restore disk isn't like a normal install cd.. it will partition and reformat the entire drive. then install just like it came from the factory.05:37
jon5000soreau, that did it!  thanks05:38
soreaumichael__: Install windows first, then install ubuntu. It will detect windows and help you make a dual boot system05:38
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ScuniziSpenceKid: install the restore cd.. then win 7 then ubuntu..05:38
coffeemansoreau: how do i find that in ubuntu?05:38
SpenceKidi get an error, because i have a .exe file to open to put windows 7.05:38
michael__dats wat i did but only my ubuntu os is recognize05:38
soreauandres_: No problem \o05:39
SpenceKidi get an error inside wine..05:39
robertr994http://www.kwtfstudio.com/1/error  anyone have any idea whats causing this machine to lock?05:39
NeoTubNinjaso i have a problem where text input in the input boxes is all while with a white background05:39
robertr994am I being hacked?05:39
soreaucoffeeman: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:39
=== rp3__ is now known as rp3
Scunizirobertr994: why do you think that?05:39
NeoTubNinjathought at first it was only firefox but now it doesnt appear so05:39
NeoTubNinjachanging .gtkrc-2.0 doesnt fix it05:40
robertr994because only thing running is apache, only locks when Im not on it05:40
coffeemansoreau: 2.4ghz05:41
Scunizirobertr994: not sure.. if no one here knows try #ubuntu-server05:41
r00t77Need JACK help. It reports cannot connect to JACK server as client - what solutions are there?05:41
robertr994Scunizi did you see the error log?05:41
soreaucoffeeman: So I'm lost now. You said the pc hangs when booting but now you're giving me info from this pc???05:41
Scunizirobertr994: yes. but it didn't mean much to me05:42
soreau! jack05:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jack05:42
robertr994ok thanks05:42
dsdeizhello, is there like a list of lightweight linux packages?05:42
Scunizidsdeiz: for what?05:42
coffeemansoreau:  it boots fine on the stock intel card.  it only hangs when booting using the nvidia card...05:42
earthmeLonI have a question regarding adding entries to grub and running multiple kernels.  If you have knowlege about this, please check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=760183305:43
PhrogzI have an ubuntu server with hwinfo installed, and I'm trying to find out what kind of P4 it has in it. Anyone know how I can tell if it's Northwood/Prescott/etc, with/without HT?05:43
Scunizidsdeiz: word processing. windows manager what?05:43
Dr_Willisdsdeiz:  you may want to rephrase that?05:43
soreaucoffeeman: oh ic05:43
Dr_Willisdsdeiz:  most linux apps are fairly light :) compared to windows apps... heh.05:43
arquebusdsdeiz- some of these distros will run on a floppy disc: http://www.linux.org/dist/list.html05:44
=== Envy_is_So_Cool is now known as Wiseman
ScuniziPhrogz: sudo lshw will give you lots of info05:44
r00t77menuet Os?05:44
PhrogzScunizi - thanks, will investigate05:44
lemayI am getting Permission Denied errors when building an application ... Iḿ a ubuntu newbie. Anyone have any suggestions?05:44
df00z1is it possible to determine what configure flags werre used for an ubuntu package05:44
df00z1when it was built05:45
soreaucoffeeman: Well that's strange man but not sure what to tell you. If it's working with windows, then it's not likely a hw issue. Maybe some weird kernel bug, idk05:45
=== tommy is now known as Guest40115
=== Guest40115 is now known as CSS_Guru
qwyethPhrogz:  cat /proc/cpuinfo  will give you the model number, which you can look up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Core_2_microprocessors05:47
PhrogzScunizi: thanks, this is way more info than hwinfo provides, but I'm still not sure how/if I can tell if it's a hyper-threading CPU and/or what core it is based off of. (I'm trying, among other things, to determine what the approximate power usage of the CPU is so I know what I can swap it for without cooling issues.)05:47
Phrogzqwyeth: thanks, checking05:47
coffeemansoreau: thanks.  I'm as confused as you are!  thanks for trying!05:48
dsdeizScunizi: not really specific - just wanted to browse05:48
Phrogzqwyeth: you seem to have assumed I am not running on a box with 6 year old hardware. This is a P4, not Core 2 Duo :)05:48
coffeemansoreau: only makes it more maddening that it's properly identified in lspci, and jockey pulls the right driver...05:49
CSS_Guruare there any kubuntu'ers here?05:49
soreaucoffeeman: I think I remember this problem on my very old 700mhz celeron with nvidia (but had no onboard VGA so forced to use the card) and I just used a different version of ubuntu that worked05:49
qwyethwrong wiki page, I just automatically gave you the one for my system05:49
qwyeththere is an appropriate one I'm sure05:49
=== blake_ is now known as n1gg3r
Dr_WillisCSS_Guru:  a few hang out in both channels #kubuntu and here05:49
Futanyone know if unreal tournament 3 is supported in linux yet?05:49
qwyethscroll to the bottom of that page05:49
CSS_Guruwill I be able to install photoshop cs4 using wine?05:49
n1gg3rdamn, i'm drunk05:49
qwyethand you'll see all the processor lists05:49
soreaucoffeeman: Wait now... how are you getting to jockey when it's freezing on boot? You are so confusing me05:49
ScuniziPhrogz: sorry.. I don't have the answer05:49
FutCSS_Guru, I don't think CS4 is fully supported with wine yet.05:49
FutMatter of fact im using photoshop 8 due to that reason.05:50
PhrogzScunizi - no problem, thanks for the introduction to more info nonetheless.05:50
=== Cueball_ is now known as Cueball
soreauCSS_Guru: Try #kubuntu05:50
CSS_Guruhey Dr willis: how come  some inchin in mah browser?05:50
qwyethPhrogz: did you find the right list?05:50
CSS_Guruits actina little funny with me, like last nights peppers :P05:50
richardcavellCSS_Guru: Have you looked it up on the AppDB?05:50
Phrogzqwyeth - I've found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_4  but the issue is how to differentiate the exact CPU from the info ubuntu knows about.05:50
Dr_WillisCSS_Guru:  care to speak english? or in other words.. HUH?05:50
soreauFut: I got ut2k4 working, np's05:50
qwyethcan you put the output of /proc/cpuinfo in a pastebin for me?05:51
CSS_Guruplease excuse my bad grammar...05:51
Futsoreau, nice, how so? Where's the software, link?05:51
Scunizisoreau: in wine or natively?05:51
coffeemanhaha...  the card is detected whether or not it's the primary option.  i'm booting with the stock card, but it's still detecting the nvidia card as installed and is giving me the ability to install the nvidia driver for it...05:51
soreauScunizi: Natively05:51
Fututk4? I didn't know they had 4 out, lol bit out of style here05:51
Phrogzqwyeth - http://pastie.org/54286805:51
bastid_razor!appdb > CSS_Guru05:51
ubottuCSS_Guru, please see my private message05:51
soreauScunizi: Fut: Sorry, but the unofficial links are classified  :P05:52
dsdeiz!appdb > dsdeiz05:52
ubottudsdeiz, please see my private message05:52
qwyethPhrogz:  It looks like the only cpu that's 2.0ghz with a 512k cache is a Northwood.05:53
Futsoreau, are you referring to UTK 2004?05:53
Phrogzqwyeth - damn you and your deductive reasoning. Thanks :)05:53
coffeemansoreau: on the same page now?  If you're confused, I've only been on ubuntu for a month or so...:)05:53
Futsoreau, that's fully supported.05:53
FutIm referring to UTK 3 the newest release.05:53
qwyethYep!  And the wiki page says that one has no HT.05:54
rockoplaying music is very choppy on ubuntu for me05:54
rockoam I doing something wrong?05:54
Futrocko, have to, unless you're using a super old CPU or something?05:54
richardcavellrocko, for me too05:54
rockocore2 duo05:54
richardcavellI think it's just context switching - it's not paying enough attention to the guest OS05:54
Futrocko, try using a different player...?05:54
rockoit's on all of them05:54
CSS_Guruyup u is05:54
CSS_Gurulol damn, I jus farted so hard my back cracked! XD05:55
wizzo50How do you hook a HD with a parrell port to a SATA port05:55
Phrogzqwyeth - any thoughts on why lshw says "capacity: 2400MHz" when the hardware is socket 478 which theoretically goes up to 3GHz (and a bit more)?05:56
PhrogzHardware: http://www.aberdeeninc.com/ABCATG/mb6869.htm05:56
Dr_Williswizzo50:  you mean an 'ide' port? there exists ide to sata adaptors..05:56
howieis there a way to get pidgin to auto identify ur nick? in irc05:57
wizzo50Is there. I just updated my Motherboard and was wondering if I can get a cable for it to hook the old HD up to it with all my info on it05:57
dsdeizhow is ncmp+mpd compared to moc?05:57
Out_Coldhey Dr_Willis you think i could install from a live cd without booting the live cd?05:57
qwyethHuh... No, I don't, but it's interesting.  I'll look into it.05:58
Dr_WillisOut_Cold:  if you knew what you were doing yes.. since you have to ask if its doable.. :) i doubt it.05:58
CSS_Guruanything I could use to run photoshop cs4 on my kubuntu system?05:58
coffeemansoreau: do you at least understand what's happening?05:59
qwyethWait... did you say it's reporting the capacity as a speed rather than storage?05:59
CSS_Gurusoreau is my buddy05:59
nowimprovedmy 360 controller blinks in ubuntu05:59
ScuniziCSS_Guru: if you're lucky it will run really slow in wine.. have you tried the gimp or gimpshop? gimpshop has the menu's rearranged to mirror photoshop05:59
Out_Coldfigured as much lol.. can't afford a reboot this late in the urandom format05:59
Phrogzqwyeth - no. "size: 2GHz\ncapacity: 2400MHz".05:59
wizzo50Dr. Willis, Do you know about how much them IDE cables are?06:00
soreaucoffeeman: No I do not, sorry man06:00
Phrogzqwyeth - just trying to figure if I can/should get a hyper-threaded cpu, and if so if I can bump beyond 2.4GHz06:00
Dr_Williswizzo50:  check 'tigerdirect.com' perhaps. ive seen them - under $20 i think06:00
CSS_Guruwell GIMP is crappy imo06:00
n1gg3ri want pizza06:00
n1gg3rsomebody order it for me06:00
n1gg3rwith a credit card06:00
Dr_Williswizzo50:  its a little bracket/thing that goes on the end of an ide drive i recall..06:00
coffeemansoreau: no worries, man.  i'm out.  it's making my head hurt.  thanks for trying06:00
soreaucoffeeman: Best of luck, gnite06:01
soreaucoffeeman: FWIW, I recommend ATI ;)06:01
Peaches491_SO, i need help with graphics drivers and my ATI card06:01
wizzo50Dr_Willis: When I search for them, the exact name of it is 'ide' port adapters?06:01
soreauPeaches491_: Which card?06:01
Peaches491_after i install the restricted drivers, ubuntu fails to boot06:01
Dr_Williswizzo50:  try ide sata converter06:02
Peaches491_ATI Radeon HD 3870 x206:02
wizzo50Dr_Willis: Thanks06:02
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:02
CSS_GuruIm thinkin about gettin one of dem com puters....06:02
CSS_Gurui wanna get one of dem fancy com puters06:03
soreauPeaches491_: I've noticed when having multiple outputs plugged into my radeon 9600, the proprietary drivers will not start X06:03
Shortguy109I've no idea how to work the USB headphones I just got, I put them in but how do I choose to hear from them instead of the laptop?06:03
rockyI know this is kinda off topic, but the people over at debian couldn't help me.... I am having a problem with my ps/2 mouse. it worked fine on Damn Small, but not on puppy, or ubuntu.... no, I'm not running ubuntu, I'm running debian 5.02... the hardware is 11 yrs old... so idk06:03
Peaches491_i think thats my problem06:03
Peaches491_soreau: So what sould i do?06:04
rocky*or debian06:04
soreauPeaches491_: Try only plugging the primary monitor and see if it works06:04
Peaches491_okay. if not, ill be back06:04
Peaches491_any other ideas06:04
CSS_Guruhey peaches, you know bout fancy com puters?06:04
CSS_Guruthe ones with that big ol windows06:04
wizzo50Dr_Willis: I tried that and no results, ide sata converter06:05
mubuHey guys. Could someone please tell me how well ubuntu runs on the new mac book pros? Are there any driver issues? How does vmware run under ubuntu natively running on a mbp? Thanks06:05
zer0ne[quote] CSS_Guru 0 :: well GIMP is crappy imo >> no, you are, imo06:05
Dr_Williswizzo50:  try other terms and search the site i guess..  perhaps ide sata converter06:05
Shortguy109I've no idea how to work the USB headphones I just got, I put them in but how do I choose to hear from them instead of the laptop?06:05
Dr_Williswizzo50:  try other terms and search the site i guess..  perhaps ide sata adaptor06:05
CSS_Guruis there a program to install nad run my photoshop cs4 under kubuntu 9.04?06:05
Scunizimubu: the macs are intel based.. ubuntu typically runs fine.. vmware will work tool but you might also look at virtualbox.. easier and fast06:05
echosystmuse windows CSS_Guru06:06
echosystmlinux is crap for designers06:06
CSS_Guruzer0ne, GIMP is crappy, dont blame me cuz ur poor06:06
Scunizimubu: boot the live cd and see if it runs your hardware.06:06
wizzo50Dr_Willis: I tried just Sata converter and some showed up on it06:06
Shortguy109I've no idea how to work the USB headphones I just got, I put them in but how do I choose to hear from them instead of the laptop?06:06
wizzo50Dr_Willis: Like Vantec06:06
digitaltaoo_O has anyone ran ettercap or gehttotooth on the G1 yet?06:07
CSS_Guruechosystem: I like linux cus its faster06:07
ScuniziCSS_Guru: you're off topic and argumentative.. stop06:07
bonez46how do I switch to, or add virtual screens, i.e., desktops 2, 3 and 4.. currently I only work in one desktop.. on 9.0406:07
echosystmwell, you can't have your cake and eat it too CSS_Guru06:07
digitaltaobonez, just use your scroll wheel anywhere on the desk top06:07
CSS_Guruthank ya buddy06:07
Scunizibonez46: with compiz running or in normal mode.06:07
CSS_Guruyall are some crocks, i dont like you06:07
n1gg3rdomino's pizza is amazing!06:07
zer0necss guru... wtf is there to gru about css??06:07
Shortguy109I've no idea how to work the USB headphones I just got, I put them in but how do I choose to hear from them instead of the laptop?06:08
Scunizi!ops | CSS_Guru he's trolling, off topic and argumentative06:08
ubottuCSS_Guru he's trolling, off topic and argumentative: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:08
CSS_Guruzer0ne, do yuo know what -moz-border-clip does? NO , what about -moz-background-clip? NO06:08
CSS_GuruI do06:08
echosystmapparently there were some big optimisations of bootup in 9.0406:09
zer0neer, yes i do....do you know dick-size: .1em;06:09
echosystmis this specific to ubuntu, or will they still apply if i do a commandline install?06:09
MadpilotCSS_Guru, cool it. zer0ne, don't encourage him.06:09
CSS_Guruim not trollin06:09
CSS_Guruim patrolin06:09
zer0nei shut up now, srry all06:09
naliothlet us be civil06:09
Peaches491_Is there a command line thing i can use to boot ubuntu without X, the graphical interface?06:09
richardcavellyes there is Peaches06:10
n1gg3ryou guys are funny06:10
CSS_Gurui gotta pooh06:10
n1gg3ri love pizza06:10
Peaches491_well what is it?06:10
df00z1is it possible to tell what a package was built with06:10
Dr_WillisPeaches491_:  disable the 'gdm' service - thtas what starts up X.06:10
df00z1i want to see if openldap was configured with sasl support06:10
bonez46Scunizi: just normal mode.. I have to upgrade my video adapter before I can run compiz06:10
Madpilotn1gg3r, find a new nick right now, please06:10
df00z1and kerberos06:10
echosystmthis channel is f.ed06:10
rockoword up echosystm06:10
zugiartall, how do I record sound in Cheese? I am recording video, but no sound. I can record sound using audacity, and I can use skype, so my mic works. I just need to wire cheese somehow, but I can't find the option. Anyone got sound working in cheese ?06:10
PhrogzLearn /ignore06:10
Scunizibonez46: to add more desktops then point at them and right mouse click, properties.. you'll see where to increase/decrease.  the mouse wheel will sometimes switch between desktops but also ctrl+alt+right or left arrow06:11
richardcavellPeaches491_: sudo aptitude remove gdm06:11
richardcavellPeaches491_: that will permanently stop it06:11
CSS_Guruwhoever keeps talkin bout pizza needs to stop, or lose weight, get a life, or die06:11
bonez46Scunizi: thank  you06:12
naliothCSS_Guru: off topic chatter is welcome in #ubuntu-offtopic06:12
Scunizibonez46: np. :)06:12
echosystmi want to install a ubuntu from command line with just xmonad06:12
soreauPeaches491_: Don't remove gdm. That will only complicate things. Just unplug all monitors but your primary one and reboot06:12
Peaches491_how can i start it again after>06:12
Shortguy109I've no idea how to work the USB headphones I just got, I put them in but how do I choose to hear from them instead of the laptop?06:12
ertanhi everyone i got problem with updating synaptis anyone can help me pls? thx...06:12
echosystmwill all the boot optimisations of desktop ubuntu still apply?06:12
ricardo_a question... /dev/sda0 is (hd0,0) ?06:12
echosystmim curious as to what has changed06:13
echosystmlike howcome 9.04 boots faster06:13
Peaches491_ricardo_: yes06:13
richardcavellPeaches491_: sorry, your chat request didn't work06:13
ricardo_Peaches491_, thanks06:13
richardcavellechosystm: they made it a priority for the 9.04 release06:13
echosystmyeah but what has changed richardcavell?06:13
=== n3gr0 is now known as p1zz4
echosystmall you can really do is change the order of initialisation06:13
echosystmand make things more paralell06:14
CSS_Guruwhats the point of multiple dektops on kubuntu?06:14
raheemShortguy109: i believe you have to select the sound device by right mouse clicking on the sound icon .. try06:14
richardcavellechosystm: for the technical details, look at launchpad.net06:14
=== p1zz4 is now known as pepper
CSS_Guruboth desktops have the same program open anyways...06:14
PhrogzShortguy10 - http://tinyurl.com/ubuntu-usb-headphones06:14
echosystmis this order specific to the stock ubuntu/xubuntu/etc distros?06:14
peppersantarpio's has the best pizza06:14
echosystmor does it still apply if you installed from cmd line06:14
naliothCSS_Guru: your question is welcome in #ubuntu-offtopic or #kubuntu-offtopic06:14
hornetshey, do you guys know a good datacenter to lease VPS?06:14
echosystmi dont really know how bootup works in linux :/06:15
Phrogzhornets - define "good"?06:15
hornetsat least 50gb, no limit of bw06:15
naliothhornets: that's a bit off topic here.  please try #ubuntu-offtopic or another channel06:15
ertanhi everyone im having problem with sudo aptitude update06:15
hornetsoh ok.. np06:15
scotlfsHey, I am having a problem with my mouse. It appears it's function is stuttering. I am having trouble grabbing stuff to move it as well as sometimes I get a double click when I try to grab or even sometimes when I single click, I get a double click response. It's as if the Interrupt is being shared, but not properly. Can anyone help me with this?06:15
CSS_Gurunalioth stfu fag06:15
=== WelshDragon is now known as YDdraigGoch
Phrogzertan - please provide more details?06:16
soreauertan: Can you pastebin the message it gives?06:16
Scuniziscotlfs: this isn't in a vm is it?06:16
scotlfsScunizi: no sir06:16
soreau! paste | ertan06:16
ubottuertan: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic06:16
owen1scotlfs: he gets's 40406:16
Scuniziscotlfs: that shoots my idea down.. sorry06:16
Peaches491_richardcavell: upon boot, ubuntu locks up before i can even get to command line. Can i add that script to the startup line and how?06:16
linuxI just have to ask:  How did OS know the correct time after i installed ubunto did it get the time off the internet cause i never set the time?06:17
owen1scotlfs: he opened his sources.list and it was empty. i helped him fill it up.06:17
richardcavellPeaches491_: you've tried recovery mode, right?06:17
Scunizilinux: it does do that and looks at the cmos too06:17
ekeagleanybody here?06:17
Peaches491_all of the different recovery options i believe06:17
scotlfsowen1: I don't know what you are talking about....06:17
richardcavellPeaches491_: What I gave you was a command for the Terminal that will permanently remove your GUI boot sequence06:17
soreauPeaches491_: I don't understand why you don't try one thing at a time. If you have more than the primary monitor plugged into the card, it may fail from my experience06:17
owen1scotlfs: (-:06:17
owen1scotlfs: ertan's issue.06:17
scotlfsowen1: why are you addressing me directly?06:18
Peaches491_i'll try that and get back to you06:18
richardcavellAnyone here on an Intel Mac?06:18
owen1scotlfs: sorry...i thought u r helping him06:18
Phrogzrichardcavell - yes, though through OS X, not ubuntu06:18
scotlfsowen1: no I came in here for help myself on a mouse issue :)06:18
richardcavellPhrogz: you mean you're virtualizing?06:19
owen1scotlfs: maybe i can help?06:19
Phrogzrichardcavell - no, ubuntu has no part of my Mac at the moment. I'm here for a different box running ubuntu. So probably I'm of no help to you, but technically on an intel mac atm.06:19
wiretappedWindowsUser: 306:19
Peaches491_richardcavell: my problem is, the restricted drivers after installation cause my system to lock up just as X initalizes06:19
Peaches491_richardcavell: im sorry, im just a bit scattered at the moment06:20
richardcavellPhrogz: do you have any experience of ubuntu on Intel Macs?06:20
PhrogzNone, sorry.06:20
scotlfsmy mouse isn't working right, it stutters...meaning when I grab something with the mouse to move it, it often just drops it if I can even pick it up. Sometimes when I single click, I get a double click response. It's like the interrupt of my mouse is screwed up.06:20
ZooneGood night! ostaria your help in a test on my site. Please access www.brindesgratis.com and clicks on Google ads. Thank you.06:20
richardcavellPeaches491_: Okay, that's disappointing06:20
ZooneGood night! I would like your help in a test on my site. Please access www.brindesgratis.com and clicks on Google ads. Thank you.06:20
lf4Do you have to have a domain besides WORKGROUP set when sharing a folder?06:20
scotlfsowen1: my mouse isn't working right, it stutters...meaning when I grab something with the mouse to move it, it often just drops it if I can even pick it up. Sometimes when I single click, I get a double click response. It's like the interrupt of my mouse is screwed up.06:20
Phrogzscotlfs - just to be certain: are you sure that this isn't just a dirty mouseball and/or laser sensor?06:20
Peaches491_richardcavell: The boot problem, or me being scattered? lol06:21
mike_wickeguten morgen06:21
soreauPeaches491_: If you try other things first, it may do more harm than good then you may be left without a working system at all06:21
owen1scotlfs: try it on another mouse first.06:21
* Phrogz suspects that Phrogz and Peaches491 boh start with P, causing autonickcomplete misfires.06:21
WindowsUserwiretapped: what what?06:21
richardcavellPeaches491_: LOL. Sounds like you need to get to a command-line and just manually get rid of the faulty drivers.06:21
=== nelson is now known as nelsonc
soreauPeaches491_: I wouldn't be this adamant about a suggestion without prior experience in the matter06:22
s_ya fue06:22
s_me siento mal06:22
s_me siento super mal06:22
ricardo_s_, hola06:23
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:23
=== ravigehlot is now known as raviucf
Peaches491_probably. But it's not the drivers. I've tried both the restricted drivers that ubuntu throws at me, and the ones that ATI provedes. Both end in the =same dissapointment06:23
lf4What would be the cause of a shared folder prompting me to enter a password? I have tried the user account and password yet it keeps reprompting me right when I press return?06:23
scotlfsowen1: Phrogz: It's not the mouse....I was just hoping someone might know the issue offhand. If not I can troubleshoot it on my own. Thanks guys...06:23
Peaches491_soreau: I understand. I promise i will try with just one monitor FIRST06:23
soreauPeaches491_: It *is* the drivers. As a general rule of thumb, proprietary drivers suck06:24
Peaches491_That';s what i figures06:24
Peaches491_That's what i figured06:24
ricardo_i dont understand a thing in my grub06:24
cyberghoser1Good morning everybody06:25
ricardo_# on /dev/sda106:25
ricardo_titleMicrosoft Windows XP Professional06:25
FloodBot3ricardo_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:25
ricardo_oh, ok sorry for flooding06:25
ricardo_i dont understand, why it says sda1 and hd0,006:25
ricardo_i though that hd0,0 is sda006:25
lf4ricardo_: there is no sda006:26
Peaches491_soreau: i've also used the drivers provided by ATI and have gotten the same result06:26
=== Dr_Willis is now known as help
Peaches491_soreau: are there any alternatives?06:26
ricardo_Peaches491_, there is no sda006:26
Scuniziricardo_: hd0,0 is sda106:26
soreauricardo_: hd0,0 is the first partition on the first drive in bios lang. sda1 is ubuntu lang (to put it loosely)06:26
ricardo_ok, thanks Scunizi06:26
=== forrest is now known as forrestv
=== help is now known as Guest61874
=== Guest61874 is now known as Dr_Willis
ricardo_i did os-prober, and i got /dev/sda1 windows...06:27
ricardo_how can i know which (hd0,..) is windows? so i could reconfigure successfully my grub06:27
soreauPeaches491_: I already made my suggestion to you about 6 times now, many more times than I usually make a suggestion. by you asking for other help is basically telling me you either don't understand what I'm saying in plain english or want some other easier solution that does not exist06:27
richardcavellricardo_: In ubuntu, type df -h06:27
Scuniziricardo_: that would make sense considering what grub has listed for windows..how do you want to reconfigure it?06:28
soreau! grub | ricardo_06:28
ubotturicardo_: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:28
Scuniziricardo_: I should actually ask, Why do you want to reconfigure it?06:28
ricardo_i understand soreau , but the problem is that i select windows and i got a beep and "starting up..." message06:28
ricardo_ok, ill check that website06:29
soreauricardo_: Yikes06:29
ricardo_this thing had never happened to me06:29
ricardo_is windows xp btw06:29
Scuniziricardo_: do a "sudo fdisk -l" .. it will list the partitions and drives.. look for the one with windows on it and see what the drive designation is.. ie sda1 etc..06:30
soreauPeaches491_: If you do not need 3D working, then you could remove all fglrx packages and use the "radeon" driver instead of "fglrx" in xorg.conf06:30
ricardo_ill do06:30
Peaches491_soreau: i understand what you are saying. And i intend to try that. Now, this is not my first run in with faulty graphics drivers. I am just trying to find many alternative solutions to my problem, because in order to try them, i will need tp end this chat in order to restart my system and try06:31
Peaches491_SO, on that note, i bid you all a fond farewell06:31
richardcavellFarewell, Peaches06:31
lf4Freak why does it keep prompting me for a password when I try to access my shared folder on my other computer? the username and password are correct.06:32
Scunizilf4: it's a samba thing.. not sure how to solve it though.06:33
lf4Scunizi: Is this normal/running issue for Ubuntu?06:33
Scunizilf4: also it might be the computer you're trying to access.. I've see that when using ubuntu to access a winxp box.06:33
Scunizilf4: sometimes its a windows thing06:34
lf4This is Ubuntu to Ubuntu lol both fresh installs. XD06:34
Scunizilf4: which user name and pass are you using ?.. the one on the box you're accessing from or the one belonging to the machine you're accessing?06:34
lf4Scunizi: Its my username and password (which are the same for both systems).06:35
ricardo_Scunizi, is sda106:35
ricardo_Scunizi, in grub it appeared as i pasted few seconds ago here.06:36
Scunizilf4: try creating a new user on the machine you're accessing from and see if that works.06:36
lf4ricardo_: what is your issue with grub?06:36
zer0nelf4: through what protocol?06:36
Scuniziricardo_: looks like it's right.. I don't have a solution sorry.06:36
soreauricardo_: hd0,0 = sda1 hd0,1 = sda2 hd1,0 = sdb1 hd1,1 = sdb2 and so forth06:37
ricardo_lf4, i cannot enter to windows, i get starting up... and  sounds a beep06:37
ricardo_thank you soreau , it seems to be right in grub06:37
lf4Scunizi: Will do. zer0ne I'm going to guess that ubuntu uses the standard SMB protocol when I selected "sharing options".06:37
Scunizisoreau: he has an issue with windows "spinning" when he tries to load it.06:37
soreauricardo_: When did this start happening?06:37
ricardo_maybe, windows partition was corrupted :S06:37
lf4ricardo_: mind showing your menu.lst file?06:38
ricardo_when redimensioned the partition and installed ubuntu 9.0406:38
soreauScunizi: Ah, I know very little about the monster that is MS06:38
zer0nei think ubuntu to ubuntu is through ssh and sftp06:38
ricardo_lf4, i pasted it a few minutes ago here06:38
ricardo_the windows's paragraph06:38
=== eXtra_Rice|wAla is now known as jilbert
ricardo_(sorry for my english)06:38
lf4ricardo_: alright checking for it...06:38
Scuniziricardo_: you can paste again but use pastebin.com and provide a link here06:38
zer0nemake sure openssh are installed both sides and port 22 is accessible06:39
ricardo_ill do06:39
newb2linuxanybody know how to compile ?06:40
soreaunewb2linux: No, why?06:40
soreau! anybody | newb2linux06:40
ubottunewb2linux: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:40
zer0nenewb2linux: ./configure  >> make >> make install ??06:40
bastid_razorricardo_, possibly you'll need the xp cd and do a restore from it. when resizing a windows partition sometimes files are erased.06:41
Jordan_Unewb2linux: Chances are you don't really need to, what are you trying to do?06:41
lf4ricardo_: that is all your menu.lst has? lol how did you boot to linux?06:41
ricardo_lf4 is only the windows part06:41
ricardo_maybe boot.ini was erased durante resizing06:41
lf4ricardo_: yeah it sounds like part of the partition got corrupted.06:42
newb2linuxsorry ..06:42
ricardo_oh too bad06:42
newb2linuxWas wondering if anybody would have time to help me compile XBMC for ubuntu ?06:42
lf4ricardo_: its rare but can happen.06:42
Jordan_Uricardo_: What problem are you having?06:42
newb2linuxI have a few questions about the .configure part.06:42
soreaunewb2linux: Why compile? Just install it from the medibuntu repos, IIRC06:42
ricardo_Jordan_U, i cannot enter to windows, my grub is ok, i only get "starting up" and a beep06:43
Scuniziricardo_: unless they changed something between 8.04 and 9.04 in grub then it looks wierd.. check out mine.. http://pastebin.com/f6563f41e06:43
newb2linuxWoudl taht bing me to the latest version ? ?06:43
ricardo_Jordan_U, but, it seems to be that windows booted was corrupted :S06:43
newb2linuxKinda interested in learning to copmile ..06:43
soreaunewb2linux: Not the very latest, but at least it would work06:43
newb2linuxI have it working. .06:43
newb2linuxjust enjoying breaking it and fixing it .06:44
soreaunewb2linux: So if you want to compile, great. break away ;)06:44
bonez46Is a VGA video connector the same cable as would be a serial cable?06:44
Jordan_Unewb2linux: http://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=HOW-TO_install_XBMC_for_Linux_on_Ubuntu_with_a_minimal_installation_step-by-step06:44
CatEaterdoes anyone know how to paste text ionto vbox06:44
CatEaterdoes anyone know how to paste text into vbox?06:44
CatEatersorry for enter key06:44
ricardo_Scunizi, its pretty similar to mine06:44
Scuniziricardo_: look closer to the windows section06:45
ricardo_makeactive :O06:45
silv3r_m00nis there any accounting /ERP software there in synaptic ?06:45
lf4Scunizi: nothing has changed with grub, http://pastebin.com/d234f7b23 it just depends on the system.06:45
soreaunewb2linux: What question did you have about configure?06:45
zer0nenewb2linux: what is the problem with configure06:45
Jordan_Uricardo_: Is windows the first partition on the drive?06:45
ricardo_Jordan_U, yes, it is /dev/sda106:46
newb2linuxIm getting an error.. hold on I paste pin it. .06:46
ricardo_Scunizi, ill try to boot adding makeactive06:46
newb2linuxIm sure Im doing it worong.06:47
Scunizilf4: wow.. even that was different from the other two.. I'm not referring to the partition/drive references just the different line items that are present or not present when compairing06:47
nomad77newb2linux: try this  http://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=HOW-TO_install_XBMC_for_Linux_on_Ubuntu_with_a_minimal_installation_step-by-step06:47
newb2linuxcan i PM you ?06:47
soreaunewb2linux: Use './configure --prefix=/usr'06:47
newb2linuxnomad77: thats no good..  thats how my 6 year old would install it. .06:48
newb2linuxbut thanks.06:48
lf4Scunizi: Yeah my system is a little crazy haha.06:48
lf4ricardo_: Is this a fresh install of ubuntu?06:48
ricardo_yes lf406:49
ricardo_Scunizi, check pls http://pastebin.com/m2d08287606:49
newb2linuxso do i have to be logged in as that user ?06:49
Jordan_Unewb2linux: You have a pragmatic 6 year old ;)06:49
soreaunewb2linux: No06:49
ricardo_Scunizi, is that ok?06:50
newb2linuxyour a god!!06:50
newb2linuxthanks. .06:50
lf4ricardo_: you might just have to recover the partition with a windows cd.06:50
mubuHey guys, is crossover linux relevant? Can it replace wine? Thaks06:50
* soreau goes to bed06:51
Scuniziricardo_: if you want to try that then you need to put "#" 's in front of every line of the old one to comment it out.. otherwise you'll have 2 instructions active for grub to figure out.06:51
krammer__anyone using thunderbird06:51
=== redsoxking|afk is now known as redsoxking
Scunizikrammer__: please ask the next question06:51
ricardo_yes, i'll comment the old lines, so if that doesnt work i can recover the old configuration06:51
krammer__I cannot connect for my mail06:51
Scunizikrammer__: gmail?06:52
Phil_Ewerthello together, I am looking for a simple backup solution just for my Notebook on an external harddrive with the least configuring06:52
newb2linuxcan you explain the command you set so I can use it in the future ?06:52
Jordan_Umubu: Crossover is based on wine and helps fund wine development. AFAIK there is no downside to using crossover except the price06:52
Scunizikrammer__: don't use the thunderbird defaults for port numbers etc.. check google for the right setup.. it will show you06:52
krammer__so then you dont use thunderbird then why say next question06:53
SkyRocknRollwhat is the good iDE for python06:53
newb2linuxsoreau: can you explain the command you set so I can use it in the future ?06:53
Scunizikrammer__: because your real question was why you couldn't get your email.. there are lots of people here using thunderbird.. once you got someone to answer yes you would have asked the next question.. It's much easier if you get right to the point.06:54
krammer__SkyRocknRoll, Eclipse06:54
Phil_EwertA simple backup solution for ubuntu : Anybody ?06:54
SkyRocknRollkrammer__, size of that ide ?06:54
nomad77Phil_Ewert: SimpleBackup ? http://simplelinuxbkup.sourceforge.net/06:54
krammer__Scunizi, that was why I ask is anyone is using thunderbird, you shouldnt have responded06:54
Phil_Ewertnomad77, thx.06:54
zer0nePhil_Ewert: tar06:54
SkyRocknRollkrammer__, if it is small then its appreciable :)06:54
Scunizikrammer__: stop.. I gave you the answer..06:55
Scunizi!ask | krammer__06:55
ubottukrammer__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:55
bastid_razorkrammer__, i don't use thunderbird either but Scunizi has given you the correct answer.06:55
soreaunewb2linux: ./configure invokes the configure script in the CWD (current working directory) and --perfix=/usr means to configure the build so the target is /usr (the standard prefix, usually the default is /usr/local)06:55
krammer__ok I am at google i cant still connect so why next06:55
afvkrammer__, but you can't connect now or never could?06:55
krammer__fresh install06:56
Scunizikrammer__: use firefox to access gmail and click the help button..06:56
zacekhi there06:56
krammer__SkyRocknRoll, google size of IDE06:56
afvkrammer__, http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=7766206:56
SkyRocknRollkrammer__, done it :)06:57
albechwhy is virtualbox taking up 100% CPU utilization on one CPU, even when nothing happen on the guest OS06:57
Phil_Ewertzer0ne: thx, I 'll take a look at it06:58
=== mordocai_afk is now known as mordocai
zacekhello, im newbie using Ubuntu, anyone can help me?06:58
nomad77!ask | zacek06:59
zer0ne!ask | zacek06:59
ubottuzacek: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:59
MeaghedelicI just had the most violent, explosive, hot diarrhea. It was like megadeth inside my anus, and the sounds of a Dave Mustaine solo were pouring out.06:59
Jordan_U!ops | Meaghedelic06:59
ubottuMeaghedelic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:59
zacekthnsk! =)06:59
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ricardo_Scunizi, nothing happened07:00
ricardo_Scunizi,  i thought that i must to reinstall win07:00
Scuniziricardo_: well.. it was worth a shot.. do you play games on the win side? is that why you're dual booting?07:01
bastid_razorricardo_, try the xp cd and a restore first.. windows partitions have files scattered all over.07:01
ricardo_no, is the computer of a "switcher" xD07:01
ricardo_Scunizi, he wanted to try ubuntu07:01
ricardo_(well, this weekend is the only thing he will try XD)07:02
Jordan_Uricardo_: If you do decide to re-install windows remember that your data is still acessable from Ubuntu07:02
`bozhi all anyone know how to tell what system your machine is running i.e 32 bit or 64 bit (ubuntu)?07:02
Jordan_Uricardo_: So copy anything important before you whipe it out07:02
ricardo_yes Jordan_U , i think ill try the fixmbr thing with the windows cd07:02
Scuniziricardo_: ah.. somebody elses computer.. if he has a normal install cd for win. you could install virtualbox and then install windows there.. run windows inside of ubuntu :)07:02
Jordan_U`boz: uname -r07:02
Jordan_U`boz: I meant "uname -a"07:03
ricardo_Scunizi, i think it could be fine, but before ill try to do the fixboot and fixmbr thing07:03
karatekickzwhen I run a tar.gz  in the archive mounter my system seems to do nothing07:03
ricardo_with the recovery tools of windows cd07:03
digitaltaohey quick question, how would i format a microsd card that i have mounted to fat32?07:03
ricardo_if that doesnt works, then... i'll do that you say, Scunizi07:04
Jordan_Uricardo_: Realize that Fixmbr will remove grub. it's easy to put restore grub though07:04
`bozthanks jordan07:04
Jordan_U`boz: np07:04
zacekI just used Wubi to try Ubuntu on my laptop, but battery performance is very bad when im working on Ubuntu, is it posible to improve it?07:04
ricardo_yes Jordan_U , i already know how to recover grub :) thanks for the suggestion07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lkl07:04
`boz2.6.28-13-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 19:49:51 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux07:04
`bozis that 32 or 64?07:05
legend2440boz 3207:05
pronoyanybody used lkl ??07:05
pronoyor thc-vlogger ?07:05
`bozis that an optional upgrade to 64?07:06
sn00zer`boz: 64 bit looks like: 2009 x86_6407:06
Jordan_Uzacek: Possibly, what gfx card does your laptop use ( not having proper drivers can waste power ) and try the program "pwertop".07:06
=== miguel is now known as Guest67699
afv`boz, i686 = 32 bit / x86_64 = 64 bit07:07
zacekok Jordan, i'll try07:07
`bozok thanks, just out of curiosity is it possible to change to 64 bit?07:07
Scunizi`boz: only with a reinstall07:08
digitaltaohey quick question, how would i format a microsd card that i have mounted to fat32?07:08
legend2440`boz: you cant upgrade to 64 you would have to download ubuntu 64 and do fresh install07:08
Jordan_U`boz: It's not at all easy to change to 64 bit in place07:08
pronoyguys can anyone tell me a good keylogger for ubuntu ?07:08
`bozoops sorry arm in plaster , hit the caps lock key07:09
tracyannedoes anyone know how to change the install configuration for Ubunu, so that i can have it default to 3 partitions root/swap/home instead of the current 207:09
Scunizi`boz: unless you do a lot of compiling or video work or want to take advantage of more than 3.2gigs of ram.. no.. not as far as I'm aware..07:09
kpkeerthi[jaunty]something weird about cpu freq scaling is happening to me. I noticed that my cpu stopped scaling a few days back. (after trying many other option that didn't work) I reinstalled kernel and after a reboot it fixed the problem.07:09
kpkeerthiBut the problem recurrred today and went away after reinstalling the kernel.07:10
kpkeerthianyone has any clue why this is happenning?07:10
howieso how do i upgrade to kernel v2.6.3007:10
=== swoody_ is now known as swoody
sn00zerpronoy: Ubuntu considers keyloggers hacker tools and won't discuss them, you'll have better luck in another channel, and only be ignored and kicked here.07:10
Scunizikpkeerthi: do you have dkms installed and any programs that have a kernel mod that's needed to run? other than that I don't know.07:10
kpkeerthiScunizi: Yes. I have dkms installed (needed for the nvidia binary driver)07:11
pronoysn00zer: no..keyloggers are not hackers tools...and they are deifintely supported if a valid reason is available...otherwise the package lkl would have been removed from the universe repos...secondly the question of why isn't debatable since i have a very legitimate reason for doing so...so thank you for your comment but i think i'll ask again...07:12
pronoydoes anyone have any experience with a keylogger in ubuntu ?07:13
Scunizikpkeerthi: that might be it but no guarantees.. try uninstalling dkms and reinstalling the kernel again as a test.. you can always put dkms back..07:13
sn00zerpronoy: I agree they can have useful purposes, just relaying what I've seen in the past :)07:13
* Dr_Willis tries hard to think of a valid reason.07:13
`bozcurrently experiencing difficulties with my graphics, thinking of upgrading my motherboard from foxconn to asus any thoughts?07:13
vosspronoy, why not just use lkl?07:13
pronoysn00zer no problem...07:13
Jordan_U`boz: What problems and what GPU?07:14
pagefault`boz, why would you change your motherboard to fix your graphics?07:14
pronoyvoss: i need to know how to make my own keymap for that...not all use km_us layout07:14
kpkeerthiScunizi: Why would dkms affect cpu freq scaling? Me wonders.07:14
WIGGMPk`boz: yea.. here's my first though.. dont use a freaking ` in front of your name.. makes it harder to tab your name lol.. second thought.. ASUS makes a good product and they stand behind it.. I have used them many times and currently run an ASUS laptop (and some desktops built for friends)07:14
pronoyDr_Willis try a cheating fiance :)07:14
`bozgraphics are direct off the motherboard07:14
Scunizikpkeerthi: no idea.. I use the nvidia driver as well. but never noticed anything like that..  in fact..how do you check freq scaling?07:15
`bozcan't seem to get any support for linux ops from foxconn site07:15
kpkeerthiScunizi: I have conky to monitor it07:15
WIGGMPk`boz: why not just buy a graphic card? instead of using integrated (which are usually crap compared to addon cards)07:15
vosspronoy, are we speaking hypothetically or actually07:15
karatekickzim logged into x atm is it possible to log in with a another user at the same time and run a different session simultaneously ?07:15
ricardo_too bad... at monday ill help the guy, thanks a lot all people that helped me07:15
`bozlot of applications in wine not functioning07:16
Jordan_U`boz: What problems and what GPU?07:16
nomad77kpkeerthi: what chipset/cpu?07:16
pronoyvoss about the reason ? or the keymap ?!?07:16
sn00zer`boz: I have an old ASUS desktop with an AMD 2800+ It's worked fine on at least 4 major distros and multiple live cd's07:16
vossThe cheating fiance example :)07:16
olimoneshello. does anyones know how to fix a sound problem with kubuntu 9.04? i am new at it. i have a dv7 hp laptop07:16
Jordan_Ukaratekickz: Yes, if you are using gnome then just switch users with the applet in the top right of the screen07:16
nztal-how can i verify i'm using madwifi and not ath5k on jaunty ?07:16
kpkeerthinomad77: its a dell xps m170 laptop - intel centrino07:16
afvolimones, what problem?07:16
pronoyvoss haha...no actually its more of a cheating in exam thing....but the fiance one always hits hard :D07:16
Scunizikaratekickz: not sure if this will work. but ctrl+alt+F2.. log in as the 2nd user then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start and see where it lands you. :)07:17
olimonesmy laptop do not have any sound07:17
karatekickzrunning xfce07:17
olimonesafter installing kubuntu 9.0407:17
`bozamd dual athlon 775007:17
howieso can anyone tell me how to install kernel v2.6.3007:17
Nitrodisthey, quick question here07:18
`bozgoogle earth doesn't run smoothly07:18
pronoyvoss so any experience with lkl or uberkey or thc-vlogger?07:18
NitrodistI'm about to install ubuntu 9.0407:18
`bozmost apps in wine not working correctly07:18
Nitrodistproblem is07:18
karatekickz<Scunizi>:I assume that means I should be able to run a gnome session a kde session at the same time.. after I find where to log in another user?07:18
Scunizipronoy: if you're trying to map a keyboard there are other tools..07:18
Jordan_Ukaratekickz: XFCE should have an option to "switch users" , that will do what you want07:18
pronoyScunizi please continue...what tools are you reffering to ?07:19
Jordan_Ukaratekickz: Yes07:19
`bozand just tried flight gear flight simulator07:19
Nitrodistunder Step 4 of 7, it doesn't let me specify which disk to use if I want to install them side by side07:19
ertanhi anyone know about airmon commands? i have a some problem..07:19
Scunizikaratekickz: I've heard of it.  use kdm instead of gdm to start x07:19
`bozyes ricardo07:19
karatekickzim running mythbuntu and cant find where to log another user on.... xfce07:19
Jordan_U`boz: What GPU?'07:19
afvolimones, you checked it's not muted and that stuff? and what sound card do you use?07:19
sn00zerkaratekickz: There is also a 'startx : session' command that will start another gretter screen. Thats not the exact command, can't remember it, sorry.07:19
vossboz, Wine even for stuff that works requires settings to be set. I use Wine for eve online and WOW and it works well enough that I havent touched my windows pc in over a month07:19
Scunizipronoy: hang on and I'll look.. they are pretty typical when trying to map a keyboard espicially one with multimedia keys etc..07:19
`bozhow do i find that out jordan?07:20
DysfunctionalHmm is there anyway to stop a xserver completely?07:20
llutzsn00zer: startx -- :107:20
olimonesi did. let me see my card information...07:20
Nitrodistso can anyone tell me how the ubuntu installer works with partitioning?07:20
pronoyvoss you're experienced with compiling things from source right ?07:20
karatekickzI have seen the screen to log other on before but I think that is when I am logged off07:20
Jordan_U`boz: "lspci | grep VGA" in a terminal07:20
Rashidcan I directly upgrade from 7.10 to 9.04 directly?07:20
NitrodistI don't feel comfortable hitting next and it deleting my other, important, partition07:20
ricardo_Dysfunctional, ctrl+alt+f107:20
vosspronoy, Ive done it but I dont do it often enough to help youi07:20
ricardo_and then kill the process corresponding to x server07:21
nomad77Dysfunctional: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop07:21
karatekickzlike if I say logoff ... is it possible to pull that up whilelogged on?07:21
Jordan_URashid: no07:21
ertandoes anyone know what does it mean Found 5 processes that could cause trouble.07:21
RashidJordan_U: what should I do?07:21
ricardo_.... or you could do that nomad77 says :P07:21
pronoyvoss its just that i tried to install thc-vlogger and i get wierd errors...care to take a look at the outupt ?07:21
DysfunctionalNomad77: yea i have tried that, i still get the error that xserver is running on display )07:21
vosspronoy, I wouldnt even know what I was looking at07:21
sn00zerllutz: Thanks, I haven't used it in at least a year.07:21
pronoyvoss ok no problem ...worth a shot :)07:22
Nitrodistok, so apparently I'm supposed to use some software to partition the disk by my self before I even go to the ubuntu installation disk?07:22
purpleposeidonHello. The disk that provides /usr is corrupt, but I've got a liveusb. How can I get a list of packages that were installed, for reinstallation?07:22
tracyanneIs there anyone on here who can help me change the default partitioning on Ubuntu07:22
Jordan_URashid: upgrade to 8.04, then 8.10, then 9.0407:22
nomad77Dysfunctional: reboot to single user or try sudo telinit 2 maybe07:22
vossUbuntu has spoiled me so much that I rarely even need to use the CLI07:22
ertandoes anyone know what does it mean Found 5 processes that could cause trouble.07:22
losherNitrodist: if you have existing partitions you want to keep, you need to select the manual partition option during install07:22
SkaperenNitrodist: you can do that if you want, or leave it unpartitioned07:22
redsoxkingwhat is the short cut on the keyboard for the terminal07:22
Nitrodistlosher: can I trust ubuntu to partition it correctly without data loss?07:22
rohani have a core2duo system, with 4GB ram. i have install 32bit version of ubuntu 8.04. how do i ensure that all the 4GB ram i utilised? "free" currently shows total mem as "3098500". i am not so keen on installing 64bit distro.07:23
vossAnd most of my CLI stuff these days I can cut and paste :)07:23
NitrodistI have acronis disk director07:23
Jordan_URashid: Or upgrade to 8.04 and wait untill the next LTS release ( you can upgrade directly from one LTS release to the next )07:23
Nitrodistso it's not a problem to do it that way07:23
RashidJordan_U: Thank you.07:23
Jordan_URashid: np07:23
SkaperenNitrodist: do you have files or partitions you want to keep?  if so, where?07:23
losherNitrodist: frankly, any time you mess with partitions, if you don't have a full backup beforehand, you risk losing it all if you get something wrong....07:23
karatekickzanyway to force my monitor into a different resolution its not finding my proper res even though  it id my lcd perfectly07:23
Nitrodistmeh, it'd be a earache to fix, but nothing too serious07:24
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vossIs it terrible of me to admit that I dont even use the CLI much in ubuntu?07:24
Dysfunctionalhmmm better yet whats the command to give a process higher priority?07:24
NitrodistSkaperen: just windows XP07:24
NitrodistI want to dual boot :P07:24
Jordan_Urohan: The server kernel can support up to 16 GIG of RAM, though any one app can only access 4 GIG at a time07:24
WIGGMPkkaratekickz: i would prolly say its not your monitor... what kinda graphic card do you have?07:24
Dysfunctionalor is there a GUI that i can use for that07:24
ertanwhen i hit the "sudo airmon-ng start wlan0." im getting this message [Found 5 processes that could cause trouble.07:24
rohanJordan_U: ah ok, so server kernel has PAE enabled, but not the generic kernel?07:25
Jordan_Ukaratekickz: What GPU?07:25
pronoyvoss a bit yes :) you see CLI is the actual thing that unix/linux is powered by07:25
karatekickznvidia with proper drivers installed07:25
Jordan_Urohan: Yes07:25
SkaperenNitrodist: you have a partition you want Ubuntu to not touch ... you have a special case ... you need to select the partitions to install on to manually07:25
Nitrodistso I'm guessing it's probably safer to use acronis to repartition than to let ubuntu do ti?07:25
karatekickzit has the resolution in xp07:25
Scunizipronoy: keymapper is one (repo), keytouch, .. what kind of keyboard are you trying to use.. language difference? or what07:25
vosspronoy, but the ubuntu gui is so functional I dont need to use the CLI for much07:25
Nitrodistthanks guys07:25
karatekickzthink its a 620007:25
pronoyScunizi i have one which's in a different language yes07:25
WIGGMPkDysfunctional: "sudo cpufreq-selector -c # -g <governor>"  -c 0 (Core 0) -g (Performance)07:25
Nitrodistbe back later if I have any more problems07:25
nomad77karatekickz: try nvidia-settings07:25
Scunizipronoy: which one..07:25
ertanwhen i hit the "sudo airmon-ng start wlan0." im getting this message [Found 5 processes that could cause trouble.07:25
losherNitrodist: if you partition by hand, you know exactly what you'll get. I think that's a plus, but you have to have some idea what you're doing07:25
olimonescan't find where the info is. i'm looking it up07:25
SkaperenNitrodist: if XP already takes up the whole disk (factory installed XP will) then you MUST repartition the XP in a way that keeps it safe using the appropriate tool07:25
pronoyScunizi  but i have an english one too which i think i'll use most...but with excessive multimedia keys07:26
rohanJordan_U: are there any disadvantages of using the server kernel on a general "desktop" system?07:26
afvolimones, lspci07:26
Jordan_UNitrodist: Partitioning with Ubuntu is as safe if not safer than any other method, but repartitioning always carries some risk07:26
* xine waves hello07:26
Skaperenlosher: another doomed user07:26
karatekickzused the gui's applications and found nothing btw... I spot to change the monitor but my resolution wasnt listed07:26
karatekickzwill try that command07:26
vossI dont even need to use the cli to install graphics drivers anymore or network drivers , ubuntu just sees them.07:26
sn00zerertan: it means those processes are probably using your wifi card in some way and might not like airmon changing the wifi mode to monitor.07:26
legend2440tracyanne: http://easierbuntu.blogspot.com/2008/03/setting-up-your-home-directory-on.html07:26
pronoyvoss well cheers for the great job on gnome or kde or whatever ur using :)07:27
Scunizipronoy: synaptic shows a special appelate to switch keyboard layouts on the fly.. if both keyboards work plugged in together and you only need to switch between the layouts that might be the answer.07:27
SkaperenJordan_U: unfortunately, making a dual-OS box increases the risk of those partition disasters07:27
pronoyScunizi ah didn't know that..i'll check it out07:27
ertansn00zer so what should i do?07:27
tracyanneI'm looking for help to change the default partitioning when installinh Ubuntu07:27
legend2440tracyanne: http://easierbuntu.blogspot.com/2008/03/setting-up-your-home-directory-on.html07:27
ertansn00zer so what should i do? im very noob for linux..07:27
`bozback again, thanks ricardo07:28
sn00zerertan: for example, I can't be in monitor mode and connect with wpa_supplicant at the same time, I have to choose, monitor or internet, can't do both.07:28
`bozgpu 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 210007:28
RashidI can't upgrade to Hardy from Gutsy now. The repositories are not available anymore... I guess. Should I download 9.04 and install it over gutsy? will I lose data?07:28
pronoyScunizi btw i am trying to compile thc-vlogger form source and i get the error of not having [/lib/modules/2.6.27-14-generic/build   which happens to be the linux source build directory07:28
karatekickznvidia-settings just gave me the gui I already looked at07:28
ertansn00zer : so i must disconnected isnt it?07:28
sn00zerertan: Check out the five processes with conflicts, find out what they are doing and if its an acceptable loss for starting airmon07:28
Skaperentracyanne: what do you want the partitioning to be like?  are you preserving existing partitions?  resizing them?07:28
pronoyScunizi how to rectify this ?07:28
Jordan_Urohan: None that I know of, PAE itself slows things down if you don't need it ( though obviously you do ) and there may be other tweaks that are slightly detrimental to Desktops but I don't think there is anything that won't work with -server and the performance difference is probably negligable07:29
Scunizipronoy: sudo apt-get install build-essential might take care of it.07:29
olimonesit says: Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc R700 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4000 Series07:29
karatekickzthis is a bigger problem because the resolutionis listed for my monitor... its a bit of a strange res07:29
olimonescan it helps/07:29
karatekickzresolution isnt listed that07:29
pronoyScunizi already to its newest version07:29
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rohanJordan_U: ok, thanks a lot, i will try the server kernel then.07:30
afvolimones, just a sec07:30
Scunizipronoy: sorry .. I'm stuck07:30
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RashidI can't upgrade to Hardy from Gutsy now. The repositories are not available anymore... I guess. Should I download 9.04 and install it over gutsy? will I lose data?07:30
pronoyScunizi thanks for helping with the keymapping though07:30
tracyannelegend2440 that's not what I'm after. I do that on every install I do. It gets tedious after the first 10007:30
nomad77karatekickz: maybe your driver then. or your xorg.conf dunno my nvidia on laptops fine07:30
Scunizipronoy: np.. I tried to map a logitec once and ran into a couple of tools to do it.. it's been over a year though. good luck07:31
legend2440tracyanne: you wan root swap and seperate home partition?07:31
afvolimones, can you 'play' with the volume bar? increase and decrease the volume?07:31
Jordan_Urohan: If you don't have your heart set on Ubuntu Fedora 11 actually uses a 64 bit kernel on 64 bit CPUs even in the 32 bit version, which is the ideal thing to do ( 64 bit kernels work fine with fully 32 bit userland )07:31
pronoyScunizi thanks07:31
* Skaperen has /boot / swap & /home07:31
tracyanneSkaperen I want to create a custom Ubuntu installer that creates 3 partitions root swap home instead of the current default root swap07:31
olimonesI tried that and didn't work07:32
* Skaperen didn't need /boot but it was fun to do07:32
`bozDoes anyone know of any issues with 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 2100?07:32
ubuntunewbieI have something wanted to ask , firefox sometimes grey out but I am able to open a new page , and do everything well but it just grey out07:32
afvolimones, try running this one: aplay -l07:32
`bozwith resect to ubuntu07:32
WIGGMPkHow come things (applications) keep disappearing from my "Open with" section under properties of a file07:32
Skaperentracyanne: you can install that way ... but I don't know about making an installer that defaults to that07:32
pronoythe commands that run in rc.local are not gdm related right ? i mean it gets executed at boot right ?07:32
DysfunctionalWell.. see my problem has been getting Wine to run in it own Xserver.  I keep getting, Xserver on display 0 already running, when i use the xserver shutdown commands..07:32
olimonesi did. What should I look for?07:33
legend2440tracyanne: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization07:33
WIGGMPkI used to be able to just double click on an .exe and it would open with WINE.. not WINE isnt available and when I try to "add" from the open with menu its not even there.. what happended?07:33
losherSkaperen: re: doomed users, sometimes it takes my breath away when I read about users running servers etc. without seeming to have the faintest idea how anything they're running works....07:33
newb2linuxwhats is the best terminal command to find out how much space I have left  on my drive ?07:33
afvolimones, did it list anything?07:33
tracyannelegend2440 yes, but I want it by default, which means a cutom install07:33
Skaperentracyanne: if I was going to be installing 100 machines, I'd first install a master, then replicate it07:33
sn00zerubuntunewbie: I used to have that problem. If I left it alone sometimes it would catch up and recover, sometimes it crashed and I had to kill it. I always had the problem when I opened too many tabs.07:33
olimonesyes it did07:33
Jordan_U`boz: ATI cards don't have great support right now ( though it's getting better ). If System > Administration > Hardware Drivers shows proprietary drivers available they will probably give you better performance07:33
loshernewb2linux: try 'df -h'07:33
afvcard 0: ... ?07:33
owen1how to install only dependencies of a package?07:34
newb2linuxthnks .07:34
nomad77newb2linux: df -h but only shows mounted partitions07:34
afvcan you copy/past the first line of "card 0: .." ?07:34
Skaperenlosher: I was just referring to him running away before he gets answers ... but yeah, too many people think they are leet because the found ubuntu07:34
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: It's weird , it seldom having this kind of problem .Able to browse and do all stuff but still it's grey out07:34
WIGGMPkSkaperen: think they are "leet" and who are you? are you "leet"? or just 12?07:35
tracyannelegend2440 I've looked into that I didn't see anything about changing default partition07:35
`boztried that jordan and no drivers available hence my upgrade to new motherboard with linux support as first step07:35
`bozfoxconn mboards have no linux support07:35
Skaperenlosher: to use a computer with any OS properly, one has to do some learning ... the trouble is, the easier the user interface gets, the more it lures people in to their doom ... Windows is the worst ... Ubuntu can do this more and more, now, too07:35
tracyanne Skaperen not all the same hardware07:35
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: I am not even opening any flash page or heavy graphic website , hopefully it recover , i still can open another firefox and run well with it.Just asking it's kinda annoy while reading and grey out07:36
SkaperenWIGGMPk: I'm leet enough for you to not worry07:36
sn00zerubuntunewbie: I don't know, my issue was lack of resources I suppose. An upgrade to newer release of OS helped, when FF had a new release it was entirely fixed. (This was with FF 2 back in Fiesty)07:36
imsI want to lan-cable-connect 2 xubuntu pc's: How can I do this?07:36
dotwhy can't I watch a bought dvd on ubuntu?07:36
olimonesafv: Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc R700 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4000 Series07:36
Skaperentracyanne: if they differ by disk size, of course they need different partitioning07:37
Jordan_Uowen1: You could run "sudo apt-get install packagename --no-act" and copy the dependencies that it lists to be installed, then run "sudo apt-get install" with that list of packages07:37
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: weird , I am using firefox 307:37
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Scuniziims: through your router?07:37
WIGGMPkSkaperen: its that mentality that stunts the growth of intelligence...07:37
olimonescarte  0: Intel [HDA Intel], périphérique 1 : STAC92xx Digital [STAC92xx Digital]07:37
C-S-Bims:with a crossover cable or hub/switch?07:37
sn00zerubuntunewbie: I understand, I was so annoyed I used alternate browsers for awhile.07:37
losherSkaperen: I'm not sure it has to be that way, or even that it should be. After all, I don't have to have the faintest idea how my car works to be able to drive. Of course, then I have to accept that if anything at all goes wrong, I have to take the repairman's word for it & pay thru the nose...07:37
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P07:37
afvolimones, thanks07:37
owen1Jordan_U: thanks07:37
Jordan_Uowen1: np07:37
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: anyway thanks for telling that I am not alone having this problem. :-) , I still can open another browser07:38
SkaperenWIGGMPk: sounds fine to me ... I never said I was the most leet ... I'm just leet _enough_ for my needs ... and for you to not worry about me07:38
owen1Jordan_U: someone told me to do aptitude install foo -R07:38
SkaperenWIGGMPk: thank you for caring07:38
sn00zerubuntunewbie: np07:38
afvolimones, could you try this? http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1139700&page=207:38
imsscunizi,c-s-b, One directly on cable modem and the other thru the cable connected.07:38
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: thank you again , ;-)07:38
tracyanneSkaperen yes. That's why I want to create a custom installer that will 1) partiton by default and 2) install the extra applications i usually install07:38
afvolimones, 2nd post of that page (2nd page)07:38
WIGGMPkSkaperen: the fact that you attach a title "leet" to yourself just shows you are arrogant and most likely condescending towards other.. meaning.. YOU stunt the growth of intelligence (in my opinion)07:39
Skaperentracyanne: so you have some kind of parition rule logic, such as "this for /boot, that for swap, all the rest for /home" ?07:39
Scuniziims: if you have a router, not cable modem, plug both machines into the router.. otherwise you'll need a crossover cable to tie the two together.07:39
afvolimones, do you have a dell laptop, by the way?07:39
C-S-Bims: so you want to filshare or do a ics of sorts?07:39
`bozthanks for the help jordan...07:39
olimonesno it is a hp07:39
SkaperenWIGGMPk: if that's how you want to define your virtual world, who am I to say that's wrong07:39
Scuniziims: some cable modems are also routers.. if they have connections for more than one computer then most likely they are also a router.07:39
newb2linuxIs there a command to increase the size of a partition in linux ?07:39
tracyanneSkaperen usually 12 gig root 2 to 4 gig swap depending on netbook or notebook the rest home07:40
olimonesdv7 2185dx07:40
losherSkaperen: 10G for root, twice the amount of ram for swap, and the rest /home.07:40
afvolimones, what is the output of "cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0|grep -i codec" then?07:40
nazgulnewb2linux: you can use gparted if you'd like to resize using a GUI app.07:40
imsscunizi,c-s-b, Is it possible to make one my server(the 1 connected to cable)?07:40
dotwhy can't I watch a bought dvd on ubuntu? It gives an error all the time07:40
dotubuntu 9.0407:40
Skaperentracyanne: but you'd have some kind of logic that determines what the partition sizes should be, based on scanning hardware configuration like disk size, memory size, etc07:40
tracyanneSkaperen I've never need more than parity for RAM swap07:40
newb2linuxhmm.. Im running XBMClive.07:40
Scuniziims: yes but I don't know how.07:40
SkyRocknRollhttp://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ in that page which one should i download for python prgramming ?07:40
imsI don't have a router.07:41
newb2linuxwould need to be terminal . .07:41
josh_93Hi. I have a horribly noob question to ask. How do i use terminal to send a file via ftp? I want to transfer it to my /public_html/ DIR, but it keeps transferring it to the "/" home directory.07:41
Jordan_Uowen1: That will install the package, it just won't install recommended packages with it ( only neccisary dependencies )07:41
tracyanneSkaperen Ubuntu already do that07:41
C-S-Bims: loosely guiding, you'd need to install dhcp, dns, etc07:41
Scunizijosh_93: you're trying to upload a file to a remote server?07:41
losherjosh_93: there is a cd command in ftp to change the remote directory...07:41
owen1Jordan_U: that was my question07:41
Skaperentracyanne: actually, I've done my swap sizing based not on how much RAM I have, but based on how fast my disk is ... how fast to read the whole swap space ... I generally configure 30 seconds worth of swap space07:41
olimoneslet me see07:42
imsc-s-b, any http for that?07:42
nazgulnewb2linux: this should have good info to help you along to do it at the command line: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions07:42
C-S-Bims: the other pc would get an address from the servers dhcp.07:42
Jordan_Uowen1: Oh, I misunderstood. Yes, "sudo aptitude install -R packagename" will do what you want07:42
tracyanneSkaperen I use the Mandrake/Mandriva rule of thumb, used to be a MDK user07:42
Skaperentracyanne: so you have your logic to size partitions coded up and ready or even already running?07:42
josh_93losher: like i said.. horrible noob question, its 3AM here and im sleepy.. i have no idea why i did not think to use the CD command.. i kept trying to use the DIR one.. thanks though lol >_<07:42
owen1Jordan_U: np07:42
richardcavellSkaperen: how much is about 30 seconds?07:42
losherjosh_93: no problem...07:43
Skaperenrichardcavell: varies by machine ... was a lot more on SATA07:43
C-S-Bims: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85792807:43
tracyanneSkaperen The default Ubuntu install already works that out I just need to modify it for 3 instead of 2 partitions07:43
Skaperenrichardcavell: but on my 2 new machines, I make swap ZERO07:43
olimonesCodec: IDT 92HD75B3X507:43
C-S-Bims: this seems to be a thread around your desirs07:43
imsc-s-b, ok thanks for that!07:43
tracyanneSkaperen But I don't know how07:43
Skaperentracyanne: well, I have zero experience making a new installer with different defaults for Ubuntu ... I've done it for other distros, but that was more just writing some big script07:44
losherSkaperen: tracyanne: you guys know about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq, right?07:44
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages07:44
E05can anyone see this07:45
Skaperenlosher: no I don't, yet ... thanks07:45
tracyanneSkaperen OK thanks If I could work out how they do it, then no prob, they use gparted07:45
ScuniziE05: I seee youuu07:45
E05thanks scunizi07:45
afvolimones, hmm.. please try going to System > Preferences > Sound07:45
tracyannelosher No looking now07:46
Skaperentracyanne: search around the ubuntu wiki ... might be explanation how to rebuild a customized ISO07:46
loshertracyanne: the install scripts are publicly available. I suppose you could read them....07:46
E05anyone here got ubuntu running on a k9a2 platnum07:46
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:46
tracyannelosher I already have my own rule of thumb for swap that I'm comfortable with07:46
afvolimones, at devices instead of autodetect can you select other options? and do they work if you click on the "play" button?07:46
Skaperenlosher: thanks again07:47
Skaperenlosher: I think that's just what tracyanne needed07:47
loshertracyanne: that's fine. Just offering more options...07:47
tracyanneSkaperen There are, but I haven't found any that answer this question07:47
olimonesi'm there07:48
vossI have ubuntu running on pcchips a15g :)07:48
Skaperentracyanne: the remaster is the framework to make custom installs ... dig into the components to see what you can change07:48
afvolimones, the next step is some lines above this ^07:48
dabbillUbuntu just updated GDM, now i dont have the normal ubuntu login window. Any way to fix this?07:48
tracyanneALL I've been throw all those customisation wikis, I haven't found anything that deals with changing the deafult partitioning07:49
afvdabbill, what is the normal ubuntu login window?07:49
afvdabbill, and what ubuntu version?07:49
dabbillafv, where you type in username, then password07:49
Skaperentracyanne: and if it helps, I made a script that can convert an Ubuntu ISO into a special hybrid-ISO that can dual purpose as both an ISO and as an image for flash drives07:49
tracyanneSkaperen Yeah, I guess I'll have to keep on digging Thanks07:49
dabbillafv, running 9.1007:49
afvdabbill, but why isn't it normal now? :p07:49
bonez46How can I get the correct driver source for this mobo video adapter >>  VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890CE/K8N890CE [Chrome 9]07:49
loshertracyanne: I think default partitioning is handled by the install scripts, called ubiquity? written in python...07:50
mmm4m5mHi. Anything like program for heritage or agelong tree (not sure about the english word)?07:50
afvyes, gdm has been updated.. do you need the older version?07:50
dabbillafv, it lists my name, then enter mypassword after i click on my name07:50
tracyannelosher Yes it is. I was trying get some help in understanding it07:50
olimonesi have 3 options and non of them seem to work when i test them07:50
Scunizimmm4m5m: geneology? yes.. gramps07:50
dabbillafv, also under preferences i can no longer edit the login screen07:51
mmm4m5mScunizi: looks that is it :), thanks a lot, will check it :)07:51
afvdabbill, the new preferences it's not yet implemented: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120284307:51
afvmore info there07:51
loshertracyanne: might have better luck on one of the developers lists. Is there a current maintainer? Sometimes they answer questions...07:51
afv41 pages to read :p07:51
bonez46Scunizi: hi again. hoping to get drivers installed for my system, I just switched monitors. and can't get anything higher than 800x60007:52
afvolimones, let me see..07:52
dabbillafv, so i just have to wait for more updates?07:52
Scunizibonez46: ati or nvidia?07:52
olimonesafv: not really. I am just tire of using win2 and want to use linux but as a new user i am having some troubles07:52
bonez46Scunizi: these are VIA Technologies..07:52
tracyannelosher It can't hurt to ask, any lists I should try?07:52
bonez46 VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890CE/K8N890CE [Chrome 9]07:53
afvolimones, sure, i'm trying to find someone with the same problem07:53
afvdabbill, yes, they'll come ;)07:53
dabbillafv,  thanks, that all i needed to know =p07:53
Scunizibonez46: via is beyond my experience.. chrome can be a pain in the ...... best to www.google.com/linux and search chrome 9 ubuntu07:53
SkaperenOK I did have a question ... why I dropped by ... I installed 9.04 (not UNR) on a new netbook ... after installing and rebooting, I added a new user ... but the new user does not show up in the list of users I can manage in the "users and groups" tool ... BUT ... the user actually works fine ... I can login and all seems to work ... I just can't administer it like delete it07:53
tracyanneSkaperen I've had that happen too, I couldn't work out why it happened, so I backed up the user removed the user and recreated the user07:54
loshertracyanne: I see #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-installer. I've never used either. Archives at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com07:55
dabbillI am just happy that my built in wifi finally works.07:55
afvolimones, can you follow this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7299632&postcount=6007:55
Skaperentracyanne: I can't remove the user ... unless I edit /etc/{groups,passwd,shadow} ... :-(07:55
dabbillsignal strength is a little low, but it works07:55
tracyannelosher Thanks, I'll give them a try07:55
afvolimones, instead of "sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base" you can use "gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base". you may find it easier ;)07:56
sn00zerafv: It may be easier, but vim is always an adventure :)07:56
tracyanneSkaperen Try creating the user in the Users and Groups, then assign them a different home directory, then edit the user and assign them the same name directory07:57
Skaperenlosher: is there a channel for Ubuntu on ARM developers?  A friend and I are interested in that ... when we can get one of those machines07:57
bastidrazorSkaperen, deluser for user removal07:57
afvsn00py, :p07:57
Skaperentracyanne: can't creat it again ... already exists ... unless I wipe and re-install (I could do this ... it's a new machine)07:58
piscoooHi. How can I solve this problem: http://pastebin.com/m691035ad07:58
piscoooDon't want to upgrade kerner :(07:58
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: just to inform it's gone now , all things goes back to original. ;-)07:58
Skaperenbastidrazor: yeah, that's a fallback ... but I wanted to investigate this first ... why the GUI tool missed it07:58
piscoooand now I cannot complie php as the compiler is fucked due to log in pastebin07:58
losherSkaperen: I see #ubuntu-arm listed in http://irclogs.ubuntu.com....07:58
sn00zerubuntunewbie: Thats good.07:58
bazhangpiscooo, please no cursing07:59
Skaperenbastidrazor: more likely I'll just leave it ... don't really have a desire to delete it ... just curious WTF it's doing07:59
piscooobazhang: huh?07:59
lstarnespiscooo: which version of the linux kernel do you use?07:59
Scunizipiscooo: sudo apt-get -f install .. will fix dependancy problems.. then when it tries to update after that if you don't want the kernel then unckeck it.07:59
Skaperenlosher: OK, thanks07:59
tracyanneSkaperen I'm pretty sure I just deleted the directory as root07:59
piscooolstarnes:  2.4.27-3-38607:59
ubuntunewbiesn00zer: yeh , I just leave it and come back it gone.It'll eventually recover as you said , :-) hehe07:59
tracyanneSkaperen and then started again07:59
balleyneI'm trying to help a friend who's installed some Qt libraries that conflict with applications in Ubuntu -- how can we wipe Qt and reinstall from the repos?07:59
lstarnespiscooo: you are using ubuntu, right?07:59
piscooowell, debian in this case.08:00
lstarnespiscooo: this channel is for ubuntu, not debian08:00
bazhangpiscooo, #debian08:00
piscoooyes, but #debian is sleeping :(08:00
sn00zerubuntunewbie: Strange isn't it? I think its just you working faster than firefox, or possibly the machine. A RAM upgrade could help?08:00
lstarnespiscooo: that doesn't mean that you can ask here08:00
Skaperentracyanne: the user is complete ... entries in /etc/{groups,passwd,shadow} and its /home directory ... so I'd have to clean up all that or use deluser ... but this is curiosity not a real desire to delete08:01
howiei thought ubuntu was practically deb...?08:01
Skaperentracyanne: wherever this tool keeps its database of what it manages, it failed to add it there08:01
lstarneshowie: it's based on debian, but it isn't debian08:01
vosshowie, no debian is almost ubuntu ;-)08:01
howiei thought ubuntu was just easier to install :008:01
Skaperenubuntu stole code from debian (legal, it's open source) ... and improved it08:02
tracyanneSkaperen OK, I actually had to back the user up, it was on a clients machine, and I didn't notice until I was giving her some lessons, and she had already downloaded a bunch of Music and Photos08:02
tracyanneSkaperen but I don't recall any issues with  /etc/{groups,passwd,shadow}08:03
Skaperentracyanne: ah, yeah, then you would have to08:03
howiepiscooo: try asking in #linux its not distro specific?08:03
vossskap, its not that simple...ubuntu takes code from debian but also contributes code to debian08:03
Thorn1Can someone help me trouble shoot my audio? The guide on the Ubuntu Forums wasn't helpful08:03
TigerStylehi, I dont thing my laptop likes Ubuntu08:04
Skaperenvoss: it's all open source ... lots of code goes around to other distros from each ... for example, some distros are based on ubuntu, too08:04
TigerStylethe CD drive has failed08:04
TigerStyleand my bios doesnt seem to want to boot from USB08:04
SkaperenTigerStyle: use a flash drive08:04
SkaperenTigerStyle: hmmm ... what CAN it boot from?08:04
afvolimones, how is it going?08:05
TigerStyleinternal hard drive :P?08:05
Thorn1Can anybody help me troubleshoot my audio issues?08:05
vosstiger, replace the cd-rom drive?08:05
TigerStylethat costs money :(08:05
vosshow do you know the cd-rom drive has failed?08:05
TigerStylebecause I cant burn cd's08:06
TigerStyleplay DVD's and music CD's anymore08:06
SkaperenTigerStyle:  I had a similar problem with my brother's laptop, but his BIOS ... which could NOT boot USB DVD ... could boot USB flash drive ... and Windows XP on it was hosed ... it now runs Ubuntu installed from flash08:06
vossYou can always borrow someones external cd-rom08:06
rogstThorn1: what issues do you have ?08:06
TigerStyleSkaperen, I am trying to boot from a flash drive08:07
SkaperenTigerStyle: sounds like you are hosed ... bad BIOS + no devices BIOS knows of = screwed08:07
Thorn1rogst: it doesn't work.  I did aplay -l and Ubuntu recognizes my hardware, but nothing plays08:07
olimonesI am trying to open the file with a therminal08:07
TigerStylethe thing is, there is a USB flash option AND its placed to boot before internal HDD08:07
SkaperenTigerStyle: does it let you put USB flash drive in a boot order list?08:07
olimonesand see what happends08:07
SkaperenTigerStyle: oh ... so it thinks it can boot USB flash ... and just fails?08:08
vosstiger, what are you boot options in bios with the flash drive attached?08:08
TigerStyleit just boots into windows08:08
rogstThorn1: has it not worked ever or does it work first and then after a while stop ?08:08
balleynehow can I figure out what version of Qt I have installed?08:08
Thorn1rogst: It doesn't work.  It works on my Windows rig, so I know there is no hardware issues08:08
TigerStyleflash, floppy, internal optical, internal HDD, network08:08
SkaperenTigerStyle: disable the HDD altogether frm the boot list (boot it back later)08:08
nomad77 /cl08:09
rogstThorn1: okay, are you using pulseaudio ?08:09
SkaperenTigerStyle: if it fails the first device it is falling back to the 2nd device (windows)08:09
Ali_nzdo ntfs volumes not auto mount in ubuntu>08:09
SkaperenTigerStyle: so maybe the problem is no boot record, or broken boot record, on flash device08:09
TigerStyleI used unetbootin08:09
vosstiger, what are you using to make your usb bootable08:09
Thorn1rogst: according to Sound Preferences program, I'm using ALSA08:09
SkaperenTigerStyle: and I've known of many cases of unetbooting failing08:10
losherTigerStyle: There's HOWTO: Install Ubuntu Linux without burning a cd http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2894808:10
vosstiger, what image are you using with unetbootin08:10
SkaperenTigerStyle: try reformatting the flash and re-record with unetbootin08:10
TigerStylevoss, ubuntu server08:10
rogstThorn1: ok, I usually experience problems with my audio when using pulseaudio which is default in ubuntu, so I like to disable pulseaudio and only use ALSA08:10
olimonesafv: it seems that i have to install install "nautilus-open-terminal" from the Synaptic Package Manager)... first08:11
afvhmm.. you can go from the terminal08:11
Thorn1ROGST:How can I know I'm not using it for you sure?08:11
ricardo_im gonna sleep, thanks to all, byee08:11
rogstThorn1: if you run ps aux | grep pulseaudio do you see if pulseaudio is running ?08:11
afvif you can navigate through folders.. (cd /home/olimones/Desktop/etc..)08:12
TigerStyleThornl, have u tried running alsamixer and turning everything to full?08:12
afvricardo_, pt?08:12
SkaperenTigerStyle: if that fails, and if you can install a windows program to do the same as "dd" (there are a couple such programs around as described on how to put UNR on flash) ... I can make an ISO you can dd to the flash08:12
ricardo_afv, what?08:12
Thorn1rogst: Well,  stuff came up so I assume its running08:12
afvricardo_, you have a portuguese name :p08:12
TigerStyleSkaperen, whats "dd"? lol08:12
olimonesi didn't read that option... i'll do that08:13
ricardo_afv, spanish name too08:13
Skaperendd = raw sector copying08:13
ricardo_im from Chile08:13
afvright ;)08:13
afvolimones, it's not written there :p08:13
SkaperenTigerStyle: you want the server edition?  I've only made these special images for desktop edition, but I can make for server08:13
TigerStyleI want a CLI install :(08:13
rogstThorn1: I need to go.. but I you can read on my wiki where I have put together a guide on how to disable pulseaudio.. try that and se if it works here is the address http://rogst.homeip.net/wiki/index.php/Disable_PulseAudio_in_Ubuntu_9.0408:14
TigerStyleits becoming a pain08:14
Thorn1rogst: thanks08:14
TigerStylewhen I did run ubuntu mini.iso08:14
SkaperenTigerStyle: a CLI install from Ubuntu?08:14
TigerStyleit couldnt connect wirelessly to my router08:14
gnubieThorn1;  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html    working though this worked for me08:14
TigerStylebecause I couldnt use iwconfig for some stupid reason08:14
afvolimones, you just have to go to the folder you extracted, do "./configure --enable-dynamic-minors" and the following instructions from the page08:14
olimonesthe commandas i saw are the next step i guess then08:15
ricardo_TigerStyle, try ubuntu alternate08:15
TigerStyleSkaperen, going to restart and see what happens08:15
SkaperenTigerStyle: g/l08:15
TigerStylericardo_, I have.......08:15
silv3r_m00nhi there08:17
ricardo_ok see you, bye08:17
afvc ya08:17
silv3r_m00nafter a few updates from synaptic ...my gnome desktop doesn't come ...the panels come though08:17
silv3r_m00nany ideas ?08:17
TigerStylestill failed....08:19
TigerStylemust be something wrong with unetbootin08:19
BitWraithI updated the machine and now I cannot use bluetooth. I am apparently not the only ubuntu user effected by this issue. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bluetooth/2009-February/003665.html How would I go about reinstalling the older version of my bluetooth stack?08:22
=== root is now known as Guest64541
Ali_nzcan you format a disk for ntfs in ubuntu>08:23
howiewhat kinda of progams are there for remote desktop in ubuntu?08:23
grawityAli_nz: yes, but you probably will need ntfsutils (or something similar)08:23
BitWraithroot: if you're going to IRC as root, at least change your name so it takes a bit longer for you to get hacked. :-P08:23
Ali_nzgrawity: ahhh08:23
grawityhowie: VNC, RDP (Remote Desktop), and X over SSH (this one is probably not what you want).08:24
afvhi TigerStyle